North Carolina Newspapers

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- i li history of the Nailcnal BanKfuratshe3
ftrirr exeibgiihcatlor.
evidiebrtfiet1tha1rdad jfijT-
jowhioj brief extract from a speca oilr? .udelifer
eTiri the Seiiite of ?b Uruted Stateson a bOl
irtcrarteriatitjoalmaS , rV
The'meinSi who' dares to jri re hrs 'oronion
la feror of tbe renewal of! tb'es charterl is iostani-
the! Usrnk iwfth - beinflr ttir)rimt. witK ihavinn-
Uanpld no ie-ight8ria!id libertidr of the
"pjittfiavinglsold tbe sovereignty- of
tbef, y$iusd States fortxTti" CapUaliiU'irilk
TOr?a baTinffi Tioiated tthe Coiistitotion.
x os,$ir,tnejie axe tne circumstances under which
m are calied bpon to teject the bill. When we
npar4ihe icjjrOTrjastances;:: under which we are
ua EH ;,"Ose - wnica existed - at the
tiiie tli? laijas'tbjocVpotate; the Uauk, we I
rvou uwirusi -oar .own Qdmnpnu .Sit.. I
i iayi. thought thata- corporation i was an
fJcMJ bodisting oniy int. contemplation of
ialv :;bat,iCwecan believe theK 'rahtin!?: of vonr
eltors ih thei Great? States j arid Uhe denuncia-
iifcs of bur public deolaimersikexists flrvlerthe
icim w every looj andlhatefalCieast; bird rand 4
cteningi tfuuJt: jso Htra. it a a.
ti ling it lrf a '7nin' C tt. 1 7n.
cjplejs .at ihat perkxl. If h was, ihbwerejv: sin-
rein J.82Ma it advocacy of the exaltation
"ie, rresmency ota man whosa friendship UU a
Bank was i strong and ardent M to induce; hlrijj
evpn to vioUteJ the instructions fof ;isIcorfs;U5
mef; tnthe Enqpirei pjes.) ih order it suppij I
elsewhere last ek.' The
ring Jpiilationtho Ticttmi' of the
37-rose en masse, riaifiaesd the streets,
t the , bells of the churches,! &.c. and
iteried ao attack on!tho icortl 'stores.
are nappy -to state ipat ootnia g ot ser
; moment, was i.beu Mnsqtience, thoogh
jlo4hrfrypoi creatores;siidthat they,
a fastmir for ti o lars.T The were re
astraleiJ with, arid thelsentry aid clergy,
father' tnbabitahtawl4 IJIeel Jforhe
Ktched poorl aboutto 4evis4 plans to
"'if T 1 1 rW . U I .
fron fie ravages, of famine. T
cbpriTMty Totpaad the 'Mfaisibl tythavl
with ibe'dedsido of tfce ercit 'tion;nbu,,i5end
their decision ' Thst miWrim: ifnnt '; fcot Kk-
ordinate departments of the ffoTerhhaenti fiAioui 1
not whether tHciBank is. or is nbf id 'mosster'
but wtarexisting- bv
shall jo crushed by thexecatrvelin derlariiee of Vt
.,-v a iiusc afcinw questions laoeuecir
ded, and every bffori rbid,elyhe!administrattunl
How' cotitryment The Chaocellor' of
rxcbeqiihas stated V that' it is t he in
I Ati' if I Jnirn muni Ll it, '
denceithatlbey shrink from their calm and !disS3M all ,Irelaadjrond.the
toiuao mvebiiawoooi toeiu,- wmcn is ajone
necessary to ensnre the oridemnatian of the
iserabJl v state is hot this counlnr
ced? f VVeJ ve ini the "7nid&t f plenty:
ores are.trowded with pro-
4eem with i i luxuriance;
pple stairvinj?.! j Bui such a
cannot existi much longer
Kthe soonela speedy i. termination shall
to it pj better fbrf ail parties.-- Tip
quays and
ns; our pel
etare tl
of . thinj
v. U
I ' r3 tot.
