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Published VSccl&j at Ttzo -Dolls. Gtia raty cis
trnoLB Jvo, .se6.
cuvio SPLITS.
a certain aiair 01-iue raiooi
l,r i he first inaeriion
per fcjtj are for each in
preferred a stead j whiteness ; loss of appetite,
dizziness in his bead, the bowels cocamoolj jeen
it coatiTe, the ortnehigh colon red, aod oTieii
iU aecurapadied by bdjgestioo, wherein the profise weatinj,OMi enwa oj reiMi s ne
greatest eWUrkre ipprehended apoo thealbfht pwee sjinpiorps were .leomuenoira -frup cut
Srounds, and (he worst consequences laagihedJ difficulty-of brealhing, with sense of
Ancient medical, writers supposed mis oiseaae 1 ray9 vw-.--- - :r "i
to be confined to thosei particular regions of tne 01 qnoeoergj ia ui u.i-uu. Jn 1 j
abdomen. tectioicatlT called hTpochoodrta which i The aboTe symptoms were entirely m6?ed
9 1 j w - ' V - -
are situated oq the; right or left aide of. that car-
I WS TTIiU.i . ' I L ( n, mint
K-Tmll lrf Wa! abbf e i rates.i A
. will b made f STMFTOMS.
t.: ..-,r Is I K . The comrnba corporeal sTmptoms are flalolen-
1 U5 :frty.i. Ka intPTlPd lor lees lucxwuiauu ur wwBir scuu cmtvuwifl,
s Tl BvU-m,.; nntir orderst 01 iSiffiii. paipufuoxn,' .
W,?'" uo vuu" " -jVIlI.: ..f fitincr ihaltehtion noon mnranbiect ofi.. im-
t:,Ji-l;&'& ISla'MuO them, woero uv wi.w... - , - o k t .c. j-
,.i;biv.-- i . ! , .-. s i Doriance. or eoaainns iu iot wiuk -uti: b-
caanua vigor or courage.- aid iheiouc
the rctod becomes; irritable, thoughtlul, despond
and a perfect cure effected by Dr Vtn Evans.
f'if y 0 JNcw York, si,
? i IS jlO'fcKfiVItI-n,.DAVIE CO. JT.
j :i: f- r -t -.if.. .- -- " . - - .
vtVihAIS thR huhlic that he has remored
Ii :t Lt-.-a . t.;
i-y yrtf 4lliSty I-1 --J
Deniarnin S Jartis bein? dolf aworp, doth de-
i oose and ssy, that I the ! facts stated in tbe aH
boTS certificate subscribed br hits, are in ail
! respeets true. ;i RENJ. S. JARVIS.
Sworn before me. this 25ib of Ncteraber, 1$36.
f WILLIAM SAUL, Notary PubIici$G oas
ianf street. ,y.:- I -:, hit' . (
11 ISlnM A th-0 "iMlntMnv.. J7vi'e. M
ing melaocholfi, add dejected, accompanied with ok(OE W BROJfSalUbUrm JV" C.
a total derangement or the nervous system - jQHfy'jl. IJYGUS ( Bookstore) L'hcraut S, C
ine meniai wBiinS8nupeiiBi uiv M.iaJDEllSOJS Camden, SlJUi
that haunt the iraagioation i and overwbe too ptjQHJYHUGGIJYS, Columbia, S: C
the judgment exhibit an infinite direraity. lhe im jL JUASOJK & ConiaUizh
wisest and best of men are as open to this affile- f 10 1839 ly41 f . !' V"- '
f .1 S o Mocks- d; rarely re!
tjMi'K'H. . : S 1 r - y erase, tdissol
TSHviff,!,conUnueleep,f I . and dHskina,
k iilllfiilslta r nomV and commodios?; laitach-
11 r KViui irni r men 01 ine Dur. iu uuuitu-
The subsciicel pled;
lion as the weakest.
- yy "-' T causes, i . I LJ .
A sedentary life of acy kind, especially aa-
rcre study protracted. to a late hoar in the night,
leveq by social intercourse, or ex-
ute namt, great excess in eausg
the j immoderate use of mercury,
violent purgalif es, the suppression oft some ha
bitual discharge, (as, the obstmttiun of tpe men-
d 1-
I " 1 ' !'''-
We bad been in ibe saddle about aa hour.
jurideir the intrepid Pulaski, wbb; wiibjh!
