North Carolina Newspapers

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and'viriuca wblch reveler iiim ione
ote sbr8t porest vnatotnii- jijf Ihliincti
and &t the prufpsaion. ' : i -i
" illesulyed further, That w deeply sTmpathlse
wth iut' fellcicitnsi jreueratly , , if Iho 18
whfeh all ha siisiained, by the diattilif rlhU
great and good! inari.!
lies4! red, That ,w ewill wear 0jrapelxmP the
fiiialilintdn0 8QcW'penstfjjer at ifis tune
l'jleitorflr iimIntratn(T8hitll7P;
V;asdhrfo ina'dectBist perpMi ha
frtm sill acertificatf tli e .;C ieric .of" the
&-iaiite that he is iirr. authorised In, act
MUr lihejeSiate' f the", deceased
iaM iilf that it iasi; been' proved fe
fttoot!iatthpre' w;po wjnow; cnya nor
b casfis iif ; the deceased pensioners the
"Jlesolvrtl, llliata cupy.of thes Il(iolotion3
fc fra nki nitted iu; the iainily (. J.id4 Henderr
soinf with asisiAincea of tliedep 8rjrv4 fe leel
ut tiiQiUjtevlfye honnreil hid of theawily;. ; -
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whtole Cotiotry shotildsapport bat -i.K)inhat)iUint3
to raaaie ruileatt PMani now does.twe tnoaald
na ve as the Kitor of tha littler wbsfrres inore
thanybar hundred tuid fifty niUlipnaHi
Tijci cancatf cannot, T33 gjiaiea ior surrenury;
W tkat carfchjanvi etffjjiiry 'have been made
f -rTlfe-atncf . sattt : pens tbe m i deathfiustt be
rtefore'a Court of jJZk&tf-A eeriirlrat
ifirtspi'oyed, niast Ibf yoUnned Irdniv th
ttfipfjthejCort ; iiis Jnot necessary. f ft he
iCfefe :'tot jgiVi-ti; Nident 1 in detail, b toniy
ihti"itli jctftl tba AtiV - been projtsl and
tiufyvdrJb at vC oiH6; that the? teltiinW'
w4it: J-Ho Cuurt; : - VW;T ;
f VVkjpenier placI unider ruardian
t& rfeliutfipplTio j !iuria pension J most
frtjaifcfi&il t pf-nsionjer a idfhtify,4epusil
I ;mujiraiwn ae Ierfsvl,tae Uourt, that h
13 ff fAW,arUnj in thac;caucityt ami also,
tiiitjry-ideace; that jji js 'ward was fimn
dwiffry y ilie pensioner in such cacs, must
8e;fawjsiie(ittnUe t"e lurm as fullowilr
Twn.tnrdy Kullifiers, afe contending in the
unarision papers,, oi um same lami, on uo
in fact the; TafijT pcineinleB are'ip akndtned,
snd rio olodVe ffivettlhat it ever wflr"be Ufiin
lmied,i!ven in Ttip othefa (ate i
A1a'clat!iwt il victory, arid tjdntensltheiirin-jj
cinles oT pritecton i abandoned, . As Dr. I)oobt ;
y would Kay---rniili can be;;iid fr botH fies2-
which bVpfyhap fjvirtehpf thai ilif f let
Mry is a very danbtl one. Certain pat
the Tariff as 'ii'now stands'fiy. trie vlDtft,ifjthb
Ntillirlera, is" 'orse,11 according to thfiT preyi
otjsnotions otjBvil,' tnah the one ,they 'iiuUifiedj
whether nine years. "hence it may be otherwise
seems to be ,a questwn' of " which! ar4 1
fully satisfied themselvesthoflghl theyblOW $o
loud a triumph. lAVe ha ve t y ct-een any ot'
hem con.pare the, resuit'ofj their victoty; With
ir.e maimesio ny wnicn iney oeciareu aci un-.
relenting war araihsttlie revenue billSil If vg
oiistaktr not , there were some fierce detenrnna
lions tittered, never to pmj taxes at. alt till the
protecting principle .should be aboltslied, an J
sundry 'chivalrous,' that is the phrasifboast-f
injs that no human power shi Mild, .drive them
from that stand. Taxes are nevertheless paid in
South -Carolina, ajiuVwtwllens, thatl were atoe
percent duty- before the 4th of Marcn, areuow
liftv. ' ; A i;-;; , !
