North Carolina Newspapers

':7 "TiJer stand how the people of
V rk MO lot day tolerate the corruption
'Vih Pl"'r o( ,hal "P"'1 ',nl,u,e lo
rlblic itrJMZtur which w
T'ast ,ek' ' 0,,e "P ,Lal J,iuK
tfZ, bad inierlerred lo suspend, il not 16 pr.
Hi tm ginl " rpwdie who lately
Jj7, ja upon a cnmmiiie meeting in Tam.
Halt, anil beat rnembera of the com-
'... Lillinn manm nf litem. Thar nr.
Cjudi. rowdies", r ill
?!l(oco, ib' Judg b rowdie belong.
?ti,(n faction of the party. and ibe coinrail.
"fwoiher. Th rowdiet had been tried
il,. .another court and couvu-ied. knd before
nearly - , , . r--
ii,i7 natfrd Judg 1IorrisTuferier7e3
iTfiifhd frm th Penitentiary. The
ffoyt tltciea vg ......... ... ...
. . H.,,1. M..W... h!. .....
whereas f in private sale l.y ib
i,,Mlhoriii of lot lor 12,000, which ha
JJ, publicly valued by the assessor at $25,
third wa another private aaln ol prop,
-qrtlued at $300,000, lor 160,000. Ooe
JmUt T lhe Cuuncil moed lo bate the
-j, it public auction, nd he was upported
other. All the other eoled down the
Ztut which wat ool eeo allowed lo appear
-i th fniouieti.
Bui H 'h' ' 'quailed by practices which
Mitil in the U. S. Goeroent, a may be
M by 'he following elrc Irom a speech
itt. mr, of N. II. in jjlbe Senile on Tues
,flii(:- I
There ii a practice, Mr. President, is has
Iks istertained uon lha highekt authority,
dick prevails even with regaid lo this body,
b akick money is obtained from individuals
kdjseliim agents by wbin we are I
r- i ua tA i.ih.. ib B., -f
Thee claim ajerit, air, have a prac.
let o( rrpresent nig lo lue sailor In our ships
rfnr upon a loretgn roast, mat n is necessa.
is empty Wrii ih order lo get iheir pay. I
listihad urdrrs presented lo him, where as
sjck ii dollars Lave" been charged and
attired (or procuiing th signature ol the Sec-
sjttrj lo a psper, wnicn ti i jii as rout n a
Mmr i courst for bint to affix as il is for the
dirk to retd the SenaU jourAial every morn
U. And, sir, when he beard of the farts, and
tailed lhe agent before bim lo inquire why it
rutbil be charged Ihis money lo ibe sailors.
tin wit lb answer which be received 7
Iii. aeenl very coolly tatd, " I do not
bwv, Mr. Secretary, as ii it any of your bust-
i; thai is the way we gel our living. I
told that this psactice prevail veiy eiten
kisd ibal jailor ate swindled io lbai
nt, betides ibe way ti which) I called the at-
iMiot ufrtie "Senate t dy or rwo Muce.
As officer who is now in ibis city, ol a
kikljr bouoralile character, temiuked to me in
fcresrs iwthe act which was passed last year,
(kit kt did not see why bbill did troi cover
thole, and tncludt compensation lo those
k served in California and Molico, and oth
place, before 1850, as well a ihoee who
tried after that lime. lie said he mentioned
ttt itb presence of one of these claim a-
put. "Why, sard be, "it is the easiest
( ia ibe world; yon just raise a fund, and
ranpyt it through for you. or words to thai
tel. "Bui," said ibe office, ' I will, not
iai anything for any such a purpose; I
ouldlooie everything I have in the world be
hit I would do ii." "Then, sir," taid lhe a-
(ftliobim with an oalh, " you never will gel
tttntil jott da not xaise a tuud Lo b dvr
i W lbs sgenls noi tn ceoU ,
Now. Mr. President, we are about pass-
tf ibia bill to piovide against Senators sell-
1 themielves, but we are sold outside ; wt
"sold -bjihest'-lgeni who i ufouridus diTy ;
m ibe atmosphere of pestilence and death
h attend the free and the (rogt that overswept
a tand nf Egypt U purity Use U whea com
Pi lo the presence of lhe claim. tgenU
al latest the purlieu of this government.
