North Carolina Newspapers

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iKiS Hpot consist9.'TheJ,roprieior Jia nol led to t lie Genefiil Assembly In a letter eX
" tLetdfaf eurea to Dresetit lo toe puo-y cenllr nubished.i In it was inriirafpji A
Ta Me People of ttnt Counties of Orangey
rrSpoUiylvania Culpepper, i JUaJUon',
'Jiappahannock cnd Grterie, jX i ; Jl -t
t Fellow Citizfexs : .The relation hich
tas existed for l lie list eigbt ceraionj; cf
I-Congress, befwech yao and niyself, as ran-
bd liyitheresnauonr; of my seati In Hht
House of: Eeprescjotativesi v Th cUirbs ti p
bn 'die'of a large aoify, and my expenancb
of b(utteVlBade rjuacy . of the "compensa
tion of' a membe r - of Congress to5 rrnb
nerale' any man c ependant on his latior for
I JiTelibood for the sacrifices 1 of private
.business'he bis to' encounter hail oe ter
ming roe last fall to leign my Seat iri :ibe
li ou se 1 of Keprcs ;ntattv es at the Qlofe of
the present stssro i The ofTef by ibeLe
gislature of the office of . State CouncAlofV
fat nUbes additional inducements to fttre.
remain here nntthheed
1 still designed to
2a per
MfmheQ p icVs WUIK be
ka HM'J,it minbj nntit orders
he deem St a pmplimeiit either to the good iaslc
vr'sagaefiy otTihe dbU.c to present such, if he
ha iheoit j IJiil beVas the assurance of die
ofl I he miist seientifie Physiciana ancv Chewi&ta
as to the tare and 'valuable piop-rties of theRe
S4pn9. j lnlli824i Professor Olmatedr (now of
Yale Colliegetoaile W strict analysis of pis
VVatei anld j&ounced its foreign ingiediens to
ti? iyll pn bagging fe -2
I Potion yaro, frm No. 6 lot
IvLLtlLiW MrMS 7 50: SVheat pr bush $1
: 5u3iur!e(! Hydrogen,
'i f$ulT&atei pfJAme,-'
,duphatd of (Magnesia,
Muriate o
feDiH pr'PshU $3.;S0 ctsk.Corn Jr bosa
ummm w w t18
iHSiilStl'VJ'.H.lWr 0- 53 . Of w Vfof
aid&yiWile't; rrinpet gal. $1 0 .
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Fur a more exfendpd statement see his geolgi-
ca lie port olortb Uarolma aotnoiisea ov aci
nf iAsafimblv.lDaees SlSJO-SOpace -will fnof
permit usjto add tie vfry flattering ;ematk$ of
inra oeniiieraap, oai ujr uhw -.,...,
w j in the sabjet cannot hel perceiving ibipe
iuiar a!aptattM)f these minerals to ihd 4 serf
deiis thai mostpreal jn the South. Js" V
; Tho Proprietor dan 6nly superadd his fcer
"miiiatiun to merit! palronage by an unflin&ng
attciniior tlo tHe wint4rwisbes and comlor ofj
nisi yJ6iierjr iwjpia " " -
ok fchroughoophe jeati open for the accoi
oauon, 01 rae.iera. tJ - t... ..
wisb that the Legislature, if tljjy:r preferred
fu2Ijcoideaee irf;lns juifrnenf orii.? lein-J
pr-Vut "bf cat sWiri' all ' these respe ti 1
thoiht'birn preferable J) bis cooipetitbc.
He; pas itb-tJiflL: a ebojeeof- eils.i JTtb
firslj ffoorr'jear -jplVfiia jftid niax5traiioii-;exideU
in strengthen; py . bpesi thai be !woiid td
minkster tbepvernrnntiso fara:ej)er44-'
tbe pstandard; 6ytbekrTct corwtroctiojv
school if jheAjgmiiTStite ftigUts ; epobA'
nchsUlt3t0n librl Maysvjllej Hoad
Bilfi di?p!aye grirnftajc
no-Vithsladmiibv'intaaife jjistnctioo
between national djlclvorlf4; of Inter-
nal IrDpro?eoent, in a constitutional point
of, tiew.'anlJ thle preposterbris anil arbitrary
lirort.Mion as to I appiopriations iorlm(ove-
meptrf, above end bfloto j orts of Jolrfl re-j
ga Lfj; J 1 1 . U i v ni te" ii :'$rr 1 1 nV a gr ejat , ract
cat sboj in jchdcking ilif 8pimTneirava4
garl and uncoh?titution;il' expenditures of
public money i for works of lrjirnil JriH
protement. j; His constanj eBorts loj ledace;
aud mitigate the Tariff hd hif fcissidns
of anxiety to Keep jJowo'ithe renOcs 'lo
the standard of an econo.nica! admiMistra
lion the principles of reform andlj retencb4
roerrt the display of anxiety the part of
tbit 1 1? should pdrsue a dilTerehC ciiurseyV11'3 Ptizns M rerinExccuf,ifejtron4
would expregs thflr. wishes, to which,' in re pg-r ' restricting and gti4rdingfffaiist its!
