North Carolina Newspapers

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SSifer argW as other subsen-
IcKrUl natpayjalingbe
3 biIP4 Doirfsjn a Beasts,
:iiMlHfcini be receded for lW
at the on-
are paid
MWtVfWRf the Etor ranst W pl
frtis FCT square Jar each bv
trlUmmiVM :cbai;gdl 2a per cent,
f ti4f.Mfi tniWcanjtinued until old j
55, a CO
8 !a9
2 a 30
01 a 10
, 85 a 90
ugar, br.
- u loaf,
- 10 a 12
18 a 20
10 a 12 i
- 8 a 20
v clean, v a'w
. SO
I Tallow,
a 374
Tow-lihen 1G a 20
AVheat, (bushel)' Si
Whiskey, 45 a 50
Wool, (clean) - 4Q
j. r
r a i oo
Molasses, ,
35 a 42
r 7i
it ;j on
Nab, cat.
;13 a 14
Suarbtown,- 7a II
Lunip, 16
Lnaf, 18 a 20
a I3i
8 a.9
a!t. . 70 a 75
20 a 30
1 00
Tobacco leaf 31 a 41
Cotton bag. 1G a 25
U&le rope, : 8 a 125
Wheat new 1 a 1 121
Whiskey 00a.45
$7 a 8.
tHSlStihiiiA yehise the year.. ; i
tirJiilMlsiniftht'wiir ben inserted for
t.'tS I
jiiof li sed
? tr' t'l 4 Si
ed on
i$ a ti
. 20 a 25
;', CIIEtlAWu
i;a'5 Nailalcnt 8ssor: 7i a $
4 15 Wrought 1G a 18
hm:MmuHW-i& Mats bushel 40 a 50
$wixyp02jOil,l j.-. , 75 a
110 a 125
ifeltfiiiaa: 15Porkl0Ol
G a $
xffitirtSrMf 10 a ;i &$JUce 1 001 bs 4ia'M
I(irMsh!iy J Sutar lb ' 1.0 a 12
oarbrliSliar7G5 Salt sacK $2.05 a S3
English 14
mm Gttmzn 12 a 14
puji; ea uope.91 a 91 oi
y 1 v-. 1 - '5 r; ! -t. . r
FCtSjhit jttieods and ile public; that he
dMteeth(ll house formerly occupied by
U'CEf. VilCpt!. in t!)A viT r.f Mnolre.
Piepawth the lie w. of keeping
oe;Hj rupinx and comfortable, and in
rVWTOWe -'townUll The subscriber
IMItxcriions to lender satisfaction
1 .
on him.
His Table shall
Wpi'ed with the best the coqri-
?M!ftpMbIis4re-eite'&8ive' and safe,
':'H1f;T't20iia, rrovinder, and alien-
51 or A.
r$ have jusjt ! published a new
M BOOK, f i
aide .0 Clerks of Courts, Sher-
Sisyifcr itiJJ,vi. i,.ki- vv.t-
uilfbr thi Oflicers above
I'W.tQf'W jlMandahnosi!inJisnensableto
heirtittea It is the
l :'f W Nh?cnl?e;rsl know .of, w here
'If tumTtHfr of op'hing 4- at?j.urn
pSS'IfWli a 'tHe proclamations l
4-wWiiP'f ic--) l'b' indue of
the vauoos
1 1 f
.ftlisilorms different' kinds
:'Ti"AYoj-k 'dot opiy contains!
fofth r wtihFjpVrsjjicaitj the duties
tliCfrohers. cltables. 4c.wiih
of! process to be used bv each :
aj$fofiimportairinstrument8 of
feUMai luiiienzin. wnicn are not
i pWf ' iirice. believing
V2TO.Wer be anxious ; to : pro-
n.fMas 10. 09 exarameo, 10
1 tkHr V. I lilt' If C. KM I I Ml II AT W
!itcsci-iption done
V.- 1 vvll
pa iwms
1 -!y';ea S I'
1 l -;; "JfryMSvaDies ann inner uiucers, 10
(v?fi!.V:Neiyr';i4t.:rms andtPleas.
