North Carolina Newspapers

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l&pT hbp was cled'1 rWfW
ICO-fl iiii ;-uw5UffV "MinS..:Lnn& Ca,
: : j ;Pet4nson Norfolk
;rff ho ta a. seme 4 hw fjJ f ".
thBseTanaoofir had were pared, teen
m : fl ;. t Ar;Ji me house-: 00 :tha.i)09le fiflevf
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? txwus young1 nueeoaaw mjki r n" "
i i!and materials, whale the taiier faved nothing.
The fire next cauiht and !(iWwiH?
iiousf omtowJ by the esiaieciflir. v-
honied bv Simon! S, Stabfs j Esq;, as aa Attor-
! rtrv' Mfb hi.unrJ) U tied .
i.'Hodes. and Mr. jTibpias jman SaddJersjand
h lisriifss Makers, i witn v,rf ,luUC!? 4""
'.J v.r ttA mods! of these Iren tleiiennwpre feav-
jesji' their loBs'is'.aaifl to.;beposiraMe -tlere
s the fury of ths Uames 1 was fuiectuni ;u.? ijiu
liptf frame houses exieuding j hirt ;one fdoor
IcViletUey's 3uildmj. Wnffy GfNewton Esq.
iaod occupied by Mr. J- ARofff, iphaaHAUM
Mf. . Cselin, Cablet mfkpf fandpir;
Nl Brauclair, torberjShte
fsHed o prevcia rbesbTea io! thf fir'f : While
thls vm it destTbctin wjprTfcssing toithd
Vestwat of Bousb's Lajli tb flaaes kere
ticking rapid prioress to th Eastward j of j the
4hotisl3 which the lire 'brlke outy sweeping it
the r Mian the whole rooL tntmi aweumgs
and BUops owned bf M 4lv6
VEs. and Difr.
!! Aridrews;bp larldfLaf e ind icjupi-.
d by 51 r. Robert Gordon Pewreljor and Siver-
j,!oMh; Mr. U-! -uy. viivsiuuiier
hitman, Sdd.;rs aadiUf Mikr:;::-tfliza
Wilhatu?, (col'd fWotJwtrer;;tl4rl F"
J EmpncK, Cuppcr-sinitn ahlia f latef, MA C.
JRrandi. Jewtllerllhe'tamiN lr, Rijllad up
' . T..lJ... I Xf'rfl ftarKpr i lit tht
cofner of thehnendthetrj plral ViCfpnt.
The t wn sturf frabae blbusapp n .t)i t $. W
three iojal'erUeneuientsi vfried by D ct;An-
dfilws. Werttakio destrovcdl !TJV!is of Itihe
I khoTa tenants to Jibe iLasli Mliolsb5 litnV is'
,1 copsuletaNe, trot canovl MxapvtygaawriaHiw ai
n, 1 During. the proeress.of the nre 1 the beatjwas
i Ki intense. aa to aboidi too; ikibra a and windows
itit ths ran to of new brick buildings '1
the North
Vide of thef trtet,jseTElbfichlbeween jTal-
. Ilofs Street and the FiraefsltSanc, toOK nee in
if the dortnarj, c. irour ine.ijprecs of name wauEa
lofer them from the burning ruins J on the other
"side. but did not sustain muci jother Jamae thaL
I ifthat Deinffdiafired;-BIiibn. 'I . ' 'j r
urFiC( ounaay nignc, ociock-
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.Ibdos of the m ;stbustibiejaia7ctBr wU ra-
itttdlv drttruyea; in? aaines pommupicateq mence
p , ;neyOmce;and by IrBf f anxas a Wrery
I JaiiS crockery Store ;Ir. Wf
, U TV wnei aweet-ta); roeI an! otleigotod.
Theneaf doomed io destruKwIs the!
r : ana
V V 1 1 Awut two 'Uqura Since, wneu our. paoer was
't esrlyread j' fur Kress-aoitia!am-pXiire')ras
I ' friyen, whicii proyed' to b iji'l PtsmauihJ it
' " ' 'A Wteout in ibiiier's shbj tf ' ffx Collins.
f Co the dwelling- luuse, bf "Ii,C jjini- Iront.Jand
f I ;thottce 'ur the dWUlic alldjistoiq 1jf Tapley
I t'Webb,' Esq." and a fwiiiel housn idJwning-l-aH
1 of which were cogsuisea.. ?tHe squall'l fire jjroof
L warehouse of -Mr. 1 yfcbrjaeffellifli bbposin a
rrterblts cres a!yiim
t ejent action of U: a Engine Chitties v Ports
! v.".. i- . - - ' . "1 ' l 'iti'lt . II- !
the fire fronv extaadlaa ta !jafiet-ilii street
savct aui iniinepftiyi w ; properly,
ed&toasre ia verier?atl 'fhe strpets
i with goods aQd fiihriuie,: jhauciijjaf
t be 14t I br t ieatlv, Injuredj Ve
which iuust
- nave;.no: rooui iiur - iiruierparitc
- r iv3, whichsliall be gtyea U morrow, 'i f il
i , fife in PoWniAJ4ye Iwerej preten
, Jted by; the ioemea Uweater jesteiday
' j' -vfrota paylrtg a UitW &fes?i;bf th coiiflaraiioa
J la PortsaaWthaVdnedl p.Waw!, however
seveial dtizen'ot jat pae?iste1rdai mpricg,
I ' but did cPt learn fpiol;theniHy flrther parttcu-
, ruu w iiw bai:ii oj ue.oauiagf susiainea.
