North Carolina Newspapers

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Slnsr WMHe" (continued unlil orders
nnilE COPARTNERSHIP l eretofure ex
il iaimff betvt eeo E( W. WillkiriM &. R C
BeHin, under che firos of VVtllkiojrs fit Uelden,
in i ayettevillej was dissclfed by its own imi
tatrwit on the SQ'h June last ;ibose - indebted to
Firm; will rnaki paymeut iTtS. W. VVillkings,
who h duly am luristd to settle the aflfairs of the
concern. . 1 -H t :. -'T-.'. -'l "-i.
a j - E. W. WILLK1NGS
EayecteT;!te; Jo1y;t2, 1839i 2nr52
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8 a 9
20 a 30
10 3:12
:18 a 20
10 a 121
8 a 2Q
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i. ncr. i "
a .90
Molasaes, 53
! Oats,
Sugar, br.
Tow-linen, 16 a'2o
Wheat, (bushel) j$l
Whiskey, 45a50
Wool, (clean) : 1 40
NJolasses, 35 a 40
aiU. cut, i 7 1
Sugar blown, 7a 1 i
JLump, i v f f 1.6
Loaf, 18 a 20
Salt. 70 a 75
'Sack, ' , k
Tobacco leaf Si
Cditon b3g. 16
Hale rope,
Wheat pew .$l s
fTniE Sobsciher having purchased the inter
it Jest of Mr lliidenr in theiaboto eslaWUh-
ment will continue tbJ busLne,5 on his owo ic-
roqnt,and hops from jhls lnr -experience, and
personaratteotionvio aieei a cMnnuancf; uir
ciiBtomers of ih ? late Firms of I Wilking &! Co
and Vvilkingrs L Bfldn. j ; !
l Iff 1 E V. WII.Iv.KIIMU.
Fayeiteville, July 1833. 2oi5i ; ; f
; . .. 14 U ,
1-s. .
fnHE Sjbscfiber havingi made an arrange
JLl rnent to be furnished with BF.EF from
Ashe County eyery two weeks, will onr the
same at tne piarwei nonse every xusu3y.
Thursdaylipd Jatbfjday roomings ft er. the 27 h
infant. I also frish tQ furnish one or twoneigh-:
boi rioods in the louhiri . if snch - arrangements
can be made as will justify me in so doing, of
which notice will hereafter oe gien..
Salisbury. Jiilv 21st.183S-4.tf52 !
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State o Sotrttt ntroUua,
- j - . A rsqh ' County. . ";'"- ,-
Absalom Myers, H j
Wm R Garret -Petition for Partition.
1 hos U Uarrett, at(d
'li i
41 :
Qiildhood is hke the laugliing hours
Of early spring
The every cloud that o'er -tt
lA charm can bring: ; ;
For,; like an April sky, .
! A ower, a sunny fay,
So tha bright tear in childhood's eyo
A smile can chase away
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misheli? 0?offarlb , 10a1
tjii . m j f .p;Salfsackr J :$2:75 . 4
iMs-n.!i4t p:45R;4hbush;-; 87i
hi . tf 1 Si V---- r vf i s -r.
T appearing
that the deft ridahts
to the
satisfaction of the Court,
Win R Garrett and Th;
C Garrett', resideJ beyond the limits of this State.
It id therefore .ordered j jlh at publication be mnde
in the Carolina i Waiehman for 6iz successive
non-residents, personally
the justices f 1 he t-f uri
weeks notify inffisald!
to he and appeafbt'fre!
of Tleas and Q'lajrtr hessioiis, at the Court to
be held for said bounty, at the Court House in
Vadethrrof on the 2d 'inonday in. Ocnber next.
therHfrid there to Rh'ow cause, it any they hive,
whjjKtbe! prayer! f Jhi Petitioner fihsll not b
gran led, otherwise tfjwill be taken pro!cuiifesso,
ndicarJ r'xpatt as Lot hem. - L..; .
yMne89. Niflefti"PBo;gin."Clerk - of said''
at Uflice,the2d roonUay in July, A.i D.
