North Carolina Newspapers

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his informer. may not
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A FARiMEHi '.-"v-":
. Jolin-Adnia was a lia w jferi". ?Vil'v
Thomas J tTprsoo was .a Lawyer,
v.v Jarncs'Madison. was V Lawyer, .
, Jam 8 Monroe was fa Lawyeri''-'...'r;V
: jonn iiinry- Adams is a -Lawyer.
"Andrew Jafkson is a Lawyer. -
Martin Van Buren 19 a Lawyer. '
1" c
, , Tippecanoe , Clulf vf RO WAN, '
- Hesovkd; :Th&t ihe Rowan Tippecanoe.CIub
accept ihe jnTitaiiorr the Central Cominittee
ftftattol iuspoiitiealforbinett ifh in n,iU nt wj .iii -- ifirvn-i"
gatws to the aaid Slate Contention.. Ii t 'hr
. llttnlvcd, Thai our heishborinjj Cbanties he
and are'hert-by requested tu seod Delegates, to
ine fame Mate lonvention.' r - , .
ICT Resolved, That there trill be a general
meeting of ihe Iippecanoe Club on SCP 1 ues
i ... IlK.'CnnllltPin Ihrt hnlH .nit
f .L.ifirfp r Til list indionMttnh . nn the
' Mfll J"5 w T; ri ,T ' . ' "
r ,.HPpor)lfl; from the Federal's Dro-
1ciibiUoiof his nrae only would
tlrmM;rr.";"T'0r ISth dat if Sen
olainiJi BurnV
Jteiirnl'WMfn0; Ia; room. ' Airtrae! Vn8 are' considered as
t lite ? ro,in who has : failed f members, and art earnestly tequested to atiend
im ine universe, respect - unnr MiMiini P,.ei
Sam'lVSillimak, Sec'y.
l..hU.f IllUtC 1411 IUV VUI1C OV.
iKin!:fof "myself, allow rhe
i3yhatf liWp other jiimilar missiles.
J', fjflj llllen? bIeM.ftrmy.'feetrexciK
,.00 ciber sens: tibn than iht of Scorn
-jpiBtejwp' 'J IK tJLAY.
risHnUE, August jiw. laiuy v
"Ts reaper Ills rioj rarffotten Mr. Clay's face-!
ifiitlliirie I" his osual occupation
ff-!1 I?'-"-' i"! it;; seemsj, is
pi Wit '1 M - oWr bu t meets with
woSltitfe csiouo rs' occasiooally in his tray?
i Theltliilwinir incident is related in one of
i Trt'nmfetjerid admtrably illdstrates
Jttziii lli(nrppnl(incnl mn em I lam.
it. (, Witt
tens M
& Republican Vhig' Meeting
y.Will o held at ihe Conrt House in Concord,
Caiwrros County, on Satnrday, the 19th ingt
for the purpose' of appointiog Delegntvs la the
Raleigh Convention ort the 5th of October,
when the Whigs are invited ta attend. x
By order of the Tippecanoe Club of Cabarrus
: R. W i ALLISON, Sec'ry.
Concord, Sept. 7, 1840 ' jr
"if tfjrsviii
'. V.', kt
ta$te and habiis : ; X .
y Jliclwiond Whig.
Ml; Grundy was met
t Those wtiom jpe cements in holy faith
And fqnal transport; free as Nature live.
4"' made a Ions spleen
ea I e to re pi f f4)u i w as re
'ffbfch "Ii rge nrijorliy of the as
tlouse, and clustered a
What is the World to thera,
" Its pomp, its pleasure and its nonstnse all,
by V Who in each other cl4&p whatever fair
High fancy forms, and lavish hearts can wish! '
irord frf'-Rsia Ilner, w1th.'tttipes j Bwa .
oi. go.j. emaroidery ; carriages embroidered on Suord & Scabbard
e only'.:
r-, r'' r'ibed iot dress ,bot withoot the
Treras prescnbedVfor drew, but. withoot
r.ibe stripe. ' : -j t.r Af
i ;
The same as in
Dreu Uniform
t, ;
The same as in
jfJresf Uniform. I
iity !efle Court
He street, who addressed
In this GounfV. on tbeTit inst., by R. Mae'"
namara. Esq . Mr. Alexander Stoner, to Miss
Lavcnia Hull ? t
Iii ihis unfy, on.ibe'3.1 inst., br the RpV.
