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y Published IFctiay ' at Tteo Bolts, and Fifty Ctsii
roold relingyish all claims to the lady flare
those pjf aaa recollection. The mitter be
ing decided, Uhe Teleran lover proceeded
to payjhii respects to the silent charmer,
i,3ail, bn we nye Uho hid been keot in entire iworance of
i - ' I - ' ' - ' ----- . ' L -'is- - - s -it . . - 1 . - , .4
:iti&M tl
the laborer, are Vew.M--jywi. the high refrd in which she ;was held, Jt
me cause oi tne duel. 10 tne asjonnn
ment and mortification of Chocks, she in
formed him she had been married 1 twice,
Crnr.-"-We had indolged
WmJ repeal' the painfal now re Jrningrlh improved heahh to Jrj.
EeSiblilthii: tAere isnilimprovemtnltn the lieve hf r husband, who was an industripr4s
uMlf m City. ' J- ill - 1.1 ; mechanic, of those domestic duties which
if hf fijsi appearance of the epidemic hei ibence j incurred. The sa'ffel lover
atnonpawhrch was eanj id iob mvuia geetng his eake
MMiTO iZ';, ded to 1 enjoy, aw
lrOf,i,W ih. lwen in the month Df Sep. PMeanetSM
!K; oftbe mbntb. hot a l ttle.
I27iilthe;beii week lOOthe next 80 and the
t..V 't; .hdirtcr hit nisht 54. buch is the
moaroful tecUrdJ JIofciie Advertiser.
Ner Orleans Bee tells a
was all dongh,!' j eoncla
hue longer, that: single
which be already; bad seen
the mostdis-
a m Af.
In a iseaftort town in one o
nriA.; Ktdrviofa-necrro in. New Orleans, i wo-1 l9J.i nrAwinrpk nf France, there
maripsaN, in whom the VJfJ.0 chant who bad carried on the trade kfilhe-
tinn ihko onns matter which tinges the , .'- .L- .:iiA.i.iii.,.Jij
Sm&thl MM b!aek,ihas been going on for quai nonoriru8pcrj, U'T 1 tV.
Elar&W l The Temoval of the SoloringJ fifty yars o( age j and tbed, by a kudden
faatiir isiiaWet er imperfect, and irregular ; it senes of unexpected and unavpiaapie;
iakeaplacl 7 m patches, giving .to portions of her; found himself unable to comply j w
arm and
! contrast
pare white appearance, which J engagements ; and his wifej and ch
orally and disagreeably with the jn 0 n9 placed bis principal
ieitvIhoaMUhfll surrounding surface. She will - - rtMU ;nlo .uch a situation ai doub
mtmm "fT'V led bis feistress.. 1 , I I 1
Icunous atlwlDgiiUostraiiveoiinemoce m wuicu , .. . tl ,(,; is Uiithn
-; UI9 C3UUlk& III llt'Hj .ipn.iuii
was the reflection that noon the strictest
review of bis own conduct, nothing jof i in
prudence or iniquity appeared. He tpougnl
llbattird pfibfmsbis ainguiaf freakviz : by ao
sot pt ion f bk black, pigment from ; which he
skiff 61 tftfi rfegrp aerives iia. coior.
; was boo
thv his
tors. Uiat being convinced of bisKhpnesty
gniipe inauceu to puy ms -raiaiur-nd
allow him a reasonable apace of
settle his aflaiis. He was 1 kindly
received by some, and 1 very civilly iby all;
irom whence ne receiveu jgreaj mopes,
which be communicated to his family. Dut
they m
tunes and
time io
these were speedily dashed by the!
