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    He jSoldirrY Story. -
' ' j f a in .i,,S ,im "r. ,ho Pu,u! of
lied tbrpuh P..ftt. and Badajo. had fab
faultier. m Itgoi i,Vin .
w ordered
it- .
t .fc-ufihrir hnjt league lorther toiieeupy
pi p0" m"fl' B,oun,'l, hich frie.
;',k northers batik, of the GuadiaM ;
wn ol our regiment advanced to oc;
I .1 village nich'the French bad just aban-
j'TIij fetst- raib 1 l?jpt$ed: ind
mwmnwy. hirh bad already beea tan
U ol ill hl c,,u,d b upplied ut wiib
proviiot.s ; ilwasmany day. .ince wf
jjjtrtfd crP&k ol commissary's wag.
i .... hud been on ff short commons.
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Editor $ Proprietor. '
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Gtn'l IIumtoH .
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:; , Salisbury; n. cM Thursday, march si.- ism; "
JW ra no
reason to eipecl miK'b in the il-
we r Ho w ordered ! The Ff "eb,
had jusl marched out, woo Id. vf ruorse,
gHd lcml4ji'buter.4ort.4
u, ,Bdmui haw previously pretty well drain-
Jibe place. ,na(le earcn, nowever.
diaj' ibal possibly omeibing might, have
fonceaiea ",n """" "7 ,oe
.. J; - -I 1 L
Uljve actually soon oisrovereo several nous.
fens kins of wine bad been ecreted. - A
j,,, iir, 1 lake it, alter botervire of (aligue,
(Urnir thinks 4 iub beyond -the, comfptl pi
ii i . r
irioking W ! a ireeiy own mat our
mil parly ioii caused a tad scene ol conlu
Eicrr hue and hovel was searched, and
ini i poor fellow, who had piiiYIed to hide
iu ol uine from bis enemies, as
iner aulUlef ., even alier h- TIZa ,Cu '. .Z'
t t , - . -.. iih mini curiise
'bBuVob ! ir, wbai'j. thi,
,...r..r m,iu wuai i aunereo M l watched
)' iwfj rooi ib wound which I had
my.el( so wanlQM.Ijr infl.cled in lb breast of
bel.leM, iiiuoceui child i i was hy misiake
oy accident. Ub.yttl I know il, I know it
gel thai hour. Bui it is uf to tw; ib cruel
rec.4ieclkn uever I,,,,, ,n mjud,hM
ous wail ia ever in injreara ! Tha fiber's ag.
onjr will tullow me to the rae. .
Cheap Far.'Vbe ilodnn Riwr Rail-
,0"d w!' r"t?illL,l!K:k ?M9. 9P9. haj
canied through passeiigra Irom iis open
M, wiiu iud rireiiiinn ii im. i.w .i..
ihiuiihs, ai the rale of one rem r mil. Tk.
Harlem Railroad does (he same, and bolb roads
e i peci to ausiain theinselreea by doin a large
business upon small profits. To show thai I tie
idea it a feasible one, ibe following calculation
has been nade of ihe comparative cost of car.
rying a large and euiall nmnlterof passengers t
Tbe curt pf running a pasfenirrr train with
tterW' paiie,iiger a huiidi dr Tirtfer'tinraTlniiiTir
at $37, and the receipts on f.ri) passengers tt
iwo una a nail rem per mjile is WIOO. Neil
ini'ome t73. The addiiioiial cl ul the traiu
with eighty two paitnengerM would be only the
eipptipc f runnins auoiher ear, or I wo dollars,
inaking- $29 ; while ihe receipts at one and a
quarter reni per mile, one half of the al.ore
rates, would he $104.50, leaving a neit in-nnie
, Tb Mrmpbi Eagla. and Eoquiref bat
lhe.followiDg!s-,y, "' ..,, ; ; . ..- : t, '
Kftiher curioua, and ntthrt same time
if rtbua affair, occurred in tbi city a few
nigbja since, the circumstancfa of which,
aa detailed to us, are as follows :
ter. ir we remember rigbfly, cnmei in n a
business visit, bringing with him his teams
laden .with cotton nnd other produce, and
three negroes. His business required him
lo remain some three dys before he could
leave for home. He left his teams on the
' Glad words! The. water dash upoa iba
prow l iba gallant veassl.. fibfl alaads on the
duck 'and the winds woo ber ringlett at tbe
looks aiiioUly lor ber headlands at borne. In
Iboughi there are wattn kisses on bar lies, soli
bands on ber leinples, Many anna press ber
to a throbbing bean, and one voir sweeter
than all tbe rest vhVtiiirmy ebfldf. "
Coining home! Full lo bursting in her
young beari, and she seeks ihe cabin to give
her joy Vent ill blessed tear.
