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IIiMky bereatier
11 ff:?lt&l AbdiFmy Cents ner 5
bo had
is who tvii?
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Witiifieejie wlitfe sum at one payment,
trrV.n:,fk.the satD term shall
Important Information
Cholera Morbus, Diarrluza, Summer Com
. - : E I i
plaidsl Cottes Cramps? and Spasmi. -1
HKiUliik of H: S. BEKNARU'S ifcme
r Cholera baa cea&erf to be a piobl-i
EiUtfiiKnce. tht! unlv sure foobifatioti of Medit-Ji- on all other kinds uf knowledge, bas itffec-
i f v.-
TUUSUANT to a decree f tSelC
MT hlquity , fir fluwari county, ULe Cleik ao4
tuasttfr will rlf uo the. premisea ; , j
blooffinr to Jdiin Caspef antl otherstilly irisf ( on
the Haters cf IJutch eerond crees, uear iae vi-
of tho UenLhit aifmtrable adaptation lie 1 8 ?,n? fc84 nfa,f:l I
Mteiico'011!1--' ot itthc P:
iitotiiH&raBleisalli arrearges are paid
mtfffls&ffi 'Vanrpr ihtJirl i,lscrHofl
tfiU Nis wni . be charged per cept,
Mi "ilbVeurate. A dedurtton of
tllUt (iliffe eire?oJar prices will be
tiiotpt adrerUse byihe year. ;
lii&jnV.yf'MI-v6'' ' inserted for less
i'yyiahHniiiWbei cbnlinoed until orders
! -.:: i--trt t a 1 them, where no directions
55 a GO
8 a$
25 a 30
a $00
Oats, L ,
Pork, ;
Sugar, br. 10 a 12
r ! loaf, 18 a 2Q
Salt, $1 02 J
fallow. 10 a 121
Tobacco, ; 8 a 20
'Tow-linen, 16 a 20
W4ieat, (bushel) 8i
4i -
a. 1 00
it 1 IB -V
'VI; :
a 1 00
1? Hi"
i ; 40
54 a t)
Whisiey, 45 a 50
Wool, f cleans 40
Molasses, - - 35 a 4
Nails, cul, 7i
Sugar btown, j 7 a 1 1
Lump, . 10
Loaf, . 18 a. 20;
I 70 a 75
Sack,- $21 2
fFobaccoIeafSi a 41
Golion ha jr. 16 a 25
Balerope, 3 a 12 J
Wheat new 1 a 1 124
Whiskey . 00 a 45
Wool,' ,20 a 25
lo be sold fur ctisthoution on the ; lp(f pay. f
Oitibv: a credft of twelve months Vfill tf H
Uvt(jd bun.4' with appirod ?rtt:jr fpf te
purcuitse;m'ey . rrquireu on tne flay iM iaie.
1 . il U L j ; ' 1 ' , m t, j.
various mc icatl na which occur 10 ine coqrseipi
those dice sr$ ot the sf'Xi.ach, liver ai d wwefi,
usually dt iied; as C hulera ctiroplaints, ld
the Ptoprijeiui to antiolpate from the fittt U, all
experiencl. hoivever, that of men compel frt u
discrimii::iie accurately and to decide justly!
on the cflT. cts a Wdicine, must be Jibe bfstj
ant with ftuch in its layur, even the most - fsv
dious in tliese u.aUers,'uiust lay aside ibfebej tf
i'Cef:: ;!T;;-'J-.;. . I; V j j -;:. -
The inJicationsof coreare totrsnquilize the
stomach and! bowels ; 4to relieve the rexceksive
pukinz and pursin? ; to allay 1 he increased; irn-
tabilitv 01 the intetiiiej,"iviitg rise to mcifased
peristaltic motion j to relieve .thai rheumattc
state 01 tne mwets.wnicn is ouen me sueuuaiu
of chronic cases sometimes accompanied with
inflamation and ulceration ; 10 overcame; m
snasms : edtialae the circulation, and n-sto(p
warmth Willie surface ; rwacve congestion f
the internal organs ; and to relieve the morbid.