1M 1"
Msjlil:iuseii.--We observe, (says the
XlekthJrja d alette.) that the Fifteen Gal-
1pnltiWiSsradly dividing the people of
Mas$acliiseUsv and, of course, that the
I XdyWratibri oartv are taking advantage
oi tdii Ircurnstance Suffeiiug the Whigs
o purjlpoh a question of State and muni-
. UiSS.lI..l.i:2u. il.nn ilia A lminiatrotinn
fcarfViTfire uniting to a man on tneir can-
iJidiiesselected, with reference to politics
entirtljpithur securing the election of ma-
v. oi mem. vo one can kh, nmuiuic,
i i IS
skio i
hp-result: wilLbe even in Massachu-
-fpMicrAt Method. Among the pas-
Hirleahs to one of our northern cities, tnere
3oung lady, the only female passen
nvj two gentlemen, one a young buck
fifigb een, and the other apparently
forjyl five;? both ot whom became very
muc1ifam(rd with this lone passenger.
FoIJipfe tittfi they were both entirely ig
norant i)f thk passion of each other for the
j Voting "lady ; at length, Mr Chucks the
toldeatfof! thej two, desirous of learning the
pedigtee and; circumstances of his charmer,
5nawpf V161 !pFT maricet was yet to be made,
:opened conversation with Mr Green the
other lovr: when a mutual confession en-
, sued rBpecting the regard they both en
ertajnd; forthe f unknown young lady, and
ihjr. intention, if possible, to secure a
claim :t?i her affections if they were not ai
reaOVlbound'in holv tie tn anniher. Thim
con!feWn instead of paliating the case of
; eitljtr,ahrew a new obstacle in the way of
, 2 - lrli c?niuation succeeding another,
both became; vet v ilM.Fm;n.nj ..An.j
; thejr intentitato aolicii her atteniion .nH -
1 ?i'ji?hWPWr,.,00l: w Pen hostilitv
Mr .Ghuckkj received a challenge from'Mr
Gren-he iccepted it -Mr. Green chose
hotse pistols; for his. weapons.whirh wr
procured frotri the mate of the ahiD : thedav
. and hour weej appointedthey agrecd t0
aland at ten yards distance diatronallv nnAn
hedepk,that there could be no harm done to
njr bq themselves. - Hewever, before the
""f YfieuoucKf.-wno was a siouicorpu
eht tuan; concluded that be had not an e
jwith his antagonist, who was
tature and very sum, and un-
al fiance
?l maU s
i liaristeK was nn willing tha
houhi; shoot at his uwn bignesj
.rJ-Mulon ..-himself, probably fearinc
.f Si - n,? hil e heart be might injure
lHS?f?,''r'lfter rauch Parleying
thtZTJ h. was ipropSsed
bl5nr thoot at a rgerjust the
LTtniitf ::T$ Green leadily con.
!f1;. b.ul Chocks still contended
bachelors into hopeless celibacy, there is a command forbidding every improper desire Jloom, and immediately! constructed
fearful responsibility resting upon them, in regard to our neighbor. ; 1 u u u j l ' i -
Would well to oause1. enouire. re- . I h, i a,. i "hlch l orkid bJ Pw" instead; of
fleet. : f ' where did Mne ypt that law i t tiwa i band, makes seven pieces of ribbon or lace.
read history : the Ecyptiani and the adja-; whero only one wa3 made in the French
cent nations were I idolaters ; so were the loom, and gives the 6gure, color, or pattern
with equal exactness and greater rapidity. In
Greeks and Romans ; and the wisest and
best Greeks or Romans never cave a
provements at the outset leave no room for
doubt, but that when the attention of our
In notf an1 Itamlifnl il j Sn nna nfltia
Northern States, lived a la wvet bf eminence of morals like! this. Where did Moles llPls S? "nprovement pf the nbbon loom,
and talents. I do not know manr barticu- feet this law. which snrna&ses the wisdom llhen, five or six-sevenths of the labor rtouired
lars of his moral character; but he waa no-1 and philosophy of the I most enlightened F abroad is whnllv ni.rn.rl nA '.r.fl.
unuuiy pruians. oo uaa a negioov, ai j agea r t ub uvea aipeiioo comparatively ftf anVn llarn i, J..u,f..-!.t.jvi.
