North Carolina Newspapers

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' Jj j,bfgini"8 " "inile lo fling
.wman refreshed wrm wootenw 01 winr
i ho lh lark " lh" b S
s . i it onlr he"i in ,he "' of Ma.
ih imk,,,8 b'llg h,'r,, fi"r
? ' ' ,,r sammtt of iftouptMiii, are (iria
', .1 -..-.tuna hrerxt-. nf Mir.
i u are warMiiw in accenia around.
it CKt luf ""'Id. ' daah"in thr.r upray,
L' (hf moniiora iliat nw ire nature-svrrt aounda,
fill! ir givcnjlnn lo the awrei day 6f May. (
.L.jttpcW fiBit:ait thai majearic move on;
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fVfiy 1101 1 solum"", wi ni-r .winner u.j. Ul .viar.
: i l.. ..iriiioil in ila Inntr wanton hnm.
EljnaBir... .-,
Jsj ,1,, winds hnve a summons no longer lo atay,,
j,y s,,,luu.djriaiiiiiA uiiwarcLla luum,,. . .i
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jj irulll n "fi r rri iriii u ..ley.
J. J. BilUElt,
Editor ty- Proprietor.
- - - Rbleas". "
Lwirmunng of vvairrs and the humming beee.
I lij orrluuirs Ml ll"r.l? ewru uiuiir way, ..
I . .-. -..n.,,,.,! 7j nh vrt lb. I nl.v ihpn il... imai
Unit lund rinuijuna oi uie luveu aaya oi May.
i'9 Pr4i9r ye 'y'van band,
r . . . I:
fttKff ill purrsl In awrrtral dnya of May.
hoiMi Cw.i.BfiE, April -I, I8j"3.
Itculnt lo Gov. Graham. We r criovrd
if i;ciu'm( bff iifd lo (.. Gra-
og 'hiir(ta laai, while fluniMig lium
ifih. Iiv whirli lie wn eriouilv injured.
ll8i icm or eijjhl mile eal uftbia, hp go!
el bit I'ugit.V ,(' airxi'd" ni pari of ih
ettu, thru lii- home iimk Irighl and ran i.fT,
iting him down and drnwiii); I he wheel of
fanner hiHii Fiinunately ihia occur"
fihe ! where mine handu wete at
.! II :l. I I ..C .L i i
miofltn u'tiiMinu. mi Him n nirin aaiMgieii
ibiimr, hi'h lie rearhed alioiil 10 iVIck
njhi. Ii lonnd i hat he waa aeerely
d mdrul iiMn Ihe lace and olher parla ol
My. Ai tiii ii wax leared ibai the hone
lliurm hrolien. bui we are happy lo
inihmhiwa nul ihe cane, Ihnujih the inus-
aerr had!) finaiiied. Al ihe lime of wrilinv
r(Tu'Kiay.j learn thai the (injrernor i
iujM.Jiiid we hope ihal he wiII immio en
ij rfruve r limn ihe injur) . Hillsborough
for, April Id.
I twMrnn Hump W m mxtAm
liQiiixie ill our rouni) men, a ahort lime
.ntned tiT market -w tth the" roteniion of -
sing rarrirtie before hit return. On
itinmb Hillrlirimugh, hn tell in with
iVi!i'iirWiij' leiliVw' i-Ti izeii," M r. A. C. Mur.
pltti.p induced hi in to einmiiie ihe carriajc-
ouianuti'd al hi efialiiuhmeiii. rutd
( "Se thai pieced hjiii, a liHitfuiii w imn
Irk. I tiu" a one hundred and eiihlu
'trtryt it home ; and in ill pii'lmlnln , a.
ii 1.1' il a a 1 1) hull i aj iiili,.he
RVriiriair lileno Iroiii Ine rouniri. Wtiere
it he hait Kiuir')i!rtad In innke ihe puirtiaetr.
r-wiii( a ouid hoe lieen made iharl murh
lT. ui :be (iierh.iiiint al home wcMilit hae
kiil'piitd l I ti- ri i cud ) ii u Inch i uiveu t)
en!! ale ul their v ..i k . Hdl$. Recorder.
Hill a tiny I ion Trust.- I once Tinited
public fi h.M.i. Ai fere, a linle e
time up mil piike lo the ..teacher j as be
f'tf to 0ii duwii lite uhilloi III. Ihe lOHpler
1 flial i a tun 1 ran Ml. " fieter
I, jjl"w"d!UjUtJ,ft
fTanma when tie I.M.k hi eai adef
8' bail a fine iu.-n. iimiiU ' tare,- 1
1 mnid deal a'"Mil (tie inanlei ' i e inn. k.
rbirri ilm iinie but earned ! He
tUirrad) viuiiid lie worth iimre lo
"tnn (lirluim. w0,,i( t,e a pasiuorl into
fll time m ihe ritr. and wtml. In belter.
nfce coiibdeuc 'and renpecl of the whole
8Mr Kimitillr. I he propoaiiion auk
11 12 SI A ME!S&"TVmS.
L Thw remiirkHklei list nvtufa ' nnsned
through thi C.ty. n t gic. on
fcununer lour of Ethibiiin. I. i mny
-f rt wico. they hv mnd Ihrmselves n
puMie specfucle. and .lurini? ihi n-,il
limff-'hiM pUce.l unmisinkenhlr rTiHikiq
ln mem. I hey muM how loru Imo
yr old nnd do not bfnr iheir nKe well.