propertyj and their batdy eaterprialng labors were
eli . and appreciaiiirby many vihoseiDTonertv
t&Sf rescued from ti&Uurfa ij ceuieilt, ifC ,
The wwly cbhstWtdjp i
,.Kavy Yard, rendered 4liuipruatfstjrfces
1 5 while the! ftesoiutlKi Ki0'.fknaay vffcru
1 I inoutbV tinder 4bbeffoi Clpt.-UOrice,
i 1 cave a fine simulejbf w fit jolat 'to ejected bf
good orjni2atto4'anil :dUlelgu,aeTlu leople'
f; tf, POTtsmbutUUpeikn :titp temsoj(hli-
, ckid USCRlpil
l)ry Gnods
t it rcswence. f It.ii.t sv,-;
rii Pcrtsniouths there ia toQmoch reason to
rnrdrittM late' Confcntlona af the actut soma
vieincendiaryaa ootitujuo beukeot 41
is, ifta oay in ; vu wu5e .wvAu nJSCtuet ont
lV . t: i. .fc- iJ..:L'l :..ii:i,fiii ' . i. h .
I Hated.'. We caa hut JbUWth inbred villainy
I that in sorh' anhwUi of aiilcaoncuuld tjefredato
I cn ueirxwsoi we uqioiiuuaie sucerera. iueces-
oSion andcoucern btthe weUira bJ: iWltow-
' -ctti2ensia Umebfdaorafdiah
f i j i-' - lachaent of arUadCTs cjd of 22 Md-
i t :; sbjpmen;.ti:Tendcr an . asjiiiiaoca intheir J bw
' . " cjfJ They Wereilbsiruuientl
f . i PWpef ty, and their Kaydy eltlerorisW labors were
x ; u wonana tuaaMuiaesjot lHea
f l-'from Nori&kaitd.gCrtW'ibbj -Metive.-cttabcs
- rrl ibaiihlide,wKb1olli
, f Inour.haatyV.ujipIrd
i; he inferred tbC-t&aotts3etdifltniot-.ri
Jpfthatlowhieh tbfiribemiitldiwas :occun
Mr. tdih'ktatialyJi Va.shbuldrhae
adrfessti aqd.Jenkiu as a
-btutei abd by ilji JeoMns aa V laridi
The most eierrirj punr?nment .shcWKatteod
t.JedeiectUKi offsueli miscreants. ; ijt
'f i--:
iff M Witti Hns Nlefnever & Broil
n. r!;tni vii fremenis 'far their
fnndly visiiera tod "others, are ; much; spoken 4
cf. Deacon, Jcv.-
1 r ;
i V5k the altentf the foUowinTrmarkibr
'dlaa ofNetotfe; btit.aj tbe;almnM matm
: i-s i.t. mrnmpnri
tbMi?&rparamonrt irtancj.
nken oferervae apd rtaato.-U, S.
j i fo" it ftfWitWpr mind
nor niorals, ejaca-
41 orraannlMwltat elwtions, may to
mm J nd relfhafffi' as .the regard of his
erti H HeSrini)t ffnssly, repi-eslvrado-
ly and-holdait Jaipiifpntlr.M: f111 ofrlC,
r;r &, rftfiniijwhoad reason tpbaast of hae
rtuWaiertte'iwif' 1- h'mtelfl upon Ittflj po
tica! prinlliln ovto i a!ferri
ii4vdeRT)ieta catch thecrdmbs
t.u ir.i4itii!'l mUcr he who is tirM at L
hcinff in whatl. datfw an hrttfifable , rawori
vaajiry the,!im? cf his rp-
niftiits WMVhtin$any faiti in their ho:ity
i wortny th dlspicabld1 Cite that - awaits hi n.
that of bdncaitonijbn ihp first; reTolutiori an l
tttrnofthej rwl&caiawhpel. VeJQftet many
at Tammatiy; aii this "day; f men- who tvere
leaders in the b federal ranks raya whom we
hare mt as'pirtmcaiiioppoijrTMs ai.
' 1 - . , . aTnrl .IIJiriTinrT 1 fl
t. Safh conyerts decrsve theai
Selrw and t depute he country. They have
bjeea vary, kbnsfntttndef the present aJnjmis
Jiratioo, anii bayH put old rrpoblicans awde1 and
bate strppsd tati offi3 af but;wbat is
iho rn1t?i Tfi troa men have ueojme disaf-
(iHJtpd, and Uke thi' field (or 1 refirni; and -the
next admintltW i?in.make ;a sweep ofevery
invert Wbdlai boibrae w.for the sake orof-
fice. i irjm ' . ;t ' V' !"
