'11 "M -'I' 4- -Iff 1i r 411 -J 5 a k '.decided by Congress, tmZ&ffi&tfi bet half at the einira- J:IH ::-, - (IK no a or a ' fr - 1 S W PHin 1ieMilI cnlj give m cash fKMipe;for the whole of the land, llll ten or- twenty dol- lle'iVs t fr the people to draw their $ Mbfjiioni ' i Mr- Fisher takes great 'Lw iBcaae;) that the Government has lMMl$n9:most cruelly,- which tHdnLf it wat at all necessary, it &kfeVbc7nd all sort of doubt. cpMibi Goternirient has treated it1 evidence that Mr Fisher dfltia" same thing, jior is it j; any Oefsiiould hae treated tbetn all; gSelces'si the first attempt to make ana nnauy, this Go-remnant ppleomheir homes, ui vrui iuu uc- comes with and pbilan jMiiSBtwffer comes be ralfiiled with Parity the loved nuoy juri u ,mw f&lPiest feeling of late sodhsr :;Wtie;POof oppressed people, he was a !SS remnant of were to be tibMthii time tbe HCQ U)tO 198 Wliueiucoa w , .,(. edict ol ims tfranicai T; MrjlTiMjjf some fortoitous concur- S&linKSiW-iri be nick of time to sa?e MiIf-ffiia fanjcal Go? eroment. Hear WbltiriayslJ AB Tf IS WaSBOOn IO laKC pi cc, w ucu mo test noUccumuhlcd mu;! pr(3ferfy,thouhvitU h pfofeasion and his standing in thi pro fession, fie might hare become rich t Vs oua other more specific charges hare been oi iTDicaarcr now unown io ' '- ' . 1 ! .hope cf gelling their I an J, and were about 10 go west. .H is true ine inaians were ni treated by some of the agents and the spec nlafnrn ? ih ippre made to believe, that the Gotcrnment, was about to drive them tiff wised, many o nn ! JAt lhi tfma it oraa these I be false. T"ul-v "Vr"" it, . . " " . t ni .tti ui :i Umw. k..i(.kl morW Sir: Kxhr A (Jo.. ' Otlered I MCci mhi uouuicjs icvviii viiuu their services iojacfc as iheir agents, that is, J P W patlingeojin circulation If Jt to lay a petition before Congress, to have be tme tpat llendersoajis Daojent. in iMvtaM iftim inw.riiraipn limn wiifi i wuw wvww.w kno any thing aboat the Indiana, know that it muaemeht it is an objection to him. Jttt'f aach a time aainia, mat tney wouio o4ve ia i ui a iigu scquaiiuvucc ; wuu know not how far he is chargeable wimstj attenlionlto his Derional interests: but ad- muting ail that is said ion this subject,; if is f its a conscientious Wbigt lighter than a feather,' com bired with the great principles at stake. It is said by abpejol (if. f.m). ih.l l i aAn amatl amfVffnt'ai tt U V i UVU9 w NOU wuiuimy; - - m ' " ed, and have oceppied too mach cf yoar linwl lo WDempi oi money uu But one word in regard to .Mr. I label's, Jogfc "y. , j 4 , , ; j ! . He siva in the latter cart of hit address. rl he J haTejknown Mr Fisher for many ve&jrs Doard .(the Beard to investigate- the Indian I Personally I am friendly wilb him jind claim) fciia in Mississippi's thoaaand miles from certainly should feel no zeal sffairist Uimt if ---- t -7"." r T 1 1 couia nave connaence in Dim, a jo vuo by being in Congress. I cant; see: this bows ver i,riinuw .t i.. hatween l kh two h hn ihTfTtA arrainct mil If it BAt ! lap I IP r T . l L ..--. i thsUlr. Fishir ieios in Cun2ress could havs n4 Parties. ; J Here I am not satisfiedjid r l influence in this bise. it is eoaallv tine be woo1f cannot go tor nim : l conieas 1 antJcr ps ti nn iiifl,inili in nn!hr whr i I exceedingly sorrv if the District ! with Man interest of his cclnsiitqents mijbt be at stake, J overwhelming majority of WhigSilshbuld umesa ue us m'HB jovb anu cuaruj ior dis icuq i wnen II COmes IO ma IBSUTrOVO IO DP reD- stituents than fbl bitnself. faa he had for the Mi rtsftnted hr mantrninr in thkmmin W iK mans j son wooj exen mmseii wiinoat money administration. There is no dantref lot has to aDbuint a Committee to investigate ; thP 108 vnigs is airertea 1100.1190; claim: Mr. Fisnlr if elected, will be one of ti niain question, to those, of an eitrMisiik men to appoint that, committee, and when I thja l"nu minor character. 