North Carolina Newspapers

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Tor one ypar at I wo Doi-
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CfiM?f MLiM ishr?td 42 per ;cent,
tii .Tiift-a i th-aboye rates; A dedoction ot
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a!ein? hi lfP nsertedfdrjess
VyMiertwHf be:-confiHtfeisi ntil order
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a 50
TiSttoj.Oiii p?i -
Pork.!$a 00 a S7 00
Sugar' br. '11 a 12
, loaf 18 a 20
Salv V-;- f 1 62
Tallo :i0 a 124
Tobaclco 8 a 20
TuMinen, 16 a 20
Wlieal. Vbusdeiy 31
Whiskey, 4 45 a 50
W ool, (clean) I 40
Si a m rolaVie 35 a 40.
Cj a 70 Nailscat, . -i;,-.,7
lOky :' Suoar brown, 7 a 11
M , Lump ' IK
tKiaf, j 1 18 a 20
alt ' 'Sa $i '
SaelfviS 25 a 3 75
Tobacndojeaf f 3 a 4
Cbttod ba?: 1G a 2a
Hal? rope'; , 8 a 124
Wheat' new fil a 110 1
i; 4ttn is spy w-. i-.:45-
Desperate. noSW
All hrtr vCodfse; iyoubeeilftrg brdw;f;pff
IiE'cjragiiil. nikedoesb fMablmiue', - i-t'i
What; lijirt oi f&x fehallare to clinfib : I
hrif wdTiinkec driver of the ekj
tra f xcloeijretpiri 8t4gef-whiih contained,
fon r ot W W -of our I ra t e I lins pa r t y I i n
, Virginia, w Jocdp a bout t fieV pproach to
the Natjurali pfuig&i r.i I arid V Were Son
norgepacKj, anu in on per op iu stage cu
ed (terturbn ye wereging ihead,1to
'warit osltbjSwesljouI geuover
Vitlioutcrwihg ;pr We went firjt vc,
of Vou rse' de jte r m n ed j t o Avvii d 1 ook i ng so
foolisH asjwa ! should - do if ,we - pHsld the
Natural Bridge; the lifttle spot deemed mj.
poriani cnopn 'lope jnii in capital iieitrs i
in maps bif he fufcridaoUnidn iihputl
the jgeiv iijpo w.lo shout the warniti af-t
tcr us; and the jqkei"reilly seemed to ex
treniery insraipg, tnat we were ciisposeuiio
pushonanii get our sight r of ; Jefferson's
This yoanz man, named 'i Bladilbekilac
I companied by twoi friend? .n-isiietf theN-
itrul ' 11 i rm w n.l fiAiftn saillArt tk K Imam
buion appropi iae toUie place, jpfkTtting
fiisjiaaie hi$esctraef th rjopptsKe
td! Jheft'part aeiccied b f Wasiinl6iiiind
irj(tii is ihit i a !sp tberii ibq ffcr fepl.
jseen whatMr Blacklpcic oTeilobkedthatjt
was a place jelisy to:a?cend,xbu tlfrdm ! which
;it istnpbssibjetol corae d6wit- ijewaj
foily feet or inorer irdm thr path his jfi
iing. was precanbcis -i wasTear? fth
iholdinin hde carvirig his nabe; and his
ii olfeiPtferinii Werq itot langjoidiscoirer
mg ao promise oi me - nciM aiiufiai lanos
aidVhicl ort
discenjdaiits: estaliished!mselesl llefev
as irv the mtJst of a wlldcrncys; loog bjlfbre
heriwere afty settlernents betweeB the iobt
toKWhich they had sat down" and (lie cOisU
1 That ASIll nF noil iii.T klJ t o
but,so were its temptakions ; and ' here f for
a tp jijev eorrounded byj.'Te'dk n&tt4M. V
nowj traffickiagjdwr fighting ; .sdmetlrnes
agreeing id cejidei-inil ual seryteeVI &la
waybn the wath against mutual Nnjdry.l
0 early f 1658 the tfownshlb rbfl Mirth-
BuiiKuu i iion caucu aiuuuiuci , was Hinir
great wondef t beftvre our feUowi-traicilers
Cent. '
55 a 60
cauie hp; I , JEr'fi.pei rnijfes wo ; kept out of
siantdf therita'e I bui at this ooint i there
Jwas-e partjngjbf thfc rOadsttand we jcould
see no posajwe means oi learning wnu:n
we were tp 6Uowt We weie . oblined to
jhead hegan-tbwtnt
sossiuiuty-ipt -gciung uown sgaLn. .i&cii)-1 ais,y iziior jomeiy sjuarov miie8ij ;i.apa
)ed td :.bis cornpantortsthat Ins on'ychance tfeseilers demanded one hundred fathara
was lo ciinju up
hesitation or
with ;an anguish
that the'cHanoe
chance was 4 very bare onlrhey,
I him,ano adrisedhim toMldok lieilih
er up norjdown.j Up He went, slantlpg up
wait in the saide : till , the dijtaut dfirer
whip pointedj -outil right. hand road tp us
We were nowinot tit from the ob feet .of
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90 a S)
w KitMSai a;7 5o
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' ' I' "!' 6 a 7!Nails cut
fl4 a 15
20 a 25 htanee, wared h9 wh
his horae, and skid kl
assor, 7j a,9
h ! Iv ilia (! Oats bushel
Ji--!.i Ilia ' . (-0 - t.'".,..T - -..u t -i
wrobgU08 a 18"
40 V4'0
75 a.;l:
110 a 125
sii eft73 a 8 0 Sugar I U - 1 0 a 12 h
1f it Pl?5 ;,7i Salt sack S S3 ' a ffiS 25
g3liy.iu8li j j 87J a $1
lOOlbs fj 5 a 6 J Steel Ame 10 a 12$
H mtmm mm u
lm$mymm, German: 12 a 14
t. I-W ..a;:lj2 JjPf a Tin pe? 25 a 137
uigBgiiy races.