The subject of jointmy one side or poinpver
to another Without reference to principle. ia
suffideniiyytellanchply; but there . is as evil
which now is spreading - far and wido over , the
country; and Msve ttie most injntioas conse
quences to the real independence of our citjzens
Lwe alluder tbfttbeast hrnnber tf applicants
for office.; Thola' .W$ haTO;; minagedjto seixe
the reins of power ere unwearied in thir exer
tions to raike converts, by holding forth induce
ments for trienJ joi their party, and as soon as
they are cnained to their cars al hope of liberty
and indepAnderwd is lost. ', If rain is unfortun
ate in buVihess.f Instead of throwing himself on
his own resources and by renewed industry and
energy rffgainirisr his lost groundsels! advised
so ask for ph office, and you see him - a euppli
rarit at the inoii of some influential person, or,
iangeron at ward hotels, an 'ajtfve- partisan at
the pijisj pf V ideclaamer ! at . tsnblic ; njeftuns.
Jiould he bo so; nnfortnnate as to succeed he
bots on lirerv and becomes tbef vassal of some
i ambitious lendr 6r the ;homb!e ! follower of some
Il:. J U tf . ' 1 1- i ; L
Stronff or innueauai 1 person, ne is in f-os.iani.
ietror of losing h:isof3ce by th treachery of his
own friends boshould he stxcceed'ln- holding it
for a few yearsso?na change takes place in the
administration, tnd he h i turned out, poor ajftl
and befpless; thy . talent, ability? and -industry
necessary for cpmfort and competence, Ke has
exchanged for a public station which? ; parses
fromhirfi pf'ibaly some, unworthy object. ft
is better to open hyeters, and to whefl a barrow,
and earn a! half 'leaf ef iread by honest 1 lab-jr.
-than to bereituied in the miserable nneertamty
f holding jan oflSce. f He must play false to get
it, and surrender 1 msnly independence to , retai u
it. ,- v I s r. '- -f' I
The result of thisrmistaken zeal and anxiety
for offiwt has produced "an army of incumbents
and expectants, and his army is Amoved by the
will of one rr twb persons, the deposites of pow
r and this ralinj? the country by the potronage
of the people jor by an abuse of its pstronae
will, before lon produce a revolution in political
affairs vt It ich will be sadly oyerihelminj when
it overtake its victims." ' "1 ' t !
The fultowinj letter from - New Orleans; nb
lishcd. ia thflCNortberfi papers, furnishes a gloomy
account of the w4y is which thing) are managed
in that city:: ?k" T ' 5
wT?bb taken fsicknn New Orleans - is, "I m
say to die i Yourchancff of escape is one to fi .J
and in that situs' i,n I place myself. The diffi
culty of jjettin a ;giod nurse renders the sick
mail's situation truly 'horrible ( confined, as is fre
ouendy'tha case; ia'sall close roou a calomel
Doctor calling everyihour or so,- Sod orderinaf you
at each visit thirty or forty ?rains-fever racing
i reason itself gooes 4here you liejvith fifty
leecnes on vourempies. aione aouar apiece: a
black cMnaa wfijrf looking.' nurse 1 grinning at
your bedside, and wishing you' out of the world,
(though, getting tin tfoUan a day! 1) so that she
may 'steal what little- money you, have and clear
out. In the' Dom- next to thatin which ' I lay
a young maa wbd had been hied, in the morning
during a paroxysm cf fever tore oT i the bandage
and wim tne blood snoutaicr from his arm, a
armed the nutse, and who ran down stairs for
help. .Rre she returned he.fainted;' on the next
day e died.? A. short time previuo to his Jeath
heard Jiini prayings nay:. fifgEnsribr a. glass of
water; bui as he Was swelled . with c&lorhei. and
water was prohibited, he died without it ! .
4 Oft the- Pbyslciatis of f Xe w ' O'rleans ftake
mem geneiaureacn one nas a ninereai . moie
of practice -v e nave the Tcaroa , Dict6rs Steam
Tkxtprs, tbe Calomtl and th6 JViii- Calonid
Doctors; 'ahd among them, 'somehow or another,
Ready all die.' flhw is a lam en table, fact too
well known, here! to v create any. surprise by its
announcement. ;I have had- some little op dot -
tuutties of seeing 6omeiliing of their mode of ad
ministering medicine, and added : to at callous
sense of humanity, they seem more like demons
nuu? roiaiotenug- wigeis. -uamiag inus WUU
death and the poptors, the poor j suffering pa
tifnt at last yieldk- pp his spirit , without a sigh.
