North Carolina Newspapers

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Ml fci$tfifiiiftet&ne' had. Jor
5Sfl !Wk new sflWtbers who wil!
I hffir ad f aoce the
Sbf finite -arF! 19 otf er ,0rt'
MJiMAaotmi doting tie year
one payment,
at , Two Doi-
8 a me class shall
sum of
.$z'lil'Viwd for less slhan
S S Hic0nilned bdt at the op
iilliiaiesaU arrears are paid
f PiStlKp-ihelEditor mast beposi
&y wilt certainly not be at-
rj rIo Ci5fr 9re or eocAin
W' Wd 85! per cenf,
;L tbiSM HTeltate. A deduction t of
!?.' rti 1 herralar prices will be
tu pei vow? ; ' n 3 . . i
ynflHgiit Will bei inserted Tor less
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rtJtiaMilttll illbe continued until orders
I - ' i:,:t:Ui- :i hom ' 1 urdora nj 1 ! rort inna
Corn; !'. :
Sugar, br
Ctnti. t
55 a CO
8 a 9
25 a 30
60 '
10 a 12
18 a 20
$1 54
ioa m
8 a 20
Tow-linen, 16 a 20
Wheat, (bushel) $1
Whiskey, 45 a 5,0
WooK (clean) 40
(he judfrm'eot exhibit an infinite tfiversity. i The
wisest and best of men are as open to ibis tSic
tion aa the weakest.'- " - J -
' causes. ' :
Asedentsrvlife of srv kind,; especially se
vere siady protracted to a Ute hoar in the night,
and rarely relieved by social intercoorse, or ex
ercise, a dissolute bibit, great excess. in eating
and drinking, the immoderate use of mercqrx
violent parifatires, tfcp sappresion of some ha
biloal discharge (as, the ubstroetion of the men
ses,) or long continaal eroptioq ) relaxation 6r
bebility or one or more imnoriaot organs within
the abdomen, is a frequent cause. j
j tIEATHT. ' 1 " j
j The principal objerta of treatment are, to re
move indigestion! to strengiben the bod f, and
to enl'rven the spirits, which may 1 be promotpd
by exercise, early hoars,' rea alar meats,!" and
pleasanc conversation. The bowels (if costive)
beirtgcarefullv regulated by the - occasional ose
ofa mild aperient.: We know oohing better
calculated to otfiain this end, than Dr. William
Eat)3 Aperient JPillsb'mg mild and certain
in their operation, j The bowels being i ones
ckaosed,his inestimable Camomile Pilts.(which
are tonic, snodyne, and antiepasmodic are an
i infallible remedy, and without dispute have
proved a great blessing o tbe numerous publie
i Some physicians have recommended a free
ose of mercary; but i sbnald not be resorted to ;
as in many cases it will greatly aggravate the
symptoms. -
hsijr'SefeSi m loyiolasises 1 35 a 40
)AjplelJ Iniri: 80 Nails, cut, 71 a 8
M.mi ! pugar brOwi)-, 8 a 12
Jt afclif fill 2&;SS.Lump, i 16
'.ma i itov
a f in ao
iti' fr.naf.
) to
18 a 20
tO & Hit
f'i Sank, $2l a 2 75
Tobscco leaf 8 a 10
16 s 20
8 a 12
Wheat 1 25.8 15
00 a 50
20 a 25
Head the following interesting and as-
- tontshwg facts '
INU Mr Robert Monroe. Schuylkill, sfflicted
with 'be above Idislressing malady. Symptoms:
Great Jangouir. flaibleoey, disturbed rest, ner
vous heaiehe, difficulty of, hrt-athiu? . tightness
and sincmre serosa the breast, dizzmesss, oer
vool irritability and restlessness could not lie
in a horiziiolal position without the sensation of
impending suffltcaiion, palpitation of the heart.
Histressinsr coogh, ccsiiveness, pain of tbe stora
Sen, drowsiness, great debility and deficiency of
the nervous energy, i Mr R. 'Monroe gave up
every thought of recovery, and dire despatr sat
on the countenance of everv person interested in
bis existence or happiness, til) by accident be
noticed m a public paper eone ru res effected by
m. i . mm m v & 9-m
ut vv m Ann niMHiJiB& in nis com-
piais',. which induced him ti paichase a ipack
age of the Ptls, which teaulted in completely
removing everyi symptom of his disease. He
wishes to sav his motive for this declaration is,
that those afflicted with the same or any symp
toms similar to those from which he is happily
restored, may likewise receive tbe inestimable
0. . I .- i . i . i ; I ' . -!- .
