North Carolina Newspapers

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nfihd lulr.anl all arrearages are
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at 'ner feqnare ror tne njsi insertion
iTirWitwiCenis pcr ieqaare ftjr each in
charged per cent.
er than -libove rates A- decoction .ot I pREMARKABLE CASE OFACUTE
tr fcvfrffitfcreQ ar prices will be made PoijcTAiATISMiNiih an Affection of the
.e i&auasveuiseoy ;iw.f.ewi'.,r' fi(jncf8--cored under the treatment of Doctor
attferwlftideriwi I ;fte jnsema ror ss! Vm? EVANSNlOO Chatham sireet, New
jtj inn i rrcai inn nufAin iha
ilfelrel(J'reeride upon the flight "able difficulty 4 breathing with
sf &MmimbH L'kiH'i' .specially.
aitiq jf! to i' late jbonr in the ni
ti fotcl leafier bo -hatf..(br
iUrt at i?iilir Ceitla rwr year.
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aMaftrgiW9i the Mine rlaw feairi
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It bMlfls;-the:6arn terms shall continue,
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V.j iffcss a ffeailcrtsn if tfco peni
hot H oUier?. Yet U-wn indr'rd f o. f
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1 She is now qui; relieved, ad . finds herfi
not onlj capablofl aueodin tO'her'donfcsf
atrsyltat avd8 tbajt she enjoys as heahlj
at present ate iijd at any peti? bet eiis-
J. Kty' hasbaod off the
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183G. '
aforesi) Anne
this I4ib day . of December,
ircxifEV, ' Com.' of Deeds.
dran-fseron8;w;U beconiip Newark, N. J.,kfflicted for foor years with
teeeind m ?1 ifT' T Uetere pains in all
min S Jams, 13 Centre st.
. r i
pains in all tiis joints, wnicn were always
increased on the slightest motion, ih tongue
preserrea a sieacw wnueness ; loss oi ppeinet.
dizziness in Bis head, the bowel ctimmonly te7
ly coalite, the nrine high colooied, amiv oiten
proiase sweaung jpnanenoi-a, py.-reuei. e -bore
8Troptoms were also attended with euosid-
a sen&e, oi
'drartU'U'ta'n'n imagined, tightness across ihejjMest, likewise a great want
mbtoms were entirely removed,
-fe tf H !;feHsT !hi9 di8ea of doe energy in
of-that cav-
jLeptoeguh filime riypoc!
.e CQipmon cuxporoai ujiupiwius are uaiuieo-
bietstpa r;r bo'els jscrid j eructations,
Wi'N'P!1'' gidd iness,- dimness
adria which I d a perfect care effected by Dr Vvm Erans,
City of Jk'eto York, n. V
Benjamin 8 Jaris j being daly sworn, dotb de4
dusa and psv. ihat the facts stated in the ai
boTe certificatoj, sobscrihed by h?m, are in air
resnects true. I f HEN J. S. JARVIS.
alrtirltiglla land ofteri an uiter inability I Sworo beibre mei this 25th of Nerobfr, I83G.
7;p')n n;bn'!ri j; 'ttbect .of jm- . WILLIAM SAUL, Notary Bablic, 96 nas-
r.Ai.tiri iritttsrtniti in- unvl tliintr that dn. I
nc(.vi; vMsit' ii r a " , - :i eau cure.
fcS'jrfl O XS Im Jm A 21 E OlJ 0 .
vlur util courage.! .Atso knffuidness 1 .Snltlh ihi following A ertnts.
ift?1 W tMughtlol, despond- YofchR QE W BR01VJYs Slnburv. Jf. C.
aflaiigfbr-W6fo4. ay.atem.j Jt. jvD$OJN'; Comrfek;S C
E.JOHN HUGQhYS, Cblfabia, SC.
tpand beof In en ire asi open to this afnic
:.ine'vWsagS:f5.T-..-,Mi. W
amvirei or ex-'
a m$Ol!ii.0 fiauu, CAtess u eaung
FWitVjiairres! '-Hie unnression of some ha
aMchar CMjbe! obstruction of the men-
rhjn!c&riUaal eruption j reiaxatiqn . oi;
: .U pr.J lt.-
iilf r 4 n t ca use .