Then comes the 'Court of Probates to settle up his
affairs.. 1 1 can better illustrate thislnefafictis in-
sututionj founded upoaconupt prtncaples, by a cir-
cumsiancB wuicn leu unaer rav own noxice. . A
l " v ' j i .iLi1
ey he had (300; was In Bank the bills of ex-
weat W Hank the Cashier sent her to the
Wrt:.laTts;.lothttYt-' of "the busmeis I
attended Wjslffirst to employ i' lawyer! then
ke:;Our leuejs of; AoinUtratioh;, after the
TTneri the apxintrnent of a" lanrer ii. 4nrwnt
aUenfhtvrt, when ihey) Were tuldfW were.
wurc '.iiiu, lea. r-as to . be jxaid. ;-t rhen ta
payjwo;; appraisers uf the1 furniture. t;Tben to
payane noiary, lf uktng the inTpatyry, -.Then"
the llegutet . olUce and last, lhoogb not least
tue uoutj oi :ii.-tatca. itself!,.' MrJSdiuir.i
Will not enumerate the eostvuur! tianiA iht sum
the Widow, had to paj, to getihe $500, cut ;ilf
inui mcreiri left her H.'siiittm
You ask la thisthe way ,we do basincs here?; .1
that place, dnder th? nam f Jackson men , not
beinr willing lotidcp the distinctive appellation
that N: libngwarth, Ksq.lis entitled
to the: premiura,: f loA rich! hc;ht
yiie.inadjTrom;ine4latawb grape
evaJdr4 ja jleliu township
Wj4chw& prpri6ancpfl 4 Superior to
two samples oi wine exiiuitea in
corn peti ti)!nf aicertaiiwl 'af tf nrds Hhriislinvin jbf high repu
tation, the Joharinesbefe
ehheimef J irnprtrted;bytBbker,
Nqw. ; York. 1 A sample bf i Red
wine, from a nauve;gMie, was al
so producpd by Alrf Longworth,
which, in 'the bpniion of thel Judges
wants no'hingk.hut'agc to place it in
fair . comparison with Tmany of the
well known wmes of ISurope.
Dajtiel Gano,
iliithan btonc,
V. GJ Marshal,
I J. S trader,
D. Horn,
I). K. Este, ' ;
Th. D. Corneal, i
J. Si rra4troiig
Wi H Ultrrisonl
R. B'ichanau.
?tf B. , jrhe bottler of wine were
all of the same size and sh i pe, and
.tiiet,J ud'.werfe ' nbt aprisefif dll
after the decision was malic, which
battle contained the idomeitic wines.
VVe cdpjt the aboV;e acriiunt of the
cmnau, priio, J:j j JVlr . ijngwortn,
riclily nikti1the! :;reinittm; award-;
c d him,t independently of the ex
cellence of the wines exhibited on
this occasion. For more: than a doz
en 'years he! has devoted his timeand
money, most liberally, Jo experi
ments withjthe vine, for! the( pur
pose of deciding jf-tHe long snooted
'Ai-I 4'!!r:T.l ; I. .
qtijestiony! jvhether, the spii and cli
mate of this; country I will roduce
the grape in j such gtiantitiefi ami on
such a qUalityi fiasco efiatde us to
manuiacture gooafs wiq:s nt&e
experiments' have been "nia le, and
aH still ! continued fby. Mr- sLong-
worwu.inrf regard to i the native as
well as I oreijrn wines, and upon the
best modei of manufactiiring wine.
As an evidence of the extent and
success 6 his effort, it may be sta
ted that from one ot hisfniue or ten)
vineyards- em!racing abbut tour a
cres of grnbnd, a fep tulles below
this city, he hnrs, tfuri ig the pres-
ent vintstGrci maniiiacturec nearsev-l
en v barrels of wine. f.his is prin
cipally from the Cja vlaa native)j
g ape, anil the tjlityfof the wine
corresponds With (Mat exhibited atj
tne late rair, lor wnicn tne prerai
urn was awarded; Wb take the
more pleasure in statink this fact.
at his vin
ty Agricultural Hociiety 1 published
in tiie Farmer, & Mechanicrof Cin-
il the hope, that It isORexalcil-li0 the preamble of the minutes, of the- proce
, . . r . 'i J if . ! .1 mi's .bf yesterday, it is thereon stated, that the
d to arrest attention, and direct! h.1U8e of reorpsentatives had met. a?reeab!v to
tne enterprising agriculturists oi int?