lirf'llkl.-fcki tor Attorniesat
Vf VICE b -W Ciiizen If SaHhbary nd
icinity. II occupies the brick fficcof lhe:laie
Salisbury j Nl C. may 12, lSlSinsidefltf
to sell thw IIous4 and Lol
T WilkesborouL'h. Vitoated iinWdiaiely. -
front of i ho jtoart lloue, suitable fjr publicba-
Tsia.pT of jiMmm
s Lyin'ff in th Tieniiy.w Also, Vine
t !
) i L
.1 '
rnrfttM famiTv V It'll I f'.V
If not 6ild betjre the 9th of October, jhey il)
be leased for one year, at which time a variety
of neat ;';H h: li t . "t: ' l: '
Hoiischolil & Kitchen
will lie sold. ijTerras will suit the purchaser.
Major John Fmley will attend to applications
made in the absence ot the suoscriber.
Sept 22, 183S 39
"DURSUANT to a decree of the Court
JL . Equity, f ;
Term, 1838, the
the premises, j
Rowan county, at September
Clerk and master will sell at
i w
i M,
! - ; 1 . ill i 1.1. -. I i . . ' .
belonging to ile heirs at law, of Petef lexler,
deceasad, lyinor; oh Second creek, adjoining tbe
for the porjpo?e t distribution on be Sih day jot
October next,! on1 si 'credit of 12 monthsi (sub-
jpcttiile wjidoiws jdower ) Bond and approved
for the I purchase ; money will be
the davlof salei the purchaser to l.av
nr 6 the farther order on he oourt o
Sppt 29,
"OUUSCJAT 16; a decree if the Corirtlof
JL F.auiiv. fiir Rowan cbuntv. the Clerk and
paster will sell on the premises
I v ; 1 H 1 1: tii ;ii . .-V
blonffint'o Johrt ICasper and others, lying op
the waters of JJuich second creek, near the Uj
. 2. - - . 1 i. .V ' - ' 1 . B
an meeting house, and containing i ". ;
to be sold for distribution .: on the I3ih day iof
. .
October: a credit of twelve months will be a4-
lowea,; ano oona .wiinrappTot'o secuiiijr iur iuc
pu rchase moneys required on the day ot sale.
Sept 29, 1838 SwlO
j 3 .
t "tic
E a
h the
Tf Y Order ef the Court ot Equity lor Rowkn I ance the Clockinaker ia madeto njake good
JO countv. the Clerk and masier will sell ariia of the time in commumcatinni lielr 'oer-
Uie Court house in Salisbury on the 20th day (of
November netl.itwo ttactsof
9 i I
f ingnear Thiatira Cbnrch, adjoining the lands j
of AHeoderSon,Jphi:McCynnau2hey andoti-
vers, one containing-bj , . S I
belonging to the Jieik-at .Caw of; Jacob Kesler.
dee'd. acredit.of:12n1onUis will be allowed, ana
bonds with approved security for the purchase
money, required on the da? or saie.
SJL.HUrulu OifAl-uaw, m m. x..
Sept29, 183S-
TT Y Virtue of a Decree of the Court of Equi
JLf it for RowSn Coiiniy, the Clerk and ms-
tr -will sell on the premises, on the 17th 'day ol
November next, a;uu v V - . :
belonirW to Ellen fTurper. ori which the late
William Dancy residejd, and joining the Uoda qf
William DanevJ Doctoi S Kerr, and olheiSA
credit of ia months fill be gowed, and lon
af ith approved securb M Pcase money
reouired on the dav of sale J
tj .'I I 1 ' . '! ' 11 I ' - ' .'
e is sooicthing iq ths stanias, to
- The
ns 1 inexpressible nathetic
mournful ;
. -I iM 'A V -l
they arefindeed cautilul i
(ul exceedingly,?: and
1--Y i ' i If! pilr,'
n poets might welt
such as any ot our; own poets
be proud ot " ' Edinburgh
J5 Fiiu. !
