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. ?or. j R0,,... :.f f VOLUME IX-NUM BEH 49. r
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vjiuAriv , iiiu I, . louo,; ; i
Fwi PrterWe Magazine fur April, 1853.
julhor of The Cabin and Parlor?
it the ded of night there was a cry.
f.ri., fire, fire r .
Efcnin a great city, where thousands
athand to lender aid, it is a terrible
altbnt hour. - Bui on a lonely plan
sMon how ineipressihly awful!
Fire, fire, hre l It rang tnrougn me
. t I A .
halls and Wfts ecnoeu irorn jn n.
-jnusrier, in rtnj wancij suo iuiicj
I Sfe 111 I Mlflllll. '
"u ; . . , .
flie mlSirrSS Ol uie iiinusiun. avtoaiog
l . .... UltTHnif from tied. and hurried
, ... in ,ir,.vH ?nziriL' arouna newi -
J1 . " . -U- : friohtfiil raniilii., Tk."..., r.L.t .11
Lu f or a mOmem but wiis cunacmus ; '-j. a nc rarj ui uie nuilU-
I will go, missus," he said, "don't erv
no more." , .
' . looked around, as he spoke, for some
means of dealing the second story. There
waslno Udder and only one staircase, hut
the hough of an ornamental tree, that
overshadowed the house, fortunately held
out a means of access to a bold heart and
a strong. arm. "Not stopping even to hear
his mistress thanks, he clambered up the
tree, ran out on the limb, and dropping on
the roof disappeared within the dwelling.
How breathless were the momenta that
ensued. The flumes were snrmilinv taiih
L , .1 ....... BKuun Vk.
Ml V Ihal Her IlUSOfkllU Yia n"nri. kjiivt
"J . . . . i : I : I. l I . I
I-..I tn inmeiriinir 1 hr fierseu iiv
fgf rrtnnru v' ci -- j
1... f ilia m mil Mhi. rimf kin tt In
1 . , l, . . . I u u 1 . , I .Hitiullnn
W rUCIIH, nil" ...... . - " r
. uc miinrinir. u'llh lerrihed pwt.
if r IWH'i " w r - r -
cuUiioiiM. lo ihe ruddy rrlteclion play
. .,-1 iha Itki'ii in finnl nf I tie tunie
J H(! (ll iiai -
Sudtlenl), to add to the contusion ol the
.L -1 ,K, An, fl.,nF r.n.n
and erowd ol leinale servants rusnea in,
1 ii . . . 1 i:t .
jockmg HariKnieuiy logemer, nne a covey
jareufd by the sportsman, l ney closed
round Mrs. Mewurt s oed, screaming,
: . ...iiifvitifT thip hunnw itriil Ha.
l... nl kl IiIiIa nruki n r f mi nl
BAT 1 11 "r 1 U iivnv j'l vwv- va iiiiiiu
uj brrn lett.
-Oil ! missus, we shill bo nurnrd to
Jflb we shall, all ol us. in nre na
light ihc staircase. The blessed Loid
ibuve ho mercy on us. i nese, ana
1 .: ;ii..-l u u;. 1
Similar rxcmiiini iiiua. iiimu 111c on, auu
fairHCieil her nitenlion.
MeantimB the conflagration became
-L ti .1 .
Ijnfr scriuus rncii niniuin. unu iuni iri'
fied ernuii listened: thv culd have
.l . ..i' . i. a : n . 1 u .. 1 1
fmU llir roar 111 uir iiniurs in nir imii
1 j .l 1.1: .....1 u ..
omsioe. ana ine crncKiiriK miuiiu iiiai nu-
I . I . t . I 4? .L
wuncea ine annroacn 01 uie nre u ine
hkkI work near the staircase, warning
m, ibat. it they would save their lives.
tow iJitiL-iMUi be ui&tanU uui ihey on
huddled the closer together, sobbing.
. 1 . .:
aonnine. emoiacine one anouier iranu
jlir aroncea mnn uii'u mm mcruuiu
mh aeiialed face and dress disordered
IwusHnr aside the terrified maids, he
iisiilv amiroached his misiress.
j 11
Fly." he died, breathlessly', "ihis mo
B'nl. or ou tie too late. And elanc
rniiidly around the room, be snalchec
lie tick cuver Iroin acenlre.ta it le . wiuc h
Sood in (he middle ot the annrtment. eov
d with hooks.' nrettr trines. and How
in vases. This he threw bis misiresn
eicUiiumg, "it will keep the hre from
Midline. Lome."
The siehi t tus face re assured his mis
tress. Juha uhs nlioiil her own a?e. had
l)wWr4nbr.4aibe-,s familv. and had
mays exhibited the most devoied at'ach
mrnt to herse I oersnna v. A hi) VP all
nts on the 11 antalion he whs disiin
euished lor a strict, religious performance
his (fillies for Tnh una eorinistenrf V
fiios. He was also shrewd and read
everv enieruenv nil :M is. ftleW
j 1 - -
ll'lt that he u'oo Id . k v her. even at
peril ot his lite.
una, even while sneakine, had seized
- .
band and iirniruui her lnaid the
Urease. Kilt now viikI nt wind drove
volumesuf thick. black smoke loward
KID. thai she iv un m ImnMi uiiiiiiiMled. and
pnused. unable to proceed. It was
a lime tn heuilale n lnhn snnlrhlllir
In uis arms a rn would a rhild. -and
Wng the cover entireK over her face.
etf ftffn 'ffiPrartvfi Mrileif of IWiroker
. ' r - -
He WAN nut u niimnnf Iniomnn. RarCe-
bsd he renrtieit th hnttoin. billowed
the affriirhied mMid hefnm the DHS-
was closed entirely by a de'lise wall
Itlnr. Neilherhe nor Ihe tenia le. ser-
MS. illHeerl ins ntr nf i rp lv unhurt.
