North Carolina Newspapers

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M ovriin of h; Watcliinati.
But if Of t paid in advance. Two dollars
I Alt ft- W charged.
A IlK" inarriea t 81 for the Hrst. nd 25 cts
ttftb I iuWiufn :inaertion.. Court ordert clnrgrd
t $ Wt ct" higher than these- rat,-. A liberal Jeduc,
. Y.U i 'those who advertise by the year. ,
la Wuhe Editor must be portjM'd.
' '"S2ST.j - : ill
- iJJior $ Proprietors. j
" Keep a check upox all tors
Do this, aud Liberty is safe."
Gen'l Harriton.
V :.. Telegraphed-for the JtallsScnf'. jj
JrritwZ 0 Ac Crescent Citylicturn of
Cot. UughcM Sailing of the CaXijorl r
niaInttrcstingrfrom Panama, ;$Ltr $
The Crescent City has arrived hcre.- ;
She has one million of dollars in goldjana 1
I Col. Haghesand party came as passen
ETEXIXG, JUNE 26, 1849.
r For the .Watchman. :
1 Election of Major Ccwcral.
i P i Lexingtox, June 11, 1849.
noticed in a ;latc number of the Lin-
Colh CuunVr, an Jtonai, iicnueu; luijor
hei Uh Division wnicu lapn in
noction'uith'lhc resolutions of the of.
rs;6f the yJtn regimenr, as puousnea
grs. He has explored a fine road.! dis.
tance 4G miles. i
. Tnc California would sail on the 35ri
instant from Panama for San Francisco.
l hasten to transmit to you, by the wires.
; cot
itvtHpi satrie paper, is nvell calculated to
product a false impression4o mislead the
I pafclijiVirrgfVTcl; to the jilect to; which
iLrll?it(js, and cause censure to re$t upon
' tbo$pAVno in my humble opinion, nave
only jdojic what both law and jWi.ce re-
; quirccJ at their hands. ; .
I rP(p Poar'cT, 1 trust will pardon me for
nrfeinjnff lo notTce his article, lor for
qcAMfotiing the correctness of any of the
cimcnts tnerein scl iori:i : lor $nys ne
is a.rmalterj that Jbhouki inrfricst the
lV corhmunitv, that the
iavvk have
it' disrespected, and tho rights of indi
vijils! labused." And though lie only
ilrif an expression of opinion from Hu
Jh( rfyrd to - Davic, yet I cannot see why
tfii iti?ens of Davidson should not have
I ilit ime Hght to u speak out thcijr opin
iolibn a subject in which they ;are as
mlch interested as the people of Ruther-
rfajiljiorJUavie or any intermediate ;point.
lis'pW, this is a very serious charge? made
. I . in - . I 1 l . I .1
byaii.c Courier, ngainsi soincnouy inougn
agjnnst whom he does not tell,) and it
'truej those who '.bus "disrespect the law
tbusc the rights of individuals' Should
heffriado. known and heldup to pnblic in-
! tlination I wbuld therefore say, on Gou
' tie'rjou, iasli the rascals well, and never
giyd-ovcr until you have brought thenrtra
,rs'jj of their duty but in the first place
: qertain that lyouare correctly inform
'.-..s to all the facts, lest while you think
iitr.e pouringi! your gjrape into the ranks
f nr. enemv vou mav unconscious v
q some wnom you now think are
lfciaivd experienced officers, if not infal
li de. i ji ' '
AVhat then arc the facts? Gen. By
n im resigned ithc Adjutant General is
MiVjl his orders to Gen. Leach, G?n. Lo
giirj, and Gen. cel, to order the;Colonels
of. ti'i'r lirigaJqs to call together the ofii-
pen bf their 'regiments to proceed to elect
ft 4) fijor ueneraiueu. j-.eacu gives uue
h i)iC(. and the Regiments of his Brigade
h I ,-oTe, and in due time report the result,
pi't Logan gives due notice to the regi
inV'is of his Brigade, they all vote and
rort according to law. Gen. Neelpub
, liM ) bis notice; in the Charlotte paper,
'i!iloes not give a written notice to the
iu rat Colonels as stated by the Courier ;
H-port'ioti of- the regimcnts of his Brigade
jvpvK hut a portion of the COth and Cist
rcgfyients (Stanly and Montgomery) do
hklvole. And why7 The Colonel of
IMbfitgotnery informs Gen. Neel that he
lonjy received notice one day before, 1he
tirnie ordered. for .'holding the election, and
consequently ho could not call4 together
th'Ofhcers-in time for that purpose, and
nirti .was no election. The Colonel
'ii iiX k'i iment of Stanly having died, the
:l4!ut. Colonel returns to Gen. Neel, ,that
border t6 holditho election had come to
jhirjd, ahd that no vote had been taken in
tljat county. Gen. 'Neel refuses to re-or-dec
an election in those two regiments,
;btl( makes his return to the Adjutant.
