North Carolina Newspapers

- -rv
p-'Vni oti o Huston between Lyman
,L., CO'I'"
,1 nlaloftT, aud Ihe city of Lowell, de
in which heavy damages were award.
f": Jejliry,!aml some important point were
Y' d It appeared thai I he; plaint iff, vho
- ilzon'of Manchester, New Hampshire,
j ld Lowell " business, and in attempting
' .i rentfil "treel, caught Ijjs fool innbe
,aC fr,jng jof a culvert, which was out of
if,0 c tnJ pnrotfuJod two inches or more a Dove
iJe walkii'fll and fractured hi knee.pan.
?!e counsel fur the city, Sidney ttarllet, Esq.,
JvoM, rMc :;Mo?cr solicitor of
! wc conVh'Vd, that if a man attempts
. ireel tit a city, at any other place th
ckffe flipr2infj.UtiMiei are laid, or & crossing
V . j, indicated in some way he does so at
ii peril. O.i the other nand, it was contend.
b Hon. Il'ifus Choate, George rUrstow,
!aJ otisihanj tadd, Esqrs., for the PlaJfitiir,
ibaltbe wnoic; M'S"".; ,p "i"'1 wiou passen
ger! nd"c"',aoe, lb pass ana1 cross where
jheif coenM!,,c ma3 rf,.''re ra,d it was ad.
mined lh i&e plaintiff did Rut cross on the
Cj2'n? "slonlrljtlitaough be was very near them
,'os nfe d"ne ,0, ' - .
- The court I'litaliifd the position of the plain.
'fifi counsel; "d as it was proved that the
Injury to tbe plaintiff's leg. he being, a black.
imiib, totaljFj disabled him for pursuing his
tfajc . and, aJ it wtt proved ,he had a family,
.ni was forty-five years of age, the jury award
ed kiodsd'ne sum ot $9,90.") damages, with in-
,,gr-st. The accident occurred lit November,
Theagony is over, and Free Su'flrae" lies
uumbered among the slain. : By reference lo
yesterday's Senate proceedings, it will be seen,
that the Dill which has passed the House of
Commons, failed Jo receive the Constitutional
majority of three fifths,and is consequently de
feated debated, in all probability, beyond
the power.of resurrrection, at "the present ses
sion ; for we have no idea that the very 'just
and correct decision of the Speaker, (see Leg.
islative head,) can be reversed. -
U -will be seen that the Democratic side of
the House the advocates of legislative amend.
ment of the Constitution voted down the pro
positions onered by lr. liamnger ami isup.Ji
...t,l I I.:-. .. r .r. . ' J
yjr Mini in some very jorcioie remarKs,
Jor giving ihe election of Judges and Justices
to the People ; thereby showing who are the
real mends or our popular rights, and how sub. ,
ordinate is their professed regard for the "dear
People" to their determination to stand, at all;
hazards, by the party-hobby, upon which David
S. Re id rode into power. j
The fate ot Mr. Bynum's amendment, pfopo.
sing to leave all these questions of Itelorm to
the sovereign People, demonstrated these things
perhaps, stjll more. palpably. Mr. B. enforced
his amendment in a strong and elegant Speech.
He sjood up, not only for his own section, but
for the whole Slater; he disclaimed any sec
tioual manoeuvre in'desiriog to submii these mat
Jlers to the People. They belonged to the Peo !
le, and should be passed upon immediately by
the PeoDle. "Mci'B. 8Dok with lhat force and
ib9 )"y arPear o ave acted upon earnestness, that characterize-all bis efforts. !
Ibiff very J'l-t.and proper view of I he case, viz : During the progress of the debate, Mr. Woodi
J. J. BSOEll, .Edltsr It Prtprlettr;";.
Votvu.) ;- - Salisbury, If. c.
ID- The Sons of Temperance of this place are ai: ! DCvrr submit, and he was sorry lhal liu frie ud
I No 37
live in theif preparations for the; approaching visit of
Mlf;White5 on Mondajrneitf-' A' considerabJoamber
bare, ben received into the Order this week, and There
are yet many others to be initiated to night into the new;
nd Wmbrrow night into' the old; tKriaion. jBoth Di
sions are prosperin." j ; "" 1 1 -
We have .been requested ; to give' notice to visiting
brethren to briof their regalia, as it is probable the nam
ber who may attend will preclude the possibility of all
being ; otherwise supplied. ' i : .
TflraSDAY EYEXIXC, JimiLY U J. 1 851.
This miseraWe mockery has, met its defeat ;
and since its discussion has shown with what
horror the Democrats regard a Siate' Conven.
tion, and with' what fear and trembling tber
contemplate a free people forming their own'
Constitution, right glad are we that their bum
bug, Free Suffrage, has been consigned to re.
pose. The organ of the Party, tile Standard,
indulges itself in doleful strains of denuncia.
tion, and in its disappointed rage declares lhat
the people shall not have a Convention, but
I m - I
will yet bare to lake hree Suffrage. Hold, Fugitive Law in Pennsylvania. A bill has been
Mr. Standard ; we irill have a Convention, and I introduced in the Senate of the Pennsylvania Leisla-
we trust seveial other Free things besides Free ' ture to repeal 11,8 ,aws of that State operaUng in any
Suffrage will be granted to the people. For ' " a hjndranc to the "ecution of the late act of
. . ... i , .! "gre8. f"f the recovery of fugitire slaves. It is
party purposes you raised the stqrm : for the ! thoujsflt it wiII pa88. and if it .
good of the Slate the people willdirect il as j of our national arch wiU have set an example worth
Automaton Scahstkeso Allen TJ. WOstmof Fituw
field, Mass., has recently patented a sewing machine of
treat capacity. It is now tn K nM r.
