1 i . -1 : i - ; 1 1 : !f :. C I I the , Superior for The fae s MS llldis Dick presiding John i Pwalir??ie tried and convicted ttWiSlS &e of hit own. The I f&ei ilMf ed lh V,,nT' rX , fiIrtjPH trjsojr.too shaking for nob- iifUil SoVaitrfj nd General Jam Cook; frtVrl Mifehel A motion,, was; made trial. i bal refused wnereonuu" -j- U tKen to tueouprenie Stale CapltoLVe congratulate cui fellow- ritizetfs throughout the State, on the prospect oil a speedy corupieuun oi me new. uapiioi. j it 13 every way worthy of the character and resources of the State; May the voice of patriotism 1 a lorte. be beard within its; walla, and wise and rirtooos legislation diffuse happiness and pros-! aimer. dmM fianvilUltleporler of Sept. zothl ivvrrit tii vr Dl LT W. 01 U o v rri.- cut t WffTlrnpi Waa recent by theommtsfioa r fn if rlaytlabftnd w nof? open ,to traye, jcLsWa&iof iWsl"!. and .kill man -ked if icloarroctiwrepr cuizuns gaye Cijt. abtOTowlf nterprt6iD3 contractor a .blfciMaatday.- yliyh ;! We are'aiifieil to learn by a letter, from pr. liafro W 6idenlof he Company) tbtt l. isecilwl orifice milea, embracing the por j tlfuadtbrofdiately weal of .Roeky Muont id ovlr tb celebrated Grassy Hill, ia fioiahed k ihiS 38 loijeal ail be completed: by the! end itbip !feh)a$drJ (not already under contract, nPfdettbW portion from Rocky Mount febfoel tbileof tliia place) to the loweat $et Prinkiifl Court Houie, on) the court jjlih i?ovembr next. The two 'sections jail yt lcetVdJ icopstroctfd by Meaare.Townes iTetiaterroi are aaia or persona woo nave yrafi)lede)rer it on their way from Wterrf paffVojr mrg-inia, to be the- best port I the load! rom tiisplace tojKanawha. t vVnQTbol i readers laai wmier, that perity amongsi the people I Hal. Reg. Cp Vf e do fiot jniwi; which is most $ snt i U 1 i Salisbuet, spt. J i t,1 issa j To eHoru f II. mmoretqfS. pM . I Dear Sie : Your letter enibraciogr iserefal i qoestions. toochiogf tbe science of grinding, op- oil Uartd Ji. Wapiers new patent; piangv EC oe- seriDtion of which." yoo saw in a late W eetern I Carolinian, has comrto hand, and we take moch ,b-l I nleasnra in ?ivins.(o each question that1 atten- ject of martel, the adsarance or the address of! I tion which its importance demands, amd which modern Democrats who assert every thing and! I yoo yourself seem anxious to receive. ;k lr p;ove noming; wno wnuen me llasKest crimes ; I (ifcstton ut. uoes your mui kiu ;as wie wbo, at eyery. instant, oppose the laws. End de4 1 millers term it) the meal or fluar ? 1 ili l stroy the Conatitation thev pretend to sapport ; I Jttisieer. It this was the tact, io all probabtli- ana yet sun ana me means ol doom? me muM t tv von woo to never nave seen an aaveiiisem?u u io a e, oy isiiacies oiien detected, but as Mien i oi iiin a newspaper ; oui on me conirarj, oo- repeated with matchless effrontery, Ibl V j Cotton l Yet Cot fort.-The first bale of new brought to the Favetteville Market this seasoni was raised by Mr jjJohn McNeill, of Rpbesoni It sold for 111 cent ft. t A. Juort Su& We have been favored with a beautiful specimen of raw Silk by Mrs BpwEEaj of this City, ihe product of the present aeasoa.io The Synod of North Carolina will meet in Lincolnton, cn Wednesday, October 9, at 7 m - Bf SV ft tv.' ' It' ' i O'CIOCK, r, M.! .. f ; .) , the ons we fer;efai:?l tfoLWmetbiDff rnbre than wmtf yi, aislf5iali!M'b'' !.' Ma fide, first ing one of judge rot ilf:trTiNritriitik f.lhat wd are tell W.4$M4t& lethem cdme and ; a r r -ttt mid l. bviaehei of the degrad Imagine W W reduced by his party attach Lnt.l wMiHiert the ifullo wing extract of a fclUif tathe pole'l of Mississippi. flitqwhev a; Van Buren caadidate for I Rltbfl'm))4ny in which I mnster,! tbe 5 lWati!lfe4yi nn !ne Captain orders Ittf. .ititttaifEc and if Mr Van Buren SLAVE. ation to wuich a 'fcli?eiatl'i'8tap!5 t r(jfep?$W-- would no Iqnger iViaf.tfpNfii thfe Sub Treasury scheme. I iaorijpaj once aropai.Bay uouiuie swm u.i thingr can exceed it in quality. It! is im with; Napierfa dress to kill tbe meal or Hoar. Mr; tiall ground some SO bushels lor t gentleman, at a fume when the runner was not bun? pre ciseiy true on the patent sp:ndle, and io order! to tfi t 'n-ii . . vL t . .'