North Carolina Newspapers

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r-rjjlw 'gonial j Magazine,
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mrt exfraordinarir and moet inter,
fljlr, lif irliich I find! anV account 'in' mv
ifltti place pn the!. Northern Cirduit,
Slithin nitvfvears affk ?"- i t Jhn Smith (was indicted
HPjtirder ofHenrr Thpmson.-The
m.Je (Ifja. jEriysi ;e3Mraordnary nlture
&&lriaUM& eicit4d M 't waii almost un4
ifii lilfife ; acculed was a ffentleman, of
rDrtviesidlnbr UDort his own ea-
!Bfiyrkbente ttbf . -shire. A
L gcysetf, tote an entire stronger to hnnj
M H summef a flay, re'j'upiea ana ot
jffltjlest'juhonld be inspected oft pirtialjty-
ttefwas.tnojaie wra lanuj a j a nnpwruil
ilrarlo frit
eailis weB as Some Jwhicm were thouzhr tof
bVaf afai nst is fitftesv Befoft his eVltr to the
'lkdhiibeatieein ferjome fsnptanljr
aie;of!de?jaleta f-th
most powef rxesonera-fnj jlheJH9tie rComr
roo$ and hdnhed the reputatiop, wfcich
richly deserl-ftj; possesmngafpiwei dr
erti&inalinietveen trothl'aiid falsehoodiilrafeljf
altajried, by fiyHndividnal Buti 0& tome
timl he was inotethan sdsp6cjted , ef hej.nj iiefic
ienf in thai ftfmness WjTposeTthatmorarconragd
e$slntlal to tb efficient discharge of his high fiinef
tor& io acasl where dxjabtAjl and djfacuft; quesj
tbra?were afnoef certaiii fd arise, which 'a ti mid
rial -fet rfiil if Jroinmi ttiilumseliViwald father
aroll'lhan 'decide 'opon;. :. r i
; J K&feaiMm of Lcrd J35rge Gdrdona riots;
ilel'-fiesh irfftue mind of every nian, tenedve J
ry mnc in jie bleast of the common people to
streSgthentlj opinion The belief rwas general,
and! feonfessftnat even my ififeciio? cannot Jfeiadi
ne aonbt j&ccdracy, lhat. in-a .giraeas
oie it j east; le scenf of that fearfol time were
id b anbuld toi tlie timidity and in decision, of
this;btherwi8l ffreat man. ' The King had pnb
liely.d4eIaTe4 IbaiUhe ihagiftVates ;bad ; (ailed in
tHeil doty; aiifthb teproachjapplieiJ Withi pecul
iar fee M tord Chtt!c6f j England.
Haolhi but enlplfitjed-those' jib wef$ With Iwhich
the constitution had armed' iliim, fof She::; early
snpjlession 6 the riots, the metropolis.' would
not Have beetifffived op for a? weeki to tjie nn-
contft)lIe4 d'irtinioh of a lawless. moH,i niit that 1
melotlramatio ftimbleof tragedy "and coimedy been
nacle whicjileanhot now bethought; of Without
aroaent,:aa which lias no parallel inj inod-
f of that character whlcawoaId prompt to deed3 of
viriuous enierprrze, orio-seex ineouooierepu'
tation at-.the "cinnon'a rnontb but that it? was
ratbef that quality which woukif let Ho
tcam'pnnctiou VLsitings of Nataro f.shkkft f?U
this In esiuraQon - into hts character; suchri as fit
waSy wasvijiasly.umvotablsj .and fjetjthexf J
were momenw when i.thongnt inhaa metea.. to
nima nara measure vi jusuue, bik wnwi "x."rs
Ifsaair aM ho8Ptantyfor the night
y jp1ieedV after takin some slii?h
U4fteafc'fetjed tolbed iri perfect health; re4
y fceWakelif d atran eatly hour' the.
felSnipfc; " Vn:lhe'pen.appnt
ytllllHnehierea piis.ruom lor jnai purposej
s his b perfeetl dead' and,
llpearance olinVbyriiiWasxAyious'
U$Mto& aoJfertofoy lours. r There was;
iiiMatfist tnark!violfince on lus person,;
til cudstf naiice ' retained the same cxpres-
f 4 1. : 2- t -3 .:; : .j it' i" " -s
;4 f ilea a naa noma opnng uic
Tifl--f : i sv.J ,i.S.:..J r1uw'"'W:
kndlnadiries wire iffmediafely' madev
hMid ho the siraiurfer Was-aS.d; secondly,!
k xv nritkHii loath Rnth werenn ?
: s as, to. tue j luntitrr u imwiuiniiuu
ri 61 obt tuned no iae oipcoercu ,w u.
e eitnpr oi nis namci i ynuu, w
i; fiie' htdiarrlved oh horseback,
Birouffn a jjeiarnDoniis n-
reached tne
i uguiujsappcarea, whether the -partfe had rone
fS3r?T ,f towsyws-1 throw
suii ,aeeper Jinisery-oiref thU
tempted to acense myself of prejudice iri
pinion I had rfbrmed of hitf ;Tand parti
it, was :;acted overa
gaiir., bht it twas ntterly impossible, from ' the
cansaoov mentioned, to aSceijain; wheolhe
XJrMan3fiM:i charge to the grand jury cprin
rd irJ sef
EkTegtseiufteooe was a prystenousiy lermm
a. b: cdiridj je'tra: nd farther. Beyond
Witt tVRM-ib theideatht as little eould be.!
