North Carolina Newspapers

    13 41 - . ' i i J i " --' . .1 .! or . . - , .... ' '
?. 'M l ; . , 1 . V ' "if '. 4 " i 1 - . - :
iixfisrsiipn; -.herein the TtfW ' VT7 i . M " 4 7lX : ' . 'j: ; JVT - t. Jl Vt -'.r
. -LiiL nm li vncchondriasis.
! i .P.'n-iciiV bowels, a-rid erucialioos,
it. r d
'tnwnTHiic pain, giddiness, dimness
n upon any sunjeci ji im
lhinff that de-
d&t ftMirJS. Also Ungaidness
!,r' lUa irhiahle, Ihoughtfal, despond-
ri;;l,4jvi'flr dejpeted, accompanied wiih
fHni and peculiar tram of ideas
tathf. U(na2naiiin and tiver-wbelmn
w &inpih4w an iriGnite diversity. The
fclJi&Jimeti are ibis afllic-
u rl Mil
CAUSRS. , -V rr 'vi? -
c' ewa f K rif 1IRy kiod especially se
.s?- i-i . i lr.'iH m a late hoar in the niaht:
j ,rHftf rttid PT social .lntercirse, or ex-
-fcihBwt1iiehbii,ffreai-ecefii,.in eaung
5 airiW n1 use of mercury,
Z par 'Vvf. suppression bfi some ha
? ' 'X a mtintfaf eruption re laxation or
ft .ynnfforlmnfe important origans within
J'H V s f 1 TltEATM ENT. .
j.-jniiUsifxn. tti strengthen th body, and
r.n!ienilhffHttfiW. which may be promoted
vjatjnurrvFfliion. The howels (if costive)
We knbw nothing better
this end; than Dr. VVilliain
Is bflinff mild 'and certain
: .... . I - t. - i
fteii UK-twM. 1 he buiveis f oemgonce
-.'Ji'fch mlatiniable Camomile Pills.fwhich
ritonic;antKiyi'ei ind anti-spasmodic; are an
.LiiisUrpmedri and without -dispute nave
rivadareat iffiSsinsf o the numerous public.
rfimP'nh Vivians have recommended a free
kiuf 4WrcarV botit should not betesorted to ;
fcNOjay-cisti jt will sreally aggravate the
I liftrM&'ni: Astonishing Facls.
1: J-Jli Hr Monroe, Schuylkill, afflicted
i jit ttia.ahovi'diitressing malady. Symptoms:
Creit't3iiipaiiTi flitulency, disturbed rest, ner-
fj3 beidiche Jdifficulty of breathing, tightness
i-lgirkttfrecfosslihe breast, dizzinesss, ner-
ri irrttabilHrandr restlessne-ss ,T could not lie
nih thiiintai bdsitton without the sensation of
nisandm sanation, palpitation of the bear!,
iilressm wbab.fostiveness, pain of the stom-
irBvdrdwinefesiigreat debility and deficiency of
Lhtnfous wtffgryi Wr 11; Wonroe gave up
irrv iiodsHtofi Jecovery,- and dire despair sat
no he cou a t ea ad ce of , e e ry person i n te rested i n
existence) ifi fiappinesa, till by accident he
iiidrnlln a milic oaner some eure9 - effectedby
DtAVii. Rv ArS MEIJIUIMS in his com-
y atj ,"which mdiiced him tt; patcbasej a: pack
rof the PHjsJ which resulted in completely
reuorih 'every Uymptom of his disease. He
ttaieMo sav His motive for this declaration is,
!i4tbpse'afilted with the sameor any 6yrap- ltnhl Mass. was severely afflicted
(or,tenyear3Hfuli Tic Dolereux.fviolent pain
ia ler.lip'l, a?id vomiting, wiih a burning heat
inthe stofnaiili', and unable, to leavp her room.
Sr cmM' fintUno relief from the advice of sev
ral pfiysiciaa, nof from medicines of any kind,
infil'after -6heiad1commeneed -us'irtg Dr Evans'
toHijitibe lf tobj Chatham sireet, and from that
liflH jiije begiirt ''amend; and feelsj - satisfied if
&k continue tie 1 medicine a few Ways longer,
li bapfrtee-ilyicured. Reference can be had
sin tjie trirti,of4he above, by calling at Mrs
Jibimm's dauirhter's Store. , aba uranu sireet.
