North Carolina Newspapers

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plfhiiyihefearier bej had or
rVMi-k-Aliaeivi-tubftcribers 'ha wil!
Sf& ip-lrbJelRauiat one payment,
' HMtagH t!ia rime class shall
l-llifeilsintf nav-"lai in-ItJie fear
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'IPP0 largiriall cases;:-,
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7iJl&tf lattithe 'fiviifbrmust be post
ifl iirIN4;iM .wUlcefUiolyjiiotbf at.
,j tfllll'" rqri'arefor each in:
trii;Sektfe5t;S fee d harmed 2a bet cent,
i'cllIf4t1lej?u!Ar- price will e
flfMiifll Wise by the- year.
for less
Ilbecontinued uiitilorders
them, where do directions
the judgment exhibit an infinite diTersity. The
wisest and best of rbedf are as open to this aflhc
tiua as the weakest 1 i 1
-1 - - ! i j closes. - ' V, I
j A sedentary life of bey kind, especially 'se
vere study protracted to a Ute honr in the rjghf,
and rarely relieved bTwcia intercourse, or exj-.
ercise.a dissolute hatif, great excess in eatijig
and driaking, the !T9noderate; use of mercury,
ijiofent poraties,tH4 snppression of some ha
bitoaldischargej (ap obstruction of the meti
ses,) or long cuntinua,! eruption 5 relaxation or
debility of one or rnrjre! icDprtant organs within
the abdomen, is a fri-uuent cause.
s.-:-: . : trbatmet. -. , ' 1
The principal opjedts of treatment are, to re
-rpote indi
to enliven
br exercise, earf hours, resolar meals,! and
pleasant conversation The liowels" (if costive)
be!P2 careful If resolafed by the occasion! ese
of a mijdaperient.jJ)YV e Kcow noUiinjf tetier
calculated to obtain Ibis end, than lit. William
Eans Aperient Pills bing mild and" certain
in their operation.! I he bowels bstnj ones
cleansed, his inestimable Camomile. Pills,( which
antr-spasmodic a re an
without dispute have
q the namerens poblcf
-A t '' A 1
Is' I.
55 a 60
: t . txr
8 a 9
!5 a 30
10 a 12
Silt, ;! ml 54
Tallow, 1Q a VZh
Tobacco, j 8 a 20
Tow-linen.; 16 a 20
Wheat, (bushel) $1
UjwiH greatly aggravate
are tonic, anodyne, atd
infallible remedr. Ian 1
proved a great blessldg
1 Some physicians , have recotji mended a
ttse of merenry, but it should not be tesorted
as in many cases
symptoms. ;
I Mrs; Susan D. Pendleton,
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:(Kt'h ,-;-i:-;
h 1
71 ill in cr & tfSantuatn f Act
1 N p. AR tiir Apothecary
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llHHE Sobscriber informs lhe poblic,ihal stijs,
la has iust feceived throogh the Northern
Cities'the latest and most apprised 111
.K -i - ' . - wM a .ti n a CTtTrtta t
ijpsiioo, to! Strengthen the body andfj lop.O;i'AUWiailf abi"u.
it the anir isi which mav be DromotKdAnd is1 Dreoared to execute orders in the most
1 : - I ' . - ' i - : I ! t 1 . :r..An- 1 nv t - A a In ika mrt 4 1 s
fler of Iter woik. she would appeal to several li j
dies or this cnmanrty, who pave !ate:Iyi lfjj
work doDe by ier and Tlillmersf in Phi
I Work snt from a distance snail
nnt art and torwardei. "f . I
SCT A few Bonnets, Qa rb, Tarbfrnsj and;
oiner riicirs. wui-w tit-iu uu uuu iui ate.
ill sbu ry i J u ne 1 4, ? 1
She ciiy be svrqrn,' said tha Judge, and
ik. MftlhU An - 1 ' . -
IT...! .isui j.n--iijT, 1 i
Jlifpeteti..Ht art uti
imMM mm w.