1833, ; ' . i-ir ji- -.
t - I iN D BOGGAN, Clfc.
Aag 4, T83S j-slii-frinter's fee $5
IMI)KMii'.y!:fr.lfnd9aoisHlie public, that he
f)iiWeiihls ftrmerly- occupied! by
KlKlfyfim the Ullage of , Mocks
aywjfiiufl :Wti jtoe yif v , ot keeping
wilMse & Hnit4:and.rcoriitortabIe. and in
ft f ie ow0: 'The sub4ci!iber
Vitt ' -f",IlxW P tenner satisfaction
n hun. His Tabl&. 'shall:
V.-H'---'"'" j vyyf'V9f exieitsive.- ana -sale
f WpdMiS jthKi Provinder, and alien
M!MMWfi(n'Ue Hark
nl ber Ofiace
tWtnd ukfl , for ;
have lust Dublished a new
Bi?r;':4 Ufctka o,rCburt. Slier-
r to
Attornie at
U Sl'f fKtfei vattiable little'Wdjks
tS'81 ?lllanial.r tle dJIirers ave
ft ft ;,4 nd iisoa t i nd ispeitsafda to
rgrr d.htrvjei f - their duties. It is!the
Ir K.- "i'vjMc yuirsrrirs kqw oi, w ii ere
Original Bill.
i-A I i
State ot iprth envoliun,
J - SukiRVj County.
ijy Kqmmyjuiiicn teiuu issa
Archibald Ouvilj,
! " vs 1
.John Duvalf.
IN this case i appearing to the saticnction of
Aibe.tourt tht JjjhriDuall, th Defendant H
not an inhabitanlt ,of Statp, it is iru-refu
rdered, that pulltfuh he made for six w-eiU
in the CarolinaWateiia.ari, for the Dpnd'x
to appear before th4Cturt of Eq.iiiy, for Surry
Coiv:ty,tobe.he!Id ff feaid Ciunty, n the 5c!.
monday after tre 3d rnonday in Aonnst nfxrt
the Court Hjrtis if Ilf kford, thn d il.rre
to plead; answer oJderntir to the fald Bill.ot he
w)seUhe same 4rr I taken pro confess, aiid
heard exparte, 23 jtp him. . .
itnssf . Graves! Clerk and Master'of'oir
said Ctturt at offyrl ihjH 5ih monday after. the
5d mbnuay of Ajdgysi 838.
f S.GRAVES, c .M
Aoj? 4, lS3SH6w2U?rinier'ii S5
But even while we gaze
IThfse eatly days are gone,
Ai son the glowing rays?
lof umrhcr hasten on; f
The bud hh opened to the flowen
I l ne oy 10 nnnaouu eprung,
And from bis beart sinVdarkenmg power
tslttternet;j hath wrung;
lie dreams that he can win from tam e
v jjAn: honored deathless name ;
And following glory's ba liners
iHefindso early grave ;
But memory enshrouds in night
j The last hope of the brave. .
.hist- ; iv-v . i v
He is forgotten o'er his bier
No nation's tears are shed
-s 1 i
Naught save a widowed mothers tear,
f T nnl , Ix n lrVv I n n 1 ?
; i.
