North Carolina Newspapers

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iSi& aame class shal
-?llPffi0lfthar2i other subscri-
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was in perfect uoison witb tho notes of the
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nt witlbe continned until orders
Kr :Lt Uinthcra . wliere h!o directions
gl ft fyiyB?
m al 70
5. a 90
lady.teach I" 85 a 90 IMolassps.
pAtWLXarnlli! 20 k 30
Pprk. $.6 00
SuirarY br;
55 a CO
Some yeajf agr f fodei in the pigbt ;0
visit a oat tent, and M. I passed the nonso
of Mr Samuel Poe. in the lower end pi
Prince Edward, I heard the tones pf ban-
jor, and; whs; told by the old . gentleman,
(Mr. Por,);tiiat his servants had oreweo jn
barrel "of I tfemmmon'' beer, and i ho gate
them the pr ivileige oflhavin what they call
ed a beer dance.' Uuciosity induced me o
ride to tlte ijloor, accompanied bvi !ftlr Poe,
and the btbUNnentlemen And jiierewe
saw rare spqrt ! fri ; unco sight Not,
however, auph; a sight as Tam '-. O'Sbantet
saw when jhja )eeped!into ' Kirk-Allowiy
for the dancers there were warlocks' and
witches Jcro ihey were yVirginil slat esl
dancing iiss$hdt clipping juberd ovtrrja
ba r rel p hi mmon J ber. It -occurred 6
roci hailj iffiSim"could har made bis ;arH
m this time on his urav" mare
f-r-H- , 1 . . i - . i
ene noum ' nave '. iniinieneu
tlin the " blitzt of Kirk
Wmi iTam, - might bavij rom
ne.t;nuy birk !' a tnousanc
ch lishts would not have ex-
was opened with great eeremo-r
hto afspng known to qpr iM
gints slaved jbv the name ol wlio-zerJ
Johnwhoia J y1: 'ri:tvM
Old black pfill come down the hollow,
He shake hi: tsil, you hear him bellow ;
vvnen ne oeuow ne jar ae river,
that human
bcen excavated,jpf the pcruct .
ivory. . i ihrse nsi were r, :: ,
hntlo jndgy by thec:zo qf t! ; c
i rrirfnel i t -
times, and it
tirtgiiisbed 1
ny, bjf Bingi
tions of Jbcj body and limbs,
imagination can divine.,
whole world is a ball we find,
water dancer to the jWindi"
sea itself, at night and noon,. .
i Rises; anddarices to the moon. ; 1
Theiearthlahd planets round t lie sun.
' SUU dance; nor will their done
Ult'naturjs fnj one blast is blendeil, ; ?
'Then! ma we say the bill is t ended,
: i i he tnderoaiiad set , to. J uber, -;orrcs--?
ponds admirtibty with themuBicrand.aetors
in thisiwild itantastie dance. ' vmie ine
clappers, were laboring in the" performance
of their; office; they responded at the same
ume lo notes or (U0 pa.tjor -
iuber upland Jtiber down, j ; "'rr.
Juher all jiroond de .tnwitr ' ; 1 1 r ; vv
'Andlin.befyroun the-jifirbori fat,'-
'; Hie cojrni biU tobacco ' y f .
Gei over double trouble, Juber boys
:-n ; Juber :
Uiicle Phil, went to mill,
He ftiek de sow, hei starve the pig.
Eat the simmon gi me de seed, ;
I tole him, ! was not jn rieed. i
ill be coj-n I i hill tobacco ! -J r r
Gl over double trouble, - uber? boys
! . LTuberJ..' -i::-
it was life difScultr. 3ot the Whale knew
well encuffh thal.eveirif ihpv !t him !nnp.