rtijE olliccrs of the GOth and Gist regi
j Wnt$ considering that the " rights of in-
nw4luah had been abused and the laics
!'f'Scctcd" make their complaint to the
Uivcrnor and Adiutant. that thev had not
l4n permitted to exercise the privilcgeM
w IVpting, ana inat a lajor Lienerai was
aiiout to bo nlaccd over thru: in! whose
fec,tiori' thcy'lia'd had no voir. Where- !
mw:i!tiie Aoiutant general .(aimi l con
But hark ! There is a sound llrom the
West. Hear ye not the neighingsjof hors
es, the prancing of steeds and thet rattling
of kettle drums, in the direction of Ray's
old field ? Again all is silent. The war
horse that so lately thundered over Ray's
battle field, now stands hitched toHh'e cor
.ncr of a fence, silently ruminating upon
i i. t' 1 p . 1 't .ti... -.Li:?
me glories or conquest, anu mwaruiy pi
tying an old mare that he seesjgrazing
near-by, because she knows nothing about
wzjr while the warriors of nofe, with
leathers on their heads, brass on 1 their
shoulders and iron on their feet, beneath
the shade of an aged apple tree, have re
solved themselves into a military court,
to try some poor fellow for not bejng arm
ed! and equipped according to flaw, he
haying nothing but six feet of corn stalk.
Having disposed of this weighty matter,;
they solemnly resolve that John H Wheel
er was lawfully elected Major General
arid that theyregard as unjust arid unmij
itary any order directing any particular
counties to vote again, iind that they want
consideration of this sulject to all our minis
ters and people, and ;ihe friends of education
2d. Resolved, That we recommend to the
ministers composing ibe Etangelical Lutheran
Synod of Norih Carolina, that they meet in
Convention, on Friday preceding the 4th Sah
balh in July next, in St. James' Church, Con.
Cord, N. CM ai 10 o'clock, A. M., to take some
more active measures on this subject,
I 3d. Resolved, That each minister present
this suljecl to his congregations, apd let them I
: t . . 1 i . t f
aaopi tne necessary measures to obtain a lay
representative to attend with himself in said
4th. Resolved, That the proceedings of this
meeting be published lin the Lutheran Observer,
and the Carolina Watchman, and that the Se
We find in a digest of Mr. Colman's recent
I book on Europe, prepared for the Boston Tran
script, some interesting particulars of the wealth
of several of the ntblemeu of Great Britain :
" AUhorpe, the Residence of Earl Spencer,
consists of lO.OOOi acres, all lying together in
wood, meadow, pasture, gardens, parks, and
everything in a style of superior beauty and or
der." His house contains sleeping rooms for
seventy guests ttbe entries and rooms are fill
ed with pictured and statutes. A gallery of
pictures, one hundred feet long, contains many
In the Washington correspondence of
the Baltimore Sun, we find the following ;
curious predictions given : "
Every public writer is now full of the '
spirit of prophecy as to the course of c-
vents in Europe. One letter from Paris,
deprecating the violence which is threat- j
encd, says we are riding on the waves!
of commotion, which will soon overwhelm j
us in distress." This is from a conserva- j
tive source.' But one of the progressives
writes: the "overthrow of a tvrannieal I
is at hand thus fulfilinjr
' a letter received from Pi
w . -
o r m a It w ill 1
1 - waa x c Willi! 4 . i
' f A ft A iL . 1 . .
r vue goiu excitement throughout th .
land : 4 i
Panama, Iy 22-1 o'clock, P. M. !