York San, at No. 128, Fulton street It is superior to I Convention or not, but be was opposed to alter
all nlruir nmilir innnil.. : 'U.. ' t .. . - ) inn Ih. Pontiiiii!... - ... . tl L - I
....uu .u.wuvnuB m puiui ui aaapiauon : lor o " whmuiuu iu a uj 11c oeiievcu
from Davidson counselled submission. He
wanted - the people to see-.whQwefe. wijlio-4o
submit this question to the people. J-- XZ
. Mr. Foster of Davidson said be , had not a.
bandoned his position, and should Vote against
the bill j but it was a useless waste of lime to
fight ihe bill, when there' was no prosjcct of
success. i ,
Mr.'Leach of Johnson moved a call of Tthe
House, which motion was laid on the.table; '
i Mr. Cherry made some remarks noi distinct.
If heard at tbe Reporter's table: He was on',
derstood to say that he would submit tbe qnes-
uon to me people whether they would call a
it does work of the finest quality, even to embroidery
on silk, down to the coarsest. Every part of a man's
dress can be made with this machine except the button on passage of the
every man bad Equal Suffrage already.
Mr. Holland stated that be was not present
STATtsriLu:, J. C, JaaistrlSjl. j
T ZJU CmmUtionrrt of ti Twf cf S'lUlry,
' Urough, .Jc, $c. r v f,- : ..J
: Whereas the Comroirsioners oT Stalen ;V iave hW
poblicatioa made that there was a dancerou, cruV--
UjpouS disease here, denocolnaled and believed Mi-- "
ny to be SmH Vx ."-.-..;
We the caderened Cod missioner lake pUasore ia
announcing lo the public, that tbe oWaaebas enllrefy
disappeared from our town. ; , 4 .-
We have to report only two very mllJ rases of VWrJ'
Uid ; and nose within the lat five weeks; ftof has aay
of oor citizens been exposed to it in lhal tune..
We believe that tliere
village, or our citizens visiting Oliver Till 1 it, and '
hope lhat those towns thai have passed laws wohibitin"
oar citizens from viiling them will so modify their law .
that we may not be pot to any inconvenience in so doing.
We request that the Editor wiU send a copy of bisi
' . il 1 a - . I . .
fprr coaioiui 11 uio auwe ute voraiuissMQers C4 Lbe
bill its second readinc l town- who have paseed proJxibilory law. aaioM;
holes. Also, ladies dresses, shirts, eaas. ivJtar. If tbe single question of submitting the suhiect 1 r- v-kvjiiit n j 3 .-d, -
It sews faster than ten persons can
the work belter.
'"("i vuiaiit OLrC O! 1 3 - - ' J
t hnA a.. of Convention to the neoule was orunosed. he
"t wm , 1 I ' I
snouid go tor it. lie saw however there was ;
no chance to get that, and he should therefore !
vote for this bill. But he did not mean to be '
understood as opposing a call for a Convention.
M.H.SPURR, f Commissioners of
J. S. RICK ERT, f SutesviUei X. C.
C. A. Carlton, Clk. I
Xotk at the Editor. There will be a meeting of
they think best. And surely no lietter course
can be adopted than that of electing a Con.
vent ion to revise the whole system of our State
Government, and making such alterations and
additions as the times and circumstances re.
lhat wben a party is wholly disabled by the J fi n ,be cour8eof a powerful Speech, co veri quire. , We go fbr a Convention. 1 It is the
.rots wuu.v. ...tmru u,g me whole ground in a masterly manner, v way to put a stop to humbugs.
Urge enoush to be put at interest, and yield to 1 called attention to a clarin.r defect in the Bill,' " v
tiui ail aunbity -sufficient! for a moderate sup.
port. It was proved thar tins defect in the
Kreel was tnade knowu lo the city, and
Ibey were inors th in onfje notified that it was
d.njejQUi, tut ijeglected jlq tepair it. ;
. : . j w. i
The Ctr5us of the whole State of North
liCafolina lies been fully ascertained, with
as it nau come trotn tne House ; the tJitl actu. Congress. " A bill to reduce and modify
ally ominln to retiuire the Senate voter to have .u . . ,u it o. . j
t b . .-.. . ; , , i the rates ol postage in the United States, and
paid (uses, and rendering it somewhat doubt! . r .
ful, as to whether he should be a free. trAe cit. ,0 provide for the coinage of a three-cent piece,"
This produced evident conlusion n the passed the House of Representatives on the
ranks of ,the Democracy. Mr. Caldwell, of' 17th instant. It makes a charge of one cent
.Mecklenburg, who seems to he, par excellence,
the party spokesman, undertook, in a feebly
way, to combat this const ruction. Hh was rei
plied io with such force by Mr. Haughton, that
came to the rescue of
239,000 arc naves. The increase of
ilaves is about 43.000 since 1810.
