North Carolina Newspapers

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blie and iroti', French tambours, comparers on k.
feet, elands fhbonbons, with three slopes, gudr A
ed French ptaltans; garnished irith mirrors and
carlands ad gaudy arli;uiaij tourers. , :unns
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sit all.: This, is'-vrbai W call
in tho ihewe aid glonoos Uttte of tberThames.
and in my judgment leaves no gooi grounds tut
wuroteT8y r unpleasant feeling? beltea-lw
biave officeisV tlt "ant r?nJ - . t..
- : ; : r Truly; ybnr friend, '-;;--;, ;
:. lien. ci.akkisox. v-
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FRIDAY. SEiTE3IBJ2U 11, 1840.
the manliness 10 avow ft i; nay, be eten cnld"
Induce the irbprpssion that: he didnbt allode 'to'
i lift Committee
sneak nz ' !
! We take n6 dieligHt in dwelling npoo', these 1
ihings. because -we regard them as cbmpromit .
imji the honor and character of the nation. :$ni nisei nati. Aoaost 24: 1840.,.?
j h1r. Van Borerj has tornedont to'open ejection- jiVjfVaVf lead the correpondence bet ween
errircr; Utter 0Hn letter has been published joorseif and Cot. Juhuson rela)ie I him'; at
Wilder his namithc direct object ; all which Chiiieothe. From the perosal if Cot. Juhnsoni
..i Thinking! voo for the tneresl yoi bate
n the field doing batue like eiomporators I 4isrvmMer' I rctorni .the .cofres-
fur a Feat in tbe.Conimons. When we seeaii pvndence
this.' we are corftpelld to the conviction, that so
far as the President is concerned, the dsgnuy of
VoWK?nrliirr by a.c-rd a large lamp ff sugar imaif- -difly
over th centrof ; the table, so that it ! ...
might string round to th" cut9)'e'fial!,y: A' j
re have tried tte iWasriciisn his magic tconl do.
t must weather the storm with TtppccaMCs '
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, rl aits:
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boif ,r sir, there V fio food lor the ; palate "laced op-r-.n
this locofoco'a table v there is a'feasi of o!d
fr the,, eye that would . hhve satiated King Ali
da hionRelf.': And aUhaagh the wood of sere r,
tl Ijjgw forests wsLsWi i ui dwn to dress the
victuals for this Taaie.rUn bar.qiet. yrt it re
nirrd the
yiu.-" seemed amsMd,iMr. Chairman. Do
nnt relieve that 1 speak not t5e wur.fs of truth
aid soberness.'!- I bate now in my hands, sir,
Uie ; rjficial vonehers: which show the ex
, '.p.nditiue .; f "c-f ety dollar of that large sum. and
thai the whole amount thereof, with the excep
tion o(.t125, wasexpended since j he days of
- t he plain frugal, ? tcotwmkal, republican re
''treuehingrejormalion if 3 ackeon ami Va n Bu
reft eommei.ced. And I l:ere. in my place, de-
insni in th name M mv 'Vtiristituents. that the ?
Committee on the rUp-iidiiares n the Public
IloildinT make a report, to, this Uoose. and
Comrnnnicale copies, nut only of the vouchers
tin this sobj-ct.butaH ihe wot ehers in relation
to expendiuis for: th? President's House, for
future, arid efoon.'s; t'ipt they ma te all spread
before the People a an official form This
Everlasting leakage from the People's strong box
toosi be sienched. . . ,-- -
Hot 1 willexnib;t to the committee the vari
ous bills which form the ajiregate of $11,191 S2
fur tha table service L of the democratic Presi
dent. - ' ;' ; . .
I .will, in the first place, bring to the notice
V. the committee Mhe bili fr the French ster
lirig sljTer; plate and gilt dessert bei, bought
r fr. m riJnssiai. Nobleman, de M; h General
;'! fJaroii da I'iijrll, resident Minister of his Ma
tjfsry thfi fCmperor f Kossia Mt -.Lisbon, fur the
No. 1 . Col CHARtiES McDowell, of Bnrke co.
2. Geo. Ja.1 Wellbrs. of Wilkes.
S .David Maisocr, ff Lincoln.
