North Carolina Newspapers

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T'. I7ir;e Di Pr year, in advance
'ffiMnburtim livela Counties more tJ.arj
- 5-rahri nrrrmni is over cne years
Siripiton wGlw P11 ,fir ,ws lhaB"-
4 N ilVi:nr will I at the n.tol rates.
X'?-. ,n will ! wiUu!riiYii nnul ;irera
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-ft iti4 to the EiHt(ir teusl bfe Pwf paiff ,
HxrvttDW rfoTznnfinao. 1833
WvS' wiUaddrpl,i;n,as liditWr. of the! ; ? ? r'n -'e imherfordion bpcr.satur.
?uiuM Thds that write Ui oth- ' j: I RMf. ItOAD MEETING."
-:rVi in th3uoscnpiuoiis. utkon
x ;.Rt of thispapffr.itiwill be
i Tl-iliitf da tii nublicetion of the .
before tltc
Ql-.tTtoVG BOX
v lisrm'bcr is te Authorised
jew Sosffln wtro is trie
Agent of
rarsannt r t p;i!)J;c notce, a numerous asswn
r,Lir? of trj c-uuens ot this chanty, met in the
Court Jtf;iisria ihi-j town, at early.caaJle li?bt,
oTi,lp,rifer.:n2 of ihc2Jd October. John M?Dow
ell .Sq.ii was exiled to the chair, aiid 11. Elmer
.lr;. &ppanted Secretary, . ;'
Jsfpl M'Oj .Cireon, Esq., explained the ob
jeqt.ot lUf- meetjrjr.and lien read the rnpomnd
respluthibs which had been drafted bv a sub-
cvj!;imitte of a previous meeting wjth. the view
;of beirifrilsubrtitltRd t the present meeting Lr
Utirt3iJerauonJ! 'The following H a" copy of the
aolJiV - ;,nP LT3 report a-i ri uioH. -
Straw- Hay and Stal. R hT f? P0, r f !5 Ca?ty f
r,tfJ4ipeakifi itie h cer- jhe subject of Rad :.Raads, an-
LWtho t nluibUlunproTfmMMtu f? nt-et,or ut its c.Kzeas, on this day,
Ut inuity L suited. ave ,n Rr,n h'ffJ ohtjmembra-
wet and peed; ! uij operaLtLr, the r "7 .w " " t.uww.iiircii
: i.... )iitW wort nitd the little dnntrpr if
wTuutof fix n accourii of the simplicity of
iJUne,and the easej Jwikh which -f it is
r$,tMo ii oy lar me ropsi oesiraoie conirt
lilt ecr jet j been j fused . for preparing
i-jawfewlerj for horses and cattle The
te'nyr offers the pitetft rights for the' ' coun-
taf iwwi vavruiiHiiav t ine exception oi
nnucaoi: pigeon, uuncomoe, . nay wood,
JRuttarfotd ftjid Lincoln; which are sold.)
jaul sale isMhade, he Will i sell indi vidaal
3 in this State" with the abuve exception .
.ibewoolu.ioiich ' prefer jsellinj the county
Mi 41$ intends Ptisitin-nr- short! v the coun-
,4 CabaVni Meckienbar,. Montgomery;
ir4 RichaomiRol)ejrCurtiberiand, Wake.
fii3TiIl,and moat of the counties West of that
tzijfia eaciijOi wptcn ne wm exnmn a ma
Jii, and he doubts not, that it will tve the
a3rv perfect Satisfaction to ) such as may wish
:it itnproTetoetiUr It, presents' undoubtedly the
jtestopportuBjly forth enterprising tqepecn
i& jtinj patent that has-been before the pub
I 1tbBbscriber deems itrfectly useless, to
ntcehificateaof the superiority of this uaa
d,Mlaone wijl be expected to buy without
iK,ind'a moments obsef ration will b& better
!r)io(MiS certificates. . Tmpo wishing to see
ft inicKmft' i n rU inn t1i hid t tar' nf tho Vffh
(SMuviK hate one in a! few days, and ; re-
tWticjtjofiteiiitrihjtad the agency of
PriI,L cua! ietic "on Thursday, Urh of i
; Xvr6mber riext. anal will continue three
i;w iretuay ror, colts ar rimes 3 y ars oi.i ;
itl-win five-jentrancx? 4504-mile h3a
fnj Bides and, bjusd , viz. "
tr. Rv iioircbtrrs af ; fijly by Johnson's
Jj4 ian c4lt bj sare Wtc.
fifjmers sir colt,, by f santeEdv Davis
j"!itw!tty;VVash.infftoaiJoiiah Turner a
NCiwImk Got; Burrl a tilJy by Cla-
--iaraa$ muu aiitiy oy: atockholder.