1 he steamship Californiarhas just arrived
from San Francisco, having left there oa t
ujo isi ot "lay.
of the works of the first masters. His library 1 .." ,
.11 -nhAft I J ci mucins
said to be the finelt library in the world. wh God lore old by Daniel two thou
r .. . - - . . . . . 1 nii iiiiwp nt c b-nmnnn nnmp larm m .nnrt. i J - o ,
cretary turnisn the absent ministers belonging I ' " , 7 'r "L . v , , r WaUh in K; l..c iott- CI1,.D ,Lof
q a ' r,u wood) consists of 23,000 acres. . His whole . 'iUJ a sh, in his last letter, sajs that
Domma ai uooawoou 19 iu,uuu urres. ne nas
The meeting now closed with prayer by ihe
Rev. J. D. Scheck. :
WM. C. MEANS, Chin.
P. A. Seaford, Sec'y.
1819 is to be more eventful and extraor-
dinary in Europe than the preceding
year ; that the destiny of France was nev
er more uncertain, and that American
all tO have a lair Chance. 10W, VVhV PaSS Mmum. F.Hitnra rVerhnn it mrfv not nmvft
a Resolution that it is unjust to order any uninteresting to some of your readers, to pe. j
particular county to vote again? Has ruse a few brief and plain reinarksbonccrning
any person ever made orthoughtoi mak- the Wetstern District, " I he land of Crockett,''
ing such an order ? Or don't they under- so long the destination of so many hundred emi
stand the English language, arid know ' grants from the good old .North Slate. But,
that a man must first vote, before! he can, ,Vom lhe brief space of our sojourn here, and
inSthe language of the resolution, " vote ' consequent limited extent of our afquaitVtance,
r Or. arn the officers of the 99th uur re",arKS lusl ue conuneu 10 a sma.i por
a summer retreat in Scotland of between two !
and 300,000 acres 41 Of the beauty and mag. !
nificence of this Establishment," says Mr. Cob
man, " I cannot give you any adequate idea," 1 commercial relations with the world will
extensive parksi through which you ride for j be much disturbed.
These are only a few of the predictions
regiment laboring under the impression
that the regiments of Stanly and Mont
gomery had voted before the Adjutant
General ordered Gen. Neel to relissue his
notice ? If so it would be well for them
to inform themselves of the facts before
they pronounce the acts of otheri as un
just and unmilitary. Give all a fair
chance say they, And yet they insist that
Mr. Wheeler is properly elected, when
tivo counties, about one sixth of the divi
sion, has had no opportunity to Vote even
once, much less to "vote again." A strange
idea thisot giving every one a fair chanc
I That the officers of Montgomery an
Stanly have not voted, is not their faul
they wish to exercise this privilege, an
is it not unkind, " unjust and ifnmilitafy,
in the officers of another portion pf the di-j
Vision to wish or endeavor to cut them pfP
Trom this rii;ht. There must be some-mis
take in thir matter ; for I know that there
is too much nobleness of soul, tpo much
generosity, too much of the true soldier
(for the bravo are always gene robs) in the
officers of the! 99th regiment tpf wish to
deprive their brethren of Montgomery
and Stanly, of the same privilege11 which
they themselves have enjoyed, and that
when they come to understand the matter
more iuny, mey win, soiaier-UKejao wiiat
is right. 1 j ;
',1 his, Messrs. Editors, is a matter! in
which I have no personal feelin'g ; wThat
I have written has not been dictated out
miles and miles -hero's of deer, sheep and cat.
tie twenty five race horses in the stable, and
a groom for each-nan aviary, filled with a va.
nety of splendid (birds fish ponds grottos,
The annual inebme of the Duke of Devon-
or of Chatsworth, is to be
million of dollars. This 'is
1 rr 1 '
uon 01 a single county. 1 ne climate is very
changeable ; owing, probably, to its close prox
imity to the great Mississippi, " King of rivers,"
and the pride of America. In the, winter sea
son, sudden changes from head to cold, and
vice versa, are very frequent ; one morning
the ground is severely frozen, and. the atmos
phere piercingly gold ; and perhaps the very
next morning there will not even! be a frost,
the weather so very mild and pleasant, as
m 3
to make one for a moment imagine1, that winter
is over and gone, and that spring, Kyith her ge
nial warmth, her bright and invigorating sea.
sons, is again returning. But ere you have
long indulged in this train of thought, the North
Easterly winds and rain, dispelling the fond il
lusion, bid you again behold the wj Id freaks of
rough winter's stormy reign. This country is
said to be more subject to drought; in summer
than Western Carolina, but for reasons which
we shall notice, when we come to speak of the
soil, the drought is not so injurious to the crops.