Ml: "I ft S 1.14
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"i-lM S J. ns-.i S'
t- fit
m riM
t&Mi-f; I II Whiskey, l!45 a 50
Jlajlflvi lFVooK (clean) " l 40
ioiases, ! . a.! a 40
NajU,cut, i l7J a 8
Sugar biown1.'; 8 a 12
Lump, s ! 1U
Loaf, I 13 a 20
Salt. j 75 a 0(
Sack, $31 a $2 75
Tobacco feaf 8 a ,10
Cotton bg. 16 a 20
Hale rope, ill 8 a 12
Wheat , 1 25 a 1 35
.'. ft
: : i' -
5 Sj S ' I
iS - - r
! ? t:
t f 5 i- i
00 a 50
20 a 25
v: j:
3 cut ass or 7? a 9
wrouglitilSa 18
5 Oats bushel i 50
75 a &l
IBs lamp - . li ,:$125
;rope 1 01251 . (inseed 1 10 a. 1 25
f?Tipa2!jl5iPrk lOUIbs j! 6 a 8
f -ft ! Pj1-Ric.lOOlba $5 a $6
imMUmr -b - . 10a 12
ffibttpififlaialt iiack'; .$ii75 a. $S
FhiffilUi ilte- 1 bush"-1. : l '.$!.
S:f9Ji;P;5:?IeM Amer. 10 a . 12
wimm-mmm Ensiish f , u
eif-' 4;:K German i 12 a l4
JJflg lTejaJpe.'Sl a Si 37
.NO kD about the las' tof
m jhtubK flosn "ihe subscriber, at that
t- trHe.H"si(ling tn t.kVs County N.
rs 01 ae, and ot a verv bright
.'! ijyLaiiiif -halra; thin visage is
uijn4 liis fromdo t 140 pounds.
1:a,Jteryl2aVdHrscat:Ton one of his les
iHe$Rl!ii(ed to be on the right leg,
tijfin:eti ffm jiist below the felbow oc
?4Jlfh;jrfiseela have been trosted,
'.fct-iw;f balfffiscaVs epon: thern. Cale-
: p;jif5iitfs free worn in; tear lUlakefy,
Mprijb;ab,!.e;th"sl h mny be
'Pflf ? '1 ?waP? many persons believe
1$ W&$P$r?':fy : he 11110 nacntJ
'fjikrlliMr; koff ft the neijrhborbiMKl abut
V rl i'S f".'-. -' S-'.'i : '- i. .
HBBfiliafl l,M M hn? I will (Titro n ro
f IWffWni o 4ny one who will ds-
the following interesting and
Id AST H M A.T1 RfcifclYElA US' STAND -
lNli-MrRobt ; ohroe, Schuylkill, afflicted
with tbe above distN siing malady. Syniploms:
Great langour.'rliiuteocy, disturbed rest, ner
vous headache, diflic ilty f breathing, tightness
and stricture across! he breast, dizzineses, ner
voas irritability and , restlessness could not lie
in a horizimtal positnini without the 'sensatiojnfof
impending snnocai oa,paipuaiion . or me Dap,
distressing cougrj, ?o itjiveness, j)ain of the stnm
ach, drowsiness, 'giw ts debility anodeficiencjyfof
the ntrvous energy. iir ll.Monroe gave pp
(every thought of recovery, and dire despair sat
I on thb countenanced Jevery person interested) a
Jiis existence or baWtnes, s till by accident he
noticed io'a publicfpiper some cures i effected by
Dr Vm EVAffS MEDICINE in his com
plaint, which ind.acf dim la purchase' a psdki
ageof the PillsJ wjh ch tesoLted in completely
I removing every syn ntom of his disease, j He
wishes to sav his njuitiye for this deciaraiion s,
thift tbse afHictediwithi the same or any syrop-.
.turns similar to inose irom wnjen qe is nappiiy
restored, may likewise receive the inestimable
benefit. . -; j- j - f.-i
Mrs. J, E. Johnsoji, wife of Capt. Joseph
Johnson, of Lynn ass. was sevetely afRicted
tor ten. years witij jl. ic Uolereux, violent pain
in her head, and .vomiting, with a burning heat
obaoie to leave- ner room
fief from the advice 6fSev
frdm medicines of any kind,
ontil after she had Commenced osino Dr Evans
medicine of 100 Chatham street, and fr'urn tat
time she began to amend, and feels 1 satisfied! it
icine a lew oays .longer,
ed. Reference can bej had
as to the truth of the iabove, by calling! at Mrs
Johnsons daughters Store, S89 Grand street,
N. V. ; , j ' . f.;-'4- -1 j;
.--..." i . - I I :
ECj51rs Anne Fi 3 Kenny, -No 115 Lwis
street between Stanion and Houston ss , afflic
ted tor ten years with the following, distressing
symptoms; Acid il Eructation, daiU spasmodic
pains ib the bead, lssj of appetite, pal pit a tirl of
: I . I I- 1 t k : ' - I . S .