Twoinfroe ur ai;y horse, niare or
: tflelttta frVe Vor ay thinff. . I r
hesa ; two s days are , forming
expeeted to amount taaniob
The i pat h is fine ia all wea
.ThapjisM of
ted are
m exact ruiio, 1 1
rikoftVsaliaUe Lmi1
W. &maieton infonns
1 1 ha3 'revived the present
FASHIONS "fiwn Corres
TiS Arnc4 w.Wnin ;the fashion
-iz nMrif weuas io oUier .Lishiona
YlftriAU t i' j . i .
kii'I tslactioafo sich as may choose
tSnVSST Yprk the Hartf Fash
k"n3 for sale to those wh.,
.hL780 Jesses. She will
trbam, aiidrasllioti-
Barjsaf u & it.
itamnFrr reni cotrjinonk
lAiits !ha; iiRjif-rSfiTit and very interesting subject;
acqoaipariied with; a short resolution;! which are
now offered for j cjnsidfraiioi, and if; they re
ceive thsi appwbati u of ;ii rneetfritrj niay be
adopted and s?n fortfj t jt the en'SMiraement of
otliefs. fThe first difficulty to bex surmounted
where thtp Government is expected; to aid in
the cnsttuctidri of a raU road, is the giving of
it locality. The nval interests that! spring up
wiicr -suojRcis oi mis Kina ; are aooue to ue un-
deftakeni Coontefact each other, -auu every one
suggests route agreeably to their own interes
ted views? embarrass and retard the a;cjmpish
merit. of that which the whole Staics desirous
ot. achieving, 'i his spmt is said already to
manifpt iitself pretty much in som Mparts of
the .State Ji On the North side of Pter3bQTg is
insisted ujpon as j being- the best market town,
and fhftt a 'route'alon that side of the State
iSjiiracticble, anil has many advantages! With
out controverting; in the slightest degree, any
of the argumeuts in favor of thislroiite, the
Comhiitte have pome- to the conclusion that a
roue in Jhe cene, on the opposite sid of the
State is of more easy attainment, and at a less
rate of; expense. Beaufort is considered one of
the;bet harbors to the South of NorfC Wil
mington is a harbor of much consequence, oe
causeiof its immediate connection witfe' Fay-
( x u inner uiscu is ue raarKev more
iaimedlitly in the reach of the Western peo
ple. From Fayetteville to the Yadkin has al
T?advjbe;ij surveyed, for the purpose of laying
dovyn ;'a pail rpad to intersect the vUley of
the Yadln, at a place some 40 miles ffoui'Sa
lisiiry, called th narrows, and here the nav
igatioh ot I that river is totally obstructed: The
flounce U alout 80 miles and the5 esiimated
cost u abokit $7ifK)000, ThncB to Beatfes Ford
on Catawba i? abut CO miles, land from
ueauts P pri tj bcheiick's Bridge at tlie' First
uritd Kiv;er, is 4C toilet but bevond the nar
rjw fcherg has been no survey. If this route
snojsjtf sit.p p Bcnties Ford, then tlie.enure dis
tance !nciTayctte?ille wculd b3 140 niU,con
npcvtt ttt'o of i the rtchest vallies Or 'districts
vvi; luwjn ice oiaie. ana arioonrtmcr . in
thfi articles s6 conducive to thw end of having
rajl dfoad mmunieatiori. The comniittee be
hove jt.iat;: there .fvoald oe no exaggeration1 in
the inatenjent, that no portion of ouruStato to
the .same extent surpasses those districts com
posed Vjf the valties of the Yadkin, the Catawba.
una the three Broad Rivers for fertility. ; There
u iu wimuverang me lact mat ine produce is
of lhe:yer5f best .and most valuable kinds; at the
same umeembracing the most popiWUs vejion
of;the State distinoTiished fur wealth 'ntkd
iaSiIity.of entefbriaae ta anv nractieal ktid' iiapfnl
- .1 ;..Tis W. . i:.LJ 7
extent establish those fact3, let us turn our
V?8.1? "mapt auu see the large and rich ccua
ties of, wbftbh those jseveral divisions ofoer SlaU
are; composed. . Whatprodace is there which
is more valuable or rcnuisite fijr thAid nfKil
Road transportation!. The upper parts'Wdering
'.ai hip niue Kiugei, produces corn, wheat, rye,
oats. bajley, flax; hemp, and orchards of the mt-
est. Iruit, both apples end peaches; Irish potatoes.