aose ins o)pbsitioi; to4be-Banlv Of the
UXp and his ijeto Opbn jthebiH fbiits re-j
charier as unconstitutfonsl: 'were all ealrn J
to su
to this jjiatter, I fell bound implicitly
built. 1 could not undeistand their re
t do: M
irilfllf i-.HI7.8i' CIS i Malaga, , (vieey
tai,- j. uiiWM witf -rrZ i -
Vl-i - , ill r! ! T'-"--;; -J-;-':. ,
refiHroakt:ifer1b;0a- 78. ; 13 aeon from
VUntwll kll'2i:IIlams do 00 ; Beeswax
4i4 fcffli iMging'fjer yard ,16 a 24
per jvu io v 9i
jSOVTBtsj our
7 50, from stores
iii $5 00 a 6 50
t w;iv
Un do, per lb. 16
ii $m .M' liushel ;75
l $10feWil$Irii per. 100 I
illllili atcfe.! Wroug
tJi: i.fb 6.' f' 50 ; ltict
A-fi I ' -li LnltWr I: IW ' tuft tl
t rvi i. v K i---- s
U $4 a 3Ba;2
vttp T)h qamdfenfCourierolumbia Tj'ts;
Charleston MiefeutyAugusta Consiitotiondt;
MilledgevjUe liecrdferi &avanna4i llepuoiii
iui u iuuuj ,aii ktxi utf vii :w -- - w
f moiWs.l weeklvi aiidse'ad accounts td
.i.. hi I - 1 , ; ,r il
tauba dprin
i i
fWlij( (lacis ove the Salisbury Course l
, Hi comrneoce on! Wednesday SOih of 'IML
ano, coouiue fjoajr. - .:. :.
Aki :Dat,bSeeisiakeibr 3 year old colis
filie8, mile beats Entrance $30, hall Air
Tdibe keplt opened dniiet eriing ibeAe lUei rii
Saltt per bushel
:'el irnbfgriii pir Jb
brVitfilTt i! 25 ct.s;
iiircCttr IbllQ I 15 cts.
1 UO 1M S4 3U I . SOQ Uaj ssuciauuu i. ust 9 1 jw uimc ucn
cts ; Salt pr free lor any thing. t ' J I
71 SI i Steel A- 1 JS Day W-Axiiatjon Purse 200, 2 mile ?ea
rallpw pfr lb 10
,1 25 a;137icts;
Tobacco man u-
'h "lil, L &riZ IS, 183S.
901 Molasses. S5a40
Naj;Ik;cu;t. " K7i
Suaar blown, 7 a 11
Ltiniprv 16
LioafL m 13 a 20
Salt.;,!-, 75a$l
t IaLm I -i Kl i!
II 111
freei for anjj? thjhg, ixcept the winner on. the p
ceaing.jY.: n .j : m - i; . . - -F :
4h Day Purse bf 100l added to Hhe
trance,and! ga: morjey of thi week, milejhe
handicap, j ire; ir any rmng-. ,y. f 1
Eotrahcje ojeachtof the parse days,
pericentloln thiamtfuntyn slake : which if
believed will i be 'more in each case than alio
'staled. -bui bvit 1 bo trleansVlessO' The Uarfe
poluiion, adopted alter receiving my letters in
any :0 tier way man as an expression ol their
desire that; I should, as soon as I could pbs
sihly da. so, vacate iny seat in :tberlJoie.
