North Carolina Newspapers

    Ui 1 1 1-; rXJ iyA V -i Jj f i s . i 7
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' I K it"' r:-. !;-: ''ir- i-: V' J ' - ' ' 1 -, i
Ej mi y? : -Jay M Awmm pi $ . mm
MakI -day hereafter be j had i
year, i
is wtio W1JI
I ; ..f.4H
i" J-HT irid ITiN Gcnl9 P6
WIS? ft' M W 41 ;
l,-'vwl,t&paf advance : f v;'t
Sle 'femk' lermi r shall cimtinuej
trance the feum ol
will be Qbared as otaerpabscri
:!r0.tlK Dollars in all case.!; j
WJlti be 4i0ijtlnDed ; bat a the pp
EJItor. oble?3 U arreargea are paid
itSiftMlrfM jtheiEditormnst f)eo
KfJite Swiir be Charged 25 ; pef4 cent
lMatk!te abae rates. A dedii.on of
fTOSLiiltfcal afffertfee by !be yearl 1 - t
Mrileftt.,'.wiU:. be: Inserted Hbr lesa
iSSfleifswiji cbntinQed until orders
MMaMltep mm wnere no ouecuons
Iff. i
IS happy to iafuroi her friends and the public,'
that she! hair socceedeJ in ensajin'', ad ia!
teacher of the Fiajso and Caitar, Lli3a Kmma
Dkktr of the Utrhamville Inaiitote. lha bigb
qualifications if jlirs Baker which so eminently
tit her to in$mct Xoane Laaies in tLese ele-
Kant acoomHahxDents, are jalreadj well known
to toe poblte, and Mrs. Hatch isoo trusts the in
creased patronage of . her School, will jnstify the
iBcreased eipense she has toe nr red. ; Sheiedef-;
slrtMis to oiake the Salisbary Female Seminary;
Worthy the pr.4dence of the State. It remains
to behwDJ; niieiher she Will be sustained or!
not. ! I OV?B'::VN--'
f. S.i'i'he Second Qncrter of Mrs. H. School
will comaienee on the lt of Jane, when she
hupis Mis !l)aker :will commence her! tostxec
lions !j :l ip 'j -April7,-1858
t . i : S
by iMr. Iloppr that it wcsld be against all
he ceremonies, to be called
rv whslCtfr. it ia tn nrtJ
Capiat a s. can a
! iFarwell) motlierj I lam dying- !
Death's cold sweat is on my brow
liapioiy iny iioie is uying-
to&ffift' IbmsN 20 cts,; Bran
WlikiSiUQ !P U ; X;otwiTper l ib, (in
nrnM GMton bacins per yd. 18 22 1-2
8 cts ; Uastwiars per
illc fcisi; iuoiwniyarni; irom-:ou.o t jo no.
b oy; v neat pr usn
a Ftewi piot fo i ft pu; r neat pr usn . pi
i5;0ats pr whel St) cts j Corn pr bu3h 55 ctsj
rJwJMf f "tts!;pad' per lb. 8 ajlDcts i
W3tjttlrii.:l6i fctsi ; Nails per lb9 a JO
(rf Htjr lb 0 ts V Bacon per lb 12j
-Wtel jfgrf lb 1151 "eta ; Lard peTlb I2i
c5alier bushel t 25 1 50 cts; SteelAineri .
tUfi3tertpeffik cts'j Engflislii do. per lb
yk'ilCast -fat (ptrib- 25 a 30 ctsj JSoar.
Hft i24l 15 cts f Rom (Jamaica) jpie gal f.
jiaikjl rid. f I ;lVool (clean) per lb . 40
HTaAlovNiai 1012 cts; Tow-linenr yd,
rct i VVioe(Teneriffe) per pl.jl 50 .
ftanl da.:&i ou la 91 y cts uiaret ao
i gatl SA Jl I -.T$ ,:t8 ; Malaga,! (swegt)
fgtif M;Whf y per jal. 45 a 50 cts,? i
...... i , v . ' ' ' , i ! . I r ' S .
: Bacon from
ietUlO iwts; minz per yard p8,?24
'.tr, lie wpe? per so tt a j 2 5 cts j Untie, pr.
i l i !t() Ms HCt'iton per J(V0 ..jhsftla.