Une of tbeso pnprrs is a little sore, at the eom-
u . a ar ra . ivw t p 14 nivii . 111' raw m -
it viR-yinsKuicps winnn aiieci (i ie condition ot i zr. r r;. , ,7 7 T-i"n to lm: wi fin .Tri r iT : i if
IflSl ItnilliUfl. l.liulnlla arwl'tft' l. . 1 niAnI' I hn - TL- J. .iJ'r JLiL : i3 1 'vwi US Will COnUnil( . fOMMTPri -sIfit. V l
p sv'ti ui vivii.'Atui fit en, tue vipsy remains nn
changed in. the.' niidst of perpatrtal revolution.
4?lfhand of time pisses over him without Ieav
jpirm?trace.'.r!e lifei ii thefmidst of civilized
irtmiimties. unalltfctod hv tlicir nroress. and
T$cornui Their imnriveineiit.s. As ho waswhen
Hrsi Knoxvn. is ne now uncnaned
iddi iunchanCT'pable-i-Si disiinpt Jhein'ri. w'hn it i
ip:pOllio toamalnatevithjibe innsof man5
ktnd4'f The JewL whom iti s.jtnn respects he re1
piu- tn4er.rr.e last iirnVr of 5:Himif?'sl r?r,n,5H!ne? "y;!'"! , uuua s v, ;r 7irv!r ? ir.B id Ma I i:s
ikl contitnan lailadrial f. HVn..M Waiialed ! -nieii baei kth!if ?ne 4.iliii " tto;, This is th J
pr1iqo4 6fblMi-Vn1airn3ic wW. or.ftry. ' l i 7 1 K"0" ;to raaiirwitli our youb? "J
mw m&m Wnite Ihja. JUia . uLrZ'X j!LffiT f waare all her bat tiro ramilii - j
sou feiQ 'ipo-roaa snoaiii .Ihrar j be nr- f
enumeration of the oqimicIw em-
pliiyiheinsj. of jnroe, isirom tlu Njgw-YWfc
.yfcaiittfo Averwsor. - i l j 111
Sanies 'AlonnoR .was born in theiojiinty of
Vtmorel;md!in the State .of ircinia. lie
wa ediiatea at the University of - jVyilliam
anilMary Atlihe aje of l he entered the revo-
lu,UJnary army' ile rairched with rashingtoa
as tiiputetwhtj iihi retrent throogh tlie Jer-
sr'He volipteered to attack theHejans -at
ireton-whc Capt. NVashtngtotii fiH'he.,.as
sulitedihe curufnand. lie was Merely llwotih
b&yin the necif; and borne fiom thts field. He
wris' proinoied by Washington'.'' lie slod by
,i,ala.ettee;wren the latter wa'vvound-dn the nnrisin bv Air. On mice, in !the4th of JnlV ad
ileldofrlJraiidy:iviae. Attracting tie nti?d of dross, uf"; the Noltificatiou Convention :wiili the
Lord- Stiriiafrf he as Uivilediti1ilhtiflainiiV : ri..tif mi at Hartford.. rlhe n!iiverinr ;tiovSi
with tie rank tit ;I.ijor. lie was i&lectaibir ..1,1-rR the niiiit entered. 'It was a ho;na thrust
CotiRiet;Avliici he. bore gritp,'
ediaw with JdiTersoru" He was al mlioW
tie ot
; ..... p , . . , ,
ed law with JdiTerson." He was ai!mH!iber of i.l,:,t ihivn Wheti'dead Rmtild tnni inMntinrii
all hut its head v lur, niie we asic tor : a, tear of
mutton, we rievef ask for a mutton'sjtoad
(Vmdcr. it ttw manufac ura of ilia; above wa$
never called a vmuaii fizad.) , n .r.
Naw-a-day Moliody is oiol--every iVce is ai
red as a heot. and every man's mood is hit e
noujrli to eon an jr. S hat is to oo dene ? m-
Qohgress at Afe polia "Jirhutt , Wasln res
ed ius cOmmiss&n.:4 ' 1 le was freouiitl vJ 'lectnd
tojthl? LeglslatiireOf his nativebto. fle'waa
an trly and arlent friend to the gmving inter
et?t tlte Welt, and ever P8pouaed iheil.ieatiso.