I have tjiere foresee ht in mv Vesignaiion.! ! i
jcipnot reconcile: it to my feelings of
gratttude to you fojr the many kind and sig
nal favors you have bestowed on me, ab
ruptly, and withputapilogy or explanation,
to quit y our setvice. 'Nothiifg could have
inducjed. ;ine .to:-do' po, as long asrl j believed
tny $ejr?ices acceptable, Imt 111 the indispen
sable duty of rovjding for the support and
puuvoiiuu m inv larouy. j may iruiy say,
jh the language of llie Apothecary in SblSfs-
pcarelMy poverty, and not my will, con
sents, t Tours has! been tot me a service of
perfect freedom. During the time 1 have
been b ere, we have had the most yespeiaie
Struggles of politic il parties, contenrfingfor
(lie mastery with alPlhe j eagefM;! aiin
sopetblbg of the buiernes;and J1 eice of
embattled hosts, jn these icohfli(s, altte
great questioos ofl consi'ituftionil !lavV;t r)d
practical expediency which have ditraclqdj
and diVidea the people of this cojiiiitry'-Sihico
tlie foundation of (the Government, thav'e
been brought into controversy. ; Ver trial
irfytqiiestiohs of inferior unjmrtanpe,; butfep
qual interest in regard lo their wifltync up
on the success or defeat tif ; parlies, have a
ren .Coming into pubjic life plfcdged to
mainlajn certain greats ami fiiudameriiall
doctrines, and disavowing all p;irty inflaenr
cs or assiciations4-iudrini a I have ' al-
waVS'orOiesOfl and eiidcHViiroH In ii;rtVurv
tjuvMiuu, reai ur stnaii, opou us merits, cy
approving aim conornuuiig eacn pr'(Hi5i:
Uon without the slightest rrg-ird to its infiu
voce upon the prospects ! tins or -that par
ly, I have bef$n, necessarily found votinlip'
00 great and interesting mi! ejects, 4 ' e!jiis
upon uiose 01 interior nunuent, someutQt
wltbUme party van d t others .with sJtiie o(1h
cr party.. nave consequently een, from
..umB 10 urae, me oiijeci oi ine mosiintetn-
eidejfyoa'thern1 as .-'ynere qaestion. of ex-1
pcdiency. . We , were aJtv permitted so to
Xtfmine and Vdecide iC! I Looti
dod bevond the
conduct or thej Presidenljin temoving Mf.
Dune, because hewould riot- remove ? ih
desites-g-thej rjweiiof rembving Execa
tie oHicers-thelTshVoJthe President to
JsOpervisa mnij iontrtdj thtbesdsof the Ex
ecutif epepartments; solai to compel them
U accoi ding id bis con
"X yv vglfvauTf win, were an as.
sailed, inr 1 tirj h e uimost v lolence-rVis! coft.
duevwas declared surpationV-thatigril
of the President to remove Executive ofli
cers was denounced as a dcsiKHic and kind
ly prerogative, which most bev resisted it
every hazird, (The Secretary ol ;the'-Tiea
sury it ' was even I conterjdedr tvasj nol an
Executive 'officer, and mi ead of beifl siibV
jectjb th supervision end control of the
President was jrcsponkiMc
gress And it was solemnly argued, tlaf tn;
actjng ebntrary io tfiese prihcipleslthdr.;
oiuwui. ,aa u usurper, lyranif aiapeapot.
'.i'.-'Mpbsl .from ubUcffleeftngs,! 'ibU
all ifaQjaforinatlon 1 reccived.Yrooi private
a nd the most friendJ t Sources irt ui vf dis-
'trlct warranted jtbe bcjlicf Ithat1 tbese 9iin
ions werethe pfevaleliir J)Beiheftv" N'h
Jguliiurerof Ywbavihg lirgetuW
jortty elected asiliiends ol the AiUninisf ra
tion, oassed resolutions bfvefv fafAtiiAirf
lated to make him and bis admihistUtionSl ities,.cba4fmnin2tTlVih'bti!mW
wjiiii iuc 01 v irgmia, as
they jvere witb me. it sostilned iiW ftrj
bis iecond election witrj more feadines?
