North Carolina Newspapers

..Jjnntiiied bV indigestion
n i . !.:L;i.4; tvrtrehended UP
UX: anaib4 consequences imagined,
M right or LfisWe 'HM cav;
..Wjthf name hypochondriasis.
, f BTMPT0M8 ' i
U common (corpureal PMnJ are ,,u'en;
i ihe stoathr ,re, rr,d eru?!a,lon8
IhtTjatiub. andof.en an WJ
- il.t itMiti tf up"" any subject of im-
dourase. Also Ungdness-.
dejected,accompaeied with
leal Ol I"" ueiiuuj "
T j j .nP narnliar train of loeas
t.ult thp imamnaiion and
Elpht an infinite diremt. I
st rjit b&ijof toea ate as open lo this affl
-'IT $ A ! causes; . "
m'tMl.ofter kiod:, -especially, se-
suidv Mutracied to a late hoor id the night,
ttftfr-WtiM by social intercourse, or ex-
jji&s&lltelhabit. great excess in eating
ritjkrngl thsl: imroooeraie uk!,,
ifWi&WiresB tb "PP"3'?" of some ha
(d&h4ry,(as, the obstruction of the men
llbni&tiKerupUoD ; relaxation or
iy fiore important organs within
blotneniliU frequent causer)
j,- fill -TREATMENT.- . - .
he princil objects of treatment are, to re
$ iijtfigeiiln, to strengthen the body, and
.UveMbi spirits, which may be promoted
tWeUemSf MwA" regular meals, and
janieonVfWtion. The bowels (if costive)
Ty fqMrt$tilaied by the occasional use
pmn4 VVe know no,hins "r
dated "it fetaW this end, than Dr. William
ispefijf Piilis being mild and certain
ir rrfi fiion.js A ne Doweis oemg unco
pein ui ETONr p & b ii (In ebj, l i, ;i : i 'rp :-i nMiifi Ino-is volumeVyiii:
i' 1
. A) Painnfnila PiITq roihiih
iiiil-WijnJ, and anti-spasmodic; are an
liMATemed'vi and without dispute have
."!! - ' - r II'
d rreaf blessing o tne numerous puouc.
;o3wywiaM hae recommended a iree
'imt$0t luljishnuld not be resorted ta j
I mmy eaes it will greatly aggravate the
ilonk !H '. .. ' )
' 'hiltrtsihlt Astonishing Facl$.
.14X1 )bh Msnroe, SchuyltilH afflicted
tboi d stressTng malady. ;.Syoi ptoms:
reai'lainlri flatulency, distorbed rest, ner
fecld fltculty of brealhing.'lightness
-triisttfrlliross1 the ; breast, dizzinesss, ner
Irritability and. restlessness, could not lie
Kurbantl IpositiorK without the sensation of
ndingfsucationf palpitation of the bear!,
9sstngi(l4WcijSli'enes8 pain of the storn
k druwBst de'as, reat debility and deficiency of
tierfouS '.energy; Mr 11. Monroe gave op
jfh(iugyf Irecovery. and dire despair sat
a couDietwnce iol eyery person interested in
isiendror Happiness, till by accident be
ed in a bijiblic paper some cures effected by
iVsi ELANS' MEDICINE in his cura-
it. which induced him U purchase a pack
bf the fi1fl8. 'which lesolled in completely
nmrr ererV eTmntom of his disease. He
Ves to slt'his motive for, this declaration is
(tbose alictdd Wjth thej same or any syrap-
I Bimiia;?f-l,iuso "V" "'" t "a
pmav iKewise I receive the inestimable
Irsvli. ;fJahns(b, wife of Capt. Joseph
ifoai oJiprh Mass waa seveiely afflicted
ten yeairii !i Tic Dolereux, violent pain
er bea a(5d vomiting, with a burning beat
ie slpniaf , s nd unable to leave 'her room
could fiftd no relief from the advice of sev
h Jsidil r or from medicines of any kind,
after slt ha-d commenced using Dr Evans'
icitieoff tOO bhitham street, and from that
i Stria bfgkp lit amend, and feels satisfied if
(liHiTnliltjie medicine a few days longer,
-1 - r
Beneath oet fet and o'er oar heads;
In eqtialf warning given j - 1
Berteatb ollije the couotless dead;"l
Above uJ8 the Heaven !: , ?
Death rides on every passing breeze,
e Iorkp every flower f ll
Each seasapj has its own disease, ;-V'-
Its perils every hoar ! ' :
Oalr eyes have, seen the rosy light I
( p( yootli soft cheek decay, j.
And fate descended in sudden night,;
- On manhood's middle day.
Our eyes have seen the steps of age
Halt feebly towards the tomb, 1 J
And yet shll earth our hearts engage
And dream of days to come n
. :.i .1 !':.;'. : !' 1;.