The general appearance of tho country is by
no means prepossessing. 1 hough it may be
called a level country, because hills and moun
tains are not seen, yet the' monotony of a per
fect level is frequently relieved bygenile undu
lations and small hollows through vhich winds
a channel of a branch creek, or riv"er .: the two
former dry in summer, in winter coursed by a
dirty slugglish stream. j
The soil is of a dark greyish cast, of a sandy
mature, though entirely destitute of gravel, small
or large. Rocks, to use a vulgar saying are
" scarce as hen's teeth." And wjien found in
an occasional quarry are. of "little! use ; being
of a soft, sandy, yellow, brovyn Uind of rock,
too easily crushed for building purposes, and
ry tree that can
garden covers tw
nage-way. 1 his
7600 square feet
shire, the proprie
200,000, or ond
said lo be the mos't splendid nobleman's seat in
the Kingdom. I His arboretum, covering many
acres, contains One or more specimens of eve-
be acclimated the kitchen
jelve acres a conservatory,
which have come under my notice within
a day or two, and Jlhey are quite thrown
into the shade by another prediction which
appears in a letter from Rome, dated April ;
25th. The letter says i 44 There was late- ;
ly found in the library of the Augustine ,
Convent a very curious prediction. It is
in a work entitled 4 De Fluttibius Mystc
ris Nacis, authore Ridolpho Getthier ; Au
gusta;, 1775." j
1 he prophecy, given in English, is " be-
387 feet long, HTj wide, 67 high, with a car- 'fore the middle of the 19th century, sedi
tions will be excited every where in Eu
rope ; Republics will rise ; Kings will be
put to death, together with the nobility
and ecclesiastics ; and the religicies will
desert the convent. Famine, pest ilencc and
earthquakes will spread desolation over
many cities. Rome will lose her sceptre
by the invasion of false philosophy. The
Pope will be made a captive by bis own
people, and the Church of God will be
placed under tribute divested of its tem
poral possessions. In a short time there
will be no pope. A prince from the North
will overrun Europe with a great army,
destroy the Republics, and exterminate
all rebels. His sword wielded by God
Sho Hrinrrc tVi. mnc - : . . . ' '
- i"- "tiuoi vuccnng news iront :
the gold region, besides one million dot- '
lars of California gold ; six hundred thou-
sand dollars of this amount arc on; con
signment ; the balance belonging to Some
fifty miners who returned in her from th '
scene of their labors.
The California markets appears to be
overstocked wit h everything but provisions.
There were sixty vessels in the harbor of
San Francisco from different ports of the
United Slates, South America; and the
Pacific Islands principally passenger
vessels. : ,
Meteoric Iron in South Carolina. The
last number of Silliman'a Journal contains
an account of a mass of meteoric iron'
which has been discovered in Soulfi Caro
lina. It was found several years since by
a laborer on the plantation of Mr. S. M.
McKeown, situated in the Chesterfield
district. On being accidentally" shown to t
a blacksmith a few weeks ago, he, proved
it to be malleable, for out of it he made a
pair of hinges, a few nails, and a horso r
shoe. The original weight of the mass is
said to have been thirty-six pounds.: Jts ?
original shape was oblong, with one side '
and end thicker ancLrounder than j their j .
opposites, and its surface was much in- :
dented and coated by rust. ' I i
On being analyzed this iron was. (band
to contain nickel, traces of chromium, co ,
bait, and nodular masses of magnetic U
pyrites. Its most remarkable peculiarity, i
according to Professor Silfiman, consists
in the appearance of its polished strffaco !
when treated with dilute nitric acid, which '
is then covered with a great variety of
beautiful figures. It is very dense, and
takes a brilliant polish; but its etched
surface immediately distinguishes it flora
every other iron hitherto described.
of any spirit Of unkindness. As -the elec- Lwill not stand fire. Hence, although they aro
Uon now stands with the vote of Stanly,
Mr. Gaither has a majority should Mont
gomery vote I know not what would Ibe
the result. I think she should have ihe
same privilege with the other counties
and if Mr. Gaither and Mr. Wheeler fire
possessed of that high sense of honor
which men who aspire to be (Generals
ought to have, they would, eithejr of them
scorn toXccept a commission, to Command
'men, vvho had thus been unjustly depriv
ed of that privilege which every soldier
:ho!ds so dear the privilege of choosing
his own commander. y I ' j
oifi very properly) informed Gen. Neel,
Messrs. Editors: Please give the follow.
ing an insertion in your paper and oblige ma:
not annoyed with rocks in ploughing, they are
destitute of building rocks, and cannot procure
them to heat water to scald hogs vjth. In the
placeof rocks to build on, they usfc wooden pil
lows. For hearth rocks; they is"e brick, to ;
brick chimneys, and dirt Jo slick ones.
