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National Convention.
YVednesdat, Dee. 4,1839.
' Si t S H T
At twelve o'clock, the Conveatioo aaaembled
, Lotberan Cburcb, and was called to: or-
iei by Mr. Williamson, of Pennsylvania wbo
nominated Mr. Bates, of iaasarhodRtislj as
i its ' - - - ii :.
wholeUnited Sta es, according lo the state- cbairman pro tern, for tbs purpose of .orgaqia-
J.k;mr.ift PA..r; F.aVh JRg tn con ven lion. - 13 i
kiAM r.ftm.n ttffrihthanfli. k 'f li
Uu..Wu oiu Mug,Vy.T.. r'" M Pennav vania. wera sddo nted Secretir taJ ro
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raw material to
cbinerv, and bv
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iTThl orifrci pblt P.fyci? pi . j reaimen i arr, , a- vmhn ,;nff,2 hv : aiimiS rn. n Harnaburg. Ld on
immmwm m1 .:rr;a ' u-i. k.. iuon be permanently
"fIii!lbeM"ttrbtcli may oe promowq uiou. F.ruww "" rr On motion, adjourned
W'FWt hours, regolar meala, and inff classed, so; that the different pieces are r mti,ni
i 1 iiM" ""M"'a
the finished J state of the
em. - ' i . -ww
On motion of Mr. Leigh, of Virginia, tbe list
or work. The tirt which fives form to the f dle?atss was called over bv tbs Stretarv
ST .-.- -: !.l ! J I , .- i !li I . . i . . la 1.13 S - " . : " ki i s , '
,wWlrro is cat imp citcular pieces oy roa g Mr. Johnson of Ohio, moved that the ctmvn-
. wff .ft-ai-'. let'
separate person the edges I lion bs opened with prayer each morniDjg;lby khe
All the othr turg, $ man oi aiDerem aenominauoos. in inje cuy
the table, till )ihe
orcaoized. ; : H it
im mmhak Tfo bowels 0 costive) nroared wiihWnderful eelerity. !
fp$r,MM$&iy tbe .occasional use The buttons ;njade at this establi
sherieW v fVe know:' nothing be
teStiCT! bend. Ihan Dr; Will
u.' LSI:
till ten o'clock to mor
-ten i'
rnsde at this establishment
better i itLnu nA ..riliiv
villi sin mnrri ranuntv hik: mr v iiiiun 11 i
mOUSanu gross rrmu
he business cives employ
r m r".i . " - r-r:
hundred young women.
have other agents in tlie pahlie service. But
all hopes of remedy are groundless oolesa tbre
be onion among tbe oppooe its of currnption and
usorpatioo unless there be harmony and eon
cord among all the elements of the oppdsitton.
This is the pivoUunLwbich tbe b ne ipbe peo
j. tii j-i j . JI 1 '
pie torn, ana 10 us nas oefn oeiegieo toe nign
duty of effecting this desirable object.
I hat. m this grrat coantry there 'should be
many men fit to fill tbecbief office, is no matter
of surprise, and in thjSt convention delegates
baveno doubt warm preferences.; This is all
right and proper, uivdj tbe uttermost latitude to
feeling ; lor to t bis extent we may an witn
respectively. reported tu their principals ; sind
that I hereupon the Delegates from tach State r
requested to icsetiible as a Delegation, and bal
lot fur candidates for tbfficts of President and
Vice PresidKtrinTTiavtng done so, to cumcnit
the ballot designating the voifs uf each candid
ate, and by whom given, to its onnmiite : ai.d
thereupon all tbs committees shall assemble! attd
compare the several ballots.1 nd reKit ibe res'ulf
of the same to their several ' Delegations, togeih
er with such facts as may bear utonithe nnmin
atioo : and sccb Delfgation shalt lonhwiih n
assemble and tallut again for candidates for ibe a
J bove offices, and again commilt be result tote
safety go; but if we go beyond thib, mischief above commit tees, and if it shall appear, that a
will jesolt. We masrj be prepared J each and majority t4 the ballots are tor any one man ror can
the whole, to sacrifice all sectional feelins-f-all
personal considerations,' tor the good of our coon
di)dae for President, said committee shall repot t
the result to tbe Convention fonts consideration ,
try. W should poorly folfil the ekpectsifcma ;-but it there -shalibe no such roajoriiy , then ibe
. Thursday. Dec. 5,U839.
i'-ViJ- - ' ' " - 1 ' s ;i It!'!