tha for the firs but et eji heil t;w itb mone ;
of i?ie spirit: of a. parlrzanljijl r ; t!-
Soon after hi: second electiontbe strug
gles jwhich had been going on in relation to
the Tafiffi grew to abead. Open "resiap
taocfe was mad 5 in one bf the. sovereign
Stafp of tbe;fjiiibh-"tb ih$ : validity of the
Tac'lavj Shef declared; that theliiaw
shoijlrjxnot be xecuied in ber bortjers jaftd
pre rifations were made through conventions,
test oaths, and nilitary array, tosustafrli tbat
dec arntion ! S rmpathizing ; sincerely arid
cor lially with Soutb Caioljna4n her "ense
of. oppression an4 injustice of the,tTarff, 1
yetjlhotiglit her proceedings and doctrines
of.miltification rash, ; precjpilate jlnd!.iin.
conWitutional. The Presidentissuedl his
maiiba-naMess'i" rash l and
iol(ant. and unwise ihd fufl ofthereief
tl t 1. a... i...Z . - l:C 1'.
uoi-jTiuo. iw ubw,.- iiywei?i. UKii wna; ure
thrtethe lahdi .'Ilitfertii&n' f
ans less. - 4 ne .r.ik .Vki.,. .ii.k.i It... .,L.i -..tlr.
be batUml good Icondition, and iihe Assoeia M 11" .i 7 I " ryrr
T .T ! -.i J-.!-!. .v-. iiow'fioin the nartizins on nnp. suifi & ilie-n
anennon 10 rnpr. 1.. 1 '-.C . , J ' T w
Tolidccoleaf Sa4
Cot'ion bag. 16 a 25
Hale rope, ,8 a 12 J
O jWheat new $ 1 a 1 1 0
Whiskcv . 45
20 a 2i
nrornisea tfie slfcictest
State of Hovtn
rum another, and not unfrtquent! from
PQtTi sides at phce. fr ' ha va' pursued 'the
tvfin tenor of my way,' rarely turning aside
CnVOll Hit Sorrect misrepresentation or rerjejc'alufii'
yt:: . eacn and all my constituents LJiave
een ever ready to loive explanations, and
Cloterf Spring Term, 139. Vindicare my ?coyrp anl jiKis tiie rotlsi
Administration every where hailed; it Ivith
as tpuch joy as 1 hey would have done a sc-
Cont revelation -of wisdom jand'salvftfjofi.--
M4l of thej professing fnendijc State
KgtT) joined in the slmutii of gratu lotion
which tung through all tho iand, whilej the
Opposition part t of"iliat dav. and all ihose
who still cherisi.ed the ole ; Federal rdoc
trinns as tbe soi nd piinrijllB of the KC!jon-
siiiuiion, snou'.qn nosannas to uimi wnom
but 'a little before, they bhMrred as the ve-
i!sc arid idolatrous worship
Les-isliiture. wliicl!ha!
nfjuarif in defence. iff Slate
to he astounded jbylthe
holdnss. or confounded by the sophistfies.
by which their Bong cherished theories ol
State sovereignly
ihefit were assail
whelming popu
so great wis the 'plaiisibi
soning. In my own district
he?d to respond id its Isentnents,
or sbine of the oldest and leading
li-ans. .VV holly up
rr iiio n i h Ki
b.ven.tlie virH)ia
ever been the vJ
liigiits, seemed
and confederated govern-
ed. ruicu was lue oyei
Willivm lTTr!i Ailm'r nf
Ulose4 Stad,s. : t f lb
Agtippa ieed & others; J
TJiirin Eanity
e seulfctceui ol
-Jver ceased to: have the confidence of the
! i . ; - . i- . i , i . r,i. , 7
ge body of crty constiinems of all parties.
tr.j partisans and bigots there have been
: " 'ii S i- Si f t.:n.',i'wM U.l i' ' '2j
tT & nri-rl hv th Conrtrhat th ifh.hrt- IM,,Kai "cl "H"? ftlMO"S
JL !adte i or before the, first of Julv isis, file ri !aud .it'gavelne not tfie least rcgre
-' '. - ' i' ' " 1 i A 'I.
