North Carolina Newspapers

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plelsura they will giro hjra weight anl. worth,
tit member of society,! and be a never' failing
. scarce of honorable viiturocs and lasting enjoy(--
cent trader all arcumstanecs,and Ijs every-staf
i iron xf life." They will preserve bini from ihb
1 deletion of dangerous errors, and the 4md action
cl degrading and destructive , vices. Thef 'gara
'.bling table will nut be resorted to ;haaen;lbje
' alow and listless atenr of time, when the' library
offers a sorer and nore attentive source i lTner
. ? boille will not be applied to ear the languid ppir-
mo action anu aeugnvwneo me magta jci in
' poet is at hand to loose the imagination and poor
: its facinaling wonders on the soul. Such; gifts,
i each asaatrementa. will make their Dossiasor !a
true'friend, a more cherished companion k more
' interesting, beloved, and loving husband, a mots
'..:'. a 'a a
Taiaaoie ana respecieu parent.'
From an address to Mothers, prefixed toTru
made simple, by John Todd. pi t. "
It is not diGcult to be decided, are re this
II; but to be decided and firm while the
feelings and the voice are as soft asj this- lute,
is difacult. Your child has no judgment.
Hundred oi times every weeic, ana j many
times ever? day be most be deniedj and
have bis wishes and bis will submit to tours
When be is well, you must of necessity, be
constantly tbwirtinz his inclinations,! for
bidding ' him, or commanding him c and
when be is sick, you must force him- and
"stand further than ever aloof frbrnj indul
gence. Een when yoa fesl that he is op the
bed oi death yoti must control bim, gotern
him, command him, and see that he ooeys !
Tour own decision, energy, and nrmness,
must never waive for a moment in bisjpres
ence. While a mothers heart pleads for
indulgence, yon must have j resolution
which will plead you to do your duty, even
while the heatl bleeds and the ejes weep
That noble mother who held; her child
. while its leg was amputated, and did t with
a firmness that he dared not resist, and with
i.KJ.i.... aft 1 .
CHM " ' f "i f . T T I is s severe one.
did it for bis good who does not admire r
cidedly superior in durability
it j, cost, puce, strength, j elasticity
quire a . mucn less orsognt pi water. i3w
convinced is one builder of tbis, thai be has ! jTr-r
issued circulars challenging in sums from fhia was pron..
lUUf in lUUOi to builder oi. iron steamnoais i thai emweot fe
to 'produce one of the Isamaj engine power 1 New York pmif
net tonnage, to compete! in the above qual- I surdity is reudered
hi mhh a woodtn huilt steamer of eauaHccarrea since, toain
tonnage. I
joately nolT
iate the credit of atuceray .
"I ,!
ttfew-Sfccr. A near sect! It is said, has
telvt? Cbistj'an Israelite4, eing the fol
Iofcs.oToor man aimed' John V roe.
, ' -4-; r.; it iii autasiJa um wmi ; ar
or Tong, in the parish of Bristall, near ht prodeced in Wall street in its most.
Bradford, uroe pretenas inai in me year odioog, oppressive; onsaie, and irrespooiviB
1852 the Lord communicated spiritually form The evils of this country have commen-
l .U- i.ll......n.f ..,1 iMir.l nnii I ixrl with f ha rixf rhntiaft fit Ifttl tS&nK. KUU iiu
in in Li in 'iiiuuiiuiuuui auu . wsimiwuii i ww .
was the interest of; the
i.n sostainins ti extended
dowo exchanges. !Ao3 they w
to transmit foods from tjoston -
hair nr nt. ?l hot aii this time. .teQ this
business Uin"ejbaadtof jjobbers, brokfera.usarJ
era, and exchange dealers, corporate ana.
vidaal. Chat tttdrohzohM so mucn deprecaww
of which the urim and tburamim oo the
breast-plate of Aaron wete if pes. His dis-
1 . - ' . . . . . . !.
rmlM nretend that ne nasi ine power oi
r , L -I -1. llS ik.n.l,).
woiaing miracies rcauiug p" mujn b,
only be cored! byllita jreTestablishment. xoe
Seothern States are now paying fifteen per
cent, and in many instances more, by the de
preciation of their; local babk paper. And ma-
ny onne oanica inems?ie au-"""tu ,c
and of obtaining. by prayer literally wbawv-1 gitioutiv diaoniing ioSenker the field with bro
pr h thill ask. Some of bis oroseUtes in- tnd ahavers. I The remedy proposed by tbe
tend to proceed to Australia-1 John Vrjoe present Government i4 toitaxe care oi itseii by
himself intends to visit London shortly to a jSab-TsofyfodIeave commerce, credit.