Pursuant to adjournment the convention met
The Rev. Mr, Sprecher, officiating il clergy
lean of the Luthersn cburcb, offered up to At
liiiahtv GkT: a most fervent prayer for His bles-
. t k'jj kn eAnntilir stated Uing on tbe convention, our country faridUhe
m mm1- !,f!S1!!: i. he Mi 'ptUtn. rubber .11 , .,',. ,2.!
r,. .chs.niiR iprnmiUEUUCU .1 a lire i r.- ,. r-1 . . . . tit ; j i il ui xtii uuii"uci vi ii aNwiiuii .
iftlSvm &uld to;make good glur,;Dut lt wu neve u. - t'0 ji, cfficer8. made tbe.
trt UJV."'J '"j .i. .... . .a ' I Wa m k AMMd AMOS
of our constituents if we permitted any s'fisb
considerations to influence our acik-nsl We-aie
not here for veoal pulpoes, lonying after the
fl-sh pots of Egypt, but. have higher and hosier
aims we are here to uiake an effort for tbe Re
formation of our guvernment, and to check ; its and tach State represented here shall vote its
downward course, bo far as I am concerrfed, full electoral vote by such Delegation in the com
the nanxe to be selected is a matter of perfect in mtttee.
Delegation shall repeat the balloting until ruoh
a majority shall be obtained, and then report tbe
same to the Convention for its consideration.
That the vose of a majority of each Delcjs-
tion shall be tepuited as ibe vote of that State;
tlfltrtMonrde, Schuylkill, afflicted
MI.apotfi!flaolenc- rest ner
breathing, tightness
J Jinfuj!itynd Restlessness, could not lie Mixture to
Uiu&fl inir tunuCaUOUi -uaipiisiiun. f I 9n(tlhfi aril
w " a
which will eterj jtnite glasrsb iarto render
the fracture almost imperceptible ;ontbiig
is equal 10 isiogiais oouea in spints ni wuit?
Jimer.; farmer.
: s i i' 5
hooters in AJamnnugfaiiire,
tuning icnny parts 01 iu'iHai, usr
following mixture with" ver gf"d ef
Melt togf tner, in an eartnen pipiitn.
4 o2 of hogs-lard, 5
nd as much bpes wax ;
i,&stticpujtyUtiveness, pam oMhe stomi he i
f! feet.
Sitpiccqvery; and dire despair sat nan a pouuu
r'tf .rfL-ii4liu -1 orcnriniereRtedin 1 02. of turoentine an
MilhB vi t- r---'- : . . h i a. . . a 'i
Wnceppp y accident he makeHhe boothorougn.y tiry ami warm.
1iS,t 6i ilmibilftifDtfDer some cures enecieo uy i antl ruD m tne mixture weu,- wm., t
feVatfevAlflii MEDICINE in his corn- tow a9not asilife hand cin bear ;1 or else
t W" ,i80i iPp,et& I the leather hasijnoroughlyt imbil
rjrWom.o mixture fll the same pu
saV bigimotwe tor inis aeciarauuu. , , . i 13J ..I o:. ,,1
lor nsnermen, is, uecs-wa, uuiruiiu;
i; and iurpentine, of each 2Uz ; or
bed it. Anr
mose, and
, ivu t i-n.,Mi,.inainr tnm( piHPB enecieo ov i n.l mh in the mixture well. Willi a Hllie
iJcWteiiitU him t' purchase a pack-1 v ,a ie boots over a very gentle fire,
I l- -1 1 w. . . -1 si '-4 L I 1 1 m.1 At A I V I P 1 it 5 - - . I 7 ' - . .
Ti. 3t a. h Kin MAT 1 W S
y 'tb.mrelw'ith: . the same or anv symp- I sea
iL'ifnll'arl io"ltdsa Irom 'which he is happily pitch
t44d, toay ; lilceWise receive tne inestimable I tallow, 4 oz.;
iMLiitt'llijvl.-. r - a Quarter of
ifrlVlikRRft P TIC DOtOREUX. her of a pound
!fjEaubhsi wite oi vapt. sepu lhe bool8 mU8 f, qmle dry, ana tne rai
jfeMtf iLiHEyMass was severely; afflicted lorc appiied rU warm. ; 1 M
iltenltilJTje Dolereux.violent pain m0ja8O8 is used in cooking, it is
ieVn,lart a burntno; . heat , , n - boi and 8kim
j; 3iJC2 j- u sa. iAva nor rnnm r , .
Ofliauicuj5.M,,..v... . . i jr ., ..I,...,,, .ho ,,n.
ste, and makes it almost as
Where molasses is much
t in ni at I tr" rtrorvnrft flhl
or or two gallons in this way at a time. : !
. . . , r l J
r hall a pouna oi Dees- wajt.
dund of rosin, and a quar-
beef-suet. In all cases,
S&lrtnfrrlrla nhlVel el from the
ik Ii:Jiiifj-iiiliyJrU. mti..inpa nf nnv kind. I nleasar.t raw ta
MillfiirfelieMa bominenced usins Dr Evans' I good as sugar.
llriiHniflhfidMillatham8treet,Tand I ned for cooking
Tlx -ij!! -r -.P..7 5 iJBT ,1 . . m . ,
Jflihbaiiyaai4nd, and feels satisfied.' 11
iowkeiliil!edicine a few days" longer
MthS NthloJIlihel above, by calliog at Mrs
fwmiMjMNr Store. 389; Grand street,
Et:iJ'!ltll-f:..V-:- .Sr v '.- ',
No 115 Lewis
, afllic-
Gor. Jihn S Pters. of Coonectjcut,
Guv J A Shuize.of Peonsylvania,-.
