North Carolina Newspapers

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WiillWKi' 1$ey will" certainly. not beat-
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pMafeiM Artlf be charged . 2a per v cenf,
m l m :P "4T? Vrates. A deduction of
UphiRntTwi 1 be inserted for less
t''S;r -ihJUvftfcftsanW terms
Mwil'Brilibe ebarffed as Mother auhscri
do not pay dating the year
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a 50
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1 11
; ;! . Cnj. '
Molassei), 55 a 60
Nails, 8 a!9
Oats, 25 a 30
Pork, IV
Sugar, br. 10 a 12
I loaf, 18 a 20
Salt, $1 024
i aiiow, 10 a
Tobacco, . 8 a
Tow-linen, 16 a
Wheat, (bushel)
Whiskey. 45
Wool, (clean)
1 r., fli H ii!4
If -I
at Greenville, sl a- . i-!
The Greenville Mountaineer contains an
official account, (embracing a n abstract of
Mr Uaiboun's remark?,; ot ine proceeainjgs
at the Birbaeiie recentit given fa "tbqon--e$t
Nullifyer in Gieenville district --a sec
Hon of the State,' be it remembered, wbicrV,
in the great jNuliificaiion strucglei was alf
mbt :parjifnouslf opposed t6 that heresy,
and whjcli; jcWquently, "havingl always
,ben predisposed jtoj support the A-tipmis
tration, is now tbe! more eager to embrace
the! Apoetfle,' fht has deserted bis "late
al!i,a fpf ! the purpose of forming iroaiti
lion1' with those whom he and his organs
unjil laVeJjr; denounced as Rogues .anij Kofi
ali?ts Vf(3enS Wlddy Thotiipsoo, jhe able
representativeof thit distric in Congressi
wfit a'so) prsenjt, and replied j Jo tbej
"Great Consistent?' as Mr Calhoun Wsarls
rastically called. But according to tfie of-
Jrcial accountr he was a roj re Minnow in
the jaws ,bf ! a-JI rilon Ualhou n not; only
silenced jhis batteries, but absolutely .c6m
pelted him to rr'f Amen9 Joi his pwn oter4
throw ! jBelieve this who may, w be$
leave to oouot tne accuracy, oi tuis repor
of the batlleLike the bulletins of Npo
leon, wej douvt wnether u gives a true ar-
count of the kilteid land wounded i-tathef
Mr Calhoun's speech furr ishes wet pons
aesinst himself. wiihuwhicb one lesslcun4
ning of fence of. Gen Thompson could no
hve failed ito prick him deeper than theskin
jMr Calhoun' first attempted to show that
Benton is not the author of bis own bum-'
bug! He has stolen the Greit ExpungrV
tnunoer, ana seeKSjto appropriate me paier
niiiy of whst his friend Geo. iMcDuffietig
matized cs a viupenduous Imposture," to
himself, i'tlear him : r
b iroh
rom his speech
; Bt there is in mf opinion
vstiperable ohucticai against reporting
la thxx iJiiibi SubrriBaliir. result
lug from the fact lixati an exclijfeivjl j&pi f
Specie jo the treasury would,: tp gf'rf ie?
ncacy ana to prcvpm exieq?iT Bp--lion
and fraud, require an entM istonnecl-
Honi oti the part of lthe' gov
tlx banking svslan, in all 11
" Mr C made Jaj few observations on
a 1 00
Itnl .191
i 8 a 9
20 a 30
a I 00
a 1
' $78
54 a 6
1 f.: l i ;
.1 '-
l! llfUIiKKAW.
Molasses, S5 a 42
Nail, cut, 1 7
Sogar blown, ':' 7 -a 11
Lump, ; 16
Lnaf, :l ! 18 a 20
Salt. 70 a 75
Sack. 2121
Qbaccojeaf 31 a44
Uotton - oag. lb a 2d
Bale rope, 8 a 12J
Wheat new 1 t 1 124
Whiskey 00 a 45
Wool,: 20 a 25
8nmeof the slang objections to the Sub-
Treasurv. Araonir others be spoke? of the
charge of its being originated by Col. Ben
tori, and ! called I " Benton's Humbug "
This was not so. . S Gen. Gordon, of Vir
ginia, first introduced the measure, in 1834
He approved of the Divorce then; but
thouoht it premature.! Col.
