.;-,! "i - M I i "" . . . i 1 -x, ... , t ..' r ' : .( " -VzK - - v - . r I .' ? j ' -ij--.- . ' t-.. m-..-. - ... J if I .! ; f . " . , ; ' . . ,. - - . . . . i ' ' v' ' . k .... . v. t-t., --?r: Nj5r .nJV:V i.Sr JlkUL7JiLM W vWiUlilyitl lu-'l'lii 1 ;V - r t V 1- ii i! in J'Ej BOY. 7 to go lo llie Sab- ! V... I I. 1 - .4 - ...Ha m is ttleafsetJdo . i tke Of h'Ei I...4 f ii ' a -A lit ha Ii.ts learnt tnTde rip is ni tea'jersr; w!o need more 'fTi jjflce ill'GW ofj liie impnrlanpeof .fi Ji Jhtsi Id'pondci the folio w- f.t Vf i- ri- - - . ; !T t . H -ii-::. - - f :is g1 - -EDITORS AXD IPROPRICTOns f - W3S s were many years e joy the Indians, i A.lIHC Ii" ("'irtt-TfT"! . " -T H.prnf,tniijrs;h: A young man hy rpffd, was sptzcd, ingiher with . :i' 'PI. a n rvoa li riff ' 1'it'nn ' e r f'f ' . it , . iP , , - , r'.-nicr,t&flW.ti7 -fpafca the wretch 'ltiil m'JliWBrid forced ihern to jti-Si 'Tbe anxious mother con-I-'ofaicc. hr jnfahl from her captors, CllLvM ?J :TH If. J VVI lT Hit Wl s.refcu.ng ftom rftorn till evening ori ",t !j0imer's!dif,the Indians threw ItrsffjsUhliCfoi'nd apd were soon on; Uif wile, even slier so iliiild: disposed to close coninved to escape; and il'' Wmneni cfow nVieowtrT Too mwcA ywr: JTeen a ccJk F RS. j f-J,w won yourtlukn. Do lhi. a sd liberty is SAFE,7Gen'r.lIarrisoa. 1 - ' 1 --t . 14f' f - .-.. - l - '-' I I ii I i . - . u, u , . . . NO. 9 TOLDME IX: 1 WHOLE JVO. 425 .( - - . jf- i. "..'.. -". J fl' "i i . - - i-.. . f- - E. iTffi - . :-" . ... i. ill i - iii if -lk-'t Tm -t iiiiM i ii i i " , IK- Alii r - M I : UP 757 ' ml a. Bird i to restore the child to its terrified mother, thedirecter of the establishment was sent for, and at his suggestion the maniac was allowed ' to "retain peaceable possession of her prize under lhe ; impression that, ex hausted with her own frantic violence, she would fall asleep, when, the child might he liberated from her grasp without the diffi culty of the" employment of harsh meas ures. '- " -r ; i ; j; . : The calcnlalion was not erroneous ; in a few minutes the poor sufferer's eyes closed in slumber, and one of the keepers, ''watch, ing the opportunity, snatched the child from her arms apd restored it lo its mother The shriekAjf delight lutterred by. the lat ter, on receiving her. treasure, wakened the poor maniac, who v perceiving the child gone; actually howled; with despair, and a a paroxysm of ungovernalle frenzy fell to the ground- to rise no more. Death had released her from her suffer. ing. Galiscriani. ;jfjr!htjp!rs babp, which I hey had jfdln ireseriD0 unnoticed, began, n$li $ tfr3C? ??,c)r "s103 Before i). atjxiyliadd' hunger - had so irtrrf tbc sSild ifo longer ; and if rffoolrfcap , jn'ot, ftmomeni's time was ijHltoff of life st length overcame -rtnisrdnii icsar ' l The mother, for the .ssf, jrertec heriiipocent offspring to f(.jstfdef ?d its qieek with tears and iJsvn" !ib green bank of a little UiePn Lo ijerish tlirre. ; As she pro a Ap9t J hurried look of anonv be- riiKtlndrajj licr ch'ild scrambling after irik; teturned ;to the settlements, ofitsorsy.cTt wiiji tlie father to the tii'i theth'ild ; ks left, but he was s. Af years! rolled pn, God.gave them ,1 ltd ,n)Jyj otlief children, so that ttlaiflt forjt; their Jos :IifCJi!year$8fiervya(ds, a treaty with a ;ct&le of ii ad i Ins ound them to de- ;up sty cajlUjref tbt roignt be in their cepling thai fhe-coldarsl vill be red and wbite 7wnJ A'liovlWaa iven uo. whp.it the white tin half the'lnvth.. Tf.d, liad bctln ifduad in infancy upon j Frock coal for General officers hlae doth, two Rirl hnH KpAn rows ot buttons, nlaceu BCCordinff to rnnk, as Kit Ji' HHJ.H' w , . . i. . . " . . . I kl - r . i 1 S. ' .... HEAD QUAUTERS, , Lincolrton, Sept. 2d, 1840. Tu all orBcers-of the 4th division ot North Carolina Militia. -In obedience lo law, it be comes my duty to issue and publish the regu lations of the onifurn, lo be worn by all officer? of whatever title or grade within the borders of said division, which regulations you are hereby comtcanded to strictly bbserve, cod ohey under the peoalties thereuoto snnexed, as you find spread upon your Statute Books for each officer's information. The commandants of each rtgi- meDt are commanded lo enforce the following plan of dress throughout their respective corps. DAMS M; .EUNEY.. - JWaj. Gen'l of the 4th Division. i . 