irritability of the brain and nervons sybtem lyingr neial Thiatira Chorcbadjvniintfliriei
01 wbichlhas beeDenecteu oy me o;e; i jjct
nard's HemeSu for. Cluohra : 'certificates a
"which have been jjiven at various times of the;
emcacy tn ctises wtdeiy diliereni in lueir origin
ssd Kfcsi ess of ieach other.
trp Liiwik ilk the certificates I ihev, are the
best evidence that can be given. i
The cdiiimendation8 which veral liberal and
"nielligeiJt Phyiicians have bestowed upon the
subscriber hs now thegratification of adding the
fbllowinir from almost respectable practising phy
siciaa ol poraertbn, Va.!j, j-
BY Qjder of Ithe Oour ot Equity y;&wn
, cooniv, the Clerk and roasier wjiltsrlf at
he Court house ii .'Safttbuiry 00 the 20tii day of
Ivveaibf next, two Itacfs t-f
of A Henderson, John McCoiitauhey:
ers, one ekn taming
94 CEEi
land oth
have already beep published, and the 1 decT ia credit of 12 roonthsTwill be'alldi and
lielonging ;to the heirs at Law of Jacob
Mr. It
bonds with approved Stfctrrtty for the? puicl.ase
Ifj a 5 Nails cut assor. 7 a 9
IIJ l a15r r,wrought:i6 a 18
iiiy a 25 Oats bushel 40 a 50
H.i.- V,.i' .. -!
H f P0 $22iOil gat ,-1. 75 a 1
iiroe &0?12J linseed HO a 125
lmfria J5 Pork lOOIlis 0 a 8
Vjiry 1) i10jRicel(j0lbs 4i a 5
li a;i7i Sugar, Jib 10"a 12
Somerton, May 14, 1S37..
Bernard, j" '
Dear Sir Thus is to inform yon I have tested;
ihe efficacy of jyoor Remedy .for the Cholera in I
several instances IhSt have lately come under,
my care, and that its effect evince it to be a ju-
dicous preparation one fmifiently servicable, I
wilt sav alloiftllicr comnelent to cutb the; diseas
es? for which it is recommended. - I feel no hesi-
taiuto, inereiore, jin aecianng inai ior wie ireai
ment of such disoideis, I shall resuUrty ,dis-
nense your Refnedy front iriy office, aod : woulJ
recuratniid it to be kept in al! families ltablo to;
in t li as a )U n'rvurnna 4atfst.a
You may use this certificate as you will ! ! j
Yours, very respecfully, r
M '!t . I V. L. PARHAM
Thiscertifieate was given to my asentJ E. V
Nash, of Petersburg end fur its importance, read
Mr. Nashls remarks; ; .
"As agent for Bernard's Cholera and Diarrhce
Medicine, 1 call the attention of the public; to the
certificate below from one of the most res prcjable
ge'rrtlemen Sn the state; and 1 paitieularly call
their attention, to the one; given by a geniieman
in this towii and if it wrere necessary, A (could
produce a half dozen olht-rs from Petersburg.
who buve tried the; medicine' within two-weeks
past. J : f ': i L " ;
ash, Agent for Bernard's Cho-
mouey. required on the day of sale
Sept 29 1838-l5wl6 j ; - . ;.
WmNA1eatdei t
Miss Hetty Atexandlr!
Lv Bradshaw ! '
Mis? Hetty But, !
Hinry Bangle , .
Nelsara Black welter
Moses Barnhart
Mrs atarj Blaikwelter
.lacob Cofemari i
Philip Ganger1 ' 1
John Clark, ? ; "
Samuel Coiziittt 1
; . !:dh;.-.;vIi
Mrs MartLa Darts J
. e ;: .