Mrs Ashe
61 V. Kenny, INOi 11a L.ewis
li'ei ielweehtStanton and Houston.sis.rafllic-
'fifrlen yoaN vvilh ihe following rdistressinor
sHinitms :" "Aidl eruclatton, daily t i'pamodic
T'Sns in b liaii los3 of appetite, palbiiation of
f ! i er h ea r t , jj;.l d i n pss a iid d i m n ess ol sig h t ,cou Id
"'1 liioiij heright side, disturbed rest; utter in
a')litvlor1 enwiWin? in anv thin? that demanded
tigur hr courage, !ioraeiimes a; visionary idea of
Sngjia 1 1 loii ft iber disease,' a xv hi msical a ver
HonUft DirtittSHif nersons and niaces. ctronndless
aijprph'erti.)$f personal danger andi poverty,
a itH'inri a.1d weariness of life, disconten-
i 'I -i 't 'I' .. . : i . : . I .
if,i'"l'iiefi!te on everv slibl occasion, she
ro:S(vjpi sM?u) neitherdienorliveshe wept,
latiigftteil, despnn(led, and . thought she led a
w4 fnirdMs ljf', never was one. so bad, with
i '.MrlKennj'jltal the advice of several eminent
riysrttiaiii, aad had 'recourse lo numerous medi-
CD,buloiljlkiolobtain;eveb teraporarynllevia
tmn ol Mr miessing state, till her husband per
ifyH herttMakeinalof my mode of treatment.
i ihwiior;miii lebeved, and finds herself
only eapihle of, attending to her domestic af
M'fs, Inn aviifi iriat .heleniovs as wood healih at
'eiitiiSf6fedlat any eriod of her existence.
. w huj, uwauu oi ine aloresaid Anne
Knnv. f ' if", i , -? : i .-ii ' i .
-3 Jrnf before me, this UilVdav of Dpr pmhor
i f 'r f?T r - KNEY UomroEJ Deeds.
nHrUJl,VL'I.SM. wiifi an A.iw "rt
MiiM lander the ireaiuieni jof Doctor
I Vjk:Nrl.l;f afiltciH i for four vears wiih
.ripainiirtall his j nui'T, which.weie alw.vo
j 2rasedi otr i be shr ti i est?' trit ioiv ihe iony hp
Jlefved aiiaily whiteness V?f3 f appetite,
'2Uns'sin b!$'head, the bowels commonly ve-
ill .-.i;-i frt' f f: ' t .""-. j
si eailpjf, junaltendfd by relief. The a
' ?esvtnM tire also aliended "with constd
iblet diiiionl breathing, with": a; sene j of
'lesVacK ife chest, like wjse threat "want
y;iue enfrgv fji) The nervons sysif mV i
; ie ab ivi ninms wre entirely removed,
aiHrfecl te Effected hy DWm Evansi i
njtmii S Jjri5 bein? dulv swoirn. ;dothfde-
1 Jjafid,ay,!tfm he Ifactg stated in the a.
i J ove crrjitlteubscribed br fcirolareln all
7 hrtforeiimej this 2.riih nf V.-uk icrn
ens. '
BR01VJV., Salisbury, JV C.
, fKWGm, Coumifa j S. C.
ifslorfJ, may liuewise receive tue inesumaoie existed, but undej anothername and not to hafp
liftinu , iSi " . f l been merely ibe'prTspring pf a fertile imagination
, I lACASSOVTIU pOLOREUX. . The blowing ecdote respectmV these nobll
I t'li. ..!.-: iS...' li . ' . ii !. .".! ..II I -
Sirs. t ri,HUllll3ui, niio wi vain. I'm 1
"' . ' ... - - MMM." ' ' I IK I II 1
' 1 ' ' ' ... , mi ii
TTo a lady. .,:
-JThere's so touch loveliness and grace, V
. ouch mgiibeauty io thy face," ' -f
It haunts; my memory, - , ; '
Within my;Smind that. form I'llwear, -
To chase away all earthly carei '
And rainbt me jef the sky. ; " , - - :5
When on.tJie earth, thy form I rniss - . 4
When thodjhasi gone to realms of bliss, i f
Beyond; tie upper. sky, -' ; J
Could I bargain admittance there, i
I'd know tftjy, wild, angelic air,- , ,
I'd kitowllhy 6eraph'8 eye. '
Soch furma'ks thine the angels wear,
Thy soft, Uear eyeVihy waving hair, r
Would grace a heavenly train ;
. 'Twould cleer death's hour of pain and;
V; : glfom, : fA f
To know that risingr from the lorab, ... is
I'd see thee once aain.
We love
o see the blooming rose
In all lis beauty dressed ;
We lo ve Ho hear our friends disclose
The emotions of their breast.
We love o see a boat arrive,; "
VVell laden to our shore ;
We loveto see our neighbors thrive
And love to bless the poor.
We love to see domestic life
With laught toj mar its joys
We love to see a youthful wife
. , JVbt p eased with trifling, tvys. .
We loVe all these yet far-above -
All that we ever said,
We love
I what all the Printers love-
To ha
re Subscriptions jaid.
.". '
r -i
; , . . . v . . . - -
When: fofftane smiles and looks serene,
Tis " Sir, how do ye do ?.
Your facqily is well, I hope ; L
Can I s&ive them jor you T1- !