3. A Brigadier General. DRESS AND UNDRESS. The same as for a Major General , -except inaf that the coat is to have ten buttons on the breast in pairs. T Epaulettes the same,, excepting that there, shall be one star on the straps, instead of two. Flume the same, as to materials and form, ei to his parents who imme- him hy a rcmarkabte scar whlctii he had received in tie jvajS'sj?n aril hjjpl '1: h"oa$e , amasiire,W Ihe parents' joy was full .:itKp?hn! wAnrfprpd'l!irnnah ihft rich . v " , i ; & azofa pf fiik father, without a smile. tat fnd blanket were his only joy. He n jilite,' )ip drcsf, the habio and the m ih tt crc 'O fibred him; and his Dfoooeo over me loresi on the dress coat ; stand up collar of dark blue blue velvet ; lining. ; pockets in the fulds button at the hip and pocket, making only velvet ; cuffs, also of black silk or blue cloth of the skirts, with one one at-the end of each four buttons on the back and skirts of the coat. 4. Officers of thi General Staff. z M ! ) ' DRESS. i Officers of the general I staff,! with the excep lion of the Engineers, Topographical Engineers, and ordnance, having rapjk as such, and below the rank of generals, will wear a uniform coat iiinJhU'hVd bassed his boyhood, corresponding with thatjif generals except 1 ij l 'l , , J r ing that ii wi be single? breas ed, with a row of tttt ajl Uttfem ptslo wean him from . TiY.iieii.oe . u..nii ninfc Itaursi' W iiile persuasion and ... . l.,rr. ih. wl.fr pnte ejre fesorleid to, he acquiesced ; es on each side from the front ; the rest of tlie collar blue; tne cuns aio oiue. Fnauhtles accord in j? to rank as hereafter de scribed. - I Buttons gilt, convex, pa me as general officer. Hal cocked, the same fas that tor general vm rta re I i etiBinij arrayed' irr the Indian garb, L and CockaJe-sume as that for generals, rirf' tAii.-4M inliiin nnfl Vtahslmn I . i . ' rr, I . was tried J and he was.com- ti i(j ctaffgel his blanket for the gar !sofjrm!izlq hie, land 'his favorite bow bO?k,fii grew 'sullenly discontented, ;tltt fplssipg. lie was seen the I aentincludmir the Conm.issarv. ;3Bbs?stanceof the same-form -and materials j :as that of the Quarter Masters! Dpartmtnt ; : ijialf blue and halt while; tip. white, half the length. . J 10. Artillery. . " ; Cf dark blue cloth , double breasted, I wo : S pws of buttons, ten in each row, at qual dis i ianct'S : the distance bet w een ihe rogiS four Inches at top, and lwi inches' at-ibottowi., meas-i iiring fforp the centre or eyes of the boHonn ; Standing collar, to meet in front nith hot ks and eyes, and to rise no higher! than to per- i rait, the free turning of the chin over it ; two loops, four aod a half inch long,! on each -side f the collar, with oi,e small unit'orm button, at the end of each loop ; the collar edjed all round with rel; plain rooiid cuff, three inch e3 deep : slashed flat on the slWeve, sjx and a half inches Jung, and two etgh'sof an inch wide at the points, and two inchrs wide at the narrowest part of the curve; four .loops and fouTsmaH bultop on the jslashfd flip on the I iteeve, for field officers ; for Captains, a sleeve of the same fanhion, bm the &!;sh only, four and a haTf inches lor.g, with thr;ee loops and three small buttons ; nod for subalterns, a slash sleeve of ilhree nnd a Italf! inches longr wuh two lnps and two small buttons ; loops ,to be placed at equal distances; slashed flap on the skirt, with lour loops aud large bul lous; the slashed flaps on the sleeves and skins to he edwed wiih red on ihe end3 and indented eige ; two large buttons at the waist skirt io extend lo within three aind a half inch es pf the bend of the lnee, red kerseymere tnrribacks and fekirt linings gold -.embroidered shell and flame at the boiUm pf the skirls; loops oh the collar and flips lo be of g )ld lace, ; half an inch wide, and ihe entire loop not to : iexceed one! and a quarter -niches iu breadth, the coat to o lined with red. Epaulettes according to rank and pattern, as erafier escribed ! J5irifon--giM, convexj seven eiglits of an inch , 'r!tarceter j- device, a spread eagle with shield. 