The increibso of the entire population
since 1810, U' l 17,208. Daily Register.
t the exeppjton of the county of Mklen- u CUrk of EliVQmhet
Durg, ..u,. ,,. ,he an(1 oft;,re(i an arnend,nenlf )r0p0smg
m a . n w m w w mm w w ll v r n w m -x ar . k
touniy iujmo wuVi ,v..c ru,...r.,uu , remeiy the delerl so far as the tax pay ng
Olftorui is ui which j wa9 concerned : which, bv wav of comol menu
of course, to Mr. -Caldwell's views, was carried
by a large majority. Prior to taking the vote
however.- Mr. Gilmer made one of his best
Speeches in which he showed, in some for!.,
cible remarks, unmixed with cutting humor
and sarcasm, the impropriety of legislative
amendment, as illustrated in the case befoie
them where a Bill was presented.cleafly et
eluding many Senate voters from voting ior
Commoners, and actually allow (so M r. G. in
sisted.) free negroes to vote for the Senate.
Mr. G.V remarks were most telling, and touch
ed many a quick !
The whole debate was interesting and spir.
ited. -We fistened, with great pleasure to the
sensible and amusing rernaiks of Mr. Bond
the successive pungent cuts and thrusts of
Mr. Haughton and the lucid propositions of
Messrs. Kelly, and Caldwell, of Burke Messrs
Joyner and Shepard opposed the Bill on its
merits, perse, and ably stood up for the old
Constitution MrS. avowing, however, thai
when it was conclusively ascertained that the
! ; Census of Cumberland County. -n the
t oppct Division of this county, where the
rt ...--.11 t... IJl, Il c? :.u n
. An sr ri w wj law. i h u r i iv i i iitil. ii-. n n . i'.vi
f there are45d9 white inhabitants, 350 free
cotored, and 3132 slaves. There are five
deaf and dumb ; 10 insa ne and id iots j 10
kli'n'if i(t ivhlf m irrirl iliirintr tli vr
llOdied'of whom 49 were free and Qf
.i r ft I .. ,. r.u I r, . or.Q .i
cd school vtthin the vrnr; 733 free whites
over 20 years of agje who can not read nor
write ; 3 Academies and schools ; 15
churches ; 3 ; libraries ; 1 newspaper; 33
fstablishm:tits of productive iddustry.
3." paupers. :
in tne tower uivision. taKen oyj.u.
Blqcker, Ksq., there are 7010 whiles. 571 j peop,c desired any parlicular Reform, he, for
on all newspapers not exceeding two ounces in
weight ; Provided, the paper is delivered with-
in the State or district in which it is printed,
only a half cent. Provided, further, if deliver
ed in the county, or within 30 miles of the place
printed, shall go free. The 3rd section' pro
vides for the coinage of a three cent piece,
three. fourths silver and one. fourth copper.
The postage on each letter, not weighing over
one-half ounce three cents ; and for each ad.
ditional half ounce, or fraction of half ounce,
three cents.
The law, if passed through the Senate with
out an amendment, will go into effect from and
after the 30ih day of June, 1851.
the imitation of her sisters of the Nonh and East.
Henry C. Wright, of Boston, Mass., addressed a free
soil meeting in Indiana, on the 24th December, and of-
tereo resolutions ajjainst the l-uffiUve Law. He was , RWnal SuflVfr l.ut h
replied to by Mi. Hunt;; and on motion of that gentle- j Mr. Brazier would vote for this bill, alihough
man all after the word Resolved,! was struct out and a he did not believe in this way of amending the
Preamble and Resolutions in favor of the law and de- ' Constitution. He wanted an open, unreatricl
nouncing Mr. Wright and all agitators substituted cd Convention.
and passed by an overwhelming majority. The question was then taken on the passage
" of the bill its third reading, and decided in the
3 Mr. Hoke, of Lincoln, does not please ! negative -yeas 69, nays 41, as follows
Mr. Fleming's amendment was then lost ; the Hoard of the Commissioners of Salisbury, on SalJ
yeas 27, nays 78. f urday, at which time the abov oommanieatioa will bo
Mr. Erwin's amendment was also lost yeas COMMf!rd' and 00 douU rgCive thflr ticml
l9;.naj81' , j Committeemen?
M r. Hackney defended himself from what he j a rPOINTED by the Board of Soperfriteodenuj of
considered ap unwarranted and illiberal attack l. Common Schools. January 2, 1851. ; J
from Gen. Saunders. During his remarks j District No. 1. William Cochran, John, Riley, Rich
Gen. S. disclaimed any intention of disrespect rd urabam
iw- iuo uciniruiaii. ,ir. ii. was in liivor ui
the editor of the Salisbury Watchman ; he was
not elected with that view,we believe. Lincoln
The editor is mistaken : We are very well
pleased : Mr. Hoke failed n his efforts on the
secession question, and he could not have pleas
ed us better. Il is true he may not have been
elected for that purpose.
The following are the Officers of the Salis.
bury Division, No. 7., Sons of Temperance,
for the present quarter :
Thomas P. Rieaud, W. P. ; Ohadiah Wood,
son. W. A. ; Benjamin F. Crosland. R. S. ;
Michael A. Murr, A. R. S. ; Daniel W. Smith,
F. S. ; Jesse H. Howard, T. ; SamM R. Har.
rison, C. ; John E. Roger. A. C. ; Stephen B.
