North Carolina Newspapers

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Ki it.K;i:.UiV.heiearie ad (!)
mnfllJi l -!oW pajment,
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CloW Prince 1 iie snm of
4 ioe ensuing season ' commcnc
in? the loth of March and enfo? the
1 5i h of J ol t m l?alc Lowes, in LincoU coonlyl
Iwu milr from t: TSta t ifl I Ft irrt : ,in Man Javal
fSjife i'n-terin ehip; continue; Tuiesdajs ao4 VVteanesdajf in each weik J the
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na win - 1 - .i. ; ; ; 1 s. ...1 ' . t - ... ,,-.- t .. ,
111 L ' filO will be charged. Datable as soon as khe ser
Si-l&iiW wiscofftinoed was r" 1 ve Mrrepaerea.i x mj . ceiiM to'tne ;etoom lot
I!C--W.M "t- Tl .. K ' t J - J I I .i . . L . - I ,Kv ,r- - - - H.- , .15. ' t "i ,:. .- i. -
l-Fai ff -i -"-t lit-i""-'"---" s-"- -!"--:t r" H- 'r'-"- rEfyicailt he taken
!i5iilirt.AW:ihe; Editor mo st be v ost ot escapes, but I Will net be
to prevent arfci
responsible : lor any
sball have the
I From Iheugvsta Smtm&rfauUiilt .5 o'ctpct, M. I as lrecommendt- ihe iacortmrioo f a
.?ifiwivnflii'i uu y iijui. 1 1 1 . ue touomua members rsppearedi aod ruanK iq we uui br 40 miludns cawtat.
I I x esjieraaf ati a; o'clock; the iJeJeg?tes to iUq5ea,MHL4 '! ji.
the Merchants' 'ConTcntion' ! assemwld c- ! 'Atherjs-J E TSrj
cJia? to freVioos iidl
i On motion of Andrew
the Delegates from ibis eitr
Delagate frorn ChaIe$ton,1
the Chair, and N WiCooliq
retajfjr.f for Uo 'parpose of brga
Jt Miller,
4 ih
one of
n. w
Pendleton-fG R Cherry.!
SaTanhah B K Stiles,
Wm' Jones. U
3 Braniionv
but! afterj sotoe Miscnssiori : beiWeeii M r:
ilsorii 5Ir!.r Camming aid fiimp!f. k
to stop in
era. where no directions
n- J W fie MloBring jenlldmen were then nam-
nirtif ikAicy v' luoJ "ijaeni, ins vconsututiugi me nauws, wnicn ouer t.
r.KVSf-rl,i;ommittetf orjfti.- fnr thWir -"neural
'1 1 ! I- AGenRvTiraWneJ: MS Charleston' -Gen hhaKhe'WerTenlidI?Jor!
g?Ti " " - W'Tf earing; Athens ; Gen
1 :i NoirtH carolinaI i i - er. Aia.i : coi ri h
ffilMR' i-r:! IK 11 M"' v! 1 S D AN IE ll 1 M O H G A N jV 'a beaolif. btood
TiikM me charsred Sniper cent, bay with jbKicc Ieajai triage aid' tail 15 and a half
mkU tbe iates. 1 A deduction of hand4bigh-4)f fin?: appearance and as goodj a
feiasi ih- reiyular Prices a horse in a
loihiMt adfertisebj thenar. ora toe js jnst jaoiinai bo
mvmmmu--vt.u ?r'vHlwi'r
produce the best
lie wHj be setn
m w a -m
aiired hy Col idpodefs llyazi; he hy,M! Aireh
ie ; bis dam was byithe irnborted Arch Duke ;
g cam ojr ni inpi oieritng ine oesr rscer-s in
H.njland iof hijgdaVi B 2 bvlnipuried Ob$curiVi
20 els.; BrancTy, Ap- e ov inejnTincibie H-pHpse ot Jngiantf, gg g
Cotton! 1er-Mb..:'(in aam uio.piimmetKm dt in imported jvv iiair
per yd. 1 18 22. 1-2 J oul pi ne imponea jua mar, uaniei ,ior
8 Polij-
dam fbv
Bajlor'a Ixn parted. iFeatnaught; g g g g dam by
ef i ffgf ggg dam;;by the
? e.ffff e dam the !by
0 cts ;; Bacon i tier lb ii Inpofted-8hopk. f The gentleman brewer will
!i.rrtNt.l.ri kptllh ibk thus percireilhai Daniel Morgan U one of- Die
Hstw,ilil Wfs ; Engli?H doJlperlb ng hfdoeithivery beRts crosses of ihe n-
W.Wm&HWl a 3U icis ; iugar . ,"T "r " n I u 7"r "
f : Iftoetletmefxsrti Ed
J ilule.