whom his neishbors used to hear him swear barbarous, but he has pivena law.- B which r""v,M v "u- c .u.u.auco. iu
with awful violence. One dav! thia oentI. l-tho learning and sairmiv fi.ll .nK.pnnnnt I vcr7 narrow patterns, from 'ten to' fifteen
man met a decided Christian,! who was l4 time can detect no flawi U Where did Ihe I pieces can be, woven at once Such lm
L I - : J J ts l.fl ii.t ' t - : r 9 i . . ' "f . - I " - :" -: ' - -
bob lawyer, saiu 10 oim,j i wisn, air, to igei u i tie coo la not nave soated so lar a-
examtne into the truth of the! Christian re-j bove his age as; to have devised it himself.
llciorL. What honkn . wntilri inn idtii m I I am atiehf rhrA m (iKitriol :lt mnat
a .. " ' J . - - Maw a p. r-.aMw. H V W a W VVI.IUWU . . . HiUSI T . a . " . . - ! . .
to read on the etidencea of flhristianitv ?" t have come from Huorpni li t am ninrt trtizans suall be directed to the manufac-
;- ' ' 7- I - - W W WIS 3 r 4k a IU v u asavvw
; The pious lan ter, surprised at the inquiry, I of the truth of the religion' of the Bible.
epiiea x oai is a quesiion, oir,- wnicn i a ne innuei mnuei no loneer remain
ypu ought to have settled pong , ago. You cd to his death" a firm believer in the truth
ought not to have put citfa Bubject soimpor-1 oi Lhnslianitjr. y He : lived ! several years
tant to this late period of iifei" y 1 3 I fte this conversation ; about three, ;I be-
" It is late," said the inauirer. " 1 nev-1 ueve. tie continued to pursue the study
er knew much about it ; but always sup- j of the Bible--his views of: the Christian From the Monthly Gennesee Farmer
poseu inai nnsuanuy was rejcciea py me rcngiou cpaijuing anu growing correct. , .oiuiiwr iv nmtwntT,.,..
great majority of learned! men. I intend, Profaneness was abandoned.1 Ao oath was , FARMING IN PENNSYLVANIA.
uuwder, now 10 Qxaminq iuq suoieci ino
roughly myself, f nave upon me, as my
physician says, a mortal disease,! under which
Jy, when first taken frora t!.2 ,
any thing else lean just cow tl.i .
growing 01 wool ltafce to to no c
the farmers of eastern Pcnr.:j!. '
scarcely saw a hundred sheep i:. :
miles of my journey
The field eultitatien 7S3 r.
able ; the usacf limesir.ot nrir
its good effects every where z ::::
a New Englander or New,
pearanco of the women, as lair
fields, presents a spectacle br v.
pleasing, tboush common in t! im
part of. Pennsylvania t'and ts a
the want of taste amon? ihe 1
Dr. IL observes
That be hardly saw flowers r
day long except in the woods, tj
one lady's parlor." j
From the Monthly Genncsts l
: . WOOL:
Few are aware of the irapcrt:r:
article, as an item in our rrcdu
. ' a
the amount which it already rent
sum total of value. Two vesrs
tne numoer ot sneep was estirr,:!r
millions, it, is now not less than
lure of silk machinery, we shall soon 1 find "P113, AIlowil58 Ihe estimate eft!,;
nnr imnrntoi) nrnMH 4 L I per neaa,rine clip or the present '
sate for any supposed difference in the price
cf labori
I may live , a year and a half, or two years,
but not probably longer. 1 What books, Sir,
would you advise me to read j5'
Tbo Bible,9' said the other;
41 1 behove you do not understand me, re-j
imagine neiore novr painiul profane an- t,ed letters from England fully proved, bas
guage must be .to a Christian. But did he I . . ; . , 7 r-. .
JlMU&ttce to hU anctslnj A urandson of best therefore to repair to Jfarts in oraer to
I the tnt ndj statesman, Governer Hancock, j jav a statement off affairs' befbrexbiacredi-
upiJO- me uosion ronce vuu uh
1 fig a- icennmon drunkard. He had on
. j -..