auced tne: measure
Mr C, then! voted
ftfr a 5 Nails cut assofc 7j 9
J 4 a 15 wrought 16 a 18
it 2 a 25 Oats bushel 40 a 50
faMrtuVilOia.aSK-.- lamp ' i'i-- - $125
Itlef opelif llKi - I'seed 10 a 125
I pfjldl :12a a 15 t'otK TOUIbs 68
i: l0a 10UfcG lOOlbs A a fli
l75;a87i Sugar lb 10a 12
6 a 7 65 Salt sack $2 05 a
iW;ar44i; bush 87i a5l
boJl'DSDlbst 15 a 6 Steel Amer. 10 a 124
l a 12 l ea impe.1 a SI 37
Benton intro-
in the Senate, in 1836
against it, because ho
deemed it mpraetievbU at the time. He
proposed a U & Bank, for a limited time
on certain conditions, as a better and more
practicable plan to unbank the Banks so
that Gen. Gordon, jnras the first man wh
brought this measure into Congress." -j.
jNow all tnis is false. This is hirsh Jan
ge, we admit, but it is nevertheless siicii
gunge, ;and such only, ai the eircumsian.
justify nay demand. " We proceed to
shbw it f-:'j!'.fl!-i:..l -list.
Benton broached bis
schpme on the 7th Jmnary, 1
1836, as stated by Mr Calhoui,) on w
ti, : I ft' i
ItM? His uiendsantf the public, that he
iakp'tt t Se house' furmerlv occnniprl 1 hw.
9WKily filiate of; Mocks-,
j iplml-eoilaly, with the view of -keepinff
!flff?t Entertainment,
if iwriiy and comforiable, and in
'pll'ff wii- The subscriber
;8j4e""erti6ns to render satisfaction
!W!lSrla!U 0I - bna.; His Table shall
J7.l1 TOKJj'Pi Bar stored with the choicest
Wp are extensive " and safe,
he delivered a speech,
834, (and not
contest to be " between go
d on the
ciple 'of -the "Sob-llreasory scfteme.-Mjhp.
did not, there is no meaning ' in ? langoage.
Read, for example, the fbllowip baiagrf pfi
B . i
mm min
form f,i and
a resort to the stronffbox, as the means of
nrtxtprvlntT and crutding its fundsa! means
if practicable at all in the : pfiieni jaJ of
lAinfe-: hable to the ohiectiori M fteM fat
C ' . j , i j J : i : ' ill,," J5 :f
es.iae.' economkdl and ; ejmcfenl Aai the
1 1 ,
vrcvcni. t
v - I tl ' !
What does this fries n t
- -
that Mr Cajhourt deemed l he Sjb J teasory
a wise svstero, oi iui ii imcm ryrcj-
turellb resort to it f
the people as a racej
If I b hopes to mak jthem beliVea
which is rontiadirjled, instead ;V!
the sodden regard, of Van Buren, Cambre-r
leng, Kilesr 4rc &c. for Southern ibterfss
ajs we7have in tlieit attachment for. State
Ifights, who have alrays ridiculed the met
ja,pbysif al s notions of iVirgini-, rand j Wb:oJ
when South Carolina lifled MilhM banrier
of Stae sovereignty,! threatened tb obliteir-j
ate j evn geographical State jUnes jin e
blood of ber citizens! Truly, the- gra-i
muc ui -me nonest ixuuuyer" ana timifi
mnus, ror mese lavors. : exceeds tneir fsv
Uith ! If , any thing jean .equal the impu-
ence wt'h which these flaa as?iimptiorts
are urged, it is the credulity with which they
are shallowed down by the jdupes of a great.
Qamo.Ltvncfibursr ytrzimatrL ;
', -i v- , r , i ,
M but
a for-
of his
hat he
d yet
n ey
r a .-v.; if
. m ' ki . r-
lie mUsf yoolc iuoon
VI Hill MHpoucu i iwvun.
con rirmen, oy -iks oarrp woru8.;ij ill ! H:S5?!
The only fruw irti the extrhih we
haveffcited from Mr CalhonnV; Gnyi le
ppfelrV is, that one object which he propos
ed tb effect br the incorporation of the U.
S ;Bnk, was to 'uibank thei fttts
this w8 not, as he would : fain jmake
nftrihi p..-rr.ltisive obierl. That Wa!
