North Carolina Newspapers

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' Dr RadcliflV of free .epokfcn notoriety, who
l ,U William HI thit he would not hard hisfwo
fffs for Mi (hree kingdoms, or Abernethy; of jour
dav. could not be mor rude and uneereraonloos
; in his manners than John Taylor. He rcjarged
at! alike, rich and . poor ; and ancb. a charge I
hear it, O ye doctors i-ehrhteen penfftrweek
j l jW medecine and attendance, ft, was pUtn j he
did riot want to make a fortune ; and ytf even
t this rate.soch were the immense numbers who
flaked to him. he did, make lelrbe
rich it ntwho received benefit jfroJ him,
' oftn mde bjm handsome presents ; bat i they
- i -made tbes4 before theyjlefl. they got nojjjbejter
fctteodanceUnan they would hare done i without
--!?4rft was bis principle to ,do all that ) Jus art
eoold for every one; and if the poorffeeyer
him. a manv never did. ne never psgea
. them for it ; they staid! as lon as they
rd, and they went when they pleased
i had I5d?in? in the collates of the vills2;
land I
believe tbatitrwas owin? to the need ofjqdl
Tthat t Hajre its?! sprang np. I t.e.was a
suhtferiptiontbbx kept tf help such of the 'ior as
TnnU not j help themselves; j and when John
Taylor beard of any cases of great nped amongst
them, he would carry ronnd the bfx himself; a.
. m r.2?t the more affluent of hi patients.and. cn
. tribute liberally too. It was no wnn-lerihat.. sdch
; nnmbers hastened to the! Whitworth Djetor, The
" medical meri nf the neighborhood, of eaorsev ex-
: rred aH their Influence aaint the yspread of
John Tatlors extraordinary - reputation J
carefulfy.irnmpete.l about all the cases inw
the? conid! learn that he had been onsucces
and n doubt there were plenty of these espe
dally a? alrc'sVeyery pjtient who went Jo! him
Jtrul fipen nnder the hands of a regular practition
er till t Is faith' had fiileth and a. creat f propor-
:'hia of jthem were snch j as:'.had been dijjmiised
'rom Itmpltals and infirmaries as inen'raM, IjBat
.VohnTavlor cared for none of these lhinrsj It
wa hiVdaily delight to' deride the skill of the
Snidical tuen of the country ; and sure enowh,
5 'he l3d a' ways before him plenty of instances of
: signal fartres on their part. 'Ay, hej osd to
say, as he sat nreswisf his patients, and JooUinsr
, round hinrt on perhaps such a groop of crpp4 &
inTali.b tp no infirmary in ; Knyland contained,
the iwiors cajl me a qnsckand a hors8joj?jor j
Iwt.who have been doctoring oa,' I woliaer ?
AVha makes yim all come to Ybilworih! feh J
-if you hiyej fiod doctors at home ? t tj should
: like !to know; that. Caii any one tell me (hit ?
And! then he wtq'd lanjath, and lell theijpj-wbat
hadlnasieJ between himself and some! pf the
nejrht)trin2 doctors. 'A famous doctor of i A
chW said he, on onif occasion, and narjtirt
leadfog phvsician, 'met. the other davjji asjp
- Wniar alohsf the sfret .- Well, John ffiy
raid' he, y n so on killin as osuril, I supple
'A 7 'A replied I lo hbfnor the man, 'but at ajsnme
... what .'cheaper ra than thou dost.' " That Jjohn
ifird somo s'r.ial cores there can be no: fliteRtidn.
" I: i Troi)te that his clear, strdnj head; ai an
. intuiiire turn for sorgery. gave a precM kno;wl-
fdcre if Vhat hidmes an4 applica!t1.or jcdnld
teffHct,aodJtha his botdosa carried him fhro?2
' what rbrpecieniifi hands dare not hivj Mnder
talon. I 3hiw a hdv irell who had been felyen
nt by thej aVest snrjeons of her nejgh)fthno'.
Her complaint wns cancer in her breast. Thotjgh
vinjr e hundredmiles from Wh it worth,, sfh"
solved 4 a resoarce, to go- to Jhn Tpy-
. lor. When John examined theJbreajt,;;iphk
d atiieii and'aaid 'What art thou corfae; hie re
fr wcman ?' The lady, who was a woman
diuri'ps heart, replipd.'To be cured, tope sn
'Gated laid J Ha m a stern voice, fnot
llie docJors io Enrhndj-" -111
1 tell you. J.hiiT
TtJ: W t4y, l .trtt &
I came hjfffl to see whether vw
o nosuili thi
on were as much
cleveffr jh-tn iher mn ss ybn are renfsented.
