North Carolina Newspapers

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fliwtraifv, Oc.2&U
- i'xj 1 am commanded by my Lords .Com
toissioScra ofthe Adrrf.ndty to transmit ytm
; ft cbpcf n Utter addressed to their secre
ttrV by baptam .containing K.J
of UVrUU'vi officer and
ide.iversnce frorn a situation r.-V
, : I to W -naval Arvice ot the , .u
' .JlhMafc the committee for tniNg lhf:
1 1 Mr. Bennett' Lloyd's.
: pti sOn board of iheJ$ahiUapfnulll
r r-. Ssn-Knowing how aQcp ? ny-f
?; dted in ihe.adTanceinentfri4ultcar,lp2lowIr
iyi tTAi imnrovement
iLgi bnt notwHItaiiding the ESTcrity ofthe
surarpcrivo'trivclled serosa the country td
the wcst jsea by k chaiii. of lakes, SO miles
north of the ;lsLhWs, when - Commander
Ross icceedetl ;in surveying 56 miles more
of the coast leading 50 the W, nd, by
tracingjthe shore to the" nnrtbar4 onr posi
tion it Was also fully proved"' that there
coutd be no passage below the ; 7 1 st ; ;de-
Tfiis antqmn we succeeded in getting the
vfS&lon? 14 miles to the northward, aid
as wc had not klonbled the . Jbastern apo
all hop of saving the ship was m an end,
and mil ouite beyond posibimy ty- anoiner
very veretvmt?r; and Having oniyprovis-
ions to last os wipe jsiwjuuo.iooj,uiiwor
Was'oimed VicUvy
act! fuel being carried forward m the spring
we left the ship on
accordingly s made to leave the
presMit port; wtiicu attfif .per;
' Harbour ; Provisions
gralshed oClcefi bfar oat dpartars frtnv Erig
lahd. J3ttt the gfory f this pterprisgjis entire
ly due to Him whosftSiine fvor hz3 been niost
especiallr toauifeted toward3 ns, whi idsd our
steps, wno imereuaujL PIU7,1ifu u-ifTO?.' v--
crowned our i mwe-endeavorsiWitu itaaiplete sne
cess. I hatS&c; ? lHv nr if-
To Captaint&e Hon. George EUqttJ.
. pecreiary; AQmww-1 . -v i ! v ij
Stok of the C!ic3ipcake i end 0Jub Canal
I AcxtrAordiiiary marriage hastaken place
at ijostonj. the parties together, with 4 the
bridegroom and bridesrnajd being both deaf
and damb, The intimacy first .took place
in the Hartford u Institution, where they
Veto educated. IThe marnaffe cannot prove!
otherwise than happy j as the probability is
they never will be heard engaged in hjgb.
worcs lorxoe mastery. .
jeveryk bav, thus , increas-
100 miles bv hearh one
l MR ' .
t iV mdn'obiectol vvVicb ta to halfand itwasnot unUlthe;Ist Of July
" t lve if oossible, the "question of northwest Uhat we reached the beach com plctely1 ex-
I Ifeage om the Atlantic 6 1 he,Patfac
. , f -HUilarIv bv Drmce r Ileenrs Jnlet,
: From Richmond! tiro leata ,tbai the Com
mittee of the House of pefegate9f f Virgin
ia on the subject j wf the J relatiot s of the
State Banks to- the ITfehsury pfthf United
States, have agreedby ,avpte of 1 1 ; to 2,
to a reporf disspptofing ot ,tne, removal ot
the money ofthe UenemUroveromenttrom
denoaite in the bank of the 1 (J nited States,
T ?ari?.:!e ff!? andreconmendedthat it yrestorled to that
1 welelf tteip.onuui depositorv.: I The sentimept ofthe Legis-
for Fury lieaclieing, tne on.y, cnance .cu . . - - , llsotood lhkl waf;5of
ofsavng our lives. Owing to the ven rug- which howeilri we, shall know ore cbr-
ged nature ol tuo ice, we were 00,, , - ReDOrt v of this Committee
keep cither own or close to .tnefa,fw- . - trt v, :Wnn: i r I 'Hi
conies to be acted upon
1 . 1
PnVate- accounts fully' Iconfimi and, m
(.deed, moro than confirns,
the : following
i : 9 t : u 1
f J 1
The New York Journil of Cpthnserce, of
i. . ftfhprtiutoward circumstances which
' "dbiiied : tlie'.Tewel to refit in Greenland,
.tit tKft acb on! whiclt Hit, Majesty's
ikeihip FuiyV stores were landed on , the
We found the boats provisions, c. in
l-f!lMtconditioni"but' notestlgei of. the
: wreck. After completing'ih ful and'other
r tJCCssaries, we smiea on ine i.oui wuwa
following : morning J; rounded Qape .Garry
d iaebver ies commenced, a ad
111 m 1 iii 11 ua 1 I' 1
trial wherein
iauch' leAflore was brooght forth,
and a'frreat qoantuni oi .toted argnaaenterpen
ed , ycx be Uourt , too saint aayji mj wjuuni,.