, . . ..... . . ,
the lahle rover effort nail V DroteCted
ubaharl Kirulv hnuever. nlaced his
. . , , ..w ,
resg kalelv on the lawn, before she
"Wed Ul ervmir 'where in 1 her baOV f -
tboh tu ?-, (th I il ia inthfl
sevet" Amivha ornii iii hiivs ruanea
"it.rd the door wnv if she had
been instantly and forciblv detained. "
The Servants Insitrj.n' at ear h Other in
... . -
y. in ihe suddenness with wntcn
COnflnprntinn hull anrenrl and in the
"'it'm.rnt of their mistress' daneer. no-
bad thought of the child. It was an
W,a,Jhav.ahuLlwa vearsold. who
r ith his nurse, or "mamnivin as she
called in the household, in a back
o the upper story. Mrs. Stewart's
thought, on her escape, bad been to
for darliiiir ' and hut lor this the ab.
'Ice nf ll,. kun even
- vihiu llllU .wao jrf. '
er0Verti,.tfl '
be IfrVliriit lira cib v at each
io dismay. The hall of the hause
IK)W all in a flame iha hre OOUriniT
... - - I w
thmiloh I Via H.rmiu am from the
"'b of a fn ruiaa fiftlltat in j raS0 hv that
ws impossible. Most of the second
was also burning, and the entire
noor. for th
1 11 tr huna n n amnL. . . L. : . I . ., r
i" wimjr, snowing mat me tire
within had reached the roof, and soon af
ter the whole line of them flashed into
conflagration. Meantime the lurid ele
ment poured out from the windows, ran
upward licking the combustible front, and
streamed in a waving, dazzling pyramid,
high over the top of the mansion, far in
to the blue firmament. Millions of sparks,
accompanied by volumes of rolling smoke,
sailed down the sky before the breeze,
completely obscuring the heavens at in
tervals, though accasionally this thick
canopy partially blowing aside, the clam
moon was seen peacefully shining down
through the rent, in strange contrast to
the otherwise terrific scene. The roar of
the conflagration had now become intense
ly loud: and, to add to the horror, there
began lo be heard the awful sound of tim
bers falling within the house.
Mrs. Stewart had watched the fire in
silence, her hands clasped, and lips part
ed, ever since Juba had disappeared with
in the house. Each moment appeared
an age lo her. At last the suspense, thus
lengthening out interminably, as it seem
ed, became intolerable.
"Oh ! it is vain.' she cried, making a
new effort to rush into the flames, "he
cannot find my boy. Let me go myself.
For the love ol God-"
But at that instant, through the smoke
that almost hid the only window that was
I not already on fire, appeared the faithful
Jurm, holding -aloft the infant. The flames
were all around, and to - moment more
would overtake him. He made a rapid
gesture tor some one to approach.
Four of the male, comprehending 'his,
wish, snatched a blanket, and rushed
promptly forward. The heat was intole
rnhle. but thei disregarded it, and stand
ing beneath the window.-with the blan"
ke( outstretched, ihey shouted to Juha to
throw the child toward them. . He had,
FowelrerVnYicipated''tnern. The infant
fell while they were speaking, was caught
safely in the blanket, and Was hurried
he bad fought the ' good fight," that the
goal Was won." God gave him strength
to forget the agony of his crisped and man
gled body, and to remember only that be
was going to bliss everlasting.
Thus, over the renewed sobbing of the
spectators, over the wild shriek of his mis
tress as she rushed toward him. over the
roar and cracking ol the conflagration,
there rose, like a trumpet, ihe incessant
cry, "Hallelujah! Halleluiah I Hallelu
jah I" -
One would not have thought that it was
poor, maimed, bleeding, dytngsufferer
that spoke, but the happiest and proudest
of men.
They reached him, stooped over him,
would have raised him. But at that mo
ment, he looked up at bis mistress, a trl
umphant smile breaking over his face,
and then fell lifeless hack, a "Hallelujah"
still trembling on his tongue.
And so he died. His grave has a mar-
ble tablet, with the words " Faithful unto
death." What nobler motto-could there
A fact
"Kiss me, Mamma, do kiss me, k can't.
go to sleep." J
The child was so sensitive, like that lit
tle shrinking plant, that curls at a breath,
and shuts its heart from the light !
The only beauties she possessed, wer
an'xceedingly transparent skin, and the
most mournful large black eyes.
I had been trailed by a very stern.
strict, conscientious mother, but I was a
hardy plant rebounding after every shock ;
misfortune could not daunt though disci
pline tamed me. I fancied, alas; that I
must go through the same routine .wmH
this delicate creature : so one day when
she had displeased me exceedingly, by re
peating an offence, I was determined to
punish her severely. I was very serious
all day. and upon sending her to her little
couch, I said : i - ------
- Now, my daugh ter, to punish you. and
show you how very, uery naughty you
have been, I shall not kiss you to night."
.She stood looking at me. astonihment
personified, with her great moornlul eyes
wide open ; I suppose she had forgotten
he.r misicouduct till then and. I left her
with big tears dropping down her cheeks,
nnd her little red lips quivering.