Ihrsnllow complexions are furrowed
with dirp w rinkles, nndjheir lint oblique
J'Hi-seem- SCKfcpiy hbir .to peep from
the heHvy covering of their lids. Not
wifhsiHhdinK. they Mre an inter'MinM
couple. "Ji is n pbenbinenon. not."7.erhHp!.
lo be witnessed again in this Couiiirj, to
Aiaiici iraimlormed to ?od : Auwrf
c citizen?, hot only in laniftige but in
lee hog. They have Idst every ve,Hige ol
their nnliVfi tongue, and though r;or.e8
pon.lence for years with their parents,
have been unable lo retain ihe tone of
their childhood. In lad. they npeak En
gltsh fluently, and almost without foreign
tccent. A few words seem lobe iniioac
ttcable, but they are chatty and communi
cativp, and hence iL ir perfection in our
language. They are altogether Auo-ri
can in feeling, and warm poliiiicjann.
and hyjthe way. god Whigs. They are
farmers,' moreorer. and very successful
and prosperous ones, owning four planta
lions in Surry and Wilkes, besides a large
fund in invested flocks.
They each carry a child wwh ihem
North. one having a son, the other a
daughter. These seem lo be interesting
children, and have none ol the peculiarity
ol their parents, except fhe swatthitieKS
of complexion. The blending of the Cau
casian and Mongolia! blood would seem
in this case to defy the investigations of
those who dny Hm riiy of raceirr or
nothing in ihem betrays a foreign origin.
W e t h i n Ir t he T w i n s display a ti u ne a si
ness under their perpetual counection and
would be glad to be released from their
bondage. Whether from sympathy and
identity of ideas, or from loo much famil
iarity. they have little losay loeach other,
though very accessible to strangers,
both, probably, answering; the same .ques
lion, with great cheerfulness, at once.
They seem to be remarkably affectionate
to their children.
It was once gaid that they sought an ope
ration which might sever them. There
may not -be the ditfioully in ih way thai
is fancied. We do not conceive that am
material artery passes through the-nieni. J
wawr that thnicts- them. - There mast
be arterial circulation, of course, and a
nervous connection, but there can be noth
ing formidatde in the JSurgeon. who is
bold enough to hazard his reputation upon
the suceesfful pertormance of the opi-ra
tion. Their dismemberment may le a
work of lime, bo I it eetrw to-us that it
Certainly can be done. We are
that it will h- in accoidance with their
uixhts. Hnliilt Rtgixter. k
Tbe term ol ihia trlbuual is conliiturd oer
to Ihia week, lo gef ihioogh ihe iiial ol Perry;
cha.ged with th( murdej-of hia wife, which
wa commenced (ittFilday ot la.l week, and
iH-rupied the-whole of that day and Saturday in
Jbe- eiaiiiinaiion ot wiine.e.
, The raae wa aulmiiiled. alter the argument
of ihe ColHiael (Mr. Allollley (;ee, R-n
smnlorlh tfiale. and l.,n. (Jeo. E. Badger
lor the Prooiner.) under the charge, of Judge
Hailkt, and the jury relumed in about fitly
iiili.uies, wtlh ihe verdict o guilty. The
.nine, acconling to the leklimoiiy. waa one of
ih nnim hoinlile ever committed in ihia aec
ioii ol the country
I h
'" Philad'a.. Mme.h 18
Dea 5ib : 1 goi yours some weeks
lCe MtJlliiK t'ou Bent me 3 in n.m
her lor,, some hooks. We have; waited
thai long, thinking the letter mik-hl come
to hand, but it has not. I now enclose
jou our catalogue, and write to say to or
der $3 worth of our hooks and we will
send them to you at once, as we do not
Wish you to lose it. Say in letteryou
writer that I wrote we would send j ou
the 3 worth and then theie will be no
mistake. RenpecUully.
The above letter sufficiently explains
iteltrAod needs no coniment from u.rf
P ""r waa br.iujjhi out on Tueadav !
morwir at iiVt.ii-6"T.7"T7'i 1.. . r'
- - - prmriii-r l . ill- . .
the Couii; When II. W. Miller. E-q.. in..ed ! publish It with pleasure at the re-f-.r
a new trial, on the giuund., U, that the q'wsl of the reeipteflf. The miscarriage of
daughter the pri er.agin 12 eara ol ag-J money by the maiU has become a thing
Mi.n.nuued a. a wiii,e,,a for the 8 .te, waa not . I H it u- K
r.lied to nor tendered to the primmer', i ' U "ccurr','c'". hJ''Ct of common
eounael. She i uo-!eiamined, tn-caune the ! cor"plaint. We would hope, by giving
Judge pronounced her iucompeteni i Kjve tea- j publicity to such communications as the
'VTh-Vu'v' W?" '" !m UhU' W-it ! above, to contribute to the detection of
ol ihe -obligation ol an oalh. 2n.lly. that the ,, , kl . .
J.y. m, Sunday, had ac.ed ilev j ij.i.j,,,, 1 mftl1 robber,-Our readers cannot
(though under the condurt ol the Sheriff) the lo I'" 'ruck with the liberality ol
Lunaiir A)luin. aorne mile t,d a hall Iron, ihe Mr. Peterson. The publication of his let
Court IW And Ml,, (which ,ie ; ,er is the bes. recommendation we could
iMiiiiaii; uie jniign naa glltril lit)
proper lUrtrui'liona to the Jury,
I he0 ground were coniroverled, on the
pari of ihe Slate. b B. p. Moore. Eq.. who
wa an.wered fcy O. W. Hay wood, and Pertin
Bunbee, Epqr., in behalf of the piiaoner, who
were replied to by Mr. Kauom, the Ailorney
(.leurtal, who. throughoui the trial proved him"
elf an able, vigilant and faithful offiVer. Mr.