G v David Hazzard, of Dtla4re,f
Guv. Geo Howard, ot. Maryland
Guv. John Pylet of Virginia; j
Gov. John Owen, of N. Csrolmiji f
Gov Thomas Metcalfe, of Kentucky
' P R Livingston, of New York,j j
Jacob Burnett, of Oliio, !
I C Bates, of Aiassacbusetts, y
: ,'aa. Wilson, of New Hampshire,
. . E M Huntingdon, of Indiana, !i .
" E'Marshv of .New Jersey. j;
I . Charles 3 Penrose, l Peansylvaniay
I .'--JS w Ralph, of Illinois,
- S R Lyman, of Maine,
1 s C Paine, of Vermont.
I On takinff the chair. Gov. Barbour made one
nf the. ifltist eli-auent addresses ever lisieredf;to
jWe regret that oorreponef can only ;iresent an
imperfect sketch ol his remarks, merely touch
ng on the leading points. I .
I Gentlemen, said Gov B.$ I feel deeply Aiig
d io yoo for the distinguished mark.of yoiir non
lideraiton, which you have kindly conferred ip-
Sn me, and In return I offer you my assoirice
hat 1 ill, to the utmost' of my capacji josti
'j your confidence, by discharging inj' Jdu;ies
vith scrupulous fidelny, in which 1 shll Irfoubt
less receive lhe co-operation of each ibdividoal
member ol this body.
difference make it upf what letters of the al
phabet you please so that ifbe certain of suc
cess, and I shall be among the loudest in my ho-
9a nua In I f '-'-'! i - J - . ., i! If
Public expectation is; standing on t tiptoe.ja-
waiting the issue of this conTention Not only
tbe patriots of tbe land, but our political rivals
ook with anxious expectation to your dehbera-
lions. The people oljthe United states nave
centred all their hopes In your action, and from
if they expect new light to break on the dark
nps that now hanjfs over us I there any who
will suffer personal le-djngs to interfere with bis
decision so as to cover With sorkHmh and ashes
those who would guard the ark uf our political
safely ? God ftirbtd. Ml ; j
' It would be usles3 for me, said Gov. 15. , to
take up yonr time with a recapitulation of the
evils the country is laboring under .They are
known tuyou all.' Bm as " out of the fulness ol
the heart the moUth spaketh,'' I niut be per
mitted to remark that we have fl og ;tbe broad
banner of Liberty andlhe Constitution to lhe
breeae. inscribed withjihese :tiqkiitMiw wotos -one
Presidential term 4 the integrity the pub
lic servants the safety of the public M)ejjf
and the general go-d of the people. : . '
Y hei ljr.ast my eyes trom one end of our
jniry to ihe other; perceive no (ground for
I . , FatDAY. Dec. 6, 1839.
Conventibn met pursuant to adjournment.
Mr. Caseins Clay, of K n'uckv, i ff ted a res
olution that the av es and noes be called, and lhe j
delegates declare etW toct their choice as a ran- !
didate for President, and that where a delega
tion is not full, the absentees ?ast the, votes ot
thebsent members.
ilr C. addressed the convention in favor cf
his motion. He said he wished every pot lion of
the people to be heard. - He knew not that bis
own favorite would be mentioned he did not
khow eten the result of the balloting, but be
wished a full, fair, and candid expression of opin. had already" been correctly assured
. t .
are smceTe in their uvo'ion to i
not on his own account alone f
measuieof hi fame is already full but t
they rnlieve lum to be the man cf h;3 c
Bat Kentucky will not prote nawcrtl.j
mao whose fame is but another name f r t
v" She loves lhe eoonirv mre lhan s' '
CLAY ;. and her delpgates have met hf
people will meet at the ballot b xes, on i!
platform ol determined hostility tu trt
Buren. Side by side with her brethi:
other States, the Vhigs of Kentucky
end for the reiurmaiion of iho3e abt?f 1
now i tbroateo 4 hdet ruction of our 1 '
country, and strive to make her what f rt -
ers will noi--prtisperous and happy.
M r Rev erd y Johnson of S try land, f. '
.Van land's choice was well known -tt
necessary now to mention tbe "individual.
delegation hid upheld .that choice to tl
Out satisfied, tm ibe consults ! n wt'h is -
gates from other sections f he fjcti n, 1 M '
choice of ,1arylandI would .not be th '
thtsconretition, t that in opinion of a n j r
delejates there was another name th?' c ?
rv dismay in'otheiaiikiof theenemY.hf rr ;
on ibe part of-he delegation from -Jaryh
o5fer a resolutiomhai the result of the ..:!
be uoanimotilT eonfiimed, and that Gt n
tlAtf llKsar ?HAaarsoH be .'.presented '
American people with the sanction of Ih L
ventton. - , .'- ; 5 .
