North Carolina Newspapers

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, remittee on Indian Corn, read be
1 fa Scotch Ireland Agricultural
ifeiy, and published by order of 41
I "j, la ih people of I hi count rjr. The
gt Mii' "r Corn seem iti he un
ibaliri account w have'of ii waa
A.ih (M)ri!i'", of America, when th.
They knew I he hen.
J. J. liRU.VER,
. " - - . , i
I '..Infilling.
f..A at thai mu lima
(mi, of ib rulMmin of Mv Among the
M-ii',' Maize iin in the
J,, ana a lll'IV ,'rn iwrir
.. hc mjiTti ihe allara hi Ct t-biirehea
.i.nli wtlh afalKa oi ji.iw wiin nivvera
surd about H""n. I he Inraa of rent cub
i U.;... in tli!!- tfarrlfl nw aLnait
la. ...J
it) four left either wa ft . ... f 8
tandta. on Ibe hill ia recommended
by many ei.berbelor. or .her .be rorn ,.
WHO cotton aeed. ,,. or enmnn.. if
eoce but uhl ua that .uuki,,. . ..r
r..i - I..... rr-jo -
,u ,. corn jual uetore ploughing aud
b-rm, ih. flc ii1Be, covering .ben, wn ,b
noe, when ,,,,,,, Ihe corn. add much t. lb
crop : iik i., ik. ....... : .
yuaiiiu, We nave eerjr
cu Iv Ullr.e ibai il .dd. mu. o ihe i,,,h
1 the crop ,.n WfJwlU f diiHKuid,iber-r,e we would lecomn.eud il a. .
goxd top dreting in corn
ne aefond i unlihia .k....M i.- j . ..
e uone wiid
(trJVft f TTf I?- IV - -WWII rF IT- M m
. i.. U .. ti.- I lo naoveln. nr.. .k :.
G,i PiH lb" imiiaiion ul ibe Mniza ! "J "d""' ''. if not, ime ih miii ,r.eU,
C, mut idm.r.l.le. " ' .'" ' ' corn mu4 deep, Ihe
J . I......
From tht Rttrigh ItVgitter.
Wi Are irxleblfd lo the Hon. Weldow
N. Eowaids lor n prinied copy of an Ad
drewi lo tua conaiiiuentsr the freeman of
Wrren Cuny,,, vindication of the
high minded and fearless cnursn which
he pursued, ns Speaker of the Semtie in
the Ini G-ne AKKemMv. wiib r.-gnrd to
the Free SuflWe Rill. Th ;
sired to be brief. I still more desired to be
My political life has been marked by a
steady Adherence to t be' great principles
oflbe Democratic faith and among bem
I recognise ati one of the highest the Mi.
Ration of the Repretentutive to do the will
oj the constituent body. To that 1 have
ever conformed, and never more rigidly
fhati during the recent session of the L
giNlnlure. 1 had been twicer elected on
dark and fearful; Ibe billows mountain
bigb ; the sky black with darkness ; if
you turn fiom the Ureat ri lot I i
Fanmt Febk.
an able, dignified and manly defence of 8m" ,SSue' i" Suffrage.) and the
H distinguished and esii.nnhle author j ! ' tt ,nr'y "'Creased majority
from the imputations which have been although I had at the preceding session
heaped upon htm in conneciion with that I Prec'tly under the sae circumstances
course. He holdlv avnu-a in l.t t.i. ! Mt last withheld mv vote from the
. ...
u.. in H ..m.1.1 .Ii.. K'"ll l tl If I W I.I U . a.H. .1.1.1 111! I I . I, r.MVI... .1 u t .. . I Li . L.. il' . 1111 HIT 11111.1 rfullll llll w.J u v. .1 .......
I lilt WM n'" """ ""!' "ii'ii anri i ---.. .......... m . i un lull o w lull. i " "i"! t-l r-u r I ft) OU II rH4fe. I nHIt I hnl .W...I1 iiii auu IWU
.f.,iqir.t of Meiiro ly Cr"e : in hi. hrt : 1 '"' ploughing .Ii.miIJ he done helore ih ! his hositlity to the doctrine was well and I "ol " ou the gross injustice lo believe
.luih-C.Mirtnl Cbarle V, he !.Mk a few j c',,n ""'a h running Ueii the corn wiib a j widely known previous lo bis election as ! ',m' 5u di(1 not aPPr-bend a question so
1(jC,in or Maizf "itb hi'n among oiher j ,,,re. "r "J',ch ''"'. a one .bar- Speaker of the Senate, and thereby puts ' l"g "dilated and so fully discussed. Il
M pre.ei,i lo bia Majeaiy. . b will tbroW the din up to the to the blush the prty backs who are as WU,d be t-c,if,n upon ibe intelligence
.,ror fr-f..hera had gl of Jr ihe weed. ,,d gra.a. .,! prevent j serting so clamorously that the Democrat of Peon,e ol W"-n. which will nev
.ir.hle r.iu.Hry wba-h we i.j inhabit. ' w. b .be aununer ..or,,,.. We , ic m,nl.ers ol th hody, who eleded him " oriinte or be endorsed by me."
rtiilTHug lime ruliivated l.ui little " ",h "'' '"" ol the coin should not he l,ro. lo phir in tt?l t .k . ,v f . , . J .