4. David F jl al.dw ell. of Rowan.
5. James HEbA5ii,of Caswell.
6 Hon Abraham Kenchee, of Chatham.
7 John Moore.
8 Dr. James! h. wrn, of Orange.
I 9. Charles Mault, of Wake
10. Col AV M. lr. i.QFG, of Halifax.
T. D. Carseal.
J s I ' . Cii?ciNHATi, Aognst 12X1840 ;
Mt ifm Colonel : I enclose yoitffpeech
as poblifebed in ibe ChilicoUie Advertiser. I he
,pn,.ripr ,f ocr sceech. so lar
of General Harrison, has sorely misconceived
roii": 1 not onl? so think, but have so said. An
inference may oe lairij orawo iuai uu !
i .. j.j L:..n.. kni itiai tnn
only in ooooi as rcgaroeu uiiwuijjp,i n
The subjoined letter frora a dislingmslu
cd Republican .in" Ohio is enticed to the
'tubs'! serious consideration, both . for the bears and.its very intelligible
reasoning upon' the doctnhei of the De-
structi v esV T'he wi iter' be it observed, is a
citizen' who has setyed the country with
liieb repute,-in difjerenl trusts, both military
arid civ i !t pf iugh standing therefore, and of
jnrerr til WaHtne Coi (O.YJiVGsU 1340.
' iier5eSi'r
Treasury pn je ci'aiHi policy; if carried cuf,
agricultural; 'arnl laboifi rig glasses of the
entertained, a dtnibt, and npoiTall proper
occasums, -Ven'lbe suhjeel was ::matter of
conversation, I uhhesitattnglygave it a rn
onimon that, in the same prppartion as the
1 product oHUe farroernd iHe prire of Idbor
1 would be reducedv that bfribe officehoider.
H. Vm. Wj
f 'iiERav,of Bertie.
E Jokes. ot Perquiraons.
the nation is brought dowp as low as it can be,
and therefore, there is no treason why
Van Boren should not be treated as any other
electioneering demagogue.
Wre shall fitlblish the, whole of Mr. Boutf
letter next weik, and'we hope it, will be atlen-
tivelv considereiJ by every ore
r i - t: J J
uen. jackBon
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and ao doubt thinks
ho riff hi vanilv
M - m w w w - j " - - I J J r" . ( i , . n . v.- t
;jnit U Jiwih fiM . nnriiMn elec-I From the enclosed remarks of Col. C. S.Todd, every friend to tb rights of; nn.
tiuaeerer in fatbr of his "successor". But he, J" uCf p,. 'r- one occasion .u
., ! Ji .L i.-.. . .;n widely diflWr. , If consistent with your feelings, Esa. Af ateubenville, some three v ears ago,
l - nc n iii i .. ! ..ii.ui 1 - . .
turntsn me wun your views wi .mc uv
They will be published or not, as you may desire-
Truly your friend,
Col R. M. Johnson. V. P., Mansfield, Ohio.
:. ; " i had bot little respect for him as commaodingUen ( m0Xe$ jhterest or cipitalists.V woujd
rON IN THE FIELD !!' , eral. My personal regard for yon induces me alone , pnh ' H . lJiat S(lch a state t.f things
., 4,. irll o. to call your attention to thesubject, and lurnisn , ..-mt:UmA'
..eciru : uutKU ,n an oDoortohitv of coirectinffJt hat I conceiie TVUI:U. V lliA 7 1
he can do it again, and; ' hft an erroneous and sarbled report of what every woere to te loiinaraDq-approu o.
h9 induced htm onenlv and' rn Hirt Wa in Chilieothe on the 9th iostaet. Ithe despot, but abhorred and detested Uy
T3. Josiah CQLLI5S )f Washirgtob.
14. James -VVj Brtan. of Carteret,
15. DameL iBj Baker, of Nev?-Haoover.
,j . . .
,Thf Richrodnd Enquirer contains the fol
lowing, which pe commend to the consul
eration of the V:hjgs of this region :
" In the snrrlmer of 1836. Dudley (Whig)
was eleeird Goyernor over Spaightby a majori
ty of 4,379 ; bui in the fall our fiiends rallied,
and eanied VanBuren by a majority of betweeh
2 and S000. Wfiai was done in 1536, will proba
bly be don agaib.? ; y ' j
Now old gentleman, permit us to -sajr
mortal man never was raor- mistaken thab
you are in the? )abote. O ir friends ral
lied !! W hiit sort of a rally is it to Ml
from 31 006, the number given to Spaight,
reeknns. this time, without his host : we will
venture "if the secrets of all hearts were made
known." that ftbe old fellow receives little
thanks for his paios. Mr. VanBuren and all
the sharp ones about him know, that the day
has passed by when theTIero of ftco wars
and 'Jifty rote' is to be worshipped as a God.
