North Carolina Newspapers

    - ; - ; ' " ; Published eveiry-Friday, by- HkiiLTdjN jones, , edItor proprietor.
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I DuW44W f ijf Ceo per year. I .
fkmMJXie whole um at one payment,
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11 i?: p; i a ad ratice iUie sum of
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il :y felt on til orders
f' phemhe'r e iio!;(l Ir ectloos
ii - " 8
MK5 ai70
(r Ibt 0
55 a 60
1 8 aO
25 a 30
Pork, K SO
Suffar. br. 10 af12
;. loaf, 18. a 20
Salt, ..$l;54
Tatlowv 10 a 12
Tobacco, 18 a 20
To-linen, 1C a r20
Wheal, (bushel) $1
the judgment exhibit an infinite dirersity. The
wisest and best of men are as open to this afflic
tion as the weakest. - . ' ! :
i i L- . ) l T CAUSES. - - '- ".11"
A sedentanr ltfs of an? kind, especially i se
vere st udy prut ratted to a late hoar in the night,
?nd tarely relic ed by social intercourse, or ex
ercise, a di8so!ot1ejh8bity great excess in eating
and drioking, fhol imrnoderate use of mercary,
violent purgatives:, the sappression of some ha
bitoal discbarge, (as, the obstruction of i he men
ees, or long cuu liooal eroption ( relaxation 4 or
bfibility of one pt more tmporttot organs within
the abdomen, is i'jfrfqaent causes 4 1
..yr'-: k,V- - atATMEKT.'. '.' v j v,;rj
The principal objects of treatment are, to re 1
move indigesiionl; io strengthen the body, and
to enliven the spirits, which may be promoted
by exercise, eailf ihqars, , regular meals, and
pleasant conversation. 1 he bowels (if costive a
beingcarefaliy iregqUned by the occasional ; use
of a rniiu apeneci.;, e Know : ooioiog oviier
calculated to obtain this end, than Dr.LWilliam
Eransl AperititpHs-bing mild and ceriain
in theii oneiationj The bowels being ones
cleansed, his inestimable Camomile Piilst(which
.. i ill. "i . . is. i : "iSi..
are ionic, aoouyne, ana anu-spasmoaic are - an
infallible remedy and withoat dispute bay.e
proved a great bljessing o the numerous poblio .
Some phf8ieiajnT have recommended ; a free
use of mercury, bu it should not be resorted to ;
as in many cases tl will greatly aggravate s ine
cfe,:i: rjiiila.i3j
Whiskey, 45 a 50
Wool,(clean) 40
00 1 Molasses, 85 a 40
Nails, cut, . .7I a 8
Sugar brown, 8 a 12
Lump, ! ! lti
Loaf, ; 18 a 20 I
Salt,- - x lh a 90
f Sack, $21 a $2 75
Tobacco leaf fi a 10
Cotton baa. 36 s 20
I a 32
rJCfia 11 2T Bale rope
a 0
'.. ; i;
Wheaf ; 1 25
8a 12
a 1 35
00 a 50
20 a 25
3 L i. if:
it '
7J a 9
wrought 1G a 18
h fifa'tSjNails' cut assbr
llp Oats: tyishel
a 50
7$ a Si
ltoe lb 1;01 I li nseed 1 10 a 1 25
001 bs
45 1 1 bush
tujMMif igb Steel Anier. 10
N3C-. ,4.5i;f50 j;
6 a 8
German 12 a 14
ea;iinD8i a $ 1 37 J
"4WtlW "-He subscriber St that
sui n g i n i one 9 :y ou r. ty , J(
-3 . J .S '. A ' . - -
WJK mWW and of a very; bright
t;iiif:Uja::8koemaker' k-y traded has
yj hsKfi)ilaj othiir, a'thtn fisage is
u: 'ii
mm ana
wehs! frooa 135 to 140 punds.
It v.
.vi,ay.ery.are scar on one of his legs
ankfeVbtifieved to be on the right i leg.
rt f jffeh rm josi beljw the elbow oc-
m mfymi9 Ms have been frosted.
vnwryin43leftjscars;epon IheraTHCul
WilJris" probable that
;g u,funougn many persons be
"HSWywfTiby iahite inao,
;fm MwWti thVneio:hborhood t
ikm r'3Kvriiati.iU'iV4nW'':in. .ri... .in' i,l
JeWfi? tear Brook. Neal in CampU
Iff tSf fnfi'-ehim fa jail,
i.ear Ulakely.
he may b
wm eive i a re
?ead Ae foltoiping interesting and as-
1 tantshing facts: f 1
J t3 ASTH M A 1 'I ! H U ri K V E A US' ST A N D -ING.
