North Carolina Newspapers

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itiMtfrof my next elder
Ihimself by him on tbe floor at his call,
!dentrring with delight into all bis child
iiport; hut nobody. I imagine, ever
i Mr. Jefferson or Mr. Cnllioun pay
tiligblest attention lot child, lheir
ktlwr-fr were- a matter of the head, not
kft. Tbry hnd brains. I think, but no
I doubt if they ever lelt any strong
hotion towards their own offspring, save
m of their ideathe fantastic procren-
kof their wits, when in a vagary no
Lafflluminatjon. ,
llittle later, as the pnpil of Mr. Jef
ssi faforite nephew. Peter Carr, and
wJRj.Rspuinrui visitor nr ntomicei
Editor dr Proprietor.
'7rpal Conversationist.
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' , last 1 pain,pd unm mar
I "tTt the-hlWeKtb, p uhlk
k.,t in the miniature of private
hr gocb i he whw,e ""P" wbicfl 1
to mvself, in these limnings of re-
individuals. yullitmn
r chof th"0 sketches would swell.
i m a bioKrantiV. iMext to
at light of our law comes, in my
'itcull'-ctions he whodid more than
Hn lo subvert, or at feast, to con-,
LVl rnfRn the nu'hor ol the doc-
F ',i' .n:(!.iinn. nf deht and char-
aol dunlin
I ,. .f.; nr lhnf Perietal svstern of
f- I . ii. I, .i hirh Iim nnur rihlAin-
luime'ol VirSinia Abstractions;
;.. .11 nniiA as, little abstruse
farther practical as many a la
KtiLk f omer rpgions- wlich w'"
iWlre directly specify. Jest I should
.Jon toes mm i mu-i irsi-cuur
L for instance.
tiaort from mlancy I was accusiomeu
-Jlr JellVrsion. It was with rever
ie for I was 8 8on f hs tnen of a"
rjffniuses, the very impersonation oi
'oupbic statesmanship; but it was
ioot (itTectinn. For, though possessed
tjtraordirwfy degree of the exterior
.hichlcohciliate the mature, he had
of thit naturalness, those unstudied j arranged Deauty lo I tie scene. 1 be babi-
laihifs; which- please children ; to lanon ironied me east and stretched north
r . - i . i- 1 .....I .u :.. i i .
Me instinctive jungmeii i. wiiy prupir, , mm buuui. hi n long, tow range, lermina-
Liose less On their guard, usually he- , ling in terraces, witbothcfs beneath them
Wibeitiost (heir lack ofifrt. A child , terminated in their turn, each, by a small
4 Breast wuulil have nestled to th? ; pavilion, that sefyed at pleasure for a
mfJudffe Marshall: I have seen, i still quieter place of retreat to the master
SiRalJolph, when at the height ol his ' on his lamily; when studiously disposed.
c ame in VOiigress, ine lavorne i ursr, wuu n lawn, occupiea me arun
" Keep a check nro, Lt toun
. " Geu'l Harritom. "
Galic science 10 his wo sable ministers
ol the tnouth and set up that reform of
the larder, which Patrick Henry dreaded
as siire to lead to degeneracy, and de
nounced to the common people, in the con
test of Ninety-eight, when he told them
(as he was want.) in their own dialect,
that they should beware of this man,
who had got so many outlandish ways and
lived in I'aris till be had so Frenchified
himself that he could no longer eat 'the
vittles they were all fotched up on ; and
so he had brought back to old Virginny a
while Frenchman, to cook for him." If
the great Patrick fittest of all men lo
deal with either usurping kings or perni
cious demagogues had lived a little long,
er. the story of Ninety-eight and the whole
Jeffersonian history would probably have
been a very different one.