Tbey know that his gracious smile can no long
er shed glory opon his appointee.
Mr. Prestori,' we believe it was, io by gone
days, when be spoke for and with the Nullifi
cation parly of (south Carolina, called General
Jackson a toothless Tiger. The propriety oif
that epithet was never more strongly illustrated
than in tbe letter against Mr. Clay. He shows
i t;
all the ferocity of thai cruel beast without the
power to harm.
. .. . J, Massfield. August 18, 1840.
Mr Dear Sik : Your favor has been receiv
ed, in which you observe that, by my reported
speech, an inference may be drawn that I am not
only in doubt as regards ibe conrage of General
Harrison, but that 1 had but little respect for him
(then a candidate lor state Senator at uus
time a Senator of the United States) invited
me to his house, and to. dine with lum.
Whilst there, the Specie Circular, sab-Treasi
ury, and Bank.Reform pmj-cls, were most
ly the topics of bur conversation, he approv
ing, and I disapproving the measures; I alleg
ing the deleterious effecte hey would bavo
on the farming interest, observing it would
reduce the price ol wheat to -lwenlihve
as a en
SOU, QUI lliai 1 IIBU VUI J11IC ICBiTVi iui him ; II ,.! M. - " Jr ' --. f -
mmanding General I am happy to have j cents per bushel, and, in that, event, 1 for
this opportunity of informing yomhat, during my
service with Genetai Harrison, 1 had no cause to
doubt his courage, bat to consider him a brave
man, and I have always expressed myself to that
effen ; oor have I ever disapproved or censored
any of his measures as commanding General io
To lht Editor cj
- Sir Beir Ke
ry Clay of Kent'::
at .'Nanhville, yp! r
appointed "the II 0
ston .'Secretary of v
faulter and knov, ,;
that I am ,
to be false, h U !
that tlm
dent to the ijenr.e.
priaie cotnmiuees .
it is to inquire j
nominef s, ao I T,. t
of,oranv !
existing against t
nomination f. f
member of the T
Louisiana, wlien !
Can Mr, Ciav s !V
firnwlion of his" ;
was a defaulter?
Senate, will. us r::r
by ihe. Senate is
such ohjectum, if r
I am Baiisfijul i
could not lave 1
I am also infer:
ed roe with app :;
Collector of ihc ;
irtg that he hstl 1
Burr. To tl)is c!
that I knew of : i
tiou with Asto,!
that of Mr Cl.y
Cory of the time .?
justice, wa? far fr
lion with Burr, -1.
Lexington in II.
was appointed
sny with reconi .:
Illness not niorf i
d deed to tne by t
in behalf of IS1 r
loo. ai me iirm? r
that hig'i ofiice, i
directly crwet! t
j having bargain' 1
Jackson is as manifest and as strikingly exhib
ited in the epistles w-bich we publish to-day as
volomes could make it out. One shows him-
st.If a polished, dignihed Gentleman : the other
a savage.
dnwn i(i,'H). was not the ral-
sji-n oi-fowaM ihref hundred and eight y o( ,rilds, but the apathy of the
fmp Turn, Wh'ifs . We I fell from 35,864, down to
dollars and eishtu two cents.
Tho silver : plate coueist of
Saoce- Boats. Plates, dwerses zrandenrsl bottle
stands, sovp ladles, -c fyc 'C three hundred
; 'pittA. thirty. eight' pieces. . ,
' ;f Pne gilt dessert set U compiled c( Table
Rpfums, Sveel-mat SpMins. Tea or Coffee
brMns. Knives, Folk, c. &c. one hundred
avdforly pieces. ! I
Yie following receipts are endorsed on the
biiX.r the silver plate and gilt service : .
. Received, - Jnne 29, 1833, four thousand
three hundred and eight dollars eighty two cants
:b(ji2 in full for the withirV service of plate.