" y . IT-! i i- ! H i' i
MnjiloVfeHliioni liiiadelpia, wilha
?ffe Dillon -n
,,i"?fVf!?nH'ivperiorioanv;io me vfts
rirge assortment of
with ihe Clerk and iMaster ofthis Couri.asche- hi never occasioned me the . least stir prise.
du'e of their individual advancement, mde to 111 did not eiijoy'iheir favor. No man
is i,in mv a fit reoresentative of
a State Higlits
themiby ta intestate, Moses Steed ts?. (n hi
life' iibe, at vyliich time, (Isl ol July ,183 Ihi
Clerk and! Master is orderel io take an account
of the aduunUtation of said Aljses 'Steed's Es
tate, and to rerprt ifie.sime to! the next termf of
. i i t i ! . ' ! i 1 1 j. ' if" ! . - : :.. i '
this courts
muca is in
longing to
after their
to theoi in
la iWhicn account he is io state bow
ihet aandslor the Administrator. Ibe
eacji ol the childreniof. his lutestatei
accounting for the amount advanced
intestate, by
I h fm a a a hAvn; ra 4
Call and see.
a!B4$&s aiili clocks repaired as
gMMittveiihs. ' -:
a nvnr into
film men tJ
l Iffil ani he pubhc t
iftJft-fosa; Coruicrly occopi
v. with the wiesv or keernr.ff
yhntcrtrt in men i
that he
the li-fe tnioo of
schedule on vatb rendered by
quired : i': W -M V ' -'
- It a rtnparinar Irt ihpati&faptinn nf
that Selh Steed, CMlier Steed, Elisha' Scnirl,
Ske&n and! Adeline h us tvilkibe' i children ind
nexijpt' kin of Mark Sued, depM; Harris- Rus-
. It .. T i.r i
aril auu AaKm ;
lleeves anld Nan
his ;Wif!e Agrippa Steed,
ney his I wife.! Borrell "Cog!
u vis j ;
f Tooinyi and; comlortableivand in
oi sne; 4own.r ;i,no.fiubciiber
elertions to ; tender satisfaction
NSrtI .bjrni. HisTable. shall
S:lM'opt ed with Ihe best the eoutfJ
iKlbiil'af slorewtih thecbojcest
ItsJT'J 'V??) tables are extensive and safe.
1 14 4ilUI
arid Polla his iwifei Utbv Steed. Ehiih Ba ley
and-Unnda h1iwife,!Kafekiet Bailey andiPhlly
his iie' Ll'ipQ Steedl and Martha hit vife;
four diher jchiidren oil "Hill .Steeddec'd, whose
naiofg arejunKnown.ijyesiai oeson ana pusiu
hab ins wile, and MoeeS 4 Steeds all of Whom
are tieiendaM4 n this Cause,; are not inhabitants
ol thte State It is tberef ore ordered b the
Court, that thellbregoi rig order! of ihe CoartL be
published for sixureessive wepks in: the Caro
lina Watch maa, printed at Salisbury, ioi;
Slate, notifying the defendant residing eat of
the Ttate is aforesai to file their schedules of
ad van cedent, ias by said order they are . required
lodojd-UR- i'-'SVA:' I i; X- I
Witness Jaaiea Li! Gaines, Clerk and plaster,
ol our j,aia luouri 01 jquny, i wwre.ncvfiur,
ine nrsi mono ay in niaru. aw.
JA&i L. GA1NES, c c
-f6vt40-tprtce adv. p xy
: l -
' 1 1: r
., 1 A l-i
i --... S3 .1 - I
e people, who ; can consent ; la be tlie
tool and echo Of a party, or who! will
ent to come here, pledged, in advance to
upport of the measures of any ddtnin
iion. or ahv oartv. In6nitelvi better
tfhaving any such representatives would
il to establish an elective desiKHisin, jl
liack- upon my bumble career in your
Ste. with a nrondi consciousness that 1
binever. deviated 1 one iota from lhosr
P'jiles which 1 avowed when first elecr
tel)4 that rio personal or paity consider-
at has .ever made me forget, for one tao-
'rnj;ouiigauons io tue country, io me
ntls of my constituents, and the rights
pf I people. -j jit has never been to me a
iPofj the ledst concern with wbiclrl
''t'MrtyJ happened on any occasion to
?otpi the sincerity and truth oflirisflei
lrp, jthe Journalj of every session 1 qj
yonVisirice I bave been here, will far-
bwhkie prooLU Upon these principles I
Y acted land professed to act. 1 fi j
'perhaps due to you, who bave so
gnJy sustained me, as well as just tbv
rot84at I give a: brief. reView of mv
politlctiori now that 1 am about t jeaye;
lal areua, probably never again to
enterV n; tvi j-. : -; , . j , , , i ,j 4p:u
i f vjinto puolic life as your represerP
tatlVeln aflor lhi Wlinn nf fln ll.f.