The poet strikes his lute
j Sweet thrill its golden stf?ngs ;
But public praise is mute j
lay no rapture brings.
derstood by hitn'ef, and to wbomr per-
naps, xnai party owes as leep and as bitter
resentment as to aiy other man who lives,
or jias lived. Mr Calhouii ihiniaf If Toes
not pretend thai be eveb understood he
principle ot that party, until, in the chair
of Vice Presideat7 he found leisure," for
thej firstime, to acq a ami himself jifrithj the
true character: of that constitution antler
which be was theh the second nicer, hal
ving already aspired to be the firstj Until
then, he was- too eager in the race of am
bition; and belouged to if party, allhejtelis
us, too drunk with f ower to think of suqh
tl.i.igs. A part oftfcis is doubtless true
but Mr Calhoun, in; pursuing these new
studies, was perhaps guiBed to hisconclf
slons hy considerations pf which he fays
nothing Practical matter-of fact meri ie-
member onlyj that itt tjial day Mii Adams
Wjjis rrestderrt ; th,y;o;6 stood net id! tie
oifcer ct succession,hiciyiiig mor -01 the
favor of the dorr.tnaf.t party than the Jre-
t j that Mr Calhoun,; (too, He
3ione. excent ininrndent 'KnTrlnoa'' a U-i. . - :
.... ' . ww. v v.s 1U UIICI II. I 1
;more fier charge for Death or Victorv 1 -:"2 ?T8 V "tl M Toa r I ; M
r 1 . ' ii T . I nuco ue lias
Tint nn t
We bodged again p as 1 hare seen a Swan, !
v tin ooouessiaDor(swinTagamst the tide,
I 1 1 ...... i ta uuc, S- 1 'ii
jAnd spend her strength with overmatching danPpr r lh fiolation
j ."4 , wives.":- j , w from you. t And yet
I In that day it tras seen, Sir, that Sir iptelligihlel pWc,
feident himsel
longed o the
of which his
(imp narltr. nn Ih i!rtkjt
ore tensions stood nosinbned
to a day quite too disumt for that; gentle-
roan s impatient ambition. What was lo be
done ? Tne State Rights party hs always
been thefts allir of those who could jo no
better; and what -better ose coijsldfMr.
Calhoun make of his dignified leisure than
he has taken service under iK
per, fce will Ie ipare Ha not to ill
' ! . . .. 1
wouia raincf Lave a be ieved that ihU,..
01 the compronur6
be knows, that tha
cute unon the tni.;.M
Calhoun was not thtrTnah to i ahid ,ih wa gtn byi vouJ I J
shock of an arbitrament so sterni Froni jtjts,! with you, a matter of ct-
mat time, until tery-latelyi I regarded htni r' uf5 ocporrncei To hear yoii i3 a
as a geo i-'nan 01 the bet intentions 9 1" ,Hrm"zt uVl F'J iorgottea by Uhcca
whose eanguine temper was apt to betray enJy 1 ead loo.sinandthou-'i
him into difficulties, whieli it better suited aT 1,01 "W: l?r words, you
hts complexion to evade, than to over- w,c,cntse them as Reported by another.
come. ! ; t 1 1 I l ou ciareo, inai, iq votina thn
Hence I tlioiiffht it4nhfl" m rhroMr. promise, you considered yourself a
when I saw him, soon after, uniting with l?? uder a sacredUlig-ti n to presene it.
vou; sir. and Vour friem!s.; nn the Rank 1 0 at the same ?,tim saitf. that oW
r s rate ana t4 v 0
; tthe less hesitation in Idoma ihi ki-.i-
laninto pat aown the authors of the r(oc-t',u rerinai mpg oeiore thi yC5f
jiarukioji and Force Bill. In s that conlii ,842 the Scwtn;ern SUttsihemselveJwosihJ
tion, 1 beg leave to sayf I hd no faith. iand l oecomo so laiiy aensiftie tl the blcsa-
toos no part. And here again Mr Uiil- u l,"r arm,,as irt re-enact it, if ne-
houn miscalculated. The strength ol this ce8S8ry by their own wies, Jou added,
new allowance was uneonal to the underM wpai piayiuuy, hU you bad no konre
. i . . J ..I - L!.s...i. ; - i . ; rr-r-
I he Force Bill remains on the "C"B,01 u: ouuoening your conscience with
Statute Book;; the Proclamation ia 1 the P,e,dge WW w ho had exacted it
Constitution, and the Protest andExpung- ou,c eagerly relinqit8h.
inrr KescdntiOns rccoid the trmmnh ifi the I I can never forget .ait
to study its principles
t lie did so, jsnd,
And Mournfully his heart
j Echoes its tndr tone.
