North Carolina Newspapers

i'rA::oi.WAt4fMAii;-I.llM 1 f'lWJ 'f statement thatiaU the Guilford milhMbniff pet
rt)CnL'DUi per Wf in adyn ; J$S(y lt 'wift&t rjBeyin the!fceeral order to firhree ffafeWr
9 li'TjrAstKrl-Sw
oJKgtdry ofnhu battle iCe !;r.vrappi to a4r; that bjrcwimiijV ite!AT.hlj:lcs;';!ff SSMf'y 5tertndisB,
jail the Guilford militia! ranff jibtpientsj herisja tintm H Tte&ndl- qocnUy-'fyi toij Jo cabi f.thft pewpl n7rdft" people oiK. Croliiii j4
ifie! general order to jfiro three WehmMtlfumsmd cfoCartaiid t jwards. .would saTeiiOjOOO every other year, or OOOO TSaittiie pdncxples of rxypublicIjaJH
Ibehlhd theTsecoad IMino.jUl .lf uice wnaf arQiQB,pr8ent. .t8soox l per?aniura, ana tnereey dimmis the, expenses 1 ametace o public vils trhic!r dr, F-i
of iaiain Ff rhos'iab(iTe aSlo"ed;l m bUte. Viraef yoliTxehate9 of I of.tlte State t)rernt ;'OE4?t)URllI at raatid Ha care, alid yet there nn ? I t
HHJdebt kite W &e Stall Bankof4.000 for iheU wdsmeata are swaVed.Eeir wtriotism L"f nnotfid out My cause for this, s
lue innniaco o mere sectional Pari f
it, without? oOdinir
Xtant f em Salisbury, and
frnc thf aecoonl is over one year staa-
WllV for less than one
vr:AIrrru i-;U,lravn until arreara-
J .j-fV attended to4
jf (te V-" . ...i - ThrAR that write on oth
Ifn 3UIthe'aDlfirinkijii taken before thd
:- 1' LJmenk of this papei, it will be - remm-i
rSe doe tM publication of the : first,
the tlditot 0X1 the btwines
im a.3 . Editor of the
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t I I 0 t "I I I'll
:'' X SA'.nir lit Fri.nna inH f ri o nnK.
' .L l that j, hs jmrchased the eatabiish-
Jr'J-lrIoie Cade, oppostte to
UTm m HYMdkUl Catawba Ipurnal,
uct , : . ; it- V fi
$W$m:moK shop
r i
s ATURDiiira;,.Ji73m 221833
The company
to, did load and fire three times and retreat as
ordered; but in this part; of the transaction,
there was one of these 'dreadful incidents
that sometimes take place 1 in ware. ? Pouf i For
bos and his men kept their places;! &s!I be
fore said, but before they had gotten through the lsu
ruuuus, n uausn were ciuse upou iuein, aiiu n if
by this tune wqre within , grunshot of the- ger J EJ t
cona'line -? ot tbe Amencan army, wno on receiv
ing some bnlietsj began t6
Forbus handful men, who
our own fire thai that of the enemy.
Tho utmost kiretrW-nf.
f 94.000 for I their mdimenta are sw'aved.itheir patriot
jS43 Spares of the; Stock, and r with ? the sum of I U dethroned by sectional party spirits .No great I f Ji
- fe900j0 unredeemed treasury ' notes, which were 1 questioa is in our day brought before that bod j I
to pay for 3toek,viz :
i r
added to .
Total ! I
$712,700 1 without bein interrupted by this! demons of idis- m jimpuUtJon
fire, regardless of Dafijiting 1-5 deprecaUon r . 5:
suffered more from "j o(Htock , U42,500 ,
Capt Biak Uebt ' . r r. ' : 84,00Q
in the iireasury n otes :
Thn'0 W't- tfV h.U.fl' rnUForhas: himself, ttwor felbw! was shot
f . r r,--J-'i.;r thigh, in bis retajeat by one ot ox s own men,
the County f Rjwio, id the Senate of the next an1 'died shortlafter from the wound.; He
Gptiral AftscmlilrJ ' n-" . " 1 V r was as brave a. man as I ever Raw1 ; There is
1 t H j ' I' J J - i" 5 1 1 imeiincideotboaueted.,lth: thU'ian. which less taan half thBank, profits. 'J
! KJ Weiare requested to announce Joric 1 1 bhodld like wakinOTrporatedinthelccottniofi w
BcAfeD Jr. Esq;, as a candidate for the-Senate, P ,HQflI&f!f 13 ttosW'F?!