'Caps black beaver, seven and half inches deep, wiih lackered sunk tip even and a half ; -f inches diameter, with a band of black patent " leal her to encircle the bottom of the cap j blark patent leather peak, gilt eagle, and cross Cannons and number of regiment ; a pi rap of black patent leather, fastened 10 each side of ihe cap, to be wom under th t hin. Plume red cock feathers, falling from an op light stecj, eight inches long with a gut sot k- ?et. . j:! 7rowsm from the l9t of October to the SOil. hf April, white and light blue mixture-cloth, -producing! the effect yt a sky blue, to come ?well down over the boots, and made perfect ly plain, ejxeepi a red ttripe dow n the ooier Iseam, one and a half inches wide, & welled at the edges ; from the 1st of May to the 30th v( September, white linen or cuiton, without 'the si ripe. Boots ankle or Jefferson. Skord and tScalbardnccnri'r.g to pattern fur- ,nish'd bylthe Orttnance Department. Waist belt vfhwe leather, two inches wide. twith sliding fror,-iobe worn over the coat, aod tront witti aLound ciasp, accomm to be furnished by Ordnance De fupauuus according to the established rule, where the button is yellow, and according to rank ; the strap to have no number on ii.j Biffon4gi!. convex j device, a spread cade, with the letter D on theshield. '; Trousers for the company otflcersji blue gr3y mixtore, of the same color as that for the in j fintry; wiih t wostnpes of yellow eoth, threr fourthsof an inch wide, upeach outward seam, leavina light between, f Field Officers and Adjutant, dark blue jMclot'h, ihh two stripes of gold lace op each ; oucward seam, three-fourths of an inch wide, " leaving a light between. For tbe summer, all officer ;to wear plain white drilling. tapbT tie same material as thai for the infaa j try, but acnrrJirg to a pattern furnished to j ! be ornarbented with a gilt star, silver eagle, f and gold cord ; the star to be worn In fr,ni. S with a rooping white horse hair pompon ; the npin omcers to have a small stripe of red hair, iq snovvjin iront qt i(ieir pompons )fficer3 of the staiT may wear, finder tbe same circumstances, the blue frock coal prescribed' for them. ! , . The sword bell la be worn orei the frock coal. The fash may be worn by General and staff officers, 'when in full di ess, and oo allcccastons whrn serving with the troops, wheiher in un dress ot frock coat. . Colon Is of regiments or corpsi having ibe bre vet rank; of Generate miy. at their option, wear tbe uniform of their respective rfgiments or corps; or that of general ifficers ficcordirg to their bie vei rank, wtib the evcepuco of the plume, which is to be worn only when commanding, according to their iespeciive regiment or corps. AH other brevet cjffieers will near the epao lettes distinctive of their highest rank according to their arm. . , Officers of regiments and posts will be provi ded wuh shell jackets, to he wurn in summer, dn ring the extreme heat of the season ; the shell jacket to be of the following pattern : while rut iS' 'II iii e " i it . ..'.''' ' T : .nv-iiij; 'nciu . nunc rui MUell4of twisted gold cord.ihgili tags.rlou or linen,itb standmg collar I'cuffs three In- ra fr?j-ttnl n4Aiinf Ain and hormn ta'y e fo wards thf setting sun. I'fQIy jeirf Ifter thi?f event, Mr. Bird tajirife Removed jtoja new settlement, 'f 4 ifieii fortnef resiclence, where they '!fl a small hull antil a house could Wur IllemJ !"'it as ihtj oldllady was left alone, ?c( jjuj neigbbrbood having gone Uiiles!:to ia riiistnjr." she saw from 'ijf sp "ef ji a r nec a n d-pa toted lndians -Wing 4w.j- lAiarmed, but resolute, h'atchcf,and ascending a ladder f 'Wl iJ'-tlje dwelling drew it up af . v f .-.i ii' i . v w-i - .. . - . . i uivvc ii ;SwoWertoined to defend hcrscii to Sash (red net worJi It' !H i f ' silkbullionfrinfieends 1 .TE entered,7 and fining their excepting the rays and stats. I he eagle to be gilt instead of silver. Tassels eold. i ! Plume swan feathers, Mie sam as the general officers.lwiih the distinction of co.ours to de sinate the departments of the staff, as be- low. - i ; ' j Sicord knot s gold laceslrap, with gold bullion tassel. -1 Cravat cr stock - j f Trousers , ! i Boots ' Spurs , ,i Sword 4 sleel Scabhard Plate : - - -VU ; i The same as for geneial officers. M& rtijire ;het down wrre vain, laid 'litllPir lfilt.oi I Jt': J-nA ftr li.r hill ; . S Irt' bnlihhat Was thrust through the cui;t3(x.tif the intrepia woman, Pin n i t cih n Ii fi t I h n mnmfirll. I? .1... J f a I .. .1 uiin wcre.comiRC, me inaians re ascend after her ; but Sft if Sword belt Russia leather, with two stripes of gold embroidery ; carnages embroidered on one side only. j j . UNDRESS. I Coat as prescribed lor dress but without the bufr. I Trousers as prescribed for tfrs, but, without the stripe. -. Epaulettes Buttons Hat The same as in Dress Uniform. ptjareu in tne woous, just is pdrty came in sight, hotfr.fid the severed hand, the scarred right hand of her Loop and Cockade J " 1 -i ' - Tassels narkni! - ,:v.t tmn..lCAt Plume r-"wi., us II r Sid 1 1 vi lb (in iuisv i tlii. X iJ- . . i I Cravat or slock j.