HfJ rri Otb equipments, as if assured thatlihi
htsbihty ot one or more important organs witnin 7 i.r, . in j . . i t
the abdomen, U a frequent-cause. ggle would to; deadly and tong con
j tbbItment. - :" liquid one . The day pasone Pi mm o(io?t
The principal objects of treatment are, to re-1 beantifulthate ver broke ojrer, the .earth. iV;
move indigestiqo, to strengthen the body, and I were about half a mile from the main body
to enliven the sipmts wmcn may oe promouju rangpd along a green slope, lacing the westi
by exerdse, eaily; hoursv regular meals, and! olr about' four nundred In umberi1
pieasan conyerBaon W"' Mndingassomany iuarblfl8tatue8; until Jus
being carefully regulated by the .occasional use I JtL u . , " ' jj' f 1 Jf 1
of a mild aperiekO We know nothing better "i eastern Eky begaii tp reddeaqd uni
wards jtte enemies flank; This arrange
ment would doubtless hare' proved fatal to
Koypbausen, had net our operations been
aofof tantteW arrested, at thoVeryimotnent
we were preparea to tan upon ntm, iman
and horse, by the intelligence thai! Corn- VZ
walhs hltd cioted off to inotheV quarter. It t":: .T: ,
a moment of irhsaluiiondoiibtt It nX?V"
these eyes 4 ears to others, we are sbv; 3, ;
though we be. Above all then, thick Lr v.
ashes act frrwrselves.
y j y - - :- "- -
- The arrival of the tiny iron steamboat : .
York from London has called "op manj r:
cea of former voyages on the great dec ,
lormedoy cratts or similar srxs.
A friend rrhtrs for us a more daring cr. !
00s Toyage than any we have yet seen n.-':
ea, and which we are sore cnust cc!:r.
yet nntold.
An American sailor made his escape d z :
the war from the UritUb prison ship at Lr:
da, and traversed the ocesu alone, in an
sail-boat, to the Virginia shore, a distance tf v
j'An American brig belonging to Ports- oa, who had bten captured in the Unite J t
mouth, N. II , was once in Demarara, dis- brig Vixen . by the Siuiharnnton fri-i;r,
heri ahe was board- ,D? nerw misexpiiv He engaged a f.
brig ilylng at "an- P1180"" 10 accompany uim 10 the enterprise.
;r..nM i'i,i jm cuoiwasa was procurea s suran pk
It' '
was the death blow
ry. , ureene
Hardly bad this bsppenedronrbptseebe
liDga covered
in the b
with du
aaltry diy
heard on
wbue difisioo weTttd-bfeeo-aWcWr Wfed to 'the assistance of their officer,
pa Into motion to sopportSttllif an who had aQdfihe aptritederjean wasiinaliy orer'
left home some hoars before. 1 he truth now ,,t iint-,! .Lw ;nA .t, k..
broke upon us like thunder a p. be Knd eoQTeyed on board the British brig.
enemv had oaa&ed. concentrated.. we bud- I nu i . 1 -
posed, and fallen or? 0
Liu.,uuBf cuMwcu- roo .he stalwart Yankee, anil hia htfA
mo vvvxu face corroborated bia statement. Tlfe
O Our botXS1 M f feto- JK: ...A V hir seamy allowacce ; ,
waslcailed, rtd ; Sulhvan t
."Tr-i, I ! K' f 1 uMiuijB . mw -uiwiiiuie ui , wi uyuKj ihu r,ji gi iresn water ) 101 Dauasi. 1 1.0 .
Vears of a vitrorous Tiame. was nnlirpil in. I When the evening arrived for puttin? tho :
with sweat, and froth, freltilig Q lfia wMt. Jibri tetin-rifo imA m execution.tbe heart of King's conr?
it like chained tisers. and .covered I t -.. 'j Tfni. -Ii : i dttovoire.tliat was to belailed iiico. at i
at. it-beinit Masitele' Moll and'tr JIYT; ""i could'not oe'. induced to link hf, fate Wib t
T" ' m r- 1 rairft ' inii9Pn inn vnninnu i.tmin hni i ... .
. when a heast " cannonade waji : V. "wv " ,"7, " "V."" irf-"w" w His more resolute comrade, in the hwU
, WUeU a Jieavy ; qaanonaotJ. WAS I . nsla ni1v I-A mnrmmWneW h. a or aII u. wr: 11. . , ,
our ngnti fianlc. and ureene to nirtLilkA un nr k;. ht- I ...
1 ucinuuuru .u uia&e ioc aiuruipi aiouc.
ance, when the nes came,
1U got out a port hole on the evening d 1
-25 tb July, swam to the boat, which wss toy, !
astern, got int it, cut the painter anJ J: .
some distance, thea ma Je sail for old Virt- i .
where he arrived 3d August, landing cn t
beach 10 miles to the. Southward i-f Ca? I!
ry,1 having been nine days at sea. Ho
overland to Norfolk, where the boat was su! J ;
his benefit. He Was soon alter appornu d 1.
ard Kr i. is C
itmOiwt fitrtjBimo&i-ai iiens eaeniuns, ,ip gie
ifeffiiir.t:si!'U :' may can on nima' nia
TAnttiimUiS FABLES are. provided in
4 iiisiHi aim e i hat I h e
copnUy will afford
:iil:iSiftl!i;Sire' 'faithful and rirompt. ! !