Wescott, I. S. ; Michael D. Smith, O. S.
free colored, 1780 slaves. The value of
real estate, in this division is 81,371.303 ;
of personal estate $1,310,028, Total 82.
717,331. There are 21 churches viz : 9
Baptist, 5 Methodists4 Presbyterian, 2 E
piscopal, 1 Roman Catholic.:
' - Fay. Observer.
, A Protective Union Company is about
being formed in the flourishing village of
Geneva. T.wo meetings have already
been held to ellVct this purpose. Every
rnetnhef of the company invests 875 to
create capital enough to sttkrt a large
ilbre. . The goods are all to he bought for
cash; and by this mutual benefit system,
the stockholders get their ovvnjoods at
cost, and are able to sell to others at a
very email advance,"
oneL was most ready to concede it.
We shall recur to this subject again. But
we cannot close this hastily preparedjsketch,
without expressing our own admiration of the
efforts of those gentlemen, indicated!' above,
who stood up for the rights of the People, in re
sisting this unsubstantial Free SufTi age bubble,
on the special ground that it was not within
ihe province of the Legislature to dictate lo the
People what particular Relormthey may have.
And this is theyfrne ground upon which all sec
tions chii "rally this is the true Republican
doctrine. Let the" People determine for them
selves, whether they will have a Convention to
amend their organic law or not. They are not
to be dictated to by their servants ; land the
Senate, by its adion, on yesterday, adminis
tered a most merited and signal rebuke to that
arrogance, inCertain quarters, which; had, in
solently proclaimed that ihis" Bill should pass"
Land no power dare prevent it ! ! Daily Reg.
"The fairest' productions of human wit," j
writes Bishop Nome, '"after a few perusah, j
like gathered flowers, wither in our hands, and .
Ut6 thsir fragrancy ; but these unfading plants
of paradise become, a r.we are accustomed to j
taern, still more and more beautiful; their j
bloom appears to be doubly lightened, fresh o- .
dours are emitted, and new sweets extracted
from them. He who hath once tasted their ex
cellences, will desire to taste ihem yel again ;
and he who tastes them ofteuest will relish
them best.?'
A bill has been introduced in the Leg
islature of Nw Yofk, to counteract, as
the Evening Post says, the unconsfitntion
al provisions of the Fugitive Slave Law.
A bill has been introduced in the Penn
sylvaniaJiegisJature, which the telegraph
ic correspondent of the New York Express
designates " a bill for the re pea) of the
Fiiiiittve Slave Law.
j The 'Vigilance, Committee of Boston
j have circulated three p'etitionstothe Legis-
The Abolitionists and Democrats of Massa
chusetts, have agreed upon an alliance, the
fruits of which, is the division of the public of.
fices between the two factions. Mr. Rantoul,
a democrat, is to fill the unexpired term of Mr.
Webster, in the U. S. Senate ; and Mr. Sum
ner, sl gentleman of the abolition persuatibn, is
to fill the succeeding full term.
The Union denounces this alliance in the
strongest terms. But it all amounts to nothing.
So long as the abolitionists hold the balance of
power in these free States, just so long will
they be able to control either one of the great
Parties, and make them work in whatever
traces - theyi please. Standing between the
Whigs and Democrats, theyran turn the tide
of almost any struggle and make il serve their
own purposes.
' '
Varioloid. Some week or two ago we no.
ticed in the Virginia papers, an account of the
arrest, at Richmond, of a white woman, and a
ne:ro man dressed in female attire, who were
making their way north. The negro man, in
his disguise, was filling the place as servant
maid to the white woman ; but tbe papers in
timated that a very Improper intercourse be.
tween them was believed to exist. They were
from the neighborhood of Chapel Hill, in this
istate. Ihe negro was sent back to reters-
burg, and there lodged in jail. But from an.
John Wise, the aeronaut, has made applica.
tion to Congress for 820,000 to enable him to
demonstrate the practicability of navigating the
air. He proposes to construct a balloon of 100
feet diameter, in which he will visit England, er declared that the bill rejected.
dec. His memorial was referred to the Com
mittee on Naval Affairs.
Yeas Mews. Averv. Barco. Barnes of Edecomb. !
Blow, Bond, Boykin, Brazier, Bridges, Brogden, Cock- ,
erhani, Cotton, Dargan, Davidson, Durham, Flynt,
Fotiville, Gordon, Hackney, Harriixm, Hayes of Cher
ekee, Herring, Hill of Caswell, Hill of New Hanover,
Holland, Jarvis, Jerkins, Johnston, Jones. Kallum,
Leach of Johnston, Marshall, Martin. Mathis, Mc
Dowell, McLean, X. McNeill, W. McNeill, Milell,
Montgomery, Newsom, Patterson, Pegrain, Person of 1
! Moore, Person of Northampton, Pigott, Pooe, Rankin,
ma Rntfin snnor tf T kit net Nnnn
ders of Wake, iSheek, Sherrill, Sherard, Steele. Steven
son, Stowe, Stubbs, Sutton,.Swanner, Taylor, Thigpt-n, ,
Thornton, Wiliiams of Greene, Williams of Mecklen- j
burg, Wilson, Wiustead, Winston G9. i
Nays- Messrs. Amis, Barnes of Northampton, Bo- ,
gle, Caldwell of Rowan, Caldwell of Guilford, Camp
bell, Cherry, Doulhit, Drake, Dunlap, Eaton, Erwin,
Eure, Fleming, Foard, Foster of Davidson, Foster of
Wilkes, Hayes of Caldwell, Hill of Brunswick, Kelly,
Locke, Love, Maulteby, McKoy, McCleese, Parhaiu,
Poole, Powers, Rayner, Russell, Scott, Sharpe, Shin
pock, Siler, SloaiifThornburgh, Tripp, Walton, Waugh,
Webb, and Wiggins il.