IMtt'lf Idead-'. mtu' (t.wasi it is tnie,
uioIpintVy ?tid dcii u t ieTe mi no reason, ;
pji in.?ici;to sappose uiaat waa caus
flzDant4Vhej thanjthe handjof '
jjjdi ;ikarww, jury wlasf coiutse, summoh-
tiwr .-in.. inTfauraion, in wmcn mue
w cdW be rijvf!d fian, that which I have
m erdict was returned i to the effect
It lb(eafil died j&yj trit4f?o of God.
'!'H? w :passra rn. anu iiuie runner
n4llethe meahitirne rnmor hsd' not
m ifcns", vfaru itdeed"aiid tmdefin-
M a dirklind fearfuf bharacter. wre at
Jyeand 'airwa'foi. bolder expressed.
w wjrnj uj muse suspicions was not
Seated;! some! implicated lone Derson.
M6er; bbti they lUipoiited tti SmithVthe
-meer iAM usijil ri such cases, circurn-
the Subject pf ihis imardet had excitod "aj; good
.deal f ttentidn.! f He hao recommended ithem;
if by enterteiledlreasojiable doubts kf tjie sof--ficiedcy
of thefevidence' to rusure a conviction,
to khoutteiJByi," explaining to them most
ju3tl apd clearly thatj in the event I of theirjdo
inj 8ijinyaddit6na1 evidence should; i a fii
itum itcer be discovered, the prisoner could again
be kpfrehendWiahd tried for the offence if they
fbuicafue Bilj!aTidj from deficiency bf iprOoO
he jw'isow aafiiitted on his trial, hec;i!t Wev-?
er agiirile mplested, even thopgh the tatilnbny
aga)niv6n1 6hold he morally as clear 'as light.
Tlgrand jly jfteir, as was supposed,verjf con
sidlrablo dsscjassioii among themselresZ-apo, as
was rt mored.liylai majority of ooly one returned.
a iiu& BUl. t ervtheharge I have mention
ed,-itwi conjecliired that the pfooft offered id
tbelgiand jujy.lraust have been .sirpn 'xdkar
thori sucb afidirignd a strong impression in
consef dehce "pre failed that there Would dliimate
Jy betconvictioL: As f to show, however $ how
uncertain all conjecture must be by.thbdet'vho.
are jriere spectatcs of what is going on, the next
tnortiufg a diflerept eurrent was given to the tide
of pbplatr opinjioHE.V; At the sitting of the court
an apSicatiobf wi. made by the counsel for the
irowi io posipoe ine inai io me nexi assizes;
on the ground tha aclaejuid just been obtained
to eyidoe ofi mosi important . nature -wich
could ot be procured in time , for the preseni as
sizesi:lnd witouliwhicfi those Whuv conducted
the prls&cutioii thodght it would not! bef safj to
proceed to trial . The application was of coarse
stre4uusty;ppjposid by the counsel for ihe primm
er.; ltwas urgedln his behaltl that as this iva3
a caie in Which hp bail could be taken, the grani
inr it would hivfilthft rTfet of I:ninfr htni in
U e T i ,r . r a 7
0 gaol I many month, when he was ready to take
' his trial, ana ivwas saia tnattnis was not a com
moncaae where ft be committal of the offender
I was .inipursuaoce i)f H rinding ty a coroner's ju
ry, andhheretore v here the prosecutor was com
pell4d-iaCIme prejeured with the best evidence
lit; cyu w procure j out inai tne . prosecutor naa ,
witmnjtinterterencei ana without compulsion, - ,. . , .. .
selekea tiis ovf n tfrae for the i apprehension;! of ordmf P"t of the case s It would be pi
the prisoner, and the statement if the charge ; '.nd lKne ,blhtv ?f a dfbl thal tht
i liirwUhSf 4 nA .K0f..M k f.iJiJ ed died by poison poison of a most subtle
fttj poconneeted-with the transaction
I ljvtaaQefs matfy ah antecedent, and nd hthe wsl)uhd;therefjre, to be
Blet person as xfc aslother times. ifwitH bloxjfs in lunpoft of the accusatioi
be furnished
accusation he had
JbH Unucliarv Ito! the present ehanre. made. I These1 arunienis werel not without their
nrtet i)f Smith! iii eallv life, had been f weihlif and Ijord Mansfield refused to nostixine
!ra??aevaiojT. While his father i the mill Aislthe&ijnUcalion avowed I v had bro-
Eis hativft ountrv in- rceedetl upon the insufiiciencv of the evidence! at
&7,f Nkqown J) Ihate been guiltv of p;reisfen in !ih:r()e0otof's '.'possession :tq1' sabsn
p e anduspq not tiat.d .4'ffeicei;exptatibn ot fife jacquijial
t" "I'Fpojwis 3s thctmode of obtaining ; wereeoanuenuy . f ntenamed and unreservedly
wJ'Tl-f oneyJ JJrhfchlid was contm- i expresieU durmg h6 short period that interven
ed berore the mail which was fixed
rrau ipurjciapsea pince nis rjj-
Titt 0fjhis youth UM been for-
-HOimaof were entirely un-
Jf &!,occao4 thjey wre revived,
fW .frif cQiSidlrae additions. !