l,pfrie.,ct a,,d .be want of Heared i.d ; I k'n l- 'h' last pl,.ugbi,,g wr. e.peciall L,J t;hH'r' V'' f b PI".on, We forbear any further comment. In
,M, I,eene,,liir.,edi.,.,,ei i 'he ,,,11,., it cul ff lhe n,J,U(M , not respons.hle for the result, lie , our next, we propose to publish Mr. Ed
,k. ;ui.ii,., ,,f which ha. heer, .he ""ch nuiriii.en. naa.e. Ir.nn the ....I ,.. ,,.1 ! . 'WW h.s point heretofore, wards' Address entire. It constitutes an
ulk, and cauae .he hladea lo wiihpr il ik. ! Hnd " ,s Us!" lol'v lor the looofoco press
" " - " ... a i i . i
nno lenuc
. mum u( ihe aiiioiiut ol elhaua.erf land
- . ; . .. t.. aeaaon ue dri- rh.r.L.. i ... "in, lenucrs IO e.lileHVnr In mmiii ih.
m auiv urepiii iirn it. .mi iirw. vur la- . j iwir, .a if-voiiiiiir uu ine " ' .... v...-
. i j . k.. r:. ...... . i. ' "am ii i re a ihe ino.i,. u ..i i. . r n ... Elusion io wnicr, everv pain u tnan
Ipf. PWf.l U'1.1 II llir iwirpii, ri.Hiru mrin III ; 'i'iigll a lllllllw " J ..iMafc
'tmuhmg at tbey mild. )ieid enough lo ,: !" ',h buv tij,g ,he lurrww. lull j c,,n"' Coring the last
mil In
in order to retain niomiure almul the
Laind rullirale tliern where they ar ; ihey
ika laud, if properly diained and culiira
kibii will pay ibe fanner for bl la'ior.
m.m ... , - Wm . J . . V .
i.i) and tfrow up wim aeiige a,,a jilnea. j r-iouiinrna me aelerling ol
Jijf,ibe,r iuiie., , are tell in reclaim i ; " ' garnering, ity au do-
i Und, lo leia. or lare. Our choi. e "'e "r oiain ine one or ibe two eared
, j . i i .1.- i i i : Co,u or any auri tra .... u . .. .i i i
rlWW Bra cirrru tiiiu hip? h up waiviirii . j - u . uouiu
. . . t. i .. i ... r ii j ' avoid lame noli. mtiA ....... ... ...
kii laf nrancn iMinoinn ; in ua ioihiw ,i ana --- i mu mu inucn
Lril back iu the form of rompoat. or drain ' me K""d aeed lo flint. A. lo the kind of
i u"uiu oe cuniaiea p-runs diner
Iffeally, each advocali,i( bia paiiieular kind.
Tb--re are variuua klnda culiivaled. ibe coin
But hi our Mjliject. Corn, ibai w bieb ol all i WBI"'IM y-lluw, ihe M. Clammer -and
rtiuii. mu. alualile ; ibal wbii b ha. aup , ' Bln! or honey corn : The golden Sioui. lhe
Wibe vault ol o many .tamng lieinn. ; I '"'K r,'n, rww,id yllowr, .he mnull eighl row.
rtthicb .iaiiied Ihe Ural aetiler. of Ply- j ed lbw, Ohio dent, the dui.ort, ibe badnu
u.i.. ehere ihev werr w iihool bread and In T M4' 4b- ha.inir ila adf.M-ale. au
r ' . l u ... . . :
Ufland ..rruded lr eoeniiea. ; .-,4 '-''tttt ul(I- 4m- Mel,rt-iltliDrftff
urierinnie wnun Mould be ti-.l lo cultivate
unle.a we iry lha dilTfrem kind, for ouraelve.
and au del ermine ; one kind doe. heal in one
(-lunate, and in, a diff-reu. another kind oro-
Lduce.a ibe mo.L ... We. Jure Iraj-oed lroin iu.
! ieee ibal ihe homeny corn prodwea more per
acre, makei .weer hrearf. and I'aiH-na lok
tader than any olber kind we have irird.
According li, ibe re-ulia of J. II. tiali.lnry
ol All-any. ihe eight rowed yellow j. jireffia
hla.o the. waiie lor food. ...Tbe result ol ibe
; diniiltera in our own State, haw ibere i more
wbikey It, lie made frouti a buhel ol yellow
fL Wapieler il aucceedii.g wheal to anvl ,r",n ,be ""' ' while..' W ith regard 'o
lliu,lb.ugb ibe aame nuali.y of laud Xa.heriug burner, differ al
kt-Jt'ld mur. prr acre, .ucceeding Co'loo ; "mr Contending lor II lo -..and It, Ibe
ai Wheal ur pn.Uaiil any olherK.owlh. from i ,,r,u l""-"y rurwi ; ornera lor ruiimg n
fb-lnSH we w.k imr' CVim u.r 'ban I , M '" K" wl" l"K'i"U io gel bard.
eiac-K ll until curd. men tull ntf Ibe ear ami
crili aud ue Ihe alalk. lor didder. A' to whicb
Ik Ihe deal method lileiperience com fir I ua lo
krep ailettl. We contend that blading curn
li wl ibal mol taluahle ol all graira were
ahtih preienled alarva'iou doting the
Imrr.trid lurniahed then, with seed ibe enau
r iiing ; and which, in our day, liaa pre
mrillie live ol ao many of the inhatiilant
f ifraHMf afier -i W failute. ol I .be pot a tie rop.
A,luibf'hei meibod of militating Maize
' Indian Lorn, pertoiia diff-r gieally. We
' of opintot, ibal Corn buld no. I.e planted
ktf than once in three yeara in Ibe fame
i.t Hiuuud.UMlraa on fbe lM)ttiia fa.urf
wtt the toil it too rich to produce any ibmg
!, till baa a great leudeiu-y lo eihauM the
paw growth, iberefore ihe aoil is in a heller
t receive it. being clear ol lrah, the
riml ii well pulverized ; lie. clone to the
rMdpiiiiid. caimea lh"in to unroot eooiier
hiwiiiT quicker, aud mature .ooner. Ii
decrearea ibe value of ibe grain as much at il
ly: fniae. a lage..rop..4,flad' '". ,,K,d,,r k . A ,w,b me,h'
uu ui irnuuig curn, we iuiiik cornea i-iir an
other head. e -
. . By Telerence lo ibe cenau. return, for ih
. .at. ... .. .' . . lime. ,.ahle. barn var.l or .-..muoal i Vul.wa 0'l' e 'hai we have eipor ed
IM Iwfcire nlouuliinir. f ttiouifh we oreler
i per acre, uul-a ibe land lie alile to pro
W,itTbtrelue i( lh lud he noi very rich.
