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ISSffetf, C.Jones.
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eSade wihopoblicttioDorthci first
Baa wnURG ad-
fj)fn WtBSTEh VUited iPittsbarg
4 Ji& fist i; Public tlmner was tendered
to !ii$ a dtferbnee to his wishes the
iJa rfaf fbritfdlldiKnir was abandoned.
.ieie was, boWi&ver,'a -general desire for
Ifollectprewion of public; eg
4tfif de?idgdto invite him to-meet
& citizens at & fpatcioas grove at 4 o'cloclc
s tiie sftcropbn of the 8th. Refreshments
apliifl kia wciq. spread around, under
lie chug9 eftte coinrnittee; but the tables
cwl ere otiyju i-Jfudtus xothe. mjilti
tde: : 11ie'31iyor "of the iit? called the
jai'to order -incl addressed them in a
mttpee;h toghljflf complimentary of (the
ptst. : i Wbeo be onc) uded Mr Webster
jialhe loUdng AddrtS
'Myorl Mia GtaUtnun :
pnsepfellctizens, with unaffected
illjjJtp!givrfoij raj thanks 'fof the
Wmn)n;? wfcicb yot( have been
dbghtoifeeiVe, meonlbii mi first yis
k toTitUburg) txid to nialce aI du aicknow
to your i worthy MajoT,'fof the
1 csii ilo he has now seen fit to cxi
; AiuicuB, ; fcauemeti, it . naa been xny
grest (brtime id be: j personally ; acqnatntcd
wifr,ttflfiNfel &eft at this moment,
fiitf.Wifl ioi Itranieri.'- We are felibw-
tpjirriaw togetb-
iiMbbatnii&is of: interest, of syra-1
ys&fy ot jwtyv vmted, inope i may aaa, by
lOBils cfBatorat regard W e are bound to-
for good or for vu, m our great po-
ueresjj.v ljKnow.inat.i am aaaress
imc4nsM every lene of wiiom his t
I j4:nenca?i. nean in nis oosoni; ana ieei
an Amencan heart in Wf i
mmWmW - - r
fixM aressji jyou then,: enttemen, ; tiopo the Constitution It i4iraC.out
vMfWi 5ns for your lythat if myself and others, hy.:.surenp
wtiso fcame 1 brotherly auction-- i dekd purselves to a spirit of s joppeiitJi,
I w tyw tokens- pf regard a)nd esteem wemight have embarrassed, and probably
ieti4tif beini upon the borders! of defeated the measures of the Administration.
rFW i jff jcmzens :countrjrmen, and-
.W!? I tinf'ypti my J hearty -good - wish- r -
eijiaajbtfik you brer and over; again, for
47r. uuviaainospitaiity; , v
aen, ta Mayor r as been pleased
W terois beyond r all expectation
-fpny own, to my services in defence
W. ftmai, Constitution under which - tntiiiti .n.bnii .. J.J ill
Wd which 'makes
Iu auu luc au
!fflio?ch maje than justice -ltd my ef-
occasidnin which those efforts
tKtU few short'
and portentous clouds kid hang
Ifbena; a'nd- did shut but, as it
yM4ti.glirtr. A newiknd per-
LWaiippii Mh Dancers i novel
actcr, aadlieariuUn their aspect
g.6oth45 Mace-ot the country and
HirpWj Constitution;; i For fbr-
Government baM --' edne onJ 1
'.p !'f :w5pospcrouily ; and
nsiiris true, with occasion kl
n i
ioe, and, in one or two instances,
Iftofft trials it: had successfully
aew a: 'time had come; when
7i ri ?w - was opposea ty au
WRlawwhcnintha dower f thVt'ni
iJW S WM resisted by Be arms
- wfernment,; and when organized
entmns Staid laWs, was
JWnirstthe. eoltectii fcf ' tWA mKH
toi hurl debases - ttskbtes of
tn amaze
Sbtf ??rxpcr:?cf the
read y become the tcontf er ot : all the H5 era
part of the world, and the ehVycf illiberal,
--when tfieuCdnstitutioa t Bad io amply
falsified "thfe predictions of its enemiesvand
more than u!fiUejai1 iHelhofsJ pfits friends
in i inaf of pcicej, with j iiiofferlowing
treasury ieri both, the pbpulati rid the
improVemeflt of the country had diitrm the
niost rigiunie anticipatioos,--it waa at this
niomentlttlat xvd Showed ioaesto the
whole: mjlizedWorJ(L as being aprendy',,
on the evo IprdisSinioji and dnarjpiilbe
very point M d issol vi ngr onjee urjlj ipreyeTr
thatUprdnhiclj hadmadei 8orp3perous
a.nd sq great. It was at th niojiieiit, that
those appeaYd among us,,whte8erjd;ready
td break upevho Rational ;: Ciis(ioi, and
to scatter tlje twenty-four Siitoss Srftof twen
tJfotir unebnnectod comfnuniticsu ; t i
. Gentlemen, the President of the United
States, was as tt) seemed, tio rne,'at thise
veotful crisis., .true to his duty, ; He coin
prehendedind . understood Jhe I dase, and
met it, as! it was proper to meet it.'; While
f am as wiling as! others to lalmitliat the
Fresident' has on other occasions, ferdnred
important services to the country kSd fjespe
cially, on that occasion which ; has given
him so mucb renown, 1 yet think the ability
Stdecisioh which he resisted the disorganiz
ihgdoctrinek of Nullification create a claim,
