North Carolina Newspapers

    1. Wllor Jl Proprietor.
rV Sal lbii r !'.. CV' ,-'
2 J.
EVOnu, JAMlttY
- by 4 a m next Java, 40 miles ; and luck between
2 p in Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 4:
a m next days. ...rroposab for daily service are
in i uxi.-- a u leave r ayette villa on the arrival
. tlie mail from Cheraw, say,10 p nvandireacLj
Xo 37 Taraw by 9 a m next day, or in time to con-'
. . Mvr wiu van goingcxjuin, - .Leave Warsaw
' arriyal.from South, say, 1, p m andjreach,
rayeuevme toy l a m next day.
t,.... I? . .mi. ': :I
18 SI
' 9810
-t viintuftvrt rritr? intr i turn iavcuuiii ai o am. iwwfl a wrwt
jjWPJri nl iTIT c ROLINA. y Tuosday and Saturday y Hi verside, Jolin4
t W11 WOLU A - 8onvilU .CWs Creek, Carthage, CaledonU, Au4
! rr ' ':"-V !Jy.A v -"'triaoVHilC Stone Lick, White House, lUiinl
JTr''r" r;c:- ' , ' . ! Olore nalera cnurcn, and Healing Springs ; td
!' (,n , 11V Silver Hill by 12 ra, Thuray and.Monday, or1
"AntU U father enacted, That A .hall ba frame" to connect wk thA ml ft P -if 4
V duty oi ,uk ryv- '"7K thence to Lexington by 5 p ra, 122 mile; and
Ki.irVM.lhe WPOrtaton of the back, betn 0a m, Tu Jday and
'. i UA sjxinc. in even case, to the lowest . , v4jr ,ouu .uvwj ,
r Ucr teii'h'rin siillicient guarantees for faithful
lei nuance, without Ulr reference to th mode
tranrtAtin than may be necewary to
fLllo Pr lb du.f ccjerity, certainty, . and 8-cu-
i rin4)ortation : nor bhull anv
I trictor 'leriafu t be romiircd to purcha
f Jjr llnliU Vtill lciinfal to read Win forms
' 1 I inHtrm-tioin injKiid.d to this alvertisement
I?,.,r arc WntHtulE to fctate, iu tlieir proposals, the
a mi i . k r
ise out.
Cp m next Thursday. and Sunday. ProjxsaU
to end at Salisbury, instead of Lexington are in!
2814 From Haywood at 8 am once a week
Monday ; by Martha's Vineyard. Clialk Lev
el, Northington, and Summerville ; to Averysbo4
0-e1wbcro hy P-' next Ji 83 4 j-and ! Bridge ;JU Norfolk, ,Va, fcyLifi m hjxt day, C8
back between G a m Thursday- and 8 n tn next I miles anl hTw-V tMn -i ti...' r i
aay ; . w itn an; aaamonal weekly trip from .Jvew
bern to Trenton and back every Monday.;. Pro
- n posals for semi-weekly service on th4 whole
2330,Roratrickland"slDepoiiafier :iirnval:of
vraail froml!vlhnington, say at 3 p in, Fri
day ; by TaylorV Bridge, Srxuns, ;ljsburn,
Gravelly Hill; Cypress Creek; and Ellisville ; to
rayeiiviiie try vz a m next Sunday, 80 miles;
next Tuesday.
2 937 From Kahunta at 6 a ra once a week, Mon-
Wc uta 4ou,Uic stock or vehicles of a m and 6 p rniext day. Proposals to supply
W previa eontrjjtor for Ui same route.' Neill's Creek will lL considered. ! U 1
miles.; aud backitvecn-l J in JhuWday and 8
28ffl Froni Eliza'bcth'City at 8 a rri qrice a wcek
"hv: V hj -Newbigon Creek and Nixon
ton -back to Elisabeth "Gtyby 3 p in, equal to
v;.U'i)nule&,'andbaduV. ji ' y :
28G2 From Powell's Point at 8 a rri once a week,
t Monday ; by Roanoke Island to I Naggs
Head by 1 4 p m,; 20tmiles ; and back between
8 a m and 4 p m next day. .Proposals for car-
andbacHbotween 1 pin Sundajrand lp m rymg above mail three times aweckfrom the 1st
of July to 1st October in eachl year will be con
'day; bySt Charles and Benlah; to Eagle 28G3 From Powell's Point at $ a hi once a week,
Iwock, by 6 p m, 40 miles ; and back between 8 Monday ; to Hoanoke Island by C p m, 30
miles ; and back between 8 a m and C p m
, rnrQ mijes, and back-between 6 a m and 5 p
- i i nvthnrsday.,: r-v?:-,V
2360 From. Mason Hall at 0 am once a I week'
. : uuiuay( dv l ieasant . urove, JLii'FuIli.
from Fannville. sav at 2 n m monl-v
j d;iy, and fnday and 2 p m' next days. ProT.o
; sals to run in connoctlnn'w-itk ihA TT, 'i
T t-, ,4 anvme route at MUton will be considered.
28C4 From Creeds Bndge, a, at1 7 a m once a , 2391 From Greenkboronirli at 4i r, m tW
r" -"vv
I i .
wees, monday and thursday, by Jamestown,
Pennfield, BrjimraellV and liich Fork, to Te-
j... L-x intend to couvev the mail
Wkrethe sjzen. we.ghtol the. 1 T K f n-xt day, omiting Harinton. Proposals to
i .l Jfcd for in the schedules hall require it, i inrr:nfi.. .;n U
j tf pjijroad conyejsnce, an the case may be ; and 28
I 'uif iUfutlyt nuchrroutes will be let to bid. pro- 28 1 0 F
i ' . t : t . i n . i -
. . . nIA. .1 TIT f f II 1 VI'VHIUI' . . Ill 1111 tfkZllftrt rti . . f I . ' 7 J I' . . , .
