North Carolina Newspapers

    If -iitKJi ''-4. 4 ' 4 "? :: 4' : . . 4! 4 -.r:-', 4 4 . . : 1 li-liv- -r -p 4 -44- .4 -..4: 4 : '4 1 - 4 : - I V- ,' tf;-: - - 'I. -i -l.; ' -44;4 '44:,. ,.r,- ;.; ; - .: ,44 I. - - . .-: 4; . , .44.- 4- . .
I . ; 4 - :! - t ! V .44- : ; 4: 4:4 4 4:j4j4 - jj - 4. -4. 14 ' : . 4 4 4 - 1 '" -4t' :il!Hl44 f - Jv4' -V44:.- I 4 -'4:444 - v !4 -4444-- . . 4 44.-4- .: :
rtivfiim fsa ceriainj slate of ilie mind,
cfc(iipaified bv indigestion, wherein Ihe
L,,idirtd he i worst conpfqiiences iaiJisined.
frn&ni mdicr writera eupjpesed ibU disease
L'bifi'i0' parjculr regions of Jhe
ih(i.un?ti3t?nhically cMled ,hypo;hondria wLich
Ire iftifo'M on the -rijht or jleft side of that cav
Ijjjwbeoce cumes the nam'fj hypocKondriasi?.
"-'A :M j SYMPTOMS. ' i
"Thecominon corporeal sy'rap'Os areflatdlen
.v. in Uie sfdoiacb or .bowel!; acrid .eructations,
fhe'icrhaTbfMiea irri'able. thoughtful, despond-
? n in?01ihih!ian infinite dirersitv. Tha
Usiiii ry bestof men are as open to this afflic-
Ha iit.lTlPUl
1 4enlafyifeof any -kjifd, especially pa-
Vere Sinqy proiracer to a ine noor in me i?igni
Ved by social lintercoarse, or ex-
fate habit, great excess in eating
t . . ! ...
he immoderate ose of mercury,
xioifif pf"Hi
ves, the suppression of some ha
ytoaWiscKat(je,: (as the; obstruction of the men-
Baa 3 if nnor continual emotion-; relaxation or
bebilitf of pne'or more important organs wiioin
the abf omen; ;is a irquent cause. I
; t : trbatment. , " " j. .
i Xll pricf pal objects f treatment are, to te-
to. enliven lh spirits, which may be promoted
VyfUl! how? regular meals, and
plea$(4!,ersal'00 1 The bowels (if costive)
beiiil farMl y Tegalated by the occasional use
nfttilidlanarient. i VVe know nothiogr betier
calcM.i Mxbtairi this end,jhan Dr. William
Etfi'i yfpejient Pills being mild and certain
in tpfr lopitaifon.l The bowels being once
cieardliSijnestimabIe.Uampmiie fiils.Cwhicn
atelic anMyne, and : anti-$pasmodic. are an
infyrefncid and without dispute have
nrotM''Maf blessing; d the numerous public.
SflHisfcians! liave recommended a free
nsn7fcnrybutit should not be resorted to ;
many catses i win greauj aggraYaie me
HMemUas and flstonwunz Fads.
MrlRobprt Monroe, Schuylkill, afflicted
withXheiboie distressing malady. . Symptoms:
4,0Jfat iapou'flatale.ocy, disturbed rest, rier-
'aoS fidliea!cT0S3 t he , breast, dizztnesss Der
VOinM could not.; lie
jii i iztllksitjlonwithout the sensation of
"imltiscation; palpitation of the bear,
Uilf64lflrlp6ud'h. costivenessJ nain of the stom-
acll,!otoyftiin?ss, great debility and deficiency of
theelhrbus' ?ergyi Mr R ; Monroe gave -Op
Wihtf recovery, and dire despair sal
Inn thciafria;nee of every person interested in
Ihisytlifiinqr happiness, till by accident he
Mslif a ptfblic paper some eure effected by
DrjfEVfNS' MEDICINE in his com
atnyjt3bcl induced him to: purchase a; pack
JajelftePls, which resulted" in completely
entoyh ejrery symptom of. his disease. He
wi t laf is motive for this declaration is,
jthahi jiffilsted with the same or any syrop
tonsfnff inose':'frqni4w'Ech he is happily
IresMelina likewise receive the inestimable
USi JliE John soil. wi(BH-t)f Cam. Jospnh
Jb6c$sMWeto afflicted
forUtnBvieaTslvrith Tic Dolerenx. vintont nain
pii rnd vomiting, wiSh a burning heat
lift" fife ttlpaoH and unable lb leave . her room.