-w.ng U),s ctiilcJ to a savage nie,so j rLijd,bV tiie power bf early - impres- Lfywrs ljdr:awn itowards heaven, or be . i ii I i ?4fl0fl the hva4-ioad' which leads Lcdf Tblack papent leath- f;oia death' J mT . 1 fri r.. . . . I t'rnfk Uoal lor stall ollicers unaer me mmv i.l . . -L t ..--.! -i- - - - . ' Sword and Scabbard' Sword knot The same as in Dress Uniform. M - AFFEClhNc; ANROnOTE. It."- i 3 7', . 'L?tt'iDB snectacle. of insanity, fol- ., j 'rriclanchfdv result, was witness- w uajs jgo atl'the lunatic hospital at t;- flidy .and a .gentleman went sa.'i T. Wwhment, accoopaniea by '"Hi 3' IflllA. 1...I I 1. M. . . 'iffy -passed one of the cells," the "J am,. . s . j.aic anttiuetcbiing yuuttg wo- . . efiM.' r : ii i fi'n,' l,,e desertion off.a I -t0 a Ma the tlentli nf her' illciritim-l M;nr t "T..i.:V j - : t m o I clasped in to patietn mrtment. Shsh enmom silk net, with silk bullion fringe sash to go twice round -'he waist and to the lefi hir: the pw.denl prt to be one fool in length fram the tie. rUop. and ilevonrinff it with .. m , w . .. r Ep H in tritimrsK in fnrihr pnit H ' f Entrealiea anrt. menaces hav- $ tn iall a rli i . -: : - a .. 1 1, . o-enerai officers : dark blue rloth. single breast ed, with stand "up cloth collar i cloUi cuffs, regulation button ; ortelrow of nine buttons on ihn hreast: linintr and buttons on skirl same , - .r , - B - . as ceneral officers, i - I Cloak for general and jreneral staff officers-r blue cloth, lined with huff. Vhnnes for the different departments of the staff, Ihe Adjutant General, Inspector General, Aides de-Camp, and officers attached to the IJpnpral in Chief Ivellow plume, like that prescribed for rMajorJ General commanding ... ; .....I..I Lsdes de-oamp ana oujceis riicucu or General4lH4meP,aa,e " fo1 Plume Aides de-Camp and officers attached to a Brigadier Genejral- v vi ui w y t ' --x aster 3 ue- Li! ri fttiar A n nartment. inc ucinT POe wubiici raf liirhf hlue nlMme.of ihe same mate- i rials and totm as ;bat prescribed for general nfficem. - 't l .' 1 Plumes-Officers ' of; the Subsistance Depart- eods ; be iitd on uniformly Sleek black silk. Gloves whltCi , Frock coaf4dark blue cloth, single hreastee, iwith tee ,arge -regimental bu irons down tne front at equal distance, and two srasll regi mental buttons at the fastening of ihe cuff; 'plain stand up collar ; two laige buttons jji each pocket in the skirt, one of which al the np, and the other at the bottnr&of the fold -l hhe pocket, making four bullous behind ; lin ing of tbejlcoat, blue . Cloak bjo lined with scarlet shalloon ; walk (ing length ; clasp ornamen's at boilooi of col jlar, gilt "eagle, -iih chain. Ffrraze cap ! accord pattern. ; y ' N . I sir - .... mxlil nririlt Shurs Tor moumea omcers "-' i-X i. . M j ... ; , u k..iii.... cortf Knot crimson ana gun., hh uuu.... iia&e! ! I ! 12. Infantry. I ' . .t Ml.. . hit -the same nattern as ttiai ot ine arnuery , fto be ofllldark blue cloth.5 lined w ith while Iserge ;eged with while kerseymere where II he artillery coat is edged with; red ; turnback land skill lining of white kerseymere ; skirt lornaineni, silver embroidered fjjoyte; the lace to be silver ; buttons, silver ,pU'.ed, of the jsame device, ski and shape, as those tor the 8 ja-rtilleryj r ! ' ; . fJanZ;ff-accofdipg'to rank ar)d pattern, as I fhereaheif described. i , ho uriillPTr. extent the oina" !ments, ?hich are a silver bug.e, number of I ireoimenits. sormoon:ed by a gi.lt eagle. Wutae white cock-feathers, falling fr.