So much lor the administrative order
which reigned at Monticello. without and
within. The mansion stood half embo
somed in fine trees, many of them the an
cient natives of the spot, but mixed with
ethers of exotio growth, whose presence
gave the necessary air of cultivated and
cially levelled crest of the mountain a
space of some six acres. On the north
and east, this fell off into abrupt and wild
declivities, on the south, in a falling gar
den, which was. 1 think, much better sit
uated than worked. For the sage was
strong in projecting things, and seldom
Tailed except in executing thenu lu the
rear a slight depression, such as the
uplanders call a bench, intervening, where
crosses a rod to the neighboring town of
Charlottesville, there joined by that to the
mansion rose the superior elevation of
Carter's Mountain, celebrated elsewhere
in Federalist ballads, as the scene of .the
saga's two miltttHy exploits his flightras
bad Wrt unity enough td'adinrmtOtJvernor -of V r-gmi. iiam ittlJtf.lon s d
ytbjtuu' "Mis' escapade Wllichmond, be
L bonndlessenutation among those fore the hang dog array of Arnold, was
ffl tbom my early opinions were de. his other Warlike achievement of the Re-
to, and by the remarkable charm of; volution. Une may, no doutt, be a pain
i incessant conversation. I heard and ot without being a hero : for these were
hi of curiosity. My lai arid best oc rbrteii TiirToftt straggle for freedom -whreB
called up all the vaior anu virtue 01 our
land, when the " Apostle of Democracy"
ever saw the face of the foe ; and. both
limes, he, (the Apostle) took to his heels,
No matter : he lived to denounce, as "sold
to England ."as M lories." traitors," monarchists."-
aristocrats," " enemies of lib-
liion for doing so ocuriedin 1823, du
hfiitayof two days whicI then, in
ipsny with but an elder mend, made
mansion on the mountain Tbu from
liickhe seemed (so wide was the kos
fti) to look down from his abdicated
plaiof Virginia, a philosophic monarch
a lad, like Charles v . and Uioctesvan
panged the crown for cloister and cab
km. In its sizt-j us .shades.. Us siugu
is at last lost in the clouds. Along its
base stretches a sylvan scene the most
agreeable that vale of the famous Red
Lands of the Old Dominion, noted for its
fertility of the two plants by many es
teemed to have been anything but bless
ngs to the soil Tobacco and Presidents.
Some three miles off, in this vale, lies the
pretty1 town of Charlottesville ; behind
which rise, in a long quadrangle, on a
flattened hill, the many columned borticos
and domes of the University. From this
side comes wandering along by the moun
tain's foot the quiet stream of the Uivan
na, seen here and there only, in an occa
sional gleam, through the trees that bor
der its course. Straying on by.Shadwell,
the Sage's birth place now, alas! dese
crated by a cottonmill and though the
the small town of Milton, which is. in spite
of its name, a very unpoetical place, the
river, in a very indolent kind of a way, as
if (like a genuine Virginian) it neither
knew nor cared where it. was going, or
bad lost itself in some abstraction, pro
ceeds to disappear in the vast champaign
w hich, stretching away from East to South
in endless perspective, till it fades in the
dim distance, lies spread before you, like
an immense garden, laid out with a fan
ciful avoidance of regularity, dotted with
pigmy habitations and woods and fields,
in gay variety, that look like interminable
pleasure grounds. The country is not flat
but a gently waving one ; yet, from above
OTxtitlUrTirs Inequalities of surface vanish
into a map like smoothness, and are trace
able only in the light and shade casL by
hilt and ptain. The prospect here has a
diameter of near a hundred miles : its
scope is therefore such that atmospheric
effects are constantly flickering over-it.
