North Carolina Newspapers

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avaio suoht fiis child, oVwitb" what tenderness
be restored her to that plaee jn his nosum wtiicn
she bad never forfeited, Paris paper.- ;-.'.-1 -.
, n'crs Wrne j licy tnntton through
f'f fine1 teifobtitter, instead of vybitc
5? - dtjr.-ofcW 10 .be reParins lUlr
f BrV1 !f-Kn7 inlend 10 rCSt 'Cl"
V.?; .Jiitiariiihe seed may be sown
kfrDiiV it will afford bim
f . ;,vfcJ mporta n ce nd be may
jj.5 111 frnm Alher business
I fe! W W io Setter,
voraeppftJieS5ce Farmer.
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S;f:-Hr "H rl - r i , - ; impolse ; a faculty in which ShHIej to men-
r.i fOE uniwiuu 3 iu hie vuv- . w. nniu nn Bnnormr romp l!JO ft citrnaiiv
I i-rB 0 'U 1 i S 1 T - i . ' " i-j ' ; 4 iiwi vhij vv iivi - - -...-..
,UCUVIVi', . J ' . T
lent and case hardened aextoo of a couoitj pa
rish, to whoDB she in Ijer childhood is ihe single
object of emotion, and Jhe constaot companion in
f5.l ; - S that the. Gfvernment does nQl acquire too much power. Keep a check T
RS Vi A ' t,1 attyur Hulcrs, Do ihu.'A&B ubiety is Sin'-Geol. Harrison. 1
IVJiOLR- vdr:423t
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gCJ We exirac the. following from a Re
view of theNpoecas of John Stflrlinff, in the Lon
don Qoarlerlj Keijewjor Julj5 Thet lover pf
Poetry will be gratified by its perusal :" i
ffTbe principal pwm in Ubis collectiof?, ',The
Sexion's Daoghier,f is a simple but not hacknet-
J ,nJnilsii rtrClh m rrronl Aun rf drill In
th narriivi. and Jeavin? an onusaal eniireness
of impression on the heart of the reader. It seems
to 8yw me aumor, master 01 iuai ire uieni
mnnngt' mnl. nf mup.h hitflier jrenpril
- .. - m o I
powers, ot relating Hie necessary iscis in vers?,
withonl discontinuance of the poetic tone arid
801ming scd wheat to prevent
afel !v bad on the subject, I may
d(ftfsig:yout lto ; '.One daogltterJiitleJanehad he
-'iIm icii:" ifwice: among - farmers TheYtleat sexton's only child ;
' fioDil simeirHng like forty yearsy x And when she laugVd alouj and free,
ifcKf f u.y:-.. T . . X? v v"'11ie grate old sexton smiled ;
'tfistBl 7 te'ollcd " a newspapei", - or sbe7 within bis heart bad crept,
.thiiirsncec Himse fhe coold not tell you why ;
Mi .i '.v-' ;.Lt Bot often he bas almost wept,
iJlef Ub eathav.og been suh .ecausW heeard her cry.
iiW Fmdllftd. and before it could ' A ;:. ; f t
1 , :
turned.. But ere ,th winer is pasi.ane
watebed bv the dealh bed of ber r;omiaed ;
band, and she herself has taken a. death c
Wbeo siuins returns, the aged aexton is Ie
lone 00 the earth. ; " Cri
i ITrxm ihn unrirnr clad Selda ami' wnnd?!
-r 1 1 : -r - . - ;
' X ne cnurccjaru giats anu isn u;uiu
tqwer, -,. .
The warm, pore davtight softfy brrodp
And nils witn rue ine morning nour.
Thp rast seonlrhral vew tree waves.
Ana Ieis ine gunsiiine cri'-er iuv Miaue
And e en tne !q and j?sv graves
Appear in liftng slouiber laid.
1 1 The only sad and belp'ess thing,
v I That May day a.nkes not less tt-rlorn,
; I Is that old nan tun hum the spring
; I Is dead, and dead the breezy morn.
I -"-:. y ' "
I These live riot now, for all is dr-ad
: I Wilh her that lies below ihe fod ;
j His daughter from his life is fld,
8 Aad leaves but dust by spectres trod.
I i The smooih sweet air is blowing roond,!