1 influence, our countenance, our aflec'ions,
aievervthing is bartered and sqld by these a-
ftliwbu block up your capiiol and block' up
a avenues to Ibe departments ; and it ha got
Mfi air, I bai e va th tatlo caaod ge
pay lor doing bis duly without the appro-
at sad inter vent ion of an tfienl who it lo
plktor bim. These are fact, which I am
"poa the highest authority ; ibey are fart
cat he substantiated before a committee
'Aii body to morrow. I got tome of them
h testimony o iht secretary of lh Navy,
pi under oath be for a" committee ot lb"
vm today. I am told, further, ir,jhai th
tm been carried to ueh an eitent that
'hi tOSne dnwn Imml In litru: Here is
JtW fountain offilth .thjM tdortjatrea
anbonest mercbanl cannot get bis ve.
jttered tt Ibe port, ol New Yotk and pay
duties at i0 custom-nous until be get an
r him. through, wba it to be paid a
"Prceniage." p
Lu1' f,om whiog,on ttyt ibal 4r.
" irluiion to the agent who collected
JPwmafrnm sailors, referred lo Mr. J. K.
'i iimn secretary ot rreswem !i.
J f !rjI Pf the .Maty tay a tf Walker
ViVtUi tall iV. - .kClL .eA Ann.
v m1, rr W II IV It w:rw
J would have amour.led lo 80,000.
the Baltimore Sun, writeaa followt-t
t "ig prosperity ana eireogm i
??w,7 ' " best deleneebetter than
trmies or navies and better than ab
JHiiic dicta which an eoemy would
T'ha Chinese are said lo draw upon their
brili ..... . r.:-L. .k.;.
paiuuic UI IMVUICUIIII mill
Sla. It.. L,w. .V. .r..i
J"1 Aligns' of England on tbi continent.
4b rt -comtnuuicaiioni uriwe eo
jj.wic and (lie Pacilie, and jhereby doo
kJ".dom'ie eommerc;' and -unite- firmly.
i-.z." interest ind iprlmo-. the l-.ssiern
" "ttl'm .t iiij
Ti . K"ns oi iue nepuouc.
intnt....:.. .. . .i: . . !
Iht Tehuantepe
- Wp'ooeerroad. Ii
..wm iit iiiCB couiinimii;!
pec traniU-Thal-will
. - ' . . : ...
ik r"u. ii can . ue-maae wiiaoui
iwibiu... . -
- iV IS ih ITSiiJ: .e j. ij
, ' VWHT, otHCF ITTUni
. a . "' ana -win ne nn
"! ;wf wrHory xaojua wrTj, j
rir- -jrTatm
n.litor ifc Proprietor.
w fHift id
ads at ibt California terminus, and . .i ik.
lerrnintt iht Mittioippl ; amTbymeaet of
lb Tebuaptepec route, the work at th Cali
VrT o ol ,,ne wni b r'ly ftciliialed.
The Senate will, neit week, affirm the right
i uovernmeni ind it ciiiient to the T.
butntepee transit,; ind it ja honed that the :,.
"n?f.L5iJ! !k ibe wbok subject tniothrir
" i win ue me oral step toward
preparation for successful war with England.
.. Hi, uurvpe ner Bt Cl," "."V , '," ' -T-
Th lone ot iht Sentlt waa leaa Mr.liL
lo'dty than yetterdty and il wta agreed to
inquire, before taking hostile .leps. whether
Great Britain ha violated lh Clayton and
ru ia
uuiwer treaty or not
jThe'giYiremnlhiia fatitf bill Is lo Be rolled
la rough the Senate in a few dayt. to lh gener
at saiisiactHin ot the whole eoiiairy. It will
embrace lhe homestead bill, lhe Bennet bill for
uisiriiiunnx isnas to ibe old Stales, and the itn
portant bills sraniinjr lands in aid of railroads
in ibe new States. So this Congress will not
oe oarrea ol important legislation.
The National Intelligencer contains a long
letter from G... Fooie, ,.f Mississippi. He
contends that lhe Constitution Rive him power
to appoint a United States Senator, and inti.
mate hi jatentins) to make ibe appointment,
The Slates of Kfiod Island, North Carolina
and Mississippi will be deficient in senatorial
representation on the 4th of March neit. iheir
legislature having failed lo make election of
successors lo lhe Senators whose I arms einire,
The Governor of these States, it is said, will
each tend a person to fill lb vacancy, and leti
the constitutionality of tbt act. S. Carolinian.