He vas a merrljerof the bona to ot(h JUnited
SUihs. .He lasppointeil by Washington,
j free principles,! and wished well U iMr cause.
wuieitijui ano. lor said County per
fimmmm:'i! -tniaraian' ot 1- and
k mBeiarmof.lawd that the said '
?!u iyh,jand , iHhe idAittcat persbh
Oie; briiaa! certificjite, in hisbosses-
r -. jauicii j. it ix-riiiyjix iue iMiowmg is a
4 J "
.ipiatbt resides in
iis emificiw of pension.
i and has rsidei
J f veara. nastv and
'tTJ.-.J?- it'll! ' '!?' '.' f ' '. -.. f
"'lai any
llil luierceaed r ltaytjtte in the 11 nhgeun ot Ipriimts, keep vonr temper it will never do tfi
Ohrutx4 Heokttiewi6Mf LalftytetteOut of b'n a passional ihissoasuhrcrveyoBrwrath
pnn at iar. . Ho . uhtamed the llbeity d till the rirst tnat, and youxnay then bta aWay
1 afiia i ay nd, and irovided bimW.ithiioeit as much as you please. Second, early, even
and lodging, lie was ralll byVashlugrton. h..r, ir tha sun. aiu Vni.iV ni sttiMii.!iinnt 'mt -a-
umy asaieiyaeoicon uio Kockivcrithe 1 J1 HWi ..viu t .f
any other lands In tWti WT? fe Pi ,f 11 '
iemtov,eW ihisrUrtpftlic conjM iWW) ' tilX
lormrpcnrptiorioftts beauticand kdl 5-t; lirol " 1 -
vantages, its fine goil ftiraire skirted' irt all "fcU t-f.-,ii :f?mi
itfia ippoieHlwill hlrWteralDy a nctl wtrS r 1 1 7 .XaoUy
I ai confident it only remains 1 oarfelil lauatics themselves, i Perhaps, litwereriwali '
low Citizens to know the new country anal thoynly method which coirtd have been Ttlectiilfi e !
bcciipyiit. 1" V 1w lfrrt n practice Ugertha
1 Subjoined is the speech CoDodgl mloS Jw-f Potion onjot tho way. tjlihrshed 4 V
nt the Talk .hel & innebti -J.fne'il LSw .l1 1 tvI
wlch!Mcrtonythe jbe. wluxh
?evcrai ;iefs jspoketi o tlfis occsfor.. ; .cwtdingv.'' T . " . ' - '
. i. r tpl lourcl ; ljr A rauewng or tho citizens of Jac:cTr count v '.''.' it
"GiiUfand Jiarrwribfihe JVtrmehakotsl 9 rmxnber of loiiror-tive hundred; was ihejdi . Lvi 1
W hen I Kit met yoa the Four Utkeaf 1 1 arot,waiVttke uu&nm toirkl taeiM i &
i a cloud of datknesf rested over yoiir solves of the .1onnonites.' Col. kivliard Sira'pS
nation, and would until you v delivered Up .waa ahed to the chair, h1 Jotk8 H. Fiuur-i
the eight murderers
f.-im Forte W
that time von mat
Duruis the lost
structions to make a,teiriami W thcchieU pantmously adopted, aod in which tbetwiductli1
t Villi I llil
treaty mad
States commissioners at Hock islndJ
- " k
-T'iWr11 iga i -wmDCT, toq fUnaryjitoeeediiigs havefretittynatoi
. - w " s - - -m - - - w . v - -ai . - vara. w-vm kiwii uiiiii w u v i hit vi 1 1 u n "i insi ft r " a w uwkovn LAuut i ifl ftj iiv j. ft wmimm mwm a ,
tHeliHtjs tjf other! nations Tlie tiist!are one
qgttteiniost reiiiatkable phenoiriena presented by
iie niswry 01 man. 1 s .
ap Irace ft djistirushed by a diflerentname
lrtvt jr very! ci&itr lit ; krviwii Their
I Dame;' Gty&t, isa rfiprion of flipjp-iitnvn-
whbmlte w are iuiixts41 ui be descend-
aJl'lV- Spaniards ;cajl ihefti GUnirrostUe
theyjere called J7ttiw, Tho -Arabs and.
ilwi$ call therai imviiiiXnibhers. The Hiuv
ganafts Cuncaaifs anil PuilraoAV)efc (people of
rnaraohi) in rxanc they wenhrst called
ypi ahs, hut mote latNy Wieiwans. Under this
titlfSirValter $cottias'iven in Omntin Dur-
wardf many interesting p-irticulars uf the habits
and minions of ihisriOple. I l
'iThee: are some! o the. namw hv'whVli thnv
are; distingnished in iHflerent parts of F.urope. i
tnvsia iney nave oteer and eouaily numerous
apwllalipns. The1 Persians call :hem Black
"r"' x xio auiuoioi ine arncio m tne liev
oe whs acquainted with three of their Rabcrs, or
piiieis, ;wjii miormeu aim mat iney calle''. thorn
selves llpunuui Qkal. iHiese arei MabYatta words
anil dignify men ieho faultier irfiht plains. He
uuuvf i suigana ineir pijmaiiye name, and
till pefyed tr iher m6thereountry .t That
pourtYy m cousiors po lie the country ot the
the NlahraUas, ini IJirdoPtonJ and there he
bs Wiey are still xn't)edrin tribe?.! This prim?