I ran I wed lie loo" rich lor com.) haul out
liouKh we preler I " f"r''' P"" 1847. SOS.OOS huahela ; To"
r nr in .h,., i..k -ok 1010. 013 BOO liu.Uela ; In aZ70S
We hone hir.hire l,,wing with two bora . "'h'U. makiisa an av--raie lor Ibo.e three
la a rioiigh lurninif the .oil from ' "''" of b,,u' 1.000 buahela annually; e.
Meto twenty i, he. deep or even deeper, j ""'"'K ' &0 cetita per l.u.hel, make, an
-e are ol imtnifin ibal laird, if sub auiledj "-" o.a.r. no.., .o.r.. Fo...
o, aoooi 9a oou wv, wnit u w in git a j-oou
waya toward tlrfraytnjt ibe e apenaea of our Gu
veruinenl. Also abowa, thai il ia one of the
I ba hroke I no deep lor corn ; il. of all other
lia, rrq.urr ihorouvh plouihinv-. ) Thia
kl be done r.rv in ih PmII x i....aiUe. I
;rianiil March, ihen harrow wiih a Ivvo P""-'PI ar'iclea ol eiporlalioii. Alao, lhatev
'Urrow. (three (.preferable.) Alter bar- y larwer s0.miw more artemnm io me
W-baWem-irl. "f 5 w would urge ll upon
,' ihen check, off the jrround with a ,ul' '"l-,h, ''J K" 'h-.r ditT-rent new, on
campaign John Kehb was so ably bearing
me Yniiig standard through ibe Stale, be
predicied, we well recollect, that Free
Suffrage would not receive the requisite
Constitutional sanction at ihe hands of the
Legislature of 1852. and even went solar
as lo particularize the manner in which,
and the person through whom, it would
receive its quietus. In the teeth ol such
predictions, based, as they were, upon Mr.
Lo wards' publicly expressed declarations,
and in spite of the closely contested
state of parlies in the Legislature, with
reference, we mean, lo this question. ibe
majority in the Senate- put AJiv io4be
Chair and I hereby invited Ihe defeat of
Free Suffrage. We can but believe that
all the censure of which he is now the
victim is forced and factitious. The lo
colbco leaders are rejoiced al ibe failure
oHheir pet hubby, and are pleased at an
tpportoouy of retaining it as an element
ol parly capital, even at the expense of
Mr. Edwards' feelings and the sacrifice
ol his K)luical influence and character.
lilW h.f tb?r ;1 hrarruse wl
however, be artificial or real and positivej
Mr. Edwards evidently regards it in the
light of the latter; and he takes occasion
as folio Ms, to administer' a merited and
scathing castigation upon bis traducers :
"For the course 1 deemed it my duty
lo pursue, as Speaker of lbs Senate, in
the Ust .General Assembly, in regard lo
ihe " Five Suffrage" Bill, in withholding
my vote from it on its final reading, I have
been arraigned at the bar of public opin
ion. fur disloyajly to the principles of De
mocracy ; and the most unsparing, vitu
peration .has been dealt out lo me nay
many wnuld constgtr me to the block
and demand my political fife, of as little
value as it is as an atonement lor what
they arrogantly denounce as an offence
against the majesty of party. Whether
I am an off-ruler to ibis extent will np
pear in the sequel of this paper. It will
important item in lb political history ol
the times.
Few persons are probably aware of
the quantities of pine timber that is annu
ally taken from the forest in the lower
portion ol the State and sent to foreign
and home markets either in sieizis-or al
ter being sawed into lumber. Besides
the numerous steam and water mills that
are constantly fed by large rafts rough
timber from our piney woods, there are
individuals and companies which make
it a regular business to get out timber and
carry it to more distant markets. As an
instance. Ihe firm of Messrs. Tat urn &
Hubbard from Virginia, have been engag
ed in timber getting for more than 20
years. Their establishment is at present
located on Pnntego Creek, in Beaufort
County. They supply the Navy Y'Srd at
Norfolk with timber for. Ship building.
Thev emnlov constant!- 22 axemen, fie
i sTtfes a ; wgrwflWrioTinf" W
p . I. : il. .1 . j w. .
toe urnoer snipped, we are iniormeu
that they sometimes send off to Norfolk
1 5 or 820.000 worth of timber, in a lot.
The Tern8 are of different dimensions from
1 1 2 to 3 feet square, and from 50 to 70
feet in length. The limbe.s is brought to
the Creek, bv o teams, made into rails.
floated down the creek into, the Sand, and
then taken by a steamboat and (owed
through the Dismal Swamp Canal to Nor
fold. The quantity thus taken to that city
annually, must be immense. The num
A Great iyer. Mr. Wm. Sweeny of
nits place la Ibe owner of a ben. of the
common dungbtll breed, which beats all
ibe China or Poland chickens that "can
be scared up" for nroducine eggs. She
is confined in a common slat coop alone,'
ana ira upon the oH (all of the table.
t-or the last two months sha has been lay
ing. and the large number of eifKs produc
ed by her for some time had attracted the
attention of the family. Last week she
was watched, and the eggs laid by her
accurately counted. From Sunday morn
iiiK till Friday evening, she laid the incred
ible number of sixteen eggs laying some
days tvo, others three, and others again
four. She usually lays two in ibe morn
ing without leaving the nest, and ihen
either one or two in the afternoon. Were
not these facts vouched for by Mr. Sweeny
and bis family, who have taken precau
tions against being deceived, and whose
statements are perfectly reliable, they
could baldly be. believed. Attested as
they are we have no reason to doubt them.