Mr Rbbert Monroe, Schuylkill, afflicted
with tbe above distressing malady. Symptoms:
Great langot r j flatulency ,'distorbed rest, ner
yous headache, rfjAicultf of breathing, tightness
and stricture across the breast, dizztoesss, oer
voos irritability an4 restlessness f could not lie
in a borizintal1Klsion without the seosation of
impending suffocation, palpitation of the brari,
distressing ruoght.rcs'iveness, pain of the stom
ach, drowsiness, jgrfat debility and deficiency iif
the nervous energyl Mr RMnro4 gavef up
eyery though tof jrecovery. and tlire despair "iat
n the couutenanef jof every person interested in
his existence or happiness, till 'by accident he
notieed io a public! pa pr some cures effected iy
Dr Wm EvA;Nj- MEDICINE In his com
plaint, which induced him to purchase a pick
age of the Pifis, Which tesalted in completely
removing eyery symptom of his disease. He
wishes tosav his motive for this declaration; is,
that thosft afflictek with the same or any symp
toms similar io.;thbsei from which be is happily
Mrs. Susan D. Pendiet0D3
' "! k
Milliner & Jattuiamaner
Near tiik , Apotcecaby
HE Sobscriber informs the public, ttiaj ansi
: has last receiyea - inroaga -iub ;xiorHeiii
ities the latest and most approved f l ill 4
And is prepared to execote orders in I hej ;mosi
stjlish and satisfactory manner. - As tf the Joanj
ner of her woik, She would appeal to svra La;
jjesfof this cotjamonitywhojhaye lWljrrid
ork done by heir and JMilliners in-PhJadlphia.
fi Work! sent from a distance jshall be; carefully
nht on and torwardei. , .L-i-J.-,,iU:i?i J '..
s r t '"7T- v
ASD 'I'M' ;
mVi additional MracUons'j
i . J r ,
Tbe present namb?r jploses the first v&lamef of
lha jBili Grower and .ijre" now taie iflie popnorW
ulf io return our thanks to thosej kind friends
wbo have so UWally, patronized j est t sic
cets( of trfe work - has fexceededi-odr. ?riosi san
gui&e anticipatbns, and will cause us to
labor or . expense ' whatever to make the- K
From the Raleigh Register.
- O U R UN 1 VERS IT Y.;
thoroughly disciplined by. the labort : ?
a Collegiate course, and of beirr rreri'
. There was quite a literary CarnWaUt Chap- "'WTerti parts w ue grcit t.
el ! Hill, last. wmU, and as we happened to be 1 ru c ni-. . , t r
a looker on at Venice- we shall briefly state the ti Ti jf C . M
inni. I,. .I..":"'?- . Curke, Joha I' UuU.erf
"i. : k- --.. ,--. B ! V I liniwn. of Caswell. Jarvis
FatettevilK Richard S Doinell. rf C'r
hirthj. It was tne. Annual Uommencement of
)he College, and we wilf premise that the Exer
cises were attended by a v.ery nomerous audito
ry, frrabracing some of the most distinguished
citiz-ns of the State, among whom were all the
jiving Ex Governors of North Carolina, with
one exception; and; (what was much more im
portant to the
the proportioa
D. D. Fen?bee,f Corrttuck. JoJ.o L. H
of Nashville, Tenn. James H Headen, t f
ham, Walter A Husketof Fajettevil!?,
us Jones, of Wake. Anaus C McNeill. f
eson, Thomas D Meares, of Wilralr 't
f9. V TilUn -t r i i .
yoargentlemen of the College) the Degree of Bachelor of Arts ,
of the fair sex, who -racd the te, - '
i EC? lA few Bonnets, Caps; Tcfbans, and
ojther articif. will b kept on band for sale.