1 have never oeen ken op iib asV sort of an offer whatever, rk tber than be driven! off. Mr Fisher says bs undertook for them on their own terms ;isi not mors probable they took him on bis owrri terms. Tbese jlarSi plain facts, I leave it far ths people todraw their own conclusion. j J; Mr. Editor. I bar written mecb mors than I expected io;ibave done when I commence IMPOrwTLNT Qr.cisro.1 ! ITbe Supre'n. Court has iasi drlied.: in the esse of Roberts va 'Canoi. from! fiorthamploa. ljis iwumiuj iu ine pmper if CCCiirCCUOS Oi MUo 81H section of the' Const itc ties,1 a rciider.ee far i w el to months in any part kf th Slate U soQ. cient to authorize a vote fur Members ttis House of Commons in the County in which the voter is resident 03 the day of Election, &. that the residence for that period need oot be In ths samecooniy io which the tcUiaofTered. Dut the Court says "that, by a residence ia the coonty, tfcs Constiiation intends a djr.icil in that county . Hits reqaiattioo is not eatisped by a vuit to the cue. y, whether for a longer or a shorter time, if the eiajr there be for a temporary purpose, and with the design of leaving the conniy , when that parposs is accomplished. It most be a fixed s hile ' therein, coostit oting lit this place of his ncbse The Court . farther) remarks that, 'this rriidenee or domicil is a fact, not mors dtfScolt of I ascertainment wbea repaired as the qualifi esiiion of a voter, than residence or domicil at tke moment of a mandeath which is so impor tantin regulating ths diapositioo aad manage ment of bis estate after death. ! : . u- 4. IjVVe. are; rejoiced that this impart act and muejb rexed questtun is now sstUed. j Inapectoia e( Elections win, nereatter, nave no idimcuity tj deciding upon ths qialificatiooa of voters So least as this particular question is concern Raleigh Register: I JS Constitution end Stat : Government lott fox the want of Eleven VoUetJ-Tte Tallahai- senoiar 01 lue i9in ou, nn idki uuictsi re turns from the Alachua territory i are received, truth, that all who knew her. loved and honored heri Ifjin any ca?e she had given cacse vf cf lence (and who lhat lives has not done llh ?) sheiposssed that, iodispoi&tls trait if true grpatnss of soul, a wjllingoess to acknowledie herferrbr, andjLjiesire of reconciliation, which like a magic spell, had power to transform the btttirejs4nnuty into the, warmest friendship. It was thas she secured ths regard cf all aod be came mostjeotnently cseful.L Gat if such were ber vame to societv at larceiin ber owd domes tic etrclf, surely she was beyond . all price ! 'EYJUVS, loo Cl iPOBTJJVT C: U'; Dis tests general end special tTx v : fiu6. BEWARE LEST YE STUM EI r0CT. WILLIAM EVANS, 1C3 pbam street avails himself of he prr. casion to tender his most unfeigned ackcow I roents to tbe numerous members rf tt;citv T t 1 - - an toe pams and schrs i have entrusted thesdtf worth does not -mourn her deilh ? Who fhat I r, : knewer long, does not feeli (in slncemy , of Jre donetheir dotv as far as lies within narrow timb, in j comca?s of, human means. How dlstrc r" fast at ed. I V jiljesettB ladia'ns) wouldHe treated in like ef j(iaf isldriven into the wilderness fiti.i. hS.f in hfl(pr them.V it was at Ullrisw, Msppe neu in tiiat country, pWVSeeti:.o-y -own, woo kl!ttiwofi tbta people laid their rtn iiflT ocipre ie, ana asttu mo io uu it ' 1" A - hjcHskelaewTcsuse ior mem: tney ouerea yjer fnpjipepr compensation." 11 flir. nsaerl nini'Miiameo or airaia mat me - . . . . - i . - 1 m I luiQw iainhe transactions ot Ijliiiif tie not tell us what the sljjcDsahoj) raa1, and what compensation yiadiittslwire 'td .receive in return. Ob tci tuit woma not ao, 11 wouia no siaung committee makes a report to Congress, Mr. rish,- j intimately acquainted j with Mr. FiShers er will be one of J the- men to decide on that! re I temporal drebmstaoees, but 1 hsd heen nil- ' port, to decide ujjoo his own case, yet Mr. Fish der we impression, the v were a cdod l ddal c.nt seew.n can inxiaence,we "PUtVaitened, before be got into th.s Indiln These are plain facts, I leave it for the people I , j . 6 .t.U' j, tL'L ,x .!.. iulu A-lr Iis -j. 4Iii4 wnu speculation. I may be ! mistaken n Mr. Fisher say ft "But roypolitlcal.enemieai lh,bul1 am honest in saying that 4 such have been trying minds of , the peoble,that l am desirous to go tt made his living, by a settled onrfl f. iji; to make the impression 00 tbs I was'my impression, jl trunk! he .--i.t.ii . . F ' . ' Jit J I.:.! . 