A Y.1 Lor k ridge, Captain James Owen, to Miss
aafrp hours mToIf effectively.' Mr Grun
skj!? atid,iri titsl speech;; to the Baltimore
rtfDifaiif6J'AyiiiiYoanff-'Mh;;.as being com
thtr silk .SifigLgfhiij.'-Geo; Ar- flln H
ilre0,dnec&l hefieniKn of the pe n..L
' ' j,-- z In Cabarrus coonty, on
i o&cakr. GruritfVfa rimed start, vvmvs. . . :
?m iVV ..i,nT r Mw Saron R Bradshdw
m-8 1 i pretty pmk of Democracy to talk cf - - - j
lh 20ih ult . bf the
Robert Archibald tu
lilcdtiife-ffCMtnl?: 'I The shout of the peo-
httowedbat the answer was ccnclisie. lie
:i K? .'nxpeecW Jr;' Grundy had borrowed
..- , - i ... I t .1 -i
'eliirti hfrefofore endeavored- to arouse the
r'ttiiiih dfil! iljWnttttKlsor Itefbrmto the im
riaceotiKflcakingithe pdliiical meetings in dif
fii part1f the country, general, instead of
5nii; f- tfenr to 1 pfle: po Ii ilea ! -'pan r,; The
?Mfcf ih Federal ftiroo Foc.s is to prevent
Vpwjjji rm htafrrgfcih4 truih. They know
Jti. Nik-slat's off fro qtiftion should be fair .
irwitei'to iotilligen.t men, there could be
atft.uai3(R in condemning' the uncunstuutton
-aacesir'Uciive measures ot the Adrninistra
h.nd iorninjto lairrison as the efficient.
m n Of&iging ubgntthe requisite measure of
:i:o?itu)ni . Out exchange: naners bring us
isr pruo fife uf l h e i Determination of the Dariv
5ersl preyejQ general discussion before
4 rwpte.
PwJlifsefu8edioraeei Mr; Balie Peyton.
Morney Meneral was to have address
is of Murfreesborouffh. Tennessee,
rte2:tiJiof AoMsti and some of them ad-
p to riim, proposing sucn an arrange
r.8'13 -buld. enable the ' people to near both
''-All pass this gate iq one promiscuous crowd,
' The grave, thegay. lhp humble, and the prood;
' The rich, the poor, the ignorant, the wise
" 'Tis neutral ground whjence all dis'inction flies.
PXX, ' '
Iii this conntv. on ihe: lai instant. Peter Da
vid, son of Michael ind Sarah Corl, aged three
vears, 4 months and 17 ilavs
In this county, on the j 1st instant, Hannibal,
son of William Hjfnd fancy Smith, aged laree
years, 3 months, and 26 days.
LlNCOLKTON, Sept 2d,'l84D.
Toall offifers of the l4ih division o! North
Carolina Militia. In obedience to law, it be
comes my duty to issue jand publish the regu-
m yr JUunfan has refused to meet aiions of the ontform. id be worn by all officers
Pl ?wi ijenaieion. wr. oenaior tf whatever title x
:--Madisonian. '
was a virtual refu-
im-be theiel; SAccoidincly as
ajm iiija conch
thd hear
soon as
Led his remarks, he started.
I Peyton, ' Mr Grundy
" Mr. G.. frfi mouinfi'.
"ejQ iaisirif-his voice I hope Mr.
7 till-not yiike thelame Caniain The
Cann whfeiouV to fight Indians, and
oon them unexpectedly, ! Buys,", said
i''ile tby ije(iiihev are very numerous--?
?l".Qo is theyljjwhip'usbnt, said he, fight
5"T?ft in gMf order -as I'm a little lame,
ife-and fivay he" went" Here a
- "siiv up in rent s tue air !d shook me
tti - reJli?,tet expressing tne nope
i?l?eifr VaTtiten men present would not
i;mrtiyy'irhir hmn f.anlnin -nrn-
J, ! rflret;s' the audience, who remained.
n in!a speech Jreplete with sound
el iuipaned eloqiiencer rich humor
, ; Mr. lirinidif hn crrpallw failpH ir. mill.
"Boce'and ftftctivene9sa8 a stomp sppak
( 'eoi!i Fejix". trembled at th e
lfl 3 peak I w ho stood before him. , Our
tJ3Ke!ix 'icafv Without waiting; to hear.
-". J -.11.
fficcyittci'ille Signal.
or orade within the borders of
6aid division, which regulations you are hereby
comn anded to strictly observe, and obey under
the Densities ihereuntoi annexed, as you find
spread upon yonr Si3tulj Books for each officer's
information The commandants of each
men: are commanded to enforce the-following
plan of dress throughout their respective corps
Moj, Genii of IheAiU Division.
$.A Brigadier General.
The same as for a Major General, excepting
that the coal is to bavjj ten buttons on the breast
in pair ' jj ,
Epaulettes the same, excepting that there
shall be one star on the straps, instead of two
Plume the same; as jo materials and fVirm, ex ;
- ceptiog that the colours will be remand white
the whitejip half the lenutb.
Frock coat for Generdl officers bae cloth, two,
rows of buttons, placieu according to rank, at
n the dress Coat ; stand up collar of dark blue
Velvet; cuffs, also jot blue velvet ; lining
black silk or blue elj)th ; pockets in the folds;
of the skirts, with' one button iat ihe' hip and'
one at the end of each pocket, making only.
v four buttons on the back and skins of the coat.