, Salisbury, June 14; 1839. j - .j
restored, may
benefit. ": ."
ike wise : receive the inestimable
M t I
Mrs. J. E. Jcihnpnii. wife of Cant.! Joseph
Johnson, of Lni ijtlass was sevetely afljicted
for ten years with Tic Dolerenx, violentpajiri
in her head,nd Ivomiting; with a burning heat
in the stomacb aliB onable to leave hej' roiobl
She eould find .no! relief from the advice t)f sev
eral physicians, npr jftom medicines of any kind,
until after ahe had commenced usinu Dr Evans
medicine of 100 Chatham street, and from that
time she began tJ amend, and feels satisfied if
she continue ttie imidrcine a few days longer;
will be perfectly pitted. Reference can be had
as to the troth of thie abiive, by calling at Mrs
Johnson's daughter's Store, Sb9 Gr?nd street,
M--V- - -ii -1 ; .-.N- - . i -v.:"--; I. ',
rj fflHE Semi-annual meeting of the .6aWjfea
pi Cpunty Temperance SocJeiy will be held
IM the Presbyterian Churehjlft! the townljf Cvn
clird. -oti vThuiSdav ! 25th I Julv. it beins the
ffrorsday after the J lily Coort of saiid fcoujty.
'Him Rpv'd D A Pn irk will address IPareit is :
Iho Rey'd P A Stnibel will .address trief Voing
arto uen. ram oarringer i iauuirastic twpui
berswf the Temperance Society,' on hii Jies
connected with the Tern perace rtiforria. IV.he
cHizpnrlof the cuuntv are res&ecilullf.ijetieafp-
i . ; i. : ' -'. " . '- T :m -i
esll solicited ti attend.
CONQ VOLUME hterestingto the SILK Trf w lne,l Pp58". TM ona3ay ! The ftrsl distinction in J
- l. r - . - - . J o imhirlo t iki, ihI.mbIiii. ..1.1 I f" .... '
THDUSAIVD COPIES EVERY .MONTH I ...v...-.xpua1M,nw idqi KS Dine landD D Ferebee.
to sibcr bers residing id ail parts of the Union U Fa" "a ,mHrou !e ! ,ee"n?. which ;Tbe Honorary Decree of Master cf A
and from the contmufid demand for 11, bo doubt I u f , iae conferred on the following genilemen.
V'!' ' . . I rf itiA InttilHimn ! In.., W n
. " J , . -w-'wi.w .... . un ..oinn w WMa- " 9 a . A . i
' ' . .. TL ,A J 1" "X I UIIUU IU l IICIi Vl VUI LIC I . J t tl, oi tnursnay. wn londay evening Smith of FaS.ttilI- Hrt,a T. T?
uu2 gruiiviuen sneciea irom inn hrihm,n i r...:n urn- r.
ri j-.i.: j ti. . - .1 "r."""; I vrraaviue, v 411am r, uona. 01 uert if
y,wcM uueuTOuiP.uDjecyi spectnec, Vix ? I G ah am Toll. M. D of ICinoretnnJ J.ihn s !
is entertained that the patronage will -be
ed in a few cronths at least fourfold.
: We have placed in the hands
French translator, morethan
bfi an eminent
July !5'
EMAimNG in the Pi Office
.'ord,.N.C, 1st July 1839.
ECPMrs Artndfi Kenny; No 11 3 Lewis;
Street between Stanton and Houston sis afflic
ted for tenjears wtSrCtbe following distressing
symptoms : Acid eructation, daily .spasmodic
pains in the head j loss of appetite, palpitation of
of her heart, giddiness ahd dim'ness otsight,could
not lie on her right side, disturbed rest,, otter in r
ability of enzasrinz lin an? thins that demanded
viguf orcouraget sjqnjetimes a j-.visionary 'Idea jlof
an aggravation of nej disease,' aVhimsical aver4
.ron to particular pefsons and places, groundless
apprehensions of personal danger and poverty,
an irksorneness and wearinesa of life, disconien-:
ted, disquietude od eSjery slight occasion, she
conceivedshe could njeitherdie norhvejshp we)l,
lamented, despini ed, and thought she led a
most miserable life ', njever wasone so bad, with
fieqnent menialh:irljcinaHohs. : 1 r ;'
cMr Kenny had - H4 advice of "several eminent
physicians, and had recourse to numerous medi
qines, but could no obtain even temporary alle
viation of her drst essing state, till her husband
persuaded heir to make trial of. my mode of treat
ment. i i-vjl ,".-; ;. ": ' - -'"P , v- ij
She is how quiu relieved, and ; finds, herself
not only capable of attending to her domestic a f J
airs, but avows that she enjoys as good health
af present as she' mit any period of her exis
tence.' ' r":i.; v ." : -;:
J. Kenny, husband of the aforesaid Anne
Kenny. - j '
iSworn before md.
4;rchibaid &. Son, W
ij"': 'B
larrir.g r D M
lizard, John L
Barn hart, Caihnitne
Uljsckwtlter, jSlaitin
Bfggers, JhfsonN
Bryants, WilliHin
if Orn, Ebpn zer B
Brnhard, MrsMaiy
ijerneti, William!