1 Congress on account of this business: and to ex4 pose tne uucuaritaoieosss or this cnarge is, tne ra arT fnr laainnl t ha forl K-tTfirA nn i ;!ri aw. i.j Mf a pcv. wiui v jviii, . i. -'Fy 1 defy any ma i to point out one single fact, or any number of h cts Jin his add ress, that proves in the . least degrue, that this is not the reason why be wishes tb go to Congress. It is true he says it is not thefreasoo, bat be relies on no. factj and he must pardon us, if we .are nut willing td take his assertions for, fact in this case ; Jnas be not told us be is interested in this claim ; but h bas been very carefol not to tell us to what a mount, but before be became a candidate or thought it would! be necessary for him to go to Congress to attend to his claim, he was not so reserved n conversation about it, it was the haa not dustry in any particular branch bf jbas-f ness ; but by turning his hand to any pro fitable job that might Ichsnce! to come in nis way.j ui tnis cnaracier is nis muiau advocacy!. By this it has been ssidijfqrjia year or two past, he has realizeaos Ppw some estate : I suDnose it will annear at the land. "Where a mans will bis heart be, also. the final trial of all men, that Mr.: fisher is not juatified in the sight of his maker in taking! three or four times as much ' fir his services as they were worthy I merely because It; was the VQluntary; oflef Jof'sh ignorant Snd oppressed people. jH ft j! His friends may talk about Dr. Hender- underatoud he had made an independent fortune!! son's fondness for pleasure and his inatien- iinn in gain, carnei 10 excess, iisnown obiectionkhie frivolitv of character: ti Bit t a kin iouoii 1' iliiisi nan ,ia n vif. t au I . f . : " .. . . l J'i: I vantage Qi mesa ignorant ana oppresseu Indians, and has practised a sort of whole treasure is, there' For the ;C a iiolina VV atchm an. jlSArSfW ho-1,19 been acpused, and D0doubt ha!if Congress Will let him have gettilg toeing uns iaoa tori notning, or airfr sa low! everV body knows that Sf rsaer iS:sh4med ol his transaction, it W'tan1 le 'is&ded of any thing. Who iJ.nbt fe$himed to tell (tie world that affakdfwltbj aiet :.of oppressed andie sjni lpi5fl act as iheir agent to lay a io.efrf Cjgress,to hit ) their claims' ijaind jn tbe agreement secured 4tcpsojf enl hajlf of the Land, as soon as ess sliould decide, and the other half file end' )ftfiTe. years, at one dollar and di Stite rotes ii the eew blan of a constit Jtion - for ths of Florida has been 'rejected by' Eleven , , - r.v. v.- .'1 r . r . - ' ' - - -f ! - I - X i - National 1 Intelligencer. MARRIED V In this Coonty, latt week, by Abel jCowaif, Esq., Mr. ELLER, (first 4ame not known,) tb Miss MISENHAMEK, (bar first name not ktmwo.) All in favor of a United States Back, and oppdsed to Locofocoiam Go it, my soldiers. In this counts on Toesdav !6th inot.. tv Abel Cdwan, Esq., Mr. RICHARD LAFAYETi'E BURROUGHES, (shoe maker) to Miss ELI ZA POOL. All in favor of a Rail Road run- njog West from Fayetteville. Free Scbools.4 and opposed to Charles r isher and the Sub-trea su ana Wntl that Knif ht thr rLwKr nnl iKi 1 i f iW Tr luothe5-- mistress she had few Cesll y heir to,") vuu. tU uv upenara r - ivnn mil iniw oer n.. ... ii m.vww uv. iuuj, uurrs noi , lee soul) in looking towards the miiXyii2Tiiep?' ,lght 80.now ,lsi; he studied is Dyspepsia or indigestion , r . K?ffdV,Ue PtsD 'rlH! fr?1 reesKeirennt, .Jd t "StSrvrtVfi , D ' " loS lo m,ny to miseries . f , Salisbury, Joly 16th, 1339 firmed Hvpchooa'.'iasis Lor? &i jt . AI-E TAG ADUIE Y Hvpochc the subject of inquiry by medical tethers, h mams in much obscurity -Apoplexy; dh:r : . the Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Stmach. tr ! J test'tnes, Gladder and "US appendages; JDian' Mjsenury, torn Wultus Allis prnora V I ' J r" -a a 7 , . r i to tue urama or Morbid Affections. lJr Ei iYit her friends andatroniUiat th present h ,5,, -tfliewttflll in lle lrfJlr academical fear will close on the 51.st instant. i kf ,k. .