rWWitiMAM if rt'Ti l!tffl:
MM1 :frfr,;U T I calculated to ohair this end; than Dr. Willtanf Nlate; and cloudier cloud to oll qp,and
.i-5i'i". -f i . . . i nv - K.vina' Anpriprtt pn ibaintr miia and certain I ucuve iis.o b trcai curiam uu me muu, anu
ire - iniprmeq-inai me;uiA- - --t -r--i--vo .- L y - . . -i ,t Lit-i. - yi, -J,-' . t?iii .j ;,i U
w flow- m
- ati . i- ,:ILS i. ni- if-
? - It fHWUffelU,
pplftaiion andean supply all de
fy-', -s-.-- -i- - ;-y - -
to any manufactured
J; G
in the
' I ' i'.r--. . . . , . . . . I m thai, imndnn . I ho TintX7o1 hAincr nnr I IhpuhnlA hpivpn cppmprl nirharffinn all ila
f -JVlll'f ll I'll I I V I I HM I I I 1 Y ,M ."VI. UkVI WTIVM. , ...- wv K 1 .UV in UW.f. UV-W..
.r.-4iJiji-Lj..i 1 --.1 ii - 1 ciHuuseu. ins iitcBiiiuauio usuiuwiiD 1 iiio.L-niiivii i nRHiiii mill Drioi mem nnnn DnR mm j 1 nnn.
are tonic, anodynet and antispasmodic) are arr ndnH in turn nhniu. aH irl 11 Pli
inraiitoie remeoy,)ana wunoui aispuie nave
i : . ti. : .L : T 11 :
l" -ua warlike oresence come airi out f the
some pnysicians nave recommenoea a iree iyyr r, nvfi ; j "in
use of mercury but it should not be resorted to ; !olfd e?h 10 W9biJ upon the f ery surorpit
as in many casps U will greatly aggravate, the of the hill behind us ; it might be,; (for! the
nopie carriage cr ine man, toe maruat, teir
ing of the soldier trho could pajit! either
interpretation it 'miflhtbe in the awful ieni-
tonisamg raciB.
road side, urxm, an -almost perpendicular commander at once decided that such into- er's-mate in the navJ ss a rew
bankhut he wheeled where ;he was,; dash- jence demanded exemplary I punishment-- Jngcondoct. -:
A tfl 1 r t M SkVV V A m -mmm Bm B M M St A t . . r . . i i - , f.1Aft E.aMm . a. .1 . 1
M .wuu.m andlithat the youUg Yankee Required; on un-, ana m
,and called to us togU op his first entrknee into the service, a Jesson JSiJJSJwfif? ?. ? f T V
ich a tremendous impulse, Tr . A k:J .Kdf, making his escspe from a h rench prison m a t
thaliwe marched four milea in fortv minules. iLluL lerl-X . 17 Pd wh0 being brought before rvapuleon, v
We held joo xi way .in a ctoiid ust a gn byhi
od down the bank, bis face s .whit as tbe
bleached marola
forward with' such
ttie vusuwivw. wsueu w njigniDiniOUS V Iberaled and Renl tmmft fav t'
and met Fttillitan si! in disorder, nearf a I - I i t j .l t:i. -... j
7i 1 . wr . i - uY.taau uis oac& wb oareu io iuo lasn. I "Z J unacruKinz. rocuc - i;c
mile trom the sround, retreatinr step by u.. ih.MAw iirnv ! i.. rAn-o.i I has established this event at the exoen&n i f
I . . " i . , 1 i- I VV V - WW " ) .,; MW V WVBIWU 1 " - . .. . - - - ,
meneaaoi nis men, ana snouuns t Ki " Ac iWh- AmAr;n, ine younjr sanor isiepiesenied asaiterabin
hoarsa, COf ered Withbloodfand nit.iennit tha -worn 'fiie of tvraht. IU cr ibe English channel. front; UwUyn
step, at
inK-a . . . . ...
swfiit. Bnrl rtrbino fH wain to hrino iKomln ' " V. - , . . -- tl tub. tl 18 en.leivur was to dllU out tt ill
T : T" -T-; ueraanueu. uts reicaseaim tassureu me i PbK.lid. l(Vlh- ritlh
a Btaod,
id I nhila jCornwalliH wai nourtrftf in T- i " . . 1 " i eoo-uae ip ne uruisn squauron, men tu cu.
a,! wuue 4ornwaUisa9 pour wg in. caplam in the; most solemn and impressive jDg the French coast, and within two or u.i
them anmcessant volley, - y manner, that if he persisted in punishing mdesjof theshore. 1
laski dashed oot to the right, over tbe hint like the vilest jnslefactor, for . vindfea- The successful exploit of the American
feoces, and there stood , awhile upright in tiag his rights as aa American citizen, the throws this into
his stirrups, recorraoitering, while the rene- actishould tiever be forgiven -but that bis irtm steamboat's
i er
and- da-
! trP6raers .f rorii a distance will be punctual- avmntdma.