'Wiiat did feetW, -it ? coniiauedf a- j hi3 doom was seated. J3o he tTetermir.ed to
turn their malace to account' Accordincly. rU 1 . k
"w remonstrance agamsi tusks coad oot fcaYe been lc?s!;:
ineircraeuyioapoorwreicn jusiproviuen- t.t. ;w;i,- It, . i .i.i.(
.nnrimn t It f i m IVhat'a. f ha -iKr; Krt t I 1 1 a 111 rDiiol iMm .f&.n ... 1
6 H - J V - ' T fun,r ' "I ' V. J fe ; f"cipal deposit of bones h3 s
and wasting oood.spreetng money rm such wot Knqwing how else to despatch him le- t,,-,fLiJii3 . n Vi.i. f ,
I I 5 : i J . .4.' t. J I.I .rl L.I. I . . ' ; -T, ' ---'-" "
rithiQ six feet of C.
lieJbjosilf "etnVcddH in
1 vAnnP qaened Montetuai -'what's all
ihatalout pmnibas3es ? - .-. : J
maliel: regardless of the interruplionUHbw
mtfeb fun r fwhv t'uwins old iwoman and
three' FqnalIers.Alighty vdiQereni;! (from
:lt t:
rf ; rr ' ' -
nonsense tor oinerpopir r - mm iueu, 1 nnnicu ui uruwu mm. i iiry ?ci wvwurii i dirnf rred ri4
tor? doing wnai you iikc, tuere s no iemcn j accoraingiy iinoiaiie jiepnani wiui nis face: Thev'
owing rou o' much money ' von fcan't' stay j more Uu ached him into the deep'':;uy
it.:". . -;-r.5il. ' t- i - 1 - , 1: ,, 1 ,-.-! . " T F5
they have" not been v. :
ind ho notes hse t:
ken of the relative. positions in j whu h
oiuerent spciea;ot nones have ten tc
M '' '
A' t-
a He paw thejjeartli, hejmake it quivjer.
Aunt Kate I look on the high shelf.
Tatlpw, .10 ri j the housed took their stand outide3
Tobacco, ; .8 a 20 ing in theklQpr and tbrbbch tho loss, m'ak
Tdw--lidenT1 16 a .2.0 1 ing remarks Jenthie yilancers ; and here
" la'! .vMU ' ' mk t I win ooservejla mrreswas a cioipitio ua
oei jargon, a; coniu3ioni oi tongues i
25 a 30
a $7 60
11 a 12
i 18 a.20
1 1 623
!ijf Takdow)n the huskydilmplin, t
I, I'll ai itiwiVmy aiiuminjrake, I
:iv i To cluire the rottorf belly ache " I
II 1 4. . I W m 1 . . L , . I '"
low. i. Those who could not fieti seats" in 1 II ; i'lf i i,! . i t ? r 1 ,1 ?
t 1 ! X t w WW. ,s... E . . : . t S! . ,
XT Li't'.-I t' t. J
. t uu t.'iijuuii, wiitiar
This was In sky rock H thrown out, as
e to the grand xhibiiion. and will
y-,7-:, ';- ;Cya $1 15
VVhifkey, 45 a 50
Wool, (clean) 40
'Li4. "kt ' JuiLmX i-. .tU'r'f
Y oil! ci n't iro oh a snfee i foi wtien 1 : Y Li-": s
tou come Home missus kicks1 tip the ilevilV v nen -V an iioreti fimnd himself high
fffllifthfJ Yoirran't Ifiarh her
- , : I. -:... i V ... .11 . i : ' . - ! f.nll m-l. I, O.iU t; 1
for constables are as thick as blackberries. ?t D;! '.CMJ ' cowr ' of wchll oriotieS
Instead of conipiain j pi , lae ioau pi odium under
li a.l which he labored in conseauente of the
-rrr.' 5 '
lnsriuers ; ' . . t m-HiV-I with fh atlVntmn Hn r t'
In short, yow can't wdo nothing T Insl
Yes" my duck and ! 'No rrijr dear.
We la
von nleasp. honev. and vnen . voif i Iixe. . ,mw?. am. oirawgo uni
lovey,' like! jt was in courting timeiU. a hodjprn
riolar rnv at all hour. Sour look and cold! nfthJ;g but the nrt meritorious conduct
potatoes ; children aod table'clothea hadioff "n P9( Van Buren could save
they are the grarofthe kind that have I
fbupd in Georgia;. Specimens will 1 2
warded to scientific Societies, and ti c
the resull of their examination with
interest ' 'i ; i 1 ' - ': x- '
In the salt .marshes upon the shore r f
lor soapfaiwa.s earning anp menojng,no " -"jr X- .n u bay are found, at the depth at from f!-
nothing etef.darned or mended If it; Xn nft'eeo feet.;freqlent' roots anUMumj 1 ,
was'nt that. Pm partickelarly ober Pd be: i.a af f occasion, of fhe, cypitIreei wllipl feroU 5
inclined to drink it's cuse enougb'.. It's ttf TlL ftesh roiirsbesP jlklay it not be trjat'iho .
hearUBreafei.-, n JJ pwu4fat tbal. i5!?S:J!? -ilSr?'?' fi" -aBt "71 ' " atamabaoncof discharged iu ftjlirs ai tl,
iWsuch a pain in my gim d of morning,. porUnd tha idlh Jonvulsion of n.