On yonder shore, on yjoipdeKsSireJ
il !'
I !!' W
Novl verdant with ihe depth' of
Beneath the white armed sycamore;
Li. I. -I : 1 . .1 I . i ll
I Thcfe is-W litcle Infantl laid, i j 1 1 j
wrgijrfe this tea a br other1 ween3--'
Tis thlere tke -faded flow ret sleeps. I
. !n
Y $he slep3 alonel sh sTieeps alone;,' jf !
Andlsummer'i forest o'er her ivave;.;;
And sffthinif winds at autumn moan
j UrouW the UtUe strangers' grave j
!A thilgh they marmqred kt thfaie;
Ut one so lone and desoiatei .N
' t i '
In sonfid3 that seems like Sorrow's own.
rbeii funeral dirges fain tl
1 foenJ deen'nifHr to an org-an tone.
il i :
Iriall ill ieir solemn cadence sweep.
And pj)o!r, unheard, along thehwdj
Their desert anthem o'er a childi I f M f i I I
r.-;rH: -v-l- -iv1-"
She cam and paissedv 1 Can I fbrgi ; v
How we whosl hearts had I ailed her birth.
Ere ihre j ao lumbal sores had setiV! jl
! Consigned herito her mother Earth! i ', ; j
Joys and their meraorief pass away ;; Hiii '
put grief are deeper ploughed; than they.' . !
jr :-! ; :-. - ! - 'i f i
We laid her in her narrow cell, ?i!i,ir:"i
j We helped the soft mould en her breaist, ll
And parting tears like Irain -drops; fell i l I
j Upori l er lonely place of ret. :f i'i'v.J
May ang
els srnardi
it. rhav thev bless
Her slombersin t
fie wilderness.
' I ' I i t:
She sleeps alune, she sleeps slne
I For, all unheord, on yonder shore,
1 The sleeping fl.od wijh torrent "jmoanl
T T At evening hn Its sema roar,r I
Asjin one broad, eternal tide, I W ' J
TheN rojling waters on A'aird glide.. ;:
'''! '1 't '. ' ' '-X'i ! !!
There js no marbl monument,! .
! There is no stone with, grtvenlie;
' Toitellof Ijvo ar.d virtue blent ! I
J ' 8- - ' I 1 . ( I
In one a'most tub good to die;
3 Tli
We needed no such qseless trac
To ptiint us t her resting place.
She sleeps alone, s
e sleeps alone
But midst, the tears anhJ April shbwers,
The genioa of the
iah Ktro'w
llts irms " fruits, his rest flaversll
And cast his robe of vernal biootn, H 1
rfii. t !,. ' e . !' ' ' ." V i - '' . il jf
if iTnirrtnn liimlnns: n o liar lumhi
She sleepsalone, she sleeps alone
I But yearly is heir grave turf drtssrd,
And siil the summei vines are thrown,
I j In annual wreaths aciuss her breast j
1 And still the sighing autumn grieves, !
And s rews the hal
owed spot with
V Second Series.
Hit Cidck'maker, or the Sayings
ings of Samuel
The present tobr
Slick of pikkviUe
is presumed to be from
Windsor or SheiUirn, ' and so blong the
rnast to Ha lifax : and dunriti' its i cbnlinu-
tmentVand dry remarks to his fellow travel
liri on trie voluhtarv! Vsiem. elect'ivecouni
cls slavery, smugling, Canada, shafnponi
ing the English, and twenty other 5 matters
of no small interest, wf;icli though I often'
treated jocularly, are always treated sigriifi-i
cantlv add ablf . 4 i . ' '.. W
i l he chapter on the voluntary syslem is
capitally illustrated by tbie opposed charac-i
tc rs and practises ot a nypocntical spouter
and a truly teligious pastor ; and. Slick,
shines in all his nlorv asia sktcht;r of ! the
fitst, w hp happens to be an did shMtel-
c( hom h
be finds niost poihforla-
bly and luxuriously located' tn one of the
f 1 . ' . ... I. . ' i t: u ?