ICipfe bdshfl 75; a 80 cts t 'Kloor
a-1: -air
Beeiirt inariet peril '5 a 7 cts.1;
tiili!i2 ; flauis du. 00 00 ;
50 a 7 50, froio stores
OJbs 5 00 a !C50 y
cu) assort-
pe jib. 20
00 lbs A 1 50
lb 10 a 123 cts; Salt pr
teel A
pr lb 10
11371 cts;
ijf lbt art ,2$ cts ; Tobacco ;mana-
ij 1 f 4 fshct 3. .-(:-.;;; I
i i ... i. - s
Molasses, J 35 a 40
Nailscut, j 74:
iSag-ar btown 1 7 ajll!
Lump, ! I .1U
LoarV I l8 a 20
Salt. f75cSl
SafkS 2& a 501
Tobacco leaf j t Si 4
Cotton ba.l 16s25
Hale rone, -1 8a 124
Wheat new $ fa 1 10
Whiskey 1140 a 45
Wool,: 20 a 25
THE Propriltor of thiEstabliment pftes
notice that he is reptairinv and fittitid: it
op at considerable cxptose antf in a supertor
style, aid will haye it ready for the; reception
ol cwapHyjbir jh20th of My2 It iajsitoijtfd
on the great Eastern and Western line 'ol ;Sta ;
ges fron Saii&brj ru Lio rvlnton to Asheirille,
(a Sa passing ihnf eyerjdaj- in! jihe
week buit one ) 'Vbe epun Iry around lickn
aod pro verbtaUy healthy, aud besides the miner
al properties ofj the waters, there ate maj ;iri-
aucemenis 10 tarn lire auenuon 01 inTsua ana
others towards ibis place. Its proximity to
the lower country j-t be-cb ea pness ol. Iiving-s
the excellence &f the Aeiffoborinw society the
abundance of game the rich field afforded jo
scieoce-especially iff Mineralogj an4 1 Botany
are (acts oot to be oyerlmiked by the trayelling
world. But itjis in ihe MINERAL qualities
or TH b SFttiNd3 that the baeaT attractjoi
towards thisj spot consists. The Proprietor has no
exaggerated; li of cores o present to the pab
lic, fur he has just taken possession: nuf, would
he dejem it a compliment either to the good taste
or sagscify 'tit :be public to present such, if he
had thetn. Bis; he has the assurance of some
of the must scientific Physicians anc Chemists thejrar anil , Valuable 'properties of these
Sprigs 4-1(1 J4. Professpr'OImsted novf of
Ya!y Coljg) ;n3d( a strfel analysis of lihis
Watei acd (iruboun :ed its foreign ingredient to
duipnuTtuta tiarogen
Sulphate pIAm,
JUuvutt oi JLime. u
Fof a more extended statement see his geolojri
C3i lirLwi oi torwi iaruunv, aumonseu aj act
. c 4 - : t : ' i r( ,t f . . :n
01 A9cui!Uiy pages j 1 as aw. ; opacoi win iuoi
ferinitiu4 jto add the very flattering remarks! of
this Gentleman, bu any one at all acq'uajoted
wighe;6joVjjet cannot help perceiving jiufrjpe-'
cul;ar aJapaiion otjthese minerals to the disor
dfrs!Uiat!mkt pTeTal ! in tle Suulh. 1 H( ; ;
The Proprietor can only superadd his deter
mination to merit, patrouage hy an unnincnjng
a ttentioc 0 Mie wants , wiihes and comforts of
his yisiirji: The Springs are-. -now, aW. wiH
be ihroogliont the jear, open for the accommo-:
datiois oti traveilersL ,
:. U 11, : I !:j S ff JOS. W. HAMPTON, r
March' iassr-pifas
"tCTT IjHe Camden Courier, Columbia Times.
CtiarTestjun Mercury, Augusta Consitiutionajiftt.
Millcdgeyilej Hf curder," Sa v an nah Rppublican -
ana .feoiqmnpsjnqjuirer ym insen ; ineooyf
1 1
: f
Let me have Uie last iuiMoviAit-i
, dear mother ait thou Weeping T
Pears w ill tjdt deaths angel move ; ;
Soon thy dalif htir Will be sUjepitigj
lo Hie arms of sovereign flovei
1 shall tliere mcetilittle rotlier
And my lather see: agajn- j i
Oh ! my heart is iiad, rov mother
parting pain.!