ana we reopi w;pc i
l it it onqueslionable ihat the destruction of an
institution, created in 1316 by tbe RepobUcan
party, which Mr Madison and Mr Monroe were
at tbe head, has been effected by the co-operation
of an extenaive private interest existing in
all the Sutesjandeogtiged in State banks, with
a political party now endeavoring in turn to de-
atfor them. U ' IVi -i '
'rul r .it .a r?i ti,.tf kf. Whitc: so I I Prior to that, these institutions were restrain-
long a diatioi)ishedX)eiete?in Congiess from j bj necessary and aalutary operatiuna of a
long a uiaiiogoisneoeieg , national bankj Tbe present party in power owe
Florida, which we copy from the New York their ,xi8teDC to these State banks, and to the
Eveoing Star; will arrest public attention 1 he Tf t;ae(j currency? I produced by j their excessive
eoffrringa of tbe People, ariaing from the der- issues, and the inordinate speculation which re
anrsment of ibe currency, are beginning to ap salted from it The greatest evil of this State
f .. . rri.;.L. ... a.itiin. hank svatem is. that one community, without a
announce the day when the great millenium
Is to commence. LondonWaper,
" I!1 ; ? ''
It is a
(a tin rkttA I hat ihtt rkiiritr iinnw:
td has been ever since General Jackson
dmplained that Congress woqld not ask
hwl tot the scheme of. anationit bank, sof-
fertng fov want of a national currency u such
a cuirency a will ; be equally good at all
points of our vasil Tcountry, and just so far
bitter ihan cwTastf A better -adapted to
safer transit, more applicaVle to trade, and
capable to convertibility into ; coin si all
points! In the place of this curncy we
have State bank piper, of loca.1 credit nly,
and posUooiesoq lime,, which; for all pur
poses of interchange, ar4 daily depreciating.
People of one Stale are! losing confidence
irjj the; Currency of: another State, and, as a
matter of course; foreign capitalists are los
ing confidence in ftbe securities of all the
States! 1 I am Voting t believe that the
patty who rule l ine destinies of this coun
try, when tbey striick a fatal blow at the na
tional, currency by destroying, tbe only in
stitution which bad ability to preserve it.
bsd no idea of placing our industry, capt
til, and commerce at the mercy of a foreign
bank.! -! I' I
f The Bank of England is now the Bank
of the United Stales, sd far as it concerns
all the leading obiects of our trade and com
merce, and it is not to be counteracted by
individual combinations and Slate banks.
The capitalists off Great Britain, corporate
and incorporate; at the bead of which is tbe
Bank! of England! know perfectly well that
ao lone as our currency lis in a state ot de-
ijled. Th.. eti u ill .mi- i&rcodii.l with .ooihir hing clioe with us, and tbit coin will be, drn
more and more eotang
vadipg. I be long night ot delusion wiu be Her currency ; just as a man of industry with
succeeded by a day oi reason. Hut tne orueai
FRIDAY AUGtW 30, 183D.
The people, whose jealousies
1 f j i i snd naeinna trurA Tritnt hv dmmavmatm. Hps-
rL i.-l:..-J:-: Mililnoaa I r ' s T-j 'i T
i ueae iwu 4'.,.w, ra.iV ..m r rT troyed the main spi ing by mearia of which the
are seldom found in man. He is either too ' ,efTnu. i A,i fcJ .;nv. Ummn ,n
stern, or too lenitent. But tbe mo he, she cu"ency w, CSQ f, A1? hMsbsen in
can possess them both, and bate tbem:boib confusion. All wdl be dersqged until we are
na exercise at the same moment: 1 Bufsne cured of our propensuj to try Experiments.
musriave the aia oi ..oeaven. oue jmust i " ...
oat credit ;s Iss' Capable to thijve and prosper 0 obtain it; They knw we have already
Ik.n nn. k.wi.n knlh It nn MlllA had an in- 1 L .