Il being supposed that the bill was lost,
Messrs. Waugh and Powers, who had voted
for the bill, changed their votes to the negative,
in order to have the right to move a reconsider
ation. Three fifths of tbe whole number of
members not having voted for tbe bill, tbe Speak
David Kilpa trick, John E. Jamison. Thoa
Beatjr. !
i No. III. John F. McCorkle, John M. Lowrance,
Samuel D. Rankin. ! t
No. IV. Jacob C. Goodman, Stephen F. Cwao,
Wm. r. Graham. ! 1
i No. V. Win. B. Wood, Jas. Kerr, Ru fas M. Ross.
borough. ' . ;
1 No. VI Jacob Hughey. RIasPhifer. J.C. Ramsey.
No. VII. John Luckie, W, Turner, Geo. Gillespie.
No VIII. Jas. Watson, And. Gray, J. D. Johnstoa.
i No. IX. Tho. C. Hyde, J. P. Burke, J. Barringer.
No. X. Alex. Brown. J. C. Gillespie, J. Alexander.
! No. XI. John P. Sillunan, Elibu Nj Poole, Jacob
XII Daniel Corriher, Daniel V. Rayner, John M.
Ritchey. i
XIII. Leman Overcash, Michael Overcash, Freder
ick Wakher. ;
XIV. John Sloop, Solo. Sechler, Ales. Beaver.
XV. Henry Baker, Daniel Lipe, Geoi. Freeze. '
XVI. Ievi Lowrance. John Lin gle, Jas. B. Gibson.
XVII. Elijah Rice, John Bargrr, EJmund Brijgm.-
XVIII Caihey Rice, Jos. Owens, Geo. O. Tarrh.
XIX Geo II. Gheen. S. Turner, W. R Fraley4
XX. David Watson, Thos. Kincaid Rich. Lowry.
XXI. P. Owens, M. S. McKinzie, Jhn Bearer, f !
XXII Henry Pless, R. Kelchy, Jaob Lingle. .'.
XXIII. -P. Eddleman. Joha Long, Peter Keiner.t
XXIV. Martin Barger, Henry Klutt. Wilson Lentz.
XXV. John L. RenJieman, E. EJ Phillips, Pa al
Mienhpmier. , '..
XXVI. Jas. L. Brown, Adam Brown, Wm. R. MI
senheimer. - v V,
XXVII B. F.Fraley, W. M. Barker. II. 11 Beard.
XXVIII. J. Foster, R. Bailey. Silas Eambeart. ; ,
XXIX Wm. Heathman, S. S. Trott, Jno. Canble.
XXX Chis. Klutis. Robt. Bradsha w, G. W; Smith.
XXXI C. L. Torrence, Isaac Kestler, Joel Ree.
XXXII. Isaac B. M.ller.Geo. II. Peeler. Wm.A.
Walton. i " ; i
XXXIII. Geo. Cauble, Solo. Brown, M. L. Brown.
XXXIV. David Holshouser, Henry Peeler. Paul
07 The two Houses of the Legislature
have agreed to adjourn on the 24th, which is
Mr. Rencher has been brought in contact
with the Washington Republic on a question of
veracity, growing out of certain allegations in
his late letter to General Saunders, on the sub.
ject of the Execution of the Fugitive Law in
Messrs. Saunders ana uickinson, were sick XXXV.- C. A. Hrilig, Jacob Fisher, Sim. Miller,
and unable to attend. Messrs. Adams, Clan- i XXXVI. Jos. Cunningham, Dan. Miller, Paul Bea
ton. Learh of Davidson. McMillan. Simmons, i ver. , .'
From the returns so far received, the
population of Kentucky is estimated at
972,600. This is a gain of 102, 778 since
Late information (says the Richmond
Enquirer) announces the election of a
Legislature, in California, favorable, by a
I and Wiley, were absent from the House, or de.
i dined to vote. Mr. Farmer was absent from
the City.
Mr. llaynergave notice that he should offer
bis bill to call a Convention lo amend the Con
stitution at a future day.
Mr. Love moved that the vote rejecting the
Equal Suffrage bill, be reconsidered.. The
Speaker counted the House, when 02 members
voted for its reconsideration. Three-fifihs of
the whole House not having voted for the re
consideration of the bill, the Speaker decided
that the motion had been lost.
Mr. Saunders, of Wake, appealed from the
decision of the Chair, and went on to give his
reasons therefor. Pending tbe consideration
of the appeal, the House took a recess.
Evening Session.
XXXVII. John Trexler, Esq .Leonard Klutts, Mo
ses Treiler. j '
XXXVIII. Jacob Cress, Henry Barrio ffer,, Jacob
XXXIX. Jacob File, Moses Lemly, Leon. Hefner.
XL. Peter Hartman, Solo.) Eagle, Henry Wilbelow
XLI. Moses G. Morgan, Aarou Miller, John Mor
gan. " f .