" Fled is now the
S I. a it y I M .To. - IP, 11, i'i. ; v,-
Hjbppti tiiottM joirl ftim in tue stiesl
i ILet me tell hitu;1nat I sawithee ; ;
Sini(ing s death fixed my es j
Music in my ears is,ringing4- jj
Golden harps around me pUy,
And a group of angels singing, jil
, Smiling, beckon me away.
1 1 j f Voi JtfadtidMan.
-:I$&r":M- -111
Oh life thwart a Weary :load -i . r
.! As oft thebards havesangll-'l'i .
Pleasure and pain Mrnateisel-u
:j Alternate right and wrong.j J :t
Could aogbt'avail tbr fieetinsr "charms.
! Thy ever. fading flayers. , !'! M "..
Thy fljwingjseas, thy radiant skies,
! In dissolution's hour-i !.;?!; ' jf;1 !
i Could . pleat jr With. her sjnilingjrain V
' Assuage the grh f worn sou!j:-j:
j Could great hess sooth the 1 ruulled breast,
: Each lisifg fear eonirol, j
I Did not reTiion'-r hat dear rfdi I !
i With never cea -inj e6ice;:4tf -1'
j Direct the soul firm courage lake- f ;
j .! Aodj inidst its feki; rejoice It
i Did not relipon; leach the souji?! ij f
-f 'hat trials" wait' it here;
Tlbat lifesro6a ttynAy ill not
A -; ! In' cailliogf hope! (rar
U: If',-
j Forever ;-iijjbi! a l;apnr louii!
i !i! 'Awatt:t& s.iuljiii tiruveu
Joy to Inst Li evfeirn. ie,
1 j Fiooi std and suriov riven.
65 a. 70
Oi' a 10
i'l S3 t:.:-!
fl2iii ISi.
54 7 50
:!-.' !i 40
- 54 a 6
two montlisivi
tavTba Springs
eekly, and send accounts ; to Ca-
f : t - ! I . . !
!IK places 'over the Salisbury Coujs wili
and cbqtfdu 4; days. ; ;.-( ; - -i i--r
lat Diiyiweiepitake fof 3 year old colts
filiesJ rriifebeai!s-4Entrance A50. halt f forfeit'
Isoetatiuo If urso $ 1 50 mite heats
WORJfcQUIv ! lU iM'LC PtlDLlNGr-
Little PeMisw hu 2 oVilftl PJMi
i ' . " i J . i : .- i SE.1 , p (
An all ai r ol lionof im jusi iidiirrd be
place in
spot was
nay on
To bektpiffperied
free for'ariy 'khingi
stuut, b;!i luui.trly of the III
.y4)utteers7 K.ljhuieeiiiiig ' taUjl
p. aWkru"s SKitie-grundt and ilia
selected Lecause litis beiriir Ithe
wiuvi iwwciiyc is juciuaimeu :ior a.umis
Siohi (the ground or all othfer divs n
the week being obeued 'cra;ik the barW
ilte, field by
3d Day4Assneiation Piirse $200, 2 mile beats.
free jfr any jtbuii jexcept the wiaser on the pre?
II Aft tefntne.d.from Philadelphia, whh a
iiccorfmnnf if lV WKjVwa nrliAfofi 1
cecUhfr-day; 1 -U
4ih Day --Purse; of $100 added to ihr en
trance and, gate money of the week, mile heats
handira (ir Jj:e)lor any thing. ,.;.:: . ;!'-.-H'. t'
E4'raiiJi'.4'fe4clj of the burse !dsye will be 10
per ceni! on !ihe amount in stake : Vhich it h'
believediwilil be more in each ease than above
stated bat by I no ineans less. The track Wilt
. ! : 1'. K Lks: t j:.s sj .1 ?.k. ' J . i; '
pe pu Q goua cpiiaiiioa, anu iiib Associaiion
ses me siriciesi aiiffniwn to proer.i
iits would be in uo danger ol
'i'hey were :accoio pa med to
their respeclite ecouds, InSPlddilbo
1'uddifoot and Mr. Perks Perks": and kmnl
fre" ogy being out bi' die question,! thely ) tovlr
yo; tiietrj ground at aMiftance of twelve pacesi
upon lia any
S aJonr lhat
ress himself.! Captain
S waits the honor of Captain; Ss 'ieariiest.
attention to tnis. . i
No. 2
L. P., Toesday morninel
. 31 minutes past 10
i'-; Ml!