acd finallv awarded judgement" in favur of the
jcaaj onae leaving a& piaiautwi'-j
i ':,7rtfl 7 rrr;?i-ti-Onedav.'-after
dmoer two oSctrs in a. celJb fated jnsu Tepi
Con&'utinT cf everv art:cU rvn'rn. . st '
ment and Very intimate Crjenis carrying their 1 retail country Ijtore, which he w diJJB lt
badinage beyond the precision of military junc-J low far Cash, or to puncloil eostomm '2Jr 1 !- i
love of dnellin?. intrrffrnl. ar;di . at length cave . I The ruWicare recnpfitM in Um - l & .-' ;
i-A hut was isoseuii? cjnsirucu!. anu ! . j ... 1 l? - - - f f t
hoais,Ttteee of which had bee fcaocked off the Jiony, gaming tne refli a; neavy
ww repaired durioir. thU month ; trot the" rune-i j t4A highly respectable M quij exteusive
a.ial heavvaDbearanee-bfthe ice afforded us no I honse of Bill i Brokers, faltad orl Saturday.
in three boat w4 Reached the ill-fata4 spot where 1 exlora in hlfroail and canafstWks on the
the fury was iim o riven oa snore; ana uvu nai,.irB, n,.,lrtni, fltrtrkof fir.d nA
Ambnir the forthcoming hlerarv L works
announced for ? immediate publication m
Erfglsnd, is a novel by Bulwer, j entitled4
Thel Pilgrim of the Rhine,9 and a new prot
ouaion irom tnooen ot Mrs. Janmson..
pits an ill wind thit blows nobody good"
A tnpst extraordinary freak of nature be
cnired! says the Kingston V.l C.l f lerald,
during tlie late storm on Lake riev A
cljannel was made through long point, , SOO
yard's wideband form 11 to 15 deep. ,It was
iri contemplation, , to cut a canal at t bis place
th expences of which were estimated at
An Eagte, which had been talcen some
titna since at sei. by the Captain ot a Kew
ipnc new Don ana wuicn nad been con-
the ybon people 16 understand that , they must and jadgfrfor themselves
have?a shotor two atl one another. As , they iDAKtHLH CY
walked to the field of fcLnxL without a Vrain cf j v 1 Jan.-.fc--t&i : . . t t . x
fl. v -J. . .1 . - , '
1 T 1 i. r
aismcxsure igainsnpeir mentis npon ine oca- Fhl ATTn
sion.hooolJ.rwten;tonoexeu ary - Jliii-XVJ -TTjV V;!i.aSIB I
explanation ; Calamyi having a moment's p:r- ' s rprt ! 77 fZ3 f 'r'm7r4 - 5
tanity olloppe apart. whUpVied, V V iattVAIVl TXJ & t
" I'll fire at jour second if you'll &ie a mine.", J I ; P'STIT''C! '" I ; ;T?
- Agreed.- replied TrolLppe. When they JnWf?T Sf.
mma nnfui inBirrnnnrt inioii urn) nr. immifiM I.
came o'pon the ffroand.andall dec prelimioariea
had taken place, off went their pistols io! straight
Jine at'1 their secondsf; Tlie major and the cap
tain were t wad very Teady lo ipeMle the atfair.
J-Voci Consequences tf,an' frisk CUaring-. .U
' In" a cathedraK one day, after serviTe, the
bellaWe-blower said vtd the organist, ,CI thinkwe
have done; my we!l to-day.' IVel said "the
organist,1 in no small surprise at the impudence
of his.rneniil, "Low can you pretend to have
any merit jn the performance? Never let me hear
you say sach a thing; ' again.1' i The man laid
notuin? more at the lime, but when they were
oext playing, he suddeolr intermitted, in hi
Meokjut luuauug uio ,WfaQ.- iuu uigsuisi rose
materials -and first rate worKiiaar4?.?t 1
the fullawinsr irUcIes : ,
12a doz. Coffee Pots, fassbrted "h'
4$ do open -Backets h Jf ,
SO do Covered -1 , J ifc
-U 78 do Crease and , Patty
ml-.J' 1 . -n 1. ! :' .i
4U no Canaie-moutcs,
12 do v Milk S trainer
.-:dPans,h?V;(a- J
,-,S2 do, Pleasures,; -: - da . ft
led at Brooklyn, had his little tenement tn wP.r uraer mm u proceea, -vnen ine:i-
b3wn over on the 14th wsu and .wiWai 'WJSf ift b!?1?,!h?r"
T fl . .K-lr.i .! taml asked 6i3y,& be we then?" r.
way reioicirur, on Ihrbrcath of ths tern pet t i " a ; .