Uin ate expression lor! Mr UalhOun; trtdeed
!i '.Li'" fL. '.L. t! iUUf - .
as, out lor m iiiai nuiucuiu uvuuut
ble to find a single phrase, in onp
speeches giving color to the iqea'i
was hosiue to those institutions s
it meant tiV kurh thk& ! Mr Ci
idently alluded to the! unprecedented 1 arir
oanserous expansion? vi ine : ibdkiii sb
tern, the consqMenie of GemiavMnfs
policy, and the direct rffeci of theestruc
tion lof the N attonal i Ba ink. I -W-Wtcb icould
only M again brougrjt; within safe limits lly
the reincorporation of ! such adljinstltution.
nast exDcvience haint? show ii that : tile
existence of a National Bank 'fipt INnly xt
al ainoi4 flia lamiaa v
proper bounds but that if alsd; ! prevented
their Haoeerous! multiplication . ili liatiMr.
Calhoun meant bv 'Mrhbankini thefBnks,!
then.jwas not tb piohbit the rpcipf Jher
.notesi lor no siicn iciea is eyeni rp.nioieiy
hinted at. but tb dimmish their ihi4rKer in
the first Dlace. find alterwards ! to retrain
them I rom excessi ve issues
atfemnts to oive to those wor
Is a
We are pleased to learn that tli$ j Uni
versity has again opened with the mbst flU
tering prospects i But liule morethaha
k of the session I has transpired, and
e are now 175 Matriculates, and! some
efghfeen or twenty more ready to enter.
rhe prospects of the I Medical jOeplirtment,
ir the! success of which much interest is
felt here, are very flattering; There "are al
ready about 45 students in that department
a no we nave every reason oeueye. win
be "upwards of sixty; Ja number Ifiilijrjequal
to any! previous session of the Institution.
We are not advised as to numberpin the
other School but; so soon as! the ! classes
are properlv organized, we will publish
full statement of the numbers in eacj
- I r ; A A Amte
The Richmond Compiler saVsJ Com
modore Elliott has on board the! Constitu
tion, a number of vert curious remains of
antiquity, which he Collected during bia
cruise in the Iterant, dug up! from the
plains of Marathon and Troy, : from the
neighborhood of Athens, Corinth, Snnium,
arid various parts of Slvria, and particular-
lyi irom Baibecrall parts ol;th txoiy Lanc?
and KffTPt " x : ' 9
we understand a number ol these re
mains have
a note
the person
infant on which this
M discovered which leads as fol- considered
is man profe
Dean Malam
ward : but it its ont
much forjvoo at this time.
iess3 t4 act, u
n uoDiuer ii"ci man 25 a r -
J Iliasres. The oc4aidra of iw-h rr-n
2 I leave rmr rhlfd '. tth I ca. I know. iwr rJ TV .. -,v : being the peron of my, first choice morl wpuin4 be has shown him-? If
10 raise my iniant. it is not intended that j uai? . ,n TO T f 0Ufr,Jr ncril
you areto have thU trouble without ire-K
of oiy :Pbrer to do 1. t7TO Xfff l?Jf !f ri:
have rich re- ia disanW k u.rt- -H '... nri, ialthi. P!re. Whe, mi the Jbiiibir cE
venient, I will make out money fir von. 1 1 o far foreet himself aaito tt th
leave this plac& bvY the first boat., Tke Ttfiai tbiajaadrieriof oar common c:
good care of iny infant, as riieumstances
Torhid ithat .I ishould; and if it live, you
will see that from time to timtsyou will re-
H 4 R W ELL, Of Alol:1. ? , ,
reive pay for - vonr trouble.
move' from this place, advertise
11 you re
tn the Ar-
rgus where you move to and whit you have
uone wiiq inejintant, as mere 1
of 3 or S400Q dollars it is now
nnless we know where it is, that cannot1 be
done, i -i,.!", J . ' ,
Itt unfortunate' Mother."
The; foundling is a female! about two
months old. ,, ; . j : : --- 1A'
ShouTd this notice meet the eres
While on the Clydi the other day, v
ashon at Prt Gjangow to hate a
most splendid vessel, the larg'st erer L
Britain, and we ireely Wnfess that I he t
ply repaid us for ithej visit. From the riv
British QaeetowinfT Jo?h?r
?am r a t f
is an estate
heir to, and
really is, hot is ypa ipproach her on fha
comparing heirwijtb other large veseU c:':.r
her Iremendoaa blk b-xa)s tnme -her
extreme leptth stfe tchio? 275 fett.'