-I. J i make nne meai, me miner nan to orsw oown the runner very close to the bed stone. She mde meal in ' great abandance, and so ; hoi that loo coold not bold your hand in it : yet the gvnffe man who received the meal said it was. the Best meal and made the best bread, of any meal he fiarll rAMivMl fnr Rmm vmsts. Aorkin. It ia an sold J - to m s-t J sayinsr, that where the carcase is,: thre will be jfhe gathering of the eagles. Fast, as Mr. Hall's mills are now grinding, they are crowded! to (iVAfflnwincr with nefrtm it ia nr,t cnrK 'mill 1M " JfiRA W Vlfi OUE. 1 la 4ill 0rfnd fast tn.r. inrf ulnw tomorrow. Bu the Rev. E.F. Hatfidd.for the Jlnniversaru I but it is oue continued and onbruken 'stream' of or ine lnvruenm not a i emperanee ssociitv. Ifapw grinding, so mocn for your nrst ques 1VJU. 1UU1 9CHHIU UUCVIIUU IDflUS U1UIIUWI. II vuesiton woai win oe me; coat ol sncn I mill, yon furnishing" every thing;? i i -i Answer. Oar business is only to fix the ran 6tng gear : tour dam, forebay. husk frame ind loose, and the clearing away of all obstructions is entirely the business of the mill owner i so also is the getting of the timber for the rjew wqtk. whicb can be cat, hauled and aawed in a day and a half: and we will fix one pair of Riin- tiers ror saou oouars, and warrant ner to grind If upon a good stream,! and from 5 to 10 feet wajer, from 180 to 250 bushels of meat it twejve botiis. The cost of the iron required about these mills is but trifling : and the auzei of the mill stones may yary from 3 feet 6 inches to fyor feet in diameter, and from 17 to 24 inches thick 1 i Quest ton A. Is its coostruclion sueh! as wil 1. 3. Tf I : lyCW-XOTK. i Friends of Freedom ! swell the song ; a as - a m wr xoang and qid ij me strain prolong, Make the TempVaoce strong, I I j And on to victor j. Lift your banners, let them wave, Onward march Ithe world to save ; j Who would fill a drunkard's grave, ( ijj And bear bis infamy, ? Shrink not; when the foe appears ; Spurn the coward's guilty fears j Hear the ehrieks, behold the tears !! ill Of mined families! Raise the cry in every spot, ' j Touch hot,--taste hot hakdlk kot ! Who would be a drunken sot, Ji ; The worst of miseries 3. 4. 1:. Give the aching bosom rest j Carry joy to every breast Make the wretched drunkard blest, . By living soberly; Raise the glorious .watchword high, Touch kottaste kot till jou Let the echo reach tbe sky, And earth keep jubilee. hear 08 plead, j 9 I 1 IfiUlt It iloirder 1 in i THE Trustees of the Salisbury Female Aca demy, inform the public, that this Institution ill be opened on Moodaj me I4tn ot uctober next. It is their intention! to place this Seminary on a peimanent and respectable oasia; and no care' will be wanting on their part, to render it in every respect worthy of the confidence' of the friends of edncatioo, morality and religion, who seek for their daughters a place where intellec tual: and moral culture combined, will prepare them to occupy with usefulness aod digaityithe sphere to which they may be called. ; I , i i vari. . - ar ' i ney are now maaing an suuaaie enans io secure for Teachers, a gentleman and lady of high qualifications. i I Meanwhile they have engaged Miss Emma J. Baker, a young lady in whose literary quali fications and capacity for such a situation, they have perfect confidence ;s and who has hitherto uugoi music in mis ano omer seminaries, who entire satisfaclion. As soon as the other teach era are obtained, Miss Baker will again devote herself exclusively to the musical department. '! By order of tbe Trustees, j I THOMAS L. COWAN, Ch'n. Salisbury, Sept. 27, 1839 tf9 j ; M?UE,TOJV LODGE. finHE old Members of the Fulton Lodge, No. JL 99, are toyitedzlo attend a meeting to be held oft Satnrdav eyeninff. Sept. 28th, for the purpose of reviving the Lodge and jita Charter. To commence at early; candle Jigau ept.27, 1839 tf9 TS. Wm. H. Hackett JH 1HGMA IMPOltT.l.XT (. TO Tiri PUBLIC