.--lllllf HUCil lWy !V ... .... VH.V.I 1 I, lireI'll" hlf' .0 II .M lUolrn..'., V I ll 1 ct... i 1-1 . ,
n.iu.-ht.H will bo alwtied to bid, urono- ..... ,r " ';vj - " m "'r "'auu na miies? ana uack be-
dMT, mv.v.--,- w . l jie , io vjrreeu ievei-oy-iz in, miles :
j lliiilroad .companies aro ajKjeiHlIy
tlM ir r'gular; bids anj to b? und
. jodu lli tire supply of each otlico on t nnoctive ru;ids, not over a nu
i 'L.i a .....a...
nfofrpwauerov I'Tf1,?or uu,Vr 2818 From Clinton at 6 a m once a weekj Wedr
rc Uan a uarwr oi auiuo on win be, consii- 'n08day ; by Pine Grove, Monk's Stori New
wL.. J H,.'. i , ., .. : Tt . 1 ton's Grove, and Draughan's Store; to Averysi
PruiwaU r earning the math ot tl Lmted H,rnyhv a n m . liri hrW t r.iKK'- riatAo.ij
SUtM fro,n .th" darv iJu7 J5.1' 10 thr, ? Holly's 8tore4 and Hainan's X Roads, -betWeen 6
281 5 FromJIay wood at 5 a m once a weekj Tuesf
day ; by Longstrwt, Rolliu's Store, & Harl
ington ; to Johnsonville by 8 p m, 41 miles!: and
back by the Pocket, between 5am and 8 p m
s to omit
iy will be considered. (See 2842)
proposals to omit Johnson ville. (See i
rom Haywood at t a m once a week;
a m and 8 p m next day. Propbsals Tor semi
weekly service will be considered, also pro
posals to embrace LowelL 1
4Hm mm Wilmington at 6 a m once a week, T week Monday ; to Knott's Island, N C by
Friday ; by Long Creek, Beattvs Bridge, j 12 m; and back between: 2 p m and 7 pm.
lilack liIVer Chapel, and Barrel's Store ; to j 2805 From Washington at 8 a m once a week, ington by 12 m next dav 35 mile and
Moore s Creek by 2 p m next day ; and back by i Tuesday ; by Blount's Creek ; to Durliam's ( between 5am mondav "and thursdn'v an
ing ureek between a m and 6 pm, Creek by 5 p m, 25 miles; and back be-
Thursday, equal to 47 miles and back. tween 8am and 5 p m next day.
2339 From Wilmington at 5 a m onco a week, j 28G6 From lurham's Greek at 0am once a
Jrnday ; by Toj-sail Sound, Stump Sound, i week, Wednesday ; by South Creek ; to
iday and thursdav, and 3 p
2892 From Greensborough at G a m once a
week, fridav. bv Gilmer's Stnrp. Slii.-'
Mills, Clapp's, Ilolt's Store, Hartshorn, Rock
Monday ; tXevclnce ; to-Wilkdsbof !,r
- p m, 3 0 D-J les; an.l back Ut ween Ta m and T
;p hi next "day,"' --
r ' ' - -. "i -'o "V lym Ajriiir vxxakaaraevcrvhrrTi.TTrcl -
Fawcett's Store. MortrdlK SLnv CrZl- - k? a. ir.- v.. i. . "icr lluirs-, -
j , c' -"7 J ",vv"t -4WI I , c iiav l(.,ViUVT and ViUIlrrx- t . '
I rrr,JJu-mue3 na oacic between If , between 8am and Com cverrot'jr frA
2913Trora Wilkcsborough at 5 a m once a wtki-
; tuesday ' by Lewisfork, Stony ; Fork, and
irusny r m ; to JJoone by 7 p m, 30 .mile :'
P m. fnday, and 7pm next day.4 -Proposals' to
i .r commence at Burnt Shop are invited.
28.H from Greensborough at 2 a m three times'
f week, monday, wednesdav, and friday, by
Monticello, Thompsonville, Lenox CasUe, Slile's.
ixrust . uiii, and anceyvUlc, to Milton by 2. a eek, tueedaj ;by Elkville, ForlDefianc
m next days, 55 miles, and back between arriVal C I!.; and Copenhagen ; to M."rciutoJ
iz m next day, 49 mile; mod Uck Ulwerq
??ck between 5 a in and 7 p m next dayi "
2914 From Vi!kcWouh at 8 a fn o'nee I 2
week, tuearlar .v Plb:!T. f-.! Ti-J.
2pm wc dneday, and 7pm next day twiOi ari
adaional trip from Wilkeaborouohat 8 im'ti"
ery fridky by ElkriUe and Fort Drfianc ; (
Lenoir by 7 p m, 33 milea ; and backer Kin 1
Creek aud Warrior Creek, between 8 a maul
7 p m next day. ' u T
2915 From Morganton at 5 a m Iwire a week
wrdoidaj and aaturday ; by Biindletowj
Mountain Home, Minertrille. and Cuba; li
Ruiherlordton by 8 p m, 39 milea ; and baclc !
between 5am and 7 p m, tueaday and fiidayl 1
Pronotf&la fortr'i.UffLI
f . . " . ' - ' . . ' 1 . ' .. ' J i
W AT-'r. W . j . . I . Jill 14. i . I I 1 1 it: 1 . . . Iv-- . - - I ' - -
-r- , wlow ' aaamann aKe' I ", craven county, by iz m next day; Creek, Snow Camp, Sandy Grove, Mudlick, Cane 1 2916 From Morganton at 5 a m twice a weekl
"V""; ) i iu next uay, n mues ; ana uac-K uemecu iz ni lonaay ana 8 p m next creek, llallev s Mills, and Rock Rest, to Pitts- ! tliursday anduoday;liy Marion. Old Fort -
back by
day and 5 p in next day.
2840 From Wilmington at 12 m three times a j
week, Monday, Wednesday, .and Fridav ;t
1... ''lrI Ml-' f T.( rt- r r , tt: T.' 1
' uiiesvine, rair i3iun, Aianon c. ii., s. cn
Mar's Bluff, Bradley ville, and Sumterville : to
Manchester, & C lw 10 p m next Wednesday,
borough by 5pm next day, 05 miles, and back
and Swanano ; to AheTi!!eby Hp m,l59
and liHck Ki-tw.n 1 r m inl M ? m
no ti lied ui7 VovilL l ..r.
und'rtoxl as - ,i.r. ... n,inL -Vv t'. ' id
. . , i i vacu iicc uruc uv o p III, IX
tne line or ,:i..a . An.i v,u i, o ... r'i.. ,i ,6
irter of a . o..,.,.. .1...- '
times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and
av . i..r w;...., V ' i i i . .
June 1&55, incluppe, jn North Caroling will be
I wiA ot tli; contract offic of tlx- Pot )tliee
IVparUnctit, in Uve cjty of Washington, iuntil 10
J ! a Biff the 1st of uril 1851, (to b d id. d by
j 19th day of Vpril.) on tlm rout. mid m th-
j wumntr and tiniierein peciti-.'d, vi : :
! 280I From RuWtgb daily at 10J a m ;
f- - j py NcuseForn-Htvilh, Pacitiie, Fraiiklii!