The soil is, more or less impregnated with '
lime, may be argured from the adhesive and
corrosive nature of the mud, the light ashy ap-;
pearance, and stifling qualities of the dust.
Also, from the well known fact, that hogs do
not root up the ground, and their noses have
been known, to feel from rooting among the
leaves in wet weather in quest : of mast. The
land does not have; the appearance of being
rich, neither from the limber or 'soil. But if
conservatory is covered with
of glass, and warmed with
hot water, passing through an extent of seven
miles. The fouutain at Chalsworth throws
the water to the height of 276 feet. Here the
Duke owns 3,500 (acres, and 96,000 in Derby,
shire. For a mintpto description of these sump,
tuous residences, dnd a full account of their in
terior arrangements, style of living, &c, the
reader is referred o the letters of Mr. Colman,
On page 108, Vol. 1. Mr Colman gives an
account of several noblemen whose annual in
come varied from l100,000 to 150,000, that
is from $500,000; to $750,000. Speaking of
Lord Yarborough he says, that his Lordship
"has an indefinite number of Hunters, &c,
dec," and adds- , It was the custom at this
place tor his Lordlhip, and his guests were al
ways invited to accompany him, at nine o'clock
precicely, in the evening to visit the stables,
where the hunting ahd riding horses were kept
which reached by la Covered passage way from
the house. The stables presented all the neat
ness of a house parlor, and the grooms were
more than a dozen in number, all drawn up in
a line to receive the company." Lord Yarbo
rough has more than 60,000 acres in his plant
ation he has 606 tenants, and you can ride
thirty miles, in a direct line, upon his estate.
" Many of the tenants of Lord Yarborough pay
1000 and 1400 "guineas a year, and several of
them live like noblemen, keeping their dogs,
horses, carriages, land servants in livery."
Of the Duke of Richmond's style of living,
&c, Mr. Colman I says 44 The service at din-
'1 i ! 11 .1 1
ner, was always silver or goiu tnrougnoui, nr:tA:n ,uv nnnnnPI a rnnm tptUr ' ,
plates and dishes, except for the jellies and pud- y v r P?sseo " neroo
lost beautiful china." V ' . J ; ; " , - omer was iranuc wun gnei 1
Wl' fuuT , 1 ?. l bune rnishes the following incident, 6T
"I'liuiu me ui iiiuuuA iaiiii anu suuuuc iur.
Mahomedan power. A new portion, the
final one, will come by a heavenly sign
from the shore, in simplicity of heart and
in the doctrine of Christ, and peace will
be restored to the world."
Some of these events arc going on in
the world that is certain. This psinco
of the North, who is to destroy Republics,
we must look out for : and we see already
that meetings sympathizing with the Hun
garians are proposed in this country.
the wreck of the steamer Empire:
"After the Empire was struck and
while sinking, two mothers snatched what
they supposed to be their own infants, and
rushed upon deck, and in their fright threw
themselves in the water. One of the de
voted parents held her child to her bosom
and both were saved ; while the other
sustained hers until it breathed itSrlast,
yet still holding on to the body until she
was rescued. The surprise of the moth-
dings, and those tho mo
a 11 luiii vim ci 11 o 1 voouniws iuv 1.1 1 1 1 rl l
grotto of AntiPar6s, the glitter of whose illu- i marKca me come y iooks 01 meir cnam
minated stalactites does not surpass the I Mermaid, and had once or twice joked
splendor of the gold, and silver, and diamonds, j Wlth Mr. Adams about her. One morn
and pearls, which were displayed before him. ing he arose some time after Mr. Adams,
In a certain sense, apart from the valuable and , and on his. way to the breakfast table, he
curious information which it conveys, this j met the pretty maid referred to. Saluting
woik may fitly enough be called the ladies' her in his blandest style, and in his usual
own book. The! Duke has more than fortv easv and errace manner, while a smile
ers may be imagined when they disco V-
1 ered that in the confusion attending their
Anecdote of Adams and Clay. When eScape they had each taken the other's
these distinguished Statesmen were at chijd. And while the poor woman!who
Ghent, negotiating 9ur treaty with Great had SUDnosed lhat her little one was lost
1 r -
babe, tho
to find too
admirer of female beauty, had often re- ,ale lhal she had nreScrved another's child
and lost her own.