than which pe has none higher, to tlie grati
tilde of the 1 country, and the j respect of
jpsterity.l JtThe l issuing of the Pfocjama
tion of the 1 Oth December, inspired me, I
confess, with new hopes for the duration of
the Republic ; I; regarded it as ust, pa
trlptic, able, and imperiously dcmapdeil by
the conditioh of the country. would not
understood to speak as to partic jar clau
ses and phrases, m the Proclamation, but
ifr; great and leading doctrines of the
Constitut'nrf. They constitute thoi sole
ground on which dismemberment can be
tsbted. Nothing efse in myjOpiMoij; can
hold us together. When the! shall he
generally rejected and abandoned, tfmtj Un
ion; will be at the mercy of iN tejriporjry
IBjority in Jtniy.; one of the, States l f ,
! i speak, gentlemen, on this subject with
out reserve, I have not intended. ! hereto
fore, arid elsewhere, and notupw intend
here, to dtintroy commendation of the con
duct of the President, in regard 3 to . the
Prbdamation and the subsequent measures,
i ; have differed with the President, as all
kriow any thing of so humble an individ
ual as myself, on many questions of great
gederal interest & importance l diflet vith
him m Respect lotheConstitutional power
pf Internal Improvements; 1 differ witLfhim
in'respejet the recharting of the Bank aid I
dissent, Especially, irom the grounds land
reaonson which he revised his assent to
to jthe Rill passed by Congress for that
purpose; I differ With: him, also pf oaI, in
ihildeiafielqiv which 4ouffht Ai'
a1iiordei toolir Agnculture and pianufac
tlires, 84id inlthe manner in whisht jit irnay
ooroper to dispose of the pubhej larids.
Butll these differences a&rdedl ihrny
1 iqdgme'ht, not the slightest reason for op-
posting him,1n a measure of paramount im-
poiiance, and at a moment of great public
eixfgency. It sought to take counsel h of
qoihing but patriousm, to feel no m pulse
but that of duty, i and to yield not a lame
and hesitating, but a vigorous , and cordial
support to measures, which, i in my con-
science. I believed essential to the .preserTa-
hale been falie to our country. It gives
mdilhe highest satisfaction to khowthatlin
rejrard to this subject,' the genJeral Voice: of
the country approves my conduct, fu & m :
j I ought to add gentlemen, that t whati
ever I inay have done, or attempted, in thg
respect, 1 only share a common mgrit: f A
vast majority of v both Houses; 6f dongress
' j 111 J . xr'
bwiutuir cuueurou iu uiu measures;. x oyr
own great diate was seen in ner
tion,on that occasion, and your immediate
Representatives were found ; amdng lc
niost zealoas and efficient fnend4 of ibe
Union. , !-..! -' I 1 -
Gentlemen, I hopo that the resvof tat
experiment may prove -salutary, . in its con
stuericesrtp bur . government, 1 and ltd the
interests of the community. I hope 'that
the signal and decisive mamfesta'tipn of
public opinion,' ! which - has for tbe tinie,at
least; put down the despotism,: pFNulhnca
tioriVraay produce I permanent dieffectsl
4 know lull well that popular topics may -bo
urged acainst the Proclamation.! ! know it
may be said, id regard to the whol4 laws Fof
the last session, tht it)such laws $rjf to be
maintained, Congress may pass n what . laws
they please, and enforce tbem. RBfitrpiaynt
bej saidf on the ; other side, that ifia State
may numiy one law, sne may : nuililr any
other law also: and, theref ore that the prwi-
clpe strikes at the whole power of Congress?
vina w pen iiis ; saia, max ii in e power ot
oiate inter posiupn do nemea, vonsress mav
pass ana eniorce i wnai taws it pleases, u is
mest to be contended, or insisted! that t
Constitution has Placed Congress under the
gtiarapshin 'rid cpntror 5f thd Stafe
islatUTfis? 1 Those woo srguev ssainsttho
Dpwrcr of Conrcass, from I the - pdsib)ityd!
its abuse, entirely forget, thatlz tbe-btate n-
teruositioa ta'il'.Dwed, that power rnav bo
IcTgetthoilt cf tbii People, as itheyi
have blamlTtrerrtd tt in the
tionj fthey fbrgettitl tha IispU &deii
to ve Ipodgress jdjpwer in
nependeat cf Stat control; ;t beyilrgictthe
that thdj cdnfddeiaiicui has ceased, Imf that
L i 'if '-"- . , -, -J1 . t w, wuup?i w uico im step-wnicn 1
is a popular Covernpentat f memlb
Congrfcsi aro but agents and: cervants pf tlie
People, chAsW forjdiortjperiodi pcriovi
cally removable 'by the PcOletVas roa(Ji
sjQbservieat ;nracb''dpeiidentf ss miUnjp
If obedient, asnyr other ottheir agentsd.