Fry jou hand , Taylor, on m.-Ybjtij think
1 amr.afraidjof hnmp; hurt, but von are mktnktn ;
-F can b' Srl what you can InSict ; a'ndltaV try
1 your han-i 11 it bpvkil or cure.,', I eanjbnt ie
at last.1.! 'Th'm art brave la?s ren'Jnd John.
.'evident burpti ; Mhrn I will try, -arid God
prp?p?r Wth!' The lady remained ihere six
; mpoths, and. duringr -.that. period she snfirpd as
Irdnch a it wai possible for any4 human' ?reati re
;HUar ; bur she came home a sound womn
aijid lived ihirty yars afterwanh. I hajjel f t n
;,fi4, when a! boy .-and hear her toll .what faj pas
' e at Witjiva'ihV Dr Jhn, as he welt'iHeJ.
ha I lhn twoeo.s grown np,;who assisted him,
GorR and James George was marr ed, ajid
f Mr Gfofje actpd as the eon pounder of the
51 W'e'ieejnfcs'j and - the lady, . who seerneif hersilf
'It to'catchjspirh of the p'ace, nsed to help her.
pnoripal rempdipn nod werp. a diet drink
'"topnrify the blood, an activeanstie,i cajled )y
' the appropriate nam of Kprn with which
; they eradiated canrire; a spirituous liniment,
M railed XVli it worth Red Battle ; a bhciisalvj;
a, snnrf of wondrous virtn for the had : arid
blisters -y AH these Mrs Georje and the lady
fnnd abuudant cccnpailon io preparing and In
imc iHUHi pfiHjiuTf? oiannT. . j ney nsdi to boil a
I whole . kettle of ingredients for the black Mtlv ;
uen mor trie nonr, aad thesalva jnat op
1 fn it while it was wet; after whjch Xhfi rut it
i into pirUons and rolled It into lit tfel sticks
1 hey mjide dirt diinks bv trallons ; and map
t pill'? by 1 the thousand Dr John was ink ionly
' sought by patients of hih rank at WhifwnrUi,
j but he jwas, on spveral occasions, sent for l to
; theifi at considerable distances. One oT these
jinruey? was !o Cheltenham, to atfenl a Islly
of hiah a DnrHS where arrivinfr. and
. r fi 'dinar hef snrronnded by a grreal number ;of pro
i. pie. he ordfred allioutbn't the husband and maid;
' , - and ascertaining that the complaint was an ab-
t. i herpermission he opened 'il, 4nd
fiiu.-.r.-- uri ' ivnni renei. nis ratsea sucn an onin
v. i a ri u,v"S!j.hih, uiai veorgt; in., wno jwasinere
; wun risiamny, atierwards sent for htm to the
4 uuccs-s Fjutmein, wno nan a complaint in
the hed which resisted all the skill f kh
T'yal phjsiiiins. John Taylor gsve thePrin-
iss jcme inf his famous snoff, and eventoallv
I LrTf i rj: ; 0 th. ,cha 4te4tic
Ha.!W,,.:,M .Jk
Taylor was dead, and his son James! land two
wu of George, (then dead, too,) were ;lhe Idoc-
rii l remember James as a stout msriiin
CM3tvaboqi filtyycarsof sje, haviogroojli the
rn-varatnee of a refppctable farrier. The ilJpr
, cMhe too flphewa appeared a fine active ypnng
- man of,ihTPe or four fc tweniy ih othir!a ybnth
mo or taree years joBngerrrXw.fwwe.
MR. CHAYWe learn thatltli liein
' t1!a cf this distinguished statesman n(
the WVstlo vi-it,in the course of Irlis roionlh,
l.kes, Nisgart, and Samogafepinffs,
x places, be it romatkedhe Has Aever
i :!insuo'is oi ooing bim honor ; but
m f torn rvnl nhntU - ' t .
' j- 'i-u u nag long! ctesired j v!"-,wJu 'oe complete.
