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' Frifin the. Philadelphia Dollar Weekly News
' The expression of sentiment by the
Whigs o? Philadelphia, at the meet in? at
the Museum, on the evening ol the 27lh
ullirjio.ser ms to have caused great an
noyance ton few professing Whig! jour,
nalsjhut whose course must soon place
therrj among the open, as they appear now
to tyt among I he ecret foes, of the present
Whig National Administration. They can
discover nonnecessity for the holding of
iucfijameetingto respond to the senti
ments o I President Fillmore's Message
and eem to regard it as an act of unpar
donable temerity fo the Whigs of Pbila
delpnia to declare their alleginnce to the
lawsjof the land, and o recommend the
repeal of so modi of-our State laws as ob
. struct the due executioner ihe recent acts
of Congress. One of these editors ven
turfs! to give the reason lor the faith that
is within him, and it is tothiseffect: that
our public pris jns were erected by the
money of the people, for he incarceration
of felons and a I those who would in itfny
maVjnT Arcfvats won the ritrhts tif ih
community" IjJut he fails to inform us
' whkV he means by the eights of the com
,rn unity ;H and leaves us to infer that he
means those rights which are secured by
ihejeonstitution and the laws. It that in
ference be corn et, we should like to know
of the (worthy ditor whether, according
to ds own nojions, the Norristown jail
wa$ not erected for Jilt "incarceration"
j vbri,re undertakes to Mress upon the
-rights T of a ciljizen of the United States
?Vby 'Harboring r concealing" his runa
way; servant. That right" is just as
much Secured lp the owner of the slave by
law, as is the worthy editor's "right" to his
hodse and lot secured to him by law.
Again: ihe editor is aware thata white
apprentice in Pennsylvania, owes service
I to master tor the stated period men
tioned; in his indentures, and that the taw
; requires him to perform that service. He
is lurther awantlmt it such apprentice
be disobedient. J and insubordinate, the
' "may cause such punishment by im
prisonment of llit; body and confinement at
hard labor to be inflicted on mm." as his
oflerije shalr deserve ; and that if he absconds-
jnto another county, any jostice of
the'pj-ace may cause him to be arrested
nnd Committed to the common jail, unless
he iyjll consent to return to his master or
: mistress. And the editor knows, nlso, that
if ah person " harbor ,Q6nceals or enter-
Jins an absconding arrentrce. our laws
subject such person to severe penalties.
Such are the remedies which are provided
for ihe editor's benefit, when his white ap
prentice boy or girl absconds from bisser
vic'and according to his ethics, all this
lis Very just, and right, and human. - He
hrdsj ;no tears for the poor unfortunate in
carcerated' white apprentice boy ; but
Avhetj a nero boy runs away frm his
master, and s. placed in the same jail
where perhnjp$ bis own runaway white
apprentice girl mjay be; until the right of
the master to tnkn him is legally decided,
all hit indignation is aroused, and his sym
pathies are awakened for the negro, and
ibejw'puld dissolve! the Union rather than
tolerate the outrage onising a Pennsyl
yahia jail for such a purpose ! Will the
editor favor us with an explanation of
the difference beUyeen the legal rights of
the Norristown master of the apprentice,
aHd.jhpse of the Virginia master of the'
slay' : It is the law wich permits him to
arrest arid to holcl his absconding appren
tice; and it is the law which permits the
slaveholder to arrest and to hold his run
away slave. Whyiheii abuse Whigsand
Impugn their motives for declaring their
allegiance to the laws ol Ihe land, and for
manifesting their determination to snstHin
thoj policy of the Whig National Admnisv
If the editor refe
rred to.and a few others,
la similar course:
who have pursue
-r - : :
sincere in their professions of the) VVhicr
faith, and wish to continue to act with
tbiVhig party, t icy will; devote their
columns .to som more useful purpose
man mar oi apusing and misrepresent
ing the Whigs of Philadelphia, an(j pro.
Rioting the tteasohble schemes of a few
fanatics Avho ar utterly regardless of
their;, duties as good citizens. These
djsrg ani2ers are the avowed ememies of
President Fillmore s administrntion, and
!?W 8ynpa'hy ;h the Whig party.
Let those professing Whigs beware how
they mix up in the meshes of these disor.
6am2ers They cannot co operate with
themi, and yet preserve their integrity as
WfM6- ? As honest men, they will have
to make a public recantation of the prin
clplesof the panyj to which they profess
tj belong, and frankly and boldly avow
their hostility to the men and measures of
ttm Whig National Administration, or a
JnJon that abominable heresy which de-
' niesallegiancetlothe constitution and laws
of our country, and cease to assa;! those
vbOdo support that administration.
; .