ead The "patient Job", moved beauti-
Slt0 CZTR OF TUB TtfRtTm j fuDyr and calmly on with bis true and aura
and every honest raan.thtnkinj !.-f
of the measures ; of this adoimnr
Richm nd. Mav 16. 1839 Ight to stand forth nilh Mr Tal'r
! Gentlemen; - Yoar letter 6f tho" 10th tnd PIOrJlia oncorhprotaistR3 ho i .
itist. inviting rae to the pahhc dinner to be uo, ir"'OB m artn van uurta
erryi pbnrae, ; KurelT oassin hi hU b other and I fcb RUen lo,hc l,on- Wtn C- RlfW Amherst . nwo tnts ett, toatert t:
iCir laure Pa,8,P b? ni! WJMW Coufl.oouse on lh. o0xu hM h-H!..,a blf.rndefatandinSof c:v
,d and 1 exrl VZi rrT: on the rwd: I did not recetve it till , ester! ?Pl0 have thoa;Kt f
lenLmnrf. M.utlr !..hi;.-i r,Mn! .T"" I---"-t -"-'7. " U... . ' I 10 DOntr Rie With the IQVlt tion whic
were present each day. The weather was tef c,me in on lhe ftl0r,h mile round sev
iavranie 10 me extreme; sou ine zenerai . kni,lhl .head.esnsinirVreat reioicinVs.
r -- : ---o - j -a
FrotA A Fredericksburg Arena June .4U: chanirally a task that most be done. Away
CDPnnuipirconnn n irr h.ihe rwirsea. ana on me t a van to rising
I ! i ... it ji il 1 srmttttnA ahPM hit father mnn nit immnrUl
Tk- it. ' at..lvU. I Si Tr V . " i 7 ?V:" e -
near this place commenced
last, : The rport was splendid
a ,! ofs oeonle I ; ...u ee r -f.
. :t : . , p : i sr now airs a. ara nrair ana r iiruiiHiii at etichi w ira i - - - r
Tbe weather was . : f... r. ifc ,i ;0 I thank too for the polite terms in
LiicatiauiD au uu siid iwuiiii uiiio iiiuuv vs i t .
- t w . m w a
have romrnnntrated tome.
you have communicated the inviutiorj Bu
H ..I'fll
4 1;
Great ! odds, such as five to one, were of- a? ho' wou If Pff nted me from
1'." 4 '
:J.T 1
2 0 4
3 i 2 die.
ferfdon Job; What wast the astonish
ment of every body, particularly of master
JuV's sodden and now infatuated admirers
to find, that after he had apparently canter-
ed his ease around the two first miles uf
the second heat, taking lhe lead, hip antag.
availing myself of it; if it bad been receiv
ed in time. Bat candor compels me to add.
that that would not have been the only,
or indeed the principal reason whicA would
have induced me to decline it.
I have seen, much in Mr Rives9 recent
management of a nature to give complete . i,, !!. mUalnt wbich. requires my constant attention
i..-.r.:.. tt ..i.r.: r. l. llf .u- i ? . - t. --r- g:- .
bhii)i.i-iiiiu. ho auujuiu jturucuiurv yi no Frreal ' OC
running i .
; ' First Day
A sweepstakes for 3 vear olda.'ft
I if - - . I ... I. . I . " , I t;
each, hall lorleit -mile heati.
r . - i . .- - - j . i
Cot F Thompson's h e by
A "tucrat, tut of Peggy i
White, . ' ,
ColiJC Gibson's b fGbli-l
ah, dam by. Hotspur, ! i
Col SsuithYs b c by Tranby,
? 1.4. . .
; i uu tjr i arm, . t . i j
Wn McCsrgo'sbe by Jack
! ! s0n,dam by Aristctle,
J. & Corbin'e b f by Cha
teau out oi Aiuiuuora oy
Archie. r " !
Time, 2 03 1 59 2 02 2 01-
Secnd Day.
M. M .. il . 1 " - .
onlst, Fordham, passed him like lightning, 7UUU" . rwpwri "na PP- i osi
and came down and throogh the atretch "r r7 . V - ' m fTf0 a51Iwl
foil as far ahead as m had been inline ?st iism of part,, wieUed by the pa-
Whrthi r !
opinions re right or wrong, as 1 r:
them, it is but honest to vow .tbrrn
I am by no means desirous that 51 i
publish them though I have no cbj
toyoui doing so, if you think prcj-.:.
1 am, gentlemen, '
. With all respect,
. Tour obedient servant,
To Messrs. Camm Patterson, c.
From the liicfmond IJ r
first heat.