tuau vuv u.iu Hv- s: " j i IflIVy AUIVI
ferior currency to . another Mate, tne iormer, in
i- ' .B 'i i:iL:U..i. a, -a? maw
intercourse with the Ialier, must oi course pay j. t.bA . .nrfther fleeuritiea.wi:i
roonaiv ior me uiuereoce. ouujo ui uui umw, fj .--t i . . Mi ,
. r .rit B,,frr mnm do us no good compared to the barm it will
when that credit is shaken than othera under! do them, and coin thus detained from nse
HirTirnt oirmmatanrpft : henca all the new and its proper position had better be back
Stales that reauired the emploTment of a more In the mines Whence it came, than to keep
extended credit to push their private and public us indebted for its cost,-if it s to be locked
Th Watchman 6fat &as been
t moved. It now tnaV ba found
war tht eentrt of Mr. T. L, Cowan's
brick building r ..''. -
The Election la over : and aa oat and outer1
Whig nraa beaten in this Di$t4t for vCongtess.
Mr. Fisher, tbe gentleuan elect, iu born and
raised among os.and has been, more or lesSt pab
lic man for twenty-five years always a leader in
politics heretofore; He is now claimed by Peter
and equally by Paul ; and it is not a little amu
sing, as we unfold our " Exchanges " to find the
various positions and namea which be holds in
the political enrollments as tbe respective parties
hold tie additional one. Van oat-rig hi good
eoonghjor us. Sub-Treasury ly inference.-
Real Calhoun Sub-treasury against Mr. Clay
and bis Bank For a Bank against a Bank
For tbe Sub-Treasury against the Sub-Trea-aury
Federal Whig Republiban Whig Van
Bur en Whij Wbigdoubtfal Whig indeed
Whig. The Globe trusts and belie vea he will
be a "Standard" in their ranks, and records
from Europe by every channel we can open I him as such now and then he is placed be
tween the .columns of names, like a paddle
wheel in thecentre of a Boat to ateer both sides
strait. However, "cauld winter is coming,
and Time ihat tries the leaf, will prove the man.
We, will wait with patiencel ' .
rge emount thus abstracted. Ten times
ihe amount thevl could spate, however, if
zrr:. : i ncv b which m usefui-
r-rr lands and mdus ry were yet uencienun acuve it - . $ .. - destroved. Our
understanding, and means to develop their resources pt future u .1 a,i,o-wSn(r' ni, mor. well Wealth, . if r4s .offerer, -h.r, HSHfi
geek it uVprarerJat the feci of the throne.
mA thfta ahn will find it. - Kt;l :H 1
IZ . J i- ! e . I ' L.I 1 L T. . . !! i . .. i ,
l could point you to a son Who cherishes experience, an enlightened understanding, and means to
I no luciuurv ui uis muuicr as aoiueimug iu.i an eievaieu sense oiauiv. ciisiieuera are wen i i vvcj giww -mw.v,- - it i . :f t,. 1
-.,Kl 9. .A. t,ll i.J . isi L AA .1,. confidence is destroved. as at present, j than any other, and if pphticl demagogues
-j.- .'j u i... iiJ . . . .is f, .. .. A hVK. i,!.trtJw At v.'.W.nrM. Hnmpiie or for lican persuade them that a sua-1 reasury, in
wmiuw iuue uci uci win buu. i' iicu a I reome to a Keen ana searcnin?;inveaiia,auon oi i 'r"t" - . ... i :.u.. -
, i , . i & - ! . ... i ezn, clearly; proves tnis inei!as now as rs" mmwm wu, ,0
. r--- f-r lot the VVestfa difference otH.xcnanee ; ao meiav, mey nave yei in sioxe a ranaoras oux
apon us, tbe manifold miseries of a deranged and Norlh of .y Suuth!. and the Northeast of the Vf evils -which will afflict and scburse the
Southwest. And so Vaat a ditlerence is now I POnntrv to an extent that no one 'now can
demanded in some cases as almost to put a atop J
to profitable intercourse, reduce the S ates to the npi:.Kih4; Thk nr t u,tffiSt
and destroy the 7. " r.--:-! JJ""lr 1. 1 "
vnung man, ne sain sometning or did some
thing in the presence of his sister! and a
cousin, both yoong ladies, highly imprpper. vilooas currency. itemnr Jowfnaf
ills motner loiu aim oi. ms tauu uiiuiy anu
iii..Iai1 kim itn m.lra an arnlva llni tYa
KUUCIIVU iiiui iw iuou FwviJ 1MW! I i ! ,. !