Ths Salitbury j:yjaichuiaii publishes births
with as much reg.ilariiy a deatht and mar
,l7' W ll'f ve; this practice is lo be com
mended, though the Watchman it ih only pa
W m ihe State lb a pursue, it. Marriage,
and d-alh are pijbl shd for the gratification
of triendt and aquinfancet. and surely the
tsme reason wille the publication of binbt.
T"ilt publka ion of tuch things gives
a newspaper locil interest, and constitutes it
ia avenue to ac, familjr ihroitgh which may
g'snce whatever is transpiring
around it. x- 1
3 Bl?n !Cf T gislature. before no.
Ilced in thejlerald. Justicet ol the Peac and
Miolttart of the, Gospel are required un&ea
penalty to tend a no ice of all iruriiage.liolhe
Clerks of lhe.rjretUciire County Courtt
Tbtn wf shall hare aceeit in datet and the
names of all partietJ and berealter we tballgo
M our ClerkV office regularly on our puhlica
lion day, to obiain the marriages reported du
ring (he preceding week.
! Sy ,n Juifices and all otbert to forward
ot sAort obituary jnoticet ; and. should any feel
gitpoted to give us noiire of birtht, we will f.
j History of the War with Mexicoby George
I .x - . , Willi.., vAnii ! ;
.The text of this book U written wilb that ra.
Hne.s of expressive and felicitous aiyrje which
have distingtiithed Mr. Kendall', 'arlier pro.
duct ion; and, though ihe author n ode.tly dis
claims all eight 'to the title of j historian works
of fargrea1er pretention and of no indiflWent
reputation falHtelow it in historic meiit. His
narrative bat all the fidelity M act al oWerva
lion ; and, indeed, like the hero o( JEneid," he
was hirmelf a part of bat bo iw and de
crib.- ;f' j.
.The it riot impartiality .which characterizes
his estimate of the conduct and reputation of
the Jieroes of the war is one of the principal
merits of ihe work. With ihe rivalry bet ween
Ihe cmnmandiiig officerg, that led aornetimei to
a sufpeitsioft even of all social) intercourse
between ibern, the author teems lo have
had miibing to do. To each officer of the ar.
my, however high or tubordinate his rank,
whote prowett and military tkil he wit netted
or became cognizant of, be render full justice;
nor it be forgeiful of the conduct of kbe toldiery,
whether reffulara or ml
bittern courage no less than to ihe callanlfv
no kiii 01 me omcers, he property attributes
Ibe gloriout retulta of the war. I
AJl Ibe prints, twelve in number, that illut.
Urate the variout battle derribeid, Iiki much
cannot be said in praite. Their anisiiu merit
It ot the highest order. They bring before ut
at faithfully and at vividlv
the terrible tne of ihe campaign. The bat.
lie in riiwn fiIH ik l
( r,Msimiuuiriii ailU Qf
atorming the fortified places are Variously and
powerfully depicted. Jhe coloring is, distinct,
rjoriipu, ana correct.
bat been made an objection to Mr. Ken
dall's tuperb prtouction, by uninielliaent and
narrow criticism, that Ihe mechanical part of
it bat been executed abroad, rather than by
American artistt. To persons deceived by
auch ungenerous objection were easy to" reply
that, iaihe first place, if we have native artistt
capable of preparing tuch print,! we have, as
we are informed, not a sufikienhijuinber to get
out tuch a work in. requisiie. copies, in teveial
years. And tn ihe second place, that if we
hat both talent and number sufficient, the cost
as compared wiih execution a( would
have been trebled. With the mean to employ
the best art bis in coloring ibat could be found
in Paris, London. Brussels or Berlin, and with
a vigorous purpose to get the work out at the
earliest poxnible moment, it was two years be
fore Mr. Kendal! accomplished an edition of
500 copies. The priming he Was obliged to
have executed in Paris, being compelled to re
main there to overlook the colorisi.
The whole woik is one of which an Ameri
can can be juily proud ; proud of ibe profuse
magnificence of ihe undertaking itself, proud of
the glorious events so aptly commemorated by
pen and pencil, and proud also of ihe irue,geif.
nine, and intelligent patriotism which pervades
and illustratet each page of the narrative.
Wbeiherthe author trains an imrhediai-
niary recompente or not. for expense and labor'
so iaisniy bestowed, he will find in the,admi
ration and gratitude of bit countrymen all he
can ask ol reputations j
Gov. Reid. on informaiion, promptly issued
his proclamation offering 8400 re1 ward for ihe
arrest of the murderer of Tilghmaii Hunt. And
thrauihoriiies of northern cities were immedi.
ately telegraphed. These eflortt it is gratify,
ing to ascertain, have proved successful. We
learn at a telegraphic despatch bat been re
ceived in Ralegh from New York, that Pin
was arrested in that city and is now in prison
awaiting the orders of the Governor of N. Car
hna. Piit will therefore probably be sent
back and tried at Cumberland Superior Court
to be held the first week in May Jnext.