fShiioilMfind no relief froav the advice'of sev-
IfrallhlaaTfslnor from medicines of any kind,
nniilJaE)i4he! ;l(ad commenced using Dr Evans1
rnwiieinejof IJQO Chatham i street, andirum that
time sh-6fgan 'to amend, add feels satisfied : if
shirtmtno the medicine ajfew days longer,
will beperfecfly ciired. Reference can be had
as a4lhe:-ttuth, pf tle above, by calling at Mrs
ad Mrs Anne F. ! Kennv. No 115 Lewis
i:rM,IW. Stanton-'and Houston sis., afflic-
tedifrHnjyers with the following distressing
9y'tQrjs44ijJ feructation daily spasmodic
paios in lbM head, loss of anrjietite. naloitfttion nf
Juf'fr'heark giddiness arid dimness of siffht.coold
.wHrli1??!'0' n. ?ny triing that demanded
vifir or courage, sometimes a! visionary idea of
an isiviiil)fi of her diseased a whimsical aver
swio:rfer)icular persons and places, groundless
aPpff be3ijs of personal daeger and poverty,
aVIsjMiess and.wearinesaj of life, disconten
MfiHu'dej.tin "every slight occasion, she
rorfctifede could neitherdie norliveishe wept.
idiLivQ?,peSponaea, ana inougnt she led a
! ?m5f erf ble fife, never wa!sone so bad, with
freaiMnfif ntal-iiallucinations. - - . .
W !HDf. J ft the id ri ft several eminent
Phscji3indhad recourse o numerous medi
;t?aM:lp..fd not obtain e veil temporary allevia
r,0?flllst'f8sing state, till her husband per
Plt'Wmtotrtalofrayimodeof treatment.
y'flW quue-relieved, ;and nnds herself
her domestic a f-
good health at
her existence.
ennvi huxhinri nf ihb irij a.
Jf fre me,; this 14th day of December,
v I
Ill ;lfI.PisckBEY, ICom. of Deeds.
StlJ.lljil AUK illl CV-Z'k cr r'n nr-rrwir.
lira.ith an j Affection of the
'Wgcored under tha ..L... r A 4.
inn A ui jjocior
l!lM;f:4N sUgMest motlon,X tS
OT EI sieaay wmieness ; loss of apr
4mm MMs head, the bowels comnio".
:-fil'tttihe'higb .coloured, and
toss of arnetitfl.
i r
rf wg?aungj unatten
i'6p1ipinai were also
'dd by relief. Tk
U1 . irifHvunv ui.Dreamingj wun a sense of
JwfFF0 cnest, likewise a great want
K5St!fW- ir, le nervous
1 1 t he abut a c m nt Am
entirely removed,
Ur Wm Evans.
h mi Ki Is
4Pose3an3ti- 4"S 'J sworn, aoio oe-
T"?P J-ariia : k:.- jtL
!? kAiia.JJit,,,,na the Tacts stated in the .
MMlr RENJ.s.jJ
are in all
IIflrJM Ai ih of November, 1836.
mi mm
MMiGTHvWNotarv Public." 9fi
. ; f
ivn noe wc,l0
kht. j-aipttations. and often an otter inability
Lf tixioVjtHe altenlion pponjany aobject or- im
borfanceiOf 'ensagrinj? in any thin? .that, de-
i mmmint of4hel ir,letfou9 8y--
ivui$&&i fMinss aod.peeliar train of ideas
! ana
11 wTp!01" attending to
f 4,4fl VMW ,hat Bbe enjoyjs as
fcfre did at anv period of
editors and PROpniCTons.
