North Carolina Newspapers

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3tar ipprehtndedjippon Ihe flight
Intfi sSl5iJ, worst consequences lojaained.
SMMleri fupc ihU.. disease
KlHdchtJiially called hypochondria w
b(JySS Ki, lie riohtor of lhai
fakefci cornea m name njputnw--
f rhgJUM&n knrWifP9!Bmntcro9 are flatolen-
'SstlleiteSs pJinodic pain'. gwom'.
LltlElfSunffsWnd: peculiar tram of ideas
n5vilff lli Agination and orerhelrmi
Lib at h m v I Iff I -" i - t ; -: i -fi . ; i Ti,.
- E
lion as ;iha weakest. ;; : u . ...
J iHalrt Ufe of anj: kind. espe
!;JaDrotracted -to a fate hour in
Th e V tc h m Air may h ereaf ter! be h a d for
two DoHarsljMid FiftCeiitpeyear.- .
, A folios nf 'vnnn nam oiKaprihara arlin Bill
, the jMgip rttf mea are as open . lo this affliC- pay io advance the whole sum at one payment,
?! ?.t Jl--Lfc't:, ( ii - ! labail have Ihe paper for one fear a l wo uol
xars eacbiiand aa Ion? as the same class shall
jecially - 8e-J cooiinue ttios to pay in adtance -the sum i of
?i j wi Ami rxpiiui iu a 111c iiuiii ti ho ii'i" i wijaiB itio ouiuu m.w
TiettIieV erf bywcial iotercoorse, or ex- otherwise they will be charged as ober sabscri-
mmeMt, great excess - in ; eating befs. j -j. K - ,
v ouuscnoers wno ao noi, paj uunug iuo jcbi
will be charged three Dollars in all bases. 1
iNo subscript ion will be receired (or less than
one year bnt by payment in adtance. ;
o paper will b? discontinued . but at the ftp
tibo of the Editors, unless all arrearages are
paid op. ff I :y , i - -;-
5C7 AI, letters to the Editors must be 71.0s
paid; otherwise they will certainly not be at
tended to. 1 J '
One Dollaf per square for the first insertion
and Twenty-fife Cents per 6qoare jlor each in-
.nJ Maiesr. M Jimqooderae ose of mercury.
liitViil aairffeV fastbe. obstruciion of the men-
j-A :a! fliln eufitin'uaf . eruptiob j relaxation
bebility of ooe or more important organs within
thj!bJplHuji:a quent caijse. i ..
j lljliipalotuects of ireafroent are, to re;
to6Tifa1jieifiO.;t!ii; strengthejn ..trie body "j
iifejltKRBirits. which msf be promoted
i-LliUifeil o&flv i'lieors:'"' reaolar meals, and
MeailP WnfetioO The wels (if costive)
l iiMMAAl fPffiiliiedbr the occasional -use
af afcMHeA nothing better Lotion afterwards.
-.T.n!stMl IO DDI.
!a!ratiori;VThe bowel being once
'-fealiiiifjnlsumable Cambmile Pills,(which
liV!lnoUfrfel and anti-spasmodic; are an
Court Notices will be charged 25 per cent.,
higher than- the above rates : A deduction of
S3i per ct; from the regular prices will be made
to those that adrertise bf the year. ;,
No advertisement will be . insetted for less
than one VoUar. I
Advertisements will be continued! until orders
a re, received to stop them, directions
2&i&tAvieteioZ-fo the numerous public.
h ilHnh'vtManV'; bave recommended a free
B5e tf ikercnrjl t should not be resorted to ; are previously given.