servarits,, iTiis depjeadence j oa the PcpIe
is the secai tty that theV, wtf 1 friot act Vxbos.
a uu u iue security wuicn me reopie inenj-
spires have chosen to reiv i on. in addition I
tq the guards contained; in the CohsntuUiin
ii-'- ".'I 4 - i i. ,1 1:.. h.' ' 1 ti
. l. aai quite aware, gentlemen; that it is eatfy
fur those whd tippusef uMasures deejideaajy
for the execuiioa oT thtj Iaf, :'t6 1rtse ih ;drVr
C(ms6lidutioiiv j It is easy to idak ch&rgMia!)
to bring general accusation, ft is easy tu call
na.n. For ont, I repel all siich imputatioif4.
1 am nj cvasolLhilioaist. I disclaim th bliarae
ter, aitogpUieraad Uisioad ofrepeatiog ttiia geWi
eralaad vague chargejwili be obliged to any one
to show how the Prociaznati(mj,or the lite! law of
toagre3S, or, lodeed, aaj laaeasdfe to which 'M
ever gave my support, UncU9in the slightest dd
gree, to conaoliddUoa . j ; : 4 -I .-i ld i:rj:
By consohdHtion is onderstood, a, grasping at
p-jwer not couiitutioaaiiy conferr. But tib
tfociauaauon assorted pa new, power. It ; oaJr
asserted the rijht, in the Government, to Carry
into effect, in the iortn of taw, power! which it had
xeretsed for 40 years. I should, oppose anygrasp
injat ne vr powersy Coligress,as (neknosl zealousV
I wish to preserve the Cuiisiuuaju as u is,;: wupl
PUt addition, anil wititoidt iumuiuiioti by oue! jo
or tittle. For, tae satuei reasou thai i wvald no .'
grasp at powers dot g'vu, I would dot surirenae '
not aoatiaon powers w'aicu are. i'hose Who bar; 1
placed me in a public station, placed ide l-horei
not to alter tno Uoasutuitiuti, but to aduiinister til
The po we wf change, the People hive j retaint
to4theiusel ves. They can alter, may can ldxiiiy
they can change ute iUuasuiuiioii eutirdy, 'it
they see nt. Ttitj can trsau it uader loot, anti
diakeanother, or make ao other; huiiwhileiurej
tnaus oaaltered by uie iutbouly o in e People, i
is our power of attorney our ' letter ottcriU-!
our creUenuals, and we arc to follow' it aud obe!
its injunctions, and maiataia its just powers j to
tUe be 3 1 of our abilities. I repeat, urn ibr one,!!
seek to preserve to the Constitution those precise!
powers wiui whico tnej Peopie have oloiued itj
VnUe uo encroachment is to oe made on the rev
served rights oi the Peopieot the buies, while i
notumgis to be usurped, it is equlily clear thafi
we are not at liberiy to surreudtr, either in lact
oriurm, any power or priacipie wuich the Own!
siitution does actually contain; 1
And what w the tjrouhd lor this crv of consolil
dation ; 1 main tarn mat th measures re'cointnenll
ded by me rresident, and adopted by Uongress
were measures of seii-deeuce. , is it cdiisolidaj
liou to execute laws? Is it coiisoiidai-on ;to iresis
me lurce mat is tnrcateaihg to; upturn our Gov
eminent r is it consolidation to proiecti ulficerl
iu the discnargo ui tneir dury, lroih juris; and
juries previously sworn to decide again t thrim ? 1
Geniiemeu, i uke opcasioii to remirk. ii hat!
alter much reffecaou upju th su:)j4ct. aud'alier
all that Has otn said about the encroachment oi
our General GovernuiiJiiC upon the rights trf thJ
d tales, 1 kuow ot no one power, exercised by. the
General Government, which was i hot adruitted
by the immediate friends and fies of the Coristi-
mwn to ha vo eecii -4 orioa it !v tii P
p!e When ruineui! atrOpietr. i Jen
oi no one power, now claimed exerciSpdj
w men every ooay did not agree, trt f lJa9, fWas
conferred 00 the General Goveramedt.! : On the
contrary, there are several powers,! and those.