Presently pwas sent tor ; "Ob ! mamma
you wilt kis me. I can I go to sleep if you
don't." she sotibcd. every lone of her voice
trembling, and she held out her little
Now came the struggle between love
The lVeLWr nnd an Interesting letier is
tba Rutbcrlordion Banaer ol a late date, frum
one of the extreme Weatern ; counties of our
State, and lake an extract.
The Railroad question is the binge
on whirb. here, in Iha Wi, ibe lie 11 Guberna
torial election will turn. The candidate lo ex.
peel surce.f, must ba derided Internal Im
provement man. None other need apply.
The campaign beiwiit Clingnian and Gai
lb?r ii eipeciei lft rummrncfaciitelyal
Waynetvilla, am much mutaken, or inert
has been a considerable change of seniimeni,
west of tba Kid against Cliniiman. The
curren tof public opinion now set againsl him.
lie may turn it imo bis favor. lie and tbey
will bava to exert themselves to insure suc
cess. It is reported here that Stokes, of Wilkes, is
or will he a candidate. If he and Clingman
both run, Guither w II he alerted, unless Fgg
or soino hi id y ol like stamp, politically, i in ibe
held. There are many Wiikes people here
who would vole lor Stokes. Besides, ike vol
unirers in the late Mexican war. throughout
Ibe entire district, would almost unanimously
support him. Tb- polnual ele menu are some .
wbal confused now, hut the firsi Thursday in
August will reduce the rhaos lo oider.
Cheiokee isricb in mineral Iron, Coer,
. Gold and Marble. Silver mines are believed
loeiist. One was sold in Tennessee, near
the line, for $50,000, a nhort lime since. This
would be a desirahle rimntry to re.ide in were
it not so' much eiposea, from its geographical
pomiinii, to the incursion of depredators from
the adjoining Stales of Tennessee and Georgia,
and were ft not lor the Mexican like population
prevalent in parts of it, arining from Ihe inter
marriages of the Whites wiih the Indians, .ll
was a great error lo permit any of the abori
ginrs lo remain here. Il was a had poliry tor
all classes, aud will require an age to do awat
the evil thereby engendered. The surface of
tba country is not so much broken as in some
other counties in lb Western end ot the Si ate.
-The eminences surrounding Murphy diminish
lo mere mole hills in rnmparinon with the
mountains in Haywood, Marmi. and Buncombe.
iVor f Carolina Bonds..' The bids for ibe
North Carolina sis per ent loan for 9500,000,
were opened at the Bank of ibe Republic, N.
Y., oil Thursday last. The entire amount was
warded lo Messrs. Camman dt Co. The pre
mium obtained was $3 02. There were a
number of bida exceeding ibis amount ; but ibe
bid ol Messrs. Camman dt Co. covering tbe
whole loan, and being abova iha average,-en-
lit led ibem lu J he a ward. - Tba a mount hid lor
exceeds $2,000,000. Tbe following is a list
of the bidders ;
R. S. Youns;, Concord, N. C.
P. Kind, Raleigh, do.
W. W. Holden, do do.
Chas. Manly, do do.
Kobi. C. Lindsay., Guilford, N. C.
Ditlo do.
Alf. M. Burton, BeatiVs Ford, N C.
immediately to Mrs. Stewart, who clasp
ed it to her bosom w iib frantic delight.
The, whole was ibe work of less time than I and wbal I falsely termed duty; My heart
' J . ...... i , . . . -. .
we have taken to describe it. , ' said, give her the kiss ol ; peace ; my stern
But simultaneously a terrific crash j nature urged me to persist in my correc
was "heard, ihat nade the ery earth j lion, that 1 might impress the fault upon
tremble beneath the spectators ; a huge ber mind. That was the way I had bean
cotmnn of arnoke febot up toward the sky, grained nil 1 was a most submissive child.
from where the roof bad been ; and, as ll , and 1 remembered howolten I had thank
propelled from a force pumh. a' gush of led, mother since, for her straigh forward
intense flame followed, leaping far up in- j course.. I knelt by the bedside ; "Mutber
to the highest heaven. I Clin 1 kiss you. Ellen, 1 whispered, though
Tbe crowd, one all, gasped for breath. : every word choked me ; her hand touch-
Then came a deep, long drawn sigti. For f ed mine, it was very hoi. but I attributed
the roof and floors had eridenily fallen j it to her excitement. She turned her lit
I .1 i- 1 . I V.. I ..I I ... -..
in : anu ine lauuiui juua, aias: was uu
where to be seen.
A doeen persons rushed toward the
White Hair Dye Wanted at Washing
ton. -The old fogies are in the ascendent
at Washington, While beards and bald
heads have it all their own way. A full
head ol -hair Idack. -brown- or -red is
said to b- considered prima facie evidence
of the incapacity of the person for a fat
office. He is too' young. Therefore, the
candidates ol Young America are very
desirous of obtaining a white hair dye,
which will change, over night, the most
raven black locks to a bile as white as
the driven snow ; or
" Leav no hair on the lop of (he head,
Tin,' pljice where the hair ought to grow."
Powder and pomatum won't do for ap
proaching hot weather. Young America
wan's a whiff hair dye. Apply at all the
hotels at Washington. iV. Y. Herald.
Jus. L. Bryan, Windsor,
Ditto do
Ditto do
Dillo do
Ditto do
Ditto do
E 11. Knox, Hillsborough, Jo
John C. Salem,
N KndaM, Fuirville,
Thou. D. llogg,
Ii. Miller, ISulmbury,
Geo. Lillle, Kaleiijh,
L. Thompson, Hotel, Bertie Co. do.
Peter W. Ila'riton, Sali-m, do.