West to a ;new and profitable spe-f
cies of domestic industry. So (arj
as we have been enabled to patherj
the results of -MrVpLongworthfs, ex j
periencc j they may , be briefly sum
med up as follows:! :
1. That the grape may be . suc
cessfully cultivated in the v Aliami
country: : . fl . " ;
2. That the native thrives ;etter
and produces . better wine, than the
fbrngn grape. ';: "-'
3. That,Kamong.he native grapes
the Catawba has the preference as. a
wine fi rape. J:f ' 1 1 fili'-' ' r;
4. That the rearing of the yine,
and the matiufactiire otwine in this
section of country,1 may;be inade pro-
fiuble?;iiii mii.ll . .I Ml ! -
5. That by the -use of j sugar andi
aiconoi, itwo mgreaienis wiucn eii-
ter more or less jinto nearly all the
foreicn wine brought to this coun
Liyf, niun :.viAy;'.uv uau W,V)
not infehor to theUmpprtedj f
; ! Thie ihllujcoil GermfpiTatip
toi this, Stated wrthut he last fewi
years nasi given ut a cuss oi peopii
whose habits; kiy experience quali
ly theror.tneCUitureoitue
Thev are Mrieilyipporjdiid unin
formed as to the practicability o
rcannc uie grape in una cummy
Would f Opt tour f indigenous farmer
consult theiritoWril lilteixHnd' a
tne same time copieri;a greai layo
lipdd thafofeigillrs by 'embarkiriii
in their!: culturellof tfeiCTane?! Mosi
undoubted jffifiyiouliii-Thcipib-He
areilalrwdyff ihdebtettlitQ Ulc
Longorth for the zeal. and tmry
cv. wita wnicn lor a series oiycar
hei has IJpursue his J sutjjlect;
mayyet;i pejriprra j cniiimqre tacj
his' attention! 'Mix is Ic mbbdy iri
a plain andipcrspicious i manner, s
! j.JHn I l.-i li V
I winch .should embrace the irestilt of
ins uuuierous experiments, aim ircat
ottne proper soil, climate,; xpos
ure method 6t ctiltiirethe
kind of grapestlieli rrae3ocal
ti e? j and l finally the methoil o)f man
jufacturing the various kinds of wine
and! the kiridjof grapes from j which
each is' made We believe j that a
pamphlcl of this kin d, from the pen
of Mr, Longworth, would bej worth
more than all that has yet ben said &,
published in the United States up
on tfye subject of the vine and the
production of wines. i M
We have a not tier suggestion to
make, which is, that thejmembers
of our Legislature, at the j next es
sion, might "do the State some ser
vice'' by turning their attention to
this subjeer. Next tot that of mak
ing a President and boasting them
selves into office, we would olacc,
th i fostering of those interests.
which minister to the independence
wealth 'end comfort, of the people
at large, - Among these may be safely
named he cultivation of the
Suppose at the coining session, the
Governor should be authorised to
select some competent citizen of
, to prepare a manual for the
rearing of the grape and the mak
ing of wine; and that it should be
printed and circulatea throughout
the State, at its expense.; We
put it to the common sense! of every
man, whether this would not confer
; mop lasting benefits upon! the peo
ple man u our worthy legislators
were to expend as they most prob
ably will the same time and money
which this wo dd, require in deci
ding, whether the Great Magician,
Major Jack Downing, &dj&c. shall
be the next oecu pant of the "White
House" at Washington.
Since writing the above, we
have learned another fact,' striking
ly illustrative of the richness and a-
oundance of the vintage in this re
S coin. Last year, Mr. L brie: worth
selected in his principal Vineyard
four miles below this cityi the one
fourteenth part af an acre, from
which he manufactured 105 gallons
of wine;' H
CitieinMi CJiron.
. : ii ; '
I - ? :
j ; 1 August, November, ttlh, 1833
The annul message of the Governor was trans
tnittcd today to hth branches cf jt he General
A-semMynJ read. 1 snd it to. tu by njail.
X' thing wa done in either hous?, i but receive
in a- few Hbtices for the appointment of cominit-
j tees, to prepare and leport bills un local mature.
In the house of representatives, however, an
incident happened which tested thai complexion
of that body as regards nullification; fit u his:
on the 4th November, in thiyear of our
L rd 1833, an i in the 57th enrof theindepen-1
ujeneo ana jsnperigncioi me uniwa oiaies. mr.
Cooper, a tnember from the county jof Putnam,
who is renrf fated as a nullifier of the Calhoun
schtxi.!, moved to strike out the wod sovreignty
His reasons, in support of his motion, were
only Ija reception of what the nuilifiors of South
i Carolina had frequently advanced, respecting ihe
sovereignty ot the states lie insisted mat tne
peope were1 sovereign which nobody ever denied,
& that the federal government was not sovereign
which' nobody ever believed aid maintained.
Tn in geu ileman either deceives himseifor wished
to deceived others, with regard to the term
sovereignity as applied to the United States.
Ihe sovereignity ot the united States means
nothing more nor less than tbe soiereigoity of
the people of twenty four Slates, united togeth
er oy common consent tor certain objects, uui
this gentleman, with other numbers, in order to
v4l their ulterior views, have recourse to the
quibbling about word, which has placed South
uaroiiDi m an uncnviajie suuaumi. n wuuiu
seem by this moveinentthat the nullifiers intend
to take a oom stand .tor tneir oocinne ana wr
Mr. Calhonn. and to consider -as opponents all
the who do not h with them in their policy,
Winch lam sorry to find, is the dissolution of the
Ur.ion,aiid the formation of a southern confedera
cy.! pi Indeed this pjHcy hvglnsto be openly a
vowtfd; The motion of lr. Copper 'was opposed,
by merely statintr thai it had been customary to
designate, with the time at which the legislature
treatise rllic c;tivation
met, the era. and ihe era when tne ty Schuylkill Hail: Roads, which I am inform
thirteen original stsw s declared themselves iree ed work equally! well. Hie proprietors of this
and independent of the crown cf England, and road consider Ulas part of the great line of com-
sovereign, as England and other powers were.