But turns the scale lei fortune frown,
. I - 'And ills' (and woe fly t'ye ;
!Tis tHetA " I'm srry for your loss,
But iimeMTe hard ffood bye t'ye I"
CheervhJe ! Brothers. This firm, which "has
: gift I , : .
been so woTtbity portrayed by the gifted author
Nicholas icklebyT is saJ t0 jhuve real).
minded originajs is taken! fiom the Manchester
(Eng.) Times;? . ,;
' The elder brother of this house of merchant-
princes amply! Jijevengfed ihimself-upon a libelllr
who had made timself merry with the pecuha
ities ol tne amiaoie iraierniiy. irus man pu
lished a pamphlet, in which one of the brothels
(D.)was designated as Billy Button," and rep
resented as talking largely ol their foreign trade,
having liavellrswbo?regularly visited Choi4
bent, Bollock IpmithyVand other foreign parts. I
Some kind friend" had jtold W. of ihU pawpn- ;
let, and W. hail said that the man would live to
repent of its publication. This saying was kindlv
conveyed to tbejjjibeller, who said that he should
disappoint, them for he ishould take care never
to be in their dttt. ftJutthe man jjn business
does not alwayslknbw who shall be his creditor1 j
The author of ilihe pamphlet became bankrupt,
anu ineoroineratneiq an ccepiauceoi niswnien
. a t . 1 J !h I I . L 1 a ' a" a - : i
had been endorfed to them by the drawer; wh
had also becomes bankropti I he wantonly libelled
men bad thus Ucome crediiors of the libellel !
They now hadjii in thierj, ppwer to make him e ;
pent of tifslailqlcily.'.-; He could noi obtain ifis
certificate witHdut their signature, and without
it he could oocenter into business jagam. tie
had obtained the number: ot signatures required
by the bankruif laws except one. It seemed
folly io -hope' J Hat the firm of "broihers" would
supply the deflciency. WhatV they, who hsidi
cruelly been mide Ihe laugh ingn-sfeck of the pub
lie: foroet the! wroner. andi favor iihe Wronr-doe !l
He despaired ;bul the claims f a wife smd chM
dren forced hirAjat last t( makeAhe applicatioSij
Humbled by m' presented himself at the
coon ting-rooftijpf the wronged W. was tber i
alone, and his (list words to the delinquent wele.
" Shut the doopsir !' sternly ottered ; The drlujr
was shut, and I He libeller! stood trembling beftfirje
the libelled. 1 1 !e told hisj tale, and produced bis
certificate, wfiiH'h was instantly clutched by ihe
injured mercbnt. " Yon wroie a pamphlet i
gainst us once f'j exclaimed W. The supplicant
expected lo sec his parchment thrown into the
fire ; but thisi it as not hi destination. W. look
a pen', and wriirg something upon iherdocome
handed il backloitbe bankrupt. He poor wrfltch!
expected to sel jthere rogue, scoundrel, libellejr.
inscribed ; buthbere was in fair round characters
the siooaiure bf tbe firm ! j We make Usa role
siid W. heter to refiise sign;rig ihe cf rtifica'eW
an honest traoe .man, 8t we have never heard yu
was any thing else. Tihe tears started 'io the
poor man s ejej " An ; said ;v. my -.saying
was true. I .saw you wouw live to repent writing
that pamph)etj il did not mean it ts asaihrenf;
I only meant that some day you would know jiis
better, and wola repent Jyou had tried to injiife
tt e 'olipent of it now.rij I do, I do,'
be greatfl) man. j Wellwell, my dear
fellow,' -aij 1 W. you know os hoW. How f?o
you get on jWliai are jroo going to do ?' Ti e
Krmanau)W;ihat he had fiisndsj who couid
assist him w,Ho his certificate was tAtathei.
vBoVhow arfjjooffiakhe mean time?? Afd
ihe answer' wai. that, having given up evey
farthing lo hicrediioisjhe had been compelled
to stint his fartfly of eyk common ecessaris,
that he mighibf enabled to pay ihej t of His
certificate. ; jMy dearfeIlowBaid W. "
will not do?ir famiiy inusi nt Buffer. r 0e
kind enough ip lake this ten-pound iiote toyoiar
wife from me.!; iThere, there, my dear fetlowL-
nayfon't cry:-4iit will befall well with you yef.
Keep ppyodri spjTits'rSet: tojwork! like a mn;
and you will niae your head aroorigat cs yet
The oerpewfl man endeavored In! rain lo ex
press his lhankkibe swelling in bis throat for
bade Words; be
pot his handkerchief to bis face:
and went cut jfjthe door crying like a child."
ii. It.
.AlilSJBUl&Yi -.-IJiiaCIBMIBBiBa: iSdO;
Discovert of Mum?niest 'at J)urahgo9''
f l.r': lm' Mexico?' T:ij;V -'
A million of Muminies,' it is stated,' rtave
lately beeri " discovered in the environs
of t)urangot in MexPco. : They i :;arejin a
sitting posture1,, but have the same I wrap
pings, bands and ornaments of the yptian.