oterkhsburV Coofse will
''Ui;pSi8ke fefr S yea! old colta and
f ' 'fsltrahce $50j hall forfeit.
p4S pyenbg befure ihe race
P!lHpsoic;att()rt Purse $ 50 mile heats,
Alciat.oh Jurse200. 2 mile heats .
Nnj Itfliig, except the winner on1 the pre-
('rotiraq oi added taj the en
illlmoDeyiofithe week;f mile heats
gj.v&eor;any; thing. .,r -4,; .;
fcMch M" thei pursedaya will be 10
Hop0;amouniie! 5take; which j if ia
I M more; ia'reach :ese iltharr abbr
CqWwvmeaa ls; The track will
ft -P condition, and e Association
r'S.?jctea 'itentibirto ordW
I thi Salisbury ytcadmy:
io lb ClaU Tor '- 1 fisfa .! L"'s! v- '
rif ig;,at m .l.NP30nV;ertie
nRV harsdayi the Srd May
25 a 30 cujiiexpectatibhs. . Wejagreed that yve fejt
very quiet aojpui 11 ;i ia we were conscious
leratipn which the ver)r
of Ijttle ofaM ven
idea orNiaga ihpirefi The intensjtyrdf
tof ce, coinbin&U with repose, is the, c lanp
of , N i aga ral "t 6 fir m of r or k , h o v ' e ? ef
grand in itself jor however beautifully ssurl
rounded, can r;oduee , ittyzAUn like.thf
same irhpressifvh. Experience proved thai
werwere rjh.f i r .V ; i
ill i - F
At a mile frphi the hrtdffe the road turns
ff :througTra;yood; Awhile the. stage rollS
tu auu jouen njong i:ie extremely baa toad
i 1 Ji. ana, i went prying about the whole
area of ;ihe ;wo6d, poking our hoises' noses
iinu every inicKet j ana t di ween- any two
pieces of rork it.hat we knight basu re notj
to miss pur object, the driver smiling afteri
us whenever. hH could spare attention, fjom;
his own not verlr easy : task of netting hiJ
With ajl myi attention I
could isee jfrjp I precipice and f was conclul
di n2 to follow the road w i
more p a-
'gariesij'iyhfh! Aft! ibowasa little in ad-
p as lie stood beside!
ere is the bridge !' 'I,
then perceivediihat we were; nearly over it
the piled rocks -pn either haliid formioga bar-i
rier which prevents a are!rss eye from pr-
ceivinff the ravine which tt stuns, r I turn-4'
red tp: jihe sioe?ojf Itn? road. !and rose,
iiiy stirrup 16 joolc ISo Ver l Ibut! 1 ftui nd; 1
wouia 1101 ao. , 1. worn 01110 uio inn. deposH
tea my norse, ana leiurnea on toot 10 tne
,i;btidge;.;i!i! 1 tvi imm "Lv. v-:
4 m Wi ihiairt ml eferK;touId Wt ;
dowhsteadilyjiritofw!hat;ise ; hevhbl-i
tpmless abyM tiflpjiaeaV
every "'ppirt VM;,- the;) bridge Is tried; aKdJ
alf in vain.' J Iwas heated andk extre
cess tilled op wan iotiage. Lnong.Janxl lOTig
they waited Watching for motion, and' Jlstj
eriiog for crashing among the tresi . fie
must have been now 150 feet aboVe ihem.