' Capt Sniggerstonekfcas the! honor: to ac
knowledge the receipt of Captain Snar
gate'fnote,' dated Lite p; Tuesday aorn
ing, 27 minutes part 9. Constderinlr the
delicate nature of the sabiect fof iCani?
ain Si; Captain S. begs to clechne send--
InglCaptaiii S a reply tills CjpUin 3 has
lauan opportunity o! consulting a friend
(nnk it proper to adorn under the cfrcucl--
il am, sir, your obedient servatiV
...Ai',!-7 .Thohas Xoppxj
P S7 Should any impettinent dolbts be
expressed of the 'ujutli ,of .what :-!I.r hfye .as
sened, I shall certainly consi!ef iriyelf
under j the ssiiy of riak ti g ml state-
mem, fipon oajiu iq me prcttiice Vil a ma
Wiucb Captain S.
";'j';-j :-r.
- i
will do without de-
o. 3.
P4"T!uesday morning,
i j 1 1 minute past 11. 1
j Capt Sniggerstone has the honor to jn-
form Capt Snargate that he cannot have th'e
$ igbU'st tbjeciiottUo snbstitatei it th ea.
est opportunity, thc words JfaWe I ite far
$ mall, beer, as rt quested in dapt jSJf leon
tuunirationNo Jralid at the same time to
express his regret-that the inadvertent use
of the words pmallbejsr should have! jclus0d
any pain to CdlH S's! feelings!: Bui !Capt
iiitrftrt with the parenthesis, Capt S Ilecls
uimscii unuer me necessity oi Reclining to
remove ii. r, -j r
No 4.
; 1 - - i i; . !
L P Tuesday morning.
i f - ; 159 minutes! naat i 1.-1
Capt Snargate hat the honor to ackhow-
leage uc receipt ) of Cant i SriiggersMmes
cprainunication, dated L P Tuesdayi morn-
ing, i rninute past il. Uapt S is happy
that Capt S. lias consented to i retiraei the
ouensive term smalt beer brewer?! but
Capt S cannot as a man of honor, dispense
with the removal ofnhe parerithesia.1 As
Capt S considers that, from thjs point of
the affair, it would be ins xpedient that any
further communications should be made di
rectly between Captain S and Cantain S :
Captain S has the honor to inform Cap-
tain o tnat tii:ti note will be delivered to
Captaiu 13 by Capt S'a friend, Mr J Puddi-
hol.- , , :; ;:- i ! t'. r i'i.".-;
'One side of this paper is) nearlv filled
With letters. from persons w ho consider
themselves either insulted or injuried lly
Wsages in Prix's journal ot by the publi-
catiou of letter addrt ssed to hiiniundh
seal of privacy. II select a few of the
inost intercsteiL Thev. are all address
... m i , .
ii- ?v - I" i. i'. :'.!! i
" To the FMurtf hs Utile PedlmgtonZ.
IVetkhj Observer.'! Fit
Sir..- Nix has allowed Mr. Yaw
u st'H to allow 51 r lioppy to publish aS letter
ol mine, wrote private and confidential to
itr l?.te fallir. and only intended for
tiie h sorn oi friendshipt and is as . foS
O !f en,v,i .tdperior to any in the wes-
Iff! instate J Uall and see - -
i l v - jw-oesana oiocks repaireaaas usuai
tLF47?'.y w-we niqniiia., j
llWfer: 4837--tfl6 ! ; ' ' ;
-H- -r ; r- , 1
JOTte Entertainment.
tajS tisrriebdaaM the publjc that hd
11 vf- B wuouse iinneriy occupiea oy
feWHelijfrm the y iljageXW j Mccks4
f keeping
: ji ;r-7 rrw j , iim iic view
I t. 'r! if
(?M! Mt exertions tot render satisfaetiori
ikmi callon. him! Hi 'Pa hi a .'t,.lt
MmtsL : .-. -"7.-;. T r " 1 " T
'.j: :PP,,e w't toe eesi the conn
USm!? hisjaar stored with Oaechujcea
Nl Mi', tl. .-I ; - . I
iainfnff in the
Loaded pistolsjwere then placed in the
hands ol the combatants, w ben thinking
enough had been done, the pariiea expres
sed tliemselves satisfied, shouktharids and
withdrew in pgr feci good hunfor. ti3oih
gen tlemeu we Vire aUurel,conducted Jiem
selves with thi gteatest gallantry, ;btit we
ti-ust it will no Jolten be our painful duty
t&Jrecord the occur rence of such r murder
ous scenes in I k pjlace Jtltte Pcdlingtun.