Among them was found a poniard-of flint,
with a sculptured handle, chaplctsj neckla
ces, Btc, of alternate colored heads, jfrag
ments of bones polished like , ivoryif fine
worked elastic lissues,(piobaMy our. modern
India rubber cloth,) moccasins worked like
those of our Indians to-day, bones of prs,
&3. It remains to continue these int nest
ing researches' and ' AnieV ica vi ill j c cOme
another EeypCto antiquarians, and herrtiins
will go back to the ofdest periodslqft the
world, showing doubtless that the ancestors
ol j the M ontezumas uvea on ine ijfe jana
that lheir luxurious, civilization wa$ brokon
up and overpowered by ibe hardy hordes of
Afiatic raitarsV who came down frrpehi
nog's Straits and the Rocky Motinlitijis.-
The scenes ofrAti)la and Alaric inuRorne
arid Greece,8 were rehearfed at 80$ earlier
day on: the shores ot : uaiitoiniap,ni tne
olaina of. Mexico. It is unkrlownl-of the
Mnmmtes above mentioned what ! kind of
embalments was used, or whether iPak ni
trbus depositions in 5 the caves i wberl they
werefbtind. A fact vt importance instated,
that the shells of thj fiecklaces-are ofla ma
rl pe shell found at Zacatecas o.i: the Pacific,
where the Columbus of thei forefathers
probably therefore Untied from' thq lalay,
indoostan or Chinese coast.or frornf ! island
in the Indian ocean.
-Texas. -StiLV.
The Drought A "Dry ; FountM. S In
Florida, there jst or was a beautiful jsl
eet of
water known by while men ana Indians as
1 ' i . . s iii i
ihe Silver .Spring which, before jbis lyear's
by ail living things in thattegion as exhaust
less. Its pretty name was naturally; sgges
led by--its bright aspect; In the t(jth of
the forest, and ibordered by a malted Growth
of live oak and other evergreens jajijcnlar
or oval hollow: about sixty yards in-diameter
shelved down through sand of perfect,:white
hess totts centre, where the sprincr gushed
ipwaids so vigorously bs to agitata thq sutu
lace some tataoms above, hiring ii(s entire
basin with water cf delicious purity and
coolness, through the diamond transparency
jof which were seen fi?h of difjerht kinds
fend various colors, which, always; refusing
a bait, were believed by the. InfiUngi to be
lenchajited or blessed spirits ; and under the
blaze of a tropical Summer, a sensua) fancy
could hardly have imagined, even in the
land of flowers, a more d el ightfili heaven
than the balhlof the Silver Spring perhaps
the very fountain of njuvcnesceoceliftisearch
of which the; romantic old Spani: ril found
that immortality in death which iehoped
to onioy in life. There was amp I loom
anu verge enpi'gn lor a nine niiai in. wiiicu
visiters amused themselves floating jjirer the
secluded little lake On a visit, a jetv! weeks
since, some cjtBceis found the spot rprived
of half its beauty and of all Us wonted fresh
ness. The silver sands were dry sns he de
sert ; the spirit CnU and the water liad van
ished ; and thickly strewn in i the vyoof?s
aronnd were lite bleaching -fkelbtohs arul
withering 'carcasses - of horses, dcefv wild
cows, and a variety of other thtngs whirh
had perished of thirst The rlv basin
somewhat resembled the crater of a volcano;
for although there was not a drop of mois
ture; the boding molion of ihe spring was
kept np in the sand and on thrusting down
the fool or a stick, ihe gas escaped in puffs
distinctly audible. A poet mfgbt make
something out of all tbK Char, iler.
j Th e harried Blacksmith. Mrl.'Elisba
Biuret, ihe learned blacksmith, illustrates
fully what a man can accomplish tinder al
most any circumstances, if he possesses
only application. Mr B has worked for
manv vears as a blacksmith, andjconlinues
ndw to labour two thirds of the ilayat .the
ranvil ifi Worcester. The other portion
oi time ne aevoies io siuuips, ;anu ai
ri?arfy he has acquked h" knowledge of Jifly
different languages. Last y ear be address
ed a lelter to the president of the. Roial
-Society of Antiquities in France,! written in
Cello Breton, one of ihe province! 4n lhat
kingdom, but now an ohsolule fllnguage.
The President of ihe Academy jrepjied lo
his letter, and the correspondent h been
published in a. volume just issued? ;by the
Society in Paris, a copy of which jitdjs been
sent toMir. Burret of .Worcester), j fEle cer
tainly has mwde great .acquisition! as j a lin
guist; and; discovered most commendable
application, if not mental power; f- i.
I.'"- Northampton Courier.
r ' ;. 1 , ' 'i?
! To the Ladies.-? Horj to do Up and
direct Jftddihg caAe When a couple hve
passed from a1 state if single bfes;sedess in
to'that of huly tcedlock, ts it i?;Sometimes
called; that ;i.s, ;. have UkenLeach:oi()pr for
ieller'rywore, and wish to hi yetmade
public as thelways should) n fcrjlej: to
have the business done correctly, it 13 deem
ed necessary to accompany the lotice with
a slice pf cakt ; 'and Vs there isSoftptl some
mistake irw Ibis respect 5 we would the offer
following directions : : jjj f;r;
p Cut Irom the loaf ra mod est sf ice i x or
:ejflht"tnefic--,ipnffrto'bifds al wjrlp. and
two finches thick Enclose it! neUtlv, in
wime paper, ana oirect 11 to 54 ;
The Pbinters.