4' j Fyuit "Trees, ci J
The Subscriber informs the public, that helifs
for saleat his Nnrseries in Davidson County,
15,000 trees if tbe Morns Multicauijs,!ineie
ie superior tqcuuings wunout roots to pfopar
gate from. I His prices shall be the market'price
of the article in the North and elsewhere.He
also has a larg stock of Fruit Trees, consisting
of Apples,4 Pears,' Peaches, PIuW Chelrie r,
q-u. oeing selections oi tne oest American; arid
European fruits, all of which are grafted or in
ocnlated, and In healthy, growing; conitjofi. U
i will have trees delivered in good condition.
uj rtfasoaajuie aisiaoce irora Lexington, say
75 or 100 miles. tXi am.innt nf nrAora
fy it.) for which I will charge the usual price of
baolinor. It Will be well for thosa tvhiirTsh in
obtain trees; to get the Catalogae of the! Nfors!
ries, which contains prices, and will beientWra ti
is to all appijcants, the postage being J'l
lyommunicaiions will he promptly attended to.
uueci to JL.exingion,4i. UA . !
Lexington, jlN. U. Sept. 6, ISSp.
M.S8!!0? new supply of Gold-and $ilvir
WATCHES. Plain ftnatiatvUi-it iftUJu
- r. i . - ,r i
do; Gold Fob Chains and Keys; Fine breast
auu x.idci; uings, silver Hotter; KQives,
Patent. land plain Pencils. Tnoiti Pigtail
opeciac es and Thimbles, ibtiel arid gij
ob Lh.iins ad Keys.
.-j" i-ALSO ;;; ;"'
by dinerent makers, and other articles nsual
jept by Jewellers. All of which will be! so
ow tor Cwft, or only six months credit. t(ihi
mh'lfVi lima inifirael' i.itl L. U. L J h t '
fiMivn iiuy, iiiiumi Mill UV CMaJl'CQa I V OEM
uoue laiiniuuyjana puncruaiiy. j
Salisbury, May 3, 18S9-itf40 !
ILL; be Isold at the Court-Mouse in ii3is
hnrir I in: ho lOik T fi . I '
i rac; ot JUano: containing t t
33S ilCRE
belonging to the Heir9 t Law, oj'iohrt (flary)
Seor. dee'di, lyingon Crane Creek, ailjoinilg the
. IP
lanos oi John ftJcUlelland, and others, on alcre
Equity for Rowan County. Bond and selorifv
ii. oi vweifq monins, oy praer at ine uprrrt
iyr me purpnase money required on
sale. jTiile: id be made according to
der of the Court. i
the 'day of
i t
i ..-li f i c im cir T.i.4 ' ' "
! 1
i T;t.': oa;uu. olLiLilAJAlX, C. M E.
455ept. 27, 1539-r4vk9
JI1. U. Douglas,
H H AVIniti; located himwlf In J.
JLfl. spelful y j tenders his professional seivicfes
to its citizpns, and those of the stjrroubdinglcoufj
try. His; office is the one recently occupied by
Dr. BouchelJe, where-he can be fonnd kt k
times, except w hen absent on - professional da
lies, idaiisbary,'June 7, !839 if45 j
BaSgf PPinS Grpcef iep,
Jus received iSc for sale wkolXntp &
nffh P'iC0"0" Ba?gng, 42 to 44 Inches
SO ct)ils Bale Rope.
30 Kegs XMaiis, i
40 Bags Coffee, i 1
1$: Hhds. Sugar, ! .
1000 lbs Loaf do. . J"
500 lbs Spring Steel,
5$ pair Eliptic Springs, ,
20 large covering Hides,
500 lbsrBlister Steel, -141
Dottles Tonic Mixture,
500 lbs sole Leather, j
100 Kegs White Lead,
ty 4 ,
1 I
By J. & W. MUftPIIV
Salisbury, Sept. 20, 1839 tf8 I : J
fUHE Snbsciiber has for sale (del
i 1 1,
IJl ter; the; faU: of! the leaQ froni i fflGftT
ine Morus! Mnlticaolus Trees. frkm joats nd
cuttings, now growing in and nearf the Tdwnf of
Pittsbprooghl North Carolina. TbesbjTrlesJire
large and superior, many of them! now measure
from si a to njne feet, well branched,! minyi of
which wII count from one to three hondred
m"us each J I will self any number.tbat inajH be
jooi, or by the hadl hnt WnnM nrmfaJ ooWmn;
be.bud.' i.fl r.Tn Hf
Also tot sat-, on tnilIiA. f li.jfcj,'- ilLti J
pu ui ui jyggs io, feeding. 4 ! 1 1 r
C:tl. L t; "..... w. nil. wee sua; ui
ruisooTougn, aepl: 6, 1839 tf6
- .i
A quanltit
titAot superior CknnU rLl
14 do
J vyuucv,
i do , Smohtn t 7TiA,;U..