' ton, Stannt4n, Ifvndrson, Ridg -way, M;
eon In-jOtiana wtti'-ion
To Caston by 7 J p m, 87, miles. .
"Aul bju-.W U twietl ;J a nand 1 J p in. -
2U2 From I.lidetgh daily at 2 p m ;
r By 15arclajN ilU, Pleasant Plains Bunn's
J!vel and Avcrysbwrougli
To Fartttevilli' by If a m u-xt days 00
And back daily between 10 p pi jind 10 a i
in next Mays.
l'ropjftalri for tri-weekly st-rvice, o be run
- at hours to lie named in the bid are invited.
2803 From Rifteigh at if a in, tliree times a
- ( i t f i ' rr.. i'in.
iweCK, Oippiay, iu'suay, hum iiiuiuuy,
Bv Ungle RK-k, Wakefield, Stinjiope and
To IlovkV Mount by 10 p m, 02 miles ;
And back Utwirn 0 a m and 10; p m.
PropJsals for daily wrvice. at a sjpeed not
h'ss than 5 inilen an hour will ty cni!sid
jejed.. Mail to reach Rocky Mount in
tim fop. the" cars going North and to
leave there in'miediately after the' arrival
of the ciirs tcoihg South.
2804 From Rjdeih after arrival of Northern
Mail, say at 5 p m, tliree tun'$ a week,
-Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday ;
Bv Morbid ilie,ChaiH-l Hill, HillslMyrouh
dreenspniig, Mason Hall, Uranani, and
Alamance ; " ' '
I . lo (IrK-nslioro . by 4 p m next clays, 84
miles '
Ami back lM'twe'n :1 a m; every Sunday,
TiWlav, and Friday, and 1 a in next days.
Burnt Siiop to be supplied from Graham
thrwe times a week.
ProjHsals" to embrace Burnt Shop in the
regular route' and supply Mason Hall and
Green "Spring with branch mails are in-
invited. Also propsals to extend to Salem.
12805 From Raleigh at 3 p in once, a wqek V nday;
1 ' : Bv Kelvin Grove, Roger's. Store, Fish
iam, '.Stagville, Red Muntaii, Daniel's
Mills,-fUKl Van HxM)k's Store;
To.dloxliorougli by 7 p m next day, and
b:k-k . ly , Mt. Tirzrdi, R-d I Mountain,
lioujid Bill, Stagville, and Flemington :
, T liaj'igh U tve n (J a in Thursday,' and
' 10 a In next day, equal to 50 miles and baek.
1 2800 ,FrtTni Riil-i-rh at 5 a m, twice ajweek, Sun-
diiy nnl Wetliu sday ; by 11 oily Springs,
aywogd, Adolph,Ptffcio, St L:urance, Mar- (?ardtlor's Urido; to Plymouth
y' Mills, Reed Crw k, Frankhn ville, Ct-hr r alls. ; Jay 1A m . anJ back ViUial
ahUrough,; Caraway, Speneer, .Silver 1M1, Cot- j y; m Tuesday, Thursday, 1 Si
m and 8p m Thursday, equal to 40 miles and
back. - . i
2819 From Laurel Hill after arrival of mail from
Ch-raw, say ati p m, twice a week, Tuesday
and Saturday; to Rockingham .'by 10 pjm, 21
miles ; and back between 5 a m and 11 a ni.
Propoals to extend to Wadesboro' are invited.
Also, projDosals to comipeiice at Springtield iil-
stead'of Laun l Hill. I
2820 From Laurel Hill at 2 p m once a; week,
Tue-day ; by Stewartsville ; to Gilopolis by
5 p m, 12 miles; and back between 8 p in and
11 am. Proposals for simi-wcekly service will
le considered, j
2821 From Lumberton at 7 a m once d week,
Monday; by Howellsville ; to lrosject
Hall by 2 p in, 20 miles ; and back between 2$
p m and 9 p m. Proposals' to embrace Smith's
Bridge, either one way or both ways will be con
sidered. - !
2822 From Little Rock Fish at 1 p m, Monday,
by Lumber Bridge ; to Philadelphus by
p m, 20 miles ; and back between 5am land 12
m. v
2823 From Lumbertcn at 0 am once a week,
, Friday; Philadelphus, Giloiolis, fcowper
Hill, Stewartsville, Queensdale, and Alfords ville;
to"Lumberton by 0 p in' next day, cqua to 37
miles and back. '.
2824 From Elizabt thtown at 6 a m once a week
Tuesday; bBig Swamp, Fair Bluff, Gum
Swamp, Vhite Marsh, Whitesville, and Western
Prong; to Elizabehtown by 2 p m next Thurs
day, equaF to 52 miles and back. Proposals to
omit Fair Bluff are invited. !
2825 From Weldon daily ar 2 am ; by Halifax,
Enfield, Battleboro' "Rocky Mount, Joyner's
Depot, Wilson, Black Creek, Nahunta, Golds-
borough, Everettsville, Faison s Deyxt arr
saw, Strickland's Depot, Teachy's, Washington
Depot, Sill's Creek, Cypress Grove, Wilmington,
and Smithville ; to Charleston, S. C. in 31 hours,
by 9 p m, 340 miles; and back daily between
3 p m and 8pm next day. j
282G From Weldon at 32l p ra once a week,
Tliursday ; by Quankfcy and Westlaud ; to
Littleton by 8 a m next day, 25 miles; and back
between 8 a ill and 3 pm. j
2827 From Weldon at 3 a in three times; a week,
Monday Wednesday, and Friday ; by Jack
son, Rich Square, Rox able, Hotel, and Windsor ;
to Plymouth by 8 p m, 72 miles ; and back be
tween 5am and 9 p in next day. Proposals
for semi-weekly service are invited. Also, propo
sals to reach Plymouth in time for the departure
on 2808, without reference to the advertised
sehedule on that route, proposals for changing
which are invited. t
2828 From Enfield at 5am, three time a -week
Tuesday, Thursday, aud Saturday; by
Pinetum, Scotland Neck, palmyra, Roanoke, and
Hamilton ; to NV illianvton by 8 pm, and by
by 12 m next
jWilliamston between
than five miles an hour will be considered.
2841 From Averysboro' at 8 a m once a week,
Monday :v by Hannah's Creek ; to Smith
field by G p m, 30 miles ; and back between
8am and 0 p m next day.
2842 From River-side at 9 a m once a week,
Tuesday ; to Harrington by 4 p m, 20 miles;
and back between 9 a m & 4 p m next day.