e3ir&r Astonishing Facts. j
Mj&Hftl A.lHRfc:K y fcARS' STAND
jNGlr, Robert Monroe, Schuylkill, afflicted
JitiWllHove ; distressing malady. Symptoms:
:diil?i(Jj(burl fliiulencf , disturbed rest, ner- tained in ibis letter fail not to arouse them
1 TOfli4eh2 4itecu-Uy of breathing, tightness tb a sens of their danger, then,! indeed! is
The tetter of Mr. Prentiss, of Mississippi
contains roanv wholesome truths: the force
of which the people of his State have felt
as severely as roost others If the facts con
andiltilre crpss the breasti dizzinesss, ner- there a cu Qj danger e present bur
toosSirufability PnfPf'L1 readers vv.tH the followipa Bhort extract:-
JT . JL1 .1 .ktal nAOIIinn WliniHIL till KKIIHailUU aii I - : I . . w
in iijr i z.i 1 1 1 l ci 1 iucjiivii -jpww v "
limpyndjnlsutotion, palpitalion of the heart,
I disrBwoJ xsjugfr I cbstiveness) pain of thestomr
! WWiMiiiiriessJ ireat. debility I and deficiency of
" The developementa which have been made
in relation lib the condoct of (he financial affairs
of the government have astonished jand shocked
the whole i nation. It is now a mailer of not
on thftilootenaace; of every person interested in I niere surmise or partizan invective of -so
-:z 5 i . - - ' " -. t : j a. 1 1 ? . . 1 1 ! 1
accioem ne iemn eemonsirauon. Dasea noon aanuttea. ano
- :s - 9 m i
undeniable facts, investigation, vouched for land
afiHiatdiines8Jrat debility) and deficiency
th blrveas jenergyl'; Mr R. IMonroe gave up
eWrv busbtolj recovery, and dire despair sat
bisixtsteflcl or ha ppi nesa,- till by
. . 19. :'.!! - :!' - ." : IT2 J
m cui
noticed m a puajie paper ora cures ouociru aj
iDrjifl!JirA!:;MEOICINE-in his com
ola nflhtch induced him to purchase a pack-
)'..-. 1 . . ! 1 . I 1
ttwisnes to sav n
published under the deliberate sanction of lithe
popular branch of Congress, that the Treasury
Department is rotfen to thec;e; l bat it is ;bot
the pander la executive power, and exercises its
high runtipfts not lor the good or sne country
but of party I not honestly, for the general we!
has from which he is happily I fare, but wickedlv and corronilv for the most bin
kewise receive the inestimable 1 isier purposes. I Since Mr.. Van iWen ascended
which resulted in completely
symptom of his disease. He
3 motive for.this declaration is,
harawwicted with the same or any syrop-
.1 r
df:vic doLoueux.
1 l f UTJLUAii
place, deseives not to be called a ineaL S inn sat down, and they, sang another hymn,
It is as pernicious to health as it it repug-1 and the harden of which was.'
nam 10 gou ; manners ana to ine cneer
ing of the social! domestic Tirtoes ! It is
especially incompatible with the trainings
up of children in jhe habits of order, neat
ness, and. taste.- I ' ' I ff j fi '
What an entirely different aspect is Jgif
en to this scene, accordingly as the mother
of the Familv haa order, neatness, and taatp. I l -L. ,T 1 .
o, f. deficient i4 he ! Whfi I ,"!"!! " morc-dwcend ' I will ,i, ,r.Srl 3n
'Oar aoul is saved, and we are fr
From,vice and all in in i-quity j .',-
IJwhich was a: ? erj comfortable delusion, at
i ai events. .; (
low gown. I hale a baby in z
gwn.rf How glad I am she did ne t
me,- One of these davs. vnu tsiil '
you have been rejected. Take t
?V- I for it'
ah mat Coes not prevent my I t
being a very melancholy oneP ii J
ming, sadly.
O, never mind the lot,' crifd V
laughing, long as you dont get Lc -J
If the cucumber i bitter throw it c
the Philosopher Marcus Antonio r
his meditations. Forget her, an. ;
be as if you had not knon hcr.1
I shall never fo.gtt he,, re;!i '
ming rather solemnly. Not ray n
my affections are wounded ; and h
is too deep ever to heal I sha l i
with me always. I enter no more ir
orld, but will dwell only in th
From the KnoxviOe Tmt$.
. c .,-: I
Suggested by a solitary
,i the beach
Soft is the beam
And lulled by thy sweet 8pella,-0 night,
The world sleeps tranqui
O how I love, on such a n
'- To tread alonei the shore
Alone to hear the sea bird's?
x Float the bright waters d
ray own thoughts All great and
occurrences, whether of joy or smn
I fThey then rose agarn, put away the forms us above this earth; and e ,hoil. ,
m bere, and danced to another fashion, always to preserve this elevaUon. U
Jrtnead .of Veit iLiwaa Grande Itonde. 1 have not done so. But no 1 ,
4r M-ii
mnnnLitrnt rmiL ninnvr i amereni iPRSpni nnns u imnan m mn run. i t i
www . mw WW- rww mn m I " , w - r- w- m . n n n Ml . M M A 1 k 1 Mil a. . m
at Vane Mali. H dren What enl re v different hahita doea ""I T - -
s ; Hi r 1 . mi. . s. . l wmiubu urst ouu men louowmz. nro. I Wh f Von
ik.t r.n. .u. ' -1 11 lenu 10 iorm ! its innuence is inaeea ai-iw.j uu .1 A . I ;.vr
uuu 1 suouB : v 1 . ... . . 1 H I mvuon,u iisuuu. wiiM 'Buuii an re urn. in i i ih. . j j
: imiL xiiii UTaiiiiai. Kill. .Tf 1 1 v. iii l Qmiinii ; . ... . . T - .
il'" R ' " iT.wMM.M.w , wno IHnA rhinlart in Iha inl a. I
' -ir
sr 1
. .1 41
Alone to watch tbejorges breakl:
buecessive on the strand -7
Alone to catch the raidnign
Alooe aZo to stand.