.1... i is uis inientipn we uxfdedtand, e,way is noyopeh for a
r ? ''siu ,oi aRj public urrupuon snpujii be at
; vp-u .uwus, anu io pass as quietly throu aaa wrned back;,; f Let
. jTuKnry possible, j .1 i discard at stractionr and aim
V-ti''btcdly fctsi warm-hearted ' finAm which are ttainableJ I
s. T , . M.-ui, .,ijir "'By win not press
r o 7 a.ccpi or any public flemon
r, t r nbtence !id esteetn.Tbl
v.'v,l niy t their dpsire to rniliifeslt
g toward hiai Vti. U. S Gaz,
. The President! at one 1 1 o'clock yesterday
left his Head Quarters i at i Washington Hotel.
Ofwervin? fourteen men on horseback.whora we
counted, passinflfrbm TarhjnaT!y Hall, and re
cognizing som Cuitom Hdnse oQcera smoking
cigars on thetf horsef.we followed the cavalcade
to ihe President : Qaat tetis. The cavalcade
then increase U just
twenty-one persons on
horse, and there were
lesil than twenty carria-
ses, except tueh as are; lalwaya mssiog.m
Broad way at thai hour,; pa inienaea to os
lon? to the Procession; It lis a high estimate to
say S00 persons were io or about the Hotel. -All
things being feafiy, M r. to uaren went inio
his UaroucheL drawn by Mi erey Horses, ac
companied hi the Mayor, Mr. Varian.
....... ..i n ! ' w . t ' . . - -e
; 'While trie ricesiaeni-was sealing nimseii,
some nereon In the second febry waved his hat,
and cried oat "threer cheers, W to i which there
teas c we leazi response i mqi as me ca'K"
was movinorbffiMrj Van Birea partly rose,tooK
off his hat and b6wed, wriri the people raised a
very respectable cheer. but :t lie seconl. was rami,
and the third, oflesMhanai dozen voice3. J te
order of Procession was as f follows:
' Oat horse cstrpage, ;
- : .,r.f:pi: .--1 f.'.-;;. vrf-cj-1 ' ':
We have been thus mathemaiically particu
lar in narrating the details of the President's
denarture from oor city bfiraose of the contrast
it presents io nts arrival, ipe welcome e?eu . oi
which was frtgulenQUgii, i'e OTHiiaoi inrn oui
of the military tlten drew 4 krear crowd, but the
Castle Garden speech oponjhe Sub -Treasury
the associations of the President in the city, at
the Theatres and elsevihere.have not beeu such
as to ftn heartsbr to; woo Enthusiasm. The mo
ment the people ascertiine.i! Mhat the President
ca me on a political Toar, they left him to his
Fellow Cititejtii H'j.sewedj.society .-in
Wain. The Whigs ;of course abandoned him
to his officers of jthe-Federal Government, and
fAV follower's. B'There never was a chanze
more marked, or sacomalele as that exhibuted
afier his sneech at Castle Garden. He has.
made to capital but SY Nefif York city, we -can
assure all our readersb the country, but has ta
ken a course which must ibake the attachment
even of his friends. Hisdeparture to-day issig
mfi"ant in 6ns,when we remember the effort to
oive him eclat, in this his own btate and Uity.
The President's route, we onderstand,will be
inland, br the way of New Ruchelle, Sleepy
Hollow, B?dror1d, "Qarmejj and the interior
towns of Dutchess and Cfojumbia counties. :
Jy Y. Express:
The progress bf his democratic Majesty, as
Bennett says, not, it would appeur, been
altogethei as pleasant as he may have expected.
In his native county,! the people, disgusted by
the'parsiz n nature of his addresses and proceed
ings la ths City of New York, have signally
rebuked the undignified Conduct of the Chief
.Ma jisiiatefn miktng an electioneering progress
through the country. U On ibearng that Mr Van
Bnren was near the city lof Hudson, a few of
- - r-r- ;otingt and formal
ly antioancea wi uib uuy Council that ibe Pres
ident would ?visil tbe jCijyji The tullowin are
from tho Uourter y H.nqtjijrer :
!;. -preamble.
Wlier&as, a 'Cpmtaueeptarporting. io come
from a meeting of the citizens of this city,
havihr announced to the! Mayor, and throuoh
him, the Common CouncH of the city of Hod
son, that the Presideot ff the United Siates
being on a tour through the Stato":f New
York, intends-shortly; to visit his halve county
and this. the. 'city oftis adbption and that thy
ciallu, .the hospitalities, of llbe city to the Cnie
JVhertas. We feel lboun in our official capa
city to pay all ptoprr regard and : rpspect to the
wishes of the jeopt,tctej clearly expressed
f VhcreasJ Noi
expes8iori has,been made,
we cannot cAisehr to depart from just and demo-
cratic4rinciplesby expending the peoples' mo
ney 'for ihe "glorification of party men, or ihe
futherance of party measures i car can we con
seh to lend thelriBuepee o our official staiions,
for such purposes. ;."''