fiK!- I.. Iji.linAil Ch. m.ial4il ll nnn St I 1 Mf lieiB Sin I TOfmimaA nnr lattfT f (1A I AArxlllinn nt iVta C.nnfAA.mtinn
and even laid iber commands. He tefusedi j 20th July, from the White Sulphur Springs J &. nationality which the Constitution intended to which s el the withering grasp of sub-
She next requested him to to with her ihtb regret to learn inat so many pi out irieoaa nave establish, instead ot regarding ouiseives as i reaaury policy p
hi' h mher into the third storv ! lie com- detained in the Sciuth by ,the derangement one nation or community, interested in a com- ments of railroads and I canals. All tnes
i j ci I k Vr. -rl 11 lfclU WirJ of lhe exhangea and pressure of the times, from mon snd general. prospertty; we are endeavoring mu8t be abanclorted in their unfinished stale,
P ! . vTr V ? , , . ! tin tisiting these resorts of health and pleasure. to exact a difference of exchange from each oth- 80 far 8S they depend on State cuarantiesto
loia, mm sne snouiu iock as uour, uM The picture you have drawn f of financial der- er. This process of Stale competition and do- . negotiated in Eurone The Bank of En-
i mrkiiM Htlkfr MA hf fr. nor rereiirft fond. I inr,mn( nA KAmmarxiar f ilinmeinn ! Irnlv I m..iU JionUit mnnn nnn.lvaa ma Kt.tas in t V , BW,al0,V? !rU,,:H? W V r
t.tlt.. . .hmiiiiH: ;Th hevrdav ahe called at alarming. Yon aak. when are we to have an ant interennrae wtth pleh' other, aeriouslv dimin-1 land and capitalists of Europe alarmed at the
t MW ,w w.....yv. p T WJ l i' I T -
the door of tbe prisoner. My san.;arO you
ready to comply with my request V No
mother The second day, the same Ques
tion was asked and the same answer receiv
ed. The third day, she went to the jlpor,
and says; James, you think by holding out
thus, your mother will yield, and come to
V i -it ...'! i I
your terms; but you do not know ntr. I
Will our frknds of tbe Carolinian " nevet
cease to why old oick around the atump," or
claim for themselves which is becoming rather
a common affailnow-a-day 9 the merit of being
excellent Bash-Fighters in the great Field of Po
litics? Their 'Wes " of the sentiments of Mr.
Shepard's addrek made to bis constituents last
teristio of the course they
late canvass wholly Non-
great subjects of a National
asury. JJut then, as now,
ado about being untram-
perience.-' in tl. .
been adopted, vro :
are determined r. t
the operiiioca cf t'. ;
growing out cf ths '
disposed td rem:.!; I
lie spirit. Even t :
law has been rrj ,
been awakened u!.;
we begin to heir a
among the hon?t 3
cause they did r. .
they were. caislcJ !
known batter, and t!
era lions compare J t :
by the School Lan.
county it the S'z:
pToposUion, if it lz I '
connected with n
have forced an zV.
jorious to the ccr..
vy responsibility u
ter dated " Moativ:
learn "the late n?j
Wen off entirely. "fi ;
letter from th :.:in
that, in JViSpir jC,
this river, aid a3
warfare in earnst, 1-.'
burning property, c .
Tumult in Bal!ii:
moat active exertion
of Baltimore that th at
disgrace of a riot cn f
The escape cf a r.ur.
vent, who, it was t
treatment, was the r:
Certificates are pub',
signed by ; Physicians
with the Nunn, pr'cvi
- j' . , -
The barn of Jca
county, was fired I;
iost. , and consume!
time, 3000 sheaves
wheat, two or three
farming utensils.
sayed, but all the :
Spriez, aie chal
porsied daring
comsiittal on
Bank and Sub-r
they made a grel
am in ihe path of duty, and I shall notyield then is a sound credit! system absolutely indis
till the jtirabers of this house decay !anl fall, pensable for its government and prosperity.; It
Should 1 live so long P That evening he is the constitutional doty of itheF ederal Govern
ed She opened the door, and
sickly looking bdy embraced her
mkxAA 1 m to hia mother. 1 raeni 10 CDcourago anu paiauiis" ue -aie.