I ' " f iA? friend havin? Ddintnl out to Shflridan.that I
not onuithe.uiolpepteraDerwerencaed l.w .. k r n have1 nr-:& the Dressure. uirnor AroupLne Macon messenger. Lor Kenyon had fallen asleep at the first, re- Copper Wool ana Iron Uken Lu '4
rU Smitli Ulakd,nowestablish wdl but following' information: Ve prntatii of iWo, and .that too, in the .' DANIEL XimtJSlJ
ki point of America; m latitude 7S 55. and Ion well, but those -VW? Jia t""1"" hive .good reasons to believe that the i id of Rolla's finVFpeech lotho Peruvian sol ,? tf-24. 'T J4Jl2M ,
gitudeSOwesWlIFromthe.summit ,f the lofty dTf nt . very shortly, by the j the dramatist feUbther mortified . bat, :4r-l
mountain on .the prooofttory we eoald ste ' them, fallen wofully lliero we iwo or fo . 7 f ' r, u ! iostamiy rwverinIhis usual cood bamor,; he hSfrlfft f'JHh'far6Unn: 5
Prince BeffenVs Unlet, Barrow. Strait, and Lan- three other -faPures of lei imporUnce - Pfon of letter from Xol.Geo. M. , i j j he'tLinkthe
. 'c-wj .his-u .u i : ui . i . i l -! ! 1 is -i; - i Trouo. written durini? the lata session of s. I . if . - b """" : t JRK UtuLu CUCVVTJr.M ' a
' t.
1 i co-r i.wasn-uasira . f - v 1 :
I J?r.Sf Cullenders. StewiDani!.l M
pots, Laristands.OU-standi.Bu" -J
Lanterns Pepper-boxes, Urat-rvJr - -j
5C?BejcjwarvFealheTS,'. Ta1tovt PerM
4 bo j FunnpJls,
10rt do J Tin-Cups,
2d do wilk.ldo ;
1 do AVash-Basins
Ilmil nasspd the latitude of 72 north, in long-;
: " - ? "Stnde flV wrst; here! we fodnd aj Vonsidera
, - . A itdet. leadmslotbe westward jtlieexamm
i Hon of w hich pied t wd day s at this pi ace
. !w ere first seriously ohEtructed byf :ice,
4 , Hi- ' iwijjch'was no s seerij to extend frpm lift1 sou tb Hatty Bay 'Jphalrtatiun, which consisted .
! ' : t IVabo of the inlet in a solid mass, rouhd by a frame wfspail 62 feet by 1 6 feet, covorcd wi
IS.! end EJH.i. owing to ihis circa w
:lohia !Arhencan iDailv
masa.ljostas 1,M seen . itm 1818, Ufre wf Vertiser.)f DeetlnMins the Tollowlng:
remained in a state;.f anx.ety.and suspense which DlrranL tdrkericThe e&cte of the
iUack 'tythjGoyeriiinnt on tfje U.Sutes
Bank, removing the deposites is beginning
to be fel$ in'the derahgelh.chtoi the curren
cy of th country. The notes of many b the
locaf Banks are no w ; , selling in lb is city at
mav lis easier ihiatrined ttian decribel. All our
attempts to ruih Uhrouh, were vain; at Ifogth,
being forced by! want of pro visions and the ap1
nrtjach ef a vet v Severe- .wmter to return t?
Fury Btach, w er? akoe there remained where-
vf th to sosiaifisiiff, tberivwe arrived oa the 7th
rfUober, Hlfamo6t fatiguiugr and laboniMia frora tb8and even H 'per 1 cfpnt below
inarch; havinj.en iA.hd to leave oar boata at . an;thAWiI 4 ramiiW inrrV,.W -
doncres?, disclosing fully his opinion on
tfiesubje'cts connected with the present as
rtP Alll"" p.nlltlA.1 .TaiM )9
canvass, was 44ruvx the month of November en
-: .t,. .Ullmln f iheater: tlm ra- closed and thW covered with snow, from 4
VV,UU x -7 - - - - L f , , , u;nra.,rt with
temperature was 15 dpgree be
?iately. tookthe consistency of we.
Ml if tm. -aa. m"H I M INkklllltil
i; id v"..' . ; . - i j f- - S Jk A ( . ? 1 I . t ?' T . J . i i fl sf ' S i . - .if. - r , . ,
uunerrojecora'i; our saneriaj, agjravatea oy
want of beddiii, telothing and animal fod nepd
not be dwell u&on. Mr- C, Thorns, the car-
the irregularity of I the icpat, t and the nu: ins .mm
a mnmni inipn ami iui.ia ili .iiil.i ii la. c i anf t;.n .... .
- 1
! north, in lonKitudeu02, west where thelartd,
i s after having carnod us as far east as 90,
. .rtqbk decided weiteily fiiredion'Vl while
K h land, at the distance ! of 40 milf a to south-
ward was seen extending fiast nU west I 'At
f 1 this extreme point our progress was arrested
I on the 1 st of October by an m penetrable
i ! btirrif r of ice. We however fund an ;ex-
r cilicnt wintering port, wjiicb ' we named Fe-
b ir uarouur.
1 -; lEarly
I L- It' I.' . -'.