May 17
!-'. 4 ,. .4 I :. If.l.n i ......... ... i. , . . , , . i i - - : ! r - : 1
j l
i !
i ;
- ! ' 1 h . . . ........ r ,;! i. -
f W$e!f at
T WILL continue to sell ! my. Moots Molti-
m. caoiia l rees, ot which 1 1 have about Three
A hoosand, the roots at 20 cents, and the buds at
one collar and fifty cents per' bhridredH (which
is one dollar less than the price in this: market
last fall,; if applied fori by the 10tb of October
oexiT i navenow trees from the bod nearly
' su w luraisn oiik Worm
Eggs, without charge to persons purchasing my
aDa - wm agree io; nay of id em all the mer
ciiani&oie cocoons made
from such eggs at the
Baltimore prices. -
Fayetteville, Aug. SO, 18S9 7w5
' " i-S
Continues to keep on hand a good assortment o
Breast Pins and Rings, j.
St'rcr Spoons and Pencils, j'
Musical Boxes and Silver Thtinbhs,
Rodger's' Pocket and Pen knives.
And all other articles i'n his line. : J)
Repaired in (he best manner and warranted for
twelve months. Old Gold ahd Silver taken in
exchange for articles purchased, or iri payment
Saiisbury, June 7,
ISS94-K45 4 I
Oils, Snuffs, llubacco Spariisb ! Cigars,
Candles, Rice, Starch j Soaps! Perfumes. Bnish
m, Instruments, Paste Boards, Fine Letter and
V rapping Paper, Qoills, Ink, Dfawihg Paper
and Paints, Madeira, Teneriff, Maiagaj Port,
herrj. Champaign, Muscat and Claret Wines,
h rencb, Peach and Apple Brandy Qin, Monon
gahala and old Whiskey, Jamaica Und N. E.
Rom, Loaf Sugar, VarnishWi Sand Paper,
Glass Ware and Bolt lesLmon aid Ginger
Syrup, Lirne Joice, Tamarinds. Ja'ss,' Corks;
Pocket Books and Maps, Pipes, Iron and Com p.
Mortars and Pestles, (Candle! Vick Blacking.
Lee's, Dean's, Dy oil's. Anderson's", Hooper's,
Scot Ts, Cook's. Shop, ! Deck w i th's. Peters, M of
fii Evans Brandwith's, and Phelps' Pills,
HoucVs and S aim's Panacefa, Moore and An
derson's Cough Drops Snuff :Boxesr, Spices,
Pepper Sauce, Ro wand's 'IVjnic M ixlure, Back
gamon Boards, Matche?. Balm of Columbia for
bald heads; Elixir of Opiumj Swaim's Vermi
fuge, and a thousand either articles. Just received
and for sale chtap.zl ihe Apoiihecary sign, by
J C. B & Ki vVIIpELER.
.! Salisbury, Aug. 28j 18S94-t4F 4i
I glHE Stockholders in the'Satisburv 5lanu
Jl factoring Company, are notified that an In
stallment of Five Doliars perish a re will be paya
ble to Ihe undersigned!, on the! 1st day of Novem
ber next. By order of the president and Dir
HFectors of the Company. "' I i 44
WM. juj HDRAH, '
. I Trl S. M. C.
Oct. 10, 1839 2W.I1 ! j M 14
after the 1st of! August,! under the man
agement and direction of the 'Subscriber. The
House has been thoroughly repaired, and' will.
in a few days, be well furnished ; and every ef
fort will be made to render it worthy of patron
July 30, 1S39.
Ve have on bard
, ntpply of Bla
1 ! 4 .
among Mich are
(Aeto) of the new fojrm. AlsoSj Constables Ex
j ecutlons and Warrants II i
mHE SUBSCRIBER having been satisfac
JL'- torily engaged for more
han j three years
a attending to a 4
t eels encouraged toeay to the' public, that her
House and Stables are well furnished for the!
reception and accommodation of those who may
be pleased to call. ! J j
: , - : .' E. SMITH.