Black, ThrawN
t'J- " I
Coborn, Robert C
Oarron, Richard C
Chaplain. Noah
Earahart, Jame?
I1 F
f tfrrh, Henry
Forgtson, C N
. 1 I ; ' G
Qreen, Gorirp VV
fjasrmufi. Michael
I lowan
Goodnight, John
i iisell, Samuel
rris, K P -
Holbrook, William
Howell, Joseph .
Harris, Joshua
floel!, CiUjieper
,r. t
rwin, ft l.
Long, John M
LfsJ Jaob
lephJer, Eliga
Lniei6n, JacjSbi
Little, Geofgljp
! Ml: I
Miller,! Mrs Min
. m m r L -T
McKreie, Abram
Marh, W'ilh.f
.Morvin', ruwmzr'f
Mc0irjJy sf.Arc
.Vlariiii, Livrnori
' . ; ! -' ! !!
Niceler, HoghLH
iash, illenry: y
NoJly, James B
-;: i'l p ry-
Phtnkef. 1 M M
Pharr, Samuel
Ptnes, .1 Bv'fjj
Peiry, John . f
Plinkt, JameJ F'
Pronj- t. J"h. fla-nlejl
2 Peeples; & MolBt,tssb
1 I m i" e ill
or a Mn-
1 ' ' ' :" - I . I ; : j ':.
Upon the SWiWarm and Stiga,
r- ! r "'. V 1 - ""--' - -1 -
which were sent os from Europe
next shall commence the publicati
kr.owiag that the inforrhation thp;re given will he
tfsehil jand sattsfactorf . We have, also been
promi4l the correspondence of several celebrat
ed rj'RrieJi silk cull ortsfe; which rill also be pro
moIrtte.d throfjsh our pages In fact laU that
we ean do iodi3-etotnae practical knowledge In
regarq to tne siik ousineas aww oe done.
M beginning .NEM VOLUME, we are sri-
licitaus Ubat every persfm' who wishes to obtain
a kn'jwjlee of the Silli Culture! and the grow
injjff the Legitimate iMorus Mnlticaclis tre,
will be po'sua ied to send us their, subscriptions
, tlaPthey may feeare the wvrk;from the
r&ett'-Vill r Holmes, (SouAampton, Va Trimble -v. M. D. of Granville. Robert A Kzl!.,f
v J . V iiiraiucwumrorur mc ucnsillUllon.' : , ., R.. W V Mk i., t,
, and in ,opr Robert Campbell. Marengo. Ala.V M.rlft- IT:" Vr?i.?l.'T?r ' .
on of them, on State Sovereintv ::T. 't". " r rJT:. ?i.MD ,RehtVi
William, M, Barrow, (Eden ton.) on the Meu
empsycn.osis. ,
Thomas J Morisey, (Sampson Couritv.) Mea
e fee on the Public Defaulters.'
I , Ahly W Spaighl (Selma, Ala.) 'Fisk's vin
dicatjon of the rights of ManA :yz 'yi
ry Laceyr of Raleigh;
The Degree ofn. D. was conferrp l
Rev George V Freeman, Rector of C
Church in this City and on the Rv A!,v
viison, rnncipai 01 me uaidwea insn;
Ureensboro Guilford County.
I VViKiam F. Martin. lEl.zabeth City. 'Clay rf-Iiveredbv the Pres.dunt Gn, SW4, V
on IheiNew Army B-ILV , . I r i--..- .IL -:::Lt2i ' ,r ' ,
utMui u. ouiiui, i urariTiiie . county.) on the
at t )ee
rota)ineric''mehi of the rfumbpr just abfint to be
pubt-sii rcf.- The year's Jsobscript ions to ;lhe first
and r
of th"?
voluintj will "ease with
same immediate
the nuaber now serit
Wel.Mk with confidence Ifori a f renewal
V, as there s a prtres
nieresi in tnous!ress whtcn makes it re-
ffl a ' a ;a i 1 !
readers should become ac- nitrnno Al fha vofxrir !' hn va r ch I na, v I
Ana tn o,.ntinn w htdlioo V fnrvuntA I a V .twicy,
orders (ANP THfc CASH) itn-nediatett. 'f16. P?! 01 ine
cf tfie t lllMM VOLUME J. " wu,
mcisEY, Corn, oil Deeds;
flMliertairK state oft the
Mfflm W$fi w' th
m$TW When ded opoo t he j II .gH
M:- m Wl;Conseouence! imavinil
ni.lli I i-l " - . . . . . "
!a-a" t4 7 pai eurnyponhondrta!which
I iCptHf I W f naaie hypochondriasis.