?; Th'ar soch would ho ,-tbp case, iwia conscien
tiously believe, and respectfully oflfer tho follow
ing nnoeniabla facta in evidence. v ;
Here is insetted in detail the history of Mr.
Van Boren's journey fiom Washington, with ex
tracts from th4 addresses of various - committees
that have wailed upon hn, with the replies
It is therefore plain beyond the power of ar
gument to make it plainer that Mr Van Barents
tour, is one of Apolitical bnd partizan charac-teri-ThereforeJibe
it s ! I
"Resohedi Bylftlua Maynf and Commonality of
bifti .iiiat wadj? not leeit-jud by any consider-
ations-of jwfwe, jrMene, or Ao
. jo., p"i3. w
expand the oeop e's money, or descend from the I
J.. -tl r ,,UU. -"'!
expand ttie peop e's money, or descend from the
dighi.y of o!,T,mcial statllos, for the purpose
of aiding polilical parlizah in itheir endeaVors
to carry out their lavoritelscbetnesi L
A liiM frim4nrflln f tiw-
.rinia hprlnfvflMnocI,,! k .
Mr. CUy assures us i that the sentiment
of that region is decided! v favnrahlA i
this genilemaii? He says he roes not be.
iViX,. -"T
in which he livesU now opposed to Mr.
wy- : V- - L j: v.-..-.: .
Prejudice is fast
nsdice is fast isubeid in r everv where.
and the friends of aliinsle Iteron of the
Presidency lliink tliat r. Clay i the man
to break up the succession, arid to make a
clear, fii?ld. Honest HTlPn of fall narlipc
sho..Id rally & is ( Wd. i. d ,
. .L, . JH. 7" ai"v
iuuie Mrnicu wtll ail(rfl time IororPani2i-
mill so wKinlJ ' L flri.ii r-
T. ...... . .,,.ru; c lyrurganiz-
If Bircijelioitld U re-elect.,. ei,e,
na he t"mph of destruclive and acrar an
1 1 mS -. ? .
sensioie men:
i w
ichmond Whig. J
There jia no doubt of the truth
tf hia encmief, ae discardiriff. their n
? r-pingiarucieirom the Whig. Mert that public
vevftr i who h:l vpini
i ...... r. i - -
.u... e . T.r -S'.T.l" "rea .tgamsi strongly in
. . 1 i .,av,ii.iiuii uj siaiiiipra i vun mm
worthy prridJice ani .not arfewefthem
are noiv amongst 'ihe most enthusiastic af-
iivirersl of ; the Farmef jof Ashland. 7 Let
acts be disseminated among the people
et them but fairly understand Mr. Clay's
er, nis principle aiiu nis gionotis
of tbairioitc sellsacrifice, and the
issue cannoirbe ftubtfrii; between blra and
hiat cdrapddnil off utter jselfisbnesswhoriiV
hougbja Missouri' Jlestctioni6t,tbe Enqt.
er is indeavlring to pilm upon in credd
ons followers ak ; a Northern man-with
Southern iftineipres." J t I ,
Lynclhburg ytrgiman.i
fte The G Ipb0 and , the Enquirer are
both Wonderfully disturbed by Mr. Clay's
visit to saratogaprings. uey uu noi wi?u
the oeorlei bf Neyr Ydrk to behold "the
contrast between the President that is apd
the Prpsidj-nittiavls to te the one, (to'a
dbpt beWi plintoftsa description) a
noblest speclmensi of her noblest work ;
gigantic in body aa in oiinaana giTingun-
erringjtestimpny,rrhii;;open and gener
ous fade, ofthe high moral and intellect o-
af ipowjerg wift
wuicn ;ii6 is so Eioriouwv
enuowed,d; IriMoi
Inrpnder that they dread. the
f The Lynchbors Virffinian saya: "It is sta
ted that MaK'Wm, B. Lewis. 2d Auditor of the
Treasury Department at Washington, has-been
recueu: rrom proscription py me laieneijence uf a
lidy. lThes Major is euapected of the treason
able crime lof iGohservaltsm, and his removal
was Geiermtneq on oui ineiau in question ap
prized Gen. Jackson of the in pending fate of
one of his od favofites, and, alihoogh he is d4w
at Federalist ihfe General inerposed, and the
iilusiriuus successor yielded totbe remonstrances
of the siil
more illustrious p edecessor J
;Frm ihe IFilmhglon Chronicle!