Uoming home ! Tbe best room is set apart
lor hit chamber. Again and again hae loving
hands folded away the curtains, and shook oul
bluff in charge of tbe nrirroes. but fearinir ID nowy drapery. The vaset ire filled eve.
Mt be-latter might r ! rjr ning
len. he eoocliiil.l in ,rlr t. r. i.t- tremulous, loving voire wbi.per, " It Wfll br
ihem on the bluff during the nisht. Iu
the daytime he circulated through the ci
y, attending to other affairs, and it was
while thus engaged that he, as . we sup
pose, attracted attention of some of (he
cmie-de alrrs hereabouts, who discovered
tattle is set wiib seriioulous rare. 1'be newlv
embroidered slippers, the rirb dressing gown,
ihe study cap that he will like so well are all
paraded to meet his rye.
The student brother I He could leap the
waters, and fly like a bird home. Though he
has seen all ihe tplendur of olden lime, there is
ifelig'd lo abandon it ro his allies. You might
,M ib poor naiivet on all sides running away, j ol $73.50. In like manner the cost ol a train
'wffle with a morsel of food, others with a skin ! "wb buudred and twenty passengers is hoArn
S sf wine in ihfir arm, and followed by the me
to be only 831, and (he rereipis at one per rl.
I j ;.. ...... ,,r ,h mM ...j 1 r' " ' .leaving a letr income
nciu f. -M.-- -""0I H9. Il Ltllowa In.
in these nuures that it
lo tares increase ihe travel in the relative
Yiml ttuo! wa the cry in every part proportion estimated, a reduction tt (are lo the
ifihe tillage. n English soldier, sir, may minimum amount would not diminish the neit
I11 w Pfetly well supplied in i ..the but one spot thai fills his heart, and that spot
fti.nfy line and fresh Jrotn lite country, he will soon rraih, " Sweet home."
would make a customer with whom Ibey, I Coming borne 1 What tee the sun browned
miglnr speculate sticcessTOTTy IfiTd- vvlfhi b dthg -water IU mtle!
profit. Accordingly their plan waxarrang- j beie are pictures there of a blue-eyed babe
nu in uioiunr. n Knows inai even now nis
yourii! wittt sing the tweet cradle song :
' For 1 know that the angels will bring him to me.'
lie sees ber watching from the cottage door;
she feels ihe beat of her beait in tbe pulse ol
f Ulf drunken soldiersi
lirlor months togHilier in a loreign land, and
jii'rapriile in nut knowing how tua-k lor any
t iking but liquor. 1 was uu better loan tb
! "Two.' qukro! vino f" said f, to a peor,
-bj ittrved,- ragged -rmtfve-whw -waa -atea Kn a
ii aiid hilling something under hi torn rloak;
"'fti4 yu" beggarly tcouudiel! 'give me r:-
Tiao nn If ago " he ciied, as he broke from
and ran qui' kly and fearfully away.
a not verj drunk I had not bad above
Wf'roy tfwujUf)-and" tfiitlhfr-"u
ftwl., Btb hewMjbe fleeter J'fta 1 hwul,d
lite lot! bim. I nut mad a sudden turn.
udcoffle upon him in a foisakt-u alley, where
1 sappttsret ihe poor ifiitig dwell.
1 Kized birn by the collar. He was small
ltd ipare, and ha trembled under uiy gripe ;
hst-nill be held bis own, and only wiapped bis
eknk the ringer lo his property.