-.f "J ; teithont a public Examination. ..; She will fevl greatly obliged, by the immedi ate settlement of ber TuttiiW bills, as the coo tin ued iodisposition of her little son calls ber im- j family H. .11. m -c.t v a a ' a . : a uicuiaieiy 10 new aorii. ana any Detention, un-1 cies ot his own and the researches of the m.t tr inedical men in the world. He bas aI?ohn bxpenenee and success throughout i the der circumstances so ajlictive, would be, to her, a source cf deep regret. -" . N. Si; Tbs Salisbury; Female Academy jvill be re opened. (Providence permitting) on the Jst Wedoesday of October next. Salisbury, July 19, rl839 2w5I of delicate diseasei, the impure t: wnicn are aggravated brand rut J the constitution tbroogh the basecoospim:; Mercurial murderers, unprincipled, unedec and unpracticed, in any art save that vl an ting to le:jd the crsdnlous Tictia cn tJ.e rub. Dr Evans See, 100 Chatham stn supplied with the choicest remedies from 1 end foreign matketi aid compounded by a r. ter8 hand on scientific principles A rhj?; alwaya in aitendence, and a prb ate All those who come there in the hour cf sts witr; 00 orw KEJoicmo. r ! I rrrr iii'D rnuor 3fn Inn mr' nlcsM Sottle the same. un or before ths lOihda? tt-?X.VJrrzl of August next. Thos. who fail to do so, need rCvP T r, k n " . " bpt expect further tndulgeoce-Applicaiion may ??"E w a Jeph Browne, .V:. be made for sstttement, eilher to Maj. Sneed or ??,iF 8l: oe,ar tecood l ' illwasbur-h, t f : LAST NOTICE. late lit. L ueco Mitchell by account, will myself. ; , ; . I ! i; A. HEWUEOW, Adm'r. Salisbury, Jnly 19, 1839-4w51 ' i ' TO THE WHIGS OF THE TENTnll sa exlo!llon nPon them, then how fjfnujst rONORP'ffSwAT TiISTRIPTl 1 ms nearr compare wi n one wnose gfvest CONGKhSMONAL DISfRICr.; chgr2e, ii that of mere frivolity ? Bui thjs Who it is addressing yoo now can be a is s matter .between him and his finkt matter of no pacttcal moment to any one: judgei with which the.whigs lavCrnhitig I profess to be .honest and conscientious in to dos except to weigh tt againstfth !pe- if ihev? will rov conduct generally. I would not will sonal obiections urged against Dr. llender MifwM (fhlAii ,ra artiioK mrtrlti I . I.. .1 .U:-J. f .k:-U f 14 l i . ' : - i !:!! lit : 1! fcit;roiico I would ask the whigs then if: iujjHwijfo oi nip Bttuio uujo iu i me aiterwarus i wouic tain oespeaa your ne taken by mere finesse' It tnafi suit mmf: IMtMMPnttrew wouW erant the 1 aucniioa to a fewr blam remain-tottchtiitl Mr. Fshers feehnra !nd intsre.ii aJiotjId s ucoi u wai IMIB9U' uie Dcnu nz ctcmpn ior a memoer 10 retwi ne ire 1 in unnorecs in an with tiin 1 uri.r " Foe the Watchman. j TiluauTE to Tin: riEXJonir 1 1 OP TilllS. OALSS. fTbe departure of such a ; woman as Mas. Wrifred Gales, seems tq call for; a notice of greater length than appeared in the, papers of Ia4t week ; will you, sir, permit one, wbb was pfjvileged lo- have a personal acquaint! uce with her (of long standing,)! to pay! a brief tri bute to her memory . Seldom indeed does thl biographer fiod o rich a subject i for;, his labours as in the present instance, nor can I for one tnu ment doubt, but that in doe time, it will call furtb the exertions of somei abler pen, buv 1 would seize the present moment i to te diffuse the liilht ot her example, throughout the dwellings ut your numerous subscribers, that they seeing her good works, may go and do likewise. : 'i 1 Nature bad bfestowed upon Mrs. I Gales tal ents of the first order, which the jadicioug care of her worthy parents had enabled ber to im proTe by an excellent education and by exten sive reading. It was thos, If under providence.) he wa jilted for the wide sphere of usefo loess iiich in futurr life sue wasldestined to all Valuable Town Property.- BEINOabbot to remove to the West I offer for sale my REAL PROPERTY, Iinff in the ffown lof Mocks yille, Davie county consist- ingiaf s good snog ; HOUSE, st't - 1 And'all other necessary out j rii "r houses. 1 i Hi- ! '. Attached to which All new and in good repair, are I TWEE ACRES JOmLAXD. lying on tx)tb sides main street, and very conven ient fyr mechanical shops, and other bfildiegs fur business, l'here is couvenieni to the dwell ir iwi uc tmm .01, NO IIU UITf (f:)r!.i restored to health through the treatajent if I Was EVANS. Symptoms: Habit oal ecu-'-'. -tion ol the bowels, total loss of appetite, exc; ciaiing pain of the epigastric rrgioo, gre st 1 -preasion of spirits, langour and other i) npu ; . extreme debility, disturbed sUep, inordinate f. of the menses, pain, in the right side, cuukl 1 lie on her left side, without; an aggravation c the pain, urine hijfh coloured, with o?her $) oms indicating great derangement in the fu; -tionsof lbe liver. " . ; I Mrs. Browne was attended by thrrp cf t! first