I Jfot "Distr easing! Casualily-Ye jiavie
to record a most heart-rending casuality,
which occurred on Mohdayinigftt. lit eeiems
that Mrs, Knowles, Wife ofj Mr Frederick
Knowles, and Mts, !Edwaris, wife ofAJf.
Samuel Edwards, residents of j Belle Isle,
near this city, had visited a sick family on
this side, and set nut to return to the i : Is
land about , 8 o'cloqk. The boat whtrh
conveyed them across, was managed, by
one of the Negro men .belonging to the
works. vFfom all the circumstances corw
nerted with tbe affair, it w Aiibl nnhear lhat I
u v . u . i -'t 't-'ui i- -
the boat began to leak, by which Uo lives
- , L. . - m iln , I .
of the passengers , Were endangered : and
. er . .J , h j - - a , , ;
tt is inferred that the negrd finding his boat
... i i j ti t j 1 ! i n
sinking, landed the ladies upon a small
.T . . . . ,.vT M , ; ..
isianu in me riverana maae nis way to me
t . . i . i i ' .i .
shore for assistance; It would seem that
m his anxiety to afiordelief, jailed io
4 I
bis eflorts; and iti believld was Idrown fgntty About half the Senators to ere
asbolH the loatseie fdund toelher b sea -reading, writing, or convers
the morning. , Arid, what is still more V" un,!er .lone- Aboutr ? zen or
distressing, the ladles perished; on the Is- wcrf lngiog oC the or around
i t. i
yesterday morning! The afflction is height-
ened hv he nrcnmltiinci, that eciy of .iheVn
. 1 - 1 .. . -ti i! WM
leaves two voune cnuaren to suuer ine oe-
reavement Mrfowleal is JMntit the
North. The publtc sympathy is deeply
,.-.:.,i w-.i.i- -A. jL.L-:i. T
excited by this most distressing affair .
if . -uteamqna rr nis.
" t - " 'it
Shipwreck. We learn
the British
barque EmigraniCapt Slain,
,'s from
Liverpool, for Mobile, has rone ashore on
the west end of Massacre Island, and is
a total loss. Th mail j boait Merchant,
on her way to New Orleans, ; wenl lo her
assistance, but ner services were; not oe-
... i . . . n i n
sired. when she stood on
lier course, leav
ing the unfortunate vessel
bilged, land ha-
ing 9 feet water In i her liDuVi SJie had a
cargo; of sail, and a few packages ofmer-
Chandise. -n 1' , ; I ': - I f
Olra or Mverqdo Cotton Wo ;mM
the following extract from an advertisement
& i I : t '
in tie Columbia papers offering f6r sale the
seed of this Cotton. . : -. ll- H- '
- - ' il - ! i I! : k P
Hr T 11 Ta.lnr frnm HiHa mnrn
lof the stand hebught to yU)iad,JgatTi. h,ch lM great debaters of the two pn
trA -. nf ikon Ihi nJ Jm. Tt tlP9 would exhibit their 'strength, and wield
fbi owins is an extract of a lei er from Dr.
r . .-T. . - f
Ta.lnr- Ynn trffiWKo f UX wrtii m ,kr.
rv I i vT P" r
man oi a standi, and n anted, inn. ati u
fpf. instead nf ?anA vot I om rrta rpkhrtnf
- - r r . ; if
I Ann h nr rf I Kiil.ot oannKU
on the same land' of yielding 5,000 lbs.
. J. T ;T !' j j '
pianteo ai o leet if) ooti.rjie rovs.!: it J live
another year 1 wilf try a hundred' acres that
way.' Mr. F MfGiIme of Mqntgoehciiv,
Alabama, from as bad a stand gathered 1,400
lbs. to the acre. Mr. C. Ti Billingslee, bl
ered 1,060 lbs. aiildnecled 200 lbs. bore
Mr. Aidridge, who first cultivateil this Cot-
mn. it i a,d. mld ft oof) Ir.Qi nrr rre.
this .Par. nnH rpf,iW-d 000 (1,r his nor,
nf ll na nr I II Tan lnrLfrtm OO 1)00
from 22 0D0
i bales, lof
clean, tolbo
TNrlori wMi
lbs of Seed Cotton, ginned
600 lbs. average ;1 or 85 lbs of cle-a
of the Seed Cotlon. Je?se P.