At length their eyes were so strained tfeat
they could see; no more, and they had al
most lost all hope. , iThete was little doubt
that he had fallen while behitid ; tlie tiees,
uahnki Ilia linrlc: luilritilrl. npvpr .
I'they went uplto try the chance of looking
teifnsensiDlel ori th fel bridge, "He cotild
jjesft imbmber ?reachirlg the top w(ied: lie
immediately tainted. jUnt wouid iKe 10
.know whether the accident left him ja covy
iadin respect of j climbing, or wliether lit
strengthened his confidence in his nertfes4
j ! The gindjshbwed lis -a!, smal lccdar,
jwtiich projected ftoraja shelf "of the fock
a bout t wb h uhdred feet above buriheads,
orjd' along whn&.8te.ra':i.youn
ed several feet,'so'as to court destruction 111
a Jrery Vain Toofisti manner. Ifthe siippprt
, had failed, as niight reasonably r haveH been .
lexperted, tier 1 imoiprtality ol repiitatidn'
'wduld not havrf. been of an enviablekirtd.v
I AVe remained In the ravtne'iill; wh were'
a Unexhausted wjth bunger, bat. we had tu
wajil for, dinner snip another h6uri'a!0erarj
rivng fit the t tiri. 'hy way of pasmg j the
tjrieji pne;gentiemqn oi our pHtrtyfiinieil,
an had to be Jni along on the flor jwhicli
cirlumstHnce, 1 fancy, rather accieieralfedjtlie
anouuncemeut df our meal. . The moiheht
was over I hastened to the hridoeV arid
Was' pleased to find" that, heingi ho 'lonolr
lauguea and nungry, 1 coujd loolc; Hito ttie
abjss with perfect ease. L Uy djnvri ohttlie
rcks and sludfed ilie aspect of trie 1 iayrne
in MaAt:hiui)iiflighfs and shadows' ffohf
jfive; different puintsj of. view tVhij (hus
ieused li was icalled tb s e ai handsome
cpp)erlheided nake, hiit t had gaihed lis
the 'fiver the next summer'. hThe
mikihgthe 'purchase Was thc,smaltest 1 1 part
ef, the settfeis' t business ; tlie "lerendinff
ward nom; under tne. arcn, creeping round miemseivet in me wiinerness, i Borfptiped
a projection on whtcli noloothold is tiaiblo Las Uiey wejefby-numefpusaribsxf Jltui
frpai; Nlow, andj thea idisappean-hfillinf a e-i as 'a far more serious j 'matter.' pi lie 1
in jaiicuicui ui a tiiibo wis piaunea, Wltn
a jrecard to safety from luhinder and! massa
cre j The surviving enect is that of beauty,
wuicn ine ous sejiiiersycannotbe ejipposed
loajro much: regar,deofat tbel time1 The
GpP?!tpesidentin the rooofc Howet-
etiiay bf jmn this ary, my experience
of theiies ion with regard to the other,
Jom J3ro4n IMcraru .Omnilus
t' 0r-v.:
The trety ejnj of tle eek js ondftpit
lr tlielarrjral of I wo" Enclili stna.n r ie.
kets(at KewtYokf irif little 1 more! than
give betwwhU we deim the molt interf
esiiog particulars espeetingthisexperi-
j though pbthjfirat memeisels that haVe
long street,
osure, and,
i street twas
midst s
ladies so much prejferrejd the viw.of jtlicf
Mgfrpjn. iheglri to ihyiew bf ihVhn
fibm the bridge, that wij Went doWh for aiU
bjhtjr hour before j departing; fit (okVdj
most beautiful.; JiThp sibishiiie was sioify!
iillji drawl rig fro'in under khe archyandj iay
ing us in the ?!;ad)Mi3 of evening, wbillt? all
jwajiglowing like noon in jfhej regjojb Wiiih
iV liolcf.d iih frmn .nirrl Inuiiv spuld
:.uogry,.u?i ii,veeu ai tnyown weaK. jfeppit.g stones n the midst of the. tShiM
ncss- The puyi wayjjwas loodowh apdl 'Uf" !r ' Pi
look apt tougliwhefp : the! bottomrcoiild
be was
the top
age for
Mr K;,- missionary among a tribe of
northen. Indian, was1 wont-to set some snn
pieJreffesAnients -Ifrui alribif der--f(jne
his jcb'nrfs ;wBenv thymg, , from, i j jdis
tance 19 seo -hinr Aa'pfiiraan,! who.jhajl
no -jireleiisions to being a thristibi, desireji
much to be admitted to the u ffeshrtiems,
and proposed- to some Uof Ins jconlerteil
friends lo accompany thm on tiieirj, next
visit to ilio. missionary Thejf"(ol!d hiltri j lie
mustilns a Christian 6rst. - What was that?