O in that wonj-i-eione is
A charm, whose fetters bind
My soul with 'spells more poteqt far
Than social bonds can find; 1
- . . ; mw
How freely then the soul comrbones
unmorea oy sianaer s strings 5
Unsullied by the damning lins
The world's foul contact brings.
'. - . . -.L HJ i!
i! one short hoar alone -aijne-
Calmed by the moon's soft ray
18 worm a life of endless years,
Amidst the heartless gayi
better go ir.t:
lirium will ccr
ling. nd p..wfoIL Gte,l wo.l h. with it. Wim roond .nTroad kh.kini ih.i, i. "- , jouuna t ufl, i
place the influence on the right side. Plain
ness 01 living, 10 ine con
bodes of the humble and
tnarry I
rMrar ihl Ti . ind l'f jate laughed had 8ee but one remedy, which is to find
veToMhHoJr 1 " ff Z& -tsoch a degradation of who pleases you more, and who ,il
lull mi This dance to it."
is by no means inepmpattble with its being lasted a long whilej until the music turned
wisely, and efficaciously directed. l How tq croaking, and the perspiaation was shun
often, under such pircurostances, with frery dant ; they sloppea all last; and then an-
.caniy aim uiiusieniauons materials 10 De nhunred that thir tp
npunced that their exercise' was finished. -I I lasting affection. I shall
" No, my friend ; you do not uru'
ray character," said Flemmwsr, .t
head. J love this woman with a
never c
- A iL. ! 1 ., i ft. II"!'"""'
e-iii uiiiVKii. iiiifh iiih j-1 rn irg vnnn vn wiaa - . . a s - . s i . ? . -
r.J--1 uivd i B9ia(i a lillln whilA allpr lh mm hrnit I .'Pl.. ;
t t r i . . i . a? w u .uwtM wwu w ! i iiiin uri . .. . i iiii ma nn m n n tc t
k:; .:m; S ., Z;I.- had dispersed, to speak with one of the elJ but so it'is. : Alas and alas I Parac
."i- . ? .--"rrrr" - ders. "I will be with vou
inaiane Knows now to cast ofer tne; whole t k iit:.
- . - . f ' .1 kp"m "v, wsiaiiiw uasui
;1 1 f '
you direct lyVre-i old wasted life in try ins to discover i
y away j but he nejr rrTwhich after all turned out to be c
Wr The. tod tor doing h.,. iilo a great rCT rf ,i .M.ij S"". ""! 7"' "F i
extent fter,. Let ,b. i moth,! no, , -, b.,idned (oe k i W. Me b no rn or 7 '
as weu athe sung -At. least he thought so j flowers of life into love-potions, ft! :
The following is Capt Marry ait's descrip-
i . . t t t 113
tion of that singular sect, the Shakers ;j He
for when his wife Michael lauded n hini
made ner conduct a ground of divorce. 1
j Every community which works in com-
noot and is provided for in the mass, must
J. C. T.
visited their settlement, situated! near Troy, become rich, especially when it has no chil
- - i
I In no cart of the household; afTira are
s i -. .. . . r; s j . . :
tie gooo pruer, neatness, anu taste, oi trie
female head of the family J more needed
(Jiac in the arrrangement of jjtfief itable at
Oieals They who feel above these small
matters, or regard fan attentioii to them as
savoring to much ol lastiiliotif refinement,
of devotedness to the care iftiei bbly.
overiooK, in ine opinion oi ineiwrtter, ineur,
ecuiedly moral tendencies f he; Uiight add
heir religious.
God is & G 1 o
the chair of ijState, it has extnbited a system of
nAcnlation arid connivance onnrecedented in anv I Uiuv it nn iivprv
. r --t r-"-TT t - ; j i a w - -
olmsoii, wie of fLapt. Joseph l oovernment The rcorrespondewce between its lA ilR rirpst forms nf hi5ii
fe!M?.sseveiely afilictpd chief anffets subordinates is ofifeqsiye to fthe iand furni3hes us with the
side.; He iueli&lits.