A. Officers bfhe General Staff. '1
Officers of the general staff, with the except
tioo of the Engineers, Topographical Engineers
and ordnance, having rank as Such, and oelostf
the rank of generals, will wear a uniform coaj
corresponding with that of the geneials exceptf
ing thai it will be single breasted, with a row of
nine buttons, placed aj equal distances. : thecolj
lar to be part buff; the buff to extend four inch
es on each side from the front ; the rest of Ihe
Epaulettes ;
Vuttbns r v-
Hatri. y r
t-oop and Cockade
Plume' ;
Vrdvat or stock : i
Boots : . . J '
Spurts ' - . -
iPortf and Scabbard .
Sword knot
$elt (black pa pen i leath
let) late ' ,
troc Loal for staff officers tinder the rank of
I j general officers ;daik blue cloth, single breastf
fj ed, with stand up cloth collar etoih cuffs.
regulation button ; one row of nine buttons on
i the breast ; lining and buttons on akin same
)i as general wfficeW " : W:-'
Cloak' for general and general staff officers
i b'ue cloih.iined with buff -
rlumestot the different departments of fie
siiaff, the Adjutant General, (napecior General,
I: Aides de-Camp, and officers attached to the
I! General in Chief yellow plume, like that
I presciibed for a Major General commanding
I an army. "' :":?
I'tttties A;detde-Camp and officers attached
I io a Major Generalthe same plome as fof a
j Major General -i . . '-: - ' ' j-
Plumes Aides de-Camp and, officers attached
I it a Brigadier General the same plume as
I fr a Brigadier General. ! !
Pict officers of the Qaarter Master's De
I partnieni, including the Quarter Master Gen
I tral a light blue plume, of the same mate
I sals and (uim as that prescribed for general
I Officers - ! - -
tPhuncs Officers of the Subsistance Depsrt
! nent, including the Commissary General of
J Subsistance of the same form and ; materials
I as that of the Quarter Maa'er's Department;
half blue and halt White; lip, white, half the
Eerlgtb. j
j 1 JO Artillery.
Cool dark blue cloth, double breasted, two
I jrows of butions, ten in each row, at equal dis
I lances: the distance between the rows fair
inches at lop, and two inches at bottom, meas
1 u ring from the centre or eyes of the buttons;
standing collar, to meet in front with hotiks
and eyes, and to rise no higher than jto per-
;mit the free turning of the chin over it; two
' loops, four and a half inch l ng, on each t-ide
of the collar, with oire small uniform button,
r at tbe end of each loop ; the collar edged all
tdond with red ; plain round cuff, three inch
es deep; : slashed flat on the sleeve, six and a
t:ha!Hnciie8 lunar, and two eights of an inch
;1wide at the points, and two inches wide at the
narrowest part of the curve tour loops and
four small buttons on the slashed flap on the
sleeve, for field officers ; for Captains, a sleeve
of the same faabion. but the! slash unlv four
and a half inches long, with
.three small button ; aod
slash sleeve of three and a
with two loops and two sma
to be placed at equal distances ; slashed flap
on the skirt, with (our loops and large but
tons ; the Slashed flaps on
skirts lo be edged with red
indented edge ; two large buj
skirt to extend to within three and a half invft
es of the bend of the knee; red ker3evmere
turnbacks and skirt linings gold embroidered
; shell and flame at the bottojm of; the ki's;
lovps ou ihe collar and flaps to be of gJd lac-.
: halt an men wide, and tne entire loop not
i exceed one and a quarter inches in bieadihj
! . the coal to De lined with real. .
Epaulettes according to rank and pattern, as
j itereaner described.
Zuforteill. convex, seven eisrhts of an inc
diaroeier : device, a spread leagle with shield
Ccp5 black beaver, seven and half inches
f deep, with lackered sunk tip 6eveu and a half
inches diameter, with a band of black paten
leather to encircle the bottom of tbe cap
black patent leather peak, gilt eagle, and Cress
cannnna and number of reorimeni : strap t'f
black patent leather, fastened to each side of
the cap, to be worn under the chin. j
Pfume-Ted cock feathers, falling from so up
; right stem, eight inebes long with a giltsock
! -et. - : ' 1 ;
Trousers from the 1st of October to the SOti
of April, while and light blue mixture cloth,
producing the effect of a sky blue, to come
well down over ihe boots, and made perfect
k Iv olain. exceni a red slrinej down the outer
seam, one and a half inches W J. & welted at
SSame as for the Ar;
f Same as for the
fJoat same as for th artillerv. exsnt I-
mb wutiou, waicu wii: oeiqe regimen iai put-l
Steord "knot
Stock r;
Glcte :
Spurs for mounted officers.
t ton
CZoafcsame as for the artillery, except, the li-
ring which will be while shaioun. I
F urage capsccotdm to pattern. , ;
I V. f-'- - 5 ' 13. Dragoons ;' ';' " - t ;
Coat dark bloe clotb, dooble breasted, two rows
J notions, ten in each row, at eqaal distances,
after ibe fasliioD of the, coat deacribed for tbe
infanfrj,xcepltaat the battons are tobegilf,
the lace gold, lbs collar, cuffs, and torbacks.