ms; affer thl dlatH of ) tne straficref .
lBrK'?ft ieIace, pressed with
'Sfiifl9 W-nr. anf seeking for
!fo,l0,s refute his suspi-
fnr thfl fnJ-
lovvihmorning, aid which without any thing
malarial ocCurungn the one side or the othr,
took! place at the aSpolnted time. .
tT.V'V81"1 VVm erful distillatbn of the seed of the wiM
exn oibm upoir every countenance pn the ,en- tTe abundant in th Rlk Fort1
iraawcMonpe Wttnes3f i&ted n aVfdin a
new.teature tot his former Xfetatemen! that kHer
.the person! - ad tetdinea4 i with4- IbeKlhrht' into
?TOIWfl Morr it wasextlnguilaed, fce
haH x& 'nyzV? -dark M,ject to IhteV-
whhewa askeVi b the erko
usual ane'itionfJre voufndlty.orfVit j27nltj i which he describeii jnsaihtlsAntWa if
as he drew hi form up to theiullesi i p eight, nd
the Fetteraf clanked upon 1 bis legs; as fe answer-f
ed .with unfaltering; tongue aod BQhlenphtns
AnAAL" miilfti " rHtf 'LBMrt , -rvTia rrti. frv-
having iavolnntarilv interoreied arailst him ev
ery Bigri tfiatSias doubtful. 4 - rji f f r.H'f f
TlHf counsel for the pp)8ntioJl-;fmen?d his
case'to the jury in a mannerjlhat iodfcatiMiveryp
little expectation of a-conviction. ;Ife beln by
deploring them io divest their minds jiof all that
they had heard before they came into the box j
he entreated them to attend to the evidence, and
judge front that alone. He states1 that j in the.
course of his ' experience f which was very? great,
lie had never met with a case involved in; deeper
mystery "than that upon which he wis then ad
dressing them.f The prisoner at the bar, was a
man moving in a respectable sWionlin society
and maintaining- a, fair character. ' tie was td
-all appearance, in the possessoin i of I cpnsiderable
propeiiy,'ana wasaooreme orainary temptation?
to commit et fool a crime. Vv ith respectto the
properly of the deceased,: it was strunirly 5 sus
pected that he had either beep robbed of, of ih?
some iiiexpiicable manner pide away-with;goId
and jewels to a very large amount ; yet, m can
dor, he was bound to admit that ho pprliori of it
however trining. could be. traced to the prison
er. s to any motive of malice tr revenue, none
could by possibility be assigned; fbrthe prisoner
ano vne aeceaseu. were, ai rar as could be ascer
tained, total strangers lo each other. till there
we're most extraordinary circumstances cbnnec
ted with his deathDpresrnant r with sushieion kt
leat, and imperiously explanation i
ana u was jusuce, no less to the accused. tha) to
the public, that the case should undergo judicial
investigation. The deceased- Henry fThomson
Mfas ajBwejier, resiamg in London, weal
and in considerable1 business i and. as - was
custom of his time, in the habit of personally con
ducting his principle transactions with the for
eign merchants with whom he traded ; He had
travelled much in the couisa of his business in
Germany and Holland j and it was td meet jat
Hull, a trader of the latter: nation, of J whom he
was to make a large purchase, that he had left
London before his death; ?
It would be proved by the landlord of the irin;
where he had resided that he and his corres
pondent had been theiej and a wealthy jeweller
of the town, well acquainted with both parties,
had seen Mr. Thomson after the departure of
theDutchmSn ; and could speak positively to
-there-being then; in his" possession, jewels of
large value, and gold j arid certain bills pf ex
change, the parties to which! he; couldj describe.
This was on the morning Tlioinson' J,.
ture from Hull, on his return to ijondoh, add was
on the day but one preceding that on .which he
arrived .at the house of the prisoner. What had
become of him in the interval could not bs ascer
tained ; nor was the prisoner's house situated in
the mad which he ought to have taken.; No re-;
iiance, however, could be placed on that circum
stance; for it was not at all uncommon for persons
who travelled with property about them, Vo leave
the direct road, even for a considerable' di-ancc,
in order to secure themselves a9 effedtually a3
possible from the robbers by whom tHe remote
partd ot the country were intested. tie had not
been seen from the lime of his leaving Hull tilli
hereached the village next adjoini" Smith's
house, and the next morning was discovered
dead in his bed. He now came to i he rnost ex
traordinarjr part of the case lIt would be proved
by poison 'poison of a most subtle na-.
ture, most active in its operation, and possessing
the wonderful and dreadful quality of leaving no.
external mark of token by which its j presence
could be detected. The ingretf ients of which it
was composed. Were of so sedative a najnreji that
instead of the body oh which it had beea f tised
exhibiting any contortions or marks of sulfering,
it left upon the features notHing bat Uhe calm
and placid quiet of repose. Its effects and
indeed its very existence, weret ; but re
cently known in this country, though,' it had
fir some time been used in other nations of Ear
rope; St it was supposed to be a discovery of thed
Uerman chemists, and to be produced by aj pow4
arid tia
of the unforta
ijmed khfl Were i ns tan tly fe
!W9therHestihere waa.tHnnffh it'wai
S- ilh4ion f the body.