Henry Curium, New York,
R. . Mcintosh, .do.
Ditto do.
John Turns, Norfolk, Vs.,
Ditto do do
Ditto do do.
Ditto do do.
A (.'. Finley, Petersburg, Va.
John B. Uliver, do do.
W. S. Owen, Black Walnut, Va.
Caiiunau & Co., New York,
Drcoppet &. Co
do. .
do. .
Per ct.
$5,000 2
10.000 1
3,000 4 50
1,000 av.
5,000 1 05
3,1100 1 55
5,000 2 31
1,000 4 04
1,000 4 53
1,000 5 Oil
1,000 5 61
1,000 5 82
20,000 par.
4.000 .1 t0
5,000 5 50
11,000 1
2,000 10
12,000 6 10
2,000 2
1,000 4 50
3,000 5
8,000 5
5,000 par.
75,000 3
25,000 3 50
5,000 i
5,000 1
5,000 1
2,000 5
5,000 2
10,000 4 90
500,0110 5 0-J
75,000 4 02
100 000 5 03
100,1X10 5 53
100,000 6 02
10,000 3 50
lO.tiOO 4 26'
10,000 4 52
i itr.
SeluVn, Withers &. C. Waah'ton, D. C. 500,000 4
A. M. Burton, Beanie's FordrN. C.
T. P Wenterly, Nashville, do.
L. Ould, Baltimore, M. D.,
Ditto ' do do.
Ditto - do do.
J. If. Lindsay, Urermborough, N. C,
Ditto do do.
Ditto do do.
Win Colgate, New York,
Riuh'd B Trrliell, Noiraway, Vs.,
John V. Wilcoi, Petersburg, do.
Ditto do do.
Ditto . do do.
W. L. Sieelelungliam, N . C; , ; .
Dtrto do . do.
Thos. D. C. Hsrns, Washington, D. C.
J. . Lash, Salem, N. C.
Improvement. There can be no belter sign
of the condition of a 'town' than is affitded tiy
the aiipearance ol its hinldiiitf . ll ihey are
i vacant, or old. and dilapidated,- and insecure, h
is cerlaio thai ihe lown cannot be in a pros,
j perous tondilton tit Ihoh t ho stale ot things
j here until lately. It is now the lashiim lo hruith
' up, lo repair, or lo rebuild ; and, inttleacj of low
j rents and numerous varanl homes, every house
i is occupied, rents are on Ibe advance, proper
' ly will sell, and sell at good prices.' We are
-reminded ol all tbi(. by noiieing the rommenre,
nieni of the process of deinoliiton nf some half
a dozen slnall wooden tenements - otr ihe cor
ner of Market Square and Gillespie street, for
ibe purpose of putting up in iheir places sub.
siantial brick fire proof stores. They will
tie grieving face to the wall; I blamed
myself as the fragile form shook with half
suppressed sons, and saying "Mother hopes
hnilHini. and until driven back bv tbe -j Ellen will learn to mind her after this."
,rl.HUU ftrJmtitetMmgbU. . 1 extend about 50 feel on Market. Square and
.'- MwimmTtt:A h..d.r,. It mtaht kV hn Wirii.erpew
to find him there. They had flattered I was awakened by my nurse ; appreh
. . i , . J. . .- i i . ,L . i . ' . . Crow. A. W. Steel, and G. Demmg. b-q.. who
themselves thai there had been lime e- stve. I ran eagerly to the child a chamber ; ; ... .:., : ,1V
i nau nau a leanui oream.
Ellen did not know me. ; she was sit
ting up, crimsoned from the forehead to
Ditto -Ditto
Aug. Belmont, New York,
W. W Uoiham. F.xr
Jtobl. B. Boleu, I'etrreiburg. Vs.
Diiio do do
Ditto do do
Dart d Ho dsnn; Ch u'r'cH vtttrrM d "
Cliss Glover, Newbern, N. C.
John Beard, Compt. Tallahassee, Fla,
Ainiii Wayde, Newbern, N. C
R. Kiiifisbury, Oifurd, N. C.
4,0110 2
10,000 3
3,000 4
3,1100 5 09
10,000 4
5,000 4 50
5,000 o
15.H0O 4
3.0H0 2
30.000 3 11
20,000 5 01
10,0110 0 27
3,000 2 50
2,000 1 50
, 1 ,000 1
30.IMI0 ,
25.000 I
20.000 2
15,i00 2 15
10.000 3 01
8.0H0 3 38
6,000 3 75
5,000 3 01
12,000 3 26
lO.iiOO 4 ;2j
20,01 10 3 II
i 5,0011 4 11
10,000 5 21
5,fltt0 -5 00"
, 5,000 2 25
21,000 5 10.
' 7,0tiii' 238
10,(100 3 25
lor Some .lime f.vcMin; bete. 111 serui Dies ol
lliis kind. They (mil, in botiild of the .Siulrs
uniled and of the individual Slates, eviJences
of deM as promptly honored in the way of in. -leresti
a those in any Either quartrr if :lhe
world ; but, above all, ihey realize, when tbey
TiBreattri? Ktiltjt iir.hafelff 'w-bfelrJinrJitlSiT--Ibe
fullest conCiIence abd is sure io command .
the best premiums. ' -. ------
Gieat credit is due to )he Public Treasurer,,
Mr. Courts, for the atieniloa and labor he has
bestowed upon ibis department of vhia duties.'