, a tattered; rroCK.ooi ai me eioows, mu iuy
i with iffelcbarsei trowsers, dirty and ragged old
pumps, sb oroen mai nis onwwueu iw...jj3
were Ijaeetf through them, and without vest or
cravat-The Times says : " His prospects
onceVswe're bbter ' than those of any other
vouttpr'man.'in! town, but now the viper, Iotem-
perape iafisfened opoa him, and bis blood is
puisoned with its
Hqne anyiyiing
-- riii". -.i l ., ., i ....:... n I ennntrV. liiA eldest son. WHO WaSi &00U
l - -- a iiineiccn vcBis tiiu liakcuiiii' uiii v - iiiw
dictates! of filial piety, came post td Paris;
and threw himself at the feet of! his obdu-
rate creaiior, to wnpm ne paimea iqe ois
tress pfj the! family in the raosl (pathetic
terms, but! without effect: At length, in
the greatest agony of mind, he sai4 "ir,
since ypu think nothing can compensate
lor your loss oui a victim, lei your jeaeui
ment devolve on me. Let me suffer in
stead of my father ; and the miesrifs of a
prison win seem iigni in prounug iuc iiu
erty of a pjarent to console the ditresed &
and distracted family 1 have left behind
me. Ttnusj sir, you will gratify jyour ven-
geance, without sealing mis irretrievable
rain And here his sighs and tears stop
ped hi? utterance. Pis father's creditor
beheld Him1 upon his knees for a full quarter
of an hour. He then sternly bid him rise
and sit down, which he obeyed.-4Tlie gen
tleman then walked from one corner of the
in great, agitat
same space oi
room! tot the other,
roindi for abont the
At length throwing . his arms around
young man's neck, " I find," said he Hhere
is something more vaiuaoie than money :
have an only daughter, for whose fate I
have ihe utmost anxiety. I and resolved
to fix! it ; id marrying you she must ibe
happy-4go,! carry your father his discharge
asu n:s consent orinu mm insianuy uiiii
gratitude of
er let clury in the joy-of this !
all remembrance of what has former
pened.'' J bus the generous gratii
the son relieved the calamity of th
- Lit - . T : . t ' 8-k . f . a
thy father;! The man who had conlidereu
wealth and hanniness ss sveonomoua terms.
was freed; from that fatal error: and Prov
idence vindicated the manner of its pro
ceeding by thus bringing light out of dark-
tntSmm ! ..J ktllaOnala a. a.lt4 aaaaaA a 'f Intfall.W
deid a virtuous family! with Hasting
peace, in ibe enjoyment of that prosperity
wnicn inev so ncniy aeservea
Jtn eicttje. Dr. Knox says that com
plaints have been made, that j in the present
age, marriage not sufficiently prevalent,
or at least Ubat good husbands are notjpd
merous ! Tbo men wbo appear to be insen
sible to female charms, allege? in excuse-for
their uoi soliciting some lady in marriage,
that such are the expensive manners, dress.
and amusements of the fashionable; parts of
the sex, Iso little their skill in;condu :tiog a
family, and j such their ignorance of ecopo
mJ thai married is often to be! ruined
in the midst of affl ience.'l tadies, ihis4Se.
ssnAoimo1 ihf(.A.timA. :a! . ' .
awr.r;.r V WT . . - ,,c to the great
IS! L"rfWf? Penger..r ClLk.
t-wVi.1 . pe'Mnarktman. Green
.nRlt:llllai.ll.i .! -a . ! . '
hia iVi. TfT 81 ne
fVitndgmr htr wo
same time
One evening
ed, and found the
ing the room, with!
the Christian lawyer call-
unbeliever a"t home walk
a dejected lbok bis mind
apparently absorbed in thought,; He con
tinued, not noticinir that any one had come
in, busily to trace and retrace his steps. His
friend at length spoke :
You seem, Sir,,, M to be in a
hrnnrn fiid. Of what MrPAli ihinlnnof".