Washington Irving, while at Mount Vernon
the other day. remarked thai k remembered
seeing Gen. VVtsbiugtoo iu New York, when
he was a child live jeaia ol age. and while
lhe General was passing through iht street.
accompanied by a crowd, young Irving was at
tended by bis nurse, an honest Scotchwoman.
Tb wo (Ban forced her way up to lh General,
leading ber child by the band, and approach
ing, addressed bim" Your honor, here it a
bairn that is called after you," The Gener
al paused, and placed his band upon lhe boy'
head, gave bim hit 6lesing. Mr. Irving
stale that ht ha a distinct recoHertion of
he whole seen which occurred ia the year
I7H7. '
" Bishop Ives of North Carolioa has form
ally abjured r rolestantism, t on ol the items
of news by steamer Arciic, -just arrived from
Europe. Another paper has il, " Bisop I es
... t. Aiaurl I r a I hn in Kalh met ami If . . m
There is, therefore, no longer any doubt, (as
there ha been but lint for some weeks past,)
of the strange course of ibis prelate.
Since the above was in type, we find the
following paragraph from tbt Pari " L'ni-
verse " : Fay. Observer.
" A general tubjecl of eoversalion at Rome,
it ibe recent conversion, lo ibe Catholic faith,
of Dr. Ives, the Anglican Bishop of Carolina.
in the United Stales. Dr. Ives bad for a fong
lime embraced Poseytra opiaioatv an felt
strong -tympaiby for lb CaYlolto rtligion,
WhlCB had sul'jeciea Bin io mucu remooa.
trance. -Since he bas been al Rome, be ha
nut himself ia relation with Monsignor- Gifl,
r n. . ,r- !;.. il o i
lb CalbollC Dtsnop Ol Virginia, u. o., inu
addressed himself to Monsignor Talbot, ibe
orival cameriae of lha Pope, iii order lo mske
hi solemn l'juratior and publicly profess
.. This ceremony took place on ibe 26th Dec.
the Pope in person administering the tacrament
to Ibe convert. Dr. Ivet, in abandoning the
Roisconal Church of lb United Slates, bas
g.vea up a very advantageous pbsiioo.-x Hit
wHtrai fiari
it I aid that the now begin lo delend bim a.
gainst ibe aitacks of wra proleslaot minister
" . -j .l. n:.i ... D
who accompanieu m "up
I.i Silliman Ivet. D. D. L. L. D. lb
in ik nrdtsr ol annoinl
ment, of the Epitcopal Church of iht United
Slates, it a naliv ol vermoni, ano was orig.
i.sllv settled at i minister, oter a Congrega-
lionalisi Society, in ibe county of Si. Lawrence,
in (hit State. The effect of lorming certain ae.
n...ininrenhins and intimacies, at that lime.
Church, which, abandoning bit congregation.
al flock, Je tnlered and earn lo ibis city.
Her be married a daughter ol lt tenerant
Bishop Hobart. and wa ellled a Recto of
St. Luke't ChulcTii Ja Hudson Street, Op
Thursday. September 22d. 1831, bt wa cou
secrated Bishop ot North Carolina, in Trini
. -M...,.k PKiUde Inbia. Altba time ol bit
oUoii.m from ibt protest ant faith, he bad been
Ruk t went v on tear, and wae ibt third. tha idrolecoitctation. iV. y.
Directions for Fainting. Sew Mat when
you are alone. Afway tetect tome rooop
poriunity. The more per.on. ther ar about
y mi the rnor uceetfiJ wtll be your fit. A
friend' houe, when ibere it a tlmoerw aa
evening parly going on, it far fro-o a bad op.
poriunity. Never faint mor iban onct ia tba
' ... there mav u a laiiina on in
lam "(, , .
the tymptthy on the second eipertmenl. A wo.
.h.,M not only lainl well, but above tu-
Be vert careful, therefore, otter le
risk a faint unless you bate torn object io
,iew, such as going out of lown-or a new
gawn-or a box it !h onera-or be ng uken
fo .ome fete-or any other l.tll ctprlc wblcb
your husband m.J bav U used
rog. In uch case by.terict art ju.iiflablt.-
KWAMirA. Lady Margaret Her-
h-rt ..ked .omebody for apreiiy pajir .or -,
. . . oereon. what
tTir "ei rrr1 "tti-er- irai r - - . .
