North Carolina Newspapers

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peypnaweuamcs,rereoited.iiW another! con veiaJba. r ' . H I iatvrxinj hisjbodr, tr dwincr ih ,
before the
the ohblication of the firsl 1
nisi, taken i b
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tii m y-r r : uaMd
. ' From 'lite NatbnaliiiielHgcei,fMaV 7 Hl
mortificaiiy thai e'have 7learntlthit aTiofe
t ssju It wis commit teI on the person bf the Pres
ident oPtM Umtfid StatesyestOTdfy.oii board
bfe diartii
not htafd I'the
sucq a ma)
state 'them.
randahe particuiai
lj ej nailed by "bis great friend and patron , Girard ' ing & roaring 1 ike c
.rvma rjer3onal laipwite ,ct uut' ei pspertace "presented
pusuiess iransacucos wun nunx ii gives us
ore to express our conconenceiin. this
his character, vitU the addition that-his
al integrity arid sense of honor are" not exceeded
tfA ImMBS Sandttbe-inublic generaUy. j f(-j aoihhiic scairces. We feohsidJr the deemv
r'f Jkt w i "t. - r rrnw as un aeepiy vi on iaHicijicu.An cyery re-
!?SrmT2mfiOTG Tiew whibWcarilbe taken ijt 'AJv K
n E n iiii w r r t .
siawi i.wh uic'8TV"w u! nip I ire- l ormmrKiMi hnvmr nrvwithaniriiry tti rtTMHL l ivPr (t-narotoH - trim . tiiair .Ah MMn".kH reKrnfttiA Binct alwiva li kai
yi' ukmciwuiaw wv iiavo l.neas Ot thA tertintatinn tn'Htn aiiihi liuiS iMTid '01 l-uritroa fmm k',k?L1; '. ti:.-- .J aBO Uiai lOSDealf of "odiiiniT -hf on
- c xcujisiances 01 laassauu i ot such an offer, if he quits hia professional bur- i. Aotsmap hfe Km hn Inif l"i f j?8 ufd. vIf hf r soyeTeijmiy
aner at to jusuiy ur'-aTOinpuiur,.to taitt. to -embrace it.; t ! 4 " tlr , , II ed;aslathe (ase, wtb thAutP. ivf
i.,'. ' 1 ' ." ,TZ . . 1 llliwnnnilr4n1fl invfl- ravantn ,,i 1 . .L ; .v T TT
i uiuierJiainiacjnBrenpotiDt, , n, ' ' : - ,1 ' T 1 v 'u " Tt
.AT . A ...all rinaal I Ain v - - : A.- 1 I i 1 ' a" -T. . - . - T: -. ' I .TWt II lllll lllfl , I I nM FWl n rl"a'Z I - CTrfSOV UAT ;fftlA I . tm.
is ui liwm muuwwcjsb tfiaiOQ I - Tho fi.llnwimr invMint iaertVPn 'in tnftlCinT- 1:" p v".s sv"y - -yv'vw 1 Ull KISS 11 IffltKltMa TflSHiTnr.tJr nl" lhrf
i company., .
Alt am as good as
P f-... ; ITT 'fcTAR I.RS? 1ar and
Prdvpndi-r; and
nis . entreatifw
days after
The Curate
your brother; it
yon beiorei It
triable about
betimiH diabolical Visit, -iratched durinthe nu'ht hib
w- ytitiwuicomea! carry iUway;.aad UtJortr
A day jouyourself viji jneeMhe tame iate:"
reH Th.eSpanmdriut.gtvir.g implicit credit ta-i this
iSof ty UniM .States, areta-1
S.aliU f,r-the use ofthel
t rr?lr.4.ii.!iuW-m W Kfwdbvfthe
riiLTiTi 4 H raer jaests tamf stable.
i H i Jr. VV Jr.
t -Itoroifii i!rrfillih?r 'hrourii tht p.ace,
1-JW 'itn ;.: TH !-?. i " .i i .... .
-AiM'tiiM kteiiforiable' aremtunodations.
ai rBiotd ius Taiiinor Eatblwhrnent to
ie ifouie tateiyt occupied by ,i r . Jsmn un l
fr;walConfectitmarv hhsp, which is a tew
foelr, ijaiig'iitr's Hr)tel,and is now
.1: ' "iSJ. L,...t : .iiinti. lets oil nku in
w hfta with their work. He has jutt recei-
M(Vot)tdPUiIadelphiav th Latest
lifljlateiSfrornjLdHn and Paris; St
la a oauibcriof .ftr3t'ralt$ Workmen in his
&pJjiiil'4".tT4wi4 xeeufc) swjrk in a
fe&S trH t lany - in-this prt of
T; ':i 5 -j i-iJ7 .-.:. ill lit
tMCtantmaiM win warjani u ui m tu. ,ah.