.fe pnnint i4ije-is-0t ireaiment are, to rej
! . .Xi-.; S. "f-r l iLi7 i.-.. -.-...i
fr. fit. JlMSOJy. &t Co.Ra&igh,JV. c.(
Jay 10. 1839-It4!
it ' -. I i
TA Oils. Snaffel Tubacf.t Spanish Ciggrs,
Candles, Rice, Swr.chi Soaj, Perfumes, iJrubh
es. Instruments, jpast Baaii4 Fine Letter and
Wrapping Pafr(uill3. luK Drawing Paper
and Paints, Madeiri. Teneiff, Malaga, Port,
Sherry, CLampaign, Muscat And Claret Wmes,
L. D...k ttinAv Clin. Mimnn.
vrinKtHftJ.l which may .be... promoH iMkh.lm-and cid U kiske. Jfaalca and -N. EL
iCiiaei ei0iliuur regular 'neals, and 1 fam Loaf 0glf I .Vhm4. . -Sand-Piper,
grrhe'eUn costive)
in C
iraefolJ5yirtig,iit8iea OJ me i. occasional us
ili periefliti Vb;: fenbW, I nothings better
t.lflm tirts-end. than Dr. William
jiiiilaSwng roildj and ceriath
iHbrictatlartf 11 he ooweis oeing once
ei,ii is 'SsIh able
!Ui 'i ' . 'll Py Miss August CojjiA ;
( Yon will sorely be an old maid, Agnes,
indeed I Rave not the least doubt of it 'In
a few years I shall see ydu as stiff and prtm
as -pour old aunt Sally Was. Do you Jife--oiCmbei
1ow we all laughed when wis iff re
children, t her precise ways I and how a
rumplejd tfap or torn glove, would put herjio
fidgets for a day ? For my part I would la
ther martyr an cgly mani which you kntjiw
is my abhorrence, than be: an old maid.':;
1 cannot echo yoorlsentiment Ellj4n,
for to tell you the truth I ido not think thee
is any thing so frightful in a single life and
if I can but do half the good that dear aunt
Saily diijI shall be quite content witM' tfii
deatmy yu hate provided for me, and if it
should so' happen, 1 hope you will not find
me more- precise in alter years than I atn!at
present ; hough I fear I ! already potfses
more tliiryou'r liberal taste deems oec.
aary.,,!-;4- . - ' ";, ;" -I J iili
.That jl grant, my maiden coz, and moire
courage too ; and yet I forget you are
younger ihan myself. But, Agner, you
nave really seemed very thoughtful lately
but I have sometimes seen a shade pass
ver yourj browand then a sigh would be
audible; iand I have thought yes, t baye
actually thought you were in.iove : indeed,
goes, you must tell me all about ityou
etd not ;attempt to deny it, for I feel as-
ured yoiij must have spate set-ret attach-
tnent, or you could not have refused Ed-
wara oianton - ,- ' r: .-' -
j Deep weie the blushes that 6vertpred
the chet-kf of Agnes Danford at this accusa
tion of idlen, and little did thai lovejyi gjrl
hnow tliefpain it caused her gentle couajri ;
neither bad she any idea of it being true In
lief own mind ; her object was merely 10
tease heriabom Edward, whom she thought
Agnes treated with too much inditTeree
and it was her refusing the offer of a Cf n-
tlerran, possessing, as Ellen said, ''eyei"y
lautyi sne cquiq -possibly oesire, trat
txiught dn" the;rconver?ation fhat cortroeii
sds this chanter; . Had Ellen paid any nar-j
titular attention to the subjects who fortned
(h class ishe so much dslikedysheiWptii
hare fotind that indifference to the gent4-
r.en. tvnS nnt a ion nl m'liilpnhrintAntiMh
Glass Ware and Bottles, lnon and finger rA7.t!r": V.V'ym
Syrup. Lime Joie!. I'amaifls. ; JugvJDorks, K!" - ?y M,'Wra itnnta arwtlMan. Piffll . Iron and ComD.lpd single lives have been noted in Uieir
& warn " i - T -I -r r VI 11 ' A" .! . j - LI ,1' i-i-i
Mortars and Pestles, Cat?f Wick, Blacking( fopt-ti toil their many male acqiaintaneeJ4v
Lee's. Uean's, tirott's, Arierson s, nuoper t I r ,i ne cpssins naa oeen muffl- separatee
iprcoti butit sr)Oia noi oe tesoneu w ; j di;ii
1 t 'en. .- t . .. uiiu licausi
mtaoy tpcalit wilf greatly aggravate the fjy0 ahda lhunnd other iiicles, jusreceived
oi$. MM 5 f v --i and for sale cftedhUat thAIthM?ary gn. ty
C.plit G h WHtailLER.