-m an op Ijrlgbt em, eight inches long, with a gilt ! socket. I i the artillerv. except thai S ska cirina gn ilio mivinrfl irdusers to be o; ii white kerseymere. ools I 1. il'aistt belt & vlale Same as for t Uthordkntot It tillery. Sash Same as for the Artillery. Ii i . . H'P.j rn.,; m onrinf at lliA lit. jrlHih3d ihnnJehetl within her to a Brigadier Gen-tbe same plume as SJfl. height-i4 her delirium the - or a Br.gadter neral. faJ te straDg-Vs child J mcs-officers of ibfAjJ ef mV Stock (slaves Spurs Jot mounted officers Frock Cml same as fr the artillery, except ! the balton, which wiiye the regimental buif ; 3 ton. Cloak same as for the artillery, except ihe li- ! Ining, which will be wane snaioou. Jlqroge cop accordlog to pattern. I H ' 13. Dragoons, jrtnnt dark blue cloth, double breasted, two row's I I of buttons ten in each row, at equal distance, I after the fashion of the coat described for the in font r v. exceol that the buttons are tobegilii 1 the Jace gold, the collar, cuffs, and turbacks, f yelloW.i the skirts to be ornamented wuti a I star, instead of a bug;. e, and the length of the t skirl tb ba what is called three quarters. The slash flapn the skirt and sleeve to coi respond with that of the infantry ; the slash on the t sleeve! to designate rank in the same manner ; 3 the collar to be framed with lace, two loofps on each side of the collar; with smtf onifbiri buttons at the back end of the loops, to De wprn under the epaulette of ihe iritrht shoulder, will distinguish the field officers and commissioned staff. jiloof-f-ankle. !, . Surs yellow metal. ibiibre steel scabbard, half basket hilt, gilt with I two flutfd bars or. ihe outs de, fish fkin gripe, j bound with silver wire, and of the pattern de ; posited with the Ordnance Department. 7uief gpld cord wiih acorn end. itsh sifk net, deep orange color, and like that j of the infauvrv, as to shape and size ; to be J tied on the right hip ; to be worn only when in full dress, cr when directed by the command i ing officer. ? JFaisl bell black - patent leather, one and a I half it-ch wide, with slingC. hooks, and pjaie, like those of the general staff, omining on- the ; pla:e 'he leiers U S. and inserting the! lei ifier O within the wreath. S!ocfr black silk. Gloves white. 1 I Horse Fui niture. florm.g-f-blue cloth, with gold lace border, for the fied officers and commissioned staff, one and a half inches wide, and yellow cloth bor cer. of the same width, for company officers. Bridle iblack leather. .Mountings all meialic mountings, stirrups, bits, e-t- ot Sadiiie and bridle, to be of yellow metal. JSon-conitnissioncd Officers, Mvglers, Pri '. ! 1 vales of Dragoons. Coat dark blue cloth short coat, double breast . ed, with yellow collar, cuffs, turn-backs, and , brass shoulder knots, of the exact cut j and fashion nf the one furnished the Clothing: Bu reau Sergeants to wear chevrons of' three bars, points lowards the cuff, on eaeh sleeve, ' above Mie elbow ; Corpurals, two bars. 'The - collar of the Chief Musician's and .Sergeant's coats to be trimed wiih yellow worsted bind ing, after the style of the officers. Musician's coats to be of red cloth, yellow turnbacks and ; cuffs. ; 7Yo7i?rs ssme material as for oiher enrp, but j cut a d made alter the style and fashion of a ' pair furnished the Clothing Bureau. 8er geantSiio have two yellow stripe? three fourths' of an inch wide, up each oui tcam. leav ; ing a light between. Cor"" sVates. t one yejlow stripe up eanhpi xThe stripes to bt in advance oll 1 Jacket blue cloth for wintfs lor t summeir, stand jap collar t w ' wors'ed binding like Ser 2 .in g!e breasted, one row ottnn'TrMfront. These j:ickeis are to be made f. cloth of the quality! used for the old uniform coats, j I Cap sa me material os for other corps, bqt tbe patiern orpanifn'S, ty trimming, like 'he onp furnished the Cloihmg Bureau. Drooping white horse hair pompon j Greut cml sme materials as for other cot pa Siand up collar, doubled breas'ed, cape to reach down id the toff of the coat, and to but'on all . the way up. Boots ankle. The non-enmmi?sioned staff to wearsiguil ilettes pn the left shoulder, like -those hir the artillery Non-eommi sioped,,$!8ff aitdFirst Sergeants of companies wear yellow worsted "sashes. ' Forage cap black leather, like patterns for nished t-j.