He muslt know' all about lieBible. VVhcn
ihbll'-befde' 1.L ciild' f reaih i t be Sj?ot.J 5e l the time came, iie declaretl iiimsciir pHia
wayr was lo-go
iatarininff. the view fro ml!
LJ. 4 JT ' 4.- ' -Vi -H
iio oe -pi loiiage uetow ton
past mil
seemms 10 oe 01 ionase uetow 1011-1 n - it. i .
way to the glen is j through a field
opposite the inrij and down a sleep, rough.
fotky ptath whmh leads under ihe bridge
and a Jew yi
finest yewbf a
r-'14 Dravyn BallotsJ
ft.-fw UfifitBIl, JUanagert
VP one Prixe f ,500, one
1 WSlQe $1,500. U :l,00up
uu ttaives Si 50. Urs. si 25.
J Jte flsage Pr single Ticket of ...
stjIH f fvkage 01 a hole lienels
t , -,,4 ., - j pul. w
v 25 Half 32 75 .
25 Quar. 16 374
-siM. i-rt
.-ra 3r..'.-s. ii
.tiWy ;
I The Natural Bridge is pearly : in Jbie cpn
mol V iruinia, and bo-.t Jialfu wy '; he
,l?JA--ir i -"--Ii PJ'L .? : '.r.-' - f -t 4i.f1 ?' f1
beyond it. I i think
I is from this path, iust be
fore reaching j tjije hridge.r :The .irregujar
arch of rock, spinning a chasm of lCOflel
in height, and lm sixty to ninety in widjthij
is exquisitely fi:uten with every shade lot
gray and Ibrownid while trees 1 encroach &Pm
the sides and ioUiban'jr from the top, be
tween which anklihe arch there is an addi
tional depth of feftyisix feet. It: was now
early in Jubf trees were in their brightn
estrip thickest tpilage; and the tall beech
es under the acj; contrasted thetf' verdure
with; the gray Tock, and received jLhVglid ng
pftbe. siinsuiriei is: it planted jintb "the ia-'
yinegljitjering Jn telrip fiom the areh,
and in the splashing end tumbling waters of
vcuai xjfCKKm wpjiciR ran uy our reel. ; -.- awal
lows erej flyiog thput under tlie arch.
WJiat others of iheir Hi be can boast of such
a i,.-.-)-.: - h--'- "11;;? .V;f-'-:-1 ::f 'fci
We crossed and rerrossed ; the . creek 1 on
st e ppi njj-ktbp els jsi? trcpi ng bu t every poi to
which any tradition! belonged. ' i Under the
arch, ihtfty feet from the water, ihe lower
part of the! If tiers W. may be seen carV
ed in the tock -Wlien Washington wa rai
younjr man, hft climbed up hither tb; leave
iti 10 iuiu ui uia yuin t i uero are no oia
er inscriptions of the same kind; and above
them a Ihoardj bri which are painted jthe
names of j twp. persbnsi, who ba?e thought Jt
vi .uav iw putaiwnmuc lUCir , teal
of climbipg tne higNstVj But f their glory
was, but j transient ufier all.4 Tbe? have
been outstripped! by e traveller whose acbiev-
rnent will probably never be rivalled forj he
would not have accomplished it if he could
V Lexiiton.'1 which ' are
a boii 1 th i 1 ly -sevep , m 1 1 es a pa r.t".f JJIhe ma lif
ceritliil road of Virginia runs over tlia biidge
sb-tharhb excuse is; (eft lorjlravejiers j Whb
neglectltpl visit pbisi .widrkOamyd. by the
subiig hahdibfature, - i
1 -B wondro
ondrous art
rpritificar.i V ridge of- pendaut rock
yer the yex'd by44.l
.I !
: vexed, not by the tumults of. choa. but by
uie screams oi?paveHied birds, tbe fiailles
of snakes Jvith tfeeii;" prey j and tie chLting
wittrs against opposing roftksll
Ml-'u f Ii .
n.a. mni. f?u3 : '
Npaishrd tjheir harves8rhpre ibeirhrds fwere
1 fed. n: : h-Mim r
When haply by iheir stalls tliebisAo lowedi 4 !