243 From Beatty's Bridge at 1 p m once a
week, Friday ; by Colly Swamp; to Cane
Tuck by 5 p.ra, 15 miles, and back between 8
a m and 12 m. Proposals to extend by com
mencing at Gravelly Hill will be consider
ed. 2344 From Onslow C. II., at 6 a m onco a week
Sunday, by Piny Green, to Swans borough
by 2 p in, 24 miles, and back between 5 a m &
12 m Saturday, or in time to connect with the
mail to Richlauds. Proposals to embrace Palo
Alto are invited, also proposals to commence at
Polloeksville. (See No. 2847.)
2345 From Newbern at 8 a m three times a
week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, by
Kinston and Mosely Hall, to Goldsboro' bv 6 a
28G Ironi Currituck C. H. at 12 m once a botuwn ii n m cumlir o.i n m .. .1.... ' miles : and KarW I.Hn.n fi m m. A 1 1 I
. ,1 , t . '"'" , "UU J pill ' ' . - - v. . - ! aiiU M. M. p U,
week, hnday; by Coiujock and Poplar . 2893 From Greensborough at 9 m once a week, monday and ihuraday. Propoaala for wi-werk. 1
Branch ; to Powell's Point by G p m, 25 tuesday, by Fentriss, Centre, and New Sa- ,v "T'c are intiied, in -iew of aimiUr cr.
mues: ana back between nam and y nm l.-m t, A).ir.-viii. lv.. c. oi . i .i I vice aid an iTniiiirl ,rk..H.iU .. c.i:.i.J -
r- ....vuiuu-u 11 V LI UL O 1 Utile?. ;UIU wuuuiw llltc Uil(WUi
. . J I ... 1 ' 7 I . ,
next uay. Osick between
2808 From South Quay, Va- 11 p m, three j 2894 From
' a week
l TTM1 . .1 . t . ... " ..'..! . I .i L li. . i.
su -j; noun, iveiurninrr io tame ume and
connecting at Saliabury with No. 2995.
2917 From Mergantuwn a! 0 a m once a Wee c
monday; liy Lii.viile Rirer, North Cor
Grassy Creek, and BakeraviMe ; lo UurnaVllla
ofi bv 6 P m nexl day, thence at 4 a m ihur$dy bjr
. j Bald Creek, Ivy, Democrat, Stockvill, 'and -
...v., a iu.iViiu.ij, vviiiCTUrtj, rtiiu A-riuay, -j y "U v." v J iiuewiAJii, mj . xiUL-Hiitie, Jioiirovion, lroUbiesome, Iveldsviile
andGpm next Wednesnay, Friday, and Sunday. 1 Plymouth by lip m, 102 miles; and back be- i Rawliugsburg, and Grave, to Danville by 5 p
Proposals for daily service at a speed of not less j tween llj pm and 10 a m next days. Proio-' m, 51 miles, and back between 2 a m and 1 i
o Ashborough by Cpm,31 miles, and ' T,ce a,u an xpediled achedule onihe Sali)jbui -t
ween 0 am and 3 pm, Wednesday, j b,,,rJ route No. 2920, to connrct with hk
n Grwnsborough at 5 am three times j Greenville, ., route at Aaherilte. ,Tim ;
c, monday, Wednesday, and fridav, by ' 'urosh frm Sali!ury to Aibevill not (a ex.
sals to commence at Franklin Depot, Va., are in
vited. Bidders to specify the hours of departure
and arrival at Plymouth.
28G9 From Murfreesboro' at G am onoe a week,
j Saturday; by Potecasi, St. John, and Roxa
ble, (Britton's Cross Roads ;) to Scotland Neck,
by 8 pm, miles ; and back between 0am
and 8 p m, Friday.
2870 From Murfreesboro' at 7 am three times
a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ;
to Winton by 10 a m, 12 miles ; and back be
tween the arrival of mail from Portsmouth, say
at 3 p m and 7 p m. Proposals to end at
Franklin Depot, Va., are invited.
2871 From Ridgeway at 7 a m twice a week,
Wednesday and Saturday ; by N ut Bush,
Palmer's Spring, St. Tammany, and Merry
Mount ; to Ridgeway by 7 p m, equal to 1 7
miles and back.
2872 From Ridgeway, after arrival of cars from
Gaston, say at 10 a m three times a week,
tuesday, thursday, and Saturday ; by Exchange,
Lynesyille, Clarksville, Va., White House, and
Hy co Falls; to Halifax C. II. Va. by ll p'm,
m next days. Proposals to expedite and change
the schedule to conucct at Greensboro' with the
1 Salisbury route will be considered, in riew
1 .a a -
o - - - - - W
hiso proposals to commence at Salem and rune "cru i .Asnerme oy -t p m mi
direct by Kerncrsville, Summerfiehl, (fcc, con-1 and back Va oung instead of Bakerarilfo
nectiug at Salem with the Salisbury route, both ! between Gam friday. and 4 p m next fundi,
ways. Proposals to embrace Went'worth 'instead ! Pr0P08al9 lo "pply Young'a and Bakeravilld
m next days. G5 miles, and back between 8am 56 raue:4 J and, back between 1 a m and 3 p m,
Tuesday, Thursdav, and Saturday, by 6 a m next ' monday, Wednesday, and friday, with atri-week-
Jays, l'ropcsals to reverse the schedule mak- ly-orancn ; irom iynesviue, a. u.; by ooa-
mail worth s to Boydtown, v a. by 0 p m, tuesday,
s. Proposals to reverse the schedule ma
with- route No. 2854 a daily Northern m
(except Sunday) to and from Newbern, are invi- ' thursday, and Saturday; and back to Lynesville
oy iz m, monaay, weanesaay, ana iriaay.
2873 From Henderson at 1 p m three times a
week, tuesday, thursday; and Saturday ; to
Williamsboiough by 3 p m, 9 miles ; and
back between 9 a m 1 1 a m.