ICJ All the Stao-es arrive iiat land deDart
from my House, where seals are secured, and no
exertions spared to give general satisfaction toi
! tc3 My residence is on the comer of Gilles
pie 6treet, the lot
ormerly occopfed by Mrs.'
Barge, conveoient to the .Market od
near the
0 Y 'yjl'
' 'I
.1. i t
7S Bolls, and Fifty cts
Stntr of ilortfi JejfitoUUtl,
Superior Court of Law, August Tertnl
' : j- .1839. t : : 4
Milly Edmonston, )PML.k
t cifiuuiujiTijipe
I Thomas Edmonston. 1 !no Amony.
IT appearing toj the satisfaction of the fCourt, i
thai the defendant, Thumas Edmonston. i9 I
uu au inaaoiianv pi mis oiaieq urdered by the
Court, that publication be made three months In'
the Carolina Watchman, that the said Thomas
H.dmonston appear at our next Superior Court of
uaw, io oe held tor the county j of Cabarrus, at
the Court-house p Concord, on the second Mon
day in February next, and answer to said petition,-
or it will be j beard exparte and Judgment
awarded accordingly, v J 4 r : -
. Witness. A.jL Shankle Clerk of our said
Superior Court, at Concord, the second Mon
day in August, 1839, and the 64tb of American
Independence. .': I j . Ml" .
- . A. J. SHANK LE, osc. .
August 1 6 8ro3 ,14.11 ' .4 1- .-'l
I is
THE Subscriber being anxious to dispose of
the Land whets he now lives, offers the
same on reasonable terms r There are upwards
of ' 4 ' 4- ' .- ! K f - i
300 ACRES f j
of a valuable quality lyiog in RoWan County, on
tne south ladkin Hirer and on the Beaver Dam
Creek There are comfortable'
Dwelling! Hous
es, out Houses. &c, in the
premises. those
wishing to buy will do well
to vieiv these; lands.
as a bargain may be bad. -h
There is an excel!entTan Yard now in opera
nun on me premises. ,: i r f j I
September 27. 1839 Sw9
13 E S P E CTF U L L Y offers!
is professional
JLf services to the citizens
of Salisbdty and
surroundinff country. His Office win Mr.
vyesl'8 new brickj building; neatly, opposite ;J.
and .W. Morpbyts store.
August So, 189115
4 1
',-; lnJifoclfcUtyW.C.' ' "4-1! 4"1
TNFORMS the! onblia that he has rlmovirl
M. from his form ej- stand, to hi? new buildings
on the piiblic square, in the Town of Mocks-
vtlle, wherhe willcuntinue to keep a J
House ofEntcrtaittinehtl
His House is rot) my and bommodions: attach
ed to which are SIX OOMFORTABLE OF
FICES for gentlemen of the "Bar, all cbived-1
lent to the Court tiouse. 1 he subscjicei pledg
es himself to.the most dilisrent exertions, to eive
satisfaction to such as may call on hint. His
TABLE, BAR Si STABLES are prodded in
the best manner-lthat the jcountry will rafford,
and his servants a re faithful and prompt. I
Udll xu, looy win r-j j i
illot'ttS Jflulticaulis.
TREES may be had at FavettevMe. N.
C. abdot the lastjof next :Ummtir or tbeffirt jof
the Fall. The prjppiietor can very readjly dis
pose of them at tie North', but; from patriotic
considerations, he; prefers that they sliould be
taken by his native talei t he price twill be
the same as in Baltimore or! New York, sind will
be forwarded to purchasers on the; moneys being
remitted. It is bdped thatsuch as may Wish toi
engage, may do sq at an early day. .
Enquire of E. L. Wisslow, Fayetteville,
N. C "4 1 14 - f '
Feb 16, 1839-Ltf29 j j i f
BF. FRALEY keeps! constantly on hand
a fall -supply f ready 4 t
Coats, Pantaloonsand Vests, also Cloths, Casi-
meres ana vesung, all ot which he will sell
low for cash.. He is also prepared to cut and
make clothing in sj very superior style, arid war
ranted to fit well. Garments cut on short no
tice. He will teach the j j
on the most approved and Fashionable Style to
Tailor's wishing instruction. i B. F. F.