IiVDtl. i 100 CHATHAM ST III, Dis casts gtntral nn H E Mlowing detail of ja Scheme ov x JL LofTEEV, to be draw o to December next. warrants us in declaring it to be UNPARAL LELED in the history of Lotteries. Prizes to the amount hate hetee befobe1 beer orrEE- ED to the public. It is true, there are many blanks, but brf the other hand, the extremely 1 ft m m -j. T - ' ' IV iow cnargeoi szv per iicxei me value akd IN umber of j tbe Capital 3, and the revival of the good old custom of warranting that every prize shall be drawn and sold, will, we are sure, give ontversal saUsfactiooand especially to the aix hqhseed Pejze Holdebs. Io those disposed to adventure, we reeom mflnit earlv nnnlintinn KAin rr md to na for tirt. eis waen ine rrizes are aiisoiai oianas ooiy ji uumm means, now ct (CUlLlUauB Ul DQVctS OBVB IDO DCSi CuilCe. BIV r"""" YVia. vt WJt Ji all lherefoe, emphatically say DELAY NOl but' at .once remit and transmit io us your or ders, vdiich shall always receive 'our immediate attention. . . Lettera to be addressed, and applica tion to be made to t 1 j SYLVESTER & Co. f j 156 Broadway, N. York. tCJ Observe the IS umber, 156. and specie ( titubes. ! BEWARE LEST YE STUM1 ; ThOCT. WILLIAM EVAN, li j-7,ham street avails himself of tic i -caaioo to tender bis most onftiarlt! at L: ments to the nnmenxia inenibr i f ,c (suffering code' 'all the pains sr. J i ! flesh is heir to,"l have enrustt d ti er his care. He has the sni&lactu tf ; from many living evidences, that his r ItMVa Jama ikkia J.i t uv uuuo ucir uoii as iar as lit 3 8700,000 ! ! ! S500,000 I f 1 6 i ii die!" ould itin'ot be thought, yery extraor- JTf i!lii'on were seriously made, 5 itpajicpl jCopslitution as to prohibit Se irsiefiirtor the United States from Ipofilftlyneyt pifice buvmen hold- i 9 g llrxf tla fj jfJld J ! t ca t opinions with himself, I wMdsilo elevate him to office? ; iTijbefaQt4e upon tnat pri?cipie is as ; ;hiroun ano exclusive., as iuuubii ucu God of mercy 1 For thy help we intercede ; See how many bosoms bleed ! . li And heal them speedily. Hasten, Lord, the happy day, j When, beneath; thy gentle ray, ! Temp'rahce all the world shall sway, a I -.JbhB'tljt existeid.j The sec dmeritllotScIiimin rigid Lifemiinrita to the exercise of ikls Execatite function, as if a legal injunc- : Ion w;ere upon tHe President, and they were ' xirts&enf ioafl yl (regard luV , or his fulfilment ( 77$ Atari Resources bf , England '.-ill i , t enralf )ii&bwhtbat a steamer: of very ? irglennaga ja' tiJie launched in! a day or two iona (bathrh XJjick-yard. It will have been unafi(lbjsf)tl within ,the inciedtble abort jtcehieikM wyeks.7! We are i informed tbst !kfli.firo$i fx,pdition';, is an experiment; under atrecir) di uoytrnment, in oraer io ascertain re ii)orrf si: pHiuie nine in wnica suca tbs I ca be :bimpf4ted. . The number of ! hands the raen are work. HI A R R IED, ; j ' In Concord on liie 17th inst by'G. W. Bar nngerEsq., Mr JOHN MEANS to Mrs. EL MIRA PATTERSON, all of Cabarrus county. PHI0E3 AT Salisbury, JV. C , SepL 27 Cents Bacon, 10 a Brandy, a p. a " peach, ').. Butter, 10 a Cotton in seed qone Sugar, br clean, 11 33 a i I'ate" llihujiiiitnitirtd ; in fact, f-biiriieiEtnh) present Imoment as thick as aavIwor'kfhMri'aiSir ner dav as they canj The iuinajjiddi Tils ;.lhis labor, we undeiatand, is bar thou68Bil fpounds ; and should it not cost j hTeDT)rpI ia io be divided among the i; men. 1 The Vrtrntmen t h as exci ted th e greatest - I'lfKiwe inteteati m ine neignbornood. ureen- '- I. We learn from a gentleman at Cumber' Mwh4iias rflcentlv traversed every foot blljllifjth Chesapeaae and Ohio QaV f jiteflJ ' - city ari'tl 'lhat place, that !er 4J ptIou1: 1 n'-: rw s mind that, wjth due; xjerjiliifel -fenal may be completed so ria tqii aUjhl; wtet,lnto it along the entire nei!td4Mt; geii- tleovati lOfWhdm; we refer is one upon whose luagajeri iiof-uiis matter we place; entire Coffee, Corn, Feathers, Flour, 'laxseed, Iron, per lt. 5& Linseed Oil, pr gali $ 1 m j 40 a50 121 I a 17 50 374 75 for plantation use ? Is it easily! j kept; Answer. It