1. I longer than the Urrei line of battle gll
esol the l a,. rtm a ,w. .L:i;,.-. . 1 4
nnnatural pare nts they may learn that Mr. standing,1ie is doubly so aiicr r
lyon lias j periorraed ihe obligations ira- mg the ladder and goioj apon deck,??,
posed n himiin an honorable and humane i"g flash H along, ia Mngth'anJ breadth ?
mannnpr, land thai he will, id whatever bles a tolerable street rWing clear nvr i
ieei ; ana over me paddle boxes 64 Tt-n,
The workmen arej employH in fnur r
ioterior. and she wilt bo ready to r"Cfivt
boilers and machinei jr in a month ; lnt V.
bff finished for fire or six months Tl
in her cabin is Urge tnonah for a ball n
the-materiaTs'are of lhel first 'qaahiv. ' ar !
WhileatlAsiille,I witnessed a practical fejfH
hibition of thl operation of the mich boasted 'JJ "h ?.t 'JffW n,f"rm"T f :
concerns the protection of the r abandon
ed offspring, fully discharge tli claims of
neipiess innocence
. . 1
Correspondence of the Charleston Courier.
W AaMl-SpiUNGsfN. C.) Aug J 18,, 1333.
eheen presented tolthe Uhiver- s affair, I learn that the U. &i
silv of iVa.-L A.nnntr whinhUm a PVl. ia-1 was wholly blameiess. j tie received the neces
exnibition 01 tb operation 01 tbe moc
sob-treasury! system.! The North Carolina
troops, who had ibeen engaged in removing the
Cherokees from this State, were assembled, at
that place, to receive pay for their service; and
instead of being paid off in gold and silver, in the
eonslitotianal currency, which they had a
,;-Kt . - e l i t i"llu"
wiiii niBBuu-ire!urj inBCtuaioumaiiou, or erwn
in treasory not, they were pat off wilh drafts
on the Manhattan bank! of New York, doubtless
roach to the profit of such specula tors as know
how to tarn such things to advantage. In this
rates ray-master
space set apart for lha passengerV benha v
can be compared to noihwj else than a 'harr
whicll he.did not dream of when .thf-
otter erf, is onlv another evidence, of
btdexlmtv and want ot ranuor.
ft -a i
valuable II orlc
Slupscnbers have iost Dublished a new
i m mm m . m-m V - -
Ida to (UnrL-s nf fnnrls. 5hr.
?rsJ,Cprjstablea and nher Officers, to
J '5,8(1 JJ ll VI r'io ..f V.. mm .n.l PL.a
useful for Attorn ies at
i,;,,f S unu
fjl'i:IK-HBSwar for the Officers above
WtltaiA (linnA Vlonot i r. .1 9.1
2 4 i ; ;T fc ai.iv.71 IIIUIOUQIISflUIC V
.e manner of opening 4 adjourn
M i Ill-?lFsf &c'' ) the mtxle ofrraigning
5jfSi,,8tn Capital cases j, be vaiicus
Irrfl $m QfSce. Fiirm rsf 1dinniT Lin.l-
yf'WM ! 1 Work not only contains
J1?9iSfefs ffttrh with Deraoieuitt ih dutip
'ffC goners, constables, -c. w ith
I l!Mf Process loi be used 7 by each ;
f -5 rj.i w? f" u i i nsi rumenis or
StHf a fttU leoitrr. which are not
ttnvlhere.. i
.1 7 i t i l . u nricp.
i eHll S8wil! te anxious to prf
Sm tmJi :M b examined, to
z:?c' on none
H 'ima l I IvK 1 1 . It
:i i4.
side and paper on the other,'? and read a
seiiesof propositions in regtrd to a gold
currency, which be proposed tb bring up a
adture.dayllAT,j lrti ' . " I f':--
i'u.. uen. uordorc 8 proposition was no
brntight forward in 1834; as stated bv Mr
Calhoun, but in Felirnarv 1835 ? jvl;
3d. In the proposition of Gen Gordon
to wnicn -rtir. vallioun bnds it so convenient
now to refer, 'there was not one word sud
about the collection pf the Goveinment dus
in gold and silver.; The Vspecie ; humbug" j
constituted no part jpf .his 'p(an.-Eyec,
.iberefpre, if his -proposition haa preceded
Behtdn's still t would not affectthe (claim
of jthe latfer to the honor of beginrjirg this
war uponBanks and paper money.