' Vino
quiero ttno !
give me
"Xada, naila Imgo " he repeated.
lUd already drawn my bayonet. : I am
uhimed. sir, to say, that we used to do that
wlsrrify the poor wretches, and make them
itiaenef give us their Jipnr. A I hehf him
wib collar with one hand. I pointed I ha bay -act
at bis breast with the oiher, and I again
sird, Yim!" " : '
A'iao, no lengo ! niio tt and he spoke
le words with such a look of truth anil-earn
We, by request, the act passed
by the last General Assembly in relation
to ihe probate of deeds, as follows :
AH ACT Authorizrng lire Probate, of all
j. D-eds and Bills of Sale, requiring jrg
; istratioln. before thetJIerks of the Courts
ol Pleas and Quarter Sessions at any
Mc 4t xtutclul hy thf, GtRf.rul , Aemby
lif ' thStMte af fiifd'-CfiHiXatM. it w
hertby elmctrrf by the authority of the some.
That her-alter the clerks of ihe several
courts of pleas and quarter sessions hy
themsefres or their deputies, shall have
d. and on the. third niwht of the country
man s stay on file WutLhe was Called up
on about 12 o'clock by "three, men, who
mtroguced themselves as policemn .if
the cilV. 1'hev were nrini-il u-irh liifw
pistols and other weapons. and their dress' 1 h4 "vf lamiliar footfall louche, only
was more of the mil.tary than of any bin I
er style. They told ihe lodger on the 'J""""6 ""'"V1"'" Jrt W - a" ea:
I.I..IT it. .t .1.1 g'e whose wings seeking oltness he Iradm o
bluff .hat he was suspected ol having . lh. hi. lnuumain ewy. IJW
ii ii a i r ii rtriH n tt i no n it' nriiinanAuu ..
vs in ' J ui u iiki iit,i n( rtliu
Ihe ohject of their visit was to arrest him.
Believing them to be "'men in authority. "
he quietly surrendered himself and ob-y-ed
the command to "follow." The pre
tended police then conducted their hum
ble prisoner to a room the whereabouts
be cannot now tell and there was put
upon trial belore,one whom be thought
authorized to try him. A great many
charges against. him were read over, and
a great many questions were asked him
in an authoritative manner by the man
Who acted the part of judge. Finally he
ws -.-brought (aanwer -ihe : charge, of
which he was deemed most guilty, that
ol carrying unlawfuL weapons, and in or
der to arrive directly at the gui It or inno
cenee of the prisooor upon h.Is chargciie,
was ordered Ui be searched, w hich was
perform! d by the three who had arrested
bim. His hat, the pockets ol his coat and
vest, and hisjKjots were closely jexamin
ed. but no weapons deemed, unlawful ly
the court were discovered not withstand
authority in their respective counties to
tnke the probate or acknowledgment of injf a t.ow.e knife and pistols were among
all deeds, bills of sale, marriage, contracts j ,ue artices foud , hus far in the search.
required ny law to De registerea at any His pantaloons were then ejutmiued and
time, iti 'as full "a manner as their respec
tive courts can or may do: Provided, how
in the pockets was found a purse contain'
ing $!() in gold, which was handed over
erer. That tbs . act shall not apply-o-jhti1whrf.Vrr3rpy aHb
pronR,Poi ueeosejecuir.i oy jtmrs cut, t. Ht.,y pronounced it a "dangerous an un-
L!ro '"ree times a t.u rating
eral .8Membrv."'ihi's"20ib'day'bT Novem
ber, A! P.. 1852 ' : " ' ""
" Wherelhe Cr Comes Ft om. An En j
glih paper sava: It ia proved by the re
turns of the foreign corn -trade in the last
taken from the prisoner and letafued in
possession of the court. It being the pri
soner's first offence of the kind, and jdead
itig ignorance ol the law by which he had
heer tried, he was dismissed from custo
1 . . ;. i n? .1. I...
few years that a change is taking placer wttnou suuenng any p.ner penai.y
in Ihe principle sources of the supply of ; tbn merely the loss ol the "unlawfol
fink The United Statea and the B ilric weapon. IJe has since been on the look(
are no longer by any means our target out fr the counu rfett officers who trotted
.. that, had I not fanned I could icac. ; priMucers. Their yearly surplus falls mroug,,, as wP oavB aoove o,
tothe fold, of hi. cloak tbe very shape of i short of our yearly wants, and it is from . ut has not J et "cceed.;d m finding them.