An investigation was had before Judge Elii
at Nash Superior Court, and we tare informed
hat his examination resulted in ascertaining
important facts in connexion with the murder"
and the recovery of a portion of the effects oi
the deceased. A man named Armstrong, of
Rocky Mount, Edgecombe county, had a bill
or sale of some of the negroes, for a very in
adequate consideration, and was on the point
f leaving wiih ihem for .Richmond, when he
was arrested and imprisoned, but admitted lo
bail upon examination. Six of the negroes
have been sent to jail at Fayelteville two ,f
them, a man and woman, committed for the
murde,,3nd ihe others committed as r maways
and witnesses. About $780 of money, a car
r.vall and horse, buggy and horse, saddle, gun,
&c. hive been recovered. There is yet a con
siderable amount of money in the hands ol
men who probably know too much to be inno.
ceni. The skill and promptnest of Judge El
In in Ibe investigation are spoken of in hih
terms. I P
We learn from the FayetteVille Observer
IhaLlhe body of the deceased has been placed
in a Patenj Metalie Burial Case, to await the
wisnes ot his Iriends in Guilford!
P. S. We learn that the remains have been
buried at Fayettevjlle. Greensboro' Patriot.
The " prevailing disease" having en
tirely disappeared, the - Board of Health"
have discontinued their reports. Ware
rejoibed in being able to state that we be
lieve our Village is now enjoying a free
dom from any disease of a serious char
acter, and the bum of business is heard
in every quarter. Persons from the coun
try and wagons are coming in daily, as
their interest or convenienM;f ut ' w
h "vv,Mibiniri fCT
ope the affliction with which we have
oeen visited may be suQVred to pass off
without bringins us all to feel where our
strength lies. Would it be amiss for our
corporate authorities to recommend to our
citizens to setTapart some early day as an
occasion for public thanksgiving to Al
mighty God for his great goodness in with
noidmg the destroyer, and to pray for his
continued blessing upon our town.
harfal(e Journal.
. John J. Skinner. Esq.. Editor of the
Hough, the Loom and the Anvil, died in
Uammore. on the 31st instant. He came
to his death by accident; Hfr mistook the
door openine upon the cellar stairway, at
the post office, for that leading to the
street, and was nreninit ft irt ,u i
far, receiving a contusion wllich fractured
.uo unseoi nis scull, from which be died
n the course of the evening;
The Emperor of Russia has ordered that
manufacturers and tradesmen who intend
l " the Great Exhibition at London,
shall be exempt from ht payment of the
passporttax, v v i ' f
From tha'flrJr-U rf Am
" WlLKESBORO. March lO IflRl "
Mr. Editor: Wi? had quite a refresh
ing exhibition here last night. A proces
siort by theSpns o(T mperance with trans?
parencifs. an excellent oration in the
Court bouse to a large attentive
by Dr. Robert Hack'et, and some sensible
and impressive remarks by the Rev. Mr.
Purvis ; and I hare nn Hnnht th m.t
upon ihe good cause will be exce lent.
We w ere joined, upon the occasion, by a
goodly attendance of our brethren from
Alexander and Ashe counties, many of
whom had come expressly for the occa
sion. Our Division is; growing, and seems
be on a permanent basis. It had already
done much good, and! promises to dp much
more. J cannot refrain from giving you
an imperfect sketch i)f a scene that took
place at the conclusion of our exercises
last night, which wis inimitable in its
character :;
Beins Tuesdav of ITSnnrt iv0aL- w..ri
orthe worshipers bf the jolly god had gone
into the room with the crowd, and one of
them from Ashe county confessing to the
r.rfc Bprii. Kave way Dy degrees, and
at length, fell nrostrtir m th fl.
There he lay, stretched at his full length,
and afier the inconsiderable stir produced
by his downfall, lie vs for a time quite
unnoticed. After Mr. Pu
ed bis remarks, h r w8 m,i r i
Jones, (your old friend Ham.") who hnd
.rpHeu m late, and vas manifestly en
deavoring to maintain an incog. The a i lenatn became so clamorous.
inat tnis gentleman Was forced to make
his appearance. Annrorhintr tVm i,
. : r I WSII f, 1 1 Vy
outer circles of the crowd, enveloped in a
v.,iv. wiiu uis nai in hand, he spoke as
"Gentlemen and 1mA
.. nui irnuy
Mattered by this verv urgent r.ll h.,f l
cannot make you a speech to night, j
hold that no one ought to attempt address
ing so respectable an audiance as this,
without considering what 1
I have made no such preparation, and
urinuir must neg lo be exctlsed. More
over," said he " I hold that I should been
Urely out of order, to occupy your alien
tion at this moment, fqr there is a gentle
man out here in the back ground, turning
round and pointing to the fallen Xilenus.
who is making a much more forcible
speech upon thesubject of lemperance
than I could hope lo make, with ever so
much preparation. . While, therefore, the
gentleman from Ashe has the floor. I must
not intrude." The effect was irresistible
even the fellowsnfferers, some of whom
were aspiring towards the floor them
selves, joined heartily in the laugh, and
the gentleman from Ashe' is not like
soon to hear the last of the joke. The
odds have been against king Alcohol to
day, that is quite; certain. p.