Miller rejoined, in aupport of the ground be
hud taken. The Juile ery deliiie raiely ei
aiiiiued all the ground urged foi a new trial
and derlared them lo be itixutrx ieul ; and pro
nounced the arnieuce of death, to be eieruted
on priday the 29 h inaiant. prom ihia deci
'". Mr. Miller, on bblf l th prraoner,
took an appeal lo ibe Supreme Court Ral
eigh Star.
We are pained to learn, that a most
fearful accident occurred on the Richmond
and Peleritburg Rail Road, on Sunday af
trrnoon, about nine flnrs frmn the latter
City, by which the passenger car was to
tally demolished, two It ve lost ami sever
al pei!6iis woundejd. It appears that the
axle of the car broke, by which it ft II to
the track, and dragged over the rails, the
flat bar piercing its floor and (eating it
out, .( he passengers dropping th rough -Mi
s. Pumell., daughter ot Ex:Gov. Dud
eey, was mucb hurt, a young child killed,
and another wounded, and a servant grl
had both legs cut off. Our esteemed fel
low citizen, E. B FreemHH. aod hi daugh
ter, were in the train, ami the former was
considerably bruised, though we are hap
py to learri that he was not set iously hurt.
We have no faither vartteolars at the
... ... fJ I It -
certain '"""'ii "i ruing. ini ixrgixitr.
j give him. Mountain Banner.
Another Sale of North Carolina Copper
Ore. On the 5th inst., 200 tons of copper
ere Irom the (Stith) mine of the North
Carolina Copper Company, were sold at
auction in New York. The competition
was spirited, and the entire amount was
bought by the Revere Copper Works of
Boston. The 30 per cent ore sold at $6
89i a pet cent equal, to 8204 per ton, and
the 20 per cent, ore at $6 12 J. a per cent,
equal to $122 50 per Ion. The Revere
Works bought the lot previously sold at
0, a per cent, ol $180 per ton. The ag
grrgate amount of the sale on Tuesday
was about $32,000. making $50,000 fur
the two sales, the produce of about four
months' operations with 15 or 20 merr.
There have been 35 or 40 additional hands
Bent to thymine, and the yield for the
coining months, it is thought, will be 200
to 300 tons pvr month. After the sale of
ore, 1.028 shares of the stock ol the Coin
pany were sold at $8 87 J H $9 .per share.
So says the Baltimore' Sun." 1 " 7"
Comfortable Provision.' The ordnance, in
relation lo negroes, recently adopted, by -ibe
City Council ol Richmond, contain tba follow,
ing providon : - ' '
Every lae aball be provided aacn day, by
hia owner, or if ha be in Ihe employment of an
oilier periun, by bi employer, with food auffi
cient for bit uienanre, and a suitable place
ill which In conk the same, and aball be provi
ded every nihl wnb place- ol fodgmg. and
with w hatever i nereaaary for hi aleeptng iu
Ihe I a ul mentioned place, por every day or
night i n which there ia a failure lo make anrb
ptoviaioii to any alave, ibe peron o failing
nhall lie fined eieeeding iweulv dollar, and
aurh fine eb a 1 1 be imitoked not wilh-tandiliff Ihe I 'n Knox, Penobsent rter, fimy-S
Fort Warren, Boston harlior, rorty-flve t
Fort Winthron, Oovernor'a Uluntt. fi'tat,
M av Swiitant hrtrnij-lhref donah
AN A.'T m.,K a; i r. .n ,i, f r III. . f II e i,'lt.f
tlm ear eimiiiit uixUctU ol Jul..:, u. .kril buu
UrrU an.l Ulty-lur..
IS' it rmu liii thr S-mit t n't Itout of BtprKrnUttir of
th I itiUxl SU0 Atirt.a tkiHttrt 'atm-utlilt!, Tliat U
(ullowUig auina ho and lh nun aret)T f(.roiriatel, out of
auj aiour; In Uie Treaaury not : otherwUa appropriated, for tin . ,
auppnrt of the army for the year endln( Uie UiirUttio Juno, oue
IbouaaiHl l(ht huutred nd Bfty-f'.ur: -- --
For Ui ymf of the arnijr, sue milium l(rtil handred and roar-
wn thoumnd ieen hundrud and arty-dina dollara : J'roridM,
Thai the elary of Ui military alarettnrnera of Uie Ordnanee Da-
Krtmrnt in Qregea, CalUornia. and Sea MUiQ ttiU Sereafte .-
one Uiouaaml two hundred and fifty dollar per annum.
For remounting of the four eompulM of Mght arUlery, author-
laed by the act of March third, eighteen handred and forty-aeeen,
etirliteea ttmuMnd trt hundred dollar : Jroridl, that Uie aaaw
be expended at Uie diacretioa aad by dlWioa of the Prealdeal ot
Ihe Milted State. ' , . '
For lh dfenot of San FraDctaoo, California, Art handred Uioa
and dollara. - , " f. -
For cboUnulnf th leffoee at th following forta, via t ' '
" - - - rumiDA. ; -
Fort Jefferaon, at Oardon Key, or Tortugaa blaadt, m kaa-
dred thouaand dollara.
Fort Taylor, Key Weet, aerenty-Bve thouaaud dollar. -
Fort Pulankl, Including barrack aad1 quartan, twenty thoa-
lave hall be lurniahed with food or olher lliine
in lieu ol board and lodging."
'The New Yoik Etpire'as copies' this rlauae,
and exrlaiui " Oh f that our Norihern ' llu
manitants' would join in procuring the pannage
of mune such rnaclment lor the benefit o the
poor free negroe. in the ciliei of ibe Notlb.'"
Richmond Times.
aatd dollar.
Fort Pnrrtpter, Oiarlmtnp
ana aouara.
.. ... j M
Fort Carrol. Sullen' t
Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Up
ana oity thouaand dollan.