111!. Ml IjlHllU'r.HHl v. . , . . v. v. v
fil tir4firs MtTroai a cistance, wiu up. piac
tT;ii r U an Ajfeji t lof . lyileoo
Ssttrtt)f NfW tfstki and: nlsoL' ci AHerf
Frpm th Intelligencer ofIiy &
The 6ny ipartieulars that baye reached Xupvt
tl J assaqlti upon the person ol the !Presi
rjKrT ot the Untied Statw. on board tjil staaui
btat- at Alexahdrra, on Monday last, ire com-
jjf tsru to ilia lUHUYvjuvr uiuucui euatciut;us .
J Friwfr -the Jitfreimdria. Gaztttef Vla'7. ; f
An incuiirnt of ia rur painfut natMro occurred
orfooani tho, steaaTibdat Syoitey as $he stopped
here on hef Way Jdovriit yesrday. An assault
wa4 made? uton i the Pre3idj& of heUnited
Stales by Ir. Rajidolpli, lauUf the jNayy . At
the first bfjiv, we understand, almost a hundred
i'rui tell upon the ' assailant, and h was with
drCi-ulty rescued and carried on fhore. VVe
hav n.'ver known j more excitement nor m re
tefitug to bejmaifested by all our.citrzena. VVe
art inducadl to mriiion tht matter, whieH ought
uileed nfyer to beublisiied, only because we
katlw iliaj portrot it wilt be circulated through
tAitlthocoiniryi and printed elsewhere, jit was
an affairota!cu uat di : but it issatd,lthat, from
tlitj feeling product, it is wonderful that the as
saiii&nt eiicapod with his hfo.f i ff '
6o great j wa the public ; indignation Lat ibis
outrage, bt-heye" almost aijy ineasare
Wuuld Uave'been expresp fi The
Pres.doni wkiaturany highly jexcited and ex
aiJarated.: ' lie departed amidst the icheers and
godd wisheir'of Jthe great crowd wnich had as-
ai vuervoniusiion oi me momeni, no
nal of Commerce, of the circumstancis of the re. Wfr including tlteftftree; Hotels, VifllflhdJ delegated W the JJniody. The, nullifiers in a
cent protest of the Bill of Exchanges drawn by storps save one, all j the welUngthpps ihittioghaaState eati''put herself oflTher
our Government upon the French- Got ernment. id-materials of llxei trad jrnri and mechait' V'gl irapjy thathe-jcan put heraelro
of which we were first ad?isibjithe Pednsvl, -csilwere burnt to tris aTroiirid'''TnP wlinle aovereigntyV ia otheoTdsrthat stlte
JuL nni Lj:jUMJJ: bum? dfetroVed, Ending t&5?
, rciuicni ixcnangc.-'X up iir insiaimcin ui i
five jniilton of 1 francs, under? the ' Frencb treaty
our federall body of his brother, and with hit' niata ij&j,
no'meanih Between twelve and one q'cIgcL' tnlu--
authority 1 heard at the dour, and a voi vi.;.d w
d- 1 command ou to open tn the name uf thm
8ojre God:ope;tl if not your instant ruin is at hand
n net Tne Spaniard refused to open, ana shortly iafter
so?e- he saw eorer by the window three, able bodied
as, may devils, covered with skins of Beast, bavin?! the' ik my?:irWyi -F?'1" a Piwwure, , in our tysiem usuw quanmy or nurns, claws, and sn ked
ZZTZ nu- """ ed nghtt of U14 States T of : the veryi who set about carrying off the cffiA IT'
of indemnity, ha vng fallen Idtie5 bur Secretary "utt 11 oenerea, sno.rr ot tnts f etsentje T he State gOTe-amenta---the delegated the body; ujwn this the guardian fired, and iot
ol the Treasury availed himself oil the funds, -as nff space i)f time, 00 people :have;-fb(KD4'iMWeiare.o Aeeles6encis of the Federal one devil dead; the others toiki toflghf he fired
he had good right to do, by the mercantile Jcnpereu houseless and'otiicrwiso ; deptora goyernnient-nditisjustasridicutoasly tospeak alter them and wounded both, one of wiiomj died
process of a bill of exchange, the bill vvas ne I blv i lestjtute. ThcValue of tlio ' nrorVertv I of thcT former throwin? theruselyesou their re- ia a tew minut, the other escaned. In tkA
gotiated by 'the bank of the United States, and destroyed has'bnlestin.atedlat 22 000 I f8 Tights,as of thelaltteT throwing itself on mormng,when the peoplewent to church, there
remiitea ia isaiing urotners, &. uo. wno tenia fln th A:Aji u..v.' k:. ' ' tits oeiegaiea powers. tnuiuncaiion nas oooe l wat nouoraie io oxnciate, and it m oKntti
it over to Iris.for aeceptanndlpaymentJ'f U:1i.fn 1U iy ' a . I "tfothing bunfiundl4niuaze as well as com- after discovered, on exammio? the two defanct
MtaA - V. vwlkL,.,.. .ikv.fP 9e rather below than above the truth, f k5vkkfvat- tkf Jomant it ,ht r... , j !l 't?"