yellow,, tbe skirts to be ornamented with a
Star, instead of a bugle, and the (ngth of the
sKiri to oe what is called three quarters. I he
lash flap oo ihe skirt aod sleeve to coi res pond
I wiih that of tbe infantry ; the slasb on j ihe
1 sleeve o desiccate rank in the same manner ;
the collar io be framed with
lace, two loops
on each side of the collar, with small uniform
buttons at the back end of the loop- j
pauht ts according to the established rule,
where tho button is yellow, and cccordir.g to
rank ; the strap to have no number on it J
Button gilt, convex j device, a spread eagle,
y wun me tetter u tMi tbe abiid j
Wrousers for the company officers, blue gray
mixture, of tbe same color as that for the in-
fan try, with t wo stripes of yellow cloth!, tbree
fourths of an inch wide, op each outward seam,
leaving a light between. j f
Field Officers and Adjutant, dark blue
cloth, with two stripes of gold lace op each
outward seam, three-fourths of an ineh wide,
tearing a light between. For the summer, all
officer to wear plain white drilling. i
ipo me same material as mat tor the tnian
try, but according to a pattern furnished ; to
I be ornamented with a gilt star, silver eagle.
and gold cord ; tbe star to be worn to front,
with a drooping' white horse 6 air p;mpa )tbe
fiield officers to have a small stripe of red hair.
to sh- w in front of their pompons. ,
AiguiUettcoi twisted gold cord, with gilt tags.
to be worn under the epaoiette of the; right
shoulder, will distinguish the field officers and
tvur missioned staff.
Spurs yellow metal.
!T v m ai 4 1 1 . li T.l
daore 6teei atatiDara, nan Dasuet ntii.gui vim
two fluted bars on the outside, fish skin gripe,
bound witn silver wire, and of the pattern de
posited with tbe Ordnance Department.
$not 'gold cord with acorn end:
JSashwWi net, deep orange color, and like that
of the infantry, as to shape and size ; to be
ftpaalettes may be worn either with fjJs or
Aguillettes' tj rrgi nenlal staff ffficexs-t wls'te l
4-Kwld and stiver cord w:th gtlV lags'woin on
" 'der the epaulette of the rieht shoulder -v
The dress uniform Generals, and gencral slaff
Officers, to be worn at dress reviews, ao4 on
extraordinary occasions.- tr
i The ou dress is for general, Vse, and may be
worn un ,a 11 oecasions not specified above.;-
The blue frock coat may be worn by General
rfficers on common occas'ions vff paride and
when the troops are ordered io w cat "lb eir great
coats npun a march. . , v s " : , v
Officers of the staff may wear fonder tbe same
circumstances, tbe blue frock coal prescribed for
them. .: " : 'K.
The sword belt to be worn ovet the frock coat.
; The saah may be worn by General and staff
officers, when in full dress, and on aU occasions
n ben serving with the troops, whether in'cn
dress ormtk -coaCV'f- . v;: -v"-;- ,
Colonels of rfmentsor corpsvliaTing the bre
vet rank of; Generals, mty ai their option, wear
tbe uniform of their respective regimeots or corps,
cr that of general c-fficers accordifg to their bie.
ye' rank, with ihe exception of the pluroe.which
is to be worn only when commanding, acccrding
lo their tespecti ve regiment or corps.
All other brevet officers will, near ihe pao
lettes distinctive of their highest rank according
totheir arm. r -- ' . . .
Officers of regiments and posts iU be provi
ded with shflljackels,Ho be worn in summer, do
ring the extreme beat of the season ; the shell
Jacket to be of the following pattern : while cot
ton or lioen,:vith standing collar ; cuffs three In
ches deep round the wrist, to open at the lower
three loops and
for subalterns, a
half inches long,
1 buttons ; loops
the sleeves and
on the ends ana
tlons at fie waist
:j j j j i ; , ' - .- - es ou eacn siue irom ue iroiu , tw
Jxii formfy of the'Glbbe, purpoit- collar blue ; the cuffs also blue.
JJ theiii&l'h or Gov Lincoln in re- ..FjpaMicfles-according io rank as
nhe--mllhLLrr.":., vr- ti. r..i scribed. ' i
'ated frUllI S,i.KAV,,n.hii:;n.,n., ot-gi r. convey same as general omcers
Wkut Vni f F cocked, the4same as that for generat otn.
1 m T r"'n -ni1 may aeceive auuiu cer .
AWfsjniese its true cliaiacteris Loop and Cockade -Jame as that for generals'!
r- r r a ... -
.i.- ,' -0 -?..
Mff pgje it appears was reply
;in ' tue reported, speech.
