North Carolina Newspapers

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at the twMal rates
ili is-hole sua
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iSf.Vtf 4.t borJ-0 to 8 per
SSJune n,' four weeks
Protest :irit:
Jutt Wh iheyt uwe la their cuoniryl Had them-
present session -oi f lhe Gene ral As-
Bemi47 t ttiiiSiatell ehlitfei! pU N1 ton
fchiflio-l pfoTiditbat alerloail
be 55e(itapplMntd to anj office jr.Pnt or
tiesSfitT4; (shall UJCethe &Dcwing i j;
' i Ijleinolf swear: ir affiral f w"
be flllbf; and traekllegian6 bear; tiftifi State
of S'litbfjaVolinjr, 1oo'-i;'I ahailfcpotuea
eltim 'ipt-Ufamfat14iiiii:" daly f qualified
acoliujtuhhe Conilitqtjiia of tMmhtiitio ex-
indltati wilL to tlii? ties! bftmy -aijiititJ dl
crerDei chosen ,r apppintei jo janj-pifice,
the ;tiberhif art (paififprjafifjatior)
ihatlia ; dp':441ij5ed Swcoriilf tol 'th
C6fisiitaun-bf 8aid vtate to erse lhl f pSiS
to1-wUckii'6 ba. Jbeejnn elecieii jpr a.i!oi .ac4
thatBeItto"te fesi utfaisbiruiebl dchsre
the Jiiti iKeeeoli and that he will; f preserve!
protect alid defend jthe Copstitutioo if t this J
Statkciof Ithe CJnileJ States.? IQ tliereibra
edj tWat f tie will he ftiuifuljand " true I atlen-
Dcario ine oiaie m ojuw oarouuA: Bom-
i. E
ooi!feset iCrjsptutin thou j tli? uhderaigued
'broteit ai!ast!said atnenduient becaaS U3 cb-
iHt?f4?d to secure tu tii btate,
(ijedieocc 'vUich wcjuistent vith
gilil SSihl at Nip ace, asdestr
SplvtHlSiHltf about tber hour
tt&ttt&fcSej aRer ins not Known
KBWhmetir Wiiwu except a uuia
M Prlrtkfci was f estab4
yiF JiAn& bfthd Rev
tliviSMrli'inaiUl'wel learfi" that !Mru
diiK wm ttecmra;eo "onttie liunk
J)MiMjlas maiiiiKCTioft to the f I. of
Eaht'iif VSirirUi with? tlielTreasurv Denart
ten, BJDfl qccouncxu" j vqe rtJiaovai oi ine
e&dCrcStoViig John W;Green,?one of
JSfof he ioiirt fof Appeal frorti
$M lal rrjseqiieric of fprptracted ilJ
Miiffias fliquinBc4 him, physic-
han't1 on; Thia ho ejected: and ;
raed a clamor w h tcb lockil v broach t them
from a partr who were atrallinsr firer' thtnrraaK is
y was raten oat enseie,?atiq,iine;pine
nearly so,- bat buth were soon restored bjtita:
ly applications!..? ' ' ,- ulluT-f 4"
v ! Boston' iftfinttf; I r !
ject iaVtiaed py the'paih or . affirtniin- paow
presonbdby Cj4 Constitutioa-U04! j M W;aT
menanien ijinereiDrG; unneesarjiiujiixiean
in 2 and iooxpeaieut, and calculated miy ut (ren
der thtald catb or aitiraiatioo cf usdertain! anc
doubtful rvlte" -mi'i .It M i:' f '
I 2Jff (ie jprppp8me&4auiQtv le';opstued
to iulopsc joo cfii jers . Israfterl to 'becbosoa or
appofdtedaii' tlatioh, or aUegdeljihfbnbist
cut with itie Federat'Constitutiun or tho taws
and lreae8 pa4& ;injf pursualcoV ihejeo--in
the uijderlgqe j protest agaipst. thej j)ji4-be-;
cause the same is in this reWpect f uncoriStitu
itiudafinu id void -junder tpe;repen oath,
6ur!ciii2en eiigage to 6uppjrt, prytfcet a nit de
fend the (Jphatitution of this 2tatu arM J f ! the
lUnili '.S' 'J thic obligation isi pcely
!ciii)mlosiaie wd coextensivo with' all the I da-
jtici tij both 1overnmehtatan4 tne ddition of
aiij vtrcsE aiieinpung p explain ix, cust ce ai
teiid9f wifU ruinous cys sequences, i Jfpr if they
alter tjfie oliii4x7mposea by! the prseqt oath,
lit is ailirct vwlation 'oftUo Constitauon of the
jUrntef Sltes aid nut (rinding on oai cilizens ;
iif theil : do fiut brier that bb'iiration, it s useless,
ana cicuui'u uirjy ij renur uouuniy wtut is
now plrfeltly! cbrtaia i and mtellkttbte ; itakin?
ieithertiew of the -proposed ameaddaent it is
'; Sd.fBediiutp,! whether the obliifation lof the I
ctttziKefTj to. tkik .iata or Fdeijl 'Hawro--,
;uobt;9 praatoiiftt identical jor secjjdary, or
whjtti'r,3s declared by Ifhe Conventi4n of South'lbJiJVlldiwnjce only!- and not
allejiitaci is due by thera to any povrer pr au
;thunt tofvhoai a control over them iJasYpeen r
flLay dftedby thejStatej" th u!ide3ignd
fisoleoiy protest that jihjse i questions!; ca&i only
be 8oijd.y 'tWConstitMtio $ :hi. JJ.. fetates.