I . ....... if ! 1
iMtattwiae skin. I should hare beltesnd him. the lertire districts ana tine rivers oi r,as- A fiunuowUr PloLWm: learn frorfi
. ... . . 1 Fumne that ae nuw draw otir ittran . . ,7 : ... reari ng. Dew the drill out ol tne nanas u w,w? c:..r.t JWU c iuHiiiicu .
.hqmtr! Then the -Why "my. watcuman ralf my -tfuaOi
I and I struck the imini of my bayonet deep '. , ft,. ,
; an Ohurch. a stick of wood about to te tIn. . - Khnn Vibin namnp ,l th- .r under my bed. and 1 left a guard with it,
i liw I struck the poinl ol my haynnel deep
ifttkal which be was bugging to bi breast
this kingdom were 2.400.000 quarters, on
... .1,. iiAva lurt-r,t n t,,.,-
t oannrm niiarters. or-about one-terrthr- :. i - . . .. :.
(v .:.i :. .l-. . j.. A . ... . x. i in tne end oi it a pine piug. ii excueu
i w I j i v"" j cmme from Kussia, l urney, or tne. mea.. , .. j Bminittion it WBS
yu Wood, warm blood !-. nd a p.teou. . trMtta. 1 1852 ihe total import of ; tJn& (bnt a of powder had hp,
i wai iikc a cniu across my nean i j n
placed in the wood and concealed in the
manner described. The villain had not
.feeTtii.disc,,ed,..,.,I.i;,;, ..
wheat (exclusive of flour) was about 3
far Spaniard opened hit cloak; he poinieo to 200.000 quarters, of which 1.700.000 quar-
Weounded rhiW ; and hit eye asked me i ters came from tbe porta ol those coun-
iKrian word, could ha
tnnmAi I 6.750.WK) quarters, the supply from the
SK)oereri in a montem.- i ihuimhi.ik jv '---" .. i - . l
, . - i0 ut tnis quanmy a iirr pruuiii"fi Ma -powuersi are very injurious-to. tue ieeiu,
wabeiide ihe infant, and I tried lo staunch : tit-,, .-nil Ihraila and other It a tnrfh i mil in viiifirnr. lemriu imp.e.
Teeth Set on Edge. AM acid food and
ireaioires are ihere.
Coming hmne ! Sadly the worn Californian
lolds bis arms and sinks heck upon his fevered
pillow. What to hint is bis yellow gold-! Oh(
lor one smile of kindred! But that may not
be. Ughi-y ihey tread by his bedside, watch
ihe dim eye, moisten the parched lips.
A pleardtil lace bends over bim a rough
pul-n gently pushing back trie moist hair, land
a fumily voice whisper., " Cheer up, ray friend,
we're in port, you are going home."
-The -film faH - from the -aick - manVeye.
Home ! it ii near? Can be be most there?
A thrill sends the... blood .circling through, his.
limbs vi hat ! Shall he gee those dear eyes
1"ffe the iiighf otdark'uess -ule down 'tut
ever ! Will bis babes fold their arnif about
him and press their cherry lips lo bis ? ' What
wonder il new vigor gathers in that manly
chest! lie .feelt strength in every nerve
strength to reach home strength to bear the
overwhelming jiiy of meeting (hose dear one.
Coming home!, The very words are rap.
lurouit. Tbey bear import ol everything aweet
and boty in the dome(ic life nay more, tbey
are stamped wiib tbe seal of beaven, fur Ihe
angel, say of the dying taint, " He it coming
Professor James It. Gilland met wilh a
serious accident in this place on Saturday
1a"sTrvhtIst he was? engaged in Mrr Har
ty s shop giving him some directions about
3 MOsT;iiAMEF;ijr;, muudeic:,
f :.Tbe Carolina Spartan. of tbe tOthjnst
sajsr.Oti U Friday t)igbt,a roan by the
name ofJIxvNBr, IIavnei, (aa wa have
beard) was most inhumanly murdered
near bandy Ford. ia Spartanburg District.
ny soma person or perHons,'et unknown.