And now the question , how we are to do
117 We feel the responsibility-we bav the
deS,re fr we all exclaim wi:h Johnny Hodges.
O ! what a curse ! ,
, 1;. 1 h LmVral 8"asionist says go and talk
kindly with the vender, and set before him all
the evil he is doing in ihe wo.ld. and ibe sol.
emn respons.b.luies resting ,, him. and he
will give up Ms business. ; He will, perhaps, i(
he dues not drink himself, and his bean is not,
as Mr. Gouyh says, crusted all over wiih the
tears and ighs of his bleeding victims.
2. Dissuade all men fVom drinking, and then
his trade will die out, and he will go into
business. When, even on this principle, will it
die out ? How many will he send first o an
u , timely grave,? And how many drunkard,
will saiiy him before lie will ojve up? Die
out ! Not while hecan get one'poor dru. kard
to come and do his chores for him, and hanc
couiid his kr. and revile the temperance men!
While the traffic continues, it will make mod.
erate drinkers, and moderale drinkers will
make drunkards. The supply creates the de
mand. All see it. All know it.
3. Commit ihe work to! God, and then you
w. be sure of ii, for, in ihe millennium, .here
wril be no distillers nor ruinsellers. The very
thing we are alter ; but how is ihe world mbe
converted while the traffic cominues. turning
thousands and millions, even on the Sabbath"
into scoffers and blasphemers ? Thi is sub! an end for the means, an end lo ac
eomplish an end. The employment of inade
quade means is a wasie.
What removes olher great evils ? What de.
livers the land from burglars and counterfeit,
ers, and men who would, for plunder, burn
town, fiid cities ? Law ;! prohibitory and pro
tective law. And what reason in the world is
there for applying this to one kind of evil and
not to anoiher? Why prevent a man from
killing your son wiih a knife, and suffer him to
kill him wiih a slow poisob ? Why put a man
in Slate prison for lilelor burning up a home
while ha goes free in kindling a fire which
shall burn up body and soul? Why deal se.
verely with a man who should maim his fellow,
being, or lake away hi reaon.xand bring him
upon the town, and say nothing to him who, for
party gain, is hlling uo nil and almiihiiiio.,
knd lading ibe people wiih heavy burdens
11. . i i . . J . .
tic mo nas come wnen this subject mut be
looked at in every State; and men of every
class must feel their responsibilities.
There are two great obstacle totheaccom
plishmeut of the work whicb God requires. A
large class of ibe commuriitylove to have it as
it is. They profit by the traffic, or they live in
the indulgence of base appetite. They are
willing the land should be cursed for their gain.
The rum power and the vine influence isler
rific. Our legislators are afraid of it or allied
lo it. Another is found in the dreadful apaihy
of hundreds and thousands who say, w bat is
all this lo me 7 am I my brother's keeper ?
This very apathy destroys j in lh legislator all
ens of responsibility. Journal.
y We regret to have to state, that on
Thursday last, the Female Academy in
this place, was destroyed by fire and no
thing now remains of the building but the
smouldering walls. The building look
fire about 10 o'clock arid was caused by
a spark from j the basement chimney
(where a fire had been kindled to burn up
some rubbish) and the roof being very dry
and the wind high, the fire spread with
great rapidity.! Capt. Wm. Davidson.
Who was occupying th building as a res
idence, fearing that some accident might
be caused by the chimneyYakfng fire, had
examined that part or the roof, but see
ing no sign of. tirejie presumed all was
safe and went into the house. He had
not been there long before he was inform-t-d
that the roof In; front was on fire. ; He
immediately went with a bucket of wa
ter to the garret. He found the fire had
commenced extendinghe threw the wa
fer on and went ' Ibf more this he done
several times, hut having no assistance at
hand, the building n a manner being iso
lated. and the fire spreading rapidly, all
his efforts were unavailing. When it be
came apparent that there was no hope of
saving the building every exertion was
used to save the furniture, and we believe
nearly every article was removed. Mr.
Davidson is very thankful for the assist
ance rendered him on the occasion.