appealing Bhalof , the Cumber. te0Cei-Cuw. Coar ? the Vicar; the wounded oevil was the Sacrisian
ni,a n...nnnJ a llo n V-!; .lk vs ' i 1
nos uimciiicu : a. 1110 i' iciiui. iUAiimiurif uuk t . .!
the ChimlieniBot hwini ma'aei Speciac aDorb ; ' .' ?-W?i"nS n
priauon for tHe purpese, i cduM 'not .miiJ; :'?n? s"?rers, to lite generous sympathies
fftyjtyf&flhf will teach
p ;'iyii-yiniSj'of cutiing;1 who may
pirab'! iff twtfiibtl. Hj gretefully . returns his
Akkm iankViihiaastolners and friends for the
ilfcal trodae ! Wh I ch tle have-bt stbwed upon an) assiduous and strict at"
fBauwiiiia oosiaess, if meru iia cvQXnuance
1 :
I Li RrlOiYV! Rt'ceivli-gand opeiiihg'yi'addU
j.a.Hua w mcir oticK . purcnasfa 01 1 Alexander
t CfaHt Igenemlf . assrtirient of j flesh atl
U4:MsV.o;Wting. .alfposu evory
ttiflo 'ttetiiy-kept ii Stores. Al! ofwbich are
efihe ize3t itn ikiiohs, sand were purchased in
the mercantile honor of the United States Bank,
paid the five millions of trance, and so took! the?
i.ilout of the hands of the agents1 of Barirg
Brothers, & i Co. but the United: States ! Gqvf
ernment ha ring no friend to protect it by ihe
same liberal process, the bill lias come back
with the protest against them, and is, we pi el
suni, en U tied to damages of ten per cent. Vt
do not see thit blame j can be attached to any
on m tlie transaction,' unless ltbeVto some del
parttnent of the French Goveri.uent, for hothav
Kig- earned tha business through kiex newss-lry;
f.irxiis at an earlier period " TJiefflziiwfri
tablei irithe hast, to any heiitdrtcy oii tlie parii j
that Government to carry the treaty into full
effect. The ralun tf the five millions of frand)
is very near o4e millioTi of dollars. I ff
This accords entirely with our (first impres
tions on the snibjoct. Piie 3ftnistry of France,
nut cAutcmi ,uw uai Tj;.joaojv nau ' not caueti
Lfor the appropriation niOeaiy ;:o rpeat it; and it
fthe Cbambers' reseuiUie i;i arinovenieut ail
much as i iff-their oraranitJivijii iJur two Houses
':.- B
I From 'thfl Glolw of May, 7
' A gentleman just arrived sfrom Atexandriai
gi,s lueiioiuwing account ot an atiroetous attacK!b'J.' : ' J. .r.i.I it :ii
was liiadej to arrest Vlr, Randolph pn'theanstaht;
thitely nre4cnied by the GfahdUurylW klf Congress, the Minister df Fmate mht
iiich.wra,it itorthwith itsaed for bit.aAreiienI
in ouriown ijvernmnf : ii. w a cast ot
iay occurrence, i'li.! i elmiuS 4poV the Pel-
utucnt aSoufcto4 oejerected to the MornEa
f Tne jSteainboat .Cygnet, .Sydney, in.whicli
Ih rmidant and several members ol the Cabii
w 2 ft - - It i: ft I
tluiiAUEXJrlllA &T t EWYOHK, AT
fjt CASfi, and will he sold at
"B,w.fre,ia'tat they will undersell
ttftr nbbars. biiV they ! are determined not
ffllTOKOSl and the TUBUC
n' -iVtT.'S"FSHf tun I 111 Y lltH! I J l.L.l at L.1H
r5aied by Alexander and Cow
iSSt1 -1'1 COTTON.