V ;v 4- - V- GEO W. SOUTH
, I .-certify that I havereceived into the P.icsi
Rent's Hon e all the articles contaid in the
within service, and they are intended for the
use of the President's Hoose.-
. Washington, July 1, 1S3. 5r
It proper. io remaik that pure gold is
"enerally cunsidered jjo ductile and s-iitjn ruan
ufjcidreM.njo knites, folks,, and "other utensils,
which rfqiiire sirne degree o! firmness or wani
of phabiltiy. ; The gilt or gold service, there
', used in the palaces " of kir.rr and at the
; cas'Jfstif wealthy nnblrmen'io luu!ope,'is com
. red of a slight substratum of silver, thickly
l3t-d rrovclaid with pure wold. -And hence.
one should not, aftr paying those who as
sisted me in securing the crop, have a, sur
plus more than sufficient to pay my taxes.
He, in reply, said that twenty-five cents was i this charge v:a
or would be enough for a husbel of wheats; his prefet.t assr
nirnr1 Pi.e-.-r
ie pursuit o Proctor, or in the battle of the ' . v rr.;.i. ....u ,.
Tbe contrast between Mr. Clay and General Thames. Every thing I saw met ray entire ap : J S, ""Z.""' u SX: V- T ,
probation, and bave never spoKen 01 it in any u ' t s " """if j -'
other terms. In sneakin? of tbe battle of the and that the times would then assume a more descends Iron !
Thame, and the part acted by mj regiment, I stable character, and be better for the conn- and roams over
did not intend; io increase tbe me-it of that reoi-1 tr opnerallv I looked at him with aston. f tiers against the
ment,nr to diminish ihe merit claimed by others; ,shment and asked him if he was seriouf,
niucn less pio i miena 10 impiy inai ueuerai
Harrison. or Governor Shelby, or any officer at
tached to the army, avoided doiy or danger.' Each
bad his part to acl, and I should feel myself
moch degraded to suppose that they did not per
form their duty fearless of. daneer : nor have I
The Fayietteyilie Carolinian onder the cap
tion "it will leak out," says times are getting
better fast, jfince 'he Sob Treasury has gone
and was such his democracy ? He answer
ed that he was serious, and that such was
bVs democracy. 1 then ireplied,'-" the, Lord
deliver me from your democracy." r : :
My bservataiions then turned on the
Hermitage .1
. O TO
Your surprr
nreal as mine r-
22 572 But (what more could have been
expected, when pur, candidate, Judge White
was actually proposed to the people of N
Carolina, by the great meeting at Salisbury
onahe 15th of! Msv 1835. ' as an alterna
tive as tlfe choice of two evils. This
was the manner in which he was back-
s. . ; i
ed by Mr. CUIhoun's friends everv where
i i
in the State: and it was this backing tit
killed him. No one could feel much hope
or anxiety for; the success of a candidate
known, yet the Whigs are tryinr to conceal it
continuing to cry hard times.' 4c. We cab
tell this sagacious Edifsr he is mistaken. The
Whigs have no desire Uo conceal tbe fact of
into operation) and that although tbe faet la j ever doubted that these gallant officers were pre- J great inequality such a state of things would ginned Andren
.aai .j ..v.w uu.j v,.v, .uvu-. . ----- I pruuucc ueiwccii mo uiuc-uuiucr mr jii . .editor Ol tho i
stance, and other portions of the communi lng dte on tht l
ty, to wit, a State Senator's $5 per day will: The circtnns:
pay for 12 bushels of wheat, of tbe labor of Nashville are va
24 men for one day ; a United! States Sena j repeated intiisi:
tor's $8 per day will buylS2 bushels of wheat, tinn holden on t
n Kir ft .1 man nnA ilqi. i lia PraelilAnl'd ; ill.