; I It lb a spirit ot nope to an ;
j it whispers o'er the wakejiing ground,
1 And countless daises hear the call.
2ndly, That all Governmertt is sin. The
fart is ' I fear Fannf Wriehtism. Not that
4 1 think there is ihe eltghtest tendency to it
in our otaie as yet. pun iiuie asms actors
females for any public purpose (especially
where it seems to trespass lb the slightest
degree upon oaf views of tl; instinctive
si.rinktng "frorD public j observation they
shoolo' possess) lends msensiblv to that fa
naticisni which the ladies wio arex engaged
in their establishment would! abhor as much
as you or I do. ; v- ! -) " - i "
h set ins to me too . that the excellent de-
termination of soint Paul wbieb 'imnrisrs
silence upon the womrn in public, a ppjrs
to this case , l neir iriUoen-e can vie ex
ertc-rf in a legitimate manner to an infinite
rxtent : but the moment it becomes erratic
U oita ouUMsO saturateq -wuq sau as
d (ot Hiere that; was sown, it
js butlittle or nosmut;
tisiphtj8 iw beai .was quite saiui-
niiifh cifcqmsuncojled to the practice
juiw brine If eed w heat i ooeing ,
SrfitHU tl PVjy Smut, II OCCUIIUO y WJ,
'tjetaliefi' fa'i: theialne' lime,' the
oijshtj))iioctual I accordingly
:y,cd the. pra6t ce of washing my seed
siim a biihelti strong as cn: be made,
I tt Opntll borouiiltly r weti say flora
irtVrV 4nintdriii;''('ff..llie brine and
adife whiaf bn afltibr; put oh slaked
t&t i ilvillvhen a suffi'ient quantity: -
tUi-,lw1li;fW SAt whiles the busted roan would raise
i::f)iywaM ovjbr wilh lhefhoe,and Above the brink his bare grey bead
ni until eacti JMrneHs covered with a AVith quiet smile a moment gazp,
All else td him annear'd as dead.
Awaiting but the shroud and pall ; -It
seem'd that io himself he said,. ,
'I soon shall dig be graves of all."
And beast, and man, and homeland wife,
He saw with cold accustorn'd eye : j j
Jane o.tly looked so fall of lite j
As if that (!) sbe could neer die.
A nit nhtn she still could hardlv walk
By holding fast his wrinkled finger,
So well he lored her pratUing talk,
He often fiom bis work would linger.
Aronnd her waist in sport he tied
The coffin ropt-s for leading strings i
And on bis spade she learnt to ride,
And bandied all bis churchyard things.
Henceforth 00 many a summer day,
While hollowing deep the sunlit grave,
Beside him he would have her stay,
And bones to be ber playthings gave.
f- V o
lit mounts and sings away o heaven, .
I And 'mid each light and lovely clfud;
I To it the lark'- loud joys are givn
1 And young'leaves answer U aloud.
lit skims above the flai rircen meadow,
f And darkening sweeps toe sniMng stream ;
Along the hill it drives me Miaouw, j s
And sports and warms in ihe skyey beam!
i 6
, From the Columbia Tellaccpt.
Nautical --SI.tps to go under wtr
instf-atl of on is surface, are now brbngbt
tot prrfee lion, so that henceforth such things
as storms and ship-wrecks are co mora to
be '..dreaded." ; V
SIkdical r-Thft wonderful mederme
called the sublime elixir i produemjf mus
asionishinf effects. A Mr. Jones of Vir-
CiniH, walking a mil1, and incautiously
approaching loo near the machinery, was
caught between the wheels and crushed m
to ten thousand atoms? two drops of the
elixir being poured into the pono above, ht
was initsnliy sc n wilktng out at the door
as sound as a 'uarh, aadi&s,i been within
three miles of a milLsuice. -A Mr. Smith
had his h:ttl shot off by a cannon ball;
three weeks afte'r he was dead and ' buried.
ks lo exercise itself jn other paths, huSaVd couisin happening to hear of the
. It is no dfUbt vety agreeable; to lr hm a,., lmmP(iiatel restored ta otr-
geRtlemenvho make speeches before fhe (ect hCfM -d health." , '
Legislature to receive their reward of praise GE GRArniCAL. -The discovery ship.the
irom ar ana lair? ups, especially 11 ine;ia- tvm,. n ' ? ,.naA .(M.f;i.. frorr, ihP
oun and the centlemen elderly : . ri J'.ul. , .
Bat roqnd that boar and haggard roan
It cannot shed a glimpse of gladness ;
Ha wastes beneath a separate oau,
An exile to a world ol gladness.
Upon a bench before his door
He sits, weak and starinw eyes,
He siis and looks, for straight before
The grave that holds bis daughter lies, i
; If anv come with him to sneak.
I In Au harsh words be bids' them ffo ;
! Vnt iliis stron? eaith he seros too weak.
: For bteaibing life too cramped and slow
'i ' 1
A sun dial pillar left ak-ne,
I 0 which no dial mee s the eye ;
r li 1. ... kl uiiti t-rrxcQ nVrcrrnwn.l
ThaV hears no watei trickle by
i '. i . :
Dark Daisied mass of sevrrd rork.