race horses and sixty grooms and ostlers. His
salmon fishery at the Gordon Castle used to
he let for 10,000, and now lets for 7000
per annum, or 835,000
If the reader is desirous of knowing some-
i it he- had the. power to give those regi
ieiit, which had not had the privilege
f Mill u innrt In vnfi ? t lii CJ nri TM1 rn.
Jfujs to do, andjnforms the Adjutant that
bejj.vj.'l let the matter rest as it was un
7lf4 otherwise ordered. The Adjutant
f; Ctjutrul orders Gen. Neel to issue a notice
tajth.ose regiments yhich had not voted
i the i notice issues and the election takes
I' Vl$ce in Stanly but in Montgomery the
iio'tic4 "Again came 4o hand some ten days
qfl laWv and whether any election has
r .sj.yct taken idacein that county I have
1 v t bcrn informed. This I believe is the
v. X lole sum and substance'of thclmatter,
ij He whole head and fr,ont of the offence,
"t if therebv " individual rights have
p$en abused and the laws disrespected," ! the Rev. J
. fbe'nublie must iudffc who is the trans- UJr- viit. 20
SJfessor, av ho has caused this great delay,
1 the Courier, so feelingly laments,
so hazarded the safety of the old
State in thus nermittinu the fourth
til r
Vision of lier militia lo be so lon? with.
a Major General, especially when we
,v?rq had s6 much rain, and the crops are
grassy. . i , i -
1 tiy friends :
In obedience to some resolutions vpassed by
the several Evangelical Lutheran Synods, held
in North Carolina and the adjacent States jjdui
: ring the past year, a number of brethren assemsi
bled in St. James' Church, Concord, N. C., otjl
I Friday preceding the 1st Sabbathf in Jutiej
i 1849, and inasmuch as there were n delegates
I in Attendance from the South Carolina nor Vir
a 1, . 1 j . : ii
.iiiiit nuu3, 111c jiiujru.Mru vuii v c ui iu 11 naa nut
organized as was expected.
X? f l llf ill atjflVA tl-A c it a si ftla r r mv rt v A Anltnn
storks, as well as the quantity of ieach produc 1 lhln f f fpassmg splendor -in
. ..: 1 ' . i . ' . ' iwhirh it Kntich httroupt m n v- liva with hi a fln
edyyou will be constrained to acknowledge lhat
the land, if not rich, is certainly yery produc
tive. The land that is level (and ihe most of
it is) will last a long time ; that which is roll
ing will wash away. This country abounds in
small glades which will not produce any thing
only at chance any seasons. Bottom lands
which a British baronet may live, with his 500
tenants around him, he will be abundantly
gratified by turning to Mr. Colman's account
of Sir Charles Morgan's establishment at Tre
degar, vol. 1. p. 293. Then let him turn to the
account of Woburn Abbey, p. 310, the resi-
deuce of the Dukd of Bedford, which, says Mr.
C, " in its magnificence distances anything I eyes.
when drained, produce very good; corn, but dh- in;Baiid fa ,
ii 11 cj . . . may be considered the acme of elegance and but he subsequenlv met Mr. Adams, who
wi ffrow verv well. Csweet Dotatoes are su- t 3 , i . . . ... . . '
bweet potatoes are su- t . 3 , ,
r ; grandeur.
I have already stated that this; country was
subject to drought, and promised to state the
reasons for its supporting it with so little inju-
ry to crops. 1 he sou, as above stated, being
t 2 o clock, r. M.t the Kev. J. D. Scheck y ... , 1 r , . r- j ...-n
addressed the congregation assemhled on the ., , b, ' ' . .-.J-r--.. j
quenuy ausoru a greaiijr quauiuj ui wmcr,nu
from its closeness will retain moisture a long
time. ;
In addition, it is alow country, partaking the
nature and qualities of second bottoms. The
water is not able to flow-oflT so easily and ra
pidly, hence a greater quantity is imbibed by
the soil where it falls.
The roads here in winter are very muddy,
and badly cut to pieces by cotton, wagons.