Sa sbiirv. AuJ29,.Difti4
blivi . rrvtfari!lVf wt : '' SAhn Ik ill . afflicted
IT7-Ti. AV'V t Y v f
tljeibaVV? idHstresstrig malady.,; Symptoms:
HaVlahiistaJIncy, disturbed rest, ner
Br i . ; . M . . .' r
Li. T.i:?7Ti.liw KruallitniT llcrhlrlPCa
'rictjjrecrut inei ibteaai.oizzjnesss, oer- ci7nernm
' ' . .f".- ' ... '....I t .m. Iia. TIB inHi CJUDQVlHi'
1 ' n .. -.t 1 -
iV5?Sa2r SSS WiBrwtthi fcd Phelps' TXlS tU al 4lfte,enl sclMn.!.; .b,n 4eii
?eiPFr l'Tirrr,v' ". --rj lloocre and a m's rana. Moore ano.i"- .Uk VMPk ,ho hai:.hp tilit
femdyi-!Jind- witn-ottt ;.a spuw . navei denVCoagh iMns, Sdff Boxes, Sices. TV '7 ."5 " ' : p 7;fH
greSltertgip the ntUrous pub Mixtor'e.iack heP ,m CW!J j? M
ba e tecomraenoea ,t tree ,mo0 Board. MBjChes. Is n of Columbia for aJ"- ."en 8 """"Ppo
lof Onitrf. Swatm'sVerroi- ea in no? nnoing Agnes more JiRe herseHi
n .htMlionithMut iheiwnjsatiob m A : "it1"
J i :K-ai$A' vL:i.T-:.--.:-. r .i,- t.., I In atiieDQius wattl i J
fSrrnr rlairft fcostiveneas.Hpain f the stom-
-rs s iP s t j-
l!jliniiiii wife; of Capt. Joseph
ion; of, Lnfe MaMwas;eveiely afflicted
vyvteUilrw-DMeTeTrx violent pain
i: lififli vd'JQmii i'nl'w i t'h a burning heal
MomliiTiitid ur.afilp t leave her room.
i ' f i ft'Wj.-oireiiti iron ine aavice i sev
Fil'fr ftprn medicinres of any kind,
ttetW;rt,Wa.ain' hr Evans1
flnf If !llfihan street, and fWrri tbat
StiR Vl"t3:fl -lit J J C J 1
i! i ioi if: i n? f s lotju ic
i ; -. I,-: I 7-?i
fw dts longer
..... j .- . . 1 J m
OfPU. . V.. n f-a hurl
. A- i r . Tirn. r al if J - nu
f WpfeHPne sjfc.iv.fc- callincr at Mrs
fI'MriStOTe. 3b9 Oiaod street.
ryin been satisfac-
than three years
recemion and accbm
be pleased to cal
HilVbility and deficiency of i8eocooragd
vaus ihhgy. Mr U- Monroe gave ap fTimsft ind
tuj!gta(coveiy. and dire despair .sat
Wu'.0in.4 of eery persoh interested in;
wstenee or happtyess. -tiil oy accioeni ne
iiU ifHiblMpaper soroe cures, effected hy
fiEABf Al E DIC IN E tn his com-
i wnicnnoucea mm .10 puiuuaso
f iMltilllhicV tesoiied in completely
mpffl.-pf- hisdUease- - He
f H WtftfwM?-) tor tnis ot'Ciaraiion 1 1,
iosf jaf jt wtbLibe:8rne ufainy.ayniri
ku(irYa"fi M'fivfkbmvfwrk:ich --he ia happily
in aiieuaiug um
i o a b in f fy Tin TTSSK.
trirj An the St
from my House,
exertions spared
Passengers. i;
Cjf My reen
oin street, line
1 1
p but noaodv could be bore dissimilar, as
Ellen patjieucally observed; and she spoke
the truthf for Agnes possessed far rnre; ife4
cfirablei qlialittes than she did ; and whVri
she saw her gifted 'With, all thoseiiaHtieS
wincn citaracterise an iiitejieeiuci minc,pu
which gives an idea of singularity 'to fy
inas of mankind, andr wihen slve siw tJel
take no apparent interest in the Tariouis plea4
sureS of the world, whirh so delighted Mt-i
sjejf, and hat her though ts'nd afieiptirjs
seemed laised to far higher, and loftilrj
things ihe felt in her heart she did not;
understand her for Elicit was a gfavi lively
gin, living in toe sunshine oi iiie. -and earn
tng nought for the future ; her chief ambi
tion bein'g, tu have the handsomest pafleii
E. SMITH. at i the bUs. or create a sensation in
arrirA ni i and deoart I minds of her fashionable friends by the, ele
2 . - - ,- - -f v i - - j r ' ! - - - V . (- 1
eats are secured, and no gance oij ner attire. j IS
general 6aifaciioo to 1 Withrjut possessing the regular fea
r : toveiy complexion oi ner cousin
I i l r i I . Hi
lt) Sf tbe public, that her
and Suhlartlell jfarnwhed for the
lion of those who may
And if so, who could the petsbo be ? And
she ruo oyer in her own mind every mala
arqiaintance she knew 4gnes to possess,
but none of them seemsd likely to be the
subject. " -' -j ,,V ; , i '-. j
. - Well, well, she at length said to her
self, I will watch , her most 'closely,4 tnd
teaie her in the birgainnd if I do not at
length find out one, it wool bo for want of
perse verence. ..;r- . .' ' ; :
Poor Ellen, it any thing could1 ekcite her
curiosity from herself, it ws a love secret ;
'and long might she have continued to tease
poor Agnes, w bo in vain told her she had
no affair of the kind, but frhat she already
knew, had not an unforeseen occurrence ta
ken place, which entirely drew, Ler thougbls
rom Agnes to ner own aua.irs.