But the fact being ascertained, that jtbe cause
trance.ot the Judge into Courf. In an instant
tne rap,proioun(stience prevailed ; and inter- oflhe death was prison, left open the nfoch more
estnfense ahd upassione4,:ithoughtQbdtidv momentous question,by whW was itf admtnisl
8e6to wartiij, n every word and evefy lcjok, tereii ? U couldhaidly be sdppVseitojbe by the
as n uiviuou ueiwecn expectation , ana u o:ot,
-whdtlilrl somethiig might not yet even inter-
" i i jlA - Ik" 1 7 . V rvr'i cmnstance, wuicn ot itseit almost negatived .:iU
was .kifirf ;laCe. oun however occurred j and possibility .that rio phial,or vessel of anykiiid; had
i" he f lf?11 ?, ;lht been discovered, in which the poison dnoldhave
'tfiedl nrf ii i vTV"f' f been contained; r was it thed the' pnsbneri who
! .4l&iSM E J!C?WJI"VI V NJ . ih. waa, rdministered it f .Before he 3ed j them to
hfiX - na5 4 - dpekihewer come to that conclusion, it would be i.ecesry
aAR'PW the0ither d ids most saus- nnevefv sideihe ?er kiiru ..r A,.,i.t. I . ' zr.-n
I 31 ai tonin w!4 ...J. .u; .Li. r I ru.. . i . - : . . r.r usiaie more oisuncuy wnai nis eviuencs rwa&.
SpMute fetfirMeS Thn Permusist on o hit
yio theuse Aiv&tL a, hoose-keeper, and on6 man-servantTbe
"ItPt!0 thduse of h& death; and oometary euBusuSi
NJlfl dTe betr otherwise than was only mouientar
mefttay sute his cheekJ i but it
y, aod less than mighty have
;;: fwifcrfianncf nh. Lv.trwi .nn,k;al. t kix&u -ltijj:-?. . L a I iue nouse Keeper s. w
! T iff i 1 VUU WUA CU 1 11 IU 11 1j3 (MLi I Iin 1 II IL1 111 1M KJ I IWi II Will 'US IIIH man fA niA Tt WW lt I ft -ft ' " -
Ulpn 'wferf aiid what theyla
M4f5JitJJ1rHe to mention: suf
Ts.Tr"- - chuciich as. nnucwi Demise : Ei jMhirM ' vara m.ic jl : :r. - : - t.i . .
Vmtm Rm4.UJ I.-.....; k.: - f. l .7t?L7Zrr iiae circumstance, men very nnusaai.jOt a
- wjiaing-irwDien could
account f for Jhia ; appearance hiiiUd mtm "
dinr0rtt:part, anrthere,was neithcMpboard nor
Pwu m, wnicnui lor the bed; was eh
tirely erriptr ; the soom iri whien h dmll KAn'i
U""V5 ., vcyoao u.i tie wouhl at to tai
one fe;t jnoresaidi th i J jeaVned codhsel) and h!
uaa uvua nis puiy ; u (wou!d then be! for the jury
to d theirs.Within a few day there had been
fund iri the prisoner's house, the! stopper of a
small bottle of a very singular description ; it was
PfMitjuMy. novor Jngusn manufacture, an - was
.desrritHf by the meJical'tmen, as being f the
descripuon used by choiieta to preserve those li
juids Which are raost!ikely t lo9e their virtue
y exposure to the air. To whom it belonged, or
to .what ie itha been applied, there was'nd ev
idence Ulshow. v-' I I ' ' ''T -'
guchfcvas( the address pf the codnsel for the
pnssecujon j and during its delivery j I had ear
nestly Hatched the countenance ofthe prisoner,
who hac ; listened to it - with - deep attention.
A wiceunly did I perceive that it produced &
him the slightest emotion. Wheri the disappear-
.... rL:. t- l t r- ..
uuc-o u -nd nouseseeper yas mentieoed, a smiley
as of ;:ciin, passed oyet hfe lip ; add the notice
of the diArorery of the stopper obviously excited
an iqteresH, and, I thought, ad apprehentlin, but
it quickly subsided! I heoxl not detail- the evi
dtjnc? tha was given for the pro? eeution ; it a
motinted,in suoatance. to that winch-tne counsel
stated riwr was it varied in any particular. The
stopper was produced, and proved, to 6e found
in the house ; but no attempt was niade to trace
uo piibuuur s possession, or even Knowl
edge., -r I ' ! . v . .
i VVheh the case vria closed, the leaked judgd
addressing the counsel for the nroselniion. said.
he though t there wad hardly sufficient evidence
to tall upon the prisoner for his defence and if the
jury were of the same opinion, they , would at
once stop the case. Upon .this observation from
the Judged the jury .turned "around for a moment,
mm vueu liunnaiea ineir raoquiescehce in his
lordship's view of the evidence - Tne counsel
folded up jtheif briefs, and a verdict of acquittal
was about to be taken, when the prisoner addres-'
ed the court. , j He statd, that having been ac
cused pf so foul a crime as Imurderi anii shaving
had his character assailed: by t suspicions of the
most afflicting nature, that.character dould never
be; cleared by his acquittal,upon the. ground that
the: evidence against hiui was inconclusive; With
out giving; him an opportunity ofstatihg his own
case, anu caning a witness to counteract the im
pression's ihat had been raised "vr--r--,J " "
Jj.ii- i.vsh circumstances which fLt present
appeared doubtful. He urged the learned Judge
to permit him to stato his case to the jury,- and to
call his housekeeper; with so moch earnestness,
and was seconded so strongly by his counsel, that
Lord Mansfield thoiigh very much against his
incHnation, and contrary to his , usual habit; gave
way, and yielded to the fatal request.!