His airy dreams depart,
j Hihope of fame has flown.
Like In expanded .flower,
j Wifpse leaves (all one by one.
lio'riadra.neatK:'diS8ppoJirifmeotfs power
! 1 tit manhoodV pritno is gone, j
I i: -hf I ' . 'J '
And ageylike antomn, chil! and serf,
I St aMf rs eaclr fadinij leaf, '; I
Till not one flower remains to hwer
The path of life so sadly dicar,
vet so brief ) '
ill allltbe wearv heart would crave
a rest from wnrs- ;
ThecptBing mnter of h.- grave
IssIsnOw around him throws
ih is, youth to ag,
... 3
jjjreads his wear) pilgrimage.
M OW E H Y 1
For the hen ejij tij the Salisbury Jlcadmyi
y ' 12lh Class for 1833, .
To be drntcn it FRANKLIX, Macon
iCoiiply, Wotth Carolirta ph Friday, ' !
-til. 7Ae)tor 18S8. h
75 Nurnbor Loittryl U Drawn Bai!3tsr
LiLLY -jvVHEVXER.yVicgcr. j
;'"u''!s9iiSirE.: !
One Prizof 10.OGO, one Piiz of $4,000
me Prize ' $3000. ofte. Prize of t2,500, one
y K .lHLr 'P "cases,"! he irarUs
;SlTVork tiolonfvctiins
t; f Jnit r;ii
bwiih Dersoituiu fhfl rlivti
cJrUyrW.CAritab!.j. 4ith
t? bq used by each ;
:lmnnvlttAI'ir.l... . 1 .
:a low priced believing
f fTtfl' ? -needs to be examined, to
MiWwsir. & hughes.
Z -K lP. I!3w8--tf44 a) .
Ca m . ji "i
Prize of $ 2.000. one Pjize l,5C0, 3 ot $1,000,
: '! ! ' i j ; : ' :- - i 1
'y. $5,, r
. $2 50 j
SI 254
Whole Tickets
either by
To be had in the crrfatest vnriptv of numbers.
thei rackase br smo:!e I icket of
Salisbury , V. C. j
25 Whole.Tickets in this Lot
A Package of
tery will cost
'And must draw nett
will cost
59 pO
A Certificate; of a Package of 25 Whole Tickets
... . 65 50 ;
25 Halt 32 75 1
, 25 Quarj 16 371
as new converts always' go ahead of those
who do hut continue to i worship :- in the
church wherellheir iatlieVs worshipped! be
fore them, so j did the! firery zeal and Inn
questioned ability of tjiiSpgentlemln o)n
place him iti a position to reproach the
cold prudence end djillij apprehensioh of
men before distinguished for intutive qtiick
ness of thought, and unhesitating boldness.
Compared to hiti, Randolph was a dunce
an4 Hamilton ja crayen. '. 4 ' i t . ji
jjln honest truth, sirj' I have Iongbee)ian
admirer, but never a follower, of Mr. JCal
houn. A Stats Rights man 4(.of the roost
stnetest sect brought p at the feet j of jQa
mjiliel,? I yet condemned the cpnrsi Jof
South Carolina m 1832, 'as unconstitution
al, impolitic, nd unjust to her own j pepple.
Bat I also condemned the craven Qonfyiro
mise which riveJed the-TaritTon the South
fur a stipulated time under the - enblpice
of a promise of ultimate ielief, whii:h jfaa
nv of those who made it declared,! ati the
time, not to be binding on their i constitu
ents. I did believe, and 3 do belieye, that,
having provoked a threat pf coerci nn. Sooth
Carolina was hound to pill it to the prool,
whether a sovereign State of this! Uiilon
could be tterccd. She had taken a posi
tion wtucli had brought I the doctrine, ol
State Sovereignty into disrepute. She had
been instnmental in casting u illusion o
ver the public iitjind, yiii(h nothing but jtlie
sight ami scent of hlfotl cjould dispel. She
had made the s?;rifire net-cssary, and : she
was bound to lurnish i the victim. She
j For sale! nt tbis Office.