Miss Naoey D Ewart t
Aaauu ElcVtuiaii 'r !1
: .1 :l
jAndrew Freeman , W
Jacob Kile, seOr
Alexander Fendt-yaop
G u ;
Henry S Gorman 4
Poilio Gronntr j
I , H V
Allen Hanes '
Willi a in iladley
Leonard Hauler '
Ross Justice 1
EMAINING in ihe Ptiit Office j all ConT
wd, N O-j q the first day ol' October,
1833. ' ! s I ! t; .1 T U
enry Link-r 3 4 U 1
Pf.lly C Linker2 I
John Lon ' :i
John Lambert 1 i
h -n-M-'ri.!";'
John m Milstet i H j
0. Mtrlch r 4 D Ber
U telrbV,r 2 I - I .1 L
James E, mm risoQ i
laiin Moiltfj-J
Mrs Jan McKee
Jjifrph iMhalljr p i
JoHppr m Kiuley
Jacob Mufiihiuer
John MEictiieu
!' " N ' ijl :
James B N'llyi j
i . p L i ; :
r.rai cis 1. r-rry
'lt puzzles ui Whi jopiics to see into a tbt alorie 4a' wanting to render Li .
the Democracy of these itnen, who are for the broidcst jbificaiion of the v;cr J
surrendering so many of the powers of orjr nroaarr b, he deleVuiocd to acquire it.
al ihis purpose, he; adopted to Jiidircciicr.
Y Virtue of a Decree of the Court if Equi
ty fori Row a ti County,- the C!eik and ma
ler win sf 11 on me premise?, on tne win oa
roverober pext, at r
belonornrr itl Ellen rFiirner. ion uhich lli ;la
viuiain JJancy resided, and )oiiiing the lands 01
William Dancy. Uoctoi cjKerr, ati
credit of 12 months-: LiiUL-V
Alexander Patterson Sr
1 tt L ! : !
Jioeey Rusim-U;
I . s. ; I
Ntlson plough I I
Jhn Suiter
Abraham Slouch j
king thai House
ant: the Senate
astard Democracy insists up
on yteiduit: tbej President the power 10 cre
ate varaucit-s, so as to fill theoi bvfeis4 crea
torts t claims for this one nUn the absb
lute power v( the vast patrona!t of the
S'ate ..In; adWi loifto his corrrniaiid of the
Aitny and Navy, it now proposes jto. Btyw
hiai ihf Pooiic Puis : aud this is Loco Fo
ci! Ilfiuocrc !j "l - : I;.; .' 'v
Suji Treasurers ate a new class of Office
Holders to be created and who is to cre-
f --t
Oct 6, 183S Swll
Drewry ol.iinanl
I i . ;
Mrs Mary C Tucker
j- - W ! -1
Saml V Weddlngton
MISSIS J : VlOfCi.ff 4
I ' Co. -
John A Ckatcn, Aitaul.
ate them ? The
money is to bo
Treasarers and
! !f Isist of inciters 1
REMAINING in die Post Office at Sails
bury, N. C, M
with appruved seeifrity for the purchase" money
requireu un ine oayio' saie. ; fit
Sept 29,j838wl0 1 ; , .;
87 a Si
lilOOlbf i5 a:!6iSteel Amer. 10 a 12i
JUIlg 113(1 ' 14
German 12 a 14
it a duty I owe to the pn pri-r- j to
r'fim :-.t!.i .;-'Vi- Mciiuau A-f
iff,; .jjoja 12Tea itnpe.81 a 8l 37i
JHr. Edward Pi ft
lera. Medicine.'
Dear Sir A 1 fee
etor of the above medicine, as well as the public
generally, tolnturm ou that the ootiie ot Uliole
ra mixture which 1 bouultt at your store a! few
evenings since, lias entirely cured me uf a severe
Diarrhoea. The cure was effected -in taking only j jert
iwouoses, ana as nao irieo many oioer reme
dies without the least eflecl. Iam fully o the
opinion that the medicine here alluded to is eve-
- L .11 i-
ty thing that it is sa:d to be.