mrslUerm of his Presidency. ; I
n advocate of Jus election, not
pauueu creea was io luu ac-
and scattered to
conntryrwas saved
civil war, and is i
ority of ihe Proclamation
ity of its Sjea
meetings were
leading tie pub -
lly undismayed by these things,
I promptly rppudiatftd its heresies, and was,
I believe, among the first, if not the vry
first, who in tny place ilin jongress jrion
demued and dent unced it. j In a small mi
nority of abom 3 i, consisting of Nul liters
arid States9 Kih's men, 1 voted agamsU he
t orce bill, (so!caIved-rtiie portentous otl-
spring oi a lernporary union
ticrafic Republicans andiNa
cans ! The lilile remnant of
parly, which before had begun to rally and
weie looking with a smile of hope, for the
re turn of the bctUrdaysof the .Ucpublio
between the rashness, and odiousness f of
Nullification on tb hand, and the; here-
Lsies- and popularity of the Proclamation on
mo oilier were ciusueu, uivucu to picvvst
the four winds, i 'Hie
from fbel calamrtyl o a
hevitable anrf'deplbrabte
ConsvqiieDce, a j dis ioiui ipn . pi tne uuipn,
by the passage bf t le Compromise act! of
18 S3, of which 1 :brdially approved.
brought healing oi its j wings afforded
South Carolina an honorable j excusefpr p
treaimg from her dangerous and ill jidg6d
position, and rendered, inoperative the por
tent and unconstitutional -ejiergies of tlie
Force bill. The c nintry enjoyed a brjief
period of political r sposej It was howef
er, but 4the torrent smoothness ere it dash
belbw. We were i roused by the rerooya)
of the depasites, of the public money, to
participate in the most tremendous conflict
of political parties, in which the country
was ever involved, h , j j -;
In the beginning of this contest, I was
calm and dispasetouate enquire. I cam
here at the commencement of the session;
i$!jS?fl4 whhj no political ieairig wbaievje
so far as parlies and persons rere concern
iMVCilcQlating ha the Iquiestibn of tl
stifiteieocy of reasons which Ihad induced
the Exeautive to chan ;e the, place of depoar
ite of the public money, would be present
ted to us as a mere question 1 of practical
lerms, jine cpnoiict of iue nesiMiit, as
'daijgeroQs iandjj! alarming assumjptioiV of
povver Sy bichl ibuld boi be too strbnely
condemned,' aoddeclariRgthat his inter-
ference with the Ticasury1 Department cjear
Jy inifistedya HisfyosiUob to -extend; bis
s just and proper
not but, regard
expediency I. was prepared
ith my own Dot because. 1 had - thbse reasons soberly
la ad coo
official authority; bfiybnd
limits, which they could
with apprehension and
Senator and Reprcsenlative from mv Con
gressional District voted for these1 'resolu
tions, save one! It was trie general belief
vic in. asuiuiuii, .,Iua xug power .: ana
popularity of the Administration would be
broken tdown : arid certainly, all will admit,
that the prospects; pi his pahy atthe tlosuof
the winter of 1834. were more ffloomv'than
at a nyot her, period before or since, during
the Presidency of Gen. Jackson. And I
happen to trhow thar some of the leading
and-mosr influential supporters of the Ad
ministration party in Virginia gave signs
of woe that alhwias lost,' and were exceed
ing! y ah xious t bj we'should r est orwe ihade
posites, as the oiilyt means of saving the
banks from suspension and the. party from
ruin itwas umiai such circumstances, I
had to perforin rap 'duty asvjtar iepresenta
live. While I disjipproved, of the removal
of tho Deposiica at the time and under the
yircmnstauces in which il waslone, I was
satisfied that u , rights of the Bank of
the U. S had been vioUted, arid that, the
Preside.ut hd done nothing which he bad
not a right io doUinder the! Constitution &
laws; but, on th contrary, he had done.
nothing which it was not his bounden duly
to do, with his opinion of ihe conduct ol
the Bank and thejuiteicst of the country,
and u me Kank wpis not to b.irechartered.
that it would be unwise to relufri the depo
iites.1 j Standing almost alone, 'therefore, a
tnong the. public mien in my district, without
One cheori ng voice of encouragement from
(hern, with every reason to apprebendhat I
Was signing my own death-warrant as a po
lilical man. I stood up in my place, bet the
Virginia respluttons on the threshold of the
House, arid "denied 'and endeavored to Re
fute theirdenuncialtons The Oppbsitiob
did triumph in Virginia ; and 1 was de
nounced, proecribed and reviled as a mere
tool and ; partizan of the Executive ; and
that, too, when tbei freedom and boldness
with which 1 had censured the Executive
on some! points, rendered him arid bis party
between Dem' fspspicious and distrustful of me as one who
lonaf Kepublt- was 'too independent to be denended oh.