IfoiiiBrs-wilKTiTie Dolereux, violent pain f moral serls4,nd insulting t the intelligence of tU,ik;
anu, uiuiiin, wuii a uuiiiuiu urai i in) Deonie 1113 upen aim uuuiusumi i'iviji" tuy
of it.
ji ifeeitoaiach , i hd unable to leave
wmi d hkkhocked even the loose notions of Rl cn ever.eqtl
;i;uati 1 1 1 u 1 u ruw
She e$ud hnd no relict from the advice ot sev-1 that moa ffnal ot ministers, Sir tloaert VVal I
iprath!tiVftiriann: i'or frmn medicines of anv kind. I nnlp. vthosp nnlitical maxim was. F that' vvprv liand
ootil aftersiie. had commenced using Dr Evans j man hasjhisown priced Corruption has been llba
ueoictne oi HUU ;Vy namara sireei, anu iruiu mai
traced, noi; rnreljr to the dour?, but
moral world
and which
al. INaiure
into the; ve
AoHNiShfsTdSugbier's Store,
i;-r it
. tit.
1:11 "ill: 5.
IP 3
So does t
j ii.ti in i,o r n n wen
lanced mind , the bai ty of benevolence
ithe svmuteirv and grace of. a naracter
do hot lhee show that
f . ... . t; i ; . .
nnr cmrita iiqc turmoil - ni
. i f c i . . . . : , . . . I II A atii(,i tn Uill oiii r a iiii uiuu
Vnaweans fi ow,. mat me ricn -onerinjr laid ny m..; . . . L . . . .k
lirase VefC4' "mend, aodj feels satisfied, if ry recesses f the temple. By the foot prints !ike that of J-
ihjBltirjufe thel medicine a4w days longer, upon th fl.ior we have discovereL asdidlihe l,ua i? ,t.- r
i:tif -tisj LiL.iJ . ...j d' i- uu i. a nL-u-lj if..u L.ffL. i-i jttie father of
.wiij fosr jHjriecvij; uujru. avcicicui-c van uc uau r vn bio trails w oso, inai toe ricn ouerinjj iaia oj
as 'd1"Me' ftrbth of the above, by calling at Mrs I the peop e upon the shrine, have been cariied a
3S9 Grand street, way and coi,s imed. not bv the Gof. but bv the jeets ol taste, as a matter oi
infra-lint tttiesla. - i il liexquisite etuovmient, but as ajsoiirce of im-
j ry rj a m i t- - i. - r - i; . g
rsi; Anfle F. Kenny! No 115 Lwis Under ordinary circumstances, and in ordinary r nmvenient in all that is trueJ
trfftjen sjarjton and. Houston sis., afflic-1 times, jhej deyelopemems to whijeh I hd spur ef lovely and pf good reput?$:
T :
head5, loss of appetitfi palpitation f which has dervided the countrv. and snread dis- ,s no connexion oeiween ine snu ana oooy
N. Y.
I went out to see the Shakers at Niska
yuna -So much h;as already been said about
their tenets that J I shall not repeat, them,
further than, to observe, that all their goods
are in common, and that, although the, sex-;
es mix logemer, iney proiess ine vows ot ;
celibacy and chastity. 1 heir lands are in,
excellent order, apd they are said to be ve-j
ryncb. - - ..i .-;; .f r '
We were admitted into a lor g room on;
the ground floor, where the shakers were
df en to maintain, j It is like receiving a per
sdn's labor in exchange for victuals and
cjothmg only, and this is all f can perceive
iat can be said in -favor of these people.
-f Suffice it to say, ii have a very bad opfn'--1 joying, but in renouncing. But it
ion oi inera; and were I disposed to dilate ver, hard. Hope has as many livra
db the subject I should feel no inclination I or a kini?.r I dare sav you have I.
t treat them with the lenity shown , to them J old Italian proverb, " The king t.r;
all do not immortalize, but only it.t
us. By heavoris ! we are all of us
"But are you sure the case u
hopeless V
I : " Utterly ! utterly P
And yet I perceive you l.avo r
aside all hope. You still fl.ttrr y
that the lady's heart may chan;
great secret of happiness consists n
, too
ihoftTrts bf
ie Intellec'lual
tedfofc len years, With the following distressing I Would hafef prostrated any 'administration how-
yift?rAci4 jf ructation daily spasmodic ever povlrertful. Unfortunately the deep distress
It is a radical error to supiwise that there
pains m:
'ione&, just.
MIetfegidHlnessat.d dimness of sight,could may and run throngh all the avenues of busi- in these respects; and that ori er, neatness,
iiui:iiuii nti ngni aioe, aisiucou icsi, uuer in i ness, nas misome aejfree witnurawn uie eyes -oil anu iaic, umi uc iruidicu m iiii i'cihih?
ayjityiof engaging ! in any thing that demanded I the people jfrotn these great enormities, and di- i to the latter, without iniurv to . the former
jVig.iror epUjrage,Jsoroe times a jVisionary idea of J reeled them with melancholy earnestness to their j in its most refined sentiments bnd holiest
pnirion oRher disease, a whimsical aver-1 own private sufferings. Thus the rude bfow j ftn;Pa,nn The iloveiilvi thlplrfisordprlv
... - tj "IP'- . -,- V
! s. ' " j L-i ii ' I . J i ! i . . i - ? 1 .