Ll-.-.l n .1 e.ralln C11I1 9nH faint '. !
! a .koiiLnxi trrave atari's lime-wcm block
I Tbat ooly shows the name .;f-Jane.Vp. 99
diei are lounj nd the gentlemen elderly ;
but even to them it must loose half its
chairms whn published in 1h newspaper,
and is the united action of two ur three do-
zn. One nreltv eirl would bestow a bright
er reward with a single kindly glance other
merry eye, than could be giten by all toe
f nia'l resolution.; in the wortd,iuougn pass
ed bv a.sSenaie of Helens. I
'Order is Heaven's first law," sats Pono:
a wiser thn Pope says, do all things " in
order." The order of-mlure prescribes all
wotoan's duties, labours, n flence, strergth.
nnn power 10 ue eieiicu uuu umcu uu,iu
ouvate. 3 i
I have been insensibly led to write more
srn ?uslt than I first intended , 1 only qe
signed to laugh at Ihe matter' a little. I have
written a homily ; but if tbn ladies of Union-
villa will onlv mke their H .sbands &: etc
take their places in.lhe Soiiety, ahd triei
themselves attend only as an! audience, tney
will tlouhle. and more than double tbeir In-
fluence -in the Temperance clause. I
northern seas: shesafelv reached ibe exatt
spot of the north pole, but there she struck.
held fast by the magnetic attraction ; her
crew found it imnossible to cpt awav until
I CT ,
a - t
they bad thrown ovwrnoara every parucie 01
iron in the vessel.
A fi nifrn ltc n al. Tho Philosophical
Societv Immg discovered method of pro-
lucmg or putiing off rain just as there may
be occasion; for the future ?6ur cotton and
and cabbages will never be ruined by a dry
hEMAttkst6F Imr; ogle
On the Civil end -Diplomatic JpprcprU
Dill" Continued.
1 1 shall not detain the committee, iir.
man, by going Over ibe same. eternal -wuna.
cf elegant and costly furniture with; which U.c
apartroeaiaoa'the second .atoryVf the -palace a
bwind.r I most .i, hot ever. orcit to name tr.e
t!tich eg maniel ornaments 00 silver star.t.?,
anal ?he superb imperial and rojaj WUloo, Brus
sels acd Saxon carpets ; some tof which, it 13
said,-are-deep enoosh ior a good locofto decuo
crti t. bury his fjoi in, as be waJks over tfcem.
Let roe refer )ou, sir, to itrctr or four of the cz:
peibills;rT';trr.U.H i
' 1 " T .'.,: ? 5 Nfi w: Yo rk, July 3, UJ7.
fha PrJsilentorihe'linhed Staiesy f
Smu U. b Mojjht i.f J.Wph Lowe. X V lyi -'Til
H O F EXGL IS1I. Car pe ts. Oil C lot h s ,
333 :BrmdvaV corner ol Anthmy sueet.
93 vards-'firusieb b.Hly.a 18s." ' fO .50
23 If- do. do-4der,a,lS,t , & 83
99 Ao ;d3.VbuiJ. 9t 2i2 7u
23 - da, da ; b-Jider, a 1S,1 51 i
3 .Imperial: Rugs, Jadiesviooca
"r and a chambers, a $23, ... . - CO
- ' v y- o-:a ss
Correct, as thirds quantities. Sfpifmbtr 10,
Martin Van Buren, President & S. fcooeht cf
W. V. Chester Uo. tin urcauwaj.
1837. June 29. 170 1-2 yards bax
ooy "catpetriigva $4;
- ; 1 rng to match,
; "'July 31 'i 2-505?;-Sf
Br remoants, say yard.ictrjrnei,
Mechanics "The famous architect
Mr. Axiom, who first discovered' the per
petual motion, is now erecting a machine
imedeF,hr the purpose of shotting the world 20th bepti w
twenty. three degrees back lo its original po
rtion, and thus restoring perpetual sum
20ib Sept.' '18S7. ;-;Correct.v-Ed.'. J?0-
Kreeived oavmeot of T. L. Smith, .
yex e p""v.svcjiester:&co;
NEw'VonK,Jun67, 18.17.
Major Smith, for the PFfdentVHose, Wash-
iag on, bought of T. L-" Chester.
129 yards Brussels. carpeting, a
I7s2d. . . . . - 9U
H5 3 S do 5 8 wide borcenng ap.
a Ma. 2d. . .
SO 7 8 do o . ir,r
17 3 8 do 4 4 ROIALJUL-
TO.V, a S2s. 2d. ,
241-2 do 7 8 do do
a 23s.
