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I tation to the wante of the Indians who are J
i to receive ti as tneir permanent nomes,pru-
mulgated to .the American people, . ine
dxrjedrtion will visit the Salt plains of the
; Arkansas and pass ovi the Grarfd Pra;
where their weary march will be enlivened
ljytfce exciting! chasof the wild Ijorse and
t Plains, periodicallyijni
Hi i Another command, ot we company, nas
I t 2en detached Jfronrthis iattison.!arid wilu
ffl tvaarcli tb-monw lieutl We f cnimand
M i i jog ; Lieat Dix, Qaartermaster arid ' Com
iutrfissarr u and Assistant ijSnfsrebn, O'Owrer.
f f -Tlic object is to repair thfM ftom Kort
I'J Smith to Red tliven which wisf, opened by
t lnt. Stewart, i&si apnug. j. n
: ' . ..' ' :L: 1-rpLi ;tl
! this road is 4 4t milevand strikes ped Ri
ll rer near the Horse Prairie.; - Frorfi h the in
1 3 rmatioii lean obtain, all : the jwlofk done
I dpon iuS roadwi!l be labor' Jostfj 'it pass
through; a countrjj entire'y unjiptedTor
; J ttie object contemplated, over : hfamerows
f. flails and highVockf,nwnntains. No blame,
j : fcavterej can attached Id Capt fete w?ii,
1 j 3 the road was laiJ out and b!a?ld before
, '! aj was. ordered upon lt byj CM Bean.
1 HI jSeutVest Is ordered to' endea)tio make
!f 1
j cpmmunicating' Reports haTjutiartived,
-f3ttat? ';.partyps3ges, top anTct Jheir
I ,f villajiei within 60 miles of this pi4p, --with
; , "T number orj Pawnee Jscalps, nd sev
j 4 ieal prisoners. 1. 1 am inclined to hink the
yl report is trne I have just received a -letter
. jfrpm Maj. Chonteaa, annouhcinj oikt he is
i :'J ob his wav and will arrive: here torporrow.
With fifty of the uruels and Heaa men
Head men of
the Osage nation, for the; fpurposd of hpli
iilg council wththe Cherokecs, to j. settle
sme disputes, agreeably fo certii treaty
arrangements eii3ling beween thse tribes.
' The Commissioners haVe had flatle busi
ngs before them since ther adjoulniment of
the Osrige council Mr. EUIsworth has gone
heme ; Mr. Schermerhorhl hia left for iLit-
tlp Rock two days since, for the purpose of
coucciing ine vuapaws, in ; oruci; 10 ireat
wIljK and fix them peraiancntly. if possible,
ok some part ofl the i Ihjil fTffijorfl I
will follow in a day ojr,iwj and inlet! Mr; S.
at Little Rock, j Govern or Stokes iU su
perintend the council between the! iChero-
ff W;-tkes and Osagesi and thert procee to Port
.; ', Iitaveirwrbliie5Idri,fbJ' pur
:; ; pose of examining the country m tat direc-
v ; ;tion,& of meeting a party of Pottawatamies,
i J who. ari on their way to ithis plac,i under
f t ; scliargo of Col. Pepper, for the purpose of!
1 Rejecting a country in the new Indian Ter-
.litoryi for their future 'residence, t
1 am, very respectnilly.if j ' I
" Your friend and !ob't;sefvan!v
r - jt. ki xr a. ?
I iloHif Randolph, of RouikoKE, wasitoo' re
rRUrkable a man while lirinnf, hot tu be pi) 4ect,
tuhr that he has so recently, disappeared from
the scene, of great and general curiosity and in
test Wcconaitlfr borskvejR)rtunate,lheTefore,
Jjinjbein enabled loy jitekindCafjldnd,)who
Ijwasalso an intiautejfrien4'ofW to
smfnister in some degree'to jtHe rgratiflcatiuh of
ithis interest bv a aeries ef lumbers, ibl which
r 9oae of the pfKliaiiiiest(uantsariog9.the
icliara rteriMtip letters, aad evert the poetfy vf Mr.
Rardrph, ate erobdieU ! 1 -,
: The first number Is published to-day ana sac
'cessive bombers, which willexteod to Setght or
yifie shaU. appear every 6thrday. . '
I the aatheoticity and accuracy these re
IjtefniniscWices and extracts, iirj readers; may be
fujlv . persuaded j fJT the gentjemaii Who ; ; coin
ijnanicates them forpub1catiwn is known 'to-, us
:i1aslof the strictest honorand truth iliol las the
ifrend he often delights coujd; if'we'wj
Iliberty to name him, attest, a noted
e at
H tt is to be hoped (hat some one of the late
jJohn Randolph's intimate rriend3, who possesses
thV neeessary , quaUficatjdi)3, ;Vi ill unertake to
Iglve his biography to the world. He lias been
;top remarkable a character1, and has 'filled too
pafife a space iri'tuolfc esthhaiion , to jnssed
j over merely with a few newspaper fstcetches,
which will lost or fooiten. jSnoh an
llaroW an5 devoted admirnr' ofi his naiivd State.
I Vih alwys 'exercised his ibrichtest talents in
wiuiaiitf jiu J tr& una, which sun aoounuS WIID
dUtinniahed men." In 'the nSean jtind, I those
wha can relate any characteristic anecdotes of
Raadolph, may be excusl for I bdblging in
auciireiaihiscenccs. ;i -i-ili' -,f : i H- S
It was my rood fortune to cross ! iheS Atlantic
fjWIthliianithe first "time he went j to lEngland,
.and to piss some time with I him ! tn fljondon ;
na can nnttesiiatinstr; declare that I Ii "never 4
pravelled with so entertainlngU compapiorr; nor.