physicians, Vat received but little 1 ; from their medicine, wr Drowne prtc :f some of Di lAVra Evan "valuable pref, arau , Which effectually relieved he f the abevt C, ffessing symptoms, withthers,1 Neh it h 1 essential to intimate, i v i ' 4 ! JOSEPH iiiiov r n City and County of New Ycrk, ss. . j 'Joseph Browne, WilHamsburwh.Lcnv .j,;; bein duly sworn, did depose aud eay "thai t fafcts sTs set forth inlbe within statement, : which be has subscribed hi name, are joi ; ue. j JOSEPH BUOWNi;. uv Husband of the said Haiiah Dro- r liworn before roe, this 4th day of January , li j- PETER PlNCKNEY, Com, of Dems. tffrylwU I leave it . to recent the Distciet in the next CongressJ party? But of this we have no ilecint; pe&rW:tbeir own conclutsions. It seems tcfj tne that te Whigs, are ii and iseculiiy it what we wantl: iTheiVan 8 JM W'fnPH err aa any 1 some aanger pi being deieaiea tn a cause; I tiuren rnjen don't feel con 4i(fu(it d?ng ; ' w ''h-1 -which ' triey rbslre'.och atf heart, by allpwJl willW awhi member, as i iwm mWWi W . -W wad what tie I ins their attention; to be led ; away fromlf the fact, that to a man Siahii "t toBf t : was then unac- I great principle?, tq little ' and entirely ex- i lum? tJiffjmarits 01 their claim, and I traneoug considerations throughout i the District concur in I thev a s fepvj nggor. eeabat H-1 it; : finally,: I erally wiltcMo investigate the gtounds the o iHrBiWM.-.. decide. I did I ministrations, have been pre-eminently !ex UStlSte Hi. and Snon satisfied mvself. I trnvaartni nt AdifarlinnahlA in mnv imnr.r If r - .f . ' T - . ' . j . ."""".ft"., w w..vmw.w mmmmm. J . mm v. m ctirajwas just oeyona Dispute, 1 tant respects t tney . cad on their side the solemn Quite a larire maiority tn the district, it! Ufhsoff Treaty; and 'I; had too mu cb I is believed, desire to see the power - trans-j aanfeit&e rood faith ol our Govern Pferred from our; present Chief Magistr 1 l anil nttrnlv ov." him? U - . UJ Fhe Whigs gen- part, thatj he may go with them strict concur in ! thev hsve anv nrivatn aimr e opinion.that the present and past Ad-ji stronger Kind, I pretend not to .-'. . 1- ' .1 - 1 . r . . . . . ! . ti tne tact, mat tney go tor him is notorious, and. shonld at least awaken suspicioii n TMmii fident that he s evident from they rally around pe, or their or whether assurances ioti a tnbbpt m, M tieP purity of our Courts to wJcresoiK' !; wnat does ne tell us t 4il;wis almbstlcoraplicated, difficult. 4i n 7. - f. ijidf Ifjgetlous business ? A Not he, atoIdiliain fact, once, at least B IP1 himself their claim gtstratei and his party to other hands. Those, who! sincerely; desire thjf,witl feel that the hear- inj? 01 nine matters on tois enu, is not to be overlooked. i ; " .-. ' .--; - 1 nere are now two candidates before im I you; the one open dispute, that they had the you oil all the points which you as a par tant; So manifest- is this: Xpl3f ;lvcb confidence in the that his enemies tlo not attack hi on politJ KIH'lov'erc1' ' "" ical principles al al : In. this respect he 7"I'J Ol Out.' t lillirl i. In rlnitht Iha'raon I I Am k.r.. : k . J TU f i""'t.j5g?!:f ;a I" confession that he erodes not so come out : He is evidently 4T i 'Ittt "lin wltn Ad0S9 Poor lrynff t0 engrcjsS the support of both par- 1'?: Ia suppose be told ties. 1 It seems to me if he is elected, he can fall in, to a great extent, with the Ad ministraiion party,and yoo cant'eharge him with violating any pledge. It is this main ly a far as 11 can! ascertain-, which has ttdiilellis i that their claim iltist beyond dispute? that our Govern. !$icV ? f usy their just claim? : If I WffiiJ'f: ought to have doW-do placed so many y and -avowedly with! We believe that onr present ;CHM (Ma gistrate speceeded to the. chair 'rje jpcif pi by a well! sustained course of ecet hiaa- agementjitogethfr with j rigid sdhlene to'theplsn of ndn-cdro mitts'.. In this ri-' spect Mr. Fisher s course seetnS so ana? gous to his, that it would he strahe;if lie did nor sympathize with him 111 otheirt rej- spects : Early in life she was happily married, aad in this diligent exercise of domestic duties and vir lucvshe enjoyed the deliahlful prospect of rear ing her children tn tbe landjof her birth, in the ntpdst of her kindred and the friends of her youth. But events beyond her control jseparaied her, rroci her peaceful homer, and, ; w hat j was f worse tmh this, separated the members of jthe family fair from one another. And now,fliatine opm the stbtmy deep in the time of iwar amidst a thou sabi trials separated from! her devoted hus haind, we see a presence of inind.and an 'eleva tiic of character displayed hich commands our warmest, su mi ration. 