persons ana piaces. crounuress i wnicn ine rooDer oestows wim one hand, atvens i . ci.u . . r iu L'.. .'..a. L,.
ppfehierrstuns of bersonal danger and poverty. I the attention for a moment from one theft he is I . J , .. , ., I,,:'
an itfetirriess arid weariness of life, disconten- I committingiwiih the other
tei,;4j!pjietude uh i every slight occasion, she I But corruption is by no means ihe only
the concerns of the family, will: have very
serious if not insuperable ultffihilties to
Oil I with fv
Mwwtied she could neitherdie. nor!ive;she wept, markablel characteristic of the bartr in power.:! encounter in so adorning the ;SOt
?tiv!ikiJn;j'.f; :"Oi'.:J J -i j .in- I . .: sr i ?. " . l r' Mi : ..-l a J !.. .. i '
Mtufiiwiu, peswjiiufu. anu iiiousni sne iea s i uui or tneiverv ruin wn cn lis measures nave erv v"'imism time ami -mur iu rrnut"
uju?v.ii5cinuic uif, iicbi nasuuo bo usu, Hiiu i orougni iupon ine cuuimj, owg n coinnvp iu bi-m n a in lemvie lor uio lu-uweiunj; oi uie
vHs' lumai : fiaiiuciiiaiiyus. i I iraci poiilicm capital. nil unDiqsuuiw ruton- HulV SOirit.
4u wriiiif iiaui iuB uuvictf ui seTciai emineni ner? lis Dariizans asseri ina. 11 is not accoaiuaoio
viaita, anu ilflU JTIUUI8C IU IIUUICIUUS UJfUl- I lOr IOC result Ol IIB UWII aCHUfl , IIISl llllf j Ul:
."Ivi .L - I J J- i i . IU II I . 4 ' i L
A till here, examples of hej
parents, and
iatuleould r&t obtain ev?n temporary allevia- tresses df the country have been produced byf-the. P,,H7 IU uu,f"CB
jtfif;bei; distressing stated till her husband per- operation of Whig principle, and all therespon he children, are paramo ft to. all oth-
jbfto.n'a. irialof njy modeof treatmept. sioility iiesiaT ihe door of the opposition. 'jibe! er influences. Grace itself,; ,jje)i.jif ft' sue
I She ts now quite lelieyed, and finds herself unfortunate! patient, who. from a stale of perfect! ceed at length at anv good uUtrrpe. has a
ltilafwbhl of aiiending td her domestic iif I health has been reduced by the nostrums of thef fong and arduous! struggle iri lUferting the
bat avows ihsat she enjoys as good health at quack to the point of death, is gravely told by? I
niiic-rtr, t l. J : J l . I .. i ik I .c.. l; i- li ' -.
tJ9jiyK htisbabd. of the aforesaid Anne I tion is oloelwtng to the nauseous dosks he hl'ta4
ml, this 14
ken, but it
for years. 1 1
is entirely attributable (o his formei
h day; of December, I physician, whose prescripdon he has disearde
' M - en. r ' . i . j - e.
'IKCXNET, Vom'l Ueeds. Ian intelligent people.
Affection of the
he treatment of Doctor
vl"nP,Q0 Chatham street, New
JjfiSS:? .tvis. 13 Centre st.
f V'J :f..ui' '-O ilor fuur foam w th
Wia lift iia ImHiII kl. 1 . .
youthiwho has been Buffered 'lb grow up
without haaits lot order, rfianliness and
taste, to new. 'feelings and conduct in such
matters. The only way to s secure these
it- c - ; - - j i t Si i .. , : r
A grosser insult was never offered to? I essential feature of a compltej and
nt luinnl. f , ... . ! Ill 1 I ciilont phurjolcr i In ' tirrti rl rijiK'1 flrit
sistent character
formly, and the
comes in for a f
s to 'begin right and uni
domestic table at meals
II share of Mhej exertions
made. i!
The correspondent of the New York Ameri4 1 riecessarrv to b
can, gives; ne ioiiowing nonce or mimi lojmis j But -(me hlni more in o.arv. Chil.