new cutes laieiy nuut in Alabama, lie pre
faces the story of hislvisit with in axiom of
nerieral ' ibnlieationL!: " I it 14 .!!
r t ; I i i':
i hoever uas tbe women is surej of tbe
men, yoii may depend, squue; openly of
secretly,directly or indirectly , they di? icon
lie, somehow or another, to have their
. M' 1 l t .. L i . .i i ii i".t till
own way in the end. and. tbo' tbe men
have the reins, the women tell em jwhicli
wiyj to drive. Now if ever you gofor tp
cap v ass for votes, always 'canvass th s mi es
arid you lire sure of the husbands J '4Mil tl
itaticg lntrouuced ntmseit to Ahab: Mel
drum's richly furnished and beautiful house
the following narrative describes tb J rest:-4
I was! most darnted to sit down ra the
chairs they were so splendid, fol! fear !
Uhonld anile Vm Trm mir',kr. JnM
8ndUmps ,and pictuiesi and Jrlnkuni
faui and wtionslof ta)l sorts aM mM
in; rL -t Ij looked like a bazar a'most, at was
filpd with such an tTeriatjng9 sight p
riosities. The room was considerably dark
loo for be blinds was shot; and I was
skatM to move for fear o'dom ; misbhief.
Presenily an coroeshab; slowly satlfii tr;
like a boa droppiodowli stream To a icalof
ftfh pair o' purpld; slippers oaj and I Hfi
ured silk dressin' gound od carrying almost
a beautifulbound book ija bis. baad" j Ma!
I presume('says hey to inquire i who I f hive;
ihe onexpected pletsarelfseeingUhiJmol-;
riin? If you'll cist thro open on ofltherSil
are shutters, says I, I gess the light? wil
safe us the trouble of axin, named. I know
who you be y yoorw oicie any how, tho its
cdnsiderhlsofter! than ft was ten! yeirs f!!
grp PraSarii Slickf-naysl Iwhatfs Mft
n)f at least Verily, said, he, friend S4mtil
Pd glad to see you, andfhow did vou leavo
iht excellent manLand dJsiinguisUed scbofc
afkhe Rev Mr liorjewel;andi my Jgoo
friend your father?-, hi tlie J old gejitlet
man still alive ? If so, ie must anow be
ripe full of iparss he Is full of hrnors !
Yob mother, I think 1 lieer'd. was dead-
gathered to ber fathers jpeacQ be with her?
She had a good and a kitd heart. 1 1 )pved
6er as a child : but tbe Idrd taketh vlhorn
he, loveth. Ahab, says iVf-haye. but I ileja
minutes'to stay with yoa,and if you Ibirik
tip 'draw the wool oyer rpjj eyes, it might
perhaps take! you a longer time than you
are. athinking on, or tha 1 hove to spare!
-inero are some iriennsi you've iorg.ot to
inquire after tho'- there's Pol'y Bacon and
her "little boy; Spare roe, Samuel, ipare
me, my friend, says he open not fthat
wound afresh, I beseech tfiee. Well, says
I none o? your non sense then , shev me
then into a room where I Scan spit, and feel
to home, and put ray feet
without adamasin' thinffs.
smoke and chat witb you a few minutes; in
fact! I don't care if 1 stop; and i breakfast
with you, for I feel considerable, peckish
this raornin.' Sam; says He. at akin hold of
my hand, you were always ! right up. and
down, and as straight as a shingle in your
dealing's. I can trust vdu, 1 know,, but
m ind, and he put his fingers oh bis lips
mum is the word ; by gones are by gpnes
you wouldn't blow an old Ichum among his
friends would yon, I scorr a i. nasty, j darty.