And I must here observe, that Mr. 'Cooper Wish-
dito go fait her than even the; JNulhflcauon
Convention ot South L-arolina; which, in their
ordinances of nullillcajion, dated them with the
day ci the month, the year of the .christian era,'
ana :tne era ot ne inaepenoence ana nverexgnuy
of jibef Ui States at which thoe ordinances
were adopted. , The motion-oQAlrJ Cooper was
lost 67 vo4mgrfbr :riking out'and107 againsu
lie .fhen mide a moUou to add, alter the word
sotcrtignitu, or the United MattM. the word
''tespeeUvclyS1 which could not jphange in the
esi tne meaning oi.ine expression -t Ktoepeo
dence and; sovereignity of the U. States' be
cause oy me unweu oiaies, u isciear wiai me
independence and sovereigoitylof the butes wni
left are' understood. This motion was also lost
by 73 voung far- :tj and 91 against iti So tbe
ua iwraoeQ, ; ; ; 4 .
. lAArthimpsmra of tha Goreraor'iraii read
the members of the Senate repaired to tne Rep-
rratintauve chamber, and both: branches onited
proccded to open the return, and count , the
vtea ffiven at thVtate election for Governor of
the! Stkte; I It appears that AVilsoa Lumpkin
r&ftivui 31-591 votes, and Joel ! Crawford 23.
lrfi TOtei. inskina lanritv' ir LnmpKin
eeably lothe returns, 'fruja all ihe eoauties
4,450 but oy excluding the i returns ox, oa
t iser : iJvU, JJaker, ; and, lanon,
waica wcrettot aammeay w vetm assea
tlyf 03 ainti the-,nfIrail4tT oC their trans
nxilsiai, the mljority s 0Dlyj2T6 volcs, '
Nicw IMotJis ot l?iani2fs4Scvjeral years ngoa
farmer o Scotland, kept a gander who not cwly
had a great trick'ol wandering himself but ali
deUted,to!dd;iorih UiS gnesa to play! thn tru
ant and stray alnoiigthe forbidden i fields. Wish
ig to check this vagrant habit, the farmer one
sUy te?2?dt,.Ojj gander, just as he wajt about; to
spring nto tbe water, and tying a brge fi-thhook
to h leg, ta Which 'was fixed pait.f a doad frtjr
lv safferi.'d hiii ia proceed ,upoti his voyage of
-discery. V s T - -,;. s " '
;1 As had ben speried.iUs tit soon ctfnght the
wyff9reed)i fishwhich swallow ing ihe-dea l.
y h)ok, not My - arrested the - progress X the
astouislie.1 .gimier,;:but jtircett'him'pt'hVni
half a dozen syiuersets on tlo surface bf the wa
ter! ' A V ' '--h :'.t:'0'J?'.'i
1 Fr.r sometime the struggle was most amusing
the fish pulling, and the gandw screauiingjwith
all his might f the one attempting tswlai away
and the other ty. fly-r-tha gander at one moment
bein ducked lundet t ha 'water, and at nothing
castfng a ruefj glance at his srw white com pa'
ny of geeso and gosUngsv w!w eracklfd but thoir
sympathy for their atltct.Hl cap'a.n. At length
the gander proVed virtorirj3, aud Uraricg away
to the nearest shores lan Jtvl t n the smooth gren
grass oaeofthofinoit fish ever caught in r-?sh va-
ter.This ad feu t ure is said it have cured tho gan
ger fof his vagrant propensities, and he alter.
warBs rarely ventured Iro-u his own puddle.
Jf ew .AFFLtCAfiow of. Stsam. Wo have
already mentioned thoinvent'oa, by Mr. Murfree
of JCashville ota onw mode of applying the poiv
er of steam directly to the periphery of a wheel,
and thus dUpedsmg with the cumbrous; expen
sive and bulky; apparatos required, upon the old
plan, bet v een the generator and tho machinery
mteuded to be operated upon. This intrention.
however, deserves a more extended and elabor
ate tjotica. It has only been tried upon a small
scale, but as it "has, in that fTra- succevded be
yond expectatisi, and as the principle mast be the
same in large engines, there is noreaSxin to doubt
its entire succs in its pTacticil application to th
business of life.? We hare examined the' model
of ajsaw-dill, and seen it in operation, by raeabs
of this new ebbtrivence. The driinr wheel is
farmed as usual with, arms or spokes inserted in j
an jus ui iiuoi aou supporting .me penpoery or
riraup.m one edge or side 'of which are placed
a number of buckets, proportioned to the size bi
the wheel, and to the column of steaai intended
to be applied. iOne or moie pipes procxling
fron) the generator, conduct iho steam to these
buckets, and throw it upon them at an agle of
45; so that it teeape3 cootinually after produce
ing it3 efict, Without any re-action to retard the
motion it has crsated. The application may be
made so as to drive the wheel in any direction,
vertically, horizontally, or at an inclination;'
The wheel iri the model we have seen is t wo
feet in diametef. The saw-mill driven by it
is constructed upon Orerraau's plan; the generator
is 36 inches lmand 15 inTdiaraeter, furnishing
a ct)iu un f ste,am three & one-third sixteenths
of an inch square, under a pressure of fifteen
pounds The saw of this little machine cuts
about twenty -seven square inches a minute and
it is the opinioq of ibo inventor, that the same
generator is capable of furnishing a power suffi
cient to cat regu larly forty eight square inches
a minute. j ,
From the experiments already nnde, it is
believed that the generator now used may fur
nish upon this plan one and a half horse power.