"J-w ano aj in varieties w hich a Soi and
ckmate suited to j those articles; iron ore, &c., in
exnauiUes quantities. The more southerly or
lovvei" divisions, produce thp inost or all of $ese
enqmeTatea,and , to which belongs their gxeat
staple cottyln. The'iron of Lincdft, Burke; and
Rui her ford, and the limestone and marble of
Burke county; bacon, prlc, ocef txmliry&c,
are al Cumnxoo to;both; and gold raiht be aken
lVt thl "F"1; Bor there any the
globe wjhicb affords greater con veniencar for the
applicatianltuf water than the upper 'counties
already referred ti Xo be more definite, w shall
eiiarrierate ihe counties of Maccn,Hay wcod.Bun
combeRatherforjJ, Lincoln, Burke. Iredell; Row
an. Surryi Stokes, Wilkes and Ashe, tut being
peculiarly favored wirti - those streams which
give grt faciJiiy in, the application o water
?4uu wearoi,;anarawet;wii-teHnpeniate:tJe4fv,ifti3pToposi M
FsyettevUlt gjreat- aVcesssum ooald be'Kad;of
auaj uiiiuuBucu as tar, terpen nmv
lumber rice, cotton, fccJ That if there
MfigatKin it Fayetteville we can'trad'a. there
and at.Wihoingt.ini it Beaufort, fcs we fjnd hour
interest to do so. ; . - i
(That the committee d??m it expedient and theft
safest rjolicy, tH concentrate all our energies o'ni
one grand central route, and leave individual,
towns to connect themsf Ives with it a thpvi
..... " i . . i . !.! ' . 1 :
oeem m i cnausie ta their interest
? -1 ho committee hope lhey wi 1 not only be ir-
uiica. uui jusiiutNj uy citizens jut ine west;
ii upjn tfi occasion they advert to xistij2
evils, fhe remoral of which they, deem of murl
more importance than all rail roadsJ or anv oth
er nieasure of political economy, which presents
iiself for public considetation. They ! allude to
the amendment of our, constitution Afd,may
w not hope jthat a temper of amalgamation
tperating to bring the east and then west in
to concert upon1 the momentous topics of Inter
nal improvement, may at the pame time unite us
in abrading from our constitution that odims fea
ture through which the tiower of the ffovernmant.
by an arbitraryjartd irTatiMial rtile, is niade tdde-
pend upon the number of counties instead of th
number of free ciucetis who pay tax, and do du
ty; and they reflect with pleasure, that from Fay
etteville they have always met the! firmest and
most undeviating regard for teiri rights, and
that from Beaufort and Newbern, the West has
been able to enumerate i friends. 'and now lnnK
br support from the same quarter' ;r
. The committee, by way of checrinff the droor
ing spirits of North Carolina, will, in conclusion,
advert to some ipxtraneobs information worthy of
the people and fbe aze in which the aeta allu
ded to were achieved. The Statp Vr.rL-
may juslfybe Iipiled the morning star in this
hemisphere of internal improvement, nnpearina
jst above the horizon, j in thelexamnle of lir
s ' i ' - . . . . ; ... ..
graoa canai ; ana although drawing with a tini
id and unglaring Tight a$ the cbmmenceaient, yet
uo uas , conimpea to emerge, and nsino- by de
grees, gaining strength from past experience,
wienasai lengtri attained an elevation worthy
of all irrmitationvand which has, deservedly,
attracted the admiration; of the iwoHd: A for-
eiga p-nuoicai oi eminence, ha? pronounced it
the greatest riere of continuous labor Upon the
gio?je,ne ninese wan excepted. The canal
is from the Hudson Rier at Albany to Lake
Erie, a distanced" 360 jmilesj. i 40. feet ' wide
at top, 28 at-botfom and j affording a iepth of 4
feet water for boats. Tliis wa d .imat the
cost of the Stat4 of 8,000,000 of dollars, and is
exclusively State property. And although, blocked
up several tnontjhs in the year by Ice, neverthe
less, is source j of revenue equal to $ l';500,000
but its primary falon to the State results frum
thp steady pricesj ji affords for every thing raised
near enough to be sent on the Canal to market,
giving to the farmers the" riew- York prices, de
ducting the riae of tolls fie transportation.
Pennsylvania; has profited by her example, &
is endeavoring to outstrip her ! neighbor in the
race of canals and rail roads. Sne iiasa central
rassiH Uintioa, of ;:5. Stt Willi t.le particular
m.d oe accofnplishedi .Tte Jftcoasion jwm cunt
. ' Zlr iu,eariy fcandle-light on the
Oa the evf ning of
assembled. A lare
wer present, . JudvA
he -24th!hi ,;meetiV.r re-
nmmU-T - f tha rit'irnn
viewsirthparp.mDioir i addl to' thn
others . if a vved r,f. wty mterwhxr dis-
Carson Robert spison; J. F0rman, R. M'
PMrwn, and Samuel ILllman pan. Jll(,o;
J SJS!r,0,,.bein- by ai! lhe speakers
he Withdrew it." -V -
About 9 o'clock the dnestion was put upon the
adoption of the report and resolution, when they
were unanimously advpbd. ... ;
the following resolutions ; were then submitted
ana adopted. : r .... ; . i
RcaoZrecf, That;the Chair annoirit thrM
?tTjrw piy?l.,hM ""HMJ m invention
td be held at Raleigh oh the.' 4th. Mond v i.. XV.