Iwhich?thi asseoibly htatfe ndt attlhoritjf tofamen d
;alter;( alish i , : - 1 ..
!' 4th;Tiat ih duty land obligatiii Jof tin
citizen! yfiUia State, teiii2 fixed and fdefennm-
;eaoy wieaiure anu tanuant;aial prmcilHs of
lour GoveiiinentJ Thialas&mblv haih i an
thority to transfer their duty t- obedience of alle
lfhneeruMyiPrinccJPbtenuie, State orfautho-
5lS rf4t)b4passiage of the biU,;a tie pre-
mmmm iy, for i thd diichuge of Jus I nWTU$m r g eircnces,
7 M - 1 - llC- 1 18 wectlipptttation juppn the patriotism Bf the
l.wllltPI-l- i ; :"- ,; ' ! protestantt.iaud tboao whose prinpipl tjiey re-
mfrttrPR atithp ; I Wy !est. a-
'vwlP&PIvAU I-U.K1 UKti.: . trains a, w proscription for oj f. uir nA
liA llnt .ll2dl?4TMxis' valuable MiSf f as tending to the' exoatriktioh of thcH ?t& vin.
y'6pu tbf relam ite high cJivacU atitota pfrtion of the: wealth j and strength of
IHMI .l.-L. ; ;- ; I'll
A'iiallfr whin op-
ri!tLkAr.L .lUiuti nL 1 posntofhe Ueneral Governeumt,; has IMmost
fcpbappyL The Editors aa-t; Federal lliiufi. wh it tinA LtLmti
ia trreatftiN alwnai Picture, rfiv J n 1m1. tAk, Ji..- .-i? j1 ' . .
;benj4ndlf ngrayed f by durand i 5 of Sta0 I(lgb& and State j Governbhd ! have
W iilnthe uttnof 1 4nre and labor, j unKatteed vj tit a profuse hand, among! Hhera.
lleciieJles pr President: J Toe,fr&&$ protest that itdoWnoll eom
Wn.lTofin iAdkibs, Thoma Prt f interest wpd a&iy of the Upub,
ame&aliiaijri iUes-AfonroJ' fill i'Sy 4nd fcbaracter M South
1 -!. S i1 ' Ii I ET T.
'PWOTMlMOrtly appear4 tiun uf IWcBti and thus ltd ltd th de&laiiori r
ppensl of this Itnale; plate, it is said j that JabllFabri. inr which alone the liilertv of
V Washington 1
To my old friend Mr JDwighf of (hvNcw-
" -Tork Daily; Advertiser
;. We have hare prot busine5senuf :ri0wri
our, Bands, I tell you; and nigh upon very
day We hate a squall tint brings aHhartrls
to the helm. ,f We have had fairj win so
lontbat few on; us ftnow 'eiatlyjhb 4io
steer now a days, when every! cbmear
ribt in ojir teeth. I hain't ba1 ihv coat-off
since Congress met; and the Gineral ; says
we juust j watch theao fellows closily
Keep a sharp look ont. Major,!! siys he,
aiidT will speak out his notion! l the;
stands at theloor , and if he had tho; pp-!
pic with him' 8iys the Gineral, -as I hve,
tliere is telierr wjat trouble' be)' woultj fe
us. He would make a 5001I n GinMil as
ever was. j Rut it shall ne?e do to frusi
that man with power P Very fwell," sky? Jj
GineraI-but plague on V -says I I, tlie
critur some who keeps law or) his side all
the while. "That's true enu",! says the;
Gmeral, 41and therefore we must ikeep" a
sharper eye on him, and the tne is corpej
now. Major, when we must all roa us. try ouri
pvjulinty for When the Iav ;s -agin lis
we shan't tuve nothin else to stand oh ;
There is nothia," szys die Gftieral; uhlib
war times, Major- for then, fvljen thoib'r
troublesome fellows talk aboutflawv Vd gifa
'em Martnl Law9 &ud that inakes short
.work. i : ; -" :'H 'i
Just ate,r breakfast, yesterda, I and the;
Gineral had a high time togtberi lia
been c: pectin' to I see t lit-Hank comb ; but
with a reply; and tell'd tho Gmeral, says 1
5ineral, I'm afraid w'U git a 4amjer from.
rhiladelphia One ot these ilavs that wu
nock us all into kindlin wood" But he
kept saying.tHere was no fear ofthat kWby
says he,Major you forgit thatiy'e firt give
the Dank1 a most mortal weUiti 3 yearp
ago. and left 'em ho other defence than to;
print reports and speeches; and that jsnow'dj
they had'nt much spunk; and we hive beeq!