" Kt.1 P A l II hi K OPOJT 4 LI, VOC E
lUlKKS. ': ,.
'CTiMn6Ya Bn3 in tto Bosloti "JLdvtr-
titer, Iht following extract from letter
dated Lima, Dee. 24, addressed to a gen
tlemao in that city: w
Yflu, have no idea of the satisfaction
lelt by the Americans here at Mr. Eve
rett's settlement of the Lobos bostnesa, the
ne trr of wbicbx has jusrreKcted-ur by
special messenger. Nobodv here: of anv
hd Jhj isajLdoflbt Uk HxiM
reru. and we could not fear therefore but
ipe unit-a &tates would finally bedispos-
i . - - -j w ""-'fw
a lo do her justice. But no one could tell
how (ar matters Would go. It wn known
luw onrat least ol the vessels chartered
by the guano speculators was armed to
lb teeiby and it miff b I happen that she
would attempt to take the guano by force,
mr me very purpose ol brine nirnn a m .
lue prompt and timely action of the
new Secretary of State has nut ll ,;rh
I .. . . . : . .r .
nou me joy is unbounded. It has no doubt
saved ibis government from a convulsion
iue -Norte-Americanos, as we are cal
led, irorn being extremely unpopular,
ave Decome gfeat lavontes. A inngnifi-
cent ainner was given yesterday at the
palace, lo our worthy Charge here (Mr. J.
Randolph. Clay.) Mr. Miles, lb Special
Messenger, and several American eentle-
men resident here. I was prevented by
indisposition from attending. I tinder.
stand lhat an honor of this kind has never
oeen pud to a foreign minister. But the
Peruvians may well rejoice.
Had the United .States persisted in pro
tecting the Guano speculators in getting
the article from the Lota, the value of
the Chincha guano which forms lhe
sole revenue of this eovernment would
have sunk one half, and her credit would
have been prostrated. The Lobos are es
timated to contain two millions ol tons.
which at thirty dollars -per Ion. is sixtv
millions of dollars. The combined effect
of the loss of this great property and the
depreciation of the Chincha guano would
bave been national bankruptcy ; an im
mediate overturn of tho government, and
a series of bloody revolutions.
With the turn things bave now taken.
the prosperity f .Peru is assured. Kbi
wilh now go ahead rapidly. The euano
deposits are inexhausli ble, and as a great
care is taken under government suspervi
sion, to regulate their removal, confining
the operations to certain spots, so that the
birds may not be frightened awny from
others, this 'smgirfaf source of. revenue is-
renewed as fast as it is exhausted. From
henceforward Peru shoots a long ahead
of all i be other South Amercan States on
the Pacific coast ; tind a she feels that
she owes this to the magnanimity of the
United States in retracing a hasty step,
her gratitude is unbounded. It wilt give
us a lasting influence in her councils.
The Peruviac gorernment is behaving
very handsomely toward the vessels char
tered for guano."
Reply from Mrs. Tyler.wifeof Ex Pre
sident Tyler, to the Duchess of Sutherland.
The Richmond Enquirer, publishes a
reply to the Stafford House ladies from
the pert of Mrs. Tyler, wife of ex Presi
dent Tyler. It is written with considera
ble spirit, andmuch earnestness, and takes
the ground that il would be best for these
noble ladies to attend to the objects of
distress in their own immediate neighbor
hood. ' She asserts, without hesitation,
what we have no doubt is true, that the
Stafford House affair was the production.
not of tbese ladies, but of- their husbands,
wbostf political opinions are well known.
add that its object" was. Probably, without
their knowledge, oi a character entirely
political It is well known, she says, that
ibere is but one rock upon which the Un
ion can be wrecked, and that is the very
one upotv which these ladies are stiriving
to impel it. They may possibly not know,
but their, prompters know well enough,
that a country alteady numbering 20,000,-
000 -of wha totarrtsrimd rfoubting ifspopai
latum once in twenty-three years, must.
very shortly, in a great measure over-
w toe world. Nations, which "are
now stars of the first magnitude in the no-
iiucai iirinaiiieui, uiusi sorinK into com
parative insignificance in the progress of
this mighty people. All this must hap
pen on the sole condition that our Union
continues, and to break it asunder is the
only means left to prevent the inevitable
consummation. It is to this end that the
efforts of their husbands have been direct
ed, and to effect this object that they have
made them cats-paws', in the present im
pertinent, unhallowed, and unprincipled
enterprise. v-'v vy
rs. T. dwells, with considerable force.
