North Carolina Newspapers

    , , JrriV, r'fi!iiS at Manhattan
! 'fSs tilled on Sunday night last, in' an
; - j-jiyTTPT -fiou; i rt-Th 4 2 1 bwa rd
i , aiicT all intoxicated-i:: Brady re.
i is TiW1 JU)umnfcah
r .,i died shortly - after. Patrick'
ilrlck. one of bis companions, bad
liftarrri fractured, and received A dan-
jab in the' side. But was taken
Ucniial. Thomas Lee, another of
rtv received two scalp wounds and
r tnjurire, - i
similarly wounded. This makes the
1 murder in this city within two days,
.'rf bich may be traced to rum !
ciirrE'ii. ' -
Tetoe wigHit Tmu Sobriety iU Jmo IW;
J t- J . j i
jdinr respective home.. Having labored imlus-
at lu'n", thev 'Cf Spending the sweet hours 4' Proprietor...
' Keep a ciiKck eras ittroi't"
K I I. Kits, r
" Do f IIis,Xt t) Jninftf VI S SAF
On' Harmon.
voLUMrcix numi;i:r
feMure in the laniJijcapeltKnbwecntself
from the Beginning. If tbey sought in some
place most- convenient of access to all,
ibey were sure to find the meeting house
fdr the worship of God. E ven at this day
the mouIderingifruins of those rustic tem
ples of worship remained, while near by
rose the more imposing modern edifices of
brick to supply their place. Around them
were the green mound and hillocks of
the country grave yard " where the rude
BY REV. fr. h. uJyVK.S, D. D.
The Second Lecture of the Course was
delivered before the New York Historical
Society last evening at the Metropolitan
Hall, by lie. P. L. Hawks, D. I). The
atteiwkHee.wasiarge and highly TegppcTwer ' ,h(r bamlet sleep." -The
able. At 8 o'clock P. M. linn r ,,,,i, i ,nost prominent feature in the character
pre siJrnuuijr Bwn'i noun ' - M s . . , . ,
U ttond and. happy i Bradjsh, the President, accompanied by t ? P,?Te wal,'.be ,ntenslt' of ,heir re"
. and music voice, of their the offic.rfl nf . hm .. 3 'grous ffehng: 1 seemed to bac mi-
i.K r ,i -IT- upoq ted in their mental organization, the im-
... ai onco proceeded to ptilstve ardor of the Irish, with the cool
bilmtXfMtl (or the evening, Uevv 1 intellectual shrewdness of-the- -Scotch.
Dr. Hawks. The one tempered the other: they were
Rev. Dr. Hawks, upon coming forward, ! mpnta"y zealous, and mentally practical,
was warmly received, and proceeded to' They choose to understand a subject first,
say: He was a bad man who was asham- j an w"en tbe mind once apprehended
ed of an honest parentage because it was i w'iat ,,,ey 'bought to be right and tru?,
poor and bumble. He was no better who "i fne' ,hrovv themselves into the support of
was ashamed of his country, because its ! 'l k(ly and soul. They were assiern en
history recorded few or none of the bloody U.busiasts as the old Covenanters, but they
triumphs of 'nmbitiun,..hut told the simple i knevv l)etter the ground ol their enlbusU
story of a people's unobtrusive progress asm a,,( ,uev were daringly brave, wo
in civilization and homely comfort. He men as w II as men. The people in those
was sorry for the man who. if his coun- jdaJs knew but! little of the operations of
try men were frank and honest, did not lovp lue Iwma' government, there being no
Tha sunnv iimlel
' -ar i''6t lileasant.ta tehil(l nd tlio
Jlhoi' lar""1" gluwt with df !ij;tit as they kk
" ai watched the developaient of their Infant minds
t,pnir hunf tl'i-M famili retired to their rest, at
-t in.iit !wunll thus niiauod tlinir vnra
jrtWMt"""- r i -
III. : . '.
jiftenwrrow, Tom fbrirty, Frank Industry, Jas.
fito CoininDiisenso, Johu Eqimirighls, 'lliomm
4mlTer 13.""" ! their ueighborf, aU good and
4(j,jMu(, assiiibli-'d at the Capital of the titate, the
fljuiu tk'iiig Hi i a'W ia i uiow respect I iu
"' Msejiiag lortli ilieiroiyeoliona to the liquor trnlUr,
that body to paw fme law to shield them
','lk tordrttarf Jaaitt-BiMl-thff injuriwa itreidpnt
ttobt wbjoct beiug a i gitimala ena lor th exer
,j(Aif ptwei Whertiupon, number of the
jjdiof that honorable body flew into a rajjK, and
..ihoic Cupla"! Green Cal'tweU wh Ji(IIcd tliem
Liirt"siid tiie Speaker, Edtcttrdt : shutting their
l,ui raising a tumult, ruslied upon these peaceable
inuuyiii wncim were.rpcpeciuoie mouiera, wives
ijBhiers,nd rirtjjalfy kicked them out viie of the
jfeii the tame time a company of CO ! men camp up
jBjon against graimiio; tne prayer ot tiiosc lo,UUU.