We hope, this accident will show to our
citizens the importance of having a well
organized Fire Company, and also ihe ne
cessity of hnving a pore abundant supply
oT water. The Engine appears nlso to
be out of order. Our citizens had better
take warning from this occurrence and
prepare efficiently to resist thin destruc
tive element, lest n more terrible acci
denr befnl us. Charlotte Journal.
J. J. BUOER, Editor & Proprietor.
Salibur', I, c.
TnntSDTTEVEXITim 1851,
Body FoU,.-We are indebted to the
I inenln r...; T ' i . , .
Lincoln Couner for a nXtra slip dated 2d
April, announcing the recovery ol the
body of Mr. Andrew MotZ. who. it Was
supposed, had fallen from the brid-e near
SIh le Mill I r
blades Mill, and drowned. The body
was lound nn fh h
river, about one mile South-west of the
town of Lincolnton. No marks of vio
lence. being found, the Coroner's Jury re
turned a verdict of death by drowning
inn uriiu 01 ipe
Fire. The Mantro paper mil
leigh. was destroyed bv fire on S5afnr.
daV nichl laf nnn ,
a mgnt last. So.000 Insurance on the
establishment N.,tl.ic . 1
ainiiiiaiimenc. Aothing was snvet ex-
cept a part of the manulactured stock.
New School Book C. H W;l... V "ury paper of last week, pubises the state-
C, OA. U. H. Wiley, J,sq. ment w.thout ff.v.n? any date, takinj particular pams to
is engaged n editing a new school book leave room for ,he PP4"" o be drawn that the cir
This is ,he beginning of hom ,W TZTl.'Tl..
thlS article. Success to it.
rfr3 PnSlnn I . .
LLJ UOSton has lost a artr noninn r
C-- aiuu J I
,0ou,.her,11ra"e-;n" lhp causK '"' " is
nia to De the conduct pursued by lhat
city in relation to We fuiritire
1 "
DCP Judge Moore, of Edenton, died at
Portsmouth on the 2ith tilt.
The Methodist Law suit f,r property
between the Church South, and the
Church North, will probably be tried at
Ihe April term of the Circuit Court of
New York.
Ill-considered Legislature. The Si. Lm,is
jWuhliran a notable liberation of the
mpropiieiy of legislative bodies passing bills
with no other reading than that of the ihle.
Al the late session ol the Legislature ,.f Mi.
...uri. hill passed both hooe, received .he !
Hona.ure of he .. .7: ? 1
( ..i.M, nou na oecoiTio a
aw. ltstille is, " To inrorporale Wolf Sjm in; I
Seminary, &c," ihe '-and so foiib" having
lh vurv i .v. . . i . r- ... . " .
,j nn miihui oenr II" ol emn tur u iko
encieS ol freiw .' " r
the State wilh , "pnme. I.nm
the b.ate, u,,h pe.h.p. one or ,w exrep.ion..
I l supposed thai lull wa, si,,)pd ,!)rollJ,h ,Mllh
Frances of ,he LepUr u i.hout readi,,r. or
rinher Mplanation of it. p.ovision beiond in
corporatini: the seminar.
A bill has parsed the Legislam, f Virgin-
ia making appropriation for ibe Completion , f
Ihe Virginia Central Railroad fr... Pk .
au iroui narlot.s
VI Je In Ihe Inrm; f .i. .
...t .I teriniiins of ,he ,noH,n secb.n
. i , 0 . .
winch the State constructing, and also for
enlarging the equipment, and depot a,commo.
enlarging the equipment, and depot a.-commo.
da.lons of lhe road. The am,,,.i u,. a
is not definitely ascertained, inas.nurb as i, a...
thor.zea a 9nb,c,ip,in by ,he Stale in the ratio,
to private ubSrrip.i.,ns already made, ol three,
tifihs to,h9. I, 9 about S230 -
A hill has also passed ihe Legislature an-
thorizincr n 5ii- . i! , "
i '1"r,u" " wouu,uuu to
'he Danville railroad. ,
lintan, as being a Very disaffreeahle f-l.
I.. "
ov. He came near being kicked out the
flare nn with .k 1 ,, .
imre, up With lh(.; Landlord at Fnyetle-
Vtlle as lo prevent thft performance of
Madame Bishop at that place h
. V..... i U . '
, w
as crabbed as theil ." SnVa IIP Rt im n ., J
.. . . !. & V "a Sin, ana
OCT We publish on the fourth page an
article headed - Vork for the iMonth
March." Ii is a little behind ; but still
many persons may be reminded of some
thing that ought to be done, for which it
is not yet too late
OCT VVe have Blackwood's Magazine
for March, and find it quite interesting as
Contents. Dangers of the Country:
My Novel; or Varieties in English Liter
ature : L-gends of the Monastic Orders, as
represented in the Fine Arts: Lavengro :
The Arts in Portugal: Soutbey : The
Ministry and the! Agricultural Interest,
' Beautiful Goods.U really seems to us
Jhat our Merchants have been "unusually
happyv this season, in the selection of dress
Goods. We have seen some very beau
tiful patterns af the Stores of J. F.Cham
bers. CoM and Brown. Fraley cc Co.