. have I ever met with hia equal for divifisity of
nowlege. 1 1f. my rnertry jere ;as goi4! his
;Wa I could Write a ery aanlaingt bo.kf of his
aHngt iarid necdot, histirlcal,L bbfraphical,
pjitical, Hlacat. lhHol.jglcalU &ici bui as it is
pot, I canjonly venture to Telate i t feir;ifof the
more string circaiustances which 1 otWurred
:lhjjst'wei were' -together. M .;f4 )f ' . '
jl FW I evt aawjHrRaiidolph' was
-W morninjT 'n which we embarked in lhe pac
ytajt ship- Amity 1 f Liverpool, Malcfa 16tb,
vaa2-i. ; ; . i - lifi fi'-piv :
lil1 'wiippdaeed to hWbya mutoldlfriend,
;Hrpocau9ually mentioned, at the nromeLti that I
;as an Irish man Shortly: afterwards!, ilr. R.
. very happy, sir to meetwlth an Inshnjaif, for
.laahtcri taOfair.IsKd.wfrth iday great
f taf-orite, j kn)W Iierwork.Jalfnost yi htrt.
iBl the way, pcrf.aps you ca4 lve aiaifficultv
which hat ofirn puzzled me m the sreoirraDh v "uf
VfimaniirkWh f ts i, sir,, tbaia ; e?ery itaap of
& J Iriland I hare ever seenArhe J town! ef !BalHa.
1 ; iald? is 7 placed n the wrong side eff taeriver
Hi-sack?-, ... i -. y. t-v ft-
;i J 1couW nclorbear laoghinjfiat. thesfiularity
jbfhe quetionLrhiist I replied -J'as'wfc aretobd
w-ur, lr.'tunaoiwt. l ma? is wen
confess u)Vifirnorince kt onoeJbv deefaniiV thai
I dot only cannot answer jjrqaeryi bit J really
4 vWas not befbte aware that there was A river of
3uii name in Ireland, never having ytsu ted IJai
; Jitsloe:' and I theu -'caiielxoa to
kpbw the localities of Ireiaha so i minutely? '
ly books, atvi'reatirn, arldf the blessing of a
jaHmory which never forgets1 jky.- thihghe 're
pliwL - In fact ere not two days' ether,
i befpro I discovered that he 1 wis indmaty ac
xaioted jwith every part off Enand I Ireland,
and Seotiahd not otdv as id cities and 1town.
utjrauemeaB country ceaujianaiie Jqiew. the
I history of ererr celebrated horserace tafl : every
race-hoc in EnMamL He was-verr Jana; ol
Hisplajir'r his knowledge of ih 3 most minute
facts pa Bese points, and it yns&J srwaU.e
to myself 'and the 'other pa.Woer to listen to
f jnst befoTe wesailed the ;Wasbingtn papers
were received .annonncihs the defeat of the
Bankrnpi bilt bv a small majoritv . At the mq
menta l tnrot that Randolnh bad been ere of
its most detennined opponents and I spoke : with
the feelings ot pt merchant when I saiclj to hm
Have Toa,rd,bie ery bad news frOmlWash
insrton tli!s!:mornttkr? "No sir." renlled he
with eaf5batult?;:Vhyjsu4;I ami
irry to tel ypo jthat the IloaW of Representa
tives have thrown bat the Bankrupt bill bye small
majority.?! jSorry, sir!" exclaimed he, and then
taking ofTiis haf and looking upwards, ; he ad
ded most fropbatically, thank God (of all His
mercies!' fA?ter a sb?rt paase : b eoatkued,
"fow delighted ant to think that . I helped to
rive that 'Itatf ful vfirlll 'ii kick ye; ir this very
thy week I frpokeTur three, hours against it and
my iriendsb llircedj me to make: the- effort,
were goo Vncc2l; tq say tb at I never had made
more fttrcesfrfll pech; it mast hare had
some meritj'siff I ssurayoa that whilst (.was
speaUp?4?lii tfttihern maUimas an
i.oiihccdfnot atnfe member left his scafHo look
far htttrsi a circomstaoce which, had notH occur
red b-fjre louring" jhe Session!? 1 endeavored to
umba liia'vbwiions Li a Bankrupt Bill subse-qa-
ntiy, but of course witbAnt t . any succrss; he
hit as a Planter t nd was very jealous of . the in
fl jcoof JJerekaats as, Legislators. - ' t , ...
One of Oorcoujp'iyjwas arf1' excellent jehess
player.antl Vrequntly challenged Randclph tu a
gim, but foYa long time he refused f l j have
l ot played tt cbesfs sir," said he, "for' seventeen
years, and eannot 'recur .to, the last game I played
but with Unpleasant ieelings, for it lost me a
friend for ever, Yon hive heard, I dare say, of
my intimacy with Mr. Jener3on, but perhaps
you don't know that h took more pride n his
skill at chess than in any thing else :veryi few
;ndeed,sir,rcould beat hbni and he could not en
dure defeatl I was aware of this, and had always
declined plating with him because I teas his
match, until one unfortunate evening, when he.
ujucntHi my y irguuan pnae in so pointee a way
I could no longerijnefuse.and we sat down at the
game I oon rried 4check mate and he never
forgave me afterwards!'' f .'
; This; 1 account oft the separation between
Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Randolph, does the for
mer very little? credit, and accords b-ut badly
with another .declaration reported of Mr. Itav
dolphV which is, that' when Mr. Jefferson: turn
ed against my tobacco fields 4 turned against him."