Turn, mortal lorn ! thy danger know,
5 V here 'er! thy foot can tread j l
The earth rings hollow from Oelowj -1
And wartjs thee of her dead! I ' ! -1
J " : -j j . ' '' : . V, I
1 Ulll Vlll!lllll UIU HIT BUUI Ul'l '
To truthai divinely civen ; ! l i i
The bones lliat underneath thee lie 1 1 1 r
aball live (or hell or heaven !
requires a toan with a clear, commanding
enunciation. Mr L's voice, in - pjwff and
inflexibility , resembles your Lordship's
1 1 lie austerity :oi the UbaDcellot seemed
every npmehdiiDiDi8bin2.t-f
j Again our population requrea a tnanWrto
will visit the poor. Mr L as, a,; parish
priest, is unrivalled. These arejthteiB of
oiy reasons, arid the remainderV- r L
I Spare them. The living, Madam, is
yours. Will this content you P9 1 : I j .-
' Abundantly and with brief thanks,
and a profound curtsey the hdy took'ther
departure. But not from London.' She
again sought the Btrmp. who prudently
"declined all controversy?' either, wiiq the
Loru or the Lady. I acquiesce. Madam, I
ai quietce w.-is all he - uttered, wben the
fcts of the case were detailed to him ; and
within fifty hours of her ieajing hornVj the
victorious ladv brought td her ctieni the
unexpected, but most welcome intelligence
that she had argued the point with the Chain-
eel lor in , the jvery precincts of Chancery ;
that his. Lordship had reversed the deeis
ion of the Edesiaslical Court, and signed
a judgement in her client eavor.l
j Hurrah for female pleaders before
In Habersham, Georgia and i the Table
i : Mountain , tn Pendleton. S iC, I )
The rapids of Tallulih are in Georgia,
ten miles above the onion of the TalluUb
and Chatooga riverswhich form t ie Toga
loo, five miles from South J Carolina, and a
bout twenty miles from ibe line of Noith
Carolina. The river, which is forty yards
wide a bote the rapids, is forced;, for a mile
ftnd a fourth througbj a range of; moantiins,
into a -channel scarely twenty feet j brod .
The mnantain receives the water into a
broad basin, surrounded bv solid rock one
an hour the wind, passed over the wind
slept the son casting its brilliant rainbows
round the falls, spread, over thewildetness
a mild and enchanting serenity, and we pur
sued our discoveries with augmented inter
est. - k;yr'i'- :J r
Heft this place with an unsatisfied cwn
osity, convinced that a year might hav1 been
consumed in examining every pHect inter
': : : .ri . it 1 . - . ' s
csnog iu a Bcieuituc traveller. 1 :?
In preferring '.the Rapids lo the Table
Mountain, as I decidedly .do. in. common
dated birthe troops, and, n
y gVardiaa of a dead friend, is :.
cerely and devotedly i herisiicd In i
on atTampa Uay. i r
. -Knoxtledge oj Lije. A pr . . f n r. !
edge ol lire is the least eoviahla c f
r'es knowledge because it csn t
acquired by trials ;thaV make us r t
loss bf bur ignorance " T
i '
hundred feet in be.ghu HerWitheLfsirVkai ! "FTm1 ene 1
r....- i..,:L r uLck Ur would object to no part of the admirtlion
pauses in anticipation of ;tb8 awful fliilfi--
then rushes down a cateiact foriy feetj--then
hurrying through a! narrow winding
passage, dashing from side to side against
the precipice, and repeatedly; taming at
right angles, is precipitated : onej hundred
feet and in a moment after fifty feet more
and then making many sbcTit! turns,? it
of I twefitv
The melancholy days aie come, the saddest of
. tue year,
Hi wailing winds, and naked woods, and mead-
eftis blown and sere.'
Yes, gentle reader the melancholy days are
nnriO X nlnmn u.ilk ta h i.wA .kkKmLn
et, beautiful Autumn ! Autumn, wilh his chili
reezes jnd facing leaves his melancholy! land
A victory oyer Brougham- the ropgh
stern, unyielding Brougham is wortji re
cording. When his lordship was praised
-:-'Hi r l a -ft - ! n r ' I h
tn trip i!ianitv i i.nrn i Jiianreunr. ties iifi-
dared (with tile view, it was corijeHttfred, Npes f J rry harvesiings-hU .gfrgeobsfor
r -::i;.:iJj.i - o-k t n.oi. Ll ffesu and sleepy waters, the suft eyed and sun
l 1 , 'i I . , J hT our inifiF IK nt Ar r hr tlnuiai. hut fttlt tnnnir
!ate things v are hastening back to the "bosom of
Uheir motherland iheir bright bells bend jo! the
wnose ciocese tne oeofnee poiting oreain oi an ungetuai atmosphere. And
i! uvi torrst-weea -me oeauilIUI Deruc IS Jiffniino
up their once pillowy fuliage the bright gten
leaves are fading -ihey wrestle feebly in the
evening wind, and, with mournful rustling! quiv-
er to the earth- Passmsr awav !".'ii 5lhe sad.