me4n action, says Ias do I nigger. Cpme
toiler me,4heo, says he, anjl he led meintp
a back room, with an oncarpeted painted
floor, furnished plain, and some shelves in
it, with books, and pinesjaod cigars, pi g-
tail and what not. ilere'ai liuerty.iiall, said
he, chew, smoke or spit al you nlease V tin
as yoi: like. here; we'll thrpw off all reverse
now: but mind that cutsed ntiser ; he has
a foot like a cat. and an ealjor every key
hole dont talk too, loud.
iiwuk. 1 ir Eii) uaui) soil
he, I'm glad to see yon loci my boy, it puts
me in mi'no of old times. IMany's the hrk
vou and I have had together in Slirkvilh
When old hunks it made tne start, that he
rpoant Mr Hopewoilv and it made me feel
kinder1 dandry at fiim, fo 2 wouldn't!, let
any one speak disrespect fulpf him afirroe
for nolhin,' I know.) when old hunks
thought we was abed. 1 hem was
days-j the days o' light eels and ! light;
haarts. I often think on 'fm, and think on
cjii l with pleasure. 1 Wil, Ahab. says I,
I tloii't gist alfogrthprknowjas I do; trjere
ar1 some thiols we might gist as well a'mo&t
havej let alone, I reckon ; but wh-uVrdone
is dope, that's a fact Ahum I said he; so
loud, 1 looked round and seed two niggers
bringin' in the breakfast, and agrarvd ope
it vas tea and coffee, and Ingian ,corn.
anil cakes and! hot breadj and cold fish,
fowlj and flesh, roased boi!d; and fried ;
pnsarves, pickles, fruits; in short; etfery
thing a'most you could tink ion. ou
n&sdp't wait, said Ahab, to tle blacks ; I'll
rirg foryou when I want you, we'll help
qurselves. i We.ll, when I looked round and
sei-d this critter ahvm' this way . on the fat
tho land, up to bis knees
in clover 1 like,
it did pose me constderab
e to know 1 be
worked it so cleverly, for he was thought
alWays as a boy, to be rather more than half
opder; baked, considerable; soft like.: So,
8ay9, 1, Ahab says I, I calculate you're; like
the cat we used to throw but of minister's
it r , j -? -
garret window, when wp was aboardin'
there to school. How7oSara? Said be.
Why says I, you always seem to come !bn
your feet somehow or n not ber. You halve
got a plaguy nice thing of it here ; that's
fact and no mistake (I he critter bad tbjfepit aiii't prettv at all; Now-; said I, Ahab I
thousand dollars a year;) howon airth did
you manage it ? I wish in my1 heart 1 had
atakeri nip '.he trade o' preaching top ; wfjen
it does hit it-does capita Iv, that's sarlin.
Why Says he. if youTl promise not toilet'
on to any one about it, Tl tell you. j I'll
keefi dark, about it, you may depend, sail I.
I'm net a man that can't keep
nothin'I in
my gizzard, but go rjght 'off and biart
out al( 1 hear. ! 1 know a thing worth j two
of that I gtiess. j Well sayjs he, tt's donpby
a new rule I made in grammar the femi
nine: gender is more woilihy than tbe neu
ter. and the neuter more! worthy than the
masculine ;! I gist soft sawder the women.