even in lb cloudless days of n climate'
as bright if not quite so soft as that of It
aly and thus each varying aspect of the
weather is reflected, all the while, from
the features of the landscape, as the pas
sions over the face of some capricious
beauty, that laughs.and frowns, and weeps
almost in the same breath. Near you,
perhaps, all is smiling in the sunlight ;
yonder broods or bursts a storm ; while
in a third quarter, darkness and light con
tend upoH the nrospect,- and chase each
other." The sky itself is thus "not more
shifting than the scene ) ou may have be
fore you. It takes a new aspect at al
most every moment, and bewitches you
rtrtth'-'perpiBtttallidvelty;" Among these
novelties is oftfn seelfraoftut 8Unrise, the
phenomena which science calls mirage
and sailors " looming." I never witnessed,
and have only been told the fact ; for I
indulge in few of the, popular errors, and
least of a1tirfthat of early rising. The
distant and detached pinnacle of Willis's
Mountain which, alone, some fifty miles
off, due south, cuts, with its singularly
sharp cone, the otherwise unbroken linn
rty," Washington and nearly atl the brave
fien who had won it for us on the batlle-
fieiiLand confirmed it fri a good and so--f of the sealtke hortzon-is the object m
of in grounds, and everv thing but pi- to slander them out or the popular anec- ; lus.t.u in qurSo... i uruuxn nui
and fasls within, its walls. Monticello 1 tions andto their graves, but to set bis ; solated peak takes a hundred fantastic
W no little the monasterv : and as Vo 'Tieey and
ftabbages, in the culture of which the j sense and falsehood upon them, in shock- air. li.Ke a ower or a column ; inen sua
n kinged Uoman placed his consola ing triumph frot that day to this i oo , orn.y 8 Bwa,. or ,rr..n,ra
much lor having, servea rainer man uai ne u,uic
tered the people ; w-ho, after all. are quite I strous giant, or a big wind will, such as
as apt as Kings to lakeNthe worst men for j Don Quixote himself would not have dar
their favorites, providedhey make the ed tilt with. 1 am inclined to think that
nrnrMinna m thenV of admirine '' there was also a backward illusion, by
their nower and adoring theiknersons. i which those below saw the philosopher of
To proceed, however : for I.. am. playing
the small historian, and must noMrench
hthey were supplied to the sage by
PR modern fanciesof husbandary, which
fm. not only him, but all his neigh-
pU at one while upon some new con-
fpiioD offrofit, he laid down all his
utattori in Irish notatoes : at another.
wd it in black-eyed peas, making
lJ'i f xcellent crops w hich he could
PfBell nor consume. Meantime be
edjo bur Jiread; corn for bjbrne;:"
i while" his oatless horses were, bv
pWhine farmers around, affirmed to
f M with philosophy. I cannot aver
ft wch was their provender, though
t usual condition did not manifest any
fiance of viltle. It could hot be
p ofhim, however, as by Dryden of
State reformer.
H wu bi kitchen, though hii broin wa bol,"
r there was muph ntul entertainment
Mlwticfllo. for man, if not for horse.-r-r"Ditaiitv
tlmra uasi almost nernet-
fi.ii!ui.-.c:."j1T iiijuMMiiBsiisijsiFfflssw. a wis.1?:,. jw.f.i.'fiii.-..(ui
jUs ebeer legant,- but rather skilful
rliicB dainties seemed to have been
cird, a if tKpv were ihe master's
rtolicitude : hut it was made up of
things, and looked (as one would
unstudied though refined, as if
'twill of tas'e and habit, not of a par-
pSLefiart or pense 4-lhat realm,
IN uvinir. where, on manv of the old
"J i' i an incessant feast, I have seen
JJfw irroro lavish, and luxurious than
but ; few. on the whole, that
kit ibe mark of what just suflicienl-
rwrrs to the palate Ilia learning
f me other matters, to which (classical
the mountain himself, in the same misty,
magnified multiformity ot shapes. For
it,. nrvine of the greater. inDro- ! nobody among us ever knew heller than
femi lb, award 4i time. oameu;aUe-thft.use 10 be made of airy,doctrines
j j ine auvnmngn vi a luiiuciniia nuuwiiiis
,,, nimseil inrouun a vapor, newasan boic
"Lc -! rs z".