too, among the most important ibr the interests'
or tne reopie, wnicn were taea unitersallyf al-
wncu w uc uuiiirucu ujr me lonsilUUIOQ &i tne
United States, but which are now ineh'ouslv
Geut.emea, upon this paint I slialj detain Vou
with no fuither rpmarks. it dots oweVer, give
me the mist sincere pleasure to Bf Winat in a
long visit through trieSiatet West of j,Qn the
great State northtf yet, as well u'juf.&our of
soooe days- duiuon in the rrapeeO-istatd to
&jca you belong j I findTVat 6 sentiment in re
gird, to the conduct of thVGoertment upl.ii this
irabjet. 1 know that fse wio Mvg en fit to
entrust f (i rxfcin part, 4 thir iutrests in Con
gress, appr)e of the ineasareTecomniehded by
the President We Rep tKit he. Has takni occa
sion, durin? ibe recess of Ctnr. ess, td( visit that
part of the country ; and, wV know how be has
oeen received, No where have hands been ex
ttfded with moTe sincerity of IHeddRhb:! and for
one, genthmen, I take occaiiun to say tbat, hav
ing nearu oi nis leiurn to s 6eat of Government
with hea: !,rather debiuti.ed,: t is among my most
earnest prayers that .Providence may spared is
life, and that he may go through wuUhis admin
istration, and come out with! as much success aad
bry as any of his predeceases. 1 M
our worthy Chief Magistrate has been kind
enough, genlleine.n, to express benuineU favor-
aDle to myeelt, a- a tntnd of Domti Industry.
much of individual comfort and jP8pecta,)ility,
that phrase unnliesl And wtm what torce does
it atnke us, as we are iiere at tne confluenve of
the two rivers whose united currents Constitutes
l j . ti -t. . 11 . :
tne uiuo, ana in uie cujsi or one ot 'the! must
ffounshmst cities in the Union. Man V thousand
miles of inland navigation! running through! a
sew and. rapidly. - Improving country,' stretch -
way below us interaai oummuhicauonslcoih-
piete or in progress, connect the; city: jjwith the
Atlantic and the; lakes; A hundred steam eh
gines are in daily operations; and atura has sup-
jiicu uie tuci uiuu iveus bfu Mivieasiuv uamiS
oat the spot .itself, in exhaust less" abundance.
Standing here, geuderheniin the midst of such
a population, and with such a scene! around us,
how great is the import of these woro Domes
tic Industry P' . . " ; " it- i Mi-v w 1
Next to the preservation , of the.Govmment
itself, there can hardly be a' more vital quesnod
to such a community as this, than tbat .wbieh
regards their own employments; add thd; preserv-t
abon of that, policy, which the Government had
ado pled, and cherished, for thd ericoaragemipnf
and protectionbf those employ meutsj , Thid ,1s
dot, in a society like this, a matter which affects
the interest of a particular class; but one whib
affects the interest of all daises, h runs throdnb
thd whole chain of boman occupation arid em
ployment, and touching the meaxui ' of :: &rin
and the- comfort ofalL k'-W-V-
'GeniU rnenJ those w Too who rnav haW inrrv.
ed your attention tdjthe suiaect' kdowffj
the quarter "of the; ? counttj with: whi- I Sua
mote iauaodutel j coonecti, th
not eany or eagar to orgs the l$ovvau.ntf tp
. I . - . -A a : .1. t
carry mm protecting policy to thp height which
Unas latched." Uandor obliges mo o remind
you, that wheathe Act Pf 1824 wulfck&rj
t neither: he who bp w addresses jodi 4 nor those
It pattdj however, ty thagrea wd Wwfid-tniieVt will tr n,Jli' j J'- -- '.'frj' r.-.lfeJ, , ! ;
itefei 4st 'timi
if out PtrhapA tht antl nartlcuhr tUrrei of
pijJtecaoa but with'tSbreserratiiiil oflhe prjaci-
P".ttd she b i;ot eLa9entvto vield
etj,JrAiidwhawlWar't 3flJit? IKho,
t4dn!hefe adl looiiig: jrabndl'&i tuiacomQu
Dity and ils interest Juid' be btlld eaougii i
toouch the spring, wicVmovelteo much in'Uos
trir and prodacej sohdd) !Uapfc? Wlin
Pis?i Whii stay 'thefi' carjhj M jiaouH.ciirau
now floating down a riyer;soiie'of the , no-
blest m the world, a stretckin through terri
tors; almost bouddlesai in ertect,l and uneqoai
ledjin fertility? iWhdl would creetich the flames
of po many steam enguies, or siay the operation
of io much ;wellempyed labtirf; Gentlemen,
I cannot conceive howl any subversion Pf I hat
policy, which has hitherto been porsaed, can take
plaf e, withoat great publie embarrassmeiit, and
and great private ! distress. ;: :' t
f have said, (hatj I arnjin favor of protecting A
medcan manual labor; jand aiter ilie best jedeo
tior Can give the subject, and from the lights
which I can derive frpid the experiaco of oui
selvds and oth&rs,jI have come the conclu
sion that such protection is just aud proper; and
that, to leave Amcricad jobor to sasitain a compe
tition with that of the dvcr-Dftjuled couatrit?s of
Eoipe, would lead to aktate of things,- to which j
the leoule could Wversilb
reason, why J am pr niathtainiog what has been j h strangest manner not to buy lot,; use any ar
esuilished. I see; at home; 1 see here, I see 1 licI imported in British ships-jThe chairman
wheTreter 1 cm. thsit tHf' Kttmnitis. vch,-h 1 of fhia enmmittM -vrai 'bn -less 4 distinjuished
excited tlie'exisiinir aclivityraiii is producing i
the Existing prosperity pf the country, is nothing J
eUojithan tne stimulus held out to labor, , by j
compensating prices. lthmk this cneci is vis- ;
aoieevbiy waere,trom noosoot to Aiew-Ui leans
aud dianifest in the conditiou aad circumstances
oi tiie great body ot ;thrppjple; tor nine-ten tiis ot
the rhoie people belong1 o the ; laborious, maus
trious. and uroductive class : and oh thi cisa, a
the f'stlmuius acts.! We perceive; jliiat the price
of Libor is high, and wet laow tuatithe means of
uving are iow, anu t.'ieie t ao truths speaK vo
lumes iri favor of the general prosperity ot tne
country.; I am aviare, is uas beda said alrea
dy, tiiat this nigh ncej' f lauor results partly
froinjthe favorably doadiUai of the country. La
bor was high, coniparau4y speakiiig, before the
Act of 182 1 passeu; butuatdact ailords uo rea
sori in my judgemeut, l:endauejring its securi
ty anil sacriiici.ig its- iiopM, .by oiveriiim wmg what
lias since beuu eiaoiisned lor its pfotocuou.