1 ! " i
This leaves only 1
cordj It is idle (and., unproqtabla to spend; out 1 tnese f codiities arekblTe?fiif ta$(ct
ume in tracing me pain ot his4a4aus3iun, or deal-1 power in the covernment-Jthpw wrr;
$720,700 I log out measures of cntmnat;on fa recrimination
upon the enquiry, which' party .has encov
ence he has acquired over oun Iitlation is now ed to
iifrt.tI.tTtK!iiiSn- :-, sd as that thev tnW
31600 legislators i see lum -where rteushtf not to be nereaiiw. eiecva iarnong f7v, Tkey each
$404.00 Jecls
sen and give themselves to his outrol on sub- nof poiht only one eStlji'of the "rcpresn
jecls ofthe Bbstordiuarr jcSaracter. It istmy tation of tlie peoples whilei thev are irmtfT
rhilej the "are inriteoV
in tho ita-Jy of Itowany "
T .il Ji--! . i H
fnX7 Wc tare .authorized to announce Johji . .
11 , . ' A '-. -II
lehewt, Lsq. as a canaiaate tor tna uommon?
in Rfiirau counr."
lkeijmimawasyet atJtapo8ii.'b?U
oar grsf Fund invested in the frade. Here ! has
me puTpuse iospcaKpiamiy,Dui,i onenceito co-operale mlproducing- reform that
the toany. Imegive you: a UiostremarkaWe in- 1 will gwethem the privile of - aonoiritiri ' I
been a stance ortius alanniijff evtl-KThe Legislature i onA a of thA IwIiaIa f T TKi l
.000.-i of 1815 !or tSlQ cau&i 'tneMdiof th&'SUto. ?ni:L?lXr i
lihe battirhad"com to ho Valuedind' Wbrritn to ihdt nerwojaecuaeo. , usToe.tnat tho
Forbus. Immediately opposite to us inthe Bri4 tjierMelys- wings and ffcfrn away." i ' After a they imposed ''Htlan&. tax- Tnis assessment y. n r1?1? ftPW-p1? hare supplant
.'11.- ! . -"
IlAM)tToiri CL Jokes, is -m. Candi4
'date: for, thd; Commons, for Rowka Coun-
.was a yery nne, aressea oritisn yincer i tu7,uo -"rriCSiPTOi ivwuu. m uie ; wu mo viertS ''w me lyoamy i , " r"? r""i va "r,'r .- rccai. .
who rude b ironV of men, brandish Oourts, and they! were directed ; to issue 1 a copy ! . I' 1 SENEX.
swrnd veryiouch and seemed very much de- the pfe of the people the Treasury of the of the, same to those who receive the list of t. s. In fny lIsTEssat I Dut the Rm
lighted with the biisiaess of leading on ttheatSti Taxes in the Counties for iiheir government; nl sl dtcboo? I.k,.. .ui m,ukVt J
tack. I said tjiForbos, Captain, do youiee $125000, owned in 1813 and, 1814, had been The tax has beep imposed; accord tattoo- fc ! ifJF?aSUrcr S
that-feUow?;'nI do" said he, "Well, says. Ijif put a simple interest and that, interest invested tessment , - ever rwce. j B accident I happen to i lk 1 4! H1 " 1
vbuhad a ffun could too take him ? down?" ."I rgurW as it became fcayahle and -the expenses I have access to that paper, and the Act of Assem- "ir? Pul ltlie expenses ; at $78327 ; tlm
iiace on long island-Error, j
In ur last paper we stated the timevof , the I had been given
vnrrk.ii nn nM iron tnifA him Hrwii".'l ire?ow as it became navaoie and the exDei
think I could,? said he, at the same time he of the government had been at the lame tune h- bly teaches uie thatthe Land Tax is M6 cc4a on
took a rifle from one of, his meh; and sat dotvn nyiiHjw her ordinary rf venue; ' I will not under every hmdred doUariftf tfofeaw? Now the
in the corner of the fence but as. no borders take po fthow you in detail the: manner in which assessment has put the lands 'of the State at fifty
n i to fire. 1 ' told him to wait: until 1 tluaraault itaa been brousnt aboutl Uut 1 am tour miuions : f 4 1: k'. 3
this line of busi-
race between le Witt Clinton and Robin Hood, sacn n order.
1 LVi 1111 in iiuau 1 u ojiii iA4 hm-.-jiiiiik. ?
Ve copied the j statement accurately from the
Traveller & Times ; and did not adroit to the1
inaccuracy olttne account until our attention was
friend acquainted t with;
these matters, who assured us that no horse ever
concerned to know that the evils which contribu
ted rtat degree to produce it, are not reme-
died, land if they are not speedily removed, they
hkmM U extcuSWdOT. tor work With ) "" ke suc a race, nor any thing , bear it.
s& & 'Wi&&y fashionable style; The;probabilt4s that it was meant - far 3m.j
lMliW3nPC:i "Hi wto
workmen , who
imfid'iiwl allleHiivC Wth- which and a con-
UiMbiiiriels: limKelf, he. hopes to
&i tii'aanceUt batronageiso libetally
Brfd oa him .since lie has been in business tn
VM4iphjfjrti8S3-32 6m.