6In;inleriuptcd him as fol-
fepeatedly interrupted him,
bim that the report of his
Hi,t 0 w poousnea. tn the Globe
oy . a reporter, ano published with-
-a -"-leMgeor consent. tie never
tyjppeaiedi in print, and had
revise it:
ood; that it contained
3it) : . " -.
pmet ; of which be ; bad
i'.-) Tbe report, he repeit-
exceptii'2 the rays land stars. The eagle to
be gill instead of silver. t il
TasscUiAd,;t : . ' . ' )
Plume swan feathers,' the same as the general
officers, with ihe distinction of colon rs to dot
i senate the ..departments of the siaff, as be
A low. , - 't' . , - . hs
SirordJtiofs gold lace strap, with gold bullion;
.tassel. : .;
Cravat or stock
Boots '
The same as furl
word & slccl Scabbard S geneial officers.
Gkves; - 4
Rath I wA cillr nst WrvL.
silk bullion fringe ehdsr - . j ft
i 4
seam, where tbey wi
small uniform buttons.
form biutonsdown the
w w
be of yellow me-
Buglers, b Pri-
lied on the right hip; to be worn only when in
foil dress, or when directed by the command-
in officer. I :
Waist belt black patent leather, one and
half i'.ch wide, with sling, hooks, and plate,
like those uf the general siaff. omining on the
pla'.e 'he letters U S. and inserting the let
ter D within the wreath.
Sfocir-nlaek silk.
Gloves white.
Horse Fw niture.
Housing blue cloth, with gold lace border, for
the field officers and commissioned staff, one
and a half inches .wide, and yellow cbth bor
e'er, of the same width, for company officers
Bridle black leather.
rouufmga all metalic moontingSiStirrops, bits,
1 c ... t l.:ji ... c. i ii
$ ecu., iii bttuoic ou uiiuie, io
j tal.
Son-commissioned Officers
j vales of Dragoons
Coat dark blue cloth short coat, dooble breast -I
ed, with yellow collar, cuffs, turn-backs, and
! brus shoulder knots, of the nnct cut and
i fashion of tbe one -urntebrd j he Clothing Bo-
reati sergeants to wear chevrons ol three
bars, points towards the cuflLxeach sleev.
ab ve t ne elbow ; .oorp' VS. l he
'collar of the Chief AJus
coats to be trimed itb
ing, after the style of tbv
coals to be of red cloth, yy
ctiffs. aj .
Trousers same material ahi olntTtrofps, but
cut a d made alter the style and fashion of a
pair furtiished ihe Clothing Bureau, j SerT
geants to have two yellow stripes three fourths
of an inch wide, up each outward seam, leav
irg a light between. Corporals stid privates,
one yellow stripe up each outward seam. Tbe
Mnpes to be in advance of the seam
ind -VaiVi
jacket boe cloth for winter, white ctitton for
1 summcr.siand up collar ; trimed with yellow
wors'ed binding, like Sergeant's coat ; sin
! s breasted, one row of buttons in frotti.
ir .11
Ihe edges ; from the 1st of Mat to the SOU
of Sentember. white linen or cotton, without
the stripe. J . v
Boots ankle or Jefferson. j-
Sword and Scabbard according to patterri fur
mshed bv ihe Ordnance Department,
Waist belt while leather, two inches wide
with sliding frog, lobe worn over lh coat, and
clasped in from with-a round clasp, according
- - ...1. v !
lo pattern to be tarnished jb urunance ue
partmeni. 1
Sash enmsom silk net; with silk bullion fringe
ends; sash to go twice round 'he waist .and tq
be ttrd on the left hip : ihe pendent part to be;
uniformly one foul in length from the tie
Stock-bhck silk.
Gloves v.hite. -
Frock coal dark blue cloth breasted,
with ten large regimental buttons down the
front at equal distances, and two sojalT regi
mental boitons at the fastening of the cuff ;
plain stand ' up collar ; two jlaige buttons at
each pocket in the skirt, one of which at thej
hip. and the other at tbe bottom of the fold Mi
tbe pocket, making (our buttons behind , 'in
ing of the coal, blue , v u H
CIooA blue lined with scarlet shalloon ; walk
L mg length ; clasp oinamenis at bottom of col
jar, gill eagle, ith chain. j j!
Foragecap- accord .n pattern. I M
Spurs for mounted officers -yellow metal o gilt
Sword Knot crimson and gold, with bullion
tassel. '.- -
Coat Ihe same pattern as ttu; of the artillery ;
- to be of dark blue cloth, lined with while
serge j edged with white kerseymere where
the artillery coat is edged wiih red ; turnback!
and skirt lining of white kerseymere ; ski r
ornament, silver embroidered bugle ; tbe lace!
to be silver ; buttons, silvfr plated, of the
same device, sizs and shape as those for tbei
artillery. I
Knmdtttss according to rank and pattern, as
berealter desenbed. ' f
Cop same as the artillery, except the , oina
ments, which are a silver bugle, number jo
regiments, sormonnted by a
Plume white cock-feathers, falling from an up
right stem, eight
inches long, with
Trotaer ihe same as the artillery, except thai
tbe stripe on the mixtuie trousers to be o
white kerseymere.
gilt eagle.i
stfiff to weir aigoil-
hke lhoe for ihe
like patterns fur
Phese jackets are to be made of cloth of the
quality used for the old uniform coats
Cap same material as for other cor pa, but the
patterns, ornaments, trimming, like the one
furnished the Clothing Bureau Drooping
wl.ite horse hair pompon J
Great coat a? me materials as for other corps.