aiikff' pr0" bettife aeveii Magistrates, by
t mere rtsdutte wilnes-,The:' possession of a
Mwd character .' and never witnessed such a scene
aim whii-h Jani'-s Urady 'loss his life ; Pit trick Fin
Ltkjul his arm broke, and 'llitHnux Lae woiinded in
jralji Iniiii'-uiiiteiy nn ineir uppearani-e Detore Uie
mfmbtTs "t 'he Legislature, greeli d ihem most
ojvitnd raiMiij them above the head of Tom
Ljm and Jine IVat-e, and their 15,000 co-petiiion-
.ueiirtl lb. hi in l mi in) ill llirmigh the Capital.
jmr -im m wnuuvx a larffeiuuibcr uX men. a-,'
lifiiifuu the zren lor the dooW purpose of per
wi military duly and paying their taxea. There is
a Subrh"iv, J .lines reace, ana outers uf their con-
dl Batlv drisHl and clean i ad there are their
t hitched under a lartra spreading oak, as fat and
si nuk't. There, too, if l'atrick Filzpatrick,
Lfe. and ..iliers of their kit, ragged and palch-
laiilruializi d hy the truffie. And there are their
loBjii d'jwu ju tlie bujhea, and out (It to be a.eii ;
fctfoWaers dfU!i!t'W-'W!'T3iSKiBriayWoliift
tr ttro heie, (.., but he is Tmt-kUle& ai 'iftrujUt
his( country ; he Would not truBt that man.
He was there before them to apeek to a
Society whose choson object of pursuit
was History. It was befitting, iherefore.
that he should seek for hissubject in His
mails and no, newspapers in their seetioi l',au,e- Aml 1 ,lold oul '"! ,iand 10 Vou
of the dountrv. News of what was going love a,ul 1 '" lo y011- ouf lalll" were hieth
on in tlio world without, thev received re" and ''" f"UJ:,'1 M' a"d com'
lllltru ,1,11 Ulliri ,, 'UCdlll Ullff VI, I 11 0 UaUlO'
'heard of ecllonai jueling, aaying, ' I fijbt for
Maachuseii, and I for Virginia, and I for
Connecticut, and I for lbs Carolinas, and I for
the Jersey's, and I for Georgia. No, no the
cry wa " We fight for the freedom of all we
want no freedom but for all, and wi'b God's
good help, have it for all we will, or leave our
bones to bleach upon the fields ol our country,
(Applause.) I (ell you, my countrymen, it is
glorious to lit down and lorn over the pagea of
those stirring limes, until I ha heart throbs and
the eye waters, and we rite lo a full apprecia
If6ff raTTS!"' digritry-'ffnd " roajeai ic'a ub1ii.ii1ly of
that purest Kin) most unseltitth rctrolul ion recor
ded in ihe history ol ihe world. Applause.
Lei your ehildiiMurr over these pages, too,
for (hat is the way lo bring out ibe (rue feeling
intensely, altogether, exclusively American.
Thl i-lh leeling. New ! tay' to yrju, look"
back, my country met). Oh, how our brave old
fathers clung together I Boston was in trou
ble in 1775, and did no one sympathize with
Boston ? North Carolina, lor one, expressed
her resentment openly ; and al a cost of jEBOO
sent to her a veeel loaded with provisions, and
the (own Irom which it was sent numbered but
600 inhabitants, and the whole Colony but
150,000. And think you thai Boston did not
appreciate the sympathy ol North Carolina ?
Now. some of the North, with the blood of the
dead soldiers of Ibe Revolution coursing ihro'
your veins, one and all, 1 stand here befoie you
wtth the blood o4 (bw Jsiutb in my veins. -Ap-
when they enme to attend the village
cljurcn on oabtmitH Sometimes the pas
tory. But this was an American Society. I ,or and so,nelirn,s the justice of the peace
and that fact narrowed his range of I of lte t!oct"r rt'a(l to the assembled eiti
choice to American History. He would zensa consideration of the little news they
of course ppeak of that portion of Amri- rPCe'v( ffom rhiladelphia, New York,
can History which he had studied most, ic; i,! woull ask his audience to im
and knew fwst.- .That, then, Would be the i a8'ne tbemseives up among those hills of
Ow! 0 yes ! (rentlemen " cn'cs the Sheriff, ' come
bacjy your luxes. 1
TmSmnety and James I eaco walked np at once.