.' So muchlfoT Mr Cpalhoun'sizcs, and for
the paternity o the :frr76unr,i which
whether it be wise dr preposterous, good or
evil, belongs exclusively to Mr Benton. He
has;earnedthe distinction, and Mr Calhoun
shall not thus purloin it from him.-VVheth-
t - ft' ' L' ' ' -ill1 I ii i m .. 'I i
er, in auei-iimes, tno autnor oi tne tiumbug
be deemedj worthy of a crown of laurel or
a fool's cap, it shall jber placed on Benton's
neap ana on ins aione. , Mr uaibotin and
Gen Gordon must! be content to shine- in
stolen plumage. .Benton is the Peacock ,
tbey mere Jack-daws, strutting in the gau
dy feathers plucked from his tail.
But 4thly; Mr Calhoun. tells us that he
opposed the Divorce! in 1834, because) he
and again in 1836,
impracticable at the
time." The design j of this assertion is to
leau to the inference that he was then in
favor of the principle of the Sub-Treasury,
butjopposed it only recause he deemed it
prematnre at one time and impracticable at
another. Is this true ? Whv, it was but
the.otner dayl that we copied an extract
from his speech, delivered in the Senate,
inlS34 in which hd denounced the whple
proieci in unmeasured terms: Uid he
thnji, or at-anV time in 1836, avow his par
.tialiiy foV tbe tortnetpfe of this new finan-
cm system
was vpreroalure" orlMmoracticab e"?
ie now
: .i t
ey were
ihjis arn-
Like a
ftce bf the
: .11. 1.1! a w! L ii'
fortuna e iniMfle;dL If it
e political datii 1vhich
huh a in-illji piece ; of
iudocdi ib brdef
1 thought it premature'
because "he deemed! it ii
J and ex Dress mi rroret that! it
i' . ' . f" ' 1 J ' m,m ,
nature' or impracticabie"f j If o.
him lor his friends to show any al -
any; one 'of i his speeches, to the
which is not deprecatory and hos
tile in its character. The very same! ques-
lion is now oeiore tne countrv wbicn was
presented for its decision then. -to wit.
National Bank '.or! all Sub-Treasurv. and
wo call upon him or his friends to show any
thing .in the circumstances of those periods,
which, rnore than at this, rendered it pre
mature or impracticable ? It is a sheer af-
We defy
lusion, in
drowning man, he catches at ihe
which! be sees floaiing on tbe snr
stream. He will be
preserve him from tl:
he delerves for his base ftpostacy jalj
his patty and principle.', M j
A2in ;The official .acctint syBj:
'Mr U conclndPil iv a ?nst i eauti
histrafion of the dargfrHof jrhartcring
lionalfBank. He intrbanred ' c-nelbf
tatues'f.j i woodsmn
jhe Frest tb grant
timHef, a verrsjnall pice
that? he might make a ietie.fbrl-s
The lrest held a coiinfil, nd ja'lM'thiil
apparerrtlv moderate rrauest. The wtaods-
man RhapRd and fitted his tjclveiand returji
Ping soon felled ihe! frori-t around iliirb!
The axe. Mr G."remarfcedj was!ii'li BankJ
Givfe it a Charter, &. you supply! th te(v$
d sbon the tree of American liberty wilt
fall prostrate before it." ! ; i : m WDlH I!