vember.nxt,. 1 t I . ; , '
Rcxhcd. That the
at Kutherfordloa onthfiiid MoDdav-in N,vmi,
- " im ill aj iiuiiiiir
JS?!57 t3 t.7j that rtfWSr
ny, ta made by an Encash aurbor Th
mFjtropr.htanjonmalsre akolltrlr
ruScal TV any. American pe;
nooieaj.. ihe rejrtcra nrv t.v -i A..
we hear be correct
fiui la nr f ' " "-T:.- no,r eefbre.ot, we
wile of rJ
tt'. ' T lvine k anecdote.
ton iqa .mciican haraiUr ti ' 'V7 wp-
. rum a fiBntlemen; i cistmW iuimir '
ineoce, whose writm-r. r; 'V ,rWT eia'
the first, " :"r7a?a wm.amoo2
. lwiorjf, aodvt ' Wh
country rabht he. hi, 71 :".! u r
was reW in a W r'
er disUnish fZEZir, - w IC0
his tamtV Tl". "Vw -;?rf5epung
. , iiuuunr a SKuatiiin ni
trniv " , . Kaowiodga to
by Larly Fradees Weddebnrn,
tlmronven.ion. . Lfr; :-.7v!?, '.- fUo ,adT tersioa of the
Vu . Beniwinen. ,were appointed by f JL.ady Weddebnrn winri. . i l
theChairmanynarsuaceoftheaboveresolution. derthe cflS S & T ...TO? 10 hbor
..., ,i iiien sworn, i
ucicjtjtw lo me, proposed Ksleigh Convention
-VIZ. LrOV. Ii. (J. Knrt TU n. j
-u. iu mj arson.
The Convention
met I affreeably to nnnoint.
mat on rridav waIt ti ct&A i. i
wh'...'. m. . i- ne
r .v.o.i1lx at l4:ill!Slrfil.ef ...1
defeudant i.bKo ; iu-. i - s . "V u,e
- ? ,5 Iell.S'nat the wall. Witriess m in tha
J - l .-. -..-4-!;, r- -
r.u -a-wj majaisun
then - in Parhi. The
ishe-J Ea4 "
tamed on the :fB. P.Cr.T.t FW
f r . J 'c" 4i eiecin. and
ftrs were exoressed that,! sbould Genel Jael!
son be elected th. .i."DU.
uiiuuiin n'ljt ihino .M
in con-
kA l.l!.. 1 .
thn t. TT.. " - ic ootwoea
and Jiis high handed txcrcjse of power
Jinced during bis command at NeT " ?
a ne necessity, on lhf part of. our informaaT of
. - e. vujlhu,, W6,8 sarxrr
peunties were , represented, to wit Columbus, nPJM.tbcBcaagbt liolioThltJnr
uumberlartd. Saraoson. tuAn fin.n..i, r and struck hr nthAr w. . .kL tlTV
Dim.' WnLo n.i: M... U . ' UhAT)rl t nrW.4..J .L. . MTf"u,CI1
r rni v. ' w-panuver. , -r-..v iUOu uu oy raising iter ftand, and
Ihe following 'resolalions were presented by haiuiawere Mack aM bltitr 'txohi
Josbtu A. Hii.t;and dn motion of Wit.r.14 e -of the blows wMcb Ifih r-JiJr
H. 11 atwood, of Ralekfh, refered to a commit- Phe Wggled to get away fmni iAn
woolen upon her like a tiger, arid one of her
maid servants,; who entered tKvaor 1 l m
7 MI Wie aeieaoanr, took up an umbrel
la to defend her. If it had not pon for . that
of intersection, would be. found as soori as the in
habitants Fpuldiaeej it was their, interest to
uieet ahe railroadat thosJs places.) The uav
iation of th streains has ; already, been suffi
ciently tested, but' no; general exient,.-fqr want
of ; what a tail .road to those points would irap
ply; r Froai .VVnim'inton to Fayette ville "tltere is
steamboat; navigation; the distance about 100
miles .This advantage, of making Fayetteville
th trting- pointls, that we'wuuld'save th$ cost
of 1 20 miles of; rail road from the' sea to that
point, and tjina get t market the
J tetw Jincre 18 coasiderable arf 4 P011111 H gt t; marnet the samenand for
r4tWehaserin Vis uunrbv Jl rJT i tba ft- The committe. will riow
U"i2 tBed aI H :WeacorT?h,ch Pbe arged -in favot of Beaufort.; And
biS! "d cannot, sue,the seller ieg;islature jJbas designated that as the
rbi:. ' l011,01 his. purchase .bv ? 'r'P?04 UT wntnl road, and have
sioll;:01; in ihose. wKM1 wrvly to-the'eily, ofRafeh, distance
ii:o mile,ltbe cost .estimated at $7000 VnuJe.
jjauopiing twsras:lhe ejiponum,of :trade,
we are; surf . of a good harbor or eca port town.