WSferiff clipp-d out the bjjfi." M Why," saya Tom,
W ii wzwr. uiw year tli an Uiey wrbuaat, bow
H saweuiioti of Jack Bowie, who was instiga-
k'Sj tSeliijuuV 'traffic Ut '"murder Biady, said the tux
.WW, eust Ute I Umty . aOO uotiam",;. X.
hlkatime u number of others hud Come around the
Iwtf ; nd a t-iieti reeived hubill, nnd thought about
MC.lHi; inu!s!t,r, and the aUU dullar Uiey were
fciaj ap,they cast expressive 'grlanixf at aafh other,
Wtmaiied tosay, - tl;r is aometliinj terlNif in all
Stand upu it. b-o-y-s," said IrfeUs he leant against
ui wbire tin? bberitTas sitting too drunk to
iWuai P.wr biivinu heard tbu SheritTs explanation,
pbif bill like a Unr-bidiny man, but took occasion
,wkeHw!t)e7rr'-rn i rfrnitrun tifpioi tmwlfrnd
aur sell fur any lj-l y i !k to drink ; I see, aa every
wcmiM, that the tra'he is a curse, Cud I think
jtjl r4itf-4ii4-mv fcttfd-efmmtfff-sbrtttifi it tutcu
mj kSh and cJuMu-ii, to pay the- bills hruuglu upon
taoty ay orun&uma inl irArai,iar v .. juul.
llidav -.ftH-wafd, t htH mfKie ilrat nmunt law by
fcpriiper nieaua it m iiiy privilege to uw."
writ I, taid Kiiuuir.liiR. " And I," said Com-
. " And I, " and I. said olhers : and their
Niad manner indicated that there im soim tliing
Nrtlm lua-'tcr. JrJH X KQ IT A Lit I (111 TS.
ieate was decided in the .Siiureme Court o(
Yoik last week which is of interest lo ad-
rir." The uil was broiiobt bv ihe oro
imi w the Courier and LiiQ'itrer airainsl
Flling; the jury rendered a Mrdict for
wiBul three hundred and eighteen dollars
Jtinhtj-nine cents the amount claimed with
witf Jt appears that when the adverlie-
''atraken to the (Jotirir office there was
miiiiricleriiaudiug respecting lh. number
wrnons. ii was, however, put In, leaded
'Hlp!yerj, and remained an for one hundred
Mk I J "I . ' " U UUimiB t, nkH IUBFHIWIH
iy?kaerset on was t hieflv that Mr. fbbot-
r orders in.iespecr to ihe adveVlifeineht
ra aot carried out. However. -be look the.
'"'trina tnauirer (luilv. iriiT. as air)ti"f
rJ lb court, saw ihe -adveriuement In"
nd should bate notified the ediiorPfo
lliC0li(inue it. Thn rotirf ru led thai he
tuva given this notice, and not have el-
r"tl to eniuV the 4iiiifil ifih ndvarlisement
' psyinglof it.
rWJaseilh Steiihpns. nf Port Wsvne.
a.left tome in. lSlland was heard
JJ liis pafenttt are4gret-iis
Montis acfount, and will'Le thankfnl
HV nn. ...L 1 1 '
. " no win give mem any inior
5mcfhim. Address Mr. D.Stenhens.
1 "Vnp. Iiulmnu inri'
portiun of. ihe Republic in which he was
born arid reared. His theme was North
Carolina; and all he had to tell was a
simple story of some of the incidents in
her career. He did not 'suppose they were
known to all, for the career of North Car
olina had been singularly unobtrusive,
modest and quiet, and her true history yet
remained to be written. He would cn
ll'dly admit that . what be was about , to
fcay bad been collected to that end. . There
were three meniorable incidents . in that 1
history. First: It was on the shores of
Norlh Carolina that the first English colo
ny was planted. Second : The first blood
shed in battle with the troops of the lit it
ish Government in support of ihe princi
ples of the Aineriean Kevololion was the !
moode4'ri'h Carolina ! arid the ftrst at
tle field was the soil of that Stale. Third:
The first Declaration of Independence ev
er promulgated in any of tbese polonies
came from North Carolina, more than a
year befoie the National Declaration of
'July 4, 177G. With the first two particu
lars he would not trouble his audience
be would, perhaps, occupy too much of
lbeixJiine before .Jb1a.jdispMedjbeibird.