01 ner neari, giuumessai.u dimness or signi,coniu
not lie on her rjwht side, disturbed test, uiier jn
ability of. engaging?! in any thing that demanded
viguj or courage,1 8iljaeiimes a visionary idea ; of
an aggravslion of hpr disease, a whimsical aver
ioir ,10 particular persons and places, ground! less
apprehensions of personal danger and povertv,
an irksomeness and; weainess if lite, disconten
ted, disquietude on every slight occasion, she
conceived she could neither die norlivri&he Wept,
lamented, desponded, and thought she led a
most miserable life, never was one so bad, with
fieqqent mental ha bjchations. j f
Mr Kenny had 1 ied vice of several eminent
physicians, and had recourse to numerous. medi
cines, bul could not obtain even temporary af!e
vialion of her distrtsng stale, till her husband
persuaded ma!k trial of my mode, oi treat
mem. r . ! .J. . J--
She is now quileiji e ieved, and finds herself
not only -capable' 6fi it ending toher domestic af
airs, but aviws ihatj i he enjoy sas , good health
at present as she did at any period of her ex is
tence.- ;,: . j -: j '; f ' j . ;
" J. Kenny, husband of the aforesaid Arine
Kenny., i I L
Sworn,before mellhrs 14th day of December,
i8s. i ; 1 3
Peter Pjncxney, Com. of Deedsl
in the stomach, Snd
She could find no te
eral physicians, ioi
she continue the
will be perfect ly cu
Ambrose, John
Archibald & Son, W H
I :! B
Barririgrer, D M 4
Beard John L .
Barnliart, Catharine
Blackiveiterrtartio v
Piggeis, Johnson N
Bryants. William ,
jBurn? Ebentzpr B
liarnhjard, Mrs .Mary
Burnett, William -
3 lack! Thomas Nv
l;-:''-iiv C V
jpohorn , Robert C
Carron, Richard C
jC ha plain, Noah
ri--!..,iE y
Earnhart, James
Furrh; Henry.
I urgison, G N -
Greeny George W ,
Garmbn, ... Michael
I ..Rojwan ; -Goodnight,
f. ": I H -
Hartsell. Samuel
Harris, K P
Jiolbrpok, William ?
No well Joseph
flattefman, Abram
Harris. Joshua
f lowell, Colpeper
iMAINING intbe Post: Office in Cod-
S.rd, N. C. 1st July 1839.
LongJ'John Ml '
Lewis, Jacob :
Lephljer, Eligah
Littleton, Jacob
Li it Jei. George
Miller, Mrs Mary Cj
McK ree. Abram C
Marsh. William1 E
Morvtn, Eben 4i?r
McOurdy sr.,lArthibi1d
McEachen, Johl -
Martin, Livingston i
Niceler. Hogh H' '
V'.u ! IJ.1F I,
Extract of an article ?undef thq head bjf lhj !lh WM medialely tdmiobtered to
the Northern Circuit.' in the last number of hef i -ij . . - : ' v4'KH:r-'-1
RlakTVood'a MauaTinRllThfl it trial ! iva Pl tns, dear, ChristODher; a eriet-
thai iiwitnessed f in the ' Orowk dourt was 9U 8hfl to 8ee .? i'The litttle daughter call-
ihVol a man for-tbaxjurderr of. itaviifeLi SBVcccgain,,ner.- latner, on
J seemed abcml 55 yfeara Id, land was aJ' imi aT nis Ulc death her mo-
dr'fsstjd in respectable mourning: kU stooll rThouih Irf 8 meUncholv tone and
at iheibar withan air at once of firmness sad gert8hel give her evidence with
and depression! He was a Iittla tinder thk SrM Q?$W9iK clearly and firmly, her tin?
avtrse heieht. and his countenance rather cfW onearci distinctly m all parts
prepsessing than olherwisi." From tho mw c-owded ;and silent court She
enlace in chief of thd fir I wn wnneste. "uvu 8a 1W uc 'Fcu, aifuuX ica
it wruld have appeared clear Ith'af he had ng towarda her father ; but she admitted
been ioiltrW a mosf rbarharou murder at hejiad struck ber mother when she was
rin ihir flpimn, urn,0 i,n J.nrn. k fjmg bleeding on the floor Sho also sta-
. 1 - . .. .. .... . T t i. .4 I.J tU..-Vr.a t. U " J I . ;.