By changing ita dirct-tions r it: can . be made to
pass, nearVilnungton tand rayettoTjlle, fnji
both of which placed a rail road by Individu:
.cuKv-prisej rQight no made to intersect
:riuon intuoge who
t.-in-J . WSWerthp.' rnmr
r- -' I -
. . aM. . 2
"i S.J
Hi ;t,,'t- ; -j
w costn
com para tive-
oiur leafed bine it hand cn ad that
partlclow i'ayctteyille, asd would bo iiude at
try hrwoli which it) is to pals is
ly ley tl long leafed bine it hand
wmnMinicationhy means jof nij road and canals,
making the eastern and wistern parts cttlte
siate to approximate, extending from j Philadel
phia to Pittsburr, in the course of which "the rail
road will be made not to scale ! the lAleghany
.Mountains, btft actaally to enter amidst ils sul
terraean recesses, and in depite! of solid masses of
of rock, and other obstructions, has perforated the
mouniam a distance ot y 00 leet.i ln passinr of
winch the traveller is hid lor a space, from the
light of day. Emerging on the oiher side, he is
stupified with wbuder, at the progress bt science
and the Mness of modern enterpnze. She has
completed or nearly so, 1(500 miles of Canals apo
rail roads, and thisisbutj a small part of her
schemes in that way, arid will have expended
16,000.000 of dollars, ere she finishes her pro
jected plans. The canal from Washington city
and the rail road from Baltimore, both !W be uni
ted with the Ohio River, are undertakings which
will be successfully achieved, and will tho won
der of the age. Virginia has her eria-nantic
schorls in fuJI pr.-grees, her capital tha city ,f I T iil"0ea nP
Richmond is to lie united by canals and rail Ways ! LgB,ture to provide
wua tue jrreat Kanuwa.l and thshce ! with the
Ohio. But the.two instances of rail way Com
munication ..affording th greatest eiicouras-e-rnent
to Nfirth Carolina, ars those of PfcteiibuV
and Chariest!. That of PetersborffUg sixty
two miles Jong, extending to the falls Of Roan- j
oke, in Northampton county, and laidJdown up
on ctubankments with transverse oak sleeneri i
and suls, fyr the 'railing of the same material and 1
yellow pine completed at an expense ! of $,'000 !
tee composed of one rneW.rier
selected by the Chair, vlz ', ' : -
f. re-VYjiliamH. Haywood 1
; wVew- Ha7iom--J(eph A Hill.
t CuuiherlandB.. Strange.
. Columbia A. Troy. . '1 - i
J 'l Bladen William Jones. ' ' -
J Sampson William Ashfurd.
I Bmnsucick -F. N WaddelL
; Duplin .James Lawion
1 WhoTepiirted in faviHof the Rpnlntinna
Whereuwiu the question ivas taken unnn uh
Mgparateiy, ano unanimoiisly adopted.
Whereas, jn the opinion of this Convention,
the progress of improvBrnent in ihe State 'of
orth Carolina has been Wtarded and her gen
eral prosperity greatly itipaifd, by reason of
irre aistracuons which, hkve
lusher public councils, arpi4?
per rmie, anorcjtg a mjst
transportation for the produce of the yallcv of the
R;anoke. The Staples of that valley are grain
and tobacco, including distilled spirit from fruit
and grain. . The Catawba and Yadkin possess
eveTy species of produce which characterizes the
Roanoke district, which may be added her cot
ton and iron ores. The rail road from, frharle
to Hamburg, oppssiie Agusta in Georgia, is,
with the turn oats 144 miles lontr. is reared 11 n-
on upright posts, made of long leaf piuej charred
and driven ino the ground endwise, and secured
by transverse beams, on which rests the sills for
the railing, costing in the whole $90,000.
Those two latter ways are private charters, the
stuck of which is 30w above par. Amidst this
gala of our sister States advancing to the ffbal of
aj pcans ot mu-ntal improvement
what is the condition of our beloved mother State?