T i , : (Ed. C Wat.)
Mr. Randolph had a large boxvfull of ibooks
with him which he was taking to England ti
get bound. ! I asked him why he had not seni
them to Philadelphia or NeW-York Tor that pur
pose. 1 "What, sir," said he, 'patroniza. our
Yankee task masters who have, imposed such a
duty upon foreign books! never, sir, never! I
will neither wear what, they make, nor eat what
they raise, so long as my purs, can set! supplies
Mrom old England, and until I can have my books
properly bound holith of ."Mason and . Dixon's
line," I shalt employ John Bull!" One day at
dinner thtM Captain said, "Mr. Randolph will
vou allow me to help you to sora codfish?" l"No
sir, it eomeS i from NcwBt gTand" was his la
conic reply! Whenever he praised" any northern
man, it was always with this limitation 4"Hf
is the cleverest man I kaoiy. North of the Po
tomac!" I . L t " m i
On Sundays hfe used to r-ad for ns a chapter
in the Bible or partof the Church service and
;0iice he made: an extemperanf4RW Dravcr: and
he never would permit any reflections to be .cast
u pon religion withcnitia vey pointed' rebuke.
Ho told me that tor many years he had ibeen
corrupted by ; the infidelity which prevailed
amongst many of the leading politicians at
W ashington: bat that in the year 1816, during a
9evere fit of illness, he had a remarkable vision.
which completely dispelled the delusions under
which he had surrendered his faith; and S tha
since then! he had been a firm believer in Chris
tianity. 11 shewed me a letter which he
wrote immediately after this illness addressed to
a bosom friend in Virginia, in which lie gave a
circumstantial detail orhis "conversion?' as he
always termed it, and he even gave thowords
which were; uttered in his ears by his invisible
monitor during the vision. "This letter,'" said
he to me, contains notbing but the truth,strange
t . . i s -
jasitmay appar vo you,anu u wouia male me
miserable' to; doubt it!" .; .Whilst .conversing on,
this subject, hctuld me that the late Air" Pink
tiey, ofBaltmlre, had asshred him, just previous
to his deaih j uf his unshaken belief in the truths
)f Christianity,- Of Mr. Jefferson, however, he
rave a vefy different account; which I can now
readily belieye after having read his letters, al
;hough at ; the. time ( I8i) I thought Randolph
was too strongly prejudiced against him. f -
fit h announced that Theodore ' D wight,' Esq.
;he Editor ofiha" New York Daily Advertiser, is
jreparing; for publicationa history of thecee
lings of the Hartford Convention, of which ody
le was Secretary. Wo aro glad to .hear it
Sucli a work has been S wanting. When it ap
)earsKwe ri3k nothing in saying that it; will be
ilearly demonstrated that the grounds, assumed
y that celebrated body are identical with the
mnciples now avowed by theNullifiersjand Se-
oeders. ' This fact, indeed, is proved . by the .bl
owing extract from the Report of that Con v en- i
' ion, for which we are indebted to the Char
lottesville Chronicle : t , y
" That acts of Congress inT. violatinn, of the
institution, amabsolntely;To!d, is an Hiorienia
ole position , ll loes nut, however, consist with
1 he respect and forbearance doe from a eoiifedr
i.te State towards the genexal good to fly to opeh
iesistancO upon, every infraction of. the Constitu
lioh. Themode and energy of. the opposition
should always conform to the nature of thel vio
lation, th intention of its authors, the extent ot
the injnry inll.eted, the intention manifested io
persist in it, and the danger -of delay, -. But in
cases of dangt --wus and palpable, infractions of
the Constituiioti affacting tbe Sovereignty of
ie .aSaie an4 the liberties of the people, it s hot
ijnly the righi,oVthe duty of such a State to
intemj'tanWieriy for -their protection in the
'manner best? calculated to secure' that end.
Vhen emergencies occur which are beyond the
reaenV of ;the Judicial tribunals, or too pressing to
admrtof the delay inoldent to their terms,. States
which bave cJmnio umpire, must be their
OWn jiiand iuectiU-4ketroten decisions.
U will ths 6e preperibr thaseveral Sutes Jo a
wait the jultimate disposal of" the obnoxious . inea-
ues, recommended by the jSecretary JVar,
r pending before vCongress,aTna sb to use Jtheir
ower according to the character these rnea-
siures shall finally assume, as effectually ! to J prtA
tect their own sovereignty and the rights and
libertres of their citizens." E
And if, tbis iextract do not prove it, the follow
ing quotation from the Richmond Enquirer of
1914. commenting on tb nroccedimrs of tb
Hartford' Convention, will most conclusively do
so r"" ! i - ' ' ' - i .
I f Vie Union u in danger. -Turn to the Con
vention at Hartford and leaxa to trembio at i the
t ,-4
naitsi c ks AnthoiJ, fHIj tri
will jhese
inen advaoce?- -Thooghther concarom
you tne projec m jjusynvzi y wygn
atlecuon t -;ne tais, aiep-tatr ..anothf my
lean theoj to less fiance jtoi tne law?, to a tHsot-
alxt ntutivlmtym. war againsti the Goverarfnt bt?
the Ume4lit4ejC Jp trotb'Jtbe first icVLf tU
sislaaci the law is Wsiwlto ithe :dpHMl
rr-. ,j r rT'si. t
set of States; has this fight ;to?ihdfiw ; itsil
frudi this union of lts-j rowa ahedrd. 'The same;
power which: knit os together cstn- only nnknltj
Sesame formality which; forgH th links C
the Union is- necessary to dMfre itl The nia-l
joritv of States, which form the Union austcnn-l
Lientj to ( the withdrawal tf inJbHnch of it. Up-f
in that consent nas De?p piatneu, any 'attempt
slo dissolve the Union', wlobscVthe eficaey.of
its constitutional laws, IS; -1 rkasok 4SAs0k
to ail Intents and purposes.