He bas spared neither pains nor expense" in
laying before American and Eurnpeatl f apftal. V
its the nature and value oHhe Slate's rasour.'
res, and of ihe advantages offered in these
bonds. His fiairiotic eflorta bava been thus'
far rrowned w ith most fortunate results. WeJ
feel satisfied thai, if tK
Couponed, and if I
olher maiket hut-ii
would not have c
per cent. iti
I 1
V 1
nnd had not been
en offered in no
own Slate. ihey..
ore than three
TiUrty ecoHd CV
Patted during the Second Sii qftlti
Pcblic cr No. 84.
ACT tn Mtipplr sVfic1enHf in the aipmprlatlnn for the nr-
Tlff of tin- ft-wnl year enillri(r the thirtieth of June, one tnoo
iiuid t-iglil UumtreU ajil lifty tht tje.
fl it finartrvf hu th SetutU itrvi oust of R?nrMMUtti99 of
th Cttitt Stittn of Amriva in 1 'onQres atmettUd Thai lb
following- nm Im kiki thry are hereby, atnnnmriated to supply
dfnritnrlrfi In the Hppmpriationt (or the service uf the IWil y ear
eti'luifi tli- (liirtleth or June, eighteen hut Hired mna nity-tnre,
out of any money to the Treaaury nut utherwiae appruprmted,
namely :
For mum" ligation of the Vice Prni.lent of the United State.
one thti;in'l nix huudred and, thirty-eight dothtra uid eighty
ty nine rent ;
r-r nut nt or a crutrre d'anairei wienmara, louriuuuaAuanTe
tiutilrt-i1 liollarn ;
Vr ;tjiry to the CommlMloner at Samlwirh IeUnds, from the
eventh nfjune, eiiihteen hundred ami fifty, to July 6rat, eiKhtaen
huuilre'l )in I tlliv-twu, an-tto mnlte the same rqual ine miw now
prnritleil hy law, four thousand four hundred and fourteea mm-
lari ;
Kr enntfnirent exnenaen of the offlce of the Treasurer or tk
L'tiiifii rutf, one 4houfuind dollar ;
Vtrr rmlaricti and rommt mm ttl regUtera of laud omae and
receiver of public money, eirfit thouaand dolhtra
f or exiwiiaex of d-iHsitinT public moneys, by receiver oi pub
lic nwineya, two thousand and fifty dolhtra;
for ineiilent il esp'riiTa of the aereral land onloea, tnree uiou-
aarHl eiifht hiiintred d .Ham :
Kor the cxtenm erf the Cnlted States CaplM. ftrnr hundred
thousiand ilollarti : YrvW. That no much f farmer approprl-
atjoiiH for the extenxhm of the Capitol aa reuuiiua unexpended,
and the appropriation now made, or which may hereafter be
made for that object, Khali Itr ijislmrrteU under aucii refuiauona aa
the Prexideni of the I'liiicd rtau'a may preacrihe; the aooounta
for auch (ihtuneiiieiit to audited and paid at tlie treasury in
the amine nmtiner Hi the acroutiU of other iivil officers charged
with tbe '
hougb for him to leap
But it wh now pfjun ibis bad not been
th case, lie most prolmbly fell the floor
giving way, bftor he threw (be child. ! the throat, her pyrs so bright (tint 1 almost
anfiifsoihis explained the cause of his ' drew bnck aghast at their glanced. From
bateTbryjd.lhis iosacother, as -that night a raging fever drank up her
Ihev fell back. "lr nnu wniti iuiiik you was ine tnces-
are not on l consult inu
this step, hut improving the appearance ol the
town, and adding to its security from fire. We
shall be glad to see iheir example lol lowed by
others. ray. Observer.
The London Times, in viewing some of ihe
evidence as the pvlem irati e -al-iltk .
But there was little time for words sunt plaint, poured -inlo my anguished j "c"ugJ' " : " '
. , . , , , i i u . i i .iii- nau rereiveu mi onier 101 auu ouimiiik
Scarce hd lbixbouebt..been. exclm kiss me,. ... . . , .. . . ' ..f
ed, before ihere was another crash, and, Ican't go to sleep. You'll kiss youHitt le; ucliw . tba Utl fiahli(,, ,Ja Mli cb.
iien. momer. won t you t i can go o woud ,,e w(errfd. A, lba . Craven lleif-
..I . I . ' . L. I-. . . It ...... II l . . . .
sierp, i wuu i ub iinugui 11 jrou n uoijr
nednut nr it,. .r,r,rlu
tit lrfera ... - . . .. . t. U A ..t tm m t n . I
.1 . 3f V'V fcLl. II' . WW ------
niaKe the attempt. . 1 tie signi pi
- : S - v Ullll l illi wnv. - -
with a momentary wavering motion, al
most the entire building fell in, so that
what had been a stately mansion an hour
before, was now only a shapeless pile of
blazing timbers.
Tbe shouts, the exclamations, the sob
bing which had filled tbe air, but an in
stant before, ceased again at this appaling
spectacle. Neighbor looked at neighbor,
a wild, spectral look to each inquiring
face. . Then a simultaneous cry rose Irom
the crowd, that Juba and -the old "nurse
were buried in the ruins.
" But suddenly, from out the flames and
Srpokein ihe direction where tbejjeaer.
ous slave bad last been seen, what seem
ed a human figure began to emerge, craw
ting painfully on hands and knees. A hu
man figure, yet crushed almost out of the
Shape of humanity, but still with life in it.
for it moved.