W :if I inches f Jd ' f easonably. expect for ? tbef m ourarnenta M
W ijed istructionor Youth, v f 3?VlT
1 to remark Jthat this Matrasidft 1 qf i this J t rannr Of, Ab
1! ,f i" v'i
-ill bwW
t met
Hi j j
5(oNi3i it m : aViPER, sir, in far ira
ld saeeflss of this mveniltf wofJcil manoris, icpt; onlv.assuirita ; evervi hidA,ii
ateJintji ef erKtate ar2 Tr-
n, lias encouragea pioiisnra ?j-r,T'"v,'?. mmuhho nuamj : jauau
rtioW miriaking itall that jec-j fffer, our? imaginations be- klarmed
influenced by - such mis-
lely aci undervthe
e Dress. ? ' No man
S talonWirSccol,j.i.nd. tbf , discussion flnh- newspapers
lid Teachers' have discovered If ny subject: which; comes beore .ahe Legisla-
re oT.thii ;tiqjQi?i;but lindii MamnW orotest
iinst;' the' 't&M w&icit '.liaa bfflia: pursued bv I
wm uiw to .rejauon to tnts, question : f I nstead
reasvninz toT ibrove the liaconstitatiocalitv !nf
ith'beiflg bribed br corrvptkt-khd I this -Its
hat they! call Libert v of thei Press! f To tvraL
y, under, tvhaievejr foriu it may beVexerctsedji I
pen aaa, ipierminanie vwar.jt d me it
- On word more T6 Bank. life all other enr-'
ini tly- beneficial instiia tioqs.-r-even Rrpubican.
government Itlf;thetesivf all4-wssessps to
airriai extentvlthe'elenrents. bdta of
Kevil, and mrdecidin whether it shall beustafii
I n4 -l irlu j- .11 .- ' ' . r :' i: ' ' .
v .iuwiuiueu, ait uiai we ueea ass , ourselves.
- ' "jMictwe5are, wiiunj io aispense .wim lis
positire. and known advantages frim' the ivor$e
inan cowardly war tjt rvmay - pf rpetrate ceyr
tau, mischtffs, Jy . Which,; if it;- should i create
them;: h wujfdjlsejf the' principal sufferer ?
?ucn Reasoning would ibohsa the established
institutions of Society isincfe there is none fnm
j the abase of wcffimrflVnsei evils do dot flavil
it.wouia inaeeu in row, 100 world - into.j one wimt
onstitution Aa : one of your
rrsontatffs, 1 therefore ' appeal, to you,
i ihquird whether inyoui;opiai6n this
f mattefcit spirited and appro-?
Slj nUrejipveityada'ed to the
cojnmg every fortnight fres'b;
nf einen and beautiful nan
?re4 to nder it UnuiaaJIy al
ladervIt is read with avioV
1 4eobitrschol educ
te to reading undeKtandingj
:aa8 limef vvaluab portion!
t nduHrtast reading
4. by thisinfereslajg'perii
Tzai bUherloitiemptedl
'w-ls In f Jeryi p( "th.,
f tin? t '.fenfy, st so . thlrty
Foreign ZYeivsi
'' . -,. ;. ' J- T . , : " 1
f RSI, Alf DljtfB tTn: Jrit
naii ,fi century , '&stwd
p pertectljf icdifierent whether ;W Tyrant be KFC'i iniaKinffengeaBc eac
laiaaEspoiiiXDixbn'orfli esiw heneverpaC "vci
1 1; Vre hare jornitied ftell Ithe'S
I er mtr ne of the' Wost.Vn
ekssarJ 1 and "whether " ihe county tbf
fell rerjres it? - If so; "declare it and let
1 0 Ve Jr:-sc'ntlaieDt3? i I M 'of opioibo
Ivit nojandtvub that conviction 1 ad-
toujour love of
as . a nation, and
na to man.
asxvtu jou m suence permit this in-
R1A-'ou5,?Shts at once wanton, inis-
jDi.uncajiea ior,and unnecessary mil
Wentri tblerato ihe analbiiatioQ
?.VW- e aPPmtment !df a fupreme
fl-HJf wno troayV bis wiiX, suspend all
freedoih to
o the feeling
happy; iounufdoktbllc?
lee. betw'ppn wn A? k?v t T - ...0',r
lthoiit t qiunaur or drnsubniit
Lu aroillins thus il to hend Imi Sdw
Leeks beneath this f bke. f select m m v
bthtmemberiHjfor 1; 4m 'nuWot
tb.LawIorh6aVd4eerlVl ;-
IS vo "0:r-rupreseniauyf Ol,.Siave3.t
3ff f gy? opiwbnanfi my aJ
W ttMeVand!eve wijte
hbnrtie3 of. Ireland, but l mr4rilf'
gjmed iTproportioa. ; It b; however, observed,
11 O0,naw ae.dooW returns, 4tlierd
wul be herekfter from twenty kfiweaty-Sve new
acuons, wibieb iHH all take plawat the cor
rected lu bf $34, and inclodthe yeung ;
IecUirs, to exf ade whn wai said Save teeiii
one motj?e jTol, lh" liiusttriK hiatkiaW'' the
electiooa. - Those -dect-onsv tlnwill give, it
is expected, a more tarorabla: irmKa tion tidt iba
MoToment party than; thejeaml? elections.