Aod bowed his mafted Mioolder to tb4ej''
I ; 4. lrum theroundt'feliHil-1"'
.r"J .u - 1. Jl . iJ. "r.-.i Jl- 1'Lft Jt-iJ-
uumrs uu me uun 01 cuwureu. iue, sail yoice-
Mr maidens, and trie sweet and solemn hymn
Of, babbaih wurshi
, ', i ..!' si. - J
01 ixew-t-ngiano are at
E 5
more or less beautiful, andj the most'beauti
lul bf thed 1 all ist I: believe Northammonl
P'beVWejalJ ttje graceful elm i
wid Jiroadsf! overshadowed with ! vybbtl-t
lapuuus or icveis, 01 , a ricQ .verdure ; vthile
Ihbrcbesand cprnfortablefand piciurelciib
traroe dwellings. 1 Noriharoplon has these
beaaties and more, It lieshn the rich roai
dowi which border the Connecticut, brneath
the protection ptj high wooded Tii I ls HThe
habitations of its gentry ciowo theiiiieen
knolls and iierraieon" wbicb the yillage
stands orj half bunad in pgy gardens or
bidden - under cunjps6f lelm. iThe cel-
J ebrateo Mount Uolvoke and Mount Tom
rrjusi nanqf and tne sugarloaf Un
wbile .the brimming Connecticut
dwellings were erected! 111 one
each bouse within its bwn enc
in many cases , fortified. The
bordered with trees, and in the
the 'mecting'-house,' 'ohe0'''Tortiliedalitb.'
ri. 1. . -i '1- :' l 41 l if' : .i . rs . J
ipis itreei was, wnen n was possible bill it
acrbsjjbe neekpf a peninsula tornlidf iDy
the windings of the rjyer,- or fiprnl hill to
bill; in., the narrowest pan off a yajleyij Tiie
cattle which grazed durnglhe:day in the
pemnsiu la"or u nderjhejeye of ;jihc jow tiers
were driven at night inkj tjie area between
tbejrofvs of houses, flere and there jaijviJ
lagb:as surrounded witjh lisades lUBbt
bo kind of defence availed for nny loliglpl
nod. 1 1 From tinie to-time disasters happen
ed to lhe most careful aiicl iermsli:tjil:iihl.
Fire was an i agent of estructibniiiJriifli
could ot be always defied, j When thejviiU
tage, was burned its inhabitants were: helr
less,' 'I'he women and childrenjwereeart
riedjojT into ' jcapii .-ip5i-iir j
desote tilt a per party ot ladvenrurers
ved to blear away the ruins and commence.
fresh1 expertfjintF '.-Tk m'
.j "j. ...-.' . vik--'-" - ii1"; lr
place Cfncinna r as nearifo Encland aVPfiii f
laueippia was Dut- yesterday ; but- mure,
tliey put a fipiihtupori all the great internal
improveknenis brAmerica.VYiiatayatted
it to aptribg;p1hg'frbm Cincinnati to Eu
rope, fot inaiatice, thatbe cbuldrrive rai
pidlyat Philadelphia brlNewY6rkti.if be
was thete detaipedlbr ahip br by . windi
orJf he tmfisl Vriend fifl mor & davs :i-k
rwhilef we-ritethis jpagraprjthere has
been laid on potable EiigUih news of ih
6ih oiprtrbfugbt byj stearri,iaijd some
English Iraagaiines lof Slarclu brmightf by
the Packet Siip,Jidrth Star, 52 days out! J
Tlie stearmers: cjm in 16 days, the regn-J
lar packet a6Tt making as strong a con
frasibel Ween jth s old. and new mode, a$
between Jhe pdinghd j waping system
of the?Missis9ippi, and ilieriewhy' j team i
the Ureal Western Steam. Ship -might' ac-
ctshipanaatHt 2 he British Qaeen (la:
yctona.Y'oteif2Q00:t6n iust com lAeit
atlndoabdltbai wnjeb tie; saili in l.r
on Sept, nex' ",(ft? ''-'
.TeiiafsageoreeSirinslm l.ivr :
been aUeait'iour to'six.daVy less.'Jbut f, '
be;heayyjgales:ahb .
find the constant westerly w Inds for iill t!u
firfl ,iaJi m ei byage, - frhU 'de;d,
htfjyrfde4sei jn sjidT f vpeetiiuy; -du-ririge
iwlrs' seTer? weather! on the
Banks, V'f'ii' V4 v . , . t; - " "1
fn X"' , il'-'ji. ' -Tiff J' .. - ... - j - '' 1 j
4 Tlie eiijiepf Juk.; :slip Is ;tntir!y'ot:i.
Pt aigbl,: ar;d - the4rilHe: i whichis ibaintr.j
does (apt ; reagbover !if)m'l: $Q lr .v
deck,istandiiijilrm ai 1 When 6uJii:
!'" : uc.wueetiiQUPe.i imps notion-
r j i 1 1 . j - r . 1
mpep neiow Hie puUirron, leaving ttilrefore
iuuirs aiiu iuej jaj ni iron
of spoke, jin45n top jvhiehl
tarbedvopen tonight,
a flight of "three steps
STEA M. SHIP srtJUts JV n r!rt r 4
frtnj while, the
her one-.
iually - hye ra'de three
North, Star wasHaiakinsr
after all, sto be the eflectPf Ihis ? A
closer bopd of iniercouse in feeling be
tween the; 2 nations, and a greater number
cif trayellers irpnjieac.h cpuntry4Qthe otli-!
erpa trip from jLbMrtnJo the laJls of Kiag-
ra will now be afl pleasurelexeursioii in
deed :jiw: -M L.-!il;.-
1 -1 'f
From lilt Ntib YofarPapers.