upon the recorded fact, that as long as
England held possession of this country,
she refused, in spite of all remonstrances,
to nut an end to the traffic in slaves. Iter
constitution proclaimed freedom to the
slave whose feet but touched her soil ; yet
she kept the colonies as a great slave
mart, and exposed, them to all the evils
which such a condition of affairs could
give riSe to. for no other purpose than lo
gratify her avarice,' As soon ns she was
expelled as soon as she lost the market
for her i ofamous me rch a ndise then, and
not before lbnrBhe became atealaus en
, - , . , f
" " . "Hv.SSre..? nss-y-f
: r ;z . "j . .. : . ,i..,-.hi:.urUl oneVita to Drobib t ffcenses t umneueu woui.t. serve ine ena r
Ol IDC WOriU, nau uone moos -r: .t.I.. . ; .K VtMmr ! not Yri tbrilio-bf Wf
Do mis, and Libert vis sirs.
-- - Otn'l JIarritan
UpotrtbrwbolerlhiiA.verv credita
ble production both as to manner amfj
tanet.-liichmond Duiputch. , , a-,.
What i chapter ibe following scene would
bits afforded Mrt. Slows for ber romance, bad
the witnessed lr, or inytbing approaching lo h,
on a Souther plantation I , Wt give, ibe arti
cle just at wt find il ia tbt local cojfma of the
Philadefph ia Bulletin :
A Scene. Pew persons fa the community
have any adequal conception of the misery
lhal exist in the court and alley ot Philadel.
pbia; few know of the thousand who are pin
ing in ahjeel want in our snidsi, and wboara
sfruggfing to obtain tbt commonest uecestartet
of life. We witnessed t tceoe this marning
which eiciied wonder and pity, and aerved to
furnish aa idea of the legion who are sulTer
ing in this great city. Tuesday is appointed
by lh Provident Society for giving out work I
their employees, aud (or receiving and paying
for lh work already done. The office of ibe
Society, in Piune street, wa absolutely besieg
ed during ibis morning by hundred of women
who were crowding into the building, clustered
about lhe door and windows, and eagerly in.
tading every point, back and front, by which
access lo ibe office could be obtained. The
feces of all these females bore lhe mark of
car and want ; many ol ihein were widows,
aad most of them were mothers. The scarcity
of employment during the winter season at lhe
kinds of work to which Ibey have been acco
lomed, drives these poor creatures in swarm
lo Ibe olhce ol lb rrovidenl Society. Uuring
is week in the dullest and must ini lernent
season of lhe year, the association furnisbea a
certain porijou of labor lo those only who are
ia absolute want. I be weekly allowance ol
woik to each person is lour coarse calico shirts.
for making which they receive 121 cents eac h.
Tb eagerness with which woik is solicited,
even at ibe pittance received lor it, is an evi
dene of the suffering condition of lhe appli
cants. A committee ol gentlemen superintend
Ibe giving out and receiving of work, aud thus
avoid an eipense which would be otherwise in
curred. The object of the society 4 to di
couragt ptuperism, and extend assistance only
lo persons who will labor lor it. Most of the
persons who apply for and receive work are
foreigner who emigrated lo ibis country to bel
ter their condition. .Tbi class of people, in
stead of going al once into lhe sparsely settled
district of ibe country, where labor is plenty,
and wages good, are loo apt to crowd into ibe
most wretched quarters of our great cities, cie-
le the want of employment from which , they
suffer, and assist in spreading lhe great moral
cancer of pauperism.'
The Bacon Market. We bear much ap
prehension eiprrssed that the at tide of Bacon
musr necessarily be low during lhe coining
season, owing to the large quantity in prepar
ation for shipment. We are inclined lo be
lieve that no fears need be entertained upon
thit subjeet. Il is Irue that more hogs have
been slaughtered in Easl Tennessee ibis win
ter than at any former period, but it ?s equally
true lhal Georgia never received, lest supplies
of pork. Tbt large number parked in the
North-west, are not intended fur the Southern
trade, but are held with a view to shipment lo
ibe European, Australian and Caliloriila mar.
kelt.. The immense supplies which have here
tofore sought a market from Cinciunaii, by way
of -New Oi leans and Savannah, will thus in a
great measure be suspended, and the seaboard
itself will look to Tennessee to make up the
deficiency Much more will the interior of
Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina depend
upon Tennessee lo meet their wants.