J AS. SJ, WALLAUE, Petersburg, Va.
in the town of Salisbury
2Gth 111st., nt the tfwetl.
. 1 . , 1 1
s. the prp rty conyfyed
XXJ ILL be sol
v on 25lh an
ing of David Ken
ine iy ded of fjust, bearing dale of
t.y Of et ol (fust
nri 18 SB," to it :
including ibst ions cstablisbed and
milbl piendsand iLs public, that he
ifetiAoase; formerly occupied by
tetKllyi,-intieviUage of Mocks-
si?. Ji W'ui tne view ot Keeping
Who will negleist to supply themselves with
Bernard's Remedy for Cholera, when il is so fu
lly proven to be efiica'ctotis in all the diseases for
wnicn 11 is recommenuea t 111 no case nas i
failed to cure the most obstinate attack of sum-
ruer compidini inuueuiJoo cuiioif 11. 111 one 111-
i.t; f - !
:,o- r rf.n i ; - ;- itu . ;
in said tiwri, formerly owned by ThSorrias
Mull, dee'd with TWO LOTS. ' One! of
wlucb contains a srhall
1 r
. 1
fn'-w i-af 3, i - 'Ti '' seeping stance a permaoeLia cure was eoected upon at:
1 MtUjti lElltCritailjliieilf, &tld in'th'is ,placejherthe summer complaint
Wle f)oSy ' Larrd cbmlortable, and in N. Pul j1.1 bythedoctois) beyondithe j
ltt(sibe Wwn TKe sobscrtber fr f 'c,n LIm 1 i!' ik80 " f
biy4.;. .iLii- r aggravated case that -the child had in the course s
etertioQS to render satisfaction
IImIN iui. y His Table shall
i yr rr',ct witn tneioest tne coun
ItVft Bar stored with the choicest
oMutf s are extensive and sate,
i--vA.-:."L--r t t--i - ...
taer, ana aiten-
mo otIieu :qnvenience3
IT in-4'
i 1 Wff 1 gooa i rrov u
If ork.
ubrties have just pgblished a neW
AiTi'Ia riVi- I
(?IPUMes' iiriA itber Officers, to
nAVvT$mm-''toiH 'ot Atiorniesai
0Hf1 1M ! iiost yfiiabl e I i
tile " Works
jWauaifot the Officers kbove.
of one day and; night, sixty-three evacuations
from the bowels, ket one botille proved a sov
ereign remedy, j ; , ;
This yaluable Medicine is for sale in this place
by J. St W. MuTphy; iii Lexington by John P.
Maory, in vnarioue oy , uuams uoya. ;
Salisbury JNov. 4th. 1837 12mlB
MOCKSVlLliE, 12th Sept 1838.
1 JOmi'3 HjOrUm nas oecn appoim-
ed Aid de-Camp ti the Bngadier General ot the
7th Brigade of" iNortli Carolina Militia, and
STEPHEN ,L; HOWELL, Inspector to ih.
oaid Brigade each , with he rark of .Vajor.
Tbey will be obeyed and respected accordingly,
T. ! -: ,' : II JAMES COOK.
Bnz. Gen. llh Brigade. -I
TO THETaN-YaMD. iff.
Win J Alexander
Miss E .1 Allen 2
Abram Area I
James Alexander Jr
William Atkerson
William Anderson
Michael Anderson
j ! ' .:' b
Dr Rju Bouchflle
Mat Thus B Bailey
Dr Jobu Bequeath
Preston Bradshaw
John T BoUs
Paul Beaver
John Barringer :
Sandy Boyd
Mas. Angeiine discs
John Basiiiger
Alexander Beard
Mrs Bartoiger
John Callaway
rze A Clemmons
l'llman. C ran ford Clement
AV infield Clntts :
Carter C'ittenden
Jacob Correll r
John Camp ,
David Cuiry
Genrge Crotser 1
Rev Wi I hare C hester
Joseph Cowan
Miss Sarah Ellis
Itist'ph Erwin
Myrin Ellis
8ti!ariualt Elliott
Albert R Eiliolt
Robert Ell:s
Henry Fight
George Gardiner
Madoek Griffith
John Graves
Dr James $ Gilliam
Re? H Gra'jer
Guy Hill
John Headiner
Pa i ton Haket
ThuiTias Holmes
Mr XSancv Hall
Joh Hall ,
Daniel Hand
Mrs Hutchison 4
W 4;
iJfl''iwfirid alsnost iridispensable to 1 S
KllubVerifer knOV of,; where j .:-.