Let us look, geutlemeh, to tne coudiiion of
othciT countries, and epauire a lii(tje into the
cause which, in Svaw otl lueio, produce poverty
and distress, tae leineatiuous oi wliicn reach our!
owr Shores. I see aroua ue many wl:om i iui'w
to rjedntigranls froai otiiet countries. VV'uy aie
they here? Why is tne dative ol ireiauu auioug
us fWhy has ne ibained sceira!as dear to
bird as these hiits auk tue ritrers to you f.
Is there any ottf caiise ian tuia, that s the .bur
den uf taxatpn -m the de haad, lad :he low
reward ot P'wr on the oftfer, iit (um without
hetide11 rtati subiiotence, or the
powef of providing orth W-wHlfre depend
entMdpodhiihi Was u4t on tths acpou it mat
uo xpi is wu uiu, pouJiii aa.asyium in a
country free laws, ot uiparatue; fcxeoiptioa j
fxaid taxavodi of! bouiidles extent, abd ui watch '
thej rdeadsof livdigare liieapana ihc prices oi !
; lauar ittipa aaoqusid rgJAud do Pol taese rs-
! marif? appi
ry dtoiexa
ety, aua incostry, and jgjod cnaracter, cau do
iLore tor a mm here, than th any partot' die world.''
And w not iiu truth i wifijch is so 'udyious mat
uohf cjm detfit,; touaued un mis plain reason,
that libor, ihhjs cotiutrVf earns a btft r reward
than 4fyV'here!iisei aifq So Aaislmore com-
llorti n;re inaivtuual utuVenueiicej, ti;d more
tleviiiu '! of; cnwacer ?vha'ieve 'lse may
beiieiisv4iciy; wiwiiever ei&; iua aisiit capital,
iwuater;e;Be may iayor iaarp. sihtll commer
ciai f.ntfrjrtsriuiesiu4ii kdj orxlraordina-
ry inutridiiaiSagacity or g4pd iortU4ie i assured,
euemenf that uoluliig iuraucei thtidikss ot hi-
Ciety, in prosperity ana pappiuess,iotuiug cau
ppiiold1 the suosaptia4 m4esi, aud stediiy mi
prove Hut ueueratcoadilioa characier ofuie
-Nvnole but tais niuttiliomueiuatm revoarda
'l-t.rm S t'ii-..-tl.llat I.... ...... . i ...
H KVW. wiytHiu Bivuuuoa H VUI UOUU .
try tfcnbs $t(on Jiy; of; ijUten, to prodded this re-
suiu ;tliti Govermuont jna siioptod the policy of
Co-opet;atiog nnh this natufal tctideudy u things:
It nas eucouregeu aoaiutnepu iaoor and inuosuy
ly a system ct discnuiniiiog uuties; aud the
esuli of these cksnbiuied Icauaes may b0 seew- iu
iie preedt circumstanes M &e cousty'
Gdntiemeu, there aire irmohWkcons2erations
rt suoiitii kind,; conecWl with tdis subject,
Jur !GbTerurneikt-is pupllir; p)pulariih its fdua
datioii,W popular iu iiiiiiiekc. j'i'he actu
ki cukracteot m.Uovequieat ?;cadj never be
betU;t tuau.the jgeufraif jaorai a)i intellectual
bharictjer pijthe jcomiuuy. lr ypuld bd'jthe
,jrifdl humail tiiiao iqIaous, to eipoet a poor,
Vic:ousa igiioraut 'poohiL, to mamcub a good
popujai Govefiimen t. iL.aueaiion anu knowledge.