m. 1 -r- Ll.l : 1 1 t ; i . . . i
A uc ciiuso ui uicciiiig win ye; rxniaiucu
Dear Pom no, I want to borrow voiir
punch Tadle, as 1 ant got onct so put it jn
your pocket when you come to night, and
giv6 n me slyi . I ; ; .r,f, m
1 ours, truly, 4
i m John Juurs Spictfurs I
Now sir ll don't think my rharlieria
bit wore for not having got a punch lad)
at uiai iiuief oui no man n&es to jiave it
made the town talk, and Miss Nix iknows
Well enough if I canf borrow I can fenil, Is
the following! Will sHow, though it mignt
not suit her to puDiisn max ; ifcui rti snn
riow appear in thefacoofj all theriM'orld.
winch I would notjolherwise liaye done.i
The following! . possesses a A. pecnliar
cnarm, as comine from the llev diMiaihan
Jobb, the bard of Pcdliogtonia. . IXs : be
ing the most interesting, so shall tk bs the
r oir,As a lover of troth, a mihister of
peace, and ther literary executor t)f the late
Simcox jRumminsyp 3 A I (eef myself
oudly called upon by the still small voice
of justice, to dissipate, with a breath, the
nickering cloud of calumny Which, like
ne aove, is maaes to nover over trie well
known character for hospitality !oflthat lU
lustrioust man, now sleeping unconcious
and defenceless in that grave or which
the elegant tomb-stone, now just; finished,
wuii am nappy to say, be placed in ttie
course of this wek. 4:- Of JfM ''!' :
In the jciuroil of Pomponioos NiXlFnow lost
published, that ceat and cood maClricords with
unerring precision, like the bow of! Apollo, that
on the 29th bt September, J 801. he lined with
the great antiquary.! It is aa true asjUhe needle
to the pole that be-did so, for in my jown joutnal,
which may one day i like inaatia fioiiollhea
given lothe world.! find thefac corroborated. Bat
like the pelictn, I'cgratflj turoing o& the breast
fliat fed if he adds4--'Giose tolerabllguud, bat
not so good as gUse ekt with Jack $rigin$ eight
Tears a so. oiuianff- oeciaea ran: ana as ior
4nplesauee, not enough' toga twice rotfndiWilh
gairt to tne goose and stuffing, 1 siy noflnng;
at is a matter of opinion, of which-it can only
be said, 'Twas mine, His hi?,aud hai been slave'
to thousands.1 put, si r,w hen like t. voracious
cormorant h complains that thefevas not t-
nougtr apple eauce, iruth and jtisticelboth bid my
voice, like thunder roaring in the deiert, and dis
pel the calomny as the avalanche iweeps away
the flimsy cobweb. Sufficient was tliere, then to
have gone twice, nay thrice , round the gallant
captaio, as was his j custom alwaysln the after
noon, like the sea yawning for its ppy,took near
ly the entire of it to his own; shall. U Let me.
innuire of btph eandid rtiititi tha rausnthA
cause, my soul why went it, not iwice rouo ?
bpifii ot Kuniratn' (of whose Li and Tl inies.
by ine'a few copies, price: bait air crown, may
still be had at my publisher's.,) ad thoa, say ap-
peascu r
! JaaBajg
- !--' ii'' Hi -;:.
fhtsgton Marclj; 28, 1837
: lliiv Hiruinn -ft i w ni 1 1 r Siii mt
ask my opinion on the Subj'ieasury bill as
it passed tno itnate. I will rave it as brief
ly as possible. I
. Before the bill was engrossed, the 23d
section originally introduced by Mr Cal
houn, and Nimmonly called the specie
clause,; was ftrif keii out. Tipton then j the Executive jto pull down! oi t
moved to insert a section In its place, re
q.nrins the noted of suecie Wivios banks to t he could accamoltte its bills, if it c
be received in bavmeftt of this onblic rcve. ed to 'do! ! business and sudJcnr
nues, under stch restricttdr anrJ regula-1 them lorjipecilf 'fhe same rem?'!
tions as Congress) should provide, which 1 applicable lojolr Calnoun'd pr
was rejected. A section wa then adopted
on motion of Mr Webster, taking from the
Secretary j of the Treasury ! I power ofdis-
unas to oe re
sitd, Htt short and scj p:.