XLII. Dawall Lentz, A bra. Sharer, Jac. Red wine.
XLIII Jas. McCombs, Wi'ie Canap, John Kirk.'
XLIV. Hugh Kelly, Jos. A. Worth, Jas. Morphos.
XLV Samuel Luckie. J. G. Fleming. T.A.Burke.
XLVI Thos. Barber, Peter Barger, Jos. McKoighL
2(37 A. W. BRANDON.
Whereas, a disease, called Small Pox, and at all
events contafr'xms, exist in the towns of Monroe, Char
lotte, StatesvilleTaylufsville, and Hendersoarille, and
in order to protect our Village from its introduction, and
thereby to secure our citizens from sach a loathsome
and fatal malady -
Rfttoltcd, That anv person cominjr from any of the
above named Towns, or other infected points, within
The House re-assembled at 31 o'clock.
The consideiation of the appeal from the de- , lhe corporate limits of our Town, .hall be fined 8100,
. e i - i i and he be compelled to leave the Town immediately.
c.s.on of the Speaker was resumed. , ResolrtJ Tiat no per8im fha go from UooiJ
Mr. Saunders, of Wake, quoted as authority any pIace where the dig(a9. txt arij n-turn, until an
I Vi rtral!n I Ki fl ITnilpH Kluta SpnalP. wheil .naiiir-inn nlmll hairo nlirt..l u-itluiail luinif k.U) iMna.
i . iU i i i ' w . - . . 7 . i " ' . . . " '
iaiKc uiajuiiij, iw mo irjcaiwi iiimausc ; considering Treaties, which required the vote siwe tor me aoove penalty
of her Constitution which prohibits slavery i of twothiids. It required only a majority to re
or involuntary servitude, except for crime i consider the vote. In all parliamentary bodies
the majority must rule unless a aiueieni ruie
Ijenoir, Jan.
B. TAYLOR, Clk. Board Com.
within her borders. This fact reported is
was adopted.
other and most reliable source, we learn that Sed as fatal to the re-election of Mr. Mf Winf.on and Mt. B:irnPS o( Northamp
lature asking that body to instruct betia
The Presbyterian Church. We learn from ; tors anij request llepresentati ves in Con
. the Silver trerk Mail of the 1st instant, that at jrress to exert themselves to secur that ob
a recent meeting ol the lluflalo Presbytery Thev also ask such legislation as
i - l it ii .1 . ill : 1 . . i . . . . . . . . .
pssied unanimously :
1st, Thil some of tfrw provisions of the-Fu-fitire
Slave Law are obviously in conflict with
?i the law of God.
2d. Tbstt it is the duly of every man loobey
the Uwi of his country, up Io the point where
Ihej confllcl wilh the law; of God. and nd fur
ther. Buffalo C&n. Add
the master of this slave, Mr. McCauley, we
believe, set an agent to Petersburg to bring
him home. The fellow was brought to Chapel
Hill on Sunday the 13th instant, and staid there
over night. On Monday he was exhibited in
the streets, in his lemale attire, and of course
attracted around him a large crowd. On Wed
nesday following he broke oul with a disease
which was pronounced by Dr. Jones, of lhat
place, to be varioloid ; probably taken while at
Richmond. Mf
Fremont to the Uuited States Senate. j ton. spoke on the question before the House
Any amendment of the California Consti
tution, of course must first be submitted to
the people of California discussed and fi
nally voted upon.
Saturday, January 11, 13 51.
Equal Suffrage.
The hour of 12 having arrived, the special
' order for the day, being the Equal Suffrage bill,
McCaulev's aent who went 1 w8 ,aken UP' a,,d read the ,nird ,ima'
! cr i .1 il : A .
HIT. lvve Oiiereu iuo luwuwmg auicuuiucui
as an additional section :
Be it further enacted, That the whole num.
. t
j to Petersburg and returned with lhe negro, it is
i reported lias also taken the disease. 'The citi-
Mr. Avery read from JefTerson's Manual,
showing that a majority had tbe right to recon.
Tbe Speaker addressed the House in refer
ence to his decision. He had decided the point
solely out of respect to the decision of the House
of Commons two years ago. Then it was de
cided that three-fifihs were necessary to a re
consideration. He should consider a reversal
of his decision now by the House, as only a re.
versa! of the precedent act by lhe last House
of Commons.
The question was then taken, shall lhe deci
sion of the Chair be sustained, when it was
lost veas 50. nays 63. So the decision of the
R I CARDS, 1RISBY k. t ., . i, St. Charles SU lal
tlnsre, Domestic Warehousemen and Importers
of British and French Dry Cooda, direct from Europe.
Have on hand a large Pt-jok of American Goods por
chased previous to the recent advance which ibejr offer
by the piece or package, to the inspection ( Southern
Merchants, in competition with the stocks of Northern
cities. Their importations are now arriviag. -r i
Iet Southern merchants examine carefully Southern
ptocks. All purchasers are protected in prices against
Northern markets. 12tpd36
IIAVF. five or six Negro Women lo hire till the 1st
anunry. 1?52. A. HENDERSON.
January 10, l-ol 2i3( '
done, in good time, and on reasonable terms bf
die PUbsc nber, who has been engaged in that busineMi
for tbe last twenty years. Addrea. Islington. N. C.