Tat Annua
44 see.
At this moment I was &ent for
hut r afterwards learned that
r orbus nred as soon as the nrst cannon was
discharged Hrom I the British j ajrdjtbe ' officer I will pntail I greater miscbieis cn;the people.
that was parading so briskly , lei?at the crack i A;n proceed to Remonstrate i 1 r;
of the rifla. 4 found out afterwards, that this ; I ipor necessary xpep3es are gieater than
oITicer was Maj. Sjtuart, so much lamented by the the ofdinary revenues f the State.
whole British army. He i was, buried neat the j P1 General Asslmbly is too numerous, and
spot where he fell. 1 r i I consequently cosu too much.
Therefore the land tax imposed by
While the returas of the Sheriffs'
audlhe report of the Cumptroll-L
er will show that the land, tax
collected does not exceed
if. '
Thus while one, man pays his taxes according
one other rcumstenoe fW bile he rnember ie ; too mu
d I j were talking to Gkw Oreene, pkttylipirit and assembl
torn thA ftritiah linn' mitia! With 1 i 4. Ilhis SDlrit is Crain
much excited bv sectional
e together too often.
"The Sumirler Session of this court commenced
In the City off llaleigb, on JWohday 10th irst.,
and "will profajbly continue fur two months j
NcXti to the ofjsilion waich has been shown to
our Uhiversity by the Ljeialature of ourj own!
Statvthc virulent and repeated ertl jmde to
over'JmiW thK valuabJe Lourt, affordto lthdse
1 . , 'i i e . .1 . i ' '
While oh the subject of the Guilfbrd I battle, 1 ! i Wur Legislation! is unwholesome because to law another pays according to his pleasure.
vvnue tne expenses oi tne governm?Qt are in
creased, the revenue is decreased hy the bad ex
ecution "of the laws Vore thanj one': fourth of
the Land Taxes and hear one seventh of the
public, r'eyeRjie is nnccllectd or ! not accounted
for at the Treasury. Aud why is no act passed
ress through you the people of this I by the Assembly to remedy this evil? The
but the hints 1 crowd within that com- Treasurer in the faithful discharge of his duty,
I will mention
Col Hunter aid
a cannon ball tram the British line came! with j j I 4. finis spirit is gaining by degrees an influ
considerable i force near I where we' wejey but j h&8 oyer our People. I ; 1 i fi
striking against several treesin ite qare,; it 1 1 h w$ disjjnssion of those jtopics, Ihall be con-
rebounded and finally stopped by us. A-soldier I aned to narrow ; limits ; by the form sin which I
picked it up and showed it to4he Greneral. tnust
'Haad it back to our nrineer ahd "let them State
have it bac& quietly," replied General Greeiie, paks tpay be useful and profitable to thoseVho has drawn the attention of) the Legislature to
which was! immediately done. I H ' I Vflllnflect on these subjects. hi the subject he has recommended that the laws
As I am not acquainted with Mr. Swaim 1
ecjingjofjthe North-Carolina
Iptotft of Eductotf I u ill take place on
l1i4aTithitUt days prev-
i&ftb;(fce; of the.-Untter-
itt:l Afler1hicn! :timorwillt bc ' delivered
tiAnritistarigsyankl Lectures
fitjec.'ts: ipjoir4fed1kt I the last
Suuaii A Hill,
1. oft iV?ilniin 1 on
tytttS' tni llis'a I. IJpHI SON, Esq.
(40ifoT&Ni2ort(i r-. Lecture-on a system
of iHfpief 'piplf4r Njjrth-Carelina,
If toi'lfon ;.;&bc...'Asifybf Hillsbor-
ob.pflii'd, Lturt, 6n the
eiiacng.emtilattori in itLiterary
that are anxious lor tne nwnor ana prosperity ,ot j"u im taq ui jyu' .himm
North Carolirlathe most melancholy refisctions. sman mistake above mentioned; and if you chaise
Itarffues fearmlly a want of . intelligence and you may make known the; other art herein sta-
liberality of 5oJ, without which a republican
torm ot gqyernment cannot enaurev. mat tnese
effarts have not yet succeeded is proof thai tbema-
on ; the I ovrHnte-servipg qroucning uemagogaesj out tne I
meeting large minorities mat have generally yoteel tor m
. r its j orerthrovf l!ffvel us jfearful bodinjja of fthe! r
Yours, with paternal affection.
fnturei We hive but little to show of jthethinffs'
thatmakauptliemreatnefisof a State:! But thia
court, listheriyocn' tl inn4nity rf its -
labouri, or theliarning ot parity ot itlffnepibers.
inael a - biisht rnaaient lneuritieTaldrv.