Ycu, fellow citizens, again bobly sustained
nie. A portion of you cheered rac on my re
turn, wifb . extraordinary honors, expressly
on the ground that J bad kept aloof from
iHe corruptions of party,' and had sustain
ed'your principles agamst all assaults, no
matter from which party they pidceeded.,
I In the ensuing session, the controversy
with France constituted the principal sub
ject of anxious deliberation in I Congress.
Agreeing entirely with the President in
life justice of the claims of'our citizens on
Fiance, and applauding the spirit and de
termination of the President that the exec
ution of the treatyotighl to be insisted on j
after a careful examination of the correspon
dence of the, two Governments, which it
was 'ray Special duty as a member of the
committee of Foreign Relations to make,
I became satisfied that there was no want
of good faiih in the French King in his
professions of anxiety to procure an appro
priation from the legislative chambers, and
thai there was every, reason to believe that
the quarrel would be speedily and amicably
adjusted I ; therefore dissented from the
recommendation of the President to Con
gress to authorise reprisals against France,
I voted against the celebrated 3,000,000
aproprialioa as being not only onncessa
ry under the. circumstances but implying
distrust of the good faith of France, and
in the form and for the purposes ir was pro
posed, as vesting in jthe President danger
pus, unprecedented and unconstitutional
discretion. War with one of the power
ful nations of tlie earth was averted with
out any loss of nauonal honor ; and after
ed until it would hare heen! In 'icf,
for the dancer aitendin? such a -avrr
ttreen nations, t(ie interveuUun of a f
typower rembfod the dfilicultr.
wisdom of those! who; resisted tUr;..
impilitic, but spirited and pairioiic n
mendation of the Executive, vas vinj.
f jThe will iof the people havi pgbecr.
ly inuicaieu ttial the . Bank of the I
States should not be charteied b v C
it (became necessarv to provida J r p
oihb:pubUe'..mbule Tr.
Department, according to the practi.
the Government: from 1763 tii wif n-j
d the Slate Uanksjpr that fpurpoi.'?.'
vviiivTiuuy wiuii ineiirecomgienUatiu;
the president. Congress set jabant n
iiijig the; ter'msl mode anici .feonditiui
Ibeirj enifplovmebt, witri a yie isf ii:;,
and restraining Executive dilnretion. '
gpbn-kf Fjresiilem Jakson, t!i
pfaliiMutl Bank founded u pop the n at i
Y uu,vujcuiiitii, was generally rr
4:undeithe odious appellaijon c.f i
counienanceeveri Irorb his iiiivn part z :
and feenied ioj be Vbaiidoriei by fiJI;
, Jntl' lhQse -"whtb .bj'f xpel .o w:.
1iis;l4ots'teps4V Helielr. i t is nSkyr t l,erl
edaijd sought ta jlretiyeif-iiii its musi-o.''
Uf ipdangerrts torm, is bpw vvell qi.
uojiqi liMWa ISaa, 18qC, ihe A1. ..
iatbiiohj partyi'ftli wonderful unnnu.:i .
Sustained bythetarriet-cc(jrTi
of President JacttspblabdihelSe reUrirs
the Treasury, (Messrs, Taney aud iV '
brtryj) urged ihe jemployiBeht of the .
Bap kls las ihe safest,! and. , moit -con vei.k : .
arid best depositorieg of the public rntsu .
Tlie constant practice of Govern meiu fr
: its foundation, the universal opinion cf :
me aisupguwneo istatesmen and financier ,
Wliether friends rjr opponents of tbe lh:.'.
othUiitedfStaies,;abd thejexperience
te)ove'rab)ebtai'ter ';33, .reire appealed i
as pr4ivi iliat ilieyi furuislied not only i
Lbest; but the onfyj alternative, i A prom
iin made in 18?-, toi; f eparafeitbe iGpvcr -merit
Vtim t Binks and employimdivi !
ual I Agents 4abTeasurersi was ri r rii
yy ci PCieu , wur.. ai mas t entire .-.undi.imir-
tt'.lMw jbistmiq-n.;paTty whil " iC
ceived equivocal. Support from only liui:.;
311 ra ImbeTS of . t lie 11 ouee of He met e 1 1 x
nve, Frora aujhorisd official souri to, j t
s !a scheme giving . :
was cloudeaine
addition toihj! pWer;arid influence
oi t:
e 33 dailPeroaslv inrreasint t!