I have been reading,5
the moral law.'9 !
oo torty-uvo minion pounus ct v.
wool, and find it has ran;cJ fit-
cents per pound, some few lots
as some have fallen below, the!
ed. To be sure of beios within t
now as offensive lo him as it was familiar , Dr. Hnmphreys, of Amherst College, .we will tike the average at 45 c
fe Mass.; well known ai a gentleman of ex- that rate, the last clip .f wee
lemonstrated with them nnn it fnllv and tensive literary accurate wotln more twenty millicr
want ot meaning, and said he could never observer of men and things, as his celebra- C1-4U,P 13 oul oneiliem 10 ine
iuuusuj ui iuo nurtn
At the present pricesof slice;
the business of growing them is
one; and we think may with :T
cnlated upon as a good one for ti
Wool of good quality could L:r
pay as an article of export to V.
France, should present prices : '
maintained, and the supply fcr 1
sumption in this country becr.c: :
prove that growing wool is a gc;
ment of money, we have crI- ! ;
the cost, expenses snd returns c T
A flock of good ewes, with pro- ?
ment, ' Will hardly fail of dcul!:
numbers within the year, and if to
TKam.In 1aI.I lm iKotlarTrl fasnrap kn.s! trt tkm . I f)f the WAm lh Villi nf I Vi a lor-' -
uiaiu :tuuuxut la iiiis wa, wuu lumi tivuva ftl IUIJ VWUUUT U(U HI I " " w iiiu m'n
' ? '- . i.i ? i . , I -. .... . . .
that. Dr. H. says I 1 11 Wli e seen, after deducting tl
In ihe slovenly farming of our country of keeping, that a handsome picrit
il see l uavo eooq sneep, or gcou v.
tered here and there, over the meadows and
pastures But not so in this part of Penn
sylvania. The little birds must go else
where to build to their nests among the
bushes, and the children will find no black
berries nor wild 'raspberries for their bread
and milk here." ij
There are no waste lands, no swamps, no
cat-tail fjUg bottoms, for 70 or 80 miles,
that I could see on this route : and if the
become a sincere discin el of Christ f vu,u?cu BC,Ica lcuers m ine " n
sumed the unbeliever, surnrd in bis turn: He always expressed grar doubt upon Ame"caia newspaper, giving his impressions
I wish to investigate the truth oi the Bible.' that point. He could hope for nothing ot the West, tbiough which be has travell-
I would advise you, iSit.f irepeated his from the world, and he; was afraid that: he ed the riresent seasoni He mmmeni.-. K
. . - - .. A i, is r-.-. 'f.-.- . I ; : . f- - - - -' -s ' m - . . . ? . ri : -.-r-r - -.v.w
Uhnstian rnend, ".to read the: Bible. And,' migni cnoose otner pleasures irom tnaicir- - i. : pLii.jiiM. mnA u. tt i . 1
h ,nn,; 1 .'.li i m. rJ. cumstance withont a rad.V.l ' rhanel nf ?olices fl Philadelpb a, and his first letter,
son?., niost inndeisare verviisnoranrof ine uean. ; j js j .
Scriptures, i Now, to reason dnlsubiects with I learned these particulars,1 a tew years Pennsylvania farming, given with his usual
correctness, ve must anuerstana wnai it is i iruia uuo ui ine panics, me; tajiac i discrimination.
auoui wuico wereason an ine next piace, i uiy wuscu uiuc iuiuiaiciii i s mi, u..t ..-i- r .t. !