itive (tnbo of TdgafisU a subdivision of diff
erent tribes Pariahs orl Hind(Xis who have lost
caiek ion ouence commuieu orainsi me reiijion
autlu r
the city of Yisaiviur, 4nl m other purts of the
Mahtatto'cpuntryj Tijeir feligion; manners, a7d
lauai;e differ from inseof otller tribes of Kin
.qojtiThjsv ara repretaJiited as'fin every respect
tairants.! t')llovvtnr armies' in the time ot ar
who made their Ibscape f aaa pnp u. iacas appelated 5creuries &: HJ
innebag.last autnran. AtiP . 7T'W ,t- aPPu,.nu to W ,!;!
le.norepl? to my Words.) .1"! V
month I; hvQ received in- rtimfe thv ii!..nitfi wu i.uili.
v j .-ww w nuivil HiU II; i
aws. Thisoftgifcai tribe is represented as
, luce ail, the rest of ihs nation: 1 he
has often inct . larsre hand's of tliem near
and .to -carry into j effect the jlhey represent, that the vliiirmomti nomieri 'If
e by yo tr Jasttilll with the United P0 ?tw w county, and that -eircitl 1
i successive Tspnng ana autamn pours forth iui L:j I
With a v ew tobarry linto eflectithb 5 JFin-WhVA
. A tAt - .1 r f" ..inthftv character of the rjcople, Amtiltbeyi tj
ject of the govemmen-rto enable thern tq W nearly readied th ' lowwiljitioif fef hU4' 'f?
elrbct-an immediato rompyal of r people pack potmlatioa. 7Jlikt the ttiensM iau 4
11 VI ft&-' VV lMVHtl fta a v ae " w . , aw ,aw VHI VHI tftft 11 ftaUItJB L t
take the murderers .repaired to this J iPlnpriW to the wVcrnons
place ten dMagoJ andjield a.t conference f!u J Wm oMj ree4 among Uem;lfi e
with your agent- (Mr
tcrpreter, (StJrPaaqueetb
confidently ot the determ
'. .V
. Kmzie, anl your in-Jf0 mc" Y1' cwn7f rt
)Iinlorraedthem ldirmt!ntof ;Gi:orHha4fn keL Th id. fel
ination Ot the gov- Umunittea exnresa their leant thai- stidtilH tiSiW--f VT
ernmentrespecting your immediate removal : omlatioii bnattnae telherease, ' they:" will wTf 'w-J
from the ceded lands, and the absolute no, fiave all the bhleesit t countj- in -tfcrirtfcaadl?; LA
r.nsitv of a nromnt delivery of the murder 4ml that the lives aod Broecrtf rtf ,ttuititdercii(i.T V-' ti"'!'
for the purpose of pillage, and rilling the camps
with spies and da-iceri.' 'lhey a
r j
rihptl tliKi ' " !
wTOff plate cfr resideiwe,;
us;.:r; ''iM'ns nave, :oepn r
f -WWfflllB t)IHrtf Sf 11ki!rft.a., noo rt
(W WlfaUehecf fromi and after the 4tfi
1f:!va? fcUH! Pernor ot V ir-Jt-Vlio V I i,w himself neat. ash your vfoole boHv,pHt
KinjHeu;)ireia;e ano wtawisu htmtrat the j on clean linen, nnd take a Walk of S tweiitylmii
bar,c? lie was enrcd by Jetti)ni:iniiii;nuhlick 1 nn! n.i iiiin MtfiHi li..nti iumSi .Jt ir
semce. He was app..inte.t oy hnri Special envoy tllt. v,.ay RVany pcdea alarm it is much letter
iot;rance. H signed with ChviUor giving- i0 be quietly nm iwer by a 'art or tviroHhan to
scotii the treaty it Louisiana, wuh? yieWS to toe j,,ra., ltll(1 a fever. Sit down at your br&Kfastj
acit(pMuuu oi jionua. n was app:mted spe- , imxlerately don't bolt into your chair it you
ciai.envoy to fcgain. Uv wa inintitei Kng were thrown out of a third story ivmdovv;- Drmk
i im coffee it is two heating lea or iituk you may
take in any quantity; but eat ni ineatlas you!
eschew caloric every mouthful! is I an incipient
lirer brand. After breakfast proceed slowly to
your place of business, if any thin has gone
wrong, don ,t scjld -scolding is allowed only inl
winter. If you meet auy tricnd on the wav.