257 43
63 CI
83 75
' . $1,S30 43
Ed.; Bccke.
ctwtpf -lim e then' sfeaxl it xyer the
0041 stVerf I jpaj s ueipre-suwni" , i
:pj is necessarv lo prevent the moisuiru,
frvniileadiinefthe lime to ciea've
' '!"-.- - 'C"i'-' - - J ' I 1-'
Ethetierfletfi3ire narrowing is nnisueu.
m is no dipm of injuring the wheat
lvjng affi bling limed I have had jt
lWtUs 1 more ; and have never
jwiiti, smut since the above
Ujrvll seeder as adopted, and
fewly if tile fepin ion; when the seed
. .-:1;jl-Mr-----t ' ' i ,
Hiif;ettife'Mr,ed.l s above slated, the
Njgfiinsimtt iU be found effectual.
'tiraimsUntcbstiilfd by;JA Hathaway,
... : i us. - .
t w pnng,pi Bis neignuor .naving uwii.
"I bis :wl)e!soon after Riming, ana
a i ...n i. 1aLti fur ih dead. D 4'
A11U 1UIU J ----- . i
Years rolled on, and the child becomes a beau
tiful grl ; j ,
C "To her new ieauty larjely.given .
From deeper fountains looked and smiled ;
V And like a morning dreani from heaven.
, The woman gleam'd within the child!
And she bad reach'd a higher stale,
Though infant joys about her hung .
With gaze, more fix'd, a graver fate
Above her beauty Jtung.
And thus about her youth was spread
The shadow thrown' by coming lime ;
- The expectance deepening o'er her head,
Of Passsion's sad sumblime.' p. 13.
r j '
t. a mmKr. a woman of a deep and ten
' 1 QliO 0 I W ' v. . F . " , ,
f rom the S C Temperance Ad vocat el
Tit o Pniriin Lei me nromise thai I
ill . M - . - i
amia - warm thoucn iiumt:e auvocate sii
Temperance ; and furthermore, that I hit?
the deenest veneiaiion aim resieoi inr la.
dipa in peneral. and tfiose of Unioaville ii j
particular; especially the number of ynup
iimi nsii 1 1 1 ii i aiiir nuu iiniriiiuib m
nerance S(cietv there. Bu
iug this, I by no means approve the form
tinn of such Socoieiies ry ine lair
Nobody can suspect the denr creatures ,iJj
even a remote desire to wear sieam spee
iftii.' for snectarles of any kind hide
theW charming eyes: And although mark
ed 'batteries are esteemed useful in wr,
,.J . iKo ointpoc of love thev are most
C III- ! - - J u
f.Awerfnl unveiled. An association -
tween ihem and the"1 stripe! pis' is mpos
V " ;-a
VTffim;?.:- . V i": ,Zv9,i s.non sieves for her sib e Who wouiu ;oidk oi naming r
Htfeienied frnVhl sow nr the retnainaer uer pm. . -" . . a -i..L j - s in it no.i breath, iilte
r , , , I, t ! . t. ' i bo I digs ner gwir. B'-t - , . - .
I'Men Hit'thririUAftniini nf raifiv weath- . .u .ia;nt uhhin ihat arave: still she 1 sinrkintra may
HiUmelU86roesinutty while has sacred perform toward her aged !h;? bul Hue
Is ijlrf 0 - . 1 f..K ,t ch-netforms ihem duly. One sea- iAa,hprP. iha
"ft bad httleyr.none-I think goes o;,Jrnfui,mHltation she claims for ber
Mtbe tetiMlof iettinff the wheat dry self, the silent hour of summer dawn, doling
-'-ii fi iV;t-- -,i hiM. tends the flowers on her. parent s
i0linH::.:3:8LL v: ' - I'". . .. LI..L .t. HIk .
become fashionable among
Rrrin. ssts J
.a. .muni hi a iMMpm fluues o nnio. m -o tneni. uoi mi " , ,
8 " 1 .'.I j n.rnis ihpm dnlv. One sea-I J.i.. .Koi ..m ti.f favorite iiailmr
"ft bad little or-none I tbtnk goes mjurnfui mHitation she claims for her- f t. ,.difg. blU uUg known to be a
toLie.r: conscious of his own predeliclipn,
6ni,.!-if I .N - ....... which siie tenos-.iue. 'V. :::::t: U.- nn! v desirous ol being .thougnt ijio
f I rr- . ,rrave or Mtsbes de, wun tne uioie rtwtiug upwu i t-, . - m
. ! i .... I BraYe r. . . i.A,lkAi;n nnnH romnanv. iilnore says, tlie
aiii naveiprepareuiuetrseea wneai vvhilst soengagea onemoniin,9c i,c r--
Wl:. vj :-....-1 twnn(. the old. vew tree in the church- t soQlet . . .