Under this biiiner4 said Mr J , we c:.
mcst, and w WILL TRIUMPH ; s .
order to afford lime for h report of e rs
tee as'toihe candidate for he Vice Prr-:.'
hs proposed that the cWivention take a xco
half an hoar I and he- felt satisfied thai a f
would be presented in Connection wilh tt a t
on which the . fr'ieids f : Harrison and "
could unite withihe same unanimi;v t! u ;
trils amthg:thp Trieodf of .Clay ?r.d Sr :
regard to the. nomiuation of Harrison. In.-,
applause - - . '; "'. :
Mr. Cherry, of Nnrth Carolina, said thtt t'
Mate herepre9enert.naa remainea coinj uia
lv quiel in tbe Selectjrn ot the' -Yominfe. J
had her liM chjice as well as other'Snif ;
he had loo Uosr,f"'?hl against lhe spoilt r !
to know her duty, and she m o-ilJ B-a.ol t !
sister States in tbe-present ".Von test, ; by j v
Gen. Wm Hi; Harrison, a determined ph; :
and whep the election returns come u, 1
C.thev will show thit OLD KIP IS U IS .
Mr. Preston 4 Keotocky, said tbecorspn
alion fn m his State cSme here for
and compromiser-harmony and concession t:
he was cetiain that the resointinu tie ivas
to propose was one that would meet tl. .appr '
lion of the convention; If m'ghf naturally I
thouffht, said Mr. P, that Kentucky stanu l
in lha altil A 4T onft li 18 HHt llfi 1 Pd Ol lit f ;
mWsmM F.t Kennv :
IpfUeWeldlB union and '.Houston 'at 8.
ir ilnl Vyrsltviih the following
Tha honor, gentlemen, you have fionferred
hnnn roe. is enhanced bv the beliet I hat it. isjnoi
Simple remedy to purify Wateri It is1 8l) mach a mark of personal regard, as a rtesi-
not so generally iknowji as it ougni to oe,i paoniai oirespeci to.ine aocicm vmuinvw?"
that pounded aliim possesses the property that -.mere represent , a..o u, F.rr.
iiiot puiuiucu ; T( . . I , - J I lu oU,.,iU. la.rro tha Hiaiinniinn Conferred
to Durify wateri A large table spooniui o f - :" " " ' " t r-T.f
lo Y" "y I' ,i 1 . j Kkohonrt npon her wilh sensibility. s H;
pulverized alunjj sprinkled into a hogshead aswe;reby the PeoPle,;.t a
lime never surpassed in importance, to represent
hem on subjects ol lhe greatest interest; it is
deaDair. IFe can redeem the country But;e-
ven if it were otherwise, it would rio'Uws
our duty to contend fair her dearest ilnterests
He who is a patriot only when the tide of a tri
umphing majority flows with him. is no whig
But he is a true pamot, who, whether in lbp
maioritv or miouritv, has his country at heart,
and no si nier purposes. 1 hope "and believe
that 'his body is' i composed of patriots of the lat
ter clas. : Is h . '
I have high authority for the assertion thar
it is lawful to lake -counsel of our ebemjes.1--
Let us imitate them in? adifiiy. if KWTf
When defeat. . theejiethy do nof'Ayf -
haps fur the reason that mit.kmU 3' "Hr
Zealous for e?il than sf6od. j
member tht noroaitefs how T
st ill he is an American. jf
II. I .r. 1 ...Ii.n C!i;?" "
ram ii mi luatnu'ir,.-
with ten talentfjtfs?
e n t 1 1 i s i n?S50 2
"iv i man re
frits influence,
fnd his country
hn.nnhri th tribe
h only half a al
fl natural world.
Public senli-
jon, and the
were pot for
ton. !
$tt: Davie9, of Connecticut, opposed the mo
tion of Jlli. Clay, aud moved thai it be laid up-
On'the table.
A;reeti to
Mormer, of New Jersey,' offered, a reso
lution to procures correct list of the "delegates
and ihir nost ofhre. to he nuhlifihed with the I I iu oKiiiA llr neonle it was true nai '
nrOceedtnvfs tl ice convention. I nfeference ; but uey were nigs aru t
. - i -
Aerredtn . I aneiam thir mnntrv i and to prove uai ii
&'"' : . - I v j,
Uf. W.l ;am.nrt mnxJ that a nmm ltB ff I tlffJl CnolCO Will BUSiam mem III l"ftt vutnnr.
trig . ww 1 1 a ur"m tu'cu ti. m . ----- Ah
. : . . . I.. n I :ii ..... IL.I iL.i-.l ...' 4 1.3lUr I
finance be appointed i Mt Lee of .Massachusetts flir; r., i wm swie iniimnv .
io?e appointed Chairman. this Convention rrom tne r ion. u. .-j ,
On motion the convention adjourned till three if read will display the spirit that animals
in regara to,ijeu. iianisun. muicu mat
Hnmha nf KervttirlfP. in Whose no83eS3iun I.
letter was. be renuestf d to read it
' .-.-!. 1.1
The convention by acclamation uesireu . i..
the letter should be lead
Mr Combs Said-that his colleaa-nes had tn.,
If, said he, i he '
is not 'broken ; Le r
tocky was born a Whig- State, "she has liv d
WhigMate, and I hope to Uod sue may i r
Whig State! The life of her son, Uzr
Clav, 8id Mr.;C. isJiis eulogiarn aud t:
historian musto him justice.