verdict or rainslaughter bnly 'had! been re VtT f u'fiucf .!,BJ? scvwai umea aciu
tnr.M; lut in leading fthe-Mffr! Justice 'frtJakeA rtbe.lmlegirIsho and
tncni lor gin; and that he and loe oihrr chil
dren "had been often obliged to he in bed, be-
the etiidence which the now! gave. ! It adl canse tiieir mother cy grand mother had taken
neared from teiimoWihi th i&irV UU their clothes fpf the vile pur pose above men-
r .1. - i : j r 'fr.V"- "-f- ' ji: ,ri. : . ' ,, ... r
nm riisnnte th fp...tJK. S. uvucuij mio cowia listen to ail mis Witnoat
rnost violent mm they said-iand knockell ffelinghe deepest commiseration towards
her down, her lead fallinw n.ny ih h n1 Tu onappy prisoner 1 111 ne nad been
be paretuliT uran Jury to oring in a'bill 1 or murrier -a
v I s I i ill stcn which seemed mosV amnl itistifipH h
Nolly, James !B
f t-ee, Eiias
Plnnket, M
Pine's' J B
Petryt John
Plnnket, Jam R
Propsi, jun. Daniel I
reeples & Moint.Messrs'
ReecW,MiSH afsry Cj
Rile, William A
Reed Henry j E
Russel, Delila -m
Sides E';2- j
Stockes. Secretary
Saiitlf.'Be njatnift a
Slough, Nelspn j
. . -. f t ; 01
Teter, Wm J '
j VV' 1
hsti; Miss Eliza'
White, m'iss Eiriltf
v hue, Joseph fitJoht!
Zackary & Sprinkle.
' per John vl Craven, .1st
y 5, 1839 49 ' j Hf f
rwini R L
rimdjis.Elias V
corned of j a cbest of drjiwcrs, wrjich cut t
open, and the wound b!ed pr
that while she Whs thul nrostratn l ahrf mL
sensie, the priscner furiously attacked anil
sirui 11 cr rcpeaiiaijr ueaiQ on
eyen;ihg or v tbe eveijing iafteri
wuuua, oeing ine consequence.
a4 far a ihi itrlA. rU.i..- If hts behalf, with much earnestness, contend.
hurnediinto the acts with wbirh he then
stood liiarged, be had always borne an un-
5ed character as a quiet, respectable
man, tbo labored hard to support his fa mi
the"same4 'f"ul KePl nem ,n co-
I forset 11" oaKT nis wile a ruinous propensity to
tnrmir i h ii fnnntai mrtrf r.os&H ihn .
t f " ft 4. uuui v Qdu & u lui r w II
COUrsiR. COtlld hnvfl hppn mnrA imol itiV
the conduct ot the nnsoner: hot nii rrosm rwrv. ' H"w,: w'
fxadination of tbefirit witriess, a fhtfe ij)- MdT W Terai" 01 nnsiaognter. 1 ne
ookihg old woman,'the motber of the de- "VVgc, Muw?cr, uirecteq, mejury mat mere
ceasr. 1, and who gate her evidence man! T M-...,u..,upFUu w, iuD vui
jcstly under the influence o tliemost bit- f der. but that the; prisoner bad been
- T
tasei began
wasiung (rum her urvder great prevnrica-
k 1 '.?. . 1 r J.i ;
tiun, auu was
ne8seU, that she had
in qiie8tion
ceasta, ai me resiaence ol ihe latter, a
ao many streams, the remarkable fact i
observed, tliat ts breadth St volume sccr. . -rather
diminished than increased. Abnr ?
the esnh urhure of the Missouri, fii'tcci
hundred miles from the Mexican Gulf, it is
broader than af New Orleans, with
one tenth of it Water, and at the foot of i
Anihcpy a raits, its breadth is atvet ( r -
third less. This forms a striking cb r . -teristie
of the! Western titers: it otr;.
perhaps, its origin partially ta the tuit 4
character of their waters: as they a;
proach their outlet the augment in vol
ume and fleptliVj and impetuosity of r v r
renu but contract their expanse. N ine,
however, exhiuit these features so stnkif 2
ly as the grand4, central stream ; and wl.i:
for its body of water, it is the narrower :
stream knownj it is charged with heavier
solutions, and I has broader alluvions tn nn
any other. The depth of ihe ftrearn n
constantly varying. At New- Or!can, it
exceeds one hundred feet,. Its width i :
from half of one to two miles. -'Th';
breadth of its Valley isvfrom jsix miles to
sixty .The rapidity of the current from
two miles to four. Is mean descent, si:;
inches in a mile ; audits annual floods va
ry from twelve fee to sixty, comrnenrir
unde the infljf rice of tlie:most bit- f muder. but ibat the prisoner bad been
senlmeiitMowaVds the nViioner. hIp F Nar,A 7 f mansjaughter He then
egau to assume a diflereSt aspect. , It fP1 evidence ; and after
hour'&consideration, the jury pronounced
as also estlisnd b feer k- tlif. Pf:rnsU?8hfcr-i e wa8 n
: she had f)bnye!evenlrg H1?"10 13 months. imprisonment with
,beWdrini,ngginiWthe de. ffd
in March and ending in May.