Ul IMIV JD Ullil HUB UBJ , ,,,V M. ll.illUllll VeiUPfl IP Si) ' ' '
sixty-eight and a half dollars per day will . wag honoroJ, w!
mv Inr tivn hnnnrori unn cnvrnfi.lnnr hitoh. f : - . .
jm j Ba vv v iiuiiwi vu v u 4?w"aiyvvu vut?-VA J JlJ J it. ,
els of wheat, or hire or pay for tbe labor of
five hundred and foity eight men for one f jn whlt term , r
day , ana so on, in proportion, for tne ben- semceP of ,
such a battle,! where our country was victorious
there should be a controversy about : the merit
doe io the actors in that battle I claim nothing
above the most humble soldier who performed his
which he speaks . we know times are assuming duty on that occasion, nor shall anv earthly con
a more propitious character as brighter grows sideration ever induce me knowingly to do mjos
the prospects if benHarrison. In tbis we,ori- lice o the commanding ofllcer, Goyejrhelby,
l rtim... J. -if , , .1 I or any omer onicer in mai army, i nsieinus
ly witness an action similar from cause, butd.f- ,nftnpH m.Bi,if tn nttnitrai m,rf,. nn, knnwino-
iereni lp eneci, io me cnange which look place in what particular fact injustice is supposed to
in the times as the passage of the Sub Treasu have been done to General Harrison. 1 should
ry oecameJpfobable. We all know as its pas- be glad to know what particular issue is made as
sage into a taw approximated, times view hard: ! the facts stated in the reported speech, respect-
I in., mkiak I - I , U 1 1 tnl Att I chl ril timir nn or nnn hitnilrnH Ihmiciinil 4 - . . .
thus upheld by a Urge division of his and now that o great a political change as from l0 slale facts JJ as ro own personal offic6rsVho 8re fed oul of xh& Dnb,. cnb nS'sh ed . , v,
friends. I Van buren i toi iiarnson bids fair, confidence is Lnnwlpdcn tmuAe nH vhml nnrlorcinni ( Lj i ; n .... lu,s niie B" u
: " . J j. r r ' ; i
Bot lhe times are changed nbw : Rip is
wide awake j Harrison is uppermost in
the thoughts I arid j affections of every one.
He is stronger, than Mr. Morehead in No.
Carolina stronger in every eounty in the
Van Buren to Jarrison bids fair, confidence is knowledge extends, and what I understood from
fast oemg restore knowing as-all do, that the others ; and not to censure or criminate, but to
Country will not now be made to suffer bv the I state the truth, as far as I know i or believe the
tacts i expect to be in vour cnv on ftondav.
'PperatiorjCSub Treasury.
W lmm who have perm
itted themi-
State, than any Whig candidate was in the
summer election.4 and we have no fear
that we shall fall off in November. The
l pr imr; ihe gili service of the Presidunt was falling off will jprobably be on the other
manolacored after the same manner. No boo 9ulf Mr Van Buren's forces are,
esv 1env.erat, boever,Ty taking up the various . .. i - i . . .
wiey are uiRpirueu, ana unless uesperation
tirtirl.9 ui which it consists, would be led to
do'.ibt a moment that tbey are mac'- of gold,
without any alloy. They may be pure gold,
v thotinh I am inclined to believe nthei wise, mas
rniuch at they were ,: .proonred 'from ..-ne : 'of the
Vreal nobles of theMtooiian Empire.
' When we commenced the publication of Mr.
Ogle's sprecb we designed only to give a. few. of
the best pans ; but we -find it so entiiely g-ood
that we have ctiiicludit is all bett. We will
continue its publication alter r.exi wek.
A few day? ago, a big and a foco foco
of New 'Albanygot into a dispute in regard
lo Mrl Van Boren's vote irv favor; of negro
siflH2e, The loco foco denied ' that Mr
V. V. ever gave toch a vote. The Whig
oiT'-red to prove it by Ilolland'siography
01 Mr.WanrBareh The loco fpeo chal
Icn'ed him to produce . the book. "The
' Whig accordingly went off and I borrowed
it, took it to hi loco foco opponent, and
pointed hunto the passage?, where 31r. Vr.
II7 negro vote is recorded. Thejoco foco
took the book, threw u into hi: moncy-
i, drawer, turned the key upon il, and obf.ti-
; iiejy- peisiaieo in rr iubih w auiiniurr i
up, though h offered to give fen dollars in
1in of it. I The- Whig of course rejected
'."j X ;S;thc money 8nds afterwards told rthe owner
- iof the boot: whathad occurred- Forthwith
''drX' X'i the owner wtai andrdemanded his proper-
:-f: ; ty, but lhejopo lieo, instead of -giving up
; t the book, ;rof esici that he had burned it !