crip'in on 'em ever since. And when I seal
they began to stagger, I give 5pm bur hull
battery, and opened upon 'em, in flank, front
and rear; our sharp shooters, j headed by
that amazin 'cute little District attorney, o-
penM first on 'em Then corrio ray proc
lamation aud then my message ard then
Mr Tany's report; St th Gi oq all tb: while
throwiu in shells aud Rockets ; 'Why," says
the Ginera! gitm up, and takm his Hick
ory, and given ita whack 011 the floor if
the Dank stands all that racket. Major,' its
tuffer than a pe pperagc log. No, no, Mu
jor,' says the Giijcral, ''don't you fuar thut
the Bank will ever say a word m rpy -it s:
as dead now," s ys the Gineral, 'as a skin'd
racoon." And t!ie words want but! of hia
mouth afore in cornea hull bundle pfletters
Sc. newspapers, Sc the first tjung I see among
'cm was the, kBank reply." kJVov,j says I,
'Gineral, here's trouble! heir's the very
ljbie:ypituts finnitH there. lt
Jper,! safj MjfeTa!!, i (ell yon-ibutbii
haintgoi the best tmi yet iit'iiesi gettin
saVs the" iGlncral. su3arRo we
ane itteries-Iet mi 'take that reply, and
you uke til, these d.jcunent3 I mk! to fight,'
Says lithej Giaral.wiii- there is teo tbooeadn
foeJ l if So in f. cw. I ftr: -I ,:; J L
better fiifht it ont orLu . ! - . ' r ; :
looked apl! at hi paper ngin ;
faHy;he-Alabrf I.cori- wK liad lieMer
ISH'I Notn.rV;i.'rfc,He eot'mv
6- ! !'!ijat uinerai.? tou see M&i r tohnt
n4mkn any one att4&p& to " drtre t he
ft,'yn, with that yot itp. and? t ..k off
pisgp?pfcivaad ptit etn hj pocket a9d rat on
f1? H $M toon; , hu $ tckonr. and fetched
whack 00 the i table, VHto' says ha that's
nufFsafs I. j Ginpral 'j : r i
'! Afia;npwf1 jys thd tGineral.let's eo and
taken walked sa" wi ! went, TT,. Ginal
d:dnt:sar mthin fur "mnr thn r
oother; ' $, to rwht J blvs he.Htar. eveiv
body says money is verHearpeJ That's tme
eourTJ says pandit's iif)tg)tas ecamdas if will
be afore Winter is oven' add thfen ? tUM th fti.
1 . ; j ... . i r ;., . ?T -
.fYfH J ftays Uint Gineral,
worst comes
new bank,
2JI21 tne causa on't. '
1 DeusTe yoaiife jig&t i and if the
to the worst savs he. Hxze'll havi
and taat vriii make m'mey plenty gia, wont it?'
Yes,'a8 T, f I suppaso ; but we can't nta
new bankj Gineral i fore 1th is ones time 19 nit.
t a wgn wee years yet - and lon atore
that tha4' 8ay8:I'thewill he trouble enuf.
as this 0n6 must all the while be collectin in its
own mony ; and folks wfll. faiL and, ha hanL--
rupt ; -and then twenty WW ban!csi Will I do no
gooov ; i - j aonn
says J, M've oeen atraia ot an tne
while." The Gmeral latt a spell ; and savs.
Me," 'Major suppose you and 1 Jiow jist take
a bout, and youUl see how easy 1 can nod
that reply into nothin." ".Well,'? says
kGineral its a bargain Now,V : says' f'lei
us sit down, and you may take,' says 1 Hhl
Globe, ot our District attorney's report o
your proclamation, or your message, of Mr
I any's report ary one on 'em or saya
com in to think on't, you may take 'em all
rtW rrAT 'P'- vvaniai tioveroora assembled at his request;
tor, hariniiaple: and J tat waitin and settled the f tK.,- rf.X.,-- .1 it.
rrenea- estabhl tmseivvs on the Ohio;
of war.epf the por, of atUk thV Po,t
then weujknowr, aa Fort Da 4-e, which in
1-51, hadeogaged the attentiofof the Colial
emmnd, was1thteateied with an at
tack tVomwngton, who.w?s hulf obled
to make terms with a saperior furce at Fort xNe-
General sBxadJjefc seeroe.! w fu'expeditlon t,
haye labired under the" same disadvanas that
BoTjmyna diJ during our jevllulion. Ho had
tocostfuct htsow roads, ho-was deficient' tin
wagons, and instead of making rapid cwretneat
waruHjeaomywassereraliuontii3 oi t.
way. It 3 said i ; some joli pasets to whhh we
nare. access, mat toe Japdtog if Jha troops ;iy
Virginia as a great erriajil that 40,00
rung wjnt pave oeeo I Hat ed, if n had tako
Ii' at ' Philadelph'al Whilel the? iWetf ab
waild lave been sbortened;six j weeksJ ' " I
Corner corwus aoecdots ara felated of the rao-5?1?il'chHM-tM;l.tidrB:
of Dr.
f ca, to gain the asststanoe of the G-rmas
uihabiuaw- .but wa have oot tine tareiat uW
It appears that, on appruackmilhe Fortj h
warned of the liecessuv ofmnvlnir ith .-.n,.
And instead of sendinj aa advajice ffuard of re
muud ooi. uags, ne was advised
to trust to the provincial if;ho w r. accustomed
to woods, and lOe usual stratagJtnj of the eivmy.
A telief in the iniorwrity of ltd French streoti,
and an undue confidence in hii r.wrt. ti t
disregard the advice of VasIiagtun 5 aui the
m.wUwj iiosiaaqmg uaxd looght bat
tle, was nw entire deieat.f t& ' ? '.