mm " - - m " I 0
lor statistics j .
Below its cojnfluence with its tnrbid iri
botary, the Mississippi, as has been obser
ved, is no longer the cieVr, pure limpid
stream, gushing forth' from the wrrathy
snows of the tibrthwestjbut it whirls alon"
against its rugged banks, a resistless U
ume of heatyj sweeping floods, and its as-
pect -of placid InngnificenGe is beheld no
more: The ttjrbid torrents heaves onward.
wavering from side to side like ra living
creature, as if to overleap itg bbundsro!-
ing along a deep-cut race oath through n
raisable cellar. Thaishe had Lersclf fetch.
quateirns of gin for the deceased on
it H
surely no misnomer that this giant
j, :... ; IKO'TICE.'
FgHE General Assembly having j authorise
L ; th Governor to procure lone cjmplete ;Set
OjT WKHili'i S and M li ICS, 1 as Stand
aros for, each county, persons dispied to conj
tract5 are invited to make thoir terms knownf.
agreeably tothe Act for that pu'pose, Chapter
i Models of the weights can be seen
Executive 0lce.
lApftl 1839 tfS9
n A
at (hi
'I i
e.-;b. diJdleV,.
1 ' 1
Wofl0 t!i near Brook Neal in Camp
p'ajr: febo will confine him in jail,
i; 4- - 3 ?- .-v T J ' w 7 - ' f
piifopbHIely, Va L
: I
er i m
pjrii.j5 sf; certain slate of the mind.
iSflfl'Plwttfmsequences imagined
.a iWcfivdiets isunncsed this disAA
ff iA-:lStht.;paricular regions of the
1$ 'iit'ii .' IT J f it ? I 5 Tj sue oiiinai cav-
K--uo4nf3 ine aam nyiiochondriasis.
Cor pijreal a v m plains are flat ulen.
H?-f bowels. acrid erbctatione,
ii'fr1'!6 Pams gdiness, dimness
liui? iliffonf 4arfd lte an uttcf inbiliiy
UjM WMnU H upon any subject of im-
fciSlt -ZIMg in any thin? that de
hm:t&M&Hri;::. Also lanornidnBss
'l"drl despond. 1
li iygTS? f??;deWed, accompanied with j
RHEUMATISM',! mth an Affection of the
Lungs cured
aef the treatment of Doctor
Ci7 v of JN'eto
Benjamin S Jarv
tV AINo I tDQ Chatham sircL W'w
York. Jdr Benhhtirt S Jarvia. 13 C.
Newark, N. J., aflbned fur four years with
severe pains in all bjints, vthich werealuiys
increast-d op the lg litest ; tndkn, the toiigue
preserved stead yw1tens.";-- loss of a p pe te ,
dizziness in his h ?ad, the bowtJs commonly j ye
ij costive, the uriie hgh coloured, and often
profuse sweating, unatt'.ndd by relief. ! The a
boveTBympms Were al. attended with cottSid
erable difficulty i fljbrathing, with a sense of
tighipfss across tijf clipsi, likewise a great veant
of dole energy in b:eiervois system. i
The above symptoms were entirely removed,
and a perfect card effected by Dr Wm Evans:
Il I ., BENJ. J JARylS.
Vbrfe, . I I I ,
beins duly sworn, dqth de-
! i fi S . ; I
pose and say, t iat the. facts stated in 1 the a
bove ubscribed br him, are lin all
respects true.; REN I. S JARVlS;
Sworn before me , this 25th of November, 1836.
WILLIAM SAUL, Notary Public, 9C! nas-
saii street !. -!'-. ;j ';; : ' y: h ;: -A
Sold by I w.e following Agents:
GEORGE W BROtyjV, Salitbury, A" 6".
J OILYJ LXGtflS (Bookstore) Cheravo iS, C.