The dudieiarvl -ot joav IStajte has bcenlits pride;
the device upprj the arms or our Statfi shows
Bomrstlc lteto;
From the Raleigh Register!
that to secureltoall
Institutions S"0i!lct thf
1 iiffteed'jofTer no proof to sustain f my first po
sitioqwith such as read the annual report of the
ifearurer. 1 hat excellent and valuable officer
las toldus iin. his lastReport to. thl Assembly,
that "jihe ordinary revenae f the Sta te is $66,
905 arid that the amount an uwally' expended for
the. necessary expenses! of the government exclu
tw4 qipecyfic wproiitUimi&8&Ja&iy be stated
atanyfrage of J 80,f)00.'f I he same officer
says-i'rhi: ordinary pubiu revenue of this State
bjasnbeen. adequate to tiu purpose for many
teoir-ihat for the last tea years j this defect
has vjled 'fflipm-12, 000 tof 17,000 dollars anlm-
1 alJ;I iwfer you the Report of the3omm!t
tee oi finance, in ine' lasi Assemoiy, wnicn re
iterated this statement fond confirmed it.
! ! 2.; Vhen our Constitution was adopted, the
Stale was divided' into j S&cfnmtiesi and the Ge
neral Assembly was composed of 114 members.
The clnties are now! multiplied to 64, and the
General Assembly consists tf 199 menbers. E-
ved after the number of counties ; was greatly in
creased; many years ao, the expense ot an
1 reasurer ptates Ithem at -$30,000 This
wak a mistake off mine in . transcribing, of
in additioh . The public; Treasurer is pro
bably ngh, and therefore I have adopted
the sums reported by him. !
INTEREST IKCj from jras r?Ali WEST.
The following letler to 'the Editor, from
C41. S. CJ STAMBAiidnj. Secretary to the
(.kimmissipners fjbr seuling boundanes, Stc
ilth the diairfijE)es ior the West, will be
highly ihtbrestin to our ' readers, and we
tender our thanki to the writct for his po
liteness in; furnishing us I with the! infbrma
tion it codtains-UJrifc. C$zem. !
I I Fort Giasox, Mayfc7, 1333.
piku, Sir fhavehid butlittle news
to communicate since jrecerved our mes
sage. I 4an however, jnow say something
ab0nt the 'occurrences blithe last few dlys.
j0neoffthe finest looking, and apparently
most efficient co.nminds that cyer penetra
ted an Indian country west of the Missis
sippi, lefthere tofday, on t an expedition tQ
the extreme western boundary of the Urn
! t
ted States, hnd hare encamped this evening
on the Arkansas, a few miles below, l It is
WO. IV. ,
. -. . . i i :i
All political power is vested in and derived
from the people only." Bill of. Rights
the Pjetplevehhaiided jus-; Ti.i JL-J ui , lil
ie next U Liberia iiselfltThe ... ll8t Inrnish-
nnA JJt., Jp ...;J e.u !f.u.. eu you in my last essay, is what 1 consider a ne-
, r-r .. - .-. , . w - t S' . ii Ttr I u uiiv wimp w uun ivjieiatiiri. . iiawo i i tuus I -r S . , -
I; famshmpnt, (by Wiiker. er Wtalqed iheir deteliait4 bat lC'r'tljn to .the ?0it !M9
'WW lT i? 1' wn"? ancQoiy condition of our State.
vlv"Tr HI :f 1V 7 V V . ' w ITrrilT I r, standing they indeed who have acted in the
PfW Oisucnyitai im- f !S":!Uir higb capacity of Legislators-are either shame-
FTO.MW-awic.s r U J ? UT;.;: TT r FJrr r;:"T ff C fuily ignorant, or criminallv inHifTprpnt t hW KpmbltfiaVhothinir iif nnntm and nLher mn
llScdtire Corm SSr Let your readm answer, .eoj though W latter makes no trifling
WAliTER A; NORWOOD. rresrxmdin4cnanffein fthe esenteSAi-ltrhW !or.?imf1 whetber.thcy had not neglected all; iiim ifeour public accounts. TheteAoie necessa-
m a n : i r - - w : t1- ru Ai v i - - - - . j . f- . jm r r m a, .Jra I s.lf.Khfjiihl lift tnln frAm- ihrn hU j p ih "BW"f w Var wn" wfie fiT ttttmtt and eXpertseot our oovernmentsused to tall short ot
: ir roa' irrtale figorel W5en4g Justice, rhd i 4w tne fjensea f her; government;; and if U40.0pp, as jany manlnayiee whti takes the
II. i nT tTV.? ..r. 1 any have thrown awn v in 9 ;; f itiL. tLut- ' .wiin n.
. ; .'(! ! . 1 - 1 ui1! nun una" snnuia m RnfMi tmM. ti im .t i r . ,,u.vwvw: . v . i j !