V? 60 notVihoweTerbeliareatr.'ti
turn ont tery; diinereni ttwti Ftblf geftaraii e
tiorw, for we 'cantot tdbpt the epaoion'ofa borni
m contemricrary ; thkt f the passionate AetXri
of repose 13 a transienti eeatinieolll'. ka Compared
ta the afachtnent tb Republican or any other in
J13? &y tbeoreucalimoratiims ia ibi
maaicipal Gut eminent IFraoea. Ill ia-on!
when existiriiintitati! nnlilate. against the
desire of repose; r laiTto ;seciriprusperitr and
Iace,,tbat nations can jovcawael their love of
repose wd reform them. (0 respect to Aheir ru
lers man kind, are long suSeriog. and the former
wo may be quife sure J are' in the! wron? when-
ever the latter rise up against them.'; We there
for?, repeat that the present French Government
wiU have much to answer it
ww;does,t;wiutdeac0'oYthe bepplewho are
desirous onljf bf security and e reposeihould it
by unnecessary restrictions, g?l the "people,
agam to to violence, ori even (kit to, correct those
vices in existing institutions, which might, rere
long, make them o2ensive and dniolting to the
people; and compel theaa to1 1 overcome their love
of re03e, and effect that Ireforrn Mn en lightened
wUtoisiry wiU be sure to effect, rather; than leave
it to the chances of ''a ratblattbalf At! .present
governments. ought always to rehSwnbcf&'st so
ciety is progressive, and L th)ftristiw'&is be
not graduali adapted tothat"progre4-rf .will
cause coavubiiona to orerthroW thebC' V
. ')r ""szAfaA 1 1 j 1
' ' :' 'i f PxfcisJuae S3;
The Lxdicattvr 'ot Bordeaux, of i the 24th1n
stant, has theallowing Onftoe IBth a ve.
rf serious encounter tookt place ai;;iice,f two
leagues fromjPampeluna, between the Queen's
troops, tothhuniberof 5000 meL-undeV Uener
alsL irenz j audi Linar, arid six bktulhons - of
Iho insurgents J of Navarre; and ava.v After
an obstinate struggle, the latter qliited the! field
of battle, leaving it strewed witfe tbeb' deadend
dyiog. Two jegtmenta oi Ahef Carllits Ai?ere
completely destroyed, and Qaesada nterW j?am
peluna with the convcr nmfir tiiimtnl . ;'. .
rhree physicians have, bceti saa by Govern,
menf to4 Mauzanaies, id tX Monchk; toexamiue1'
in to tlie sana&rf tatfiof a earva4 tfia5 laha
bitants of Caymona,- who fled ftrooilthal! town on I
the breaking; but of the cholera: there.;, : Alazaret
toAvil! he estaolished atDescteba prros; but we
mw.Stl not thehaozhtv kristoe.
f- f a Jrj man, for me ? said the '
dpgrcbinVay nt5cmyi)uPpif Ceforet
aa answer bould be gtr,a, J ? laT
lu T?l?w air. jiJeiieviogthis was
the begilnibarof UejiW WJ.! Za .i.?SZ -I
uuww precious , meui was About to taka
at bcme,and she pappTea ahoyVJ be pruvlJed for"
Bf J.4? the.chinking bad eaEd, 1
ITZn V; - OTHUpoo attefnpting to .l
o-- '--v wqcr.iume tusuen-i
sne4, and feome i cnlcekr -whi-r 'ii ktL--''
wfh lt) Itxada upolt the nidi
bitch's tail, aridflarin.WAnf-Uw r-T x
' W1 tWff-thi casket
who, thoogh xbey could not see, could fieaaoditf
... gvoerai -yeipinsf Croia?