Stand up collar, doubled breasted, enpe to reach
down to the cuff of the coal, aod la button all
the, way op.
Boots ankle.
The n. in -enm missioned
ett8 on the left shoulder
artillery Non-commisiojned, Siaff apd F'rsr
Sergeants of companies wear yellow Worsted
Forage cap black leather!
nished Clothing Bureau
- -... r -'
- -14 Badges to Distinguish Rank.
Of general officers as above discribed.
Of ai Cofmiel brtgtit.bulltan, half an irch di
- araeter, three inehes and J a half long , plain
lace straproir.amented with an embroidered
spread eagle ; the number of the regiment to
be embroidered within the crescent; cres
cent solid ; eagle and number to be silver
where the bullion is gold, and go d Where ihe
bullion filter. j
Of a Lieutenant Colonel ihe same as the Co
lont?l, t mining tbe eagle. .,
Of a Major the same as a Lieutenant Colo
nel s to shape and size ; th strap to beef sil
ver lace, where the bullion is gold, and of gold
': lace where the bullion is silver ; tbe number
on the strap in correspond in color with the
bullion ; ihe border of the strap the Same coi
or of Ibe bullion.
Of a Laptain plain lace straps aod solid cres
cent bullion ni.e foorih inch in diameter and
two & a half inches' deep! ; regimental num
ber on ihe'slrap to be gold! embroidered where
the bullion is silver, and io belsilver embroid
ered where the bullion is gold.
Of a Lieutenant ihe same as for a Captain,
except that the bullion is one-eighth of an
inch in diameter. - J
The bullion of allfepanlettes to correspond in
color with the button of the roat. j
All officers. having military rank, to wear one
epaulette on each shoQldr.
The number on the epaoiette being; intended
m. tka i,-imAnff at aawtll Ka ew;MM W
I i tV a? mic irgiuicuit SSv yi in uo VIWJU VI 1 J1
I; I mpnlsl rmrnrlf.
I he buttoned with two
A row of ten small nni
front at equal distance ;
ibe front and rear of tbe jacket to coma dowo in
peak' i ; . ;
The commanding officsr will determine io or
ders, when it:e jacket ia to be worn by the offi
cers and men, according to the state of the
weather. Orr duty, the sash will be worn with
the shell jacket
16. Shoulder Straps to be worn on the Frock
s Coat to designate rank. . .
A Major General tbe saut as a Major Gen
- erai ommandiog in chief, except ihat. there
will be two stars instead of three; the centre
of each star to be one inch from the outer edge
of the gold embroidery on tbe ends of the strap
A Colonel Strap of tbe same size as above
the embroiderr on the border o be one half
the width (Ve. one eighth of an inch;) an
embroidered spread e?gleon the centre of the
strap two inches between the tips of the wings,
paving in the right talon an olive branch, and
in the left a bundle of arrows; and escutch
eon on the breast as represented ia the arms of
the United States j the eoabroidery of the
eagle to be of ail vt where theaorder is gold,
and of gold where the border is of silver.
A Lieutenant Colonel the same as for a Colo
nel, omitiirg ibe eagle, and introducing a leaf
- ai each and, each leal extending seven
eighths of an inch from the end border of the
strap ; tbe embroidered leaf of tbe same color
with ibe border."
d Major -ihe same as. that for a. Lieutenant
Culonel. X ept that the leaves will be of sil
ver where the border is of gold, and of gold
where the border is of silver.
A Captain ihe same as that for a Major, ex
cen( that two embroidered bars will besubsti
toted for each leaf, of the same width and col
or as the border to be placed parallel to the
ends o the strap ; the distance between them
and from the border equal to the width of tbe
A First LiadenantThe same as for a Cap
tain, excepting that there will be one bar at
each end instead of two.
A Second Lieutenant ihe same as for a First
Lieutenant, omitting the bars.
, Aoe. The embroidery of the borders of the
sl:ap i in every instance, to correspond in col
or to the button of the coat.
17.--Cicers of Regiments of Artillery and
The sash is lobe worn on all occasions where
the officer is in full" dress.
The frock coat, as here established, may be
worn as a common morning dress in qnartets,
and on certain dunes ol parade ; lo wil : inspec
tion of barracks and hospitals courts of inquiry
and boards inspections of articles and necessa
ries working parties and fatigue duties and
upon the march: .