Nothing but her immortality could have kept
her from the crave, with the won! n!i!iwdn if,;
her appropriate inscription. Sickened J with re-
iuwill l .!. .I'll' . i. '.
jicu auoruota, jier cuiictren iook upon jher faded
health with sorrow.' thoufrh not mii I
The committee indulge the hope tha$ the God
of her destiny is abbt to give to her an 'invigora
ting caress, and send her forth amonrr hfer
teeming with those great and useful schemes ,f
enterprise which will mat- Wer mMi ritu
joy of her children, and the wonder of those who
i2ocef, That this meetixwr. 'dMinL'tf
Uag with, their f feUow citizens throughout, the
btate, upon some General Plan of rail road inter-?
commanication, offer their beany concurrence; in'
soch schemes- of internal improvement ' as may
redound to, the general interest of, North Camli-
loe meeting to mAA.2t ,
h ey concurred of improveingt interiims
municauoo Uirooghont; tbeStiteby ;meansof
rati roads, vet thev wihl . ii : ' j I
wiai ma commtimtr while ., thev vers ideKirote
m pnnioua5 impwyeraeats, Suggested j ia other
ces, party divisions and srctional jealousies , and
wiweas, nothing enectal; or worthy of the
State can be accomplished without harmony of
feeling and concert ofactjoni among her citizens,
tnereioje, II
tiesotted. 1 hat; whiH -each section of the
otato should prosecute wth vigor such schemes
01 iLnteroai improvement is re likely to pmmole
its; immediate interests. iet these olins thanU
bejpuraqed as subsidiary "tt the greet policy of
oiaie improvement:. 1. j, , t
ttesolved. That the Dtkrates to the General
Convention, and the members of the Legislature.
i.J .LI :T I t . .
ayqu uisiuiuie in uaieirn. ouffht not. to meet
pledged to any specific rians of Improvement.
out in a spirit or compromise and nnojssinn. snd
. !. .i . r i .r-
ot iioeral and enlightened batriotism each ready
tolurrender his individual views toTpubl c opin
ion,. imaaiK prepared -to Mgaruice partial interest
Uicsotoed, 1 hat We look to the wisdom of the
a system of Internal im
provement, which shall be commensurate with
the wants of the people and worthy the charac
teifof the.Statet v I i ' . ,
pesfXvtd, Thit the rsources of the State!
an folly adequate to soch an sndertaking, and
an3 that the Legislature ught to pnivide at the
coQimon. charge, the meafs of acciuiplishii-g the
same, and of aSording el ecttial aid to' the enter
prise of her citizens.!
Qn motion cf A. Mac Rae. the Convention
umjjui nru tv mcri oi. uuii a Ajuugc;, ni nail
past 3 o'clock, P. M. wjieT refreshments were
provided,' and a number of the citizens joined the
festival, ; The Convention adjourned, to meet at
the call,ofthechairJ ,
Itt compliance with l otice from the Chair,
the Convention again assembled at the Presby
terian Chiuxb, on the 2dtnst. at. half past S
o'clock P. Ml Where": Delegates' frofn all the
abbya named counties assfmhled, and being call
ed to order, the following rcscluiions. were a
dopted: ! ! ;j.
Resolved, -That the thanks of tins' Conven
tion be tendered to the members ef t he Presby
terian Ctwrchl for politely tendering . their ball
ding'far thn'tr use. f '
Retobitdj That he thanks of the Visitors and
Delegates from the.adjoirfirig Counties, be pre
sented to the Citizens and Delegates from Wil
mirirrton, for their kind Ges4 attention; and i&
erajity, which ha3 been fcfowii U them during
their sojourn among jihem J ? ! j ;
' Resolved, That the thinks of this Conven
tion be tendered to the Secretaries fori their Ser
vices .t : y,) I j , ( . ' .; ' , .
' - Resolved That the thahks of thb Conven
tion be tendered to fessrsl Potter arid Holmes,
of Sraithville.an4 Cant. (I. Blanev. of "the U. . ..." Vt f' m .. - , -- '.
ccuinstance she believed she should haye Ibeea
Kuieo, lor she felt ;onviaced ' that Hhe object ef
the defendant was to mqrdet he4Another ; cf
7 iuoxui servants also endeavored to defend her,
when tfiedefendant 3 lookup one of the! Kail
chairs and flung it at her.- She called "Mur
derj" as loud as she could, and heriservarTt boy,
who had i run for assistance, retted with a
police-man, when twelve or fifen raM,n.
who had been tired by the defendant, rushed in
to tho hall, -j; . . , ' i i -x i
Mr. Ally, counsel for derenaani, fter hearinjr
this tale, asked j Lad y Weddeburn if shelhad
hitherto prevailed ? wo' .e replied is the affirmative
troin local preiudi-1 ' 1 hen' 1 aQ tostructed to say remarked I the
. . ? aHornev-i-'-tnalJ in tho -tn
engineers, tor ute nsoot tiieir, Steam Uoats,
the excussioa' to Smith ville . and Oak lsl-
. Resolved, that the thanks of . this . Convention
be tendered to the Chairman, for the able and
impartial manner in iwhich he has presided over wis way, ana t ior uis pairioi
icj yie ws of the great: work c Internal I iuiprovo-
i- i
On the iriaairocus adoptioa of the- 5th Rcso-
lunon, the .Obairman-rose and ! addressed the!
meeting, and adjourned
the Convention,
WJ (X L0IU, Seartoy
2d 183i.
aiiatan Advertiser.