He himaeif bbhaved wi:U griat brav-ry, bat iu
vain. I i?e horses were killod uoder him. aud
uq received two woundso,io n the arm aad the
other in the uog3. Both of m aid were badly
wounded, though ooe ofthomjCapt. Orm, lif
ed to make soma noise ia the f ashianabla circle
of London. iSuch was the. hmAia occaaiuneirhW
the unexpected fire oia the lijJiacs m .ambai.
cade, as ! wall as the slaughUr Jof tl.e principal
officers, that! the wounded General was almost
ahandoued on tUe field. hy gaiaaas were
oilerod to any two men wao fvouid attempt7 to
brmg him off, but in vain. Nothing bat the galr
iautry of GU. Gage, and 'another oScer, prevea ;
ted his being loft to his fate. (He died . in four
days afterwards. It is aid thfit the troops who
were present at this battle, we!re the same who
wero defeated at PreitonpansJ f
His oillitary conduct has been so often censar
i. that ii would onJy tirj th patience of odr
readers to repeat the various opinions entertained
of hiia by his cotmporahes, Hia character has
been assailed as deficient iu gjpdaess of temper
and aflfaSiiily ot ;nanuor. I f
New lighti baa been turownlupon it by ihe let
ters of Horace WaJpoJe, rifektly pabhshed in
England, edited by Lord DovCr, and now repub
lished ui N. York. The information is. very curi
ous and will be acceptable to 111 who take plea
siutf in t!iie ttrly history ofthkr country.
Walpola remarks of hjs conduct that the
Duke of Cumberland, tliM a leading mem
ber of the (Jabioet fouud fiailt with the slow
tnaveraent bf Gen. Braddpck, and discov
ered that 'brutality did nbtlnfcessarily con
summate a general' Acceding to the wri
ter, hewas a 'very Iroquois in dispo&itioa''
Re had a sister, who helag uhlortunate at
the earning tables atBatnhbng herseit, leav
ing on a table near her as I an evidence of
tailor, 1 rajn'j i'ou fix th.i.s now, s; as io gel o- her ii.differ0nce to death, some lines com-
j J 1 v. i - .1 - .... I s
ver an; tots truuoie .-" in ere is oalv one way, mpnrinff with tne words; :
says tie iaiior, f and that Pve stated, and ano- .'rQ die is landing bn Io!
Xher thtni says he,; th gineral wan' a new Gen. Brad dock on heanj
jAiir. iou rascai, says me giuerai, you
nan't. iriftr1- hAt?fr j-iair tin,l . .nu ht; fit mo
batter, ifiou try', i molth-these 'pintaloons, would' playull ;she jwould jie forced to tuck'
isays ti Mineral, are bettlr than aJ new pair; herself up,'! I f
knd if they only had new buttons here they . Another anecdoto w reCqrded of him, that
see thao wTs the Gineral. 'If
we could make a new bant how, says f. right
off, and loi it takW up the! $usines of the; old one,
it wooldnT make much odOs. But the law wont
allow that, you know. GSneial And 1aat thnn
the Gineral gut in a waff he has of twitching
with hid button behind land to rights ha broke
qneuffi There,' says lf Mwri here is this
cnifoabdad button oft arfn.! Well,' 5 says I,
that's aikmll matter-ihere is a tailor's shop,
let's go ia and git it put on and so iu we weht.
Th? tailo? haponed to i? j one' of twr partv, and
was tickle d to death to spe the President, aud
thought ii was goin to g an oii:e right off,
and was plagily cut down when be Wad it was
only a but ton off; and sr lie jumped back on his
board, ami sat down on his heels asia, and said
U the gir.f rar would take off his -pantaloons he'd
put it 00 in a few minute). I luoked at the gin
eral; aad lie looked at ml and we both looked
lit the tail r. ' Why, says be gineral, this is
the worst I eve met I'm stun;lj completely 1
ijt win neyer do to iwk vajiiui2 home with this
oution off ; for if tuther iie couies 1 off, it s all o
jver with me ; if I sit liere without my panta
jloons tii jlhat fellow potion a bittU, Pli kiich
iny death jof cold 2 loon here major, says tiio qui
rat, ttiatltoiher tutiu.i istUken all the strain,
ad it will come off in less than five minutes
fcviiat is to be done ? ft seems to me major
pd theiWirieral, 4 that ii!iria is placed .so often
In such r4al truuble as I j&h' vosJ. says 1 Gi
In era I, biitHts fjriunata fof .you, you ai-wayb have
mo with Jrou I know t major J says he, and
I hopeiyuii will be a true a friend now as ever
you nave been' and wnfi that says I to the
pounds of -sewins-lkJ valued at a!nst tantLn ,
hanx' red dollott together witb nnVotitw ftTittitfti
In aud eottoa hose of the value of about l- fifty -j, !
dollars. Ia the cuar ,of three or fuardaya, v4
from i&fjnnatibQ eiverti" Mr. Itire a!.a hkrK i H
citable, h-i search xj tht premise ief ftobert ,
-0ung41t the corner of lwfcardy fc bcammeli i t
streets, where he,bcnd ;tbes(Att julk, and ar-i-M
resieaAiii Tlace aod J Jjii fs, t wa Boar- -
dm in the house. Shortly afterwards Vbunt-; ;
who had retreated ihroogha rearwiudow, wben j !