The fathers of the cousins are brothers
a n& connected together in a large commer
cial business. 1 h rough the failures of sev
eral: bouses largely indebted to them, their
affairs became critical , and when news
came of the insolvency .oil a foreign house
whom they were tn some measure con
nected, their own could ncj longer bear, the
shock, and of course followed. Every
hing they possessed was freely given up to
heir creditors, who expressed ! the ibisnesT
satisfaction at their honorable cendact, and
when at length their affairs was setllebYon-
ly a small annuity remained of all the com
petency they bad but a few months before
possessed : and when they again commenc
ed business a was upon a Jar more humble
scale than formerly. f au TV
, Instead of the elesaht mansions the cous-
ins heretofore inhabited, they found them
selves in houses large enough, to' be sure,
to allow tbcm cne parlor, yet that would.
not have been thought good enough for an
yper bed-room m their late mansionsjjand
now" it was that the characier of each be-
came apparent. . I '
The mother of Agnes was rather sickly;
and !tbe changes in her circumstances did
hoi jadd mdeh to her comfort. On the con-
irary, wnen sne muna nefseiiireou.cec-of
low; as not to be able to burthose luxuries,
which from constant use had become neces
sary tocher, she became Quite fretful, and of
course did not' give much; pleasure to h?r
family., She bad.three cmldren besides Ag-
nes wno were still very young. , t ney jaa
never been of much trouble to her, as she
iiouiai p ii.uj vuuoioiiiti s ovuvui av vr
t he principle care of themj would devolve
on Agnes, as their father wis no-longer able
t(D pay the high salary their instruction
demanded. On her also I would i devolve
fpanylcf the household duties ;;and she
who had been bred in suchttendernessjnev-
ler having been retauired to do the smallest
thtng fcr herself, suddenly j found the chief
care ot tf iamtly woud depend Cn cer ex
ertions ' : :1; d-
It was trtie that AgnesitK all the ac-
romptishments that ate generally given to
the children bf the rich, had never been
taught any thing about domestic economy:
therefore great was the surprise and delight
of her parents, to see hovv readily she. ap
plied herself to their alteredsttualion. Nev
er before had they rightly -understood the
high character of their daughter ; for in the
height of thrii prosperity she had shrunk
from the gz of the wotld with that rJiffi
dence which so often accompanies a gifted
mind ; and though pcis3essed of all that
tanx and wealth -ould give, y t their, ad
vantages lud nt the same Effect upon her,
as upon h-r more volatile cousin. And
from ike daily worldly pleasures that sur
rounded her, I
on the corner f,Gillea
a i - - ; a j i. ' ft. ..'
ot itieriy occupied oy wrs.
Bargei eonveriejit; ule Market and near the
State Bank. j i : . ' ,
FavetlevileAurP. 183?-34
4. 5 aaVJb
1 and for sde,
. a
ct)rinffs. witn
10 ?bs. Majiaaetrons,
4 Hbds. BJff
SO Sacks
20 Hkds."!
SO Bae Coffl
: 75 Kk Wli4ladi
' 85'Kmi Naii
,12 BUcksmitWpH'8.
$3IISUeiK;l- Keonv ' No n
f1 &!-it ? Vjnt'h nnt! lhust n w$.,
rrZHyM$, H "h vU f wiio inj : a
r. - i rr'Fws f ruciatui.. -nana i
f t ht'l tlio1rtim-iiiid dimnes-ot sight.coad
i : 'i a i v YViPF:f-SH .Mtt,.iisiuroeu irs unci
" i "fllelvto j .thing that deinan
, ?: vf -f P'-3?? M,'"it9 a visionary joea
"' ;? Wftl r -Hase; a Hhimatcal iavff
: I ''-f rg'ns and places, grotindiUs
Salisbury, Aug
1 V ; JL
do I
i .
. & Y:. MURPHV.