J. H.WUt:tiiiOJS Camden, S. C
: ' m m . . . m . i
stream nas oeen styled' the " eternal river''
-?-th8 terrible Mississippi ,n for we may
find none other embodying sd many ele
ments 01 ine ieariui anu suDiiraes in the
eo bye quaterns of gin for the deceased on
ihtrpccasioh, . That the deceased and the
wnne S9 ai ner reqtiesti cad irequemly pawn
ed all her husband's Clothes and those of
ber ribildren. whom she hadi ohee'nr twiep
sent to bed in the" afiprnodnL to enable bfer 1 Mrild ice-lake of the far frozen north.amid
'to dispose of their cldthes. That thfTnri- at solitude broken onlv bv the shrill nlahV
oiier was a puoi, a remaricaDie, steady and oij.inqj myriaa water-no ws is us nome.
hard working mast, arjd earned amply sufS Qushiiig out from fountains, clear as the
cient to enable him and fami v to hve in ve- K be J, it sparku r
4-S-4 4i
Slatesille Female! Aciiderii x
f H 1 H E Subscribers are hipy in bpirg able t
jl announre to tnepuDii", friau they hafesse
cufed the services of .Miss Tabitha R ANjfi$
in st nut h erpale Aadfmy at tausvdie. a in
toressj of vhose high qnal:flationsjtheyiha4
ine most savisiaciory evidence:. , i
t- 4 ha next session will cemrnpne nn the i Is)
Monday. 'to "August. ' Instruction will bo given
in I Reading, Writing, Aritfjme.iick, Er ghsh
Graminar, , Geography with 1 the pe of Ahip
Gli)be, Natural Phih.wophy,. jtphemistry; Hj$tt
ryjBojtany, stronomy. Rberick, fLogicklanld
Geology, j Pupils of sufiicierif age and advartcl
mpnt will be exercised regularly in Composting
M"?'c and Painting, with varipus spernes
of 'Ornamental Needlework vjtll alsp be taugrt t.
. - 1 Terms of. Tuition, j I ;
Foj bfiginn eis per Session of 5 monili3 t G Q0
Cammening English Grammar and A
Geography.; r ''V&- I 00
Above with History and Natural : 1 i
-Philosophy, i i I ! I", 10 00
with all branches in Lilerary A
Department , - V "' !" 12510
Mfsicsf20, Paioiing $10, Cbnfingences iSOjctsi
N pi. I Boarding can he had in respect a b
fittnitiea at $7 0Ojer month.
. ?rtirC II l!..Dnnm -f
ry comforubie ctrcurnslances;! but this aV
cctid prpcj.c;tjif .wire1iad,neggr-r
ed trjem and rliiven (hem from their form
er comfortable dwelling to the! wretched
cellar in! which had occurred lfi0 cataslto-
phelfhen the subject fpf inquiry j That pn
the evening in question, he had come bocn.
from tho sea wtt and wearied, ;;but found
e very article of his clothing haid been pawn,
ed by his wife, and thai his: children were
lyin in bed almost naked, their! little, clothes
hiviiig shared the same fate; and tiat his
wifo was drunk, as ws also the first witness.
Furious words verj iialurally ensued, and it
was! under these trulyj exasperating circum
stances that he had slrugglt'ti with his wife,
soai to occasion btt it was clear uninten
tionlilly ber fall ; arid rt certainly did ap
peai that, either while she was falling or im
mediately afterwards, he had Iraore than
nt:cib 'struck her witlifsome violehce, but hot
in a way to have Tone caused her fleith,
whi; h the medical evidence; sltbred to hive
been occasioned by the injuries she bad jre
crivi-d upon her head in filling upon the
draws, added to Ihe t fleets ol violent excite
ment and excessive Ijqucr upon a person in
her situation ! I I I - 1 S
The third witness Ijroijghi, forward against
the prisoner was alasl! his cjn! daughteri a
littlf girl about five or six years of age, de
cently dressed in black. When her name
- s
3nrte 23. 1839 I m4S.
mmrt' 00 ,l"n E JOtLYHUQGIXS, Columbia. S 01
Ntlli JFdJtfen!.-.Pealiar. tram of ideas IV M. JUSOJVSl f7. ArlL JV.