WilmingtcniN; C. Nov
f, I JrfrQmtkem
From the Pmladbluhir Gazette..
Thoct accurate bistorUns and unpreiudiced
vfriJexs, MrsTrdbpe, Itts; Ravr Fiddler, ai4
your oath, did j he
awfuv-r wat4 in the statemedtyoit have
iaaoe, yow iae nof Oiie tcord of truth
On the part of the defendant, t was then
proven, that he was the legal owner pf the honst,
and that Lady WeddebtiM. ocbuDie;! it witbnnt
a title of authority. That thaRevJclerman,
in an attempt to take peaceabli- possksioa of his
property, ; was violently aeskuited by Iady
Weddeburn, and severely; beaten over the head,
and shoulders, ; with an nmbrella iwhick she
wieloed with great force lod skiiL , These
facts wer clearly adduced,- by defenliaant s Wit
nesses, one of whom deposed as follows
Charles Hall, stated that he was a Clerk in
the employment bf Mr Stevens, a broker; and
on the day in question be went to Make a dis
tress at the house in which lady Veddeourn
resided. Witness and the defendant entered
the street door nearly at the same moment, and
he saw the defendant receivt a blow! from tha
witness Ann Terry,
Mi C. Phillips On
nor strike her first?
WitnessDecidedly not He d& not ose
any vioience whatever; but in leas I than half
-.4 .Ai. ' i I it . .
a wwuuaiwr we gui m ne was attacKed by Ja
dyWtddeburn and her two, servants. Lady
Weddeburn; was herself vefy active' with the'
urnbrIla, arid called iapon her? servants to mur
der the ruffians. The defendant nad bo weapon
in his hand, and merely raised his arms to detend
y oiself from; the bbws aimed at him. .
Do yoa mean deliberately to swear that all he
did was to put his arms Dp to defend himself?
n uiu uuuiiuj tuuio iuau uoicno Him
self, j j' ". ' U ' 'J wl:
On your oath, did yon see Lady Weddeburn
strike a blow ? 1 cannot say that I did, but she
mad use of abusive 'epitaphs.' b'
': And what were those abasive "epitaphs,"; as
you call therji ?-4-She urged on her two naids
to th? murdeiouitattack en tho . defendalnt. 1
Did yod Iiear net cry"M order ?" did."
Wa that Iwhile she wis beitiag :tfie. defen
dant with the. poker? I ijah't "say the was
fighUng away as hard as she co'lld. - ; ;
Cnforlmate Occurrence Yestefdkv afor&-
noon, between eleven and twelve o'clock, during
divine service in the Catholic chares, in Aon
street, no prtonat -;ifteoo of. conftlsion tras
created ha consequence of an alarm thalhe walls
of the chapel; was falling; wUch previ4uslx been
cratrktd by the digging of a fbdation for a new
buUJinffby tljie Sid ofit, t eight feet deeper than
the foundation of tho church, v i'he appearance
of these eracxs,and the fact that the west side
of the chapel; had settled full nine inches, proba
bly occasined son e misgivings ' fa the. miuds of
the congregation that the building was'not alto
gether safa. j. The immediate cause of the alarm
however; was the falling of the tronr cash tn the
gallery, which instead ef eliding up arid down,
as is nsaal by means of pullies worked eoa a
pivot so as to he shoved out byj means of a stick;
and when it f fell it rebounded severii times,
making a terrible nose like the cracking of mor
tar and frain-Work. A cry? iastandy arose torn
several females" in the gallery that the 'church
was falling, which was re-ccboed by a general
shilk and a roahing for the ifovs. Qne only
was open and not being sufliciently large to per
mit - the pressore to pnss through; ' the- eonse -
quence was, that a great "aumber of .females,
children and old feeble men; were thrown down
trarapl2 under foot, and severely injured A
bout ten or twelve women in their freight jumped
from the windojvs of the gallery : to thf ground,
and it ta saul that two; had J their Jegt broken;
ataij ere&tj
the whole cf their (riaia atn
wPU rKnown lor h frank and" frallaiie
fnu!?Cle:- hnientsou6&
m the attack of th Rih ri. : n
eiL .
oer on-tcat occasion, and dls
o nsthe poinded 5 IS in.hV :
ter?afS other wisaTbS. ,
hlltl v1 com Gen. , Jackson .V ;
ItadljwnpwnMycOTrtcoasandhHm .5. ;
support this asseraunbired leave tomenfJ,!
cireamstance. He then f rticeeded msute, that '
onheday after tha ,atuck,i the JBitsh ' were
permitted to bary their dcad. itV:. 1
tlmealhandredortwtyafdsin adyanc I
ot Vf en, Jackson's eatrechments-U . within ; !
uoBOMiigMned by the -Americans thm.