1 ''Everttre domos totas, optahtibus tpsis,
IDii faefles -torrens diceodt.copia multisj
Et sua moriiferaest iacundia:"
The prisoner then addressed the jury, and ed
ucated tneir patience for a short time. ,- He re
plated ao them that he never could feel satisfied
to be acuditted, merely because the evidence was
not conclusive ; and pledged, himself in a very
sliort time, by lbs fe observations he 8 ;odld
take, and the witness wh jm he should call, to
obiain their virJici upon much higher gronnds.apon
the impossibility othis beinj guilty ot the dread-
in; cri'tie. fiiu respect io uie lusiuuauons
which hail been thrown ! out against him, he
thKuihtoiie; observation would dispose; of them.
AssuuiinL' it to be . true that the deceased died
ointhe effect of a poisen, of which he called God
to witness that he l-ad never even heard either
the name or the xistence until, this day ; was
nt evey pn)babiiity in : favor of his innocence ?
iere was a.perftct, stranger, not known to have
ill his possession a $in i-le I article of value, who
might have been robbed of the. property w hich h e
wjti said to havediad at Hull. vy hats so proba
ble as that he should, in a moment of despair at
his bss, have destroyed j himself? The fatal
drhz was slated i to : have been familiar in those
couniiiesin which it; Thompson had travelled,
: k ; " - ; . i i . 'I a Aft
while to himseu it ,was utterly unknown. Above
all, he implored the jury to, lemembet; vthat al
thouerh the eve 01 mince had watcned everv
proceeding ot' his. since the: fatal accident, and
though the most: minute search had heen made
into every part of his premises, nu.vestage bad
bten discovered ot the .nost inning article be
lunffin? to the deceased; nor had eveh a rumour
beeit' circulated that polsen bf any kind had been
evir in Mi possession. Oft the stopper which
had been found he jdijowiied all knowledge ; he
declared, most solemnly, that he had hover seen
it Before ill was produced uvcodrt ; aril he asked
coufd the fact ot its beinr foand in bis house, on
ly a few days ago, when hundreds of people pad
been there; produce dpon all impartial, mind even
a mbmenUrypiredjodiee Jagainst hh ? One
fact and one only had bed proved, to which it
wappssible foil hirato - give aa s anwer, the
fact of his havihsr gone " to the bed-room of hi
housekeeper on the night in question; He had
been eubjectfbr many years of his life, to sudden
4 I n I A. ...... KyM ca,vat ttitk a ait
then put into thehrir and iTmtn4 .Ci, . TTT! TTirfi 1,t '-V?: V:
Wunsl forthe pnsonerv AWrdX in ZLr K, ,d WdWg&, ,
fcnsjora, at tbatinie almW unirersal. bf tx
eluding itoessei froni court "tinhl h&ro.i
4 M 4een kept at
ter !0 -MWa ndt heard a
5ingi9wwqx)Ufifr,maJf HThe as'rfoth;
in remarkablejin her. Iraanner aha appeal
anf-e;,?light e 35 waliule kt oVei
ltn4regular.thi3Ugh noi ;agreeable features
4ir ! PetIy.lorn emriuTassi
fitSherepHlediafeid the prison
erVownprdsahoVs told
of bis havinj: called her I ud; arid hra- having
accomiknied hX&X6 liiii room addirii that
after feayinit Jhlibi sheJad retired to her
PJ wa ana beea awlkciicdl by the kari
travel le:
of Mr: Thomson's death Ml
At this moment tho3ilidtor,fothe pros If
him upon
the satne'manafactare as the stopper.
haTing a cork in ttrsomcrtherartides thW
were on tt not mateHalt tfflravvicihrVATli
tray was pi iced nrJ tWe tabli in WW'oTthei i'll
HTicuner ana tne witness; inu iroat that mo-
. j c. .utrr lo?f " an .f ccooni wise
;as well state
a cross jBiaaiination; and I rhav
nerq mat wtuca, tbo' not know id rdo till af
terwards, assist the rftadei ' in underltan
dingtfte following scenC: Thicbtinsel for
the prosecution had in htsewn mintlUi&ch
ed considerable irrippAal tofthe cirumi
stancef mentioned by the witness who saw
kAl:U .U2i - .1 r: " " ii ---I . '
SSiMPW?.. 1'eJtf1nd .'Sfad MilS ee rcom for
hofeekMpewererinithJtbom or the tSfm-:
aqoqr naa s intervened
between tha candle and the winddw: which
tV99 trttlllfT imiuA.:i.LlJi, .t ll.