" Any other doctrit.each as that which 'has
been lately held fanh bvihe 1 federal keotbli-l
cans! that any one State ma! .Withdraw . 'it? elf
from the Union, is asBoiuiifiBLr HtRt3T."
; Wft presuiae, u secession wasp J yearn' 40,
1314, it is (Treason now, unless indeed f Princn
pies change With Tim. ! 11?
ors. i That? paper, eince : 18l!9la lph uoJK
the itditor&l superiniendance iilf Mr ftitckie, lot
the Enquirer. .He has disposed of his jnterM!
in the establishment to aAtiritiJ Robinaon,
of Richmoud. I The Couipjler jhas netr takn
any part in political 'cscusiuns, and ws uuder-f
stand will continue to nbintadn jits nettral cha
racter. ft is enlarge! and otherwise unproved,
in its typographical department, i'aud ,' under its
new Editor, ' will douuttess be! lehnahceHn value5
to its readers as it was impossible for jU foraier
jvitiur, encumbered as ho. aS wlUi tie hea
duties of another ofiice, to paytniat aueution to
v. which WaH.4eoHHsary to im'jiirlffcouistant inter-:
est ti iu columns, - , ' ' if. ; 1
We observe ini the public jiufiials, Proposal
for the pubiicatiun of no less than ifaee additional
papers in thj City of Washington- the tbrerun-i
iters of new political cojnbmatio( in the next;
Presidential ,campaign.U-l. if '.the 'Exa'unerJ
tobeedidby Dr. E.S:Dayi3 ofS. C. isfnend
iy to tlie present administration, and said, to be
iu favw ut' Daniel Webster as hejt President.
1. TfieUtiteiiia.'! try.lMKt:.Braneh' R
binsoii, which j hoists no flag f&r the success jr
suip, bur, iixirn it title, supposed o be in favor!;
of Gen Jackson's favorite, generally understood:
to b Ir.l VaJn 'Buren-3.: f 7c Moderator
by vV. It. Collier, who avows himself in favor,
of " jthat pure patriot and : upright Judge j John!
McLean," ashext President. ; ,
f - ! Xty& Virginian. I
From the FayztleoWe Observer.
The 17th annual Convention of the Protest
tant Episcopal Church,tih this! Diocess, ; closed:
its sittings at Warrenton, K'on l Jlfohday the St
instant. The Bishm, sixteen of the Clergy,and
thirtv-six i Lav Delegates werei present. . 1
rersons in every section oi ine oiate, appear,
alive to the claiins of tlie Episcopal Church
and he acknowledges with gratitude to herj
'great head? that many Have sought a refugoj
within her pale; ! The number of Congregations
iiiow witnin in is xiiocess are: .aouve ivveuiy;, in?
1818, she numbered but three ; ! clergymen, now
she lias nineteen efficient olergymea with a,
iBishopall keaiouslyi idevoted to tbe "great
:work." i:::iM- a ',.- ". i. I
Including a, Church consecrated on last Sun
day, at Pittsbofugh, ttjre are now in a state?
jt progresss to couipletiGri, six Churches witbiii
thUDiocess. "! ';. N ' ,
, The most important measure adopted by the
Convention, : was the resolution to establish a;
School, to be located in Raleigh j: and called thti
"EpUicopai School f Nortit-fjarolina." This
was placet, under the management ot. a iommn
. . i a . ..... .. " . 4ii !.;.. r-w-
tee consisting ot the Dishopol . the uiocess, as
Chairman four Clergy nien ant)ieht Laymen!
who are expected to meet in JtalHgh the pre-
sent montbii and it is thought hiv ithe School wilf
The Committee consis: of Reyj George W
Freeman,; Rev? vVUliaui M. Gcri, Re?. Jarvisi
JB. Buxtou, Rev. Joseph U fi-Undrrs, Hon
Duncan Cameron, lion. Thouvavituinu, ilvn
Geotgtr E4Badger,Tuom8 if,Hi)ererfc'uX, Esq j
George ESpruill.-Esu. Jostpf B lkmner, Emj.
ut. r reuencicoiiui, aim iu.vafa;iji.i msiov
The Standing Committee for the present year
is composed .'jul Rev. jVVnipl Gik-eri, ; jUev,
George W Freeman, Rev. Joseph H. isaupders
Messrs. Gavid li eg and Dtmcan Cimeron.
The next Oon v entron t wilt be - holden I in the
Town of Waslansrton, on the lfir3tlouday ir
i 1834.
J si
' . The following extract of lar j letter fromj
Noah Webster, Esq. to e, editor of thej
Troyfpiess, is very intereslilg, I relating, .ast
Troyfpiess, is very interesting
it does, to a subiect oi great
and one which has occupiedlthe attention of
tne.wisest antii most iciuuvu iucu wiwug
the progress oJF time. - 'j j s
NEw-HlFEJr, May 22.
"T ou have probably seeri py -project con
nected very closely: with an' account ot tm
falsification of the scriptures from. an Eng
lish writer. This is an mlidioua attempt to, I
excite odiuiri agahlst , myl .ischeatiea 4 "Bud
none of these things move faWl would
however, remark tftt. th4jtrfepeentations
made on this subject. of the; alterations of
the version in England, ranst be extremely
incorrect lamcotiisHndyJtherac
comparing thel prenYvrdii j With other
translationsv and can ittssafejljfoul that the
version, now rneraily used ln: the United.