'ront the Richmond IVhik '
I TO Mm RY CLAY, ESQ Letteix.
j USi-Mn roV last letter, 1 intinjatedilrrtv'
jebyfidenS-e that you, as i Presiderit of ;the
i iiniyii ismit-E, wiiuic I i t Miuy ; aonere toy
iht ubniiiromiss, of 183:). I owe it to Vo
elf f ndlyou, to show the grounds of iiusj
cbtifilen$e I have said that.'butj .forihad
jihest!leitrs would not have been wntien.
.or-myseu, I irankly acKnowledge that h
was not jsatitfiea with that romprorr.ise j
Hut oilier?, my political friends, were, and!
stiil 8ire,isatis.ried with it, and rranire noth
ing but rfeasonahle assurance that it wiii,
Ji'pli: bj9;viated.T$uch reasons as I have'
M 'betjef ing; that by yoii, at leat, it - will?
f refpeCtei, 1 fee! it oVv dity to .acsign
1 am iinofcover impelled to this hv rnv i:w
IJiiiUoiJ at the renegade parhzens of Mr.
vran Bi ru, who would; p-rsuade the Siat
jRilf prty mat the opponents of. the Ta
rifjrbkyeevcry thing loj fear i from you,nnd
pdliiipo; Iroih-liimV " '- : , ; :, 'v
j ji rfpelt, jr,thit I was ioi satisfied witS
jht(jbuiproiiise. - Bu-tis adoptibn pn
Vmcell roS tiat it wrss alh hat couli.-b&ot
or ii shoAved the n tier wint of .that spirit
o which! ojore tnisht have keen cnnreAptL
itch the more timorous of tho Taf
had icst been wi.linW to t.nneio.
more. It is rio rertteipljered to
. of vour matrnanimiiv. that lv. til
Who hndj never consented ko yield I toi the I
itl condition, to enforce their demands'were
the hrsto grant freely what was trembijngt
lf- !A I D4tSil as ' knnn 't ' 3 ! " I' ': i . '4 I I .It
And here, sir, give me Heave ;ld ispak
6ne worfd of myself iThere are those
who affert to think me a Federalist; in dis-
guise 5 Such willloot 1nnderstanr4 ihovf I a
man prossing to nave( al ways belonged to
$tate Rights party, cant consistently sneak
I of :Mrf (polhoun,the self-elected champion
y vany, wa scyeniy. ijo.soea Jet
mv say.jiiiai n is uecause t i naye alwayt
belonged to that partyithatll liave! been
, ; ' - h 1 , 2: . ' : ' ? . -- I i I.! . i :.l
less milieu to be mouigent to one whose
connexihn :wih it has only been occasion-!
aiwno nrst joineu,ana then embarrassed.
wucu wiucu iiy ioi reasons; OBiy UQ -
t i
arid U w
sol much
the c red i
shrunk from the arbitrament &h j had her
self invited, and certain of her delegation
in Cong res si returning ; home, -amid tht
hootin;s cf their enemies', and the pity of
those who wished them well claimed
the Compromise as a triumph of (Nullifica
tion, and had their claims allowed jby their
constituents .. j - ; "'..' :
in all these- things ,ftlr untrtoun .jwas
prime-mover,' nnd-So none of these was I
his follower. Ye" L .cannot deny, that
when in Fehrunry 1823.; I snvv him stand
almost 3lr.e, the mark of detraction and
malevolence : ' " u , j : .