8ianamg prooiem in ine natural nisiorv oi ine i , f r . . , a i '
H.a.i . Thi, apntln nf hnirtv dJ Nren, from their first introdt on to t!h
termined to! test the reported buoyancy . of the. I ul,r "c pi.iMfru, wii f-nc
w Vri a lfjiiii3 i is ii ii i r lilt 1 1 1 ia mk..L i : t tr i , a e. .aM..aM..,;en.a a M a
sky - jJ i?1.- "r ""'cu were aiways water by personal experience. iij t ' iucr, iicamcyp, .iu mbi.
fsSa'S fheiteV,hat. where the er wafivj The manner of putting on he P;9f
dpnljn billhead, ihebowels1 feet eep,J they were so buoyefp.ttathejj taking a seat, managing thearms and
icMiveltbeiirine highf coloured, nd ruf- could npt toucb ; the bottom with ihe pomis hands, of using the knife, fortyi $tr of con
pryrtf&lweaiing.ina Th . of their ;toe. .AdTai,cing io where the Wate ducting and1 finishing the me.f should all
i "-"-3 -r- r. . r x - i receive ineir uue aiieiiiiuu afrcoruuiir in mc
itoculiv of breathing with
sense L0f
I ... . . . i ,! -
. I f 1 1 I . I 1 --:' I
.sen irpmnoer two., ana ney were iqron flf noviUe, and be pr0re hef are
StlSSSS SrCa-lnl wa Tley S,tS '3 tP making, teing ctrelul ;not fo
nW1? the nerf ous sys era. Ur -a ,1,.-, - in(T ; - . jffir' 1 overwhelm them with too many instruc-
aoovesymptoms were entirely removed, xrZ'JriKJir tlTST"': .W.-.. nL: ,M'in: iiLi;
- . u : - V wvavv w wivi w vi ja s i-iuv j i i - ----- - - " '
from one
d the de-
ire what
it rhilHrpn
ca i:en from the south and with! it V hUv ! to the formation of surh habits as have been
swell, i They describe ik Mr.Mil. nrnilnMM4 1 described will be comnarativelv easv It
by this! riding on the sa, without vessel or a I is true, indeed, that all this wglf not be ac
plank ondpr them, asjjery singular. Oiie of I complished without patiei tla'nrl presever-
them had never oeiore Tentored beyond his depth ing effort; and that hurried and " hasty
in the water; while here he was enabled, withil -;ii ..r ii3jL.-fm
out the least aense of danger, lo go aay distant T , l?,;Tu ruc VVfAT'Y
from IaM.1j They became convifcid ordcr
had been said respecting the great speeifiic gra- H1"1"""' iuu aievjjcn ejjuug,
-t-i : V Iperiecl cure fHrlPft h Ilr VVm KvanS. I
a ,. 5 ! rjp :k : -;,;. . npTCj t JARVIS j P nd endeavored to sink, which they furd by a gradual ihOogb sure advance
Pf pTOsfJVete ork ts I 4 T impossiW veo with some effr to doso. he step of improvement to ! another.
nJkmrwU k.LU ..... ''.k rTT XlV1 "?ler we t the arrangements of the table an
timmM older persls
i i th i i. t r. ( . -"i uwoi,i iucu u, uiui. sir hi in i iHriw bs e9T nn iin .
: - : 1 j '
rtKa25th ofovember, 1836.
i i'lMH" OAULl Nntftr. PnMi,. Oft.'
iUtfilrMf-ii-;:!.!:- . "i -"
11 msoid ii the fniL. z.,.
jmtvjr 7rnr re ptlitbury,
i iry and buoyancy pf the water of the Dead be
la entirely oorrcw
to see
as it were in how shoit a time posible
the procesrs . of s wallowing i food on lake
by other.travellers.
But .perhaps you have never hear
the court of Naples, where the li
monarch lies in state, his dinner i
up to htm 83 usual, and the court p!
f.. t
seated on. forms, the men oppoiite the wo-, thy being observed under circumstances above .. 1
oien. and apart from each other The meri alluded jio .1 madeaome inquiries, and having .J "
were in their waistcoats and shirt isleevesl with one who had seceded from the frater- . 1 P
widdling their thumbs, and looking awful i j
y puritanical The women were attired iri i
dresses of very Ifht striped cotton which
hung about them fike full dressing gdwns
and concf alcd ail shape aiul proportions;
A plain mob rap on their heads, and a thick
muslin handkerchief in many fohlsovertheif
I should be very sorry to take away the char
apter of any" community, but, as I was a little
spepucal as to the possibility of the vow of chas- tars,e8 Q fc not - pots .;
tltv hAinr nhsprvfifl unrlor rimnmalinfoa alvivn I M . r "
servants bear it out a-nin.
g d"es not dine to day
nity, I discovered that my opinion of human in our souls is king ; and wo also
rjature was correct, apd the conduct of the sha- King never dies." Even when in n
bers not altogether so. I most nut enter into de- lies dead within us, in a kind ol
ails, as they would be unfit for publication. mockery we offer him his accustom.
I - ;c I - t . ""v; but are constrained tosay, The Km
i THE LOVER'S CONSOLATION. not dine to day It must be an t vil .