'- wiiieHiii.o conrusion and alarm 9
sudden and fcelancholy end ; and wbatlis racre'
sorrowful than all.vthe owner of the puppies did '
V! T Mu-ioBing nis painetic apj
pealo tVrbea who made airch adttayjof theV ' t
half eagks,to dispose of a single puppy tbeiiher
v;;B.f TeuppiesH
had collars da tneir necks, bat whether ofiriM v
soma other rhetalj I could not ascertain.": :1 Ti y';.
; WitiLE'i Mttcla . lookfci', WttS' ffuji M;tE
1 :V
't' il ji-i: -rU-
pt yeswaay ray eye'restad 00 a paragraph;- - rf iF
. t . . - . T - X - J .. f . -)
W t!l i) lt tvaeiptay; wftJSi iheir -1 : A -I
yvang tnhb ittetoarJ ooer balancing f ti
them oa tbeir ta'ds.And then thhnying them bver4 Hy ?
their heaIa.kUe;8tates:tiat'. tia!mriiaV thV ivi
ship in which he wasi; used Whiles milk fn thnir -
milk 'fn thnir
coffee, and found U excellent ,'f What ajwhale.'
Mons. Qhauvin doesabi iniorm m haw the whales
milk was obtained. t; Were soma of the Freooli
seamen inphibtous, that they tod desc jatcT
the briny deep with a tin ;por, taridfiia milk -
these dbvneanunala ? or do the vthalesrise te54f
. uui.v.v tuin jmvo uoii.uu3 iiiMT o ,ias wa-
- r m
I ter so, taaHAey may De milked by , the seamen ? 1 1 1 ,1 A S
tfrom a level ? x Be the Aectetl of AtsininVtHt;1 Av
fmilk what it may; :rtha NantuekM: hl i R. r
Itwoold fdef themset fe undar rrreat "tbl, tin
to boob if he woulddivotre the terror il z'Jrt'
itonldaddmuchthrgrad4 J-l -n
plenty oemUkith their corfeJ aci svonlJ a!a?V
4 ,
s;JiJi as are -t,
'im lopjfi that i
ti lrt iiie,S-c,
! Bicirnf I
.aAjvcLsind .
vridA. i
Lively Descnr
,4iirr theni-
loft the in-J
;birds hsa
ls, tfees; the
."aw Young- t
- ifplaces', o-an-
va (various '. parts
(Cariosities of
j them, witbm the last
W vile charged bf the iUIobe nd; fita.:atqi?awc
bosses i V tlut; no.suca f miug, gcu .-- 5
pile speech rroiri tvhiclthe jlM
dlliveret by A V l, l.i aj u 4 ". v.-
f Jd " who wasthe Uvoritocaooiaavaioi mc jupui
hfond Enq: & of the people ol V lrgtaia in icz h
(jt the Presulency of the IJ. States,1 in opposition
to the baak.hatefi Andrew JacHsonoy m.ii.
1 "ra.-. ftantw-rted ihenJ bv most of
ruianwii rrrv
uAt.oUicer icoi
force sitiacienttoj pecear
a strong detachmehVor AheifiJth Iifgi"'
with' three officers Kmarchekj from Tra
up a position on the race groundj on the,
successor! U-notAlrangei see
' 'WSf . K ..JL.Jithepresnt;pposiU5n
uri ";ciscmiy JJnk, that it was. in willing to eieci 10
I 1
c4i 1
reoioi vi
I i
U. CCt3
aricr Jr. . Garden i- piw-au. J'fVUnrf hT the IHahk that fear-
fal m.unsterWhich we aretod can at any
nkiment open its'ponderoas jaws, and swallow
ui"' thegvcrbment'iati luoutliful, and, with
i9 the bbertiesf the.' peopie ?,. Is it not " pass-
w ctrnr ?' ivTtntAt nisv be!- said that the
dangerous character - of : this great inonarch
Had not been thed fully developed. Not so fast,
rod sirsnMr, Crawford tells tis, that even in
was called, Dy tne siangwuangen m
the same termsofj odium ana ap-
1 r.itnl: I and 'RmAntS.
v'll.-1' Dbt:es J Young--to ; Pa-
::fiT- wthcr3irs,&c.
bA care welt autnen-
X. ArLL i?RavEEns, wneie
ik, aent.
tyaid; '"':' i . ,1 tliat Jar.bV
XU. CEracing Aoeoomaoi r - -
;he t-fst
4: ..