Without further preface he would begin
hisslofy. and to a correct understanding
of it, i t wh s n pcts! ary t hey boo Id . he . i n
formed of the condition of both N. Caroli
na and its hnrdrinbnhifams. - The trav
eler, who, at ihitfday journeyed southerly
u poiT I riecusroiTOrTTtri i t e, W t5UtH
of North Carolina, sae numious bills of
which he had been sp,'akinj, on a plea
sant spring moriiinr; of 1775 to fancy
ihemselves in the village of Charlotte, in
Mecklenhurg County. It would be obvi
ous that, from some cause or other, there
had been brought1 together a very large
assemblage, and an unusual excitement
appeared to prevail. Some of the clergy
would be seen speaking with deep earn
estness to gray-haired men, who drank in
wj'i greedy cars all :that tbey - uttered ?
while on the outskirts of the circle matrons
and younger women hearkened with
breathless attention to what was passing.
Again near by 'might" be seen groups of
middle-aged rncn engaged in earnest con
versation. A man whose dress &, appear
ance .betokened bis belonging to the most
influential class in that simple community,
in the meantime was reading aloud from
a handbill, which had just been brought
by a travel stained messenger. j
Thai ..haudjhiU contained an account of the
bjood 'of Massachusetts men being shed by Bri
tish soldiers at the battles of Concord and Lex
ington on the 19ih of April, 177o. Soineiime
previous lo llii assemblage ii bad been decided
that the juncture of afXiirs dem iniled an expres
sioit of (Jie eelings of the citizens of Mecklen
burg county. Col. Hope, a distinguished and
paliiulic tiiizen of that county," wan empower
field, and they loved each other, and now what
should wo be? I lender jou my hand; will
you refuse it 7 No, no, you will not, for I can
hear you say, Vou are our brethren, tor wo
are all children of ihe one great household."
And so we be, and so, wiib (Jod's blessing, we
will ever be. Then, as children of one family,
what should be our conduct;? Mutual forbear
ance and love, and a dim, decided resistance to
all come when and (rom wh;re ibey may
who would sow diicord between us. f Loud
and continuous applause. e are a large her at any tjme iQ the Facility, every stu-
FriMit the JJorth-Corobua Whtg.
Mr: Editor. There are some reports in
circulation about Davidson College, in
which the whole community are deeply
interested, in reference to which I desire
information, and knew hot to" whom lean
apply more appropriately than to your
self. .
It U said that the Convention which
met last month in your town rufused by a
decided majority to accept the resignajAba
of the Professors, tendered to the Board ol'
Trustees in August, and referred to the
Convention for decision ; and yet proceed
ed to ibe election of additional Professors.
Have the additions to their funds justified
such a measure?. Have they buildings pre?,
pared for tbeir.accommodation ? Are the
prospects of the College so encouraging
as to invite so great an increase ol expen
diture ? Do give us if you please, Mr.
Editor, some items from the report of Trea
surer or Agents. Their action indicates
n onward move which will cheer the
heart of every friend of Education in Wes
tern Carolina. I do hope it will check
those ill omened croakers, who have been
singing out " loss of Public Confidence,"
"dying." and such like strains.
I he Trustees are prudent, calculating
men and would never hind themselves to
support five Professors and a President
unless they saw their way clear.
It gratified me much to learn that the
Board had sent a Committee to request
Professor Johnston to wilhold his resigna-
nanon, ana mat ne nad conditionally coJ j,
sented so to do. It is not at all surprj.'tJ w
mat tney are unwilling to lose the servi
ces of such an experienced and able Pro
fessor. He has been connected with this
institution almost from the beginning ; and
has always enjoyed the entire personal
esteem and professional confidence of ev
ery President of the Board, every mem
diverniy ol opinion among us. Let, however,
here be none' upon this great determination,
lo wil : thai our diversities of opinion t-hall be
discussed' with entire respect for the tights and
consciences of each other; and our muiual do
termination in all honor -and honesty to suppot I
each ortiPT's jirst -rights shall be so f.ilflllfithat discord that will be no dis
cord that will lead lo the luptute of the family
ties. Prominent among all other matleis ol
interest wih us just now, is ihe determination
lo do exactly as our lathers did stand togeth
er through life and it necessary, death, even on
the bailie field. How near we may be to ihe
need of afl our strength, God only knows,. Bui
the diry is comrng-surely wherr wr will neeir it
all; may it find us when it comes, neither dis
j united nor uriptepated for its approach. The
'moral of my s'oiy is biiefly this : That sprurig
i Tiom lathers- who alfdid well all manfully
acted iheir part? throughout life, it becomes not
I us, their sons, eiiher to forget their sufferings
: and their achievements, or (u sputn iheir eiatn
! In
dent even to the humbles individual on the
College hill. .