Cheese and GW- T PrZIT
x . , ""uers
& to. have a quantity of superior Cheese,
also ; and Brown. Fraley & Co. 'have a
new idea in the shape, of gridirons. The
cheese ,s put up in varied size boxes, and
the gridirons catch all the frAviv
advertisement in bis paper. Read it.
They have a handsome stock of GooU.
and are in the practice of giving good
Vargmnsl bpeaking of Bareains."
we would call attention lo the advertise
ment of M. Rriivvn Ar. ,k ...:
t ,,, ,,.
be seen, aie ro to sell ki nii : t..
' " t,in
as Was announced st, week.
licoi.-Spekin- of will
be s,en that Mr. Bhckmer istohave one,
at Gold-Hill. on the 25,h instant. .
We are indebted to the politeness of Cot. H lL Rrt.
( bards, for the use of the " Hornet ' Nest," for the pur-
I DOSe of COOVinir ltirirr..m r .
I Watrtim!nM I i . .
" c b.uuw mil now 10 cnaracter-
! ize more truthfully than we have done in the caption to
: P&n?T kUe have "Penenced a more
vu,Jiar and' at the time, unprovoked attack from
any source and it doe. em to u. that any one who
wouId 80 far f"rsrt the common decencie. of life as to
Bit down and deIra,V Pn such low abuse ; and not
I bUt 't " l whhoat thephtd-
t 8n eXCU8e' 6h0U,d eXPect but Y,tt curty
others. But whilst this is so, we do not intend to de-
0 j -""""ing 1 uc '-uuor s example ; which,
a.snonoraoie as it is, we doubt not is elori-d in by him ;
and for his rratificatii.n a. ui ik.
0 wrucr unaer-
Et.nCn. .1 L 1 ...
-.-.....S ut .no wnoie matter Dy the reader, we here
introduce the article in question:
Some one has informed us "fur h it A., j- '
stood we never read it.) that th ,i:.j :
?,!bury.,aM -We.ek (;i:,,,lli,ied.a l pied from a
U T I L W mon.h or so
! the case of a m-sro sent to tne hospital
' near lh,s PlaC(" was mentioned.
l N. .h.( m,i,.. .1,;.
iur .u . 1 .7 rt'5f w very smailas
the tact, that the case alluded to ww removed about th
ft L K.a-hJm;,,,'h aBd y vet
...... uuouuii ijtxurr 01 ingl wppk. nnh i.h. .1 .
I y defervf 8 the censure he has caused to fall upon bis
V. T f.lowef than rooting in ibe
: srround,' and is the first lim f- r
TL... . I . ...
, -- r - , j - , . uroiu ui a
! JJS:
!?end,nff lotBer " dirty things than a Kentucky ho?
i HTh ".J' Land 4c,,U9iu Sa"y '"d'knows
I tiornnf ISest, yi)lh March.
We have already said that this attack is unnmmt
To sustain that declaration we here present the "scrap"
which is alluded to in the foregoing article :
Small Pox in Charlotte. We see that the board of
Health report one new case of Small Pox for the week
ending March 4ih: This was a negro bov, who was
taken to the hospital on the 2ih ul. True Southron.
The " Lincoln Republican" copied this " scrap" from
the "Snuthton" " Nest" of the 8lh March; and we
copied it from that paper into the Watchman" of the
20th March. So that, instead of there being " some
month or so" from th time of its first appearance in
the " Nest," to the date of its re-publication in this p
per, onlyticelte days intervened.
But the only point in the whole business for which
we care a grote, is the charge that we intentionally
omilU-d " dates," thus taking particular pains to leave
V , lh.US " lakln? Pa"-uI-leave
lh to be drawn that the circum-
stance was ot a recent nature."
Now the reader will please rememb-r that we only
Copied one of the ar,ic!es of lhe " Ne8t " We got it
Second handpH. hut H..i.kt r,.. .,
-"uwi nU(, ii wub ongina v
it : Are there no dates
given by which to fix the circumstance alluded to there-
in on some particular day 7 "The boardof Health re-
port one new case of small pox for the week ending
March 4th.. Thi9 wa, a negro boy who was taken to
U'e hspital on the 28lh ul1" Th"e ar two dates.
I Now n it be possible that aiTv man who understand
i what he reads, finding this in the Watchman of the
f 2lh March can be led to suppose that the case alluded
f '" " natUre" than l" 2Sth ulu?
i n' lb?n a" lhe elusions of the Nest," are
, without
' ao uncaueu lor as il
low. His hate is still unratified, and ,h. nni.