-thing iiuieiu 14 Badscslo Distinguish Rank. - Is EPAULlC'l"! EvS. ; v, Of general officers as above dncribed. Of a Colonel bright bullion, half an inch di ameter,. three imbes and a half long ; plain lace strap, ornamented w4Hi an embroidered spread eagle : the nufi.ber of -the regiOient to be embroidered within the cresceui ; cres cent st)lid ; eagle and number to be silver . where the bullion is gold, and go d where the j ou!iio is silver. j Of a Lieutenant CcwneZthe same as the Co - lone', omitting the eagle. Of a JlJajnr the same as a Lieutenant Colo nel as to shape and size ; the strap to he of si! ver lace, where the bullion is gold, and of gold 1 hce where ibe bullion is silver ; the number on' the strap to correspond in color with the bullion ; the border of the strap ihe same col or of the bullion. ssbb. j Of a Qaplain plain lace straps and solid cres cent bullion m.e fourth inch in diameter and (wo $i a half inches deep ; regimental j num ber or ihe strap to be go!d cmbritiderrd where Ihe bullion is nlver, and to be silver embroid . ered where ihe bullion Is-guld. Of a fJeiUcriantihe same as for a Captain, excepi that the bullion is one-eighth of an inch in diameter- The bullion of all epaulettes io correspiind in coFor with the button of the coat. j AH officers having miliiary lank, to Wear one epaulette on each shouhiar. The numlier on the epautetteieing intended todeno e the regiment, ii will be worn by regi memal officers oc:lj. Epaulettes may be worn either with pads or boxes. I -;;..; ! Uttuiltetles ofresimenlal staff officers twisted $ W , 1 1 1 . . t . . f - ... ; u'.iIO;anu Silver cor ii, w;iu gui :g!, wuin un Jder theep3nlette of the r'iht shoulder. ! IThe tir ess uniform Generals, and general staff hfficers, is to be trn at dress reviews, aod on Seitraordinary occasion. j j 1'be. ondress is for genetaLuse,and niay be worn on all occasions nut spec'fied above, j The blue frijtek coat may be worn by General officers on common occ as iorrs iff parade, snd when the troops are ordered to weat their great coats uKin a march. dies deep round the wrist, to open at she lower seam, where they will he buttoned, wiih two small uniform butions. A row open small uni form buttons down the front at equal distance j the front; and rear of the jacket to come down io a peak. ; The commanding officer will determine in or ders, when ibejaefcet is to be worn by the offi cers and men, according to the stale of ihe weal her. On duty, tbe sash will be worn wilfi the shell jacket - 16. Shoulder Straps to b&,wcrn on the Frock ! Coat to designate rank. Jl JSlajor General the sarot as a Maj ir Gen eral c..m.nanclii,g in chief, except 'that- there will be tttostars instead of three; ihe centre ef each siar to be one inch from the outer edge of ihe gold embroidery on ihe ends of the ;8tra'p. A Colonel -tiimp jy the sarnesize as above; the embroidery on the border io be one half the w idih i. e. one eighth of an inch ;) an embroidered spread eagle on tbe centre of the strap two inches between the itps of the wings, having in the right ta!on an olive branch, and in Ihe left a bundle of arrows; and escoich eon on the breast as represented in the arms of the United States ; the embroiderv of the eagle io be of silver where the border is gold, and of gold where the border is of silver. A Lieutenant Cojotiel the same as for a Co!o nel, omitting tlie eaale, and introducing a leaf al each end, each leaf extending seven- eighths of an inch from (he end border of the ' strap ; the embroidered leaf of the same color with the border. A Alajor ihe sarrje as that for a Lieuteniant Colonel except that the leaves will he of sil ver where the border is of gold, and of gold where; i he border is of silrer. . j " A Captain (he sameas that for a Major, ex cep' that two embroidered bars will le substi tuted for each .leaf, of the same width and col or a the border ; to be placed parallel to the ends of the straps the distance between fhern and from the border equal lo the width of the border. .... . A First lAealenant'The sameas for a Cap tain, exeepting that there will be one bar at c?ch end irsieart of two. A Second Lieutenant ihe same as for a First - L'emenant, omU'tng the bars.- ; JYote r-The embroidery of the borders of the straps is in every instance, to correspond in col m to the hot ion of the coal. 17. Officers of Pediments of Artillery and Infantry. Tbe sash is to be worn on all occasionslvhere the officer is in full dress. The flock coat, as here established, may be worn as a common, morning dress in quartets. nnd.on certain .Junes ot parsce; town inspec tion of ha!rrac!