13 qcqn
freiirn fam;
er, Id whai
upijus, the
thap accus'
lif, ! fravinas, prepared by
sci i'noj; only wun. ww
U :AmnroteAheAraste,
aadcbi;' IH ViraLse the affecuohs
ro3 arnrthViUbieClS.
we. ivs
. ..i.
F S.sociats
; ;Tfclfj
j and
rtroea Tn rlpfAnd And finnnnrt it-that Ven ; then
&e prejudicial influence bt bm capital was
cfanplainedibf !: Indeed the jvhole series of ac
asations wfircfi tow fill jibe pages of the' ad
&inistratio4 presses;: and w hich such honest
Jacobs as omas H;Beiitoa and Amos Ken-
dall are constantly-uistuiiog into mo puuiio, car
aS'- . ill... .m tl riisna
fo ;and worthy Objects.
- ttefichildren"bejter!
Uer.pupjls, ' better 'as-.
ntetter cinzensr
lr, in advancer-6 cop- , ; -f ' l,m. bt theV have iust raked hem
lleafwl? rtiSi hri25nuarterlT partaiir . it.ti---r;i liWrv f fnmipr
' ' !. :Vi-rLAfuarters of a cent, if under fe M with new scenery, decorations and dres-
; Jiacepancla quarter only for the J jt item to the changed .' conduidn of
jLlflT, CO.. Bostonl J ,be-d from:the foregoing brief
Kr"''? ttATTS.t I i ilance, istrhai InAbe first year , of the exist-
the ce
I 4 V 111 ET tM U iittUBt' ,VH1A,V1.I V w
the V. CarqilUtZ tht3uitutiobali abdiVediency can exercise
ISTOIZEfC ? I oo ahflaencelupbn popular elections, and when
71k uaipanioir , or the Family PhT 1 1 emagtesdito'te of all ihticinsic merit, ipay
I., i
il. Mf i 1 .uon,iieviseo,eniargea anu c-j iide now; power, tne uaos k; permuiea u pur
A is . t improved embracing a l rea- u0 the even jteocrjuf its wayunmoiested i alD.ost
7 . iit A and malignant Cholera:- ,..J n'!intownlj(. be friend-
. "fv i hemistry,J'MeteorjJiJgy,and the. y tnroiptbuVas Ctmeasure 'of expejlien
-restiod considered with refer-j and !of ' suitainmgiisjsnstituuonaruy, can only
I twUif alaral ITheoIugy ,,By AVUltam t)eupporte4 llfur tbePfiidcncy by the samer-
ecin the: fifth voLoftha Bridge y nichwiUbnder other cnconisunces,endeav-
'P1'. ,!. ;-v v. - M jt y make:ob9citi6nto tne Uanki & test
t -ri
by XAbbot: .
vi ha all "oIBces-aiid finaUyila juider to carry their
! I'nf. it hpcnma neefssarv tnat toe lanif. nav
i; bv the Autbox of Sayings and, J i.m refused to lend itself to fhir "electioneerioj
A t. . - t A' - i - rscbetnWmastbe bat down,J thei1 will, forget I yet accurately known howimany have been jrv
uog ineirwrmer bupiwi 4 i.uwu, .- sacrihced either on shore;
bank of the river Cashen, to! be ready to in-S
terfere on the first symptoms of the expec
ted riot,. The two factions' soon appeared ypujt
in thn trronndinirreat numbers. Dm remans i wic
ni.i'pi.tintil the races were' over, at 3
o'clock! Then the appointed battle began
in earnest on the river, strand with sticks
and stones, A gentleman who vHtnessecj
the contest describes it as one of the most
savage and merci'ess scenes he ever witness
ed or could imagine to have taken: place in
a Christian country. The soldiers could
do nothing to stem the torrent of !fury and
blows that raaed on. every side j At least
1,000 men were engaged, for in addition.
to the resident parties, numbers came iroin
miles around to take part in the conflict a
gainst men whom they had never seen beforq
all for the pleasure of a fig !.! , j n
The Cooleens, it appears, received aid
from the mountains of Bally longford, and
even some came to join them from the
countv of Limerick! Captain Ilafson, of
: . i - . t . t I i.