I -A.iAr ihA ;lPilf iW i.,W variation t belli believe other. S I have - - w rmiug in ine coun
w k.- w wfl v w iiyivw aa t j -r - j - - y- , T tt : la if f j 1 J 1 1 w "
of the Scrioturea atmnaer than the exter. endeavored to be substantially correct, aDd iro ruiiaaeiaia io Lancaster, excited
... - - r i. i ; i i i - -1 t .u r ii I- 1 : i. , :.f I u: j L 1 "J
nai-' - ! 1 1 nil 1 I ao uicreiorcjieu many important meag i ins auimrsMuu, as u must inai oi every loy
e; shall I jbegin inquired unexpanded, as 1 understodd them to oc Cr of good husbandry : remmdins one con
cultivated districts o
there is more wood
The infidel bought a commentary, went Istruction.
home, and sat down to the serious studv of the moral law is ar monument a Sublime
the -Scriptures. tie appiledi 4(1 M strong monomentofthe great mpral-trasacii6n
aiiu wen uiscipnucu puwersp
Bible, to try rigidly but impart
As be went on in; the perusa
occasional calls from bis prole
The infidel freely remarked tloon what he I advice and kind attention of the Christian
had read, and stated his obiections. He I "end ; tne beautiful arrangement oj frpvi
liked this psssane be thought that touchina dence by; which these occurred :jthejex
ing and beautiful but he could not credit I cellence of thejmoral law as explained and
the unbeliever. Aube NewjTestameoi'' cut-in the actial conversation. , I tiniiallyl of the best
r0, said tne Otner, "ft tne beginning uio rcaucr wcuiiaion iuia kiiiaiuiy,i .I--.- 1
.t n0--;, 1 i fT , for it is believed nTbtJTirh in nraeiieal in- England, except that
Vbuvsi.i j.. - i v f 5 m : I
felt; and under the blessing of the: Holy
Spirit: the gloriously reforming power of I
the Bible.
attention must be paid to them t!..
oally given. Sheep that get their I
book or by crook ; that are allorcc J -.
er in their fleeces all the bim.
other burweeds that line too many
roads and fences, and fill our Wo
that are exposed to all the vie.::!
our severe and variable climate will,
ter ; oi barely make a live throu!, i
ter, cannot be expected to raise rsar.v
or produce good wool. "Wool ir.S
replied the infidel
Well what dp you think of it ? asked
his friend. : 41; j .:'
i I nt.1l IaII nktl t iii.4 k itimlr "
I irii jvm na. j Uaicu tu in. m,
answered the infidel, " I jsupposed that Mo
ses was the leader of a j jio&ej of banditti. COOD,rf to enter successfully into he thl-
that having a strong mind, he acquued great . - ... . j r Ui1 ' h 1 .
. Ajijtu ....ii ture of silk, its manufacture as we 1 as its
influence over a superstitious people; and - i :
irk ItA t li a rf.a.t i t n . . . .
little oeeoer that userf tn lull mn n cwoaI. I .. . . .
ncir imp
J v tu iuj "cip iu uuu I hn i.nnnlr ni K , 1
h4T hftlt A norh aiiiaro Ia ainn nt ika vaai1 I . a
conditioned German proprietor would pro
bably spoil their music by filling it up be
tween the two next pipe tiroes, after find-
. . i. r . ,
ing mem in pussession oi me premises."
: - 1 :
Near Philadelphia, be found the winter
One great rfason why we have f uch an wheat a little killed, but farther on excel-
nnshairiih inHnrftniA in llin hilil nf thii I l.n Tlia ra fi.lita am a Kt.r..l . t. I . . . .
, i t .. i ; . i i t I r -"Ti" ' ...v i qT immersic? 11 in Douinrr wairr p
uisiiueue?. oiacK as ere d us. waiuni? io i it .om, n t.i th ..i..
From the Monthly Gennesee Farmer.
general use.
TO correct damaged gi:
Musty grain, totally unfit for i
which can scarcely be ground, t
said, be rendered perfectly sweet cr.
-'.a ' 1 . . . . .
AnAti lhA aaaM nij. am mm4 aJ.a.. I ' m ' . . . .