It'taint every man will Ietyou(tickIe hi tri ;
and ifiyou do, hell raakte faces at yon en
ough to. frighten you ipto fits; but tickle
bis Wife, and it's electricklt-be1i laugh like
any thing. ; They are the fbrred wheels,
atari Hthem land tlie hiftdj ones fbllowjbf
itoufsej Now it's mostly women that tend
mectin1iere ; the menfplkshave their ppl
tics and trade jto talk OTerJ&nd j what pxr,
auu aiuiums : DQl tae 12Q1CS BO CODSiaer
able regular," and we Jiavp to depend Ion
tbeii; tbe dear critters: 1 1 1 Itistt lay roy self
out to get tbe blind side o'lhcm. nn'd I an-
gar and gild the pill so zs io mtke it
pretty IP look at and easr to swallar. Last
Lor'ds day, for instance, I preached on the
death of the bidder's soh; Wel(, drew
such arpictor of the lone watch at the sick
bed, the patience, the kindness, the tender
ness of woman's heart?, their forgiving dis
positions (the Lord forgive roe far saying
so - tuo,p for if there s i. created critier
that never forgives, it's women;, they seem
to torgtve a wound on their; pnd and it
skins over and looks all beaPd up
touch 'era on the sore spok a'gin
like, but
and see
I tJ. .1 . : , ' " " 1
iiuw cuie meir memory is meir sweet
temper, soothers of grief; dispensers of joy.
of the feminine gender always, then I would
up with)-a quotation from Walter Scott.
They all1 like poetry; do !the ladles; and
snaicespere, scott and Byron, arei amazin'
lavuurues; iney go cown mucu better tu an
thetn old fashioned sUves of 'o' Wiis. J ,
Oh woman, in ouif hour of ease, I 5
Uncertain, coy, and bard to 'please,
,T And variable as the shade j
; By the light quivering aspen made ;
When pain and anguish wring the brow,
A ministering angel tbbtii' j 7 ! f
if 1 didn't touch itoff totbe shines it'a a
pityv I never beerJ you preach so well,
says4beLsihc fou fwas located !bere.i I
drew it from nitur?,;says) j, a squezinj of
her hand.. Nor never so tducbtn,': says an
other. You know my mod die, says I, look
in' spooney on her; I fairly sbeid tears,
said a third ; bow often have you drawn
them from me? Says I. ' So true says tbey,
and so nateral, and truth and nature' is
what we rail eloquence I feel quite proud,
says I, and considerable elated my Admired
sisters for one who can judge sol well js
the ladies of the truth of the description of
their own virtues ? I must say felt some
how, kinder inadequate to the, task too, 1
said fur, the depth and strength: arid beau
ty of the female heart passes all understand
in When Mefi'em T heard'eui say, ain't
he a dear, roan, a feel'm roan, a sweet crit
ter, a'most splendid preacher ; none p'your
mere moraT lectures, but a real right down
genuine gospel preacher. Next day I re
ceived to the tune of one hundred dollars
in cash, and fifty dollars produce, presents
Horn one and another. The ! truth is, if a
minister wants to be popular,! he should re
main single, for then the galls all have a
chance for him j Jbut the - moment fie mar
ries he's"up a tree; his flint Is fixd then;
you may oepeno us gone goose wun nim
arter that ; that's a fact. No, Sam; they
are the pillows of the temple, the dear little
critters lAndtril giyetyoii aij! wrinkle for
your horn, perhaps you ain'r got yet, and it
may be some use to joij when you go down
a tradin' with tlie benighted colonists in
the outlandish JJntish provinces. - 1 ho road
to the head lies through the heart. Pocket,
you mean; instead of hea. I, I guess said I;
if you dont travel that road full ehisil it's a
pity. Well says
I, Ahab, when I go to
tell Mr Hopewell what a
Shckville V. gist
most precious, superfine, superior! darn'd
rascle you have turned out ; if you ain't
No. 1 letter . I want ip know who is,
that'd all. You do beat; all Sain, said he ;
its the system, that's vicious, and not the
preacher, j If 1 didn't give 'em the soli
Sawder they wouid neither pay roe noi hear
rnje ; that's! a fact. Areyou so soft in the
born now, Sam, as to suppose the galls
would take the trouble to come to hear me
tell 'em of tbeTroTrunatur' and fallen
condition ;! and first thank me, and then
pay me for .it? Very entertainin' that, to
tell 'era the worms. will fatten on their pret
ty little rosey cheeks, and that tbeir sweet
plump flesh is notbin' but grass, ,fl'urishin,
to-day "and to be cut down, .withered and
rotten to-morrow, aiu't it ? It ain't in the
nature o' things if I put them out o' con
ceit o' themselves,! I cant put them in con
ceit of me ; or that they will come down
handsome, and do ihe thing genteel, its gist
en possible. ; ft-wa nH ro e" m ad e the sy stem,
but the system made me. The voluntary
don't word well. System or no system,
said I, Ahab you are Ahab still; and; Ahab
you'll be to the end of the chapter.! You
may deceave the women by the soft sawder,
And yourself by ta kin' about system?, but
aou won't walk into me s0 east, Ilknow.