Sept. 6, 1839 4l2m6 M f'-'l.
JLiSl of inciters,
B ALMiMi in the Post: Office in Con-
cord, N. C. October 1st, 1839.
B Charles Earnhardt, J. N. Bigger j,Thos.
N. Black, Hirani Blackwelter, joses Barn-
hard!, f i
CCatharine Cook.
D Lawrence Dry
F Patrick Freesly, Henry Furr. 2, Andrew
r reeman.
u Ueorge W 4 Green, Jane C. Gibson.
H Charles Hrria
K Samuel C.jKlutts, Pan! Klutts, Sen.
L Mr?. Margaret Leopard,! Ke. J.l Lantz
ujim jjiii uwv, 1 r ui 1 y v. iLiii'-nvi .
M Ransom Motier. W
Miarij McCree, Mrs.
William Miesenhi-
Caibarine D. McCree, (21
mer, (S) John MCIure, ill J; Mebane, ; Robert
AIoilv, Miss E. Mi!ier.
P Francis L. Prry, John Pae.
R Experience! Rendlemani4Alary Russell,
oeth K. Kufrers.- i
V Abram Vsrpelt.
WCol JamfsfAVhite
4 GEptitiE hLUTTS, ff. M.
rrcofd, Or? 141139 31 If
v. ic '
; r WHOLE JtO, S7B. .
TheVWiTCHMAK may , hereaftir h
two Dollars and Fifty Cents per year. 4
a class or four new subscribers who will
Pjy 10 advance the whole sum at one payment;
shall have the paper for one year at Two Dol
lars each, and as Jong as the same class shall
cuatmue inus io pay in advance the sum of
n.igni uoiiars the same terms shall continue,
otherwise they will be charged as other "sabseri
bers.-: ) -: : 444.-",- -4 . -- '-.- -4
Subscribers who do not Tiav dur?nr llm n
twill oe charged three Dollars in all cases.
i ' suoscripuon win he received tor less thab
peyear bit by payment in advance.
I No paper will be discontinued but at the'op
pop of the Editors, unless all arrearages are
paid up, '4 '- 4 . .
! ICF All letters to the EoMtorrmost be post
pmd; otherwise they will certainly not be at
tended to l . . , ' . .4 . ; : ;-4r .
I One Dollar per square for the first insertion!
andT wenty-five Cents per square for each in
sertion afterwards. 4 4 ;
r Court Notices will ba charged 25 per cent.,
pigher jhan the above "rates. A deduction of
p3j per ct. from the regular prices" will be made
to those that advertise by the year. !
j No advertisement will be inserted for less
han one- Dollar: ' 4 4 -I
Advertisements will be continued nntU nr?er
p0 received to stop them, where no directions
are previously given. 4,
I i 4 j DIGEST
Of all the reported Decisions of the Courts in
j North Carolina, commencing with the earliest
I Reporterand including the Decisions of the
Supreme Court at their June Term, 1837;
' prepared by 4 , ' 4
Jas. Iredell. Esq. Attor. & Couns'r at Law.
. TURNER & HUGHES, the! proprietors,
Respectfully ask the patronage of , the public for
jhis work, which i now in press, and will- be
poblished and ready for delivery about the first
of November, 1839. 4. . J
I In the original proposals, issued more than a
yeatago, it was stated thaLthe work would pro
fiably not exceed seven hundred pages. It is
ljbw ascertained it will contain near a thousand
jages, and must therefore necessarily be divided
nto two royal octavo volumes of about 500 pa
ges each printed on good type and fine paper,
fnd well bound. Price hine dollars a copy.
1 It is recommended not only fo professional
meni all of whom will donbtless possess them
selves of it, to direct and abridge their labors,
but is also urged upon the notice of all Justices,
Sheriff?, and other jedicial officers, as affording
hem an exposition, in a few words, of the points
jkhich the Suprerne outt of North Canflina
has -decided in .relation to their duties. For t.
similar reason, it is recommended to private gen
tlemen, who may have the inclination or feel art
Interest to know the determinations of thetSo
preme Court, which constitute, so far as they
decide,' the law of the land, as imperative as any
act of Assembly, and as binding in their opera
ion'upon every member of the commnni'ty.