"nner above siaieo-oeiore me, oui - r . ii r i
".ovy-.instan'ce.'.- After hav
Spared seedpheat as ahove for sever
ani bemt satisfied of ills good ef-
Vt sent an account of the above mode
seeri wheal, to the: editor of a
Nftr in Uucl MrAUuiaid, I believe,
iptiisjjjabjiut twenty years ago.
iSj very i esperiiu iiy ,
A Joiwr Storrs.
i -
I.-, ! n. : ' " i nev iu.
7 -oj Somunmfcuhloi.--'-A man, L t,as already
w H-aWf jn:pt5s;aiion as a working jew-1 ror ner own :
; wuhag only child, a, daughter, in
,J4 omfo(tt ia-r aside all his earnings
; nhlptSrw'ii.tid to house hold
,,onlerlL vijp?y hcrr dot when she
iaifllal man in lierfown station ;
UDBeifsthie months, be had ooservea
v f ,uifwi tnat articles ,ennuiBu o
'"VMjg pd givto to hum tor th" pu;pse
cmtio- iri ri l vrltdrvrv tiished between
W llMi flf'tnVr.: ' The; poor mail bore
v. ti "'ripsiue ior nis uaugiuer s por-
rt71?tilles;of ; :wbieh he became
had rubbed bim, he s'eeled
Im ap ht r: protestations of inno
I bit from h'is presence. On the
fl'Siiklin mlaaA in nh'iaKl nf wottia'
.Hnii have . putlotoed . The se
, 1 tyikk a wine gla8 on' the table of
(mm ii; if t ! .i . . . . v
wpg ga;nerea the large
'W-loeJ::?T''Wara day break he
i4'wfj$Lby a pab in hts foKi, when
h . , bal to it a piece of broken glass.
tj, roust ha ve been si a rfding
a v 'it vvj -ucy w - - - ,
vard, hall in sobs of grief, and half in prayer; it
. t -V.: L.m twin il.i 4bj i rl m ..I h .
is that of a youtn Kueeiing uj uio
er grave.
tnn. was voun?. and sad, and pale ;
Two mourning, youthful heari3 were they;
They had the same familiar tale,
Mans tale of every day.
lnd each'uon the other gazed,
VV:th ves from sorrow cold and slow ;
They knew not why, out ieu amau
That each was nuiaione in wuo.
Is not so dear as woman's lip, N
I 13 U I Oil '113 OTOie SlUt-cric. . j.
Monre was a libeller, but he did not pre-
Uutiie to say that " woman's itp", and te
Utfflthlei" were ever uui'etl. X , no, Mir..
'Editor, I never can think Temperance
L. ot i are neresSHrv ior mc iir? i-'-f
, . . . I . ..'.' L.
do t believe that they ttunK so ; out m
pH mv the advocates, to! proH
iTernperance among the self-styled lords jf
Ueation. Pve i.o dubl this is ihe real ob-j
There it is. J The little gio sbop ! rea-
dv to accommodate Yes, in any qoanli-
ty. proportioned to tie means of the poor-
eat eiistMtnrrs, taking in pay me? hm-
tJince tl.ey bavr? for bread: ine inrniiure
from therr wretched garrets, the rlothes
from their sheering rhildieii. tlie very beds
on which thev ate dying inirli-by inch.
A ml this e?nuot be PreventPil I I he wretr ri-
'r who deal out to these deluded, friend-
les, helpless beings, the poison ol ooiy
and soul, destruction for time and eteri-ny,
eannot he Teacbed by the bninJ-
iger.t people ! Preach V .f-
rv. Lift ail r'Jivis, t
ar.d declare it, e will tv
t'l. .Ikk 1 1, era m m.tral flirt A illp
Hi- re is civil goveriiiiicui ri i"
4.Gd ruling in the heavtV&, we xcill nt
ociet . Mu who are utterly dead fc
ail other aroeals whose cfrwc4eow8
-eared with a hot iron, on
siiasiorr'' has no more effect
wai Lmcn who willtake a piece of rncail
4n bart,er fr rtm Irom a dru;Ken wite,
when thev k.ow the boor husband has
.-procured u with difiicTTltyi for bis starving
fmilv. men who will Kinumani psu
V . . . I - . 11 L
womn out of their own doors, wnere sne
i... ..mi tn hpcpprh them with tears ar.d
lias ii-i.i.- - -
n her knees, not to give dru k to. her brw
tal hnuhand. to drir.k aoainl and drink
" i mm a
he dies, or murders Ins wi!e. and anannons
his children lo wretchedness and lonhs;cne
T,reir gay that such menj cannot or must
be restrained why, you may as well bresk
up 'mt ietv. nd laugh t juMice. ami mrk
a't li-map'tv Mi d its God.4?osa;ia, or Sci
ence, in Huston.
m-r. - -
Foreign The weekly balloon packet
arrived from the moon yesterday. IN o par
ticular news there, except that green cheese
is in creart demand. On its return tney in-
terreDted the wits of thirtv one poets, and
r - - .
and one hundred and ninety-three lovers,
and 'brought -them all baefcr, stopd up to
gether in a glass phial. )
Correct.. v
Received paymeni, . ,
T. L. CHESTEU. pi m-
NTp.w York. June 7, 1S37.