Ennisthore, and other magistrates present t tneiincl a
with the troops, caused the Riot Act to be ipoi
read, but no body would listen to it. The
very women were occupied supplying their
friends on both sides with stones, wnicn tney
earned in their aprons! The battle soon spread
over such an extent of ground, that neither
the soldiers nor police could possibly inter
fere effectually to separate the parties. By
the magistrates' orders they endeavoured to
make individual prisoners, and it appears hthi:
that about 20 were lodged in List.') well Ijto
Bridewell, but were not permitted to fire a
shot. Indeed the work of ! destruction was
dm A.
going on last enougn; no quarter was
given, and ghastly wounds were given both
to those who fell and to those who stood up.
At length the Cooleens retreated to the riv
er's brink, where many wete driven in,' and
drowned Several attempted to escape by
swimming, but were still barbarously pelted.!
by the victorous Lawlors. It was lull-tide,
and two sand boats on theshore, were afloat
into which two numbers of the 1 defeated
nartv crowded and pushed off across the
ferry, but being overlaiden they gunk, and
all on board perished. Four bodies were
found next morning at the lerry, and twelve
other, men and women, have since been
Trriinie ot icontpi
jyVAour I pi&rertiesour
tbbyour wives fand Ichildien.
"Aeltake. .Recollect! that libertv
piolily in its actual enjoyment,
2 iiotiuy or anptner depriving
o3 Taafetbe case of Serjeant
llbeful in such cases would be
OrE That which was ; neces-
)tax to-day, may lie found
i landlord and absentee rack-
yrei TOuoieraevtneicoroatic ,4lecr3 -!whica tb T. ( W p ;jTI
constantse of salted fprcndonij .oftea ' prodac.x AMI ,!f
f'ravjiak.ftlr.X.nrijr ta rf.m ih fi'lfJpTi r.
are assoreq ttiie cholera Hatagioxat ,wha1eMlkmg-frbai-Alr. ChauViaand:ky shali i-n Hr'
AIareas,werasat.a be liberally wid for Ins troubM, 5Pfe Mi
! r ''O 'li O Tt V ""v"'"' -vvw ut'tus .iuatucq - IIWI I - - ..TTir iii i mi ii " i "i 7 - ' nina ii ' j.-. ' - -
jrute flafe'ia " l- ftA-
" ' ; v . ; , -if.
' Aa t-i
J uiA . - ;t:.',
": ;AA n
. 1S' A
this tc
tbrfct the
titife Hot
on consider the interests of
lived, as- well as your lnde-
V . habitual departures from
ize men with arbitrary pow
ers permit to be inflicted
ay, at no distant dav, toler-
fi oihing more dangerous
people to dispense with
berty like the loss of do-
rere is then nothing safe,
ry. All is doubt, distrust
1 in tliis instance, rely on
i and fatal result will be to
te the connexion, contemn
lgland, and despise her own
3 King, state to hirayour
these dangers, call on his
ko redeem the pledge he
n his speech from the
e of the last session, je-
4f Commons. Cull for an
4?al or supposed crimes of
she is to be visited with
v! Challenge ministers (
but yourselves; on God
tx;battalioris of trie insurgents ofi NaWrre and
Alava, who were! totally defeated, artd left the
,fied covered witjr their dead and undexl. Two
Carlist regiments were totally i destroyed.
(Jaesada entered Pampeluna with the convoy
under his care. A! : 1 i" '
" The van of Kodil' army entered Madrid on
the 1 1th. These troops wilJ immediately pro
ceed to the revolted provinces." I
The Quodiemie has the folio win" :- t
" Batons,' June i23. Zumalacajrreguy,
knowing that Lorenzo had left Parhpeluna with
000 men to protect thn entrance of QbeSada,
marched to meet liitn. On tle,18th, diefe was
a senou action, in which Zumalacarrfegiiy took
400 prisoners, and killed or vvounded io6 men
He then marc lied agains; Qiesada, i hlm he
met on the 19th. Another ac;ion took; place
which was still mjre disadvantageous ko the
Chriatmos, who had, S00 prisoners taken.! The
amount of killed and wounded on both slides is
1'JOOmen, We have not yet official accounts,
but we know that the (Jarlists rf wete jevery
where victorious."' ;; !
From these different accounts7we may -infer
that there have been more- engagement? like
those that have taken p ace during the jasi year
in which much Spanish blood has heed shed
without changing the face of affairs. Slcshager
From Mexico. ilnielligenc9 has befenrecei
vei from Vera Crux to the 7th ultimo, two days
later than our previous accounts.. The blockade
of Puebla still continued, but it was expected that
the town would soon b compelled to gurnendr
to the troops of Santa Anna. General 0ravo
had returned to the capital, and Canaliao, lately
denounced m the harshest terms fay Santa Anna,
has been appointed Goernor of Queretiro.