Hays, entered, .was also' apprehended IThe 1 fti
musim and trxe were e-absequ&iitJy-fWad at the
o v unam"a filer, 10 Antony street.
evtr, havw- his trial separately 4rom ihe otrs,--
that Placa.waa the thief,laod that tho muslift '
and, nose Mod. tals; prcqaiseshad been i left
tners by P;ase, .without ! any rorn-ioasness oh
tho. part of Tbllr tht tliey had Wen atoleiw
In fconseqeence of thislunpraioh; Teller wai :H
acXuuUd of the charge, arid Wiortly afterwarda
etr lioHrtyThe remaining ihree were tried .
togfther, and fiMn tKeevjdpnce a. U need agitast
ttem,4h4lurs did'boi lytatejbfind. them eiiiK I- .
ty,i notwithstanding the repeated andiuaifona
prots tallies of M'Laws that ho was altcrjether
maocf itot taeenma uniuicd to himl' PbeeJ
whowas an bid oSejjder, dhd h'U! bri4 lietbre t'
effected us escape fiiHn the S:ng Sing Prison,
froin one rf the out-Ouiliths'of the establiish-meat,-was
seuteneed -to ankmprribnaieat ol fiu-
tttn ytrty Tha other two although uf bad char
acter,, aud as was said, . but recently before dis-'
charged from the Slates Prison at Charleston;
were aeatencel-to'an iaipr5$oitanr f&rwtw "'.'
year 'eachi Unfortunately for NcLawk, as it ' f
now appears, he war found in ; bad .A.mpaay
and imprudently dsniet upon his arrest thafact
of his previous imprisonment, as also that ho
had efer passed Vby tnaiaeotWdliiin Wal
hct. which which he h
conyicted and imprisoned atCharlcstowrt .You
died in the Sing Sing Prison a law months kfi
lafi Uieir poi, by monns ufonepf the porter'
carls ho fund in Piarl street; iuwhieh
ho was aided by i'lace and others.; In thejeourse
of this stcnent ho expressly exirtieratd Me
Laws from any pirtu-ipa-ioii in ih offncjn, and
ejLre sed a hope tUsi if yet lining, iafasdre
night '-be uken to eif&ct his f ddivtr-n?e r'riivnjan
imprisonmeni,3vhieh he wa jojudy -oklVring
ia the prison at. Stag Sing. I Si aiucn of &h con
fession as related tj McLsws aiUig neen trajiisj
mitU'd to Mr. Hays, he buUianely uxik tho he-
eu 01 nun, mat 1 i - .M Lf-ihk-
Would last me to my dyini day. It takes me he had the meanness to livfeon the fortune .of I rMtL,J,t. Wv .wni . i i.i,.ti w -Wiiaa
nths u geta pair to sit jeasy. 1 a woraan ofldoubtful character, which lie asao obtained before mtet 1 fcLUs1
me distaiit shored
ua of her death
observed, 'Poor Fauny, iklways tnought 3he
hw sentence, but not nitil ihe made a death-bed
declaration, thtt McLawi was tnnncent of thaf
crime imputed to iij.n. No notice, however, .
seems to have benn taken of this exculpattoa of
M'Laws, who continui tq be treated with the
greatest rig jar and harsh utt, from the, time of"
Young's death up io the period of his pardon.
This was obtained upon the cojcurreut applica
tion1 of the Recorder and Alderman Palmer and
VVoodruftVthe judges who presided at his- trial
upon a well-iounded persuasion, that he aas uu
justly suffering for an offence which he had neT
committed. ' A , i . I !
Toe grounds of thi belief, werej derived from
the boufessiou of fFiUiam Telfer," who was exec
uted in Hartford in September last, together with
Caesar RcynjMsfor the murder' of a keepr of
the prim iu that place, in adarin but ineffec
tuui attempt which they midn iw effect their
escapo. Teller, previously to bis extcition,jut
into; the hands of a professionr.1 gfnUouiui of
that place a sketch of his lif, in tne course 'of.
whi'eh he admntJ that he coaimitted the robbe
ry of,G. G St S. H wlands stbrfc. by srcreliag
lit useif behind some cottunbags bffro ihe etoie
was closed, and then after the ch whs had left it
Ar iKo nignTfbraslcfniiif the coontm rdoria
aad stealing the prpfrty 10 ; jusU ja This ! he,
setter tho watchmen
ter .'ui. ;
removed 111 tna morr.iug
weeiis ana mor.
wont have a new pair says the gineral,
Wedrtell bVlilossrsGebnro Pi
71dre Fay atid Nathaniel Pi
laWcfcteith manr of the
6 - excellence!
uary j nurrn
m i commence tne f otn
Q"4f4'fenlby th best
VjSft 'trfU Leslie has!
tgf!'!: fofl'feff'Saiiniuble stoncsj
Uja pb seritfcncaustic humor
JwiilireV s riot Inferior tb'llhe-ccle-1
exceed iIibfi. ! TheN. Y. Mirii &e ppled ithe risihta of : the States" can be
laiW-iU'.l ;StuiJ tn;; ; J i'in vioi&hr ftresenred i ' i Nl I !ll:
iierepy yiotesiing ana; ainrming . ai anu sin
gular fhe iiattrsand things, herein hllclre con
tainedjand expmedr we liaye with ohr own
pr orKrf brrfds , hereuntiu subscjr&ed"our !Iiuw in
the SejiitJ Chancer, in the Town of. Coluutbia.
this iihd;r ef Decenibtjr, in the ' jjear ot j
our uqrn one inotisana erint nimdral and thirtv
t ' i Li fir 1 - . s T-i j
thrr!(833Jahd; in the; fiftfiBiffhth year of the
Sovereignty and Independence ot thd United
Sutesicmertca.. ( ! "-' ' l
'Ra'a'Oajiofi, rom?D4THnffton.: -
JaslClsnttt, enatorj froi! Kershall.