is the simplest plan ever devised and tbe moat durable work ever constructed.! i OllPstinn 1 fln it kn arlsntorl In ifam m'n. pfi .: . " : ; I M-i I J Answer. Only the dress ; and where fhe Jppwer is sufficient, the dress will rrtake thlye aut; and odds are as gteat upon a steam mill! as lupon a wster mill. v . I If ! J '' S I (Question 6. Can it be adapted to horse pqw Answer. Whenever there is power!, wheth er: by horse, steam or water, the dress Wilt give the improvement. This led David iRjNapier, of) Kentucky, who bad but a small share of lliat obliquity of mind and peiveisity of heart, which Aod reign triumphantly, characterizes many millwrights of the present of: letting the water on the wheel, td give pow aqd speed to it without the aid of the cosily gear ing. So far from giving power and ;spend both to a mill stone, by this troublesome gearing, 'li is a constant draw back upon its resources. Vou may hy gearing give speed to a milt ; stone :t and whenever you gain speed yoo loose power; for it, is a principle in mecnanism more: onaueraoie than the laws of the Meeds, and Persians, ;tjiat whatever you gain in power you loose in spejed, and whatever you gain in speed you kose in pdw er. ! You must so adapt your work! as to gire speed enough, and then contend for all! the pow er your horse, steam or i water willjgie. pjjhe many advantages that this new simple and use- ftil improvement obtainsi over all others is, mat. it not only grinds so much faster than: ill other plans, but it will run under back Water, when State of JYorth Carolina. wilkes county July Sessions, 1839. uienn ot martin, j n. .1 i...:lm.( w led on defendant's Juands. isfac tton of . the Court, Jl that Wm. H. Hackett, is not an io habitant of this State: Ordered by the Court, that publication be made for six weeks in the Caroli na Watchman, that the paid Wm. H. Hackett, appear at our next Court, to be held at the! Court House in -Wilkesborougb, on the 1st monday af ter the 4Jh monday of October next, and answer ; or judgment will be entered against him, fol the amount of plaintiffs debt I I .' ! j ! ' . t . f Given under my hand at office, the 8th day of September, 1839. f M r WM. MASTIN.ce c. f September 27. 1839 Printer's fee $5 : SHI ARCHIE FOR 825,000 Prizes ofi-S15,000 ! ! 3 Prizes of 810,000 ! ! Grimd Heal Estate and Bank Stock , ' I'IiO.TTI-RT. Of property situated in New Orleans. JCPlIhe richest and most magnificent Scheme erer presented to tbe public, in tbi3 or any oin er cooptry. I .-; I -j j :" - - -. yiOSCTfl OI7LY 20 POlalig. Aathorized by an act of the Legislative As sembly of Florida, and under the Direction of the Commissioners, acting under the same. To beldratrii at JACKSONVLLE Florida if December 1st. 1839. SCHMIDT - HAMILTON. Managers, SYLVESTER fii Co 156 Broadway, f ! New YorIC Sole Agents. (No Combinatioh Numbers! ! '; 100.0QO Tickets from No. I upwards in succes sion. !.f , ' V--. "' The! deeds of the Property snd the Stock transferred in trust to the Commissioners appois ted by the said Act o( the Legislature of Flori da, for the security of the IVize Holders. SPLENDID SCHE52B. OTJZIXIZIZ7T Cenfa. 50 a GO S a 10 25 a 30 fTTlHIS yoon?. beautiful, and thorough : bred JL horse, " Sir Archie n ia now offeied for sale. He is a dark bay, 16 hands bigb, stout, I strong and commanding.! He is four years, and six noon t ha old. He is in excellent! health;, and finer spirits than I ever saw him j He is the grandson of the celebrated Raeei. '1 Sir Archie Those wishing to purchase thisfine yooDg horse, are particularly invited io call and see him; Ap ply to Eli Harris, Esoi at Wind H;I1,I Mont gomery Co. N. C., where both the horse and his pedigree will be found.- Apply soon. ! 1 FRANKLIN HARRIS. Sept. 27, 1839 7w9 ( ' M m Molasses, Nails. Oats, Pork, ! 10 a 12 loaf, 18 a 20 Salt, I 25 a 1 50 Tallow, 10 a 12 Tobacco, 8 a 20 jTow-iinen, 16 a 20 Wheat, bush 62 70 Whiskey, 45 a 50 Wool, (clean) 40 Lrdr 10 a 12 WOTllICE. W Tract of Land contain 386 ILL be sold at the Court-House in Salis bury, on the 19th day of October next, a "I? r. ; i Clary, etievilU, N. C. Sept. 27. Brandy, peach a ll Do, Apple 61 Bacon, li a Beeswax, . 