IMC wup-iuiv puiwU, icujiuueu mm i q)antitr ot water must be douuio t
I I I - . . t ' 1 .. . 1 -- v'-' . - . ' . - f I - --4 - ' f
. . . aT . a-i 1 - a 'I i : . I tn-af t4ff iaii ,a fmnH in f ha; A.inA.iv .n I . ( i I loipnn I il.. iinf hi.F. m.. a. . . ni 1 1 I . t mi
inai on Mount oinai ne i d eoioij some son i r,,t""v1"u "" u aupni smti- wvvwH .hU Uig iiUuub ui.iicii. mm io oe purinea. ine inuriv
of fire-works, to the amazement of his ig-1 prise, industry and ingenuity! of ourciiizens j It lsxertainly to be regretted, that so much rarely penetrates through the hm
norant fbllowers, who irnagiled, in their over those oC-ny part of tbe world! Great
mingled fear nd?perstiiorj, Uia the exhi- B ffi lhougBt to Wef eni the eltablish-
linn aiinornklnral " h . -
i !
f interposed
ter. Sir
SO r is this excuse" valid ? M If it il
know itj; nd you must know tbe antidote:
l lie; Happiness or thousands,! the vrejfare of
the public morals, the prosoeritv! of I on
countryj depends on a correct dec(si6ii o(
these queslipnt. Can it be that so many cf
the beautiful and the good the accbopl?sh
ed in every thrng but the one thing sp need
ful for jjlhe bife dooieftc jeeonebare
condemned from this causa to waste their
sweetness on ;the desart air, and ptnef in sin.
gle blessedness' That com miunityji which
marrtage is neglected or disregardied, f no
matter what may be the reason, 13! in the
high road to tnin; tnd if our; fair ones,1 by
at . 111;..
tying hi word that he Lthe causes assigned, have frightened
lion was supernatural
r But what do you think
his friend. I
I have been ! looking J' said the infidel.
. . . . ..... . . : f
into tne nature ot mat law.
trying whether l ean add any thing to it, or
take any thing from it, so. as to.raake it bet-
, i cannot. 11 1 perfect.
first commandtnent' continued
be, directs us to make the Creator! the ob
ject of oar supreme love Slid ireverence
That is right. If! he be bui Creator, Pre
server, and Supreme Benefactor, we ought
10 ireai mm, and none oinery as sucn.
M The second forbids idolatry; i That cer
. 1. i . i . -' t : 1 ! T 1 " 0,
tainiy is ngnu" -; : 4. tvlit;.:
third forbids profaneness
fourth fixes a time for, religious
If there be a Uoi, he ought sure
worshipped. " It is suitable tbat
there should be an outward horbage signifi
cant of our inward regard If God bo wor
shipped it , is proper that 50 me ffine should be
set apart for that purpose, when ill - may wor
ship harmoniously and without Interruption.
One day in seven is 'certainly ndt too
much ; and I do mot know that; it; is too la
ment of the cotton manufacture in this and
other countries, by prohibiting, under; se-
vere penalties,! the exportation ; of machin
ery, or patterns for "its construction. New
England machinists went i to work,
shops, made their own patterns, and produ
ced specimens jbf machinery'so much supe-
, -1 .
riot in action and prine
models, that we at once obtained ihe pre
ference in their own market, and now an
nually export targe quantities of machinery
to order." So it is already ; with machinery
for the manufacture (of (silk! In reeling'
and now in weaving the narrow kinds of
silk, such as laces, ribbons, and other goods
of that description, we have already made
great advances on the clumsy anil ilt-ar-ranged
implements of the old world.
In1 the manufacture of ribbons; which
forms so important a branch of the Lyons,
or French silk manufacture, the) foreign
workman uses ia narrow ; loom, resembling
the common land loom mi other respects,
and weaving but one piece or ribbon at a
time A macUne, called in France 1 jac
quard, is attached to this, narrow Iooo,and
regulates tbpatterji of th ajibbor flowers,
he. These looms are worked by girls, and
these delicate and beautiful fabrics are the I
result of. their ! labors.!. LA Jacquard was
. .. . - j j 'r i W 1 - .
brought to New York: and fell niider the
!y to, be
3 i
1 1 -n
The fifth defines the peculiar duties a-
rising frpfo.tbe family relaidnslf l r;l
Injuries to oar neighbors ate then cas
eified by the moral law THey re! divided
into offences against hie, chistily property
and character
gal idea
er. And, said hel applying 1 le
with legal acuteness, I notice
that the; greatest offence in each! class is ex
pressly forbidden. Thus the greatest inju
ry of life-is murder ; to chastity, adultery ;
to property, theft; to character, perjury.