This is a very ' pretty fHlebutidoes:iti
not sttiije the reader thai it may with: mbchl
more force and truth be applied to! a; !Gov-
rhraent Bank, managed J bly) political 'men,
tnan to a Xxaiional Baukl contHeji by
comm Tcial men, whoe interest it n keep
blpof rom parties, and lb have nb jpttnor
lot in their struggles for power ? Andj truly
U is sov j This Sub-Treasury is ltnel fAxel-
which ii ii oe oncp piaceujio uic nar us pi
the Federal Executive,! will soon be; aim
ed at! the root of our liberties i Wei i hank
Mr Ojtlhounifbr the illustration. jlt!j not
mbreffull of force, than in this application,
it is b( truth. That it has no application
to a national uiok, nowever, ia laifly in-
ferribli from .the, fact, that (br ".bearN the
Whole period of pur national existence, a
Bankllfas been chartered, and i 'the!Me of
Amer ican liberty" yet stands. Andlil its
trunk' lias been scarred, or any off its limbs
lopped off, the blow has been struck by other
hands-by Federal. Executive to whose
already overgrown & dailv increasing bow
er Mr; Calhoun proposes to alld that of the
Purfl-eyer the great instrument of cor
ruption, and the most fatal foe to jiieedom,
when lield by that branch of a Representative
government I But if this fable has any ap
plication to a National Bank.jWhailsltslf be
said ofj John C Calhoun, who. ib 1816,
gave the Bank a Charter, and whbSSn!i834,
urged a renewal of this charter, jo piefer
ence to the Sub-Treasury i scherae,--what,
we askj shall be said of lf Calhbyiiif jhe
indeed put a helve upon the axb, ubder the
ifv0r,i " ii wuuia oo employed in
ken from th-chanhel of Corfti. and a niece
of a capital, of theTbrnplejof Bacchus.! at
Tyre, wiih the appropriate1 devices-.alsb a
Jug, found entombed in the 'Island of Ce
rig, two large Grapie Cannonj Balls six
feet an(la half in diameter, taken from the
channel of the! Dardanelles, and an Eafdet
' ' ! I . - I '- 1 . 1
nut oy an American Artist, trom a iragment
of the Stadium at Alexandria Alll of these
articles, except the Balls, have been receiv
ved at the University. i I heir great weight
renders it exceeding j dimcnit to j transporl
the balls to the place of destitution ; but
so soon as boat nayigtiiin is resumed, we'
presume they will be forwatdfd to4he U-f
niversitv. ! r Mi lb
the navy!
The Pensacola O az e tie o f A u g. 2 5 th con
s a rail for a meeting of tbe ollicers
cotirsie t le pursued in red tence to;
gainst them.
i iinvy on
that station, to deliberate on
latelv ipade in the Globe a-
shoe, with small apartments with "doul 1
one above the other t ori each side, in the
part ot the vessrl there aro addiHonal I
to have aecommodtior.3 f
bout four hundred . passengers :f the p i
between tbo differerij! suites of aparimen! .
Ilieir arrangement, rivalling those if a r
well furnishedj hotel.rhe hoKisalso-the ;
capacious we ever saw, and will afford t
anc of atowagw. f ..:
The paddle boxes ar entirely outside f,- c
alkali interfere with the sweep rf her t
wnicn sianua at present irotn 33 f 40 fen
ary amount m treasury notes, in sums too large
for transfer id-the way of payment. ITha North
r i: . i i. i-r 1 j . ' : . -
varoiiua uaim reiuwq 10 receive mi; nuies on ,r ' ' j Jt Jt T
deposit to beiccfeed on by the Paymaster, and .Irii SlYSm I ma,ner' c: ,
he'was ,bliged Vo make his arrangements with Sjftf 9
a bank in New York. This is a practical com- J 't T 1 f&P?0
meuiary on the U treasury pcdicyJending to &?tdS ''v
show its impracticability, and'thathe povern- i&Lt inTI
ment cannoJ even pay troops without nhe aid . 3 '
and a-encyt banks - r S rnonumrnt oHhe rrejist.b e power and pr
. C J . . nf SClnAA. rhn eifht trill ha vnnra ltf
A very intelligent .gentleman who" had Ira- " " . ii:Tii:r.i.V kV ,
veiled through alconsiderable portion of the up V5aiTfe
per part r.f ionti Carolina, informs me that the hTft&T- i?
Ln a nf . J..;, ' , kuJ k. .k. board, and the interior in a more forward t
promise of accrricropis most abundant, but that s- a .0r r.,,. T. nu - .
daily visited by hundreds of admiring spprt
'. . '.: ?i . j' I -' ( r Jldvcrti .
- ?C7 Arihuriltappan, who seem? to !
sunk; somewhat into fcbscntity for .sometime
was one or ibe'bai i)l Uavjd Jta2gie, the !
thief, who detvea on -th nprrn man r
We hasten at tbe requestor the writer, to. in- j Darg of New Orlfinir Arthur makrs !h
rt the fillnwmy. I h snoprh In Which it r. I inruinM.a nn tliainU.A
(he Cotton is even less advanced than it was at
that time, last year, and nothing bat la! very late
winter is iiKeiy to prevent a snort crop.
! iBljRMlNGHAM. j j
From GalignanVs Messenger.