(s and hospitals courts of inquiry and board inspections of articles and necessa ries working parties and faiigua duties and upon the march. I he waist belt is to be worn over the frock coat, and when the officer is rngaged on duty of anv description, theash is foTe worn. The sword of mounted officers will be sus pended from the bclt, by slings of the same ma Kerials as ihe belt, wiih a hook attached to the belt to jspspend ihe" sword bore convenienily when on foot. 18. Horse Furniture for General and Slujf I-' Officers j ofaJl oi her Jtfrejora Genera L by a g"ld jembroidefed spread eagle and two stars. Surcingle, of blue web. to be attached, to the boosing. The same as the nbove fur a II the staff offi cers holding i he rank of general officers, a c cording to their grade ; if under lhat rank they are io use the saddle cloth prescribed for S'aff officers t.i wil Saddle cloth for dnff rfficers, dark blue, two feel tei. i;ic lesJn lengtiih, and one foot ten in ches in depth, with an edging of gold lace ; the .-idih of the lace one tr.ch ; lo be worn under the saddle. Bridle, pf black Jeaiher ; bent branch bit, with gili, bes ; the-froot and roses yellow. Collar, yellow. - " k;sftr, covered with leopard skm, or leather painied to resemble it; the leather suiting the wannf r clknatasest. . Stirrups, gilt. 19. Horse Furniture fir Mounted officers of Artillery, Ordnance and Infantry. , Saddle cloth dark olue, two feet ten inches in length, and one foot ten inches in depht, with lace rie eighths of an inch in width ; for the anilley and ordnance, gold lace ; scarlet edg ing fof the arnllery, black for the ordnance ; for the infantry, silver lace and white edging. Br dkf( bhek leajherigill bit?, stirrups, arfd rt.nrmtjings, fur the aftilfery and ordnance, and plated! for iheinfantry ; frent and rosses for the arMllery, red ; for the ordnance, blue; for the inbntrj, white. Collar- for the artillery, red ; for the ordnance blue ; for the infantry, white. Holslerslio be covered with black bearskin, or black leather. 20 General Remarks. The hair to be short, or what is generally iprmed cropped ; ibe whiskers not lo ex'end be- low the lower up f ibe ear,and ia a line thence j with the! curve of the mouth." Vestsiare not described, as they form no pan of the milnary dress Whrv worn however by weneral or general 'staff office rrf, lley may be of t buff, bluf, or whiie, to suit season and climate, with the small uniform batten fur rigimc ntal f Z1 cers. tbe 6ame with 'the" exception' oft!.s btff. ' : The forage cap may be worn cJ duty, with frock coat and'witu the ;shel! jacket : in winter, tbe forage capj in cold climates, will hare, a temporary band cf black fur, two ted a half ir ches wide; attached to the botleo, to huil2 in froQt by a tie of black ribbon. Ufffimsnjal tfficers not seiving with tr;eir ts gimeol?, nor doing doty in ihe Jioe, cay we :r cocked hats bflhe same description as these j -; scribrd fur general officers, except that the 1 ? will be of Hack silt; the e3gle yellow, the tis sela to conform to the color of tbe bollon.' Cocked hats may be either pen or formed ss as to shut like- the hat . which ba3 Lerelofure been designated chipeau de bras.- r i " All officers are permitted io wear citizen's bice coaf, with the button designating their resprc live corps or etaibns, withuut any ciher ruaik on them, such a coal, however, is not to be con sidered as a dress for any military purpose what ever " , , 1 1 , 2 1 Un if cm of the . Von- Commissioned Offi -cers, Xwiciajis, Artificers, and Privatest of thc Arlilleiy; ' - . . Sergeant Mnjor the same as that rsiablbhcd for the field infficers, excepting that binding I will be substituted for a gold lace ; the epac letts to be ri the same pattern as that of the sobatte'ns, excepting that worsted bullion will be substituted for gold bullion plums, red up right hackle; twelve inches W.g; aigx'illelte on the left shoulder, of yellow worsted, with gill tags. ' i. L - " -. Quarter Master Sergeant, thesame as the Scr gmnUIajor, excepting the;plurx.e will be of light blue. " '": . , t Chief Musician, the same as Quarter Master Sergeant, excepting the coat ii be of ted clotb, with white linings and turnbacks plume white. : Sergeants, coat to be dark