tor all livings within his patronage;; under
the annual value of one hundred and amy
pounds, he wolild accept that rrelaters rom
illation within
was situated
Soon after this soothing announcement,
the Crown liv
shire, became
n'g of Amesbury, jinf jdt
jvac-ant : and Bishop Hytler,
as gospel Lord Broughams welcome
rushes down three lor four fills
and ten feet. The 'sum of the: fair in
distance of a mile 13 estimated at ihrei hun
dred and fifty feet. j,: , . j; i j j : . i f
The rapids, however splendid, apart frbm
the sublimity with which they aie surround
ed, are only an appendage to the stupend
ous banks of solid rock, descending almost
perpendicularly to he watr f'oh jtothlsies
of the river, and varying I in the distance of
t f u'- " S 1 . : ! ' a '! a
a mne, trom seven ntinorea toone tnousana
feet in -height, so that the stream liberally
passesjaf that distance through the rootin-
tain, or rather ihroiitfh the high lands that
connect two mountains. .; j
finds an easy descent' for the last mileL and
- . . v - . i ! 1 i L " )
drives his carriageito the very ledge ot
gulf. No unusual Appearances of poin
rorks or broken lands admonish hnaTt
the Rapids are nearf till suddenly he sees
- is wt i r if ' - '.. 1..
me opening apyss. 1 tie advances caujiops-
iv, irom tree 10 tree, till ne looms oownup-.
pon the water. Instantly his mind surren
ders itself to the overwhelming sensation f
awe and amazement. He neither speaks
' I J i - It
so justly and so largely bestowed - on the
latter. Lacli present scenes like . 00 nther
in the United States ; the one is so perfect
ly unlike the other, and both are so remark
able, that a visit to the one, in no respect
supersedes the propriety of seeing the other.
1 he effect from the top of the Table
Rock is one unmixed overwhelming sensa-
the tlon of Uhe sublime. As the spectator walks
aiong ine coge or ine sloping precipice lor
a third of a mile, bis mind demands ' time
for expenion to receive the full: influence
of its new situation This is accomplished
, 1 '!..
Means and Measures.
'MTcCKEa; I have already, more t! :
advejrled to Some of the. means to be t:
measures to be adopted, to promote il 1
and to protect the right uf farmery. v ,
these short essays, by throwing out a f.
and making a few sogoesttons of a core
character ion ihe same subjc;.
I would first suggest lb propriety cf f
taking their own education and th4r m r
elation into their w a haod. The nu 1
acatipn Within their own rrach are lw r
he under the necessity of resorting to c
high schools for procuring citt.ei an Ji.
los'ructors for their children. If Utirr
educatien were not ample, if they wtr
l nsufficifot, college and high scl. U 1
help lihem. They have -spoiled ttn f
where thty haye made one.
; Nor can they depend open books, th(c;!.
farmer ooght 10 be; as he certainly n",
man of reading, and of extensive readir'.
ail Vis reading should be put to the ti sl
own experience and observation, H . ;
adopt no man's opinion, either in rvligiui; . j
or business, without putting it to th tt!
own judgment, -and. judgment founded . ..
rir,ce and observation. With htsovrn ja '
at the helm he can hardly read too rnu i ;
out that, he can hardly read too Imlf
maturing a judgment foanded on large
ence, no school, no opportunities ran t"
than those afforded by his farm, his b-
ration, and bis intercourse wtih soc;p! y.
For aiding his expertinents and dtrt-cM
operations, every farmer ought t bp IV
intimation, nominated it to one - of the' cu
I !
lates of the diocese, Mr G.
To fee sure dear wonby man ! he 1 ha
few recommendations for the vacant! bene
fice. JHe coulld plead an unimpeachablej
character long services slender income,
large family. But these weighed jnpj in
quarter which' on a sudden declared jhbitiii-
ties against him hostilities the more to be
dreaded, since they were headed by a,rery
clever accomplished and most persevering
woman During the last illness I b f thf
late incumbeat of Ayroesbury,! at .Mr;' Ij
' , a 'very agreeable young ; manlit
erary, and anadmirable listener -had ta
ken the' duty if. The latter quality what
sweet requiem! which is suihine ihrouzh Vallev aoh smiles anri even a jest orsmile from a
auu lurtm inrongn ine tan top ollPB penm.n d I inenu 1? painiui 10 411s leriinga wuicu, par-
I - f J j J t r . . f a ' : ! .11 I . I t .1.1 - i ' I . I ' Mi' " I
jiasa, auU me juucu newness w ine ijowepueu. I ticuiariv witn ine t antes, ias atitne upgsn . .