Mr Combs then read a letiei'fromlMr C
urging upon the delegates from Kentcrk y t '.
importance of onion among the elements J t ;
position to van uorenism, .urging uieui io
o'clock. .
After prayer by the Rev. William Barnes, of
tbs Methodist E. Church,
A.tiWar,tiilk I ' . . .
V-sj riiiiui.
Aijurned till seven o'clock this evening
Mr Wetrooie, of New York, offered several
resolutions relative to the assembling of a na
tional Convention of YOUNG MEN. to re- the nomination of this convention.
. - 1 J
Mr Wsiaied inaijiie resotuuons proceeuea
friwn a highly respectable body of Whigs in N.
of water f the water stirred round, at Hh
distressing l:me:'v wlii after lhe lapse of a lew Sours
IT I w- - m M '
rilp.tation. dailV ' Spasmodic I . in iU knttnm nnnnie rr-
ffltfvhebgaaUlosaol appetite, paipnation ui - , ,ual ;. win he found tc
i WSSS ; m and -.I.V
p He.ofl-betraani swe,.arsvurnea iesi,;uuvi i-1 rr-, 4 n, a Pail
inL-Si- ui ii .L-.'.ut a .a nti nf the nkirfest aorinir water A .ran
P"J tf engastng in any ining lua,. ucuiauucu .w-w. r-ri- . . - , c
H ortdurl mdiimes a visionary idea of ful, containing fdur gallons, may be pimfie
I aravati)rt;Mher disease, a whimsical aver-
f H W!Wi'tW fP001 v Easy modi Wedging ' Razor s.-jOu Hhe
I OSR rough side of iiP.oi Leather, or ot art
piiAeiulMdSf jevery slight occasion, she
r;;'i:-" Si v.v! ii,-.-.,-li. ? -i:...u.-.twt
t .1 If LI
unuresseu can ,ti
Vmikrahf.ftri Anver was one 60 bad, with
imeiiatfolaciriations. -
iMl Kmi ld!!the!ad vice of several eminent
yctl, iy course to numerous medi
bhuy ouin even temporary allevia
:,lbM'dsiiisir,jBtate,iiH''her husband per
1I.S.t(ihiiW iris'f of m v modo of treatment.
I I -
passed over this
it will acquire a
nresumed that eerv member will feel ; the re
sponsibility of bis station, and bf prepared to re- ,jong.
ipond to those measures best calculated io ad- jr Graham,
ivance the objects of our mission . ,f j j j fr0m the State ofj
men i is
tne tiron. wnicn fHirr.;-
Gov.B concluded Vefflaiks with
a solemn aDneal to 5 aven to ss he holv.
which hasonh in view the best ' interests of
country, and the perpetuity of our free insti
k He did not, howev-r, press the resolu- gard his own piion. fand paying a merited
s at this time.i . I I pliment to Gen. llarrisim, whom be siyltd
Some discussion now'-took place on a motion
to fake a recess till nine o'clock. The motion
prevailed. ' !
Mi R Johnson, of Maryland, said that as no
result had been arrived at, in balloting by dele-
aaiions, he would move that the committee on
1 The American people have too long: nao io qi!e3,,n the
Sporoplain of the mal-administraiion of the Gen lha Tote ol Arka'jJ
ral Government. A large pott ion off them; are an, Vice Presiyf
now nneo who aniriy tuu maiw. : "yfi ' j moved snouta o,
iin binding of a book, rub
liud that their fears and alarms were; idle; and
without foundation ; but in this soleruni place,
wtianditi" as I do before Heavm and my country,
rind by tne letiet
about movins for. a
t . . i ta i iannin(i hs- i
:ceiVUherdie nor live;sbe wept, a piece oi t n,;pr a comuiu, , . that a crisis is ,pproaching.hh dor
fiefdgd-j " and. ; thougftt-.atie lea. a tar nail ajminuteior mi ute ics "ctuT!. eDd desiroc
i iwt x n i. -.1 n. l i. t n n iin a ten nail w 1 1 ii m mm n n a
b luse y w i in ; i
metal. If the razor be
leather half a dozen times
finer edge than by any
other method.i-cria"' .Magazine. j
A method oft preserving Cream. Take
13 oz. of white isugar, and as many grains
deied magnesia, and dsisplyp
ma 1 quantity of water over a
lAfier the solution has takep
new cream should be
and the whole uniformly
Mfo,ILd& ifi tt. riermher. mixed whUe hbU Let it then gradually
111 liifk'lf i .-."- . -nnl. am! nniirfitSnto a bottle, which mult
SIrlfB-eni 5 vnVe moderate firel Ufte
.eniai die did, at; any period of her existence. in -i.UUf
MKy,puibaa "Vf the aforesaid Anne Pce 2onceBlpf
.s&enty v If 41 4 : - ."-" - j- immediately addid,)
PLqfE:pi?CKNEV, Com. of Deeds.
t.uui) oh e-"' ;"T f""" . ..-.