IV..:'-TSfr-i"lV3f ii Li iJ.'... U iu..-. V ' . -i i ' I.'ioyi aoprepsu?g iiw agofii bs buuvv i i j -
:i-inpnjip iiif,: iioo-us j: - i i utaa me jQiiQwtng inter esiin
tfirr1 U TcT-f ai -rr-H ! I lontshme fact. - plovment of devotion or m'the more earthlv
if.mi i llLl JJ. 1! tASTHMA.THREfi X E A RS ST AN D - crje of martial observ,iion)-bUX be .e.
tnlTHi.lriri'ilf'Ji i rff f run's. T" c rT,V.- y" . T7'4 .', ccuiy.reignea up nis jcnarger,isnooa me
MiS!?fi l?f"f 15' w'Lh tbe above malady; Symptoms: d hnrrn' rJuU
WiHHll aWU!"l,3 O tlU eUllSiaiiV CIU I I U n.. fllnlnr... HialHirKaJ tool n I ' w . -.. - J " ,
'y ' A i l- !. . . I . i . - ' , . . . I nrl it rH . laansH ha.1 Ann lnin id. In 11 i
vons beadache,dimculty of breathing, lightness 1 : ti " w vj,s wTr!i-f f"
and stricture across thV breast, dizziresss, ner as be bright flash passed fjy onjlhe
vous irritability and restlessness, could not lie
in a horizontal position without-the sensation of
impending suffocation, palpitation of tbe heart,
distressing cough J costiveness, pain of the stom
ach, drowsiness, groat debility and deficiency of
the nervous energy. &lx K. JNlonroe gave up
HPir if T- t". on the countenande of every person Interested ib
lV;thMaHtKDTan-hes of his nrofesslon. to I . . ... j . i . . 'Sit . .1
uii.Dc iven
ff, III Klty
' liti Jlinwfprvi p. nr I TitriirnhiH . S ITJi
Ml 10
Aiipiy to
' i l - ! I . . ! 1 ?
rppf ted himself try Salisbury,)
ui.1.1 oilers his services in
l "ll il . .
spranrhes ot his protession, to
1 Village, and t'he surrounding
fipos' from his exuerirnce and
m to ;the duties of his profession.
itbMliN tJ 'jrrodet u'eneral" satisfaciion. His
:!H'lMitK Wm. DhCrawrrd's Hotel,
;ftld-iay;b,tfCwttiul. when not
:fiitf-f! !i?Vfon ai dutie sj
. is i
i .-A'M1
yy ;
.1: JIJJ ' g
vU!S- i i f t vi"
ill iS
13 ti l :
-ngmAmjiBii:. HAVING RE
PH.- r.-t: . .1 : - i I .. U 1 ,-
on hand a good assortment of
-CitUTis. - y. 1 -
y- :. :Si&Mf.o's' oii .PM7sJ I i
pWMWfesd Silver Thimbles,
MmimmM:mitl Pin Xmvj:
;Anaaf l tft-.iajriicl.e in li s n
horizon ; followed' - by a loud Vepoit, land
and the next instant, a part oiifour rnks
were covered with dust and turf, thrown
up by a cannon ball that struck oeari the
spot he had just left, j ! !' !
Our horses plucked up theirlears at
sound, and all at once, as if a huiirlred trum-
his existence oi happiness, till by accident he l-Pls were flaying, in the wtndi came ! the
noticed in a poolic paper some cures effected by I enemy in bis advance, . rulaski unsheathed
Ur Wm. EVAfsy i)lLUlUlMlj in Jiis com- his sword, called out a select body, and set
plaioi, which induced him to puichase a pack- 0ff at lull gallop to a mdre distant elevation,
age of the Pills, which lesulted in completely ffhere we saw (he enemy advancTng mUwo
removing every symptom of his disease. He 'Ai.,-,--. t i i - ' ' L
. c. &aLi;, fnr ihio Au,nn ; columns; one under Knyphausen, which
restored, may
benefit. ' 1
that those aliljcHea with 4he same or any symp-! m0Te(V 10 steadiness, in a dark spld mass
toms similar to those fromwhich he is happily? iqwaros tne spot occupied b Uen.Maxel;
i ? . .1 t .- r ii...i,.. . J ... i - : l i. t
m& uiucr, uuun vuruwauis, wnico seeujea
ikewise receive the inestimable
Mrs. J. E. Fohnsoii. wife of Capt. Joseph
Johnson, of Lynr., Mass. was seveiely. afflicted
for ten years with ! Tic Dolereux, violent pain
in her head, and vomiting, with a burning heat
in the stomach J and unable to leave her -room.
She could find hoi relief
eral physicians! nor from
until after she had.commenced using Dr Evans
to; threaten the right flank of our main bbdy.
luiemgence was lmmeaiateiy sent to Wash
ington, and reinforcements! called in, from
tbe spot we had iefl.