As to the tranquility of the Republic generally
accounts differ on party asserting and; the 'other
denying it The fact that the mail stages! have
ceased going direct; from Vera Cruz to the capi
tal, is an unfavorable indication. Aa election for
Members of Congress and Senators took plabe at
Vera Cruz, on Siuiclay, the 6th of July;; but ve-
y mile interest was excited, and lew
e interest was excited, and lew vote
If guilty, let US! Ciltnh j With the exception of Puebla, uearly the whole
and peaceably submit Republic has yielded to the power of Santa An-
ut if we are traduced, ahd ; na- J
i' Voii the
irinlJ, tell ministers the truth
eui tleftre tyrants, and strain ev-
to Ite tneir oppression. Do
end tf far graves with jtie
sure, vuvou sullered tne; uuerues , Ttf, . ,
pountnrjl be taken away' and that I en'-d in looki
mutes t ii-ell as cowards;, borne
(like raek.not in Meath alone, but
Id everywhere. Protest against
ciods altiint look in the face the
oi yti:Juntry and il our iiuenies
e aOVC3AurD. if Ireland is again
end itself to their electioneariDg ken op in other parts of the river. I It isnbt: ptd w
Ive j itbHpd,etsi reasl stand firm and e-ta-;it,pil4h
Viassins strike the blow;'
examnle. that die . Richaiond Enquirer reauy
eels tnoseL serious apprenensions ut a? puunu
t ii Lexieon, and mint other fecnoci t w.euiw wwii (ii ,r:'
1 ?Jlrf3a,4- jwmchttsoTiolenUv.flJfclwbe
- U I s -;A m.Vni.prf o. rTTirittT'Q ' 4 lcieA that K U'cspoWl Wm.l-lI Crawford'a
. t a f
' ' 11 i'::lOtA-
f i . k .'X
h ' ; , I -A s
': ? " ' K.. -.
. t - -i ' .. H
. t
I chiais to tab Preseat?ita perfect Mowl
-i;', ii'
w -
A'.., !:'A!V A-;:Af:A -j'T- 'A - A.
: I f" il"; . - -.V:--: A' --i-- '"':
is m .a-vsN a
:t; I.
I Gb voo
.: i
'M 'I
s! TlesulU e
pjv ytt
e cidatioi
Ut ie oppl
i rfHB II- ::f li: t
.i. A- '-.-aaj'. ;i a ;r; f up -
A- ! - - AA f ' , 1
. Ajtii:r iti-J
last accounts came from Tralee.
' Popular Outbreak at Carrkk-on-Suir,
We are pained to learn by! letters fr m Car
rick-oa-Suir2 that the saae feeling ct iacec
Xeio York Advertiser. I
Mr. Euitoi, ' I
Fur several davsnast, I have observed grouos
wut Wall street, very much
ingat sometliirg, wbiciij tne
crowd prevented peple who were passing by
from seing, but which, upon closer inspection,
proved to bA a basket witba litter of young pop
pies of the bull dog breed in it. I did. not get
near enough to ascertain the fact ptecisely, but
from the stupid look Which they woreI cxiclu
ded they were not quite old enough to open tfaeir
eyes. I understood, however that they wete of
the Hermitage or Jackson breed, and that it jwas
uncertaio whether they ever would be able to
see clearly, bnt a-oaM most likely be entirely de
pendent upon the bid slut, who was lying byjthe
ti,i nf ih. k-A-t I ITujo askini' the Drice of one
of them, I was answered, "a new half Eagle of
the Jackson coinage! devoid of the Liberty tap'
and without LAtin nngo uponii. Aipai mw
ment, a man who; 'did not know, bat who bad
much the air and manner of a modern, patriot,
came up and was ichioking money la .his Land,
witb a very significiot air. Upon betrig enquired
of what be had id his bawl, be remarked, with
much exaltation, that he had Jackson bonei
konrn'al de Parisii aJ proba-1 the money which was sent out by tne w
.k;w m Tr.. I tnao for the henefltof tbt -demoeraey of tn
hi TLvw..'u4-. iU mftntnr that it was all ictaaded for the cpm
be like men j who de
ified friend and humble
Brum, 21st June, 1$34.
'U.NCE. .
L05DO5, June 30.