Xenia Toixhlight.
l.KW. l,t li. i- I.M1..3 1U1U
I'ais&l daring Uii SexMH'l ui if Ct T'ii C"n
Pcatio Act No. iT. -
AX ATT maklnf .pproprltiMnm far Um avJ aervic for th year .
mninjr the uuruetb or une, on unnni eijfM aunarca u.
MXl-iQVtti, ;. ui-: -
St U ttmeint hy th SttaU and ffoau of RrprfmtnH tf
Vi4 United Stat qf Amerk-a i Omgremt ammUtA, That
Ui fottowing wm be. and IhifT arc hereby (uproprUtnt. to ba
I ....1,1 nAit . Mnw Li. lha Trauuiiirr tint iitherwia Anbronrtntf.
, hr llie year uniting Uik UiltUcta or Jane; toe tttira nd aua. -
I area and aily-luur : .
- rotpaj os ooMimiaaina, warrant, ana peoy umcm ana wamaa,
Inclndina lha enrlDeer corn of tn navy, ln million rlchl hoo-
4rH ana Hrhlv IhotiMiid on hundred and forty-lfht dollaral .
Jhttidrd, 1'hM Mm aalmry of U awltant pbaarver or aatrono.
wr al tea National Observatory ihaU ba two thmuand dmiara.
and the ularr of the princlal clerk at aaM Obecrrator hall be
twelve hundred dollar. -
And the twy of a nemm when attached to, and dotna dntr at?
the naval atatioa of California, .hall be four thousand dollar uer
annum, and he ihall be allowed a clerk at a onenpematioit not
eioeeiling two Urainand dollar per annum. And the proper ac
eounUrur oOcera of Uie Treaaurj be, and they are hereby, author
ised and directed to allow and pay out of any money In the treas
ury not otherwise appropriated, to the, petty offirers, and
eamen of the Cnlted State navy, to the officer, non-comml
aloned officer, mualclana, and private of the Marine Corp ; and
to Die officer, and men of the Revenue service, who rved In the
Pacl&e ocean on the coast of CaRfortiia and Meirco durtirr thr -
ate war with Mexico, and .trice l" conclusion of trie war up to
the Iwenty-eizhth of Beptetnl
sameaddltloual compensattn;
paid to the omcers aud soli
lurnia : sou uia 011a ururi
eontaiued in the Navy Ap
elirbteen hundred and fifty.
naval rtorekerpefl whfl Wti
the additional compensation ai
Sinn, and by the piavy Approprl;
Afty-lwo, sliMil be paid to the k-i
pernoni wbo woujrj have tea vutl
And there shall be allowed to Lieutenant
don and Lardner Gibbon, officer of the ITi
were eneaired upon the exploration of tli
pay has been allowed to the tuprrtnteud
hundred and fifty, the
law directed to be
In Call-
nay, a well as that
put thirty-a rat.
a ito
TX fad Be eMa
Tv r forenanc
iW h
ral iX. sVLii
tkxTw V
A 1
t si
and roctotle i
tiu bo red and
of JI deHed
iy. Ibe aa tfMV .
illlam lwl Hern-
aavy, who
f the naval a-
y a nproprlatioaa
A word to little girls. Who is lovely ?
Jt is i tie girl who drops sweet words, kind
remarks, and pleasant smiles as she pass
ses along ; who has a kind word for eve
ry boy or girl she meets in trouble, and
a kind hand lo help her companions out
o' difficulty ; she never scolds, never con
tends, never leases her mother, nor seeks
in any way to diminish, hut always to in
crease her happiness. Would it not please
you to pick up a string of pearls, drops of
gold, diamonds, or precious stones as you
paysraIonTheStreef?-But iheseTare tbe"
precious stones that can never be lost.
Extend a f riendly band to the friendless.
Smile on the sad and dejected. Sympa
thize with those in trouble. Strive eve
rywhere to diffuse around you sunshine
and joy. If yon do this, you will bedsore
to be beloved. Oh. you will he so "love
ly." Juv. Miss Herald. . """
ber of feet and value we have not heard ;
il would no doubt lonn a curious item.
New Bern News.
Can it be ?. can vou look back into the
depths of those clear Mue eves, that seek VcalM out to allay the exciten.cir or the
yours in sucn confiding innocent trust ; : ""'i'"1"
can you deck those dimpled limbs, so
"leailully and wonderfully made?" can
you point out lo him tbe gold and purple
sunset glory 7 can you look upward with
,r 1 " . V . 1 . i ! h.m to the shining host? or place in bis ' . " u""i"1 ,ru, l"e l"l,owlng
M,8T,hf:WyHHr'PVn&' bend J""1 J U of. A.T,a'..wh
pUtfh. , thai Ihe ff.i ,.y lie near -J'Cl. thai we may devise .,.,ne method
. . . r . ) , ,. ...!,..
rontce nl ih A. . ,k. "J -
.... u ,. u , H..u . --" r. , V. r...
' ' uh anil break (he around under
a IflnH bed fr the root lo pen-
j'Wfiato ii, if arch ol nutriment neceaaary lor
w til 6 we may raiae more curn per acre
and at a le.a coal.