1; 20 Coffee. 12 Cotton, 12 Cotton Yarn, 24 Corn, . 75 Candles, F.F. 18 Flaxseed $100 a $ Flour $4 50 a $5 Feathers tUliUUCIiUCF .wjjj.;saief?p .UulfttauKs Trees. The fol- trees have been"made within tbe St tfd WJtsi?ii. rQn nnn in V.mt Harifnril :4k alfcenlli ahreWr 50.000 in WeihersfielJ. st tf3!.to,in Glastenbqtyl at 40 ceotsj Iron, Beef Bacon Butter Beeswax Bagging yd 5. 00 70 Hi 25 a 13 a 13 a 32 a1 85 a 20 25 50 45 a b Molasses, 36 a 40 Nails, cut, 7 8 Sugar brown, 8a 12 Lump, " 16 Loaf, 18 a 20 Salt. 75 a 90 Sack, $21 a $2 75 Tobacco leaf; 8 a 10 Cotton bag. j 16 a 20 Bale rope. I 8 a 12: Wheat new 80. Whiskey i 00 a 50 Wool, j 17 a 20 others cannot. Mr. Hall's mills was buried 221 belonging to the' Heirs! at Law, of John lpones under water a lew weeks since j and there aeo r. deed., lying on Crane Creek-, adjoining the was no perceivable dinerenoe in her grinding : lands of John jMcUIelland, and others, on a cred it of twelve months, by order of the Court dfj Equity for Rowan County. Bond snd secority for the purchase money required on the day of sale 1 itle to be made: according toj future or der of the Court. i M ! SAMLf SILLIMAN, cm. e. Sept. 27, 1839 49 . and had the wheel been immersed 4 f?et. the dif ference would have been but small, i There is in; high water.! or told; ones! to F!1! Df 'Nfl1. W cental and f gentleman wr wit.ifij.inn, bafe paid 45 ceotsa tree for a lot. i ifMiiH&aH jabout 300,000 trees have actal Jil? Wwason; in the vicinity of iW iSrff ??8,8' '100 hav beensold lo go to ef?,UQf,000 to go to Michigan, 20,000 ilfcJtiW "d i "nff'rWf B tfordiCourier. AlGrent Sfpfy -Ax wa.atai:ir,i n.-.ni ! w4htowii. i pe&Mmkmii tled by cre4iKiB:mn : ; jact?i and are Sieved by them t0 be such. 1 lnejawTef fitjeftree is ajMr.lhhatp.ofon--li Il6ut,aind;ihe tiee" is familiarly termed, and s .-pfopwty;y.e.:thina:, tbe.anorp tree. j j! 'erei4ofeViree of the same kind.it ia s dfW wjBrftjid, one quarter! of which has j Wesold for 8150. i .It is strange how mulber- XJad. mei$ will mn.WVbr.Aampo.i Gazette. 5 a 7 Hiai 12 il5s25 22 a 24 1825 Bale rope lb 10 a J2& Coffee lb 12J! a 15 Cotton 9 a 12 Corn bush 874 a 91 Flour brl FoAlhorvi M. w ... s ... . I TT Iron lOOlbs 5 a 6( Lard S 12j a 15 Molasses ' 45 50 Tallow Id a 12 Cheraw, S. C.t Sept. 27. U Nails cut assor. 7 9 wrought 16 a 18 Oats bushel I a 50 Oil gal 75 a $lj lamp i $125 linseed 1 10 a 1 25 Pork l001bs! 8 a 10 Rice TOOlbs 5a 5 Sugar lb 10 a 121 51 a 7 Salt sack 2 75 a S3 ir . s ; i t a . " : vs . 'a L m f, m I 1 at. 4U B Of i DUSU Oil Steel Amer. 10 a 00 English 14 . German! 12 a 14 Teaitnpe.81 91 37 j The si oon Pioneer of Vif- H driven aafinpA in fthn I latn tTflla ppnoaii BWnUini-i af:.i..i - JL-. "'gy WHN rjSTfectlv Kicrh jinH Hrir that nn FOR flHE Subscriber being anxious to dispose of JL the Land where he now lives, offers I same on reasonable terms . There are upwards of ;i1 (..'Hi ;- I V 300 ACRES i - . I . . ; of a valoable quality lying ie Rowan County, on; the Sooth Yadkin River aod on tbe Beaver Dam! Thr ri mm fori hi a nAllintr Hnna es, out Houses.! &c, in the premises. Those! t looing io out wiyi so wen io view mese lauus, as a bargain may! be had There is an excellent Tan Yard now in operas won on the premise), l ) 0 ! ! t LEMUEL T. JOHNSON. September 27, 1839 3wf9 j r mi more Refer to Messrs. E. hi kings, John It Yarbrougb 1 6i Haigb, Curtis! MMISSION 1 AND roziWAnzixxra rjzmozxAxrr. Yilmington, N. G. I. & W. WmslowVE W. Wi uske & Son. C. J. Ortpli J Kay, Joseph Baker, C. & Myrove FayeUeviUetW, C. no gearing to overflow and soak i ucio is uw - wis w lua.c . uiiUiu; vil r OS repair. There is no wedges to make.iNogreas j ing or tallow required. 