French elections are
(Jdo not differ from the afi
Vit the first returns.-, We
Dort of AHm
coast of Peru, and milea inland from I
Hiv uuim ui tee nay oi ine sarae name! hid down
in our maps, as the Mortede Sama. j The sur-I
rounding country is part of that hopeless wasto i
which reaches along the coast from Tumbey tn :
the confines of Chili, on which r.aturb in deni- I
ing it rain has set the impress of eterbal stenl
ity. i J ;
The Cordillera cf the Andes, which -runs near-
ly the whole extent of this side of Souib Ameri- ;
ca, parallel with the ccasf, is distant bniy about
twenty miles, and presents the sublime summits
of the Tacora, and three oihcr natnefoss moun
tains, covered, lor sereral thousand feet, with
perpetual snow, glittering under the pure sun
shine of a tropical sky. The climite fro;a our )
proximity to the Cordilleraon the one hand, add
the pacific ocean on the other; is'one of the fines!
in the world : seven years of almosj constant
observation have given me a medium pf 63, a?
the general average temperature of day and night;.
Rain in the proper sense of the word,;s! unknown"
in winter. We have sometimes a dnztlmg mist
during the night ; but even this is ira-e, and
wind, except in the slight southerly trade breeze
which sets in about mid day and calms at sun4
set; is utterly unknown. A small stream dini-l
fied by the name of river, des.nds the Cor
dillera, and by iU careful distribution, upporLi
the luxuriant vegetation which environs the town
but these advantages are more than counterballan-
cod by our exposure U earthquakes. . j
Un the nigntoi tag 8;h ot October 1$51. at a!
quarter past U o'clock, the first great "tremotto'H
'or a period ol nearly a century, look pace here4
Its approach was announced by a holioW rumb-'
ling subteraneous noise, not unlike but much loud
er than distant thunder. This lasted for about ten
seconds, and was followed by a viulent j vertical I
movement of the earth, hich continued for near-
ly seventy seconds more. Many of the houses)
were thrown down, the walls of others s haltered
in every direction, and in some places ''pieces of
buildings were detached from the middled walU, j
leiviog the rest of the edifice ihis i
earthquake ruined thetovvu of Anca.waS felt at
the very extremity of the republic at th south
as far uorih as Camana fine covering even de-i
gret-8 Df latitude al.)g the coast. It was also -l
felt at sea, at a distance of 100 miles froin Arica.l
and at Chuqubaca, 400 miles inland, baking to j
its centre not only the immense breadth of iho i
main Cordillera, but the latteral cha(n of thej
fotosi,on the' eastern extremity of which Chu- L
quiiaca is situateJ. The great shock was follow
edby two other at 1 1 P. M. and j qftlie follow-
ing morning, and the earth continued sensibly j
trembling for at lea3t a fotnight afterviards, up j
to the 7th uf February I counted nine-j
ty seven distinct shocks, and from that; day th j
g-reater part jf the earthquakes -ve have had j
have taken place without the noise which used 1
formerly to precede them. i
On the inornmg of ihe 16th September last, j
precisely atjB o'clock, another dreadiuricoiivul-
ion of the earth occntrcd here, which destroyed j
at least 1U00 of the 1200 hoc of thisjunforto-
nate city besides coaipletmg the utter rulin of A- j
rica, and uie omer soiaii vjwua.- mu cjiu
quake cuaunenced m its full force without any
preceding noise. It lasted forty three pecond,
and the nuvement of the earth was horizontal,
with two or three undolatory cscilLttyn, the
most alarrning and dangerous of all, Tliose who
like myself, inay have frequently', experienced
similar things, will agree with me thai it is n
tuae for exactness in caJcalaiioc, norcoaWJ ?ak
with precision to the daratfoo of thi convuUicu
in which my ijersonal safety -aiirt many way
threatened, but for the fact .of bating my
watch at the moment of its occurrence in- r.ty
hand, and rarmIesrve'j pteance cf'i'id -
. j i A t j' ' I . ;! ! V ;-Ai:-:
; . . - :T . s - i; ': - t ,' , -
!A f !" i ' i - K ,y 1 - r -A"
; f :, - AT' I'. I 1 1 t- S ' f . i ,l A' '
f,-r--' r I il , , -S. -' ? -'
ff '"' ': j 'I-' 1 - .I.1 r ' '. . A'.' V-J:''--Lj-
t it' '

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