hold you I woutdnH blow you, I nor , will I.
I J will neither speak of things past nor
j thiiios piesent 1 know you wouldnU Sam,
said he: vou were always a eood feller.
liut it's .nier condit'ionrsays I, and that is,
that you allow Polly Bacon a hundred dol
lars ay ear ; she was a good gall and. a de
cent gall when you 'first' knowM
She's in grat distress now to SlickvilJe, I
tell you.' That's enfair, that onkind Sam,
said he, that's notitlie clean thing; I cant
afford U: it's a breach o confidence this ;
but you got me on khehip, and I can't help
myself, say fifty dollars, and 1 will. Done
saya 1 and mind you're up to the notch, for
I'm ir. airnest there's no mistake. ! De
pend upon me, said he- And Sam, said be
a shakin' bands along with me at partin,'
excuse me my good feller, but I hope 1 may
never have tp pleasure to-see your face a -gi'in.
Ditto, says, I but mind the fifty dol
lars a year, or yoa will see me to a sartmty
l ' : 1 ;
! It is conjectured; that the next rain we
nave will be a verv 1 hea v v shower, and will
Wash the riW?r eWhelv out of tOWtf. " So
mote tt be.
. Front th$ pharUston Ccifh;
In our prevjnps remarks cn t!;ii
we did not aJrert toi the consist n
question, still ftfjeged teljc invohcJ i.;
It is entirely trxi itm trv . . .
this poinU TM fatlier lef the icrcl
it knciwUsTl raeaninffiand ol lect '
affirmatively settled the questiop tc'!.
gjsiativaiy anyaaieully- -and thesr r
my nave ratineo; the decision. ! TL:
Bapk of the Ifnijed States Was c!nn
in i79tby thbfepst Congress, whip';
after the adopting of our present . r. r. '
constitution, composed jp a grt;t m r
of the framers of that instrument ; :
received :jthe saiiction of the; ilk;.
Washington, as IPreaidcnt, also one f
immoital i framers- and it lived o-t
whole term oflvearl unonestioneJ.
late Bank of trje Cfnited States was r!
tered in 1816, with the executive .
off. President Maidi son, ahothcr cf the I
raers, after scrurjlps so irbng a.s to .
drawn from him ,aj previous veto cai;:
similar meisure.i j UnlikP its prcdcci
its constituiionilty was j judicially r;t
tioned, and sustained after able and sc.'
argument, byl tbe Supreme Court cf :
untiea states, lli another illustrio;:? i.
mer, ChieL Justice Marsllail, at tiieir 1
The first Banklwjas chartered byjthe b u
party under Wfaslungton---the beyond i
was chartered byj the UepublicanS or d?,
cratic party, undejr Madison jMr Cslh;
who professes to have always i belonf J
the Stale Righu pcbol, I bricking in 1
bill for the purpose. The whole line cf c
illustrious Presidjeuls, with the !excr ;
perhaps of Jeflerppn, andi raa be of t!
present incumbent, have in somei form
other, attested ,the!constitutionality of n-.
an institaliob -M so top jhave bist cf
distinguished rpebl both Jiving! and ilv
and among )bmKprawA)rdiand ;Cal he
once rival (al though naturally urisuccc5;f
candidates for tho presidency, amj atc t!
time i standing at antipodes, it jpppoi-i
poles in politics and political opinion t!
former running; ashe State Rights' can '
date, and the latter under j the Fllariir r..