We live in a rorn growing country, and we
may alinoxl tav witliii, two day' travel of
hinaiinn of a .i.ik Ii .1. .rt..i. i.e. . t.harlmie. l-olnmhia, Lanni
hfcei. ,he a.muM,here. whi.-h i iudi. ! Kaleigh, and Pe-teraburg so ibat
I'miixa .j- .k- A we ahall not have the difficulty to encounter in
auuriibment to I he growing crop I hrough gW" prjuce to ItAYkfK - ;
4roni. " r We hope thai each member or ibl. Society
HbU,thintfnreenl.,heen.el.ofrl, W'1' '" " l" agri. ul.ural
have looked TO ihe ejtrtrnple atrd precejHs-
of the sages and Fathers of the Church
and nut to the crude views of ihe ytung
lings of yesterday nor to the teachings
ol roixb-r - political Doctors, . claim,
the righf fo prescribe hri w articles of faith
as tests of Orthodoxy and. as by au
thority, lo proscribe and excommunicate
all who do not subscribe to them.
To deny freedom of opinion, and con-
, ... . . I formily ol conduct to convictions honestly
le-n. and Cbarlealon, . . ,.,.., . . ,
ruin ininru, ia iiniinji in ua uiirns irtiiouw
form. The parly that is animated by such
a.spirU. cpntaiiis within i
ol its own dissolution. It is destined to
discover, when too late that the minds
their dewy' e)es with grateful thanks, and
never name "Our Father I"
When at dead of night you watch be
side bis sick couch ; wtten you bush jour
K aTA k ass VuPII irilalf ia IT WT t 1 ift ' ITI ll ltMS..' L dills' 1
cheek grow pale ; when you turn with wh,ch sh had previously ordered. Among
i.ii...v kunii tm v.L .,n other -particulars, she enjoined it upon
tll.lUWllU L U Ula MV IJaJtainr u i iu I a a .a. . f la-
everv nek ol tbe clock seems beating ( h,.m 10 mak" lh ' ,,mU. m11 adul-
against your heart ; when ihe little pallid
face looks beseechingly into yours, lor
tbe help" you cannot give; oh! -where
can you turn the suppliant eye, if you see
not t be "Gieat Physician J"
When health slowly returns, when the
eye brightens, and tbe red colors lip and , go sudden )rt,8ent-d. almost overcame
tronomlcal expedition In Chill, by the act ai
for the naval service, approved March third, curb teen hundrad
and fifty one, durlna; the period df their serrice aaatbreMid,
wnicn penoa snail pe recaonea irom uie oate on wiucn earn urnoer
left tbe United Hi tea until the Anal return of the ezplorina par-
Vi. . ..
for ptiy or superintendntfl, nral coDnrorton. ol all cn etvu
Mtabilehmt-nU at the aereral nvy ymrfa nod ttaUoms one has
dreil rnifi eifrhtw thousand tlx humlrt?d and fifty duilara;
And the flrtt and around clerks to tha commaoi nr-nti of tlM
principal hnry yards, vis: Bnatoo, Nw York. Wtuhinirtcn,
Norfolk, and Pentacola ahall recrtra the Mine pay that tha two
lowest cIassm or cterkr in th bureau of tha Navy Department
now rrwlvt? rerTnectirely ; and each "clerk of tha yard" in aaJd
navy yards thall rewire tha tania oompenaation aa tahreio pro
Tided for the flrnt clerk to oommmandantt.
For prnvitainni for oommluioti, wirrmnt, tnd petty offloort aa4
aeatnen Including engineers and marine attached to reaaeU fur
ea tervice, sU hundrad sod eighty-six thurjiand two buudred
dolKrs ;
For tha completion of nrlentiflc Inrestifatlon sod axperi
merit upon the character of atamentary ubUnoea used as sutft
siatence in ihe nitvy, aid maans to. prerent their deterioration,
five thousand dollars, to be expaded under tbe direction of the
Bccretttry of the Navy ;
For imraon' neoesaaiies. and appliaacet for the aick and hart
of the ttHVy, Inrtud.rg tbe marine corps, thirty -seveo Uiwaanii ...
thretj liuifd.d dolUrs ;
Fjr rnatr of vessels in on Unary, and for wear and tear of vea
seKin oritninleMion, including fuel and purchase of bemp. one
nrilfion nine hundred and forty -one thousand four hundred and
iuiy aouars ;
'"r oilruinre and ordnance tore and imall arms, InciudiMf
fiK-ilenlaJ epens, two hundred thousaod dollnrs;
for preparing fur publication the Auiaricaa NauticaJ Almanac,
nineteen thotitiand four hiiiilred dollars; ' .
Fur Uie pu relume of nautintl instruments required ter the use
of the navy, for repairs of tlie mine, aud also of astronomical in
strutnentB, eleren thousand dollitrs;
For the purchase of Nautical books, maps, and charts, and for
hack jug- aud binding tbe same, twelve thouMqdfcive hundred dol
lar! ; Jk
Fur printing and publishing tailing direct!, hydrographical
rurvfv), ntid lutronuunCaU ubervattuns, tiJ Jousand fire hun
dred dollars ;
Fur models, drawing, and copying, postage, ttatjonery, freight,
and transportation ; for pay of lithographer, and tor working U -ihograjihie
pre, liicluling chemical; fur keeping grounds and
rjuiblingtj (u order ; ior fuel aud iighiXue-sr af build! nga
and Ua all otbvr coutirtgent expenses of the Hydrographical Office
and United States Observatory, seven thousand two handred
and forty dollars;
For continuing the publication of the wind and euirent chart,
and for defraying all the expense connected therewith, ten thou
saud dollars ;
For piied for carrying gas to, and fixtures' for liphrlng with it, -
the National Observatory, tweutv-flvc hundred dollars;
For the wages of the persum employed at the Observatory and '
Hydrographical Office, vis I one lithographer, one instrument ma
ker, two watchmen, and one porter, three thousand one hundred
and sixty dollars; - - f - -- '.