Hence, travelling in buggies or pleasure car-
subject of Religion and Temperance, and ill
the evening, al early early candle lighting, hei
delivered another discourse. !
On Saturday morning half past 10 o'clock!
thsconrrregatiohbeins assembled in the churclvi
A. Linn preached to Ahem jTron
"The harvest is past, the som
mer is ended, and we are not saved." And
whereas, it
Thc suljject of Education beinj: under conl
sideration, and Jn order to lake some prelimi
. . j ? r f J, riqfTpa rlnrinir a rrait h-art nf tho intp r sp.n snn
nary measures to raise the standard? of tetari ; b , . .. Vi fi ' ' ,r
training of the youth within the Giooranhica
hounds of our Synod, the congregation rC-ast
sembled in the Church at 2 o'clock! P. Mi an!
i; regularly organized themselves by clling Wrnj
j-t, ill particular (says the Courier,) did;; C. Means to the Chair, and P. A.ISeaford 16
.fel.".vho is an able and experienced act as Secretary ; when the object f the rjrjeet!
give due notifc In nddition he
rmbUhrd his ordersln the newspapers in
ins Brigade for the election." Meaning
thereby 4 hat Gen. Neel not only publish
ed hw orders. in the newspapers, but that
he alsb gave them due notice in some oth-
;'"m ij vourier is verv!l
pm: ' Xr... :. ;t ... J .!
Tr V 1 . l:u" 11 u llfppens mat jMr.iJai
Jncr, has in his possession a letter from
jeel, in which he informs Mr. Gaither
l1!!!6 on,y nlcc he gave was; through
itie Charlotte paper. Nowvho should
iHjow the notice was given.Gcn.
: ?cl or the Editor of the Courier?
roads are very good ; butdust is jsuperabund
ant. But my remarks are already sufficiently
lengthy. If they shall find their way into your
columns, you shall from us again, ;
Fayelteville Presbytery met in Wilmington
lhe 2d inst. Rev. A. Gilchrist was chosen
Moderator, and Rey. A. McKay, .Clerk. Del
, egates were appointed to the General Asssem
bly at Pittsburg the 17th. James McNeil vyas
ing was explained, and the , necessity of a Cot
legiate Institution ably discussed by tho Rey.
J. D. Scheck, Rev. J. A. Linn a4 Rev.
G. Harter. Whereupon the following Prcarnt
hie and Resolutions were introduced and al
dopted : . ' . . j
! In view of the limited means oil Education
Within the bounds of our Synod, and With ordained as an Evangelist,
view of elevating the standard.of litirary train- ; H
ing of the yputhi we believe a College Insti
tute, located within the Geographical! bound
of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Horth
Carolina, to be essential to the attainment x?f
thu desirable object. Therefore,
Resolved, That we recommend the
After alluding tjo a court ball, at which one ; Funic.
lady wore 60,000, or 8300,000 worth of dia-
mond, Mr. C. remarks " The Duchess of Rox-1 OZONE,
burgh hom I do nol know appeared most : w &re indebtr(, to Caleh S. HHowell
splendidly; and well she might, as the annual , . , r r ,, ,
income of the Duke is stated to be 300,000." of lh,s place, for the following remarks on
Upon this poiiii these statements may suf- ozone : Alcx. uaz.
fice. There are very, very few of our wealth- j " Ozone, to which Dr. Bird accredits
iest men, whose entire estate is equal to the the cholera, was discovered by Prof.
income)l this nolileman, for a single year. Schonbein, the inventor of gun cotton. It
In the eyes of those noblemen our 44 mer- is generated by the passage of electricity
chant princes" mbst appear to be a set of beg- through air. and is the cause of lhe pecu
garly fellows. The comparative estimate of jiar oter perceived during the working
wealth is well exhibited in the remark of John of an electric machine, or alter a stroke of
Jacob Astor, ot New York, who is reported to ii,hlinfT. t bleaches powerjullv, and is
have said, that riches were not essential to . B respects analogous to chlorine,
happiness, and that he who had only So00,000 m.QJnCt j is said mn roadiiv be gen,
, was as well off as if he was a rich man. , , i i! v-.,o
i Mr. Colman's accounts of the poverty and "aled b'. P'!. common phosphorus
misery of Ireland are not surprising. Too moist air and it is probable lhe pecu-
many years we -have heard his story from every liar smell of phosphorus arises partially or
! traveller who has visitedthat unhappy country. , wholly from the presence of this substance.