The waist belt is tu be worn over the frock
coat, and when the officer is engaged on duty of
any description, the sash is lo be worn.
The swords of mounted officers will be su"
pended from the bell, by slings of the same ma
terials as the belt, with a hook attached to the
belt to suspend ihe sword more convenienily
wheo on foot.
the forage eip,v io cold .climates, will Ur? s
temporary band of black fur, two and a half ir
cbes wide, atiached loathe bottom, to in
Treat by.aie'of black ril'tn. - ,
. Rvg;i mental t-fficers not seivinj- with their re
giments, nor doing doty in the line, niav
cocked hats cf the satnedesenptifn as xi,u?e pre
scribed for general officers, excepi thai tha 1
will be of Mack silk:; the eagle yellow, the t:-
sels to conform I o tbe co?or cf tbe buttt.n. .
.".Locked bats may be either cp?o cr terrr.t Jsa
as td'ahbt Jike tbhat which ias hwrercf .e
been designated chapeao de bras ' " V;
; An officers are pertained to wear citizen's l: ::
coat, with ibe bulton designation- their rest re
live corps ot stations, '.without any olher Rir!;
on there, such a coat; however, is nut lo be c t
sidered as a dress fur any military purpose
em. tr- v.. ; ,
21 Uniform cf the " Jo- Co?nmiifned 0 C; -
errs. Musicians, artificers, and Pnta'.ts, j
the Jrtiltcrv, - . '
Sergeant Mtorl the sama as that estalli
fur ihe field ; officers,' excepting; that bmoir
will besubsittQted for a gold lace; the epsc
letls to b6 of the same pattern as that hi !ihe
sabalte ns,' excepting thai worsted bullion will
be sutsiitoted Ar gold bnllioo i plume, red cp
right hackle, twelve inches fcg ' aiguiUettt
on ihe left shoulder, of yellow worsted, "
- fiHt tagf. -.';. 7 - '
Quarter Master" Sergeant, ihe same as the Scr
grant' Major, excepting tbVplumo will be tf
- tight bloe. A . '. . " ',' -' - '
Chief Musician, the same as Quarter Mcstei
Sergeant, excepting th . cJai to . be of it-J
- dothj with wkite , linings and lurnbacks ;
plume while,
Sergeants, ; coat to b dark blue, sipgb breasted,
with one row of nine buttons, placed at equal
distances; the skirts io extend within "seven
inches of the bnd of the knee ; ihe coat io
conform to tbe pattern of tha tfiicer coa'.s in
other respects, excepting that the cc:T !.a!l
bare three battcnrand ' loops oh the th-U
sleeve, to conform to lhat designed for a Cop
tain ; the lace lo be of worsted ; two worstnl
epaoletts corresponding in patlern with th-
of a Captain , First Sergeant of companu -o
to wear a red woisud sash j all Ssrgeants u
wear the red slripc ha the blue mixture trcu
sets, as designated for officers ; same for il ;
non commissioned staff. . ! ?
Corporals. sarne as Sergeants, excepting i ! a ;
lh-re will be bat two buttons on! tbe sits!,
sleeve, conforming to the pattern of the fel'e-..
ior me sudanerns; trousers same as serge an' ;
wilhovt the
tern for the
stripe i :two.epaulelis,of :he pr
subaUern of the same material
as those of ihe Serges nts.
Privates, the same as the Cnrporalf, excepiit'2
that instead of epaoletts, a, strap will be wt ru
on each shoulder, composed of the sattjo n...
tenala snd formol the epaoletts ol tne Lin o
rale, with pad and half fringe. .
Musicians, the same aa the' privates, except:-;
that the coat a I red cloth, lined with yImu .
white plume, . upright hackle, ten inches Ik ;.
The cap of the nun commissioned 'offirt-i ,
musicians, and private, to be of the sac 3 j
lern as that deetgaaied for the officers.
The plamee of tbe Sergeants.; Corpcr&b, sr !
privates, red worsted, ;" eight inches long.l
Uniform of the non-commissioned officers, mini
cxans, and privates of the Infantry. he san.-
as that for the artillery; excepting tt.e facn.
and trimmings," which will be white,
white; Quarter Master Sergeant, light t!u
plume. ' ; ) j '::X:'y'-.: j- ' ; ?
Nun commissioned officers and privair?, r -
ell as musicians, who shall have served fnh
fully for the term of five years, shalt be permit
ted, as a mark of distinction, to wear a chevr on
on the sleeves of their coats, above the elbow,
points op, and an additional chevron on each sn i
for every additional five years of faithful s?r
vice. And those who served in the war r!.;.!!
have the addition of a red stripe on each siua
ihe chevron. ! r i . ; ;
HAVING purchased lhat well known sr-.
long established' Poblic House, f kno u
by the name of SJangbters Ia?erty in a
Town "Salisbury, N. C, informs his Ftift
and the Public generally, that the same is n w
open for the rectp'ionof Travellers &, Boarder
His Table and Bab. Iwill be supplied "i n
the best the market and surrounding ountry cf--fords.