withdre wiit.i ? I i v i ;:B
Alier a rood deal; of discussion imon the
different cesointions mj amendments offer
l. . i j- . i ; a .4 - i m luti iieig u id i uisieu in hip
i ! :1f H.I iii-l v; U... il li?Mored. That a direct trade is the
natural channel of commuiucaiion between'
each ,6tuer the -best
prmlacttons ; a hd
third party must
ngton, tlCWiU Jm19 ?!
whti by fet Jin 'fljhabits arblcJ 1
merfial c6Cnesi'Xt-Isewhrre 'i
eniijn,:tterefpn caunot ioi c it;
comment the spey adoption tv -
fellow ciiliensi of beasuips ir
lmerc edticafilln amonj ur y
d them on ila lifkit nf h:
periby t e8ialH): a; body of i-;;
wltce (etery "interlkt ind. feeling r ' .
centered ia the cihtrY '-wrilch' 1. , t
ind sustajnetl tfeitHli : J- H' I Ii
Opinion" that the ciiiblishrnent by i v
toe entei i soninerii'ports for ; trjcf f
the 1raipWaHic! ij e.xporld by St
the jUniteci StjtcfWould conduce :
restoration lof; the! iiirect foreign 1 1:
the 4oothi andjhay similar estali: :
for the Safe ofdbrnMtic nianufaci jr :
alio be reairableilil-i '! X il l . I
i,i qJ7de(f. jTlgj a committee k! :
appointnd lb"p'tje$fe an adjress tut!
pie J of. tef blitfcitDn" and j' south.
statea, urging :Apb them jhe csp.'
or giving jtbeir pearly co-opcralion i
accompliahmeiit oljihe great cbjc:: , -
adjobfiifiitj shall Ifjjonni to ni'crt r.t
gustiodiiie thfrdfnday n G-! ' -r
and hara jciomifteof .corresp - !':
aprnte,;Wlwsefity jt shall L,s . t
th! orooer measurSi In ' enliai ih f
of thk pe0p!,UmJecure i cordial
ration! on Ithje' part ifl the States int
in the ijobiectnof MU Com?ention,
- lit.-' 'i-i i-iitir. -.
oinnse-aiaries i
xnipoo iixi liexchanges be
Geb BIcDuffin, lvn W.i3vtMl- f-M
dm- yresof cerf. That the Southern &. South-
wi .!- ;i 1 . " j n I i r. : L - - ! t . ' r
r inrum it it 1 wrsirt ii isipx nr ima uninn aitnrn mn
i'Wmtngwf jwhich' are. purchased nearly
bert W Rron. nvni TI liAmm f,1 M nah Col A Bbindincri Colnmhia l Col A I the whole foreurn imnnrta of the rnnntrv,
r) unyiici vuariesion; ioi t uammmg, i wiainey are ine consumer ol a large por-
i a wp ,ui uijese imports, ana ougot naiuraiiy
tneraseues to furnith the chancrl. through
pn: lit uoDert tk uins, TMacon : tKet wmcn me exenanee ia made v that on no
I 111 fl f 1 I Boyce, Charlestob ; Vy IV SiarU I Hamriurg: I occasion have their citizena been found in-
oi maintaining tnemseives in. lair
un oiner sections,- anu tnat
om its natural
must have beeri brought about by
action of; th of federal . gover rj-
ii if jf McDowell,! Charestbni J K. Douglas, Gam- them
I,' ' dfd; Dr Robert Ctlibs, iMicont ; SKer whic
! Ci arfa fon-r Messrs
:! , Resident of the Convention of Merchants mcnl, or by the abstraction of our people
- and others.': was presented to the! conen- Pl?heVf?Sbt
ayrie, ( P. hy the Presidentahd read. ltpprov
opinion of this
nch a state of thinri should
;ffo pll SOjAVheatir bushVfl "VJV'Wm
Mpbfl m cis Corn pr lu?h65 ctsj B?ylo Iflpleflif
jfeWW;! Imperud lei
jfepli tS Nails jper lb 9 a lO !!
aMcts: Bacon rer lb IU Imported-Shock, iff J
Tim ta u
I Camden Messrs Henry R
Doighss,-;;; 4 vj
M:4'.!a1' t5 ets : ituin TJamaical oer ffal; 1 !
ftallow-.MlbJl!0Ja-fct8:Towil bieh.