1 1 11 1 The Merchantman in whjch she! was procee ding to America was attached and taken ' by a prtvateer. heyte3d for 'V nun children s 6He, and piiy for the helpless gfoUp, induced them to petinef the stitp lo proceed on-net course. Uflt the ciisfoi tunes ( her voyage were wjt vsvemli'id. she was not to reach the land of. her Sfeitikm. 'without binjr first j cpnfeye'd ;irt 19er ienl whfe. amoiiff a mnle of a strange lart- Ciu'aare,! She experienced a fcrndnefes, wblrh coo ' I C3Another recent feuf of the unrivalled ? fue of Dr Win Etaiis .Medicinti itYhts.l 8M, TJZX Y Ed lis? ST.JADAU.-:; r mg a never tailing SPRING of p9 water, and tUe above couj ior wh.ch ir "f bot'P 'TJ ; ri pacilated him at intervals, for the periud ( msy be had for cash, or on a short credit. , j If the above properly is not sold at private sale before the 7 lb of September next; I shall expose ibe; above pioperty to sale without reserve on that day at Terms Will be made known on the day 6f sale, i L. H. GARNER. Jjuly 9, 1839 551 T bim. And whv PiMwid have got the bargain mhm P'aiu fic7,i leave it for Mlftl their own conclusions. ffl$2P&9 1 ll!k h WM it possible, WdwMte5 jbe so easilv imnosed rw A"1" n otelligent and christian plain of persecntion ? i5MMIr. Wisher would have thatf ihero rj cetiain this tslk shout the which theiWhigi Wi iffklciVflized; "christianized, and out by their tebresentiv Whigs in j opposition to should thev not be : no- posed to him : Would not the great ma jority of the Whigs', be opposed to a fath er or a brolherlon the same ground t 'And wny should Mfc Fisher or bis friends com T,10 Ifirflriacbers, n d the Choc lTOtSj til that sort of ituff; are I wf tei;rpwoVout, to catch the excite their feelings lfWM behalf of their red breth. lMfieircharitable friend. V?lWi bo will not find it as Hi M4PPi TN feet is, the Slf W''!'2 orchnstianized ai?' ,ffe"00i christians have mdPWh,e;800d of the lndians,and Ph. "t10 m f hev can for them ? 'hm ih sS4MW " ignorant as they W'lfy" express!) ItW08 business, that mlp-rtinv so their intelli- ll?llnsleccPlfo0- Bat hi a(? har IV ll- L' .St " " " C418 us IU 019 AjTSe??f fwu neast is true, mat 1 1 bar t,:'t lucm j mat ne was a refused in a . W lbl.Ul II lllDll ftdtins hid niven tir !! 1 plain of persecntion? He is well aware kYtiigs would ! wish carried great principles, out by their f epresf ottve aa far as his jinJ fluehce can .godjt Kjot only do lthev wir! thati he mightpiustain them by his votesj but that he might be hearty in defendinir them in every honorable way. Mr. Fisher has been catted on publicly and privately to aatiafy the Whigs Ion these points, and he does not do it. ' : . If. J Mr. Fisher like every other freemsn,bas a right to his own sentiments, and I nas a riglt to publish them or not. Just as! he pleases : But will the Whigs vote for bim while be eitheirfdoes pot,or cannot in truthj satisfy them pn the points referred to T They are the great and paramount conside rations on which lie holds tbeta in the dark. We havf at dur oflerla man whose sentiments have been known for years to harmonize with points. His intel knowo to be of a at our own i on these vital ectual powera are well very respectable order : He is admitted on all hands to occupy a very respectable stand in his profession: a..i I vneoDjections urge a against And: what are bim ? It is said tha he is a man ot pleasnre.in bueiness, and that he has; ft ihp Kir lnntr iittJIi iK.tr I raaSded a fftatitude as iastirtkr as J life: IBut She cause -Mft-ke sure work for vonr orincj. t irci. .u,Wr-. -y ,VBf. i ,i . 1 r;. "i- t if f u"J iseandi interest ot oor ete-vee i country, anp pies, eve if niiuorn trs ypnf ishas 8tiift ind unif.iylnd 6obly did she were not fully met.f-If wehae lepnfJ, ,kPm for it w hdnvMir ! rirotrad. dence in jour principles let us act tbefiiout, fU Eeasen fin which diving providence laid her hi uiw ic icti vC migui it;arn . d icesuii m i esceueni nusoaoa asioe rrom 019 eoimriai ia- j. iJ t : ; Js I1! .H. U , . . , ..... , v ..n practical wisdom from the party oppbsejd j bjff, and deprived him of power to veatch otw to us. They never lose sicht of the! main 1 heinterpsts 01 nts growing- ramuy ;j 11 was t.