T. L, Smith, aaont.bit of Webb &.;Tp-
on i VrUliiCjlio oi, . voir-,.. wt -Clmhilla-nbior.'---
'8 1 2 7 one mUon car-
117 I 2 f -r f k. 1 s ttq .ort
Pell0g'a9ri4do do -;.22; 7 44
110 do Brvs, do a 17, 233
J hearth ru, . -
20 3 4 juABpunU 43 29
whom "moral
tlian cn stone
Great as may be the inconveiniences attending
. i . iimii arjri - in 1m c.'mnaf ed lii
(ar'V ItlilM, - ..;; .... - - t ;.
tittle sitending lung engagemepis. i ne pu-iiim
39.013 31
2B12 13
9.355. SO
J 00 000 00
100,178 00
12 146 27
1.258 23
43.494 04
50 907 28
10,620 19
3 315 76
10,738 70
11.231 90
54,626 55
2,095 24
12 419 86
10 005 99
55 962 00
32 550 47
7.20 73
J4S1 93
26 691 50
6 650 50
2.211 5S
72 124 07
80 825 75
3.776 50
3 Oil 64
1,6H8 S4
2.690 47
7,702 45
593 99
6 000 00
32.133 31
105 CO
' 13 12
214 00
25 00
ach was nut alone in woe.' 'creation. Pve no doubt this is ihe real iiti-j
. , iectof their founder, and as far as the reg
H again and love, though sickne Xe luce of ladles as an .ndinee!
marked Henry, the orphan youth, 1 meeliRg8 ,.8, I ,m a
L i.n.iofnr their nresenre. Let them cheer
f both partieslsMrTa m?nter, the reverse of that
-wfc-Kh o.v win rcspenveiy oecnpv in ai.r m
Th .lady "commands ibe gentleman obeyp, ami
when iinsia'e of things has
of lime, it is- no ea?v mailer i restore ihem a-
tbai -ami;
Twere worth a thoughtful wish to see
A loving pair o calm, so young,
" VMid graves beside the church-yard tree
While summer's! light around them clung.
: : ' i
He see n'd a moire than common roan,
Whom children passed not heedless' by,
With graven brow of shapely span,
'lAod sudden-moyingV pensive eye. j
: Retired and staid was Henry's look.
And shrank front men's tomolroous ways '
And on the earth, as on a book,
He oft wuold bend his gaze.
Bdt then at VignCof bird or flower
Or beam thai set the clouds in flsme
Or aohi that told of joy or power,
: y pun, ine mao ui s",v"
for their nresence. Iet them cheer
on the advocates of the cause ; w theirj
Jzeaj by the thronging crowds o( fair laces
ihat are so animating w me oramr , urr
utd any hvph
aTilioojh tw) a o.;
jain toJheir liauiral s;ate ; f.'r
mjn nf spnsB who respects her
-elf till ver 'wish to d.imineef. and no man of
spirit would submit to H, yet the precise limns
m which authority may fairly be extended on ihe
one hand, and ohedierc expected on the other,
av so ill m: fined, that it requiies often 2'eat 'act
and inanasmenl lo acijusi ihebahnce; and ttiis
.nlTntnltv is ra:uralfy increased -luhen.ibe parlies
h,av beeo 'Oi a l,,n2jjkffilJPiiilr'2 Ji!f pi't-lH
'contrary pars JTyeTsTtoo, arnatnralfy living
inTcompTirstaie of dfcepiioji and hypocrisy
in mjsi cases 'ibably qoi'e uriiitoentionaily but,
where ilier -xisi a sirong ;iesie Jo f lease. ihe'ei
TU7V'P I .' . H I -274 43
The Adrninistraiien presses, in their Wind ad- Received payment, W tuu
r ti!n of all Mr Van Boren's dotrgs. have call- j haTe zm before me, ""J ? J u 1
ed the Sub-Treasnry Bill a ne Declaration of 0frieial vouchers, duly receipted ftt
Independence. That the new Dec.laratiob may nig carpeting. P"', me inlo power r
no. want the sanction of signers, the Editor of ace since u , ;?
the -w York American gites the loiiowmg : "y- TON 1,545 00
JVames of the Signers of the new Declaration of 513 yds. prJ SJXOJV's) 214 50
on o ins w
6i do 4-4 Wioe ior aii.,
107 do ?rwK carpet and border
1 harlh ra m niac" - , t n-a a
4 impena . - t , j 2fjo CO
Oil Cloth, 'L:, - ; -
i j 8,499 03
: the somof $3,499 C3 of
Mere, sir. c ... - . fc f jjrencitn
the People's cas l gJjVc tpeis and o.l
former' for F"" let roe refer
clelbs to adorn the J cn?resg, .