TWB''i'ifAjvr sffiip.'siiiius,
'a -
ed, and undertook the iourney C with herri
When arrived,! he seated hrmself oppositpl
tue missionary wrapped in. ms biaptceua ana
Ioi4iiigiexctedinglyerioas -iln iarisWettP
an inq'isiy frqm uthe niisf Nonary." he oll.e;d
up his eyes, and solmnlylutlerd tKe fplbw'
in, cvnrHj vlha' iUf ftHfnn trU' l '
' Ad a in Ke- Cain 4-1 N dSb -4' Jef eniia n
Beblbubdlombn-l'n'U pfhr1;
'What do you mean ?' asked " the trnis-
Sjonaryi , - j. j- -
poiomon lieeizebub-fr iNan' H n
'Stop, stop. What'dbyoumeatf
,; "Imeab cider.3 'i f-M'S 'l--p
This is one wav in which iinintelligibld
niglit and ;came,up earlyahts morning raiid
a 1
I 9
. V The aimohniemeht of this desired
iLtlew iike wHdnre.tnrougn ine .city,
aridOrowds aflpejons fropKh earlhpur
have been - thronging loteV Bauiry, an4
the small craft pf- the VVhileliali boatmen
have heVer'hatjl 'moelemploy ment biiri
dreds flaclcirtg joriiphem o the great liorr
of the waters.; j tVr hastened do wti with
jthe -moving biases pj population to the
Battery, and sbofti saWtbe gallant stream
ers of the noble 1 sft 1 1 gle a m i 11 ffixiih e" b rig h t
sunshine the 4.J''spangIed.'s0vi.ef' atMhe
foremost and BrittanniaVsiandanl hanging
over the stern. Every'bodv was struck with
tlie npoie wearing 01 iiuscxaii ucr bijio
like aspect tbriugri tongeribinbrdbraTy ships
for.her bulk. atiUtfi41leat rig of . her masts.
IhlfaetWhe tsjaj neilWrsei watShe is pain
IfJ deep Ucj except thfe light greerr tafT
rail -on tliequartr and the (gilding about the
tenianll th-fdu?j2Stabrdpiafts of the rim,
andfapparentJyt delicatetfrtme wofkofstlie
rehgionisy received by savages. Anpther
M(heelsnylfieh Sxe ;ted nd M iron, but ijier
crthelesi honnrtiiesltHntest degree' injured.
appareiitly. whicliipjlobkf kt therp seemi
J asinhislung, consiijenng; vi liat bllwvs tne
snip nas waueu iiirp'jg" poo wuaocdvj
galeshj ti&s:;e$bbitered. N either, is the
roof of the ibuno4 Jiddse! robbed apparently,
of a single pjauk. , , ! ;K -j.J ',,"-;' v
:j . . - ! !-1 hi t. . yLv.-v-.j ; t:'i . j
resembles ith mode in ivhh thev mefetof- ! with irreat politeness- bvi-fLVeutA Richard
rts, pf; Iverpijesly'snafy, conjman
fers of: traffic from susuicious pai ties : I Hbe I lldbcrts,
morfi voti sv bow and nrfows. the mote be i 'der of tiie sliinJ i The vessel did . hot stop
won make thcm.L Where CnnstiVnfty is i but one hour lm:Mie Iwlioll Vpyage,iand that
received a!mong themjwuh any efficacy, it vas on then BaMks -of Newfoundland during
appears: to be 'exactly in proportion.! to the" a heavy ga(e,;and mjprdeif tffasn ascrew'.