blue, single breasted. with one row of nine buttons, placed at equal distances ; the tkirts to extens within seven inches of the bnd of the knee; the coat to conform to ihe pattern of the officers coats in oi her respects, excepting that the, cuff shall have three buttons and , Joops on ' the slash sleeve, to cop form to that designed for a. Cap tain ; ihe lace to be of worsted ; two worsted epsutetts corres ponding in pattern with these of a Captain; First Sergeant of companits to wear a red woisted sash ; all Sergeants to wear ihe red stripe on the blue mixture troo seis, as designated for officers; same for the non commissioned staff. . ' CcrporaU, same as Sergeants, excepting, that there will be but two buttons on; the slash sleeve, conforming to the pattern of the sleeve ! fur the subalterns; frciwcrs same as Sergeants; without the stripe two epauletts of the pat tern for thesubalierns. of the same materials es those of the Sergeants. jPrirofes, the same as the Corporals, excepting thai instead of epauletts, a strap will be worn on each shoulder, composed of the same ma terials and furm of the epauleits of ibe Corpo rals, unh psd and half fringe. Musicians, the same as ihe privates, excepting UiaLfbe coat be of ted cloth, lined With white; white plnrrje, upright hackle, ten inchf s long. The cap of the non commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, to be of the same pat tern as lhat designated hr tbe officers. The plumes of the Sergeants, Corporals, and privaes, red worsted, eight inches long. Uniform cflhe non commissioned t fficers , iw.n- cians, and privates of' the Infantry., the same as that fur ihe artillery, excepting the facings and trimmings, which will be white, plume while; Quartet Master Sergeant, light blue plume. Non commissioned officers and priaies, as well as musicians, w fro shall have ' served failh- fullv for ihe term of five years, shall be permit ted, as a mark of distinction, to wear a chevron on the sleeves of iheir coals, above the elbow", points op, and an additional chevron on each arm for every additional five years of faithful ser vice. And tbose who seived in the war shall have the addition of a red stripe on each side of the chevron. 3w7 llitchcWs Geography ami ATLAS ; a new Geography and Atlas, for the use of Schools and private learners in fact for all who may wish to read history, and to have it in tbe family. A complete System cf modern Geography, comprising a description ot the present state of the world and its five great divisions, Europe, Asia, Africa, Ameiica, and Oceanica, with their several Empires, Kingdoms, States, Territories, &c, The whole embellished by numerous Engravings of varions interesting objects of Nature and Art j together with repre sentations of remarkable and noted events, sim plified and adapted to the capacity of any, illus trated by an Atlas of 16, maps drawn Stepgiaved to accompany the work, most tastefully and carefully coloured end elegantly' put up The whole wotk 'is-neatly done The publishers have received numerous testimonials in favour of the Geography from Teachers and others in varions parts of the Union. There are so many, they would make a "pamphlet, we would make a pamphlet, we would select some of .them ; but ihey are too lorg for a newspaper advertisement. We !o most earnestly solicit a critical rxamir.a of ihe work by alt may fee far. inferest in plac ing before youth a correct Geography. There is, also an outline Atlas which can accompany the Geojraphy, the maps of which are noi col oured, bunralcnlated to aid the learner. SCr Just call at No. I. Cheap side, Fayctte- ville 5t., where yon may find the above -work, together with every new publication of the day, and many rare works of older times TURNER & HUGHE?. Rale.igh Jan. 1, 1S4(1 .Tut holt's Scries cf tlassical WorkSyfor Schools and Colleges. "OIRST Lemons irt Latin, first Lessors in MJ Greek ; a Grammar of the Greek Lan guage; a System of Greek Prosody ; Cffiar'-? Commentaries on Use Gallic War; Sallusi'a JuTwithine War. wiih Engraved Noles Se lect Orations of Ciccfo, with Engraving, Sec; Works of floraee, wh Noies.$-c.; Jacob's Greek Reader, wiih Notes, Critical, and a Classical Dictionary, wiirv Notes explanatory, in 1 Vol. RoTal 8 va. (nearly ready.) 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