! i;ttfith a ra
! tthcs.'wh'o being insulated; bylnature, . had
I '; never before communicated with strangers;
, . J from them ,we i gradually ( obtained th iaipbr
.1 i tar.t information that we $ad already seen
thb continent of Americas - that abouU 140
pent er, waa the iboly man that perished at this
beach i hut thri .ethers, besides one who had. lost
his foot4 were! leduced to the last stage of debili
ty, indonly i&qf our number were able to car
ry provisions til seven joureies 62 railed each to
Battv Bar. U
, The Master jit Chancery w about to sell
at public auction,' a large lot of round ' in
the village of Rochester,: N.Y arid the
buildings that are on itjf among ductus St
Paul's Church, said to fle 'one of the most
sblcn id houses ; of w of ship in the United
States. I It is of ; the Gothic order The
steeple is one hundred iind thirty feet high
one hundred feet f which is an datire mas
sy tower of stone. J l
. s-. ' i - 1 '
A merchant in n . i ; writes to tus corres-
JVhat it has c&t?-Sir. McDufiie shows in
is .speech, thai the government' ia actual loser
If fl40,l00f per annum, by the removal of the
JJepusitts. Thus: Assuming the amount of bank
depositee at ten millions (which of urse would
add so mach to Ute iiaiik'a jupana (if diKmnnt.
jnefprofiis at 7 per cent, would be $700,000. Of
Sw, one nltn would be the property of the
nited States, which is $140,000.-0. OAs.
Denninjr, the celebrated I barrister, was d-
aiciseu 10 me low unpardonable vice of turning
cvithes6e8 into ndieme at. their examinations.
One ' morning, he wir telling Mr." Ujhcltor-Ge-
uerai juet) uiai 110 uaa . jusv Dongm a idw cooa
manors in Devonshire, uear his native villajo of
Asabirfon, . "l-, wish," ; said lee, vyou.woahl
oriigf someiof thetn intoWebtrainstcr ilalL; for,
apunjioy honor, yott have tuost ' need mi them
thcre.M ' i ? - ' '." "
I Rules for Husbands and IVivm.
I 1. A good hdsband will always regard his wife
lis his equal, treat her with, kindnessrespect
jand attention, and never address her with an
fair of authority i as if she were, as 1 some bus-
f bands appear to reeara lueir wives, a mere
1 1 v
When Sir William Curtis returned from bis
voyage to Italy ' and Spain, he called to pay his
respects lo Mi. (Jahning at liloiicester Liode.
Anio'ig other ueetions, Sir VVilliam said'Bat,4
pray, Mr. t'mainjfMvbat do you say to the tun
nel; under the Thames?" "SaV." reolied the
secretary 'why I say it' will be the greatest here
uonuuu ever oao, anu mat 13 savin? a great
deal." v s
Noble f'NLitt. i-V In-1 , i
rTTT appoariog to "the satbfacfion ;ef Tjit,'1
tlLihat Noble Neil . the defendant, hi itA is r ' '
habitant of this Stated it u .theforeSotdti !
Caroliua Watchman, printed !h Sultry, 2 j
the defendant appear before the Beit' fjourtt;i
be held for ,fbo County of Iredell, t be tfe: ;
House la : Sutesville. on- tBe' Srdllvfi&j .
February next, and theo ana mere., revert
property loviea on, ana enteral pieas uavixx
thu Plaintiff will be heard,wparte htyet '
ment pro coatesso. '. i ' V. ( ' r ; " fL . , !
Beach on the Stfr of Jolt, carry
ing "wit It ua tifrrse sick men, who ware unable to
walk, and in fix days we reached the boats
where the sick daiiy recovered, Although .'at
jspring wasjolldit waa not until. the 15th of Ab-
- -4 .
our former polition. and from the mountain w
had the satistctoo of seeing clear water almost
directly across Prince Regent's lolet, which we
crapd ,vw . the J7th and 4toak shelter from a
storm 12 miMs to the eastward of Cape Vork.
'fiJ- "J-jLi laI r i '
1 estothe b. W ..there wceto great! seas; ed Admlraltif bfc and were detained s.i d-ays
f one to the west, which "Was divided from bn Ihe Coast by?Sa strong northeast wind. On
! that to the cast by ,a narrow sttait orneck of the 3$thV-we crossed Navy Board Inlet; and on
I ; tana. . 1 uc vei uicuuuu iuis; iiutriugquce 1 yifvtuyj ujyiuiu, o our jaexpTessioie joy
? t MV.oW wrrJ nn nliirti nr ftilnrA nnantiftn. I W deScribediaslliDiri the offinw hfhnrl w)lih
viujvi nut. v.. . ..i wui :uhuv vut. 4 ubiyii? 1 . , .j- r - 1 r-5 ------j - wa
puvru wiM! sao?ua 01 nun, me game snip
which! I commBied in 1318. . At noon we reach
ed her, AvKer e enterprising commander, who
had in vain searched for uk in Prince ilewent'e fh.
lives, proceeded to the spew na xhnti the with everv demonstration . f ktndn
north landwas connected, to the south by piulitywhicllij hsuaanity could dicute. I ought
two ndjsces of liigh land, 15 miles in :brea4th fe mention alj that Mr. Humphreys, by land-
out taKinz into acroant a cnun ot fresh ' "v r- ai,u suusequenuj on
ina wesi ouftiut-jiiamira.iSay, attorded rae an
excellent ppjwtunity of concluding ray survey,
and of yenfjjrir my former chart of that coast,
i no hsve the pleasing duty of calling the
aueotton ot:i their Lordships to the merits of
vrvaimauueiwsfj wno was second in the direc-
ponden in this town - jthat altbojigh there
is rou-n pressure, in tno money mar-i
4 1 i. ;.j - i .- ; i .9
ket, it vjould be a great deal worfo but for
ths relief afforded by The U S. Bank.