dl and the melancholy mintine' nrf iK!rf.'k fi- .aiL- a lan SatlSiiet ; he 13
. is deepening aW the hills islhe'iroons It'i lTFU. IJQ ha k.ndled-
sbmud which Aututon wreaihea around depart r..' iH " .U Vl L A him, and-
l ; u . ;! t . . w iiiiuui tti w lux iui uu i iiuii; iiu .i i r . ; -
i t u u j i rare lint I .iihii Willi me iicai I in i iih oiiii ire: n i rrrocn noaa nor lair nnnora
net ier.l1 V I cureu. iveierence can oe ua r - . tt th; r -i""1"" "vi ' -f " ' -
3 the t,ru;th of the above, by calling at Mrs lauy, tne great woman 01 uie neignnor-j- win again oecit tne eann w
tsoRVWhtferVStorei:- 3891 Grand ' atreet, l liood, and thespecial oracle of the pariplg. streams are siutnpenng, out
't-MMUti. F 1 " . !; L I it,u o m'n UrnfltoKto i .iifli ' n k r nik I agai o in their freh fulness-
" ar & . . 1 - m iu ww acj dulii o iaraaftuftft'ft7uvftft uu iiiuii ur t
tive ct?rnpahioi ! He spoke but; seld
but "ah ! so pertinently I The very
for their future vicar ! T stall watc
sftch: the
r heaU!giddiness an
'a tn ti'sfTr!
Mfnne E. Kenny, No 115 Lewis
beteei Stanton and Houston sis., afflic
M tenyarsivith the following distressing
i .: i ?i ! ' .. - -- ' 1 - i I
rmMl fl. vacancy. KThe intelligence, j thtereW,
! TO -HF--. rj"; .hat iKr living had been, vacant: aridlwas
u oimness oi Btgntjcouia i " " y: . ? ti ,t
disturbed rest, utter in. actual y disposed of. struck 'twas but fir
. . - .- ' i . 9 . . . 4 -1 (I. - i
thuty seconds the esquire s lady dumb-1
y hat I gfven away absolutely an ir
reversibly without my knowledge, consent,
or privity ? Four horses to the carrragf !
I will sleep tt London to-nighl-i-and )e in
Hill street beure ten to-morrow 'mornlng,,,
But the Chancellor was not so easjf of
acces. Since the visit of the fainting: la
dy, he had been somewhat chary of th ap
proaches of Ihe sex. -The' lady j o te
Manor was npl however to be discouraged.
She hunted! him from Hill street; tof the
Hous of lords; from the House of Iiorjls
to t h e Court fif C hancerv ; from the Court
Jame's Palace.1
ingnt side, dtsturDea test, utter in
y of,e8ganih2 in any thing that demanded
r erciurjigei sometimes a visionary idea of
fya$ijn ol her disease, a whimsical aver
iQ i p4filar persons and places, groundless
eheos.ionS of personal danger and poverty,
ikkiMriHltM and weariness of life, disconten
disqiieiti'de t n every slight occasion, she
eip(j11ifeCould neither die nor live; she wept,
nredp() ided, ) and thooght jshe ledl a
filsfjrllilqli'e, never wasone so bad, with
ieHnW4lil hallucinations. V. .! ' .'-I
IrfKeiityhaL the advice of several eminent
5icianHo bad recourse to numerous medi
f jbQi&tiil; net obtain even temporary allevia
of he dmtrclsing state, till her husband per
ed heioTiake trial of ray mode of treatment,
e Utwt quite relieved, ; and finds, herself
?ly fjwf of attending to her domestic af
jrbutfw1 hat she' enjoys 'as gootf health! at
ent ar e.5iid at any period of her existence.
UKenfyj husbaod of the aforesaid Anne
ny :- -! - :.: k!'T -. ..
Toin before ine, lhisl4ih dav of December.
:. ! - - . . , r
ing Summer, to veil the ravages which his em
brace has caused.
And, with (he bright and beaotilbl thmo-s of
earth which have passed away, has there Passed
no form of human loveliness ? With! the wither
ed flowers, and faded leaves, have" none Uu si vh
over wiinered lopes and faded feelings ?) (The
summer is gone, ana wun ti nave paBSed away
too many or tne gentle onesot earth too, many
ot the high hopes ol the heart. . r
And yet why mourn ? Why mourn that the
summer is over r Her bright leaves are with
ered now, but ihey will come again in their
are faded, but they
ith beauty her silver
.1 ft ft '': i if .ft I
iiiev viM ieu lonii ,
; s i ,1 ,i ii iiiiiiiil:.