iHuaaaty ;;f :lonrwill be taken in
NifG.1 Apkilil3th 1833 3tr
'1 ' -. 'ruin ' ! nT
every-day occurrence, i!m cl
panmenis are protested oeqause uiere;a no apr
proprianon out ot whtcn, though inoootesvabiy
oue, mey can oe paw. puouc iaitn or a
draft at sights, under the Treaty was purely
accidental. -JVW, Int. i ":;n;'!l :
with mercantile oromntnesR. and wa dealt with of their countrvrheriithe unders:rnnd chart. I , The Srktrroies
j according to the custom of meff hants, and prJ ish 3lively!libpe!thlithcaDDeal will not be sheltered countless
icsi-u, liuiieiitruur cc tyo.i novvever, 10 oruievu in vain. l h aruarfsria rv . k elalreu irum wv ui uuiuuii. x iiot.!tiiuw -.ui
i . V . 'r. M 1 ' -..v urv v.v :wi u Uiinnii; Ml-I T !.,'L 'L-,'- . . , ' ... . .1
.4-;i-i . n-,i . -.i.wnenrii, iwas snmino-m lis new oeauiv. iu suets
? UrtliJ mcreasLiEi id an ine comiortst)t t ' i 7L . u i i- . ir u. i. .
1 ,o their ancient nests,-but found them air built up.
' - ; l who confessed the whole diabolical proceedtpy
An dlden church, which had; Tne case waa brjugut before tne Tribunal of Bar
ssst nhtbbers of sparrows, waf celoua.wYew-lorfc Traveller. ' f,
chofy waste of bro4m walls, and . naked
chimneys, cannot 'f4i f to cal.torth tliose
principles of ;active jenvolence that lorm
so Utinislie'dia ciiracteristic of the JA
merican peojjle. j 1 i '
! The t iblldwing gentlemen, residing in
Cumberland, chsiflite? the i committee to
recdivc;:contbiJtijbh distribute them
amdug'-'itie' suiTerersI Jpiz'! Jomi Hqye, Tbo
raas X Mclaig; hirri Beail, Rev. L. l
Johps, Wm. ;cIaoni and Jamee f-Caie-
net,, accompanied by many other getttlemenj
were gping to; Frrricksburg,'steppiid ?f on" heij
way for a few minutes at AlexanoAa;! 3anyj
rif-sris' frjrn the wharf came bn boird,' and a4
iu j. them; Mr. Randolph, lately! ltejutenant in
lUO iavv, 'He niade hw wat intn h tr.iiiinJ
lihfr !i nairci.
ajid jadvancmaowaids bjm;ks if to ad 1 tnbutions in their own view,nU!in;n-thfcu;
Mur n.c i-ix-sioeni; was sitting: reaainga new
paper : ajidJ advancmir towards him.
dress htflj, began to draw off Kis !gloSre. The inquiries on the subject, io makO tbe follow
Prebi.ient,not kriowuighirri,ja j lilt H ri iH 11 1
was sjm person aboiit to salute him, and sowing , The town of Cumberlanii wlsituatld fat
Mdress Iq the Veeplof, the l(J.Ltaie$t
The undersigned, being a committee ap
pointed by the citizens of Cumberland, to
draft an address to the people of the Uni
ted States, detailing the particulars 4 oft the
.a j late dreadful calamity, and(6f ltinoJcdp
ton j 1 bey are riot limortsr the sufTeresJand
have' been instructed and, ; will 4their
dut, to ap,)ly.all fntribugons received by
therb, to the relief t tKbseho ate most
destitute,? iTe luniderisined avail them
selves oClhis occasion to iassure the public
that all tipnatiofit fviliicJi.mAybe entrnUd
to tne care of.theslegentlemen, or either of
thorn, will be faitbiaiiy applied and accoun-
h : i :. . 1 I - . ' ' t
W V. , I i I 1 '. : . ! A 1
Ai'jvf. Mcdonald," : :
JAillES DIXONi ; ;
IN KING.:. , ;
throughout, the United
''What is t6is huge butlding for now?' screamed
they;, "come, friends, us leave his uselesi
May not ,a -moral be extracted from this Fable?
Let Us see. The defects in the Old Confed
eration of the Thirieer United States having
served as the cqv.ert:lb' swarms of notions, in
jurious io the fabric. wlych' they had nearly un
dermned, was,' to remddy these inoonveriiences, from top to bottom" antil it assiimed
tpe aumiraoie iorm or me preseni vousiuuitou.