(bank hqtcs) cra converted irk
be !;cpl by the oHicers of tie trr
jpf the rno4t st'ticus obstacles tut:
tion wou d 'per fiaps, be reu-urt J.
tain the tijtcs in the Treasury, r.
reneari cjrWernotber fbrcir tha Ji
public mppey to the tanks end i.
constqutrfttherccn" H
I took tie grotind, at tha extra
that if the hank rjotes xsctp ! cr c
convetted j inl specie, as above 1 1
ny tne rrcsitfcpt was imcaatcritl
whether jsiecie o the notes H :
ing fcanfcjsjwerf! t!o bo receive d-4t
cal rileci Woujd he the esco ia 1:
j v Mr Weight SnJLj his Speech at) t
session, said; Fr" himself, t o c; r;
the Tiewj )t . thas taaltcr whjcli 1 :
stooU his hondrable colletla tojt:'
in case tne ideposites were! ccr.f.
safefceepifia o tfii ofScers! cf t!l
ment, it javak i question cXInuch!!:
est tq th banks than seemed to 1
ly S4iuoe;d'! 'Jlf the banks Wercfcc ;
the depositories,! it could :hct td
their notes, Jit jniade rtceivabre, j
rttaincd for any; length of tune i4 r ; '
bg. J It Wotild te a necessary rch:
mode of keeping ihe public fund j, t
bank jioles rccTivcd mcst j be prf
shiort int ;rya!s J loir ! pay went; an 4 I
not seet aati it would be any very
favor to ho banks, as a ptrmancht
to receive tbit notes rnerejy for l:z ;
pf.imuiedite presentment . and j ;
At the presentsessioQ fill WnjL:
the notes of the banks continue Ito
ceived in payment cf the pjblic k!..
the depojsiloritv art dirtcted, as in '
they bnqutiunlbltrwould b, tr r
quently and atnort interyafs for the
cear sgaicst the. banks, ai.d to d :r.;.
cie for. th(e. balances, this niutt c,
a powerful chexk uj)C ii all the bii.1
vicinity -of htse i depositories v.L;
collections are!lrge. j
From the above quotation, en;1, f;
sources from! Which they come, I tr
can be no longeir. any doubt on t .
mind as to tile maimer in Which t!
Tteasuryj bill, f it snail bcioa e 1
present stop, -dl be earned ita
and 1 leave ttlolthe judraent cf xi
tional man to1 ajayt Whether tire reel:;
notes of 'specie paying balks nr.
regulations, iihd; under the d:: :
power cJaimedl by the Ezcjcutivcl i
worse than the positive and abt:!.:'
tf gold land silVer : only l la t!
case, tha banks would only zz'. :
sequenctl of their specie bpi c;.
thero, and deposited in these ul-'I
vaults, by which the would Is (
extend those accommodations to
mercantile community is entitle J.
former, it would subject thjeca to t!
inconvenience by the presentment
uotes for epecte, and nut it in tie ;
criminating as to the kind b
tfKPStatefT,,,e,redeU lcuUttty? I liyt tlie cbrrespohdence subjoined. :
CaKKna; 1st Anril 1838. - :V t J ,A -ii :Jl .