3Ve kept our position.awaiting fpr a whole
Irour, the sound of conflict i at last a'heavv
vplley rattled along the sky, a few moments
from the advice of sev-4 pfssed, and then another llofredlijiB a
medicines of. any' kind; oi drum heads The whole air rung
lenced usmo Dr Evans MUtu it : anotner and another iolluwed
medicine-of 100 Chatham streetr sjgd from that tfien gradually increased-in; loudness, cama
lime she began! td amend, and feels" satisfied ii pesl after peal till it resembled 11 contihual
she conlinoe thjeiciedicin a few days longer,- clapf thunder, rolling abtiul under an il-
.Lkni. i.'ii-tLo-iM .oo -r.-. i impetuosity, was a General and! knew bis
N. V. . . IT f " " W -too-well, 4o
-" . ;!B'
revenge. would be certain ana terrible.
The captain laughed at what he regarded)
an impotent menace and gave a Signal to
the boatswain's waie. The! white skin of
the young American was soon cruelly
mangled, and the blows fell thick and heav-
ine snaae, as as u iy
trip, and all the other darin' :
ventures in tiny crafts on the ocean, Ir.cU
reminiscences have brought out since the il
ert Stockton's anival. 1 y
Richmond Ccr.i Uc
my, who appeared by the! smoke and ibe
dust that rolled before them in the ! wind
to be mucn nearer than they really ; were,
redoubled their efforts ; but at last Pulaski
saw a lavorabte opportunity, ine column
wheeled : he wind svtept across their vanJ
i m - - 1 y i i- i ex
revealing them like a battalion of spirits, ilyion the quivering flesh. He bore the
breathing fire and smoke He gave 'the infliction of his "barbarous! Duniahment
signal; Archibald repeated it; then Arthui; 1 without a murmor or a groan, and when the
tnen myseit. in tnree minutes, we were signal was given for the executioner to
ready for the word.) - ;;J I cesee. although the skin was hanging in
When PolaskiVshoutinff. in a voice il that I sir ids on his back, which was thicklv cov-
thnllcd through and through us, siiuck spurs J ered with clotted blood, he showed no dfs-
into his charger; itvC "Vnalf minute, so noiition to falter or to faint. His face
heice and terrible wan hisfharire. hnfhm vrm I ,no'a .nmAaki n,1ar than it mnnt in ha I induced you, a res:aeni oi a vrtsieru and c
I-- r g w - :- w w vifUJ w WW lias mm vm .
... .i.i- . i. u; trt... 1 i . . yj :e I Daraiivelv new state. ta?uardt
On the recant visit of Mi. Clay to the c.i;
Buffalo, he was eloquently add resst-d by .s
Hon. 11. J. How, iu behalf of the citizen, v,
concluded as follo w s :
As citizens of an old state, and cno tf t
States, too, which contributed largely to the i
j tional domain, we have witnessed with pec u!
gratification, ine disinterested patriwtim v. !
paratively new state, to guard the common j :
perty of all.
It is to the same patriotic spirit, luiwevrr
may differ as to expediency, we attribute j
exertions to compiomjse the two d.HVru
which have threatenedHhe integrity of ti-r t
It is the same magnanimity cf mirJ .l
has induced you, sir, to sustain the cause f
fering humanity in every quarter cf the GL'
wuicngave courage and countenance io revn i
were able to come on to him. What! can I hut his lins were comnresied. as if he
he mean! Gracious heaven! My - band wa summoning determination to his aid,
convulsively, like that of a drowning man, .an4 his dark eyes shot forth a brilliant
reigned up for a moment when 1 saw that t gleam, showing that his spirit was unsuh-
was galloping straight forward into a field dn?d, and that he was bent on revenge,
of bayonets; yet he wss the first roan!, and even if his lite should be the forfeit,
who would not have followed; ! f His bonds were loosed, and he arose
We did follow him, and with sveb a hur- from the humiliating posture. He glared
ricane of fire andateel, that when we'wheel- fiercely around The captain! was stand-
J .U I I J i.r- 11 I J . . L ; ' : I n
a Ll r iiai n f . iiriixii iit'iiiii. 11. w I . v. 1 1 rt rw n . n i n aw gq tmam rti ri m ' ( ri . rin . -.... . ...