The Boston Atlas gives the f
3 3
Proprieter's Purse
Wmi'MeCargo's b c Wali
j, terL, by Fylde, dam by
! r Charles 4 years old, ' I I
D. if Wadde'U's b f by Fyldcl
i ! dam by Archie, T
Major DoswellTs br f Emii
lyj Booker, by Stajidardi
dam hy Contention, 4 years
i old, !. ; j
John! P White's b h Je
rome, by Lnzbnrnugh, dam
by Charles o years old,
Time, 3 52-3 523 53.
$200 -two,
i 1 .
trunaffa of lha FcrutiA. ihiK nn
tnJ MkttfM it. .i .;m kJ vJA.W.' independence of thought or action, and as the Dolitieal mtmrAn r 1
l: ! j ' t I Kllirh. tllPf hllinff HMlrn,Ar an m,ns nttK. I !!....... I. :ll i
psriicaiiriy amoag nm vrigintu i, irnua-wiuio i r t . -"o Vv;ivii. o win qd seen luat il t
me eteverua nour aamirers-oi pauem 400 oacneo 1 :.. icciivm tKmuii ifni iwn 01 ine lionveraativ rr.n v7i
viwq ncflgm inu uiuugn.uoijm a ibwi uwi.- 1 hw imm iih hi ubuii ruiuicssuB9 01 I ine V nig 11 t. I hS mav he U inf
mat and dtsresDeetful manner. iKven lie neffru 1 venerea nrn. Anil mftmt having can it,. o..w n.l- '
" i.i u I'J- IJ..T... V . . ... muu-treasury is concerned, r.l
mm 1 1 11 1 ik uwiiiihi b-iii mumw Hun awn linn nam. mmtm I . j , v . . l .
b" ; - -7 . tt .t t i '7,r
scrubbed, scraped and curried down the oncon
1 ate of the U States! humbled and degraded The worst that can happen in the et
7 U11? Pfcdenfa feet by. the; Expunging yet to come, will still leave an or c
TCIOUSOeMl. 1UO llHnD,NIBBWIIII S1HHIN, O.-J,.,: nA it. ir,tt..c . - Z-- II
1 r
li 1
.! : I.
Third Day:
! 1
Cotton bag
Hale rope,
6 Wool,
3 Naife cut assor. 71 a 9
.l0i:i2i-r 1 wrou ght 16 a 1 8
a. 25 0t9 bushel' ' I : ! 's 50
,xtM.2;oLgal' V:'j 75 a $1
lamp i 1 ,tu
Urtseed 1 10 a 1 25
6 a 8
Mr. J E 'Juh'nsou, wife of Capt. Joseph
Johnson, of LyncjMass wss seyeiely afflicted
fur ten years with j Tie Dolereox, violent pain
in her head, and vomiting, with a burning heat
in the stomach, and unable to leave her room.
She could find no felief from the advic of ae
eral physicians, oujr from medicines of any kind,
ontil after she had commenced using Dr Evans
medicineof 100 Chatham fltreet, and from that
time she began jto amend, and feels satisfied il
she continue the j medicine s few days longer,
will be perfectly cured. Reference can be had
as to the truth of the above, by calling at Mrs
Johnson's daughter's Store, 389, Gisnd street,
IN x.
Ppik; looibs
tyoyf ljtl7iRif!l001bss?5i a;$6T
abush8HtjSrtgar lb :10a 12
a $3
'fterir;,.4(Qra445w . -ybush " r $1
'on Uoibs ! 61Sieei; Amer. 10 a 12i
kitii m l W-A English ; ; j 3. ; 1 4
j 50) German 12 a 14
jsifliTea jinpe.81 js 9137
1 ii 1
MOUNDED sbouVthd last W
(jciirr from the subscriber i at that
tWIfijsidiig in jSrokes Codr.ty, N.
liiHaVmy Negro man v
iJ or Itearsiif agte, and of a verv bright
I tU. :i ? X; te. i ' .1. t - .
sase, is
his less
l.rfc -ih'ishMjqiad)f hair, a thin- v
m built njiighi; from 1135 to. 140
a very; iirgei scar jon one ot
thS ankle!biievld to be on the right leg.
below the' elbow oc-
Hts heels have been frosted.