- And hark t a voice. A full, deep voice.
coming from that mangled Douy. ; on
did it say T '
Vm uinrilnr nnin. reader: but woras
Xiv . , -
e confligrHtibrKhad bro
QUI there nrioin.ll, Tn reach the
'"frient Urkira iki. tin,,. nrnrmKlv'niir. I
led hv t.eene iti--k -irw -hiiA-J r iu words that voa and I rnay.Dtera
j - w , . v. f i j aula n ii ii - . v. i - - , - . -
bod ll we can snj,.riij"'8'
-They were words nuch as marty" Used
jeluinfe I linlleluj I" Nothing more.
. .V'- - . .. ... ' . . ' ,t I ' u..
A . .... u rnsmter CUI1Q. - VO : -, or
kiss me. dear mama; I caA't go to sleep,
Holy little angel I She did go to sleep
one grey morning, and she never awoke
never. Her hand was locked in mine,
and all my veins grew icy with itsgradu
al cbilU family the light faded out her
beautiful eyes, whiter and whiter grew
Ihei r trematofltriipsobe-paver- knew me
but with her last breath she whispered, "I
will be good, mother, if you kiss me."
Kiss her !" God knows how passionate
ly. but unavailingly were my kisses upon
ber cheek and lip. after that fatal night.
God knows how wild were my prayers
that she might know, if but only once,
that I kissed her. God knows how I
would have yielded up my very life, could
I have asked forgiveness of that sweet
child. Well, grief is all unavailing now.
She lies in her little tomb, there is a marble-urn
at her bend, and a rosebush at
ber It i-lhere-jiaveti lbgntlejfrass ;
. . - , i ,
er, on the nomination nay, ana nr some uay
before, 2000 men ale and drank as much aiid
as last as ihe landlord "could ufudy -lben.
They were introduced in parlies, with orders
from known irieuds of the cause which cause
or what cause il matters nol lo inquire. About
100 of them bad bludgeons.'"
JH.A ..poetic jn ce. sent
the following to Sally Aoo
' Soft is the down of the butterfly's wing.
Soft is the whisper when lovers sjwult,"
Soft is the li(fht the moonhiims fling,
. But aofter by far is my lady love's cheek.
- Soft am Utera all smashed up,
And mush are soft as soft kin be ;
But softer be's lhal silly pop,
Vol writ that varae to ms !
Go it, Sarah ! aever muid your bonnet !'
Emancipation of the Jews.W e.nrn
bv the last arrival from England that the
there birds sing iheir matins and vespers, TTiiir w
a " . a -aj L. .. M;M-.tsf set 1 Ira I
there the blue sky smiles down to day,
House of Commons bv a majority of 51 in
a vote 475. It is reported that the Lords
in the Upper House would succumb to
Ihp measure! provided the majority in the
4ttoaji,lbeyoice,pfihla.8tricker moth- Uommons was over w. it such r
and there lies buried the freshness of my
Parents, ycia should have beard 'tbe
d.oto,uoo, .. ,
Tbi ia a gratifying result, ll show that
the credit ( Nuril, (Carolina is good. The a
inount of prejitliim is $'2.r),100.
Whilsi such is the Vredil ol North Carolina,
we learn from ibe Norfolk Beacon thai thai of
Virginia is below par. Her 6 percent, bond
which lately sold at 8108. aia jww selling at
98 J. - This is owing to ihe vast appropjiaiiou
nl ihe; present Legislature for rail roads, &-.
There m brticBi- thine a-h4Hti - .
inlernartmprvewenttr.- T'ha debt iri ' VfTwi
. - - I '. ' tv Rprnmt Cnnirri.u fnnrt.i.ri fhnnltnnil tire himilmt M' thlrUr.;
is already 810.042,184, besides about $4 000.
000 of guarantees of rail road coinpauiL'a's
bonds. Fail. Observer. April 4.
We learn lhal five hundred thousand dollars
of the bonds of the State of North Carolina, ad
vertised by ihe Public Treasuier, have been
sold for a premium of iiyer" five per ceh'tr The
bids were opened in New Yoik Cily on Tbuis
day Jaal, Mr, Courts being present. The whole
a mouni reahsad. ia Jventyjive inoana one
hundred dollars.
These bonds are couponed, are lo run thirty
years, and are specially eiempted from laxa-
We learn (haf a good portion of these bonds
were taken by English capitalists.
This is, under the circumstances, a most
gratifying sale. The State bad just entered
the loreign market, and the lime which North
ern and European capitalists could have for
wktng"rnto her -feaorceand-.-ineanavof pay
meni. waa necessarifr Mrmied.i -Gergia-rwtib
an etiensive system otpoying internal improve
merits, and wilb a loreign credit well esiah
li.hed, has ihoa far realized but five per ceni
upon her bonds, the last sale of which was ef:
fecled. we believe, by Gov. Cobb, in New
York, about iwelve months since, at the above
figure. Norlb Carolina has thus, at one step,
placed her credit upon a level with that of the
most wealthy and tavored Stalet. Her varied
resources, her system ol internal improve mems,
her common schools, and her lofty integrity of
character, and that infleiihle fidelity to engage
menia which seems to constitute a pari of ihe
es.iaience pj ber people. fumih guarantees
bich no one can doubt lhal ber credit will he
. " t ... . '...,'. ii
sustained, and luily sustained, unoer an cir
cumstancea and in every emergency.