t.f vl Hill lsirPTrtMB . - r. ; .!-.--' t -r -:
t T- r-r
'lielf ff9rl aUmptoms irefiilolenl
4ltee?8' 'crld ' erocutions,
tiPtf lI,d oflen n otter inability
JCI il5?:aoV0t oP imi
HlnjOTlaW ! A'w languidness-4
iSfc Ji1 Lted. compinied with
'i-Tit'Ak4-, v i rain 01 ideas
: ;?;i1rUy0 nd cverwhelma
nervous system.
train of ideas
RHEUM ATI S ML, t h ! an Affecyoo of the
LungsHcured odder i the treatment of Doctor
Wm- EVANS m 1 Chatham sxreeviNew,
York, Mr Benjamin SJJarvis, 13 Centre st.
Newark, N;: J,;! kfilicied for four years wiih
severe paios inajn joints, which were always
increased on the Stigjitest motion, the tongue
'preserved a steadyj vejhiteness:; loss of appetite,
dizziness in his bead, t he bowels commonly ve
iy costive, the urine high coloured, and ! often
profuse sweating, doattended by relief. The
boye symptoms wjplejalso attended, with cbnsid
erable difficulty of pr'ealhing. with a sen&e of
tightness across th. best, likewise a great want
of due energy in the $errois system. . , 1
The above symptokris were entirely removed.
and a perfect cure ducted by Dr Win Evans.
' y- r-r;M BENJ. J JARVlS.
City of J Tdrlr, :s, ... ; ,.;. ! .. - ; v j - - f , ::j ..
Benjatoin S Jarvisibiog duly sworn,! doth de
pose and say, iaij jthf facts stated j in the a
bove certificate, subscribed ,bv him, are in all
respects true, j -j REN I.'S. JARVIS. i
Sworn before me, this 25th of November, 1836.
WILLIAM SAOt, Notary Public, 96 jhas
sao street. -,i' v
4 -.Sold bf ' llieLl following Jigent, : "y,x
GEORGE Wy jtf'b IT W. JSalisbury. JY. C
JOILXJ IA'GLLf (Bokstore) Cheraio S C.
J. H.MDRUSOlY, Camden. S, C .
E.JOHJVHUGGJjyS, Columbia. S C.
IV. M. '.VjiSOwYVkl CQ.Raleish.JY. C -May
Eriutons, EHa.s W.
Lee, Jackson
Lee, Elias
iuly 5," m$
Reec, wis -;iary
Rile, VViHiamj
ise'd,. lleorj
iusel, Deli
y m
8 'M
Sides, Eiiz V J
Mockes. Secretary
o'onn, njumin i
5!ou2n lflsan:fi
WlU J ,
iviiMej.Mys, l?i.t;;ZTE
litte, Jos y,h cL j
! . -y '
GEOhfJE 'KlLUlTS;1i1f i
j per John 4 Craten,
-4vl9i ' i ..;
i i " v - ::- ' t L ! ill!!
fWHE General Assembly having antiori5e!d
44- the Governor- to procure one complete pt
of M EIGHTS and MAASUKES, asf S and
arAs foi eacn citinty. pt rsot s disposen il to J coo-
tfact are invitedjoj-maie their; terms! Sknbw?,
afreeably to the Act for that purpose,! ; Chapter
S 4 , r . . ii ' : " - !'.
MMeis w me wetgois can
rxecuttve Office.
I April 1839 -tfS9
be sefen at th
. . I ; H a. "
Statesrille Female !Acadiitiv.
! f 21 HE Subscribers are happy in beiftj;alle
! pi announce to j be public,' that they have se
ctlred the services f Miss Tabitha IRaWin
irkhe Female Academy at Stairsvilla,; as Tu
toress, of wbose high Qualifications they .hatje
itlffij most satisfactory evilence., i i 1 I
J The next session iwill cummeitce vm th( st
Mondav to Aosrost. Instruction willllw oWn
Arnbmetirk, j Ergljih
f i Iteadioff. vVY rums.
Gmaiar, Geography
with the nse H the
Gloies. Natural Philosoohv Chemistrir. .HidiU.
ti Botany.' sironomy,, Rheiorick, Ligicfc ad
GlogyTopil of sufficient age and 'advanc
iroent will be exercised regularly in Ct.6l position
-Music and JaintingV with, various specips
of; Ornamental Needlework will also be taught.