""& Twhioh lift ThrrHflyril.e'Wer.i;hink.
b N.Mn the vy K.t from which hft- M,cl!e,i,nt,llmu,l jslirj , .
i above the world s turmoil, one w no nad , 7 . . . . l
e.uBZ, .1., KiownfemiVence nor less the celebrity which he pot has
. . i ;. -hh I borrowed Iromhe master. Were it but
migtli toon. w.UC1, uow.. r , : common -on-e. itVould stifl be full of in-
building bis first story, bad no regard to
the second; but giving to each room of
the ground floor a height of
porlioned to its size, had of course)made
the superior floor alt up and down, high
and low, a mere series of break-necks,
from one room of which to another (though
in the same story.) could only get by clam
bering. The very rats, who only could
agree to dwell there, must have cursed
this philosophic improvement in architec
ture. - - V
I have led you with some delays, into
the presence of the sage himself. But
when the principal object is grand, its ac
cessories that should be previously exam
ined, must be many. To a noble resi
dence, the-appronch can fitly be Only by
a long avenue. When you visit a renown
ed general in his camp, you cannot ex
pect to be carried to headquarters, with
out calling at the out posts. It would be
both provoking and stupid if, in going to
see an obscure person, one were detained
by ushers, and a ceremonial ; but when
you are about to pay your court to a sov
ereign, you like to see him in all his state, '
and you judge of his dignity in proportion
to your detention.
Dressed, within doors, as I saw him
last, no longer in the red breeches, which
were once famous as his favorite and
rather conspicuous attire ; but still vindi
cating by a sangnine waistcoat, his at
tachment to that Republican color; in
gray shorts, small silver kneebuckles, gray
woollen stockings, black slippers, a blue
body-coat, surmounted by a gray spencer ;
tall, and though little of person and deci
dedly graceful and agile of motion and
carriage, yet long and ill limbed, Mr. Jef
ferson's figure was commanding and strik
ing, 4hougb bad, and his face most ani.
mated and agreeable, although remarka
bly ugly. His legs, you perceive, by no
means shunned observation ; yet they
were scarcely larger at the knee than in
the ankle,-and had never been conscious
of a calf. Still, though without strength.
they had always borne him along with
vigor and suppleness. 1 hese bodily qual-
lies and a health almost
preserved, in a singular degree, to the.
Kerv close of his Jong life. At the time I
speak of, when he was in r his eighty first
year, be not Only mounted his horse with
out assistance and rode habitually some
ten miles a day, but dismounting at a
fence breast-high, would leap over it, by
only placing his hand on the topmost rail.
He then walked not only well and switt-
v, but with lightness and springliness ol
tread, such as few young men even have.
It was a restless activity ol mind, wbicn
informed all this unusual mobility of bo
dy ; and the two, 1 think, were, in him,
greatly alike. For bis intellect had, like
bit person, more size than shape, more
suppleness than solidity, and effected its
ends by continuity of action not mass of
power, byrinanipulalion not muscularity:
You may batter to pieces wnu a srnnu
hammer that which a cannonball would
not shiver. He was never idle : nay, hard
ly, a moment still. He rose early and
was up late, through his life ; and was
alftlay, whenever out on foot or a horse
back, at study, at work, or in conversa
tion. If bis legs and fingers were at rest,
his tongue was sure to be a-going. In
deed, even whea seated in his library in
a low Spanish chair, he held forth to bis
visitors in an almost endless How ot nne
discourse ; his body seemed impatient of
keeping still for his mind, shifted bis posi
tion all the while, and so twisted itself
that you might almost-have thought be
was attitudinizing. Meantime, Ins lace.
expressive as it was ugly, was not much
less busy than bis iimbs, in bearing its
part in the conversation, and kept up, all
ihe while, the most speaking by play, an
eloquence of the countenance as great as
ueIv features could well have. It stood
to his conversation like the artful help of
f ....I ' . . I. i ri , i r run. ,
drawn irom us peraunni numira,
templating at pleasure the distant anima
tion oft he 8cene.J LwaJ a PJftcejscaTce
hic states,
ever belter
ij - untierstood all the f n
f: "fether of Religion. Morals. Politics.