- It i wll,hefeforei that our people bave de
voted their attention to extensively Ibis season
to lhe curing of bacon, and our Georgia friends
need have no fear on ibis head, as ibey will
certainly be furnished with a laige quantity
from East Tennessee. Our own county will
send off a considerable amount not less than
hall a million pound. Almost every man we
see, beside iht regular dealer, has some lo
sell, and the cry all over the country is bacon
bacon bacon. Such is lb influence of
railroads and by such means East Tennessee
prosperity. Athens (Trna.) Post
Gcttichdlk: AcorreipondeBt oftbtBoton
Transcript, narrating a visit to Golischalk, the
young American pianist, relates the following
I saw a strangely dresssd child behind bis
chair, who appeared lo watch bit fjery motion
with tbe most intense interest, and whose bis
lory is quite a romawc. In crossing the mourr
taiit of Andalusia, Golischalk met the little
fellow, then scarce eight year old. He had
lost both hi parent, and was under tbftcbarge
of his maternal uncle, who treated bim with
lb greatest brutality, and obliged iim lo go
daily to be roadside and beg. GotCschalkV
sympsibies were al once interested for thV Jil-
ll orphan, and leaving bit chaise he went wlib
him io hi 'uncle, who, for a mall ium. wa io-1
duced to pari wilh bim. He ha ever sine
accompanied Golischalk ia bis travels, and
served him a a. valet. II i dressed iu ibe
picturesque Andalusian costume, and eicites
no little interest with his master' visitor.
-ANrurX'iP,or lf'hridat
Though the legislature of Florida failed
to enact a Maine liquor law, it has
done the next thing to it. According to a
bill-just passed, all licenses hereafter to
retail spirituous liquors are to pay a tax
ef 200 : and persons offending are to be
NE7 SEUIi::;
Household Duties. From variety of
causes, nojwog is more common man to
find American women , who bave not the
slightest idea of household duties. A wri
ter thus alludes to this subject:
fin this1 neglect of household cares,' A
merican women stand alone. A German
lady, no matter how lofty her rank, never
forgets that domestice labours conduce to
lhe hentlh of bedjrutid mind alike." An
EnglUh-lady, whether she be only gen
tleman's wife or a duke's, dors not de
spise the household, and even though she
has a housekeeper, devotes a portion of
her time to this, ber true, ber happiest
sphere. It is reserved for our republican
fine ladies to be more choice that) even
their monarchicaland aristocratic sisters.
The result is a lassitude of mind, often as
fatal to health as lhe neglect of bodily ex
ercise. A be wile who leaves ber house
hold cares to servants, pays the penalty
which has been affixed to idleness since
the foundation of the world, and either
wilts away from enui, or is driven into all
sorts of fashionable follies, to find employ
ment for her mind." j
.A Passing Thought. We believe the
following has been published in our col
umns once before, but it will bear repeti
tion :
" Rothschild is forced to content himself
with tbe same bky as the poor newspaper
writer, and the great banker cannot order
a private sunset, or add one ray to the
magnificence of night. The same air
swells all lung. Each possesses, re
ally, only his own thoughts and his own
senses, soul and body these are the pro
perty which a man owns. All that is val
uable, is to be had for nothing, in this
world. Genius, beauty and love are not
bought and sold. You may buy a rich
bracelet, bnl not a well turned arm to wear
it a pearl necklace, not a pretty throat
with which it-shnU vie. The richest bank
er on earth would vainly offer fortune
to be able to writeja verse like Byron.
One comes into the! world naked, and goes
out naked the difference in the fineness
of a bit of linen for a shroud is not much.
Man is a handful of clay, which turns
quickly back again into dust." 1
, It has become very popular among tbe young
people of our City, to have what ibey call, a
table walking. They procure a light pine ta
ble, gather around it, place their bands on il,
and alter the elapse of some twenty. five min
utesithey go round, and the table follows !