"V f
hundred aad tea thea-
r, fifty thouaand
rlrer, one handred
rnaad dollar.
land dollar.
A .Hard .The Obio Statesman in
speaking of the active politicians who are
on all sides and with all parties now a
blustering Whig and then a conscientious l,.rt:
Democrat, aCCOrdinff tO CirCUinSttinCeS I Srat and aeeon.l renlim-nte of dragoons, the oimpanie of llftht
.... , I artill.-ry, the regimrnt of mounted rilleiiii-n, and such companies
or infantry an limy be mounted, and alao for the authorliOM num
ber or officer horses when scrTjnr In the Held and at the out
poau; of strew f. soi.iien.' bedding, audof AUtlonery, Inetudlne;
For eommutation of officers' subltence. six hundred and flfteea
thousand eight hundred and forty-seven dolhira.
For comutation of forage for officers' horses, one hundred and
foUr thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight dollars.
For payment in lieu of clothing for officers servant, thirty-all
thousand three hundred and twenty dollars. .
For expense! of recruiting, forty-three thouaand two hundred
For three months' extra pay for bob eammtsntnnrd ofnoera,
musicians, and prirats1 ou re-enHstmtnt, ten thousand dollara.
For subsistence in kind, one million and twentyeight Uiousand
four huudreil end ninety-seven dollars.
For clothing for the army, camp and gnrrtson equipage, and
horse equipmeutH, three hundred and nfly-two thouaand on hun
dred arid lorty-lhree dollars and fifty-sii ceuts.
For the regular snripripff of the dUartermaster'a department, con
sisting of liiel, forage In kind for the horses,-mules, and oxen of
ermaster s department, at the several military posts and
and with the armies In the field ; for fhe horsea of the
USes the lo! Inwiliir laiiaTUnfe
"I base ol.-i r . d. ever since the cottt
mencemeiit td Gfii. Jackson's administra
tion yea. and before it certain men,
who previously belonged lo the Federal
party perfect adventurers who come
with loud professions of repi ntance. wish
ing to join our ranks : and alter bring re
ceived. make a fair show for a time, mini
they worm themselves in favor with the
parly, so far as to obtain some luctativfe
' :ifT .1 -. t . i t . i t i .i Jtdit itl. JAittvh atavwtui i.fhtawri hundrpn and laWtlirh eXDentei
",,,cr. "r,r ,nrrT- T Pininir. a tatr f ,,,., fr;;, lhv trZrTtiuM
ficers, and irain,
isonitea of the in-
ViltUen ; BUthorUed
j C"nimtiy ami otlu-r bhtnk luMik for the ttrmy, certittcatnt for tUt
Ctiiti Kcfl olttier, hUok fttrnm for (hf pay nnd ty UMrtennastw'i dtv
' imrtiuentrt, ami f..r the printinar of divHon add departmont or
dT, nruty regulations, aud report, one million and fifty tbou-
' sand di'Uitt s.
I Fur the inoltlfntnl Kpenws of the qn)irterTnterK deparlmont,
I ennsistinjr (f pi!fjtjri hii lettt-r and ptvrkeU received and aent by
I ( flifcri of the army on puhlic nervice ; expen of courtv-marttai
ami court; of inquiry, iiiclutliiir the com ena tioo to
' juilpfp advnriitfM, ri'C'irit r, tn nibi-rti, and aitneMeu, while on that
; aervitv, under t!te act of March iixeen, eltrhteen hundred and
! two ; extrn pity to soldiers finplnyed, under the direction of th
ni:irtt'nii;tstrrV department, in tle erection of barrackf, quartera.
pitorr-hoiifM'5, and litnipit;tl! ; the conctrution of road and oner lalHir, for pvhnd of not W'ki thnn ten days, Under Um
cr do it."
From )b(D!LlX?yft-e
The New York Express gives the fol
lowing list ol'the increase of salaries made
b) (vorigress at its recent session.
The Vice President, from $5,000 to 88,.
The Secretaries of Slate, Treaaurv. Na
vv. War. Interior, Atiirnev General, and
Pretty Coot; "John, "said a clergyman
to his man. "you should become a tetotnl
er you have been1 drinking again to.
" Do you never take a drop yourself,
" Ah, but John, you must look at your
circumstances and mine."
Very true, sir, says John ; "but can
you felt me how the streets of Jerusalem
Were kept So clean."
"No Jobn. I cannot fell you that." '
Well, sir, it was just because every
one kept bis own door clean."
The iiiielliicHice we have lioin Cuba in
relation lo Vice President King's health
is ot a very contradictor) character. The
most reliable, however, seems to hold out
but a meagr prospect of his recovery.
The iV. York Journal f Coaimerce says :
One of the Presidential Electors of this
State, who has just returned ftotn a visit
to Cuba, inlotrris us that Ibe health of Mr.
tMdrit l4 k on trill.. in eol.eerilu, hflv
"all dollars in the at . Ii of the Knoiville
ferait-tnad, a i"'ci rrted'owa'twr"
r an aim. .si unaniiiiou vole, there
ttiteriire cat , aaainnt it. Ail honor
tiiiHi ul Kii.nvjlle (or ihia evidenre of
"ll Ihey ee I in ihe am i esa of that
"""tprite. The umiuly ol Mi.liMi-riiklt.ti.e
lruld, ,, Cnriliirallolia utloriie no m. ellel
1MUiinniy aiih whi h that wat carried
J'lwfc..aMah. KHeattt'--
h'tdulonromnle ike inlereal ol ibe city
count yr the firt lep hat
W Ulwa.- will J
" Pri- 1-Knoxville Register.
V York Iluneslu. A nref ioim diacloaure
rJ" D nude o, lk V... V..-I. I .