Tineu cnenue; per gai. ou ; 1 regularly traipea put from im partial trials mape,
KijlBijldiliJip1 I; :'cts;VjClaret)lo',r. feel n o hesitancy inbsajfoig I bejieve hiifn tbbW
ril.!ti'S75;jcts ; Malag, , (sweet), a horse of: fin.lBptejlahd,'.ni4t1 bo tiring'Jgro-f-
;f$ j'Msp jper. gaIj-45 a 5.0 ctsj .'.' and )' f properl f ft ritfp.fjl;. wpldi liave few I lot no
lM I Hti i a xt: .:KH.-. 4 i -1-iv.-l-?'c f. snueTiorrih Nhriii Candina . I As to i i he1 truth U
tj;!":'rrl:W'-jlM iUfw-'-V'r 'f,,-;-' ;'"-' ' Daniel Mqr2aln8 rsreeV tlto ! subjoinied Wri filsei
J,wA.Wj lj-7 ew .iUac from cltMvill wiitetory Waiiy BPnt!ea.f Willi-
? im if i-.x cii . ir uiv" n iki vain ion 41 . , - ... 1 s .
-(til -Ji I" 3'-:- ti 4 Vi J" i. ' it .Ji il 1
I Wlflrtila! j9i ets Wrooghl di. peir lb. 20
nWwUWl bO j Rice per iiOQ lbs $4 50
frpr Saltpr
Mfjiidicts imtton ner il ai Arcftie;;Tami3y
ifl(isto5.a:-80 htk ! riuur tt?1 WJiS darp fy Imported &lerr
n3mrori - so.ou a t Diirom stores i : - r -i . .
,?.!pVi406O cts i Nails cut alsort- .V , J. 1
1'he following is' the certificate civ en me, Ibr
Biarni ana nolhers from the oiare Pandora
fiiiNttter biwhef 87i $t Steel AU V?tP0Vfiwfil?? sa,d mV 13 cbe am
Ufek Wm; I tanerial oef lb 4 1 25 a 1. 37 4 r tr
W flo.rnr I S t a I i Sacts i '1 obaCeo ma n n.
- i . ; .t i . ,. - i . i . p -, 7 -
JrrjtlO a H 5 cis. i j-f- i
I 'I-A X t 1 rK y IJLLE. 1
Hi: If ' T. -ii
-f: -. - :
hi a- l
!i- it- i-p -r-
17 i;84
SO a 30
colli? K j i :i,i-al rift
Nails, cut.
Sugar bibwn,
salt, ,-..
Saek. 2
35 a 40
TS a 20.
75 a $1
5 a $3 50
3 a 4
Cottongbag. 16,aS5
ualerope, 8 a 124
Wheat new $1 a 1 10
Whiskey I; 40 a 45
Wool, : 1-20 a 25
, '--v.- I '-.-j-f';i-S a . raBBBBBaaaw- it -l . v
Ii Mi ftHfew Pb.ladetph; a, with t
ItEM wentlof the above articles.
I SILiiW on 4sNrtineot of
iWirf?' .Heeaa safely say,
mSVgte !'o any in thwel:
lM?H?cVs repiirei as usual,
efSbe 837- tff,
m y intertaiiirac u:
ri '-.if
I IjVjnce Gearsre Qounty, Ya. if
f l, Hi lot Hi Miy the 9ih 1800. f r
fWe certify that the bay mare Pandora i - sold
by Richarj Bf rid -id John Perkins as g&t by
Symm's Wildaiii daoi bv vV0rmesIev!s iJolIv
Roger ;; g dan by Baylors i OM Fearnaugnt g
g dam by jolly Roger; ggg dam' by Imp. Dab
ster, ui ot Hie Unpolled mare Mary Gray.
fin; Kdra'd; Kffifl. ft -
March 24; l(8.1si-4w35
" aw ua a aU;ap-.l
Fairficid Messrs fclward iO
4 Myers - V.
j Chester J B McColJy,
J : I 1
Europe.-' j J ;':f': - "'j :j
Mr Black, of Charleston, from t!