I7,n ch minora I.e. I r-id clnrtar.rt sitnn h f ""k '"v ' " M uui miui I t.:,L
, j What's the matter now ft i
'Poo getting aggravated. Mywife's, a
sa in critter a sword :of fharpnosji she
cuts the throat of ray fehct stabs ra bap;
pijjess. chops up 'rar comforts, &; snips tip Ua
like the fabled Giants of old., bentalh
mountains of patronages tv w
j -until his ground, ing spught rpiilaecority what was thtn li
Singeing its pate against the burning, highest poW-ljUodjyt 1 y '
changed lis bed
miles to the northward, these giant au
were destroyed andm bedded toseihcr, h
Makes Ofsa like a Wart'
my Sunday-go-'.o-meetincs to unke jackets , The speech of Mr Strange is the only
for the boys- she pvfs all the wiltela to thj explanation yefgiven of jAlr CalhoUn's'as-'
children, to make am ?pry and -lump ahout 1 serunn inai me passage m the 3ub- t reat
like a lamn.lmbtf r-41 cant! Hand tt my I rv Bill wpolil icriisli the poer of the
troubles i is overpower ing , w neu I
add 'em un.' j i "
Froai the Snn,
come 1o
Ffijlfltal Krprnli
Vh Pi
I 1 w-t
f mrwTn i t I cher' and rf " om:' Concro is n scrnur
tioalT, ' y C: t3 a 20 1 he's up a gum. andjio biig'eater, l tell
S3 a 40
'Down the; road, come show me do motion
Set to vourspaitner, Uollv. uut him oul
Gabe.' Sali joff put her foot": good.'-
'Yonder come de coal black horse. 'T
yallow roaaB up J hear how he Ihmbers
he'sa raerstormer. rin? dioDlers now bel
. . . !! - zl- . . i? r
Sail. - - 75 a $T 1 hfe carries a Ibroad row,, weeds out ever
pick,$3 25a$3j75 I thing hoes ide corn and digs de taters4
'Molly Jook like kildee she moves like
hindsaw -see! how she shako herself.' 1
Tobacco leaf i S ai 4
Cotton bag.? 1G a 25
Hal rope, $ a
Whpat new l a 1
Wool, T0 a
Hello I in tpereiyl wish you all sen' us oul
some simfnoii! beer :' f Lor ! see. bow Ag
gy shake her
saw 'dowo.'-
6-a p Nails cut assor 7i a0
4 a ia. . wroucrut lu a is
il2 a 90 Oats bushel 40 a 50
mouf J. when!
oot ! she; J5ren pull the whip
fuck f come here and see
how Ben cross ; hi' bowHegs! look! at hi'
te grin, he-mduf and teeth
ii0a::OiV;,- 75a $1
ftWj?W4U?i5P ' -"" 25 come if jo
iBupc uii im ititj 4insi;cu J ju a dancina with
jCorn uslib!
As - "
if i a
Rice lOOIbs
6 a 8
3i 4.UUIOS 4 a
lOStigat 1 lb 10 a 12i
eS a.niSalt sack ' $S a $S2d
40 a 45 bUsh i: : 874 a ft 1
Ml!$bi;l 5 apteelUmer.-: ,10 a 12J
.'ri:--a i-a la i.v k- fcaie isu 14
fl 45 .aSO German 12 a 14
eets and tiirnk
is a fine' form
a lSj'Tea iiepe. 125 a 137
vrjthe Salisbury; Coarse' will
oh! XVnA oid r SOth nf Mv
Sr li87ranci forfeit.
f'Wie4 0ehH2 before the race.
i:iPfP88Won Parse $150mile heats,
yttlHRlJtk fin .....i .111 r !. ".