. i uia u-f-iaia-
"ililiy memlier named 'l'.,L l,r.t,.l
W'(j(lhe Leirj.Ul,,,. riaro.dSls.ui.rl
u, . - si .nil eiiuiiit-u isiue
I It Ihluki .... . fa
. e " ui pass, ne waa lo fcave
,l(-bt..;iu. i ..i.-. :..
I wpiieara mat luere i
a . " .ony
irr J5v" irrirv r-ii, tior n j f-ritr-rr. rr or- mrinn. ( selves
lie had not t a ken J he oath tif ofIit:e. and
was s feebfe as id be fiardfi able io'Tecei ve
Vtnitersu... -There faiuudatwm. whale V,
er for the accounts that have been circu
lated of discourtesy shown to him b Gen.
Canedo ; on the contrary, the Govern
or General was inclined to treat Atne'ri
cans of distinction with respect and alien
DC3 The Union matks Mr. Everett as
a b-ader .if not the l-Mier.-ol the Wtitg
j 'a r y . NJaief cer-'ittot'ei. accomplish
etl sinlr-strian no firmer patriot -no t ruer
"Aru rtCan rt-otilicxii, can (v- loond in the
country. We would willingly see him
he-ad the Willi? phalanx In his judgment,
discretion. .soundness, anil liberal yet,,.coti
' servaltve sentiments, we have great con
fidence. It is fortunate for the countiy
that such a mtn is in the national coun
cils. Even bis polnicrtl opponents must
respect Ins character, admire his talents.
and do justice lo his integrity. We be
e i reinocrai ic pari, loein
pleasi-d that'Iudward Everett
exterior. SU lima AS I )mftrrprr ivnlk Til "r"rr to payntaitpri, other diflmrsin
i . . , J , ! wiien milit;iry e-cnrt rttnmd le furnitl.e
gQUien SirpperS. nUI ine instrtnl Ihe OIIICC I term.nt of non-nmiminni.ned officers
-... ik,, l:i : . L . "itnc tutimure Hire oi iHPKrem iu uie qunrirmaswr urraii.-
eXtreS ailtl they latl in getting HllOther. !,,, ,H-luding hire of inwrpreters. spies, and guides for the ar-
thev. like Arnold of old llirn Imilnr and . ny; pniKMiatioBf theelerk tooffirrrs of the quartermaster'
nar numiu Ml OKI. turn tra.ior, anu department; comiensation of forage atnt wagon masters, author
always injure our cause a hundred per iIe1 b ""' of Ju.v. eighteen tiundn-i ami thirty-eight ; for
.1 ii .i ,. the apprehension nf deserters, and the exix-nses incident to their
sr as sra esTl ava Incan a II twA sear -w . i A aa.... .
. n-u mail an iiic gutiu llir tail c V - iu-suit; the varioU). exiMMt-Jilurea re-jmre.! for the ami ana aec
oini rejrunriiii oi rno:oon, tne rttmjtMtiien oi ttpni inttery, am
regiment of mounted nnYnteti, nnd such ctitiipHiiiei Qf iufatotryu .
fliHy he mounted, tiirliiittng the purchiine of truvellinit 'oriC .
tl.tCVmt'tra- avnd ttboeiug toolu, hoFjw and mule alioeav, Iroa, fair
of veteritihiry surgeon, huJ medicine for Dorset and mulea-threa
hundred thousand dolUra. ;'
For const rurtiii(r', repatrln, and enlarging barrack, quarter.
ho)iit!i)s. sttirelioustes, tt;i UIi.-a, whiirve1, and way at the teTeral
Kwtit nnd anny deo(i; for tenijorary canton in enU, and the au
thorise.) furnimre f,r hHrrack-roouiaornin-contHtl8sioned ofAcen
art) aoldier ; (run-hi'iw for the irotectinn uf cannon, including
the neceftary tools ami mttterial for the object enumerated, and
fi.r rent of quarters and oftVet ftir otl-eerw. in l t;irrack and hoa
pit;itr fur ttoapi, m here there are do puMic, building for their
arctriuiuiHlatfon ; f-r tnrehtu?e! fir the nan.1 -keeping of military
store, and Af onrrrH for The tummer cantonments and enc-unp
menU, three hun lrel thouaand UiAlUtju. i -
v ereciinjT it'u(f quartern at the RepuhHcan Fork of
the Kanaa- rit; Mty -fVrr rhnnmd rtoTTnr.
F t nnle;ijiL- or a!!'ft un e mad toihVer Tr the transportatloo
of theiiii'!ve ntid bTjrjfpe, when trarflliti? on duty without
troop, out hundred ;itid twenty thousand d-iHars. ,
Ff triMMvHtttioR of ihe army, tttcruditht the wMetfaW of th
troops, when nn iiig either hy mt or water ; if clothintr, cnp
niid k tt rinon etjnip tg-e, hikI horse equ.pmeitH. from thu depot ai
Philadelphia to the several post and army detft8; of puhsliftence
from the placefi of pnrchne, and from the plm't'B of delivery, ob
der conlr;iei, t. such place. a the clrcum-tance. of the aerviee
mny require "it to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance atorea, an4
amitll-ai uif, from the fomiiiiiea- ijijutf4e't-tihe tTcWnati; Toi1 "
tiftcurlbtict; frontier po-ds, and army dep.ju-; frciirhtf, tolls, and
ferriafrew; for the purchase nnd hire of horse. mulet.,oxen. wag
on, cart, dray, hip, aud .it!cr &ea-poinu rtwels and boats, for
the trnnHpprt.iti.u of su(.p!iei, and ,for g,irTion : purpoaea ; for
drayape and curtatre at the sereral posH; hU4 of teamatera;
tran-iortatin of fun-ls for the pay iuid ulher disbursing depart
ment; the expeiit-. f wtllirjf pthhe tr;t imports on too TJUtoQt
A gi-i.ilernan of Pt?ori, III., who had heen
fnr"'m I iine p-tviti hit uH(iri-s lo a young
j lalv i Hut Ui wt--k apkd hei h .ne. in
mat rmife, w hit h whs rr-fu-rd. lie tUnd lor
Povi MMei Gfoernl, each .rim. 80.000 lo mn nar iir. ai.d drlartd il shf ihll rrttt.