wmcpasi is; oovious, cai oe geuerauy ? attamsd
by tqe poome, o.y wter lucre; Mouuato re-
? i ft t I t 3 K . n -i
war us to taucx aua luausiry, ana some snare in
the public mutest, some auke in the. 2oinmuni-
ly, woaldistiem indispensaoiy necsssaiyi m Uiuse
f, U9 nave tne power ol ajipuintuig til public a
gehts, p4ingad:iaws , iyen of maldig and un-
luaaaig vouauiuuoii5ai tneir pleasure, uenve
ite troth ol the I trite rnaxim. liial knowledire
and virtue are indttfily flmuatiai'ifliepubiics:
outj it istooe auaea, ana to oe arwsy s- rernem
bered, bat:therernevr was, add never can be
any : mtelbgsnt atid tir ubs people f 'ho at the
sa&iet time are a poor ah J ifdla people badly 'em-
pwy eu.aua.uauiy unnt.' . v so wouio oe ssjc, iu
any eodtuiumty, heije poimcai power ism thd
hands Pf! tiie many, todlproperty iflltiie bands
df the! ew ? Indeed, sued an unnatural state of
trnngs could nowhere lotz exist r ! i f
It certaiitly appears to':'beL cenlkmcn, to be
-quito evident at .una lime and m tpl preseni
conoitnai Oi ra wona.inuu is dbixgbvt w
jrpto4ijUi indtisIbU coaatry. ijainst the
paupei t.jor -t iUBguoo, im omer pair w u.aut
rnrm- ill Ikti 4mrl.ii iMlpjox urttA K4 KiMKn
to maintaia,an4 crenriCt has an od-
eoal chaace tjamst the "pauper ofiJungtaod,
Wfaxisp ChiJdrea ais noi M edttiaJed and are
pTobaUy isixesdy on ths tinshz and whb, him-
seu w Mil ua ana ciaiiia j jjtsowniaoor,au
balf froci tha poor-rat3, ajvi very ba4ly fed sad
edi ailJi Jtdl Have sircad said, tbs
jctidd 4f our edrmtryvlcf "itself; yfubput the
aid of Government, does much td favcr American
manual, Ubur; and it is 4 ewsiira , cf policy and
leather, brass, tin. Iran. JtVl Ani
padet most circnrcstancciv ars ' thd m2
nw connected with ahm baadiuirL Oar
wa experience hasp a. powerful, And uM
j to be 3 ism copvincing and fpng aemerpbered preaih
c.wiujis point, u pirn the close Wlhe war of
tnjLuevoiutwn Uiere ctroe a period pf dis-i
tress and depresraMi du the Atlahti&t. ...J, J.
t!ie pebp! raad felt darings the, srrpest crisis of
.usfiLj ?5 hip-owners, 5Wpuffclfrf1 roer-
-utli 4r-ias, &4i weredesutate oi eispior
! ment, and snmA of thf m cesutrite of brea4. Dnt
ish ship cams freely, aai British poods'came
plentifullr, while to A merino ship, and Arncr-
can prodoctj. thMwa tei then protection p
throne Side, nor the emiyalent of jlreciproeal freel
raas on the other.' 7h cheaper iibors of Eng
land supplies th iihbitantd" af theyAUantie
shore9wUhj every t5tng eadyrnada clothes,
amonthe rest, froii thercrown of the head to
lb soles of the feit, were for sals iaevery-city.
All these things caie free from anjy general sys
tem if mipoHfci tJoms oTth Slates attempted
Jp establtsh' the own partial systems, but, they
failed.!- Volninafv aasdetatlona vria rnanrtMi ta.
but they failed also.r ;A f memoraliU instance of
Wis mode of a'tempting: protection, occuned in
Bostnn. ,The shipowners seeing the British
caTie and went freely, while their jivn ships wen
rottenin at the warveslraised a committee to
recordmendinlr to them, in
character than the imowrtal JohnHancock.)ThJ
committee performed 1to daty povretfully.and el-
oquenOy. It set forth strong and persuasive rea
sons why the people should not bpy or use Brit-
ish rroods. imnorted in ! British ships. 1 he Wip
owners and ! merchants haring thus proceeded,
the mechanics of Brnton took up the sabjrct al
so They answered the merchants conauttee
They agreed with them'Cordially thatBmish
ffooda, imported in Britiah Vessel, ought not to
be bought or consumed;5 but then j they took- the
liberty oiling on apfurtheH nJ
that roods ouhtnot tn be houdPr conmttat
cHfGr?at applais? ) 4tFor,n sid they,
Hancock what7 diff'ence ma "Ju'r
whether hats, shoes, boots, shirts bandkercniels,
tin ware, briss ware, cutlery, add every other
article, code in British ships, or come in J01"
ehins; siie, in whatever ships they coraelney
take stray our means of living? j
Gitlemen, it is an historical truth, manifest
ed M thousand ways by the public proceedings,
a td public meetings of the times, that the ne
ssity of a uniform impost system, which,
while it 8hiuM proytdareveniB to pay the
public debt, aad foster AhalcoramaTce of the coun
try, should also enoourage and sdstain domestic
manufactures, was the leading cause in produ
cing the present national Constitution. No class
of persons raa ra ir zealous for tjhe new Con
stitution, that handicraftsmenr, j artitans, and
mauufacturers. There were theji, it is ' true,
no large manufacturing eiiUablUhbMnto. ' Thete
were n? tpanufactories in the interior, for there
were noinhahitants. Here wis fort PirU-4t
had a place on the map put hem were no peo
ple, or only a very few. But m the cities add
towns cn the Atlantic,, full importance, indeed,
the absolute necesity of a new form of Govern
ment, and a general systent of imposts.