' t : ?. ; ,;;; :
His StabiItes spacious, and bountifully scp
plied, with grain and provender, of atl kinds, at
tended by faithful and attentive Ostlers.
I he understgsed pledges himself that no (
eriion on his part shall be wanting to gtvec n
eral satisfactijo to all who may favor him vw;!.
a call. j , - "' '- -"
Salisbury, Srpt. it, 1840: f7
18. Horse Furniture. for General and Staff
of all other Majors General, by
a gold embroidered spread eagle and two stars
Surcinsle, of blue web. to be attached to the
The same as the abov
cers hcldingthe rankr-
cording to their grade ; if under that rank.
- they are to use the saddle cloth prescribed for
staff offic-r9 to wit
Saddlecloth for staff officers, dark blue, two
feel ten inches In kngtiih, and One fool len in
ches in depth, within edging of gold lace ;
the width of ihe lace one ir.cb ; to be worn
under the saddle. '
Bridle, of black leather ; bent branch bit, with
grit, bosses ; the front and roses yeMuw.
Collar, yellow.
Holster, covered with leopard skin, or leather
painted to resemble it ; the leather suiting the
warmer climates test.
Stirrvps, gilt.
19. Horse Furniture for Mounted officers cf
ArtiUeryy Ordnance and Infantry.
Saddle cloth dark blue, two feel ten inches in
' length, and one foot ten inches in depot, with
lace five eighths of an inch in width ; for the
artillery and tjrdnancergold lace ; scar lei edg
ing for ihe artillery, black for ibe ordnance ;
for the infantry, silver lace and while edging.
Br idle of bUck leather, gilt bits, stirrups, and
njonnttngs, for the artillery and ordnance, and
plated fr the infantry front and r'sses for
the artillery, red ; for the ordnance, blue ; for
the infantry, white. -r-Collar
o Ah ar'.illery, red ; for the ordnance
bloe ; for the jnfantry, white.
Holsttrso be covered ? ith black bearskin, or
black leather
520 General Remarks.
The hair to be short, or what is generally
termed cropped ; the whiskers not to exend be
low the lower up tithe ear, and io-a line ibenc
with, the curve of the roootb. ,
Vests are not described, as they form no pan
of Ibemiliiary diess When worn however by ' Uoo issned jagainst.ihe Gaarnish-cs for the a
general or general staff officers, ttey may be cf mount they bate in iheir faaods belonging to ilo
buff, blue, or bi-e. o eott season ano climate, , defendant.
with the small oeiform button; fur rigimental ffi-1 W itoesa.
cers. tbe same with the exception cf ihe buff, f
The forage cap may be worn off doty.
vefcall the staff offi JW ffVST E
wf general officers, ac " t v - IC7 Hy UU' " "
beg Iea4e to give notice that tbey hi e
ceeded Mr Thomas L Cowan in ibe Mercanti! .
buHiness, anil have taken the aland lately o c-i-
pied by himl where the off-r for sale ihe Stock
of G ods recently owned by 'Mr. C, to hu h
they intend soim lo add a very general assort! f t
of Dry Goods, Groceries, &c , from ihe Nw;!i.
f J H 9 U Is L C0 V A N, havir.g rcntrJ IU
M ti-rejtn Jettkma. Bites; who bucrreu hi::,
in ihejjljercantile buMii-8s, -respectfully rq ;
al? wt'jo are mdebtrd to him to call and uk
their ascccu lilts, and if they cannot pay. ike mt-rey,
give a'noiel He mav be fcund al the Coun'n
Room of Jenkins Si Biles. -
tsbnry , Sept. 4; 1840 fr
State ct iiovtti envoltnr ,
Court of Pleas and QuarUrJSessicnt,
x August Term, 1840.
I ; Original Attachmtnt.
Harrison M. Waugh J Mark Yoik. Wir.-jfc i
vs. JSf.mer, and Nath li.j-
MatthewM. Hughes. f den, surumond as Cji-
J onhees. i
IN this case it appearing to the satisfaction cf
the Coort, thai the defendant! Matthew M.
Hughes resides without the limits of this Na'e ;
It is therefore ordered and adjudged by tbe court,
ihat pub i ration be made fur six successive L -in
the Carolina Watchman, that he be and ap
pear at he! next Court of Pleas and Q.nrt ;
Sessions, to be beld fur said county, ai Rixk.' . '
on the 2nd roocday of November oex', thiin cr J
there to plead or replevy, oiherwise ' jodgtnn'.f,
final will be rendered gaiol them, aod Ejpcu-
frock coat and with the shell jacket ; io winter,
F. K- Armstrong, Clerk of oor sai.!
court al office,lhe2nd monday of-Angust, A. It
1840. F K ARMSTKOiU, cc r
Sept. 1 1 Cw7 Printers' Fee
6- I'

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