Tbre.eeea8ed had, crossed the river (En
npre) late in the evening from Laurens,
nnd camped, by himself, a mile or two
this. aide of the river. He was driving
two mules, with a small wagon, and had
some Whiskey to sell. During the night.
we are not informed what took place;
but, very early on Saturday morning, be
was found dead near bis wagon his head
and faee ,most horribly . mutilated his
puckria rtih-d. and one of -them turned in
side out. His vocation was a bad one
but. high way robbery and murder was
infinitely worse., We forbear to mention
further particulars; the good people of
that section of our District, will vindicate
themselves, by making every effort, to
bring to condign punishment, the cruel
and hearties wretch, who could commit a
deed so horrible, for so small a reward on
X-!o'Jy suhjpct. The
price of this 4oor man'sTTfe, was a pit""
lance indeed; as it is supposed, Je had
hut a few dollars. Yet, one bearing the
name and shape of a man, could have the
heart to murder him for it."
Mr. Havner was from Lincoln county
N. C. and leaves, we believe, several sis
ters who were dependent on him for sup
port. He harl about $50 in cash when
last seen, and for which it is supposed he
was murdered. Ho was a sober young
man, about 30 years of age, and had been
engaged as a stiller, for Maj- J-A. Cald?
well, of Ihe county above named. A man
named Lynch, and two negroes have been
arrested on suspicion, as it is said a knife
belonging to the deceased was found on
the person of L nch.- Yurkville Remedy
The N. Y. Star estimates that there
are 2,200 "women of the town" in that
city who openly live by Impure lascivious
practices, and that Ihere are 40.000 sew
ing women, one , haf of whom are com
pelled to resort at times to similar mis
conduct to avoid starvation. Indeed. tb
Rev, Mr. Pease, of the Five Points' Mis
sion, asserts that there are thousands of
widows who sustain life by needle work.
wno are forced once a month to "walk
the streets" in addition; to make up ihe
necessary means of supporting themsel ves
and their children. Instead of sending
"material aid abroad to enlighten the
heathen, ought we not in view of such
facts, to practice the Christian principle
of apply ing charity at home for the remov
al of this worse than heathen degradation.
I I Um liin Ii,
1') U hue l'.. wh, '
1 Pignut Hickory or )
Common Wulnut, J
18 Filch Fine,
19 Whits Fine,
20 Lombard Poplar,
7 Applctiee, ; v
Black Oak, TIT
6 Scrub Oak,
19 Spanish Osk,
13 Yellow Oak,
8 Ked Oak.
31 1.'.
i, j
1 t .
7 H3
-CO ,
i 14
3 It
3 S6
5 te
6 4
9 t5
4 44'
C9 6 21.
58 I ' 4 2y
73 '-' U 40!
H Whit Elm,
3 Swamp WharUeberry, 3361
So much for th purchaser and now a word to the-
seller. - -'- . . '
It is estimated that cord of wood eon tain, when
green 1443 lh. of walcf. SJlhat a farmer who brme
into market a cord of green wood, has no less load ur.