It so hapsned, gentlemen, that, at thit time;
much was thought to depend on pljassaphusetts,
several States had already agreed bi the Consti
tution; if her Convention adopted it, it was likely
ly to go into operation, 'j Thfs gave to the pro
ceedirigs of that Convention an intense interest,
and the country looked with trembling anxiety,
for the result. That reanlt was.frr a lonor time,
doubtful. The t Convention was known to be
nearly equally divided, and dwn to the very
day and hour of tbe final vote, one conld pre
dict, with any certainty, which lido would pre
ponderate. It was Under these circumstances,
gentlemen, and at this crisis, that the tradesmee
of the tewn of Boston; in Jaubary, 1783, as
sembled at the Green Dragon , ithe place
the-VVh!gsof the Revolotion; in
stages hadbeen accustomed to sfS Constit
rfstdved that in their opinitm mWmt ,-,,-l
rvr. ? And that on the other hand should it
be jpcted. "the smalL remaips of commerce
et left would be anihilatedl the! various trades
and handicrafts dependent' thereon cecay iae
poor be increased, ana many wormy u wu
mechadics compelled to seek efnploy f and subr
sistence in strange -lands." These resolauoos
were carried to the Boston Uelegtes is tae oa
vntirtn. -nd nrrspntftd V to the hand of Samuel
Adams. ; That great and dist Inguished friend
cf Arneritaa liberty it' was? feared, might nave
doubt3 about the new constitution, rxainraiiy
caitious,and sagacious, it wasappreheodedne
mio-ht fear the praclicabihtyi or tne saieij, p
General Government. Het reef ived the resolo-
tinnn fmm the hands of Paul Kevere, a oras
founder by occupation, a man of sense & charao-
ter.-andof high public spint, waom tne mecaw
ics of Boston ou?ht never to 1 forget 'Howma
nv mechanics" said Mr. Adams, "were at the
Green Dragon, when these resolutions were
passed?" More, air" was thejreply "man the
Green Brazen could haid.'V atfd where were
lKA.rAat. HArpm ?' " In the streets sir
H idrects 7" ' More
k.n)tMi,i,Miii tKMskv.1 This is an
iostance, only among many, Jo prove what is
tnHTuit9hi tmp. tht lth tradesmen and me-
lrhnii cf the Countrv did look to the new Con
stitution for encouragement and protecuoa, m
their resDective occuoations U nuer tnese
cumsttmces, it is not to be expected that they
will abandon the principle, m its appJwationt
the conrmereial and shipping tnieresw.
believe the power is in the CpBstiwUPn ---and
doubUess they mean eo Ji i JePcnd 'Pfj1
them tokeep it there. XJesiroos y extrayi
gant measure offnflecn,desiousofcppresspTg
orbttrdeninjr-obody, eeelur v dothing as a sub
stituto fir honest industry aiid?bard work as a
part tf the American family, joiving tliesame
interests as other parte, they will contiaue
cheir attachmeat to the Union (and the Gonstl
mrioa, and to all the great ud leading interesto
oftbeooui.try. , ' ! j r '
Gentlemen . your worthy Mayor has sfloded
to the subject of the General ;Goyesiments. Ha
ving no doubt of the power dfthe tJeaeral Got-
tlect cixnDrised in that
denomiaatkio,l eoefese X have felt great weaa
ft h'forwardmj them the 'extent efojr sbuit,
Pheraremaav5.; "Jl9 m
winch cannot Pe - w-af i
a i . ;t wi 7 Mr m a no wvix . .
tor ward la applno? tha V n Z ?e9 I
toirreat uJi. Iaeatr
States cannot do Bret thw ' Te
uooe at an must be doddbv allth. SmV: ,
tUUtea appnaJeTtoW
that the time had come ior th ;i7rtJJr.
m Wttteotioo inward ;( to srrvcy the ST
Uon of the country ani .mrtfiiil?!!???.1:
"!-!"" wunxn tne sphem of aat on Vt 5
ated to usite the mnrent rof the couai
to open abetter and shortST SrSSvfT
. 7 tops also ofthepj-rhest
Jdrantags to Government litsejCidany exm
cy c It is tmef gendemen, thati the local kheatS
for such improvement tot mainly w ths.Su
The East 0Jdr pretty fully peopfM and inian!