-net rrmin rhtiuia I . ei
are dimmed, bdt they will float; again, Iie spir
its. in their own heaven, as etheriah and beauti
ful as ever. And the bright forms of human beau
ly was it not; meet they should pass away in
Iheir loveliness! with the gentle things of earth ?
Like ihe flowers and the leaves they ! will not,
indeed, come iack to us. Yet, wby.moifrn ?
They have passed away to a happipf world
where the leaf never fades and falls where the
flowers ate ever bright and fresh. They! will
njut come; bicki fo u ; bat, when the Summer
leaves have faded and fallen a few mote times
Koto few, we no not we shall go toothed, and
vie shall all have our resurrection mining ?
Why, ihen, mloorn fr rt hce
self, experienced dizziness and fairituess,
and were compelled to crawl back.
Here are no artifical etnheilishnients. The
scenery wears the fartls rob? of naturv's
wuuness. ine romantic variety, magmiu
cence and sublimity of Jehovah's woiks re
untouched by human hands. - j l be li4p!s
are in tne bosom pt a lorest, tn which re
seen burrows of fc:xes. and dens of rattle
snakes, and in-whii h .are heard the howling
of wolves, and IbQ screaming of: eaglcsi
Ji . t i a a -1 a: ' ; r t a ; . In
mere tne wna neer nounu gracetuiiy tnrougn
1 m ' - ft ft" k.' S 1 . Jm . i. .
the small btishes, arid pass the trees
I r ll'l V L
lu front of the spectator, tlie perpendicu
lar face of the rock on the opposite shore,
presenting an endles variety of figures and
colors, brwn, white, azure and purple-
overhanging, receding, angulat and square
surfaces, figures in bass relief ornamented
with shrubbery Ismail rivulets J falling in
graceful cascades "down the precipice ihe
if nmg abyss, line!d with masstvejork (he
foaming, roaring water, at the bottom en
by fitihg the attention upon each object I all the fundamental principles o( Ns iurai
separalely, the falls of Slicking before him 1 0,9 19 he more important, as h..v P-
the plantations below bim the mouh- a, "r,"",a,,7'J ,0"
tains around him and the broad bosom of .u. u.t a ', , , ,
the forest spreading every way but the dren. Ionr before thev can comprehend ,; v
effect of Ibe precipice under him prevails from books. These simple, elerut n rv
over all other emotions. As the snedutor pies of science, which all children ate -
walks Tialf a mile under the precipice the ta aconite; are of the ctmost Importance .
height of which is at this distance abotitse- irg them! to understand and torelsh tier
Ul UOHH3, OYCII HID tllt UUUftS U t IU IU I 11' I r ,
Under these views, one important ?; ,
taken by farmers for the education of t!i r
dren, and the improvement of ihermelv -
procure, or lo aid , and encourage their
in procuring, Family Cabinets, or . '
of minerals, plants, shells, insects, 'r
prints, Sic, with a few simple article I
ratus for performing., experiments, to i!
some of the fundamental prtncipl n f i r
With these as a starting tulnt, and
pencils, succeeded by paper and lead peet
a fewbooks in the same spirit, children
rally team themselves the art vi xvmu
spelling and speaking correctly, alsn i
... . i
time, certainly 01 a cnaracter tar si!.;.;
what; they ever do, or can acquire, by 0 '
bio system.
Another important measare, which (
may adopt for their own education, b
ing of SOCIAL L.TCECMS, ot weekly n
of a few neighbors for conversation, tph':
araining specimens, tryirg. expenrnf n:
bove all for preparing specimens for sen
circled by rainbows, all seen t at
producing sensations unutterable,
ing once enjoyed lyou desire I to
it can be recalled only by placii)
again upon the spot Nor does t
ft . - " : h T : I -
lose its power ny fong and minute examina
tion. I lingeied fabout the iRapids! three
one: view,
The. feel
recall, iut
g jrburself
j Preaeafinjerjjf of. Evil is oftentimes jbojhing
more than a modification of fear. Whenj for in-
ftift !' ivp ar enlerintr' umm am m.slprfnl-inrr
whether of amusement or business. hWever days, and the. efifct was rather heigtiteneed
great may be he pleasure that we expert from hy new discoveries, than weakened bj.famil-
ii, smi we nav? always some rears lest we snoutu 1 laruy. 1 t II
meet witn aomeining unpieasani. . t pe tnpwi- i he most magnthcent general view i is
edfre p-ained bv exirience. that we are almost I r,nm a n,rt r UJUiLta
. T iS- i . .. ! . ! I O O .1 . - j I Wl Vt . I Ml l UII'IHO
besieged henctuary roing- always disappointed in por expect at K,ns.jis in ovef tbe .byss'ttemyTfee
room in Lincoln's Inn, and dodged toamp oor hopes, and jingle g,lned b fifleeri.feetl ! Tn.s
Ql-.I wun irais, nuu una icciii n is iursvUiv i , ,r l . ' l ' ! B. f t
of Chancery lo
,TEit PiKCKSEt, Com. of Deeds.