The effort of the Trustees shows their
jutlgment and I hope they will spare no
exertion to retain Prof. Johnston.
The College cannot afford to" give him
up, and the Community will bpld the
Board responsible, if every effort is not
seasonably made for the attainment of so
desirable an end.
iS'o Judges a Friend to Modest Volh.
The necessity of persons becoming their
ed Jo tall a Convention ol t wo Representatives . own physicians when the bodily functions
from ach Miinia Districi in ilia eounty. The i nr(e slightly drsordered s-well illustrated
7tu ",e " ";,,4,M '' mthe Domestic Receipt Hook.
ol the Colonies and Ihe Mother Country, im- (
pellod (Jl,4Upj to ms4J the CojiveniMin,, and U Mao j' Cases ol illness, both in adults and
aeroidingly assembled on the l-2ih of May, "children, -may lie readily cured by absli-
177.", hi tlie tiilage of CliaiKitte. Imolhe midst ; netlcci from alt food. Headaches, disorder-
"Fast"' Youth. The Oswego Journal thus
expatiates on ihe " progressive" way of our
rising. generation- i , '
" Boys are nearly an extinct race. There
is scaiL-ely an intermediate stage between dia
per and desperadoisin.. The lowdy ia
no soirner out ol his long clothes than he ex
hibits the incipient trait of the dandy 'loafer,'
and by the lime ho is faiily jackettd he wants
a tobacco pouch, a pack of curds, and learns to
swear like a pirate. . Al the age of ten be be
gins to run with (he ' masheen,' and his mother
generally knows he is out, becausejie is very
eldr ia. Al ihe age ol. twelve. he smokes,
diiuks, and speaks of 'his parents as ' the old
man and old woman.' Al fifteen he wants a
gold watch aod re vwl vr r, and lalks aboul.'Jam-.
uiiog' everybody lhat. don't ' keep ul of his
way. At eighteen 'he is the fastest' youth
about town, talks of setting up for himself,
scribbles love letters, and becomes a perfect
adept in james o( ch'anee ; can ' drliiK more
champhagne and eat more raw oysters than
any mail of bis inches. About ibis lime his
L.iu; lua th.ii ,j ;.;.!i; v. muc'U fUy,
and J am not aware that any time' or in
any ngi-. jhey, 'consider! d it suUicient to -place
themselves in one of the " main
groove of human flffairs,!?iandwatt ib"
fortune. Mercantile Ineri have cprtainly
neverentertainedMhe idea that ail that
is necessary, in order to do business, is to
opetr ir shop w store nnd stocfe itwitri mer
chandise. To take means to inform tiie
public of the nature of their business, and
solicit their patronage, has ever been a
matter pf primary importance. In the
middle of, the seventeenth centuryi th
shopkeepers in London made known their
business viva voce. The masters or pro
prietors would take a turn before their
doors, crying oui What d'ye lack, sir;
"what d'ye lack madam ?" and then run
over a lift of tbe-oiflrTMMlitieB4lMy-da4t
in, and when tired, the task was assumed
by the apprentice, thus making the city
a Babel of strange sounds. .
This democratic era wns succeeded by
the age of signs, which rvnius soon im
proved and ornamcTited bJ ilTfmap tiable
devices. Painting, gilding boars' beads,
flying dragons, and swans, were conspic
uous emblems. As the capabilities of the
printing press were developed, shrewd
men saw in it a chance to " univeralize
their sign board." They saw tbey could
place upon it not only their name and num
ber, but a full account of their stock and
their range of prices ; they saw that (hey
could challenge the attention not only of
those who passed by their store, but of
meniin all places and at all times. "Tbe
preselqt is the era of advertising. Adver
tising is the best mode of drawing buyeri
that I can suggest. By means of it men
can sell articles that are valueless, und '
make fortunes by it ! Why,, should not
those who have valuable articles to dis
pose ,of ? An extensive system of adver
tising is invariably resorted lo by tbosa
ho have trash to dispose of, and it sue
ceeds; how much easier, then, to sell a
useful and valuable article I. Advertising
and jwlitGM are the main levers to-get
customers. Advertising will draw them,
ability to fill their orders will satisfy them,
and politeness will induce litem to buy.