And yet we are told! that the U. S. Bank
is doing its worst to injure the late anka
ana acpress me uaue tir tne country.
. JS'orfotk flerdd.
A jddreof the Scotch Court of Session well
domestic I knwn tor speaking his mother tonsrue in its
broadest accent, as well on the bench as in cum-
3 He will always keep her iiberallv supplied men discourse, on a particular occasion was ad-
I with money for furnishing his table in a style J dreied, by a barrister, noted for the elegance
- He will never interfete in her
icancerns, hiring servants, Stc. &c
1 ,.-5
so materially depended; devolved on Com
mmuu aivoj ar f uiiiiiiwviw uit UJU net"
nee early in April, and accompariietl by, one
,?ater akesJ which occupied ' the valiies be-
j-wveen, me ury lauu wnicn actually sepet-
.tttes the two' oceans is only five mil 53. -This
,!i extraordinary isihbiusvas sabsequentli vis-
ited by mysolf, whn .Cormander Rosf p-o
W lparn that one of the last backets td
England brought back a considerable a
mount Inf Ohio State six: per ricntjsto?k cer
tificate, which had been sent out for sale
from New York, biit xthich, it is said, could
not be negotiated in England inconseq-tence
of appfenended difflculties in the currency
and moneyed operations pf i this (pountn .
The bills drawn on . thb strength bf the ne-
goti ation of the certificates,' were aijo re-
turned protested J r,jl: -, -
' '.Vi -Whllimarp. .American..
Some of our new lights" made the no
table discovery, abodt the time ofthe in
vention of; nnlbfication. f that there was no
I . I - ' : ! 1 . if
sucn tmnr property speaiting, ss raj i citizen
ofthe United States."
up the,Lajt Will and
We accidenlally took
l estamenf uf Gen.
Ceeded bnnutely to aurvfy tlfb sta coastl" r?..of this xpediu6n. The labors d this offi-
vhi'ch he sacceetled in trcinS 'thfi 69th j cercwho had the . departments of astronomy,
1. t dcgrccUif north latitu-iV, or tc tbO miles1 of laural htdiry and surveying will speak for,
I- A 'r c. i,tr ,- t i ; tneiLselvesiirif-. lantraaire bovond th Kil5rv ,
Washington, thejothef dayon thd very first
page of which we read Georke -Wash-
ingtan of Mount Vernon, a - CXliz&i of the
United States.", &,c : Stc. .We presurhe Geo.
wasmugton win oe . acicnowtedgea 'as au
Jlark, ne
propoTiiouea lo an means, anu lor tne pnrcrrese ano puruy oi uis style, who opened the case ot
of dress suitable to her station in life, hisclient in the following words: Mv" lord,' he
4. He ..will cheerfully and promptly comply pursuwi, my client is an itinerant violin player.'
with all her reasonable requests, v.'Jhe it can be 'Vhat's that? said his lordship; 'is that what
done without loss, or grett inconvenience. weica a blih1 fiddler!' ' Vulgarly so ca)led said
p., He Will never allow himself to .ee his tern
p?t towards her by inditfcent cookery, or irreg
ularity in the hours of mah, r anv other mis-
management ot tier rtervanio,Knowing ttie aiiacui
tfJof maStlnff them do tneir duly. !
: . i.i-' '.
6. If she have pradence and good sense, . he
will cnnnlt horon all great operations, tnvplv
ing the -iriSrpi'Jif rain, or serious injury in case
of failure. M'tnv a man has been fescued from
ruin by. the wiaa coinHs f hia.wlfe. Many a
foolish hesiartd has most seriously injured him-
s4f and family by the reject of the advice ot
h wile, iil$hly fearing. least if tye followed it
he would be regarded as ruled by her. A hus
band can never procure a counsellor more deeply
interested in his welfare than his wite.
7. If distressed, or embarrassed ii bis ciream
stances, he will communicate his situation to her
with candor, that she may bear his (difficulties
in mind in her expenditures. Vomen someumes,
bflieve their Husbands circumstances to be better
thjan they really are, expend money which cau
nfit well be aflurded, and which, if they knew
tlu'ir real situatioa, they would shrink from ex
pending. ' - :
! ; . :1 1' THE WIFE. !
thet lawyer.
Dec. 23. No. 236w. Price, U ficli.
1 TjEST.-a: SlMONTOItiCa.
y: : lu. ttU
State of Worth Cafcfync
, wilkes coumr. y ; .
. , ;j JN'otewtccr Tcnrt 1833
JxiiES BaovuiLu . ) Onjlnal AlQcbEs
"v' ?'" JauieJinjeCiaairt
-W.W. Wxtlbors I .(Llatnfewc,
1 It anriars to the situfacuod of .t! ci.
f that the defendant is 'an inhabttaat ta
State; it is therefore ordered by the Mrt,
pnUkatioa for six weeks, , bemads; ib Ct
lin1 Watchman primed inSilisbunfiiirtg
MastappSUie n.Wf gS
Quarter Sesso. rto oe , yj
WiUes, at tne ooun -".
the first Monday.aiter ue .w
Uary next, then and there to WJXai
1 1
Winees: Vm. M53Mf?
at office, the Jst Monday Jvll ;
I , L
no22 6w
. i r. i i . - ,i ': i.