This Isrery miraculous f Can we, by "any
reasoning, tell how the electric fluid- from lhe
body gels into the table 7 Too deep, for the Ani
mal I And mure, we bave never aeen a table
walk ; but, we have heard certain tools usually
to be seen on the dining tables, " walk and
talk, to some purpose. lo cut a long story
boil, -the whole affair is another humbug, with
sufficient believer, to keep il in constant agt
tation. By the way, we beard an old bunts
man tell a tale, not a great while ago, whicl
w'll do to tell in connection wilh this spiritual
rapping yarn. He says, on a certain occasion.
he: in company -with -a- friend, went out fox
hunting; lhe day was exceedingly cold the
breath would almost freeze be tor it rencbed
his lips. He bud listened an hour for his dog.
LuL cuuld iiot hear, tbem bmk ; he look . bin
born, aud made a desperate effort at a minister
blast. Not a sound could be beard. He turn
ed lo bis companion, and attempted lo say
something not a word could be beard! Hi
made an effort to hollow for his dog, but hi
voice would not rise above a cold whiner.
borne. A few duys after, the weather having
turned warm, he beard at a distance indistinct
sounds of a horn, of whooping, and the balking
of dogs, . f ie look his horse, rode lo where lhe
sounds seemed to be ; but, no one was lo be
found :he horn continued to blow, dog bark
ed, and the whooping ceased not. The lact is,
says our informant, every effort, the day brlore,
froze as last as it escaped lhe lips, and becoin
ing thawed, tbe sounds were produced !
Who will now dare get. up and say, ihis is
nnrruet"tfariy niirshoafuferhiiiilmember7
(bat a mill w heel, freezes up, and ceases (a run
in severe weather, which, . if left -alone, will
(ha w out, and proceed 'o run, w it bout ony hu
man ajsiefance. Reasonable, very reasonable.
Lice Giro ffe. '
Tortures of the Sex. A writer in Cham
bers's Edinburg Journal thus details them:
" About a hundred years ago a lady went
about with shoes that raised her heels
three inches aboVe the floor, and threw her
whole person out of its proper balance,
occasioning, of course, a severe strain up
on certain muscles, attended by constant
pain. A little later, a tower of hair, po
matum, flour, pins, and pinnrtrs had been
reared upon the bead, such as an inquis
itor might have considered himself very
ingenious in devising. In more recent
times we nave seen tne entire sex sun
mit'ing to torture in the waist, with an
equal degree of magnanimity. Or taking
the form of a monstrous prolongation of
skirts, tbe fair martyrs as scavengers up
on every street jn which they promenade.
In a form of bonnet for aummeft-wear, tbe
front comes only .to about an inch behind
the iorehead, so as to leave tbe face fully
exposed to the attacks of the sun. A
great number find it absolutely indispens
able to add to this abbreviation oi a bon
not a sort of supplement of silk,, called
Iii.; -iii.
Ballootiitsts say that they are not sensi
ble ol' their own mot ion." The earth seems
to sink away under them. :
Sympathy for criminals is a passion with;"
some. The very fact that a man Is a cut
throat or a foot pad is accounted a claim
on our especial tenderness.", All '. the he
roes are clanking fetters or pounding s,to'na
in "prisons. ... , , ; .,
Daniel Webster had strength off indi
vidual being. lie, was not a bushed up
man. Such power cannot be borrowed
nor stolen. Air. Webster had might of
nature. " . , ....
Persecution is employed by the Catho ;
nnTreTai?2r.rr . Fia ncls J lea j jiaiy ii
that a Catholic who listens to Protestant,
preaching is-ar marked manrartd peoplt
are forbidden to have any dealings with
him. '
Self sacrifice often invites unkindnessi
A man who shows any desire to do good, if
at once made a pack horse : and those
who cannot use him cal bim a bypro-
cnte. f
Rending is Irksome to ain uncultivated -
mind. Many think they would love lo
read if I bey had time : but let them sit
down with a book, and they will soon
think of something must be done.
Foul air prevails in some parts of Lon
don so that birds will not live. ,
Ati Idler in a bustling city feels like a
vagabond. He Is not hearing his part in
the great effort of the world. ' ,
Labor without Love for our fellow men
will not he likely to do good. , There is
such a thing as being willing to make
sacrifice for tbe reformation and,, rescue of
the' degraded and erring, while the heart .
feels a strong dislike, antipathy, contempt!
The temptation to this is strong, Thtj
vicious are often so false, obstinate, per
verse, that it is hard to fee! gently to
wards them N. Y. Mirror.