a iji.' an..i.ti liiot !- A.-iSh -A. t'l
hev are accused d:
s icjifJci ig human vi tias .to their d -mons, and
uYfiKUtng human tlesfi. Thejr females pur
sutHe occujation of ifortiine telling, which is
their principal trade irl FiUrpi In short, says
tho5 Writer, after ffivuwr a Particular account of t
e-- ! - -J x - --- ft
ana a
fr n a nrnmnt . flfillirGrv
pr to h dealt with according to the laws of would be jHareJundcrjhe admtnUtrition
.i ' I . to' nien who are so ijrnurnan! aW; superHtitioa-t as i V
wuvu ,j. n, ' i,-4. i w . ,1 & behove that they have been the st&fccia hi 1 41
1 am pleased that yptl hare taken jhe .,1, anil curW.hJld crl h Vrfefl
fooxl advice of your agent, and interpreter ,;,, t i --.j -nia...! ,w.:Liit ;
tAriuiao iiiujlivvi uniiuujii, WW UijUMMIUflllf y j' ! -
it ' . i . .... : I
bie to procure bread and meat - iha comunttct t
to 1y
an ia-H
land during all Mieantrrv discussuirl wh&h nr-
cedwl me war. tie was again eledted tOoVern
r ot Virginia. ! He was invited by UirJaiadison
10 ine ucjirnnpni ot otate. , i it vas a firm
andvundeviatm advocate of - the Slate1 ivar.
VVKfen ii in 4 rmaf rmiT rirrinl iu irdj on'
.... . . . . .. . . . ll?Vll. Iff I . - . i . J . ' "
iv.u) unu ow utiu Ul mu AaiSiSUIJ. iVl
.t." aft"- 1 -
f-injlitoirs; of tbM Register and Star,
I??fllp4r: Watchman,
w,i, ,'rwi'iiiiw , oijecwiior, xew
t&iabrtV Cityl Will pleai give
hsertions anil ' ftrfward tlilir M
v sa- v -ftftftSVVMAaftftftftw
lMchiwh necessarily occu
tiie tiiost (rtouiny period of the war, lie performed
the duties of tlte Deutirtmeiit ot itaie, of the
reasury and V ar. V hen peaceavas secured
he wasagaiit lippointed to tlie Xpio Ueparv
. ; - a . r-. - - -Z . - ft I . . i Wva i
iiient. ii
waif re-elected to that ofIicea stnglfli vote dissen
ting.; He retired truiu to Ins urm in V ir-
giuu; He. was; a justice ot lhe'cqnty 'of Lu
dirfi. He was associated with Jttersott and
'iauisoif, in touijding the Uujversityf of Virginia,
He resided in .Virginia, until adversity and Sor
and that you have iilclivercd up the murder
era. i In this transaction you hayo acted in
good faith, and have proved to the govern-.
habits and custmns.Jf' they are suspicious. I ment hY yoiir tottt Ton re tlfSposcd
eamoiers, amnitaras, cowards, poltroons, i wtuiiiwn ""wv
snout exist oetween uiuerent nations ;wneu
in a state of peace withach other ! j 1
Your great Father, the President f tlie
i- . t i . , , . - i
tiigether illiterate!; 'they despise religion,
abdVhavejno other creed man' the fear of evil
( ' E : r ' I i . k ..... 1
gpnii annni uuiuy." ; i- $4
iieir ursi isper$iunis tnnugni to nave
plape in : the time ot ramerlano the conqueror
of India.'and to hav bem occasioneq by tlmatro
cioasficruelties inflicted )yhiin Itpon the nations
whornilhe subdual. They appeared in fluhgary
as tarty a 1417! In Krance.jii here they were
arxjui me same ii nje,Tney siyieu tnemseives
e wai eitcieu rresiuent of the tJnnd
. His administration was;! ibrosooroOs.
uer it Florida Was adUetl to the vfjntoii. He
give a gentle Unit ot reeoga.tion,but do notbow! accerdin? to Pasuuer. Christians from Lower E-
ors:iy -good nuiruing" talking is ypryjBicitlng,f gy p; jxpelled theiice :ythe $aracens, It ts
u ou c-n wuyeiiieiiuyamje w na a misionqne, dilltcu t to acciMint tor their acqturihg the name
do so melancholy fa ? very wxilingC aud what is of r5jrjptians, since it ba been satisfactorily pro
more, it inakes'others eol toward uu, Voi 5 vedithkt they have got intEgyptiaj Origin, and
2m considerable pumtort from their 'Mtetker. dhithnt isma -foMn:- Koi tu Kurone.' These
W y . :. I j fti T i " -a-jr r.T-j - -a 5
.! i rranictiMious am,:u;nvra liuui wio ruasuuuiv? wi
"rS-tofhepr which
H lmmn'yl Pper
1 pSl'ft WvtfashigllDjl job patronage js
iur,.uunroe cas teit many highly interesting
documeiiiSifrom; which a tuifaud uU3rcstni'' hii
toxy'ot his ume will appear. ' I i' ? I i
pm,-- 1 "ir!:; ' tf-IM
TOEjPOtUliATlU of tiie U states;
The Boston Journal has soma' interesting sn"
gesUon oh! t hisi suiiject, derived thsh th last
UtarUrly;itegister . -.. 4. rl J Ii : .