. The wheel, When we saw it in motion, made
about? 560 revolutions a rainu.e, giving to the
periphery a vofocity of 3360 teet. The saw
made about 2S0 and the supply pump 240 strokes
a minute, the axis of each being-about 9 inches
hi diameter, soj that the momentum of the ma
chin may be esimtnd at about 4000 superficial
fret a minute. The great advantage of this in
vention is the direct application of the power to
thejwheel, without tbe necessary intervention of
any bulky machinery. So far as we can judge
fro a the experiments made this importent objtjot
is filly attained 4-J XuhviUe Banner
AVe have received the last number of ths "Me
chahics vVagizihe and Register of inventions &
improvements," published by Mr.D. L. Minor cf
New York, ani take great pleasure in recoil
mending it to the notice arid patronage of the pub
lic! It is one ofl the most valuable aud interest
ing periodicals fithi which we are acquainted.
and may reaa- wun equal pleasure anu ad
vantage by the man ot science, and Ihe practical
mechanic VYes give the following extract from
au article on the subjects of "ilail Roads and
ioebmottve Engines," the author of which, we
are iiifarmed, has lately, visited several of tbe
most important Ut ail Roads in the coumry with
the view of coilecting the- most accurate infbr
mation on that Subject, loose interested in the
success of our work, will feel gratified at the tes
timony here offered as to its advantages.
I ireiersourg j. xmes.
'The last object of ray tour was the. Petersburg
and Roanoke Rail Road, in Virginia. This Roau
is -:now completed from retersburg to the Roan
oke, a distance; bf 60 miles. The grade of the
road, with' the exception of two or three planes,
with an ascent Of 27 or 80 feet per mile, it very
favorable to the use of the locomotive engine;
.nrt their suecess witn tft is kind ot novver
success with- this kind of novver has
rnot Hieu nrpassed in this country. They have
tnrea engines upon the road, a part ot which
i w.i wp&n wwk oDwards of nine men ths. and
made their trips with as much regularity as
could be expected from horse power. ' One of
those, 'the liverpool, is probably lor her weight
the! most effecUf e engine of the country. This,
and one of the other engines . on this road,
wejre constructed by M. Hurry,' cf Liverpool,
1 vvhe has also furnished two engines for one of
m jnication with:the Charleston Rail Road, by
Vimilar works tlirough North Carolina.
, fThe oDenind ofithe Charleston ItallRiad
1 tol Aumisii which is advertised for the first of
I October next, in connexion with tbe two line of
gttnboats now 'being established between New
York and Charleston, and between NoUolk and
Lhafeitv. will. IwiUithe exceotion of the short
diltancerom Abgustajto Montgomery, complete
ti, facilities ofth great line of . communicaUon
fidai bustoa tol New Oi leans, and I venture to
predict, that befpre tbe expiration throe years,
j mail will le transported from this city to
i W Orleans in the short space of eight or nine
jg, & that to lyoid the rigors of aorthera winter
i anp to the stnnyi rejnoas otthe south will
- become asscommon as the visits from that
quarter to the north are in the summer."
I f3ut the most gratifying part of the details-
I sad that which, as an American citizen, and
J niearef this kreaf reuoblicJ inosv flatters my
Vanity is the iroad recollectioii that the. whole
I of this trip,ocS the city of New York to Saratu..
I g frni " Saratjjgato theiuteriotW Virgiriiay
I near the North; t-arolina line, and, thence ?agai
1 td this ty; making the distance ' travelled; more
1 than 150U miles.' was performed bv raU'ruail and
a - 1 the e'.nduf stamboaiV which ly on the tmble
of j waters ol the ;IudsxMi Delaware, Chesapeake
i -uay.aoa james xuver wuaoui any latigue
I saennce, ol perscoal caatwrt, iq the short space
- va yux ivs, iciuam? oeatioa ex . noaia
or lypr oays, at the j difler y
roaSmg; the trarelUs? Urh1.imt;
whole dmtahce.
f; Xtalry Rlitor
I W m m U m arm w v lllfTI mm mi i W j-a rn
the;rapid ,rTOessKe5
wnmuaicationwhichan. :JK!te'tl
from ncwrth southi ahd frobSi?1
ine the great srenoes of iniert
mrt: orour extended fcohfrteraS- v
like strengthen the . bonds of on5l D4,rh
and give an additional gMfi ntf LJW !
and ; muaancy of our governniu
houis in our Cit'y last wtoA K
bamaf with instrustions from ivl rMi
of the
.... iamE iu inecoiitro,
atteniptW remove-the
lif!;ah reepr've.
ilary and civj!
authority .JSu
fjre lrs arriral
able! t odjust the matter ti, ,i
Iwth parues.; Tho . object of the
erumeni ne inlurmett us. waa ti
puanco wiiu the requisition of ther'H
ties of the Stiw, h tho arrest & d1
demanded by them, for the murder
ana lo endeavor to Droeurei ik' "VY
UniMStates-Court? FaCTmJSJ
of thenublio mind and thl
j isting ia Alaoama.anstillnV
I ly tbbe feared that taessFsSlite!
ment is effected, they wUl ailr W
less alike of justice or huminiSJi
The la&t Richmond Enquier coitivK
of the wtracticitoJ.emi
wise an extract of the intVmMr
which we lay before bur m&m.