his team, than another who should put on the lop of
his cord of dry while oak, Ihfsa-quarters of a cord of sea-
soned pine, or ons hogghesMiid two barrels water. .,
A German nobleman oti paid a visit io
Great Britain, when the prawice. of drinking
health wa at it height. Vlierever ha weui
during' a ix, Trttipths', tomy ge found: bfmelf
, Oac of ihtWatchmen-1 A .'' f?i!?r" com
ing home, from Laluornia had a monster
repairs to bis carriage, which came
near taking bis life. Jt appears that the
Town authorities1 were having some rocks
blasted which protruded themselves above
the surface in College or Depot Street, a
few paces South of the shop and that the
persons engaged as aforesaid, had prepar
ed a match which failed to go off ; that at
the time the accident, occured they were
employed in redrilling tbe hole, wiilfout
having used sufficient precaution to des
troy the combustibility of the powder,
whicJOook fire during the operation ol
redrilling, blew the , drill out of the hands
WrYes, the-poor fellow uud.ereiood t he , jfu porta, which are the natural chati- or tartaric acid
: bw and he accepted my anguish; , nf,8 fot (nr. abundant produce of Hii"nga-Ta
into the shop, striking near one of the cor
ner posts tbereot, fracluriug. two sh&tts,
I ben making an acute angle, (lew to where
Messrs. Gillaiidand Harty were standing,
struck tbe former on the side of the back
part of th head, taking off a large por
tion of the surface of. th skull, without
floor; where he lay for some time to all
' ajipearance dead. He soon revived and
wasT conveyed fo Mr. Uetnune g llolef,
where his wound was dressed by-a sur
jjeon. We are plewseU toatate thal.ue.4stj
"Jee joined In our effirrl lo ave the little
ioju Oh ! it wm too late I
Tbs little bo. had fastened hi mll, clam.
jMada round a finuer of each of us,
ry, artd of the fertile provinces south of ihe j jt can ne removed by the finger nail as if
Danube. Eg pT bIho sent us in laa no
less than 275,000 quarters In 145 vessels.
M. Mongredien points out that this large
u . . , . . and ncreasing traoe is itnoi uiunir.-
tablishetl in England, with branch houses
in the Levant, and that the ingenuity and
perseverance of the Greeks are displayed
to an extraordinary degree by ihe manner
in which they have -contrived, in about
thiry years, lo found and retain this ex
tensive commerce. The Greek firms in
E n a?t arid Jk muu nt to a boat" 200. and the
yearly amount of theif transactions in the
grain trade alone is computed at no less
than four millions. Their husiness is con
,inMU,l with the utmost dilinence and ex-
rtepfn eye and iwo of hi limb ; -.who j cngji, ami even in this country the
''ngered out many a weary day itt a eamp : Greeks successfully compete wilh the Ira
'after a 'hot enffaaemeni must have Ulers in corn from all parts of ibe world.-
' from his father and hi murderer, that
which it was beyond the power of one of
""a to ie. Th- rhani'es in the nnor child'
"titoaace' showed thai it had few minutes lo
Sometimei it lav to Hill I ihotiffnt the
rH was over ; when a slight c'onulaion
agiiate 4t. frame, d a notary pres.
,S,f ill little bands would give the gasping
r a thort, vain ray oi hope.
To may believe, sir. that an old oldier who
""fly been aMe tu kep his own life at ihe
in n tew hours tne en
completely uTO corishlered durofdart
ger. Altnougn several persons wcitmbihi
ing around the blaster, yet no one else was
injured ; nor did the rock itself burst.
Charlotte Whig,
engagement must
rWo look on death without any unnecessa
' Woeern. -I have tometimes -withed for it
"d otittafeluhankful when mj poor
tomrade. have heeitl releawd jhy It
Ati Odd Settlements At St. Looii last
week. e yotjnjf.' lady was' prosecuted be
fQre:Esqtnre thread way for; obtaining
I'll rtrthv of 'itoods from a oung mer-
I havawn the eaih Idow deaUt . the
Ift8ttU hive hetn so insiant that the n-A the lad v anoearef.-JWned
'Meyifd tojal, Whil
it were chalk;' Most people have expe
rienced whaf is commonly called teeth set
on edge. The explanation of it is. the
acid of the fruit thatjiad been eaten has
"sosortenedirre enaraef oirthe'toolTi that
ibe least pressure is felt by the exceeding
ly small nerves which pervade tbe thin
membrane which connects tbV enamel
and tbe hony part of the tooth. Such an
effect cannot be produced without injuring
the enamel. True, it will become hard
again, when the acid is removed by the
fluids of.the mouth, just as' an egg shell
that has been soAened jn this way be
comes hard again by being put into the
wafer. When the effect of sour fruit on
the teeth subsides, the- feel as well asev
er, but thy are not as well. And ihe oft
ener it is repeated, the sooner the disas
tfous consequences are rfiauiVsted.