There are stilt 4- ba sold one- ouluonJuye
hundred thousand llollara of ber,bot)d., neces-
sarv'to complete the North Carolina; Kail way;
jj. -tYla"miTirt''prbileie" the .preseiitjiifoXjti,
iad-rmiClifrniji and Australia sbotild.conti
nw,aau iraO'Uiiiawawtetswoirtiii
ie itlrtliunWHKtil of public nioiifjf. jSui id dUburwiif
lull reiwrt tn iU I'r.-.i.lfiii liis ylirMttM-uU and pne'
oeedinRn, in liuie lo premtel Ui Ciii1 lh commence
ment (it each annual resMiuu and at any oxuer time wtisn requir
ed : i
for th rnmnUtion of the rrnaira nf the ConarewlonaJ Library
rnom, authurized by the act approved March uineternlh, eightaaa
hundred Hint Bfty-lirii, twenty thuunaud flvo hundred dollara ;
rnr comiM-nnuti'iu of three men, ut one dollar per uayeacn, ior
one year, lo ttnUh and keep iu order Ijtfayette Square, one thou-
nd and;Qiuey-nye dol! ', .
tut closiiiii Uiiareite oure with an iron fence, five thoutand
one hundreil doll-trs :
For coinnli-line Ihe work nf Ihe seventh rrnu. and to prepare
the name for puWicMlijm, twenty five Ihounaud dollaaa;
- For mnnneryrtirtrirtn-frrjliinlf fbntw and regulation, furutlurs,
bimlinfr okfl, and miiM-ellaneouti itemfl in the ottice of the Com
misiioer .4 Pen-iim, ten th'ra3aTld-dnrlara ; ' -
it ciiKmrins T".r nriy ui.- thnoantnl-are nrrreirea ana iwe.j
copieii of Ihe part of the latent OlfiVe R e)rt for elgD-
Jaca Ituudredaua tWy4niatrortt3M-tl-vBBiiriiii anaaiipia.
five dollars;
To imv fur tin- CouirrcKii iim I riloliennil Appelulii, and Hie An
nul of f'onre, orderel for ihe use of the Library of the lluuia
of Hepn-.eiit ;.tiv...., under III- ri-. liillon of Hie llouae qt Septem
ber tuenly-. iKlit, eijfliteeli Imudied and fifty, four thouaaud ttvs
hundred ilollnr. ;
To enable the Clerk of the lloiweof lteprewntativef to furnish,
pay for, ami . livir ihe Maine li.."k to lire new member of tba
present tVnirre, a fier re-olntioli of said HiKie, paaavil twenty. :
xixlli July, eighleeii hundred and fifty-two, four thousand five
hundred Tloll iri, ; . ..
For-ceirrirvTeVw1i, iMtwrisirftabeatpq4nWa4.i by Die l'.liiuKter lo uei -al, uoJer the thirteenth sectioa
of the ai-t i.r thirty fli-,1 Aiix'i"!. eiflip.-n hundred and Sfty-lwo,
foui UnKrwml Bvf hundred and fuur ilolliirn and ninety cents;
Kor r..iii.i n-;iti hi to an assist. int ii;iy watchman of the Gener
al Pon oihVe, from the lifti of ,x, ptetul.. r, eii;hteeii hundred
and liflj -lwo, until the thirti. til of .tune, elt-'hteen hundred and
fifty-three, foHi: hundred and -evenly live d.illari ; . .
For payim nl of the am nut due W illiam William-., nnder the
ixteelith article of the Cherokee treaty of eighteen hundred and
thirty live and six, bein'H the balance of an award of four hun
dred and five dollars by the commissioner!", under aald treaty,
two hundred and ufty-Ove dollars of which wan paid out of the
appropriation te for'earryinK TiiTo V-tTciT Tile tTrerotcee-treaty ot
eighteen hundred and thirty-lire and six," one hundred and fifty
To pay Gregory Funis, executor of 'Philip Eiitrt, dceaard,tar- -lanee
din- i,,,.,n a contract for ullltu! up the low (tnaind south of
the-eVeaMenrV lfo'(s,;v..a'Uli;!i;j-d l'y.;t v( Ijtch.third,cfgtitee
iiundre.t and fcirly -nine, the sum ol four hundred and seventy
four dollars aud tifly-four cents ;
For expense of the Uoard uf Visitors at tlie JltlitarjTAeadetnjj
fl V e 1 1 u'ii i Tr m t aiel fift y -seven doITurs and elxhty three eenta; -
For extienses which m.iy lie incurred in ackiiowledginit the l
Vices ir tile masters ahil crews ot IorelL'tl ve-sei.
meriran cilixerm and American veaaelft fi-ain nhip
and diillarn: ViW.. ', That Ih- niony sli ill !
the direction of the President of tlie t'lilted ft
For the ciiiiiH-nsation of S. nalors for they
June, eiulileeu liuuuU'ed and fifty -three, in
atloii-s hi l etefore made and including that n
CommenciiiK fourth nf March, elyhteeti huin
tweniy-tlve tliuusuud doilarn:
For-eoHliiiit expeuej, uf Uie rVliate, via,:
ror liiti'liui;. twenty Ibousaud d .liars:
For litlcsranliina aud luri'ssviriir. twenty tli
For books, two thousand throe hundred dollars
For CongrcsHoual lib. be, and bui'tiiiK the name
eight hundred and forty-three dollar:
rnr meHitciiuTrs, pages, Limners-ifr'bce, norseB,
ten thousiwid dollars :
Fur clf.rls of Presiilerit of the Seriate and eontrmttel
Bjent.Aretneji in erypt, aird other rafecetlaneotK itei
nnraieimi (rrr mitwreir iiortrtrs--
t, twooioa-
M a-nuea unaer
1 1
f ig thtrtleta
B So approprt-
I a-ci.-n aeMtofi
SJ m niij-oirew,
I lonara:
m aa .. J-
a s
tX thlrtwsatrf
ImmI UhreAruers.Xbev
lEe IigM tfwJktmi Jbe ea-rtjh Z , ;;:::t MtlMieooKs,orureajur
ty second Conifreas, fourteen thousand tire- hundred and thirty-
three ibrftfirs ;
For the pi inling of the House of Representative for the first
anuittn of the Thtcty-aeciuid OoiuireM. twenty -ttva thouaand live .