I ICP Gentlemen will confer a great, a partic
plar favortipen the author and publisher?,' by
iding in piocorino; subscribers, and returning
fhe list by mail to Turner & Hoghes; by the lsl
f November or December, next.
Kaleigh, August 28th, 1839.
4 :iililDSBSY.
THE Trustees of the Salisbury Female Aca
demy, inform ihe public, that thislnstitotion
fill be opened on Monday the 14th of October
next. It is their intention to place this Seminar
on a peimaneni and respectable basis; and no
are will be wanting on their part, to render it in
every respect, worthy of the confidence of the
friends of education, morality and religion, who
leek for their daughters a place where intellec
jual and moral culture combined, will prepare
tjiern to occupy with usefulness and digaity, the
sphere to which they may be called.
" They, are now making all suitable effrts to
fpcure or Teachers, a gentleman and lady of
fiigh qualifications.
I Mean wbtle-ihey have engaged Mis3 Emma
J- Baker, a youngflady in whose literary quali
fications and capacity for such a situation, they
have perfect confidence; and who has hitberio
taught music in this and other .seminaries, with
f nttre satisfaction. As soon as the other teach-,
f rs are obtained, Miss Baker will .again devote
herself exclusively to the musical department.
! By order of the Trustees.
f Salisbury, Sept. 27r 1839 tf9
State of jLortfi Carolina.
I Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, August
I Term, 1839;
tassandra Ellis, "J "
1 vs. 1
TOIiam Mayse and JPetilion fol distrit ition.
wire Nancy, VVilliam j
Dell & his wife Cloa. J
r appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,'
that William Mayse and his wife Nancy,
William Ben and his wife Cloa, are not inhabi
tants of this State. It is-therefore ordered, that
piblicaiion be made fur six Weeks successively in
the Carolina Watchman, that the said William
llayse and his wife Kancy, William Belt and
his 'wipe (jfoa, appear at the'next Court of Pleas
and Quarter Sessions, to b held for the county
of Iredell, at the Court-House in S'atesville,
on the 3d monday in November next, then and
there answer, plead to or demur to said PetV
tfori,4)therwise, the same will be taken pro con
fs:o as to them. f
I .Witness, J F. Alexander, Clerk of our said
(loan at office, the 3d monday in Aog-ost 1839,
abd in the 64th year of our Independence.
J J FrAf f.X f)KK. c. i c.c.
I Oct.! 4' 18.19-uWlpPrinitr's fee' $5.
Bit (hYZ!l: PliLVTLVG.
Ca he ncaihftxtcuitd at this 0ftrc
RANAWAYfrom the Subscriber u
Hamburg, S. C. on the 27th cf
last, a negrd man by the name of
he is about twenty five or thirty years cf
he is a bright mulatto, about five feet c
ten inches high, he sioops a little when
trig, steps quick, has a downcast look, he i .
tie ohak-eyed, knockaeed. and is a very r
ble fellow. I bought said negro from Mr
drew Drew, of Salisbury, North Carolina,
time in November last, from which r4 -brought
Simeon. U j3 probable he will t-'
go back to Salisbury, as he says his mothrr
there.- When he left, he had on a green I
cloth frocK coat, a checked shirt, satinet -loons
and vest, a new straw hat. a I
yankee made booU. Vhenever he st I
bably will attempt to get emplovmcnt in
public bouse as.a waiter, or in some stable r
ler, as he has been accustomed in cr'. ,
since he belonged to me. I will oav for 1
prehension and delivery to me in -C.,
the aboveireward; or TWENTY IT
DOLLARS if lodged in T..V ,f; '
(South Carolina,) or North Carolina.
rtamoorg, b. u. Sept, 20th, 1839 i
State of Jorth Carclii: .
July Sessions, 1839.
Glenn & "Martin,
4 f Original Attachment
vs. -
Wm. H. Hackett.