m nrivaie siuinr-room 1 uenmu me wn
r IT B - - . , . , - -
sack. No lrf st did she allow herself in accordingly, as our rxind is more or less tin-,
following up the chase He fled, but Ped rjth9,dnb9 V ,b" li7le,"r 89 'reare just
atill 4 his so Uer nurstied Two of his Srounds for. nie fear. If, on soch occasions,
still ,riis sotter pursued. lwa 1 DfS wemeet;wilhl ,(0 accident whatever, wf think
lordship's Conies were in turn sent ,td - tn- nomoteofoDr preceding fVelifig,., ur 4,1, l
trrogate herland ascertain Jier errand Jhe der their real character hat it we jdoroeetlwith
bamboozled! ithera both. Vanqrnsheq by l one, we change the name of fear into that
is half way between tbe commencement dhd
termination of tberapidsj Ihear tjherq highest
pari of the mountain tbroogri' wrnch! they
pass, not less than one thousand jfeet above
the water, and affords the best vjew of In
second and third falls, one of wjbtca. lis al
i f s' t ft it u. hii.h. i:ivi'fM' i niimn i uamuuuz cu m cm uviii. ii oiiuuioiicu. u, i ime. we cubi r inn iiauir: in ii?ar iin iiiai 111 ore- i i . - t
mmW i irkportun y,4he Chancellor gaVe Wfy, sentiment: if most case; we de4jve ogives runoer irirojer uon urompany
.Mpper the ireatmeo; Uf Doc Tbe coveted ffittriew warranted l f; in Ibis manned We! imagine tljat w4 ilLd "a J' '.pMfgiU.
Klfcksf 100 Chatham sueet, New!-: ikdam.' llid he sternlyf githefini tp presentment,. thing happeo.hg ; w.reas ) ut ituatiortwn insuntryj. ,dal
I r MWin,S Jarvis.I3 Centre st. his robe aroiid him, and looking silA e cau.e.or .his per..,n of of thonder burstiover us anc the rain
irk,?5f.f J,i afflicted lor four years with a- Alhh An wanfflJ 1 Which caose we were ancioscious and therefore scended upon us The. oong ladies; took
reVaTOjinili bi.itti; which were always 0lmpf D? T wU!-t thought ihat theie as none at all) Thb cause shelter under a projectmg bank; forn whik
aSPd;bfih!igbiest motion, the tongue -clmnljoA ma, have exis ed only to producejihe fkpeca- one step might have prefip't .fed )hem oe
4te4 whiteness ; loss of appetite. living of Atnesbrjr tton. and.ihenjio vanish fn.m our jmemojy ; or. thond in6 fiairlg r veirJL-te
!Nir had;iV rowels commonly ;ve- JM BrWigham with evident rprise, ?wJ - may st U con- of the pan croWdundei a line
r5t vfi ipe urine hth coloured, and oiten i iviaxing.irom ma austerity mm some-1 k.-riul,s ormg oncon- . ,r l ' L L 1-Hi..
S4 sliinWnnautndHd bv relief The a- thing! borderi U on a amile. as he akI Inn Ncloos of such xistenceV :Thus a kiaiefofW r umbreh upon tne-00,01 6f:the
rock. 1 he mck-hodse formerly the entrance
ven hundred and thuty feet, and the base
of wbtch contains a nnrrow path, midway
between the summit and base of the roouo-
tiin, a variety of emotions is enjoyed too
complex to be definitely described. Ob
jects pleasing, novel, beautiful and sublime.
are every moment demanding his attention.
On the summit his countenance is grave.
his words few, and his imagination strongly
excited At the " base his countenance is
lighted up, and hi conversation animated
and brilliant. For bis visit to the summit
he feels rewarded, ana his mind has expan
ded.- With hts visit to the base he is mote
delighted ; his feelings
the company are en-
on retiring he says, "no
day of my life has pissed more agreeably
or more profilably., The best judges,
however, unanimously express a preference
for the rapids of Tallulab. As at the Table
Mountain, so also two days at least should
b devoted to the Rapids
American Journal of Science and Ails.
A Hardened Criminal. Among the
persons recently tried and convicted at Cin
cinnati, was a man who was sentenced to
twenty years labor in the penitentiary for
the crime of arson. He is supposed to
have been concerned in all or most of the
fires thatj, ocenred in Cincinnati during
the suramer, (except accidental fires) as
he is said to have Cinfesse! secretly to a
comrade that. he set eleven fires in the city
during the summer, before, the one for
which he was convicted. He is notorious
also as having been in the Ohio penitentia
ry, and escaped, and since in the Indiana
penitentiary six rears, the lat tour- years
of. the time wearing twenlv-eight pounds
of iron on his legs to keep him from break
ing away.