.Q?rf-Tcq" toiin- UhouldW; remuvedifromtlie otheihandand IfT0??, resume the paper f that s con- in UiJAssembly. Many imon?i us profess to
which prevails about the real I aembly .did not exceedlsometimes $1 5,000, and
Men ot respectable under- ( very rarely $20,000 ; iiut now, the accounts of
the X reasurer and uomprrpuer exhibit to us an
annual expense of $40K)0 for the pay of mem-
on this subject might be retrised ne has vry
justly conceived that "the permanent unappro
priated revenue ot the State; might be 60 regu
lated as in any event to meet the public expef
dature.". He could do ho . more, j Why I then 1
repeat, is no law passed to meet these correct sug
gestions to have the tax collected as it ; has
Kaon, .ccoeiuwl Ko lnu 'I'hiao fire ihe !incPa
The members of the Assembly are spiitiatoac- composed of twqi select j companies of tho
turns unde the well known standard of the j 7tt Infantry, andithree companiel of Ran
East and thb West Mth Roahoak abd ihejgeb. Tie officers arc) Col. Many, Conn
Cape Fear. And even when a Revenue HU is minder ;! Major S Young ; Lieut. Dawson,
to be considered their voter depend very .much ! Adjutant j ; Assistant $urgeon,-Worrell ;
-wodHABiininM of the i Libutv Nrthrop Quartjfrmaker and Corn-
State its mover comes. Unaccustomed to consid , 1 ,M c..k!1 . l 1 1 rV
er subjects on their merits' the cruwd leuk : f Subsistences V and Lieut IIow-
only for their leader. If thb revenue measure i ell. of Uie Infantry. The Rangers, farst
comes from tho East, the opp jsili'jn of the West i companyl is commanded 4y Capt Ford,
is secured and vice versa. I know there) are I Lieuts. Gbson and Shields ;.scccnd corn
honorable exceptions to thelrule, but truth !for-"j pny, by Capt. Boone, Lieut Hamilton and
bids me 10 concede that they are more than ex- ! Butler ; Ihird company, by Capt. Bean,
cepnons. low very quebuyn wuu s uas Uexlt3t Pentecost Watson. CaldwelL and
! . 3 - ' ' '
been before the Assembly three different times to
my knowledge. It has always been welcomed
satJiwikoTe aiolteHlaconvenient before
the milti, f '
a ruti. BlacItI
A 1 Vhije the
?'ri'r 'I stealitiga
06 Sdbwniiet respecttully. pens tiort from nndiith hanUtr
Icavrl ti iM)hn hU OLD CUS- itra i
I v i - rum gueraujr, 1 picture paiozed and hung up the ila
?: RriTTT p !-,hpiip TMPJrA !J lt and. wllow a review of those intolerable venerate their conduct as a tnodel worthy of our
DI DATES TREAT should be putln it place t" !;,.VUS syf of Connty representation imriatioritin a! thmgsand the peopl may be a
.r!MtTB'r,f iih ft, Jso relief.! KJ ,,ao . ."ca "P00 on-Laroiyia. 1 do notnow little curious to know .why; in tho respect, any
ftideW dance at this last I insld? 5 Ct U ineqality ; I shall not now exceWion should be made by later Assemblies.
ndl ri the handle with wKici ia "1? V
W'WVIIJZME where he will, at all
TJWy tot receive cmnpaoVi P j
e following letter originally 'published in
iff JAbLBiand BAIH are as good as! the
aoae .VlHi BirBLES, large land
?el Wicwith Prorehdernd
E'tEsTlBrHMjiNt, for the use of the
i ; rerplejr hla uests comfortable.'
ureensborpugh I'atriot is certainly a matter
of interest 'to'the public) The conduct of the
North Carolina'! militia oh that occasion .has been
tbe f theme ofi reproich and ridicule ever since
thalJtUeaMl as is admitted in the letter yery
ing fact from fthe tide of, oblivion ; The high
characr of CoL Martin will be sufficient Iwar-
rantyffor the truth of. this statemeht to all who
rjuamc, apu is uumuueu in uio leiifr yery
ectly on'.the main; it is therefore1 with pleas
that we would try: to rescue this one redeem
th!5 place, I know!) liimil We tlnnk that ihe LWts!tnw Af
wiif find wrttAii.' r ; 1 i! t.' .1 Tv .