known here, weighed 425! lbs rf Petii Gulf,
and the same ofij Okra, in thej fteed and
ginned ' each: the result was 124 lbs Lof
ginned Petit Gulffor 29 ljis tcf tl iOO. no1
of Okra 156 lbs), or .3p5 io each ibd
lbs. of Seed Cottpn. The st; pje- is 'deci
dedly finer." 1 . 1
The price of he seed! herf blTererl for
sale 19 $100 pet - bushefj, rj'er gllon,
and 5 per quart which
st a
ed ' to be
the Alabama prices. Chef one
'-it l
1 The other Sunday , thej clerk I of orie of
the Dissenting Caels ir theCitr of Lon
don, previous io he,commencement of ijbe
service, dirted hfb handsby"plaeing them
accidentally upojj some Ipewf black fjairit,
and, unconsciously rubbing his face; be
smeared it so as fcu-iesemplea son of jVul-cao.-'i
He turned . into iUey singing Bk
where he naturally attracted jlmuch alten
lion, which was considerably ireased jwhn
he gave out the rfrst lineof ihlly'mn,! Zifc
hold the brighinUsoymact,1 Tbcofi
gregation could no longer preserve their gra
tity, end an invoinntarj Jaugti
every corner of the chape). iS:
urst Ifr obi
, E Mf L0 YMEX'Jlh
. There is no f?e!ing so bad as t hat of laznp.
(don'I laugh reader; for we areiot now Fprifcirtg
from exprience)Jrtd "iherej is siinatin so
uudesirable, as that wherein we ae oriemp'ye
Man's faculties of htcnly i and rkindj weire noi giv
en to remain idle arid passivej--srieji i lirVtou d
be a kind of non-enity hoogb ittmlight no Jbe
a life of suffering et it could not be! one 4f ej
jjyment. We may be said to tiyipTnji propinidn
as; we l actively ioiprove tbel powerof Jifef fn
inaciiviiy there isjno enjoy men ti iiehingtr;alt
can a waken a iff si re. J If then life M desifabl,
an active exercise f all its poweri isTdesirable.
We heWnot;wish iorselves exemt from tbje ai-
cessityi ol faonar. sti cauea, it might is wen op
called exercise ibr ior soppori. T'hial is wisely
ordained for our happiness, and he who violates
..r.: .1 - !"': " .!r
ibis , la w'ef ,nanre, suffers the cotiseflences of
the violation as much to go counter to any ordin
ation of PxoVidence-iherefawhul
joy life let turn sbae9rT doll slotlran i,' actif l
enter a pon its dotted and live much in a few year?,
rather 1 ban live little inroan v'. iSTbe eserre
of life is good actigns.--Keen (Jm II.) Reputi
icon, - . I . - - 1 ',' i " 1
n ; JVIIOLK J'0; 384.
Ttbcntu stxttir Coiigrcsi
Correspondence of the Petersburg InieUi rence f.
j , Wasuixgton, Dec'.1 2d, 183D.
I The exciting questions connected ' wiih
the admission of the members v'ir
te disputed, and lhepropect of some trou
ble in the settlement of them, attracted an
immense crowd tolhe Capitol to-day. (The
men's gallery was filled to overflowing That
T . ."-.Myiiuicu uiiunui oiFpiaj m
youin, beaut? and lasnion. Theiobbies
;H j . .
ana passages were crammed with acer eT-
UtLf. tu -m i" u" ' 85ev.ef
pectants. I he members bad mustered in
,ri.i-r.0 . , to Sl,' " "
gfeat torce. ;lVlr. Naylor. of Penn.i was in
ois seat : so, also, was his antagonist ln?r-
; r ,j f v . -
soli, liotn ol the fiew Jer.ev sets of mcm
. r tn , J , cra
f-wlial I the Senate Cha&r
entUtbeHaUrlAlltre iucid nH an c&uicestuu
P,Isl,n in the looks and
UUudes lh Reporters, as if uhat was go
ingonwas not wortbv.of their. nnticA. A rt
j . " , ,. r;
S ab?,lf 8""
UBv V , J00""8" cfP,r
lure- At twelve o'clock, the President vn
the. President vro
em., the Hon. Jwo. R. K 1x0, of Ala., took-
the CBair, and called the. Senate to oidef.
The credentials of three new Senators.
Messrs. Betts, of Conn., White, of fnd.,
and Tappan, of Ohio, were presented ;; and
those gentlemen took the customary oatns.
Several Senators, also, whose credentials
were presented at th! last session ," were
sworn in. i he usual resolutions annomtino
Commiltces to wait on the President, and
to announce to the House the organization
ol the senate, and also for furnishing the
merripers with the customary number of
newspapers, wereadopted And the Senate
Iherfadiourned The mrmhf'm nf lh nmtn
body immediately joined the crowd of cx
1 " U4Vr au?e
I lliailJUUI a . , .
Thn fm Qiirai i t, rj;i
by the prospect of a "flare up." or row,
or anv other snecies of ' scene nr l th
. - - -j
hnnfi r,l hf9rin n clnrmu rliciMicrmr. m
4 ii .1. j . . r .1 - . ,
au Ul CUK tVU,a - qencc ana an,
i . m L I II ' .
ra"sl r,aTe oc saoiy Gisappoirted l have
i.r -. u ,
i , ... I. r.m . .i :
llirco SUSHI
c.;ui, wtiin, reiresiieq I lie
I fl .rrir. n omvits I ,K 1 . I - 1 J
" n p1'"0 men'."!!!!'!?, i a jij n cut-no
most iff them would declare they had sel
dom spent a duller day. From ifce feegin
ning tor the end there wns notliinguhat diuld
be cawed heat or oxrilemrnt.