States, iswith' leir- etconsa correct
translation. Almost ail the bbscuritiea and
devutions from the original (f proceed; from!
alwavs like nlace i n la living lansiage. ' ;
i Accerttherpecb oltlenilemeDjp
eVt serrfc; J; 11 jf 'f ! j f
ba..r ":
1 - .-
; 'Inlhe tsf the ChesapydOhidanal
Company weorge; Ifeejriatt Tuesday
and Wcosday' last being a proceimg jb cou ;
dentti iaKd for Ithe SCanal,1tn Jury rctarned
an Inqubition' of $9500 damages, j The'duanti-)
ty of land? co?dfimiiedwas4ai acres; ) Sdi ofj
wnicn were araoie. -Anoiacaaonoi insAanai
tbrewa bodT 6ffihe land bflheiowner between
the Canal & therif er.tb wliM two modes tfkc
cess were provided by prevknW stipolauoa, ooe-t
a ferty atitne most convenient place Wj-xnei
JJIupiaewi, iuo; winy, uivgtF vc si5 v"'
where a. public road, crushes l it. ! It - was ali
previously stipulated that waterlog! places for to
proprietors i cattle, and thatjUie water 'tf a epriog",
used neretoiore try; na tenants, anq over ; wait;
may even concra it irom ihemselvai
:" - j.- -
will bretecitof ?t iwrnids tli the fael
you support tbe : men j wfc rruid rlun
" rio man. no association ot. ooen, no State,
id- the Canal rouki ps, 1 r mrtfyl1-rM4' 2 .t,t
der the Canal 'by-rtpes, coanecun wua i wtvvv .vaw. .
n nil ii ixni liir u"a;r hma ut iuivj"'i w
WWU'B? rT-
S?SfSS 3Vw
rT -Ti V.u r.w,i"rnhi Ktrkland. IThe prosecaTor was-the first wi
Mriaadparated bye. CanaV fnm the J 1 inM hf ringf Belg;
10 ln!it.Mf is inl sliarAlfeClIy
soldi afteri
the Canal Company had condemned
required of it for Jen-
Sen of this county for 5 per acre,
what was
terpnsingt citizen ot tits county tor tod per
A. small body; of it, comprising about ;an acre or
mpre, cut jfinand thrown next the river; was
sold to another individual for 700. I his land
atroWild nnt mmmnnd fmm 4l0to A45. Other
badi been $ several years tn market, and. a year
7 " TrHi. : "7 - . ' . .
mstances might be adduced, if it were deemed
necessary furtber to ri'jstrate the bi-ficial op
eratton of Canals upon property, wmch expen
ence every where has confirmed'.
. ' On the SSth ultimo, a number of the citizens
of Warren county assembled at Warren ton; when
James Somervell, Esq. was appointed Chairman
and Mr. Benj; E. Cook, Secretary. . A resolution
wasaaoptea approving ot me construction ot a
Rail' R sad from the Roanoke, ; here tlie Pe
tersburg or Portsmouth Rail Road shall reach it,
to Oxford; arid a comu&Ute-e was appointed "to
correspond with similar commiicees in othercoun
ties on the propriety of holding a convention on the
subje.;mobe composed ofdelJgates from the seve-
.r-r - mAi
rail county meetings, at such time ana place as
1 may be agreed upon by said committees, A sommiu
tee was aiso apptanteu to msuiuto an inquiry, in
concert, with similar cum mi t tees in other counties,
into the practtcauthty of effecting said improve
ment, and tu report all such lnlbrination connec-
vcu whu me Bumeci.asjii iiietruu uMt may en-
concerning iv-Ral. Star.
Haltimore has made an important acquisition
in Ut. Itobley Duoglison, who has accepted a
vtiair in
Cbair in the Medical School of the university
u .iiiai;Mu. iu4lgcueiu?uua
the mwoiple profossora and administmtors of
the University ot Vugmia smce its . establish-
ment h.s publications have given him a wide
celebrity as a savant and writer. Every one
who has the advantage of being personally ac-
quainted with him would bear, as we do, the
most emphatic testimony to his estimable and
engaging Character m pnvate intercourse. Dr.
Duoglistn, possessing so much neral mtelli-
gence and erndiUon. so easy an elocnUoo, and
-uu o- s., -
tive and popular lecturer . Baltimore will af-
ford him all facilities for the piosecution of his
various studies, and be at the same time a
sufficient field for him as a practitioner of med
icine. vYbf . Gaz.
Black HaVk and his companions left ortress
Monroe, on the 5th instant, m the steam, boat
ty .... . "
cruxtiirA trihp I hA IVnrfnlk Hpntlrl. in nrv.
ticing the Visit which these Indians made to the
,w Vnrrl at nsmrt nrp.rinu! tn thir dpnsrtnra
for Baltimore, observes:
j -r... w ...... -
' They did not appear to be parti? u'arly struck
with any thing they saw, nntii they wre car-.
ried on board the Delaware 74, where they ex-
Dressed their astonishment and dehyrht by their
gestures and exclamations, and Black Hawk
himself, even more affected at the wonders ot
the noble ship ttian his more youthful compan
ions, asked to be shown the man who had made
ibis "great canoe," that he might take him by
the hand! In passing the bow ot the Delaware,
n a barge; on their way back, the figure head,
which is a representation of a colossal Indian
3iIX7 there be-f 1 Witness.Aboct 11 o'clock. How
WeroCeonlerring upon theu estates-of owners 5tlLf l5f IfH??
thioash whichU paW, we will mention ah in- ?,!f ht 10 " 1 in
stanle in -the neighborhood. Alarm lying con 5
tagibus tothkto1n,on the opposite side of the & P i w ? V rfD ? J
Clococheague, the largest partof which bbot hL'T
tomland,eoSal many in'hecWntry, was recently Mf.Pjht m thej centa of the
warrior, auracMJG meir auenuuii, ci.ciwui, A j ,i ir .j - j , - i .