. j ', " Aro our opponents such fools as to sup-
H $ ;wse that they can, by such petty rascality
keep the people ignorant of'Mr.Yjan Buren s
loathsome and abominable principles ?
Louisville journal.
shall supplyjtheb with courage, they will
fall fT in the Presidential election. But
the Whigs mustnot presume on this ; let
them remember ihat desperate men are dan-
gerous rjicn.i Tihedyii i-yZapof the whal
Ui has proved fatal to many a goodly boat.
November is .their dying flurry, so we must
be out in fpiqe. i
. i - bill: -
The able anp patriotic member in Congress
from tbe Rtchmodd district in Virginia, has nub
hshed a reply Ito Mr. Van Buren's assertion in
his Elizabeth City letter, that he did not alludt
sdit&fefpj&'lPJ Parly spirit and made to
chacijtejf 'ibat Gen. Harrison is a cow
ard, MiaK -lirjg correspondence, and hide
. . . . . j ,
ibeir facesj for snafne. Let the editor of the
V Carolinian read it, and then look one of those
honest men in the face whom he has decieved, if
he can. Lei the lory orators read it. They
will feel thej pangs of a guilty conscience
if they've any left. 1 heir Vice President, Co.
Johnson washes! his hands of the slanderous lies
heaped on jiis old General by the Party, and orie
would think for his sake at least tbe Locosvould
i l i
desist. But the habii.has become a part of thtir
nature, and it is difficult to be broken. i
From the Cincinnati Daily Republican
Col Johkion at Chilieothe -We exU
the 23d, on my way- home, and 1 shall be happy
io see you. ; . -
Major Tho D. Carneal.
hi n wiiii aiu i-iiiiiiiiiiHiii nriiiMO annul i'i-nii. i
----- ' - --!-, - w : imnniti ipiihiM
omy and calling all those tuiri-coais who f tl rf p ;
have nerve enough to say that things are not . c3jj thc tjf jn;r
as they should be, and that reform is neces-1 -y.j Jrr.,. nr i
Those Jive lives of Harrison, neighbor,
where are they ? Are yoo prepared to prove the
assertion that the Whigs have published jee
lives of Harrison, all differing in essential facts in
the history of that great man f or do jou presume trord? ; is alt sufficient proof? We have
no desire tod is in ib you! ease on that head, but,
neighbor, just between as, don't you think it
woold help! the looks of things a little if you
can prove it f "'
We bave it upon the best authority that the
appointment of Thos. Henderson as Postmaster,
at Conco'd is dissatisfactory to a large majority
of the Citizens of that Town ; and that he
has been appointed contrary to their expressed
wisheshaving petitioned the Post master Gen
eral in favor of Mr. John A. Craven, a gentle-
V .. - ( .U .1. i . '
aiiui iciici ut iuc iiiij iiisuui nuuiu - ... i t
. .. years we u ic-
een answered sooner had I been amrt flct,1;,nm?,
home on its arrival. I returned home last ; f tuZ.. i
evenmg-after an absence of eight days. slIH,Pre,nn of l,
Y u say that be (1 appan) has denied thej JefT(rS(in nf hc,
siatement made by Mr. Wallace. I think tQ iho,Constitnti
he will not deny the truth of Ihe statement : nr nnp f0nr,!
which I here make; if he does, I shall not , ,
be surprised if he hereafter denies that he . ' ... t
n . - . . .. . - . lOi aparry. i
was in uieoeuaieoi ineuu'ieo states wnen ! e.. Ion nr.p r,
tne suo-treasury mil passed.
Respectfully, &c.
pressed the: other day our strong convictions
that Colonel Johnson could not have been
correctly reported in the speech at Chilli-
cotbe which was contained in the Chilieothe man who had given universal satisfaction as th3
Adertiser of the Sth ultimo: and in proof deputy or assistant of tbe late Postmaster, seve
i I . . t . L. ' ' t I . . 1 . m . .
Jo a pamphletf signed by bim '(Mr. Bolts) and W1 WUf Hru't5 i,,sl fS'0nn r mis oeirei, ral days in, advance ol ibe almost individual ap-
v . n i weiri; vri hra n ihr nnrmnnn n ni nra,H. . ;..;.. .r ii
others (tne Kxecdtive UommiiteeJ and we Say . T" , rr rr p"-i- pitnwu- o "bhucisuu
', A.