thu District of Columbia. where il l isVSktit in
Cohnekicut, 63? in Rhode island 7; i4iaisa
x-'r'Ti j cliustts. 8 1 j Mary land and Newrsef 40;
i; Pennsy Ivania, 30.B. 4
Ki".! WTftnment "-kr amnta iv'tth! nnin
Xfiito theufecriber atllaleigh j
WVmJiiiha neat In
i . it k m an aaw r a 7 ii .
IH WmaVS.mXP&alt York, 4i; Penyttama30.B. 4
W KantSt Utitirt - The populatidn New-York inj t8401t is
f aty-trtn te .Ui S Y thatofi all J eWibngland, and about equal to that
M VJiiohriog aU 3heS, iVnnsvlvania i rated at . I JOOWpflQhW
"As the day grows warm and, high?,o be4 l Ch&talfadd Mtinstef.
come thirsty, v ou are atraid to arinicjcoldwaier 'fheie people are Rtialteieil over the whole of
yuuvtUeretbre mit a little brahdyl (ra good ' ViU the greater paltloftAsiand the North
you put in a lump of ioe a odq iatf it oil without
ceremony. Yod guosej cold brandy "una Iwater,
taken suddenly tutu your stomach, isUsta3 dan-
& tf 'ii .inn wi - a;... d . i : K. -
tl AjSR t7tkcoutnion purpose
V:ll t? inWra thelnu Wto i! ,i
Catvlrfnt W re hi creat mn'nii in
- .t I ' . .
gerous as cold -water so is cold 'punciV-cotd
any thing else-siijwould a parcel of ltpe cmls
tie, if you could freeze them, xour bat be Verai?e
is claret and water you may cool it. if yon jpiasc
biijt you, umstsip it very, gradually. y'e mean
rejii boak tide claret uooe ot your poltti ; berry
juce which is absoluttrpotson. : I " i f ;
; i 1j not eat much dinner animal food puts the
lion in a fever, and so will it serve man. If you
rind that' yo have much appetite; eat a ! lump
of sugari or take fr Waik into ; the kitceiilust
before the table is'set. .The beet , thmg torybu
little hank, ami mashed .'jBuialu-4vjes
a great deal of labor tor theaws. Voufi ar inoke
twusegars afterwurds--tlie smoke' waxxi U lybul
mouth, aod causes a-ruahoC aif into; ii'yvuicli
o vurbaiances the artulcial heatv' In he evening
you may Tead adoyel or lessen of moc4-it milst
ue slow music, howeverUiei,AIaTch h
55001', ot Bouieitaug like it, ''Yankee ? iJfcjtjdle'
wwlu -poyouVina fever in' hye tainutes. Go
tu bed cany -leave jrour windows! open- the
free pure, air harms iw bbdythat isbett totf r;
and if you are'rkit, it ,high'timeyou?We
as many 1 airs uyoryott, as y ou ean4-thelien
pearches all? the summer flight opua1 the' fence
ami takes no cold, j .Are you "not asbaiaidMo be
which bad no guyermnc-nt
year before that date, did i
ul tSO-2, and had in 1790, a populaiioh oft-only
SOUtU Indeed. Ohio has tbe aMirdslw itnin lrJ
self tor crowing llinlo&e-ureitest Statl tot-the
..Cnhfci. It can support, without difficulty, a peu
ples dense ks that of iIolIaud4t ?1I rvl
Ht.i.. ill i ..... .tn rxrxrt ' v. '?!? 'i 1 ' 4
cuuiains qui 3i,iov "qtraro. miieswnue
Yirirt oia contains G 11)00 whichJs wiUiiiiif lfXMJ
V r r f lilUtlXINU. ai!H W'
"iDanPS be thauderstoim m'Sandaaftet
tpon last, the presbyterian church in-NereS?
umvwas .truck; Witn Ugbtntng while the congre
ration wen;at';;woiish
netriJlanUrdiiwha was ohiciafiiig fjH.U
of'Africaj inclmiing 8i?ia amf dan.Tie
auiqor estimates antir numoer in juirone ai near
lyllioh ; iAfticalObaf i ;lodia?I,00
OOQtiand inthf rested Asiiiat lii0OJXO.k In
Litrbpe;: they are riWi'naineruhs in Trarisyl vania.
wnere iney are reruinei. at jui,uyu,in a copu
Iatiorii dt li,7i0,000f The y art considei ably nnf
merous in K-rvnt.-i -Mirt."and Hun-tar v. and TAv
in ;JfeM. CJerman, fSwefchj Demuark Switzerj
jano- 4iMln the ieturlanaf :1 hey ha ve never
Asiatic Jlussia, in China. Biam,' Annan or Japan.