" A pQTICcarpetins r the usa
or, IGrarpe,. daf(j
oi .he Presidents lloesj J J Burpn r;
aiTirm -ihat. Then why qWjgA carpeb?
Are .here no cVudVf colors sufficiently
-tm; democratic Presi
2audv. to please Carers, and dycrs.
dent ? Aie.MEUUI a
and roanoiactorers twuutlandtoo
a decen, RPloo ibort. sir.
t;.ai .VERIM h -f :ibe (fCl0f
carp-t m ot H rwht doH be pre-
no Amin pU.0iw.?JB" IV-difict io-
so. io int-ii Bin - . well wiiu e
I honest ,nde. "!J;Wof Amer-
iiczht the heatt of every , in lh(
SAMUEL SWARTWOUT, $1,255,705 69
J 1 . ITsnby,
Willis W. Greene,
R. R Gill, -
Wiley P, Harris,
B. IS. Chambers, ,
Mr. Cannon,
.1 W. Stevenson,
G D Boyd,
Simael VV. Bell, .
B F Edwards,
R. R. Slerling,
S XV. Dirksnn,
A. WT. Jons,
P Childress,
J H.Owms,
William Lin,
Samol T. Scott,
.! d.n S. D'nieU,
M ) AHn,
R T. Brown
I'.motcy Upham,
William M Price,
R-.S.-ri Arnold.
J.itu- P Dpcauir,
f?.:mjhrey Peke,
Ju'.n 13rewRler,
Joseph Aborn,
K. . Thurston,
.1 .1 McLaoaban,
A. W Me Da nie V
L. P"p,
AM Dtfabliers. hrnibers. husbands, sons, lovers,
the single ones have five or stx it U) to
join jn the glorious enter prize ; uinc iire.u.
yepresent them there, as they do o ;.h
Shallot box, the Legislative HV.i. or the BiM
tie -tleld. But let not Carolina's daughter
follow the i.otsiep,. o. ...c.r u.i ...... -n, j' hH . ;,!
iters, and seek to enter inio a plre never Jf . ( un?ia;JJ,ifie,s :him
designed for them by Providence. 1 ad-
believe. ''io a!ril ted
rnii that no immediate harm can rjS'Mt fromj 8re cnnsiantly tnk'f.g vf
!.uJ r..miinn nf a TemDerance Societv of d.ros.iiuRs tthr and
I II 12 Ilia v t -Sfl4T ! r . t i
1 i . i a-. r.ftU.s tkan m fihneba " Tt. ta tf : i . tT l! . ! t iT9 Clt tl iial ? e f V On
. - a i an ipm. mi iiici luaii mi i t - a, 1 1 .-- r
' ViW "r: r.u - ..t;., ,.. t -nc.U; i.,i,ir a, f said foi-. ibetraoa ws mVoluMa
little our sense im " i - . i
!. t " .rcono which a.i5 giihht TV
,. Something nice" for the lawyers A curious
ratisp is simui. fo n ftleaded before the Tribunal
;n Bf.rrlsox. A pTSt.n ; lbs' city savo a pro
Jmiy r.u'c payable at sight. W hen ii as
!nrw..!P;(. hv dbior hao an enormous pair ot
kfift-fn Knpfiac! on his nose: and. bavins in
Vs r - . .. .. ... ' ' . ,
funned ihf liUiSSier tbat nis signrwa vn; n3c,
asikpd ihe na.ore'of ihe bi.l The luissicr n
plifd ihat it wa1 parable at-sight. ' Io that
cas-,' said ihe-debior, " I car not pay uniil ray
eys ijet btrr, fur I do not sf ii!" The hoi'
er of tbe hill nut heinor i.-fied wnh this view
a the quest ino, has co'i-mcoced his action.