January 1C, 1 S-" t . Cn36
will prevent tbe practical operation of the ! zens of Chapel Hill, are, consequently, in fear- ; her of the free white population of this State Speaker was reversed, and the vote rejecting J
law in Massacbustts. i ! ful apprehension as to what may grow out of shall be divided by Hfiy, and lhat each fiftieth j the Equal Suffrage bill was reconsidered. !
i ! i I this unfortunate circumstance. They are vac portion of the same shall be entitled toone Sen- The bill was then put on Us third readtng J(J
Governor of Massachusetts. George S.
Booiwell, Dem., has been elected Covernor of
Massaehjuset.ts. by the Senate thereof' in. default
of an election by the people. He was voted
for, and elecied, by the ji'ree Soil and Demo
cratic Senators, as a part of the bargain made
by ihe coalition. H. W. -Cushman. Dem., was
iu like inauner chosen Lreutenant Governor.
j cinatin as fast as they can get the matter;
l and hope, should the.seeds of the disease have
; been left in their midst, and not too widely scat,
j tered, to be able soon to arrest its progress.
UWe crave the indulgence of our friends for the
few weeks we are requited to publish the advertisement
f..r MaikfJontracts in this State. It leaves us but little
Another Star has Ceased to Twinkle.
The j Southern Star," a large, hand
somely printed, and well edited newspa
per at Ifuntsville, Ala. has been discon
tinued fojr want of support. The editor.
&ftr rnnhv efforts to convince himself to room for readinc matter. We intend, however, toprintTT
tne contrary, came io me conclusion mai t an rxira next-wee, wmcn we .pC wm umuo-n
5 t. K.,c;nca in u-iirl ftip nflirr : tho onncr rarunied in our columns bv thai adverlise-
We have received several communications
of Jate which, at ordinary times should be per.
mitted a place. But our columns are too much
crowded at the present. We find it impossible
to et in all we should be pleased to publish.
it is a "tiad business to Work for Others j lor the space ccupied in our columns by th$
and find himself. " He says the Northern , ment
journals however are liberally patronized
in his section of the country. What a
commentary 1
Singular Trap. Make two circles of stakes
driven in the ground, one inside of the other,
with sufficient space between. Make a door
lo the outer circle that will rest against the
innr one. The animal designed lo be caught,
(D"Whave been anious to see the Re
port of the Fayetteille and Western Plank
Hoad Co. made to ihe Hoard of Internal 1m
proveraen.t to Dec. 1st, 1850 ; bulnone of lhe
Kileigh papers have printedit, or referred to it.
Almost all, if not all lhe other reports on
Works of;iniernal improvement havtf beei pu'
lished. ill will be lou'nd an important and high.
If interesting report. Will not the Standard,
Star and Register lay it before their readers, so
lhat We can gexfeopy of it for publication T
We are certain that il will be as interesting as
any report Ihey have published. Fay. Car.
(TTThe coal mine in Chatham and Moore counties,
I L C 1 . r 1 CO r.... o mil.e '
nas urrn inuna 10 cover a eiatc ui ouuuit ""' , ... i l i J I
, , . . . . !P i attracted by the bail which is placed within tbe
What a rich prospect here is. for our St Jtej lti worth ' inner circle, enters by this door, and passing Thornton v'
, utor. 1 bis amendmeni was losi yeas
nays 86. as follows :
j Yeas Messrs. Adams, Bogle, Caldwell of Rowan,
1 Caldwell of Guilford, Campbell, Douthit, Drake Er
! win, Fleming, Foard, Foster of Wilkes, Gordon, Hayes
! of Caldwell, Holland, Love, McKoy, McLean, McMil
lan, Russell, Sharpe, Sloan, Thornburgh, Waugh,
Webb 24.
i Nats Messrs. Amis, Avery, Barco, Barnes of North-
ampton, Barnes of Edgecombe, Blow, Bond, Boykin,
Brazier Bridges, Brogden, Cherry, Oockerham, Cotton,
Dargan, Davidson, Dunlap, Durham, Eaton, Eure,
Flynt, Fonville, Foster of Davidson, Hackney, Harrison,
Herring, Hill of Brunswick, Hill f Caswell, Hill of
New Hanover, Jarvis, Jerkins, Johnston, Jones, Kal
lum, Kelly, Lrach of Davidson, Leach of Johnston,
Locke, Marshall, Martin, Mathis, Maultsby, McDowell,
McCleese, N. McNeill, W. McNeill, Montgomery,
Newsom, Parham, Patterson, Pegrarn, Person of Moore,
Person of Northampton, Pigot, Pooje, Pope, Powers,
Rankin, Rayner, Reinhardt, Rollins, Ruffin, Sanders of
Johnston, Saunders of Wake, Scott, Sheek, Sherrill,
Sherard, Shinpock, Siler, Simmons, Steele, Stevenson,
Stowe, Stubbs, Sutton, Swanner, Taylor, Thigpen,
when Mr. Averv moved an adjournment, which
was carried yeas 5G, nays 50 the speaker
voting in the affirmative. So the House ad-journed.
He who stops the act of breathing will soon
lose its power ; and they who do not ejer.
cise their talents will not long be conscious of
their possession. 1
millions of dollars.
The Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Com.
pany, are about to enlarge their bridge so as to
render it available for railroad purposes.