Juhlil Sid, from Spartanburg. i 4I
PailVtoh,trom Christ
Robert D. Montgomery, from Lancaster dis
trict. i J '.. :. '!.'. i. 1 r
naufcaS alirt .'Arlrrikntp'rl ' tri
.Slpho m i fTllel January . Ko;
feSlHedc to,be i fair
fetiP-"?- r .vjurn .to,'wniniU win
mmmmimM i:-', r rib.:
fMrHsn? Johnson, in JhH
Sf icholeraifraorbui:
naail ,,.it,Artt ihr lAnct rpirarrl in hf.r wants
IM. deterdiic d on., 1 see says the; gmeral, . l ,onflth hfl u,i .tAnai.lite, her
T what you are aflbr yod want a new job. """" V? l H. TT ijh i M
WitK tlVut! I . lira v VI . 4 trAmA nl irht fk niv hut I SnVe. i OG aCCUSGQ Her: M IW lUWIUIUU VI
v i ui a v a. a u u j tws m v ---- -i "
ton ; and, whilst tho Gineral stood up, I $ot down cheating nm, and never went near tier a-
behind huh, juid stitched an the button in three j cam. This incident is said to bo related in
minus taeurinerai au tne wnue snaking uis 1 FieMinT7s Uovent uargen trageay. wuu
acKory ao mejiaitor, aua seitin mm inat ne nau little embelishmentsJ
hu more u oius iu u uomi uo u Another anecdote in the same work, is
together-fbr they are pretty much all Onf fray parly says he ; I should have been lom the duel between hud ana tor. uumiey, tne
and I'll take this -Bank Ueply;' and then : io a pretty condition, if I lad uken your advice,' brother of L .dy Bath M they 'were about
nf .aa ,x'Yx..t IrtA i-T o Akf , ... II .A Itm Kmoml ; I .t hu Avar lf-.tnh T-ml l 4 priMm(T fiWDfUS lUO VsUl. WUCU UUt W
liihj White IIous acrin , $oto rights, the tailor Braddock, 'You're i a poor dog, take my
man ofspuns, Major, and Hike you for it ot waf W aod f1-1 ne f1 eW;,tu.rlUe purse, for jfyou kill me and run away
:r i i. -...J. mi i..I-iliUineral s birty he was fa ; 1 any kindle- Van- tFr, -..ii noi have a shilling to suoDort you.'?
... , f . , 4 J J 1 iBuren Jackson-man ; he "knew which side his
bread wasutter'd,and I looked plagey knowin
too it wis jest as much ail I could do to keep
the Gin??: 1 from sma3hin ira sa'snyI, come
Mineral, iatTs be movm ; and we went borne-
the Uinerkl ail the white $aikin about bis escape
from an lawful Istate that t&ioT Was about . gettin
ira ia. ; J Well? says . 1, 1 Giaeraly l.tlle thinx
4- W ibriuW On
josera,' Senator from 5?t'
Banister Stone, from Greenville Disfnct.
'; l Uictfardscin, from Laurens Distriiti
David D. Wilson from VVmiamshufgl Dis-
trici.-;t ;: tt jv' j ui ml i.
Beraiiihi Gansc; Kingston election Pfettict.
John iNt Davis,; St. Jaines,;Goose crVf. ,
Hxhard I: Maaniog, Senator from Cltrendon.
Allied Huger,Seraatorfron St. ifhjxhaaand
ot. Wennw. j k ,r, ; ;. ,;. Uj 1,;
. .Adjourned. J lYff
Atfrtotfli Escktel- On t Thursday afu moon
tast, two mon nnuenoo an opperaimn on , a
tomb at Monnt Alburn (preparatory to the inhu
mation of bodies); which jrtutu'red iheuse4 if mel
ted lead'tj and they, therefore furnished j them
slveshve;Uv "a,! Qast:tjr;.oC '.lignl!d';i ciareoa!
whicfe.vra-i placed iu.thei toa4 "Thoddor was
accider.UyJ clcaekj fast u bile jthe memtwere with
in, and they iouJ iboaiselv rapid' losing
their strensth and sense, till' at len2tb one x
them beUiaujht himself ofdrilting a hofe (hroUgti
like a brayc soldier."