-. w i- ; Lib ; ! .-.4 I . contest, r July ldth. 1839. I A!ft$G. 1 SUPREME COURT. Hi William H.; Battle, Esq has tppointed Reporter of the Decisions 3 5 f f' been Supi-eroejCourt. in the place ofTbmaii Uevereut Esq. resigned. f - I he following Opinions have pee vered during the Terra : ;1f if. 1 1 Idel . ' - hiers to assume the ediiorisRpen,;' and ably did she per farm its services, even while! her! heart wp wrung wun angnisn ior me aroicuons or hHr husband, and while her hand alone fonder GoJ) provided i6t the sopttort of her children.-?. Surely none -but a mind f sorpassing energy cpisld have sustained the trials which! she en- !of the I dJSt8 nd endured withut complaining I-. Bet happier davs dawned upon her; i Her . hus band was restored, and ber children' reared with the tenderest care, repaid that- tsndtrnes8 a themaahd fold Bat never did she -force t tbei days of her adversity. Gaston, J. del Court, in the case Fox, frpm Meckle judgment below, i Also, in State Fort fit r - 1 a - a - s ' . 1 " 1 1 ivered tne opinion ;oi trie; j tnat arid moral excellence and the seat ot ele- of IHorah v Lbnglanid gnt and generous ho3pitaIity;i : v t nburff. affirnilnif the I f " bhe knew the heart of stranger,! and how Gtiaze, from Bladen, j affirming; the f judg toido it good,' and how to promote social inlet course sod virtuous refinement in' society. Nor AA etvat minfina hair lihatrlilp taiitfiln Ida Wtnnrlii Al80ln BarrctV- i$!W0? of iher own social circle. 5 Sbe knew how tojenl ot l Irnm Ma. m :. .1 I .. ; . . . . . - . :T t smuiiug uie juugwcii.f portions to the poor, and to those; for whom no ueiow. Also, m Peck. Welford Sf Co. b thing had been prepared, and seek out tbe afflict irupi aswen, amrmirig me i ieu no oesuiuie in tneir luwiy jnaonsuons.- judgment below Also, in Poteet m Bad-1 S3 rejoieed to share with the needy the buunty lor pWjp AIo,,in Iioberu ojhooi; SS from Wortbampton, reversing the j&aetu consider wither it could in liny Daniel, J. delivered the opinion! I1 . .1 iLUi.J!. rA nt:i;ff'. i r t 7 ! As j I pM BKesieu ior ine reueijoi iqo iouijj .u.K...Mm s Aiau. 1 AODerta WiUSnnOU; lhn-m-l f mrit!h rtMl inAt r& Way i cbatribote ,5 , . . m mil v mu luiauMvi, ui mj uuu vui ; mm kbvdli of the 1 the idea bad originated, or by whom patronized Court, M the case of Wellborna i ismeai -flhcr one bnqair? sets. Will itido any trood?f from Wilkes, affirming the .judffoieni jbei- w.heo hJ P001 settled, sbs I bent tb low. ; Also, h Hough; Hornv from Arf. 'Tf-T 7-' f -; "! fP ... . 6. - - : ! ,n i I ImSnt. Elevated, in ao eminent desree. a sou. am.ming uiejuogment belo.j , Alscj, bob thefisboess which seeketh its owd, she in a.owe! v. v eatneroyi iroo uuutord.attir. t it her happiness in doing good to all aronnd ming the ludgmentbelow. Also.tn McEr-i her. Herdonei fwhich were mani and 1 moor' wee c Coilina, from Lincoln, reveling the j tint ) were her purest pleasures, She d flTas- er, from Kowan awarding a new trial. markable decree tie power of adapt her conversation to: tbe capacity of, those with '! I'.. ' ';J ANAjVV .17I ROM the Subscriber living JD io Hamburg:, S. C, on the 8ih vf Afil last . a negro man by the name of JA CK, or J ack Towson. The night previous jears, in attending. to his business; rrstor J perfect health undet- the salctary trcatmt Dr Wm Evans. - I The pymptoms were. A sense of distrr and oppresoien after eating , distretsir j f a i :; the pitot the stomach, nausea, impaired srr. t giddipfsa, palpitation of the heart, great (it I i and emaciation, depression of spirits, d;?t! rest, sometimes s bilious vomiting, and pin the right side, an extreme degree t.f z: and iaintness; any endeavour in purscc l.i iness causing immediate exhaustion and v, ; oes. i ' v- '-. r -, .' ': . j jvr vcnenzte is aauy auenaivg to u$ ; ness, and none of the above symp'tro hare corred since he used the medicine. He i-: a strong and healthy man. He bas if? ru myriads of remedies, out thev were all r -m teal. lie Is willing to give any infurnnti to . his departure, he broke into j the 'afflicted respecting the iuestimnble I r : mv waoie ano iook mereironi a i renaerea io mm oy me use oi uv cx i. medicine. -.'