$8000. . .I ra iiU .U.l. he j,.4.-Hfiefitttf f Mic, and hArtntrcandPaci6c; aiidfbT
. ., ww, v.v, -e, ux.,...-, r .' i v r :"' . ' I , , pr.M-unng water at sm U inst u frum ttittr sltuuUQn requirc.that
1 tif. INHnu W (Cn llattns LorrimiS10lirr 4 iorilied lim such. MA aUeri.altVr Wrmld riot 111. ' It he bntupfit from a distance, one millian five hundrol thouftttnd
Imi his itTeii3 fHisd to 5.000; ihe China flueuc-w-W mi . he leat. Al rhh he loaded hi. doTthe
m -WH-m Hlim fnlf ton, giinent of dia .ons th-.- ciiuiwniea if Urbt xrtiWryvUw Wgi-
A nrw ,nF i' his month, and uiih Ii its loe pul
snnr HihI hpU oullit it IS. 000. .... ... l ... n I A ....... Ibf I muter. Ihe. .IlChuitfe loriwi-WV- 1. a . ',tr "lK noapuai aeparuueuia, luiy
iuii Million wis uino'- in vrimni auin i r . - j aonar.
j . - lell rh'-eka 4td horrilily mnilMled hi w holt 'r cannon. mnearric?ea, and projectiles for
may be moutittl, one hundred and eijehty tlrcntsaiid
.;n. .i t... f- vi .i .in u .i. len t-ni-k. hhq horriiilv mui il;l'd Iim u ho '
vi.uifu n on. iiunij ifiu i .1 Krs rx .1.1.1; .t. 1 two hun'lr?d thu,ind dollars.
lull minion mNfend of it Chise hs here- hed,d Ure -MM kilt him. ihuiih Ut$ - f r or(lrmn oanatb;nauPp!i
A new MiniHler residr'tit is lo
the leriihle Iratisartion
In SwitZPrUiul. Thr Sne wem much
further (hart this but the House nun Con
curred in most of their nddHiuns.
recover' waa rMnt.iilfiKpH .iknai,il.ra Th !urh ' sand dollars
. .1 Li 'i Ftr the currejatexpnieo thrdu
"'"u i umi siiiu wMiicvsru iud wmiio ui thousand dollar-
Fur the mnnufarture of arras at th
hundred and tift-y tltouirnd ddHn.
Ti make ir .1 daiiiatres at 11 truer Ferry, cau'
of nineteenth an t tweidieth of April, eighteen huni
cl ynr- . t t a'or nineteenth ant twentieth o
S$lle Of iirtll ESt(tle. A Sale nf Several two, twenty thousand dollara.
I1r.tie-.-t I .a.iw- in th... I..ta-n MomU.. f For repairs ju)d improvements and new machiner;
- , .r, j ij(Tt wn we learn, well aiieuueu. anu
the hidding spirited.
of CiMRdmtt tSchooU, vtpiHed our cmnmun
f uoua&Dd
uf V-noa
r 1
Ro&F t hundred
V. two
si Tood
I -pert
A f .
aV I
nrnrn.nir iirnio-u uiai rjiinaiu uiriru . . . ., . ,, c-r - ;f
; irm the tfnte of the UnitedSm
.t 1... .t. . an tniereslliig lecture on the subject of cooal Church, tronlinff 11)0 feet mifiieen il
hit- aoae ui inn viiuniiv. I PI ,- W I' I 1. W 1 , i c- . .7 . wuq Uiiea nothelong to ..laejmny ; anu in oruer
vv moou iine, ino ! Street, Was UOUght DV JaS. IVVle, tisu at '"eniole him to. to hi. satisfaction, is hereby authoriteat
nllemMii uith a vvnll eiilfit'H. a l .-r- ' cause the necessary an.l proper intiuiries to be instituted, through
I'lrnmil, m nil n wrii LlJlinn 31,473. the medium of , r,mMhisi..n of civillians and mlliuwy men, with
For Vepairs and iinpi-oveiu.-nts and new machinery
field armory, fnrrr-six thou-iand'and ninety-four ffoll,
dfil. That from and after the flrst day of July next.
Congress approved Anput twenty-tl.n-d, elehteen hundred .ml
forty-two. be so modiled thnt the President may, tf In bis opin
ion the puhlic interest demands it, place over any of thearmoriea
superintendent who does uot.belong.ta.the.aJnny ; anil In order
Remarkable Bear.-K collection of wild
animals i on its way from California lo
the New York World's Fair. containing a
singular phenomenon in ihe bruin line
This creature, il is said, is of no ctdor here
JUoiil,- in jit-oof of. whh .!ieJad.furisbX& JcUjs- but is
jSenalor Jones wi'h travelling passport ; curioutly marked with all the Colors oT
granting ttnttSTaf rrrirTfeges.7 -
TbF probability:of Mr. King's death hay
ftlrVatff"gryeri"rIse to inquiry, among the
politiciansat Washington, as to who would
he President, in case Gen. Pierce should
also die before ibe eipiration of his term.
There ts a provision in the Const it utfow
which authorizes and directs Congress to
enact laws to provide, for such eiigencies.