: S-ti I
PMner, J
tfiersi M Galphtu, Geo Parrotti
uiuidv) uunviu ..lll( L It a
Smith, Turner; GotdsraiDi, F U
rr- f .
I Beaufort Messrs
Frampton. I ! '
i; -, t
f the existing
1 r I f 1" iaaa . s f' ' '
channels of trade, atTord an opportunity of
I I m - !' k I, --.::.'...
from the rbnwl oreaKS: oown ine5 irammeis wnicn nave
. , b . s 3 i x a l it .
m ttee anrio ntiul bn t!,Vi -iSihfi"iW CinL 80 long leuereu our commerce, ana or re
ber, to memona 28 the Lesis aturo of South owT'"8 ? naiuiai aovanvagw;
Carolina on ihW uUi4f k . ia a"M mat it is ncumoeni upon every man
, -w. -...-... ...... t 1 . ' . : . Li. j : i . j . 1
NMp; J. authorising I ' limited.-'Dartnerah ibsJ Ire'ooted -I WI 0 nean me gooo 01 ma couniry
Gilliam. L BdieJW n a Rnll.' I Smiih 4 that the committee hat) fulfilled their dutv. w.,enu n,s:De,81 exeruons to ine promouon
that a la w hid bern passed in? compli, Ul CB 0,J
ance, with' the memorial.
j "Mr. RilVri! il rUtloctnn Mocenia!) 4
av a ar aa--- v aj B - V 1 al a J KM at - lj11 a LiiU n , i
I if M - etrciilacjo llie cdnventioril addrissftd byltho I ' ?iw r difficuluef to be overcome
ii 1 : I R ints. ;n rt....iJn...n il. Ln .i.i ii fir! in the nroseclition nf their enfernrise : bnt
Greenvtlle-r-B Stratbiim. I Ipiil r IMH f?Pon,ia kn l Pni.ka n!i4 ..,o. nolhine daunked therebv, and -fuliY relvme
Edgefield-IMessrsthomas Smi of ! the resumption of specU.pame!nts f 1 J OPon fhP; and zaloar coope-
ects and
to establish our trade
upon a sound and oermanent basis.
A, Resolved, Tim this convention isful
is recoromc;.
! After some cohvetsdion it was! refetred ration ot their lellow cititens, they are tie-
- i -w a
tn ihe.MimrhifiPA p-nf m i I if i I i i t i termtnea to auvance wttn? untiring perse-
i. v . w. fi tvn' v, w ; i ii- i: "11-, , i - t 1 , i -
TK f-.Mr.,'.nUr,ii-.mor, UU2 veraiice : Land with that view, do earnestlv
the President as Dejecates from Nor lTW",f fcVc auuuwou o. uiu luuu wiug
Starke Ldwaifd Jlernis, E L Anionyi J J
i : a- ;: it fi r if. -Ft aOv : la
If - : im i! !-;.iif, w.
' ! J v- Hi's r,u i I r i. .-.- . 1' - '. ;L ! i : -fc; L : i ; I mpltiirp
i-ii. : . I ..1. i ifiiir. va...i'iBi arriipn -ii t :: r! s . I .
m .aaa a a a a a a a j .11 m ii r a a a a ai ' 0 a aa a a a a . 1 - . . 1 t
- ; i it m . ; !:; - Hi
aid Row e, 51 (I Pi sei .
Ii. Way nesoriv'l'liiaas
P.Verdery, W;ra E
Its. t'fi
Berrien, M
-1;J: i (ii
H OrangeburMesfdp FLfemisqriliDn- MiTson. " The ahnunctationas received f'rd to thef importers: and' purchasers of
i. i L 'i n l , - t 1 3 : t I . a a 1 "h !f t ; : I - E . 1 I ' a ; a . t . 1 . a k j i . - W i
1 Augusta -5Ie?srs J hn Pltinrzy, PBiij
Fitzsitnmons, A B L'eet, .VVni D'Ari
tigna c, J p h n - Rc tit s.
in the
apply, a por-
L H (I CummiM lAayin ard Slo!ej.,
Johnson; Jas Ilarprr, U i P! Kinyiimnf M Charleston Thomas I Kerr.i NIC Mbr-
Adams, Andrew J Miil'r. B H
ward Thomas,' John Krr, D
Jas; Wi Daies CI Jeukins. E
it Poe, E Reajl, N Y
ll! Louisville Messrs
jas; Pj Gairdne Ask I
E Both well, 11
WarreU' Ed
W SI John I :
f H UiU, nroneriv of R. chard iv. MirVWnW
JI by the. laifl Hon. John Rlndolph, will stand
thai nroeAnil -frikn tM ' V tf t- M. r i! -
j'"?l "r ")afuu 1 mi vforini Carolina, at the
OUoscnber, at
stable of the
the Union
Stateayillel I rede) I county, LV.c.