3, 18SD tf4
the aarMf rc
ilmmfri. Weariness .Jf life, disconttn- Gf Js at wMiWf V oew Brick Hus,
ilteMiw flight locasioo, the
"M nnuf train nor live; sne wtpi.
an thought she led
1 .. ..
itMnnn an had. with
'?it aisoill" feallQt.ini;-- '
r KeMrlHfil'i the adi.. eI...t M;nant
. , t .p t-.4. 7. v ui iri at vunuv
aadinad recoup to numerous medi-
1 Cyuld OOl obtain even ipmnnrarV all
!'i!8taltitl her husband
"vw Bfi 10 maicp irtai 01 tn r.r r r,t
himsttftn Salisbury J
Y vfrs hia services j in
ihe of Hirta in.:-v.
eountry. He Mifoui fits experience ,u.
t il. a .rLI. nvr.fdCL Intt
tniiring attentWtlieoJMes u. . p.w.....
. u -ki- t rlnl General satisfaction. i IS
an kril
h.Vnav he f.iun! ail , umes ;,"r
I : I '
onirofessionalpH 1 i,
ingust 23, Llf- i4
; Uda lit) I Smotih Tofcoj ought Uxon such a sobject
- Y f 1 r F. K. ROUECHE. len was ?pux2!ed to undem
17 A
out:d show to far; more advantage in com
pany ; w hen her lively sailies would hiss
for wit, nd her judicious taste in drf sprri
wouiaiseton to me greatest au vantage wnat
hersonali beaut she possessed ; henre 11
enyy ohher part had as yet been exciv
ed towatil the superior Qualities of hei
J . Ills-. i ,1 : ii .. i
ton?in-;; she certainly could not! envy
what jshe did nor nd rtand and the
retired . Ihahits of Ames eetdom placer
her inljcpntart with Ellen, who could fill
hAe biriwkefl a rial in the gay circle she
so!tnuchdelighted in ; slie therefore made
no! hesiUiion in in a k nig . a friend of Agnes
and niai?3 he r the . crtfi :ent of :alt laC-1
tie senltienl3l siTir; and never did it .for
a jnornit sttike h r thai ihe confidence
was nptlnutual; to be sure he wctild some
times wonder why Agnes secrets of
her on; but then she was to strange 10
every thing ; never went to a hall or theatre,
oi any pi ace whete pleasure was to be had,
arid sol Retired too,; she
0 latntcfff wii.i nore than
men. ah J
ihs tflshb herself didt not inform net of
that wrightf matter: . Therefore who could
etpect Aches in have ariy thin worth con
cealing f i No one, certainly, who bnew ,her
well t! ii UWitii and io believed 'tllen.
and she wis Hi!e satisfied tf speak only of
nerfeil inen incy occasipnauy cacij grcai
then wal her iarpffseiuh Ler half j-.krng,
half stfriua ScusatbS iciua'llv made: Air
ars hlusfc ; Aghes fob; ii(h had borne1 all
raillery about the gentleman she was: so
arrxious for. her io accept; without Jn; Jhe
least m evincing more confusion than she
ecL Here then; El
oderstand it.. She most
cciuinly be right, or why did Agnes bluib?
"jTurnid hsr high heart awayf she had a mind
Deep and immortal, and it wnpld not feed
Qn pageantry, She thirsted tor a epring
Of a serener element, sod draok
Hilosophy; and for a little while
Jhe was al.ay'd till, presently, it turned
Bitter within her.ind her spirit grew
Fa'mi for undying waters. j.
Then she come
was not ettn ac
a dozen centle-
'ould never know the latest fish-
loom would give her ; but all her words
seemed thrown a wy on Ellen, wbo, w hite
she possessed the means, continued in one
round of fasnionable dissipation.. Br the
sodden failure of her -latherv however,
jl check - tafas put upon het career; and
great was her chagrin when she found her
self living in a j house where formerly ?the
oiild have disdained to have visited an ac
tjuaitance r I was id vain that ber moth
er represented how many comforts they
might yet enjoy, if Ellen would but be con
tented, and aid her in making the best cf
what they possessed. - ; -I
Xou can adorn" ltrwttb flowers in the
iummer time, said her mother to her when
Ihe was peevishly finding fault with the
humble furnilure of the parlor; Hhen you
slill have the piano that stood in your bed
room ; to be sure it js not so grand as your
parlor one was,yet it will help us to pass
the eveniRgjpleasantly during he winter.'
I Biit who! will ever think of coming near
ins in thia otjt of the way place,'; answered
Ellen, and indeed should die of shame if
tbey rshould, with nobpdy to open the door
tor them but Hannah.' ...