The fol tow i 02 article abreared originally, as
we perceive from! lather p&ers," in the Louis
ville (Ky.) Journailahd ce'tsinly wears an as-
J. I-?.' J.H' L: Li k : i .i
peci oi firuin; ves we couu noi ctve in io . me
belief that South';Caro1io could prove so recre
ant to her nliahtpid! faithJtnd bo regard lesa !nf
n.oaa usaeriaKDg,now wneo ine incipient sifps
have been made, and macy great intervening 6b
; i ; i r fir. r - -
stacles; jovercomi Seern however the article I
copied into tone of the Charleston daily papers
withoutcuntradictiorj or commeat, we are reluc
tantly impelled to believe hat such is really the
I7i4 CKartesMRatl Road project at kn
end A'hibiviespeciaoei gentleman
m, of this j
city, receriiJyifrQ'nlSyothiCarQlina, informs us 1
that Cot. 3lai)dngUhe Presideot of the Chr-
lesion Railroad Barjk. stated to him that he had
given ap all jdei oi pushicff the Railroad far-
iner man mjiuoyiis. ipo wnai 01 ooain vsro
)rna. 'J'he Coluinel said tfiat ihe State of Geor
gia had; pnt junder contract a Railroad from A
thens, 0e6(gl4,p Knoxi!le,rTVn.i whichi jin
oripealbn' wiih ;he tUilratl from Aogasta to
C ha i lesion, wou.1d open a! Railruad coxnmcnica
lion froi"" ';K)ptjr.ill lo-Ohaileston: The do
Sonel ihooght thiit it woold be qntte ridicolonS to
have two Rail-( fiom Charleston to K.o6x
ville. Btifj 1 1 Carolina edaodons her project, but
gia intoithe srreat enterprise ; and she is none
the less! satisfjed! with having a commanicailon
with Last ientiessee, that is made with the
money' 4' a rival State
From the Louisville Journal,
r In compliance with
a request to that
feet, vel lay l the fb
Elowine letter to Ihe
Lanor oi .me journal uetore our readers : i
i ' -. ;. j I f tihmsviLE; June S5, 18301
Dear- $irj;4il must liumbly refuse the pri-j
vate subscription just opened for meinyour
office and I beg pf ou the kindness toilet
me present my warmest tnanks and grati
tune to everv
- A national
one of my friends in Lotiis-j
born'will ever honor the mem
ory andi the descendant of Americus .Ves
pucci bujA$)erica, even as an exile in ihe!
united States, cannot accept an individual
favor, however delicate may be the maniler
in wbicb it;is proffered. 1 f t
I am egei, fdearsii publicly to acknowl
edge the kinid;siipfmit!yoii have lent to my
cause. :i respectfully and very gratefully
remain i r'ri Ml- : ' " I
f iTJour friend, j I I
Front the
Walchez Daily Courier.
We rfgret tp statfr that this unhappy If-
shed . Aduelltook place between Henry: A.
on thfl L !
ftloore and fielding Davis, on the 27th
r . uJ r- ' 5 . i e .i t 1 1
June, on the Louisiana side of the line, a-1
t , i.tJ? z . i r .i , - f
Jne, c tbeouisianade of the l,ne a-
hout leaisrbe!owi VVoodfille, wbickte-
SMlted in tho death of the former.!
i of! the former.
th rifles at present ;i$0
shotjMoore in thefeft
HniT about half anVLh
yards. I?SP??i
i side, theSbiaJl fenleng about; half in' fech
below the top;of thsihip bone Mr Mopre
"mousing Urtmallifn, purring over sinister
dign9 itiil iidieMinbi-chircter in his
coanieiiance-i-trie lotbeir one of Nature!'
died in 1 few minutes- He fell without njlHE undersigned. Administratrix of the Es
being abteito hoot at all. Mr DaTis filed I Jl"L tate bf the j late Hfkekiab Nilesr former
being ablerto hobt at all.