. i 1
with mortification: and shame, that . goes very
lar to convicf his Excellency of-falsehood ! I
In this electioneering bulletin of Mr. Van Bu
ren, he says f the Standing Army bill, thai
tbe plan' 'Was not onlv never submitted' to
htm ' but wat nut even matured omil mote than
three months! after the message wis sent to
Congress.' Now Mr. Butts adduces the testi
mony of Hon. bamuelS." Phelps, a Senator
from Vermont, who declares as follows :
Harver's Ferrv, June 20ib, 1840.
Di:ar iHg: In answer to you? enquiry, I (have
only iyne to !jay, tbat very early at ihe present
session of Co'ngres-. a bill in form (-planning as I
understtHiH, from ihe Secretary of War, was laid
before the committee rf the Senate on the Alilt
lia, of which! committee I am a member, frhal
bill, which 1 suppose accjaipanit-d the annoal
com monies lion ol the Secretary of War to Con
or ess. was in all important features, idebtical
. Swearing.-- I tie Lx-r-stmaster Gener- wish the plan commun.cated by the Secretary io
eral, now editor ut the Extra-Globe, seems the cuntuHifeof the tl. of Representatives un
-1 ,i i" . t wbilty of acthnsng yoo to publish th-j cor res
some tog the 'ubjctof pondnc a ,m ,Vrs respeVifolly,
iKce. v hat has-become j mi j t r uvctv
der dale ofihe20b Va e - las. Hie bill to
uhich I allude teas for
enqniru bu the Committee
rf it or tchrj it has not been printed, I know not
but thdt sjtch io bill irAi reported, and submit
ted xeith the annual report, is hot to be question
ed. . -1. ;" :- i -
Jin have given himself urr io hard 'swearing.
? After pronouncing the Whig principles as
nespltcable a the Christian .bible, he
n,nw raves' with clivers oaths at tlje speech
of AU.'Ole, which exposes the enormous
exvravaancies of the present Ajmihistra-
nr i unoui particular regaru gai present i f . .v. -i
toMr. Kendall pliucal course we insist J""" fa all : Mr Bolts shows bat aV
; l!t neither himself nor any Tithf r man in j gb r Van Boren says m a letter o
xnmtendofli look for relpect from Messrs. GaUnd and Clark that he did not al
fiis fellowmen, or pretend to sh up claims to ihej pamphlet of ihe Committee, jet ihe character of a true gentleman whilepbat he alluded .'Io another puhlicauonisSBed by
guiity of the ahommnie praMife f)I proune ; ihat tomajtiiee which hss ,sobsarjiiaiiy me
rr- i mi ? -i ... . .
It is well known in Kentucky, as well las
in this State, that Major Carneal is proba
bly on terms of greater intimacy with both
Gencial Hatnson and Col. Johnson than
nv individual in the West, u is conduct
in the fojioWing correspondence adds to ihe
claims which his services as a Quartermas
ter under General Harrison in 1812, and as
a Senator of Kentucky, give him to public
respect. J 1 I
Cikci5ati, Aogost 24,484o
Dear Sra,: It was my object, if practicable,
in addressing; the enclosed letter to Col. Johnson,
lo prevent any unpleasant feelings between two
gallant officers of ihe tale war. who, from my
own personal knowledge, entertained a high res
peet fur each olKer. I am moie than gratified
to find I have not been unsuccessful in the at
tempt. I Without communicating with either of
these gentlemen, I take upon myself iherespon
We are informed that the Federal Loco Fo
cos, in some parts of the country, have now the
hardihood to deny the authenticity of the vouch
era set forth lo tbe speech of M ft-Ogle. We
The vacancy occasioned by the resigna
tion of Judge Toonrer, has been filled by the ap
pointment of Wm H. Battle of Raleigh.
Gen. Thompson's Speech Gen.Thamnson's
Speech is now ready for the Press and will pro-
oabiy appear in the Keporter, next week. The
orders which have been received for copies of
the Speech, will be immediately attended to,
and if any other associations or individuals de
sire to be sopplied with them we hope that, we
shall hear from ihem without . delay. The
Speech will occupy ten or twelve. columns of
our paper, and will be printed on a half sheet.
such as we use for ihe Reporter. It can be had
at $2 50 per hundred copies, which sum will
pay csoniy lor the paper and cost of labor. ,
Danville Reporter.