Udo nbiUhiok it likelv that anv of our
fashionable acquaintances will take the
trouble to visit us ; and indeed we cannot
wiih they should,, tbe conuast of their
handsome Carriages to our small house
would be more painful than the want of a
footman. tTour chief dependence fcr com-
panyf must be upon your own resources, and
though Agnes is not as near us as Idrmerly,
yet you ra nf occasion ally pass a week with
her. 1 4 o be sure we roust not expect
her to visit us often, as she has so man du
ties to attenp to ; indeed, l:wish yon would
take a lesson from her; she has shown what
a daughter should be, for though her situa
tion pa far rijore trying than yours, yet her
mother assures me, she nas never beard a
murmur from her Hps ; on the contrary .her
cheerfulness seems to throwa light onv the
darkest and moat trying scenes they have
ever to endure.'
I Well, mbtberryori seem to admire her
greatly all a once, you did not formerly
praise ber to, when she refused to attend
some bf our parties; and I once beard you
say, sne was a singular oemg wuom no one
could understand.' !
j ljgard it in ignorance of her real disposi
tion, Ellen, but I now know her better, and
a moreove)y character I have never been
orqaainted with ; and do but follow her ex
iexample, Ejleni and light our ! humble
dwelling with smiles, and 1 think! we may
enjoy some degree of happiness.'. :
5! Ellen's mother bad a strong mind, which en-
ableq her to bear ner altered circumstances with
Jfortitu'isi she enured largely into the glittering
scenes of fashionable life but had never been
entirely drawn away by their intoxication from
her duty asja wife, and though it gave hej
great mortification to find berself so reducedi
yet the badno wish to spoil the remaining
beauly she possessed by useless irritation, which
she had seen;have the worst effect upon that of
l tit 1 11. :
ovners ana vnereiore sne aid an in ner power
to make her new , residence pleasant Not so
Ellen her bligHted prospects were her constant
theme ; be fashionable friends that always pro
fessed such affection for her when her lather was
thooht to be rich, had never taken the trouble
tocallapo her in her new abode. Tben ihe
elegant George Saucidejrs; the fashionable bean,
who was evet her partner at the balls, even he
had never been near" Ifer, and this was really
inorlllying to her Tnot thaLsbe felt any atiach
ment toward him, oh no, but then his attentions
m ere ever 60 gratify ing 10 hei vanity, and be-
nideit was a goit of triumph over her fashiona
ble acfiuairiiartnes to have the handsomest beau
-for they al admired him greatly ; not that he
fMjsetsed any' great qualities, but then he dress
jlsrfof'graeefajlyj ,no danced oh how divjne
ly. Such ihe person whose neglect gare
tllen so much pain.
W hen ESIo predicted that Agnes wnnld be
an old maid, $h little (hottgbt it would be her
on destiny. c; Then; she spoke with all confi
dence, of youth, beauty and wealth we have
Shown the latter farted heTJUhe former wassiil
her'!, and had abe but taken her mother's ad
vice, she might have enjoyed tht aj soihe time
longer ; but habitual discontent will pHtil the
fairest face, and EWea indulged her rppir.ings
until they became a seltlen babu ; ai;d nf courae
she began to took much older than -abe really
Was and when at length her father's business
took a favorable torn, and be found himself once
more cruwng rich, Ellen could again ent?r that
"""m pv.'i-tj. te tct lai-T; f t
thing GeedM,n ar.d ihi to A;. w - c?
thiag. Wiib the cuntutebcy her L:-h t
"Ciefl i5?Te kia 1 Cil bqtfirar':- :
aoAKee besred wish all its ardor cf a !
r ttJCtfaw whether lime m,t eot alter If r
liCtaation, she wuh all the "del-icasy b e ;
ft told him f tbs prisctrleji hlch c
ded ber C3ndutt,ai4 not lit! he adfi l I .
miRty of a chiisuio to bisexcvilsnt n.-l 1
lacter.coold shea his wife. '
Had the given th:s explanation is-'V.rr t
ivgs. she would have been bat tidies! J, n c
very wisely let them eonjctore lrr rtavu.s :
not formiog sj very exrelfer.t an, li lt
must not be suppled that this firm zi r.
ence to ner doty gave her 00 pin ; ths, r.c
fir such is tbe po er cf our pallor;?, lLat
caoaot subdue them at will ; and Arus ! !
racch 10 i struggle within her own heart ere i
couhJ forget Edward i but ats 'walked ia
ttrerigth not her own, and with a u;i rtl.;r
on Him wbo bad called her to the sacrifice! '
in time g ained her composure, and nfter CU il. :
for an instant rejret htt determlnaiiofi.
- Iuw tery subtle is the human hrart; -T,;:
Agnes little thought wVde he wis cocj-ratela.
ting herselt on overcociia her affVtiiJn, s'
had but engraven it deeper on ber heart, ntrr:
it Btill rernaioed, and wanted but Ihs appcjirir
of its object, to again start op with evrn c.z:o
than its former viotenee j yet su it mus, and it
was well for her that Edward bad, so. n f;r r I -refu3al,gooe
to a distant country, where ha in
tended to spend at least three year. It u:
daring hts journey be :. visited a yourtj tier
u wbom hvhad been jnach attached at collie,
HeTpind him in the last stag 0f ccrisunrtitri.