1 Terms of Tnitini, i'
if: -l -.. ",. ,
Ffr beg innete per Session of 5 months I .
Cmme ncing English Grammar and ' !
i I 'Geography, y
Abjaye with History and Natural; j
i ,-1 ' -, Phi losophy, ' , y :, .- J ,i V" 1 1
Above with all branches io Literary :
II I "Department -K'vCvi i ' yl
usic$20. Painiirff ilO. Contimrenmal5nf4:
i p. B. Boarding can be had in respectable
amines ai i uu per montn. ,
$l 00
pi '
10; 00
1 i
ITHOS. h: M rorie '
OS P caldwell;
jSAM-'U R. BELL, - ;
anr28, 1839 lm48. i
t .
itnai our
wiih the important: results' of practice
i ri: i ."i Lf . i. ; wnicn wb nave u pays oewre-ineiii
A f few Nipies
l . . . . .
are yet .oa hand, and I have bnen stichea np
sxpressly fcr transmission by raatl. j i
T$e terths of the SJLK GROWER ahd
FARMERS MANUAL, is one dollar pr an-
nuiat-TWGn I Y SUliUKIPTIOiNS are far-
i.isheld for TEN DOLljARS.
The work is published monthly every num-
oer cffmprisinp iwniy-ipnr large ociavo paj?-a
E -i' BE i . LIMi luU m VW NUMEROUS
addition of a cover for advertisements,' &c.
xfc'AViy Agent tofwardingL T W ENTY
Narals and TEN DOlLARS (postage paid.)
shall be entitled to a copy of the Volume just
nest cover ! w hich -will
be transmitted to him icimediaiely on the receipt
of his brder. I I
- 1 - : i ' . C
postage pair! will be
Sublime and Beautiful,
j.t ursuaj ccniiiir, mere was a oeciarea-
tton fgairi by the following members of tbe So
phomore Llass: :
I William 1 Clark, (Raleigh,) Eulov on Cant.
k.T .1! I It I. - CJ. (
Vainauiei tiaie. - ; - . .
Frkncia M. Pearson, (Anson County.) Kenne
dy on the Appropriation? Bill. ' , ;
Robert Strange, (V ayettevillej Custis onihe
beiiefits of the American' Uonstitulton.
Atlas OHartison, (Raleigh,) on Female Ed
ucatioo. !
I J eph JNorcott, (Greenville,) Prentiss on
the recent Defalcations. . f ; , y ; -
fTarborooffh.) Pevton on
... r - ' -
University. Never was its situation mor'
perous, Si. oor earnest wish it.thatit mav c-:.:.
to flourish yet. mors and more, yearly t,
forth from its walls, a race cf men to blc.j
adorn our highly favoured country.
i: :?'." t .. j - : t
Correspondence of the Nat. InUlligci
New York, Jclv 4.
The President, in his speech at C
Garden, commenced, with a remark th:
was deeply and gratefully alTected bv t
cordial reception of his democratic (
low-citizens," The Preside t thus, e ?
were, makes an open avowal of the tl:
(Moore,) on tbe 'Summam I ttoneering character of bis tmir, S Thi i
mark, and the sub-Treasnry part cf t
speech, have disgusted all but His pattlz
I l no ,IJenlpcratlc, Young Men's Co
mittee paid $1000 Cot ' the use cf C.v
Garden to teceive the President in.
complied, done up in a
Alfjrders for the wnr
promTtly attended to, if, addressed td the Pub
lisher, C. ALEXANDER, Athenian Buildings,
Fran tlin Place, Philadelphia. i
- ' i4t- 1 1 t t
'JThe Boston Atlas calls atlenlion tri.
thejfct, that, in the ext Congress, while
the, AJniimstration pty lospg its rriost con
s.wrunus leaders Pofk, Howarjd, Cambre
len'g.J ply Mre, II i rler, &c, -tbe;ir places
re wiiollv unsupptieij by the nejv 'recruit?
In th'A Thole rankscftlie Adrotnisttntioh
p'Hrlyrjn tlTe next Hoie c,P Represclntalives,
therejs not One man f distinguished abil
ity, and very few nhole 1 mediooriiyi Tfe
placet Ltnn Banks at the hend of thb
iuren deli-gationlfrom Vrgifli' on thfe
of .talents .' If-he be entitlW to this
urt what most be If be meifitai Calibre of
"'.'.!- If" .' . ." .1, : ' I '' V f ' '
oistm&uisncp associates r Linn
The President to-day dines tvilli t
members of the Common CotincjV 'I
room. '" .--'; ""; ' ;
The people of this city to-day are I :
ing what some newspapers call a tail 1 1 rr.