" When the w ho hst cf hatred stood hard by
To watch and m'kk him shrinking ;"j .
though r could hot compliment hirh op his
fitinttess under this persecution, piy sym
pathies were strongly drawn out: towards
him. The cause in which he was suffer
ing, thongh lost, as, I believed, by his mis
management, was my cause, and ; atl his
faults were forgotten. I had before si-cn
him actively engaged in thje supfKirt of ev
ery one of those measures, the pernicious
effects of which he was then anxious to re
move ; hut 1 determined i should jbq je
nough, that he had repented of his errors,
and was striving to' repair them. : ln that
moment, they were blotted from my mind,
as 1 hoped, forever, A more resolute and
manlier beat. kg would have commanded
more of my respect, hut ( he had all my
sympathy. Whi-n I saw him thus stt be
fore the Philistines, to make theni sprt,
could.-he have braced his heaves no jthe bc
casicn, and bowed! himself, in his fliighta-
gaiost the pillar of that Temple oil Dagn,
cruslui'g himself and his
one; undisguished ruin, I
that a tear to his fate would have been dis
honor to his memory How proudly then
Administration S ;.. i nance or All iai.koun'4 attbat tuarapAi 'thk
But here tignpf what to bthers seem dts hghily sarcastic expression of th? : Jnej.or
astrous defeat, is claimed by Mr Calhoun as orthe wretchedness and helplessness! of ti
a triumph on his part. 'We have gotten mriced the smile, sir, which ac-
batk,' he says, j'to the principles of 1827, comPancd yonr Hst woids, andhave nften
and ail since then is forffoUen. The max- pondered on its: irhport. Was it sucffested.
iros of the States Right partr it seems.hsve in Part by constioushess, ! that, whaterer
been re-established as the true ! treading of construction! inj after times might bo put
me va'iisimumuu, anu as a granu overt urei j r ffry,,ar yj "-o in power,
in celebration of the event has been ootten !hl1 gentlemen would bo read to sdot a
upin Mr Calbonn's resolutions, he playing lhft rue one soorjer it an agun try coqclu
first fiddle for that night only. I This free aions with Ihe Federal Government, and a
benefit, however, appears to have been 1 the 8a,n provok thej dsngcr frOm wbicfh j y oii
price oi ms services tor tne rest oi tne sea- "v7 v ui rescuing man I
son. In consideration of thai, he has a- The triumph of Nullification !! ilk it
greed to forget and lbrgive ail the past, and eerbtppenei to you,bir, in the agistment
to believe that these new converts to State of any little personal tfifficuljy, to havs to
Jlights are quite sincere. - Pity that he had I do , Un .rine at nce chary of his honour
not availed hirosejll of the opportunity lb 100 ni aKin,andfwhoJ while ready to con-
obtain the repeal of the force Bill, enacted ceae an7 l9w8 iand c?c'f thing you midt
by the votes of these veiy men. and con- rq're, yet threw himself on your tniffna-
demned by the whole tenor of the resolu- n,lt7 n&lo jdisgracje him, by reqjirin
hods just adopted with such marvellous too much I On suchi occasions, hye you
li nam mi Ik ( f I I I icu preilT- OltlCIl M VOU telt at that linrer--
1 But I have wandered irora my purpose ! and has nojl your j adversary looked pretty
j was about to speak of a scene, which I much f r Calhoun looked? Why ;An-
ran never recall, without being reminded of CIEN "stol never chewed his leek more
the asionishina i ffVonterv. whichat this davL iacne,T 1 enterynor head, sir. at tho
relebrates, as aj triumph, that hour of abject l,ir that fov were making concesitf s to
huriuhation. I allude to the paesage of the "" i, your principles, or your cause?
r!nmnrorni.A Hill. It wan'mV fortune to he
Such must have been the fact, if! lOdeeri.
present on that memorable night, and sure- tjat 4s N ilriainph 'of Nulhficalion.