, , , . I H to horl f no trill nrl 1,-ifi in; Hnnlr nntna
from them the most extravagant manifestations
ot surprisetand pleasure."
The following account of the late Races over
the Washington course would have been pub
lished earlier, had it been earlier obtained:
Vat. Int.
Sweepstakes, Mile heats, $100. entrance, h. f.
Mr. Duvall's g f by Sir James,
dam Daifcy Cropper, by Oscar,
85 lbs.
Mr. Dvrsey's ch f by Maryland
Eclipse, S3 los.
Col. McCarty's b c by Sir Charles,
8b lbs. 1
Tune ini. 59s. 2m..
Proprietor's Parse $250, 2 Mile heats.
Mi. Tolson's b ra Flirtilla, jr. by
Sir Arcby, da:n flirtilla, by
Sir Archy, 5 years old, 1071bs.
Dr. Duvall's ch m Floretta, by
Itatler, dam Flora by Flonzel, 6
years old, 1 15 lbs.
Jttr, Parker's b f Florida, by Con
tention, dam by Francisco, 4
years oldj 97 lbs.
Ir: Tayloe's ch 1 wVulta Flora, by
2 1 1
1 2 2'
5 3 dis.
Mason 8 Itatler, dam wliarigold,
Tom Tough 4 years old,
97 lbs. ' J
4 4 dr.
5 dist.
Mr. BadenS ch m Lady J one,- by
Jklary lander, 5 years old, 97Ibs.
Mr. Hardy's ch by ltatler;4 years
Id, 107 lbs.
.VaJorDonelson's b h JlTilo; by
Sir lYiiitanij four years old,
100 lbs. I v : ' '
Time 4m. 5s. 3m. 56a. 4m.
Jockey Club puise $500, 3 Mile heats.
Jlfr, Tayloe1 ch h Tychicns, by
UlUton, aam iiusa w nance, y
Chance, 5 yean old J lOlbs.
MrRamsiyseii Columbus by
- .Young Sir Hltffr 4 years old.
lOOIbs. If . ' j
4fr. Carson's b ll Cs&xm, by Ma-
iy lander, dam by Eichmond, 5
years old; IlOroa,
JUr. BrightweH's gu ZX Helen,
by Marylander, 5 years . H,
llOlbs. I - -r .
Mr.Fouke'schc Tyrant, If Jib
2 3 11
1 2 3v2
S 1 2 3
haona, 4 years otd, 100 LM,
Time m. 4s. 5m. 55s. 6q. 5J.Cnx. Ul.
Best 3 in 5, mile, heato PcrM 2C3.
Mr. Duvall's cam Floretta,
1 1 l
Mr.'Parker'S en, m Patty Snags,
. by Jonn lUciurds, 5 years old,
...lOTlbsfli:" . :
Vvlr. Sleeper's b h Layfayette, by
. Gallatin,aged 121 lbs. . .
tTime--iin.Im. 54s. Im. 57s
5 S3
wMfTotinit dotina the,, Kendal the
boose fraithwa;ofahe rflrifrjf .Bells,
WFy.wi? W ineP
!.Li iL.t-A
tnerroanaroiirnouse, snanowmanT
rlTli8 t ,, "T 7 ii .
IS.fiJ U t?6 St,Cttb"
jagoft ncer.a mer-
ry Andrew, or a
clown. (The gravity of the
coort had been disturbed: for some ; tim. and it
was now driven into kwd laughter, the venera
ble judge being unable to restrain himself from
JQinngin the mirth.) After Roburgh had glV-
I n f It Ka h'
en.tiie word ' halt !n he harangued ftho mob
with all jthe! oratorjr,of a Demi!:e.ie3,faisig a
blue flag and part of a yellow one. Coiinsel.
Well, what next W itness A citfjsultation
Waa held for two minutes, when i Roxburgh de
liberately threw a stone through f my f window ;
another consultation was held fol' o;.3 minute
when two stones were thrown thrpoghlmy win
dow. Roxburgh threw the first j anditben the
stones fell in showers, " thick a I tho Jautumnal
leaves that strew the brooks in Yallambrosia ;
the crash was tremendous, and tlie welkin rung
wth the uproar. His LorJship.-M wish you
wohld speak; io plain language, v .1r. Armstrong.
Hecan'tray lord. 'Counsel. Well," What oc-
cuifed next ? W itnes3-The rriob then made,
a demonstration ItoDnove upon me land my hOwf
J""reu!T IUUUA 8an"uar ?r
i that ota neighbors After barricading the for-
trcs8, 1 reconnoitered,andsaw what was going
on by peeping throfUgh a window. Counsel
Had you any colour out ? WitnessThe ban
ner ofatriolism had been floating from an up
pet chamber , but I took it in ere the tempest of
faction arose- Some miscreant rienetratd the
i u , :
I it to the mob, who scattered it irt! shreds tothe
winds of heaven, and it soon became as a thing
that had not been. I The work of demolition last
ed half an! hour, and after destroying-, with
nehdish bands, the windows of my house and
shopj glass frameg aml ali thet ent a
3U. ATmstrong You make use off very fine
Urenotyoti and Roxburgh rival or,
ato-lnd, if so, which of you has thl appella-
tiob of ChanceUor ? Witnks, : (pSuin-
at Roxburgh.) His Honor there. m,Vrm-
strong-HTs Honor at the bar, my lord. (Loud
Ijaugshter.;T Then what are youLsir- Charles
Wethered, or Sir Robert Peel ? Witness, (ra-
ther pettishly,)-Me ? Oratory never induced
m(i tTgo and break Roxburgh's windows. The
case was prpved. and the prisoner was found
guilty. unglisli raper.