'r It will rind in jthe course of the year about ten times as much as any other plan fixed upon the earner stream ;i for you most bear in mind, that there is no conceiv able calamity that can befall these mills, that Cannot be repaired in twenty four hours, and jf it Were not ibat tbe first full blaze of light isjtoo Strong for tbe eye, accustomed to darkness; we jNrould say in twelve hours. So you seer she is a I wsys ready to do her work, and that too in jthe qoickest time and shortest notice. The best floor weever remember to have seen, was ground under! loetor Pierce's French bur, of Rutherford ebon-! y Tennessee. The Doctor said he believed he could gncd 300 bushels a day. J S j j j Question 7. W bat would you put one op for; adapted to horse power, at Montgomery f Ala-j bama f - " -1 i j ! Answer. We have sold the right to the State pt Alabama and Mississippi, to a company of gentlemen living in Tuscumbia : and you! may; say to Col. Taylor i that we have sold the State of South Carolina, to James D. Lester! Elsql. a wealthy and respectable gentleman; 'living in! Collodin, Monroe county j Georgia s he has Work-! men aiuveiner qoaiinea to execute ine worK. and he would rejoice to have an opportunity of rearing up a brag mill near the town of Colum bia : Write to him immediately,! and; you will doubtless get a bargain!: that wehmavi haVe al timely opportunity of making our works mkpi- fest, we always give oor best bargains to! our! first applicants. "' ' ':.M! j I h Question s. Does it; require more water or greater fall for this, than lor the common Mills of tbe same size ? t ;' - j n j j I Answer. This is a question of bfore difficult solution than many others because there aire sol many ways of laying water upon J roil I jwheelsi all differing as to quantity so materially! that ir. is hard to tell whether we would use more or less. One thing is certain. We do not require an ocean oi water ; for our wheel is always made; the size of the runner, and never thicker than 8 inches, and we want a sufficiency of. water to! throw around two thirds jof the circumference of the wheel from five to ten inches in breadth, va-j rying according to the length of. the tiead and! size of tbe stream .llei wbo carl give bs the highest head, and the boldest stream, :an iiave the best mill : it is not impossible, however, to! roake a good mill, wherever one has Beeri known to grind before. ., . -j ' ;-v; fi.; r We thank yoa fbr the above intefrogaloriea, and as theie is nothing therein contained of any; private interpretation, we have taken the liber tv to publish them, and our; replies to each., bdping fV will meet your entire approbationi m; f I I With sentiments of tbe highest esteem, We remain your most obedient Servants, ' b E. & T. RUCKfeR., IMEiJD QUARTERS, - Salisbury, N. CI I I 1 : - j; ' . OFFICERS OF THE 64ta REGIMENT. i It OUJare hereby commanded to parade at the Court House, in the town of Salisbury on Wednesday the 9th of October, at 10 o'clock, A. M. with side amis for Drill. And also orj Thursday the 10th with your respective Companies for Review and In spection. 4 I .: P. S. Tbe Captains will make their returns on tbe day of Drill. : j By order of f i R. W. LONG, Col. Com'nt i 64th RegH. N. C. Militia. ! J. M. Bbowk, Adjutant; i Salisbury, Sept. 20 1839 tf3 f V j FOR IS ALE, I f niHE Subscriber being anxious to dispose of JL the Land where he now iiyeS, offers - the same on reasonable terms. There , are 'about 1000 ACRES of a valuable quality lying in Rowan County, oh the South Yadkin River and the Beaver Dam Creek;! There ale comfortable Dwelling Houses, out- Houses, on the premises. Those wishing to boy will do well to view these lands, at a bargain ! may be bad. I ! I ! i I II r ROBERT JOHNSON, I September 20, 1839 Sw j ; f j I Bagging, Roping Groceries, 1 Prize--The Arcade 286 feet. : - k I . - a incoes 4 lines, '.on Magazine street; , 101 feet, U inches on Natchez street, 126 feet, 6 inches, on Gravier street Rented at about$37 000 per ann. Val ued at i " 700,000 1 Prize City Hotel 162 feet on it : t Common street; 146 feet, 6 inches, on Camp St. Ren ted at; $25,000. Valued at 500,000 1 PrizeDwelling Hoase(adjoio- ing nn .iivnur ii u 16,24! feet,7 inches front on Natchez st. Rented at 11200 Valued at 1 420,000 1 Pnte Ditto (Adjoining the Ar cade; No 18, 23 ft. i f " front on Natchez at: Rented at $1200 Valued at ; 20.000 1 Prize Ditto-(Adjniningithe Ar ! I cade) No 18, 23, ft front on Natchez 'st. j Rented at $1200 ! i Valued all T. 20,000 I Prize Ditto No23 north-east I I corner cf! Basin fy uustom-houss st. 40 ft front ion Basin, 4 40 feet on Frank lin street, by 127 ft v deep in ;Custorv bouse street - Ria- ted at $1 500 Valued at 20,00 1 Prize Ne 24,Soothwest corner of Ba sin & Custom-house st. 32 ft 7 inches on Frank lin, 127 feet, 101 inches . ' rfpen in mint m tynslnm house street Rented at $1500 Valued at j 20.000 1 Prize Ditto No 339, 24 feet 8 inch es on Royal street,by 127 feet, 11 inches deep, Rented at $1000 Val ued at . : , ! 15,000 1 Prize 250 shares Canal Bank Stock, fg all the sources of their enjoy In. r,t, J ing in many instances to tbe u,i rica firmed Hypochondriasis Long ss it , the subject of inquiry by medical ai! mains tn roach ob&cority-Afw p'exv. c'; tbeXiver, Kidneys, Spleen, iioa.arh. : testines. Bladder and ils appendages, V Dyaentary.'Cum 5IuItos AIlis,'" t ! in tbe drama of Morbid ArTtctiuos. Dr has been singularly ttocctwful in the f of the abovt diseases, ay rt nWies dr:.u his own and the researches of the ki -t medical men in the world. He has a! ! experience and success th mughout t! t family of delicate diseases, the impure t cies of which are aggravated, by and r the coostitotitn through the base con-' -Mercurial murderers, onpriccipfetl, t'r and on practiced, in any art save that tf ting to lead the credulous victim tn t! c ruin.' Dr Evans office, 100 Cl.athau; supplied with the choicest remedies ir andj foreign maikets, asd coui pound cd 1 ter band on scientific principles . . A j : is always in attendence, and a pntai All those who come :here in the hocr t; wili. oo orr rejoiciko. X3UVER COMPLALVT, OF YEARS S TVDwVG'.-M rs 1 1 A : BROWNE, wife of Joseph 1J Sixth st. near Second st. Williaajurc' , ted or the fast ten years with LivV-r C restored to health through the treatim-hi Wm EVANS. Symptoms: Habnual c 'tion olthe bowels, tola) loss of appeu'tr, ciating pan of the epigastric region, on pretsion of spirits, langour acd other s i. : extreme debility, disturbed sleep, jnurlin.l of the menses, pat o in the right sidr, v, ' lie on her left side, without an a2 ra v s ; the pain, urine high coloured, with other toms indicating great derangement in tl t ions of the liver. Mrs. Browne was attended by ti n -first physicians, but received but liii; from their medicine, till Mr Browne p some of Di Wm Evans' invaluable prt p -which effectually relieved her of the a1 . . tressing symptoms, with others, which it : essential to intimate. JOSEPH brow: City and County of New York, fs. Joseph Browne, Wiliiamsburgh, Lcrjr ' being duly sworn, did depose and say i! facts as set forth in the within state which he has subscribed his name, are j true. JOSEPH BHOW ; Husband of the said Ham ah II; Sworn before me, this 4ih day of Jarituy PETER P1NCKKEY, Com, tf 1J I $CFAnother recent test cf the vnrh a1! tue of Dr Wm Evans' Medicihrsl) 1S' sid. ten rn,ms stajwim; - McKenzie, 176 Stanton street w&9 sfil.ru , the above complaint for ten years, wl icn pacitaied him at intervals, for the perind jears, in attending to his business, rest -r perfect health under the salutary trraU Dr Wm Evans. , The Symptoms were. A sense of di- i r i. ' t- . ana oppression arter eating, oistressir j the pit of the stomach, nausea, impaire d ;:; giddiness, palpitation of tbe heart, great and emaciation, depression of spirits. c rest, sometimes a bilious vomiting, ai d the right side, an: extreme degree t-f ! and faintnetis; any endeavour to pursue 1 inesscausing 'immediate exhaustion iud ness. Jlr McKenzie is daily attending to l i ness, and none of the above symptoms I -1 corred since he used tbe medicine. 1 1 - a strong and healthy man. lie has rt myriads of remedies, bot they were nil i tual. He is willing to give ;any in f or: the afflicted respecting the iiiestirnnt! rendered to him by the use of Di Wm I medicine. Just received c for Si Th pieces Cotton sale wholesale Sf Bagging, 42 to'44 QOZaD CZZiTTXH AZ7I ooppzm BROJVZE PRWT1NG,: ! Can be neatly executed at this Office in Um SO Kegs ails L ! 