U-CT.f.v5P "? iwiaser on taa pre-
Nance, PU k
house first!'
norm sue p
: !
east, she bit
like henl iness fulf o' eags. 4 Ni-k ? I
reckon iftl'amars cat fetav in there mtieh
longervthtiU mash her guts out ; . her!
skin yont Uotd peas ' 0 ome h ere J Gabe V
please ; Jackson's Dick: is
jEllington's Nance ! see ' how
she rjuiveril If Wtiit't. .Nance ! TVviNanrft!
t :A ' ' i I i it' :Z ' . i
oueooor pui ioor iprctty When she
she is like p'icter and she
i backe t 0U-k shan't have!
him liiph as the meats
fSiils.) I She bin io thp
to the south, she 6m jto the;
tp the west, bin sa far beyond
she isthe gal fox me.'- Dick;
WrJi0W "W. Wb heats
Vfell days Will be 10
f2 i f)W0lim 10 aka-which it is
"H ihan abbye
eans Jess iThey track, will
h'jtLxLWl :pf ne Association
iroiesijauentioho :ordr.
V'l Gfasa Tbr M833s?:
ftiHTbarsdayUhe J7th May
1 :'fpue'yt4";pwri Ball
tMgmn yPrize of 44.000.
CovTVMr" of 42.500, one
rlHW nwo. s of 1,000,
rlwf?,eHl' f rielv ot oumbers,
;li Mj?:aiftg!eTicket of , x-
the sun, that
. ' - t i - i i
had nl nabus nees dancingi with Danrei
he ain't. a man of gumption. . I tried him,
and l n'j bt ujadu io uhdeistand the
duramalie&l mart of the function. ih!
lion pf fuDdamental, and the iinperialittj of
oeiriroema in ngs. Uahef Uick's a fool. &.
youmay el him Sambo jeays so.he is knocks
knee'd, and Ugly enough to eat' Gtmfco.?
ell, I know thaH sing on Sambo :' I
I went frontbevreatrhouseJown to ibe kitchen,
10 get a knot of light wax) to see logo a fishinol
i ,i i ! ' granny umah ;
Jwcat to he stable, I coich master gray brse,
clap the aiddle pon him and he trot like he
- 'dojD:cre::.y- y,; . ;.:s : , - -
till He do'nk carp, he do'nk care
Having become tired; of this put of door
- ' 1 1. ! IT - 1 1 - - ' mX --- , . 1
conversatipn ve concluded to view the
group in the house. Here the banjorman.
was seated i on the beer l barrel, in an rAA
vuii. f -iOj wuiiti cow tan. queued with
red ribbon ornamented his head, and h,.n
K'r'-'TVJf IVrrf 'n,.B DacK over , this he
wore a i threei cocked hat, decorated with
peacock fealhers; a rose cockade, a bunen
of ripe persimmons, and to cap the climax.
a ft f !t'!"i k ;i - , -is
mree poos pi i red pepper as a top-not.
J ummuismif ianiprt' ferinning with! lud
crous gesiicjulations and playing off his wild
notes to inp company, f :Bcfore him stood
two aUilcHjfejJbiicksiwitfi open mouth and
pearl teeth; j clapping Jtiber to the notes of
ine oanjorj; inp tourth black man held , in
his fight MM aj.ig gourd, of persimmon
beer, and ?n his left, a dipper or water
gourd tp tvib: the company ; while two
black wom .ere employed in filling the
ore-piacp,! six teet square, with farded per
stmmon ptpugh , The rest of the comnanv
male and female, werf dancers, except a
v. .!i-!f-1
LEli: &. BURNS.
"I ors VVhole Tickets
11 $65 50
25r Half 32 75
23 Qaai. 16 87i
At '
ti' Uiccpbn went to simmon town, !.