of the missionary , in associating
new truth be brings 'with that which jws!jaMi
ready sanctified in their heajts;iib Prdpor j
1 . ' .1 - -' i J-'.i j' JIJ-.i; rJr h
lion as tne new. religion is niH?t 5 "
the bid one; iristead of: a teubstititidii lr1ti
!'- '
I haprnjed to
era ( 3Iassa ch u sett
vcllous account o:
coyrieslip the moorHwas sent abr 0ad,Thej
sensation'it excited was; wonderful, f As! it;
gburgb J our nal of SciencPXijt was some ti mp
.rJ2j ji--"ji J.Jl''f JJlL'J. -'f-j2 'jlA
iThe shlo's CDinnanv is 40 , exclusive of
tbn Ciintain. ItetiL' Richard Roberts; Kov-
a la vy jrM rT Wa Kamfi,Ksttjerinte,n
d elti t pf the En g in eers inr ft sn ate I John
ed, T llriggs ;
by any meaps hive tJeclmed the task. Nev- t winds about and about in the meadows
. H , ! i i . . 1 ' I . - . . ' i i
cr; wa ivpnueriui oeea more invoiunian-
ly perfp;
med,; J !rc5te is no
iff unwilliijg,! hie the traveller, to ileay
bcJorej manyersoiis, except :prcfessprsipf
naturalphil osophy thpuglijl of ijrJoubin jits
tr u thikThel a d fj bf Ibu co '.'V br bfessot i ipd
I beibg;!3ufesUbned by a ?companjr bll Iadies:
as to, uei uusuana 's emotions aiine prtejH;c;
bfj-isuch ijiD enlargement
jenebfjexched V strong' felinV of di spjba4
sure a jgaji hsy, herself, i S lie!' cPul d not sa '
that hp believed it; and wbuldTcladly I fiavd
said hbijitng about yt j bull hertl' inqiiiitiy
cotnpanioDs 'first cross-examined f. her and
weie angry at her skepticisrott A st(ryHs
going J told by some ; friends, of Sir John
Herscbell (but whether rk earnest br Jh1 the
spirit :pfthe moontbry I jcannok tdl) lnk
the astronomer has received at the" Capea
.letierjirrbqi' a large nuinbe of Baptist leferg
men pf the United States. conErratofatins
int opjbis discovery informing biro: tjbatlf
naa oeen tne occasion ftf rpuch eddying
preacptng - andljoif "rayee4iTq
benefit pf brethetri in the! hewly-exblbredi
regions ; and beseeching him to inform his
ert-of jGlVscpw; second doi Wm fiinner,
of TbrVrnoutbr; 15 firemen,, 9 seafeienr-.
the seamen all English,, the firemen Irish,
Scotch and Eulish!, the rest are ser vants,
eye. Ail tuejcrew; afepriiipn paf "g13
i-4 FiveViladies irt first eabin 'from Jbn
dori and Cbrkf four fri second cabin t nura-f
per oi .genvenien,,vwo covfiuoica,
artists, andt kvleebanics
the ible course nivershiped ajsea rne-
-haIV ihftfrleaaltlanbreheDot1tof a iir.
tdingerlMJonsuraytoo toniol Welsh (be
luminous ) vcoai ; anu. ,u-vc, ou.j
handsl eyet clealid- ihe.WIera V thrpia
clnaerywbrked bantifully tfunngthelales;
M Samuel Half odetwcjjind.iinpro
compteielK opinion
mincPitthemt No apcideptoccur-:
-xemmM -mm1 -Mf jr :
HiTb teiut. Richard ;RobfcrtathreforeMr
longs the hbnorjbf i havingmrst f achieved
siearainin Eurp
VW.n,lv rariiedi 1 on thejverge, pMoia-
summation, buwhkh itlr)
vt htherience aJIordsyi
to "undertake
He . appears ptHecilv ; uocorlscious
importance bf the levent i which. Its I
acmplishe1d:tir)gh ;his sitll suid fci.r".
IlisipwtptrUlj ms the .cte r. t .
5nd conier on tfc
we trust sndj billieive Capiatn Robert ' ;
also cooimaQdiii bit.'the'lajrffelt sicarn r : -
4t cUik J". J t At JJ- 1"L ". . .
VniJ. -.L.i.if : r '
e jjauuit-s arc i
cavil step naf tow.
-'-t - '.
- i i... " : ,i .. i ...St i - - J -.w : V . i
; i Yesterday ivas allay of unbstiatioV m
exciteracut intthis citvl it beih almhsi!r
versally considered asl the- beginnhigofp
new era in the; history of Atfantici naviBvrli.
1 he steam ship' Sinus paving arriJoSiiH- I
day night, thousands assembled M see he
the city, aI
as soon as tlaittews jjspreaf
"Slie was yli(edbfi
jrom the lasue, $ndthe ctawMa, upon the
Battery nadtlfr, new. of hit froip! that:
promenade, - The tun ifijbnlvtth unusual ;
clearness and; he weather Ufras as ; fibe as
could-be wishKI.' -t IvR'ifi -l-i'; -
The Siritis filled fi Cork on theWvc
ning of j the, 4rlf iifaihtnd Mzfii ttipV
HighlanyseVor nt 6oVIockj, l :
lL on the 22dirtiids making ilib passage
in 18 days, arlTifig rn' board 47 j"pas-;
jrers to view this aii.eesei. n omuue oui
world, is ciirioklv1 f eemed tof
Relighted with thp isit f:the
ver tne deep; :.iiswii B,nppoTtt
cjk;' by teleprli, that
Great Western traslofT tlie U
additional tnltvtsapds: rVoPreld do wn Broad
way ; and thejUalterat presniea
a most brilliant ippfarabe'e ! C,(lhe ;?rdt-d",:
reminded one of the landing of the Natijin's
Guesta Fayetijanhexej in
crease of i i i b bumUc rs ti It 4 f PfM.j J A ; '
'rl. Uifl.lik'i Cirati I Viori r-o
rii in the hrtrizpujascetiding in black vo-
be highly ; :i
stranger o? ;
d about; one -3
he .steamer ;
bok,; when !
lumes longjbdfoj ie hull was, visible.