The Ann-Nationals, haVins; cjrne "wtien It was
shiniiier tn I its new 001." the 'admiration
the world, ana nnaiug; lueir resxing-
built ud.'" exclaimed i lone . to another
t this Union good for?r Cornel "friends, let Ids
. ... i. i . V I- . I LJ
a --rr Ak
iiim at ine-difficulty in gettibg roffhis glovi
i 1 't; ti' i , 1 rototnao, i ne national road pass ng thro?
dsyour glove, sir." Randolph, having , . . a . 6. f
wged himself from hts glovesl thrnal Place' SlvCn " MWfcl
ver mm
OVP, - Kp mnMi'nn f Will a .rlr .;k 1 ikA PJL
&tn fchedbut his band towards -H m.savihP- "Ne- -r af 1 . r Vfi t lAVi
great amount pi travel, and Urge sums were
lor its accommodation, STh
iioiei was ia spteaia ouiiding and ,
i .Lliin'Sl at thA fiamA tl-ritf it7i- nth(r rtef tho nrnnriolnr,iirH4r(enrtfnr.niA, 1
gehtltmen "trJ the cabin sprung Upon: him and he thousand AMUr.
I he mtl. 1 . . : n ii?
ident i seized hi 3
one naud iointlViiiiitothe Pros dent's. face, and
before he Coiild make use of the other! 'received expended
a baotf-frojaj a-gentleinaij, kianding near jwith an; . principal
From the
Ti,. 14. rnntersi
States will be pleased to give the above an
ifaleigh Register.
. 5v,.u.w iu mc tduju sprung upon n
j was ' pulled hark and,: thrown i dovii.
rnnt he waUiisuUied, thea?fesiden
cane, wfiMlwds
t :!
upwards of ; twenty-five
There were! Iwb otlier
Tne subjoined etrajit fVbm the Senate journal
of the tLe?r.gtattireolr North Carolina. . at its' ses
sion if 1739; rdcord4 tfTe first' appointment ever
con ferred upon Gen 4 'J ackson . 'rhe reader will
beat in mind: that this! was before the ' cession of
TenrtesSeet'thouirh i'kbit ventwiic .plac. the
sameUear.j . f- .1 I -A .V' ' '
' i'Ci'f. Graham andl Mr.! ilontgomery from
the. iOiamitte&japP'inted to ', conduct ihe'ballot
uuz un Aiiorney i werierai oi iiero jjibiiiui, re-
teat j, t.iev naq penormed tne outy, and
1 ... t.:. -l ,t.i hiv,
fI a-ja VII UII SMIC. ' at ' t ' .a . ., s . ' pl! .-: lLi 'siil
. : "jV? il J wasJ fwHog Ms'way throngh the rgatlemt n ' i;,VUlnDFlanP DeinS CW .B A'f
Wo , w no naa crowded rottnd Randolph, insisiing thaf VBy wumy, ana iis sa. ;oi, justice the
puucipai uicrcauuie uusiness oi: tnecpftintf
was hero transacted: -.llera also tne!cpa
from thymines is brouhr anH i ijepsitfil
for truii8portation. Tbemercnints, tjjdesf
men. and ruechanics, were all ill prosperous
arcumstanoes, and were located" as near as
e commbulous Hotels, wejl jkeptl ahd
ridc4,upoiitbe sameisquareif f I fa Ik! I
... f i uiiiiu r Mbi,',iaa..
l tffis rijthid nftinibiining his friends
jmFabliecneraliy, that he hasviust
. "V . 7VU1 1 a HllLiL 111 I 1--
public patronage.
at. 4 - .
.wlUtVav i' IP - V- !
S W Qtsa kham ,
lyWPpat e?exy.posmlo exertion
Nlareowjiilurtable at.d agreeable
0 I'idMdualivhonjavjfavwt
I Ij. pfeoBttpaoyi i . S F
SW1yiannojunathat hishW
liJif jt gratify the admire!
i,) Sl UAU 8111 be ft:s!!iii
ofeu staao joeiween nim- ana.r,iue vn
iian who fiaJ insulted hiinl that he wbuld cbas
tise him himself. rtandolph,4by: this timej had
been bor jie! jhiwards fhe,dobr bftbe cahin, and
pushed Uirxwjjh tt talh taeeicl IJe made his
way throuhthe crowd) ph. thldock fnd the
wlaarfi oeing assisted, .as is Dllleved.liv sdrrib
rurtian ciipfederates, and made'bia jescabe. He
iiopcd'.ful a few ;&ih Ales at.a tavern ih lexan-
lhe UraidJJury then in sessidii, hi ajfew min-
" iuuu a erst: limrni RTamsi nm.! ann tn
Court issued; a Jbnch warrant A maoistrite
had just'rtlviouslr issued a w arrantT; but before
aaw un,c,s wum urrvi mm, -oa Avas irone.