For eottt-iiigent expenses that may accrue for the following pur-
advertitriig in newspapers, hook, maps, models, andrawtngr, '
purchase and repair of fire -engines and mhtWeTT,'Tmire of -
and attending to, steam-engines in navy-yards, purchase and
maiiiteitaiice of homes and uxen, and driving teams, carts, tin.
ber wheels, and the purchase and re d air of w orkmen's tools, post ,
age of public letters, furniture for Government bouses, fuel, oft,
. and camllea for nayv anls and shore iUtlons, pay of watchmen,
aad UH.idtuuT JjlW, nt cliirrW to any other anpropriatlon,,
labor attending the detlvVry of stOTes tn civil statWwa, wbarfagf,..
dockage, arid rent, travelling expenses of oflicers, and others rin-
der onier, funeral eximiiite, atom and office rent, stationery, fuel,
commiMlons and pay of clerks to travy agents and etoisepera,
flagci, awnings sud packing boxes, premiums, and other expenses .
of rocruiting, apprehernTlllS dBeTtcn, per dieut pay to pereone
attending courts-martial and courts of inquiry, and other service
autliorhutl by lw; pay to Judges advocate." pilotage and town
aire of vessels, and awiilsiUtoee to vessels in distress, bills of health,
and tfUarantiu&aixjieusisujf the United States navy In foreign
ports, five humlred and twenty -seveu thousnnq eight hundred,
and forty dollars ; .-- - -
For improvement and repair of bui!dln(w and grounds, and sup-J
port of Uie Naval Academy at Anuapolii, Maryland, forti - -thiunand
and fifiy-nine dollars ;
For purchase of tands, extending walls, making new roada, and
wharf, building and furnishing hospital, and changing the fronts
of houxei, at the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, thirty
eight thousand dollars ;
For meteorological observattons, to be conducted UBitr tbe di
rection of Uie Secretary of the Navy, two thousand dollars ; and
the tkcretary of the Navy isliercby authorised to settle aH exist '
lng controvemie as to tbe title to any portions of salt sua rsh neaf '
the lands or the naval hospital in Chelsea, tn the eouni
loix, atM ommionweattti ot UuisaetHUiHta. an4 tea
rev the rtghfc trtte. mad tutmrmt of the t uited pt
of said marsh as he may deem expedient, upon th
coumuous recommended in a report from the J
l am and D.icts upon the subject, dated
eighteen hundred and fifty-three.
For oonstriietion, ex totision, end eompletioiJi
Ohjects, and for contingent expenses at the i
For coopers shop and M.itcnmau'i
and pointing and puddling stone-basin.
gine, and uiuchiuury, rest r voir for ei .
Urn Ins, and ei sterns, wrading yard netl
pairs of all klndi, iucludiiig curtTrf fiostin-4t?li, t
sauu one nunttreu ana seven, auuanu. .
Vnr roKnlMlnir amilherr ir.riiurumi ami t.awk(nDl
houw for ronewalk entritiefl, stone walli west of Unif
building: batUjrry, grading and pavtug timber-sh
thirty -one, and for rfwirs of all kinds, eighty-one the;
nuntired and sixty ooiiars. --
ptwn, ad eonr-housee'otmnuirHy uuyii,..jnttsiar-oinoB, eon-,
wharf,, and pttlr, eumpletiiig enairje house, cul
vert snd removing piles in frout of dock, filllinic In timber-pond and
low places, pacing gutters, and Hawing, and for repair of all
kinds, two buo4ret and oTtjr-niDthouautl thra hundred and.
twenty dollar. ; I'rtrci'M, That no part of th appropriation
shall be expended until Ihe State of New York shall oed the Jo-riatR-tiou
over the navy yard to the United State, and until tha
title to said land I. settled, excepting so much of the appropriation
aa may be needed for completing engine-house, and lor repair of
aU kiuda.
For extending wharf number ISur, and dredging, eompletlnf.
0GrA young white man has actually
been arrested in New York .within .the.
last two or three days, under the Fdgi-
uve Slave act, and the question is now
pending whether he can be sent back to
the claimant, a Mr. Felt, to whom it is
alleged ihet fugitive oes labor or service.
Fell is. a book-binder, and this white fu
gitive slave, was a boiind apprentice for a
term ol years, believing be had served
j long enough, he fled to New York, (vide
Uncle J am) was overhauled by the "man
catchers," and is now in durance vile.
This is an over tr"ue tale. j.Jwit as ibe. vic:
tim is a white man, neither the indefati
gable police nor the military have been
l l . . it .a
Win rt; is Mrs. Stowe and the
admirers of Log (Jabiu philosophy
If you doubt the truth of the following,
a vers that it. is "verily veritable. More
over, be says that there are more such
delicate persons "thereaway :"
"A young lady called at the shop of a
cabinet maker in this village to leave dv
"U 0UI-
if tuuen - . 1
I As and'
r -awnag I
hlfiilr'V Nr re- J
I anal I
a. ra-j I
i number, I
lud foar I
I v a -i : i i . .1 . .1 : . . .. 1 aa rii'f Plus vJav . mean Phifinot n til i 1 1 1
"an tickled. We are in laviir rl covering '' 'n' 'Hirw miiiuu uwu sua v ", ". .." .....y.
me most anjeci, insteau 01 viriuous inae
pendence, would become ihe only passport
lo public place and public honors and
alter sorn? hesitation, You know what
1 mean, I suppose 7"
" With a very racant look, the cabinet
maker replied: You mean legsdon't
. j Pving, and for reair of aH kind, inctutling doatinglock, twB-
-.-.-J W,sr- r-PD-Wrrr nf- tha- tjsls-V. awwwlak4t.X taahcae.lliuuaandjiilLe huililual and twenty-live dollar.