A18 we newastnd thinly pedY
Our rivers caa be measnred-lTrn,,,- LlxvL
are boundedoaarebOTndles
was, therrfommbst .deep) laterested 'id ;H0 1
system, though certainly not alone 'ihterested f
even m such works as had a western . hwality. !
lo, clear her rivers was to clear thWfortrje. 1
commerce of the whole country ? to construct
harhors, and clear entrances to existing harbors.
whetberon the Gulf of Mexico or on the 14
was for the ad vantage of that whole commerce 'i
Anl ir this were not he! i bht a W publir 1
pan, whose patriotism is governed by the iardi- I
faal jvomts ; who is for or against a proposed 5
measore, according to itsindicatiorrby co ppkas, j
or as it may happen to tehd farther from, or com
nearer to, his own immediate f connexions - And '
look attheVest-Ukat these rivers-look at i
the lakes look especially at Lake Erie and sea I
what a moderate expenditure has done for the I
safety of human life, and the preservation of pro- J
perty in the navigation of that lake; and done,, i
let me add, m the face of affixed and ardent'oo-w f
position. . ;;! i
" I rejoice sincerely gentlemen, m the" general: I
progress of Internal Improveradnt, and in tluv "
completion of so many obj ects near you, and con-' j
nected with your prosrwritv. Yoox wn mi f
and rail oad unite you with the Atlantic Near
you, is the Ohio Canal; which', does so much
credit to a younger State, and with which your
c(!y will doubtless one day have a direct connexion-
Oa the South and .East appjbaches thm
Baltimore and 01uo:RaU-j(load, a gmUud ptr.
ited enterprise, which I always thought enti
tled to the aid of Government, and a branch cT
which, it may be hoped, will yet reach the head
of the Ohio. ;' r i
I will oaly add, gentlemen, that forwhat T
lave done, in the cause of. Internal Improve
ment, I claim no particular merit, having only
acted with others, and discharged conscientious
ly and fairly, what I regarded as my duty to
the whole country.
Gentlemen, the Mayor has spoken pf theim
porUnce and necessity of education.5 And can
any one doubt, that to man as a social and1 ao
immorul being, as interested in the 'world that
is, and vastly more coacrned for.' that which i
w h-4-")tMtiAM, tk, i ! -. -"iMire cfT
the mind and tbebean, is ;aii object of infinito'
importance! So far as we can discern t'b" 'de
signs of Prudence, the formation of thV mind
an4 char Vby instroctiun tn knowledge, and
mst"1 w ngbtcousness! is a maui endWhu
J"? Afll0.n? ,the W impulses Which
snety has received, rwe UinMe tjin
" aftentionj td nubha cdocv
Uoij. Tbatobject berirrstoWfiiWt ,f.lh..t. 1
irjd3 of men,, in itsjustina'mitiidft. anrl
ses its dua share of regard, . ftJ in
7. ..
1 i'Wi-
of the General Government bare been exlJJ
m.theliramotiod afthls cbjecti So'' isr .sstl!:--f
powers extend. I have concurred ta their exeT'
cise, with great pleasure. The westers Statsa- I .
from their recency of settlement, from the great t
proportion of their popalation which are children f v
all hew coon tries, more or less, curtail fadiVidu
al means ; have appeared to me'to bare becoliar-
claims to iegard ; and in all cases, where 1 have'
thought the power clear; 1 bare most Iieariilr "
concurred in measures designed ibr their bendnt
in this respect. Aid amidst all our eCbrti; for
edudation, literary, WaI;ott religwus, .boil al
ways remembered, uat' we leave opinion andL
conscience free: Anl Heaven grant, that it
may be the glory of thUJnited SuteS,' to bapm
established two great Waha.of the hiheat im
portaQoe to the whole htqiin rice orst "thau
an Enlightened commuaitejiniie pf seJigov
erntient; and second, thatbe tolrration of alL
sects does not necessarily ptoOiee "tadiflaresos
toTfltgioo. '1h' ':''!'
But I hare abcady detained von toolosgi
friends, fellow dusens, an4cntiynurt
toke a respectful leave of , yod. ie ,time I
have passed on this side the AUefrany, ha
beena succession of happy days. . I are seen
much to! instruct, and much to dellghme. ( I
return ypo again and again, mypdieigstUuoJai
for the frankness and hospitality; .wfawMA
Vault ia Baxbadoes m which no cce nowV ,
courage enwagh to deposit lis dcxi: fif iCTPj
coffia was placed in it, and'aince tin "prj
in 1803, 1812, iSiB; tad 1819. terixfU
hare been placed thereu- Ateacttsbdtnmo
notwithataddmg erery : precaU pxerectlti
entrance, Jthe tcdfSns; hare mja '(SzUt throtri
in the placVlasdtoirM" co
of the raolt edires tha; ef&rbi pfsn toed 19 '
open it, and yet this m vmnable resalt is been,
witnessed, - There b na correj paKj totie
vanli nor is there say pissibie jr of ejnlafc
lty mpterr
rod have welcome ; and. wnetrer I
mar go, or wherever a may oe, i pray jww
lie ve I shall not Jose the reectouen' ctyow
.1' -
ii i
- f I
T j
' . i . i...r . s f 4 I - ! ? . v . . ; i

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