... Hilt. if i . --.1 o.i
be carets Jiy cortfec. 11 nepi in a cuu.
uation, and not Exposed to tbe air. it may
IaEillivABLECASPOE'ACUTE be preserved in a sweet state lor several
IUIUIUSI, Iwith an ; Affeetion of the weeks. and even knonths. HI;
K8isHriidiifiidr the treatment ofXDoctorl - I j
etion to our form of republican self-
i.IJ. I. !: .
ovetnraent. It is to arrest mis mm caiduiuy
iu.i rA rr ii nw ftf assembled. f !M
i When I look over Ibis Convention; said Uov.
parbuui, at lhe men here assembled! mUyi of
whom deserve the digMfied appellajipn of ihe
tocscript fathers of the republic; men l.o;havc
devoted their Irves with disid'er' l j airioiism
L the cause d ireedora at.d their county ; fvljen
I see soch men leaving their homeland jtrieir
to ait ine in
(ire-sides, and exposing themselves
clemencies of the season traveling
.ouishna, said that a letter
iknsas, authorizing and re
from Louijtiaina to cast
candiflaies fur Preseni
en received,, which e
e said he was glsd-to
Slate T.f Arkansas was
Ihe cause nf the coon-
try, and breaking fjoin he shackles of Uentbn
& Co. by whom n bail beeu held in thraldom.
Af'erome discu?si'p, the letter was laid upon
Ihe table. But the vqte was eventually recon
sidered on the motiunjof Mr. Shaw, f Massia
huselts, and the letter was read The leuei
wa from the Chairman of the M U ci n.miitee.
i.H stated that the delegates elected by 'hat
S;ntp nere in favor of Mr Clav fur Prefi Jnt,
and fwiiV. Tvler. of Vrirsrinia. for Vice Presist
On motion of Mr. Chambers, ot p. libslyv inia,
ih rules that rovern the House of Rrprepnta-
tives of the United States, were adopted for the
Jhf subject be instructed to i report prepress, nd
'at if then h" discharged, and that the Cbti
t 4 ii i ion then proceed io Vote for candidates for
evident and We President, per capita
HarVie.ol V tairiia, rooyed tu lay the res
illusion of Mr R. Johnson on lhe table.
The quesihio was then put on th motion to
lav the resolution on the table j prevailed:
Mistinouished citizen of Ohio.
On motion the letter was o'fdered to be enter
on the Journals. ' i ' "
Guv. Barrtour of Virginia, President cfjj.
Convention, said he rejoicvd the letter froin 1 1 r.
Clay had been read " For his town part, af: :
the report of the committee las,t evening, fr
rumors which he heard he had been incline 1 t
thiuk that oiher acthin tntght be taken. As i -gards
the disinterfsted subject of tbe pit
action, said Gov. B., distinguished by the gr -crisis
when this Union seVtned to be thrcateo-.!,
I would say a word or two with your pernrm-u -.
Whon . longer nnrlonried It WIS his r3tinti-I
I' and superior genius that weathered the storm
A motion was made that ;tbe Convention da nieA not euhiffiae Mr. Clay! ' He will .occuj-j
adjourn. Lost. I thiough all tin
o come h
he experten
g rrjanyles government of the deliberations of the conveh-
.ora in aid us with their counsel and
iene of their vears I cannot but re- n,, motion of Mr. Johnson, of Ohio, the
i . it . - k.i tha a iv Tn I shlerri- I t .- . er I k. k'lm'w.oittritii inatrurtinff )IiP
oatd-Jt as aoie lesnuiouj ma i oiunoo uunru j j r r 1
ity jkf the crisis is properly appreciated, til is p
resident of the Cooventioo to pr-cute the R
jijt Taylor, of New York, moved the eommtt
lee; lake a reeessUur half an hour, which was af
terwards altered to an w ir, and agreed to, t
A mn as tlie Con vr niton wns called to order,
jrj,,v. 0'n. of N rth Carolina,, anooonced
that-the eiiri.minee had bad the subject matter
under consideration, and had instructed ihe
Chairman to report progress and ask leave to sit
. l . t... .1 I .1 1 ... . il.o ratltttlf
gaam ; ana inai me nuiuwiiij wa uic
the bailolings tor President.