W UAAlr.... v
"Clfntifir l,mJ-
jWstioned but in eating he was cer
rj'l!! adept, admirably a friend ol the
f i wo man in the country
r" M Undent
'vdokKFu II- i i I I
1 1. no unu mm
f'Caliznl fo' l i.i
, iqi aa ii it i;uuiu, cvci.j t,iain
r"tl anrt !..; I . . - ,t. ,.-.1
" ws oniy necessary to srn
Vi arid; for this purpose, the aptesl
t kitchen, unteach the Ancient Do
F Of alllli 1H P-,,.f..W !,t... of
w . y wsj ungual. iucn vra v j
C: "i ragout " To ei Ve the last blow
to w-m iMfonaiaTrar mannerir
"?vflBan.i. .. . - . .... ..
trench cook,. taught lb
ly leps in . ... . nroductions especially in the line of sell-
scape, to inspire a poet's senses with per
petual delight, l am laminar wim mo
uiililpKt views which our mountain ranges,
the softest picture which our vales afford,
. .. ii MA...t.Aa
from Maine to ine Mississippi.
hav Iseenlhem. moxecharming!yajrnce
blended and contrasted than in the pros
. I -II npunl. tllA
pect wnicn on on iuc
from Monticello. Had you . ever looked
forth, as I have often done, from the clo
ven diadem of vast rocks lhat crown the
conical Peak of otter like Monticello, an
outwork (but" a still greater one) -of the
le Ridge, projeclmg into the 1 lan oi
terest, as the habitation of one of the most
remarkable men everxproduced by this
" i - . . - , i . .
Lowland Virginia-1 coum oniy leirjou
that this does not exceed it, except- in , the
height from which you gave. But you
are, no doubt, acquainted with the valley
of the Hudson, as beheld from the Cats
kill Mountain House: I do not think the
view thence, though from a much loftier
elevation, by any means as wide, or as
..rtnnVlv " that from this
Appalachian watch tower of Virginia.
At a single point only is the prospect sbut
in by Carter s Mountain, on ine
in,.tfri other direction the nearest limit
I JJJue llidgei tn-its closest approac
f twe'fit
mutestntir.101 e'Sniires
sacrificing- patriots and philos
Led awav bv the natural woimers of
the nlace. I -hawrmitv saitL of the build
ine that it was lone and low. It was
red brick f the" main entrance, by a hand
some enough portico ; whjje a- sajT'of ctr-
pol,' half domeurmonnted -and lignterj
the central hall, its gallery and stairs.
To this the access was by the portico.
Its floor was tesselated ; its sides adorned
with some works of art. and many'objects
of Natural History ; conspicuous-,ainong
which were bones of mammoth, and gi;
gantic horns of the elk, moose.' &.e. Be,
hind it lav a reception worn, its walls cov
ered wilh pictures, portraits, and lofty
mirrors. Corridors fiom the hall, led,
riaf ht and left, to other apartments and the.
wings to other parlorsta dining saloon,
the library, ihe Sage s workshop, (he tink
ered much in other wheels, levers, balan
ces. checks, and curriosities of motion, be
sides those of political mechanism-.) his
chambers, and ibose for visitors more
than it would nlease either me or you to
desenbe. As for the upper story, (the
only other of ihe house) it was indescri
babk. .andintkd?frOTti peoliarUy,of
stfbtUTT irn
douhtless, upon ttia great projrcioi
- J. - 1 ., ' -- " a f
they were a greyish blue, clear and spark
ling. His head was well' set and well
carried, but bad the Jacobinical shape and
air; his hair was originally reddish. but
turned to an ill bleached foxiness ; his fore
head was Urge, but not well modelled in
those main frontat regions which bespeak
loftiness of thought and creativeness.