2874 From Henderson after arrival of Northern
mail, say at 10 a m, tliree times a week,
monday, Wednesday, and friday ; by Oxford, Be
ted. Also proiKJsals for three additional weekly
2846 From Newbern at 7 a m three times a
week, Sunday, Weduesday, and Friday, and
by Cravenville, to Beaufort by 5 p m same days,
48 miles, and back between 7am and 5 p m
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
2847 From 11 locks ville at 7 a m once a week,
Friday ; liy Palo Alto ; to Swansboro' by
4 p m same day, 27 miles; and back between
8 a m and 5 pm next day. Proposals to end at
Hadnots are iuvited, also proposals to embrace On-
low C. II. and Pmey Green. (See No. 2844.
rea, Roxliorough, Leasburg, Moore's Store, Mil
ton, and Ringgold, Va. ; to Danville, Va by 7 miles, and back between 3 p m thursday and 8
a m next days, 77 miles ; and 'back between 10 p ra next dav. With an additional weekly trip
a'm, tuesdays, thursday, and. Saturday, and 10 a i from Weatworth after arrival of mail from
m next daVs, with three additional weekly trips I ville, say 8 a in, Saturday, by Pleasantville, to
2848 From Pollocksville at 2 p m every other ' rom Henderson to Oxford and back, between ar- i Madison by 1 p m, 17 miles, and back between
Monday ; to Hadnofs by 9 p m, 22 miles ; i mai ol "oruieru man, say main ana t j p m, i p iu ana o p m.
luesuay, uiursuay, ana saLuruay. x roposuis io w rroiu aiem at o a m once a wee a, raou-
change the schedule so as to connect at Danville,
of Monroeton an.l Tronl.l.n ro JnvitT t bth way$ are invited.
2895 From Clreensborouh after arrival of sLio-e i 2913 From Morganton it 5 a m once a weelc
from Raleigh, say at 4 p m tliree tima I , sal.irday ; by lVikinsrille, ColleUfillj;,
week, monday, thursday, and Saturday, by New ! 'he, Valle Cruci, Sugar Grove, Boone aiid.
Garden, Friendship, "Kerncrsville, Limestone More,z Mi,l ; o JeflVrson by 0 p m next da)rtr
Well, Salem, Midway, Martin, and Lexington, to 1 79 m,,es : and hack between 5 a m ihundij
Salisbury by 9am next days, 65 miTes, and ' and 6pm nexl day. T I 1
back between 7 a m Monday, Thursday, and Sat- 2919 From Lenor C. II. at 7 a m once
urday, aud 12 p m. Proposals to commence at ' ,r week ,,,urs-y 5 hy Lovelady, CalawU
Salem are mvited, in view of extending 2304. 1 T ,rw anu " ""enurg ; io i ajioravuie by 7p
Proposals to extend over 292S and alsoo via m' and back Li,,,e Kiver and Dal'a Mill,
Jamestown will be considered. ' lo Lenoir between 8 a ni and 4 p mtnext daVr '
2396 From Reidville at 6 a ra twice a week, e,al 31 milea and back. j r .
Wednesday and Saturday, by Wcntworth 2920 l rom J-""0" at 5 a m three timerfa
Eagle Falls, to Leaksville bv12 m, 18 rnil., and . lek- Sunday, luesday, thursda); by North
back between I n m .iti.I 7 n n, lwU I ork' 1 ajmrsville 1 e.. Pandora, Dfr Hr.
r j - t -
commence at Wcntworth are invited.
2897 From Iieidsville at 6 a ra once a week,
tuesday, by Larson ville and Black well's, to
Yanceyville by 1 p ra, 24 miles, aud back be
tween 2 p m and 9 p ra.
2893 From Hillsdale at 7 a m once a week, tues
day, by Summer field, Oak Ridge, and Be-
lew's Creek, to Kerncrsville by 12 m, 22 milosj
and back between 1 p m and 6 p m.
2899 From Wcntworth, after arrival of mail
from Reidsville, say 8J am once a week,
Wednesday, by Pleasantville, Madison, Ayresville,
Crooked Creek, Coles ville, Francisco, and Bi
Creek, to Mount Airy by 2 J p m next day, 09
and back between 7am and 1 p m.
2849 From Kinston at 0 a rn once a week, Friday;
.a r j i.-
by Sandy Foundation, Pink Hill, and ,Bu- Wltu rout0 i0- 548W4 as proposed to connect at
ena Vista : 5 to HallsviUe bv 6 iVm. 34 miles and Greens borougn or oaiem, witn io. eyo, win be
, - - J l 7 7
back between Oam and 0 p m next day.
2850 From Greenville at 4am once a week,
Friday ; by Contentnia, Hookerstown, and
2875 From Fraklinton at 4 pm once a week,
Wednesday ; by Wilton, Tally ho, Buffalo
Snow Hill'; to Goldsborough bv 9 p m, 49 miles; ; Hill, Red Mountain, and Caldwell; to Hillsbo
aud back between 8am aud 12 p m next day. ! roUSh hY 7 P m next daJ'' 49 mdes ; and back
Proposals for semi-weekly service are invited.
2851 From Pungo Greek at 12 m, Tliursday ; to
North Creek by 3 p m, 9 miles ; and back
between 2 a m and 1 1 a m.
2852 From Washington at 7 am once a week,
Thursday ; by Bath, Pungo Creek, Pante-
go, Leach vijlle, Germanton, Sladesville, Swan
Quarter C. 1L, and Lake Landing ; to Middleton
by 1 2 m next Saturday, 110 miles ; and back by
Fairfield instead of Swan Quarter, between 2 p
m Saturday and 8 p m next Monday, with an
additional weekly trip ; from Washington every
Saturday at 1 pm; to Bath by 0 p m; and
back between 7 a m and 12 m. Proposals for
semi-weekly service on the whole route will be
considered; also, proposals to embrace North
Creek. See 2851.
2853 From Washington at 1 p m once a week.
Tliursday ; to Ocracoke by 9 a m next Sat-
day, bv Walkerstown, White Road, Blakelv
Madison, "Grogansville, Horse Pasture, Va, and
Traylorsville, to Martinsville, Va by 6 p ra next
day, 63 miles, and back between 5am Wed
nesday, and 8pm next dav.
2901 From Salem at 2 p m once a week, satur- j
ry, Dividing Ridge, Elizabeihtown, Happy Va!"
ley, Blue Plum, and Green MeadoW; tn Johei.
boro lenn., by 10 p ra nexl dajfj 78 mllep ;
and back between 5am t leiday, lhurdayabd -Saturday,
and 10 pm next dayi. Proposal fat
semi-weekly service are invited. j ' t
2921 From Jffftrrson at 8 a m once a week,
tuesday, by flilton and Manly ; to Shad
rack Greer', hy 5 pm, 2G mi lea ; and I
back between 8am and 5pm next day.4
2922 From Mouth of Wilson, Va. at 8 a m nnco
a week, Wednesday ; by Gap Civil N. p." .
Trap Hill, N. C, by 7 p m 30, railea ; and
bark between 8am and 7pm next day.