.Micwutiuuiu wun ine aDDear-
ance of the room when examined. and h
had half) persuaded himself, that there must
bea secret closet whichifhad escaped Ithe
searcli of the officeM bf iiistice,' the openino;
wuica wouiu account tor the
alluded to; : and
of wliich Had so rasteous!y disappeared;
Hisobject .therefore, wasjq obtain iron the.
housekeeper (the pnjy herson Uxceptf the
prisoner ivho. could girl any due. to. this)
such informltioh as hos eduld gdt witHout
alarming her, by any "direct iriqdirV On the
subject,, whichvas she cbulo notheIp,,,iee-
mg iis unpoiianccf woum naves lea. net at
once to a positive denial. He krtew; more
over, that as js he hacl noiTbeen )n court, ihe
could hot ktfbw. hoif ''mtjl6(iprt hoiliitle-lhe-inquiry
had already brought to Iighti'and!byr
nirnseu treating tne raatte asiminaterialhe
might lead her to consider il so. also, A-Jby
k.i JlL. r. . 11 .1 . v ' ' - r "
u:ai lutiaiia uaw, lonn an mat sne Knew
ment hotii doubt remained in tbe mind of
pe gum 01 mertscner. iti ? s
LrA few wfJrds will bnrlgmjUloio ifi clbscj ''teil'
tlWHouse where the: bu had been cora-flil Il
nutted wa3 between $ aqd 10 miles distant
from. the'CcirtHdnseJ The soliciton ha soori f t-!. KVi .7
'"litoiaationoitnenou ; -
had discovered the existence of ihd closet. fc'd?
existence1 of ih oW Kd; ! I I
ta Asuuation! nad set ptf on horse-batk,Witft NT-ri
j .. . ' .w. u.iiiui. uunuuvut : t
of the wail of the house, had dfttoctafTthtA rr Hi
important piace ot concealnient Their S
rewarded- the wh6lef thflTU ; ?
property belbniinsr to hit Thomson nm':ni-'rM
4 V. ,-l . , . - . i . ,:...J.. - . -i . ' .- V
round there amounting, .in value, to ! somo
lnu..J Jt V J i - It 1 .
ft' 1
ddubt, a bottle wai ti
medical then instantly
Scoreted. which! the
pronoun ceo: to contain
the very identical poisbn which had i citfeftd
the death of ihe unfortunate Thomson. , The
result is too obvious to need explanation.
. -I l ne case presents the; perhaps nnparak?
leled mstaiico of a mai accused of riaurder, '
the evidence against Whomnwai to slight as
to induce thejudge and jury-to concur in a
verdict of jacqaittalbqi whoi, v persisting td
call a witness to prove Sis' ilnnocence, war,
upon the testimony "of that I ! verjrj witness, '
convicted akdtcule& . - ' t.
sf 1 il'-- -
; :
4, d-'-
From; tbe New Ykk jAtlas.
M'UtLERPr, TUB iLiAz koilBEh:
7 jCobbett, the psendo -political cohomistj and
Mv in addition to hisi llegisier, publishes aj
magatine, conducted jointfy by himself ami sons;
The following article wUltbWead with interest,-,
and at the same timoHnly be taken as a fair spe
ciraeridf a work huJe'kn,) here, thbdgJrquitft
Faonileroy suffered Toi forging the 'riames of ?
the owners of Bank Stock, bv which Tie feloni-
nnimportant ouestionshe . 'r-Ui
,unwu ,uw) " auu uiauuci rawicr ca-itni however continuing in nav th awApn r
distrust- ! 1 :,'' ;1 ' V
: During the time ydu were id ufr. Soiiih's
hf ...
After some tew
the candle stood" Ion
centre Jof
room, you sta4 ted that
the table, in the
w ' .1. . j "A : , .1 . coHJntrv.and was authonwdhv'j
was the closet, or cupboard, or whateypi ft trJi ? rar
w nhancj -1 -H -wSftiif It rHelnking-house m which ihe
etbbd 1herer---A pause jtiolanswer I
l will call it to yourrecbllectionS after Mr.
Smith had taken the medicind out of the
closet, did he shut the door Or did lit remain
open? He shut it. I
1 hen it was opened .again tor the' par
the Stock theiri half veail v i dividends on 'the
same ; it is to be observed t that he ' forg4 4
names, nor niade free with iny sdms of money h:
belonging to those who weetiot connected5 with
him In the way of business.; As a banker, h '
was a?ent td the stockholders re8idtnrtn thef -
on their fetock; 3; ' m
was aoartn kf. :
being on one occasion ran hard upon andtn'tfairt
. ' 11'
:! , iV
fan- J s. . .
oi money, r auniwrcy. was alwars estiaiied fc .w lt
as a euDeror nnancier, Mdrtmibi r: .i . r. J-i i
required sumi and this he vid tha vr 1 trikt !-tiV,:i 1
- l . ft . . I ' r'
, h j; . u'l transwrred tne money neooiameu irom me -name .