In ternat Iro proyemenv banner, lis not t'
competency of Congress then to rliartrr
National Bank. in every pqiotolf yiev," r.
judicata? j Federal andjdemoratic
gresses, federal - and democratic!' Presir :
the supreme jiuldiciary of the If'nfon, lc:
thereat poll liical parties f of the tcoun i
nearly all the grrt men; of the land, .
spite of personal and politifal rivalry,!. :;
set on it the broad and fneffaceablc sen)
their united approbation whether as a 1
gislative, indicia! cr political question, it I
res judicata, apd pi: !;t forever Jiencefcr:
to be held safe and sacred from controvcr
sr. Add to the above overwhelminir r..:
and pressure of authority, "the copstituti;:
ality of a National Bank has received t:
declaratory assent of numerous State Lrr"
atures, those of Virginia and Saut!iCr -ina
among others'; and it is notorious t!. .
it had the full, popular, sanction; and I.:
never ceased to have it, unless in Wmpcr-.-ry
response toi the hostility! of 'that extrn
ordir.ary man who (as Mr Calhoun'says
him) was able to impress bis feelings (
the country." ; 'But the influence pfjthe t
to against 'the bank charter, and of l.s.
who interposed it against at large major it
of Congress, acting ' in? response io t!.
wisnes oi meir consuiuenis, nas pas;: ,
away; and there are now abundant s'r:
and portents that , the people wish and n-ill
hate ere, long !a National Bank and i:
would be well for the -present national c !-
ministration to realize in this matter t!.:i.
professed" respect for the democrat y c
numbers. ' J .4;'-A
It will not dp for Mr. Calhoun, 'cf '1
men, at this late day, in the face of autho
rity and: his own teeth, to decry a Nltio::-
al Bank as unconstitutional. He whp prr -
posed and carried the Bank charter I r 181
and advocated, its prolongation for 12:yt cr
in 1834; is stopped from setting up t;
plea Of unconstitutionality against the z !
bcacy of others. ! If, in strange disrpgird
of that consistency', which he seeraf d t
cherish as the apple of his eye, and stick!
for as he would pis heart's core, he r, i . 1
persist in the ory of unconstitutionality c
gainit a National) Bank; all We can S3y i
that ((he mav tell it to the marincr3,bt i!. :
sailors won't believe it." ! J
i i . ' - V" . !' -i
But not only is Mr. Calhonri stpprr !
from questioning! the onstitutionality of
National Bank-the State ot South Catch-
na (we have already intimated) is in t!
like predirameni In 1821 the Leisi
ture of South Carolina haa the question i f
the competency pf Congress to incorppra'
a Nathirial Banki directly before it,? 1
aolernniy and whf scarcely any; dhzcrA,
adjudged. such competency l? :he ;con$ltt-J--Uonally
vested iff Congress. Ve proper '
to show the raeoldof this memorable s ju
dication,; made ii tbe very year that jr ir.
McDuffie's One of the People? was pi
lished to5 write down Crawford, " the iz-ll-cal
Ehlef;,, aad to write op Mr. ..Calh'cu::
for the Presidency.) The State of Vzr:
sylrania; had proposed : an amendment i i
tbeJConstitntjon of jthe United States, fcr
bidding Congress; tp charter any banh c:
monied institution, except in the Dietri i
of Columbia; arid jconfining such a .f?r.':
or other moneyed Institution to the D -Uict
!of Columbia.! The Slates cf Gin
and lUiaois Jiad concurred in, and jt' .;
Slates of New Jersey and Vermont I. !
oepi iMPf-ow iv
1 I
lb 1 ' 1 ; -

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