V- .. rlrum the National Intelli'rencerl
.iaiis tmi continue to us
flfflS refrlimgbeverascs j
rlfa4M VwearYiraveiTer.l
i ii -mi i rvirnAr.amiCJ
!yKrTv;edl purahaser
T?E!,Uro N the ext
ittFi00 tddressed
From thesarhe Juunial, that We take the fore-;
i ! , 1 s C "jr a i.i . and iu tne imyear we; nqa me vpie in
tiie Senate 6a the bill lo cede lenneafeee to the
Unitell States. It ! emed-.tiBe. niUmatedij.
not ajpenly declared; inlthe debate' which occutTei
m ourj Legiatare oil Hie Appropriation billi.tha
the CVionUcT was!te!- resuit cf bargain an.
conveniently might be, q the Ivicinity 6
the Hotels, which formed the; centre fbf bu.
(haiianVlotiior J whicft thpt fk3 VItIm ft
liladeipltKtn lh following Cirrki i if :
has, not rjeikifilafiaallyUrin ittmUai to be
generafljr bnderstiodi thai Mr4 Wra. $i Duane,
ot thts city! jiasbeea ptp1aiBecirilie
1 reusuryi or, at least: thatthe officd is at Lis
"m'js, f j.F4vruufuva u&quesuonaaie,
iuftionty! tiattbV aprntaae
the spcataneons hfier of the i Presidedtl wholly
unaohcitea on JhW)art of MrJ Diian ndof
; Connecticut .-The laeiritem oh kae -Stati
of Coorieetiea in'semi annual vttfcTherr
waving benj-fitj.chol
w vrnQraod; Lieutenan3ioternorV Henry
S : Award8rlias bet-nUEoseh Goetnor,and
t!abenc2er Stoddarrff otitnnt fi.Wr.,l,k ,J AhJ
au4viu 4uwug xre nigaest canawaies, ac
a 1 nooe
?rrl Lliia C: :! f. !"!
.1 x uu ctua.uuau3 nre wmcn jorms
casion and tne subiect of
. . . .
brokeut at 3io'clockT, IF,
thei 4tb ofApril instanfc Itortgii
the oc-
careiess hoy ; threw ambes sorari ,sbaviriffsl
ybta sbopiinhappily stood ihf Sortliwesi
tern exueuiity of the . busirie;p6motfbf
mv uiujv aUiua buuuu aiuiLiii,t?tL wninnrPai
Vaiuns -ot the f timer the fiaracs. ihirmmt
.TidircUjr; through tbejheart tbf towii
aawvavu UUbUf fialCLlUO UUliU
rihd tiiatWrlwjrt is duly elected Atjor
ney General fbihsaid! District."
I FIRST 0AV. - I ! -
John Heth's Medley cjIi of Betsey
rlLibinsbn, -. ! .1)t. 2- 'Il I
Wm. VVynna Tonson nllr 1 2 2
W'ui. Mingo's Hotspur colt, (fist.
John JVU Bou s Gohanna colt, ; - ditt.
Tiraelst heat, lm. 5s. adVheatj lmj 5-23.
-i3d heat, ,1m. 59s. I .
0. Hain't Prince Geor-je, by Con-
tentionrK;.- , -f 'f i
of I Willkm R; Johnson's ; Annette, bv i
places fell 'Charles ' S TV IvI.;.."; ; ;f ''is" ll
, "What, JohhM.B6tt's BaclvsUdey.flajrmerlr J S
.Methjdist:)"by ; HoUpur,
ituarier Master by
apiitWe ofthevtubl Jacket, by
we Quota the; Owaeluamg past age ar.n ,-wnicn i i'ouson, UiPXiir' i.
i isnam cueiceus
4 2i-$
our .mouo is jasea: tne 'aposcn ojL ,ooe
i 7
T ITIinr- - : - - T-' t - ITTdr
greatest yraiors, wtiicn was orouguv w inefa-,1 f lune-istneax.m, m. ---m near. 4m,
ory or. tne.nerusai oi.xne.iaiiwj.v,;x?.r 1 neaim.t;,'': 1 ' 1 Y-yf--
"When tny eyes sfiaU. roe turned to beholder ; t; f iriiiiu) dat.'J '" '
the last tiaie, the 'sun i eeiiVnaf nor tee WmiR Jr.hnson's Flying DatcltnUa f :
tiienm of a rmce glonbn 'Un 4 .