2923 From Siatearille at 6 a m once a week, .
Saturday ; by Fancy Hill, Stony Point, abd V
Taylorsville ; to Wilketlorough, by 6 p m 67
milea ; and back between Gam aud 6 pm, rri. A
day. j f-
2924 From Slateirille at 6 am once a weekf
Wednesday ; hy Bethany Church, Mapto
Bottom, Houstonville, Ilamptonville, Dowelton,
Mount Nelo, lo Rockford, by 6 p m. thence jat
Gam friday by SculUcamp and Haystack ; (to
Mt. Airy by 8 p m 83 miles ; and bark to Rock?
ford between Gam aud 8pm Saturday, and to
Slates ville (from Rockford) between Gam and
ton Grove, and Jersey Settlement ;.to Salisbury, j same d " anJ to fcufiMa, next day bv 7 p
iy o p in, next days ll miles; ana wick, Pronosals to jto throudi the same; dav wi 11
Saturday, and 7 urday ; and thence to Portsmouth by 12 m, 85
U'tweyn 7 a tu Saiiday aiid Wednesday, and 7,
p tn next das. lrejM)sals for tri-weekly service
Will be. considered.
1 2807 From' Raleigh at 7 a m three times a week,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday; by Au
, burn, Gulley's Store, SmithfnM, Boon Hill, and
Waynehborough ; t GoldsKn', by 8 p m Rime
day5l miles; and back between arrival of cars
from Wilmington, nay 2 p m Tiufnlay, Thursday
aiui Saturday, and 3 a m next days.
280$ Kronj Fayetteville at 2 am daily ; by Dun
Itlarrach, Randallsville, Montpel,U'ri Laurel
1 nil, Springtield, and Brightsville S. (, to Cheraw,
' ;H. by 4 p in, 73 miles; and back daily between
a ni and 9i n m. Proposals tot tri-weekly
niee, to lei run at hours to ,be named hy
bidder, are invife.d. Proposals to eanbi ace (iilop-
('l'w and Ik'iinettsvill ' and supply Laurel Hill,
Springfield and BrighUville by side mails will be
, considered. I
2809 From Fayetteville at 3 a m, tfvice a week,
I Sunday, and Thursday; by Littl Rcxk Fish,
St. Pauls, Lumbertoii, Ix?esville, and 4addysville ;
toMarumaiI., 12 ni next days, 78 miles;
aad pjwk 'between 1 p m Monday and Friday,
aad next day. ProjHjsals to end at
FairBjuff, N. C. gre invited.
. 2810 From, Fayetteville at 0 a ra, once a week,
Wednesday; ly Argyle, Sotenm G rove, New
Gilead, CUrV Mills, M aoedonia and Troy ; to
Swift Island ly 5 p in, next day,. 78 miles ; and
back between 0 a m, Monday, and by 5 p ranext
2811 From F'ayette ville at 10 a m, three times
a week, Monday, Wednesday land Friday ;
hy GrayV Cn'ek, Prosxkt Hall, Lvbn's Landing,
Wizabethtown. White's Creek. West Brook, and
tlUbiriWs ) to Wilmington by 9 a in next days,
80 miles ; aad back' between 10 a m Tuesday,
Thursday and S;iturlay, and 9 am next days.
Proposal for semi-weekly serv ee are invited.
2812 From Fayetteville at 2 p in three timts a
jweek,'; Sunday', Tuisday, and Thursday ; by
Owch'iville ! Clinton, and Spriugfield ; to Warsaw
Also, proposals to end at Wil-
be considered
2829 Trom Enfield at 6 a m twice a week, Tues
day and Friday ; by Heathsvills, Brinkley
ville, Ringwood, and Sycamore alley ; to Enfield
by 6 p rri, equal to 17 miles, and back.
2330 From Rockv Mount -at 6 a m three times
a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ;
l)y Tai Wrough, SparLo, Falkland, Greenville, and ;" 2855
Pactolus ; to Washington by 11 p m, 7 1 miles,
and back between L a m apd1 p m Saturday,
Tuesday, and Thursday.
2831 From Rocky Mount at 5 a m three times
miles : and back between 8 a m Monday and 12
m next Wednesday.
2854 FVom Plmouth at 2am three times a
week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday ; to
Washington by 11 am; thence, By Swift Creek
Bridge; to Newbern by 10 p m, 70 miles; and
between 0 a m tuesday, and 10 am next dav
2870 From Franklinton at 1 p m once a week,
Wednesday ; by Harris Cross Roads ; to
Hall's Cross Roads' by 7 pm, 18 miles; and
back between 6 a m an,d 12 in.
2377 From Forestville at 5 a In once a week,
Wednesday ; by New Light, Wilton, Brook
ville, and Tab's Creek ; to Oxford by 7 p
m, 42 miles ; and back between 5 a m
tuesday, aud 7pm.;
2878 From Forestville at 11 a m twice a week,
monday and tuesday, to Rollesville by 1 p
m, 5 miles, and back between 8 a m and
10 a in.
2879 From Warrenton at 10 anionce a week,
saturdavi to Shocco Spring by 14 p m, 11
miles, and back betweeu 7 a in and 10 am, with
two additional weekly trips at thej same hours,
tuesday and thursday, from 1st July to 1st Oc
tober, each year.:
2880 From Littleton at Gam onee a week, Sat
urday, by Grove Hill and Areola, to Ram
son's" Bridge bv 12 m, 21 miles, and back
between 1pm and 7 p m.
2881 From Oxford at 5am once a week, thurs
day, by Waterloo, Gregory's Mill, Abra
.1.... i... t i. i i i.. n. " ' -.T'
, a 3 , , 'r.u i t ' '2925 From Salubury at 6 am once a week,
bv 6 pm, and thence bv lied isnoals, Martin's i 0 . , . . ' -at i i rt
t l' i n i ii 'i tj . i r it ! qalurday ; by Mt. Vernon, Mockiritle,
Lime Kilns, Colesville and Avo, to Patrick C. H. i 0 . ' ( . -itl
. ' . ..' j , , t . Smith s Urove, and 1 armington ; to liuntavula
a by 8 p m next dav, 50 miles, and back be- ? i . . a
i i n t n . . hy 7 p m 41 miles; and back between 6 a mac
, 0 . . - ' 7 p m friday : with an additional weekly trip
and lo Salm hv 1 '1 tn iipii v. wilh an sdfll. . r . . . . J ' r
i ii . c o i . . j ! Irom Hunts vine to 31
lional weekly trip from Salem at 2 p in tuesday,
to Germautown by 6 pm, and back between 8
a m and 12 m.