An Ox with a Wooden Leg. A- Penn
sylvania larmer had the following misfor
tune happen to a fine work 0. The ani
mal was grazing near where the farmer
was at wotk making a fence. The ox
beneti's, from his energy and ability.
, Kdeitlon Whig.
The Norfolk Beacon of the 8th instant,
. ' . C I I
says: "A large number 01 merciutnts ana
higher than the same property would
have sold fortvvo'or three years ago.
Fayt-tlevtlle Observer;
other citizens assembled, agreeably to no
stepped into a post hole and broke his leg. ' tice yesfeiday evening at the Argus of
As il was too lean to kill, the larmer con- fice, for the purpose of adopting measures
suited a physician who lived close by, and . for celebrating the opening of Ihe Raleigh
the result was that it wast delef mined to and Gaston Railroad. Win. D Roberts,
in nursuance of which an act was passed j ul ltff broken lee. The ot refused Esq.. was unanimously chosen President.
... , . .-. .. . . .1 1 1. it- n -. . e.t . ...
A Modi I Suhsci iler. The N. Com
mercial mentions the receipt of subscrip
tion frum a gentleman who had never
(ailed for fifty years to pay ill advance
for that paper.
,n!'r;!Ll'.Lg News Sec
j.wuv net fai; k.ti t..
, w Milan (fUISil
" 'l bill $;IJ0 I ha
"irN Willi I'linri. l.o .k..-. ....... u...
j 7 8" who wi'h lodeleal
. tiled inbtiberv or ir..ii., n.u .
,T t J ' ...?. lilt liiCIM-
Two-AWertnen in N. Y. rii. .
tontraci at about 200.000.
aWl. ?"UWP r"l"'ibla publiabtng
i j, ; . "ou. 1 na Aldermen
r " wne' ihey ought to be. Fay.
Hii!!!: S' hlf her
oil?' 8rl ,onR in world with
ample provision for the succession in such
' ' f . .11 1 .LA. ....
an event. 1 hat ac aeciares inni,
event of the death of both the President
and Vice President, the presiding officer
of the Senate first, and, jf there be no pre
sidiog nfficejvjbe.rt the Speake?. of the
House of Representatives shajl act as I re
sident till an election by the people can
be be'ld to supply the vacancy. If the
death occurs two month, before the hrst
Wednesday in December. succeeding, then
the election shall beheld in that year, but
if. not. then the year after ; prov.aeu. now
Jf'" in the Blass. and ...r .nrl I ever, the term of the deceased President
i:,,,a hh. and fi. .in .t,......-- Am ns .oire on the fourth of Marcn
C, 1 oih h"r dwn U?iiness and next succeeding bi death.
I J "off Hnd.stTahk tha babv. . 1 orovision i to he "iniim for
in which Case
for tn immediate
. .1.1 L.nn.A ffnaif
1 If ihn it annoiti lin"-.. ......
'lwki- . . : 7 - .1 eiecooB... ,v:na
V plttoon in it,, ft.. I a, I,..Mtil Pierce anrl Vice rremor.,. ax,..
' k!:'klft8 :rWth a silverscrew: should both die". Mr-'Atchison.
i.uT' """J" at excoange..a. presi,uot.vo- .a
Z&W1 gntWti ceetHo (be
switch, rail, clamp and rivet is in good or?
der, and free from obstruction. If so, he
takes his. stand with a white flag and
waves if to the approaching train, as a
signal to " come on" and come onjMloes,
at full speed. If there is anything wrong
he waves a red flag, or at night a red lamp,
anrt the engineer' on Seeing it, promptly
tie to put down the brakes, -h very inch
I Cstiucattott,
agreeable geni
tell minil nil Verv oleHSIII17 manners. . TU- A Ii: I . .U- i a vii w of aaeertitinina; which of the two systems is the mora l
. . . , . I ' "r "welling nun Sltirr on IIIR saute i,niicul, eflicient, and sufe for the ni.mairement of the publlo
His lecture IS Universally atriniltfU to have I .freet iMpnnieil liv Mr 1 II urua armories, that formerly existingun.lorthesuiMirlnUjndenceofclTU
. ii.,. A, . :,. ! ""rr' J '' '0" wns, or now existing under the suKrlntendeuceofofficr
oeen an excellent one. aoounuing in tnier- , bought by Mr. Walton at 2400. i of the ordnance department.
; information, sot.n.l views and. sen- j The VHCnn, Iot ndjinil,g. belonging to ' Zr
. sible suggesiiatis. .We prodict lor him in Shejiff. Johnsoa was bid itvi- $800,
! his new vocation a career of usefulness 1 These are nrices from i0u.7& oertot,
.n.t -mirit-inhtr-rGf?tnZTTttXAmii i 1 .l .: pay.inie through the otlice or the Third Auditor, under me act ap-
anu nonor. arra lor-rnr otate, iiicaicu-iwie btirher than the same nronertv wou d proved t,iv first, eine.-n hundred nn.t tw.niv. in addition to an
r oiwntpended batlairee -of eeven rhorrsirrtd four hnrwt red and twenty- -
alx dollars remaining in the treasurjrftu fhe thirtieth of rVpteea
, ber, out thousand tiglit hssndred Mid nfly-two, "three thmaaamt
five hundrtMl dollars.
For arrearages of p,y, subsistence, and clothing due to Cap
tain Kirhard McRne's company of Virginia volunteers, which
served In the war with Oreat Itrltnin in eighteen hundred aad
twelve nnd thirteen, the sum of ten thousand three hundred and
thirty-four dollars an.l thlrly-tine rents ; to be paid out to th
officers and soldiers of said company, or their legal representav
tives, under the order of the Secretary ofAVaruuua the produe -tion
of su.-h proof aa satisfies him as to the identity of as Id officer
I and soldiers, nnd that they have not been paid.