And so will i you, Gineral,' savs I, ,'au4
if you fall in the tiight,' says I, Gineral, I'll
burry you, with the houors of war, and tacit
we sliook hand:. ! N ow, Majors says thJ
Gineral, as I am to begm the tighti don't
you fire till 1 fire, aud then wd'lf go turewl
shot by shot. Welt savs 1, 'l want to
know first, if 1 h vc 9 right to .fire bacll
towr shot) if they miss me, and I can pic
em up?' O yes,? s;ys the Gineral, -that's
fair in war.' Use the enemte's shot in shells
and guns too, if yoa can, 5Iajof faaTs Vu
true art of war. I The Gineral all the whiht
kept fixing his papers ail in a string on One:
side. the table lie put his own J Messages
and Proclamation in the middle, and flauk'c
off with our District Attorney I and ) Mr
Tany's reiwrts : St then he shifted the Globe
about, and call'd them scouts and fpragirs
: there,' says hejuMajor, 1 am no4 nfeqiljf
reauy;' ic ne tooitoii his Specks, U gin cm a
good ruhbin, and put eni cnagaip j bwf
Alajorsays he, -take Fourtationl! JjAnd
1 went round tothcr side, and sat down I
Are you" ready, 'says' .the , GeratrUHlU';
teady,' says 1 aid at it wejtntif Th
Gineral pepenfl M fire first kalagreedj
thd he fir'd away front his tiBinteskge'
And then his "second theu he V toot the!
j Globe, and then the reports, and be blaz'uf
"."j."' m wa.w, iwi au uqui anq ; as
soon as ho stop'd to take breath-4Xowff
says I, its 'my tiaie,' and I read ther reply sf
speu, ana answered all iie- said in f three;
tcinit;; j And I glu hiin, a look! lThe!fJin-f
era! twisted his face most -'sliockiM andf
scratched his heaij too ; Butjhe Wntj ti
agia fcspunky as! et en for heljt antkmazin
tofiucnturin to fiaht, and han balik'sl
ones ; am
We are in
one we je:
is, says
than tui
vou will not have a shilling to support y
Braddock ot course reiusea tne purse, was
disarmed and would hotakk his life, which
by the laws of the Dudld made it forfeit to
his vanqnisner. ; ffifl
Wo have the samei authority tor tne iaci.
that Gen. Braddock was at one rime uov
ernor of Gibraltar,1 where he became an esf
f bigger t -&i vrtritpJiind obtained dCcordinz Id
n.,.r i- TAn Voti ..'! rlinpraL I rct,B 'rS'i- H .. -i ... . . 'it
j - r- j.T , -"1-r V . t the iourna s ottne umes. a popularity nwi
crape riowppfctyr , much ike thatpejo 1K
t ff.tout on.". How so r-fsaya the mcijyj V07 u. .u. rt,;.;.a
Why, says Ii" the Baakl-there it One thing ver cctU11 uav "' M" . '
i.t liL-n; tn,.r ...ha hotter I I :Ararnm(r.! WKrfl DariiCUtiiJT Ulll"! luin.v
JtOfc HAW I'UHI UttUUUTJIU 1 VJUI Vtil Wm r .; j :
mvl (.nit v-Ttnta natw KiiM.Lti nd I aolnltATl nt Generals "SCflt tO 1X113
S '. f' " . - I " ,
1 4 . .'I . . I ' 1 I -
give ns a kink, and a nation ot oi:ger
! . i, . '- I a j . .-, J . ,
loitie of thjese; tailors about us hero want us to onntrv However gallantly t hey . might tuve
let 6hit;-riu and shakio, aid rnnnidff the tUk ot 1 . . Lhi ta,lr0U-on the Continent, Euro-
. i s i . St,. s-. - i caiuvv wvtt - a -
Jettin a r) euuiatiz that win last us oorjlives, jest . fact3 dij u0t SUitt3ie wild woods qf
tor mem to ?ei ine ion ( maKin a newous i i j i .u.. DaTo
I And says I,M lue jun aid I had America, ipW
:ierdisJPpoina.n,asedid th9 tailor jest who inhabited them fhd names
now t stitch on a uew butUand things will all Howe, ! Abercrombie, rnnerst, Louaou,
go sriiooth!agia w: ' The piaeral -laidlnt say a pndeaux, and Braddocl are a tew oi iuo
tford, botjhegot tbiakiu lligey hard, iiil we got jjgt of those wboseevwfus laurels tadea Cr
home agil, and IfM hi pip3,aiid (gatmii;e die upon Wshoresi H 't
and jestias We were lightip 'em, says hW 'Major; - , ? . - - -; -- " f
there are somy felloe about us here that nester f. IK . ",',. -.'i
mere are some fellows about us here that neater
me uicSi desperately we? must all go as a. Unit,
or 1 must
dot It'
and whS that, we cock'dfour. foet on the mantel- serves the .i especial .attention
tre. 9.A In lss than fivd minita vntt rraild'nt 1 Hstice aad humanity J low,, SUCH
Xh iTcrimstance3 , ielaiW in the. fallowing
btw' 4n a ap, anS git a new article Cum i jthe ew York nqurer,axef airae-i w,
W s'lt thinly of It aid p thl Gineral. ly melinchoiy and fsmeatabie nature and de- Urn
c ; k. fjL,, . ..,aL th;neal j attention of the tnendaiOl I cUj
now about 55 years of age, an sdre 5n im
prisonment of yinr years, the effc' f Iwutch
aM visible upon his uotsoa, and a nowt turns
uat witUout cause, liv ta course ot this iitpis-
onment he has according to his account tU'.d;ed
severely, having been repeatedly; figge4 ujjkm
the most trifl'ng pretexts, and otherwise treated
in a manner, which seem lb question, whether
on the score of humanity, a sentence of death na
no: preferable to that of . imprisonment in the
Smg Siog prison, as it h I been governed, and
conducted durmg.the time of bis' confinement.