St To choose the rotten firom the soon,
Darej he sot wpon a sill, j . ! ,
Eairpgiof a hip.poor-will.; - '
l i Hoe corn 1 hill tobacco ! a - -"
j Getipver ddnble trouble, Jubei boys
i i - 4 i Jitber.' ; n ' i ' ' J
y hen supper was . announced, the4 ban
gor manj was first served ; then Ipe clap
pers iiiiljbeelr bearer: aiid lastlylthe beaux
and their, partners. Each had ka huge toaf
of larded peraimmon bread Willi it gourd of
beer.; .i;; f;; f'r Ml ':
Thus ended tbe beer dance, ud ;as I
lefi tle House, ( Ithonght to rnyielf, that
Virginia slaves were "the happieit of the
human race and. I still flunk so. j
The learnM is happy to ;explo(e
i ue ioui is nappy mat tie Knows no
k ;. more. ' j-.:' -Sr '-.i ' J 1 , i .
j Sidomon, the wisest inan; says Ln
inuch wisdom, ihere is much grjef; and
he that increaseth knowledge, i increaseih
sorrows"; 1. . !
The; beer dance, I have attempted to de-;
6cribe,-i6 a faint representation of fhat ac
tually ocoiined. It requires an abler pen
.to do li justice. 1'feel inoriifiJ thtit I enn-
iiot gire a more vivid and glowing, descrip
tion1 oH these blark heiux. who acted ho
ronspicuous a part with theii partners in
the persimmon junket.- Tne broad grin,
he smile, ol the little fqokt wenclt; i seen
;throughher torcli-iight, and humid Jip, th
twist oi tne tongue, fine while teeth, the
pblique look, the glande of the eye, the
toss oi the head, the quaint bow, the curv
ed shin, the bandy leg, the nimble liig, the
anecieq ajr oi tne wenches, the nroiuse
perspirauon. tne cipuu f ot Unst,, the lucid
room, the phiz of the banjor's turn, turn,
turn, and Jubcr's song and clanj would
eall -forth the combined -talent and I livelv
imaff ipaiipn of a Wirt, an Irving i a Burns,
an Addison, and a Ilryden. And if a north'
ern Abolitionist, with his pocket filled with
ihflamatpry; documents and resolutions;
cptild liaye witnessed; such a scene iii Vir
ginia; hp would in ray opinion, have con-
signeu mem to trie names, Ins great love for
tye blacks, to the contrary notwithktand-
,0h, nonsense ! benav-e nice-4-don?t make
a noise' in the street-j-be a man.' '' - :
i fflo'w can ,1 be a man, when !l belong to
somebody else ? My; hours a'nt my ,own
my! money ant my. own I belong to four
Pet Jackall.
The Old Lion and iiis
The fondness pf the liion for the Jack
all is proverbial.; He feeds him, with the
r CC 1 T P riid ffAM ' n m 4 "Li tmmm.MmmmJi T ftMftft !
people besides myself the old.womm and r , ; 1 Y TV K
LlL .l yL..:ii J m- i J ,.....;l n uses him as a venger to keep
Mwu iuiw tuuu eui f i ui iwiMicwipt l Ll r J- !iu. -U. - 1 ..Lii .u.. t.J .
concern,, and so many has got .their fangers f Uoaithat bad! hn nd wndi HddUr. It Was Iwhispered tbat ibe diGc-:-
ed by the other 1iogf t sot) Wandering' alone J !4 V oerwthejf certain arrangements coU
became an easy prey, i We bora him to hi.
A goodaheedoiejis itold of tha IeifM.J. L.
Weems, that MlotjpeoJ biofTaphr of Washtr
ton. It isvonly; known that Weeps vj rule bot 1 ,
bat that he peddled them. also. ; In one ci In
excursions p( this galore, be accident ! ly ( - i
with pair of yoaHf r people" who were about to t
married. Mr I , Weems bavin? rnade hirr.-.!.'
known, was immediately applied to perform i' -
ceiomony uniting Miem ,ia ; wedlock.. ;tARr il.ii
important matter bjid been settled, the idea T.3i-
orauy suggested itseii to some oi ine rompr. y
thai a dance would be v.ry proper oa the occu
slooj. Mr. Weems had no ubjvctioa; nJ tl.j
only ldimcQliy which appeared to render tl.
in hp till that 1 must bust u p.
I'll break
sign over the stock in traae to you t
w- k yy r -L-ii- ,.1 mM
From the rZyhMurglrgirU
HE . JVOLF l AND 1 OllE ViOAT.-t JltUrta
den, and, hp f anJ j.the"" Jyieall "feasted, and
both pronounced that there was no meat
like pork. ? But the Lion was old and Jazy
and one day he sent the Jackal I out to our
vey for both. But he not knowinthe na
ed- from one sice oil ine room to toe r otner. &r
Dreeemiv behind tlLthe thombin2 andHantn
a violin was heard,! and
dar begao.4
All ihinjis wttni! on eailv J and merrily for
while, Wt aaddenfT, the ctirUia was torn lvr.-.