door when opened Would be exct rnatimnr tnthtnfhis owTconc-lrin that
the light and thelwmdow, would it ty rtT woaU pot probably,'so Ion? las he liv-
wish to sell out his stocJcVod therefore
mrm . . - J - T J I V
mormng wnat ne saia io Jip-pwtnert; & how"
he? accounted- for his possession jot ie moheyv
has not vet been known : probably, tfotiwere:
pose of replacing the bottle, was it.ft too much hurried at the moment and . too ' Ud
nri ciii ieAnlleri hrtwlbno-it wnliorMn thn their inquiries. It is however,now knowcirthat
last tim? Not above a mimitft. ne went io tne uana, ana oyj means w. wrgery
not? It would. i P I 'Udl
I foro-et whether vdu said the closet was bn 1 would remain unconscious of the hse which had
. O i j ... - -r - - : .. I I " "7 " T . - - - ' . - Li i i -I ., - t . U . B-
the right or the left band side oflhe window? been made of jt so long as he rewlarlvl recetvett t y f:'. :
The feft: ' f t thia dividends ;ju nowever, 8oouia:occurxnav v t, 4
Would the dodr of tha: closet
nWida in Vrvu-f-rr?.ATrnt
.u . i-lit vn if hA khouldbedfivenlo thenecetsitv i 3i
Can vousneck nositiveiv to that fact? Hive h j.:.t. ..i.i..-.J-L-i.:Ju,-ii. itn l t
7 r 7 -----, -
vou ever opened it vourself.
- . I . ' - . t i I J . l - i N i i
Mr. Smith Openit?---! never, opened it my- quently did many times ;un;fli hp got! lavtolvea
Ijid you never keep tbe key? Keyer. i
Who did? Mr Smith always;-
At this moment the fitness chanced to
turn her eyes I towards tle ippt : where the
in a laoy rinin m iransierreQ t;ocK, mnu r my cr
eobnts so built op one on the ot hen that 4Jhere
was no retreating bfore the! rdaS honest
man no path open to hird ither to jSttip pay-" i
meht or go on nothing before him butj ultimate
in thisi state
prisoner stood, and mne enect was almost I hv nlnnfrini? desperately, and as it wefe darinff m
cieciiicaiT v uiu umuupncoi iwu ujwu line worst, ne mainan:eu w wcwk w .wit, ijauw-
his brow and his' face had lost all its coldur; kin&bouse tor upwards of ght eare4 . after jthej
. ,? fi ... . ; V ' yH J ' V. J l . I AH t I : r-l trt U 'm IU kbAI IT fTtl ttftll-. -r
he appeared
no, sooner
flashed dcroe her. mind: f She had been so
', i-
in ihe firm-
rpugdeived. bhV mailer of h ptd every Sa S to tWo
Advocate, and by the Ji Ue mportancehe ipxhJtiioQf have possesled fiimselfof
one of
man servant slept in an out house adjoining the
stable, and did so on the bight of , Thomson's
death. 1 he prisoner slept at oae end pf the
bouse, and the house-keeper at . the 'other, and
I he deceased had been put into a room j adjoinuisr
would i be ' provedi JvVa 1
peraoa who happened to be passing by thehouse fiti bf illness : he had been seized wiib "one-off
r '.""we iiarmipn i
H ffi ' tape, had e
amount wedepend-
w astvlwas hnon
eaihount -
is occasion
that occasion . and had ihne to her to procure her
assistance in lishtingafire: . Site had returned
wnn mm to nis room, ior inav purpose, no navmg
waueoyior a minuie in mp: 3sag,. wnuc uc
momehtarv'ldisappearance of the liffhtr and after
she had Ternainedin his room a few minutes, fia-
rHirtv himself hettef jhe dismissed her i end Yeti-
tT-vlrwl amirf InV-aA fnin !wKik' ko Vtiii nrtt rispn
CamS Oul OI InB. hAU3A JtCPIwr' Tmwn ? tl4. Tha I' l - L.!- i'-iJ.j ' u .liL -u"
hkeyijthat sbokiof tire, and pridaiod disabnear Tf 2,71 ifW .5? ?l . K 'araia"f.?-
ltriyalad!Wouy "niVA.ivlitArknlil?; " P"8
on inej.aormer.
'""Fsse on ;my memory, t moving about the house at that late hour, i That
i&iu n-""' u ""jf iioiasun. as i ne wis ipnareouf Deiwwn iiirtt iinrt n is ir
"ISMi u-.. 1 -i -. T r-""' " "5tl 5" """.t"" Ricii 4U 4IUUJ KM wr (nfl d (ll4tlftltlT BM timiro hnlinrr ,liitK . W
kOTWne examination of the wit- ckri ihdiil 'innW',k: .A-tk- iilr lJZZ-IU-rrrr-r
:emnk.kiJ r IZIl r?:T73- -. n !wncn toe prisoner siepu io the
ttiirr:' viuagibira Wiguy wnuq iuk auengui' and BpriMltneSSUOt I honsA-keener'a Ttinni r tht 4xv.. 2 tk
s iuua nr ' ui! . i v j. - .. - - . . t - n;, -; . 1 -j - . k.wu t u.u
i-D inn IfKT InU .11
- ? r-r WW uiace. wsi mat
i on inernpmteoajicexd at inej first I potseeay the window :f that room looked an, '1
-1 glancepppeared ' hat whsch we are laccust 1 otherSivayi but in about a minute the v!rfnrned:
I tojnedto associamwith deeds of-h&h and. noble passing quite alon? the housei td Smitha m l
daringi but a wcopd aitoe attenuva eaamaa-' again ; and in aboo, fire minntes the lirhi was
a "t ? w 4w www im4n w w w . n 40 . iim Bada.W'M i.a.iiim uiaurai. nun iha vftr rtsv mnra .-
ooVhis housekeeper haj disappeared. 4 eavow
ld that! findintr hia ? enimiea determined 1 if nos-
brobable tltey ; 3 might -Umper-with hfe servant ;
'be had therefore, kept hey but of ihetrway; bnt
rKi,iU.- uiiAi.i- u.i llf !-' LiT-. ."."7 -"Vi l-iiof.e wrpose row.preveai-wriw
7 li.Jni(jiaiU X'T 1.1.7 i If TJiy. t"T, 7 r. UJ '.,r .5 1 h kJUC11 V15 v acvnponicri me ma y v feeing eiveo. forTehe wa4 now onderahe care
lwAIT 1' V ,,TJ?n I T.-?? Pssceme8 nign import , fgtstrates had commuted. Smith:; and iin juUrly bf his solicitor; ahd wonld - msuhtly appear for
t?ai i y -Mvii ui me nresiainjr 1 uowm tu conceal! ine- dn diiTn.i ' njuref to 1 tiiii iwisn mi n n M ? (w. c .1 -e . w. - , . , t .r- j.