Selves. : AS Soon as lhia unJnU .1-... .. it
performed. th$ BriUsh General wa-inml.i -f. !
receiving a flag, with the swotdsepauletts and !
watehes of the officers ho aJTal!n, 'and a U
notfrom Gen Jackson, oduchal in ha , T
courteoo8 lanfttaffev savintr !th i
2lllfitt'TVa cftlt mi.'-- 1p ; P ".
-j ukowisi uu ui ouiRfit search
wasjmakiog, and Kwhen f,uod it should be nt
u-Tnf'sV4ysl Ltir oh--jectsof
plunders-were rescued by Genu Jackson
and thus handed orerwiti, a request . thn they
migt be transmuted to therelauves of the traf-"
lanbQcer3, tq whota they had lieloriged. . T. .
rjiis anecdote, and the Jfrahk "and siildierfike
style in which U wa given, turned tKe whole
current of feelipfF in faref of Ik r.n) . , .i
drew( forvh an expftiss.njjf 4ppJUCcf from all
parMof the table. ?y&' yS
formf nt, -I "felt a flush on my cheek, and thiill
of prMe throes my bmai.4 Un my heart I ;
u'au vW ' General fat provmg; bj tlu
chivalrocs act, that tha'dyfenikrj of Ijqt try ,
werej above4he sorid, (nelini of morcenary ' war- - 1 v
lare.f Frcdaricksb'jirg vlrcnk. "V ' " ,
ETery y y acquainted with the.hisiory of the i
iuperor xAroLEo roo ilcts the dreadful
explosion of the iiifemal machine, which was
placed in the street before his carriage Uo he was
on his way to the Theatre; A !simiar attempt on
human bfe, to which we have heretofore alluded '
was recently made in Rhode Island. The follow,
i ng letter, addressed to the publaher of a Prbv:
idence paper, explains the design and details of .
this hefarious plot. The whole busmess as yet.
is veiled in mistery: - v s r
1 4 ' ffatcrhjOci. l0iiflW5 .
DeHt Sir-iSinee my rettirn home I have
Cross Esq respectianr the Gov. ? Vilcox trunk. u
They;went down and opened the trunk arid ray
that it came to this place in the sloop J"clo Yorh ' '
Capt.J Robert Browni Jr. and was taken from on
Iby Et jW. Babcocld who is graodsori .
to Gov. Wilcox, and by liiml sent in" the mail :
carraige to the Governor, wh4T with his wifei put
the troak on the table, t They then 4 took' the ;
letterj which was tastetfed on the top of the :
traokfilected to'Goe. 'E4mar& 'iPUc&r, 'Chmti ?
ton R, I. (wiTir ' cani; ako tiiis bidc cf,")
sad opened it. The letter arks in subsiance t9 , -follows:
. ' a i-vj -1-
;Z Dtkm GiAirnMotHira. have
mrtsent opei the trunk aid keep it till leonie &o .
ne wvemor umoCKbd the 'trunk, and his wife
proceeded to throwback the cover, wheri lber .
found it would not readily open, and. after on
or too polls opon the cover, it opened enough for
them to look in when they sa w the instramehts
ciDe&ht "i;::;.Vii, - ',XJ-
The; Governor, then, or sobnafter, CTrne ;to
this vilfage and informed his ArraadAKi El V.Bab-
eock 'bat his brtrther, Benjmm. Babcock; thfew.
York, ! had sent him th trank is 'dvntvA.
E. W. Babcock went hcKne with hun aud readily
'discovered tb3 letter to be a tM&ifTh waolo
affair rnluiod a;.jcretrfUl within s lew days,
when it was thought best to make a near attempt
to opn the trank. - ' ; '. ' .
Col,1 Bro7a says, he took the! troak u hitlei it
into ;tiie tardea iiid opanid it sj as Xi ljk. ia;
took a mir of sissors, an J cut the strings, attach
ed to toe triggers of the jxslo, and opened l?
says one of the strings was shorter than the oiher
and was a weaker one; and ia the first attempt to
pea it thty broke too of the atranccoriseqneatlr
it stretched enough for them to looking before it
began to mor the stronger one.' which If it hid
not, it mast have destroyed the1 houso si all in it
as the powder has been weighed and found to be
25 pou&ds. The ' pistols were budi loaded with
balls. - V . -i - r
These are all facts jhaf have came to mrknowl
edge ;KI need not tell you that tha Vd written
in nasu ... i
i I- -
: Tpry respectfully, 's
I remain vour ob't scrvt
n n'rntTm.tvftittP'
lo a late adverusement (or the bale ot real es
tate, it was added in a postscript is ordtr to'en
hance the. value of the .estate, y that tbcie is ro
lawyef within fifteen miles cf the place. We
tbwld like to lire there. .!"' . 1
F .
j 5 -
i. 'At..'
It .t - f j
E i
. s'

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