JAUUJUlyi was sired 1i.y Monsieur Ton-
son, vine Ajax w; bis day.) dam Jet, by theiim
ported Bluster dgrandara Stitira ( imported") W
Arexanderhei4reat; &c."i-. - j
tC5 For fUrllier particulars see hand bills
l0Et4:'.;'- pFHE,PPRIETOkJ
The fonwioExtracts frofn the Toff llei
gister will fesaugfactory to siich as may choose
to cnsnlt tliat rery high authority. 1 i H
JMAHBUm was by tTonson not
she by Biosterqut of Stattra Statira byAlex'
ander the Great J on t of Rose bv
Rose out of Mprlington by Snap; she out of
atisa Windsor by! the Godolphin Arabian j see
Turf RegUtpr Vot j5. page 433 Bluster I wia
by Oilarjdoi the son of Whiskey,1 out of a Hirh.
ilyor mar sii'ehto EscapeJ by YPegasas her
dam by; Jijtirrf t-pegasasi byi Eblipse.OHl bf a
Bosphnrus taiareiMster to Gipcian Prineesa'flr
larido as kutUf Aroeliar'bt I Hiffbflver f het
dam Mli'lVns. Uisier Ui Maiden hv tMm -
WIN villaire 6f
with the view o
town, 7 TheiobriWir
w i ; trn nn i iff....;r.....'
flliir Me shall
NlSr- lhe test the coun-
Flih tlieehceest
b lI&IMAhd alien:
'tr.k ;
oaiiraiD eon J!i cupse cMJi ot aijalash mare y
lit' rod : her dam iTfmrpvn h! uiinki-n Ll DL.
jus by Gl4luhin Arabian-See Turf, Rp- iy
1 f I ' n;i nr a rii .
" a a. t ; . i. . . . V A , . ' a 41 - - ' : ! y-w
j BeauM i he Ihnvet see reference initbe Hand
bill to ibe':SiurBoo-f.'- ui'i c-':j :-:v i
I ' l- lifrHE-pRopRrEtoR.f
Stateaville, itarcb 17, 18384-7 w34 I ! " ! I
Having been requested to examine tbe Toff
Kpi8turC which pt)) on the subject of the4e
Pedigrees, H did so; and Hod this above statement
IT i afl , a m. iraj
oil, U Ii lAikmsoid D
S Macon M k'ssrs Robt Coll i n?l Jno La mar.
&J Barilett, Wkp B Par r, ,0 3cgdrf Jno
' - a. ar - f) .5 I ar . at 'ai . a. -1 I 'af d '4 i I
M Ualtlwin. CDaa J McDonald.) i;IH JI i
Milledgevil eMessrs VVm 1 Rocfewe
Hi '
,i Cnhnilly
decjai. L MfjVVijf , Cbe.mmitei'
Georgetown, S C -i-J II Read,jrV
Wflyneshoro Dr J P Garvin j H !
inn' ' i a . I i i.i -.; S - f T I '
li JJ alt news. : i
wNh a round'of iprdaUseij i I I i I ! I S I 4uihern searidfts, ifie aole facilities which
The President thon lanhonned that Mr are offered elsewhere S and with this view
J fj Soultori was added" tejlhe committeef of if J j reeorii esended44hat the
21. '"M ! i , 5 I IH i K seaporU should immediately
Tim AillnwintV addWSnrjal nmrltoa tioii ,of. their tesneciivc capitals, tothe
peared and tookfibcir seats : i I " l-.' I 'l1rch5el:o'. (oretgri exchange, and to the
r.,,. C O N .tiL 1Uill.i DILL I hiw-uibuicui ui w'-iimmn
;;rinrV1: 'irr f ' 8nd tiatthe should ad the use of the
same tb the importing merchant upon a
discount or ; collateral pledge of such good
paper as he may take from the merchants
tif the interior, and :hat this accommoda
tion be afforded as well upon paper having
mbre thaii six. months to pin, as upon thai
having Jess and that the Banks of the in
terior co-oTi frate 1 byfcol I ecli n g and rem i t-
.1 ' ... i ; ', i - - J Ji a I--." . a
ling the proceeds olr such paper to tne
banks on ilie sea coast, that they maintain
The fid lowing gen
nen were men aa- rr "ti the PiesidMit to the committee iof
I l Pra 1 1 T IV i I p anA CI fi IVTom
minger, of Charleston,; and A Mitchell fert Mheir liU s apti keep down me
Nathan MiGehee, Jer Beall.