From Hunerion. a Romance, hii tht author of I deed, wnen ine IVing oi IXapieg has i
I ( " ' n . " I ! . . . . . .1 . . If
shoulders, comnleted their attire. They I I
S : 4 ft S . . i i -
each held in theirfharids a pocket ban lkeri I he following passage relates a conver-
5 . i . 1 i ll a m m a - .m a a .
chief as large aa a towel, and of almost I f&tion wmcji JrajjLtJemroingbad with an ec-
.1.- .1 . tr . ' - I I JLa n I aft ! C1 nnliafi n M fl . 1 a I. M J mb -1
inn pa'ne suusiance. i du ine appearance j rcmni; uiignsmun, nci uc imu oueu
of the women was 'melancholy and unttaturll fa the hand of Mary Ashburtoo and was
al : l say unnatural, because if reduired to i mecieue i
in nis cnamoer ne louno uerniey. iiei" o
be accounted for. They bad all the advanl
tages of exercise and: labor in the open airf
good food, and good clothing!; they: were
- 7 - I V . m -rt. ' . I -m - .
not overworked, ifor they are not required f, saw t lemming ; rather abruptly .
.1 . 1
ey siareu.
.. 44 Indeed f
what is the matter ?
for his dinner I but you yoiir lf m
that the King never dies. You are f
your King, although you siy he h :
44 To show you that J do not w ish t.
ish hope," replied Flernming, 44 lhy:M
Uterlachen to-morrow morning. 1 ;
ing to the Tyrol."
You are right," said Berkley,
is nothing so good for sorrow asi r;',' ,
tion in the open air. I shnll g wn'
though probably your conversation
he ery various; nothing but Ed; :
44 What do yoti mean by that ?"
4 Go to Berlin, and you will T.
Ladle, and this untoward accident ! '
Accident f" said Fieoimmg "
no accident, but God's Providenrr ,
brought! qs together, to punish vzv .
was looking out of the window whistling.
44 This evening J leave Intrrlacben forev-
o work more than they please ; and ye4
there was somethinglso pallid, so unearth!
. - . , - "1 . . .'. i ! . I TT 1.. 1. .
in ineir complexions, that it gave vou the as pae as a gnosi v
idea that ibey had been taken up from thir And nave good reason to look pale," re-
ii.4n..a linnr. Tlm t Una. . I hi I P fl Klf ttt ttl I fl ft Kl t f fr I If - MnfTman
. f I.-.1.K . iff-Ji ' .L Innnmnf hi nrt tlmt nn ihp Alfnth HOWCVer jesting pan, -1 Will OO
n iiuo vii lltrai.ll, jliviv a -TCSIlHO VI i lUll'l III If" ...w ...... . -
m. rhp,l: nr l, Ll .flrto.f..U liirt4 bf M drchrat half oast eiffht o'clock oiecise- cheer you and make you forga t
tinge prevailed. And yet there was to he b he was an ass. j That is what I was this
seen many fies very beautiful, so far ss re piorning at half past; ten o'clock precisely
gardeutline, but they were the! features and am now, and I soppose always shall be."
of the beautiful 5n death Thef men, oh I He tried to laugh, but could not. He
the contrary, were ruddy, strong, Undf vig- fhen related to Berkley the whole story from
orous Why, then, this difference between beginning to end. j j - m
4MC Kw-W,,e"' 1UWJ etM Hcriuiiiicuuii; . t .,.. f lif; .am tv.
same duties, whre hone were taxed be!- exelatmedBeiklejk 4btrange enough, and " .j
,od,he,r .iaaeU-M fei. -1. K1 h long cejsed lo mirrel .1 the c.- "
prices oi woman, juto nui ran captivate - --- o -
After 'ileneekr ten minuter one of Ihe Ihe chMte Dunn, f Did not Tit.oia lote ' ' : .
men of Ihe con.mi.nil,, e,,denil,i . co.rse jN'ck Boltom, wilh; h.8 .pee .be.d? S Do 'Jp-T;,
:n 1 i ' i , .i L- ik vt.n.) ra nn UnrAr to each other I v nen we srema
ana iniierait? psrsen, i rose aua aocressea a 7"'f .". ...6. i.,ilo. ho nn. ?
.L 1.1 L;l.u im.khpH with th in m of love-in-idleness! ed to be be one i
not to laugh at what tbey saw, but to behave Take my word for it, she is in love with
themselves properly, &c, and then he sat lomebody else. There must be some rea-
down. M l j son for this. ' No; women never have any
One of the leadersthen burst but foto a reasons, except their will. But never mind,
hvmn. to a iiffomit sort of timeLlarid all the Keep a stout heart Care killed a ; cat.
nthfr iiiinf-M ihmit. Aiipr fhU nvln esaW After all w hat is she ? Who is she ? On
O, my friend," interrupted B r..'
you see the finger of Providence.