I J '
I ' v rmn
; A Scotch paper recently received men
tions the deatlrof a man named James An-
derRnn. who is described tin a hntrtnle.ta ac.
I centric in all resnects. He was a little over
fn,lr fpsf in hAirht. and hi 9nH ft
.1 hk:io9a hon-lr(Mnrr. ArrsnrlJuii; iinH fstnt f
I . . 3 ? . J..
"TU " J rrr r i
I , - .1 - , j . . '";. .
I iUUiiuy vosuv, uui uw iiiii.vcu. mi ail
his important avocations, and notwithstand
ing the title last named, to read a good deal,
and to rerrjember a considerablerpart of what
he read, j A short time bdbre His fdeath he
was confined to bed, and had Co permit
some of the servants to attend liimV Af his
desire they commenced a search through
the room,! and found in a box filled with
j candle-ends, newspapers, &c. bank notes to
l the amount of JL300: in a corner of the
ro0m buried amoW rubbish, thev Miscover
fi A h ' nnt n2Q S1ucr and ft
j T"j . 1 . r ; L d- T 7
arid a bank receipt for JC30, which, with
20 in specie got in his great coal, amoun
ting to 426, of which he left Jbyjwill JCl2
per. annum to a brother of his own. who
has been for sotde time in' a destitute state;
and the remainder to his near relations.
Boston Mercantile Jour. I
BY DR. FKAKkLiH. ! .
f Ho that liyes upon hope will die! fainting
dusiry need not wish. I S
I T'here are no gains without pains, j
I At the working man's house hunger? looks
but never enter, f I
Plough deep while sluggards sleep,;
i And yoashall hive corn to sell of keep,
t One to-duy is worth two to-morrows.
: Handle your tools' without mittcbs a cat
gloves catches uo mice.
i He that by the plough would thrive, . '
Himself must either hold or driyo. , !
I The ye of the masfer vill do more
worf than both his hands. "NU a oversee
.workmen is to leave them your pprsf open.
I IA fat kitchen makes a lean will.-
If you would be rich, think uf saving asf well
asjretting.i i
What maintains one vice would Jtraia up two
children. j S " .
Beware of little expenses a sroallleak' will
sinks great ship, j . ?
If yoa would know the value of money, go and
rt?y to borrow some for he that goes borrowing
goesorrowing. ? I I
i Pride is as lud a beggar as want, and a great
deal more saucy ? i 11-
Pride breakfasted wiihf plenty 4 dined with
poverty, add supped with iufamy.I !
Lying rides on debt's back.
It is hard for. an empty bag to stand up
right. ; j ' . -
Creditors have better memories ithan debtors.
For age and want save what yoa may,
mSo morning's sun lasts the whole day
if you do not hear reason, she will surely rap
your knuckles. J - j
He that bath a trade bith an estate ; and he
that hath a calling hath a place $off profit and
honafi A ploughman on bis legs is higher than a
gentleman on his knees. ; .
AirECDOTEA lew days since, a little ragged
rrrahin was sent by a mechanic to collect a small
bill which had just Income rloe. He began in the
ttsitl way, bat becoming more and more impor
tunat,at length the geotleman's patience being
rr:rsted.hesaid tonim. "Yon fteed-;6t dun
dcj EhzrtAr. I am not rode? to ran sway af
rr dsat ftmcia Toaare.w said the
1 : - 3 c-xtshir hi hcd-f my meaUr it, awl
8 JVbUanan's adcice to hk Daughters.
.At 18 years of age, marry lyoorr superiors, at
2t ,yout ecualj, and at S5 aajp tedj that top
.delpMpaperaat the good! peopled
jroff It canliardl he ncLn- .! Hi
driven .theni to thin wbimsiral Vxpwf
fytaghnnger .ItkihepSS
But whatcvejlVhe. it mU klte
theai to thint-that iK
weather lias pat tlie mahhes a'Afi
ofHhAr l.. L.-.'r 5 'tt
tn nnb order for frog-hontfel Th J, -rm
tiestire no doubt hopping abt & iEII
ties fThissortof ifiirijjl
of he Pbikdelphiabelle, &d Uaixfe
sprn then voices for singitr? . :: T
iiuiey aremaie into pies, we nuy H
nurserv sont arui nv
twenty bjdl-frocs baled
n ie;- j-. -
Vhcn the pie was opened lite fron Lj
croak, " :i ' . . t .
Wasn't that a pretty mess for Philkj j
- i I folk!" ; I'-':? I a Yf
Or ! perhaps the 5 foUowimV hlmi -JU
would answer better for the nnnna ft vi-v?l
to mw'h-.bysome of those : composets id
tltn?of thlindpr In thn I,hmf1.m.r. .
of a bull-tri: T nm
Philadeipiiians fam'd for foasts,fwja4jj
! lid'toas free, r ilf?
Fancy frisky frogs, line jfare for feeiji i
" ' ! - tively - i vCSf I
If the frogs bak'd in a pieVwhe Ubtfllji!
i ooaand mghtamt fun Jtwould farik
J . I .. I i ,i. i?
delpliia folk.