His brows were neither strong nor so A,
but irregular and -uncertain, as those of
one who was wanting in will, and yet had
not much feeling. Ilia nose was mean
a small tube ending in a. sudden bulb ; it
was much cocked up, arid derived from
tbatBhape a character of pertness and
vulgarity. His mouth was rather large,
but the lips thin and not well cut ; the ex
pression sitting on them bland but not be
nevolent, conciliating'ratber than kindly ;
its meaning assigned his emotions to the
manners, not the heart to policy, not the
temper. The chin was like the forehead,
broader than it was strong. Such were
his lineaments in detail : quite indifferent,
separately : and yet, altogether, very ex
pressive and agreeable. As bis motions,
light and easy, were the contradiction of
his ill made limbs, so was his pleasing and
animated countenance that of features, of
themselves, ignoble npart.
Lastly, bis conversation : He certainly
was ojne of the best talkers I have ever
listened to ; copious in the extreme, with
out ever growing tedious; easy yet com
pact ; Mowing but never loose ; very va
riously, and to all appearance soundly in
formed, and continually dealing out bis
information, but rather as if to gratify you.
not himself j His mnd seemed iomelhen.
a great repository of the knowledge that
is gotten from others and of the wisdom
that must come from one's self. Trained
in what Was once its best school the Pa
risian saloons he understood conversa
tion thoroughly as an art; and he made
the most of it, as an engine of personal
influence and for the propagation of his
party opinions. Towards the inculcation
of these, his conversation, whatever the
subject, was usually bent, except when
a scientific matter was in question ; ei
ther he knew no literature, law, history,
philosophy, morals, not theology, or. ho
could not talk of them, unless as connect
edln sbms tllrecT"Ur1ndirecr wayrwrttb
Detnocratio theories. " His power, indeed,
of winning and of controlling men, always
lay chiefly in bis skill of personal com
munication ; for, even Ih f public bodies;;
he rarely made speeches : nor have we
any record of his having ever shone as an
orator. In short, not feeling strong enough
to attack men's convictions by the front
gate of manful eloquence, he stole in by
the back door of addresses and of insinu
ation in private. '"
At least, however, he got in ; which is,
no doubt, the great end ; and when the
end is great, lew people are delicate about
- the. means. II is . we reT per haps,, a little
burglarioas ; but Ihen I must confess that
the picklock of his talk was admirable.
Il Secbetario.
From ibe Aiheville Menengcr.,
Whatever may be your, condition in
wardly, or outwardly, let not a complaint
fall Irom your lips. You may be poor and
be compelled to toil from day to day, but
what of that it is nothing but a duty that
you owe to your country and to your heav
enly master. Be persevering in what
ever your hands call you to do, and good
will inevitably attend you. This world is
a place of toil millionshave toiled before
you, who are now at rest in the kingdom
above. Are you abused'; so was the
most perfect man the world ever saw.
Abuse will not injure a sterling charac
ter; harsh words rebound to the speaker's
own hurt. Are you cheated ; so is every
honest man: if you complain at every
mishap, at every slander, at every dog at
i ., i ,),. of t.., .. .. '.ui n i, i o r !,, :
"Shanghai and Cochin China l'uwh .
Dung J Ull. Much has been suid and written
lor and against lha dtiTeranLvarieiiea ol imiiro.
ed low Is" now claiming so largs a thara of pub-
hd frequently paid for superior peelmens -of
Ibe various breeds, have led many persona to
regard the attempt to InfrodtJC ibentltf auf far.-
niers generally as a matter of speculation, and .
that it will have a termination similar lo the
moms mullicaulu mania of by-guhe day. We
do not tb'mk to. Tbe liftU eiperieaca we have
bad la breeding tbe new varieties; Indue ul
to believe ibat ibe sooner tbe common dung
bill fowls' are dispensed with, arid their places P
supplied by aonie el ibe larger breeds, ibe sooq.
er will our farmers begin lo realixe prufti from
(heir chickens. Alibough Are or len dollars
may at first appear an extravagant price for a
pair of cbickens, it ir really aoi so, when the.