Who owns it? A leffer has been lying
in the South Boston sob post oflice for
..some days, postmarked New York, and
directed to ibe banuomesl gl in .NoulU
Boston. io personal application has yet
Vrv'(!i,i-ir:J4iA-44i .i-i,fei.'W(.'fck'.
posited wiib bis other plunder under his
led. at Chagres. . The room contained fif
ty beds half full of drunk and sick 'fel
lers;" during a temporary absence of the
owner tbe snake got loose, and the owner
coming ip and finding his critter gone,
yells but i
Everlastin' misery I who's seen my
watchman T
Many heads popped up from the berths,
but nobody had seen the missing watch
" What was he, ole feller, you're inquiren'
under my bed. and 1 left a guard with it,
but he is gone 1
" Guard 7 -was be a nigger or a white
feller n
"No! he was a California rattlesnake
nine feet long, and filty-two rattles on
his tail. Have any of you fellers seen the
eternal critter crawlirt' 'round here V
out of bed did so in a particular hurry,
lea ving -the oUfe lie r"adJiis, 'guard'',
sole moving occupants ol the room.
A serious row occurred on Saturday
evening in the alms house at York,
Pa. Mrs. Hursh, the Stewardness, hav
ing made some change in the lodgings of
a portion of the paupers, she was attack
ed and severely beaten by jhem ; and one
of the male inmates coming to her rescue
they turned npon htm and his friend-,
when a "desperate fight ensued. Thirteen
of t h e off e n de rs we re si) Itsequertt I y a r rest,
ed and commtfted to jail, and some thirty
or forty others discharged from theestab-l
. rr-i . .. I I .1 & . :
Itsnment. ine riot, ii ii ueiinvcu, n
premeditated affair, as the rioters were
supplied with-fresh cut clubs.
. , . L i. ''
Sixty stndents of the Medical depart
m e n t of t he Un i ve rsi t y of Lou is v IlleT Ky . ,
savs an exebange. are fo be seen every
Sabbath morning in the Sabhath School
has recently passed tbe legislature of llli
nois, In pursuance of the requirements of
the new constitution of that State. It
provides that every negro or mulatto, bond
or free, who shall come into tbe Slate and
lion of residing therein, shall be deemed
guilty of high misdemeanor, and be fined
fifty dollars; and if the fine is not-paid
forthwith, he or she is to be sold at public
auction lo any "person who will pay the
fine and costs for the shortest time and
tbe purchaser shall have lhe right to coin
pel the neurit or mulatto to work for and
serve out such tiin". And if the offender
does not leave the State within ten days
from 'the expiration of his servitude, he
or she is liable to a second prosecution,
the penalty being Increased to one hun
dred dollars; and so On. with an addition,
of tifty dollars to the penalty' for every of
fence the same proceeding being bad
as lo sale' as in the first case.
Model Wife. An Te x e h a n ge , in a ve ry
eulogistic obijuary of a lady, says : "She
was married twenty. four years, and in
obliged lo drink tbouith ever so loth. He must-
pledge hi boat and hostess, lie must dtink
wiib every one who would be civil to bim, and
with every one, too, who wished a convenient .
pretext for taking another glass. He must",
drink bumper in honor ol'the King and Qneenj
n honor of Church and Stale, in honor of the ,
Army and Navy. How nlien did be find bim'-
sell reitii ing, with throbbing "ifinhler and bnrn.s ':"
ing cherk from those scenes of Intrusive bot.'j
piialiiy ? At length his visit drew lo a close,
and 'ToTecju he, i rrrorne rneasttfertheatt e n i ioo $4
which bad been lavished upon' him, he made
grand entertainment. Assembling lLose wboJ
had done him honor, he gathered theifn troun '
a most sumptuous banquet, and feasted I be in to
iheir utmost content. Servant entered with',
two enormous hams ; one was placed at each
end ; alices were cut and passed around to each "
guest when the hostoee, and wilh all gravl'
ty "aid, "Gentlemen, I give you the King I
please eal to his honor." Hit guests protest,
ed. They had dined ; ihey were Jew ; they
were already surcharged through hit loo gen,
erou cheer. 'But he wa inflexible. HGen.
llemen," said he, "lor six months you Lave
compelled tne lo drink at JoyAljidding." ",fQ C
loo much that you should normal at mine. I
have been submissive ; why should you nol fol.
low my etample ? You will please do honor .
lo your King : You then shall be served wilh'
another in honor lo the Queen another to the
prosperity of ibe Royal family, and soou to the
end of Jhe: chapter!"