W fUrjr iffss-4 If f fears span them.l Cell
ICP Mrs Anne F. Kenny No 115 Lewis
street between Stab tori and Houston sis , afflic
ted for tea years wtb the following distressing
symptoms : Acid jerucialion, daily spasmodic
paius in ine bead, loss
of her heart, giddiness
of appetite, palpiiation of
aitfl dimness ot ssaht.could
not lie 00 her rightjaide iisturbed feslitler in
ability of engaging in! any thing that demanded
vigor or courage, sometimes a visionary idea of
an aggravation of her disease, a. whimical:aver
t H
Jocky Club Purse 5004-thiiee mile
teatsl . ' ' ' . ' : i
Johii 3 Corbin'a b c Bandit,
I by !Lzhoroiigh,(lam bv Vir-
' gima, 4 years old, 3 6 i ;1mI
1 uifjj'8 otr vviiiiam 4 years ,t
.oldl r Wis- i . 31 2
Col. B C Willis. Col J C.
Gioson's h e Dandridge. by
Garrison's Zinganee, da m
by I Lafayette, four years
Ol4 . , li ! - -
Col. Thompson's rh m Rwe-
na, by I irooleon, out; of
Ladn. 5 years old,
Majol Thomas Dosweil's ch c
Buk, by Standard, 5 years
Col. J P White's gr c Bendi-
g:ffj by, Timoleon, f dam by
Chgrlef , 4 years old, i j
1 1 me, 5 52 5 515
kftiltM kt. 14 aJ ami.ntr - .nrl ' ftr 1 lr n I mm t
OilUT ma, uviiim cwuiik, aauu ; aw is. i . . ' ' m
trr 'nirne.hmint mwih nrarrwrstiM ' Snr. 1 "V - wufc w, kmi i9icuj, U9 mv
fice loVsay, that be gave lull prjof of his high 'vru particular pleasure iio see ait
metal as Fordham had done ; while poor Carry, I Kives i asserting and maintaining in that bo I The political character of the next (
men aimer, uui tor nor jeeoienosa, iwuuiu . noi i uy, uis tfwn iuuepuueuce 01 executive COO I gress. may DOW be l regarded as dec
nave larnea ao rar oenioa f aa o oia in Doia i trot. and. aitntr aametime. the imlptwndpnr. l n.n.atr.. n i(.a .H;n; .1
heata. ! I be third heat Drought op the steeds, I ih rfmnit and li ;...t ...lUrii.. f k. Li:..:... tri .
rubbed dry, and glossy and shining as bright 'as Am ZlJt a' C' 17 Lr" "!. . 1 ' ' Vl" " MS .7 .V "Wfc r": ,r.r'
r ll .B Mrfet Vmll. hsl iiul 1 IiAkH 1 . , t.--', iw iruccui I.KifiURB' lailtIB t(lU8 SO I&r lue ClCt i
striped shot ahead. In fact. Fordham. though aPa lulJS 1 am even disposed to admit it Iffew Congress. Last Con
. ...... i ' - i . I i . .-1.1 . . . , ' 'i - I rf-
the atari of all three was perfectly lair, took lhe Paniai aionemeai ior qis concurrence in Wfilg, Locolo. Whig Locuf
lead frun the very jump, and so kept it "mcun- I ine tvapfingin Kesoiuiioa. tie is now an 1 17 States be-
110011?" uutil in the lasuoile and on the very I oMnct of persecution to the faction whose I fore oublish
encnanteo rtsing grouno olore notea-op cajne baleful power he has contributed toestahlish: ed. . fi2
. I. . J J .. .1U ... i-.i..' I . .- ' i t--- i I
iiir ouwHiieu aiiu uuu iicui-X iuulPWiw if I anri I tin ritilli htnn. In miK ho hnnnr, V..n . O
ur.i w . .nn au i niniinnpii in m rMi mai t raiai. I . '. j. . - . . w
uiucicui view iroin mine oi ine presem state
of politics. , But so long aa Mr Rives holds Van Buren majority in the last Con
gress in 18 States,
Whig majority in same nor,
gijiry, and amidetibe shoots of some 20 or 30.s
000, took the purse of ftMOUU. 1 he nm bat
i i- ' T a .
r -
was 7m : 49.; st-cond, Aid. 10s ; third, 9m l 4s. I himsell wholly uncommitted on the subject
Tiflrolssi slow unning. -irhe ira k was in ex- I of the Presidential election, I cannot, in
eel lent order. The sweepsfskes, mile; heals, 1 honor slid conscience, commit myself to the
2; 2
1 I 1
4 dr.
followed and the following is the result:
Wm H J one's b c by Rotvan.
J. H Vanmater's gr cby -Mont E-
clife,?- j I . I i i
Ru. L. Stevens' b f bv Emelius,
Tiro, 1 53 1 58.
it f. I
Thikd Da v. I
Purse 300-fTwo mile heats.