A Wolf in pursuit of a She-Goat.
chased her into a piMand fell in after her.
The Goat drew up in a corner and stood
on her defence. But the wiley Wplf at
once understood his situation and, address
ed the Goat in the mot affectionate manner.
Mjydear madam,? said. he,what jmearif
this appearance oFalarm ? 3 lsyfit wissible
that it was fear that ihade ydu fly frprb me
when I was so desirous of becoming ac
quainted with you ? j I couhl almost re
j ice at the accident wjhich thusenables me
to undeceive you, and to show you
far from being your enemy, jeven this pit
is delightful, when shared wjth you j
.The poor (Goat wad well pleased tohear
this language, and tlijeysopo -became the
best friends, in the j world,! and enjoyed
each olherVsociety tpo much to think of
jetting out jot tne pit, fljean while the
Goat told the Wolf all theJ secrets iof her
family, boasted of the number of kids, and
told where they sleptand where they, were
then feeding f When! at leneth. they came
to think of their situation, the; Wolf propos
ed that the Goat should lean up against the
the side of the pit, and let him climb out
oa I her head, -and il.en draw her 3 out
by the horns. But no sooner was lie out
than tie made on, when the ual caueu to
him clitmin? his premise.; TJ:eji;Woli
looked back at her with a grimy smilpiyi
lure of the Hog;xcept s an article of when lol who should be: compiiy;; behold
foody, wett like, a fiool J andljumped into the! Rev. S. Li Adeems, fiddling awiy, cs if
the.hog-jpen, and Was torn "to pieces by ior ipoor oear ine itseii om reaujNior ioe aiu
An uxitAPPr married man The sub
joined outpourings of a married i man. are
from lhp Oharcoal Sketches' oflNeal.
Courting has been aptly termed a paradise,
and matrimony the way from that hippy re
gion to earih again. Tiie following, if true,
is a pretty good illustration : ! ; - u '
frf What made you get married if 'if)S don't
Irkettft M; i ; i ; : . -
j 'Why 1 was deluded into it fairly delM
ded into it. ; 1 had nothiner to -do of eve
nings,; so 1 went a-rourting Now, court
ing s iun enough; II hav'nt got a word ko say
agin courung lta about as good afaway
i of killing ., an evening as I know of.1 Wash
your face, put on a clean dicky, ancKgo and
lain, os owcci as nugey or molasses candy
for an bur or lwo--io say nothing of a
, as your a wee t
heait goes to the step with you. " I:
rben I was a single man, , the World
waggeo aiong well enough.
It wa'a itst like
nil uuiiiiimi : t B' noAM :
little equatrwenclH who Iieldthe torch light Uevy, and had'ot oothing mori. to do ! With
new u f e en jqperpappea tothehanjof it but sit ; down and not care a button for
anything ! S'pormg the omnibus goi up
sot well, I walks off, and leaves the mao
tor pick up tha pieces. But then: j must
take wife; and be banged to me. ; J It's all
Tery well for a while; but afterward,, its
uwniag an upsot oanibcs .
before, and; you may suppose I looked upon
sucli a novel scene, with some degree of sur
prise, ; Indeed, I. contemplated the dancing
groupe, rithisensation, of wonder and as
tonisbmenii! I The clabters rested the right
foot on thiheelft and it, clap on the floor
itt'ife m- . . uv$ A: 'A.,' ,. i
ilirt-l'S vvf-"""-"-'- :: "i" '- " - ''-''. . J ' ) ': ! , i "by: : ' ' ' :
should be glad to do it said fie, 'but I am
afraid I am not strong enough. fBsdes,
vnii are ntltet old and! ton eh,-' and I airi; ini-
patent to feast on the dainty little kids you
have been jtilking about, j Some day s
hence, when I have ( featert lliem," ; may
come and try tp scratch you
you too.' : ' 1 r1! (j '
t 1 ! : Jlpplicaiion
When Mr ?Van Buren found hlmsel
witli an empty treasur,and disebvereydjthat
his popularity was go tie; with his mohey
a - : . i t a . a w r. j :
set auoui to recover Dotn. u-it the
out, and eat
i II H
' ;' .
them, and eaten by an old sow.