a m. a . :-' am aat lavMI aaaak r aV .. - "! ai . - Eli Kal - - - .
withjavit teuds, or drenched, iV may be, infra- John'O. Gbode'tTii
ternil blood'! Let thrteble andline son, p! r V i
nrrrlnfATCitK hthirit iTirift frnr.Ttitia Eoeini of Llbe r'-- rThae--:Cm.-l2s.i
ia.cpuujIV, aivin BMvnujiiu,iuwi. ".,.i.
the earth, jsti 11 full high advancd; its arms ami
trophies streamiugia tiisir original lustre, not a
Tuscnmbia by Ten-t
I2s.4-6m.3s ,1 rrl :!
Time 6m
! ' ' j rTA vt.n nstvif.l.R:
IUai ' '..ilAaMWi t IA I - IWMinmnA iAi4 AM 1 1. Vr Av t-. 9
stripe eicdTorpLjllufed nor a? single? star ,eb-1 ncsday April 10, and Tsiulted as folbwttLtjj-: M
scuralbeariiiglor it4ttb,o sucb; mUerabte j . '. riat ;dat-:-' V,r 11 ". ,
..... " l . 1 1 . : . . - . ' 1. ' .
ree year old coits fanu;ni- ;
Medley , out of tha gtan-
where, spread all over: m ciiaractera of li'vtrtgJ S damxif Tiifle,bt4tedJ after runningr three quar-
4lgni,r DiaaUng OH ali.lW ampiQ.lWuo, wcj i IBfS Ol SID-W llU);UMUDi a uuu fUM. .:
over the isea and overatne una, ana in eyery. Thoa. Uosweirsbi.cby ramr ij i;
,m,i.. ha mhjaiiMTanaj inai nmpr 4n i u ivhiiju h Ahirii Anson . ' "i. .
'" r i-r- . : 3 . .'. I - - - f- . . - a .1 a!.
timent, dear to every true American neartriaiD- r Wtu, White's ch c bv 1 onson
ftty mui Union, now and forlver, one inseperaX rnjos,heItcn b f byfariff
ble rlJShti Lit: P.' :-:f - V ' Time. 1d57suM69.
4 fell
irse,twb nile EeatSu
.F.riim the. New York Standard v I I,H Prirse.
Jtlanyf Alex.TJ&Bng wa3 brought to he t llectbr Jfctvia' ch mDolly
ma- , Charles. w . a :
a . . ii 4
roitce onounaay monung,cnargeo wnucirauu- ijnanes, - , . Si f
ingja DWissgin oi a ieuuk,. coriianung! an ivrasv niiea o u -; r
wearm?amarei;ariai35ih franc pieces. If if: , TTomToil -. 5; 3; 5
peashft ftlliiV wilh'ler on. board .tttahipfBiJ Jbhn P. WMte'ech AanaMaria, ! .
WhicrrsHe imvtfandtnrbfle serves iinl 'hv Truffle V ? f 3 4 f ,
obtaining "a situat'on ui ne rVspmbW famU. 1 Thimas Djswelfe b f Stiagby Ta- I
aeirtg a stranger, iinaraena;es9, trV"Fi r - " V
Ws proposals,' andTtll. board, by his" difpctt.M John 31. Bott's ob Backslider,.. for-.,? .
tuaeeastfXliatbgmad U the'secotidvjieat the juJges ainadveTtedtly f
with tenea. 13 mi it cork vuiaj jmc. no ?"r l sravBiue.wuiu -. . f. .
iWWKAr hither on Sflhdav Wjrningrana prom- the track, and a great way, neumu .wv v?h - ,
iiigue; but this atixlientic recjora snows jsucn
a:i imputation not obe well lounded tne vote
beinr aov ihimrout Dariv'ona ' 'j. Z t
Tn0 foiiotviogcoi4ies voted forHhebillTiz:
Carterfct, Bertie, liilifax', Hertfjrd, Hatchins,
uatuison, asxjccuwiuuruua, t uaae8,rerqw
mansj Piit.;Nash, lauotank,1n,,Hyde
Atnrtiri l?ianfr .r.4rria IVivnoi .iMrraf' ''.fiw 1
iter, , 'pTyfeilj 2?inCce, yiashinitua Jlonrci
A4MtIzAVreciil7,L inint wicSaV &veene, and
jvoops, .aits ovr, y
isei to bring BTer trunk" unniematnbati not. wned loose .fr
ifverileah!:'. - Tmab,DiT-' I
' - ! -.. X ' t L if i. ' a.vawia. Iw knM a5 In 1 T lW UIINa. milft. npaU:
of so doing? he conf ey?d U tone vf,
btirgiboatsi broke jitpBd,i toofcihe si!