I vne. laiia auer eauing n;m into tne 70th de
f greo of north latitude. tended Ihreitly; dnr
f . ing1 the same journey he also survey ml , S0
miles of Uie adjacent coait, Vqr that tr; the
north ofthe isthmus, .which also ftaSking a
. resttjiy pirection lortnedi thai7 tvrminauon
if th? vj-ritern bea into a gulf The rest of
j tliis hi - waa . employed in traeinV.- the
( ' i' w0 1 f outh pf the isthuius leading: to fbe
- ; 1 1" eastward, whicVwas done so is (o leave no
' i' :- v. ari rii riT mni it vt n nn - ata i m. m ' :
ilia, but a
1 1
r tr t New OrLkaxs, Dec 9
' Sugar ; Crops o ' iwtw:ana. I W learn
with ral regret, : thai instead of makings
1-20,000 hhds, of sugar this soasori, our plan
ters, will fall at least 50,000 hhdsn abort o:
.t . t : ii . ? mi ' itl' f. ' f? .1 . ..
!' I tnmcdlhtt there f was no
their Lordships, and the learned bjdjf if which
he is a meatber; aod who are :alreadr Well ac-
uiaiuu "im ilia i; acquirements.
v My steady and faithful Iriend Mr. William
Thotniof I hie. i Rnvat Navv. who . was' formerlv
with the in the Isabella, besides bis duty-as third,
in command took charge of the,) meteorological
jourual, the jdistribuiioo aud economy of provi-
must be Attributed the nnWmon do. nf that quantity, ! : This involves thdehdrmoa
health which our crewhjuyed,andas two out bf I loss of four millions of dollars; all owing ta
the three who died in the four years and. a half j early trosti a sad predicament ksncn urn
were iju'c d early in the voyage, by diseases not j dertal&rs as : hoped . Jc relieve ihcrnselves
Ifasalsddeter- Hcauar tosdioute, only man can be r0m mortgages by a productive canecrop
t4ssiga Xo the Nrwhed. S Mr Ai piarmid, the sur- can ouz. legislature do anl thing tn
few niffhts' siacii" so( '
"loung girls, of from fourteen to seventeen;
arefond of aping the woman in their dress, and
arepartial to long shawls, which give, the young
things a matronly appearance. Vhen they be come,
women in realm , they are rather too-apt
to go upon the opposite tack, acd to a&siuae the
address aud airs of the girl. i
When Andrew DnnlapJMavor of the crood
oldicity of Dundee, died, bis cxecutrrs resolved
to appropriate to tlieir own peculiar benefit; the
.1 . - .... ' . . I
provision coniaineama uodicil which bequeaUi.
ea to the iramer oi an epitaph which, should be
endorsed upon hi tombstone the good roend
suiji of thirty piuwds Scotch. The executors
widely concluded ihat to entitle them to an equal
division ot Uhe spoils, the epitaph should be the
joint product of ttieir united inspiration; anl coni
wqueuuy, they Qthcre were three of them) Vo-
iea, mat an epitapn, proper, should consist is a
peculiarties of the case, it was anite urooer that W tlU rare accomplishment ot Matrs iht k
eaqh execute should contribute a line tit ttmport. fbass Drum, which he is .fpnd,. of
" .'jiuiwuigcuiciii, wwj v jiuuicu- i paniCUlsnjr -w Mi"-Tri "
rktifnts the iar lo hfildi lie.isaib,
UiavMvw. , w iJi.i iSTli '
der ike wmooon , sue o aca. nr w
nnA- in the viu-eeoaujccv,
Buqwv . . . n: - sf-
aU Tillianoas loose out w w ? . " r?
. ' . .-"i-i huuj nines iu ine. Domivira i r fluw.j..iRsii tisiiu iui w mesere-iiL.:: r t t -.i. s
I U ; WcHir p-osition.' I '-M-? 1 . gious.did jiisiice to the high recommendation I .'f Z.iT V 1 1 ' j i J
L "L ; -1-rThc U omcft. hk; ; tt S : received otl hbK : be ' waV successful ia;every Glad ui deed shot) Id webe coul tre 4oub
. V. autifrlly-finbntextrlme e preceedmpUtera but ou ,nforma
? fr - M"jAir,'n ami and wonderful in nis treatment of the sick. ton comes directly from a gent einan whq
l T I : i! U' .SWl. bkiUUonwsddlhavhs.wai was bred a sugar punter, but isU no Jonl
vl: -Vrr . .rr"-!"; -w l W Haw bmarhen.tuMis Majesty's service, .l - 1 rer. business lalelr . 11 him to visit
u . ,, lor ine ui$ruiUDn ofiim i. , r.-,:...?n a. . ?, MV'. . " 7
j 1 1 i t -?r".rm' ?"- iiu.u, , ouu uijseu, i tne pauqipaj sugar uismcx m ine
did 1 have'iudetd, been servia? wittiout navi m .nm. 1 ;..rti rrnm
I i,h 1UOI1 With IhB PKW harA I ict nnr U ukUk I I . . - - . . . .