ilFliiWtm Hnd , tfverjrhelmh Jlfm, rt Ma.. 0 " J I'
; In Concord, Cabarrus Col
riTlHE Subscriber offers for sale, his lots in the
i Ji 4 own of Concord, Cabarrus county; known
. "1 ! Number 3 & 9:
i rye L.01 No. STronts on the Imam j street bppfr
the dwelling of George Klutis, Eq The
I ct io. 9 lies in tbe rear of No 3 adjoining
h4 same, j The above lots will be Isold at Pub
lic lA Oct ion if not otherwise dspcsed ofjn Tues
day of Cabarrus Court, it beirig the'lGih ddy bf
July.- Terms made known na the day of salei,
i i wir.u API. nuniw i
h an
the spot
was jcalieri, the prisoner, wi
countenance, looked I away-
whefe she was to stand ; his
hi3 dhest heaved, andl in spite of I his effolts,
tears forced themselves from his ey es; Air.
Justice Patterson obslrved his agitatibn,a;hd
rj allected j when
in obedience I to
voipjed otficjer,
seemed himself not a little
he bieheld the little thing,
the isummons of thef loud
brof'jght into court, and placed close beside
hunito give evidence which nJishtleal the flte
cf her; father. She was so :veishort. tat
he handed over to the officer the foatsl(of
he lad been using, irj order thai she mirht
stand upon it, and even then the headof
the ittle witness did but just cbme jabdve
the Mtnessibox. She wasijrather a jprelty
looking girl, and ber face was very sad and
pale ; She did not, however, cfy, tihoifgh
her ?yes seemed gluejd to the figure of ber
mis irable father, wpo never onbe ycnittr
ed t ) look towards her, and whose teirs,si
lent evidence of the anguish he was endur
ing, fell frequently! j in all other respects,
be.j reserved a stern composure br6ughout
the proceedings, .j f: yv"j :
5Ir child,' said the Judge, as I thotignt.
bent down his
that you have
vast expanse
of low land and meado v.
with a little eraotion,Fas he
ear to i her,
of yon do you tbiQk
Salisbury, July 5, 1839 2 w 49 i - J
'do you
come bere. to speak the truth P
Yes, sir.'
What will becom
if vba tell a lie ?'
Sne paused : the Judge; repeated too
Question: she answered distinctly, 1 shall
J I . .:. w I' If i W '
be burned in evei lasting nto A
Where did you learn that?
The Bible, sir' 1 I
Have you ever been to school?'
f es, sir, at the Sunday schooL
aknclhlda. aid breaking over the beautiful
ilL -.'l . - i 1 .. K I. ikn i a I n n I
xtolliajg oil ward 4hrough the shades ofj mag
riificent forests, and hoarv castellated cliffs.
and beautiful meadows,its volumes is swo-
len as jit advances until it receives into its
bosorn a tributary a rivala conqueror,
which has roamed three thousand miles
fpr a Ibeeting, they meet, and its original
features are lost forever Its beauty is
merged in sublimity Pouiing along in its
deep feed the heaped up waters of streams
which5 drain the! broadest valley on the
globe sweeping on in a boiling mass, fu
nousJ turbid, always dangerous, tearing a
way from time to time its steep banks, with
IheirH giant colonnades of living verdure,
Land Uien, with the stern disposition of, a
conqueror, throwing them aside
erneu ny no princiHe out ns own lawless
will-Hthe Uak majesty of its features sum
mon !tin an emotion ofthe sublime which
i) fie contrast or parallel And theni when
we tffink of its lonely course -journeying
onward in tfie proud, dread, solitary gran
deurlt through loreslnlnslt with the lapse
of centuries pouring out th ice and sno w
of arctic lands, through every temperature
df clrme, till at last it heaves free its migh
!iv bosom beneath the line we are forced
tp yield up ursdveMn uncontrolled admi
ration of its gloomy- raagnirlcence. And
tb dark, roysterioui history too.lhose fear
ful sejnes of which alone it has been the
Witn3s-l.the-venerable tombs of a race de
partel, whichsbadow its waters the sav--ibes
that lyet roam its forests the
errrfsjof tivilizatian luxuriating, upon us
Woidrs, and the deep solitudes, untrodden
by njan, through which it rolls,aIl conspire
tb throng the .fancy. . Centon on century,
land cycle on cycle, have rolled a Way a
hundred generations have arisen from the
icradle.-and flourished in their freshness,
arid pith e red in the tomb ; and the Pha
rabhs and the Ptolemies, the Cssars arid
ine fjaliphs, have thundered over the na
tionUnd are passed away; and here.amid
tjiesi terrible solitudes, in the tern majes
ty of! loneliness, and power, and piiJe,
havelfrotied onward these deep watets to
ijieir? destiny 1 '' - '-. '''',.