coufte? kniie-a.Ytlrii Henry A.(Tayloa;t ch frychicus,by
ectedi'knd an officlr acjcordingly, employed - CfdVin, . ' . ' ,s
ch n 1 enow a ac-
l i. . ' ' : s - ft. .U I : TT : . i .1.1. ValliMV.!.).
tsearcb f him4 Mrnofxm aiierarreu c Y mv l.. mw - ;
telleWin;VaTier Sei3oh . . !
in 4tieWof recemhikwithsMnieof the stolen JohnM.Botft bh Rolla,hy uotian- .
hnglniiaS 'ddlaWwaljfotted,. which Wat Thomas Doswell tbm pa .
Iv-i j i. liiLli 'kW'nnriv.r!he . trunk I. fnn hv Director. ' a'
.:ii;Ai.kU k.TvM. o thia time waott their. h- aHme-flst heat,6rai 7 2d teat.
- V
Wli,Wecnr and
Brtdir Well, , to auiwer .for the felony
the WlUere Wde t
tmnic I
eath.eiitlea,vonrJ2to save- bis own cfTects.
torliedjout' store cootk' IeM;oetldin
cfoUuitgi and furniture iino the Street ; :butl
lull blaze, the progress ot tbiCalesirnctidii'
.waS5 Tad-bet6n.a!bnceptid
v, uu uaa piacea xihir euectanineiisueets
wfere jfinTen from then by k.body of flame
and sc6rcbing smoke ibat fiUedtborentif e
BrH,-c Atiu siue io sine, 4 ouramg . qp siao- itYthe Idlar!
that JhW jeait rjeilhecfn actually 'took
piaoejjini trntiie)) pleas'g(fentrjr thet JLeg
islatufe that f the vSrrjnld -Sanction it.iIn".the
Jwirnt of 17 fromthe cbin
mlft-ua.Tra-rkrvna.' .a-JI nl-niJ aiirw.rV t-nfltima
subject, fa'M ccocludel 49 tpHowsj--:
tteiepcVt, that although a sepera-
at xbe en
Antori, CtimbeanaJiio
Hatwierii Samps6rQ GuUfori - Norfham
-J'desiaiimmarse has led. to experiment Logai
Jnaditrcia tthe MvldeiaCe for .tfe ittainmeni rfthii- ed , oy. . I naxardou Tn
a !!. t.'.r.: .. i - J-t a . t r J
3 dial
6m. 4a.
1 - . a
very ciosBiy
iestedl)yR,whowas beaten about three
or tocrieei omy. - !,.
.Alii which MahR- - '?-
niii hclwn a three jear ma . -, j-
oebcesiehily resdhing from attempting to a three year colt, by liogan, w ;
1 . 1
rackaeven yards over muvt -
Uftft:MThe experimefits have ruiieo in i uuh. impwr. . , 2
Hv5 wito;a4aWqaanu.y ' w fjl Mr. ColdenS work
riieal; aplaceit .J""- iArtZ7& we harel
t inlestedith," anujinej v m -m-tt ?7"::,rt ;., uu. The two
Tb4r- nui eediiy aten, ana iry S3Trf Yrfebratedf En
exdtes the animal to arinv water, aw- m rip lugrr"?"' La Vrimf
Sf. lti,nel- itaets. ir becomct co cers.Binmogbam' Majjnim,
zlish Ra-
executed jia
of lhe
other tportj.
ri :.. a' .., . - f ..... -.- -, -. i i i niiirminTnsin aiiu xai."1
tiotisLat thisieme Mpracblejretaenew , thelasteru nioisteneti, it se, 5 i "1. "TuiV. u Isonrer an
the wealtbaaaitne number of Uie tizeiiVoa f the tVicahdnr-aDjgrowl
and reSrlctl tertrlnd under certain compacts ba Weblacted the .J which .midertt y4., . . ',
andataoVak vjH;,..rv.y. ...v ih.fiaf nf April last, miff generally. y 2srtuer. .
- J.lislleportra4rfad and concurred in ; l.-toTCalC.JSaayeu
4 i-aV" aVaa. V-K al---B-. " . . M ' aa.aL am a mm IIT11 a ". 1 - . a. , a aaaa BTV ' . aaWlf.niJa A-a . llallWI aW- .
' W 'Y -1 , a-fV-t! "
T a r
V1 4
! . lit
r ' !

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