advantages ibal will follow ibetr purchase are
taken into consideration. Nu person who has
ever seen fair specimens of iheShanghai or
Cochin. China iowla, will for a n.Jment dispute
their oprioriiy lu lb dung bill fowl in point
of size. Large fowls, if young, will certainly
always command a belter price in market tbaa
smaller ones. But. ibey possess other advan
tages. Welt eared for Shanghai, attain a larg.
er sice at five months than lha common fowla
al twelve. We have now in our flock a pair of
Cochin Chinas, three months old, which weigh
8J lbs. tbe cock 5 and tbe pullet 8j lbs. But -it
is contended by those who stand opposed lo
dig chickens,' lhat ihe greater amount of food .
they consume iban ihe1 smaller ones, more tbaa
overbalances tbe advantage of tbeir increased
size. This, too, however, we conceive lo be a
mirtako. We have a few common fowl, which
are kept (or batching tbeir small size giving
them, lor that purpnte,a decided advantage over
the Shanghai. Ctreful observation has fully
satisfied us lhat ibey consume as murb food as
the larger ones, ----The- common lowl it s much
more ravenous feeder I ban the Shanghai, r If
iavorile food is given, nothing short of a reple
tion will laiisfj them. Not so with the Shanghai
or Cochin China.. Tbey feed as they move-
slowly, and appear to turn every grain of corn
or wheal lo aa advantage.
' Much has been said in regard lo tbe superi
or egg producing qualities of tbe Sbanghaia or
Cochin Chinas. To a limited eateni we have
tested this point also, and so far as our experi
ence goes, unhesitatingly yield lo ibem the
" Our common fowls areas good specimens
a any we have eer seen. We pawl a biga.
price fur them, for ihe special purpose of test
ing lheir egg-producing qualities, as compared
wiib our finer lowls, and hatching as before
etatA-'--Tifes'4a'r eeir; that with tbe
same food, same lodging, and same attention in
every particular, ibe Shanghais have bealea
I wo lo one.
u Another point in favor of tbe Shanghai is,
lhat they are more sociable, not nearly so much
inclined to be mischievous, and if even thus
inclined, far less capable of doing damage ;' at.
tbe remarkable shortness ol their wing and the
great size of tbeir bodies, prevenjt them from
fl i ug o e c Csitces, !nl o.i be garde a dr field, or
injuring the grain in the stacks or mows. For
these and olher reasons we feel inclined lo give
ibe improved breeds the prelerence over th
common ones, and believe it would be eeono.
my on -the part ol wn farmers generally, to Hi
troduce them even al a cost of leu dollars fur
ibe first pair."
well imagined illustrations, to tbe text or ; your heels, you will pass a liTe ol misery ;
. . , . . .. , . 1. t. . . 1 .1 ,.1 u.lflu. IIMldnilt rftrWVt.
a hook : a tyrannic COrninclliarY u cci t iiw urai vuuiac is. ouiici v. i mum vwii.-
word, that was as convincing to the eyes j plaining, and to discharge all your duties
as was hirdiscoursrTo
pression which it conveyed was a strong
auxiliary of all he uttered ; for it begat in
you an almost unavoidable persuasion of
his sincerity a virtue of the appearance
of which he made great use, and had vast
You have seen his portraits, his busts.
The man who has a snarl always on his
brow, a scorn on his lip, and a mountain
on his back, not one of which he can mus
ter courage to remove, is of nil men mosl
miserable. If you complain at the trifles
now, before you die, you will embitter ev
ery hour of existence by your unhappy
he bronze statute faithful enough ex- I disposition ; therefore, cheer up. and com-
eepvas to.lbe limbs whLch lhelsraelite.
navyaptain houghl in Paris at the price s times you may hnd Ibis hard to do ; nut
of old clothes, and ' ottered lo Uongress, : alwaysmeet your misiortunes wnn asmite.
but whicbNit put by with disdain, as a and stjll lailhlully strive lo overcome ttiem
stroke of speculation, meant to procure pro- but complain not. ,4 1.