; r "v . . I , .wi.u . v -MAir, rreedom on the plain 01 marathon and l'Lt, .
of fire on the right! hand and on the! left ; maniac grin upon his featores, as if he en- which has caused ysur voice to be heurd wl.
hut not a bayonet or a blade in front cept jo)fed to 4he bottom of his so' 1 ythe dis- ver liberty has needed aid from the couutfy
what were under the bools of our horses, grace and toitures inflicted: on tbe poor
My blood rushes now, like a flash of fire Tankee. The helpless sutTerer saw that
through my forehead, when 1 recall the de-1 smile of exultation -and that moment de
cided the fate of his oppressor. With the
activity, the ferocityrand almost the strength
ona Uger, the mutilated American spran
upon the tyrant, and grasped him wfrere
vaslation that we then made, almost 'it) the
heart of the enemy s column. '.U A i
But Pulaski, he who afterwards rode into
their entrenchments on horseback, sword in
hand, was accustomed; and broken
over them once, avare of his 'peril' IT he
her birth, to where Coite atid rizjiru's an.
flew.' ' , . J '
'. Here on this spot two years ago this day, 5
received and welcomed your great compile
the defender of the Constitution.' And, i :,
is fitting that we thus honor thise ho I..
done so much to honor us. r or I he sake f
children, for the benefit of our whole commc: i:
he stood, surrounded by his officers, who J as an example for representatives, as fiki;
fori the moment seemed paralyzed with as-
hazard any movement
he should be .able to see with certaihti the
Kenny, No 1 15 Lewis Operations of he enemy in the vapor below
mcauwuue, several Jiiue parlies wnicn
J AKta.a I" ! - yl:1 y' a. L'i- il
I : ! -
tC7Mrs Anne F.
street between Sfahton and Houston sis . affli
f a.I '1 I ! t . 11:...!. I.' . . .
r0m? t mannef, andivf arranted for
i I1 W OU Giia and -Silver taken in
I :;flrte-7,VS3tf45;i .
4-;iJ-S -i'
Ilpst ; received
' f
or retail.
. -.:! . , i
i j mi imfinsn iiinen .p nu
rVlHsiNiils, assorted sixes."
j&r White Lead. V
&Nr!lleti Anchor BjltinnrCloihsi
4 r j a .
Ijhfi. iLfadJi ."
iijte p.;y 10 Window G
irE1?.Sft-iv turnup
4lfi-yy y T --
Bi Teinperanee Society.
nvlfl!!Hf Annual; Meeting at! Labor
fS'fWfr?W!NVednesd in August next.
Jy-iJfelSlaytft5 -f'-,y
A' l-lf liSUMfi :-:y - ' : y ' r )
h t- 4IIip5l I'D y.-y: -y 1 : i- i -
irn 1 1 1 1 in VNa rat ur unnA fiti mm inf. A101 nv 1 w .
j ,.u iuiiwnii.g uiauc.9iug obu ucou sent oui, 8013 10, one aiier me
symptoms : cij . ernctatjon, daily spasmodic: jhcr wilh the intelligence, that Knyphau
pains in the head, loss of appetite, palpitation of; jln u.j brnkpn rirtLl itnnn 11nYlt .r.
of her heart, giddiness ahdjhnness of slghtould --S?., ,S , ?Pn WW1 i,n
not lie on her rWht dtitnthiui r-tii.r in 1 msgtnficeni style been beaten back again;
ability of engaging! in any thing that demanded
vigor oJ courage, ssome times a visionary idea of
an aggravaiiorxof her disease, a whimsical aver 4
sion to particular persona and places, groundless;
apjjicucusiuu mi icrHonai aaoger and povertvj
an irksomeness ahd weariness of UfediseontenJ
ted, disquietude pn; every 6lizht occasion, shel
conceived she could neitherdie nor Itvetehe wepti
but that he had finally prevailed ; and that
aXwell had retreated across the mei : A
tbin vapor had risen fjm. ' lse 4IHib1&ipw
us and completely covered the ehemyjlrbm
opr. ?ie v. It was no longer possible to foL
law bim, except by the sound of his tread,
which we could fetl io ahe solid earth,
lamented, despnhded; and thought she led a jmg ourselves and. our horses. and now
most miserable life, never was one so bad, with and then, a quick gllmrnering in the midst,
frequent mental jltalliiclnations. ' scme;suddat'arse:daboillfit.'i'ome
Mr Kenny bad the advice of several eminent weapon flourished, or Borne musket shot
rocket." .! Am. ! :
hour after, a horseman dashed
physicians, and Ijad recourse to nomeroos medi-1 through like a
cines, bol could not obtain even temporarv al!e-1 ! ! au... . u
nun 01 iivr aisiressiacr. Hiaie, uii ner ausoand IiI,k ;-.iJ L r J-lZZ
suaded her toPmake trial of my mode of treats me smoke oo the very aierge of the
nt. j Ilj - i ! ; ! fpa?n nd aftei scoariogUhedsfor-a
viation of her
per s
bheis now qui e relieved, and finds herself I Wol in view, communicated with
not only capable 'of attending to her domestic a f- Iwb. or three others, who set off in diffeient
K..i...... ,1. .u : i i.,.. 1 1 J! - - - y - ' r.w " T .- s-. i. T
wu. ..u- iue VUJOJ.W an goou neaun i uirecuocs , one to us with orders to hurry
at present as she didat aqy period of her lexjsj lpwn the lord;wheretbe1cco1an4iin
J. Kenny, Uaod of the aloresaid'AnnJ SK
Kenny. ill . i j f Wi1 bis. power before ornwslhs
6 worn before me
. j n-! r n . - ; I k ..x r . I . .... .