2902 From Salem at 4 a m tkree times a week
tueed.iy, friday and Saturday, by Oldtown,
Bethauia, Little Yadkin, Tom's Creek. Mount
Airy, Good Spur, Va., HilUville, Cranberry
Plains and Jackson's Ferry, to Wythe ville, Va.,
y ii p m nen 0a)s, . m..r.v n uk . bewefn 5 a m ud an(J f, iday and 8
tween 4 a m, thursday, and .aturday, m M, , proposRu for tri weekly ser-
and 1 1 p ni next auys. i roposais ior semi
weekly service are invited.
2903 rroiu fealem at ; a m sun
and fridav, by Muddy
Mocksriile and back between
8am and 8pm tuesday. Proposals to ornjt
Smith's Grove, will be considered; also iof
weekly service only on thewhole route.
2920 From Salisbury at 10 am twice a week
tuesday and friday ; by Cowansvijle,
Stateaville, Poplar Grove, Bunker Hill, Nw.
ton C. II., and Drowning Creek ; lo Mar.
canton by 11 p m next days, 84 miles; ind
i , -ii 11 111 .. i v v.
back to Washington, Mondav, Wednesday, and i iams oro nS me ai.a iuu
v.;.t. q o v ,.,i,l 19 an.l tA llv. i Iloads, to Clarksville, a. by 8 p m, 42 miles,
1 lVi. , , tVUVVl V 1 ... . 1 . . ...miA w , 111, Id 1
anu oacK uetween u a m aim o p jii, ue.t
with an additional weekly trip between Clarks
ville and Brownsville. j
2832 From Oxford at 5 a ra once' a week, Sat
urday, by Tailyho, Dutchvik, Knapp of
R-eds, Stagville, South Lowell Mills, and Enoe
Mills, to Hillsborough by 7 pm, 43 miles, and
Wk between 5 a ra and 7 pm, friday.
2333 From Wilton at 6 a m once a week, fri-
raouth by 9 p m. Proxsals to embrace Gard
ners Bridge and illiaraston are invited.
From l'lymouth at 7 a ra once a week,
Thursday ; by Skinnersville and Scupper
nong; to Columbia C. II. by 4 p ni, 36 miles;
and back between 8 a am 0 p ra next day.
2850 From Windsor at 4am twice a week,
a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday ; j Tuesday and Saturday ; by Merry Hill, Ash-
ther Creek, Huntsville, Ilamptonville, New
Castle, and Briar Creek, Wilkesboro', Church's
Store, and South Fork, to Jefferson by 10 pm
next days, 94 miles, and back between 5am
tueday, thursday and Saturday, and 10 p m
next days. Proposals for semi weekly service
are invited, also proposal to supply Cleminons
ville, instead of Muddy Creek, and likewise
proposals to supply Doweltown by this
2904 From Salem at 7 a m twice a week, lues
day and friday, to C'lemmonsville hy 10 a m
11 miles, and bark between 1pm and 4 p m.
Proposals to extend by Smith's Grove to Mocks-
will be considered.
p in next days, l'ropo-ais tor tri weekly
vice and an expedited schedule are invited, say
, , to run through each way in 24 hours, in close
iday, ujay. I connexion with No. 2903. so as to go through
f, vn' . frm Salisbury to Abbeville in not exceeding 42
hours. Returning in same time and count
ing-al Salisbury with No. 2395. ,
2927 From Salisbury at 10 a m, three timi a
week, sundry, tuesday and friday ; by 'Mi
randa, Spring Grove, Deep Well, Mt. Mourn,
lieattie's Ford, Catawba Springs, Vesuriuf
Furnace, Lincolnton, Shelby C. II. ( Fillmore,
Mooresboroiigh, Wehli's Ford, Rutberfordton,
Chimney Rock, and Fairview; to A she ville by
4am tuesday, thursday and sunday, 145 miles,
and back between Sam Saturday, tuedayand
thursday, and Gam monday, ihursday and. sal
' uiday. Proposals for semi weekly service ara
invited. ,
v,, e w" .consioerea. j 2Q29 From g; a, l0 a m three times i
2905 From Lexington at 7am once a week . .... jr-j. i... r-L:
tuesday, by Walser's Mills, Fulton, to
Mocksville by 1pm, thence by County Line
and Oak Forest, to Stateaville by 12 m next
r ri.ur L'lv'i. . ... . i.i,- r V. 1 i t , , i ir l Ml 1 Tt. . 1. T .1 .i
d by tht , lstownana iuwourguy . ana,oieram, i arreisMiie, ana r;uc. , u b Tranquility, Fish Dam, West Point, j day, 43 miles, and back between 1 p m wedne.
a i me th., .V m d.nlv. exeent Sunday : to turfreesWri by 11 Din. 01 miles: and back U'V - 111 12'. . r . ,.J . i ' .ji:.:
I f " .7 1 - ' -' j r . 7 . .
Franklinton by 8 a m, 48 miles, and hack to j between 4 a ra and 11 p m Monday and Fri
" i a 1
Louisburg between 5 p m and 8 p m' daily ex
cept Sunday, thence to Rocky Mount, between 5 a
m and 4 p m Monday, Wednesday '& Friday.
2932 From Wilson at 9 am once a week, Mon
Prattsburo-h, and trice's Store, to Chapel day and 6 pm next day, with an additional
weekly trip fmm Lexington to Mocksville and
baek between 5am and 6pm every friday
2906 From Lexington at 7 a m once a week, t
week, sunday, tuesday, and friday. by Chi
na Grove, Coleman. Concord, Harrisburg,
Chaiiotte. White Hall, Rose Hill, aud IUoale.
bury, to Yorkville S. C, by 12 m next days,
72 miles, and back to Charlotte between lip
in and 11 pin. tuesday, thursday, and Saturday,
and theuce to Salisbury between 6 a in add 8
pm next days, rroposals to run Mrom cnar.
lotte by the most direct route to Chester C. II.,
2857 From Elenton at 2 a m three times a week,
' Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; by Hert-
e i if j i:m: v. .K "V ... .T.l.nn
iorii. oooviue. raizaocui vn. ik utlmhuu, t. . tt-h . . i r ... i t
. . , - - - ' w-v I I I I I T lwS rt 1. tTllitll lit I 'T I I
winnt,,,, sn.ufht a .nnnrro. ir tr . "srn t t i i a t , i t - - i . . - t t . mm
"'.V.A "3 r v - i outn .Miiis, iaae rum..iouu, nry ' 10 , .,vt d:r 35 miW and Wk between 1 u oru' by 7 n m. 41 mues, ana uacK ueiweeu i , . ;ir.,j
m. in ..av t j m. . a ! IVUIC i j vui taiivu ft iMiiivau a
a m and 7pm next day.