For bridges and est-ibtidiing communications between Fort
Leavenworth and the It -publican Fork of the Kansas river, ele
ven thousand seven hundred and twenty-five dollars.
For fuel an.l quarters for officera of the army aervlng on tight-
house duty, the payment of whicu is no longer made by the quar-
r termlr ileportHMMiti four thoosand and fifty -three doftar and 7
' eijrhry-w-ven cent.
For fuel and quarters and for mileage or transportation for ofil
t cers and enlisted men of the arm.Werving on the coast survey fa '
! cases no longer provided for by the quartermaster department,
ten thousand dollars : "coW-W, That the annual coast surrey
j report shnll be submitted to Congress during the month of Deeem
1 ber In each year, end shaft be accompanied by a general chart of
the whole coast of the United States, on aa large- J.acale as ooo
' venient and practicable, showing, as near as practicable,, the con
figuration of the coasts, and showing, by tines, the probable lim
its of the gulf stream, "and showing, by lines, the probable limit to
which the soundings tif the roast wilt extend, and showing, by
"the nse of ootvrs and explanations, the exact portions of our eoaata,
of which cMiiplete charts have been pnb!lhedjy the Coast 8ur.
' vey ; also, showing such other parts of the coasts of whleh th.
tri-oigiilation, the tnrtogrnphy. and the soundings have been eon
' pleted. but not publisheil ; and, also, auch parts of th coasts of
; which Ihe triaugulution and topography, or the triangulation,
j only, have been Completed.
Sec. . .vf it tnrth?r timet!. That the proper counting
officers of the Treasury Department be and they are hereby au
thorised o adjust and settle the claim of the State of Florid for
the aurrices of her troons Under Ihe act of Pi ebruary tweaty--
renth, eighteen htin.lfeU nnd fifty-one, by the provisions stated
for the settlement of tile claims of the State of Georgia for ttk
A wootlen lee was substituted in urooer : retarv
time, and when the ox was finally killed "The President explained the object of
it presented the .finest beef seen in the the meeting in a few well delivered re-
Philadelphia market'. J marks, and the whole proceedings were
characterized rv unanimity, it
.A Road Well Watched. The Hudson
solved that a committee of twelve be ap-
CyWe learn that Messrs. Clingman
and Gtither addressed the people ol lien.,
derson on last Tuesday. ' Mr. C. is si ill
very feeble, and had to speak sitting.
Mountain Banner.
Of the puns belonging to Dr. Bitrton.
we believe that the following is little
known: A gentleman coming one dity
River Railroad. 150 miles in length, em- j pointed lo prepare the proper celebration into his room told him that Dr. Vowel
ploys 225 ' flag men," stationed at inter-T on the occasion, and that they be empow ; Was dead ; What." said he, " Vowel
vals along the whole length of the line. , ered to Invite the good- people along the . dead 1 thank God, il is neither u nor i."
Just belere a train is to ps, each one . line of the road to visit, Norfolk and be
walks over his " beat," and looks to see ; present at it. , ..
that every track and tie, every tunnel,' "Our Nyrih Carolina friends may be
sure of a hearty welcome.1
More of the Rappings. Ehe ntzer Pope,
Early Vegetobles.-Green peas, the fust
of the season. Were received in New York
last week, from Savannah, Ga. They
1 1 1 .U U IP f for the settlement or me claims ir ine state 01 ueorgia ror naa
Were retailed at 1)2 CerilS trie Dall.peCK, services, prescribed by the actapprovcil thirty-fjrst-of Aurnst,
.' . ... . a . . S. .Inhto-n k,ini1r1 . i... Af.-.. tn -..,, I.f " An m.kin. MSW,
and Sold by the. morel at V la5. 1 OmtlOiS DrTUw,, ... th. rot)riort oflhe'armyf.i the rear ending UilrUetll
- . k I nC fAf.ll.n aUataa-B kim. 1 ..lor. ava .QuVanhlth .fall I tnr Si) e.enlM ner of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-three;" and tltat the Seer-
a respecinote Ol H-ti-too, ou... ...... nia.i . v.... J, Ury of War be authortxed to distribute the arms provided for by
Self in his bam On Thursday. lie leaves' OUart. " . i art of Congress of eighteen hundred and eight to the 8tte of,
the f - - ... - . ' - - .... i gee. S..tnf7e U rarf W eiwfarf. Ttint the Secretary of War
LrOWn'Cd- y inai .a lie j bedlrectet torerrttoCowbether.iunlaptnl(n,ltwm
a family. Insanity, resulting from
rapping delusion, caused the mournful act.
tie was one
USIOn. causeu tor irmiJiiiioi mi. . . . .. , , . f ,-,-, .r!, - not he rri . re ewrionitcMi, priwr. airi advisable to cll tl
of ihe selectmen of the town. mHn named r red. the prop, rty filMr.. ,rB1, Vaitn .
' 1 ' M , . . .... a want.. tttaa PlttOP "rVeD sk .11"'''' k . : Vij 1 -" . ---r
The virtue which requires tfl-Terrb RI.hua ylast.antl-
33r"i;K;VJTi,;.:,-.OTf:c;;.'(j- rL . : , ... wW . -.ataaeatWttteaMai ni. etl.t.lBUs ..ei.iialia,'a-aajiil.i. rasi.
UenriPtlM fit aVHITl tlOH t into lllfj fiVef "mmf eKaVveWchtirnsfornf
T-. - T l-uhitre! aiul fifty -,me, aa ahaH nssaIn miPKiendeJ qp Um thir
-r --4-
.' i r '

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