iMbrXJSSf?- I P!nJ?y lhe fnotiresrofheisiaaib persuqate discovered:7AthinhV laititveelr,. tnel witness
na iignt naa neeamare paructuariy ijerjwerfolct. i?It wai de
;aod,m order ta refresh this memory AhijiMr:i.2t- .
been nlacVdat rV-U nT t ha I.Ttrwsrnt 1 "1 7yrifr ; r nr1 affl 5PPie laaauw,
: I rH&-TWt 'v ac- j cnafM;ier at variance with hie own, and a can-1 who faw,
hv if livlw-W lto' Hy- J m tat ind examined
1 .sww.??
. I j " I Ti, bt 1 !iV - ? 11111 1 Brp tone last, rjiitr that was .equivocat aod 1 1 where he
' ! tvli w fiyptlf to speak bf him as' could &t help ruadinff myseif that Uv riot, bcroow
tely directed to attend -w; ner; ana ?WV mS&; tot hourly innticip
the interval occasioned tliisntprruption idiiotwItHitandingi thehoy
lo the proceedings, the sohx;toMorjthe pros-' w- which ai Orries came over his mind afhbr
edition left the court. H In ashort'time, the jmenaing fete, he wai; as N himself alSrptedf
ftentleman who tad attended the witness re- peii.boand to the spot, which he neve could -
turned into court, and statea inai u was im summon resoiunon wwgu t
would be 1
ted' that :thej'iiry itfonf4l?Jbe accoiimodato4 j tbatofVeons. A passion of any kini;by ex- i
4 W
the witness to an apartmeni , m um r . - K nothincr
house: arid strict orders Were given Uiat she . n in D;9 condoct towards women was
ahbuld be allowed itttf.ecmrimcatd witMno renfWMe. Had it Deentlawftl or consistent
bne eS6ept inibe pfes of j rfth the roles of Gb
1 - 1 . m.m c4ftft mm wwt imh mm " 1 4
that she could-at -ptesent resume 1 in a manner oe aocoonmi -vu.Pij - .j f
place in the box; andl suggested that it yt
much better to allow her trtwait tor -7-"- DorehaseAheir "Vt
hout br WoU was hbw abut jtwelv in ., lh 1 Dipeathef from Bicchua : Fauntleroy
dav: and Lord Alactsfleld. having direc- wont tn unnthcr marker for this draoghtor drtKr V :
t... - :
Gbrisdan propriety, j to have'
thepbysiciarLJlt vasbetweed fouffe and five made aa experiment wiui n-ttm jinvmoeo
o'clockr when the' ' fudge resumed Ihii from memoranda in my Pf CJ
lk- ;llhU known to me,that he wotrfd if opportaaitV, had
N R0n7r?MO l.1" '-r--lk ,U .him. hiVe-cbnethroo2Hf aU the
station at the bar,- arid the housekeeper tiers .,inw , t0 ut 'female (tkro'wn in
- . - . ' - ; - - . j. ; - . i. - ri - i iv w . .
in the witness-box; tne ;f.conrt io ine inicr-1
k;z 4.. nd have contmued to to ezsrizQ hun-
val had remained crowded' with the spec-1 xfop to the last hoars perhaps ofhte existence.
tatorsTs&ceope of whom had jidns place, j ia frnt of feet, this Is nbta rcetnUtciavf it all
less during
by some
osminmcoun J- able.wUhhfa then awluituatioa. and
?5f F'TX only be accoantod sor; upon W pn?-
estiqris to ask of you; bat bewaithat you . j taTt gta:yit morbid action qf the
nervous y stem, r "r-rTTTT
themind tonchintr the chord of former recoi,ee-
upoom thread. -;tv; jf r
Doybo krjowthi3 s!dr)per?--tdpT srl
ii uodoaihatni anaiawwhert I that he waa cccsTtOTa ol teingcrimir.ajjihrugvvl '
.vraV vl& tik '..:;ne sirhoieUprcp pf tinth;,; housekeeper, irts niiUbp - fH r r
rbntof thia;pieseaUy I ahair-liivejsome-more
to tay. lninS ' tbehble Ipfriud

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