A painful case of foroerv ccemren' in
this city a few days since by a vouns man a
number of one of thelfirst fsmihes m tho
Jknew that this desperate shift would be resorted place. A check for two $S50 wa present
to and cnallenged the "partisans of the Execa- ed at the counter of the Fanners Bank a nd
live to contradict the j facta stated by Mr. Ogle, I refused payment it being a forgery.; Upon
or impugn the authenticity of the vouchers, at I enquiring into the facts of the case it was
the lime bis speech was made, wheo Congress ascertained thai the check belonged to a
was in session, when the issue could be fairly gamb,ei nd bad been received by hirri from
tried at once- and dui in th' 'nr..nM r the young man in payment for a Bramblira
, ... r.vvw u, j... , . "i. m . .
thousands of witnesses from every section of the MCU "1""'B anotner leaiiui warning to
Uoion. Mr. Ogl himself held the vouchers in
his handi in the Hall of Repiesentative?, de
clared them to be the original vouchers tri Jibs
xn in uepartmenis and called upon the train
bands to deny them if they could. Not a man
ventured to meet the demandnot a Loco Foco,
press undertook to question the troth ofthe
charges at thai time. The miserable auemot
Col. C. Si Todd.
young men to guard, with a neVer i ceasing
"cu cwcfy aci inrougn Hie - A
single false step, but one submission to the
tempter's voice, and their name may be
blasted forever.' "; i--''fw. -v '-
We forbear mentioning names, and would,
if we could, avoid any statement about the
matter We trust it will serve as an anneal
to others who may even now beyicl'dins to
ing only p"t i:
ate share cf t
I view it
awtariog. Highland Jltsserigcf.
Ci5C15xati. Aogost, 24, 1840.
Dexr Sir i Immediately after reading the
snH! hc of j &! speech said to be made bv Col
R. M. Johnson a l Chillicoihe. I addresed a If I
ter -io bim, a copy of which is furnished. jOo
yesterday I received his answer which, with
pleasare I ebcloss lo voa.
k . - -. . i
now made to discredit the suibenticity of the j temptation. 4,
vouchers must fail. The certificate declaring The young man left Ibe city before any
them to be genuine, aod signed by several of the legal steps were taken agamst biro. Rich-
most rev pec table members of Congress, puts the Wond Star,
matter to res?. JMadisonian.
as putting to rest, now and forever,
ihe foti I slanders that have been and now; are
aooe facts as the pamphlet, and yet h? bas not eircolaiirg against yoo as regards your eocdact
. - t
There was a Log Cabin in a lateJVhhf pro
cession in Maine, with a Martin box fastened to
the roof upside down, and bearing this motto
" Martin's gone." This will bi a veiy appro
priate inscription after the 4th March kext
T Danville Reporter,
Camp MvctUts Jpiice.
TH ERG, will be a Camp-roeeiing ; held at
Mount Harmony, 7 miles Soujh of Salis
bury, (near Maj. M McKinzis);to r com
mence on -Wednesday evenin; the 23d of Sep
tember. ' 2w7-
ol feeling ivz:.
cred trust c(.: .'
people. In re-,
lo the case of .' I
tain'ments a? a j
with truth than :
highest terms.
and nnn ni i.,
case occurred ir
istration, Tli'-
. a
live ana juuki
his default. II
a quarter cf a t
he finally liquid
and when, I in
believe it was 1
urst icrm oi u
ever and hone
or.coropo5iti"!t (
did not exptu j
. V In arguing frc
tended that h'
ston was a .i r
was a virtual r
or might bf iJf r.
in a public tn
ble harrier to
noi attribute t
etlge of the !- f
to say that be f
the const q'-'f r-
individual s
tbat iihtifc Gpr
am constrair.v
have been
in the annls 1
default cf H ;--noy
of ti:e Ur
New Y..rk !-.:
Jefferson, to t
- It Tvas in J'
! and arguir.f r,i.
ment of Mr- -lector
of tf.e
Um'led States
and injurious t
m the scl.c--such
yetaiippcsp !
sanl with t!-- -
- 4

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