Th booths around the Park are more n
merons than ever. The great unknown
j VV trust it will not be deemed invidious to
ipuiafii, iiiai nieiasi opwcn was an origins! com
most deiicate toueieAoLaaure and hamor. which
kept Ihe aodienre in one contiaued roar from the
begipntmg to tbeend;
j Oo VV edne8day roorninrr . at 10 o'clock, the
ft 1 t ft J J - r . I . -., r. . t.
annual oaress was nrnnouncea oeore tha two i memoen oi me tjnamher i uomrr i
Library Societies by Hon Bedford Brown. The I called upon him yesterday. To-morr
vrawur occapieo one nour ana a nan in its de he receives tbe citizens in the Gcvcinc
fjvery. j inis production, it is but sheer jus
rice to say, that it fully met public expectation
that i it inculcated .sound views on the
sabject of Education was totally divested of
IJ..Jf Y.H J 1 I! J ;
u i s ami was cenverea id a manner
get efally animated and impressive. But. as it
is ynuersuMjo, toai arrangements nave already! our political circles, but whose voice
heeri made for its speedy publication, it is unne- heard 80 often abont Tammanv Hall.
r?P y" Jhing further-as j the public Uho composes a part of the wetUiw-n
I. J TT V T ! " ' S ,itcal film I mean Mr Bang has com;
f Mm JJ.:: possession of tbe city. The banz cf
throoghont, breathed a spirit of. devotion to the Ptbe 'nentons ' the Ui of ppwder 19
best interests of jhe( Insiituticn : not that we lhat can be heard.
had any rea on to doubt Mr B's soundness on :A horrible loss of life has iust iorctnr
inisunjeci, onx we aregtad ta see a rebukergiv. on the, Harlem railroad. The Iocotnti
esn to it hose members of his party, who. destitute I nt lHthotrf ran r,fY th trat .r.ri
(if lailnihl .Slate rvririp. ira enrlnifiiriniT fn . I.t ! i . .
i. . r: ? . v"' - "-e ine peonte were engaged i it nuttm? it c
cjie pr uaices-tainrTTTe University. ,i, L;v. l...., .j1u j T i
a! ..vtotin .u.r,.,,. ,t,J AAA lhe boiler burst, and killed several prrrr
the AUumni of the University as delivered bT in,n,M,"e,J' 8DO norritiiy muttlaiecj oil r
rpogh; . iWK'ieen, Eq. This ofierino- at the neaiDoont oi ine' smiDce ' or life, I
shrine-of Literature, was honoretl in receiying not now able to ascertain, f The 'origin
luc mils enin-usiastic piaooiis wnicn enlightened prooaoiy lorgoi io let ou me glean) tvl.
jaogemeni or onprejudiced reasonrcould bestow, the locomotive stopped.
iii ourjoujiuon, u niiues ine auinor to rank a
Banks, indeed ! We J)ope that ithefe are
yery few of the Van Uuren delegation from!
Virginia, who are to fall in hts rear I Yet
hat, taken altogether
it roust be confessed, t
theyiMect no lustref
character on the Old Dominion. ! Mr Drom i
creatly superior to Mr Banks in
orl , the intellectual
point !of talents, andarUftht to occupy tbe
position giyen by the Atlas to the Ex Spea
ker of j the House! of iDelegaties.-4 Virgini
The Nashville Union exclaims! ' Vir l
ginta ujairRightT in staging capitals; land im
mediately onderoeath remarks, very appropri
ately, A lie Well stuck to is as good i as thej
trath ! An admirable commentary on-its texti
InchburgPgwiah. j
nion says. A lie well
1 imii is wit!
C3h The Nashville Uj
stuck to is as' good as thefiruiti,
reason'ive suppose, that Ed tor sticks to his
denial that he was an ASoliUoriist, j whilst he
edited the'New Bedford (JUe!. in the, teeth
of the articles from his ptn pen which prove
that he
teas one of that fiction.
SC7i We learn from the last Danville
John Hank is President, ra
ter that a Silk Company, f
which the
very appropriate
. .
name, bv the way.) has been formed in Caswell
coo'niyN. C. for the ppfpose M making Silk.