The fchtrfc however soon came in sight,
and as she passed jfeeplowVIslapd, received j;
a salute frptti t teJitcjrYf of 2G gunsi She : .
ipproacled ihe Jatbry through a flee of v
row boats and sntall craft sprjiikled ver
the surface; andiyas chefredaprparentl by
every one S ip jfoon iranged fajong iid
t!ie pai tie, siaifjd jbn b'tiifjSi i iusj wicli
yessefgaye beriajpjttte-whic i thecrowd
frpro tlie wharVlJ pa8tle,boats,5&c.l gave
her three heari iheers, vhich was retorn? f
ed by those onj pWrd. i ShCjh !n pursued - '
tier cbursetip lnelEastiRiveraridcame tr
anchor hear f iie Buft Tll-'if sucjecssful .--x-,
brimentand iuis neweraf Sjeam' Pack- v
els beiween this abd England, gave life hnd
jy,- to -..ii n ;-if ; Kjr m ; t j j '
Tdnage, 1320 tpnsbesr pfnns, iau ;
berths, for cre'wilp do ibmEngiutcrff,
Firemen anil Offiri, 40 S Engines by
Maudsley & Field; 4QJ horse ower, 20)
Length of stroke,1 ;i feet ; tMal stojvagc,
rOO'tobsf '.'enicifuhlferO tons per diem,
for 20 days; t''': - ; "A -
U The whole air4texnIftrbr(.thrs..tpen.'.
bid ship does not ajnount to leaf than 50,
000ZMof whichil3t3i 1 5s lOjK has bcenV
expended lm?shiptibuildirig, 12,500 for the
eogine'i, abett'pQf forthetihg;pp,fu.r
niture and paritinis pf the tgraBd saloon
and tlie j-emaintlerj (6ti ringing tquipraerits,
stoiepnd coals.j.ij ; j;.; j V:- , j;.
' The -Great' Western left Kingroad, Bns
tol, 2 o'clock Ail7tli and -liere she
was 112 oe4bckA!p
viays,iaQS'bripgib!Eoglabd fearer
rtHahfVcM4tr.PT,l' ?b(ntry;;Tijsj;.
has been tlone ir a season of the yelrtbot
! of, summer surisiimei butbf gales, stortrk,
sliet jabd ; hailtnfd thus the -Erptrimt H
iplVearb Nayiti(Jriiacross th Atlantic jf s
boTIon2fer"au Experiinentbut a plain inat-
ter of fact.- Tlie tjiing has beep dotrf-
lumphally,- Dr. jLardnrr rnayj reasT.,
Phihwdplucallyiil bleases... ; Jf
Ipossibility; butherf ar0 the ships r-ltia
Great Event then e deciare wb are linked-
now with bur l?athcrLandJ V y: - j
I People f lbs saiuei origin and qf the sirae
Eongue, beir g partf d; loogeri be t pnited ui la
Icomaion brotherhood. - j We ! nope the event will
be celebrated.:- It is wotlby of s festival, tw
mocb cannot be said labcoV it. To the bravo
Commanders io thfsej Exjwonng Expeditiocf
too much piaise eabng beawarded--and tt Hf
experiment, as l one !afj trade andj commerwl,
too miich encooragemerit cnoot be given. L i ,
us have a rational Jotfilte thereopoo, s aod th''.j
on oh and build steam fcbips oorelves, a "A
as we buy the keels iget Jhe .m)?!: . I
Jhe Saw Yoik Express saysp tike -Sit- ?
iJ ? J r-. - - "v , pr ' -j
- i'3
1 -
' ,i -.
' t
i - f f-1 f'i
...!,-:L.:JJ'S t
V i
J -: jf.
f 11
'-" J-i !
t v
' '"f " f'' '"''""""
"1" '
. -Jt
a i:
r -" -
.. .'. .
3 i :..
. "v ',-;S
" ii
! ' . .k . ' I.' . ;
J . "': " .'. . : ii. ;
: -I i(. ."':.:.':'" ) ' ' ' . .- . ;
' r. . ' '.' 1 3. j j i-i "jf r-." i" : k;

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