- T... h -jA ."1-f- v. tern of credit which its experience and wisdom
but he had no messenger On the fourth p, In the Ipresenfcondition of the
day he promised do whatever she reuir (nercantile community, experience has shown
ner pale,. that the people will resort to the best credit sys
with tears, tern they can obtain. ! All classes have used, &
asked-her pardon, and submitted ltd her re- will .continue to employ, a Very inferior repre-
ausition. He h nce neen seen to; shod eeuwiiTc m prp"J ??'wnl,
iiiuiiig. iuu aa, wueu; bio wo iu uio iu i our iniercourso wmi caca uiuor, senuusij uiujiii- i j . i ; , , - ,. , , Wi-k
nA ik.. iKina? 1 1 Ani isitk tho I i.K.. tu. ,Lai, t iki .hnia in i,A .lim.MAn 1 attacks made on tne creditsystem oy nrvn
end ot tbis Administration,5and with the estab- of foreign capltajiats.l The finances of a coon- aumoriiy anaj oiga imucibi ihuchuul m, . v
i . . i'J ?: mi I .F i .. ! .... i .... It. J ,V I Mn ClAlA Wnnria irtrl thl
iisnmeni oi a national currency i ne, pressure i try are msae toe peculiar aiuoy oi statesmen i iuso iw iuiu wu .iuo wiwmwus, fu
has already reached every class except the sala- land capitalists abroad! and it ia to be regretted I failure of those! enterprises which were
ried officers of the Government, whose income I that these have not commanded more attention I looked toto return tbe interest on the bonds
is en ban cea by the diminution of the revenues of I from those who are ioi our national councils, and I wjjj g00Q caugQ hem to be ranked with tbe
allothers. j! more especially of he Treasury Department. 8CCUhief of Bratllf Colombia, Mexico, Por-
anisomissrpn may. o ii,.U and RaIo, ,mL and mir atrenta bill be
heretofore, fwhen it is known that, denng ths rTJ It V 1 7 i
twenty years of the existence of the Bank of NTen out of tne market. Unless some
the United States, all the interests and ramifi-1 remedy be promptly, applied, not one
cations of industry and irade were so shielded 1 public work, depending pn a loan: for its
from fluctuation: and disorganization of currency completion, will be finished In this terri
as to render any attention of those operations hie! wreck there is but; one cood adainst a
If this country Is directly or Indirectly inter
esied in commerce and) trade;, foreign or domestic,
nulled and free act. with any, and all who
may propose suel measures as" shall seem
"most conducive b the good of the Country,
and in conformity b tbe Constitution," and by
thus declaiming ancrying "misrepjresentation"!
they hope to prod tee. an impression among the
people that tbey bjj, and for tbis, persecuted by
ihe Whigs. But stch is not the fact ; and their
hope is founded pa waving ground which will
ultimately rack tici structure, and present them
U their true shajel We bave not been in the
habit of accounting ne performance of known and'
swtra duties as rtnief.t and cannot: therefore. J
. . . .. i
ill not
tens of gratitude over that .decision and ;er,caf!, . n:W: ""J1
i. . i . . i. i I f.ill illnlralM Ihia. A mtinti tvithnnt a anna
. I . U.I. I II MU I W.W .US. : ..h -WW... . a ... w V w
t m nT i j n i . i r ' , ' i
imw0 i . in.Lni..iMi niikuii Kr.i to I snfA anil iftBT nrAiirA ia nirnaAfi
. . . s ' " ' r . i I . tiL : : . l S ...
faithfulness, and' to asset t with toe u
confidence that it was
widowed mother that saved
vocable ruin
Electro Mcsnetism' We know not when
we bave spent an hour more pleasjntlj than
in visiting the roonas No. I 58 Gold street,
f - - :m i Ma . W
018 1 or bridges : if a passage can be secured for the I is with our national
frre- safety of those whose bosidess compels them to. V0t content with; the
unnecessary. r . thousand evils, and that is: that the
When a slesmboat progresses on her voy- ij h eh shakes the mountain oak w
age successfully and; no accident occurs, eave tbe rraas untouched. Heretofore,
- m . '- : . . ,1 'I i O . .' i
tew ot tne passengers stop to examine tne the measures of the Government have not
engine and machinery : but, when an ex- touched its onncioal supoorters. the Irish
becomes a subject of laborers and German operatives, who use
O I 1 - I 1 . j, . !i .; . '
matter oi mgn pres- tne spade. When their pockets are touch
o it I ed we shall soon see a revolution in the do!