J J i u-idurvnTo iii4TDT rtff riT.rrnrlr-i,-'"v--:"
w niipgeiuer too mucn , me oare luea.
Ihirrnstt f iLaaaa k aa nA I iu hi
- .. I.r. ... ... ,sn suu.jiu.cimv, VIW
ilornia lo Scotch belaud.
mim oVnnsiied. le-ve. . ri.l-v .ha. .he The Boston Railroad Times calls at-
" 'artmav have arr.. in th. . rain Bnrl. ' tenl ion to the facts, which are worthy tbe
I io iirinK forth ihj. of the earth. I atten.ion ol i hiiseejrigaged in making ne w
ntr, h 1,-avea a lurrow on either aide of; lines of railroads, ibe railways now in
asrs'lkat fka. ..I'.L. L. L I .K .J it.. .i.n,.a nl ew.nstt rilrf inn in. I-'. 11 rillin S) nil
I . . h pi.iu a narrow muj .rw p- t v ..--. -- -
"'a Kmoer lo ita culiivaiion. In erder io j Arherica will require. Ion their completion,
ftfeal nnanlilw in lha, a i. M.i(ilt ' l.u. lli.n f ta.k milli.inw sinrl flllir hlin-
llr.1 j ... I . v ..... h v i . , 11 U ICO. i i . v. ....... w ..
I'l'nf ' fheekinr l lherowahoold
K hi 5 f-e. in width, the a.alkt should
arranar .L- ,.f
Unm 8 lo 24 inchea Bpart,one in a
Drilled e,sra requires mora work with
"" linn l-hecL-d . . .IT..M Iw. k.A
" i wire mitiriiatl mUm lha, ft ral a ncl
" fliaioliin.. . .t. i t ii l
. isjv grount, anuuia ir atarruw
on a b corn will bear it, ibal
'"pdw ih, weed, and al ihe iarha
h. a" it .U I . i. A
ks days apply i he pioiigna
-i mum-ne-tt bs corn wllD a colter
nt a a a I ia aa a- rakaal e tan lit
WTaj nPlri"5 r"h "'rt o i.a rooia
't, r ba broke' With a .Ira it tboa-
1 ,
I llW11.41.W iKatsv
n ii 1 1 ii r u iy
Ik. i
would .. j . . . J .
hL. "imerQ ra kC ,rjovei in oroer
' . "'fn furrusv in tha Vnirliilsr In rtrbw
'is.' a T i'e'n -- ' J''ziZTm?m7'- -y :
!-s7?J?M lriara1'
. .. w iuo niii, as H win ear oat
duty to country be sunk in tbe slough of
of party bondage."
Mr. E- proceeds, after having thus ef
fectually demolished bis assailaints, fo
" show the nature and character ot tbe.
proposed change, in qontrast with tbe siri-
1.: ...I.. . ,.g .1... .....:..;..
, . , r : T .t.;u t k auiaiunKra ui mm uiuvimuu in iiio llinnaanl liinsnf Irnn I fl malll this l B
quanmyfVoc aiV to be a,,ered.: He
. . ' ,. i..L . . : concludes in the following terms:
in ine worm, whicu aro iiww rno, w
the manufacture of railway Iron, at least
eix years--. hose o( Great Britain, furnish
ing three-fourths; and ihe United States,
Francs and Belgium tbe remaining fourth.
The best authorities da not estimate the
largest quantity of railway iron in any
one year even as high as 400.000 tons; yet
even at this rate it will take sis years lo
furnish iron for the roads already hegun
M Entertaining then these views views
embraced not hastily -but Upon the full
est and most mature consideration it
would have been passing strange had I
voted for i be Free Suffrage. Bill. 1 knew tbe
sy I when loving arms T7p1) "STe'e
twine around your neck comes there lioin
that woman's heart of thine no burst of
grateful i hanks Tio Him "who notes' even
the sparrow's fall.
Suppose Death comes ! You fold away
-the little useless robes; you turn with a
filling e;e from toys and books and paths
I hose little feet have Hod; you leel ever
theshadowy clasp ol a little hand in yours;
you turn heartsick from the happy motb
ers,whonumber no missing lamb Irom
their flocks ; a sunny ringtel.a rosy cheek,
or a piping voice, gives your heart a death
pang. You walk the busy street, and
turn your bead involuntarily when a little
mm. a Ba a" . I
strange voce calls "Mother! uu i wnere
can.vpu look for comfort, if you believe
ror flllins in timber dock, (completion of,) extending boiler-
hop, converting old ordnnnceshop into machine shop, steam ens ...
gine and other machinery for ordnance works, ordnance foundry,
tor ca.tiug brass guns, ruilway Irom anchor and boiler shop to
wharves, quay wall south front of yard, and for repairs of aH-l-hids,
one hundred and sixty-two tnoosaod, fly buudrod a4d
twelve' dollar.' : . .-
For extending quay wharves, completing timber dock, machine
ry for engine, machine aud armorer' .hop, dredging, tiling
i ,. .-a-i. ! --n-.. I H in low grouniu, grauuig, uipieuu luagasiu. l'
so, mat ill T. j. I . urattu i ro- t noanef
A Heartless Murderer. We learn from
a letter under date of Mackinac. March
Inched to mv position but the, path of
duiv was a nlain one 1 fearlessly nur-
. . nai iqw corn wiid at truiicr .uii.iou -- j es i
.b)fWr aepo, ln well that it was not
'""i.. and uiidernea.h lha roots, ibe of things is, the Times thinks, that the 7 one of ease.iibr one in which J could ei-
price-of railroad iron will not only he kept pect to gather laurels or nope to win non
nn. hut further advancer and be main- i ors and preferment. But-the post of da-
1 tafned at very high prices, for a long time. ty wns not, in this instance, a post of dan-
f tn Uris CBse tbe - manufacturxif-railroad T gf fn& A 31 Jd0' g-&r
iron will be the best manufacturing bust- ! erations than mere personal consequences
high interests suspended on its fate k: not that tbe "good Shepbertl" folds-your
knew the weight ol responsibility' j lamb to His loving breast.t
There is perfidiry at your household
hearth ! there are broken vows, whicn
you may not breathe to -human ear.