He that attempts to cot with the back of
a knife will fail in his ohj ecu and cut his
own nngers. 1 ne same sirengtn anu pa
tience that, rightly applied, would stiflice
to loosen a knot, will, if misdirected, only
tighten it. Thus, rational beings may be
laid hold on the wrong way; and those
who might have been useful are rendered
mischievous by the calling into exercise
their bad feelings and passions instead of
their best. If you want to induce persons
10 do any good action, or to win them to
goodness in general, yon are much more
likely to succeed by kindness than by harsh
ness and reviling. Even the worst of men,
whom neither threatenings. terrors, npr in
flictions could subdue, have not been proof
against the power of kindness Anon.
. ? i ' - ft'.
- u,AH?foy at breathing, with a sense; o
the chest, likewise a great want
',mp h nervous systern i - V i 4;
! aycfptorns were entirely removed,
&IW CQr 3 ffcved by Dr VVm Evaos.
-Sw lv r BNJ. J jarvis.
- the gracefut, intelligent, beaming face! be-
f jforehimf h;,,i ' ' It I ;!'
J:VY cs I mtat have it I I was never Re
fused a fayoufrSin my life, and 1 cn fgive
you fifty reas0nsw;y this should jnoi Ibe
an ; the first cUre nrJ mv
sadness, exUtmg jost. before we had filed our
inougnis upon eomeming 01 wnose event ue were
j t-. c f i. ... 1. ... :. - ii l u j J J
ol the - Indian V paradise but how the ea-
nm,fiJaCfikhetng duly sworn,: doth de
P5? 4 fa hat the fact, stated in the a
?vp cerliUcate, sobsenbed bt him. are tn all
aspects tfoe. RENi S. JARVIS.
rn be 4me thts Soth of November, I8S6.
" luuuxai oauu, ioiary rublie 96
'Sold 6y the following Agents.
ILWt WGUS ( Bookstore) CheraioSJX!
IhAXnEUSON, Camden; S:C . K:
JOIimiUGGIATS, Columbia, S.-C-1
V I Wl IJC v.
Lord, 'tis useless don't look at tnejlloor thnent is nothing more than expectation produced
TOU.won?tscape till ybu have heartl me by some cause, Df the eaistence of wtrefc Vause
W wantla gentleman, abt a ! pauperT for oor mind. w;e aie onconscious.j TbW cause.
our poor necsitousp6pMlatn,onefWif- ItJ Hh,D
.. n . 1 , 1 - ! more than tbe association of ideas. lh as, fr 10-
fiying 1. disposed of inter- stance, if. we have I merl, enjoyed Selves
rupted lord iBroogharn I have ;flered he iri any place, when going there agVm, are al
nuiuiMiu ? m ' w,'"wr r 1 P - t I "l sure .0 nwn pieaare, even mouon per
doubt fo, whether it will be ?tod or eil accor Isle's habitation, was before us Ihe fearjh
oiogiT w iui ,iriuus or neriiam accnmpanv'02
state was jny or, sadness, so will otr e I pert a Hon,
or in other words, obr presentimeni, be; of;o-Ld or
- iv '.... i,i ,l
c iu.j j iif-u, generally, uifti presen
: . . . : . f i.
Dr. Hyder, apd be'-T
f Leaves
a. m m sAftft'jwa - W ftv im4 AftrmA m ikftka
" r.y ;t rA ce enjoyed ourselves there, wevel aRei sso
my client une Uhancenoramiiea:nfpiun: chted wnhltt the idea"of pIeasare.SeiifJtem
bars that which forroerly caused this ' bteasore.
ives it 4till with your !L0rd8h t,, ob- t soppe4 by fas obe now there ;tf; our ex
the lady qniekly, in1 her turW 1 I3ut iaUonare;jar.ed,; we -say thai; Wei ad: a
rvjnl!m 'in h' fc.V .P'?tnent of it, whereas it was only the a eiion
tarily) ray client Mr L , has
tiotii ! I Literary $ietsznger. .
in front and on either hand opened wire
and deep over us roafed, the thu rider- tin
der us, at abotit-'he same distahce, wee
seen and heard ihe pouring, and gashing 61
the cataracts-?'' peavehs red aridllry splay
ed around and the w ind swept -by, with
great violence.;' At this moment ajargl pine
near uswas '"hftep by the! lightning, aflid ijs
irurdVj entirely splintered.ftfithej grun.
tbqanswet ed etho IrOm sidelbliidenib4
ling long and loud, through the caverns of
the broken mountaio. Wej all remt lecj,
and looked at each other in silence Th
ladies sustained the shock with unexpected
- ' . ' -i-f;i . .-..: - g. .