uuh I - iT:-. r nuiu.m I tara hhim niMiHn imkuI,in '
but :u;fMia yid otir utmost endeavors
atfuctetrt m ratracihgourstebsmhfft
Jour miiMs, and tt was not., uritil the middle orel oreibeca-sc itputs it totally out oif I
oi i Mj nuu'i Hia.i w UrctkSea IQ! CUttina
.- f .: - , a
; s f .,vi a wivturcctiieu in; cutting t J rv"c,!t,luf ijr io remuneraie my ieuuw
! : l: J .Ithe tescl intu a p!e of felcurityi which v&te& ht'ca8lannot but recommend to
1 !we named ISacrffa, llrhonrJ 1 -i... uAc l-'rdship'$ considerauoii f i We have. how.
r I -r P mjoktt weJrAmedthelneW
! I !' id on Ueuutothe VoiWaVl science
I r " I 5 ( j -V s 'lward.pootllla,,. I highly iuipbrtantcnd may betrireflycomnIehen'"
l:' vr !r the.peniBjuitothe ded io .thTtoW-IaS1
i' L'' J 'j I?c i tasrrt a,aer my i-wortinr la.aliB'ia,iheconitneatf and the hth mas
1 J :1 fre ? rCix .b-:he iciilf ;"pstrtoUc Wyiu; and a vast number -of islands,
- i 4 .- t pi r- Mvuviwii- a. ikf ? . :? n n art t ; . . m t r - --- ii ;k.aia-. liih ii nf' is n t d ' awcr mr.iiw - aAnrtY
4 "laiiucr en,!1)
.i i... ...... . i.,
S . 15- . .1 '
H I H-7 ri':i'o the L.mtuuVj:n6V budlbeenex-
ml lo quipthii laVSr F"of America 'extends
j ,t s rT-v?: -M4un- waiuauiu juoacria
v ?Mwy .Kiud, ton parucolariy ua the loi-'
T; t4,l,hW"M4 i'he bonox f
placing thtj;inustri.Qnam J ar, most GraV
nous buverti-ru WSibain' lir.J.fc-
I canaol roadude lliii letter, sir! C with
1 ,- Hi
er,sir, withoui ac
? J i tfcfrcvzmgpoiu arOiaheatcrarfPoffi410 Til finable rRibtiott -"of bit Ed;
' 4 -Uas lO dejWbci6V
The important measure of repealing the
law, prohibiting the, Introduction bf , . slavey
into this; state was takea up in the House oi
Hepresehlatiyes yesterday,1 an3;--carriei
Much' warmth was' liisnlavcd on! the occa-
sioa,iandMr ilorgati one of the opposersof
tue measure1. voteoi wiin. tne raajoniy, anu
availed himself oftlie privilege ihereby afr
forded to demand a feconsidcraUpn: .it will
therefore be urged oVer again another day J.
.We are clad to find thattjia, Committee
i Vbf the lloujo of lit preventatives) pnfntel-
mbuslyY a bdl" authbrtsinoi "aV 'addittonir
1 1. A good wife will always receive her hus
band with smiles leaving nothing undone to
render home agreeableand gratctully recipro
cate his! kindness and attention, j
i 2. She will study to discover means to grat
ify his inclination, in regard to fwd and cooke
ry ,in the raatiagement bf her family, iri her dress
manners and deportment.
I 3. She will nevei attempt to rule, or appear to
rule her husband. Such conduct; d;grades hus
iknds and wives always partake largely in
the degradation of their husbands. if :
I 4. Sod will in every thing rea$onable,comply
With his wishes and as far as possible antici
pate them. I
1 5. She will avoid all altercations or arguments
leading to ill humor and more especially before
company. It is difficult to conceive of any thing
inordinaryllife more revoltin? han disputes in
company bolwecn man and wife.
She naver will attempt id interfere in his,
business, unless he asks her advice or counsel,
Itod. will nfver attempt to control him in the
$nanagtmefitof iti !
f Should difference arise between husband I and
'wife, the Contest ought to be; nut who will dis
play therast spirit, bat who jwHl make) the
firm advance. There is scarce! v a more pro-
1 lifie source of unhappiness in th married estate
state, and - than this "joint" ihe legitimate offspring of pride
n. rl and wantoi leeiing. . w i
' . v ii I ' PhatW thft whole art of hapoihess in the
married state, mHit be compressed id these two
maims-' Bear .d forbear- and let thes hus
band treat' his wife and the wife treat her) hus
band with as much respect and I attention, as he
would a strange lady, and she foalla strange
ced 1 heir poetic bperatiocs. Thefirsteked out YhH'fdlm well nut dcring the !Qrn
"Andrew Dinlap, Mayor of Dundee
The second, under a solemn eense
afllicting dispensation of Providence
deprived Dundee of a civil head, continued
" 4 Andrew DunlaoJ died did he.
Arid the third, in pious agony, capped the mourni-
fuljeliuiax with: j
! 'Uallaiujah HaUalojce 11!