.i. inn naie is sun ungratitied, and the poison in-
te,,dpd . returns to his own lips. H,8 nine at H
C' Jo,,e8' &q.. is inexcusable except upon the around nf
C. Jones, Esq., is inexcusable except upon the ground of
tunacyj or of blindness to believe a lie. And the gusto
; wtth which he indites indecent matter, shows what must
be the character of the fountain from whence eminate.
: so foul a stream.
But the" Nest" taks much pain, lo have it dis
! tinctly understood that the editor never rend. r t,.u
i e. the Watchman." Why doe. he not ? Of course
because it is too low and dirt,. A h.r.., s
ng theme it is, to
IM IT II1ATTV0 It IB trn v . I J:. ITT i .
j wwckiui auu picas-
pniltv of nnth;.., ... tu . u- t .
f nothing worse : That h..afy ai way. com-
i. . . .
Pe"-d h.m to the pure the tr hite !
PLAVK nnm tirpTivn iv rT.
.'luuinu 1.1 l.A I 1 C.
e 'Mw wuum; waaneia
the Court House i; Mocksville. on the 26th ultimo.
i ,IlUie i!l MockRyi"e- the 26th ultimo,
! iSiiperior Ccurt week,) for the purpose of taking into
' coiderW"n 'he importance of the Fayeaeville and
j Western Plank ' '"3 "tended to thi. place.
The meeting was organized bv callinir ir,.
1 . . ....-
, bin, to the Chair, and appointing Beal Iiaros. Jr. Secre.
tary. The object of the meeting was exDlainint th.
j i
Chairman, and addresses were made by Mr. G. A. Mil
ler and Mr. J. M. Clement, showing the benefit, that
would result to thi. section of the State if the object
could be attained.
Oa motion of G. A. Miller, the following resolution
wa read:
Retolted, That the Chairman of this meeting ap
point ten delegate, to represent Davie County at a
meeting of the Stockholders of the Favetteville and
Western Plank Road Company, to be held at Favette
ville, on the 10th day of April next, whicb wa. unani
mously adopted.
On motion,
Resulted, That the proceeding, of thi. meeting be
signed by the Chairman and Secretary and sent to the
Fayelteville Observer and Carolina Watchman for pub
Ucation. The meeting then adjourned.
Or HARBIN, Chairman.
DEAL IJAMS, Jr. Secretary.
REPEALED. All ibe Town Ordinance,
in relation tu Small Pox, were repealed by ibe
Commissioners, on Saturday last.
cloudy, and sometSroei .i- ' . . . "ni a
begin to compare with th , i t
! "h ! - rZ
. wi waea Um Tj.J ,urinaneef gave natnre tome oT the WZI
: knock ha. had th.. winter, ad the
' ?mirl Uckwl lUeyer, h,
j hearibe bird. n?OBo fin.. A ! ,?ect,t
! The boose I allude to, i occupied bT , '
, tf
of a bar-keepcr. 1 lU W
without th "nehehatnevcrdir
of the parent, lor retiTT. 1
inB Prauyt inoojh rich imVwM, pelf ar- ,
' T "e P?DU rt!l
acier oi their aoo, wbo it entirelT A- r u r
' xenmt k;u :. 7 oertM; nat iux
lf V . -"o peasant to in cbildrenJ-:
t 11,8 f'her permit, him to treat him widJaH tU i
Iiar whic one boy nwa toward
to .trance her. and LZZfc
penor .trench. A. it was. he tefl the Utto
na,l, and finder. apttn her,hroot,to which hi ad cl,
with the fer,city of a bal,s . &
i ne KiTae encounter wa intermpted br, lady rim.
tor. vhnu. r, . ' V'
w r'-w wa. a .uthcient check upon lbs
5'Un& rufl3an ' PVf nt hi. attemtiD9. an fK..V
jh" who then related to her frfead
what he had dune, and showed the wound, conn K
tW T' '
1 Al thi" "Pare, the-yonng man cursed her for a Ip
ar "nd ,wore ,hal "e would tear her dresse. into strip i
"i" nC ,hi. by her yoekL
lhe Arf boudoir, he f,ll to learimr me Z
P-es, untl.' entire.v exhaled byT
: f.u, w mrew nimeif upon a sofa and
ir,ere a. re Revolting embodiment of maltr aJs
: ra?e. than Ka ci..;a..i t . . '
7 w.oiru iwier naa ever befir .
' I 'C Wit.
The affair has created a great deal tf talk, but xh.
father will not listen to any reflection, against hi. -a.
It is not d.fficult to foresee to what .. ix.
6Ult 8Uch culPal)
U vuiiuiuui rz
SUCh Culnable inrtnlrn-- ; : :..t., .
-Voulh- who w"h proper religious and mental J.