Andit jwas during this visit he had an ci.
porinnity of witnessing the .wr of reliun i 1
sustaining its belrever al the approach if deai!a ;
and o deeply did the conviction of itstfn ;
press upon his mind, that lur' gate his.dyir'
friaivd a solemn promise he would embrace it.
-He kept his promise, and in the fullest sens:
cf Ihe word became a believing Christian, tu
rtn nntil JIJ I j .. .. . .. . .
"tu utu hb oo justice 10 Mb oeautilial
consisteney or Agnes's character, and he tin t
mtneo to hasten back and secure for hiiUsrlf s.
helpmate,4' whose lovely qualities w ould '.Mimrn
throojjh Ihe short sace of time, but prepare her
iui gionos eierniiy. .. . . ,
Agnes in the meaatlme knew nolfciner f !
this. - She was still perormrng;7wiihj cheerful
ness the daties that devolved on her. and btonr.
ing, in all the beauty that youth and ewcl 'c
coutagive. .When Edwarttreturntd to his ivt-
tivectty,jafier anabsence of eighin roontls,
be lot nu time in looking for the' residence c t
Agnes, His. surprise at tbe change hi her fa
ther's circumstances was fireat. but- ft did n..:
deter him an- instant from v8afn pressing his
suit rand after receiving anaevount cf all tfr.t
naa oeiaiien neraaiiog nis absence, Irocj Ler
moiher, f eagerly inquired where Agnes, was.
She was in the garden at the time of his,
and knew nothing of his arrival in the city
-,.. j. . .. - . . .. . - . .
v oai, inenj were ner reelings, wnen turning -fo
look for a siring to tie np a geranium, she wiv
tne totmot L.dWard fctanion before her. and frit
herself caught in bis armsfor betw een joy and
surprise she had nearly fallen and when, after
exhausting every argument that lote could de
vise, to shake her former determination, he told
her of bis own chao2ed principles whv. I
leave her joy to be ira?ined( for surely word
am all too feeble to expres her feelicgs,
it was not until arier her father s bnsinrs?
had taken a very favorable torn, ibatue Ucam'i
the -wife of Edward; for no argument ct-ulu
make her leave ber parents, no til she Jigain saw
them in pros-perous cuumstaneea Aa a wife,
her lovely conduct still shone pre-emitent ) and
while Ellen wasstill indulging io her .reptnings'
at th ways of Provide.nco, Agnes was raising a
lovely family , whose early t Uays gave prooiic
yo tbe pure fount of Clod and is a thirst
Ao more." r ,
! i ; . . . J - 1 ' ' ' :
Such was Asnes; a caracterseldom met
witn in nign uie, yet when found, how glo
riously beautiful does it appear to the minds j circle she hfd so much pined for but where
of possessing the beautiful virtues 0
her mother.
r.ii 1 .5 . 4
01 nose ano cn appreciate it. It Is in
deed a mistaken idea taai religion is only
for the cottage, '.for nothing can add so
much dignity to rank as religion does ; it
gives it an luffuencc over the mtcds of the
many, which without it, it nevrr could have
possessed ; and it but iaipioves the enjoy
ment of prosperity, as its vry teitrainfs are
us'pi ann necessary to Ibe health and
happiness, as well as to the character of its
professors. To woman it seems but a ua
ituai teffigegitf n in mercyj to aid her thro
the many changes and vicissitudes life teems
with Possessed. f rejigiqn, she can stand
undaunted in the midst pf adversity; or
what is more trying, she ctri pass through
the dangers snd temptations of prosperity,
still loyal in her faith, wiife all around her
peemed to live but for tbft world and its van-
: 'J'hus the exalted sifuation of Agnes gtvs
hei! many trials, which in a more humble
Situation she would not bale experienced
and when Ellen would ridicule her precise
navs, as she called them, and entreat her tot
accompany ner to tne gay scenes wuicuhv
so much delight to berself ; Agnes would
taKB ino opportunity 10 an vise ner w-seca.
more usung pleasures man me ncstca oai
ilh snnrif Irarr hoantv nH livoiv tunlli lhi
f.. ..-.
made her thedeligbt of the ball ro .m? Ala?,
they had deplrted forever; and net even tje
f charmed cicle could bnog them back. Ile.r
conduct to), urin the adversity, had not pis$
H uh noticed ; and no geotleman could wish to
forman alliinee wiih one wbnhad shown so
ielflih a (piiit ; so she found herself vcy rriuch
netlc,vd by those w ho formerly were so" an en
ike to tier, and as time cassed over her she be
gan fo thinYit '.quite possible thai sven U wuold land 'on tie earth's surf4ce.Wl,,'
be an o!d ma.and son happened in a few years I to hundred jz---rF, ' '
U.ibe very character she had drawn
The hot torn or the sea seems to have inqnal;.
ties like the of the surface id the contintnl.