It is about to commence the erection of a Coo-
coooery, &,c. lb.
e en?ine1bf the car on the Richmond
and Petersburg Rail Road &a off the. track, on
the 24ih oIt; a short d stance beyond, jSwift
Cieek, but the iron work connecting the engine
and tender with tbe passenger cars fortpnately
giving way, the passengers received ; no injury.
One of tfie firemen was severely hart, but not
dangerously. This is thejfistaccident which
has occarred on that road since It went into ope
ration, and is attributed by borne to. a defective
rail, and by others to the unsteadiness of the
engine wheels caused by wear and fear bf Ion?
couuauea service. -iio.
mongftbe .first rn n in .North Carolina, of his
age ; and when published, public sentiment will,
we thjnk, ratify our judgment.
; On fNVednesday evening, the following Repre
sentatfves of the two Literary Societies deliver
ed origintil Speeches, viz : . . -
I Francis H Hawks, ( Washington,) on the in
fluence of Literature on the destiny of Man. v
: John A Lillingiin,Vilmington ,) on the ten
dency of Revolutions.
; ; David A. Barnes, Northampton County,; on
Popular Education. , C'r-.
Calyin H Wiley, (Goilord Coonty,; on tbe
darabiljty of our Political Institution.
iWiljts H McLeod, (Johnston County,; on
Slaver. :'; ;: --sf.y-' ?: y-- .
! Isharo W Garrott, (Wake County,) oh the
Literature of the United States.
; Thee Orations were highly creditable to the
Speakers, and elicited' the hearty applause of the
1 ihufsda was Commencement, Day, and the
followiB2 was the order of the Exercises, viz:
ravjer. - y y
Oration On the effieioos interference of Goy
ernment by Jarvis Buxton, (Fayetteville.) i
.'r Oration On the influence Tof Science opon
indvidual happiness by Den u is D.r Ferebee,
(Cbrritock County ) y'yyy :-':
Oratijon On the indissolnbfe connexion be
tween i.iberiyjtn'f Law by Walter A Hu&ke,
(Flyettetille.; -'"-. ;--';-
? j OraiiicMi Oi the tendency cf oor Govern
ment ip Democracy by John N Barksdale,
fRotherford Tennessee.! ' y "
T -! "5 '-M ' . - ' ' J
Oration-On North Carolina and Thomas
Jefferson by Thomas D. Metres, (Wilming
ton.) V. . ' ! ' '-
Oration On tbe liberty of tbe Press by
Isaac N Tillet, (Camden Coonty.)
Valedictory Oration, by Alpheoa Jones,( Wake
Report on the Poblie Examination. .
Degrees ennferred. -a
Prayer, --.'-
. .The Orations delivered on this occasion by the
Sfoiora exhibited an cnasaal degree of talent,
aod many of ibem of high moral and intellec
tual attainments. They gave marked evidence
HnVftmnr Spw nn xama ilnnn frnm ' ?
bany this morning', and went direcily tn -ten
Island to visit the great Sunday S 1
celebration there. Mr Van Buren has cl
80 gone, and there tbey will meet
I send you Mr Webster's leller, wht.
appears in the Boston papers, and in tvL: '
he withdraws his name from the list of c::
didates for the Presidency.
It is known that my name has been prr
sented to the Public, by a meeting of n:::
bcrs of the Legislature of the State, 13
candidate for the office of President eft;
United States at tbe ensuing election. 1
it haa been exaected that a Content:
would be i holden in the autucia cf tl::
jrear, composed-of delegates from the t; v
eral States I haye hitherto thought pre;: r
not to anticipite, to any way, the result c.'
that Convection. 1 But I am now oct cf t!
country, not to return, probably, much c;r
lier than the period fixed for the tnectm j c T
the Convention, aod do not know what c
ents miy occor in the mean lirae, tvL: ' ,
if 1 were at home, might demand irnrr.: -ate
attention from me. ; I desire, ccrcc .
, to act no part which may tend to prcv;
a cordial and effective union among tl:
whose object. I trost, is to rnaiDtsin, t::
paired. the Constitution of the country,-.:. .
to opbold all us gi eat interests by a r,i r,
prudent, and patriotic administration xf t!. ;
Government; " -?: c.yy v ''' j
These considerations have mdocsd rr. :
to withdraw my name as a candidate fcr t!. z
office of President at the next election.
London, June 12, 1839.
General John Armstrong, formerly i Tu
telary of War, upwards of 80 years cf ee, i :
now residing with hisson,near Gonnitor.
in Baltimore county, Within a few miles tl
of haying been well taught, and of haying miods lhe Cit; of Baltimore. tfatnot.

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