i vi jea vramoerrT. a eT noweu. ATereii i
i. . t r-i i-t.jT i. r ... i t . t t , i e
WtU am 5i
II. P.,
B4-Bruois Ann A care of A Simofiton.) Bss- past 9. i
well NatBahiel; I3en.u James, Burgesa Miss 1 1 Capt Snargate presents 'his cpmpl
Sarah; Berry Hobtlrt F. Belt lloralia T
. - o n. LrtiLL! tv:n:.J. r i 11 1
27 minutes
In Captain- jS's
illiam. Uwbell ames, eiiret History, ajlpended tojlMr.1 floppy's
J A, Oowan William F, Caldwell 4o-1 1. ' r -.r;.w Ar.ii nJj.f-iiVju. j
seen r 3 .i f sir -' r- rt . ; Pi: ! , , . 'iL-. - i.W,. -
FKaHs njephilas 3
H"--Hiidj.on TbJotnas, flays Robert : .lf -'
- JWJolius Juhnj Joties Alcxaoder, Jones Tho
mas tUv'di
to, Capu Sniggerstone
CapU Pouiponius fiix
twins nassage -So ! h
ComplainedjtoColSuargatei ( the stnall-
oeer oreweri wuo cunuuianueu tne corps
lhau;de.');i ji::jt;: tj ill)',-
As Col S Was well known tl beatrew-
r Ml lahl. 410 Qurl r-t nf JaiILhs
IT 1 Lrin loinra & - ITiirr lira uri. Kerr I : . . . , v.- , hi ... I -, i.
V.TfifV I" - ii r vapl 5 consiuersf Uie use bfthe:iword
iTi' a. TwrLv Mr lsmall-been brewer tp be .ouensivei to the
mvinnry anu cuaracier oi pis i ate respectea
Lewis Klaitt ii
2dUsirlialflFrederiek. Montffomery' James, ijfather ; and that byj, placing them i ri pa
worr son Eptiraioi, Musbat John.Mcfienry Hen- renihesis (which renders fthni j more re
ry ! -it 1 A A t " - ' -! markabitf) tt is 'adding insult ito injury
?T"',,r,y!!"cpp,Jlll"r.Dai :A ' moreso asCapt. a.lhimself auW carries on
.grgW OT ? i f k 'd brewery &t Oie lablei ale SonlyfCapW
Si-t5tison T M. bfann Joseph 4 Sh W i,,,, ' ulij.u.. inlJWtJi cA.iJtk
(whilst bank notes are received,) I ;
one aixto wa tol hi received in i;
first year j aad so on till the w hcA a r
of the nubltc revenue should b& tr-
ceived in the different branScs of the pub-j filter.- Who '(can fail to .-e Ml v.
hejjill passed j such a system,; every bank pbrou-t,.
conntxy may bo destroy edf an.-i
operation. Bv its i evils, which hfye been sol uy I ':
during tbe discussion ot izis que :
flictcd on the community. .It n in .
i tt.. MAnii at the issrcv c. I
a thisleCUtiveof Uf secrciary w
fie revenue lu this shape
the Senate. ;
Now, as to its practical
provisions the Government Its thrown back
upon tbe Joint! Resolution! of 1816, under
senbe the kind of funds be; receiyed,
whether specie; or the nbtef of specie pay-
in irtmitXadUvFir-,.ri...Uan
Joint Uesolulioo, the late
the specie circular by which
a - - - i . pit i. . . J am i v rxri ri r
t)r Snieev. Am horl of )m ipoons., ,pe'cie io the p.jjment ot pobUc laar, nn.. u, VV-.-'' S"... V.
a Oozen wilU yoo; I gooa xmtWHUt under certain rrairicuons ; iiw , - virrji . . . -
..fV j! Your, truly.1 1 1 j . ttii; right of drltomrtion. Tbe . iSWJrti" "
'A ; A- -i :.'p Preident btberelorel either require hielrth. obolojW .dopu..
Now sir, as
j .t r .rr. navinrr hanKft. i overctroio. . , , j
f a a a mw
t:. 5.1. K.i.!,.;. .pecie ot tiejf Pi; W'og nk. ?'
L.wn I.Air K- niiKr4ehflnV BfllO U7:f HlSt I m Bit
UIJUII lll.ICl.ll. U) IMWvll.lK WW . w -
1 r - ., i iS: !- i i . ..I Lm lliii Mifl lr
N - I W. 1 V. Ill I m WW . UUD U M M - , M t .it .w - . -
delicate act to ilo, In .he first ii)stance,he irrr.alifrni kind in ceited i thti present form ;tof ths L
stqneaces ' 'ur f tu M .a. fiht tb strikf out the specie el:
j. a v B . b.w mm innvi I ax a in ii mm mm mmmm a w . : -
may thank herself for the cbnsea
'-Yourlobedienl semnti .: p
-' -r ; ii-' f f J! i' j t T Si
Following these are 14 letters from other
ladies anu genuemen, SJi oi tnem yigoroiis
ly repelling the charge, if intended t aj)ply
to tnem. . I ue next is curious
Sir, -Allow roe through the medium of
our valuable col urn as, to can tne auenuon
of all Little Pedlinstbn to a fact of which
they might otherwise have remained igno
rant, or which, at least could bnly jbave
been knowu to that small and select circle
ol lnends who are the most intimately ac-
"khich will h4o ? Wliave supposed and kWJ-kW
hJ would auibofise thelecipt of the notes none woild Kpmisly think, ft p. ..