; His statements of the squalid poverty and in- ' " The question has been asked, what is
tolerable filth of Edinburgh and Dundee ban- ozone ? In answer, we give the words of
t"ne Dundee are; rather startling. Berzelius : 44 We have thus arrived at the
i In connection with the poverty of Ireland. : highly important result, that ozone is no
j! Mr. Colman presents an 44 extract from lhe ' peculiar element, nor any combination of
probates of fortunes, left by Irish bishops, and kn0wn elements, but is oxygen gas pecu-
before the House of Commons, 1832" mean- 1 ljariv: modified.'
: i .-L- -i .i ii . . i : i f ' l. i 4
: ing uisuups ii me rroiesiani rJ.pic'p.ti vuurcu, ;
whose sees were in Ireland. The aggregate '
I wealth of eleven deceased bisops amounted lo
; one million eiglil hundred and five thousand .
pounds sterling or nine millions three hun-
44 Never Read a Neusjtapcr" '.
A Gentleman in London, in conversa
tion with a christian minister, found him
ignorant of the great events that werin
transpiring on the Continent, and upoh
expressing his surprise, the minister mj
swered, "I never read a newspripcri"
seeming to think this a thing "quite bc- H:
neath his profession. He was one of those
who, because he must preach the Gospel, ;
thought he must have nothing to do with ;
the revolutions, reforms, and stirringscenes !
of this world. And so he sunk into an
ignorance that unfitted him lo preach the :
gospel. Such a living above the world
is a poor qualification for any duty. I Bet- I
ter come down and dwell amid thereali-!
We need not say that Mr. Clay ties and activities of life, and gather mo- '.
lives ana materials inereirom ior uoing
the lord's work. - H Jj
All ministers and people in tbiscaun-,
try read a newspaper, but should! some!
Christians be questioned by their minister!
about the moral changes of our own' Hndj
other countries, they might be driver) to:
the confession, "I do not read a religious-,
paper." It is a shame to any Christian toi
be ignorant or the progress and triumphs;
of Christianity in this age of the world.
And yet he will be ignorant if hcdoes not.
read a religious newspaper. Bos. 'Transcript.
played upon his countenance, he solicited
the pleasure of a kiss. It may here be
necessary to state that Mr. Adams' eyes
always presented a watery appearance
which at times made him look as if in
tears. The chambermaid, not knowing
the cause, we presume, replied to Mr.
Clay, with the greatest simplicity imagin
able, 4 Mr. Clay, I do not like to disoblige
i you, but you will excuse me, .when I as
sure you that I have just refused Mr. Ad
, ams the same liberty, with tears in his
joined him in a hearty laugh. Newark
Mr. Senator Rusk, on his return from this
city to Texas, presented, on the part of ex-Pre- dred and seveniy-five thousand dollars.
sident Polkfthe sword voted by Congress to wealthiest of these descendants of poor St.
Gen. J. P. Henderson, for his conduct at, Moh- . Peter was Agar,5 bishop of Cashel, whose es-
lerey. Oen. Henderson declined receiving the j uue is set down at 100,000, or two millions
w j
44 Lench has asserted that galvcivzcd an-
owing to the ozone it contains, C3n !;
used to advantage for blear!iing,and is,
in fact, one of the most effective bleach
ing agents known."
honor in Public.
s of dollars.
! The Queen of England has not determined
' of what course tu pursue in reference to the
' Irish State p-'
The N. O. Delta says: Santa An'na'has
recently fulminated from his retreat at
Kingston, Jamaica, an elaborate
a volume of 300 octavo pages, to the "ac
cusations of treason brought against him,
in Congress by one of the representatives,! -
Senor Gamboa. The wily cx-Prcsident!
makes out, as usual, a good case; and
shows, apparently, that his efforts during
the recent war fruitless, owing to the
want of co operation on the part of the
government, the lack of fund, circum-'
stances over which he had no control, etc.
He enters into an autobiographical ac
count of all his exploit, hardships and re
verses, and evidently aims more at making
an impression for the future than at vin
dicating the past.
i - -i
The CluAcra. This disease contiirue about
the aame at New York, averting from twelve .
to twenty deaths per diy. Two new cases iu
' Philadelphia on Siturd iv. , ,
:'i V
A -
; v

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