inirmr ol opening 4 adjoiirn
iMlSntcbWoiodeof' arraigning
t i t'jT-'-'Sf m;ea miai caes, ihe vaiious
rii ' ?TT onn.s. oi ouifreni Kinos
N lfPMWrk not? only contains 1
t wTuM f h perspicuity the duties
I e'ftlWners.f constables, fyc. with
Sept 15. 1833 t(B
.Y. C. Militia.
a Dumber of hogs, cll
.Mso ttrb head of Horn
SittM Si FOJD& Mm;
Terms will be made known on the' da
fe. 12th
pTiteess" to be used bv each :
yTOfupbrta..t instruments of
C1fUenM.! which are not
i'4fS!i a1 lawmce. believing
f-m- tetrlie adxioea. to
f 4jfcJ nedsf to W ex am i ned , to
The Colonel of lhe7 lb Brigade
of JSorth Carolina Minus, will pa
rade theit respective Regiments as
- . Trusteed
.10 u.
lollowt, VIZ
in DatidsiMi,
the dpper Regiment,
at George EIlers, on
Monday 22 J of October.
The lower Regiment of Davidson
at tberr usual, parade ground on
Toesday 23d of October. r
The 64th or Salisbury Regiment
on Wednesday 24th of October, at
The 63d or Davie; Regiment, pn26iti ol Uc
I . ... . -is- . ' . n - 1
tober. at MockviIIeUfur inspectton aod itevtew.
- !tv oroer oi
Brigadier Gcucrc
B. AH tbose indebted
riiusfi cirime forward and make payment ini-4
i i . I - 1 i -- k i 1
mediatelj, arid save cost, as lata is ; toe last
Hii. r .i :
Oql, 6. 1838r-3ll
I 33 1
: - .'.in ? - . - 1 ...i i i 4 - -..
Qi:l 'U I M V, a.n b .' i; , ) 1 ill-
'l;:llffWTOCE.v.. , . r I Sepl:! 1838 trail , - !
: ' .T----.--?. . . , v r :v---','.,.j , i!-; . -; i
4 fjrp AIL 1 thoste indebted j to
MRS! S lb- PfcNDLETO for a iJngk
-m i ' i. ; - it . ' .. r. . i i ir.r
lime man ooo year, enuer oy note or i ite-
rount, will greatly oblige j; her by comtOg
forward apd making plyrnent immediately I
Soloman Heilig !
DlHugariun j-;
Isaac P Humphrey
Dvid Hunt : i
lfry Hill i
Alexander Huleo
Christenah Harris !
Robert Hall I j -Ellenor
Hattfhorn i
Judge of the Orphan
I r ' Court I -A
l : rv. j .
Dr Samuct Kerr I
i; ir. L . .i
John Lock -
Daniel Limbaogh
Relei 1-niz I '
Secretary of the Fulton
Lodge j 3 , j
Lirisey & Son ' ;
yilliam J Love !
I j waclatn i
ISamufl B Morris i
Chnsiian Mabalai j
Geitffre Miller
Thudias Mose ?-
I ! f N r
Augustine Norton j
James Owens i '
U I R i' 1
Wijliam Rough
William Robertson -
Noah; Rider 5 ,
John Rush i , I
John Ruseman ; .
B patsons ;
Jul ti Randieman ! .