1 Savannah jMessrs Jos Cur
CurankitikyiE Pad4 o'clock lot day. Iff
a i . . .!! !-!"u 1 r "
The Convention then
eford, G B LImarl
:i'J'- 1- ! ' iU ""J
! S t
iff J
! I
pTirhantrps irv redeem inff their own oaoer
at thn fep fftnrts : am that on the other !
adjourned till 1 1 i,an(, the Banks in the Stmthern Atlantic
cities make arrangements by which: the
c..nn r!Li. rt o r.nU.
. .1 I ,i L.J- ''I. . i ! . -ML
Brunswick-T-Uoimiimas Bu
, iWarreiifon?-Me3srs
miah Ijutt.
r ! ill
hi l
I r as AToooro iVil
aitnv i4 tiavrioI v 1 1 "i jut v wi i
a W Baxter, jCol Jiio A Cobblil
Madison -Messrs iWifiiam phnsioni E
Ef Jones, W I?1 Valandingliam, IL Joiinston , son.
i Columbia Co Messrs C
PSRpbertsonl f j
W C Andrews; Jere-
iam DHngiTbom-
The Corivenlion met yestenHyt at 10 b'- notes of at) of them shall be at par in each.
clock, according to. previous! adjourn- 2 That with a vidwj to the important
merit. '" 1 H -IU";-,4 s- i: , .,,,!' lr;U ;; subject of equalizing , the exchanges be-
Th follotrtng ddUibhat7D'eiesesMatM tween Southern,; Southwestern States and
reared registered their) names, arid toiR Territoiesifthisfcconyehtion earnestly i re
their seals r f j " I commend to the various bant
fCrawfordtille -Messrs R Q W
IrloiM AnldnlThamak Fs!p JjV
'.Markesvijle4Messa';jnb kjllef ' , fZf
i fjflerson- Messrf Geo R Grain
Watsdni, Geo fcbwaniUi -'' ii
iE . ;ii I , . :'l B ! I . ! f
i lLigranEe--aIessrs J M Beill.U
litlaf iein A fftlitchII. ,,-,v
Mr '1 - U I f ,.- '1- - . ? -
lEt0HonIIenry Brahham.
..i - i .!-,- - : - i
i G r eeosboror- M essrs I.J as
If i WM
Columbus J S Calhonnf John JI How-
Juscaloosa, Alabama A. M
SI Peters Parish. Beaufort Dh
Ni Catolina
:' ! I it - ! 1, ! i H I ' "T
Dickinson. w,yn
IE"! . 1
jsrunsivtcxrA. u iving.
,V C-i-WTTVinslow,
If askington couh tyWiliii& I Pii Pour-
. II - .- ' : - : T ' ' l
n i i - .. i -
Griffin j
j ;? -i i ' i r . r f . i - mi i.
IJerringi Byne, Jno C Pyt.hesk. 4 I
AJleni .