M Thiers, Jhe present prime minister of
Frnrc, is the son of a shoemaker of Mf
a i. It s
T I l-t ' .
i ' i ... ....... .r. Iri . nT:. b I.. il.. m r.i 1 .1 cnhltini in mnV
must al-" exis a ,ui --j ;i mj . .,.,.-k...c - ,
keep on-'s faults in ihe back grouiit, and exhibit, j w,08 There are 53 6-25 in the
pleasii-g parts 01 one c i c t p;, . anrt 61,032 in tbe ceparimeui. i
that-!, in ,ra?u loi G4.rmj, ,ow, fUttj lwo , b.nreS ol be-
ill il.r o 3v' i . 7
hf gira?
and inheren! in humso
rn'or'aoej t ra. ?r.
ing wedded to-young girts.
But not so in
u their skill? . W "Lowell witMe---.
fee ! i n gs o( honest pride. '-v r i tnn ,f Ameri-
.rVand the walla in ihe
n.-.nt fornisbfd with
saloons i.f an Aanufactore, ? I -plain,
subsiaatial. Arr.f niBuref: pTOPosf s I J
this the p-Iicy Jhi ' ; toMte.tiivttry fr..,
which wr- ' vV,U bV ad. r -3
orff CMTXlZ benefits oo .3r.VC:j
stnnffc rricuf e nter ne? m regard
n,..ariwns..f iwigwna, woui gfoW-
Wnu Wbat e American
,r ay to this plia ? H - . t0 pon?8h
v,eav.r relish that ? WUn4 cri.
, on. ray fenfidence on the
can ry, rely ,JJ-- n , mtoofactorers
i lritr..U a d paipms oi ;
and tTicbao:cs I. rL.i.min. I fflil
' - 1 a I .nan Ul V
issson. -. fl,
r52tufe ;i 3ccusa
- i.-
": 'ih'flPfol.l 'l ' kl " J' t. ' A
' l'tt -fln men reraounifu ii, aua
t.; ; , ' he wasrbimsejf a sleep walk .
;W4jajudiU child oojosUi;ai
P t fnice in the roft immediate
r uo jsweis aua iriuhes i
r jt - ... .i r.i .D.ivtd Ramsai's, Oakly
;fle icacy snu " j srf f0?:,,WPd by recrimrnatWns n, all sbe g-tj . Gm. f irdell co N. C and renewal
koaniv : but it is-the first l 11 ? .. . . . :.Ji i.e., -.-i- kj lf UV .
X::.A 1.1. liaht when near him shone fff -." ,f.... U, I misery ana oit.ernces B,r.r? ...... u??, j , riders btsservics i. ine puonc. u.a v-
. - n- , . bju. i i giep i imh' iu v -"-"v j. - i i ! r i-se trie mveis excttfu iu .03-'T f nonsdeuartmfoiso: nis proiessiou.
lx li 34 !w4h the ultra fanaticism of tl, . , ?(tlt lhat tne.v ,re unoed ti human; beings 1 ,.40.124 ,
,;r0T;:.h mitM as uoe.-4 WiUhthrootsts takes, fli s trie erst mo?eii like t hems--eS.
aid neartie i w V : ; hT I. fL. of th- W. hif
ainrvof ibe
now again conJuet you tajw e lt . Cocrt
palace, where we shaU eoi. jga Tcu
Ba.iqaei.iig' m , It j,
r .V -..--i;int'i first oDDoses the lovers
anion, except opon tbecoodition of Henry s oe--coaiins
his assistant in manual labor, but at last
gives a general-nsent; f tbe parties. should
remain of the same Tmind . wben the spring it-
lifted' i :
3 : - i
;:: J
' ii-.::
lr& wllh what arTection he
firM-V'--..----- 7 i .'.-.. V : r '' -
4;:r!...:...;.-...., . -; . - - - v. .
UrwX,ed itself in tbe Ahlhtion Soil Good tfml-Tbe Chine have a sa;1 -sri BAKER uiltH-mte lessons
1st ' Contending that women ouiM' in2. tt aDtinlnrkv worn mopped iromme Jfll0 the I'.ano un -r ?nW ne au.u
CietT. ls. lontenatng iob f ft rflnnnl hft hrounht hack aiia bv a . m., vacaii. at (be FmaleAcademy. .
tn enoace ID the puouc vociiuiit vi ou (""s1 " .r. IT I : ., T iwn-o"
engage id iu r m.chindiizbonei. ' I August 7, 1S40.
and partae ot uib cicui.b -,- -
.. kni"h.l I 111 BUSW J
a sight ibpi will be, ubleset -out, ar-
a genaiue locufocos on prepared to receive
raoaed in order, ano ou 7 . . however.
Io tbe first place, however.
ic - .... tht taDi IB I Ml vf" :
I must iVfX". disbeV'ff
lld. iThardeider
rndfocooco Preside -
aoofit only to act before 'Bm"
A -

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