" Omrtion AT Tftrritmrr .- -TIia "T.ti-"'.!
i .
thus eloquently and truly puts a qMs
very American citizen ? and Irepnhlical jM
this Union be broken up lot thU'rcollJ'
be disked-flettfie brilliant cbnstellap
wnun uti wemjiour oiaies oe ellSftf ,
their flag I?t ift only hear of CaroIinMi
giniaiis, Philadelpbians, orNew-York,!
in Europe for the countJTrnen of WashiiQ
JTWppy Reorfw Thotibscurity ef lil
terden's birth is well knownTknt Wl
much good sense to feel any false Rhaml oa
account. We have heard it related ofjuo$
when, in an early period - His prrfns
reer, a brothor.barrisfer, wsth whom Wt&m
ed to have a Quarrel, had the ijbad f tasta.wJ
him on hw orig;n, his manly and severe telf
vas, x es,'8ir, i am pe son ot a ftarber f h
had been the son' of a barber, yon would fe'
been a barber yourself. ! J! ? . : ?s
;Ltferii Gates
iforctsu ntciuueutfi
The London Times of April 12, has the t
ing well written; eitoTral r article; .
"The disturbance j of Frankfrt, 4fse
in yesterday TimeSrUMY be locked Bfiin i
pretty intelligible symptoms of the statl'offe'
ular feeling among an immerise purtiofi df tHfdr
mans.. Ever since the pa triotisai of that tHiI
tion was appealed to, fcc though tor sclnwiiptiiH
ses, eagerly fostered by its native rulers. 6ai
close ot I31J to that oi 1310, a martl pi
began to show itself tirrougbout Germanjir
those who raised it have ? never veil beeii
effectuaJly'to put down Among ""theilen;
states more especially, instruction of frjkJ
has made,: since the peace, unexidpltd t&ct
mirable progress. In Prussia and, othm iisl
northwestern countrtei.the people bate War,
ery where enjoying the advantJiges of iirM j
recteo eaucaiion, ano tne intelligence if.a:
resulting from it have overiiowedr,u;sf
degree, upon the population of neighboonjjf t
ritories, less favorel by the geniosifitrt
religion or their Government,; JniPnissia,ii
principle and form of the monarchy miyi beij
of a military despotism; but rtbe subjecua?
Prussian Crown are universally instruct in f
lie Bchools, and the army beih in all r?perW
tional that is to say, composed by sucrt
fluxes of all classes and deoonunations of Prts
citizens thera is so close ja 'tpnnecU(em
the soldier and citizen, thirdugliout ecryj
ince, "as to ensure a general! .and perfect
mony between the action p( the aivreigii .pt
ixiiu tun iicaiuu aciibiuit-uio vi vwmui
. J U MAnM!nM ftAntlmafaJAf jtmttyTZ
Prussia, indeed, is a country where the vf,
and enlightened spirit of tlie administratis
for some years veiled froiri the putic .vp-f a
hideous form of 'monarcliial principle ?i f
parent defiance and coaternpt ol whicli, w
mestic fwlicjr of the Government has
and where the confidence ol the oaiaa-'f r
own strength as well as ivthe.; lon2rW'jf
nty and mildness ot the reigning ool'
superseded, by tait but univeisal corasestf
neeesMty of any eflrt to (enforce, thos,
theories whicli are elsewhere held W
rlv sure foundation of crodd governmeot, "T
T : '- i " ! '
stinne - n thit blesstn? uavmT wen
brought home to every man in Prussii, ri
them; It is rwt, so with other Gf rnwa &
In Bavaria, Wurtcmburgj Asses ChafseLf 5
stanrfi where certain forms of poutiOL b?
baVH Ibeen ektablisbed, and repfesentalire
blies been introduced, it was found tun
and country? WW animated by far daTerff
. fmm -m -m, mt m - 1 jLa A'fL
ings.i TheDtat rranStort.aincer.iw
ion of JWelternich, has watched i
and feverish apprehension, least thfc Pf
institutious i sliould make approaefcf
slijrht or distant towards tbe fulU'.r
ostensible enda. Not, a rnctibn
a speech uttered, y any inpena'
of any onei)f ,these petty' parriamenw,
not become the subject Of angry -a?
sinister despatches pet ween ; Vienna,M- if.
burg, and-Frankfort. The public v
many began toTeeho loudly the hopes t-?;
iimenis ox ine musi leawaa ,
conceniraiea, aua.uen f
But this would not suit the cjeL 7J
toes, pro tocols, and sundry otfier
rubauon were tnuodfred oat axl , " a-jt
able forms and modes of- free spf
nA thA rJIe.tir mirrht lf thCfWha
was brought to bear upon! the - 'retoJ j
individual kingdomrdncby, y Pfi3
AmmiHincr to fTnsh them Iwiihout BKfC
Leo-islators of the secondary suies
tumeliously threatened, and '-JTZfr
dissolved. The press the tcfgiJ
was silenced j foreign Powiw-7. 7
lijigiana, wun weait ana aj&i
criminal, apathy looked ion sUJ
spiritof iheir own precious 9Mit3
German charaeter was iasalted ws
wiuuiatui -j . ,nml a-"
of redress-the possibihties P?ff&tf
nwnt rrA eat off DV VWeCCC, ? .
k 4r Ka recovered. In tbe .
d a national.pass'on- 1 ?e b
tuates most of the Gerapa I
xc f :i i:
J raore elevated oxdsr thaa W r; ;
-i V
rr .
.1 i
i -
5 - -:'V I
.9 . f .!'
i. : v U
. : - , ; . ! ;f.'
i ! - i - ! i-- - - g ? M - '

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