.-. HORSE. SADDLE snd UKIULK. the Horse is about 7 years old, cream colored, snd is abt-ut 15 hands high ; saddle andj Bridle new. When said negro rana way he had on a pair of gren Spectacles, a snuff colored broad cloth oirtont pbat, pair ot saiint paniaioonw, a bornbsziuje ven.sr d a For Cap- lit is very pro bable thai Jack has made his way back again to Nrtrth Carolina, where he has relatives living Any pi? rsori who will deliver said negro to me in HarabWg, or lodge him in any I safe 'jail, so thst I get ihim, will receive a reward of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. .1 will eav TWO HUNDRED AhD FIFTY DOLLARS, both for LN eg rp and Horse. , ' ty' If 1 BENJAW1JN sfi KUaii. July 19,1839 Sm5i .A it . i 1 ! ! : Tk. 3ncwt afar will; insert the a. ay am li v- jav ww mri i w "j , Beal Blpssing to Mollu j)r. JFw. irons' Celebra ted $00 tl I Syrupy for Children ' .Cutting their T fHlHIS infallible remedy has preserved ! JL dreds of Children," when thoiht pr.t eof ery,1 from convulsions. : As nn as tl c rup is robbed on the gums, the child will r er This preparation is so nncrcnt, f- . c'ous. and so pieasan:, that no child 1 to let its gums be rubbed with it. Wlun i are at the sgs hf four mouths, 1 hough t!.c; appearance of teetb, onie bottle cf the should be used on tbe gums, to open ti e ; Parents should never be without the Mr coont to me at Hamburg, S'.C. B:F R, ihet nurserv where there are vocntj chil d; r bove weekly three months, and forward their ac if child wakes in the nght with rain i gums. fue ryrap immeaiaiejj gijts t : opening the pbesnd healing the gutr.i-; t: by prevvbting Convulsions, Fever, fyc. fPrpo positive 0 f he Ejjiiacy c j j'-Hj jL'cans soothing tyrvp. To tie Ageotof Dr Evaos booiLir' Sj Dear Sir The great benefit afforded to r ; fering infant by your soothing ojrvp, in a EEF 1 nnHElSobscriber intends to furaish the ciii- u zens of Salisbury sod vHoitV with Beel on tTuesdais, Thursdays and Saturdays, and of- tnor 11 lenaireo. as auua owTrs cs w w- . iwt M 1 nit em h is thanks for uaRt natron-, l of protracted and painful dcttitioo, ''racst age!, and hopes to ee enabled to please-all who vtoce every teeiing parent now essential -wiil awain patronize hliiu ?' - l- ! , J ly application of aacbr an invaluable .raed r UEKXl SMITH. iBS9ff51 kj.' i f July 19, jrrsr receives udnfit 0 supertdr CAetring Tooacco, M ttOM t Off 1 omoicins' cpacc ! I 1 j 1 F. ML ROUECHE. May 17 1 839-tf42 i 1 TOWN LOTS FOR SALE lin 'Concortl '9 ibari;u8 Col nil HE Subscriber offers for sals, bis lota in the JLl Town of Jpneord,L.abarius coonty, known in the plan of smd ipwp, ra to relieve infant misery and torture. fan!," while teething, experienced such r sufferings, that it was attacked vfith ccrm' and mv wife andr.iimily supposed thit t wupld Snob relase ibefcabe Irt-m arji i : . ws procured a bottleof your syrup; wttch t: as applied to the gum, a wonderful re produced, and after a few applications, tl dispfayed obvious relief, and by ccctisntr; usei am glad to irfurm you, the clild I'. pletely recovered and uo recurrence of t! it fol com pi not bas since occurred ; if e t::'.'. emanating easily and the child enjojs health! I give yoa oy cheerful pre: make ibis acknowledgment public, nr J ffladlv eivsaoy information on this ctrenn - f , " - w.. inuvw The Lot i No. i fronts on ths main street eppo . "I Sold by the following JIgenls. JOHN A. INGLISi fBooksiore) Chen site tbe dwelling of George Kl alts. Esq. The the! same; The above Jotawill be Isold at Pub- lie Anetiiin if hot nthprsriso diarwal dHoI! ToB8- I day of Cabarrus Court, it bein? the I6ih day of TA1CLOR. HARRIS &Co Cbarhit?, iUll."4.Ciuia mna know n tue vj vi nio. a &m&.wv.. w . I. me" J. Hi ANDERSON. Camden. S. C. E. JOHN HUGG1NS, Colombia, S. C. ; W. ML MASON VCo.,Ralevb,.N. C. MICHAEL BROWN, i P.SUMMEY &Cd. ml-f? i attentive to bis f ; EaleighRegkief. Whom 6he ras eon versieg. 4 It may be i said, in Salisbury, uly 5, 1839 2w49 10, 1S39 141 i i '! J I. : v" ' r- :'; ;- V.. J 'II 1 f t t I IflM !i" '"-''--

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