At the recent Harvest linn e celebration
Delaware. County JiPennsylyaniaL! Mr"
George Lei peri stated that he lately! visited
ihe grave of Mr. Jefferson, and found! il iri
a forlorn condition.'' It is n the estate at
Monticello, which we believe, is oiviied
Lieutenant Levy, now in Europe J Mr,
Lei per says "The neglected and dilapidl
ateu home of the patriot and philosopher
showed the ravages of time, and the w.hist4
ling wind of a cold December ! mining,
piercing every crovice of this celebrated
mansion, gave so!eioniyto the! occasion, &!
a scope to rfflrctionrrtj.e8silyiobe fbrgot
ietiil ! The only persoi I met thfre wasj a
police old Irish ladyj, v:ho, for a Sinajl fee
gratified the curiosity bf the , stranger and;
traveller by .throwing jbpen thp empty add
cheerless rooms fur their inspection jHow
changed every thing from what it had been.
Patriotism, philosophy, fami y fashions,
friendship, all had fled fand vanisljd; frith'
thejmaster spirit who directed them. Alone
I visited his grave. The gale of the gar-;
dei was open, and on the right aide!.aishoirtl
distance, from the entrance, aliewi bricks
laid on the fl it side distinguished the grave
of Jefferson from the oibers within the en-
1 A
plies appeared, in o'ir journal of Tuesday last :
; " The: notoTHias Daniel O'ConneM, in a
speech delivered at Birmingham at thai celebra
tion of the negro emancipation in the West In
dies on trie 1st instant ; amqr.g oter things,
tot.k occasion, io make the follow i rig ; statement :
' I was going inja the House of Commons the
other! evening uihen a tall gentlemaBlyf looking
man, learuind Jajik, ad dressed me'ISir,! am a
stranjier, and wish to seethe house ofCbinmons,'
I replied, ' I will do what 1 can to! accommodate
a stranger. Yod are an Aaieneanj Yes,
And a slave owner, 1 1 pre
Then I will have nothing to
ow, scarcely one word of this
is,true ;nd I hssten to clear all Americans, es
pecially southerners, from the gross aspersion
which is imil:ed im the statement thatlanv Ame-
Stage in rather bad ccn:;
isiaicen me nwd in ,
nstifutional Ufforr).,
for Dirorce. - why c' r
1 . ' 7
torins, - who seeks c s
from Alabama.i
sum ?' j ' Yes.
do wjth too. S
" Fanny -Wrigh
York, in behaTi
is a fit advocate
matrimony in all i
aesecraie me aomrsne auar, ana to pcim
only blUs ibat h!a$utviyed the fall.' Wi;',
Mormons and Sduatiers against us in the V,
no me Aooiiiioniss mna jnaueis in iho .
we sbill have aljseyeie struggle but it u l
a glorious de$iny!jeren o bv defcj .
test against thesejijnsjruments of anarcl.j
Literary. A Gavel has Just been pi;!."
by Messrs. Carey! lart,ofPhiIdelpLb, x.
the title of Rifhard JIurdis, or ihe Av?
of 11 ood, a 1 ale 61 Abrabam.1 l he r
riancould.roratioment6o far.fbrge himself as citea ate qtdteintiptfared'with1 It,'' and r
tosk of this reekls calumniator the slightest criosity i?W iMto lo . isceitain the n-.:
faVor. Th.s I iNiok the greater dot, as tbe a- lbe .mbor,iwho Is b& tob a person tf c
' 1
prostrating the "tree of American liberty"?
If be j! now a patriot, was he not then by
Ijis ow:r showing, an eneuiy of his Country?
wi.ivivioiuii me cuuuiit. ii nn
as then a
Let his friends
I? 1 tj .
I is
rjatnotiwhat is he now ?
answef v-" .u-ru
As to ihe effects of thi f:bfLTl.U.
shemopon the South. w hkvefUril4 m
la IjWf , he opposed the rpa- say .the hive just is little conllle ib
Louis (3fis80urt) JtTk
JJugust 22. : i f i ;i
On Monday last, a female of respectable
appearanceeighteen o twenty years of
age, having an infant in, her arms, ; entered
the store of Mr. LyonsJ on .Market! afreet,
(who is now absent on k visit to the east)
and purchased articles to the amount of
18, for which she made! paymentj ilVben
about to wi tbdra w, she (remarked that jhav
ir.g to go a short distance, she would, with
Mrs!. L's permission, leave ths child for a
tewj minutes!, whensh would re turhil
Th sleeping child wasaccofdingly laid on
a pallet that was prepared for it-which,
with the articles purchased and a bundle,
he left in charge of Mr. Lyons. Minntes,
hours, passed, night approached, and I the
Child remained uncalled for. f it had been
; S ;
bove statement is published in all the London
and Paris papers, and, displaying as jl does a
speciesof maj gpijy. entirely novel, s read by
all. The occorrejnee w hjch he pretends to .re
fate, and which hp has so grossly misstated, hap
pened with myself, and is as follows 3 !