Were it dried op. It would present vallays and
plains ; It is covered almost throughout by an
iniinense quantity if lasiaceous animals, or tbnfo
which" huve shells, intermixed with sand atn!
grain. Th bottom of the Adriatic Sea is com
posed of a compact bed of shells, several hun
dred feet in thickm-as. A Celebrated diver, rm
ployed to descend into the Strait nf Mrs.-f nr,
saw there, with horror, enormous ptdy pi aitacl.
ed to ihe ro' ks, the arna of hich, burg sever
al feet long, were more than sufficient ...itran
gle a man: In many sea, the eye pprceiu 1
noihiog bat a brig-hl sandy, piain b-Hiim,extpn !
ing for several hundred miles without an inttf
estinohject. But in filters, particularly in the
Red Sea, it is very different the whole b'r
of this extensive bed of water is literally spes Ic
ing a forest of scbrrarine plantf and ccrata, fnrn
ed by insects firheir habitation,: sorr.etirres
branching out to a great extent. Hsic are'sern.
the madeprcs,spo!)ge!i, m(ses,eea muhrof rj,
and variuca other things, cohering e?ery butt. rn.
The bed of many parts of the sea near America
presents;S very diffrefii, ihoigb a very bead:
tnl appearance. This is coefd with ve0i-ia
bles. which make it lovk as green as a meadow,
and twneath are thousands of Ifirtle and ether
sea animals feeding'ihereon. -iTherJ are srzs
places of the sea where ho bottom has yet b?rv
found; siilf. it rsKnot-bottorn!ess. The moc-
lain of continents seem iocorrepd with wi.e:
are called the abysafa,f the sea. The hijhf
mountains do net riMkbve'25.C03 lWt';'&, al
lowing for the effects cf tbe element, stprc :
that tb sea is not hey end 36,000 feet in cVptL.
Lord 31ilgrave csed in ti e Kortb-m C-(?r i
very heavy sounding lead, and ga oat, a
with it; Cable tope to the leigth t-f 4,CbG f-t-1 ,
without find'ng the to-tttmi. But the greiict
depth. hi therio ston.ed visa by Captsio nxt3
fcv, who h the Greenland Sfas--cM)d fu r
boitcm with l,2rt$ fathoms,; or 7,200 feet of Ir.e.
AcPorJirg to Laplace, ita mean depth U s.h
two miles, whicb, ?upostng -the generally re
ceived es'iiniatett to be cortfet as to the frc
lion, the extent of the water hears ' t!
' a SI - a . . . 4e
pas pur teaa.ftt b'Ur rrmar disud
io exe"rc!e beautiful qualities, hieta 1 on
yieilbelldul ot her UtriUj. b bad the
hereof sngber mother folly re'd u,
;t !.. ihroiiTft her kind nurHnai while her la
Wiearee were eooswerably lLed by the
k .ifrm sheibesioweo on the children ; at.O lie
oncensaid he could not regret bis reduction, as it
Kad Ihbwo biro whai a lvvely daughter he had
L,.o run thrA was a reward in store for
Agnes whtcMshe little thouoht of. V '
I iV.n A anM refaaed the ofier of Edward wlenot from any want cf afTectioo
... h had oo9 (eh tbe most in-
cereattaehmentfothim tbaioman is capable.
f feeling ; indeed this was tbe secret accciion
that had pbxed ElleirwniBcb, tbovgb ahe ce-
ver woald na,ve otuevea ww rr
f j EDUCATION .. . : .
o The I American pa.f nt dS tn yuun -child
which he can trer rfPriT Jcrco
IIC lla ! J " ,
fnr a learned pr-fessroo. r - caenA. lw towhat h -t ton wl c k-c .
and f there should be nocbate in p..
wlhn education J 1
is na ianyer.a doctor. orra Vf
,hmg carfbe mcreorue or
ili commweahb to be to py a nu.
wWeb the drsHphne and if ,
eral edocitioo boweverrioo y exte. ; .
not hare,iheir wtai-StpVl-ideratkaa
and osefa Inetv. wh kb J t
and ftlt ia his daily tctcrcgcjs? cf b-
1- &
- f
i i . I i
t 1 1.
7;.n . - ' r. :
f " r ! 1 I . ;

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