At twelve olock, Mr..G.irand, the Clerk
of ihe last Hdnsbf lleprcseniatiyes, look
V?- 61 8 i re-
q'cd iho to- coine to order. He
hen-frweded lrcl the names of the re-
t.: l ' it., c' 1 " i
presejiiu til cacn. oiaie in reg.iiar sue
" "r" " Oiaie IM
ross,on en ne came io t;i btate ol
ew Jersey, he. called I he name of Joseph
Randolph, (whose scar, you are ati are,
.?' not cuolesUoV)- and thfemsnid lhat there
were five seats to wlnih different sis of
gentlemen hajrl prtfTered cl nuns. Not deejn
ing it proper t(decide:thr -question between
theoi, he would now. wiihthe permission nf
Ihe Iloose, pis.s over them all,, until he
should finish aiiir.g the roll, when be would
present the evidence : which had been laid'
before hun, and have th whole subject to
the consideration of the flo;se.
Mr Maxwell, one of the Whig-members
fromNew Jrsey, rose and called for th
reading of the eidenee in the possession of
the Cieik. That gentleman consented, and
reid the commission given hy the Governor
of New Jersey -to. Mrd Aycrigg asameihher
of the House of Representatives of the
Twenty-sixth Crnire?s. duly elected from
that-State5 He said (hot the other Whig
claimants had each a communication in the
same sttle.
Mr. Mercer called for the reading of the
Now Jersey law of elections.
This was opposed by the Van Burenitrs,
because Uioy knew it. distinctly provides,
that the only 'eg!. evidence of a rnejnhrr lin
ing elected, is ihe commission of tho Gov
ernor. A discussion of considerable interest anl
animation arose, in which the nohi of if .-
Whig. members to be called was powerfully : ,h-y a.Jj uriied whrMmt taking any qoeaiK-n, :.
maintained by Messr. Ogden. llrTinao, ' ..jnirtg io any coneluicn, 00 any of ihe prt
11,ted, of N.-Jersey, Tillio'ghast, Mercer, ! whi"H bate heo raided in 1 be course of .the d
iCcst' John?on.- Biddle, Sergeapt, Everett,.!
While, of Ky., and Maxell, cf N. J
j . , ,, u r, i ,1
and opposed hv Messrs. Bvnum, Gaibraith.
i j 1 . v
and vraig. ot Va
Thgeneral groimd contended for hv In
VVoigs is, that a ceitihcete ot eieciioo in
due conformity lo law,-:has ever and invina
bly been held lo entitle member to
and to vote for offieers of the House on the
assemblage of a new Cougies, ontil the
House-is organized. This position th
forli6ed,and made impregnable by i
ieiabfe authorities. The Whig mbrrs
have sucfTa t r innate m the commission of
'!j ho Governor of N'-w Jersey. ; and tbe Clerk
i : . . ' 1 . n '
nusht lo have acted according to all usag'
and the universal opinion heietcfbre, and
place on his roll the names of the members
who had snd irrefutable evidence
of title to seats. Joseph R. Randolph was
admitted by the Clerk as hmrg a legal and
BufHcienl title to a seat. Ytt be h3d only
i sncuja me cmcr rcfrc?rnunTC3le r icc;
wiien incy obtp precis iy m a sane couf.-
cales?' The LJeik, m llicir cae. 1
defiance the law ttbosc jnjnnclict.s i.s r -
. n, ujiiuin us trine uuor? wncn inr'Ucj;:
adjourhed'wiihiiut caking any question.
' ' -' v - "V December 3
T'he. lipase of Representatives having
adjourned without having organized, t'
Senate could not of course procted i. I
sioesstto-ilay.:: The Stinaie met r "
fJhirjhhef al tbe usual hour and!i.i -jy;
adjourned, without doing t -y biuu
i The House f Kepre?eniativtN a : .
filled wiih an immense, assembla m -early
hour many more persons bei:
atte ndjnce than could re accoaimodau-J
Uie galleries ron Jhe floork
; At 12 oclock the Clerk of !
House rtqueled the members -
order-. and !kel leave to make a state?:. . ,
He lud investigated his duties most i ! .' .
raiely and anxiously. '-and -he" wished, i
justification ; of his couise, to explain I :
reaocs; - w - -"uv- , v ..
AlrrJerlifer asked whether he nndfr
thejClerk had altered his opinion i t i
courjse he ougbtjo pursue, and
he would now call the Whig members :
the State of N?w Jersey ? . -
"Mr. Garland replied that he had r '.
changed His opinions; but he - wished '.-,
satisfy the House that he bad acted fr( :
no other motives buj a desire to pcrfer;:i
his dm v. ,
Cries of Hear him ! hear bi n !' re
sounded on all sides ; in; the uiidl of whi ! .