It was on Sundiy evening succeeding the cof
onation of the Quen of njlaod, w ben suppos
ing neither house of Parliament in ! session, I
had gone down to the House of Commons, in
tending to look at the interior of that! and the
House of Lords. Vhen I. reached the door of tbe
HtMise of Commons the ! oobrrkeeper! informed
me thai ihe Commons were in session ; at tbe
moment he pointedvout Daniel O'Connell, who
Was approaching, and said be won Id j give roe
an order to heart! e da bate if 1 would ask , htm'
I had hardly time to reply that I should do no
such thing.jsvhen raving arrived the doorkee
per said to him. air U tonneli have you a!
spare order for this gentleman ?' Reiaembering
as f did, his former calumnies upon the Ameri
cans, I should have Forgotten the respect due to
my country and myself, if I could have accept
ed an order frbm him '; and I at once 6aid to him
Sir I am an Anjierican and a Southerner.
(This intein?ence which I gave him be has
made his own! sagacity supply.) H replied.
' Yon are ! then from a slave holding state-
' Yes, from Alabama. Yob are a slave-holder
yoaiself I presume f Yes. Tbeii I cannot
give you ao order. Sir it was the door-keep
er who asked you : oo American would ask or
receive one i mm you.- me cna racier oi .mis
an is held in ver much the same estimation
England and America. j;
In proof of this I could cite many facts, some
or wnicn occarrea anaer my; own eye ; dui i
have no disposition to add to thai-weight of io
famy which time a ad bia own exertions are ao
rapidly accumulating upon him. Certaio it ia
that this gratuitous insult and outrage upon the
; feelings of a foreigner must add to that isfamy.
all eoiignienra
hich grow ill -
abandoned to strangers j and Mr. '- "L.
charged with the gaordianship. On
-r--. wi.M, mwmm .wUU, iitt"- ' DFNuinz ia ai mu (imes caioaiajs w rcw ,
faxions articles of iufani's clothing, and oo. tod were any natiob to avow the priociplec op-
and be doubtless reaarded . bv
I'C'ioili.timaH1 Milk J'tmtmmt
erable eminence, whose nam. wiihht.J
personal considera)i6ni woald, if, disc!
lone give extensivjei circulation to the wcr!:.
story is described ajji one of crime and bl;: '
found; on facts toil H vey remote, i and e '
apjpaljtng scenes oCniroity io our country .
4I !; M t ! -n-,',
A letter from London says ;!
i At her Majesiyi'l slate dinner, given r
25tb insiani, at!Buckii2ham Palace, Jl r !
son, Us lady,aa4 r j?hn VaniBuren, t:
of your President, jierW among the guc V.'
And agaib. speailnj of a poVlic 'dinner :
on the occasion bfljayiiig the ccrner sur. .
Hospital, it is slid S A l r
' The Piesidenty sou was also prrsc -: ,
wasjreceived with kll honors due ihe s t .
first officer of the great! republic !
Really, there! isvH getting to be rat?
much of this. The tnon of odr Presu';
fers no honors or digtwiy opon his sons.
Mr Van B area was elected PrefWent, ii
not designed, we pijesuWie, to elevata Li
familr iPct. InleWgpuer.
The Wellinglob
and tbe United: $meh. from Liverpcd.
dates to the 14th all
Fromfa.y.; j Umerican, S(?t. V
I.ATER FllfJjl KUliVrL.
, Tf.-fc-..:.?--
packet abtp froa L'
t 1 : i
importance to cs z:
pripe of American Cc: i
harvest in Oreat Lr
conceded, tarn cut iz i
Tbe Items of'mok
imorovemerit in the
tod the fact that the
- J :- a L" 1
would, it seems to oe
?eni Hamilton bfjSoatb Carolina h23 r
tilted the South Carolina Loan, with at.
reapecUble MercaatUe.Hou6e in London,
r 5lr. Muhlenberglltie United States
ter, arrived at Vienna
awards tat latter c .-
. ' '3. iM
1 4 4 PI 3 p i- -
B T) p !Srt4U
! I.!
I i

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