j ' There js, perhapsnq stream which pr!
spnti i greater variety of features fhan the
Mississippi, or phenomena of deeper inte
rests1! whether we tegard the soil, produc
tions1, and climate of its valley, its individ
ual character, and that of ita tributaries, or
the outline of its scenery and course. The
confluents of this vast stream are numer
obs,!nd each one bring inja tribute of the
soil iirough which it ha roamed. The
Missouri poors out its waters heavily char
ged with the marl of the I Rocky Moun
tains the saffron sand of the Yellow
Sione.iandjhe ch&lk of White River ; the
Ohiojh'oIdsTn its floods the vegetable mould
of tlieiAileganies.and the Arkansas and Red
risers bring in the deep-dred alluvion of
th'eirljbaiiks... Eich tributary mingles the
spoil of its native hills with the general
flood; !-And yet after the contributions of
rom the exhajistless mould of which, aro
reared aloft those enormous shafts, ehrnnd- the tasteless par
asites, for which its, alluvial bottoms are
famous.. And yet the valley nf "the eno!cw
river cannot be deemed -heavilv timbered.
when contrasted with the forest bills of the
Ohio. The sycamore, the elm, the linden,
the cotton, wood, the cypress, and other
trees of deciduous foliage, may attain a
greatet diameter, but the huge trunks aro
more sparse and more isolated -in recur
rence. . - A - -A:-A;:-v-l-,: -r ' -
..Bt one of the most stirking phenomeni
r irrr--4ji.. ,, ,
western rivers, and one wntcu-u- . .,
es tnem irom tnose wnicn utsemoo'iuo
their waters into the Atlantic, is the uni
formity ol its meahderings. The river, in
its onward course, mkes a
sweep, almost with the precision of a com
pass, and then it i precipitated diagonaliy
across its chancel to a curve of equal reg
ularity upon j the opposite shore ' The
deepest channel, and the most rapid crr
rent, is said to exist in the bend; ami
thus the stream generally infringes upon t! o
bend side, and throws tip a sand bar on
the opposite shore. So constantly do thc-o
sinuosities occur, that there are said to I o
but three readies of any extent, between
the confluence of the Ohio and the G il ;
and so uniform thai" the Boatmen and the
Indians bavefbeen accustomel to estimiti
their progress by the number . of miles.
Ode of the sweeps i of the .'Missouri is !
to include a distance or forty miles in it-
cure, and a circuit of hlf that distance is
not uncommon. Sorhetimas a cut r-fT,''
; in the of the waterman,1 is pro
duced at the bends, where the atrearn in its
head-long course has bnrst thro the nnr
nw neck of the petiinsula, arourd wbirit
it onced circled. . At a point called tho
4grand cut off." steamers now piss throt :U
an isthmus of less than one mile, whf re,
formerly was! required a cireut of twenty.
The current in its mnfe furious stages, of
ten tears up Islands from the bed of ihe riv
er, numerous sand bars, and pcijits, and
sweep off wjhole acres of sUuvian w tUt
the superinctimbent forests. In the seaort
of flwds, the) settlers in their log 'cabins
are often startled from their sleep by the
deep sullen crsh of aIand-slip," as such
removals are called.
The scenery of the Mississippi belr v.
its confluence'with the M'ssouri, is, as I si
been rernarked,toofoblime forbeaoty; 5" yet
there is not little of the picturesque in the:
views which meet the eye along the tanks.
Towns and settlements of greater or U: ?
extent, appear at frequent inyervals, sr. 1
the lowly logihut of the pipnoer is not to 1 1
passed without notice,standing beneath th?
tall, branchless columns of the girdled for
est trees, wiib its luxuriant ma.ze f.eL':
sweeping away in the rear.
Indian name for the falls of St Ant!:c
The Hon. Louis McLane h "cfeccn.dr le
gated by tn unanimous tote ofthe Dirtc
tors of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail llozl
Gimpany, Ho proceed to Europe, fcr t! ;
purpose of disposing of the sterling brr.t!j
iued by the Slate of. Maryland and C ny
of Baltimore in - payment of their sev c r 1
suhscriplions to the stock of the O'ap-my.
This important trust could not have trc::
confided to better bands. It. is
expected that in the course cf few ::
the enure line of the Road from Harper':
Ferry to CuraLerland, will be put into li.
hands of the Contractors.
Richmond CozifiUr.
I f
i .'
III- iim

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