Adam Roseiuau ' i
Samuel Riblin - !
llii " S i
DriJohn Scott .
Rachel Sparrow '
Berry Simres ij
Joseph Scott i :
Robert Smith 1
William Thomasnn
Wijliam J Turner 1
A W Terry 1
L W Taylor
Dr Robert Trower
T Trotter I
r w :
Joseph Williams or
George Goodman
Thivoas Woiiiack ,
iaitin Wilhelm
Ephtaim Wucher
Now Wyet
Mrs wartha Warne
President. The! Public
s deposited with the Sub-
inesa dV l reasufers ar
niivttile at Iht' Piesidenrs will and ibis,
lob is' Democracy. j ,
: The ofie man power is the despotic pow
er of all Guvernments- And what I is des
potism Uut possession of all the Taixes up
on lhePepler and the command of the Ar
my-and Navy, to awe anil oyer awe disobe
vi n-e. It Mr Van Boren can remove al
lus Sub-Treasurers at hi will and pleasure
and they have the custody and conlroul of
tne $4u,uuu,uuj ot me ruouc lievenue,
what is this but Resting Mr Van Bureu with
ine power of these lorty millions; and
what is such Democracy but despotism r
The fact is, with the bastard Democracy
of Van Buien Sc Co., one man is every
:thinj;,andl the mass is nothing. Power is
'the idol of such a bastard Democracy; and
if in America, as in Eg)pt, this'poWer was
thought to be in cats and dogs, the! Office
; Hoi ding Democracy would wotsbip them.
'What there is of honesty and principle in
this Democracy, svbich is so tickled by the
sound, as not to feel the sense, is befooled
and humbugged, jand ridden, as Govt. Mar
Constitutional Government to ! the ' Feder
Had. iDewiracylaccwdiiig effeel tbal whic fto crowned head in
finitionJroeau's he'Goverriroent of the feo- rope could wiUl safely jto his head, ii
pie out tue uastara aemocracy oi
Focoisrri, not only disregards "the lamenta
tions" if the People, but insists upon ma
ol . Representatives potting,
nothing, bur one man every
cy rides his Loco
mocracy supports
does, even the W
Octo6er6, 1833 3wll f
tatc of ortttiearolf nit,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions-
July Hess. 1838. ( ft
Porringer. 1 Qr Jj
-. i vs
aml. Hartsill. j
I. Attachment ley-
f in I .and !
Saml. Hartsill. 3 71 """"1 ;
. it appearing to ihe satisfaction of the Court,
that ith defendant Sam. Hanis)lt, is not an jn
liabitant of this Slate: Oidercd lhat i-ublicaliun
be maie in the Carolina Watchman six ,wt-eks,
for the defendant to make his 'personal appeal
ance at our next Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions, to oe held for said cuiiniy , ;t tUe Court
House iu Concord, on the 3d 0.00 day in October
;nxt, to plead, answer or demur, or the land lev
ied on, will be condemned to satisfy the plain
tiff's demand. i
i - M: - '-' . i i -j
Witness, Kiah. Pi Harris, Clerk of 00 r Mid
Coart, al Concord, the 3d monday in July;
1833. ; ' . ' i
"i KIAH. P. HARRIS, elk, j
; Printer fee $5 6 v 6 f - !
Foco friends. Why, De-
bim, out whigging1, as he
pigs outbankiug even ine
jBankites out speculating even the under
water lot Speculators out monopiplizing
even the monopolists -K)ut lobbying the
obbiei3 by 'profession, and yet he is an anti-bank
man ! a hird money man t ! a com
stitutional hard money man, with the! Sus
pension Law. and the Mortgage Law, and
all to boot I II What a farce is such! Loco
Foco" Democracy What a bu'nbuggery !
If a Loco Foco can blush, let. him try. If
Slamj Hang Co.) have not overtraded up
on their professions of principles, let us see
them look shamed; now. Let them prick
their cheeks to blush. Let them try tb look
red, if even as lobsters they must be boiled
so to do." N . Y J Express. '
The danger which threalens our instilu
ttons from the growth of Executive power,
cannot be too often or too earnestly im
pressed upon the- minJs of tlx? people.