I id on delendaot's
IT appearing to the satisfartion cf "th C
that Wra. H. Hackett:
ot this state : Orderpii h ik
publication be made for six wwks in the C
na Watchman, thtft1 tHe said Wm. H. Ih, '
appear ;at our next Court, lobe held at the C
nousaintwiikesborough, 0 the 1st m
ter Ihe 4lh monday of October nextsn n. .
or judgment will: be entered asainst fcio. (
amount of plaintiffs debt -
Given under niy band at office, the Sih l!
September, 1839. . 4
1 WM. c
September 27; 1839 Printer's fee $5
Emporium of Arts Science
A LMOST daily arrivals of Books and
JjL. tionaty at the Great Hall of Soirrr
Among the variety are the following new
valuable works :
Sketches of the. Greek and Roman
oets, I.
Homer toTrvphvdoms
History of the Harvard University
Speeches of the lion. Daniel Webster
Ditto John Sargent 4
Percival's Winders of the AVnrhi
History of tne American War by CLarlt
Gymnastics for Youth
Mirror of Time i
Sketches of London by the author of Dene'; .
Bar . - -- 4
Voyage round the World by Reynolds
Beauties of Ireland ..
Whigs and Democrats or love of no Politic-
All new 'publications regularly rect ivt I
soon as published.
A large collection of School Books alwa v ;
Atlheftorih Carolina Booh Store,
and lor sale at reduced prires, by
Raleigh, August, 1S39.
ABSCONDED about the ! :
October, from the subscriber, at 4
time residing in Stokes Cour.ty,
Carolina, my Negro roan
abojut i7 or 23 years of age, and ;f a very 1 r
complexion. lie is a Shoemaker Ky trade,
a very bushy head of hair, a thin visa;' ,
spare built and weighs from 135 to 140 r .
He has a very large scar on one of li is !
near the ankle, believed to be on ihe rijil.t '
also a scar on each arm just below the elb
casioned by a burn. His heels have been fr
which injury has left scars cpon them. C;
man has a wife ( a free woman) i.ear. D!4
N. Carolina, and it is probable that ,he 11.4.
in that direction, although many persons h
that h6 was decoyed off by a white man, r
Joshua Ypung, who left the neishborhoc J ;
the same tjme for Indiana. I will give a
ward of Fifty Dollars 10 any one who will
liver doleman to me near Brook Neal in (4
bell County Va. or who will confine hira ir;
so that I get him in my possession.
Brnok Neal, Campbell cty, Va
December 21, 1833 ;
JlROM the Sobscrihtr !!
? in Hamburg", S. C.
8ih of April lasr, a r,r gra '
bylhe.nameof JACK, or .!
Towson. The night p r 1 1
to his departure, he broke :
my stable and tjk there e.v
HORSE, SADDLE and liuIDLf. ,
Horse ia about 7 years old, cream colored, 1:
about 15 hands high ; saddle and . Bridls r
When said negro raniway he had tn a p::
?reen Spectacles, a snuff colored broad c
soutont Coat, a pair of satinet pantalr;,
bombazine vet, and a Fur Cap. It is very ;
bable that Jack has made h'13 way back a-'
North Carolina, where he has .-relatives 1..
Any person who will deliver said negro t
in Haroborg.or lodge him in any safe jii!,
that 1 get him, will receive a reward tf O
fnr Newrn and-Horse. i
Joly 19,1839 Sm51 r 4
The Newbern Spectator will insert t!
bove weekly three months, and forward lj 4
coont to me at Hamburg, S C. B: F .4
siiz 2Rc:siE rosi
THIS ycun?. beautiful, . and thoroch r
horse. " Sir Archie ' is 1 now cfft-iE J
sale. He is a dark biy, IB hand liob,
strong and commanding. He is four jesrs :
six months old. lit 11 in excellent bt 1U ,
finer spirits than Tever saw him. He 4 1
grandson of the celebrated Racei, if Sir Arc !
Those wishing lo purchase this fine ycocg 1. 4
are particularly invited to call and see bin. 4
p!y to Eli Harris, Esq. at Wind Hill, --5
gomery Co. N. C, where both the her; 2
his ptdigree-will be foood. Apply n-
Sept. 27, 1SS3 7w9 - '
For Sale Here.
State Bank. "
For skle at thi$ C$tc.
; Fayetteville Ang.
14, 18393014
. t4
- f
f 4
- 4

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