Iy nothing that ever passed under my eyes v'"onimsleii men speak; or it
is more viwd in my recollection than that focn ?1 To whomT Openly Uo I
whole scene. To vou. Sir. such things 1 9 own paityr n Ue swore ho
have lost the interekt of novelty which they ou,d be revengedIljqftmBLr fifiVEkGCP
wnr in mn and I ma. thftrpffire. bfl M. and Southern COQVfntioa WM to' be ihb
cused for speaking, even to yoa. of that in instrument of his vengeance. What bc-
l. l ' i i. I cameof it? .'Some member hf i !, Ini U.,
wuicn too weie ai oucc a wiioutHj auu uu i . r i r" ' "., uvhzj
actor, f I am persuaded, however, -that you CV9 Sotith . arohna. aud bailed
jwill notfil to recall, distinctly, everv cir- bis gull trap with ilhis fttufX abongty tii.
5r..imlftnr that I liall montinn. i Umlh 9 N.0UlfiltO ' Tht lUmS took S
It was rather a conversation in tbe Sen- pf" werr persuaoeo 10 turpw u;
debate. The subject was the tneir caps tne air rung with the Io Tr.i
of the compromise on the future UMFHE ofj thousands nothing moro v.c ;
your counlc.
late, than a
Limt. nf-ihnu. Un miohi oie for it. and heard of the Southern Conveotior, i andth
Un ansnhsfohent Congress You roav re- Proclamation and FoM:e,BiU stand bo'un-
Imefiiber. sir. that Mr W, Uter excused him imppcherecorolof the dooni of State sov-
Ulf frnm niinrr lo -the compromise, bv eregn,J and State interpositipn; j.
Uytng, that, should he do so, he should feel Ajd South Carolina devotes herself to
himsrif bound in honour to defend it .i the fortunes of Mr Calhoun!! That gal
UA i...i fi .,m ii,'f k kari tioht lnt State which be degraded, and di?rraccd.
Iso to bind his constituents; that he, was ?7 P,ac,ng D',r n Potion whfcfe eh
!sure they would not bewjUing to incur any fou,? neither strike nor ward. Ho ad lc!
isurh oh ligation : that, at the proper time.
her to- the i Caudine forks, where she
that, at the nroner time. "Cf " v UB,,U e lorns, wnere sno-'.tvc;
l - r t i - i ..... t i
Ithey would insist on a repeal of the law, lam7 rnauei ft Pm dsr the yoke ; cik!
aHhi.,M hv hiown ac disable Bira- now Pnr rnpdem I'wsthumms claims a tn-
;cptf in An lhir will. lliPW Would SUDnlv hlS umPM
nlace bv some one not so manacled by ty. tr, I would ksk of those who r
n. k.j ke.ArrA mmri m An suado tbemselves that) the observance of i!
that which would forceb is respected con- acl compromise depends on the pcrsor.
slithents, in duty themselves, to turn bim wnil4jood jfaith of individojls, what scca
W,t of their service.. ' rity of thalisprt tW $ave ;tbat the act r.-ill
. . - i
should have felt
the -triumphant
poet f
hosts a
would 1 have taken up
funeral chaunt of khe nob
" Thy name, our charsinff
Shalt be tbe B Atle word 1
Thy prjiiseUie theme of choral song,
f By Virgfn voices poured ! - j F
To Sveep would do thy glory wrong ;
j Thoti shah not !be deplored !" ;
' It is said to recollect, (and though the
recollection be of one who always stood
fiont tofront opposed to yon, an mplica-
o;e ttiougn noble foe, to none wiUi the re
collection be siadder thahfto you) that ia
that moment, came
pealing through the
air fhe ihrillmg war-cry,1 then, for jthe last
tiro utteredr of one whos voice, till thdo,
was never heard in vkin! lt was like the
dyin s lout of Mahnior to the rescuf !
cheering those whose! rashness had left no
M It ... ' I ik I - .1 i- ! Ii
j On this, Mr Clayton expressed his sur
prise, that any gentleman should be re
strainco from j adopting the compromise, by
any such consideration. -For bis part, be
Hid not understand himself as coming un
jder any pledge. He should vote for the
bill, and should votei for the repeal, when
ever it mightjseem expedient,
j Mr Sprague then said, that he should vote
(for the bill, and in doing so, should consid
er himself as coming under some sort of a
ileilge. Bot he expressly declared, that
le would not explain that pledge. It was
lard to understand bis drift : He professed
lot to mean to be understood, and declared
he would not b& catachized.