Eieetilive natron agej land erilosini t!
. : . v "i .. , r r
1 plundered by" a In
tbr examine
i. .. i
public money to
dred Hands, whejril orie: could L'jnoi- reach it.
unuur uio. ouie ianK sjfsienii? li a id i: ,
soppoftere we.rejj decried and denoim. t I
wib aj zeal and intemperance, only sur
passed! by whatjbasjbeen helped, by t!
same official authority, upon those unc ha:
geij: Rjepublicana (wnb; istill: entfrtain t!.
same bpinion fbey did in 183p, of this r -volutidnary,
jdsrganizing and alarm
project,. FollopUjzens, Iiiiok an hutn
ble and zealouspah'tti'tustainrbg the- Stat
Bank system, afldincobpcratng with t!. .
l3teailministratibn, iforjihat purpose. 1
have njot changed my position. I azi ;
wherell was then.
amnity which h
'hq overwhelming ca
, tl i .1 . 1 ;"'
joeiaiiep me country, in jne universal ts:-
pensiob of specie payments,' is one uiulrr
which jthe Government the banks and th i
people are alik jjsuflering jfrhe cause i
which ! produced it are; such, as all rru.--t
beajthjeir ahafeqf ihlafne for Jiaving co:
tiibiite to. r tliakii equally unjust t
impale) it exclusilielyftri errors Jof the Gov
ernmerit, or of the jbari ks, or pfjihe conicus'
nttyj atj largei j f Ijey .itcd Valid re-actc 1
upon" each other! :t The ..accumulation of i
vast surplus in the Treasury .auributable c.
clusiyeiy to the. laujt neither of he past A..'
ministration, nor of ariyj plrty in "the Cov
ernmen!l the stimulus io bank accomrno
dation, and individual speculation, occa; io
ned by that surplus the eager appetite eaiing 'new ba k ca plial, a n d e n g s g i r:
in wiltjl and exiratagaritj i advent jres i:i
trade! laild business !bf, ail kinds, resultin;;
from ! a jseriesof years of peace ail over t!
world jof abondaut crops and liigh pric't
in our own country occasioned an artificial
state of things, w.bich has jresolted in tlsc
comuaerciaK revulsroo juritler which t! a
country is now sutTering,! lit justifies no ''
change in tho fundamental 'policy 0f ij-iL.
Coverpmeni. It presents the njosi inau -picioug
and unfortunate of all periods, i r
making ja". waropbri hjaactua( currctu'y
and existing credit syatcra of the country.
Never; as there grosser injustice ; per pen ;r
ied, of less wisdom displayed, than in Wei
zing lioffd of tbe preientf cajamitODS condi
tion of .iliiugSi to inirbdiice an entire rcro
lution ib our financial systeci, ard to e'e
nounce the banks as perfidious &treachcrcL ;
to say ndlhiggpf ihe plhe grosser jcalu can ic .
which hkve been uttered against theni. T1.2
Banks gbilty of periidy and treachery! la
whalT IhnotJrcdeenfiPgitheirj pjbli'gatioi.u
in specie: f Why, who.cao redeem their
obligations in specie f C.Can he Goyer::-
iment ?
No? f With Lthirty . millions cT
.... 1 Ji-: .lJj I - J -l
miliion 01 uoirars,oinerwiie man in prom-
There 'H
to Gcor-
ises 10 Dav. on TreaaUrv notes.
scarcely ltd individual from Maintr
gia, woo can pay Oy in consp to uo: n
correney. The' Siauas. jwbp bavej recci rd
on depot le, and are indebted to the Trea
sury abdut 28 millions isrel and hae ! t.
Iy, and lodef a struggle of diplomatic enqueue, protrac- so notoriously unable.
- I!
1 t
1 .
wr "' ,
T il . ! Si I' ,1 , . 1 'vVf ! .' - .f; . ,:

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