" From th Fayertevitle Observer "
4,810 square yards is exactly one Acre,
neither more nor less but the very thing
5.857 yards square of C9 yards and 20 J
inches eneb way n nearly ne -Acre.
208.7i feet square or 208 Teef and I
inches each way is nearly one Acre.
25011 inches square is one Acre nearv
iy.- -. ' ,
A piece of land 10 by 4S4 yds., or 20 by
242 yds., or 30 by 16l yds,, or 40 by 121
yds., or 50 by 00 ,4-ft yd, or CO fiy 80
yds., or 70 by 60 1-7 yds .-or 80 by Co
yds., or 90 by .57 7 9 yds., or 100 by 48
2-5 yds. is exactly one Acre, neither mora
nor h'ss. .-- riAf AlOiNSi
, ana in conseijueiicr, sonic pin is ui tun - "Muwiuff ... r,..
tem overloaded, or some or the organs are I )oung leful thinks it a capital idea lo run a
! closed. Omitting one, two, or three I awi,y wl'ere lie can c,,j"- his liberty ;' and ,t. m h rrvoa iK . ... ftf'er sowing his 'wild oats abroad, returns
. 1 . t II II I
uonia Ann inrout i t n 1 11 f iim wtiiiiii iif i
glad to escape from her boundaries, and ! f'" ":m,,! ca",e mett" be"' i stomachs, and many other attacks are
..... : A. . ,t,, ii i '"S tidings Irom Massacbuseiis. Hie el- , often caused bv violating the rulesof health
was barren For nearly a hundred miles i wa like fie . ,brown in, a -"""gowne. .of an j jn consC(,uence, Some parts of the sys- Whcr withholds his spending money, and the
giiiiiu'uer. ii sooiii aroso ai once irom ino
from her present sea coast the land was .,P0)e !u, l)S ht, independent, and let us de-
evidently formed by the retrocession ot ; fend our independence with our lives, and for-
here and there vast tracts of land, cover- ; tee, consisting of Messrs. Btevart, Cannon and
Balch, were immediately adopted- It was to be
observed here that those resolutions were ol ihe
same purport as a series drafted some days be
fore by Mr. Bievari, in view of the meeting ol
the .Convention The ground taken in (he res-
Private Claims. It is slated truly that in no
civilized .country in the world is it snjdifticult lo
obtain from (Jovernnient the payment of private
claims, although founded on truth and justice.
Mr. Rockwell, uf Connecticut, in a report mads
lions were presented lo both bouses of Congress
by private claimants', and of I he go 3.081 wcre
not-repored wjwin :''ly'oyiunuttee4'aadja".
ibe letV stieeeeding years there were presented '
17,573 petitions to the louse of Representa
tive, and 8,913 were not reported upon by any
committee, more lhan half the number! But
small comparatively as was ihe number report
ed loCongiess, the number acted upon was
probably nol more than one in live," -
ed in some places with extensive and val
uable forests of pine. But westward of
this ancient boundary, for the extent of
more than three hundred miles, even to
ihe eastern boundary of Tennessee, there
existed a very different region, comprising
an agreeable diversity of bill and dale,
spread out over a fertile soil, and still, in
.many ' portions, covered with magnificent
-old forests. The"tnltr gradoaffy-welled
Into mduntains, ufttil their remore portions
-ffUetvitt dftecJidhs scetitiL:oCzmlk i Upt eify We nifaial Wrm wii h bm after-
grandeur and sublimity, and were at least
embosomed in the region that had been
well called "The Switzerland of JMorth
America" The middle part of the State
was settled by Presbyterians from the
North of Ireland, of the class known as
rinryTTOaffprwth Scotch Irish. QL.dcsccndnntsjLQg.e
olntions was that all who in any manner coun
lenanced the uttr-.hartered invasion of American
rights by tho liritish Covornmeut, was an en-
gans to dispose of their burdens. The
practice of giving drugs to clear out the
stomach, though it may afford the needed
temporary relief, always weakens the sys
tem, while abstinence secures the good
result without doing any injury.