.Meratft 4 -9-: , ur i. count of -the laflair, by: some' publ d testimoma
l. 1111. 4." . - . , 1
v. 1 j a . -in
of respect to the memory of the Gallant "Forbusi
Not C aroliri has Iron adventitious; cirrm
stances been more misrepresented thd slandered
for jhfercondtfct injthe war of the Involution
than - any othjeir State in the unioni And slie
rjfcAl2JE&lZIL r ough todo eyjwy thing even at thU latelday, to
announces to the Public that he I vindicate her iclaim b gallantry and PatirioUsm.
Fromthe Greerisboro, Patriot
$vpu Creek, Stokes county t Jtfuy 28, 1533.
-htear5il...i -V ; j - - : - A
! I I Observing in the .Greensborough
Patr otof the 115th of May, inst. some "Ilemis-
neieenaef ot the battle lof Guilford, (which in
HVSV, Wilson Saguezet
wflrs'rilG ,l;iJ;'.U i
ct mer jFasii. ion a
done in a heat
Pgclu1 willlpiease hlri
Hy- !Pt m done in a neat I neiceftaea" t of ih
1 :nr!tjfell beVOndalldouhtjithat I thAtri,irl W-m :nr
k? perioj to any in the jieigh- everiimentioot
.Vff W$fm Street: next Uoot II wouIdlUkesSto
correct;) I take this occasiiQ, how
in? that there is one error which
n Street, next Uoot I I wouldl likesito see i corrected;' II was iinS the
battls -ad ..youirihare Otten'3 faeard & ! aaytfand
one' of the few officers i nowalive. of - Cicse
uiat, -neio niei. - mo micuicui is wiirazua
tafi-a iT'T"" T iwiiy iraa 1 that part wnre asserts utati mm oatauel
HUSS iV S ' "t ,utUier. .1 llendersdnljwii? oneof L the vrallinHmcersi
rDa!' " i ; 1 tlJrtenderscri was,notin me natue.,' 1 ? eras
1 particular. I Oat fathers thought 114 members of toe Assem
uiacieni ui manage me auairs or oiaie wnen
lere surrohnded by difficulties unknown to
ople in all us in later daysj Manyamong us profess to be-
5; M ,v 1 . -.,1,..; i- 11 ly i aufti uu w- uiv M4iaM va itv
Ihe State engaged in aBank speculation ra-i beoplliiwell, and experience should teach us that
bout 181 1 and 1812 : &. if hr reCTnfof4hflhfAnt I il hniVint been! so nrndentlv and hrostmnincslv
husbanded with a prudent economy she might tnanaged since tlie number U' these workmen is
at this day, have boasted of a full 7Wi.w i.a' ir!rftud tii nearlv 200. Onr fathers inmilra-
fond might have been accumulated, equal or neatl Udeqbnpraylih Wblicexpences as a 'principle of
Itr viitil k -Li . ! f 1 ' flu -r ! 1 1 1 . t- ' i 1 ?
v w kUC uwi enterprise 01 eaucating tne-1 tne ltepuonc, oui we nae niaregaruea 11 Dy our
sons of the poorer! Citfeena' in the StatX-Thii nraciieel ; i"i ' I ' t f.l
hope however, has failed in common with others 1 i $ j Qur legislation &ttnwjiolesome because the
that a spirit of State pride and patriotism should Genferii Assembly sitaf too often, 'and is excited
have fn(Tenr(aMJ H All .:fl i.ii i Li Llil:. i.C !L: f r. r'.e.
......Muwiu. an wm mmi iduw niai ioe I yy a apiru uii eecwuuJi. paiiv. t iiiva iruiuui
treasury is exhausted, but few wUl stop to en4 thMe fr 'discussion s here ? ! Alas ! for the
iiuw u nappenea. me clectumeeritM hondrnd prosperity of the State, there is not a
v.u ut in tuA-iiut; io causes very i man, repruseutea me peopie in years,
foreign from the Truth. Some? "will do so frohf hat ill : not confirm his charge i and there is
Ignorance, others from a desire to find fault vniii I hh sectioa of the Stato that has not felt its truth.