Mr. R ! Johnson's Rckerj
J. H. V-nmater's Clarion
J Bathgate's vyalf rloo,
: 'I': - cc i m s. ' J 1
; t t ime o aa a 3
i Purse $500 Three mile heats :
1 i
! t
! 1
S v'2
2 13
Nett Whig gain.
The following States are yet to c!.
utterly insignificant and inconsequential to I and their representatives stoud thus i.
support of Mr Rives. At the same time i
am aware that my support or opposition is
3 l
him and every body else but myself.
While the doctrine .stands admitted, that
lhe President is entitled by the constitution
to the custody of. the public treasure, it is.
in my bumble opinion, a question of com-
parative insignificance, whether the system
ill I oi suD-ireasunes, or ine seieci siaie nana
i :: I , ' " sn a ' . .a ". j . " '
2i 2 i sysiem, wiin general or special neposiies, r
3 dr. I skj other scheme . for keeping tbe public
treasure; which the wisdom or tbe ingenui
ty of the Executive can devise, shall be a- j
dopted ; for, in effect, the custody of the
last, Congress:
' hig,
. Alabama, 2
Indiana, . 6 ",
Kentucky, i 12
Maryland, 5
Mississippi, ! ; 2
North Carolina," 8
Rhode Island, 2
Tennessee. 10
H. Vanmiiler's Trenton. 1
L. Stevens': Tornado, f 2 broke down tk dis public money will still be in tbe fresidenl
3 broke down & dis stone, i II is the doctrine itself, which it be
hooves the people, to explode and condemn.
ss the most false, the most impudent, and 1 States to choose,
the most dangerous, of all executive pie-
Time. 5 57
-5 59.
I i
We; have the pleasure of lay ingbefore our I tensions;
! ; .-:fi',Wf)ig.':;
Already elected M ' 91 i
Loco Fr
Loco Fc
rewJers in connection with lhe news from
Florida, a letter from our oorresp ndeni.
Weparn from the Spirit of il
il.-i .ti T." . O !. :
tllHi till
: i
1 ra' ; '
ne (1i imee
ttraijdr il is Jprobable that i he may be
rjMuM4aStboughany persons believe
pWtajei Ott by jsl white man, named
f Hi Voahffi who left the neighborhood about
M titoeibrtndna. ; I will i git- a re
FtyMlirsid any lone who j will de-?i?-n!iW
hr- 'BViwk Neal in Camp-
:tWV. prlwhb will confine him in jail,
r?tlftrw'fif mi . poeion: ' ' I j ' " Vl:
r ntt? nil? fc-s i-'--; ,.h:, M ';-
Iiy"5TO!taee:rtaia itate f thjs mind,
r npattteii Iby lindigestton, jwheiein the
rVMfPPdea upon the; slight
ir. ,"Wf1aQri consequences imagined.
it'? -Hiteis supposed tbisl jdisease
hv,l T'pf!t-ttujr cpiia nypuenoixjria.wh ich
'SH left idr irat cav-
WPm H n& hjrod,ondtia8i8.i
!IP rl31 8? 10 PlomsUre flatulen
;,.4c. bliwels.- acrid ! erustions
tjpPWipaws. giddiness, Idimnefcs
iiiil WMmStiad of lea' an fitter iinbiliiv
Ifoii !lMtl'nlaPm Aov s Object ;f im-
! "Sfgiogin any thing that de
ii.B risre. 'Also langoidoess
?piuauie, inuugnuui, depond-
SSU Uetected.aecumnan ed with
it- h- nervous svsW-
; -overwhelmn
51 ?tj
e Four Mue R4eei on FrdAvk over
"ton to particular peraons and places; groundless iheJTfenton Course, for &1500. (500i to
apprebepsions or persons! danger and . p.veriy, the!2.y best,) ws won ly H -t r; in twi!
an irksomeness and weariness .f life. disconten iA UMt... n...,..i. J.... v..l..:f -n" J
J j t - I s a . I - e- a- k oiui n rt aj f ffeiMl : 1 a III ti
lawi . iilenitianlnlA tn I flawaarv aim hi rvtfsaifit: eliA t i 9 1 . c9 f "M-t
conceived sbexioold neiiberdie norli?e;sbe wept,
I .ft- . .
lamented, desponded, : and i bought she .. fed a
most miseraoie nre,! never was one so bad, witb
fieqoent menial i hallucinations. ' .
Mr Kenny Kad'the advice of several eminent
physicians, snd had recourse to numerous medi
cines, bul could not obtain even temporary: alle
v ration ot her distressing slate till ber husband
irsuaded ber to make trial of my mode of treat
. 8he is new qaile relieved, and finds herselt
notH)oly capable jofjatiending la her domestic f
airs, but avows that she enjoys as good healih
at present as she. did at any period of hef exts
tence. r ... ;1 . ; - . - . ,-jVi.