o?sStSbansanlisburse t Q It contains fowers wh.ehacsd di:::
of specie Lpayin? .";s- ;, . nnmitiirated despotism of cpimcn.
r - . ji- MnnMa oh then, with the Who e -system-..
atowea in ueoa c, r:ri " u L .v;u.,tf; .Hd kales, tbcat bars.fc.r.j
-- i .' i ' -. . J ai.clf a If H ! -
Snnraftl: h;K tlltn. President as to mo vYY:ur"r t ...j iii:,.; ,nij and let there t.
t .-i i- r!:L cu.,r.j j n'.i smi W "oic uucaw uiaiivipwiotoi will
roersiEj.MMlii! t i
t-TroittmaD IHenry:, Thomas James WPfM fmau-Deeratclt, are jOfjenstve to i blockhead in thev to
-r . l,lBBf g:uueriii, to oe ex
changed fof table ale, and the; parenthesis
removed.: r ' -i r.r
. f-i .5 : '.t ' ' - . . - ! '. '
quaimeu wiui me. j tnereiore earnesiiy re. V"", .IZryol, I distrust in the
quest that, every body would turn tq Nix's .V;:r2 of
journal, in wnicn, at page da, seven lines i.
from the top, they will find ! the following his
entry :"Jnst aw llV I inasa I
the door he! i the ; pratist ! blocked in tw
the town: as f call it. The res cannot be I be
ifeioJiben reeurfebtcb of to r-r,H C J
o deipaot, ;orJJ Let lb, CWi-.r.: :
receive r I . tV I ;t drafts on those Cepcsitcn-,
Thornas.Ilin.TbtericeiHoeh L
W 4Welbei j Adam, IWeaver AaoosJ Wood-
ward Mrs Jane. AVhite William, Walker John,
Wolivejr David I , - ik AJ : ' i A J WA-
Sheriff of Iredell Coanty 8, Secretary ot wt.
nloria todge 2d f ' - Jb . :
1W.. -; .M;ii-;l.?W8Sprice!bfAdt.li50 -t-.-H
I' !. J
lat he canno
ft lapum has to j add i that! he? cannot,
consistently with his dignity is ah j officer
and a gentleman, apply for ; redress to the
publisher ;
jfjjptalnr S. is Informed
1 have e distinct
qaently passed
the firmen reHanceJre ie tblt tbey doa. resmfuo , -Hrg?:
naiiifiiiHe will iv w -
the firmest reliance, i assure "toe that
consider cie peifectly justified in thinking
so; The publication iof this Utterlwill pre
pare LitUe Pedlira forany. steps I msy
km Irk m
tr from the fatts befoie m. in Iti'McSSSM St tblt
MrMt; -B,-:fl.;. ,
extra7 session
am utterly tstonished it the r
,h th mtisare b alter rtt d l: 1 -.. i
tjpott Congreia and tbe people, ir ?
lection of lbs revenue in Uu.u ...
so essential for tbe general u-;;;.(
why isit not equally so far eiery . -
Hjji S' ::: i j j-' 1 V'h ff ! j v -J-;! -,:-:v ' :
i 5 , :: ' k I , ' ; 1 : ! . 5 -i - ; - - - . - . .. .. - 1 . , - - ' v ' ' - " J . . - it .,! - T -
!.- i-t. -!lci h ' 1 r,."'1- 1;:- v.:. :; Nt ---R-v - ' :-: -.f u-:-i .-I I 'A J4r-
:i'! t i -il-'
! fm liA IWl-i- -: ,'iu:r I ,;; . 3 - ; ! .. - ;.i :r-i 4- ' : -r'vL-.: .

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