'P61,11013 an(1 notafew under the influJ The Lgi4ature cften;passes a law without due
ance ofboth these motives. - ? "I . ' ? -.. ' ebnide'ration'of Its effects, front the circumstance
Po arrive at the profits of the BankAsioeculal I thai they will arain aksemble in 12 months and
won, we must add together,! all that ihe State if may fie fam renealed. IThis lead! to a system
has received ibr Dividends, Bonus and Taxes of emments in! iawmakisg injurious to
with the present j value i of Stock, and deduct thei p4lid in every wayvThejr sit until
from it the nrifttt nf th Stnrlr f Tho liifTa.aHM 'kA miiAUr''ii Tnn,nl t.;
, 5 r" -j ww,. i a uw uiuuttu i u7 U4uy whuim auu-: uicu sou w nv.
with thecrtf of party talked ofreferrecf, and
then hid on the Pable. And thus it is with ev
ery question of deep interest to the public. Not
to weary you wit.n any, let me add a case ot
annual occurrence in Uie General Assembly! I
of CoL Arbucklo
me proms, l pus : , (
For dividends, to 1932 4
For tax of 1 per cent per annum
Present estimated value of Stock
"V i f i ' i II tiririted and distribated thrnmrhnnt tbft State fir
.S66i666 tiro! rMihsaitir the idjournment It takes at
4 240,000 1 least iahreeUmonths or more for ; the people to
.aiUjUW i leamjinem, anu oy time, me annual elections
have 'come around v and whit chance' has been
$1,670,00 j affbjrdedlfor a jddgmeni by experience, upon the
sagacny ana wisoom oji vneir servants r lnueeu,
in some "parts of the State, the laws ofone Seseion ,
are I h4rjly i known bfore' inpthert Assemsly has
cbnyened and most ruly felled jir changed
the law: ; One tact is laid to be wnrth a hnnered
axgurn:;t$. In 1831,the LegispTture parsed a
lawiroposing; a fine of S-00 on ; every Sheriff
993J500 that tilfet thereafter h mtrirn trt lb a Pwvfntv
The profits are "early one million hf dollar I
Since 1814, the amount received for ''..yU licence and from whom feel coJIe&H a tax. Ih
, Dr4en4o4Ik-swk,xceeds. $800,000 October 1932,1 the Treasury Depart. atiapose
Amount; received for Boons from; . l,tl thit!Rn,n - Shfr r !aiiw which
The officers belonging to the Rangers
are all at'their posts, except Lieut Steens,
who, is ehgaged by thd Commissions in
running he line West, between the Creeks
premise thatl am no Western man." I reside ' 'SI nfihV r u
in the East"-my property, family, and most ; rffJ f!4PuIla,t, tho cbnianr--of
my friends live there, yet, I am no "Eastern 1 'aft !l1 ' om le i command some
man.' either I am a "North Carolina man." whereon! the waters of the Canadian, after
The people of IJurke and liunepmbe have for navmg cornpieiea tne duties assigned Jtiim.
years petitioned the Legislature to divide those Lieut Watson, )f Washihgton City, is the
two counties into three and in support of their onlv officer aDnbinted to the new DraVrmn
application! they have set Jorth fhe following corpg thktlias let arrived. Lieuti Seawell
frSESt tender.
to" 0 uSrmS W V1 fops 5 fitfemngihis
hv nairtAT mora than eauai to the add t onal sent ran iu inq inianiry.
exiienses o( a newl county ; that their population; The principal object j
is exceeding 34,000, and theevilrare of i char- j in sending out this expedition, is to display
actertobe remedied no astray. Yet thisap . a large railitarylforce mtjie hearti and in
plication is refused upon thr openly admitted cxtrerae hirling places of the Indian
grownd that a new courfty would add streogth countrv where no soldier has ever yet ap-'
to "the IVest" in our Legislature. Here you see . 1 s ' v! 1 i
the complaint is so reasonable, te demand so ; f011 i t ' f f '
just that parties are! deprived of , decent pretext j The Pawnees and Comanches havebeerl
for. disregarding one and denying fhe ether but very troublesome during the last winter,
party spirit is soj. strong that the fiervahts of the evincing an ' uhfriendly temper toward citf
people feel safe in the open fldmtaiioa that citi- ens 0f ne United States. Besidqs the se
zens of North Carolina arepfos justice and yioU3rohbery commirteA iipon Judge; Carr's
denied theef t rtyf on iheir! way. oSanta Fe io St
W estesn part of th xerritory. VVnen such a f j , i . A, , . ?