He iwaadischard(with a dollar in his pocket
to find his way with a broken down cosUtuUoa
tii his friends in the State of Georgia, and ie
prirld .even of the clothes which he carried
with him to prison, they Have by sotn 1 meana
or other been duiposed . add others 4" an jine
rior quahty substituted in theirtd. j
Mack of a BearVhv following aosouot cf
an attack of a Boar on a person at . Byoa La
fuarebe Loaisiana, which occurred on the iSlh.
last wa have translated fromhe DooaldsonTillor
Rspublican: f
Ayong man t residing on Bayva Lafoarcbe
gives the following paniculars U a recent jeo
oHioter witn a Bear. Tr.e aoaiioa!, it f seens
was! in the habit bf crcmcmngMepriiohsf on
his fiorn fields, and in soft of the i2ileice of
1 he olanteral ways made go d his rreai AU aUi . J
tcupts ro pot a stop to the deprr Uias'of tho: en- ?
f.wy navingaUed, ihe 'planter spread ia gtm in
the path by which the Bfar nsually approaqhed' 1
the field, enl J placed hifr,s l," at sojie ' distance x
Ui the jwrps. f atetiiui Wtary with waiuug, r
our hunter wrar-rd hi mself in a jblauket, l fell .
ir.ioa slamber. He XaL wA ten Kmia'ih s
situation, whea the Beai;inade his appearance
anl falling tto the snare that had been laolor n
bid, caused the gun logo off, th report of -
hkh fnghtened him, and he x turned to ran j
away. The ycuog man whom t tM had
atobed, surted op, sailed the gun by ha sida
ar. i flowed in rrursail. xe ou L r
with the Bear, fired at, ano w,
when tbe animal roshou lunousij upoa bio,
clasped him with his , paws and at tempted ta
conv iciivai i n tmt e nim i
a "T i . ' r I . ; J, i...' Knt a tnat I .nmwvled in WiiiCWUZ uiicb wikvi ,
kjTO on us than oar toes, i; I lean beiprevrnww 5 r . & - c"r ;,k.iv,fj TiSt
M SiirFrndf I 'i t- I oJuT'l tee'W toejbeeii. ttrsoiae degree, . lutbs upon the Bear, wmf This aoen. .
bf? mnVStXG k owS "4?y with, vile and l4ged tnTaoimal that he became deawrateand
si-. frhNW.' '.''. lowl"?. il;..h rJff k.mJrJ .. the f ouaa roan with ha feet and;
DjwnbgVille51Uiua, 5d Brigade.
. . . . W, a: . - - .-v na B m 1 .mu V n M W A M III'
a. . . km MnM rum m . i - u : vra m n. ujuim Kaun mi r w v a
TTLiZ..- 4h. njTr dndful maaoer; whUelfe anhhed his
which fparuo.yfj:. oon-
rrdi AT. lna Ol lUtUO WHO STB TCI UiMM v.f I - . . Tt -r n
J." o 7", . !-.'"? :
j snappin turkld when4 ho gits ho!diI4ng
i cd awav asDell like all n.ntnr- nn.t iellaa Kl
HESOK iGlNi ti&kDbOCK. we;,?-:;t L dW. .The' han.ildU
Thel iHrtfi of this Geril js perhlips better t. ;
unJerstjott m the United States, than ta rns own ;
country. J Indeed fats nainf U scarcely w oe ioudo
ia'tbfBiopiewbUehere, the his
tory fj I; defeat at ionoiigaiiel' but an
cherjdrdloftha ourbe-'torMVasriiuttiio.,t,-,':
& J -H ' .
uen. uraooocs sauce rrota vtn in ui
(:t l. . . if-' r.i
severtV-iinthmimCTiand 'brrtved safely
deHsUggered aJioat fifteen paces andi then Tell
knd died. The hunter. MeedlnW from bb
Arxian hythenamebfJdhD ri, woonda, and! his strength exhabled, sank faiat
:eoUvictcdOaoberSivftheenme InTtothe ground, where he lay fur seteral
larceny, opoti-whiqh he w.aUjwJ to aoio- insensibiUty H Hit
pnmruent T rwrd laoor,' ia ' i 1 however.
. i . -
ix rv it risidered la 4.oar2er i
is stated ,that ihia cuolntitowk p)ace donry
atow dars sihee by the lWr.Wfj .u-rr w.r the iHeavem uT"
a? Bear at such a ume. ul'?T .
more taan, pw-s i -r, r - g iD t aiBear at sue
l timber, liD, the star of P. G.&. tf,;l"5 . ' .!
comcand Hi
i;4 ioouvenoott
if :5
. 1
.'pysl lcou; liy; Id tcck Uis specks off to give qjn ru hi 1 ga liim.
- ..4 ! y i 1 t - v ' - i j i tt
:ri'. - UiJl' 4 '
f t. 1
ff ir a
. g:i..4fci-.-j.:-f n j.- x
"'.'ri - : " v. '-' r
i 11 s

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