and state currency, mr of this iountrv.
si ' - ,. -
good currency we The only remedy I can See in the present
o . ' . .
plosion takes place, it
be done ; nor I jjaTej constitutional scruples were assigued
cross and recross, it ought to
.i .ii i . . : u - - t
swimmers; better divers, U whose length of V Fall ;0?n he W FTlU P " ,.afTl"iI
limb enables them to' wadeoter with passengers he light of all experience, we have been the country. A portion of this capital should
on their shoulders, that a good bridge might limit burned into Experiments.' Iow,the par-j be jopen to subscription in jsucb State bonds
their occupation. The community at lawc are tf leaders who took the van in the conflict, as shall have been created in aid of internal
. The death of Ji
bile, has cast a pic.
that place. Ho xsi.
teemed and respect
not only for his prh
public, eotcrprui;
and philanthropy
izens of Mobile, 1:1
pressing their feci i:
deceased, amonr7 c:'
lotion was passed :
"Jtesohed," TL:
family, we will
bis memory, snd t!
have the privilege -c ''
By another r:
twelve persons v;c;
DITdnnr tnn temnrrico id.
nnu.i.J- ..V..-iM.ii.j j r... . ,b tend its erection.
i -"fjcwgw, uuiia.uirwcu IUU Ii ec (O SCI in
accoidvnce to tbeilown views" of mattpra.
pleased to claim. In do-
thing more than a broth-
i . u ai i
erhj Balumion. Tljy perform their bouhden
duty nothXpz morel
But Mr. hepardfn his address referred to
which iey havepi
ting tn is, they meii.
above, opeolydetlart his opposition to a
occunied bv the Electro Msffnetic Compa- interested in the establishment of a public bridge I against a rjationaljbank acd in favor of otate I imDrovements. mvmff fthe! bonds of each
nv t ie nao oeara oi m new jno, wonae WI wu"uwuvu oanKs, iubkiuk ucbuuj iuo uiuci, iuii( a a)r rata snare in the distribution, and l
It ts in tbe nature; or things mat the currency with equal vigor against state oanxs, ana thus converting 80 or 40 millions of good
ot a country, leu to its own correction, grow. and go now for no banks, about or the same: state i bonds into so much national bank
. i m. . a a - & . a i ' a j. - t . , ,
irom oaa 10 worse; ana inp longer u is ien in reMon (hat an Incompetent anil ignorant 8tocki Bv this olan. a vera, different estU
ful application ot Magnetic power we
had been told that the same mysterious a
gent, which enables the navigatorf an the
manner to traverse the ocean in darkness or
in a storm, was capable of being applied to
the practical jand common purposes of life.
' We had read the newspaper accounts !of it,
but could nt3t conceive bow a power! suffi
cient for any mechanical purpose could pos- d animosities. There is perhaps no excite
aihlv bo obtained. Bui our doubts have menl 80 dwP or PM,,on " P'dominant and con-
tseA and would advise every bodVL who
. i i - . t r i i r
tional Bank. aiH F
Van Buren and, kia
j , In view of thise
Sbepard, and the a
the Carolinian rejoi
I thus, as tee toovldi
National Bank. Aodjt
National Bank, we WsK
tice to think them at It
for President
acknowledged friend of
torite scheme, the Sob-
ration on the part of
cts, our neighbors
his re election !