Extract f a letter teMcfor jMxi
tpsk. dated October, 29JS;!i833.
Sir Vour letter of the U 1st instaRtf U
General Uacomb has been) iaui lf.
in answer, I have to inform yau thit
interposa no obstacle to thel i'rvire
cessr upoa anv officer or boHIm- d.l. ft
rnand, whether issuing from jbe CoaiJg
otae of Alabama brot: the Uoited SuSs :q
the ooatrary, you will give all aepessirf hci
to the execution bf such process.: i liij
"It is n:t tbe intention of. the Presiy,l
anyj part of the military iorc of tad
States should be brought iqto collisioo ii1
civil authority. In all questions ofiai&bi
it iSjthe duty of the former to saDmtttoM
ter, and no considerations" :must IntejrteWi
IT" therefore, an officer of ihe;Stife I
u. otatos come with
f . r - i
joutielt; or sy ofHcer or soldier bTyourta
you will freely j admit him within yeuf
allow htm to execute his writ ondnjturbeit! 1
Extract p a Letter frothihe
IVat, to Francis S Keyt $q OckSltl
" Vou have seen" by 4he ! letter Mittm
ajor cln'tosh, it is thelldetembiMii
Goverment to preserve theiproper tacffi'
of the civil authority. The: rniliUry fera 'H
ploypd by virtue of an act of Ccwigfeatf j't
cific; object a the ?exectxtioti '4 'Mil
follow the-directions of the JUarshallinjili
will ibe governed by your id vice1, ia itmM:
relating to the execution of their! duty V
legal Iprocessj Whether from t the Ciirtuffi
United brates. or from tbe State of Alaiaal
ouuum iu I o without resisunce and wiuwi
nation The supremacy of the erii
military ambdrityls obeof hefetdrli
our fnstitiitions, aod one of the $ulnr&&
Conptitutioa f The President ja4w
6oiicitioUit thai no act should be doE?, r&
this great principle. But ;-nJ thifA, 1
the UlawhaUand the Airttaiy furct i k
fended against ' vexauous ryceetnef id t
will, therefore, without delay; iajeverjf imx
where these are instituted agalNt" tV. j
Htv r i
tic AM
RidirHr Old Jmrbr IJMiriv iflfajsfc!
Lbrds of the Creation", have &4diea
i -.-r lmma kfcl!or
i . r - j. m i- -
deserved ex received the smiles df anectw
the fair, delJykt in recauatiijrsuehc 4n
as the following, wiach we nna ioa
f.rfton inat nnSliafiArntlttedtlhS ';15
GenUeman;' TLowrfi Jomi. y ,
"A mn MIA- a xtfMtr Wile -SWklk ID
tJbejealousof- a friend no cajuseds
mean to "ten sYuianw rv'
fAttr.A hut hvl md lock asked tMW
ariothpr aniiihlfl tnan knew bttter-1
do that wmr ta male her thinrefaX'f
did before voman. do any lAW? j
.7.. - J " . . V. . ,.IJ!iT4
her tell her Iw sure not to nde up 'Pi
great savage' wacu oog, wDuepu
see what'Jl lianceo. I '" T - , U"
;:Hasband took'friends advict-fraFfn
orders not to ride' .doi -wife
promised never rcampt of sacb a this1?p
of dog, tdo-don ha thought tfndio w
if had'nt been! told not Uusbairt mm
look at Towler directly-gave ton
frendly by - degrees-scratched (us Tw
his back lost all ieargoffll 'Mra
turn ble scratchedf her "face no ,j
him said sha rancied dog ndm
been something very pleasant, er ts?1
been denied to tier!'V;!. . : 1
recently, unuer tne j ep"1"! -"
Walker A5pERSOW,! in iuc "T.
on the Mine nnncioles.' under u 1
if the onKjrihr- 1
, x r ,
V aI.W 0tj .v.. w t m 9k
Drawing will be given :by f 83S J
ience and well-quallified TFft
liaveformly had charge of ;tW M
The Sessional otomehce euq.
f r
pf January, 1334. ;
Octolcrl37-5mlS i.g
The following jPf.i?
Caregoing ajpsertionitui
Marclu ; anti
torwara; v-r j
'Co J". :4 tfte
: Raleioh Star. ReopIe. -5'
Uon,) ObWrver (Faytev
fax.) , . i-
n in in
t. . r J ' , r
3 mi J
e r
1. i
- i
- .1
J t!
: i j itiuy P Mwi. ftrr- 3wejrvi K' i . '-S' u a plain auutperspiciouSi; waanert
; 1 1; i a:.i i ..j- l . -1 t - -;r. fw .J-,---- iu ii? - tit . . ' i Hi
r;.,i ; ; i . -i i-j'T. -Ht -. I jr-r t ,
i !
1- "V
' H"
s. .
- - i

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