im?ledi!Se!?:alier.!M word one' 1
.M.MWf6jfehniiiied Mr Da.i. tvubout
waiting for the latter to reply to bis (Mr
M s pubhcaticn ih ibe newspapers. If is
j: tw r,i fw"V" uo w
iciuutfijiiiu aytrpi iue cnanenge, anc
even up Id the time of his appearing on the
ground, declared he was forced into a mea-
sure which hej had deplored and condemn -
I Wtr "'"f86" to W
to any Mnpra;ble terms of accommodation:
d. and tenr&ipA hik .itlifivn i
.C-?JU!i'.l-:J' - L:.'- J j-. . :i
Dul the ooribs n oar v was determined that
.T fJirJ5!?? 'Si " . "
1 .1 .1 1. - ! I I it- n
ice, and Mr Davis
e sneering taunl of
I i.'Aii r. Jlil
. t ;-T--T--i VWftW ll Villi O. 7
and iiidffmeni to theJ fiPndih rf, ,vf
- J We alio npufret to itt 'that Mr rkti
1 1 r i :. : ,
v,Ut xvl Jt-i. L,..aa ; .u
feared survive, rnanv! davs. " 1
From :all tliat! we J-an osthr from innir
of frori TvanoJ sourcci mm wonlrf Conid
? Wilkinson eooty is
favor of
r Davis, and has been
tluoughoji the whole affair, i
We hope jblood
poough has now been
shed ! to calnu)o?vc the angry a"nd excited
passions of all concertied, and that -it will
proceea no.iuruier. ?
Mr Leigh Is since dieii-fEo; C. Wat.
Eloquence 4-Tbe Vicksbura Whi?r rives
the folIoWing1 extract from a speech of a
-candidate forj militaryjoffico in Mississippi.
u is too good to be losU for it exhibits the
true feeling of a monocrat: r--
I "UenUemen, if thereat Architect of the
nniverse j were to desigri forming a brave I siryiraiaou ;pijtripire( ana nonie
hearted, ho would baye lo mould him after
the exact form of Andrew Jackson, ex Pre
sident of the; United I Jtajes of America.
The next character whmhLappears onf the
horizon jpf good and (great men Via " Martin
yan Burl n, President ;of the United States.
And then; gentlemen; ys, then we see Al
exanderQt Meruit rtsf up like a meteor,
to illuminate and dazzle, all beholding eyes
tvith the Lnlliancy of bis talents, andsplen
dor of his deeds. Andy gentlemen, now
having nearly exhausted myself I will only
add, that if ypu.will efet me, ! will follow
in the footsteps of these; illustrious prede-
From the Savannah Georgian, July 0.
yTbe following from oar attentive Vones-
steamer Charlesion, CarSt. Lore. -
iOAPBYFERKT Juij 13, 1839.
My Dear Sir f The ? obj ect for , w b icb
Gen. Macomb's treaty IWas; made, seems to
accomplished. ! Tbelndians have been
in large number! to Fori Mellon and Fort
King, and all; rlport (heir entire- willing
ness and determination to go within the no
8tgnated boundaries andjthere remain. Et
erj means will be tried to secure them the
peaceful possession of the allotted territory,
and if notbindncoram6n; takes place, thelihis complaint, Now this looks to us like
wise ones say that ther great everrastingT. k-0. .ta i r.u-
Florida war is at length closed. The peo
ple of the; United Stajeii though seem to
place but little confidence in theeport.
They've heard that the "Florida
war is at
length coclu'delio 6len that they have
become quite incredulbus--8till I cay all
uifli van yuu ucuvi gaiety w saiu
Verrons.l'l - Doctor Cjafk and Col Dayen-
i ; j
last advices verv ill at
fTPP' 5 T i Ui i lT. T
iu which; wiiiic? ieu iiau ,uccii , uiijutu i
Ml II IJIWII fill .W V wxa -V vm - mm .- - - . 1
Surgeon ifriplerihas beh ordered from this w
post on femporary Uit to; roller annmgvjwa
1'te heard that Col. Davennort is recove
ringi and is novl on Histway to this post
tue Head Quarters oC his District,
i . n : T i a ? i
u ... rtrJ-h.t rlIL
j The fllowinl infarrflation is from re
turns made to the Post! Office Depattment
li" rVrUfr 7anmuB!1
pbltte y handed us for pubh
1 7 i i- - . r I
arid has been!
cation : I
'empapliagazi andsPeriodicah,
published in the Untied States 1st
New Hampshire,
Vermont, i
Massachusets, (at Boston 65)
Rhode island,
Connecticut I
li- : -31
York city 71) 274
Tork. (at N.
Marand (at Bal
timore 20V 48
L PennsylFaiii,(ai JRh!alpbia71) 253
:jjetaware,j . j f;.