that condition, the more serious tbe labor to cor
rect and restore it. The destruction of the last
national bank will furnish a curious and instruc
tive lesson in histoiy, when its faithful record
shall be read by an impartial community, enter
taining no longer party and; personal prejudices
When it was
discovered that tbe pank could no longer be con
trolled for political purposes, it became tbe car-
i . i - i a a - m i
has thd cunostty to go ana witness its ope- dioI policy of the party In power to deatroy it,
rations. 1 he proprietors oi tne vompany, per fas nut nef as. In all the executive comma,
(which we understand had been Incdrpora- nicatloos and private Presidential denunciations,
tl Y KiWterted a small ex Denmental ma- the subordinates wire required to inculcate ther
chine, of powet nearly or quite sffic enuo out a national and have experienced credohty of j the ignorant Iby representing
propel a printing press. This engine WZuZZ lh mejdisastr(usesnli. : The fact is, a tbed.ngers of having ftorgn atockholders
engineer, 10 attempting to aer a good enf mate would be placed on American securi
gme, and finding his experiments to fail lie8 at home and abroad ; and ill would not
announces fas hpneomprcmising hostility! be;wtdeof the mark to calculate that this
to all engines, anq steamboats. H national batik 1 stock,' thus exchanged for
Experience hastaugbi us that a. national I bonds, would command a high premium in
bank, and a moderate number of good) ail European markets Capitalists abroad,
aoond, well organited State banks, have ex looking to their own interests, will see that
ercised a salutary check on each other, pre I a national bank would restore a national
csely as the Genieral Government and State currency, and, with that, all tbe sonnd chan-
Governments co-operate for tbe genera) nets of industry snd trade would be open-
good, we nave tnea state uovernmenia edi and every species Of security enhanced
without a General Government, and it was I in value. - ,f
a iaiiure.! vye tuve tnea state nanxs witn To those who have lmnosed uoon the
k. it was. among its other
1 -
only four magnets, the iron of whichi weighs ?h0 . of lh
about 50 POQndS each I nose tour I mag- ! a, .ninmi(l thai all ii acta and Droceedinoe
. . . u I j . " I J r. -r. r - o .
DCts are so arranged as w ben charged oy an were open to the inspection of a committee of
ordinary galvanic battery, to set in motion s Coogress,ar.d that motithly returns of its poceed
lare tyheelif fiy feet in diameterj weigh- ing wers requited by jits cfijarter to be mae to the
jS-coo Aoond., wun power aa spceo " " ' "'LZ j itZl,'! TZ-. "
bliciiy which woild enable coogress and tbe
the roCSns Used to prodocVnnsftSfPMP
- we conieoi plated, now far this new pow
er wonderful as it appears and really ig
, may bo extended, future discoveries' an dim
provements w ill develope; but to bur minds,
"the conviction is clear, that Elciro-Mag-fjetism
will sooner or later dispute the Era
piro of Steam. A: F. fFXtV. j
:.;;' ;-X--. ; :, -y; " ' j .; jj j '".
Timber vs. Iron The greatest rivalry
exists between tbe builders of timber steam
boats arid iron steamboats. Tbe former de
clare that vessels built of dry fir have a de
xided superiority oiet those of iron and are
tiinHy-eight times as strong in1 direct ten-
thrust, and eighty-six times as strong in la-
icrai sutiDtnanq tro also, tbey ai
Timii " .h fc . .i mt f 7lror ,xc certain
limit, without the knowledge V,rMaitv Km
sppears .hat. after the et'ufoVJ
and the public moleys llaced in cer,! i Y'
caHed "pet banks, iebepartmeT,v,?G
vernment borrawed frorn these banks a laT
sum witboqt the auiborify 'of Coo.ress, hlfJ
the Senate of the nitedSiaie, withoot ai.
scoring voice, pronounced illegal and unconst
tunonal. This could ndthave occurred without
ine anowieoge oi L-ongresa and ihe People, if
'""" oit oanj nao been continued,
and the monthIyreierna reqoired by tbe charter
regularly made. Ifromtbe moment of tbe de
struction cr the bank, and the convnUion
preceded its dissolution,! jbe condition of ibe
national (bank is the sun of our political in our national institutions: it mavbeansw
system,ahdwUboutitweshallhavelbedark ered that ifwetbave foreign creditors, it w
ness and confusipa which tbe planetary sys
tem would exhibit without the great regu
lator of ihe Universe. i It waa a wise max
im of an- old sportsman, when be found
himself in doubu to try back.'
; la thia crisis, the People must come to
lhe rescue. The question is, The country
much better in this form than that of cred
itors holding State, boode, which, if not
punctually paid at any and eyery sacrifice,
will . bring d i ?grace and denunciation upon
us from all tbe civilized nations of tbe worldf
ji hiad no idea, my dear;: sir, of thus, run-
untry ning into politics, with which I have beeo
coon try has cradua
worse. And every
falls rcsre heavily
J fcn growing mt or and
ngement of its tin a nee
upon the oputh-wc&iero
a m i9i a-
and its interests. It is not to aggrandizes, 1 Ions since disunited, hot Ihin nm m,U
politically, this 6r that man, when the inj- to do, I have thus thrown together, in a has
dustry of a whole people is paralyzed. Un- ty; manner, the opinions of one individual,
der the delusive and seductive promises of as deeply interested as yoo are in the pros-
r..wMj, vVuU,( .3 lapiutj ucomirg perity oi me ooutnero States,
Siunarcmcai, wen oi numwe talents,
oubtfut character, and limited political
knowledge, acquneao influence from office
which rs alsrmin. ; Even Senators from
sovereign States, aid;ihe Representatives df
the Peohte . are 9rriifinirft. nrAttA
V . 1 r- r i w-.vw, Irua, ie upaiaTiue Journal that a meeting
UH Ul put aowr, just in proportion to tbehwaa h1d in that oi.. h-
r,.-. . it T ' - . i I- !" f-v wiKiiiD iik lUBiain,
--.j i w.c icc- anu mat tne sum oi S3.oon inhoriK
live wii when there are five thousand men on the not. after an annr, AikL
j S w w a mv WW M 0 O
1 am, with very great
respect, yours, truly.