I'rflr7e Tom's Cabin as a Sabbath School
Book. The Pittsburg Derpalch stales that lha
cheap edition of Mrs. Stowe's woik has been
introduced as a Sabbath school book (n lb
school oflhe Liberty street Mhnditt Episcopal
Church, in that city. Some opposition is made,
but ibe majority are in favor of lb step. ;
Tba children Ai-bo read that work and live up
to it will become more inveterate 4s f for teller
(not in ib Pickwickian but lha opprobriout
sense oflhe term) than the Spartan boy wit' per,
intent as a thief, who kepi tbe stolen calf wtn
der his clothes',' nnd allowed bim lo knaw out
his vital?, souuer than disclose iht Ibieft.
Someiilil divine out West, has said thai Ua,
cle Torn" Is the best concocted lit of the
nineteenth century. If to, hont .webivea"
Utjnnd ol young ones that would put even Mrs.
Opie to flight, with all her ponderous volume T
Boston Chronicle. ' '
The Sch'oMtaer iFonfeVr.Thfr foltovdnjfj
says ibe Mobile Advetiiser, is a copy of a bill
sent in to a gentleman some time since !
osalada 1 50 '
alachinoniinc-magin 50
2 000
Pade, Joe.'-
Can any o! our readers interpret, it 1 At first
we took it f.r apothecaries' Latin ; judge our
surprise, then, when lhe key wa given Iq, us,
lo find the above inscrutable items were (imply
these i " . .
" A horse haTf a day," and "a taking ott
farm home again.1' -;...:--v-': - - -
Can any of our readers heat that T '
Conviction of Rekd. The New Tork
Herald ol Sunday says : " '"
Enoch Reed, the colored man wlioe die.
has occupied the attention of the United Slate
Circuit Court al Albany during the past week,
vcs yestetdtiy morning declared gtiiltyof si
sisiing in the rescue of the fugitive slave Jerry,
from lhe oflicert who had him in charge al Syr
acuse. Notwiihstaiiding the combined effort
of the abolitiouists of ibis and other Stale;
beaded by Grrrit Smith, to sa've Reed and kit
coa4iutoflb-onj punifehmeut and ah bough 4af-
succeeded in Vtartng off the trials until excite. "
ment upon lhe subject had entirely died away,
eicept among themselves the national conall.
lution and the Congressionnl compromise of
1930 have, in this instance, been fully sustained
by an enlightened nnd impartial jury. Tin' is
a glorious tiiumph of the laws of the land oyer
those agitators who would set them al defiance.
Il is a triumph of the principles of justice
over fanaticism: that will be appreciated by
the masse of lhe country, nnd one that will be
of juuuila rwcft.i
who our aouinerit tirethren, which for a lim
bad been distorted .by the gruuudle inuieua.
lion emanating Irom rival Siale and cities.
Ilaynau in Italy We lake die following
paragraph from a letter in the Newark Adver.
liser, dated, Florence, Jan. 2d : r '
Tbe famous Marshall llavnnu ffamiliarlv
called th "Executioner of Brescia ") ha beea,
nere some days, reel vine all sorts of attentions
iroo, lhe Gfancl Duke and bis minron. fn tb -midst
ol the ill concealed corn of an indignant
community. I he occasional appearance of lh
really hideous lMkinr nersonair rrftKr- ir
(foi be has certainly the most ill-favored bead
and face ever seen on human shoulders) ia tb
invariable tignal.fortbe biuerest etPrthtoa nf
popular haired, half suppressed hisses, and
ol " butcher." beast." " woman murderer
"Austrian Jack Cade," 4c, oic, dec. Hi
servant share in the contempt.
Tinxos in Nkw.Yobk The American Bi,
ble House, in Nassau street, wa sold al lh
Merchaiii's exchange, on Thursday, Cor 8105,.J
000. N. C. Piatt was the purchaer. 'Th
Society Library building was also-oldi -' It
brought 9 121,500, d John Lafarge was th
purchaser. Mr. Howard a short time ago,
purchased il for 110,000. -
SuoAB. An -aciive specutnrtve Remand fur-
sugar bad sprung Hp al New Orleans for snirar
ojj plant alion. aua ilM 4es of r-f fnfmtnr'
ete ft 1 4L tul Koidert akednrrfacf
rKl-TattftflUtK'-sr4.--- ,f;. ; s-saa j j
.... . . , -. r. - r i?"

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