ti lit' Hi. I
t -U sll f I'v
f.r -. i
L Si
4 Walter
Edgefield John 0 AI
! Ccri,csfofi--Thoma6i Benne
Ut tmiirU Lowndes Ifht.U
Tib n " ? , " i - i nir Knmnv A i icm nni s n
v s t- ' - i - : i a a. atuuaai a ai ai bl aji aak iif tun a : ill
i i i i a na aa. a am , ij' ; a a arLtiv-i. - - . , w -- i ' i a E
. -.7 r s l'TM V 'Mr jr.rj vmp-j uonyentton, wnicn were read, ana on
bM M person L .Grtv em ! 1.1 tion of Mn VanlLaodinffham.1
. 4
: I i. '-. J :
onlered to
On motion of Geri i 5IcDunlev&L Ttidl I be entered on the minutes, of the C6nven-
MAS BUTtEjRiK19G;.,l,,feSwi1ij iM'ijH.fe1 'j ; I IMJ ' I
irea uiiaiumuusii auuuuiiec resiapnt nt thn i y wbi vuuiiiiiiiwi i
Cohventionivi"! Ii Ia i '1 f -b Wtt ff rt Y. Mi f made a lengUiyrepbrtflof freat clearness
pn being conducted
CduttiUee, CKing ressei! CooVe3tiaacpnIedb k
veruoninaDrieiburapproOTi IPeing
; On motionCBLamarifesitba
iel W Cocke, was auoointed fiprrMr. ik WHr MfisratiNCKR ras&iahd addressed the
the. Conventioii.i - H :i-t;? l!s Jiiil jHr J Convention in a speech , of considerablt
i 1 1 1 uo 10110 wing resolution prefacedibf fa I "Sr' nu I erainen. iapjiity, yinj
:r .- f f . -. !' - -.1 . ki;.-- s s i t mnmm . . i j' i ii ' ? ji a i
new remanis was men onered br Gen R Y ua which nave conspirea
1-. . . i- ' : M ' ,j: -- - (-
k ' "1' i - Vi mii.7v
vve n t i r f ti fed
Vr t-
:S 1-
Htyne, and a
to I break
down the direct foreign trade of the South,
to revive
and .the remedies to be resorted
- 1- --t- : " i
Ori motion lofiGen flfcDufSfti
? entjbnthen idjonraed lontil S.otl
I Resolved That a committee oMif
hn'lhp!AJ'i.' a-l Li ' Ti" "r- t TU8C a8TKEST IO IOWW1, flir wem?
J'?0B"f'fi: - 1! 1 wmS Ume::H f ii:-- ; -: ; 'i. ; ,!l 'm!-
? fin mnlinn Uf r!Brt! -.t.1 irJ- tij. a -r.! -1 '.- . - .4 I
juugc xucxioxALD, also auuresseo tne
PI Contention, aad proposed a substitute for
some of the resolutions p
the Committee
members of tlpconverjiion, to :
the citizens; of llicir counties r?r i!
- L'l . :"L i: 'i iJSi': - !.
niacet oenira unem tneir nrnrf
snirgai ppori;jdj the ex)ediet:y i
mo ting themeMwrlfiecomfpcndcd
convention,' ai(l !)articulrly of f
Limited Iartn rsbjis, and Ihe lacs :
by (the :souther 'flutes as'ajbresafd.
line of commuBicllton bv Rail Kn:. '
nec tine the; South Eilantic iCi tics' v.-'r.'.
great Valley of jthiMisjissjppi, is tl
prominent and ruiiient measures t )
mote the uscful nnj patriotic ohjeci
has called this Convention octh'cr, t"
fore,lTM-;ihi !iiIf 1i i-v:- :-1i: - : ; - -
;J Kft?eThatlns Convention i
ly jarulsolemnl pi prised with i! c i
cendent ipporj;arJ;e of thejgreat y;c
Interpal lmproVjient jwhich are ir,t
to effect this inmmunicatinn
mosliearnestiy jirivoke the people t f
Soutbehl iandiSouth Western f. ..t.-.
hrjpg alii their gppergies antl resdurc
bear upon jtKis iial point,not douiir
such efforts jw i co w n witli bril I b r. i
ctsf asVtb' aoljleltnterprize.v- T
rlOn motion ".Sa Mr. pinckhey, i
YwReshlvtlwX the members eft?