J. Kenny, hosbaod. of the aforesaid AnnA
Kenny. . j
iVa tonal Gazttts
! I regard thrreFTential election as in 1 To acure a majority in the HMse, t
truth the only important question, the great Loco FocosJ must gain sixteen mem!
question, of national interest, which involves I clear, Where will 'thev get them ? L.
and absorbs all others, m the present junc-1 ther Post, tell us where f
iur or -anairs joining, in roy sense, or
tilings,' fan stop, or even check, the trsnsi
tion of the federal government into a mere
elective monarchy, and a monarchy elective
through the instrumentality of the roost ms
. mi i y-A i . t .iJesiiD'ini
vs nere were carr.aes on tf, g ; ,
if ruinl: and Mintaniiani n.. .m. im !l
""r T r " " '"r1'""" iiliyfd the
WU,BW Va PUVVI.IVIBl ' ; 4 I !. I J 'SI
fThe quesuon- is,--Are the Seminole
sitirete? or has noA a kenlle zotivr wait
to them the fragrance of the ; delicious
nds provided by thei 'humane ! General,
they merely called.fn tof regale them-
ves before harvest? 1 1 am itit lined to
hcheve they have. They cajoled General itgnaut taction and the loulest corruption.
ike mannerTaVid even agreed up- but the dismission oi our present rulers
liirried terms of rapitulatidul tThiy I from the public councils ; snd confidence
" ! . " . i V I ! a . M . a ' r . a
same srame with Ueneril ITay- iorevei j ruiera.1 can mem. ior mey are our
lor; 1 opine thauaa thetr planting opera- masters in laci, woaisoever tney ougnt tone
lions Have been dndisiubed4they are bit in) theorjt j and bard masters too, who rosin-
setking lime to mature their crops, and o aM a no pay ine airav oi panizsnson wnicn
The: iVctr rbr iSfar j gives thelfollowli gei lhem in. when the interesting j farpe if tbey depend for power by openly snd avow-
: 1 V
wd ff visitors from the southj apd i citi
zens, whom the . cars, availing thembeives
8wdin before mei this 14th day of December, J of )hepne weather, took up by thniisand;
carrying on one tup aione, u is sai.t IfUU
persons, ana maaing tnsi nay at least, up
RHEUMATISM( i.h an . Affion of the ?f 8f SOOO. The a-me and mce musi
ustc y,ca nc rni o in"1, Keepera oi me
stands which swarmed with heads, n lar'se
portion of them ladiesi while the! grounds
witntnprte rouise disported numerous1 ele
sant vehicles. Th mnfts saa. prV fvii.
Shiest i roMion, theC tongue tjnthWs well aa the appearance along
whiteness ; loss of -appetite, tLf ri Jrl !f . m.-w j i L
Jd, the bowels commanlvT se' St;f?Jd of:f bl,pk oitude seated on the
hg: acioont f the great race which ! came I hide & seek will be again performed before edjy dealing put the honors and emoluments
offiovir-the Union Course onf Tuesday! it is laid aside! for another novelty.! You oiyffice,withouiihe least regard to any merit
last r i i s - M ; I ll mav depend the country issickrof appro-1 but party zeal -and party, services., in one
:. - . V f f i i I mt . ; m, - a-I. t i . 1 . - . . '
Tlie great four mile match jraeej over nnktions in this quarter, and as Coneress instancejatl lesst (and i believe in many
.lTK: , 4 IL J.J il. a . . ..: -' ,1, je . 1 . 1 ' ' -z ' I -
ine. uiuod vnuree-1 i., came on ypsie-4 nnqs mat an inuian nsr requinng an an
J..I- Li- i I JTi i' 'T- ! -J ! .I..' ?.! a- -tl-
uay very oanusomeiy, oeipre an immense
Looes cored I under ibe treatment of
EVANS', 100 Chatham: sireet, New
York. Mr Benjamin S Jar vis, IS Centre at
fewarB,ii. J., amicted for four years with
severe pains in alt his joints, which were always
increased 00 ine sunniest
preserved a steady
v -au ma iicsw. assv? lAivrie vuiuuiunil wc 1 l a e . i- i ' 1
ly costive; the brine high coloured and , often ? fn1 af ineoPn .car "ppearedi jctovijig
nrofncA Btisiiin nn,itn4.H da t.luf v Tk. i. . I Wtin In ODnreCeaented VelrifilV i '., 1 '
bove symptoms were also attended .with eonaid-1 - i be! horses Were already! mounted when
erable dirEculiy of breathing, with a 1 sense of I we arrived at the nick of time. Mr! Heth's
t lrrhlnAc ,irma thai lil-caia rwrm.m XT - t l ,i ' " ! .