Said a young gentleman to a distin
guished medical practitioner in ruiladel
emy to iheir country ; and also declared in fa-!. phia, "Doctor, w bat do you do for your-
vor of dissolving alt the political lies which
bound the cetottjA'ia.lto,ijuih.r country. Ma
ny portions of these resolutions were expiegsed
ward employed iu the great national acclama
tion of independence, A permanent commit,
tee of ibat Convention was appointed, and from
it there emanated on the 30ih of May, 1775,
a document declaring that all military and ci
vil commissions issued under the authority. of
the Biiii&b Crown, were null and void in Meek
who hademigrated from Scotland
.ii : ,1." o.Li,l ofilaipa of fhft i e'J colour o(;ui io uo cmnrij niai ounuueuve, ,a ..v..,. ,
Earls of Tyrone and lyrconnell, in the ,..,-., ,hmn.A a.,A .uh,,ra,
reign of James I. Some of those early inveil loB of ,he daim advanced relative to
sellers of North Carolina came 'J0 the ilis lafter d.cumei constiiuting ibe Mecklen
colonies by the Delaware and setfled on
liiirib Derlaralien orlndeDendence. and adduc-
- I the east ol ine .Miegnany mouniniiis, uui j ed ttje stimotiy of several personally
I surSeq
"1 and olhers came in by way of Cbarlestcm.
rfllttii) it nn lliii'iifHfap ( rnnrt stir
re') - ibe French are a curious and an
WUI npnnlo -1,- 1 ;
"Win.. ... i .. . , ' . Z
ui. i im w snouiu use to see copy
V,"il thut we mli'ht have the French idea
odiiiieui ol Lhundcc-Saulh Car.
fern i. .i 7 . i.
!k r- une receni election ill Ualilornia,
La"" Wer.iaht no noiuiiiatious for Clerk of
t o'irl were made, Ihe ofliee nol
ij!jiposd elective. Mr. Algernon Sydney
H"' noneing iht. had a fewr rickets
kfif " l"1IHrne on them for the neglect
il. kl,,nd J of lh fnVonrd. " '1 lete
Vut e against bimt and tha
for supposing the resolutions of AI ay 20, passed
Charlotte, to be lej;iiimately entnieu lo oe
iu- iEu f Napolboj III. The seal of fn first e mi ffrat ion took plaeesome where j at Cf
"ipeior Napoleon is lo lie a crowned im- ,73o though ingress did not' bf come considered the first declaration. Having con
1 '"2f ipiu,. n,. . 1 f . .. , . r . e i.:-i-!i'i
rapid until 1750. -At the time of which
. . n 1 1 a.
he spoke, the aspect 01 me country is 1101.
the same as at this day. Large prairies
eluded bis observations upon that baanch of bis
subject, the lecturer proceeded to say : 1 will
now hasten lo mv moral. Ai I leolr arourid
over V . Ch wa ;d n H ingrowth of . me I fee. that you are my couu.rymeti. gather
over w men wavru h . h)f UnA 1ro
grs then spread out afar, yvbere now V fMm fi0nc,.
stood thriving uTlge and cult mi ed - J rh ---
farms. The streams were often horde ed . Washington 10 leadMhem, went through fire
at that day by the -cane break, within b J,, lie MllM , ,heir blood ami left
which the game found food and yiclter. : j( fre,.1)rii,y tw blood of some one of each
I3y the sides of, those streams, high above ll ri,()reseutec here to-night. There is cer
the expanding prairies the smoke from the t here, coursing through our veins the
settler's log CAbin might be often seen curl- i)!(,0(J f lingland, of New ork, of the Jerseys,
, W iUVi 'VU-y.m-VT,, 't ft." - to . - . ,. , .
tem a chance to rest and the clogged er4BWftV . 7 T - -
..... .r.. J ureal IikiI tier all.
0 7 . . .
' We were highly amused, not long since, at
healing a young hopeful, some twelve years of
age, whom some person called a ' boy,' ex
claim,.' Call me u boy I where is your men V
We also overheard two juveniles, not yet out of
their aprons, offering lo bet cigars that Scott
would be elected, liccuuso he w as ' a bigger
man than General Pierce.' Another Utile lad,
who was sweating away al ihe stove trying to
lilit an old slump of a riyar, on being advised
to leave off" that filthy habit, replied with the
utmost gravity" that ' it was very hard work to
break tF mkw
since he was a small boy.' Almost daily.''
we may see little ihree footers with lighted
projections in their mouths, swaggeiing along,
purling and spitting after lha most approved
rowdy style. A glance at the marvellous de
velopments and precocious intellects exhibited
by ibe young misses of this effeminate genera-
self when vou have a turn of headache,
or other slight attack ?"