hundred and seventy dollars; ,
For theprlmlha or the Peiiatc for the tecond sissslon of the
tliiity-second Congress, thirty '-seven thousand four hundred and
sixty-three! dollars ;
For the printing of Ihe House of Representatives for rhe second
session of the Thirty-si-cond Congress, fifty-six thousand one ban
died and ninety-four dollars; Ihe same h.ivlnftjxsin executed and
to be executed Tiy the public printer unler the provision of the
act enliiled " An a to provide for executing the public printing
aud wUiisliitu; the prices theruofjind for other purposeSj" ap
proved August twenty-six, eighteen hiitiirfeiran9flay-'rii. "
For contingent expenses of House of Representative, Til :
For newspapers ffir members, five thousand dollars;
For horses and carrlijfes, one thousand one hundred dollar;
" Tor eterlf.s,-meenger, pages, arid laborers; ten thousand five
hundred dollars;
rorclerltsonrnafw r'Wthe iiae ortue Uunuulttee on l-uuiic unin,
even thousand live hundreil dollars;
For holding documents for memb'rs, four thousand dollar;
Fur clerks on index of private claims, twenty-eight thousand
nine hundreil and twelve dollars and fifty cents ;
For miscellaneous items, twenty-four thousand nine hundred
and fifty-one dollars ;
:- For paper uaed aiul lo be used tot, printing jfqr. the Senate for .
the first session of the Tliirty-second Congress, thirteen thousand
two hundred aud thirty. -four "duUars and forty cents ;
For paper used and to be used for printing for the House of
Representatives for the first session of the f hlrty-seennd Con
gress, sixteen thousand four hundred and eleven dollars-ami fifty
Fur paper (or the printing nf the two houses of Congress for
the secoiicl sesslofTuf the Thlrtv-second Congress, being for that
fiscal mr endinir the thirtieth' of June, eighteen hundred and
- Riro-mpensaliiiB U lhiuperiiiU ndeiituf Puhlie Priming, anil
the two clerks and messenger in his office., four ChiMrsaiid Inpas
hiiiolrl nnd seventv-six dollars and thirty-three cent;
For blank books, advertising f.if proposals for Jiajier, poUge,
etc., one thousandfrve hrmdreit and fifty dollars;
To enable the Clerk of the House of Representative to eomply
with tlie resolution of tlie llmisc of Representatives naaaed on the
twenty -second of leeemh.r, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two,
to par John S. Littell per diem and mileage white ml--t'uig
the seat "of John Kobliim, Jr., during tbe Ihirty-Umt Ooav
gress, two thousand thrW hulred and seTenty-si dollara;
nay Ih-ndrirk D. Wei girt tier mwi and mtleinre while eonteMlaf
the seat of Henry M. Puller during th Tblrty-nd Uoagreas
one thousiind nine hundred and thirty-nine dollars and twenty,
cents ; tn pay John Taliaferro per diem and mHeage while coote.
ting the seat of John P. Hungerford during Uie Tweflh Congress
two hundred and twentT-tvo dollars:
For salary f an assistant dragoman and secretary to the legs- '
tlon lo Turkey, fifteen hundred dollars : 'eowVleit, Tbal aald af
fice be discontinued on ami after the thirtieth, day June, seal
thousand eight baiidrcd and flr.ty-lhree ;
For clerk hire at the legation if tlie Uniled State at LoadoQ
-for one year, eight hundred dollars ; - :b -
Jnr relief of such of the Cuban prisoner not eititens of Uie 17.
State 'ai i sjerc' pafdonrrl'oy fb Queen "of Pui1ii, slid sent out of
her dominions by the United Mates minister at Madrid and th
American onnsuiat f)lbraltr,eTeil hundred aud thirteen dollars
and thirty-four cents; , . ' . ' -
Fir extra clerk hire arid copying in the Department Stale,
twu'ibouaand dtdlars ; - - ' , . . . . ,
For clerk hire, office rent, fuel, light, and stationery for the . "
unerliitendefit of Indian Affairs in Oregon, two thousand (war
hundnisl dollirs ; - - . - r
Pne trravelllnv 9 iHiines-ofr' aweieelHtewilettl.of -ladiaB.Anjlea.,,.
iiitaistrasjajai'aial asuaia WmGtoZIWWfiftiMi iffou '.' -
for general incvieniai exjio-w. .it. iiik. iiniiia hiinxisiiii
Terrl'toTj of tuih. Ielve Ib-MKiinddiiliarai- . ..'.. i,;.' 'V
rwsr pirjrinptir ppwvn&vi j n r;isjia9ntr tsr prosmnma,
foiilc lor a sttH tmttar prtnwinv-an ine .nexf ftw
tnte of eiBiTi'f' aia" laviatCr liSiibt HmJrJ and '
lltiyon, sixtjr tboubaud dolftoi : Vorfcrtt That tbe aarabt) "T
bet bit tjiia salil w iiaieVtrlbea-' l6i&tU staajajBlaia3S!5:
-aj- s. is. vVc a- jrV-utti
-r i.!tiiri'.
IlitM'I!!!!. ,i,,iaiawiasispsis

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