arcTJCK, jhrckret, aoxs, or tutea8. y 1 1 craiiy inunaerea anct lighted along
friltK Sf-.v. :.t..' it. ..ifJiTi-i t.
should give them time to awake from their toriishment and before they could recover
consternation, be wheeled ma blaze 01 tire J their senses and 'hasten to the assistance
with the intention' of returning through a of ftbeir commander, the flogged American
wall of death more penlbiistban that which had borne him to the gang-way, and then
shut in the children of Israel upon the Red I clutching. him by the throat with one hand.
Sea, w and firmly embracing him with the other.
But no! the wall bad rolled in upon us, j despite his struggles, he leaped with bim
and we were left no alternative but to con4 1 into tbe turbid waters of the Demarara !
tinue as we bad begun. - Thev parted to receive the tyrant and his
-The undaunted Pole riot ed'in the excess I victim th enclosed over them, and thei
of'hisiov! 1 remember well how he pass-1 were "never afterwards Seen. Both had
ed me, covered with sweat and dust, riding parsed to their last acconnt
Unanointed, unanoealed, .
With all their imperfections opon their heads.
ibsotutely upon the very points of! their
bsyonets. But at last they pressed! upon
him, and horsemen after horsemen fell from
.ii jji i I ! ' , , i i
lueirsBauee, wneawe were aii iainianu u j THOUGHTS FOR MECHANICS.
ICCUI6 BUU CtCU ArCfilOBlU was. ugutiog OU f r t "it.. r.. r.r .k .
.. . . - .,. - If fllH Hon HMnblin- wai hnA nf Ih K-icdct
foot:Over faisbeautul hoj8e, with Arthur ;6hwde8tand greatest mechanics of his day.
baltling over his bead, we heard the cry of m . pi Richard'' will make aoy tHwr man
"Succor! Succor!"! Immediately we felt TiCQ, What, in he secret of hissuccess? many
the enemy give way heaving this Wayjand a n)echanic may afek. Ah! this is the thing,
that and finally concentrating beyond lis. ! .When we find out his secret, we can all be
'Oaccniore! once mote! cried Pulas- Franklins, aod we can. all be rich,
ki. nd aua hp wont hrpaVinrrn nnnn We have often studied the character of this
" J) mm mmm mm J mr mm my WBWWBBM A W f v mm
them as they were forming and trampling
down whole platoons, in the charge, before
could plant b)S bayonet or brings his
great man, -from thellmehe was sticking types
freemen, we welcome HEN It Y CLAY.
ibe veteran statesman thus replied ;
tfj. Recorder and Fellow-Citizens.
' ' - -
The journey, which hns brought me in .''
midst of you, was undertaken to afford t:.e
opportunity vrhich 1 had long desired, Lut c
ver before enjoyed, of vieing some U i
Jakes, the country bordering upon the:::, i
wonderful cataract in "your heighborhu"i, ;
tbe Canadas 1 bad no wish, duiing its , :
mance, to attract, public? attention or to Lt ;
obj?t of any public demoristrations. I exjyy
indeed, to meet, snd J lake great
knowledgiog that I have evry whtre rati, ; .
iodividua! kindness, personal respect, and In
ly consideratKm. Bui, although it is cuy
to pass on qoiellyiw ithout display or yt i-t .-.
am penetrated wilh sehtimeuts vf gramuJe 1
the manifestation of attachment and ccniJi :
wilh which 1 am honored in this tieautiful t
of the lakes. I thank you, most cordially t!...
you. for tbem all.' y ;
. I am happy to learn lhat the public mea:.;
lo ,bich, ;n the national councils, I Lave t.