spirit prevails, it is madness to calculate upon i Louis, in January last, they have been very
wholesome legislation, v I annoying totra4ers and trappers, who bayo
4. 1 have said that thiskpirit of section- happened togtf near their haunts, fcnd have
al party is extending itself among the I peo- ! !t no chance of attacking and plundenng
pie. Do you fonder that the) people of unprotected travellers, f . ;
urhe and Buncombe should feel its in- j It is contemplated hy the commanding
fluence when their representatives go home i officer, to strike Ked Ktver about jtbe head
and tell them that their grievances are not j waters j6f the Boggy, and: ! probably j ascend
remedied their oppression? ar not remov-1 to the Blue anil Fausse Washita. On their
-.fhftir romolaints are not heeded, tor ! route to mat point, tne 'troops will scour
thcsinnle reason that they lire in h the ihe country between thei North Fork and
nVf V lis an v thin? more natural I than
w w w - , j . 0 . - i
Deduct 7 127 Shares Stock
J. inn i-3 S '
at 91W per suare f
the State for Charters . SG.OOO
; 676,700
3f 0ALDWELL4. ;
; :j JJrxnerpaL
. 1 '
and? myself, repaired to the point w Vie General
Greehe was, and asked fcir. orders: iand toUl hua
muiuajinad vanis,ied,nia tne
exception Tof 6ne imperfect captam's'.cocopiay :
us to the courthouse as
? uania 01 V8" I? ear and newbern -1 56)00 welie all remitted by the last Assembly because
Amount received for 1 percent tax I ' -r1 tta'$K(r hadtiotkstinca the tyxdhtfcreitvias
Amount Of funds belongUrgr to' the ' 1 M ihn'Liktn mnfM,M:.7 l'-;wTr-itintlv tno.
1 4
State which were invested n the
shanks in 131'i. exceedded
l otal ? 1 , l "
Te ordinary revenues since
an average of $67,000 per 1 year;
I i
. t 1 o.uuu 1 a suuiciem tune naa trans wred to test ic
4 ? i' 161,00(1 Not wafrequently, has it been the fate of
I doubt not a good law has beea repealed, before
i value.
i ren1 caiiciis uj ue raxeu rour aoibJrs in mo .suape
1 I kk.CT - E.' ..-
- L' H otKOraey Jee to learn from a ialrter whether
1273,000 the General ! Assemblf had I Dermitted a' law of
- , uw wvioua oesanto sxano uurepeaiea, auu
Ane aggregate amount ot these is l $2,554,000 Bolunfrequently otheri have involved themselves
U make no accouuttorthe monies f received fo in SejioudUfficulUea b violating a law they did
entry of vacant lands, for. they are appropriated pot know of; j or by acting up jo one which had
amount to
by law to the IMcrary Fund ; 1 say . nothing o
withot their knowledge; In
that the samo feeling should find reception
amonff their neighbors who ajso lire in
the West." i But this is not alL . It i is
Dronosed to elect the GorerntTrjby tho peo
ple. On this question jthe representatives
asf of a certain line, vote agaiasi, wuu
those rFeaf of that Iine,vote for it, I and
their constituents, approve tnejr course.
Yet was it ever heard, that the people, nn
nttUrt ihv nartv. forrned ODinions i on
such a subiect W their local hobllationi t
Did tney so ditiue upoatiic aucut iaw, w j
. . . i .. - I, : .
thA Clerk law.i as tney are cauea. uruier
still."! te Heatiyj as 17p, pfoposal was
made to -alter te constitution of the State
lcauseVtlio Gtixnl'tAiBnbly. ias toi nn-
merous too expensive itnd oopvened too
often, and 4he counties oj" GronlrieV Oa
ten, Halifax and . Edgecombe thjen voted in
Cmvnr rf it. lint now thevikremted in op-
rInrfit iThel cmntidbTGrirae,Cro-
amptoru New Ilanotcr, IVarren and other
iixi oflmnV counfies dolriow oppose a re-
forni in our lprcscntatibn. They -36 this
against their own tight jand iitcrcsts--a- ;physica qudi.awertained, and rts ada
main branch of the Canadian, i j i f
Should the f expedition' fall in With any
of the Bawneel Cominche Chiefs, they will
De nrougnt to tois place I or tne . purpose or.
holding a Tajk with the Commissioners, .
wbo ar0 particularly directed to obtain an
interrieW witli these roving and restless ;
tribes, 4tho hate no fixed place of residencer
but follwfthe puffalo, and appear alternate
ly in the United States and Mexico The)
Commissioners have furnished inrjKCterSjV
to enable the commanding officer; to eflect
this object From the high standing of the .
officers having command of the expedrtioo,
I nave rlo doubt but they will Scarry their
intentions int4 effect, if j tinUring persever
ance arid genome courage can insore suc
cess. Ijf they mcet the hostile Indians, the
orders ire tQ treat them friendly ; bat
should they indicate hostile intentions, or
commit I any jp epredaUobshey i wUl bo
taught a salutary lesson on tlie spot! - ,:
i This W truly an interestinji expedition
The whole of the Great West tojtfi Mexj
lean line, between the waters of the iArkan
Ma .n jRwi ln;or tmir ihft ; otnlbred, its
i - ':
i-i IIP
n. I
r-s-ii ? !
: I-- -I
I""" I,
... ' ' 'i .
1 4- !
. .1-
'-Is 1.

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