Go wTthoat rriT dinner " was thereply. l
Ana II mat uoes uiw cure juu, num
"Go without my-supper"
"But if that does not cure you, what
then?" -
"Go without my breakfast. We physi
cians seldom take midceines ourselves, or
mn.kt; oir poiicino ucniw -
Mafty cases ofiligh't indisposition are
cured by a change of diet. Thus, if a
Tie di'lerreiTunllT anoTBFr Jjfy'-" "
eclipses of Ihe sun and one ot tbe moon
during the year 1853. The first eclipse
person suffers from constipation, has a I of the sun will take, place on rbe 0th of
headache, slight attacks of fever or dys- ! June, and will be visible in California, the
Deosia. the eause may often be .removed ..southern portion ui tbe United States, and
y . ..- . ... 1.- - -' iK-.-it-i-...t4if-!-.-;,..k-r,..-A..:1. -'.
;in nearly tne .wnoic 01- oouiu - niiirriva-.
The second will be total, and will take
place on the 30th of November. It will
he visible in California, Mexico, Central
America, and nearly the whole of South
America- Both of these eclipses will be
by eatingrye-mush and molasses, baked
apples, and other frails. v
.VfitV Robherf,' The Mobile Advertiser says
thai the mail from Mobile eastward, of the 7ih,
was robbed near Burnt Corn- on ibe-8th instr
Tbe driver is under arreal, but the guard U net "
lo ba found.
An Extraordinary Lamp. -Among the list
of laie English patents, is one taken oul by Mr.'
E- Whele. for a candle lamp of very novel cha
racier. The lamp has a dial or clock face, and,
as the candle burns, tlu hands mark Ihe hours
and minutes correcjly, "and a hammer strikes -the
lime. . As a chamber light for a sick room,
it marks the lime, and can be set to strike at
any given periods, when the patient requires
attention. r ..,-, , ,
Despatch, ihnt in consequence of Ihe determi
no.tiou of the Crown not to allow Convocation
to sit for the dispatch of business, the leaders -of
the High Church pa'rty, al a recent meeting,
have resolved lo secede from the establishment,
and lo connect themselves with the Episcopal'
--Miladtonrnaf ihe luadeM a4a&jpasaieatr
har taken the -Brat irleps
, or brave imte !lr -r v-,m n t fnr
u am ftor-mda distance otlituHrg . nia. And lha Jtl
,11.1. a - -- - . . - - -i. w v.
'-ii... ... . n .ninmnnir iiiMii -j.'rii. i ill... w
.. We Were creatlv amused, says- an ex
change, the other ,day at the sighToTa
itmnll hut ve.rv studv urchin, who came
tearing round a corner with his rags tlut ! invisime nere. t partial ecnpse 01 me
tering in the wind, his face smeared with ' moon will take place on the 21st of June,
m,.lH. and a shincle flourishinir in his , beaming at 20 minutes a, m. and ending
hahu, while he was fcTioutlng fo-anoltie'r at hours 5 mtnutes. Dtffttsf elrpsed 24 Cthh Cuhng
hoy about the size of a prpper-Dox, who on tue norinern ump. msiun soumat.
stood something near a quarter of a mile
Rowdyism seems to be rampantin New
ark, in Ohio. Two of her Judges wrre
knocked down on Tuesday night, though
no provocatisiti - bad been; given. -The
ring leader was 11 ned 10 for t he outrage. .
The Times says that their oldest and best
citizensrtnany of them, have armed them
selves, as the law is powerless.
down the street
ITmldxnmc. Dividend. will be seen, en
reference 'to-- our- advefHsing -columns lo day.
u r rftTM 1- ,.-. - nn.- rt, n -M rr ' V nr. B n 0
i v inal I kin lfll)K tl llttiiiuuiu asutu im i n ai
ever)o1Can.anda9manyshmglesasev., , . .
epou can, and come pj) tbe street, round
each) op lit lock, heirfg t the 4f-Sien-
niw rtent- net annumrwiuatWj? IlfvuMtcan.
r-. , , . . ;, J
ijC7.tjemtat:,ifcHroau otoca- i -ventrrg in
flic President Elect II Is" reported..! bat
Cieneral Pierce was closeted at lha Tiemontv
louse, Boston, on Saturday, wnh Messrs. Ijun-
term V irsima., .McuoUon ol I eniieisee, and
A Yankee down East has made tha
great discovery, that aWindow glazed
with oldha(9, t a suremdication that the.5
occupants have seen arum bottle. .That's
a fact. . . .
a bv down east ho uncommon
rfitt" iwbw b-hrjfees awf
. ...4:
. . , ......... .: " . -. .
(4jJJAj(rT)iiiii-(li;jIt "Liv'V:i-j-'r'-"i-''K'.- HKunjo'- .-' -

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