Two hundred and fitty-tour ballots were can.
nf which I
Gen. Wiirrir.LD Scott had
Hon. Hekky Clav. "
Gen, VVm. HHaBBisos,
Wii TvNtrlJ v. The Middlesex Mercury, a new paper
m mm fl 5 - . U I - nflVAfilUin
flevooily to bs hoped, that wnen sucn, men iyt.u rjiergy ol tiarrtsDurgio open ior . .T
he sanction of their presence, good will result every morning with prayer, was taken up and
from our deliberations ynt even the fmaligrtity aj0pted y .
of faction dare not asperse the purit otheir Qn motion of Mr. Morris, of Pennsylvania, the
I i nrn httiro itifv ih'-tt the .i n.n.L.n.rt ncoro inwited id take seats
mnllTes. Wlien men KJ . truvnn n ui nc w ru ri t. ' -:. f;
. -vot .irt ;tuu vinauiam wvie, new- - , - ,. tf ,,'
m "-Sfr :.UfviI ia Centr at. lately established at Lowel, says : ' If m
"f.irl;-. V" H ii t, tr. tvitK w nnn(Jrlv forbid a man to appear
m ,v! r .v ft a I 4 V mB7v vj & W
rere always jn tne streets in woman's apparei
can forbid hiai td many his grand motiier.
they can certainly forbid him to set up b
i I! JL
erog-shon. to make
E"-f-D-lllff sJiirftie'si; -.'iu.uon jt. the tongue
K; ;wliiteneR8 -; loss of appetite
i . '- I 1 . 1 ' .- n .1 nftfil
ii -r I 7? Vf'Tt'K w-ww.w " j
hxUM':eiootA : and
ElelW!i,lunSitended by : relief.
FlrwiothlliS jikiU Jlilijw -wt t ' Jtt . with en
he a-
mSp'l Itirik were enti rely removed ,
Ol ttTaus. j
liJfecpa cted by Dr! V
rfftmt SlJsJ ik'toini; 'tTIi'.Li:ir '.iti'w AtL-
ft i n " iob icis siateu in me a.
'lBwnetvrar -T-i rl
or? v?4 Salisbury; JV. C.
I ; l r4JVDW' 7JBooJfcoreCmw S. C.
I n. f.TDF.T.' kn v r.n r?
women widows ; and
biaces which now know them will soon Know
1 . i .1 . 1 1. - . .-. Ivi
. i mro and nil inev nave iiiny furrn
llieUi u uiui -, j i: Si!
bast tne asnnaiiuos ann -i-f- i
distinguish the miserable " seekers pi office.
f . a f ik.MnAliwn hnf aa
Such men stand noi nere ior, f -
i . f.. m,n.irT noneratmns lliev nave no
irusiers iui -"J'""'n .. . "' ,
inlprpsl sbut those of poseriiy I cannot b&t be
n muowa. -y r . biKlvuf the
to steal awav the senses of their grann- m9ttar k hat oartv names they may
mofAer't grarwl children, by making tnem rjna,, will, feel that a voice coming from f Wed ffont Ie ofj,.. lhe foil
drunks f " h v - I I body like this is entitled to respectful atteotjon, dopledt8,he order of proceeding;
I t -l : - .a . ' e U J twfkr nKsttinA lifts - . f , ;
on tbe fl .r of the Hotie
Mr. Sorairnt.. of Massachosetts, said that s
tnmp itifTt,roniRi tif oniiiion roiht naturally exist
r i ; . ;
relative to the mode of proeeedirg in giog m
ntes for the different candidates tor f testdeni ,
nd saihev ht.u d endeavour to reconcile tnu?e
HifTri.fPi. and nrtsettt harmonius action i tht
, , " . ... . r ...
indinrr as the Convention did, in toe ironim a
" . .J,. t A A . 1
fnrmidsb enemv. ihev mieht presen. an uum
" '. . . . . ... ... L.
vided front, fie oBered tne ioiioig ?-
ii. it will come from a body whose posltiofl lilts ... pnrn(U, nr Pennsvlvania. moved ihe fql-
. - , - ' i Ji. 1 I I ... -.----- ' , . . e
ft above scspicioo, and wbose memoers.sre u'.ij t joWjnor amendment to Ihe original reaoiuuon i-
actuaied by a feeliog that tney nave pa country eJ . b lhe dewale fr0m Massacnuetis, t, w.
tn AS WBII BS llJf - cu tF"i . iy( I KnrtitllLl . . 4 . i t:
-... . V. " .t..L ' I -w.ti-- ,4 . !.itl-jl L
Trnls. we are in tne miosi oi a reumnvu. . tj,e Tot 0r cnsjoriiy pi eacn aeiegi-
t is no idle dtclaration. Tbe foundations .fefjoor j tj00 sh,n be reported ts the vote of that State; ;
VJL v with Jhe above vompany, ioa regular 1 system are Detn sappeo wiiD icaiiu tfld each State represented nere snail yoie us
supply of.supenarimn. wnicnjs weu iaoapico lapjdity. Those conservative waiisereqeuj j foU eiectoraI jrote by inecom
to Wagon and ! tilarrjage woranow onoeiog? fathers to protect y restrain me oiueicu.
ar'snVhea of the eovernmeui u. uu fi
t . i j.-.- k th font of Dower. aod we
irampteo uwu - S. Lf .ii v -!
i v.niivA hlacinff itself above the Le
nnu me jcv"v- i . - .4, -. .