So much tor the boasted sanctity of the
boasted compromise! To hear Mr Cal
houn, one wculd suppose that these gentle
men, alarmed by the terrors of lSlli6ca
tioii, had net only voted the compromise,
but; bound their consciences, s wib fetters
of iron, to hold it sacred, devoting them
selves to tbe jinfernall godSf if they should
ever violate it. Now, sir, yoa will bear me
pot, intsayihg, that no other gentleman.
North of the Chesupeake. uttered one word
on tharociasion, and that i neither of these
laid more or iless, thin I have set down.
1 Where, then, is that pledge, on ; wbjch
- - .
uui repcnieu ji toe convenience tr c
price j of ajj majority of Congress? V.f. ;
but you, agreed o ; bind, even -ni-Hsctr ?
And who pretex iEPto any RiGHT to h.;: I
c'ntfSTiTCEXTS ? ; Should ypu be elected t
the Pesidrtitial cpaiir, you would boeIccSr !
under that pledgej' distinctly gven. dtstin; :
ly understood Uf Whom else cm we.
the same fatr'plea for using the infl'icc ,
and, if need be, tlje AUTuoniTT of ;bis ;c.f
fice, to prevent th repeal of Ihtt law ?
2 shall dismiss tjhe; subject .with th'is cir -lion.
At another Hime I shtlj ofiln sot.-
reasons wny us repeat would oe unuesu.
ble. I : l i! .1! I I-.-:
- i i 1 -t
By way of P. Si
other gentleman ol
the tariff part; tt ill
that he gave any ptibl ic pledge ip iVa C. .
ate for the observilnco of thecomprcr:.
shall have myi vcte for the Presiifency.
' ;-' ; , -'4 ii- :. r -y - t , :
I from the tfithmond Jf hig,
Sir T hre ;U vj w of the TarijfT, v, I
ha n t, to my kno wMge. been pre3nied t t
pahlic by any tinfi i qj 'ntion this, net jo c!
the credit of oricrfnallity. It does but ankc :
rae say,1 tha!
if r-
douhiful of its iauiufljnewf. 1 ara a ware It hit
wim thinks he has madeJ, a disenverv X f
Cillioun would have the world believe j ihig which'has .eci(ped in others, has m. ??
, J .t --t- -finil ? osix'ict that he has fallen into an tsttn :
fidentlv ? i SspflC4 that I
iir i. l ii.' t:-L "tu.i h..a ider. This is espialy true, wht-ie tLe st
iti into an egre
J ' . L .1
u.. i . , ,, norn ; fler. a eperaj true, wnne ii.r it.
Fb"f ? "Itboniy for.vaunting his own , oneuf aod fXle int,
good fa:tb.3nd for sat loar, as be bas oiteo ,. . .j L1j1L1 ln mp.u h.i .
Said, ol late,tnat pewotiio oe t.ked, appear! t bim toj be conelumre,
to touch the compromise, by so doing, he i ar.fe,0fsi2f:fctbtiNhen I am ahot t
rnioht release others i from their pledges f 0ffeierl with ureal diffidence. Herctr, ti; I
vk, r.lof4rp B whom maderi ta bs indclzed In as Svmewhat ixore t.'.l.
lint, iujx i - , . : .,
I f ') V
i 1. 1
5 -
"!- , ''!i;f e l
if1; II

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