(. :a3 '3 1 ; - w...- .M.p ' ,
M '.La m a . : J .... t v I , . : - J t -'.: :l ?
v. fi' j3iu. ana mere; remained bnt three rOxfaU chit
v. .... .:...,.,P,Wwn. I"'"' irlu""u I dren of the mnenal hmmehnlH l?ii;--
, f w uvapw
1 ".T isuioy quarrel inr l rapK
nei ween the royal blood of a father!' w
aod a perfect cdre efiected by Dr Wm Evans
H I Jbknj. j jarvis
Cify of JS tvi .Ferlrjs,
as DQtti
" .-: : j r IB , . . .. ..
Benjamin Jart1 ' ?hiaT rfolw' wmn. rfml. 1 OSU made his "proudest triumDhs
" pose and say j thai the facts siated in lhe a-1 tyf ?Y -.tuff,; created teivafod
ootp ctmnciite, suoscr!Deox dt ram, are n ail ;f f fferp 10 UiVHie I equally t in
respects true; j Y ..KfcN I. b J AUVIS, F .rdhlm and Jnh.: wl.iia Prfrlini
3TurD Df?iurtF.,'nie. in is zom oinffmiifr iHh. 1 ... s . i- i i t
- : , j . - 1 nn erx aaiiti I2SWIISvsbi anil miani iaia a
i iBBff sjLfta it'S SAB sail
ite a memorial; of iler
contend with the hroad
haHnrhes snd firm set shoulders wHich lier
U'itU'A I ..... ! a I J..S f.-i
me evidences
I i !' V - 1
sa n
WILLIAM SAUL,' No..., Poblic. 96 plied,,ro,rt , Jj
Soi 6, Me; bfiirlen ffM J' ?(
GEORGE V.BROtrAr Salisbury, JV. C. hJXln V 1 V',.,WU,H
JO.V JVO..i Afiraer A. 7 htel trfn hnr "tn iodispuinh
. j?.vnb.snv Cnmj.n m n "I W'jr high extraction. FordhattiU rotle
" j'? ' suipea vesuuioR tne;leau ul
the, first beat, and so kept iu worrying
much 'it the bit and fxtigninhimseli logo
E.JOHJSr tWGGlArS, Columbia; S C.
W M. MJSOJY, & Co,RaUiehtmK. C.
Jtfoy 10, 18SJy4t
more) an officer, after bavins received and
nual expenditure, of three to five millions, appropriated public money to hisown use,
wil, not be sustained bj the people, they hss been Knowingly permitiea to retain ois
wilf appropriate at oncef enough ;to over- office, and enjoy the spoil, in order to secure
come the whole eountryi t wenty or tnir. ine countenauce w uh ou ju uisineuus
iv, thousand men judiciously employed mav support ;of the sdministratlon; sad the Cab
terminate the difficulty ;jbut a. less ndmber wt Minister, who was President Jackson's
cannot. Let the whole force commence t instrameht in thtsjjrpss snd indecent abuse
the Georgia line and swfep souinsnd ev oriLxeciitive patronage, is .u.ii rresiaem
ry thing in the shape of Indians, Horsw, Buren's Secretary of the Treasury. Corrup
Caulej Sfc. must be diiveo tb the jumping tion is raising her bead without shame, with-
off place. i -.A. H ! I out ieer,und (soiar as me oominam isciiod
General Taylor baring been especially and the reigning dynasty is roncerbedjwitb-
ssstgned by the Secretary of War tb the I oat reproach. The stimulus to the agrarian
cornimnd ir Fiomh.Gcn Blacomb has d. spirit administered by the government at
clined to relieve him tinlil the Secreisry f s Washington, jhroogh alljis organs the cry
The Gen. ib chief has of the poor "gainst the rirb,wbirb has been
gathered some caution since General Tay wilfully and successfully tsised the clam
lor checked bis interfereice as yoo; will or against all indepeodeiiceiq tbe admin-
H'-'VllIi IIC lUIIUCI kailCW NIB ' UIUCII )M I IMIIIIVU ,ia.., w w w
i - . . - -I' - I EI . : . " . I - I v 'M li
Memorandum Indeed the question may 1 to an ssssu ton ine principle or property j . j Florida! Tbos have we spent 20 n.