40 Bags Cofleer L , 18 HbdsJ Sugar, ! 1000 lbs Loaf do. t ! 500 lbs Spring Steel, 63 pair Elliptic Springs 20 large covering Hides, 500 lbs Blister Steel, ! 144 Uoitles Tonic Mixture, 500 lbs sole Leather 100 Kegs White Lead, -j r Sy jj. & W, MUB1 Salisbury, Sept. 20, 1839 tf 8- ! $100 each, 1 Prize 200 ditto Commercial ditto, 5 $100 each, I 20,000 1 Ptize 150 ditto Mechanics' & Tra it ders $100 each "15,000 1 Prize 100 ditto City Bank, $100 each, 10.000 1 Prize 100 do ditto do $100 each, 10,000 1 Prize 100 do ditto do $100 each. 10,000 1 Prize 50 ditto Exchange Bank, $100 each, ! 1 Prize 50 do ditto do. $100 each, 1 Prize 25; ditto Gas Light Bank, $100 H eachl if 1 Prize 25 do ditto do. $100 each 1 llrizd 15; ditto Mechanics' 4 Traders $100 each, i f Prize 15 do Ditto do, $100 each, 2Q Prizes each 10 shares of the Louis- I iana otaie oans, aiuu eacn, j each Prize $1,000, 20,000 iQ Prizes-4-each 2 shares! of $100 each, i I each Prize $200, of the Gas If Light Bank, jl 20,000 200 Prizes each I share of $100, of the Bank of Louisiana, 20,000 200 Prizf 9 each 1 share of $100, of the New Orleans Bank, 20,000 15p Prizes-4-eacJ l share of $100 of the jl ;r Union Bank of Florida, 15,000 A Eeal Blessing to Moll Dr. IVm. Evans Celebrated sor t Syrup, for Children Cuttivg their THIS infallible remedy has: piesi rvi d reds of Children, when thought covery, from convulsions. As seen as rup is rubbed n the gums, the chiUl er. This preparatioo is so itinocent, 25,000 I cinus, and so pleasant, that no child v. to let its gums be rubbed with it. Vv I are at the age ot four monshathgigh appearance of teeth, one boiile cf thu should be used on the gums, to open t Parents should never be without the I the nursery where there are yr.untr t hil if a child wakes in the night wiih pain 2,500 2,500 1,500 1,500 retail inches 600 PRIZES j j 61500,000 f TICKETS $20 NO SHARES. itrbe whole of the Tickets, with their Nuod- be9, as also those containing the Prizes, wil! be eiamineTahid sealedTby !the Coaimissioners . tp pofniM under the Act, previously to their being put into the wheels, j One wheel will contaio the whole of; the Numbers, lh other will con tain SIX HUNDRED PRIZES, and the firUi 600 Numbers that shall be drown out, will be en titled to such! PnzH as may be drawn id its num ber, and the fortunate; holders of such Prits will have such propenv transferred immediately gams, me nyrup immeaiaieiy jn 5,000 J opeoirtg the poies and healing the gi;n 5,000 J by prevaoting Convulsions, Fevers c. SProof nosilive of the EfTicaiv Evans soothing Hyrtip. To tbe Agent of Dr Evans' Niothir : Dear Sir The great beiiefit'afJordtd to r fering infant by your soothing Syrup, in of protracted and painful dentition, rr.i vince every feeling parent how esseutb! ly Application of socb an inval'iable r. ?i to relieve infant misery and torture. r . .u:i. c ' lain, wniio kcvtuin, e)rijrw c c . sunenngs, mat it was mucheu r.u - - aod my wife and family supposed would soon release the babe frtra ar we procured a bottle of your syrup; wImJ as applied to the gums, a un Jarful d produced; and after a few applications, t! disphyed obvious relief, and by cont'tn :: use, 1 am glad to inform you. ihe tU! i I pletely ri-eovered and no recorrerxe tf t! fal complaint has since occurred ; fce ..tf emanating easily and the child hai!h." I give you my cheeiul ym. mcke this acknowledgment pubi n, r gladly give any information on this Sold by the following 'AgtUt. uruiiUi jiiiv ' - JOHN A. INGLIS. (Bouksiore) Chen J, H ANDERSON. Camden, 5. C. u inuv unr.r.lN'S f!fi!i?mhia. t?. C r duu 7 - W M. MASON 4-'Co.;Raleigb. N. C TAYf.OR. HARRIS to., CharL -t IIY. after the drawing, tmincuniherei. and without TRANSCRIPT OFFICE, ? ij c akudeduttUm ! !! I P. SUMMEY &. Co. $ ami deduction I I llQt famtigM June 21, !839-3ra47 June7, I$39-tlD stay 10, VfSr.iAi I ll ; ? I? . I Hi til LI II IP: i 'v. mi- S 5 3 my If" -.SI 1": 4f V ? i m t f

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