i CzxTtxiRr op Methodism We learn
from lhe Louisville Journal that a meeting
pn the United Stales who bave as mocb or
more experience?, talffnts, and informalicm
than the President himself. Per m-ifi
( 7 12 . - - w m -mw-w m m,mm
from the - Rev Dr. Mafrlt on the rise and
progress of; a metrioriai of
aiiacnraent to tncHetfcodrst cix&tt
oourse answer fur itsSf
statements of so me "
proof enough of their
opinions freely a
nothing of their vie win
the day ; but have
for remaining " untralne
with any and all, fyc
indirectly oppose a
ey are opposed to a
o them great in jus
orable to Mr. Clay
iowever, let their
but we think these
'and that Iheyi are
atba to speak their
koaw that the said
f, i . -
e great snbieeta nf
d aild free lrJ
mijU go 0Q
give our notions of thjwhrs and wherefores,
of this, their course ;
ry ; they have, not e
public, and whether t
to " pledge" themse
The Carolinian baa
ed any sympathy or
pies of the Federalists
the Wbigs ; nor did i
the election in this Di
w i deem it.Snnecessa
pedthe acrutlay 0f the
he itate longV or not
it matters not,
it is true, wofets
feeling for tbe pioci-
s it a pleased to atjle
er express, till aer
t had taken place, aty
sympathy or fcmdeefiror tbe Sub-Treasurj
scheme, lhe re e'ectiot
It spoke of Mr. Sheps
did not " rejoice" in It
to Congress.
Mr. Van Boren
ts a gentleman J
opc of his re-election
A fire occarrcJ c
isrille, (Ky.) on th
first discovered in a (
and is supposed to !
an incendiary. Tl. -30,000;
but little
Firt Jrom a Si
was discovered in t
house in Hartford, ((
to have originated
glass in a windo
of the sun wcr
some clothing ban
serious injury jv. u .
co very.
We concur wit'; "
subject, and would t
article a place in
think it untimely. '
iof accelerating it trc
fairs, retard the cau
An attempt wzi 'rc
State Cipitol cf
The vole in Gen.
district was for C:
the Indian-emirats
kees, has fled to Tt
Uncle Sam's money i
It will be seen from!, returns, thn: far,
that the common school t em is Jikely o ba
adopted by large msjo0f the counties and
a still larger majority i people- of North
Carolina. If DemagogpYnd unciodid baf
zans had not so far forgo!he true ioterW of
the people , as to make ih some places, a par
ty question, we ahpold hi witnessed a dree
of unanimity on tbeoceoft, which had jriver
oeen seen oeiore. AlJihbjecuona to thejpar
Mcuixr act recommenuea w the, Assemhl are
nothing compared with thjavaVuble biles ins
mcmi iurm o mo peopiezfi nt6e o&teiions
are anticipations, which weVersoadedT(vilIt
ina great desjrer vatjtsh belrdts test J en
' C3-Tbe ne plus vl
genuine Locofoco i
nent with being c.
thing can go beyc:. !
np Salt River . milit
day, however, we
Wher leg very neat!;.
j "Demmitl I've
toan,'' said a red r
pustora IIou?e !
bim, for he is a ft !
A federal ? V. c
jest-be so good
dertand by a. feci .
A federal, oy
a federal is i:
federal, sir '
' 'll3, hs, hat scc
I ! ii
! i
Hi -i
M 111
. .4-
4 -
i i i 1 , .
0 . "mf '; ,,, " -; ." 11. '' "" '' ' ' ' "; m

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