with much propriety be asked, why it wis those .Hsffusnng professions of ulta-democ- Mhti, and lost brtdrels of valaatia in
that, General Taylor, who was on the! spot racy, louder snd Jpuaer, at ways, in propor aad Had oorseivee preciwij u o ,
and well skilled to Indian diblomkerl wis tioo to their conscious insincerity- snd tbe ! led f me seoiino'es nsve fa u , ;
. L . B . 5 at w . . Z t ! k - . L ' ' !. ... . jt . .1 ' Amt.m 1 1 jlaffl Irttl . Im 11)11 T
not fnyested with the plenipotentiary -po tuf ol these odious and ,.nonest sr ; ; -f- grieVVocel which r
era eoniened up.n General Macomb r, Gao these are symptom oi oegcnrr.noB how
any one tell I Jutr latter cornel at the orir republican institutions, the nature snd
eleventh hour. oL.thed with the do mo and tendencies of wbich are not to be mtstaken
1 ! ! . . . i L .Li.l l L 1..L.I..I,.. u. .t.
circumstances ol, a ciiieitain,; uispensesnia i or anv iniii wiH-tiru.www ura
gracuis rue in to bis jru V guefits wiva lention 10 ine "isirr oi iob prticsi
think bjmlVaUice brother, v bemuse ffe I downfalllof repaMiean gvernments. And
gives t?od rum.' and aiiould iiis 4liptomi- unieiui ih prartiee of these arts 4ran be sig-
cy succeed, will go. ho4e irownrd with
the never fading laurel f having eitnin
td i twenty millions wsr, whdsl General
Tavlur who is really entitled i siac cre
it, will share the fate of his .illuatrious
: One of Ibe most glaring and objociional! .-1 e
cimena of Eseeuttvs interference with t
freedom of Electjons,, that we have ever '
seen, is to be found in Me Globe of Thur
last, in which the Attos2vet Genes 4L cf t
United S'ates appears under hia own rr:.
t propria persona, as the writr of an elect i
eenng paper intended the Ten n-!Prt cm!
wrrnen anoseni'zeo oi inai oiaie, i
used in tbe political contest now going on in
and published now for tbe benefit of the j .'
generally. -This article is ai elaborate vir :
tion or tbecondoer or iir van uaren during t
latewar, and a laooored attempt to have I-
war democrat." If lhe duties of Mr Grun
aAaa' Bva t Ik m wm 9 ftirtn aas f txr K iH vS a r. . t t -,
SJ AAA I VI SUV IIIVI uiaiivo vm u .4Jti'-
handsome salary, are so light as to enable f
to devote much of his lime to interfere
with the elections fo ibe states, the cur;
svtioa ooght to be decreased. At any rate,
had tbsoght that Mr Grundy, now that ho h -.
coneed ia a comfortable berth, Wuild have t .
in miiul h!i nvn fmrm inMtfh. in uhir'i
said that be never saw sn office boldrr I
with elections, thai he did not think that !
rtkiinffiM hnAt 1 ra fTMir mnrrnpfl Vki il !
bread and butter than his country.' Jihic .l
Gazette. ...
f - From the Lynchburg Virgin lan
f fd Gen. Macomb has reiurni-d to Wt "
ingtoti from Florida, with bis brovte b ond v. i
a... .1.11 . U1I il f ..'((nra airr ' '
iu-iiiHtu wvviii ii r-vinun
No: thai will- not d; for be has achieved
victory. What tbn ? Why, be has rer
ed tbe Indians io d pfHrtsely what tney t
have done from the beginning that is it::.:
where they are, and kill no more cf t!
white brethren. The object of the war n t
exfel them from Florida : ibe war 'is ended' .
arelold : and lbs basis of the negotiation, if r
ffotiation it may be called, ie, thai hey
der the present AdmioUtration sa jaktly c: ;
T3 The President is now preparing f.r
electiuoeeriny loor tbis.aommer. He vu!i r.
some time daring the present month, fi.r -
tugs Spriog8,osieosily for ibe purpose ei j
bag ot
ecestors. Thus waa the wo
ift&m tit" jNiriin? II, IIICW ilWiU v - j-; mm w , :,K 1 i ,--
1,1 ,,l!inl. purling in nouoa inevevro -
or by compolsioo, is the leader or tbe tool, ; fli. jCtzt svmmer. h will make a 6c
bfj lhe faction which porpoae. ro'htr .
one shall cease to have any tjope of tbe Re-1 oow a days, however, aboui Tra ivellic -1
public Mtt fine, I must insist; ihat EJr Rives iaets. Lnchlttry Firz r-:
!l . i
, !
5 its
r f CM
i i

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