Jroni the Alnr t ifUountairi Iron Company.
fTOHE Sobscrbers have made arrangements
. i flit t. i. t J Am .A.'.n .kl itiwrvSD
O. V n.tlirft Will OB 8UIU lill ISISUlltU'5
y t in u it a -i
Salisbury. Dee 6, I839-Pml9
Ww- 1 vts" riltn ! h i re. some able stout . N tf
no men t . I"jrf1
,. ! - -' . -1-:.. Hi
Mr. Leioh then withdrew his proposition . and
the original proposition by Mr. Sprague with le
One hundred and forty eight ballots beinsr a
majority of the whole number. General W IL
LIAM H. HARRISON, ol Ohio, was duly se
lected as ihe Candidate for Ihe Presidency. ;
The report was received, and ibe committee
had leave to sit again : whereupon the Conven
tion adjourned till 10 o'clokj to-morrow, f 7 j
Satdrdat, Dec. 7, 1839.
Convention met pursuant to adjournment.
v A prayer was offered up by the IterlJ W. R.
He AVitt.of Harrihur2, when
IJlIr Banks, of Kentucky, rose snd said, jbat;
as a delegate from -Ceritueky, he bad come here
to acquiesce in tbe decision of this Cnverition J
hA rutwed he lore us determination, anc or- tw
assure the Convention that the numtnaiion made
lf Aninr wouTd receive the beartv support 01
hie tvt.tiinent at lea.t. it would not be his
fnVt if if Hut nnt. - The situation of the Ken-
it. Uaminn had. he said, been one of" pe
culiar responsibility-they had their first choice,
ik.f im her id sustain the nomination
when made and, on their part, he a88ur;d tbe
py w.nt;Aii thv would do so.; Among his Conf
.,;,.o Jlfr R . said, tbe nomination wuuld be
time one of the faiiest pages of r
country's history. AWben danjer ha threatpr .
IKnry Clay has always been the , forem. ?i t .
avert it ; and bis patriotism and fhmnees vn l
occasions, will embalm his memory in the :a
of the American pcbple. :" But .ywnd .I e con
sideration which ,asa citizen of the t n.' ,
regard Mr Clay, said Gov, B , there are cti, -reasons
for, my ardent attachment to him. !
have, known him from mv infancy, and the i -
tercourse under the guard of. honoratle J r
and private friendsbip.on no occasion hare I ev :
heard a sentiment from Henry' Clay which v
not that of an ardent, patriotism, and e'en:
friend of his country- There is no self.;:
abiut him no peiiy scheming for his own z !-
vancemeil Arid bad it been yonr pleasure, r
tleroen, to nominate him to the Presidency, I
election would bavenpened a new epocn in ,
- - .mm .a a
history of mr cuunliy-: lie would nt nave
the little, dirtylpetty lord of a party ; but w. i ! :
.' m. . m. ar.rk irnli I
have cleansed me Augean iauB -5
happy people " x r ,
Bot rib'.withstanding my feelings for Mr L! .
said Gov. B. and the s cjeJ enteriaioed that t
wm,)d receive your notninaiiuti, I nave eo . e
the conclusion, that so far as my vote a d in:! .
ence eo, they shall austainfhe baiinnny ct-t-
Convention, and I inair mereiure 'o.e i- r
n,nimmi nbminatiwn cf GENERAL "A H
Mr B. W. Leigh, of Virginia, said that :
concurred in .'the sentiments of his -cuila -,
(G?v. Batbour,) and would join him in tits
fur the unanimous entry of the nommaiicn en t!
. 1 t ' l't i f ... - . . f f l- ttti an ts...
i"iirnai.. toe. 1e1111.uij.-1Mi. vnjs " " j -
dene thai in bis heart oisinxeresiea jm,.
was soperioT to all other feelings. 3 tie (. .r 1.
coold not think that the ambition of such a r
as -Henry Clay conld be gratified by bf Z r
PesidenlV He has already secured a u rr, i
wrll live as long as pure governroent-a rc
that will survive V marble rnonocent that .
cover bis grave-and a renown moro
htsfMr Ls) opinion 'ban any siauoa ixut.
high and exalted it may be. .
-M-Wr Le:ffb said :thaf one of the pcrpvsrs f .;
... . m ' t.J -r.t -mA tt.t r
Uonveniioo .nauiuc ma
hiefl. l .t,.r.ll..;nn i . . l'.:,.i t . , - 1. 1 l-ias-iai nnmfflnm. f WUicw luy .. i. 1 .
gislative ana juaicm in..i i-rTi jTj j " unoasiy, M-,wnicu tuoiwtwuS - vmj j -.m. i received as ow. -j .-" . r-- injHghed. and he lei. one. woo ia gte
Sfficer of the nation has becometbe jrar reliead ' to; the ad- wir0wn itt labors with success.
r arta TJf , stid that he .00 hadts l c
,r pirtjMtticesDicu , r - jfommiltM not eiewtftng tbree to anbr i. ia "'t1""" . ouisnv twwnd,oc.roti.a.ii '';'' ir' '''"M vl.t.t ' V . . t I
NUlr Vtll TiK i-i. . T. . ' ; n ' . i
Per , 1 swm
" t I 1 1 rr ' 1 ""
111 till if; v vv ;;
r . l S:, .i . -
" t - . '' ; ( . .. '. . .... t . .. "

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