2333 From Everettsville at 1 1 a m once a week,
Thursday ; by Whitfield's Mills, Sleepy
Creek, aud Jericho; to Strabane by 7 p m, 22
miles ; and back between G p in and 2; p m next
day. I
Hill by 7 p m, 33 miles, and back between
6 a m and p m, next day.
oafti. From TIillsVmnnTh at (i a m once a week.
Umrwlay, bv Cedar Grove, alnut Orove, . weouesu.y, ny rs r ur, r-.Kr. . .. Sche(ljle lo bo specified.
leasburg by r.oen, uoover u, u o,r. - ... . connecli,lg wilh railroad at Chester C. H.
So liill ; , IIok,rilonby 6 ,, ,n,3 u-ite; ; to XorA,lk, Vx, by 4 p nl, 77 mite; and Wk j m.,? 'TxtXr.
A. i . i , i . 4 . " - 9 rrT nil a a x i : is i - j
T ,v ,ua TV-; Vvn "t;U'tween. am,a?. ,P ,r4." -ni i2e85 From Hillsborough at 6 a monce a week,
with an additional week y trip Jrom ilon to ; for three additional weekly trips will be con- ; , bv Wsdut Grove and Van Hook's
fctantonsourg ; ana uick between y a rn anu 0 p sidered. ;1 i?i- 1.,. a k . ? m;i i Benublic. Doweltown. and Mt. Nclw : to R kford ;
m, Thursday. 1 royals to cud at jSpetghts j. 285g Twm ftt A a m ODCe a week, anJ k Q nweJnesdav, and 4 bv 7 p m 35 miles ; and Wk between 0 a m and ;
Bridge are invited. j ' ti.....j,. . k nn...,r, uj,m f; I uu - . - V . i..
ville, Sunbur", Gatesville, and Sonierton ; to Suf- 2gg6 pr(ra UULsboro' at 10 a monce a week, j 2908 From Rockford at 8 a m once a week, tues- (
folk. Va by 4 p m next day, 71 miles; and; .thnrsuW- l,v Hawfield. Mount Willing.! day : bv Walnut Lane and Jouesville; to i
Wk after arrival of Petersburg mail, say between j eajow Creek, and McDaniels, to Rock Creek ' Briar Creek by 0 pm, 27 miles; and Wk between
1 p ra Tuesday and 8pm next day. Propo- ; bv 6 m 29 miles, and back between 10 am 8am and 0 p ra Monday.
1 r.rA ot ftMitVi Ounxr V ini1 iimivlv ITftlv ' " i i .. i n . 3 OOAO IT-.-.i-ii t?.-wVf. .rt fit A a m nnep a weeV Rlin-
to'KJm Wt P !. J W '.e ' 2887 From AihWgU at 6 .,. week, dav; bv Siloam, Stony KM, and Ut.
. ' 3 1 , r, . , i 1 ! also, proposals for a second weekly tnp between 1 urA.1tioe.lav 1 v tire' COrOSS Roads. Salem Yadkin; to Germanton bv 4 p m, 32 miles
' ... . . . SL -. , I " . "j j - i ' i .... . - ,
oatesvme, a,., anu ,uiu uay, a. Church, Allen Skiens, Lassiter s Mills, Uix Mills, ana oat-K rxaween a m anu p ... nuu,,,, . , - - , . . u 5 4
2859 From Wood ville at 12 m once a week Sat- f and Burney's MiiLs, to Troy by 7 p m, and Wk J 2910 From Ilamptonville at 4 a in once a week, , J ,
- . . ' r . 1 1... v: V II, ..a t I'lTir.ll -
bv Motamoros ami Cox .Mills, between oam muMiay u wuu, .-.ew ,
and 7 p ra tuesday, equal to 36 miles and
2833 From Ashborough at 6 a m, onco a week,
friday, by Moffitt's Mills, Waddell's Ferry,
aad Brewer's Mills, tp Prosperity by 5 p m,
m ; thence at 9 a m once a week, Saturday ; bv
Sarecta ; to Albertson's by 1 p m, 21 miles ; and
back to Kenaus ville. by 2 p m Saturday,, and to
Strickland's Depot by 2 p ra Wednesday. Iro
posjils to commence at KenansTlie wiE be
2835 From Strickland's Depot at 5 i m onoe a
week, Saturday ; by Kenarisville,5llallsville,
Ric Sand, Comfort, Trenton, and PollocksvUle ;
urday ; to Durant's Neck by 3 p m, 12 miles;
and back between 8 a m k 11 am Saturday.
2800 From Elizabeth City at 5 a in once a week,
Wednesday; by Camden, Shiloh, Indian
town, Corner Gum, Currituck C. H., Northwest
River Bridge, Va,, Hickory Ground, and Great
Awfc. f tt ' . a. r . . .1. 1
JUUi rromiiuuisu ieaioa m ouway SaliJ.narr at 10 am three lime 1
tuesday, by Walu"t Grove and Van Hook's urdav ; by Ked Plums lt Bend, or bu,h a ,lind-V. bsday. aud friday. by
Rock ville. Gold Hill. Kendall's Store, Albe.
marie, Norwood. Cedar Hill. Carolina Female
College. Beverly, Wadesboro, and Morten, to
Cheraw, S. C hy 5 p m next day. 90 rni!.
and back via Chesterfield C. II., S. C, 'In sir ad
of Morven N. C, letwen 4pm (or arrival of
mail from F'ayeitevilJe) sunday, luesday, acd
fi iday, a 12 pm uext days. 1
2930 From Salisbury at 12 m once a week
fridav. bv Oi!?n Church, to Mount Pleas-
j ' O .
.i r:u. ir.u otnc-iiu V.e 7 n m r and . 2931 l rom Jnmestown ai o a rn oner
K. T it:ii r V Post Oak. Wib wedi.esd.iy by Hunt Store, InUlu!e. Y air
uua.b u a a-ai in:a l 11,111. a " "-v 7 - m m . sl n a
liamsburg, and Eagk Mills between 7 a ra and 7 j Grove. La Grange, New .varue. a.w oaiem,
' , 1 . o :i A 5s,nMv C.reV. Trov's Store, Ins Mills! Pat-
From lL.mVuIeat7a monceawcek,terSou'-. S:ore, Snow Camp, Clover OrcUrd,

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