I , mpplicatio h, , x h
Whenj General! Jackson set the Banks
logelherl by the ears, he obtained an easy
victory over the IJ. S. Bank, and left it to
his successor to destroy the others. H ow
be has sjeu isrhownjn the late elections,
from that of New York, to that of Virgin
ia. The;result is that many feel the neces
sity of a Bank of theU. S. who never felt
it beforei; the, establishment 61 a new Hank
of the U. S. wil be the consequence, and
then it will feed on a fat Government fat-
roent of the dancers. It is ceruinly U hapj 7
facohy to be ableto lorn jona'S; hand lo any
. Air. Weeuis was one oi the. most ei-j-
qaent preachers of jhis lime otie of the -chastest
writers on.Aonst pedlar a first i rato f.J
dler.and above alli'a goo 4 manJ ' -
- 1 i . . rfi -v:.,- -
From the; West'Tennesseaoil;
mXnj why; spillest thou: thy
j ,Friio;BLP9D! V-yl-" '-" "-:
ftis oor painfulaak to lay before the public z
scepe, ;perhapsiMtr8gic as any acted jopbri the
theatre of life.- i tiiir feelings ai present n a
allow 08 to gHe mtro than a brief : description rf
!.' t - i i . , ii. li was wnnessea iq njiii's. roini,iy ,cn
tened bitsjlprmerjlepredations on prop- F4y and Satnrday last. Dr Rivera and I Cel.
New or rare Disease. Died on Sat
urdav, th 21st, a child of Mr Wheeler, in
Bivingston street. Spots appeared upon its
face and body, on Friday morning, of a
dark color, distinct as those of the leopard.
They continued to spread until thev exten
ded over It he whole turfftoo,.leinj5 ttio line
of demarcation between them so plain as to
give ai singularly variegated appearance
l iiese spots i were. iui iiie uiusi jin irguiai-
ly circumscribed, but some of them branch
ed of! into clusters. These upon the face
and shoulders before death became conflu
ent and ran into each other; so that the skin
resembled that of an African necror We
the) late tragic sceae ai LiiQton, wre auihori-
to draft a 6tatemeM relative to that aflair. to I :
laid before the jpnblc, Jo ibe" dischargej of ihh
office, they could at agree. ' Soyeral diflictfltics
had arisen betweeij them; with reference to tha
matter; but they Were finally settled bya sn-i-il
drjnk from the bWing bowl lot the bep of tl.U
adjustment, aodiaairvut the lwf oin nl hu
rnaaity, Fergosondellberately oded his riSe,
placed himself it pi3!wind6w, in front y( h3
public street,! aod RtiotpTlivers dead as hey passed,
(his little child jfo lowing him,) perhapf unefin
6ciOQS of any dang (r. He fell exciaiminsri-" Ol; ,
Gpd J amdead -I im dead. Ferguson pru
carded from hia rotim io ihe fatal spot, snd "f -ingi
his fallen tielira.cped cuLit ''Ritera if dead f
I did it." He War arrested y and confined in a
rooml ' A brothe'rJito'prRiversL aearir?2next
were informed that the child hid been re-1 day df tbcocirrence,fu6bed well armed .thro U
markably healthy frpm-its birth up ' to the a crowd to the rwni.ili Whicb F wasrtlnd
to recover both. B it
scheme would not take1, ; so he flatlets
Calhoun, by jafiecting Jo adopt, as ati Oraf
cle. of Wisdom, an inconsiderate saying of
his buttered feome years! ago. -Calhoun
comes to his aid, and gains1 ' time fur him to
rally his friends, and pass the bill 7 without
his ifirther asststancej The! provtsipn4
therefore which j had bejenihtlodueed jintrj
the bill 1 to gull him. Vis dropped, and , he
is left at tlie bottonr of the pity Mean-;
time (be littlej flock Xvhyich liad been led; bjfj
him! is 'scattered : some . have! fallen!! into!
the jawipof the Wolf; some haeatwlebd
into thestray-pen of hef U S i Bank ; and!
the rest straggling without a guide, betake!
uierpgeive, to ine rocks, inhere they may
i' ..'