The jealous guardians of popular Rights
warned us against this danger at the time of
the adoption of the Constitution. Their
admonitions have often pn later times! been
repeated, but! tliey were-substantially disre
garded, because 410' chief magistrate had ar
rogated to himself kingly prerogative and
strained every weak or ambiguous passage
ol the Constiltutiort to enlarge his owers.
lt;was left for Andrew Jackson to verify the
gloomy forebodings of Patrick Henry and
to demonstrate to tne country, that, if the
Executive was not invested with dictatorial
powers by the Constitution,, he was inviested
with a patronage, which would enable! bira,
if so disposed, to usurp them : i Thai the
command 6f the army.ihe power , of ap-
poiiitins and dismissing, -at his merei.willJ
and pleasure, some fifty thousand officejrstall
of; whom receive salaries cither essential to
their support, or conducive to tbeir cpra
forts, carried along with them almost neces
sarily the controul- of every thing else :
That to a great extent, this patronage placed
at his beck the Legislative branch of tbe
Government, gave bim the capacity lo pub
snitzethe press, and furnished the means
ol ultimately grasping the purse and uniting
rectiy. lie nunsell could not touch
public moneyjO no -he discliimeJ
such right but the Secrectary oftbo Tt.
sury could, and the Secretary wasAfj !.:
ling, oounu to execute nts oraera. ; liz ;
cordinglrdirectejd one Secretary to z .
Ihe public money from the custody to w!
the fatff bad confided it but be refur;
was promptlv dismissed, and was rcpli.
by a more pharit tooljWho took deliLt i
obeying tlie edicts of bis royal master. ;
Uut iius system ol usurpation, , and t
unset upuious and conupt use of the lt . .
male patronage of his office, the Esecu'.. .
uecame tne supreme power in the itatc.
overshadowed the other branches of l!
Government, I and rendered ' them cf 1
consequence, pij publtq opinion and tu :
them impotent; for good.- The quesi'u ,
"what are the opinions of Congress in t -ference
to any -inafterj of public concci. ,
was rarely 'f, a$kdd j Idurttig Gen, Jacksc
reigft-Wveryt jnolivp toj inquiry hems re
moved by ascertaining what were the va .
of the Presidenfl ; j Hei.w&s t all in all, t ::
his mere ipse Dixit was as potent to Lu;! :
up, or to destroy e"e was old Joj iic :
nod on the lowering heights of Olympuj.
The mighty! Colossus of DepotiSD,vvLi
this arbitrary old man erected, still bciri '
the land, and tbreatens'our lilerties. Tl
patronage of the Government is daily 1
me increase irom tne growtn ot tne ecu:.,
tfyi and the operation of the irnmuul!
principle, tliav f 4p3wer is-always stcu lir
from the many to the few.' Every assur:.,
lion of power; eveiy usurpation exert i.
by Gen. Jackson, whether relating to 1!
revenue, the rights of Congress, or the ir.
responsibility of the Executito officers, 1
claimed by bis puny successor;, and will t
surely practised whenever il can be done wii!.
impunity and to the promotion of the inter
ests of the party ,: j j
It is a matter of ths gravest, considera
tion for the people of this country, '-whether
this stupendous POWER, centred in th
hands of ONE 51 AN shall be permitted to
increase, or whether it shall be cuitash 1
and reduced to such dimensions as fchdl!
make it recognize the' law, and respect t!. j
rights of the governed. ! ft is a question,
which, in the language of Mr Calhoun, c
inappropriately applied to the subordi:::'.
question of live currency; involves all oth
ers.?' Upon it depends the existence of tho
Republic, or an unmitigated despotism t---
ed upon corruption
Richmond Whig.