Now the greater, offence mast include the
less of the same! kind. Morder most in
clude every idjury to 'life;; adultery,; every
injury to 'purity and so of the jrestJ And
the moral code is closed and protected by t
which might be converted into bread, should
be worse than thipwn away, not only, in
Pennsylvania but in other parts of our coun
try. The following extract reveals a j state
of things proddced in a great measure by
of the wheat. In the hot wster c!! t
cayed or rotten grain swims upon i
face, so that the remaining wheat i
ally , cleansed from all impuritie:,
any material loss. It is after w:r.'
the unprecedented drought of last year, and dried, stirring occasionally on the Li!
1 1
notice of Mr. Bergen, an; ingenins mechan
ic, and member of the Legislature. 5Ir.
Bergea instantly saw 'that greaf lmprove-
ruenU might be made in
the machine tnd
which shows most' conclusively the cause
I of the high pi ices of fat cattle in that dis
trict, and the folly of the squabble that has
been gntng on between the butchers and the
' In passing over this fine region, I look
hed in vain: for the fat cattle which I expect
ed to see ruminating .in the farm yards, or
wending their sluggish way to Philadelphia
markets: and the cows presented a strange
I contrast to the rank clover upon which they
Eoucht io have been feeding I do not re
1 member to haveseeo a single cow in a thriv
ling condition, during the whole day and
15 Mr - ' a a a . i '
not more taan one Irom rniiadeiphia to the
I mountains. Moet of tbero, I am sure, must
I have escaped from the Crows in March wiih
'great difficulty ; if, indeed, ihe farmers alT
low any oi these sable and noisey taxgain
erersto nestle upon their manots."
That i( was with ine greatest difficulty the
I Pennsylvania farmers were able Io preserve
I their stock of cattle alive, owing id the ex-
hreme scarcity of fodder, we were well a-
ware the drouth not only destroying their
grass, but their root crops also. The swine
of the! region under: notice, IcomY in for a
share of the pocloryanimad versions ; ; and
I from his remarks it wotitd appear inat a
sprinkling of Berkshires and Chinas, might
be as usefolj in exterminating the "alliga
tois and land shads?! fiom Pennsylvania, as
from some of the other states. :
As for fhrs wine," aays Dr. H., 'Itbey
New England Far.
A great Whig Festival recently tr c.
at. La Grange, Tenn."at which t.':? r.
many distinguished guests from all
the Union. The following S)n :': 1 (
principles of the Whigs, which 1. :
compiled by the Committee, was re-! t
occasion and received by the Pco,' !
acclamation. To the gre"t Repubfir
ciples e middled therein, every V1.
pledge his cheerful and hearty sup;; :L
1. A majority of the People to r
all caaes, under the Constitution
2. The rights cf the minority, r
ed by the Constitution, to be held
and inviolable. '
3. Government is designed-fcr t!
efit of the whole People, and not cf
ty. No public officer should plice t.!.
fare of his party before tbat cf. the cr
4. A pure and free .elective fr:i
miinfiueneed by Executive pstrcn
When we see an Executive cfTizzt I
elections, we naturally conclade
gotten his duty to the public, r.J i
ing of bis Aire.
5. A curtailment, by law, eft! : ;
age of the Federal Executive. E"
patronagey which was originally tc ,
is now ten-fold greater than at ;:,
not checked by the people, will 1:
times greater than it is The pstrc
increased, and is still rapidly incrc : . :
ojht to be diminished others. :
looked more like 1 frightened roach or JAdA for the advancement cf party cz J:,
4 - I I- a i- - , .
r i

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