Ti', I
Thb Stranded WuAtjr.t
A violent storm threw a Whale hish and
dry on theshbrei.Vrhe otbert animals ga
thered around him.and alarmed itl his cnor.
moos duik and porientouJ bellowings, de-
tioie of ihb extraortlinary appearance. Du
ring the two days pjf its illness some thirty
or forty of the oldest and most distinguish
ed physicians end.surge'ons of this city were
invited by Dr Oatman the attending physi
cian, to visit the chiW, as he could not give
a solution of the case. No one of this
number had ever seen a parallel; Thedis
ease appeared malignant, but without pu-
tresencc orsangrenelas no important change
took place after death. - Vif
I We atel pleased to learn thatr Dr Oatman
em ployed lan artist to take a full and accu
rate likeness of the j appearance of the dis
ease, which we presume he will take plea
sure in exhibiting to the scientific and cu
rious, at his. residence, Wo. 98 .bldridge
street. Baltimore American.
t . o. 1 f lUm ItKiviiinn rtfl senl0ced to be I
i mllZ: Jone next. We learn that the imfeneej-
me crunswicK anu -'- ftfnliM . . Judi Isomer to i most alTssu-
1ia, been discovered, about fite miles if rrr""' - t
iqis pi ace, a large ush . vw..
traordinary size, and in a remarkable state
of rSieservtion- Several vertebrae; of -eight
inches in transverse diameter have, been
discovered; Teeth - m whichi the top is
nine inches longer diameter, and five inch
es in breadth, and about as large as i man's
bat, !bave1alsc?yee(iif excavated. y These
werft evidently -of a molar characters There
have been found also, smaller teeth of more
tUA ctriirtnr! Yith i nninted CTOWnS, and
) apparently belonging, to some
Brunswick, (Ga.j
April, 19.
ing.he coaid nott enier i ai . ine ooor, per crojea
throng b tha-wiodoW Ferguson ejtreatmg. tbro'
another. Some of libejcrowd, observing ihe es
cape of ibe latter,! "cried ool to Rivers vile i '
out;'! At which Rivers immediately returr ci
from the iopm,aridshoS Fergosod running; at tha
disu nee oflhiriy yards . He fell Instantly, but
wasiot dead. ; Riviera approached trio onv inter
tyejiinffandimappeiy iwo pistils at htra tha
third piesetited tp his breast drovejh is spirit iti
toeieroityjwhilstFerson piayed piicously for
mercy. Rivers is eti riniakeoVjrhese are tha
circumstances connected with thia horrid seen?.
; j,:.-:-1 v CODpMNll; j '
Oar feaders' Wtlt -Irejoembar. thabcp 1 1 tb rr c
weeks ago, we publkhtd an accounjl of ihS aur
der of Mr. Wm. C.!Cmer, by thfeir negrut s t
loogisg to Mt. Adoar- Webster U Rockiosbani
co.. t. C. - - L ; i :t '" i ji i W-! - J ': -"
Tli murderer hSvejben tried, rtmvlefed asJ
nieoced to be btogedkw FrWay the lai day cf
teriuied tadeatroy bimi Dow to go ihoutUnimal. Pprtipns of large tusks bate also
' " 1 ' Im m T ' ' mTm ' .' m
At-tb-aaroe termi of tne oopenor uonrt ci
Rodungbam, Wai.Smjth was convicted l tl.9
murder of SanVoel Kallio and seateoced to ti
executed on lbs same diy on which the a eg rex )
are to soffdf. Smitw la represented to be ' maa
of considerable properiyL; His cbuoiel have; ta-:
ken an appeal oo some poioi of law, so that his
case goaa op to tha Seprptae Courts which meets
to Jone:
DamnMe Reporter.
The Rail road betweein Itichrnnnd and Feter.
borgywill be finished; an i in t;perauuo by. th
1ID jane oexv. ,
I' ;-'.)- '!II::'i-ii ' s : . : ; .-.( rrq' piv-.f
i -;.,f.; ti rl-: ! v. - - :.i , -t.-i-L
? -w- ! t t i .i "'- ' ii i i ' ii- -1 "' ; - mii Mm " '
"i I
t . -
I J " . X 31,: i. I. .;- ; I t ., . . ; 1 t 1 - i. '- T. ' . . 1 .

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