DvofldfatlVashlnlton 1 1
Virginia7 (RichmohojlO,) -".w
North Carolina,
South! : Carolina, '
Georgia, 1
Alabama, j ! iJ
Louisiana, (at Nefv Orleans 10)
Arkansas,! I '
Tennessee, . j: i;
Kentucky, If
Ohio, (at Cincinnati '27,)
Michigan.,!" i - ,'.f 1;'
W isconsiri; Terr i tojryif
Iowa ierntory
Indiana, j
Illinois, j
i Of the above 116 arel
published daily, 14 tri-
weekly j SO semHweekly, land 991 once a week.
Ijr.and quarterly principally magazines, and
views Many of the ily papers-lsojssoe
trt-weeklys, ee
e? ht are in th
Fr.nch; aodo
ihe N. Orleans
tri-weeklys, eemi-weeklys, and weekly. Thirty
e German language, toar in the
one in ths Spanish. Several of
the N. Orleans papers are printed in French U
Englisb. 1j 4J : u-':''.
1 1 w
1 TO fTHE! PUBlJ. -
j Jmtmihgtonlell Jiwe22. 1839.
editor of the liegisier, Dfgs leave io. iniorm me
Pubtie that there Ire yet to be disposed of, on
reasonable terms, Mew (u sets of ffiles's Re-
ir..w.' it. a nmm0il(amnl tn vulnma fiftw
inclusive, with all the supplements and general
i maex. i an coujpiie, ipiiaiug a pcuuu i
i twenty Jive years, wgenw wim a nuiouer oi
sets including the secon,lthird and foorth se
'ie9 Irya oepiemoer, if if, io oepiemoer, laoo,
"j 8fndF ?d flfpo complete the sets
hios? waom8r navepfn or re nowuwen
ii h,i SheJbei l'Vo
;t.., t!.i.u LJ. lui :M-:r
swt ., jui . ,B,pr,IVu,
which exists for co dotnjr, j she has placed ll
. ! . .. i .i .. .
g!5.'53 rSyrrS't.i-. . "f
1 .11 the1 bSuks of the concern beinff in his nosaes-
ion, 9 wr-omappt ca ion can be made tor
1 j i t - . " - . .
sets of parts of! sets; of tie aforesaid work.
I I tL j -i.s.
i cnminir in mitr.n in ixklllir uu k nn x nn iiwnii
.! .tTl
I her to dispose of the surplus copies of the
I RpffHter, and jtof real fth sams doe from
if'Wfor whosebenefimhfilaborsf her late bos
band WeT so iealonslf gifpn, to enable her i to
e- ndr fe&f of whom are un
.iir,iv,. f
WT; . . 0"".J i . i
n;i;i I It .- i j i. ;r ;.- ' '
.. . v: tsaa
FRIDAY, JULY 2C, 1630.
domination for Congress, l
Doctor.-Pleasant Henderson,
DThc Editorial Office
of the Watchman is rem ovod
to the Editor's Luw Ofilicc.inst
helow the Market House, on
Market s tree t. Th c Printin g
Office is in the yard of the
same premises'. . ' .
"Private and Personal Ooncerns.V
In the last number of the Western Car oh
nian, is contained a bitter complaint against
the friends or Ur. Henderson, and against
us in particular, for attaching Mr. Fisher
in Ais private and ptrsonal concerns,"
and the discussion of his relations with the
Choctaw Indians is given as the ground of
feigned issue to entrap public sympathy,
and to throw unmerited odium' upon Mr.
Fje: adversaries. "For our own pait, we did
not allude to this matter until he had of bis
own accord brought it to the notice of the
public, in his speech at Mocksville. We
did not then make any strictures on it un-
il he bad published a Circular, arid treated
waller at large. : Since then, we h
i -t - i . . t i
I - - : . j ' - ...
- uw0.y. vuuui c vurseivw io i-cis si a-
in mat puDiication, ana to I me docu-
mentary proof furnished by the tribunals.
which have had the subject under consid
eration. ' But the Carolinian says, that the
reports' which we hate "paraded" were
made "before the. claim was understood,"
and that we ought to have given the facts,
J 4, f . , . i . tU ,
from the report and documents of the Com-
rqissioners Who examined these claims.