Tho) whole number of this outcast race is estima
ted at fite millions;- L -1 n V i :SZ
" T authox eooclaues iviih the 5 following re
flectkihsi: I i W-l7 '-,' '
! fWhitia nalnful 8ubjt of reflection it is to
thinlc9olargea portion of the humin race,t hrowa
as;etB beyond the cofnmon i tijjbts of nations;
su many imen wandering about without any claims
wiijcn ran auacamem w ipe eon ; encampisg
in "'plie rnoto'frondvflitiilio living by ibeft
addtlqehtitn; and eye'ry where diffused, notwith
standing the pxseciiutUi'iiiliempt' Vhic&
re bped cp, th j. . -;
bfe to procure bread and meat '
My, that u one of thtf ineaaWre!dtteil
iieio, in order to drive to emigrate, is
direct invitation to the itee brrthriwf cotiriiis
Hingis, to come like the rest to the land ot Zioarf
True, the Mormons sai this was hot inteiided toifi
IBVUZ. DUW UJ VTCVCIll tUIIU lumi . UU 1 11 13 WC3'i I .
United State-?, actinstly towards all nations, I temht toquiet our appreueasion, i bnii It ivmt 1 1
Wneinertney re a struuu;; ur a wcais. pyupic.,i c;niuiw'ii-i to. our suuprsiauuuiB. -i
tie mvi-
I!drasks of them nothing that ts not right iwn alluded tocontiiped all the riecessary di-ij
ana.' he will submit tooihingthatis wrong; tictions.anaeauuc.w r'ff,
CI umi amvat kuctc, Hj uauu miu tri ,j vii
iiii mill lJ w . M'v . s.v. u.ui a l
- HadonrcaNhs killed thS WinnebagoU when .1J.
inastateof peace, Tef f Of theSctenOed" revelations rW,ljtr
ishcd! accordingly to thcjlaw th c-en 11 iatemt ,with 4 dU ll: j
n their personal
W. N ;'. jF 4 . . I h& aneJs-s-t!ie maladies they rctenl heal 1
i PIC klU o". Wr most oe punisn- lhe laying on of hands, and tlie ceilte-mble i
ed m the same manrten the laws are made for the 5, whichtkcv habitaally proCtnlth? J
puriKhmentV awha violate them:, toharbor linj whivhtbey: dignify with the a k
or conceal the m'irdrers of mr a&ens i ti mdi- e a, nilknoWn tgue, - we hav noihing lJ "
rect vubtMti of everynqcio of istice, and Veiigeance belos ti.'0'u.!;aHie.. Hot If
iryto the usage id fnendlyttatktfis. jihi other matters set &rth in thir Wf; f
Youragenti Mr.Kiiaie.iwtlLiiiw. nayjon , xigA . b er cidentio oYitr.J ! ,
.-.t.f innmt" viiit ,wilr ftUu receive thel"T . . .v . i t,f- .1 f ,;s
yoorannaitynor;y-i-H r ebUc roordls; andrii ?jj
rations to bo fttrntsheil you uqder supola ton of fa &f :thtti t?ted i the germ, K 1 ;
the Treaty at BocklsUnd. 4, , . I..... aWaU this young and beaatifttl c-,umy,at oocet. S f t1
: I wish now now fcom jw whether 11 the J we jfo ; Weby most solemnly dc- f Y j 1 1
VirmebagoeS who were to leavethe country ce- Tf ' -J .'.'. 1 ... ? " '
ded lithe Un ted States by the late Treatyi have crTT-vu' . -.AT.i i2 r...L 1 1
IWU Ml . . fUH. i UDIV f t 1 -
t i. :
tMl StfttPft? moonted Ranirers ?have been Arait to P i
thisplawWslhaty limfo Wvtf
with theCiveriiment.and it is expected that you in
ivili; iinmediatefv ont receivinir your asauiiy I .r , ,
,ii- Wi th counts toemhrrate tolhe 1 1 ' rrL1!