It With the sword. These were the fears
entertained by m8jiyotbebest patriols of
tho.Rtvolntionj and ihey have been more
than realized during the late and present
administrations. In addition to the vast
powers confer red by the Constitution, jand
thel miglty incrfase of patronage springing
fiom the increase i f Territory aod popula
tion, Geo. Jackson akl-ded Others, which he
obtained by esurpaiion and corruption. j He
overleaped br trampled down all the bar
! riels erected foiUbe preservation of the jqb
! lie liberty. He claimed and exercised ev
ery; doubtful power, and when the Law of
Ct'tistiiution stood rfirectly in tne way pt
The Globe for tbe last month has beca
groaning under articles oi from two to five
columns in length, undertaking to- prove
that the Administration is not in any drrc
responsible for the profligate waste of l!:3
public money since it came into power
but that all the fault lies at the door of 1I2
rascally V bigs, who, tboufh they have not
been in a majority in the House of the Re
presentatives since General Jackson ascen
ded the throne, have yet according to the
Glob, bad full sway.
On this preposterous doctrine of the Globe,
the New York Courier thus forcibly coo
ments: j ,
4lf this be the case, what becomes of all
the glorifications of the Tories I If tbs
Wblgs will govern under Tory ascendancy,
why should the Globe be so very solicitous
to maintain that ascendancy ? Wherein 13
the great beruefit resulting to the people from
Tory Dominion!, j Why wotrld it not bis
quite as well Ifoi tN apparent power to rju
witb the acttial efficient power of the Go
yercmlent ? What a commentary on tho
imbeciluy, inefficiency and' meanness cf,
Tory misrufe--tosay that the Tories arc"'
not really tesponsible for the goyernraent
they Jiave exercised, but that whilst they
have occupied the jiigb placet 1 of the coun
tr, and wielded the semblance t a . scep
tre, the Whigs and the Whigs alone
have shaped tbe course, and duecUd tho
policy of the Governtneut! ;
Yet strange as ill may seem, the Tcnca
lfiM9icfssnit Jifyflf-rsoti,
lCfc.S U ihe Citiz-n- ot ali4ory and!
have become bo. sensible of their misman
agement abuse 1 and 1 corruption, that then
only resource is in elf stultification. Mhou
crosfnot say lilidfit V was the; exclama
tion of ihe Royal murderer, when the ghost
of his victim rose before him in the banquet
ball but the blood was on his hands, which
all the waters pf the isea would not remove.
Thou canst not say 1 did it? is oow tha
exclamation of the conscience stricken ty
rants as the phantoms of their misdeedj
throng about t.fiVmirf their halls of State,
nilAinn thm fi iicQH their stools, and mena
t cing tho transfer of; their banner and
I less sceptre to a Bother dynasty 'no
son cf
it ' j s- J" 1 less scepiiv
Ills ambition, t. OVM, .l.-l.ted It. f - . ,eS,.
5 "l'e f m Look .1 th. .Wa, Rented bj the Ad
- 1
will m ver fot2 t the means to which hei re- , ministrauon
In 1B28 it was patriotic and
ii D. .nmnlain nt Mr Adams for ex-
' -.1.1 ;
Foil sale i.T iryisi office 1 1
W.iif. H.'H .6ei,.crii.ffi,.l .Mtottt.?" 1 TZl . Z. l D Ud i wild. 815,000.000! tivnom; od Its
Of every fkiption nieattyl
(OfDoue at this Office. 2
national treasury,; aiol that ooii'ing cuw t . nnn nfiO and to hold the
tutions than thej union cf the purso
i" ' hrf" i" T ( ' t-.r T! , - v:r : ;i -:!; I'M---. "i
U4J5 mh. -I-,. 1 .,' - .- - ; I , , I. .--I. ... . . " "
Ann nariv
! '. ' ' . i! ! 'it -i '. . :: : '
' - ' I n . i - - '.- " i-
. - :-. ' , ' -'. i ' . :! r ' ' i: '
! t y ----- ! r; .1 ?

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