A deer bounded along, and a ptoe War os
was' splintered with lightning while we; were
rtewin the Rapidr.
exchanges, by which their own ru
will be greatly increased, and greatly r.
interest given to their meetings Soc!i r
and suvh exercises are particularly inter
the temaies and ine younger members I !
For the special benefit of the busiru
rarrs, they Lave often farmed Social .
co. fined to themselves, which are p3ti
appropiiate for the winter. Connected u r '
meetings, a regolar system of experin
been instituted, by which each can hav t
(fit of the experiments of the whole. 1:
perimenls carefully tried under the dirt
science. v ;
Tfcese social meetings, and the re"'. 7
of experiments, instituted by fmriP's
some: of the most valuable materials I r
er's journals, and ibe strongest ludi,
as well as means for snstairpnir . therj,'
materials and jnoney. A farmer n.uh
lake land peruse a montiilt farm 1.:.'
periodical conducted by , and fur larnu r-,
twing more than remunerated for h s
a single fact or hint, which he t i'd 1
work. The least possible reading v.;
farmer ought to redoce himself to, i? r
his Bi6e daily, and his Monthly Fan
tivatbr, Visitor' or some other ptn
often! as once a week.
Both in4erest -and duly nould If n I t
mer In pursue i much rore jjprrrai
reading. Work on Natural Science ,
Economy; History,' Biography, and 1 1 '
to aid him in understanding ard $ : '
'ights and duties as a republican Bnd n
may be read and studied by fiery f i r
wishes Jo jeahA their bent fits.
Ml re favorable opportunities ron. !
jSwalloicing a Farm A larmer in Connecti
cut, v ho has occupied ih-fsaute farm, on leae.
tbr'abou'i thiriy years past. Has compUining.'hat
he had been able to lay. op nothing I torn ir.iiinr
iy ypars labour. A neighboring sioreket-per ol
fered to explain tohirn the reason, and proceed
ed. as fallows : ' Outing the last thigy yeais
that you have been on tbe farm, I have been ra
ding in this store, and the distilled spot's I have
sold you, with the interest otlbe money, bulJ
have made you the owner of the farm you hire "
Fidelity of a JJog An Irish grey
hound, owned by Col. Harney, and which
he had brought from Missouri, had formed
a very strong attachmeut to Mr. Dallam,
the owner of the trading establishment at
Taloosahatchie. On the massacre of the
men at that post, bot little hopes were
eniertaine J hy the survivors, but that the
dog had eitt.e'r been killed or captured by
the Indians Fourteen days after the oc
currence, on the arrival of Jroops to give
sepulchre to the victims of .Indian faithless-'
ness, this faithful and attached animal was
foiindbarelv able to stand, emitting a fee
ble howl over the remains of his friend Mr.J
provided for improvement by rra
inlercouTse than are furnished in fan,,
evenings By readitg, extrnnr
performing experimen's, and hy rr r r
proving each other, -"every 'farmer, -
ing highly intelligent and socct-.!-fl
business, may be. suflHentlv .en tight ' -relations
he sustains in siety, and i i f
tions existing btiween the vayoes c '
depart menis of society, lo enable hi.n
hot only iheduties of a private ci'iz ' .
su.-h public officet, as his fellow cit ;
call t'l-ii to perform. -
Headi.- g. .ril intercourse, cabinet f
chemi-al anid philosophical experimet;t,
fic excrtaitges, and especially cwr.r.
mtisi be greatly aided by well quI ill--i
on the different subjects of gchkd
physical sciences, political economy r.r :
ons stihjem of nseful knowledge ; im. .
yer to aid the various clashes cf tha c
to tr..'rnct them-lves, than lo 'com inn; . 1
strnc too to them. A semi-monthly f
mntbly meetin, of two or three hour, i
tended by a skilful, and ao x'perimental '
er, who should visit sne dcxeri or turr.
ces io succession, inigbt do .nocb todir
Ihe readir.g, conversation and expersn '
to give y'ern and energy to the efl . -h
ni'St enj"y bis insuuciions; e
the vour,yer portions of the coramuritiy.
; Schools of the kind pmo9ed. if assist d
lectures and teachers in -connection, ti'i ,( :
hately. would probably be still mure hf ;
withoat any additional expense.
On sobject, so vast indeed, a entire' that now ondr view, a fe
pp essays, are barely suflicieot of a f
inochieff it.. With the bints ahead? qiv
tmm ftiul Krif ther! are. I most dir:.
- y
Dallam. The corpses around jvere denud-?gof,j .Ci, with tbe kind regards and b
ed by vbllures, but Dallam was uninjured, j 0f row mend.
This noble trait of fidelity was duly appre-
T. Uxx:

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