fessional adynircement not enrneii in any . .
other way. f rofti all tnese. one gets n tTEBnisv 1?KWA11BE1). The Life Savinz
just enough idea oHhe mere mould of bis Bpnevoent Association of New Y6rk, at
physiognomy; but norte.oi course, oi ; . . mecline on Thursday, voted a gold
nobility which was its only hue quality. q Ca)tajn Nye,of the American
nor of tbe oddity of his cotfVplexion. I his
was m uch. in its eeneraliint.Xf the color
of cream ; but as that 8ubstance4s one of
eood people of the great city
o Gotham, conceive only as a modifica
tion of nrenared chalk, let md explain by
what they have oftener seen the fruity
part of a pumpkin The face looked
,.B if it w.rn buttered w lb such. a paste ; r .
buin addition 4lo this gbasUiness of hue, E a aTHae a a a at M i li e dob viliik. -We
if was besprinkled with small pox P"s; Jerll frombe Milledgevillepapers, thai at 20
all of which were of a lively purple. Kad J mlnulet befr8' o'clock. Siuirday night last,
gin what its beauty Decame. wneo sei j , ihatj lmtrM to?fii4!!i.Aiuta
nTi what was good '. except tbb eyes; ifon of Ueorgia witoin ttf past lew rn mius.
mail steam ship Pacific, and a silver me
dnl to the mate, Mr. Thompson, and to
each of the seamen, who bravely manned
(heir life boat during a terrible gale, and,
thereby rescued the entire crew of the
British ship Jessie Stevens, just as she
Was sinking, and took them sately into
Liveritooi. . .
A gentleman who came otrerfrom Liverpool fn
ibe Hull ic tells us that when he left everybody'
in tbe city was rejoicing over the new Cunard
sleamebip Arabia, which had been buill ex
pressly, to .beat-lb Cullios steamer,, and ? was--cutisiJered
ihe most superb as well as the fast
est vessel afloat. Loud were the exultations .
over tbe anticipated triumph and the lowering'
of ibe American flag in this contest of speed.
What ha been the issue t Tbe Baltic, which
sailed December 29ih, arrived sale and snug at
her wharf in New York January lllh making"
ibe trip in less than thirteen days, in spile of
slormy weather. The Arabia, which sailed
January lsi, alter running nearly thirteen days
andeih,austing her fuel in efforts to make a
tnrrt tr ha ;o"pW
and repairs, and will probably he filteen d)s
or more in making the run lo New York. We
-rejoice over tour defeat of wir- cousinr over the
water, in ihe honorable competition for the
mastery of the seas. Tbe Collins Steamers
remain unappruacbed by ihe Cunarders, aiid
the Engli'h company will have lo labor long
before they can get a vessel to beat, in a lair
race, either the Haluc. Pacific, Atlantic or Arc
V-S." . J .
Intcr-Oceanie Circulation. Lieut. M, F. ,
Maury delivered a lecture in New York recent
ly on ihe theory ol the inier-oceanic circulation
flf water on the globe, and supported with miteb
interesting information, ihe hypothesis that she-5
water which is. jound
earth lo Hay, may be found in anotberlo morrow.
Every drop of water, he argued, is as obedient
lo great and general law as are ihe planet of ' ,
heaven..'. If it were not so, and il. there were, .
Tit) channel of circulation by which th water,
could pass from occeaft, lo ocean, ibe waiere of
the occeans in the course of lime, wonld- bV
found completely difTereftt from each other.- '
The waters ol the Dead Sea re nearly lha
same in qualitya thing which can only be-
accounted lor on Ibis hypothesis of circuUiimi
and if ihey tiMik a single, drop of water from ihe
Pai-ifk. Ocean and analyzed it, and, another, v
from the AlUnlir; arid analyzed It,. they wonld . r
be lotind petfecdy.tbe same. -Tha w jnds, cu,
renlf lem-rature trflt, water and wiwtyt :
:9vnig, jm'

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