" h" childhd mihl be an ornament to aUi u
confirms I think lh( T t J' U
V 1 lhl"k' lhe coolness of what a venerable
clerrvman said in h. M.- .... c. , ,
, , i i VOtl
i transcendentalism. Fourierism. ThPoAr- P.,v.: :.
R, AMiit Ilir-Law - .2
.i ... " '
..... " ; "Jme
other k.ndrtd ism,, were not onlj dertrojing Judicial
authonty, but fiUal respect, and parental authority Ilk.,
: The irrival of the Crewnt City " with $ 1 ,000,000
in gold du, relieve, the monotony of the day, but you
.will have got all her 0cw. by telegraph before thi. let.
ter reaches you.
The vote of the New York Negro Convention, (.
meeting of ab,,ut fifty male, and female, in Prince wreet ,
to impress upon the young XtfMI the propriety of
"orpanizinff into military companies," and learn to de
fend themselves by a knowledge of the use of offensive
weapons," may well elicit the severest condemnation
It was moved by a gray-headrd black man, and met
with only a ferble opposition. When a sh'.w of hand,
indicated that it was carri. d by a large -majority, the
applause was very loud.
The quick trip of the new steamship Union to Sew
Orleans in seven days from this city, ha. given great
satisfaction. Her sister steamer, the Winfield Scott,
will make her maiden trip on the first day of April next,
in charge of Stima.n & Co.. Express freight.
The United States Mail Steamer Ohio, will rail Jor
New Orleans next Wednesday.
The sudden death of J. S. Skinner, ed.tor of the
" Plow, Loom and Antil? by falling head foremost in
to a cellar beneath the Baltimore Post Office, is much
lamented by his numerous friend, in this city, and will
be mourned by every scientific Agriculturist throughout
the country.
Mr. Skinners numemu. lectures and writing, npon
the cultivation of the earth, are among the most useful
auu permanent productions of the American mind. Such
! 71 "I 8 "
a, ourown does, and where pnthnfty farm-
" TT'"'
! , f ,he hmnUB Stock-breed.
! Z AriCfU,luri8t-Elia ,jt Eso , of Lexington.
I ' W"11' of the United State.,
I I! m'1 W'lh preal 8 ,o6s a" b-v this casualty.
! . .T WrtP' 'uire Vhmr
lUGtratefl by actual experiment and practice. Scientific
Agriculturists from every section of the Union were in
the custom of visiiing Mr. Fhinney's place to see hut
large and of-auiiful variety of imported cattle, wine,
Sec, aod examine his improvements in the implement.
' j "'"v",lJ"
I cu,livation "f ,,,e But thi.
: "W li"m' fr in froDt of
, me, as I write, I see a placard advertising the admini.
, trator's sale of that magnificent estate, on the 19th day
of April nexU
Tom flyer, the famous auther of the Hyer code, ha.
come out with a pronunciamento in which (just to re
mind the public how he codified the Irish Yankee Sul
i " Worid "
! a man that can flaT h,m-
livan) he " challenges the world " for 10,000 a side to
, r mm th I hir i t. I..npn.
I roin me .nariotte Journal,
Uo . vv.n e .t .
j v T'r" 3 PJ""e inr.rm ID.
i lectors awaie vhere ibe line i l.iu..n v.,rtb
I . . v . . .
"cl booth Carolina ? Judging from the re.o.
, ', rinnj; inai no more money .nouia ne
I sue nf in North f 'or.'.i;.., u ...r,...
! lnt in Nrlh Carolina, one would suppose
'hat the Catawl.a river at its intersection with
i 'he road, or some Southern line. wa. Ibe
j bMindary of No,lh Carolina. The Tresidfot
and Director fcr....,W L..... ik. f . i . it,-t K.
- -..-"..v. iuc mlii i u i'
i fil rd does n, , oenetrate . f'urolina more
, lliui. 11 ... M .1 . . a 1 -
no xl iiiurs mai ougar LrffK I. loe oivi-
diliir line between lh SiMt at lh rwii nf nf in
ter.erlion by ihe road, and (bat not one dollar
ha. ever been eijendd out of ibe treasury of
the Company in North Carolina. It i. true
that nearly all ihe grading in North Carolina
has been comoletedTljui this wa.done by stock
holder, in payment of their ftock, who bats
never askfd the Company for mooey. On ike
contrary, nbooi 860.000 in caidvhaf been paid
over by North Carolina Stockholders and ex
pended in South Carolina. Now, with what,
propriety roold the boaid ol Directors pass tbii
uncalled for resolution ?
Baltimore, March 26.
A dinner was given yesterday at An
napolis to Daniel Webster by the mem
bers of the Maryland Convention,' Mr.
Webster made a strong Union and Com
promise Speech. I
. . a ... i t :.

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