North sideof ttiOmsc.ni9m River. lhe,Lni- 44.-,-. th. nViwIh-rer who BiriifA !f-
Sll lUicuiMi iniMuii ir-43"uura.
aitof the ctmmy, Khali bo f al- .j ;
unmolested ontit they have nf 1
eu- tKir' Mirwr) ir " ami fliiua J.'i
tnoneycross the Ouis-tosai . .1 ixl.eif business without any waterratsacngce.
I I wul m coricloston wiiiai tnearnie $ th,
Tour'engtgeme?ith . their owners mhst fn every, casatrkjiyi
xft a r uc - aft w ww - - n aa a a wiKin. aa aa a t. . a i
t-Ll' : - m - Kl.S f." '.liil. s' k.. : '41 -1
llhtor4ti mav ho ymterestingta
I comply with the termsVthe second anicleof ibis. ;
,1 decJaratiori andV dp hilar-, prompt wd elS- s
would with owe Uat tT ,M went Jo see mlrellto use meit inflo4ice in preventihg an1 t i f
oarOreMFatlier Uie,1 ka SrlmlratSi! Uicir, distint brethren toi l. 1 I
with hiifi; Ke'fterS thkcwinty;& to counsei k arfvise their breteitj 11
thenjjiavehad a while maa heart: i opened eTcompIy with me above aisiiioirs.! 4 jrr-l. L h'
my eararaevery word jhe utared;r,Irepeated u j -jjho wlin'l fail rtoNcotnply yrith ! LWt
alt hesWuoxyodniinen;W JtikJ...Uh-i,-j on- iiirm tittW lfiii-ir It
a 11HTMI j - iuiOffv-Wp . r" 7 " ar-- ---- T fc ( -i
ft . -
a. IT T1I1I1 a-Il Iftlna ft I ftf ftl mm ft A fta s aal-ftttft X I llflll T 4 aft aa . I s ,. : - '
t' ii fur hK .U uii . I i ; . . . TTZV. .V "V .V TVi1! - i I "r "TV. . .MMviavwtttwi .uj.-ucu itw
r-rv i"? W 7' "t rucsl wnuia area ol ew-r!tSiandr i I tnc fldkl descended, first takmg the rod 6
r t W- -v f , i ; ! f -i ; i f V irginia the largbt ai Welt as ulrfpstStaaThet th steeple thence4faichinff tx L 'hkidsW
U i -ri .j t ; I xlmtittcrdetr Georgia OOt.'mEiof the-hLliing,andt-. tb stovar into'
rnany got; youf readers to iaaxnpihdtiheob
jejofther ?xpiutioiii pfthot north west
this lormeiy 1 uiwer Col? Dpde of the UI
S. jbHgoraav ; jjcerif prcy arid com
pley Ijaineda i&rl ih5 TccaicrjTdf tfvi
Oigl rttferers Jio m4de.ictr escape last
luoimeif from &son at Fort Winnebago
and the rerhpvali otiha :entinmition of
iTinucuiv iiiuiuna across jtoe tmisOTusin
rueMTdoilhave danfc&: ,
- The Ited Veii of Fox IUvcrJutve no
liipeak for theik bad Virus hat been secU rJy
in from the Sicson Ui other side tit tlMflMn
sisippii I have;heard of theml , It is jeiieibrr
ed wbeo we were first jt Oatiani our naiiort erose
'' f JirXilnni tu4: rheti We haVbioeen
bretbrfn ujw osve tne gnis airiAsas p v
slid rffunVnow"? tuiSijiiesv to iafanai- theui of the , 4
jutlhit awaits them.' .I ; - ' :-,,.:
iviiicii addreffli iwn reau aiw CTrunaerea,wa j
onliiiBOesli ptad. An4 werfejtua it"W I
resd!vSI 'tlat a umitteebf twelve be aniwinted 1
Girth with tu wait ou.the lni leaders, awl
1 aa.arc liv! trri Wtoib to be pur own
Itivcr, :vyrii m iauuvccueu 10, 4ne,uniieq LiUv1iked Client
Jtaie;the treaty Jast edram wa wewdii
: wmt 1 iiu 111 niui u ii.n v" r " : -
T?? ll?M,;lwH 'LYr. thit mVtorein'r requlsiUons are. strictly
Iravetakeimyfo4fnnoffyour.bnd;'l S?JSlwd efthi
of te that yoowiU reroamoo com f
;owtw 2dllnl&A
! ,n;
!' j x
: it '
... . t i-i. AU. -mjmt .', ta. Ildit I fclJtl j.;
? J . I Maamiaftftliail inIW fciirii; . . I - "H
a wew-v r 1 taid coaiaii.', s tar ai n
the Oeisconsin . dopuon, aad tll ia c . , . 1 .

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