venuon, ui
Southern and
banks of. the prin-
.i . . .1 - . !"' . Si-
cmal cities ot the tvro i Slates, op) sucn as4
may oe convenienuyiiocaicu, u receive
the hilljs ofach bther iin helr general hu
siness, and o adopt such arrangements : for
settlements, at short periods, as they may
deem suitable and proper , the Banks a
eainslwhoni the bala1 ricelshould falUp fur
nish funds for settling the same, or to; pay
art interest of six-per jeerti from the period
of setilemehand thata committee of five
be appointed to take such measures as! in
tlie ir j udgmen t will carry fully into efTect
thVprededing .recommendations..;; .U
13 rTliat tile Merchkotsfof thepnth andJ
Sljuth-Wesp be earnestly recommended to"
give preference to the importers in their
own raarkejfcand ithit jthpy afford 4heih an
opportunityt of fair competition with other
sections by! making their first calls for pur
chasers ait Southern and Western seaports;
and on theoipei handrhat the Mecrhants
atjthe sea-potts shall forthwith,! st j about
importing sudh stock i of 1 good, as; will en
sure, at fair rates, a supjply to the demand
from the merchants of the interior, j i 1 1
4 That! an earnest and united effort
shoujd be made to draw 'home the capiul thSouth in Banks and Com
pantes abroad and lu employ the same,
together" wttb kucji suiilus capital as ex
ists at home, in mercantile operations ;
and that with this view men, of influence
and character be earnestly invited to. afford
the benefit oftteireiTO
into Limited Partnerships, under the laws
passed by the alateaj ot Virginia,! South
Cro1ina,Georgia, Aiabainaf Tennessee and
5 Thit this ConTentior cannot botf iew
with deep regret, the neglect of all Icom
mercia! pursoiui which has hitherto prevail
ed among the vonth of our country, and
which has necessarily thrown its most im
portant interests ' into, the hands of those
ribdmmending the fnfer
tojS their constituents cf
okith Western Suites,
Sa.xrrd ri-'tcm jj 'i'ttpst'-. undoubted I
jof their sincery by adopting them :
rule of thcirj djn; condiict, hereby deel r
in the rnost sbllmn manner, in the tr r
connn r
de;Iing they rgivereference i
reci importer, aj id zealously endeal cr, in
cases, to csrryju -the views ;and rcc:.
mendations of convention f
'jiL:yoUsroftnls;.' toj; the1:. Presbyter!
Chjnrfhtb th$ citizens of Aiugusii to t
f!resident1pf!tl convention to tho I'
(rjjan1dvjtC( In e Chairman- of' the c
mittei of 2jl jwirej inanimously adppu I.
Mr fioyc!rflvedi ihatTths projreeJir
,fe.ri nted-.a:ti expense of the jChar!:
tbnj I ielagjjtion'lhder the aiiithoritj' of t!
conveption. ;i 1 k.-!- i ' M
? Mrt ;iMemimjgpri roovedjthat the Pre -lend
nav tiieiS to appoint llicf varit
the resolutions n:)d r.:.-
noMncjed them lwrougb the pjiblic Gztit: .
f'Thf conyenynj then abjourned iftnp c'i
Stittci M Sttottft GavoU;;
1 IREDilCOyNTV., r
V? rldr tl'VfSr! riir inil A 1 1 a ch tr: c n t
i-J. J ' T?!r' il-i'C' Levied on Land.
lirdm;McLeaj .;;'i - -;; j--- .
rf appearing tdjilili satisfaction cf tie Ccurt,
that thedefenfeloi in this cause, is not an iu-
babiUfit of this !f Uto t It v ordered by t!
t. Li . ,nt.Lij.:- l J- r.: i
Uoort.inai p
tbe Carolina
Hiram McLi
Plaaa alnrt Of
JMlWltrV-l rMtitlt jwilicl Court House in! Siatf 5-
f-i--Til n ; - ..i . ! i
villeloA the 5th mSday after tbe 4tb tn&nday i
MkrhTl888i then farij An. . T '
to iNoe, or jiidgmpt rjoai wjiijwcom-ic ........
h5m.fa3d ihe landifevled on, condoned, to tsi;
-111 W'ti J- AALEXANDp.crcc ;
;i -Imsy 31, lslgg-PI 1' ' i
f WILL self mylriwyard sed Coflcbrd, cn
.Ummodatinjrms. ind lof
lea M termofllWrs. There is no letter
itlld for that Mod ofjbosiness in tbs Western
pari Hbe Sut-al the necessary
L bafryingon the pxsiness, and a dwe.
LouSUd excellent f ater c the prercs.
Int e wishing to Say or lease, fcy adJfc
-fieail Concord, maykaow the f--;,r,p
i I r?;wfc Warrants,
Lporsnlo Rutins OGcc
H !
P il ':
i il
ji-l it'i
i5, ?.. .
i.'i I
V -.f
ii urn
& -
T 1
IS' 1M til:
- - i-1
1 f Ii i i" .Vis
lil e Hit
H-.' 1:
list il ft ill i It
''4? .l
.f " " , sc-l ' ll- V 'i ' " ':- - -- . i i - "i

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