There it treachery repaidfor tjjLLChiW?
hood looks on itb a sad wonder, you
must go backward and cast the mantle
of evasion over' the A moral deformity.
Whence, shall strength Come, to your
sldrsboo WerM cross!
How silence the'ready tempter s VpicvT "
i4i.a -. " -sW.d'r-rn W; . . lV . , s .. - , . . . . .-. rk r h.i nn sthehnr. no rudder or
of advancing St least to t80 fwr ion4 pays.and regrt JMtcoald flot t;CiMleos j t
. Uiohi.... haa r....r.l.e..l ..n-k; Fort Norfolk, hauling up ship, ana Kow., ana tor repair.
' . iiiivuiauiunn v... ma kinuj. one liuuJrod uii.l fonrtc-n thousanu six nuuarei aoiiars.
sisters children, lie bad tortured the
child for several days previous with a hot
iron.. He had kept his wife locked up
for some time, and fed his own children
on raw corn on the ear, one ear per day
being the allowance of each. lie went
into the woods one morning, forgetting to
lock- bii family up as usual, when jbey es
caped and gave the alarm. Pursuit was
immediately commenced, and hopes are
entertained that the villian will be cap
tured. ' ' "- ' - ;
DC7A savage dog belonging to Mr. Jay,
of this nlace. broke the chain with which
l e . l j i. l. I i that
ne was lasieneu one nay last wees, nnu ,
For permanent wharf, paint .lions, and cooperage, oon.tructlon
of deep basin sml dredfrlng, rebnikllng central wharf and wharvea
I and C, smoke stack, aud extending machine shops, mooring an,
ehors, cables and fixture er mooridg and ops rating Hosting clock
andforrrpnrrsof all kinds, two buuUred aad tweuly ttv -how.
sand eight hundred dollar.
For edmpletfng hemp house, completing blacksmith shop aad
office building, cisterns for rnewslk, culvert from rope-walk t
river, and for repair of all kinds, forty-three thousand nln
hundred and seventy-sixdollars ; ':
For completion of railing for vertical wall, tight hundred dok
For the purchase of Iron railing for the rop laying maehlnery
of th ropewaik, four thousand dollars.
For blckmiih ship, carpenter' hop, Kore-nuu and wharf,
one hundrred Uiousand dollars : ProruUd, That before tW sum
shall be expended, the Attorney Oeneralof th United State have
good till to the land upon which the baikltng are too erweaed. -
And the Secretary of tha Navy Is hereby directed to
complete nd carry into execution the verbal contract for .
a ba.lo and railway In .Csllfnnila, In connexion with the Boating
dock, a mad by th late Secretary, in pursuance of authority for
purpose given Dy tne act Ol Beptcuioer me; iwniijitaw,
thousand eight hundred and Bfty, entitled." An act maAlag
raprlatlons for the naval service for the year ending th Ihlr-
. J I r . . I . L. L. . s? I J I anDrourlati
st-ix,r-w rt nine uu is-wu inn j...,. , Urlh f jlln. on, ,hMnd eight hundred and Dfty-one,1
nn af Mp N M Kii.iT.m ivhish hM aiatid in Uie letter of the said late Secretary, adtl
evil ... ..a ... ..a i.ti" " B . .1 u.. r 11-1
mangled in a shocking manner, inflicting
numerous wounds upon the head and one
severe one about the bridge of the nose.
Dr. Dwffy was promptly in attendance
and dressed the wounds, and we are pap
py Jojearn the child is recovering. The
dog vras dispat
Mountain Banner.
dressed to th
Hnn Howell Cobb. Sueaker of the House of Kepresentutlvea, 4
dated the tweuty-flrsi day of iaouary, one thousand tight tiua.
dred nd Bfty-one, toward the execution of which one hundred
and ally thousand dollar 1 hsreby appropriated : 'rvestfesf,
That In the Judgment of the Secretary such basin and railway ara
necessary and will ba useful to tbe public.
At Baton.,
For repair! of aH llodi, six hundred dollar. .
JitSmc York. . ;
ForTenair fif n kinds, three hundred dollar, .... 4 " ,f
- ".di'PAtfcl Jei!!.rYnV
For tnml ns roof of aselum. laying water fripear fwranee, gTal.
and ranges, paveroeats and gutters, tire thousaod doUani . '
- Fox rtpairi of all tuuOa, one tnousana aouars. . .
5 . -;:v x-fMiwvvx-Mt
--kn .-wimair'ar- ''-"ij' vre.
aWMHSPran. Ji,iJ.'k,,iblKHsOTrSPeWllrWK4l
1 tftKifW JK lAdstaw.VVAlAlnnrmvl as.IUL mr.tuts l a fen as- oi una w ue ww a rim wuiwauiiniuii! .
com pa s I your m.r.v;
T'aiiTiir-1T-a.wi si 11 a, 1, a it. 1 if n' 1 ' . '1 " j- ''-J'-'"r-'- vlswiln i : V-! -.. A' -V.,' ., r i-S!?

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