dated my humble support -here have curni:
deJ your approbation. The firt of thrsa m
and importance was the last war with (J;
Britain. Uoon its causes and oi on .its r. '
a man
in poston, to tbe time when he wandered thro' we may look back with entire satisfaction,
the streets of Philadelphia with a loaf of surveying this theatre of gallant clu, t
bread under , his arm, or sat with Kings and the lakes and opon iheir shores, 1 have f-i
gun j to .an aim ; our, aspect; as we tame Queenr in Paris, or bfooght down the lightning bosom swell with patriotic pride.Nor can c
thundering round them was sufficient the I frotn heaven by his kite.' Tbe ie;rei of bis oae fail to recollect the names of Brown,
u.Kir-h vpvv manv !so haVB t hilt I and Perrv and their biave Comrades, who
enemyfled, and we! brought off our com
paiuuus uuuuil. I
r.. ki Hon ITrtnLl na man nf imr Muinlrff. And It lfl fHOSl fTTZlWI M Ll :
rUlfU 9 lilfl Wlii ii w ii -j irn u iifi v imv i wb - J - , a "
. BotfSays one,"you say.iodustry and frugal bold the immense augioeoiaiioo vo io in -
:":.. ..mMn. aiilnu ailk mwhniii. VVkv 1 .it Urn mililPj ('ArHTlh S0d SeCUNt V fcinCl'
where carnage was so dreadful! and finnVsr! u- ... nn,..n ma.kni rih ? I'h rtimn 1 ut tar H'he satUfaetioo, which ia derire-J f
incessant as that wblrh followed the arrival i3, that there are many who wilt not think for witnessing the tranquility which, row pre
of Greene. But the enemv had so eflacin- themselves. In an affair of business, for exsm- on our bower would be compteie ii we were
a- . ii 'i m- - L 1 i
t a - a S- 1 fT la . t . 1 J - J.l.v-J Ia '
I ham' btttxri, m.n ib.lit-j msritr n thought ana acted wriiimseiit ne was no piy sosiainec tne nooor u . r
one 'that made ray! bair alter wards stand
when I dreamed of it but never; in' one
this 14th day of Xlecemberj R0,d me to his aid. 1 U was a iobl but
, ! A Pfzwdtos garae-f and Pulaski, jwlioseUwar
'iKCKNXT,' Com, of -Deeds. p$t8o literally thundered and lighted along
RHEUaiATISM. -with
Lunos "-cored
York. Mr Ben
tf ewark, N." J.
severe paios in a
increased on the' slightest
an ACeetion of the I rion? if hm , u..
amin a Jarvis, 13 Centre st.
afflicted for fbor years wiifi
ioer mo ireauaeBioj xjoctor ii LnD ., . - . . , y.
ICO Chatham street, Newi n6t countermanded.
i We SOOn fell 1 in ilfi drnrr. f!rn
xo was posting jail on fire, to give Knyp-
his joints, which were always nfusea battle, and the - next moment saw
lightest motion, the' toogne f Snllivaa in full march over a distant hill to-
ally secured Eis exposed points by ranks of V iosiesd of siiung down and making their farced io reeoi ecttnai tne vtoiayon ci cur v .
mn?nriiri itl own calculation, they trpst others to sit down and lorial jurisdiction in the caW cf the tit,...
Stl ! P i ba'Nlfaf calcuUte lor them. -ltead oremploying their remamsjo be sarisfaclorily atoned for
we could make no impression upon them, ai- . . mt , J,k " i,M norinir the cwressof that ia the
I ICUIO. UVII u .m. I iu- v-. -w -, iiivm. . v j ' w ' m I .
though we rode upon therb again prod again,'
discharging our pistols in their laces
i The other day a 'geotleman ssked oae of hts-f n
farmers what was his age? lm soft eertain, i 6
rephed he. I am either 58 ore.Tj fiVbatr
was tbe response, fnotj know yoor own age V
' No, sir, replied the farmer,! coont my mooey,
by income, and my cattle bet of my yaral
keep no reckoning, because I am well convinced
shall lose none of them, andtLat no body! will
hiw the world is Poi dp-, they sit down aid listen of the Revolution, cut off from tbe oscal s - r
toothers, and take their say-so lhat this b right of Eoropean fabrics, oor armies and oar f ;
and that is wrong.! ff ! ' tioo generally were subjected to cxtrece jr.
The great obstacle in the way of the advance- lions and aofierings. It appeared to ce, t;
ment ot the poor.andof tbe working men of ibis its Lamination, thai the wisdom tf govern,
country is, thai jhey dr not alwaya think for. was called opon to guard agaioit ihe recur:
themselves, and thac ibey too often sufler oth- of the evil, and to place the secorny z J j
ers to think for them. Bat let tbem remember periiyof tbe eoontry opon a sure bssia .
that the very moment they cease to belong to I concurred, most nearuiy, in me poi4c
hom -thev I tectinff American maoufactores, far a I.
l.VW9 J M.WS ; w mmmm ,. . 7 , . . . . .
. ... 1 ... . ; ... , . 1 dm rint turefrn comneuucn. if
UID CHtllUIBU IUUI lillU.lui vwn.-. I - - : .
IFororhat elie do! we possess eyes and eara I diversity ot opinion may m.""'-
bit tosee'sDd hear for ourselves? If yretrest propriety of teat policy crigiaanyi i mm
ZQ9B0 mem . -. - .i i ;
! -y V iy- .- . I IT- - ;! " ;
il 2
y -
I I ;
' . y , - - 1 - ij j 1 I , - - . -.- ...
t I : , I !:'" j I. " . ji. ' ji f f- ' j' -
ill ' i I ! '.-! I: !; JI - S :r . . iy 7 :,. - .i,.; y"'im
1 . V - . . I
uI4j'" - . 1 -yi jfc.?- it -.:. .-1 i 1-. y ' ' -.: yk .. ' . .- ..! : - -: .

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