He has a wu ano xwo, . 1
doabtHry topalmhimielf aatrcomJf
Vu" J objecfof chantyfsbedd bee.
t-thi T? 4hi to warVtKe -WmlJ
ice-which had J? .r- r In't'ifU 1
Mi--, j JT sEvkiiApoEdro
sed that this fellow (in campa$ vlp .
deserted fiom the u. ."'h1!
BRE.Cir op PROMISE.tof fo mami
V Acaso oocurred a short time since at Montreal
v?hi.?U strikes us as Wing what; lawyers cailpri-
in tiiit citv;ahontslrmonth3 ago apprenticed fcis
dauightrtXor. term cf years to Misa Bourne, a
mj arksry stipula .bg araxig other matters in , the
indent ore, that .the Jady should not marry durihg
the tetm of years, miss Williams, however, set
having the fear of la wsmis.;or spy umer suit nut
that of her sweetheart before h-r ey es; and loikr
ing upon her mistress as that (Bcurne, to whi i
a we3rv traveller Uaight v6r might; not rcturh,,
as she pleased; got married: iud - the 'milliner
LIST of Letters renjairiag uS
at Statesville. N- C". en e Wft r'f
VYml: tAreretf f . JarnwAjaP
Ilobt. iicFarland, NsncyJieKay. . g:
an 'Urn. MCintn.-loau x
The Popr vs. Don Penap. In a late con
siMtorv of the Cardinals, the . pope condemned, n r.cM TahhoaCiarr
" I ... I - .L" :.L! 1 iiUl.lllVIU V .VlCT.W. -
iqi severe terms. tne anvreg away ei launj. Krwin. Chas. ChuiCwni Geo L Uf-
fu Don JUigneuaDtf oinjr acts ot tne 0.1,3
iKHim nariv iuuuuui tie .. ! i rt.ii.rriL., 11.11 m f ikw
Tl 'is Tthen certkina, i ,s greaUy to be dePU jia-B
red. that the above mentioned. Government has
uryostly driven away, him who represented our
person and the iioiy see, commanaing mm w
ciuit the kingddm without the least delay. But
alter so great an insuu ouerea u uie iioiy oee
arid to os, the audacity of these perverse men
lias been earned still further against the Gathr
ollc Church, against ecclesiastic property, against
tne invoiaoie sni 01 lf & t uaiuf
ering aTl these measures have been exercised,
almost all the)1 accession fof a new Power, and
in. consequence of a conspiracy prepared 5efore-
nand,our mtna; is niica wiio uorror, ana wo con
not refrain fraai tears. All the public prisons
hive been cpened, andiafter havbg let those
jmo wcre detained thf go forth, ihey JiarjB
thrown into thfcm, m their place, some of tbse
o4 whom it if kritten,TVuchpot my Anointed.
Lkymen haviel rashly aogaied lo tiiemsclves
a Tower over sacred things; they have aroclaimi-
eof a general reform of the secular clergy, and
o religious orders oinoin sexes." .
ri T Summers. Jona xuBOLf'.
.lull ,. - . - -.a., .C J
i Sn,v1. 11 1 run ftlosn. v.iu.
Jacob Troutman,T. W Jytor. J;
Jas H WdUas, Jamj Ver, g?
We hare ohHcnd m
ooritaiairig a covenantof j"" "5 ,
; j A writer in tht Horticultoral Register, gives
the following receipt, which he says, ho has
tried fu many years with complete success. .
To destroy insecU on trees. :. t,
5 3oz.; nor vomica . -"
f flpz softsap,?
, 1 15 iobacconi
1-2 pi spiri ts "of tuTpcntlneV ;
d gallons, 01 water.
1 , ;Boil them all together, down to"six ealions
.i. ' j 1 . -1:H. aa.i'.t . . . .
anu uxeu uiu-v. maiui, .a,ixecs are to uo care
fujlj dressed with if 5t dailiag jt ua ! with' ft
: subacriptjoaVb? the. United States, to? ths brofrght fceartiouagajiurt. the father fot the breach
usual coTsnant, ?W"J A ;
called a warranty There is
vabtaetd the purchaser J
as U enatIes him to bctng so11 H
cevejs that he has cbUited
ding to tlie usual form he ! "L 5
unfi .he has been ousted
Wi 1. aiafla. I 1. 13 S W S I' "l .. . S .
lat out money Sot land. ! Cife"
v faTsalan cAtb4 !lfl
TausT, which will thefj
of securing debts.
.. -rin II? 1
. V.:-.
-' I( f lv- . .1 S 1 I! -' "V. at! 1 I S 1 ii : -. Mr . ;! -,;. ). f I ;.$- ..f: W 1 , ' .-- '-V t i ' . -7 - -.-
1 ' .1 " 11 ii u.. .In - -5r.ts - .( . . . . M-.-.-. ; I4-. i.-- f, r .- . 1 .! i'
,my h m-
' ... ,r- .i -
W .. ' - :..
. 1 . -1 ' -' i- ri ,f, J " f " ' - - ' i i i - -
! J i - "'J . , , '-. .- - -,,- t . .- ' -, -

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