I have often observed," replied
coldly, that those who are of kin!r c
rarely wed together; almost as rr
those who sre akin by blood. TI) r
indeed, to be such a thing asspfritu s !
Therefore, road lover, do not thii ! '
sude thyself and thy scornful ladv li
i . 1 J- I l I ..Ik., ll r
med Flemminc, in nave mnorea anu,8, v .uu , . ft I I IIIHI ftllll ill WS llllll i; . Ulllllll a aatapu
m line,, eigh. if, ,o., menj .nd M ? ??. TL iu qWiei -b-eb ml r,
Vt 7"u Vrr" .- U.ri....i.h1hiV,ih.r Trust me. I
hers joitiedchoros. Alter the jbynfri wals fr H what she?
ng they all rosei and put away the forrois fy T j
i which they hail been seated; andfstooli J Hush! hush,' exclai
by depreciating her She is very dear to
me still ; a beautiful, high -minded, howe
separate, facing each; other, and about ten
feet apart the ranks of men being flanked
by the boys, and jhose of the wooien by the
girls Theyitnitnenced their jdancing bjr
advancing in rows, just about as far as pro
fane people' do ih Xee when they ; dance
n narlr lllp. and Ihpn rflrrntt iha ainlA
tance, all keeping regular time, and turning pot whatand flickering reason says, good
back lo back every third advance.; The P'gt, " commou wuao
j i Yes,t answered j Berkley ; that is the
way with you all,; you young men. You
ee a sweet face. r a something, you know
movement was rather quick an
d thev danc- gmation invests the; beloved object with a
A liimr nn LtnitinW nf illi ivirl.inW chara.s ; furnishesher
. . r e . "1 i I .l ui .l. . .j c..-lii..M , r ih
h in an ine mimic iuu uuo iiiicii.
, , r
beautiful composition :
Law, law, de lawdel law,
Law, law, de law,
. Law, law, de lawdel law,
Lawdel, 'awdel, law
keeping tune also; with the hands as well as
leei, me lorraer raiseo up m me cut-si, ana
banging down likb the' fore paws of a dano
lug bear. After a quarter of an hour thejr
sat down again, and the women made use
of their large totjrel pocket hindkhrchiefs
to wipe off the perspiration. Another by mn
was sung, and then the same person address
ed the spectators requesting them hot to
laugh, and inquiring it any of them Wished
to be saved adding i Not brie! of Ifou.jl
don't think." He Iooke4 around at all of
us with the most mtffable contempt, and
fine apparel and furniture, of human nature.
) did the same when I was young I was
pnee as desperately; in love as you are now
sod went through all the - -
.Deliciooa deaths, soft exhalations
Of soul ; dear and divine annihilations
4, thousood onknown rites
Of joys, and rarified delights j
I I adored and was rejected. 1 Yoa sre in
love with certain attributes, said the lady.
iDaron your atthbules, Midam,' said 1 1 4 I
lnOw nothing of attritotts, Sir,' said
se; with digniiyi Yoa have been dnnk
ing:' So we parted She was roairied af
terwards to anotherj who knewj something
df attributes. I foppose. I have seen her
qnir once since.-4She had a baby ih yel-
w I . ., i i .. . i. I
ship will then be more pr'?perc
good morning, J must prepare for i
den journey." .
On the following morning Fl' r ;
Berkley started on their way to I i
like Huon of Bordeaux and Scht rl
their way to Babjlony Berkl-y
sumed duly was, io hi to. ;;
a duty which he performed like
Spanish Matadora, a woman who-c
it was to attend the sick, and put i
into the stomach of the dyin t j
their agony.
$C3 Interesting sizht-rocele!
and a Steam Engine. While t! r
criming down on Wednesday, a Lne ;
his appearance on the track, and t 1
speed with the locomotive. He ke t t
for two ilea, when be .was finally r
be would have been rno over. T he
have been deeply exciting and highly i
as the line of road is perfectly tra
inch of ibecontesf was witnessed by i:
gen Wilmington Advtrtistr.
The Sarapnah River is Iottc? :
h wa trer known to be;
; r .i . . - -. , i.' i- ji sr . i. -i '".;. - ' . ' !!-". ' -.' '-.:V;.;Vi
: j : :, Ml - I I ' i - . H ' '. ' ;" I . ; ", ..i.::,--;
i. . '-.-.-;: f :.i : ! it'. 1- ..'I --Y ,; . j .'-j,'. .. .. ' ' h"l-::;:r.
r . Y r- ! ' 1 j - 1 r i " .iV.
3,!: . 'f
i.-T frv- -V
15 .
e 3C -4
i i
. in
4;- v
. -1

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