Our answer to this is, that since Mr Fisher
brought this transaction to, public view, ap
plication has been made to the Department
Washington, from two several sources
within our knowledge, for all the papers
and documents laid before Congress, or on
file in the Indian Department, relating to
caim3 under the tieaty at Dancing Rabbit
Cjreek : In neither instance haye any ruch
been furnished. . There is a short, report a
mong these docu ments stating that the Com
misst oners had ; been stopped in the, out
set of the business, by the resignation of
Mr. Pray, and aidoubt whether the other two
could act without the third Commissioned
There is not one word in this cooimunica-
lion on the merits of the claims. We have
never heard of any such document before,
and if there be any in existence, we are
sure it has not been yet submitted to Con
gress. But why does not Mr. jFisher him
self bring forward ' this testimony if there
be any such ? Instead of indulging in acri
monious epithets against Judge Black and
others, who have made the statements to
Congress: instead of accusing us of un
fairness and uncharitableness: instead of
- i " ' i
asking us to lake his bare assertion as to
the facts of the case, why has he not at
once gone to the fountain bead; and brought
Vorwarfi ,hi- All nhmnTvinrr t,
seems to us that a man of Mr F's sense would
make this the very first step in Ins vindica
tion. Instead of pursuing this obvious
course, he calls upon us to produce it who
never heard of it before.
If . 5Ir. Fisher bas suffered any wrong in
the examinations of this subject, we are not
to blame for it - We have simply repub
lished what was already before the public
We have copied the documents faithfully :
we have indulged in no gratuitous abuse,
nor harsh commentataries, we have endea
?red to treat the subject ftirly and decor-
ousiy. it tneso papers uo mm intustice,
we sincerely hope that he may be able
to furnish the world with their confuta
tion. But as the matter now stands, be
must pardon us for declaring that his de-
fense is not as yet made out, there is the
I weight of official-documentary evidence bo
I , - U J I """'I
Ito one side, .od onl, bi3..aplo denial on a I
the other.
How can Mr F. complain that we have
gone into matters merelj prtraffr and per'
sonat ? Are claims growing out of a trea
ty made by the General Government ex
amined i by committees of both Houses
still under adjudication by commissioners
aoDointed br act of' Congress.!; arid finally
to be acted on by that body, nere prirafe to take into
and personal matters f He may say, how- by the name
ever, that bis connexion with the claims are riney nwut
of tbfscharacler, and ought not therefore tP "u 05l::i
le toadied V
have not i!
have thought t
in? tne o?ir ;
-j - - -
name, and t'cc'-
Bui wn hive 1
ceremnnitMH trr.
ful misteprespp.!
any impRrtai.t
Congress vn t!
added, tlic r
ers) Wi!l l,o f , ;
Congrrss u ill.
is an easy wiv t.
Why should t!
has himself to! !
board will L?
What for pray ?
ter of cour?. ?
wlmt right h -
port ant a fnct ?
for Centre? 3 to
tfrtion, and v,
cerning the ik
of the natioa ?
very farfo dec!
proof 83 to v. !.
will be ado,-t
haps it tniy t
cerned, msy v '.
in this Eurnr..:r
may IhiulT il r
matter : othrr
protect Ir. !
gainst their c
mended by Mr.
must be i.viv:,
are anyjfacts .
we certainly c r
are our accc:
We will 5 ;
as t3ke an ir.!.
Slate, that t!. "
place, b.3S tc; :;
carried on vi
been compltt
dant supply cf
pected the I;;
menced in : I
We learn !
have set out n
ness and vi: r
truth is the r
rie8 is reduc
years must pr
prosperity ef t
be called the I
less than c!
within about f .
in operation, c ;
We enamcrslr :
ages, viz : &t L:
lem, Mocksvs!
Surry (water
do. Fiher's c
ry, Concord.
Cotton, .See, l
Greensboro', c
enterprising c :
gaged in puttir.
mill in this li;:
this place
Some cf cm:
so talking at:
latter kind in i:
here for sct f.i
No common!! y
such a conven;
ised to pay Lc :
intclligpncer u
t .
II1IUI umtiuii Ji i
through a star
1 ft fiw mfilirtn h v
this noble sioi
just coming ir t
wnen iue inicr
has as vet con,
. . -
4 . .
nn lh nrrr-ir
The Cnnrs
won am linri'iu f
( , j
full crop in ojr
as we. have l:e
better. Tho
rains, have air.
assurances, "i
cotton crops v
than ordmanlj
this prospect u
and Virginia.
1 K Li w
writes to cs trsi
Hand, hast r,oi
past, and fwf
of the i J ii -:
which he cxplai
iV-JI If mm:!
per. we v.i-
ihooght of the I
preted, means
All who cr,rr
site ftorn th:3 ii.
that is; a rlh
To Win r.
munication si.

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