Barnum't Lust Project. A new pro-t
ject has been suggested by Barnum, which?"
we should. like to see tried. In a repent'
temperance speech made by bim in New '
York, he stated that there were 7,000 grog,
shops in the city, with an everage custom'
in each of probably 8 1 0 a day.- He made ..
the following offer to the city, viz; If ibe -city
would shut up ail the groggeries, ftnd '
give him the amount spent in all of them.
he would pay nil tbe city taxes, ampunUi
ing to $1,000,000 ; send every child to a
good school ; present every family with a. r
library of 100 good books, three barrels
of flour, and a silk dress to every female .
old or young, and give every body a free,
ticket to his museum.
Silk Manufacture. ThejquanLjtyo.f sill
annoallr consumed by women and hal
loons is so greaWthat it tSTeally aatonish."
ing how worms and mulberry trees kpep
up the supply. , According to (he 1'arts
Review there'are. in France, no less than
120.000 looms for silk, of which, the pro
ducts amount to three hundr.
per annum, . Tbe fabrics of
about or nearly two thirds of lh
moiety of Ihe whole is expor
fifths of ihe exports from Lyons
ted States consume the greate
Competition is formidable abroa
ally in Great Britian and Gerrm
it was acknowledged -at the crei
in ofsigns and issues. idp 4uawv loprus
SF -m
r Tn
r a m
r vthree
i fpeel-..
urn a.
hall' of these are dispersed over radihs.--
of from twenty to twenty -five leagues, the
others are in the bosom of the city'Tteje
are three hundred manufacturing firms
embracing from four hundred and fifty to
hve hundred names. Ihe average 'arn-
ing of the oper at ive is 30xets riJajgy?
A L-anrornta utamona. n is siaieq mm a..
diamond, in the mogh- a latije Taa.a. pigeon's t.
egg. has been discovered in Turdmnne county,")
Calirornia, : whli-R U t roTie'tniWW' lt-Btilf:
inn and San 'Francisco, and then brotighf td
New York, A correetwiiden-t of the Sad Fran.l
cisco Herald says it ha. been carefully ahd
scientifically tested by Dr. F. Banks, a grado
ate of the Medical University of Louisiana,'
wh peon we U.Jey toui -aii -dAtuhlaa JieaJ
diamond of very rare purity. Ii is said to-bej
" larger than ihe Crown Diamond of England,)
which is valued at len millions ol dollars.
is is rather tooough a stoiy lo believe With-,
further evidence of its Irulh."
The While Slave of England," isJuL
title of a National Drama ho iw"bing pej-.(. I
formed at the Broadway rTheatre, New,
York, where il has a most. successful rM
It is emohaticallv "an answer to 'Ucfe',
Tutns Cabin," now playing at the.mosf.9
the Theatres In Great Britain. Thc.conii
parison is'dr.awn between the life of the,
W hite Slaves ol Ihe L.ngitsn unuergruuna
Mines and the happy condition of the .
Slaves in the Southern Slates. 7 - ."T .
Col. WuEELER -r-The Washington Cflrl ;
resnonoent 01 tne new im ijiiress
says.CoL Whecler.'of North Carolina will
Uf the CbeinutsireetPe.8bytenan Church.. -II 1 bat lime never once banged the door." be the Mxin Atiuitor 91
' - 3SSSS lVSptures:umler hestr,,ct.onof Dr., Xhl ,;'.. (jl,a are preparing a now (jlled by Mr F.nHI, of Pennsy lyll
a j!J3f0 ef tbe Unitren hUk if marbla for th. ."Washington Naliooal ma, hd iorm-ily by rtcf G. NYhm ,
Sa2i,.- taiK . Thewlarjs belief Is 9LM0.

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