Mr Slanly of N. C. rose and prnt' ,1
against literng to ary' statement of
Clrk, until the New Jersey members v. t rc
adfiijited.:;-jXf- ' ,
4 lr. UVisa said Jie was Lquite.willirg t j
hear what the. Clerk had to say v!.y 1
had hot performed his duty as imposed S v
the taw and praclirc of Congress iho I,. -
was jot opinion the stalcmetil should i.a.
beep given yesterday "
Mc. White of Kentucky, opo sfd t! -
request of ihe Clerk. He denied that 1!.
members of the House were under try
obligation lo '..bear 'the Cferk. ; Are we, I .
exclaimed, to sit here and listen to v .:,;.-,
sir; reading a document which Was j r -
pared,: perhaps, in a Caucus last hiu .
No mailer how. ol jectionable your y. :
might be, no matter what false affidavit's i.
might contain, no matter bow pros-s i;
misrepresentation, the reading could r.o-t I
stopped. .Besides, such a statement w( 1 ; 1
lead to discussion upon other point? r
whipli a one sided view or errone;
pression may have been given, lie 'pro
tested now and forever against any ttu i -tion
by the Clerk.
.Mr. Wise said that in his opinion, 1
Clerk had failed to perform his dulics; "
he wished to hear his explanation 'or hi.
fenee. He denied that the Cletkj was r
judge in the case. He was merely a r.ii .
isierial officer to recognise "-'the. jod-iu;e;.:
which had been made by ihe properly m: -iituted
oflicers of each' - Stale res;: -the
election of members.' .
3N$r. White, of Ky.V again rose and warn ed
his political friends against niiowi;
thercsplves to bo dnped-by ihw - attempt t '
procure the realing of an ex parlee nrr -metit.
He hoped they would nor allow i:
Mr Gushing of AIass.,commen;pl io j
vcrej terms on ihe conduct of the CKi!; i .
arresting the 'organization of the House, ! y
refusing to perform the; duties -imposed
htoi. ;.-' Still he. was ' willing to -he ir v ! .
the Clerk had to say ; and he would ir. .
that the Clerk be permitted to proceed.
Mr. Vanderpoel, of N. Y., then r
the tloor. lie, you must know, am s 1
he regarded as one of the leaders ef t'
AdoiiiiHtration parly.' This,his first Fp
wa not very creditaljle'to his pretenfi ;.-.
To be sure, he .wasv.yery.'v compliment uy
on all-sides ; but his fine sayings were pu
en with such an a if' of condescension,
to make Jhem . exceedingly tlisagreea ! .
Mr. Vanderpoel seemed . to have the mux ?
contempt for law and practice; and was i
eourse declamatory about ihe rights 'of l! :
people tin; purity o election8, &e. c
The discussion was continued with kim h
warmth on the general merits bf the q h
tion j hy Messrs. Pope, of Kentorky, III. ..
Jenifer,' of Md., aed Miller, of Oii. ;
The debate was .still going on when, i
order to h 5 in lime for the mail, I was re pelled
to eiose tbi despatch. 'J'iiere is r
prospect of ihe discussion being hroug t : '
a close for some days, and indeed it i
thought it will be eontined onti nexl wi . .
li if therefore probaMe - you will 1 : :
hear of ihe S;pr;kers Eieclion, or rt'cuv.
the presidei.t,6.Meffge this week.
Your?, &.c.
Hepemeer 4, lID.
Aftr I rl. sd my Iiifr yrs'rday, s!ie H
roniinof-d in smioo onul afler 'ii.eo"cl.l;, vi i
cW.n:' I lone ho were present at the ay-;;r:i -
i x 8':"J,l inV ' , au - i
-' frparance T a L gf-siative hty rc feu r 1-
; yn .7 f - ,, (.,' -i , a 1 m .
j peril flee fro rrat Vila bcnalus. 1 ia x . .
, h!J ,l5tj ,j(3t (p,.-i,jr, whatever cwdJ 6.V-
: y 7 , m7 8 mtijn ,0 idiourn. 'Rat
rviil mnv b fwMt'rd by general cofifenr.
A Pcne of cor.frt'tion'aMse.vibich. b-gg3r ' -i;n!inn.
S,irne rned " A??retj! Arte-'. V
O'hrra N No! " Goanl.Ot ! ' W
UU.I fr.m ena oriac. lr'g; arid n w . ;
a.idfd a rhortis of yartou . jfiit.liical ( "' .'J. rt
the midi of which. Mr Gahr.d J i!
,fjf. rf. ,sp.nied ioH a seneral wish ?o i
anH insiamlv hfi hi fek, wilhao sir llti t-i.-.
ed 10 neak '
i Bill 1 II IWI JU
.err... i ..(
hi extmpV ; bnt some persisted injewv.
an declared iht ihe quesiion roost be uL
ih nin'inn in adjourn in ther2nlsr y. ' r
or Count ! " Divider Tellers!' Ay
and Nites!' showed Ihe spirit of ib hour ; t-J
fhore wer1 iniermingled eaH of m&4t ti -tn -;
m.rih frB ihe oalleries. Above the crowd in
,h area the fia'rt Hehrj X. Wise was n
iQ an imploiiog attitude, begging the mtmoers u
i '
. I

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