Deep Well, Iredell Co., !
Jan. 21, 1851. j
Mr- BauNER
' Whilo writing, wq would men
tion. as not beinsr wholly without interest,- the lappear
ance. in this region, of a meteor of considerable1 size on j
-'1 .... ... in J
the evening of the 17th instant, oeiween o anu o cioca,
P. M. A noise was heard in the atmosphere similar to
thunder, preceded by a blaze of light A column of
smoke was left in its track Its conrae wasfrotn South
west to North-east. Respectfully.;
An honest farmer thus writes lr kn English
agricultural society. ,
" Centlemen,"
Please put me down on your list of cattle
for a bull,"
, , . ' .. Hams Ol .truikiciiuui , t lusiruu- cu.
I round between the two circles, comes aga nst , amf,ldment as an ad.
the door, which, with his muzzle he pushes shut, j djtional section, proposing to amend the Con
j and it fastens of itself. Tbe animal is then a , slitution by Legislative enactment, so that the j
! prisoner, l nese traps are useu in imrwajr ior iis m irpicciiiuuii m mc r,,i wc
I catching wolves, foxes, and even mice. ! Federal Population instead of Taxation.
" Mr. r leming ottered a lurtner amenameni to
r m ; submit tbe queslion to the people in August
Philadelphia and Brandy. There was im- I next cr4 Convention" or no Convention."
ported into this city, the first half of 1830, no ! Mr. Foster of Davidson, said thai bis side of
u. .t,an ai ftiU oallons br&ndv alone more the House bad fought tbe bill on its second read.
139 gfc
iUn iho imnortaiions of the entire Years of
In this Town, on the lCih int., by Rev. Thomas P.
Ricaud.Mr. JAME8 H. ENNISS, to ELIZA
BETH, daughter of George W. Brown, E.-q.
In Perquimons County, on the 12th ulf . at her rsi the Rev. Mr. Snowden. Dr. ROBERT C.
JENKINS, formerly of Virginia, to Mrs. GR1ZZELL
P. JACOCKS. widow of the late Gen. J.H. Jacocks.
In this County, on the 2d instant, by Levi Treiler,
ABETH BRUNER. Alo.on ihe 9th instant, by tbe
same, Mr. TIM MAS Miss CATHA
Just Received this Day
20 K"" 1 Mackerel, brand of IBjU.
For sale by
Salisbury, Jan. 1, 1850. 31
Whekeas, a dihease, supposed to le Small.
Pox, is now prevailing in the town of Charlotte
and has spread into tbe village of Monroe,
Statesville, Taj lorsville, and Davidson College,
and wherea3 the safety of lhe citizens of our
Village requires some precautionary measures
to prevent the disease from being introduced
among us, therefore j
Be il ordained by tlie Commissioners of the
Tottn of Mocksville, and ii is hereby ordained
by the authority of the same, That any person
or persons, (carriers of the U. S. mail except,
ed.) arriving in our village from any of the afore,
said villages, or from any other place infected
wilh the disease, shall be notified by the Town
Constable to leave ihe corporate limits of tbe
village within fifteen minutes after such notice.
Be it further ordained, That any person fail.
Raddle and Uaruw manufacturer, ; ln or refusing lo leave in pursuance of the
rW door-above SreU $ IW Drvg Stnrt, . aj, offri an(j fine vf
and opposite W. Murphy Co., Salisbury A C. , ,K'htt
TTAl'IVR rv-rmn..l ...v'.f . Tnn OUIIUreO UOIiatS, iillU IUC UWIIVUlttUI50-
Jtl of Salisbury , I now offer my services in lhe above by authorised and required to summoo a force
business. Having worked in fomr of the best shop in sufficient to arrest such person or persons and car
the State and also in the Northrrn cities, I think I can f j(n her or them beyond lhe corporate limit
please all who may favor me with a call Repairing .J, j he haj, ukl. all ,uch tPI,
done at short notice. Prices moderate. Country pro-' . i,
ing, and he saw no advantage to be gained by dBCe taken in exchange for work. ' rnav necessary lo Keep sue n person, oc
; clogoing it wfth amendments. He hoped every j JOEL SULLIAAN. yond ihe corporate limns oi me losi uynng
Uind rrentleman would record bis vote on the bill as i Jnoary 23, 1951. lj7 the coutinuance of this ordinance. :
ihro it U not surnrisinff that rows and crimes 1 i? t.i:..L,l t KU frnH ! KtrtaESCts-John 1. Shaver. amoei ueees. u. a. t,. uui !
" - - r ; . .. 1 ' "Vr - ,, "v -rK- . Davis, James E. Kerr. A. Henderson. Jenkins & Ko- .
iki'.n, nt cnoh lrnil.' nl nrriirrenCC in tue ; fr.,m Yannv I n vilKrtrntf Ilia amendment. , ii, m l . r- . i f i'.(r,n f'.. . V f '
11,6 ,u,"Ba """" .-r... - ... -- i of rii, . murpny .x uo.,. .u. ... uu,u , . . w. .R-n
Mr, r leming reluieu to tiO.SO, lie WOUtd Barringer, Concord ; Dr. John 1-oarU, Kowan. J jiocmmhc, vw,
1844, 1845, and 1840. If it is all cont
Board ComVs, MocksTllle,
Quaker ci'y.

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